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My Sexy Saturday: White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter III

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

For this week, here's another snippet taste from one of my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIPs.

This is the first meeting between White Fang, the hero, and Pasha, the heroine.

Seven Sentences from ~

White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter  

Chapter Nine ~ Dangerously Feral  

White Fang drew her scent in deeply. Lykouz, he could do nothing else.

Hidden beneath the natural, femme fatale perfume she exuded -- a musky spiciness that caused his cock to drip -- was the smell of a lightning storm. A certain sign Pasha’s lineage went back to the antediluvian gods and goddesses.

White Fang ignored his gentleman’s instinct to rise, and seat her. Why give her a full-on visual of his cock’s fight to overcome the waistband of his pants?

She already knew her affect on him.


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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Origin Story

Basic rule of blogging: if you can’t come up with a topic, write a flash. Today’s post is a bridge scene between the end of my M/M/F ménage, Legacy, and my YA spinoff Slayer for Hire, as the hero of Slayer makes his first-ever appearance.

# # #

“Here we go,” Annie said. “Show time.”

“About damn time,” Colleen growled. She knew her full attention should have been focused on birthing her third child, but she found her awareness split between her contractions and the window, and the soon-to-rise sun beyond it. Babies came when they came, with no regard for arbitrary adult schedules. Least of all a vampire’s.

Wallace crowded against the narrow bed, both his hands gripping one of Colleen’s. Like her, he nervously watched the window as well as her efforts. Colleen was only half vampire and could withstand the sun, but its rays meant death for him. Nevertheless she knew he’d risk it to stay by her side until their child entered the world. The stubborn bastard.

Del had been a daylight baby too. Wallace had toughed it out, swaddled in a hooded robe and dark glasses, until he could hold their newborn son in his arms. Dina had been more accommodating; she’d arrived in the dead of night, daddy’s girl from the start. This one seemed intent on making his debut with the dawn, and it looked like his intentions were going to trump his parents’.

Colleen bore down with all her impressive vampire strength. Still the little prick refused to come out. Oh great, yet another hard-headed addition to the flock. Didn’t they have enough of those already?

As always, Jeremy took quick action to protect his beloved vampires. He pried Colleen’s other hand from around his wrist and went to the window to draw the blinds and curtains. On his return route he detoured to the bedroom closet for an extra blanket, which he handed to Wallace. “Wrap yourself in this. I think that window faces north anyway, but no point in taking chances. Annie?”

“North or northwest, I’m not sure,” Annie said from between Colleen’s legs. “C’mon, sonny boy, you’re holding up the show. Not to mention your daddy’s bedtime.”

“You’re not sure?” Wallace squeaked. “It’s your house.”

“You could have done this at your place, y’know. I’ve brought babies into the world in stranger places than a vampire’s lair.”

“I didn’t tell my water to break in the middle of dinner,” Colleen snapped. Her hand clamped around Wallace’s. “Sorry. I thought I had at least two weeks to go. And now, after all this, the little shit doesn’t want to come out after all.”

“Can’t blame him there,” Wallace said. “I like to stay buried inside you too.”

Jeremy grinned. “Same here.”

Colleen squeezed both their hands. Wallace, with his superhuman strength, took her grip in stride. “Ow!” human Jeremy yelped. “What are you punishing me for? I’m not the one who got you pregnant.”

“It’s not punishment,” Colleen gasped between pants. “He must have heard you. He’s on his way.”

The baby crowned just as the sun rose. Wallace snarled at the window, but didn’t budge from her bedside. Jeremy angled his body to block any stray rays of sunlight from Wallace.

“Atta girl,” Annie said. “One more push—”

After all the contractions, the bother and the drama, the baby arrived just like his siblings, quickly and with very little pain. The advantages of a half-vampiric physiology. Annie cut the cord with expert precision. Colleen expelled the afterbirth with a tiny grunt. Wallace grunted too, as the smell of fresh hot blood attacked his nostrils. “You okay?” Jeremy said.

“I’m good.” Wallace rubbed his nose. “How about you, sweetheart?”

Colleen struggled upright, already reaching out. “How’s the baby?”

“Fine and dandy,” Annie said. “You’ve got yourself another healthy boy. How much vampire? Too soon to say. We’ll know more when his teeth come in.” She brought the baby, now cleaned up and wrapped in a blanket, over to the bed. “Here you go, pardner. Say howdy to your mom and dad.”

Colleen took the baby and cradled him close. He wriggled against her, curious, already trying to smile. Such a perfect little thing. Big dark eyes and little wiggly fingers and toes and features that could have been anybody’s. Both Del and Dina favored their father. She wondered if their newest brother would follow suit.

But something was off, just a hair. He didn’t smell the same as Del and Dina had when they’d been born. Colleen fought a surge of alarm. It wasn’t a wrong or sick odor, just different. More like … she couldn’t put her finger on it.

She turned to Wallace and noticed his nostrils working. He’d picked up on it too. His elated smile dimmed for a second before it shifted into another direction.

Attuned to them both, Jeremy asked worriedly, “Was is it? What’s wrong? Is the baby okay?”

“Oh, he’s fine,” Wallace said with an odd half-grin. “You want to hold him, scarecrow?”

“His father should take a turn first.”

“Exactly.” Wallace’s grin widened until his fangs showed, but not in a threatening way. “I don’t know how you pulled it off, scarecrow, but this one’s yours.”

“What?” Jeremy stared down at the baby in Colleen’s protective arms, then up at Wallace. “No.”

“This says yes.” Wallace tapped his nose, still grinning like a manic jack o’lantern. “His scent’s too human. Del and Dina’s blood smelled like mine. His doesn’t. Congratulations, scarecrow. You’re a daddy.”

“But—no. How did that happen?”

“You don’t know?” Annie said. “Here’s how it works. The man sticks his poker up the lady’s chimney, and nine months later a baby shows up. Stop me if the terms get too technical.”

“That isn’t what I meant. I meant, he can’t be mine. I’m human. I can’t get Colleen pregnant. Colleen, tell them.”

“He’s right.” Colleen tenderly brushed the dark fuzz on her new son’s perfect little head, drinking in his scent. “Wallace is right. That’s what’s different about him.” She looked up at Jeremy, smiling. “He smells just like you.”

“Good, strong heartbeat,” Wallace added. “More times a minute than the other two. Look at you.” Wallace chuckled and tweaked a fold of the baby’s blanket. “Snuggled up in your mama’s arms like you never want to leave. That how you got here?”

Annie speared a look at Jeremy. “You two weren’t using protection?”

“I didn’t think we needed to,” Jeremy said testily. “Colleen was genetically designed to breed vampire children. She can’t have babies with humans.”

“You’ve been taking doses of my blood,” Colleen pointed out. “Wallace’s too. Maybe it was enough.”

“That and the non-stop sex,” Wallace said. “You two go at it like rabbits while I’m asleep. I can smell you all over the house. Looks like you got the ammo, Fertile Freddy. Maybe I should start using protection.”

“Stop it,” Jeremy snarled. “Just—”

The baby gurgled and yawned. Jeremy automatically glanced down. The look of longing, of hope that flashed across his face nearly broke Colleen’s heart.

Annie came up behind him and squeezed his shoulder. “There are ways to check,” she said. “I know discrete people. The kind who won’t ask questions if something funny pops up in the baby’s DNA.”

“Or we can just wait about fifteen years,” Wallace said. “When he shoots up to seven feet tall, we’ll know for sure.”

“You really think it’s possible?” Jeremy asked softly. “You’re not angry?”

Wallace leaned across the bed, Colleen and the newborn to catch Jeremy by the back of the head and draw him in for a powerful kiss. “How could I be angry? This is the life I wanted for you. Fussing over your girl and your kid instead of over a cranky bat. C’mon, I’ve seen how you are with our kids. If ever a man was born to be a mom, it’s you.”

Colleen pressed Jeremy’s hand. “Would you like to hold your son?”

Jeremy didn’t move, so Annie accepted the baby from Colleen and handed him to his father. Jeremy’s hands shook. It wasn’t nervousness. He’d had plenty of experience with her and Wallace’s children. Maybe more; their children were active in daylight. She knew what brought on the trembling. Her own emotions trembled as she watched one of the two men she adored fall head over heels for the tiny life he now held in his arms.

“Any ideas for a name?” Annie asked. “Or would you rather wait a little bit and let it all sink in?”

“Colleen and I had a few ideas,” Wallace said. “Back when we thought I was the one who hit the moving target.”

“We’re not calling him Ghidrah,” Colleen said firmly. “And I’m not letting you watch those movies any more. What about Matthew?” she added to Jeremy. “Wasn’t that your father’s name?”

“Um?” Jeremy stirred briefly out of his fatherhood trance. “I don’t even remember my father.”

Wallace snickered. “Bet you remember this.”

“I doubt if I’ll ever forget.” He smiled down at the baby. The baby sort of smiled back. “Hey, Matt. Welcome to the flock.”

“And on that note,” Annie said, “Mommy needs a break. Scoot, fellahs. We’ll take it from here.”

“I’m staying,” Jeremy announced. “Until Colleen kicks me out.”

“But I can’t,” Wallace said. He winced in the direction of the window. With a sigh of a growl he kissed Colleen, then Jeremy, then the baby, and finally Annie. “Gotta go. See you folks tonight.”

But he didn’t leave, not at once. He paused in the bedroom doorway. Jeremy perched on the edge of the bed, one arm around Colleen, the other around their child. All three looked so beautiful, so happy. So alive.

The vampire’s heart beat. Just for a minute, a series of powerful thumps. Then he wrenched himself away and sped downstairs, to the windowless room in the basement that would protect him until nightfall, when he could rejoin his family.

# # #

For the rest of the story, both the threesome’s and Matt’s, check out my page on Amazon ( There’s other stuff on there too, like shapeshifters and gay superheroes. Something for everyone.

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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 24, 2013

Impossible Romance, Cristina Amberwing 

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #251

This week ~ The Brave Valiant Ones Rise

Many of these Brave Valiant Ones have operated behind the scenes. Now, in an avalanche of revelations, they come forward during the latter half of the year, 2013.

Their divine mission is to provide the public with the dark-side's *out of the pits of hell* treachery. They will be exposing the real plans that have been guarded at the cost of millions of human lives.

For, the cosmic time has come. The human-species child must grow, take on the mantle of true maturity. The protective blinders must be removed, and the TRUTH known.

On the magickal, mystical front, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their mystical vibes to prepare the people. This is a multilevel light-saturation against the onslaught of propaganda that is being powered by evil magick.

Also, this week ~

The Rise of the Old Way in Conjunction With the Aquarian Age Energies  

Now it begins with a speed previously unknown in humanity's evolutionary history. The old magickal way of being, of living, of righteous knowledge surfaces in the 'mass-consciousness' psyche of humankind.

We transition. We transform. We transmute to crystalline-based beings.

Simultaneously, the cosmic vibrations of the Aquarian Age activate who we are as a higher divine being. We are being initiated into becoming the 'creators' of our lives in totally new ways.

On the AWAKENING front, with AWARENESS super-storming, flooding, fire-storming over the world, no longer will a top-down authoritarian society or religion be accepted -- as has been stated before. However, at this time, a majority of the human race is graduating beyond this old Pisces Age paradigm.

On the personal front, a large, take-charge week for many of us. This means look for strategies to be a mover and shaker in your own life. Move in the direction of your choice. Complete, or take on projects closest to your heart and soul.

For the next six months, new opportunities emerge, surfacing from the infinite well of universal creativity. At times, decisions will have to be made about which opportunity will serve you, and your loved ones, in the best way. That's where intuition, the sacred force of your inner guidance becomes your good friend.

This week, there will be a high crushing tide of events from around the world, an escalation from the chaos-changes already globally raging. These events will likely impact your personal life. Hang on, do your best, and hunker-bunker down when necessary.

On the paranormal front, huge happenings this week, keep an eagle eye on the paranormal news sites for an idea of what the real truth is behind any event reported by the lamestream media.

The main theme this week: Disclosure is Up to the People ~ At this point in history, this includes every area of disclosure -- all the TRUTH[S] that have been denied to the people. This is another reason why whistleblowers are pouring out of the proverbial woodwork.

Specifically about UFO & ET disclosure -- even if national governments 'disclose' about the ET visitation, presence, and technology -- the spin would be enough to form another galaxy, and the followup lies would fill up several dimensions.

Also, records of the FULL TRUTH are only kept in the shadow-government realm -- and only known to a few high-up controllers. Everything has been kept strictly compartmentalized by the black-ops, corporate controllers -- or, what is known as THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

Any way you slice it, full disclosure is no simple matter. In the near future, as information spills into the public domain, it will be up to each individual to use their discernment, their own intelligence, and intuitive truth-detecting ability. Thus, to ferret out what is true and what is false.

On the economic front, a HUGE boom-bam-bang week. Moves made by the big six banks will be exposed. Out of this silver, as a commodity, will likely take the lead over gold, as the most sought-out metal. That is, in the near future and for a time.

At this point, the relentless drumbeat of war will, once again, be used to mask the continuing collapse of the worldwide economy. Several scenarios have been planned by the bankster gangsters to drain the people dry of all their wealth.

Continued mad-hatter fluctuations in the stock markets will make suckers out of most investors. Meanwhile, the lifeblood of banking -- drug money and derivatives fraud -- just gets bigger and badder. Meanwhile, more skulduggery methods will be devised to create another bubble market on par with the housing mortgage ripoff -- however, one of much shorter duration.

Right now, the whole fiat monetary system is teetering on the brink, and could technically CRASH! This is being prevented, for the time being, because of White Hat intervention, and the unrivaled GREED of the dark-side cabal.

As usual, be ready at a moment's notice to get as much of your money out of the bank as soon as possible -- if the unstoppable slide to the bottom begins.

On the truth front, TRUTH is pouring forth into the public domain like a dozen Niagara Falls going full blast. The more you know, the more you pay attention to what is being revealed... then, the better off you, and your loved ones, will be. Forewarned is forearmed. 

On the war front, a nasty, in-your-face week of Machiavellian gamesmanship, especially, obviously, in the Middle East. The spin and lies will be brought to you, courtesy of the presstitute media.

Now, this chessboard-strategic war has gone planet-wide. Covert attacks will increase across the globe. Explosions ensue, and will likely be labeled as accidentally caused. All while helter-skelter conflicts spin out of control.

Also, look for a world-leader summit meeting of sorts. If this occurs, it will mean the dark-side controllers are still failing to bring about the type of war they want -- a brutal bloodthirsty 'world war' that will cause death on a massive scale, and fully bring in their new world order.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this week the war on whistleblowers escalates dramatically. As well, martial law takes another giant leap forward.

As summer progresses, this will likely be true on the East Coast. A catastrophic weather event and/or false flag attack is being planned, at this point in time.

In the western half of the country, drought and firestorms will be used to drive people off the land, to force them beneath federal rule. This will not work, even if the appearance suggests otherwise -- at first.

On the communication front, because of the system's colossal and ongoing corruption, networks of like-minded people spring up to an even greater degree. People now become more comfortable communicating and working with each other on goals they believe in, and want to achieve.

Given the NSA's ability to spy on everyone during every moment of the day, people begin devising ingenious ways to gain their privacy. This type of inventiveness is not only a shining example of the human spirit, but is encoded in humanity's DNA. 

On the home front, Headline Snippet: "Grass Gestapo Invade Home ~ Surly officer demands ID and enters home without warrant. ~ June 22, 2013 ~ In the video here, a woman is told by police showing up at her door that she must present an ID. After she consents to this intrusion, the cops swear at her when she tries to close the door. They then follow her inside without presenting a search warrant. ~ All of this after government issued a warrant over uncut grass."

From this point forward, many begin to battle back. They realize, now is the time to re-establish liberty.

People begin banding together to take back neighborhoods from bully code enforcers. Groups form to take back towns and cities from corrupt, jackboot officials. As well, people work together in a common effort to take back their states from politicians owned by the bankster gangsters.

On the food front, it is critical to keep stocking up on food supplies. Given the coming times, the extremes in weather, this is merely wise.

Likely, during the next month Monsanto will take a big hit as people rally to take down the GMO frankenfoods giant.

On the land changes front, from the previous forecast: "weather 'superstorm' explosions continue, with more massive flooding on the near horizon. The explosive land changes escalate across the planet -- volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes.

The sun boils with serpentine-striking power, changing-affecting the weather. Likely, there will be more fireball phenomena exploding in the sky during this year of 2013. Also, asteroids, comets arrive in packs. For, their time has finally come."

On the energy front, Headline: "Sun Erupts in a Solstice Tongue of Fire"

This was a sacred gift of energy from Sol to Mother Earth and her people. This gift brings a new luminescence to the mind and heart. Simply close your eyes and mentally drink in the sunlight, then let yourself daydream.

On the really bad news front, this is a week that will pummel the public, in general, with bad news on several fronts. The economy will lead the way, with the endless war propaganda not far behind. Another barrage of scandals will likely break loose. This is partly a diversionary tactic to keep everyone dazed and confused, and not focusing on any one particular scandal.

On the good news front, as has been stated before, renegade leaders arise at this time. More importantly, the renegade spirits grips many, and a new American can-do attitude comes to the fore.

On the global mafia cabal front, there is still severe factional infighting. This will be mainly seen in how the Middle East war theater plays out during the week. Also, watch for how the political regimes are rearranged -- like deck chairs on the Titanic, but with Egypt likely taking on a lead role.

As well, the city of London is in a battle to remain the world's financial king of the hill.

On the heroine front, from Coast to Coast am "Amy Waters Yarsinske, a former naval intelligence officer, will discuss the incredible story of denial, deceit, and deception that ultimately cost Navy pilot Captain Michael Scott Speicher his life after the government left him behind." 

On the hero front, He Died on the Cross of History ~ Michael Hastings

Tribute ~ Journalist Michael Hastings, known for his 2010 Rolling Stone story that led to the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, has passed away at the age of 33. As a tribute, we present an audio clip from his appearance with John B. Wells earlier this year. 

On the freedom front, the destiny of freedom becomes foremost in the minds and hearts of many more of the people, at this time. For, they realize how fast liberty is slip-sliding away.

Trendwise, reflecting the Aquarian Age, this week initiates several new dynamics. Other key trends are also heightened as the transition from the old energies continues full-tilt boogie.

This type of major shift is never simple. Chaos ensues. Cultural clashes rage. Worlds collide.

Rising to this challenge will be critical. For, our destiny on Earth is to become a renaissance world beyond compare. Our destiny is to reach for, and journey among the stars, bringing our artistic and inventive 'goldeness' to other galactic civilizations. 

This week contemplate on what inspires you, what moves your heart, your soul. Notice and embrace the golden inspiration that now metaphorically arrives on your doorstep.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


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My Sexy Saturday: White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter II

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Once again, apologies for last week's stress-induced screw up. I gave the wrong linky info.

For this week, here's another snippet taste from one of my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIPs. This is the first meeting between my super wolf hero, White Fang, and his heroine, Pasha, an Egyptian cat goddess.

Dante, my werewolf renegade, is introducing Pasha to White Fang.


Seven Sentences from ~

White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter  
Chapter Seven ~ Interview with the Biker Alpha 

A glint of amusement gleamed in his eyes, now more wolfen than human.

“Pasha.” Dante subtly nodded, indicating the catwoman in the fire-red dress approaching them. “Like what you see, Khent?”

White Fang hadn’t missed the smallest movement of Pasha’s curvaceous body from the very second she’d seductively strolled in their direction. “Enough to turn alpha.”

Switching his gaze to her, he openly stared. “She could raise the mating fur on a snake.”

Dante howled a laugh.


For more of My Sexy Saturday


My latest release is HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel. For more info on my para-fantasy erotic romances check the sidebar.  

Love shapeshifters? Wanna know what life is like in a shapeshifter town? Join us at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning into Your Wildest Desire


Have a sexy magical week ~


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things That Cheese Me Off

Here we are again, with me using this space to rant and whine and, hopefully, entertain you with my tales of woe. Maybe it should bother me that I’ve accumulated so many of these stories. Pity I didn’t save my old pile of rejection slips. Talk about tales of woe …

# # #

I drive stick shift, so when I’m in a residential area I’m constantly yanking that shaft around as I’m forced to speed up, slow down and brake for other drivers and unwary pedestrians. Yes, I did say "yank the shaft around." I write M/M erotica. Anyway, I can deal with human obstructions. It’s stop signs and red lights that really cheese me off.

A full stop means I have to shift back down to first and start over, building momentum until the next stop sign or signal forces me to a halt. This is why I love highways. I love to visit the Jersey Shore too, but in Wildwood they’ve got lights at practically every intersection. Drives a sticker nuts.

Here’s what I really hate. I’m tooling along on the blacktop. Up ahead I spot a red light. I slow down, downshift, and come to a stop. At the exact moment I stop, the light turns green. Now I have to build up speed again, until I come to the next light. Thanks for nothing, traffic patterns.

Sure, I could get an automatic. This whole stick shift thing was accidental anyway. My first car was a VW Beetle, one of the originals, and a stick shift. I didn’t even know how to drive it when I bought it. But I like Volkswagen and stuck with it over the years. My last two cars, both Jettas, were stick. I bought them because they were in my price range. My next car may be automatic. It will probably be a Volkswagen. Let’s see what my finances look like when my current car bites the dust.

# # #

The most puzzling job interview I ever had lasted roughly twenty minutes, but had me questioning this guy's methods for hours afterward. Fortunately this was another close-to-home job, right up the street, in fact. Good thing, because if I’d had to drive to get to this turkey I would have been really cheesed. The guy spent the entire time yakking about people who used to live in the neighborhood. “Do you know the Schwartz family? I went to school with them.” Stuff like that. I kept trying to keep the topic on the job and my qualifications and he kept veering off into the days of yore. What the Havarti?

The only conclusion I can reach is that they’d already decided on a candidate before I got there, and this schmuck was running out the clock. Well, thanks for wasting my time, jabroni. And people wonder why I hate job interviews. And jobs in general, come to that.

# # #

I don’t have Internet at home (yet), so I have to go to the library or McDonald’s or someplace with WiFi to check my emails and research publishers. Oh, and watch vids on YouTube. The library computers have the sound turned off; you have to bring headphones if you want to listen to stuff. Now that I have the laptop, I can watch and listen to music videos out in the library lobby.

I try to keep the sound turned low so I don’t bother other visitors. This doesn’t stop them from bothering me.

I swear people get louder the minute they think you’re trying to listen to something else. Noisy families walk through the lobby. People hold conversations right next to where I’m sitting. They’re not even trying to spy on what I’m watching. I’ve already got the sound turned down so low I miss words when I exhale, and then the background noise ramps up while I’m trying to listen to something. This only happens while I’m on YouTube. The second I go onto a site with no sound, it gets quiet again.

The following actually happened last week. I was in the library lobby and decided to watch a couple of my favorite vids. There was a guy sitting at the table closest to mine. I got on YouTube, clicked on my vid … and somebody who knows this guy stopped by and sat at his table and they had a conversation. I kid you not. I gave up halfway through and went over to another site, and the person left. Strike one.

After a bit I decided to try again. As I’m typing what I want in YouTube search, I glance over at my table buddy. He’s got his cell phone out. You’ve got to be kidding me. Nope. Just as my video starts, his call goes through. He proceeds to hold a conversation which lasts for the duration of my time on YouTube. Strike two.

Third time lucky? Let’s find out. He’s alone at the table again, and he’s put his phone away. I take another shot, and just as I get on, a woman comes through the lobby with a gaggle of little kids in tow. There must have been at least five of them, all under the age of 10. You know, the squeally years. Every step was punctuated by some overexcited little rugrat screeching at the top of his/her lungs. Strike three.

I know when I’m licked. I got off YouTube for good. The lobby was relatively quiet for the rest of my stay.

If you think that’s bad, here’s one that happened in McDonald’s. It was the off time, between lunch and dinner. I was in the back by the restrooms, all by myself. (The only electric outlet in the place is back by the men’s room.) I decided to watch a couple vids. I got onto YouTube. The second my video started some woman with a cell phone showed up and went striding back and forth the length of the back section, bitching about her boyfriend or husband or something. Whoever he was, she was majorly pissed at him and telling her friend all about it. Loudly.

This went on for at least ten minutes. Long before she wrapped up and left I’d abandoned YouTube and gone back to one of the silent sites. Some days you’re the windshield and some days you’re the bug.

This is one of the reasons I’ll eventually get home Internet, even though I know I’ll have to pay for it. The other reason is because the library’s content filter recently started blocking me from my publisher’s site because of “adult/unacceptable content.” Now I have to go to McDonald’s if I want to check my sales. The irony is, I can get all the free porn I want on the fan fiction sites, and the library lets that right through. They told me it’s a computer program doing this and they have no control over what HAL deems objectionable. How am I supposed to research M/M smut if the library won’t let me on the good sites? Now I’ll have to look at porn in Barnes and Noble or something. And how is your life going?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 17, 2013

Young Merlin by Ken McCracken

Due to lightning storms this forecast was delayed.

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #250

The World is Going Explosive on Several Levels.

In many areas of the world society collapses, and becomes a free for all with civil wars, civil conflict, riots, and ongoing protests. From a cosmic perspective, this is preparation, a WAY forward, and toward global freedom for All.

At this time, Machiavellian scandals explode all around us. Every diversionary tactic will be used to hide the most devastating and horrific of these crimes against humanity. This tactic by the dark-side controllers will cause a colossal backlash, and in the long scheme of history they will have hung themselves.

Also, this week another major leader on the world stage will likely fall.

On the land changes front, weather 'superstorm' explosions continue, with more massive flooding on the near horizon. The explosive land changes escalate across the planet -- volcanoes, earthquakes, sinkholes.

The sun boils with serpentine-striking power, changing-affecting the weather. Likely, there will be more fireball phenomena exploding in the sky during this year of 2013. Also, asteroids, comets arrive in packs. For, their time has finally come.

On the personal front, this week is about opening our eyes to see, opening our ears to hear... and opening our minds, our hearts. For now, 'truths' that have been kept hidden for centuries are being revealed wholesale.

This new knowledge will not only impact the entire world, but impact each one of us on an individual level. Many of us will alter our lives, from subtle life changes to an immediate hundred-and-eighty-degree turn.

Take time to absorb these impacts on your life. Look for the real story behind the story. Then act, and act fast. This is a take-action week.

On the AWAKENING front, The Titanic Shift Is Upon Us... the colossal plates of time, Aquarian age energy, and several dimensions are shifting, colliding... separating, then coming together. Boom, bam, bang!

As stated at the beginning, these are explosive times on all levels, from physical explosions around the world to massive explosive changes in society, with the main spotlight on religion for right now. Now, in general, governmental structures explode apart -- some of it slow motion, but a whole lot it flash-bang rapidly.

Also, the sands of time are running out for the dark-side global controllers. In the grand cosmic scheme, they must either conquer humanity or become the conquered.

Thus, extreme violence escalates, sweeping over the world, with the Middle East being targeted alongside the continent of Africa. Both of these regions are loaded with the remains of antediluvian technology.

Meanwhile, South America explodes onto the world scene with ancient and before-the-flood history, now revealed as never before. Keep an eye out, and learn.

On the magickal, mystical front, the *unfolding* of the true magickal realm -- what was, what is -- will be heralded by the magician once known as Merlin. He walks in concert with the 'Mages of Ages Lost'. This week, together they challenge the black-hearted Serpent Magicians with the formidable power of lightning.

On the paranormal front, the high-strangeness beasts continue to show themselves. Many are being loosed from neighboring dimensions. Some exist in time-locked pockets that now flux open.

Some have never left, and reappear before the public because of the current land changes. As well, genetically created chimera-beasts are escaping from black projects. One of those gene-engineered creatures could be found on the East Coast. Of course, a mundane explanation will be put forth.

Contact with other races, those alien to our human race, will increase substantially. However, several of these races are not extraterrestrial.

On the economic front, 'ballistic' will be an understatement as this week, and  the month of June progresses. The world's stock markets continue going wonky -- falling, rising, plummeting -- then, promising but never delivering,

Gold is slated to drop significantly again within the coming weeks. If this occurs, it will be another strategic move to steal everyone's personal supply of gold coins/bullion. The Too Big to Fail Banks are desperately seeking gold reserves.

This week the final nefarious push begins. The super robber barons bring their best-worst game against humanity. Every move will be about establishing their dominance as Mad Dog Kings of the Money Pile. And, they will be merciless.

Meanwhile, whistleblowers, and other Brave Ones behind the scenes, will emerge, providing kill-the-giants info.

Here's one example that has been leaked: HEADLINE: "Bank of America Lied to Homeowners and Rewarded Foreclosures, Former Employees Say ~ | Bank of America employees regularly lied to homeowners seeking loan modifications according to sworn statements by former bank employees."

On the war front, this week, big nasty secretive doings, and major chessboard moves made by the dark-side elite. This will involve the shaky situation around the undeclared emperor, and his ongoing fall from grace.

Look for the presstitute news media to justify *war* hard this week, and into next week. At the same time -- using subtle propaganda methods -- martial law will be touted as necessary, and good for the country.

Most of the public won't buy it, however. This is why several false-flag events are in the works, designed to torment Americans into begging for military protection.

Aerial bombing in the Middle East is on the drawing board this week. However, there could be some key interference by the White Hat forces.

On the truth front, Creating a Matrix of Truth on Mother Earth ~ the more 'truth' is witnessed over deception, then accepted by the people -- this builds the living Matrix of Truth, one shining fractal at a time.

At this point in time, these shimmer-fractals of truth have begun mirroring each other. This means a hyper-jump toward living in truth instead of existing in the dark forest of deception.

On the tyranny-at-work front, at this time, the IRS super scandals have caused a major shift in thinking among Americans. This will continue like an avalanche.

For those currently brave enough to face this truth: blurb ~ "Former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister joined John B. Wells for a discussion on the recent IRS scandal, and why he's spoken out against the fraudulent administration and enforcement of the federal income tax ever since being fired after confronting top IRS officials."

On the communication front, more and more, our dreams, our dreamtime, will be recognized as a way to communicate with each other. And, of course, with those on the other side.

Dream communication will also include ETs, and the sentient beings who inhabit realms and dimensions surrounding us. If this is something you find intriguing, paying more attention to your dreams will assist you in discovering this type of interaction.

On the home front, more of us begin to 'stand in our own authority', rejecting any form of authoritarianism. This is comparable to a child moving into adulthood.

At the same time, a large segment of the population will become more emotionally dependent on the system. And like crabs in a bucket, they will try to stop anyone else from getting out, and living free.

However overall, now the people rise faster, exploding the shackles that have kept them from their true spiritual natures, their true power.

On the food front, HEADLINE: "Monsanto Video Revolt: Global anti-GMO online rally launches ~ RT | New initiative to bypass the corporate media blackout on GMO foods and bring the issue to world attention has been launched."

If you haven't investigated how to grow food plants indoors, this is a good time. There are new methods which may work for your circumstances.

On the energy front, be aware that sources of electrical power are being shut down by the government. This is being done under the save-the-environment guise. However, the real intent is to limit energy, and to let a few companies monopolize the production end. This will, of course, force people to pay more -- further impoverishing and enslaving them.

Look for practical and ingenious ways to overcome the denial of energy. If you can work with others, so much the better for All.

On the really bad news front, the following week will dramatically widen the split between many Americans and the current administration. Verbalized open revolt goes viral, and hot.

In reaction, the other side becomes brutal, demanding the persecution of those who stand for liberty. Sadly, there will be no lessening of Americans targeted by federal agencies like the IRS. Instead, the targeting will increase tenfold as fascism gains an ugly foothold.

On the good news front, as the Aquarian Age vibes saturate the planet with blue and golden goodness, more of us move into a renaissance mind set. Thus,  the desire to invent, to create for the good of self, and everyone else becomes the dominant trend.

On the global mafia cabal front, a complicated week ahead. More and more, there will be mafia-typical moves made against high-profile enemies. This will be happening, even as the split between factions goes brutally hot and heavy-handed. It's "The Godfather" gone berserker-wild.

On the heroine front, Doreen Hannes is an amazing women who informs the public about the latest food and farm issues that endanger everyone of us, and Mother Earth. Doreen is one of the most effective agricultural advocates. Website:

On the hero front, a memoriam to Aaron Russo ~ "Esteemed filmmaker, ardent activist and loyal patriot Aaron Russo  ... His documentary film, “America: From Freedom to Fascism”, debunked the justification of both the IRS and the Federal Reserve as well as exposed their crooked basis. -

On the freedom front, the Renegade Times Are Here *or* Go Lawless: Time to Break All the Rules. That is, live according to your conscience, your heart, your soul. This includes your experiences, your discernment, your judgement. For, according to the cosmic time clock, you are now responsible for yourself.

In the near future, Arkansas becomes a hot spot for freedom lovers.

Trendwise, to continue with the themes of this forecast... can you feel it?

The worldwide paradigm shift is upon us.

In part, this is because 'the people' realize overall, they are being forced to metaphorically kneel and obey. Also, as many are being savaged by authorities, as the politician-criminals run roughshod over the public, the people have begun to understand these officials do not follow 'one' law -- even the ones they have enacted.

As well, many now know the bankster gangsters, the super robber barons, answer to *no law*. Thus, at this point in history, the rule of law is over.

That is, the 'rule of law' cannot and will not be re-established. It is gone with the superstorm winds of these times.

The coming times are about 'being your own boss' while 'working alongside' each other for the GOOD of All.

As always, prepare. For, societies all over the globe are tearing apart at the seams.

This week, the desire to live a beautiful life soars inside each one of us. Take moments to daydream, to gaze inward at the future possibilities. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter ~ WIP

Welcome to Saturday Sexy 777.

Since revisions on Red Lioness Tamed were slow this week, here's a snippet taste of one of my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIPs. This is the first meeting between my super wolf hero, White Fang, and his heroine, Pasha, an Egyptian cat goddess.


Seven Sentences from ~

White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter  

Chapter Seven ~ Interview with the Biker Alpha 

Dante gave a satisfied nod. “You’ll be in like Flint, as the apes say.”

Silence followed, and they both drained their brews. From the corner of his eye, White Fang watched the long-legged, elegant catwoman sway toward the bar at the far end of the room. Her figure-hugging, ravish-me red dress was at odds with the Victorian-style bar. That was just fine with him.

Lykouz squeeze his balls, her curves rivaled those of the gorgeous actress, Ann-Margret.


Update: Correction to seven sentences. Stress got the best of me. Apologies. 

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My latest release is HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel. For more info on my para-fantasy erotic romances check the sidebar.  

Love shapeshifters? Wanna know what life is like in a shapeshifter town? Join us at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning into Your Wildest Desire

Have a magical and sexy sci fi week ~


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Thursday, June 13, 2013


I’ve been a reader all my life, across a wide range of genres. (And media; I’ve been a fan of comic books for decades). When I started writing, I gravitated toward my favorite genres, science fiction and fantasy. I’ve since branched out into other favorites, in particular paranormal romance. Maybe it’s the comic book influence, but I like playing genre mix and match in my plots. Over the course of my romance career I’ve written comedy, mysteries and suspense. I haven’t done a Western yet, but I’m a big fan of Louis L’Amour. Who knows what the future will bring?

However, that’s not the diversity I’m talking about. Spreading your byline among too many genres or even subgenres can actually hurt your sales, as I’ve personally discovered. If you’re going to switch genres, I strongly recommend you consider creating a pen name for the new one, especially if it’s a radical switch, like from SF to romance or romance to horror or M/F romances to M/M. Confused readers won’t come back to buy your next book. They’ll buy someone else’s book. If the someone else is still you but under another name, so much the better.

The diversity I’m talking about is with the characters—different races, cultures, backgrounds, sexuality, degree of physical ability. Groups formerly labeled as “minorities” are demanding their faces and forms be shown and their voices heard. This includes within forms of entertainment, like TV and movies and books.

(My favorite example of this is the “twofer.” Next time you watch a cop or lawyer show, count how many times the judge in the courtroom scene is both black and a woman. Kids’ commercials are great. There’s always three: a white boy, a white girl, and either a black or an Asian kid. If Kid #3 is a girl, you’ve got your twofer.)

(I did this myself at Shapeshifter Seductions, with my character Lamar. Lamar is both gay and Hispanic. That wasn’t intentional. Boa constrictors are native to Central America. Making him Hispanic seemed logical.)

I’m not saying you’re required to write a diversity of characters into your story. It’s your story. Write it whichever way makes you comfortable, and follow your muse’s demands. I’m just saying the world is changing, and a mix of characters from different backgrounds is a more realistic picture. If you find your story demands a paraplegic gay Pakistani, go for it.

Speaking for myself, I’m a white woman who was raised middle class. That’s my background and my comfort zone. I was born in a Jersey shore community, population white. I think the first African-American I ever saw was Uhura on Star Trek. (Hadji on Jonny Quest was Indian, so he doesn’t count.) I live in a part of Pennsylvania where the predominant ethnic group stems from German descent, but that’s changing. I’m seeing more variety in my neighbors’ faces lately. And more Russians in New Holland. Not quite sure why that is.

I also find myself adding more diverse characters to my casts, simply because that’s the way life is these days. If you set your story in Philadelphia or New York, you’re going to see a wide range of people, Friends notwithstanding. If you set your tale in San Francisco and don’t even mention the gay community, something is seriously wrong. I cited Disney’s Tarzan a couple posts back, set in an Africa with, apparently, no native human population. One white woman on the entire continent, and Tarzan finds her. He really is Lord of the Jungle. (To be fair, he does encounter natives in the book, but not women. By the time he ran into Jane, he must have been horny as all get out. Unless he and the she-apes—no. Not gonna go there.)

Over at Shapeshifter Seductions, we’ve got quite the mix going. Personally, I work on the theory that the animal form’s continent of origin determines the human form’s ethnicity. Therefore, horses are white (European or Arabian), wolves are white European or Native American, pandas are Chinese, and so forth. That’s how Lamar ended up a Latino, as well as jaguar-shifter Leona Sanchez (who’s also a twofer, with Native American ancestry). Had Leona been a leopard, her human form would be African-American. We’ve got gay couple Lamar and Jamie, Solara’s polyamorous family units, and Serena’s Mistress Penelope, who’s in a class by herself. Bighorn Mary Ewing is a deaf-mute, which is fine with her boyfriend, who has a severe stutter and doesn’t like to talk anyway. Fortunately, Lamar knows sign language. Being snakes, a lot of his family members are either deaf or hearing impaired. I’m guessing somewhere on his family tree is a Lou Ferrigno-ish bodybuilder/pro wrestler whose finishing move is the Big Squeeze. Ralph the bear would probably wet himself if he ever got to meet him in person.

In my own writing, I find myself slipping out of my Caucasian comfort zone from time to time and adding different characters because that’s what the story wants. Years ago I wrote an (unpublished) SF story with a black major character. That was deliberate; I based him on James Earl Jones because I wanted that voice and that presence for my character. The one in the M/M/M story I was fiddling with was an accident. I’d conceived of my three leads as all white guys. Then another character made an observation and I suddenly realized one of the men had brown skin. I have no idea how that happened, but that’s how it is now and that’s what I’m going with. If I ever get back to the story, it’ll be the blond guy, the brown-skinned guy, and the alien. My God, I’ve written a kid’s commercial.

My current WIP also includes some accidental diversity. I knew from the start my character Burne was a dragon. What I gradually discovered as I wrote was that he’s half Chinese. His dragon form is Asian, which gives him no end of trouble with the winged and fiery European variety who rule dragon society. In addition he’s dating Jase, a whitetail deer shifter, which I suppose makes Jase Native American, though I’m picturing him as white. So instead of a simple gay romance, I’m now writing a gay interracial romance. What have I gotten myself into?

Diversity, that’s what. Stepping out of my comfort zone and growing as a writer. Which, in my opinion, counts as a Good Thing. Here’s hoping I can do it right.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 10, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #249

The Cleansing Time or the Great Purification is upon us.

Now corruption, and scandal after nightmare-brutal scandal relentlessly rocks the world from local and regional scandals to the highest realms of governing bodies like the U.N. -- all while earthquakes continue rocking the planet.

From a September 2011 forecast: "...Love Conquers All. This is only true, however, when personal love is aligned with Divine Love. Or, at this time, the more we wish for good to come into the lives of those who ‘truly’ deserve it, the more we align with Ultimate Good, and receive goodness ourselves.

Thus, as we wish good upon each other, the human community is more and more in alignment, and creating an ever-rising spiral of GOOD. This alignment in LOVE, becomes crucial as we move deeper into the time of the Great Purification."

On the land changes front, superstorms, the weather violence continues, and for the coming month flooding situations will increase, most likely on the East Coast, as well as around the world -- Europe being particularly hard hit.

If you are in danger of being flooded, prepare, take all precautions. Some of the flooding will not be predictable or manageable by any agency.

Also, there are a few large tsunamis on the near horizon, which 'could' develop. The Earth is gradually tilting into a new position as is her destiny. Meanwhile, the sun is serpent-licking the atmosphere with powerful energies -- plasma and particle frequencies meant to bring forth new, benevolent forms of life, and enhance our spiritual natures.

***VIDEO: Shock: North Pole Shifted 161 Miles in Last 6 Months
Activist Post - The magnetic north pole has shifted a staggering 161 miles in the last 6 months. This puts its arrival in Siberia in less that 2 years, and when it arrives there... it will have migrated 40 degrees across the northern hemisphere.*** 

On the magickal, mystical front, 'knowing' the time has come to play their final sinister hand against humanity, the dark-side serpent magicians rise like saviors. They will offer empty promises, empty dreams to humanity. They will pretend to offer bread, the staff of life, but all they hold is the withered, useless chaff from wheat consumed long ago.

This week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slay and slice the remnants of evil dreams once cast as a spell upon the whole of humanity. Whirling through the ethers, these powerful magicians bring more harmony into existence. As well, they bring forth a new justice that will strike down the evil ones more swiftly.

On the personal front, the stress goes hyperdrive-high for many now. This is because the robber-baron elites are turning the proverbial screws, turning up the heat, most noticeably in the financial system.

Now is the moment to embrace your most creative self, that part of you who thinks and feels and lives 'out' of the establishment box. Your best solutions for surviving and living well, in the upcoming times, will emerge when you drop out, then tune into yourself.

It follows that any intuitive and/or psychic ability you possess needs to be embraced, encouraged, and used as much as possible. This week is ideal for becoming more aware of your abilities.

On the paranormal front, the massive exposure of the supernatural side continues -- or, what's really been behind the curtain. Watch for a plethora of news stories on alternative news sites. Mexico and South America are likely to be the most prominent.

Of note, now begins the massive flybys or flyovers by UFO craft similar to what occurred over Phoenix, and stretching over the Las Vegas area. "Original Phoenix Lights - UFO footage 3|13|1997 - YouTube ~ On March 13th 1997 over 10000 Arizona Residents witnessed lights hovering over Phoenix."

On the economic front, disaster city, get prepared as the bankster gangsters stick it to the people, once again. First, the gold wars heat up, and go certifiably insane. Every nefarious and totalitarian strategy will be used to deny gold and silver coins/bullion to the people.

The housing market, limping along in most areas of the country, will be intentionally undercut by the federal reserve's policies in the coming weeks, and months. This will be done as a severe measure of control, and as a way to force the population to accept minimal housing and a serf-like existence.

'Think' the peasants in the legend of Robin Hood. That's what the new world order crowd is bringing to your neighborhood, or a neighborhood near you. Sadly, obviously, this terrible poverty is already being done to Detroit. In the future, Los Angeles is in on the chopping block.

On the bright side, more will realize that the entire economic system is a diabolical fiction based on nothing but fraud and more fraud. Read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" for insight if you haven't.

As stated before, wisdom dictates that everyone should keep a sharp eye on their bank accounts, etc., in these walk-a-tightrope times.

However, new systems of thriving will be, and are being created. From last week's forecast: "If you're in a position to speak with others about trade and barter in the future, do so. There are groups who have successfully formed their own communities, created their own script to use like cash. Be aware, and participate if you can."

On the truth front, the mystical and sacred interconnection between us all, this is one secret the dark-side cabal doesn't want you to know. Ever. For, this would mean they would fall from their lofty tyrannical perches in flames.

On the war front, major changes will be occurring in the Middle East war theaters. The chess pieces are being re-arranged by the dark-side powers that be. So far, their Armageddon plans have failed in key ways, and they have been effectively stifled. For now.

This is partly due to worldwide prayer, and the opposition of the White Hat Force.

Russia will continue to play a dominant role. However, most of their negotiations will take place behind the scenes, and it may appear as if they've taken a step back. This won't be true.

As well, look for a political outcry by bought-off politicians to unleash absolute destruction in the Middle East. This will backfire in a big way.

On the tyranny-at-work front, major moves take place to severely limit what liberty remains, especially in the cyber world. There will also be an obvious strategy to take out the rising freedom movement on the web.

On the AWAKENING front, Arrives the Great Coming Together... now, the alliance-community begins, expands for those already tuned in. For, not only will those of like mind continue finding each other, gathering together to create dynamic, heart-centered cultures...but, also, people, animals, and plants of 'like energy' will be 'coming together' to form bio-sanctuary communities. Thus, for the benefit of ALL.

Once again, know these Winter Stargate 2012 vibes intensify this week: "...gather in the golden goodness the Divine is sending to us All. Drink in the sacred sweet LOVE that fills every dark corner of your heart -- the LOVE purifying your soul. For, you are the Beloved."

On the communication front, a new language develops, one that both reflects and creates the Aquarian Age. In opposition to this language of 'awareness and well-being' the dark-side social engineers continue to the gut the language in an attempt to bring it down to the basest, child-like level.

The deterioration of the language can be observed in some TV programs. Plus, the addiction to e-devices, instead of real social interaction is another weapon in their arsenal.

Further, this will be a huge week for communication as far as events happening on the world stage.

On the home front, the IRS continues to take it on the chin. While this is righteous poetic justice... however, these endless scandals are hiding a far more important truth -- one the IRS *does not want you to know*.

While everything about the IRS is fraudulent, including the agency was never ratified by enough states... however, here's one of their major, on-purpose deceptions. It goes like this:

Most of us have believed that income includes wages. Actually, this is not true by IRS code definition. Wages are not income. Income is 'only' defined as profit.

On the food front, HEADLINE: "Monsanto faces third lawsuit regarding rogue wheat ~ St. Louis Business Journal | Two lawsuits were already filed against Monsanto in Washington regarding the unapproved GMO wheat."

At this point in time, there are plans to openly use food as a weapon to divide and conquer the people. This will be happening all over the world, courtesy of the giant food cartels who were represented at the Bilderberg meeting in Watford, England this past weekend.

On the energy front, the energy matrix of the Earth is being charged up with cosmic frequencies. This means, in part, that our DNA is now being activated in new and different ways. One of the primary transformations will be thinking on a global level while remaining intensely involved in your local community. This microcosm/macrocosm strategy will become the norm.

On the really bad news front, similar to the "Men in Black" movie, there is an amnesia beam in the works, and likely operational. How convenient would it be to wipe your enemy's memory? How convenient would it be for agents of the establishment to do their dirty unconscionable deeds, then wipe their victim's memory?

On the good news front, with the collapse of confidence in the administration, the people stand against their oppressors, their voices stronger and stronger. As well, their varied and inventive actions will alter history toward the GOOD.

On the global mafia cabal front, dissension continues at a high level between those who crowned the cyber kings at Bilderberg, as the future, and those who believe transhumanism, or man as immortal machine, is the lesser path to ruling Earth.

However, while some details were hammered out, the battle resumes over who will ultimately control the one-world currency. Look for roller coaster gyrations in the world's stock markets, and financial dealings. Japan could be front and center.

On the heroine front, this is one very amazing woman, Carmen Boulter.

From Coast to Coast am ~ Sunken Artifacts & Atlantis ~ "First hour guest, author, filmmaker, and teacher Carmen Boulter talked about an underwater discovery of Egyptian period artifacts... Boulter announced that she's working on a new documentary series called The New Atlantis-- she believes the main land mass of Atlantis (about the size of Texas) was submerged in a location near the Azores, after an asteroid hit in 13,660 BC."

On the hero front, HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Student Suspended For Saving Fellow Students Life ~ - It was a study period. While the teacher was on the far side of the classroom, one student began to bully another student. The student saw the bully grab his victim and place him in a headlock when he heard the distinctive click of a knife opening up. That's when the student instinctively reacted and got between the two students and pushed the knife-wielding bully away, where he was quickly subdued. Later in the day, the police were called in, not on the knife wielding student but on the student that helped out."

On the freedom front, once again, a pivotal week for the cause of liberty. There are several key trends forming. Even with the barbaric crackdown on whistleblowers by the administration, Brave Ones come forward, and the truth telling continues.

Ever more of the population turn their backs on anything government related. This will be spurred on by the establishment's ongoing cruel attacks against the people.

Also, as the brain-drain media becomes dumb and dumber, the revolution against big-corp media goes superspeed. The people take over creating their own news services far beyond what is currently known as alternative media.

Trendwise, this week is an initiating time for the revolution-evolution, for the spiritual tsunami that will spread an even greater AWARENESS & AWAKENING across the globe.

For, now comes the chance to reclaim your 'true power' as a human being, what has been kept hidden, and denied in the past. This will mean reclaiming your true feelings and your natural, powerful intuition from the system's dark hold.

As vital, is the return to Nature, to being with the land. For, that connection with Mother Earth will empower you, and assist you to become what you were always meant to be. This soars beyond what you can even imagine at this point.

This is the week to walk the trails of nature, and sing inside with all that you experience. Simply being outside in the sunshine will tune you up, will open up new ways of thinking and being. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ Revising RED LIONESS TAMED II

Red Lioness Tamed ~ Adventures of Sun Rocket, Book 1 
Welcome to Saturday Sexy 777.

The revisions on my formerly e-published, sci fi erotic romance, are progressing -- not as fast as I would like, darn it. However, I'm definitely enjoying this time with my heroine and hero, and their story. Once finished, I'll release the novella as an Indie ebook.


Seven Sentences from ~

Red Lioness Tamed
Adventures of Sun Rocket, Book 1   

Chapter Eleven:
"You! You ruined me." 

Ballistic with carnal need, Sun Rocket writhed. When the intensity felt as if it ignited her skin, she moaned a scream.

"Sun Rocket, what's wrong?" Draxen demanded. "Are you ill? You're flushed, twisting--"

"You! You ruined me."


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My latest release is HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel. For more info on my para-fantasy erotic romances check the sidebar.  

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Have a magical and sexy sci fi week ~


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitchen Sink

I don’t have a topic today, so I’m just going to natter on about whatever strikes me until I hit a decent word count. Let’s get cracking:

# # #

I like TV but hate commercials. It’s a fact TV shows are shorter than they used to be, and commercial breaks longer and more frequent. The average hour-long drama back in the ‘60s ran about 50-odd minutes. Today it’s more like 45, or less. You can test this with a clock, a DVD player, and the disk sets of your favorite shows. This is why reading is more fun: no ad breaks. Yet. Sooner or later somebody’s going to add commercials to e-readers. Then I’ll have to leave the house, go outside and interact with other people. Oh, the horror …

# # #

Here’s something else missing from TV, along with more minutes of actual show. How many shows today have a theme song? I started noticing this trend back in the ‘90s. The show just starts, and opening credits roll over the opening scene. Where’s the fun in that? What are we supposed to sing in the car now? And you know what those missing minutes are going toward, don’t you? Don’t make me say it. Luckily we still have all those DVD sets mentioned above, so we can relive the longer shows of yesteryear and enjoy their opening theme songs. C’mon, sing it with me: “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip …”

# # #

I miss the closing credits, too. I’m one of those people who wants to know who did the voices on a cartoon show, or who that familiar-looking extra was standing behind Iron Man. No chance of that these days. Thanks to the computer era, networks can now split the screen and run all sorts of promos for other shows. The credits get shoved into a corner of the screen, in microscopic type. They whip by at lightspeed, too. TV shows are required to credit all the people involved in the production. Apparently, there’s no law to guarantee viewers should be able to read them. If I want to know who did what, I have to get the DVD of the movie or show, or stream it on the computer, to avoid all the intrusive advertising. And networks wonder why their viewership is down.

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One of the worst job interviews I ever had went thusly: I applied for a job at a real estate office. Duties as stated in the want ad included filing and other paperwork, driving physical files from one office to another, and a bit of phone work. I’m not wild about phone work, but the job had other pluses, chief of which was the office being literally right across the street from where I was living. It was part time, but with it being that close I could walk, earn grocery money, and have plenty of time to write as well as look for something more lucrative. The office called, and we set up an appointment for an interview.

Came interview day and I walked across the two-lane to the office. The walk took even less time than I allowed for, so I was early. I sat by the front desk and observed a guy showing a young(er than me), bubbly woman around the office, telling her where everything was located. Alarm bells went off, but I was already there, so what the hell. The young lady departed and I was left with the guy, who, as I’d surmised, was my interviewer.

There followed one of the most excruciatingly painful interviews I’ve ever had to endure. The guy was hesitant, fumbled even standard questions, and didn’t seem all that interested in talking to me. In fact, he seemed downright uncomfortable. He had me fill out an application, even though I’d already sent a resume and we were at the interview stage. It’s never a good thing when the interviewer leaves you to your own devices right in the middle of the interview.

By this time I’d already seen the negative writing on the wall, but I wasn’t about to let him off the hook. Turns out I did anyway. When he mentioned phones, I said I wasn’t fond of phone work. Well, he pounced on that like a squirrel on a bird feeder. He started emphasizing the huge role phones played in the job duties—it was practically all phone work, in fact. By the time the interview ended he was calling the position “receptionist,” a word not mentioned in the original ad. He also admitted, right at the end, that he’d already hired the young lady I’d seen when I came in, so there was no job. Basically, he’d asked me out on a date, then had to deal with me when I showed up right after he’d gotten married. I’m glad I didn’t have to travel too far to put up with this travesty. Imagine driving an hour or more to a job interview and then having this happen. Don’t you just love the working world?

On top of all this, this joke has a punch line. About a year later, after studiously ignoring the whole little office complex, I noticed a new nail salon was going in. That’s when I also noticed the real estate office was gone. I have no idea when it moved out, but I can hazard a guess. My disaster of a job interview took place in October 2008, right around the time the whole housing/economic bubble popped. Over the next year the real estate market took a major hit. I’m guessing the branch office I applied at consolidated with the main office, or shut down completely. So even if I’d gotten the job, it wouldn’t have lasted long. I have a knack for landing jobs in industries on the way down. My first full-time office job was at an engineering firm that specialized in nuclear power plants, in the wake of Three Mile Island. I’ll tell you about that one sometime.

This is why I’m working harder at becoming a successful writer. I can sit at home and make stuff up and get paid for it, and not have to work the phone either. There’s an upside to everything.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 3, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #248 

Now arrives the Great Coming Together... the building of extraordinary communities far beyond what most of us have ever imagined, ever dreamed. Already those of like mind are discovering each other, and moving forward together to build these new heart-centered societies.

However, to cleanse the planet of old ways, old energies -- thus, to open the Aquarian Age door wider -- a tornadic cosmic force arrives on Mother Earth. The waters are muddied, so to speak, bringing to the surface THE WORST in humanity, and THE BEST.

This means, in personal relationships, in acquaintances relationships, and when simply being around others, there will now be greater levels of cruelty, more verbal attacks, and often a surly meanness, depending on your individual circumstances. This 'worst' will exist side-by-side with the 'best' -- caring, sweetness and love given from the heart.

For, the GREAT DIVIDE between us continues. At this time, it will be wise to practice self-defense, ways and methods that are in harmony with who you are, and for your situation.

On the land changes front, Great Balls of Fire! HEADLINE: "Fireballs Seen Over Canada, Arkansas, Eastern Seaboard; Comet Fragments Wows Stargazers"

For the coming week, there will be more crazy, deadly superstorm activity worldwide. Flooding increases. More sinkholes will be reported.

Earthquakes continue to rattle and roll the West Coast, likely increasing in mid-June. Two major monster earthquakes are due to strike within the coming month. One 'could' be in Australia or New Zealand.

And, has been stated before, the Volcanoes rise. HEADLINE: "12 new volcanoes discovered in Southeast Alaska"

However, the fires raging in New Mexico and around the Los Angeles area are likely to turn more disastrous, and take center stage. Unless there is Divine intervention. For, they are being fueled by minions of the dark-side controllers.

On the magickal, mystical front, those who were called the Cathars, their spirituality now gently tsunamis into the AWARENESS of humanity. Persecuted for their brand of Christianity, the thirteenth-century Cathars were slaughtered at Montségur in 1244. Once again, their souls have returned, and rise alongside AWAKENING humanity.

This week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin throughout the ethers surrounding Mother Earth. Wielding their mighty light swords, they dispel the concealing darkness. With each lightning-fast rotation, they slay the demonic serpents once loosed upon humankind.

On the personal front, this will be a week to, again, assess your career, your job, your long-term goals. For, the speed of life hits another quantum level. As well, 'All' is about to change dramatically throughout the world, and in key ways.

While some of these changes will not impact you immediately, life as it has been lived by many of us is coming to an end. This is obviously related to the worldwide financial breakdown. Also, city dwellers will be the most adversely affected.

This is a great week for opportunities that will help you overcome future problems. Whatever feels right, investigate, and go forward if the vibes are right. Also, given the rapidly altering times, it is wise to keep your wits about you.

On the paranormal front, ghosts, the afterlife, are paramount this week. With colliding dimensions and timelines converging, these experiences are becoming more available, more real.

Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center stated on Coast to Coast am tonight, that legitimate reports have, to paraphrase, exponentially increased in the past seven days.

UFO HEADLINE: Montana State University’s Ardy Sixkiller Clarke Compiles 1,000 Accounts of American Indian Contact With UFO Phenomena ~ Book: ENCOUNTERS WITH STAR PEOPLE: Untold Stories of American Indians by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke (Nov 26, 2012)

Also, at this time, Big Foot makes himself/herself known to those of good and gentle heart. Those who truly want to know. This is because every member of the family of Man will be gradually coming together in a new harmonious relationship. It's all about surviving and thriving -- helping each other out.

For Big Foot info: Alex Hearn of

On the economic front, a crazy-wicked week and month ahead. European countries lead the way with ferocious protests, with major ongoing riots.

Despite severe and cruel actions against them, the people in these countries will not stop. Most of them have nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, Japan falters economically, tips dangerously toward full collapse. However, likely using a sleight of global hand, Japan will be spared enough to keep limping along. For now.

If you're in a position to speak with others about trade and barter in the future, do so. There are groups who have successfully formed their own communities, created their own script to use like cash. Be aware, and participate if you can.

Midweek, two 'potential' timelines are forming. One, the stock market will nosedive toward the bottom as if being chased by a hungry Great White Shark, then be miraculously saved.

*Or*, the scenario will revolve around gold and/or silver, meaning either a plunge in price, or a skyrocketing rise for a short time -- or, both will occur before the sell price is artificially reined in, once again, by the bankster gangsters.

Regardless, this will clue in even more people that this is a legitimized casino operation, and not meant for their benefit -- but to keep them down and in eternal debt.

On the truth front, Truth is the Matrix Now... every vibrating singing thread. These Aquarian Age frequencies now expand. Woven in the fabric that holds time-space, they become much stronger.

At this time, knowing the truth, *feeling* what is TRUE, no longer depends ONLY on proven facts, or direct observation, as has been stated before. For, TRUTH sings vibrationally through the very ether we live within -- this sacred matrix that surrounds Mother Earth, and envelopes each one of us.

Truth is a living force. Truth never dies, no matter who tries to bury it, why, or for how long it remains buried.

Essentially, Truth resides in the sacred matrix. With the cosmic changes now happening it becomes time for humanity to dwell within TRUTH -- to move, live, and have our being in this exquisite sea, where deception will eventually become impossible.

On the AWAKENING front, Truth is there for everyone to know immediately, instantly -- whenever it becomes time for you to know in accordance with your well-being. For, TRUTH always lives in the heart.

However, most of us have lost that connection with our heart due to the diabolical interferences, over the centuries, by the dark-side controllers. Healing this connection is of paramount importance at this time.

Love, of course, is the Great Healer. All forms of love.

Emergence into this instant TRUTH-knowing will be quick for some, and much longer for others. Thus, this continued AWAKENING will be messy and chaotic, yet a highly creative and rewarding process.

On the war front, another tripwire week. While Russia continues to play its hand in the Middle East, the dark-side cabal moves its chess pieces. This will look like  the potential use of chemical weapons, or the actual use.

Likely warships will be involved, and there could be a major confrontation. However, the endgame belongs to the Bear and its allies. For now.

Meanwhile, the people of the world grow weary of this bloodthirsty bid for World War III, and clamor against it. Behind the scenes, a battle wages for how and when to bring about the final destruction of the Middle East. For, that is the real goal of the dark-side cabal.

This is not the goal of the Divine.

On the tyranny-at-work front, from this point forward, the war on 'freedom of speech' goes hot and heavy. And brutally nasty. HEADLINE ~ "Operation Vigilant Eagle: ...Targets Vets In War On Free Speech."

There will be many casualties in this war to stamp out freedom of speech, especially in the alternative media arena. This will cause a further split between those dedicated to freedom, and those who enjoy their petty power trips. Look for all sorts of verbal fireworks from both sides.

On the communication front, a tricky sticky week. This means, because language is changing fast at this point in history, there will be more miscommunications at every level of society -- also, between the different groups in society.

Rapid changes, the use of electronic devices, and the Aquarian Age vibes are shaping language and communication in wholly new ways.

As well, as people come together in their communities, their language becomes more regional. This, all while a global language is developing.

HEADLINE: "Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or -- Goodbye!"

On the home front, major decisions will be made this week in the halls of congress, and by the administration, that will resonate poorly with the American people. So poorly, that many more of the people will turn their backs, and seek a better way, a better life.

Others will choose the path of civil disobedience. Now comes the summer of shouting, marching for freedom. Out of this righteous demand, another Kent State 'could' erupt. Right now, it's in the destiny cards.

Sadly, this time, the troops and tanks are ready, waiting to crush any dissent. Martial law is here, as was demonstrated in Boston.

On the food front, HEADLINE: "Tell Supermarkets, Food Companies, and Seafood Restaurants to Reject GE Salmon! ~ Center for Food Safety - Target, Giant Eagle, Meijer and H-E-B have just agreed not to sell genetically engineered fish in their stores! These retail giants join over 55 other food retailers that made similar commitments earlier this year, including Trader Joe's, Aldi, Whole Foods, Marsh and Hy-Vee."

On the energy front, at this point in time -- as the future plays out -- summer could bring several large power outages. Do whatever you can to stock up and prepare for this possibility.

Meanwhile, more and more people will understand the real dynamics of energy, just as Tesla did. Eventually, this will result in small power stations that are kept hidden from authorities.

On the really bad news front, worldwide -- fast and furious -- catastrophes of every type continue. This will be on top of the ongoing collapse of the fiat-currency economy.

Also, bio-engineered plagues are being loosed across the planet. It is always wise to improve and protect your health. Remember, with the medical system floundering, and infested by killer superbugs, natural alternative healing methods can be life savers.

On the good news front, the groundswell of renegade musicians brings a new bright vibe to humanity, a light bouncy step of sound. There will also be a smoldering depth, one that reaches for and embraces the soul. Much of this music will be an ethnic blending of styles.

On the global mafia cabal front, the divisiveness between the two main factions continues. The battle royal is for who will control the new world order currency. In the near future, likely minions will fall on both sides, as in being deceased.

From the prior forecast: "As well, the upcoming Bilderberg meeting will be far more divisive than in the past. Watch for the fireworks."

On the heroine front, a tribute to the actress, Jean Stapleton, who passed at ninety years of age. She played the iconic Edith Bunker in "All In The Family", a breakout sitcom for its time.

On the hero front, at this time in history, just considering running for president against all the odds, as in bucking the bankster gangsters, is an act of heroism. HEADLINE: "Jesse Ventura for president? Former governor toying with idea ~ | Former Gov. Jesse Ventura is toying with the idea of running for president in 2016."

On the freedom front, many now ready themselves to survive and take on the forces of martial law. Stay tuned.

In opposition, the dark-side establishment beats its Rand-corporation brains out, looking for more strategies to divide and conquer those who will stand against them for the sake of liberty. Those who will stand no matter what.

Trendwise, the art of being independent, yet interlocked with the community, is the path many have chosen, and are choosing at this time. While this trend has been stated before, currently it's going flash-speed.

Now, the 'self-creative' human being rises, despite the oppressive times, the lack of liberty. For, this is the wave of the future, and where we are all headed in this Aquarian Age.

Each of us possesses super creativity. It's only a matter of unleashing this inner power, then using it to improvise, to overcome any problem -- and, to improve the quality of our lives.

On down the road of our future, there will be no need for top-down authority, for control by hierarchy. Most of us will be able to manage ourselves, and our lives wonderfully well. For, we will thrive on freedom.

This week take time to dance your steps, dance your thoughts. Notice how the sun's radiance reveals the beauty of Nature.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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