Monday, September 28, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 28, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #369      

The Rise of Everything Mystic Overtakes the World ... At Ram-Charging Speed, the GOOD and the Bad Forces Battle, Shaking the Planet ... Prepare Your Minds, Hearts, and Souls 

On the AWAKENING front, The Majestic and Magnificent Rise of the Planet's Lightworkers ... In the Night Sky, They Will Shine Like Venus, the Planet of Love

From the prior forecast: "We are Spirit. We are able to fly above this ceaseless, CIRCUS-CIRCUS-noisy propaganda from the dark-side powers that be.

Soar toward WHO YOU ARE, not toward who these social engineers want you to be. Within you is the power of the Universe."

From a previous forecast: "The Incorruptible Light Is Activating Across the Planet

From the Full Light Universe, the Incorruptible Light Is Here ... and Your DNA Is Resonating

The frequency of light in this Earth realm, like lasers, can be used for extreme good or extreme evil. Now comes the LIGHT which cannot be corrupted, but is only of the GOOD.

Out of this, watch for the majestic rise of those lightworkers who are tuned in, and merely waiting for this Divine opportunity to bring forth the evolution-revolution of humanity -- thus, to bring forth the full potential of the Aquarian Age."

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' begin the long process of revealing humankind's ages and ages of history/herstory on planet Earth, in the solar system, and in the galaxy at large. They swing and slash their mighty lightblades, clearing away the epic confusion and untruths.

On the personal front, this week is likely to be part confusion and part unusual clarity of mind and thought. There could be 'realizations' which will alter your view of life as a whole and/or on a personal level. If you want knowledge about the BIG QUESTIONS of life, this is the time to seek answers and understandings.

Also, this week is perfect for your pet projects, either to start them, complete them, or make good progress. As well, this is a good time to assist others with their favorite projects.

On the LOVE side of life, relationships will either strengthen dramatically or fall apart at the seams. If you are faced with challenges, you must decide to repair a broken relationship or let it go for the good of all concerned.

On the paranormal front, The Paranormal/Supernatural Continues to Pour Out of the Proverbial Closet and Phoenix-soar On Many-splendored Wings

On the BIGFOOT and UFO front, BLURB: "Paranormal Events ~ Saturday - September 26, 2015 ~ George Knapp welcomed ex-military law enforcement officer, Troy Hudson who ... detail(ed) his extensive knowledge of Bigfoot history in the woods of Honobia, OK, on the eve of the city's annual Sasquatch festival. In the second hour, writer and reporter Lee Speigel reflected on the 40th anniversary of a dramatic UFO event that took place in Lumberton, North Carolina, and became the very first multiple-witness encounter of an unknown triangular or boomerang craft."

On the ET front, ARTICLE: "Vatican Prepping ET Signal? Jesuit Who Gave Tom Horn Several Interviews For 'Exo-Vaticana' And Believes That 'Aliens Have Souls' Is Named Director Of Vatican Observatory By Petrus Romanus"

On the MARS front, ARTICLE: "Stonehenge on Mars? UFO hunter spots strange rock formation on red planet
RT | A “small cluster of rocks that resembles famous rock structure in England.”

*MARSHENGE* ARTICLE: "Stonehenge-style rocks spotted on MARS: Bizarre circular stone formation on the red planet resembles the iconic Pagan site
    Alien hunters claim to have spotted a stone circle on the surface of Mars
    They claim it resembles the famous Stonehenge formation in Wiltshire
    However, experts have warned that stone circles can also form naturally
    It is the latest in a long line of strange 'objects' spotted in images of Mars"

On the BLOOD MOON front, ARTICLE: BLOOD MOON: Now apocalyptical trumpet noise from the sky appears over Manchester
BIZARRE noises that some people have claimed signal an impending apocalypse have been heard over Manchester and other northern cities.

On the MYSTERIOUS BOOMS front, ARTICLE: "New Booms Over Britain and British Columbia
The mysterious booms kept booming over parts of Great Britain last week with no explanations but plenty of speculations. Meanwhile, earth-shaking noises were heard in an area of British Columbia that had local baby boomers remembering a similar and very expensive sound in the 60s.
A baffling boom was heard by many witnesses in Kingsholm, Gloucester, the evening of September 9th. Local media reported residents leaving their homes and taking to the streets as the boom shook houses and sounded to some as if it were in the immediate vicinity. The single loud noise had no aftershocks and was not accompanied by lights, smells, craters, smoke or other evidence to indicate its source. There have been no explanations so far."

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "Petroglyphs Left in Canada by Scandinavians 3,000 Years Ago?"

ARTICLE: "Ancient Egyptian Manuscript Found That Describes 'Multiple Gates' And Powerful Immortal Guardians At 'Elaborate Architectonic Structure' A certain holy place that is protected by multiple gates and their powerful guardians.
“In the segment that was used in the so-called Book of Two Ways, the speaker is approaching an elaborate architectonic structure with a highly restricted access,” said Sherbiny. “A certain holy place that is protected by multiple gates and their powerful guardians. These latter are characterised as supernatural beings with immense magical powers. The texts in the scroll contain this specific and magical knowledge that is required to pass safely by these dangerous beings and get access to the divine restricted area behind the gates.”

On the "Animal Versus Drone* front, VIDEO: "Stop Watching Us!: Compilation of Animals Attacking Drones
No one likes being spied on, even animals
A brilliant video compilation shows numerous instances in which animals of all shapes and sizes defend their privacy by attacking surveillance drones."

On the SINKHOLE front, 'The whole beach was disappearing': Campers describe the terrifying moment they were forced to flee a massive sinkhole which suddenly opened up and swallowed their cars and caravans
    Giant sinkhole has swallowed vehicles near Queensland's Rainbow Beach
    Around 140 forced to evacuate after hole opened up at 11pm at Inskip Point
    Campers have described the terrifying moment they were forced to flee
    Police confirmed that no one has been reported missing or injured
By Cindy Tran for Daily Mail Australia
Published: 18:05 EST, 26 September 2015

On the land changes front, Weather Manipulation Exposed... AGAIN! From the Prior Forecast: *EVEN* More Major Earthquakes, the Swarms Continue Worldwide -- Watch Out, California, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest... Massive Weather Pattern Changes Due, In Part, To the Weather Wars... the Firestorm Wars In the West, the Rains Come... More Wind and Water Superstorms Across the Planet ... Fireball Sightings Increase... Possible Dangerous Asteroid Strikes Ahead [the Benevolents Are On the Case]

VIDEO: Full Show - Weather Manipulation Could Destroy the Planet - 09/24/2015

On the EARTHQUAKE front, ARTICLE: "Blood Moon Rising: A mag 6.1 quake - Chile brings September the highest amount of major quakes in one month since April 2014...... Which coincidentally was the month of the first blood moon They keep on coming!
A mag 6.1 quake - 17km N of Illapel, Chile, is the 15th major quake or aftershock to strike the area in the last five days
Today's quake is the 20th major quake this month and the 108th of this year.... This month needs another 7 major quakes, with 8 days to go to beat the April 2014 total of 26, which coincidentally was also a blood moon month it was the highest total in the last three years"

ARTICLE: "Saturday, 26 September 2015
Sept last Blood moon month now highest total of major quakes..23 since April 2014 (first blood moom month) with 26 after another big one hits Chile!"

They keep on coming: A magnitude 6.0 - 98km SE of Honiara, is the 17th major quake to hit the planet in the last seven days!
Today's quake is the 22nd major quake this month and the 110th of this year....
This month needs another 5 major quakes, with 6 days to go to beat the April 2014 total of 26, which coincidentally was also a blood moon month and was the highest total in the last three years...

INFO: "Yesterday: 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Honiara, Makira, Solomon Islands
Yesterday: 6.6 magnitude earthquake near Sorong, Indonesia
The biggest earthquake:
    today: 5.1 in Anatahan, N. Mariana Islands
    this week: 6.6 in Sorong, Indonesia
    this month: 8.3 in Illapel, Coquimbo, Chile
    this year: 8.3 in Illapel, Coquimbo, Chile"

On the LAKE DISAPPEARANCE front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "California Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry Overnight, Thousands Of Fish Dead
Zero Hedge | Perhaps it is because the world has grown habituated to its unique set of “liquidity” problems."

On the VOLCANO front, ARTICLE: "Incredible moment Chilean volcano sends huge plume of ash into the sky just months after first in eruption in 40 years
    Chile's volcano Calbuco sends huge plume of ash into the sky just months after erupted for the first time 40 years
    Blew its top without warning in April forcing thousands of people to flee their homes in nearby villages
    Volcano Calbuco is considered to be among the three most dangerous of Chile's 90 active volcanoes ~ By Sam Matthew for MailOnline
Published: 04:24 EST, 27 September 2015

On the *geoengineering* front, ARTICLE: "High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, And The Contrail Lie ~ Dane Wigington ~
The greatest lie ever perpetrated and propagated is the lie of the "persistent condensation trail". Without knowing any of the related science facts on this issue, anyone with a sense of reason should be able to determine the fact that our skies are being sprayed. Trails that are turned on and off, grid patterns one day and nothing the next (in spite of identical atmospheric conditions). Witnessing one jet leaving a trail from horizon to horizon adjacent to another jet at a similar altitude that leaves virtually nothing. Trails of completely dissimilar compositions and colors. Plumes behind jets that do not match the alignment of the engines themselves causing some of the trails to shoot out to one side of the aircraft.

On the DROUGHT front, ARTICLE: "Growing Number Believe California’s Drought Is A Government Conspiracy
CBS Sacramento | There is a growing, underground movement of people who believe California’s drought is part of a government conspiracy."

On the GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pope’s Flights to Cuba, U.S. Emit More CO2 Than 557,000 Lbs of Coal
Kit Daniels - While demanding “urgent action” against “man-made climate change,” Pope Francis is flying around on a Boeing 777-200 which spews nearly 100 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile. Yet the pope is demanding that Americans cut back on their lifestyles and pay carbon taxes to fight so-called “man-made climate change.” “It seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation,” he said at a speech outside the White House on Wednesday. “When it comes to the care of our common home, we are living at a critical moment of history.” “We still have time to make the changes needed to bring about a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change.”

ARTICLE: "AP to Reluctantly Stop Calling Climate Change Skeptics ‘Deniers’
Truth Revolt | Thanks for small favors."

On the Giant Spiders front, ARTICLE: "WARNING: Millions of super-quick Giant House Spiders on rampage across Britain
MILLIONS of the biggest spiders ever recorded in Britain are on the rampage - and invading houses across the country, experts warned tonight."

On the *Plunder of the American People* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "EPA’s fondness for high-end furniture costs taxpayers $92 million
Washington Times - The Environmental Protection Agency over the past decade has spent a whopping $92.4 million to purchase, rent, install and store office furniture ranging from fancy hickory chairs and a hexagonal wooden table, worth thousands of dollars each, to a simple drawer to store pencils that cost $813.57. The furniture shopping sprees equaled about $6,000 for every one of the agency’s 15,492 employees, according to federal spending data made public by the government watchdog"

On the IRS EXTORTION front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "IRS Agent Busted for Attempting to Extort $20,000 from Cannabis Shop Owner
Activist Post - An IRS agent was arrested this week after he was caught attempting to con a Seattle marijuana shop owner out of $20,000. The 42-year-old agent, Paul G. Hurley, reportedly demanded a $20,000 bribe from the shop owner, in exchange for a break on an audit. In fact, Hurley had said that he saved the business owner over a million dollars on his tax return, and that his current tax bill was just under $300,000. The shop owner was not even concerned with getting a break, so when the agent left he contacted federal authorities who set up a sting operation wherein the shop owner gave the IRS agent money for the bribe.... Hurley is currently facing up to 15 years in jail for charges of soliciting and agreeing to receive a bribe and two counts of receiving a bribe by a public official."

On the GOLD front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Going Back To What Works: Gold Is Money Again (Thanks To Utah)
Zero Hedge | As of today you really can pay your taxes, your credit cards, your mortgage, shop at Costco, and buy your groceries without so much as a bank account while using sound money."

On the economic front, The Machiavellian Murdering of the Economy, Here, and Worldwide ... This Week, Watch For a Major Impact Event That Signals More Bad Times Ahead... And, Real Locally-Based Saviors Rise To Help the People

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "In New York City, Workers with Full Time Jobs Are Living in Homeless Shelters
Michael Krieger | Welcome to the Oligarch Recovery."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing
Economic Collapse - Over the last sixty days, we have seen the 8th largest single day stock market crash in U.S. history on a point basis and the 10th largest single day stock market crash in U.S. history on a point basis. You would think that this would be enough to wake people up, but most Americans still don’t seem very alarmed. And of course what has happened to U.S. stocks so far is quite mild compared to what has been going on in the rest of the world.
ARTICLE: "Financial Anarchy
Douglas Terry | The Federal Reserve left interest rates at 0 after their 2 day policy meeting this week. Less concerning, they lowered the forecast for future rates."

VIDEO: Caterpillar to cut up to 10K jobs; lowers guidance
CNBC News - Caterpillar announced Thursday that it expects to permanently reduce its workforce by 4,000 to 5,000 by the end of 2016. This comes as part of a corporate restructuring that the firm said will lower operating costs by about $1.5 billion annually once implemented. The company also lowered its guidance for 2015, saying sales and revenues for the year are now expected to be about $48 billion—$1 billion lower than the previous outlook of about $49 billion. The Thursday announcement also said that expected 2016 sales and revenues will be about 5 percent below this year. Beyond the short-term expected layoffs, Caterpillar said that its total workforce reduction could amount to more than 10,000 people—including possible manufacturing closures through 2018."

ARTICLE: "Bankers Preparing for Final Phase of Looting: “You Will Soon Lose Everything You Own”
The Common Sense Show | “Conspiracy theorist.”

ARTICLE: "You Will Soon Lose Everything You Own Unless You Act Now!
23 Sep, 2015 by Dave Hodges  
Let’s calculate the damages to the American people. Our homes are being stolen through the MERS mortgage fraud with impunity, our tax revenues have been stolen through the bail-outs, the Federal Reserve is debasing our currency as they are printing money like there’s no tomorrow, Jack Lew has positioned the government to seize all retirement accounts, Wall Street has learned that it can steal with impunity given the lack of ramifications resulting from the MF Global theft and soon your bank accounts will be gone thanks to the recent G20 mandate on November 16, 2014. And to add to that, very soon, there will not be a Europe to trade with. Did I leave anything out Mr. and Mrs. Sheeple?"

ARTICLE: "Deutsche Bank Is Part of the Euro Crisis
Martin Armstrong | Do you think they will allow Deutsche Bank to fail?"

ARTICLE: "The Worst Part Is Central Bankers Know Exactly What They Are Doing"

On the NO RETIREMENT FOR YOU front, ARTICLE: "The increasing odds that you will die working: The extinction of retirement and the growing old age labor force.
I was greeted by an older gentleman at a local Target store.  He slowly smiled and said hello.  I nodded and said hello as he proceeded to greet other shoppers.  Leaving the store I was greeted by an older cashier.  Over the last decade, the retail labor force is seeing a growing number of older Americans.  Many don’t envision retirement as working in a low-wage job but that is simply the way of life for many.  The BLS estimates that labor force participation rate for those 65 to 74 years of age is going to increase to 31.9 percent in 2022.  That is an incredibly high number of older Americans eligible for Social Security still working in the labor force.  This is happening as younger Americans make up a smaller portion of the labor force and as many more Americans enter into college.  Yet one thing that is rarely discussed is that many older Americans are going to work until they die out of necessity.  Not a few.  Not a couple.  A large portion of older Americans are working deep into old age because they can’t afford to retire."

On the CRONY CAPITALISM front, ARTICLE: "Rewarding Failure – Volkswagen CEO to Receive $32 Million Pension
Michael Krieger | It didn’t take long for crony capitalism to kick in."

On the *pray for heroic Uruguay people... likely the corporatocracy hitmen are on the way* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Uruguay Does Unthinkable, Rejects Global Corporatocracy
Wolf Street - After months of intense pressure led by unions and other grassroots movements that culminated in a national general strike on the issue – the first of its kind around the globe – the Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez bowed to public opinion and left the US-led trade agreement. Despite – or more likely because of – its symbolic importance, Uruguay’s historic decision has been met by a wall of silence. Beyond the country’s borders, mainstream media has refused to cover the story. This is hardly a surprise given that the global public is not supposed to even know about TiSA’s existence, despite – or again because of – the fact that it’s arguably the most important of the new generation of global trade agreements. According to WikiLeaks, it “is the largest component of the United States’ strategic ‘trade’ treaty triumvirate,” which also includes the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Pact (TTIP)."

On the truth front, TRUTH IS A MENACE ... This Becomes Ever Larger At This Cosmic Spinpoint, Looming Over the New World Order Criminals

ARTICLE: "IF A MAINSTREAM REPORTER TOLD THE TRUTH THE PILLARS OF REALITY WOULD CRUMBLE Telling the truth, of course, must lead to publishing the truth" ~Jon Rappoport

On the war front, The Endless Propaganda-Drumbeat For World War Becomes Deafening At This Point In History ... And the Chess-Piece Maneuvering of the Major Powers

ARTICLE: "Know World War II, Avoid World War III
Tony Cartalucci | So shockingly similar is American propaganda regarding Japan during World War II to the propaganda being leveled against Beijing today that it seems almost intentional."

ARTICLE: "248 Armed Conflicts After WW2; US Started 201 (81%), Killing 30 Million so Far
Washington's Blog - People around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country. The data confirm this conclusion: Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them. These US-started armed attacks have killed ~30 million and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men. The US has war-murdered more than Hitler’s Nazis. US official reports now confirm all “reasons” the US told for current armed attacks were known to be false as they were told. These lie-started US wars are not even close to lawful. US wars and rhetoric for more wars continue a long history of lie-began US Wars of Aggression. The most decorated US Marine general in his day warned all Americans of this fact of lie-started wars for 1% plunder."

ARTICLE: "Chinese Aircraft Carrier Reportedly Docks at Tartus, Syria
Kurt Nimmo | Chinese fighter jets and helicopters to assist Russians in battle against US-backed proxies."

ARTICLE: "China Joining Russia In Syria While Germany Prepares to Leave NATO In Advance of World War III"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Putin Deploys 28 Combat Planes in Syria, Taunting West to “Join Forces Against ISIS”
Mac Slavo | It is clear that Obama has no idea what he is doing, and no way of containing all that confronts U.S. interests overseas."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Syria sees Russia game changer, US-trained rebels enter fray
AFP | Syria predicted Sunday that Russia’s growing military role will prove a game changer in the fight against jihadists, as 75 rebels trained under a beleaguered US programme entered the fray."

On the *how do we stop a third world war?* front, ARTICLE: "Jade Helm Will End When World War III Begins ~ 24 Sep, 2015 ~ by Dave Hodges  
...The Final Purpose
When the aerial assets of Pope AFB were moved, I became suspicious that Jade Helm was ultimately serving a larger purpose. Further, when we witnessed the recent announcement of sending our most sophisticated nuclear weaponry to Germany, I knew the final purpose of Jade Helm was to provide cover for the mobilization and the military buildup of assets needed to fight World War III.
Most journalists, who have followed the horrific details of Jade Helm know that Jade Helm will eliminate all resistance to World War III through the removal of dissidents and the imposition of martial law. Now we are seeing the pre-positioning of military assets under the guise of Jade Helm for the purpose of fighting World War III which is a war of survival for the Federal Reserve and the Petrodollar. In actuality, this world war will be a war of depopulation and planetary unification and will be fought for the globalist banking interests in Basil.
Not a day goes by that I do not receive at least one account of massive military movement around the United States. Yes, Jade Helm is about dissident extraction and martial law. However, it is becoming abundantly clear that Jade Helm is more about providing cover in order that American military is in war mode and is pre-positioning assets in the biggest mobilization of the American military in history. And the fact that U.S military has sent massive amounts of advanced nuclear weaponry to Germany is proof that World War III coming into view..."

On the *refugee invasion* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "German nurse shocked after being forced out of flat to make way for refugees
 Having lived in the same flat for 16 years, a German woman is being forced to move out to make way for refugees, because building a new shelter is too expensive. The 51 year-old nurse, who has helped asylum seekers in the past, was shocked by the news.
Bettina Halbey, who lives alone in the small town of Nieheim, received a letter from her landlord and the local municipality at the start of September, Die Welt newspaper reported on Thursday.
“I was completely shocked and I can’t even begin to find the words to describe how the city has treated me,” Halbey told the German publication. “I have had to go through a lot of difficulties recently, and then I get this notice. It was like a kick in the teeth.”
Halbey will have until May 2016 to find a new place to live, along with her dog and her cat. The three-story building, where she rented a 90 sq/m flat will now be turned into accommodation for refugees, who are seeking to make Germany their new home."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "German Police Covering Up Rapes so as ‘Not to Legitimize Critics of Mass Migration’
Paul Joseph Watson - Police in Germany are keeping quiet about a spate of rapes targeting children committed by Muslim migrants in and around refugee camps so as not to “legitimize” critics of mass migration, according to local media reports. The Gatestone Institute has compiled a list of the innumerable rapes committed by predominantly Muslim asylum seekers over the last few months. One of those cases involved a 13-year-old girl who was raped at a migrant camp in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother originally fled the Middle East to escape from sexual abuse in their home, only to be targeted by an asylum seeker from the same country. Fearing that public knowledge of the rape could lead to “right-wing demonstrations,” the police buried the incident."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Turkey Responsible for Flood of Illegal Immigrants in Europe
Kurt Nimmo | Polish media claims Ankara engineered mass migration."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hungary Authorizes Troops to Use Rubber Bullets on Rioting Illegal Immigrants
Kurt Nimmo | Rubber bullets, stun grenades, flares and net guns to be used to fend off "

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Europe’s divide: Hungary posts ads in Lebanese newspapers warning migrants not to enter illegally
Mail Online | Austria struggles to cope with 24,000 crossing their border."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "U.S. has more immigrants than 48 Latin, European nations combined
Washington Examiner | The United States already has 10 million more foreign-born citizens than all of the European Union."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "U.S. Immigrant Population Hits Record High of 42.4 Million
National Review | The growth in the immigrant population is accelerating rapidly."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Majority Of Americans Don’t Want ANY Syrian Refugees Allowed In
Steve Watson | Even 40 percent of Democrats reject Obama’s plan to resettle 10,000."

On the energy front, The Demand For *Free Energy* Devices Becomes Deafening As the Year 2016 Begins ... Too Many of the People Have Wised Up

How this scenario will play out is still to be determined. However, it is the grassroots design and building of these various devices that will initiate the Great Changeover.

On the *U.N. One World Order Tyranny* front, ARTICLE: "UN Approves New T-Shirt Aimed at Brain-Washing Kids on Socialism
Gateway Pundit | In New York City, at the end of this week, President Obama is set to officially adopt the new United Nations sustainable development plan."

On the *insane-get-a-life* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Sexual Assault Claim Leads University to Ban ‘Kiss Cam’
Mikael Thalen | Student’s letter accuses kiss cam of encouraging “male entitlement.”

On the world insane-tyranny front, ARTICLE: "The Australian Government Proclaims – Environmentalism and Alternative Music Are Signs of Terrorism
Michael Kreiger | No, that’s not a joke."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Saudi Arabia Prepares to Execute Teenager via “Crucifixion” for Political Dissent
Michael Krieger | A Saudi teenager is facing death by crucifixion in his home country of Saudi Arabia on charges activists say are politically motivated."

On the tyranny-at-work front, CIRCUS-CIRCUS ENTERTAINMENT and... "...the Ever-Encroaching Police State..." ... The Pope In Philadelphia Was One Public Execution of This Diabolical Plan

ARTICLE: "The Crisis of the Now: Distracted and Diverted from the Ever-Encroaching Police State
By John W. Whitehead ~ September 22, 2015
“When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby talk, when, in short, a people become an audience and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk: culture-death is a clear possibility.”—Author Neil Postman
Caught up in the spectacle of the forthcoming 2016 presidential elections, Americans (never very good when it comes to long-term memory) have not only largely forgotten last year’s hullabaloo over militarized police, police shootings of unarmed citizens, asset forfeiture schemes, and government surveillance but are also generally foggy about everything that has happened since.
Then again, so much is happening on a daily basis that it’s understandable if the average American has a hard time keeping up with and remembering all of the “events,” manufactured or otherwise, which occur like clockwork and keep us distracted, deluded, amused, and insulated from reality while the government continues to amass more power and authority over the citizenry.
In fact, when we’re being bombarded with wall-to-wall news coverage and news cycles that change every few days, it’s difficult to stay focused on one thing—namely, holding the government accountable to abiding by the rule of law—and the powers-that-be understand this."

On the *track, trace, and data-basing your boat* front, ARTICLE: "DHS is creating a nationwide boat tracking system:'The NAIS program exceeds the stated purpose of marine safety and constitutes an ongoing risk to the privacy and civil liberties of mariners across the United States.'"

On the *thug-perv-moron TSA* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "TSA Agent Caught Stealing From Passenger’s Wallet at NYC Airport Checkpoint
Michael Krieger | A TSA agent at JFK Airport was busted when he was caught stealing money out of a passenger’s wallet at a security checkpoint, authorities said."

On the *radicalization of society by sinister design* front, ARTICLE: "The radical left's desecration of U.S. history and culture now starting to resemble a Stalinist purge" ~ Sunday, September 27, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes

ARTICLE: "Black Lives Matter & F*** Yo Flag Activist Arrested for Video Threats to Kill White People, Police
Gateway Pundit | WSB reported she also called for activists to ‘take over’ police stations."

VIDEO: "Caught on video: Black teen punches ‘racist’ bus driver in the face — for demanding a fare!
Bizpac Review | A black teenager who accused a city bus driver of racism for demanding his fare was captured in video punching the woman in the face, then fleeing from the bus."

ARTICLE: "Ontario Moves to Ban ‘Mother,’ ‘Father’ on Government Forms
Adan Salazar | “This is about making Ontario more inclusive,” claims member of parliament."

VIDEO: "Unhinged Jogger Blames Stroller Collision On ‘White Privilege’ [VIDEO]
Daily Caller | A newly-uploaded video on YouTube shows a jogger in New York City having a cataclysmic meltdown over a collision with a stroller."

On the *this is how a good society dies* front, ARTICLE: "Wall Street investors buying up farmland"

ARTICLE: "Obama Supporters Sign Petition to Nuke North Korea
Paul Joseph Watson | “To help save the North Korean people”.

On the *cruel corruption of children* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Swedish kids asked by school to write a suicide note… while thinking about their moms
RT - Parents at a school in Sweden are furious after learning that their kids were asked to write fictional suicide notes, while also imagining they were writing these to their own mothers. The task was part of a class dealing with mental health issues. The 13 year-old school children from the town of Skelleftea in the north east of Sweden, were reportedly listening to an audio book about a girl who was planning to commit suicide. After listening to the harrowing story, which was part of lesson looking at mental health issues, their teacher asked them to write a letter to the girl’s mother, to explain to her that the child’s thoughts about suicide were not the parent’s fault. However, to make the task ‘easier,’ their teacher suggested that when writing the fictional letter, they should instead think about their own mother’s, the angry parents claimed."

On the *staged social engineering* front, "VIDEO: Students Shown Picture Of Ahmed’s Clock ALL Say It Looks Like A Bomb
Steve Watson | They must ALL be Islamophobic"

ARTICLE: "Video: Man Debunks “Clock Kid” by Recreating Ahmed’s Clock – in 20 Seconds!
Kit Daniels | Video exposes “clock kid” story as a deceptive stunt."

ARTICLE: "Judge: Clock Kid Family Could Be Charged With Fraud If Incident Is Proved “Purposeful Hoax”
Steve Watson | “Money has been collected on false pretenses.”

On the EPIC EPIDEMIC OF HYPOCRISY front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "MSNBC Reporter Admits Wife Works For Planned Parenthood And Still Writes About Planned Parenthood
Daily Caller | Planned Parenthood supporter and MSNBC reporter Steve Benen’s wife works for Planned Parenthood."

On the *strange outages* front, ARTICLE: "Something Strange Is Happening! Widespread Outages Across A Variety Of Platforms And A Very Eerie Verizon Commercial ~ September 22, 2015
From one end of the country to the other, strange outages have been occurring from phones to power to Internet, which could be explained a variety of ways.... either our infrastructure is deteriorating at a rapid pace, or these are all "coincidental" or we are seeing a coordinated attack against America and once again our government isn't telling us the full extent of the attacks.
Take your pick."

On the MICROCHIPPING front, ARTICLE: "Welcome To The Mass Surveillance State Through Microchipped Pills
...Not happy enough with monitoring our phone calls, computers and having a camera on us everywhere we go outside… the recently FDA-approved microchip in a pill will be the perfect excuse to place surveillance inside our bodies.
...Of course, the idea will be presented to us as highly beneficial from a health point of view. People can be checked if they’ve taken their pills and not forgotten them or use real-time monitoring for maintaining the right prescribed dosage… and many people will buy into it while failing to see the dark hidden ulterior motive."

On the communication front, The Spidery Web Surveillance of EVERYONE On the Worldwide Web

ARTICLE: "Facebook is spying on people around the world ‘just like America’s NSA’ says data protection watchdog during court hearing in Belgium where the company is accused of violating privacy laws"

ARTICLE: "KARMA POLICE: GCHQ's plan to track every Web user in the world  The KARMA POLICE program is detailed in newly released Snowden docs published on The Intercept; it began as a project to identify every listener to every Internet radio station (to find people listening to jihadi radio) and grew into an ambitious plan to identify every Web user and catalog their activities from porn habits to Skype contacts.
The program began in 2007/8 and it mined BLACK HOLE, which is GCHQ's repository for all the data sucked up by its fiber taps (which it calls "probes"). It attempted to map IP addresses to peoples' identities, and cross reference users' identities on various systems and in various locations, collecting them into "a web browsing profile for every visible user on the Internet."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Documents: British Government Spied On EVERYONE’S Web Activity, Targeted Internet Radio Listeners
Steve Watson | GCHQ called the operation ‘Karma Police’ because they were Radiohead fans; Mammoth operation bigger than anything NSA did."

MEANWHILE... The Natural, Aquarian Age Mind-Connection Between ALL of Us Only Increases Exponentially

On the TV front, ARTICLE: "CCTV's are about to become quite scary ~ Friday, September 25, 2015 "...CCTV's are about to become quite scary..." said Steve Jolly who works for the "No CCTV " in the UK.  Jolly warned, the public should be scared of the next generation of CCTV's.
"If you're constantly tracked and monitored, if everything you do is going to be recorded. I don't think you can really say you live in a free society" said Jolly.
Warning next generation surveillance cameras are already in place in America!

On the *trouble in windy city* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Chicago Tribune Sues Rahm Emanuel for Using Private Email to Escape Open Records Law
Breitbart - If a lawsuit filed by the Chicago Tribune against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is any indication, it looks like another Obama operative is under fire for using private email addresses to escape accountability and open records laws. This week, the Tribune filed its lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court, demanding that former Obama chief of staff Emanuel release his email to comply with the state’s Freedom of Information Act. The lawsuit further asks that Emanuel be declared in violation of the Illinois Local Records Act. The paper says that, for the last few years, Emanuel has engaged in “a pattern of non-compliance, partial compliance, delay and obfuscation” that has resulted in a lack of transparency."

On the REALITY OF HOMELESS HUMAN BEINGS front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Los Angeles to Declare Homeless ‘State of Emergency’
Breitbart - The City of Los Angeles is preparing to declare a state of emergency on the epidemic levels of homeless population and is planning to use $100 million dollars to spearhead the fight that one councilman suggested is a precursor to L.A. winning a 2024 bid to host the Olympic Games.... Cedillo made further statements indicating that the effort is tied to the city’s attempt to win a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. “If we want to be a great city that hosts the Olympics and shows itself off to the world,” he said, “we shouldn’t have 25,000 to 50,000 people sleeping on the streets.”... The announcement that a “state of emergency” will be declared was made on Tuesday, with Mayor Eric Gracetti and City Council Members leading the charge. According to the Times, the announcement is in line with Gracetti’s Monday proposal to capture $13 million in tax revenues for short-term housing projects."

On the home front, Criminal Or Not... YOU ARE THE TARGET ... Question: How Easy Is It To Use Someone's Fingerprints To Frame Them For a Crime They DID NOT Commit? Answer: Very Easy

ARTICLE: "FBI Merges Criminal and Civil Fingerprint Database
Feds building huge biometric database on all citizens
by Kurt Nimmo | | September 22, 2015
For years the FBI maintained it had no interest in scanning fingerprints collected by employers — teachers, lawyers, state and federal workers, even bike messengers now routinely submit fingerprints for employment — but that has now changed.
“For the first time, fingerprints and biographical information sent to the FBI for a background check will be stored and searched right along with fingerprints taken for criminal purposes,” reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting rights online.
    The change, which the FBI revealed quietly in a February 2015 Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), means that if you ever have your fingerprints taken for licensing or for a background check, they will most likely end up living indefinitely in the FBI’s NGI database. They’ll be searched thousands of times a day by law enforcement agencies across the country—even if your prints didn’t match any criminal records when they were first submitted to the system."

On the *possible riots* front, ARTICLE: "Prepare For Nationwide Riots! USDA Sends States Notice To Hold Off 'Until Further Notice'  Process That Distributes Food Aid To 46 Million People In The US ~ By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ September 23, 2015
The title comes from a key quote from an Associated Press  story via US News and World Report article announcing that a government shutdown would "suspend or delay food stamp payments to some of the 46 million Americans who receive the food aid."
"If Congress does not act to avert a lapse in appropriations, then USDA will not have the funding necessary for SNAP benefits in October and will be forced to stop providing benefits within the first several days of October," said Catherine Cochran, a spokeswoman for USDA. "Once that occurs, families won't be able to use these benefits at grocery stores to buy the food their families need."
USDA on Friday sent a letter to states asking them to hold off "until further notice" on starting the process that distributes benefits at the first of the month.
The Agriculture Department declined to give details on why the automatic funding would not continue. In the 2013 government shutdown, food stamp dollars were not affected.
As previous experience has shown, when EBT cards, welfare funds for food or cash, have previously gone down due to simply a "glitch," threats of "Rodney King style riots" have been made, stores were looted, chaos has occurred... and that was just when the system was down for less than a day."

On the HACKER, YOU ARE THE TARGET front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Office of Personnel Mgmt: 5.6M estimated to have fingerprints stolen in breach
CNBC News - The Office of Personnel Management announced Wednesday that 5.6 million people are now estimated to have had their fingerprint information stolen. That number was originally thought to be about 1.1 million, OPM said in a statement. About 21.5 million individuals had their Social Security Numbers and other sensitive information affected by the hack. According to OPM, "federal experts believe that, as of now, the ability to misuse fingerprint data is limited." The office acknowledged, however, that future technologies could take advantage of this information.... Officials also have said no evidence has surfaced yet suggesting the stolen data has been abused, though they fear the theft could present counterintelligence problems."

On the BETRAYAL OF AMERICA front, ARTICLE: "‘If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end’ – Virginia state senator to RT ~ Published time: 26 Sep, 2015
 As the Syrian civil war continues to rage and Islamic State maintains its foothold in the region, Virginia state Senator Dick Black told RT that “if the US stopped training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.”
In a lengthy interview, the Republican state senator connected the crisis in Syria to the actions of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who he said have armed extremists like Islamic State militants that are fighting against the Syrian government. He also blamed US meddling in the Middle East for the rise of terror groups like Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL).
“It is my hope and prayer that the United States wakes up and says it is time to end this slaughter. It is time to stop trying to topple regimes, bring order to the Middle East [and] stop the bloodshed. If we stop training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.”

ARTICLE: "Assad’s Enemies May Be Portrayed As Opposition, But He Fights Terrorists – Putin
RT | He also said that US attempts to “train the combat part of the opposition forces” have failed."

ARTICLE: "DoD Confirms US-Trained Fighters in Syria Gave Arms to Nusra Front Militants
Sputnik | A spokesman for the Pentagon has confirmed that Syrian rebel fighters trained by the United States provided ammunition and equipment to an al-Qaeda-linked group."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Whistleblower: Intelligence On ISIS Being “Grossly Thrown To The Side”
Steve Watson | CENTCOM analysts given “implied orders” not to report facts on the ground in Iraq regarding terrorist activity."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pentagon-Trained ‘Moderate Rebels’ Hand Weapons Over to Syrian Al-Qaeda
Mikael Thalen | “They handed over a very large amount of ammunition and medium weaponry and a number of pick-ups.”

ARTICLE: "Rumors Persist That The CIA Helps Export Opium From Afghanistan | Despite billions spent to eradicate opium crops in Afghanistan, the crop is more popular than ever there."

Article: "AND NO ONE SPOKE, OUT OF FEAR OF THE HANGMAN’S CLOAK ~ 26th September 2015
Maurice Ogden, The Hangman
First they came for the “brown skinned terrorists”. Then they came for the “Ron Paul terrorists”. Then they came for the “Tea Party terrorists”. Then they came for the “OWS terrorists”. Then they came for the “gun owner terrorists”. Then they came for the “Cash using terrorists”. Then they came for you. They can do no more than we let them do."

On the *get your children out of the public school* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "WA school district bans tag to protect ’emotional safety’ of students
EAG News | Parents say they didn’t hear about the ban until their children told them. They were both befuddled and incensed."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "California School District Rolls Out Iris Scanner Pilot Program on School Buses
Michael Krieger | The following story is another example of how our typical response to tragedy as Americans is to overreact."

On the EDUCATE! DON'T INDOCTRINATE! front, ARTICLE: "In Colorado and New York, Common Core Commerciall Vendors Can Follow Your Child Into the Bathroom
...Support for Common Core educational standards has dropped as awareness of the program has spread over the past year to new polling results.
The people of this country are speaking out, they are sick and tired of the intrusiveness of the Common Standards and the egregious violations of our children’s civil liberties including their (and their parents) right to privacy.
The more Americans know about Common Core, the less they like the standards. In fact, just 33% support the standards while 59% oppose Common Core according to the annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools."

On the *addicted to smartphones* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Nearly half of children ‘addicted to smartphones and tablets’
London Telegraph | Poll finds that almost 60 per cent of parents use the devices to dish out rewards or punishments."

On the food front, Gee, You Might Get to Buy Raw Milk Without Being Arrested/Prosecuted

ARTICLE: "New Congressional Bills Aim to Protect Consumer Access to Raw MilK (Action Alert)
Health Impact News - Federal bills have been introduced that will make it easier to sell raw milk across state borders—but they need our support to succeed.... Late last week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Chellie Pingree (D-ME), and a bipartisan coalition of sixteen other lawmakers including Jared Polis (D-CO), have reintroduced two important bills, the Milk Freedom Act and the Interstate Milk Freedom Act. The Milk Freedom Act would prohibit the government from interfering with the interstate traffic of raw milk products. The Interstate Milk Freedom Act would explicitly allow the shipment of raw milk between two states where the sale of raw milk is already legal."

On the *junk food* front, "SODA NATION: Half of America now has type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes
Thursday, September 24, 2015 by: Jennifer Lea Reynolds"

On the *why isn't this a surprise?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "STUDY: Michelle O school meals may cause cancer
EAG News | A new study reveals school lunches promoted by first lady Michelle Obama could contain dangerous levels of BPA."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Children starve eating ‘moldy’ Michelle O food as school bans home-packed lunches
EAG News | Eat like Michelle Obama or go hungry — that’s the attitude of a Georgia preschool."

On the GM/GMO Frankenfood front, ARTICLE: "Austria and Italy Celebrate Bans on GM Crops with EU Opt-Out
Sustainable Pulse - Austrian Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser and a number of Italian Ministries have confirmed that both countries are officially requesting an opt-out from growing the eight varieties of GM maize permitted or set to be permitted at the EU level, thus there will now be a full ban on GM crops in both countries under new EU regulations."

ARTICLE: "Kenyan Farmers Sue Government to Stop Lifting of GMO Ban
Sustainable Pulse - In a petition filed Thursday against the Kenyan government, the group that represents small scale farmers, argues that the impending lifting of the ban without public participation will undermine indigenous crops. The Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum, argues that lifting the ban will adversely undermine their rights and the public rights to health, safety and economic interest. The group further argues that the public has not been well educated on the risks posed by GMOs to enable informed decisions."

ARTICLE: "Remember: Monsanto Profits Fall 15% on Weak Sales of GM Seed
Christina Sarich | Is it time to ditch Monsanto stock?"

ARTICLE: "GMO Scientist Blows Whistle on Monsanto’s “Misleading Studies” Used to Cover Up Product Risks
Free Thought Project | A former GMO scientist has revealed how the risk assessment of genetically modified crops is a corrupt process using sham science."

On the FAST FOOD front, ARTICLE: "McDonald’s Latest PR Stunt To Help Migrants Won’t Save Its Image
Prison | Anthony Gucciardi joins David to discuss “McDonald’s Leads Corporate Effort to Publicize Migrants Plight.”

On the *plastic rice* front, ARTICLE: "Chinese Companies are Still Mass Producing Fake Plastic Rice
Natural Blaze - The rice in question China’s Wuchang rice. The rice is very popular because the real Wuchang rice is famous for its smell, and it costs more for its quality (almost double the price), according to Blue Ocean Network (BON) TV report, a popular English Channel in China.... An undercover journalist has found out that in order to make the fake rice, a small amount of real Wuchang rice is mixed with plastic rice, sprayed with a fragrance to replicate the original rice smell, packaged and shipped to stores across China. It was reported that annually 800,000 tons of real Wuchang rice is produced, yet 10 million tons of “Wuchang” rice is sold – whether plastic or another type of rice; more than 9 million tons of it is fake. Eating three bowls of this rice is equal to consuming about one plastic bag; it can be dangerous and can cause serious digestive issues, and even be fatal if consumed daily.... So far no reports of plastic rice in the United States have surfaced, and most countries’ officials have dismissed it as a major concern."

On the BIG PHARMA front, INFO: "Murders by the Pharmaceutical corporations.
The FDA and the MHRA, the regulator of pharmaceutical companies in the USA and Britain, are both controlled by the big pharmaceutical corporations. The FDA and MHRA have big pharma directors on their boards, and so big pharma control their own regulation.
The result is pharmaceutical drugs kill a million people each year."

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, ARTICLE: "California Vaccine Refusers to Get “Court Order” or “CPS Visit” Under SB277:the bill appears to be in violation of the Nuremberg Codes for informed medical consent. ~ by Jefferey Jaxon ~ Health Impact News
California Senate Bill 277 (SB277) is setting a dangerous precedent by removing medical consent from California school children in 2016. In addition, the bill appears to be in violation of the Nuremberg Codes for informed medical consent. However, pressure is already being felt as school administrators and directors have chosen to ignore current law and force vaccine schedules on school children.
Months ago at the start of the 2015 school year, California students faced a rude awakening as they were met with scare tactics and demands to vaccinate that had no legal standing. Latino mothers launched a formal complaint after their children, belonging to the Los Angeles Unified School District, were taken out of classes the first day of school despite having a Personal Belief Exemption on file. Adding further to the confusion, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) had not updated their website in Spanish to reflect the new SB277 requirements and when they would take effect. Other reports have surfaced of California schools doing similar tactics."

ARTICLE: "Vaccines shown to spur growth of deadlier viral strains: study
NaturalNews) It is finally being admitted by the scientific community that vaccines do, in fact, shed viruses and, in the process, trigger the formation of more deadly viral strains. A new study recently published in the online, open-access journal PLOS Biology reveals that so-called "leaky" vaccines – that is, vaccines that are "imperfect" (which is all of them) – spread disease to others and may put unvaccinated children at an even greater risk."

On the really bad *radiation* front, ARTICLE: "St. Louis landfill fire could reach radioactive waste in months
Al Jazeera - A fire smoldering underneath a landfill north of St. Louis since 2010 could reach radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project in as little as three months, according to a report released by Missouri's attorney general. Much of the uranium used to make the first nuclear weapons was processed in downtown St. Louis, and the waste was moved around the region for decades. In 1973 a private company that bought some of the waste from the U.S. government illegally dumped it at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri, a northern suburb of St. Louis...One of the reports released by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster concluded that the underground fire could reach the West Lake Landfill's known radioactive waste in three to six months -- the consequences of which remain largely unknown."

ARTICLE: "Radiation From Manhattan Project Causing “Cancer Clusters” In US City
Activist Post - The Manhattan Project was the military program that developed the atomic bomb. This project was considered by most people to be a conspiracy theory for years until the bombs eventually dropped. Whole towns were built to test the first nuclear weapons. All of the residents were sworn to secrecy and spread out between one of the 30 testing sites across North America and the UK. The Manhattan project started out as a small testing operation in 1939, but in the few years it was in operation, it grew to employ over 130,000 people, all under strict secrecy. Although the program is over it has left a nasty mess behind at the various test sites, as well as sites that were used to harvest and process uranium. it was admitted by The US Army Corps of Engineers last month that residential areas of St. Louis County in Missouri have been contaminated with radiation from the Manhattan Project."

ARTICLE: "Emergency Alert at US Nuclear Facility: Semi truck filled with uranium catches fire — Initial attempt to extinguish flames fails, blaze continued for over 30 minutes — Officials test for radioactive contamination — FEMA, Homeland Security, EPA notified (VIDEO)"

On the really bad news front, The Propaganda-Mainstreaming of Pedophilia As *OKAY*

ARTICLE: "Why is the Left Mainstreaming Pedophilia?
Paul Joseph Watson | Salon writer says lusting after children is a “sexual orientation”."

ARTICLE: "Media Describes 30-Year-Old Woman Who Had Sex With Child as “Glamorous”
Paul Joseph Watson | The mainstreaming of pedophilia continues."

ARTICLE: "Aleister Crowley’s Pedophiliac Revolution
Jon Bowne | Left push for mainstreaming of pedophilia as elite sex abuse scandals surface."

ARTICLE: "Fighting for Pedophilia – It’s Official U.S. Government Policy to Allow Afghan “Allies” to Rape Little Boys
Michael Krieger | “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,”

ARTICLE: "Media Promotes “Pedophile Rights”
Kit Daniels | Not long after same-sex marriage ruling, leftists now demand rights for pedophiles."

On the good news front, If Only We All Treated Each Other and Animals With This Degree of Compassion ... We Would ALL Be Thriving Instead of Merely Surviving

ARTICLE: "Air Canada Pilot Diverts International Flight to Save a Dog’s Life
Dogington Post - An Air Canada pilot is being praised for making a decision that delayed an international flight for more than an hour and cost the airline more than $10,000 in fuel and landing charges – all to save a dog’s life! Simba, a 7-year old French Bulldog, was on board for his first ever flight, in the plane’s cargo hold, when the pilot noticed that the airplane’s heating system had malfunctioned just before the flight reached the Atlantic Ocean, where temperatures would plummet. Without second thought, the pilot turned the plane, which was bound for Toronto from Tel Aviv, and landed in Frankfurt, Germany instead. Simba was removed from the cargo hold of the Air Canada flight and placed on another plane headed to Toronto. Once reunited in Toronto, Simba’s dad was undeniably grateful. “It’s my dog, it’s like my child. It’s everything to me,” he explained to 680 News."

On the global mafia cabal front, The False Prophet Arrives To Cheering Crowds ... Then, Dying On the Cross Was a Failure, As Spoken By the Pope At the U.N. ... Really?

BREAKING: Leo Zagami, Vatican Insider, announced on the Alex Jones show that there is a rebellion of Cardinals against the Black Jesuit Pope. They are to publicly speak in October.

ARTICLE: "Pope Pushes Malthusian Elite Agenda In Historic Call For New Global Order
By Bernie Suarez
Government corruption by lobbyists to silence the voices of the people, staged war on terror, endless illegal wars of aggression, ongoing false flag operations with crisis actors, out of control police state, creation and arming proxy terrorist armies like ISIS, geoengineering ongoing crimes against humanity and the planet, ongoing GMO poisoning of the human race’s DNA, the list goes on and on of all the issues ‘Pope Francis’ did NOT address in his “historic” visit to the U.S. this week. The rote ceremonies, staged political speeches and propaganda have been ongoing particularly after the Pope’s visit and speech to Congress where he officially endorsed the coming “sustainable” new world order.
That’s right. Instead of addressing the problems humanity faces mentioned above, Pope Francis conveniently echoed almost all the key talking points consistent with the desires of the controlling oligarchs who want to rule the world.
Philly's Preparations for Pope Francis are Like a Dry Run for the Apocalypse Maddie Stone..."

ARTICLE: "The Pope is Betraying Christianity
Paul Joseph Watson | And selling out the principles of freedom."

ARTICLE: "Pope Kid: Amnesty Activists Stage PR Stunt to Promote Illegal Immigration (Video)
Kit Daniels - The incident involving a little girl who “broke” through Pope Francis’ security to “ask” him to promote amnesty was a staged event orchestrated by illegal immigrant activists who used the girl as a propaganda tool. As the story goes, little Sophie Cruz slipped past security to approach the Popemobile to not only give the pope the t-shirt but to also deliver him a handwritten letter which advocates amnesty for illegals. “All [illegal] immigrants just like my dad help feed this country,” the note read. “They deserve an immigration reform.” The t-shirt Cruz gave the pontiff read: “Pope: rescue DAPA [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans], so the legalization would be your blessing.” Although the story sounds heartwarming, it was actually a staged PR stunt to promote amnesty, and Cruz’s parents are illegal alien activists pushing DAPA, a proposed ‘open borders’ policy which would prevent the deportation of ‘anchor baby’ parents."

ARTICLE: "Pope Kid: Amnesty Activists Stage PR Stunt to Promote Illegal Immigration
Kit Daniels | Little girl coached by illegal alien parents to ‘ask’ Pope to push amnesty."

ARTICLE: "POPE FRANCIS GIVES SUPPORT TO RFID CHIP IMPLANTATION: 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads 'REVELATION 13:16-17"

ARTICLE: "While Pope Lectures Congress on Immigration, Vatican Lets in Very Few
Truth Revolt | Do as I say, not as I do."

ARTICLE: "Vatican Has Strictest Immigration Policy in the World
Washington Times | The pope, traveling to the U.S. for the first time, has made a special appeal to Americans to welcome immigrants."

ARTICLE: "The Pope’s 3 Biggest Hypocrisies Since He Came to America
Joshua Krause | For a man who is supposed to represent the highest virtues of Christianity, Pope Francis sure has habit of racking up hypocrisies on a regular basis."

ARTICLE: "The Francis Effect And The Coming Deception: The spirit of deception is great when millions around the world are moved to emotion at the site of a man who stands in stark contrast to Jesus"

ARTICLE: "Guest Post: Is The Pope's Dream Our Totalitarian Nightmare?
Submitted by Susan Warner via Gatestone Institute,
    Some high-profile commentators think they smell a Marxist clothed in white papal robes, who dreams of redistributing the world's wealth. Pope Francis insists that he has little interest in Marxism and that his political advocacy against materialism, capitalism, greed and idolatry are largely religious in nature. However, the flavor of some of his statements might suggest otherwise.
    The Pope also knows that the UN is poised to strong-arm member nations to sign on to an impossible globalist agenda that will require a total shift of the world's wealth, and a restructuring of international politics and economics with a one-world government and a universal religion at the steering wheel.
    Even to the Pope's admirers, that sounds a less like peace and love and more like a utopian totalitarian nightmare."

On the heroine front, All the women who are caring for their families, and preparing for the superstorms of life.

On the hero front, Irwin A. Schiff ... He dared to write the TRUTH about the IRS in his book: "The Biggest Con: How the Government Is Fleecing You". For his courage, Mr. Schiff was thrown in prison. Why? Because he refused to stop selling his books. Now, at an elderly age, he is in poor health, and is still being held in prison as a political prisoner. His son, Peter Schiff, is desperately trying to help his dad, and get him out of prison.

On the scumbag political front, ARTICLE: "Chinese billionaire tied to 1990s Clinton fundraising scandal arrested for lying about how he used $4.5MILLION cash he brought into the U.S. aboard private jets
One of the world's wealthiest people - a Chinese real estate mogul at the center of a Democratic campaign fundraising scandal two decades ago - has been grounded from his fleet of private planes and stripped of his $200,000 watch after his incarceration without bail as the United States probes what he did with millions of dollars he brought into the country over the past few years."

ARTICLE: "Report: Hillary Clinton Funded by Islamic Terrorists
Terrorist leader made numerous contributions to Clinton's campaign
by Leo Lyon Zagami | | September 23, 2015
In the 1970s, the influential Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen made a name for himself in his native Turkey, thanks to the constant support of the CIA, as later confirmed by retired Turkish intelligence official Osman Nuri Gundes.
Gülen built a network of educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and businesses that began in Turkey and spread quickly to Central Asia.
They were initially used to influence the culture and religion in those areas of the ex-Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War.
Who Were The Terrorists Funding Clinton?
The Washington Post’s Jeff Stein wrote a 2011 article entitled Islamic Group is a CIA Front where he stated:
    “A memoir by a top former Turkish intelligence official claims that a worldwide moderate Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s.”
The movement has grown enormously in the last few years and is present in every continent excluding Antarctica."

ARTICLE: "Even More Benghazi Emails Discovered on Hillary’s Private Server
Truth Revolt | The email scandal that won’t die."

ARTICLE: "Kentucky Politician Files Lawsuit Claiming a First Amendment Right to Accept Bribes
Michael Krieger | It’s a rare and precious moment when a politician does something which perfectly demonstrates what he or she really thinks about democracy and power."

On the *how low can the white house morally go?" front, ARTICLE: "White House Officials Mock Black Teen Conservative Who Was Blocked by Obama
Paul Joseph Watson | “Director of progressive media” implies 13-year-old is a birther conspiracy theorist."

ARTICLE: "White House-Linked Groups Bankroll New ‘Fact Checking Network’
Paul Joseph Watson | Project funded by organizations that funded Kiev coup."

On the *yeah, health care for everyone...what a big fat lie* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama Promised Healthcare Premiums Would Fall $2,500 Per Family; They Have Climbed $4,865
Michael Krieger | “We screwed some folks.”

ARTICLE: "Broke U.S. government needs millions of new Obamacare enrollees to prevent program from collapsing
NaturalNews) Obamacare is in trouble again, and it will take a massive infusion of members and taxpayer money to save it.
The Washington Times reports that Obamacare exchanges will have to enroll as many as 21 million members next year, according to the figure set in budget projections, in a development that will prove to be a major test of the Affordable Care Act.
However, as of June, the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees Obamacare, said that only 9.9 million Americans had purchased health insurance plans through the federal portal and a handful of state-run exchanges, leaving a gap of more than double the amount required in projections."

On the *CIA Torture* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "CIA Refuses for Fifth Time to Help Poland's Investigation of Torture Carried Out by CIA
AllGov - Polish prosecutors have repeatedly—five times—attempted to get information out of the Obama administration about the torture of detainees by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Poland during the war on terror launched by President George W. Bush. Each time the Department of Justice has denied the requests from the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków… The inquiries relate to the use of a Polish intelligence base from 2002 to 2003 to question terrorism suspects, using so-called enhanced interrogation techniques—or to put it another way, torture. The U.S. rejected all of the requests by “relying on an annex in the Polish-U.S. agreement on legal assistance, according to which such assistance may be refused if reasons of national security are cited,” Piotr Kosmaty, spokesman for the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Kraków, said."

On the *militarization of the police* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "NYPD officer known for intimidating activists served at Abu Ghraib torture prison in Iraq – report
RT - A New York Police Department Deputy Inspector served in the US Army military command in Iraqi at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison at the same time human rights abuses were being committed there, an investigation by the Gothamist discovered. The officer has a reputation for using aggressive tactics against street protesters. Deputy Inspector Andrew J. Lombardo is well known to New York activists for his seemingly arbitrary arrests and intense questioning techniques, but what they may not know was that he was part of the military chain of command at Abu Ghraib."

On the *no more religious freedom for you... and hypocrisy* front, ARTICLE: "Obama Touts Religious Liberty to Pope While Litigating to Force 15 Dioceses to Cooperate in Abortion
CNS News | Obama’s Justice Department is actively fighting 56 separate federal court cases aimed at forcing 140 religious ministries and institutions to cooperate with an Obamacare."

On the SECOND AMENDMENT front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Washington State Fair Workers Robbed at Gunpoint AFTER FAIR BANS GUNS
Gateway Pundit | What a surprise that the criminals didn’t obey the gun ban at Washington State Fair."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Support For Gun Control Continues To Drop
Steve Watson | Only one third support any federal government involvement in gun laws."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "District Attorney Bans Prosecutors from Having Guns. His Idiotic Reason…
Louder With Crowder | For those of you keeping score, in New York you can’t buy large sodas."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Arkansas Police Chief Resigns After Truck Supposedly Torched by Second Amendment Advocates
Adan Salazar | Speculation lingers over whether chief committed act himself."

On the *demonstrating your rights* front, ARTICLE: "Black Fire Marshall Keeps Officer from Violating His Rights. Brilliant!
CONTRIBUTOR: Christopher Watson. Tony Soto, Pennsylvania fire fighter, was pulled over for his tinted windows, and stood his ground brilliantly in a series of videos he uploaded to his channel In this video which was captured via personal dash cam, the officer claims that he pulled Soto over for a couple of reasons...."

On the freedom front, We Must Stand and Band Together... Or, We All Hang Separately

QUOTE: “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” ~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

ARTICLE: "Half Of Americans Believe Federal Government To Be “An Immediate Threat” To Freedom
Steve Watson | Up from one third in past 12 years."

 ARTICLE: "Video: Cop Threatens Students With Jail For Handing Out Pocket Constitutions
Steve Watson | “You can’t do it out here, otherwise I’m going to have to lock you up.”

On the GOO-BORG front, ARTICLE: "A soldier's best friend? Marines put Google's robo-dog 'Spot' through its paces, tackling tough terrain and scouting buildings
Spot the 160lb (73kg) robo-dog was developed by Boston Dynamics
Being tested by a Darpa team at Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia
Robot is being used in different scenarios including walking over rough terrain and scouting for threats in a building, like a real military dog"

ARTICLE: "Human survival 101: Top ten ways to kill a Google robot ~ Thursday, September 24, 2015 ~ by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
(NaturalNews) has posted a timely and much-needed article entitled How to kill a Google robot.
The article anticipates the inescapable conclusion that Google's military robots will sooner or later be turned against the people, Terminator style. It offers advice on various ways to take out a Google robot, including running over it with your car, setting it on fire, and decapitating it.
However, I feel like humanity needs more options, so I've put together my own top 10 list of how to kill a Google robot. While these robots may be working alongside U.S. Marines right now, it's only a matter of time before they are turned against us. Remember when Google's slogan used to be, "Do no evil"? And now Google functions as an extension of the NSA, tracking your search terms and web surfing behavior, censoring the independent media, conspiring with Big Pharma to block ads from Canadian pharmacies and altering its search results to favor pharmaceutical industry drug pushers like the Mayo Clinic.
Anyone who thinks Google robots won't be used against humanity is a fool. Even if Google never intentionally turns them evil, chances are the Chinese will hack them and turn them against us anyway. (Or some devilish President like Obama will unleash them against whatever political group he hates at the time... like the Tea Party...)
So if you hope to survive the coming robot war on humanity, you'd better know how to kill a Google robot. Ready for your survival lesson? If you want to live, come with me...
Top 10 ways to kill a Google robot
One thing we all learned from Kyle Reese is that striking a Terminator with a metal pipe just pisses it off:
You're going to need something far more effective than a metal pipe. So here's how to get the job done and save humanity:
1) Blind its sensors - This can be accomplished with something as simple as a paintball gun.
2) Subject it to a strong electric arc - A powerful welder / generator can produce enough voltage to fry a robot's circuits. The hard part is getting close enough to clamp on the cables without frying yourself in the process.
3) Tangle it in cables or a net - Robots suck at freeing themselves from tangles. Find a cargo net and try to get the bot tangled in it. Or just circle around its legs with strong cable like Luke Skywalker vs. the AT-AT walkers in The Empire Strikes Back.
4) Throw it into water - Knock that Google bot into a river! It probably can't swim, and if the water penetrates its outer shell, it will fry the circuit boards.
5) Shred it with bullets or explosives - A .50 caliber semi-auto rifle should do the trick. For greater accuracy, get yourself a .338 Lapua long range sniper rifle. With training and good optics, you can hit a Google robot at over 1,000 yards.
6) Run over it with a vehicle - Here's the ghetto version of assault: just "vehicular manslaughter" that robot with your 4x4 pickup truck. Hopefully you don't drive a wimpy city vehicle, or you'll just hurt yourself in the process while deploying your silly air bags.
7) Electronically jam its communications and GPS - For the geeks who want to get involved, you might be able to GPS spoof the robot in the same way that hackers are currently taking over drones and General Motors vehicles. Better yet, hack a Jeep and remotely drive it into the Google robot.
8) Set off a small EMP - If you're a total geek and know how to build an EMP bomb, then whip one together and set it off near the bot. Hey, didn't they use one of these in Ocean's Eleven?
9) Attach a strong tether to it and tie it to something huge and immobile (like your mother in law) - This is my favorite trick: find some brave soul willing to run up to the robot and latch onto it with a cable and a carabiner. Then tether it to something it can't escape... like a building. From there, you can use it for target practice.
10) Burn it up (gasoline, diesel, etc.) - Douse that bot with your favorite combustible liquid, then toss a flare at it. (Or light it up with your AR-15. The sparks from the bullets striking the metal robot will start the fire.) Be sure not to set yourself on fire in the process, or you will wind up in a YouTube video entitled, "TOTAL MORON TRIED TO SET A ROBOT ON FIRE BUT TORCHED HIMSELF INSTEAD.
"Beyond these 10, if you're clever you can also drop heavy objects on them (a la Terminator Salvation and the railroad car axle trick). But this requires the robot to be in the precise position you had planned for them, and that's unlikely to be easy to pull off.
The best trick of all might be to just sell the Google robots to the U.S. government. Everything the government tries to operate turns to crap and eventually collapses."

On the SPACE SCIENCE front, BLURB: "'ET' Organisms Found in Stratosphere... Dr. Milton Wainwright, professor at the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, discussed a new image which he believes reveals a mysterious extraterrestrial "organism." Using balloons to test areas of the stratosphere some 25 miles up, he captured microscopic pieces of debris that contain unique forms of bacteria not found on Earth. Wainwright deduced that the organisms are coming in from space, rather than up from Earth's surface, because if that was the case they'd be covered in pollen grains."

Trendwise, The Hidden TRUTH, Revelations About Electronic Surveillance and Gang Stalking ... And the reality of ***"cloaking"— electro-optical camouflage*** Or, the Dark-Side We Need To Know About... Thus, To Shape Our Future As Humankind

BLURB: "Interrogations & Gang Stalking ~ Sunday - September 20, 2015
George Knapp was joined by author and researcher, Robert Guffey, who shared the remarkable story of Damien (called Dion in Guffey's book), an unrepentant heroin addict who in 2003 sheltered a US Marine that had stolen 22 pairs of night vision goggles, a DoD laptop, and perhaps a few top secret files from Camp Pendleton, a military base in the San Diego area. Arrested under the Patriot Act, Damien underwent a six-day-long Abu-Ghraib-style interrogation by the NCIS, and was accused of trying to sell the military equipment to terrorists. Damien refused to testify against the Marine, or cooperate in any way, and was eventually released.
But after his release he began to notice he was being "gang stalked" around San Diego, with 7-9 people following him into a 7-11, restaurants, and various places. They wanted him to feel discombobulated and paranoid, Guffey explained. Vehicles were parked outside Damien's house, and Guffey knew someone at the DMV, and found out that none of the license plate numbers "officially existed," which suggested they were government vehicles. After this, Damien began to be bombarded with hallucinations, such as seeing multiple moons in the sky, and the dimensions of his apartment were changing. Further, invisible people were in the room, interacting with him and moving things around, and he saw a black amorphous energy.
A woman from the NCIS visited Damien on a number of occasions, asking if he was ready to cooperate, implying that the harassment would end if he worked with them. Guffey was able to track down Richard Schowengerdt, said to be one of the scientists behind a project code named "Chameleo" that involved bizarre experimentation including "cloaking"— electro-optical camouflage so extreme it rendered observers practically invisible, which correlated with what Damien experienced. Damien was likely used as a guinea pig to test out the effect of this technology, Guffey concluded, adding that he and Damien suspected the missing night vision goggles may have been especially important to the military as they possibly allowed wearers to see that which had been made invisible."
Book(s): Chameleo, Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form, Spies and Saucers

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