Friday, December 20, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ Santa Baby, Several Stars Away II

Merry Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.
May this Winter Solstice 2013 bring new joy into your life.
This is the second snippet from my Christmas, small-town, shapeshifter erotic romance starring Kaily and Dylan


Seven paragraphs from SANTA BABY, SEVERAL STARS AWAY 
Chapter Four:
Baby, It's Cold Outside 
''Is this a holiday tradition I'm not aware of?

The deep timbre of his voice blanketed her like velvet, yet did little to warm Kaily. Frightened, so much more than she bargained for, Kaily could only hear her drumming heartbeat.

As if he willed it...or, as if she'd just received her Christmas miracle, Kaily's eyes opened of their own volition.

Dylan leaned – not casually – against the archway's frame.

His arms were folded like some arrogant king who observed her from afar. It struck her odd in the next instant that he actually expected a real answer to his question...judging by his expression.

Where it came from Kaily would never know...but in the following moment she heard herself croon, ''Santa baby, waitin' just for you.

Something flashed in his eyes, white-hot, powerful as a lightning strike. Kaily completely stilled. She watched him as if he were a hunter, and she was the rabbit in his sights. 

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Blurb ~

Kaily has been consumed by curiosity ever since Dylan suddenly appears in her small town. Surreptitiously, she watches the mystery man restore a rundown Victorian mansion, all while his charm and sincerity gain him the good will of most everyone. This is especially true when he volunteers to become the annual Santa Claus for the children at the town's park.

The problem for Kaily: No one really knows anything about Dylan's past or where he came from. With her attraction to him growing day by day, she becomes a driven woman. On a desperate whim, she gives herself to him as a Christmas present. Will Dylan be able to resist her waiting naked, but gift-wrapped beneath his tree?
 ~~~ Kaily and Dylan invite you to read their love story ~~~ 

SANTA BABY, SEVERAL STARS AWAY ~ Consumed by curiosity, Kaily gives herself to a mystery man for Christmas. Will Dylan be able to resist her waiting naked, but gift-wrapped beneath his tree?

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