Monday, April 30, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 30, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #191

Liberty is rising throughout the world ~ that is the theme for this week, and for the summer months.

As time compresses, 'quickening' even faster, and 'change' dramatically accelerates, in this year of 2012, the demand for true liberty will ring planet-wide. Non-stop.

For, only liberty, the liberty of all peoples, allows for a good and prosperous life where dreams and everyone's potential can be fulfilled. That is our future as human beings, if we are daring enough, wise enough, and brave enough to claim it.

Further... on the AWAKENING front, the title for this week is: The Rising of Divine Mind ~ The Great Awakening is Here

At this point in time your diviness, your higher inner nature is being triggered by the incoming cosmic energies. These 'awakening' frequencies are now pelting humanity, and bombarding Mother Earth relentlessly. As well, the angelic realm is showering all of us with encouraging and loving vibes. Know too, other Beings who love humanity are assisting with their good, good vibrations.

Remember, the time of the Great Awakening is Here and Now. Because this 'Aquarian Age Awakening' is happening faster than the soulless ones thought possible, they are taking draconian countermeasures against all of 'the people'. This sci-fi tech tyranny is being brought about as rapidly as possible.

In the meantime, the control-freak, psychopathic establishment is using every made-up excuse to stomp on everyone's neck, both literally and metaphorically. However, with the rise of liberty, and with the ideal of freedom in the hearts and minds of many, be aware the 'major conflict' is here, and will only grow in intensity.

On the truth front, TRUTHS that have been hidden for ages, will now be slamming humanity full force. Ancient history speaks with a megaphone.

On the economic front, nothing will be as it seems this week. Lies and deception rule. Major news stories about the economy will be used to control the people, and keep them in the dark. Out of this obvious manipulation, more of us will look for alternative and wise ways to overcome the system.

On the war front, as the chess-style war games continue across the globe, there will be a major roll out of new nightmarish weapons. This is because the bankster gangsters are afraid, very afraid.

On the personal front, now is the time to take stock of what you have, and make plans to get whatever you need. Organization is a good thing this week. It is also a good time to charge ahead with your favorite plans and projects.

On the food front, gardening is front and center. Again, whatever you can grow, do it, and help others with your knowledge. Or, make plans to find local growers and farmers, and do business with them. Also, 'real' organic is now king of the food castle.

On the land changes front, this week the title is: The Rise of the Volcano ~ It's Here. Also, more major earthquakes will take place in the near future. And, due to severe super weather across the planet, there will be displaced populations.

On the really bad news front, now is the time to take care of yourself, and your loved ones as never before. It's crash, boom, and bang time on the world stage. Conflict of every kind, and at every level, increases from this point forward.

As a reminder, from a recent forecast: "every attempt will be made by THOSE who hate humanity, to rip our very psyches apart. Brain-drain Big Media will continue to present a picture of normalcy while increasing the levels of fear porn. The underlying message: if you quit feeding the dragon establishment, if you quit believing in our wizard-of-oz powers, our might-makes-right to RULE over you -- YOU *the people* will be oh-so sorry. Boom. Boom." *THIS NOW ESCALATES.*

Trendwise, this is the Age of the individual heroine and hero. Each of us chooses our higher nature, or we do not. For, these times are not about having a 'leader', or 'the leader'. All of us will be leaders in our own way.

Any business, service or product that assists the new heroine and hero will be in demand from now on.

This week fill your heart with the sounds and scents of nature. Share your experience with those you love most.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crossroad Blues

This should be brief. I wrapped up a draft earlier in the week and am going through the usual post-partum floundering while I decide which of the dozens of stories logjammed in my head wants to get told next. That logjam includes blogs. This is my third attempt to write something of value. I should have just skipped today and run a promo and excerpt for Legacy like I was planning to. Yeah well.

I don’t count this as a block. A block is when I’m writing one particular story and the plot stops dead. Then I can either plow ahead or set it aside and have a go at something else. This isn’t really a block because my WIP isn’t frozen. They all are.

This is more like when you’re driving and you come to a five-way stop sign. The road you’ve been cruising along on abruptly ends. Now you have to decide which way to turn. Each of the five roads you’re presented with will take you to a suitable destination and provide a dollop of interesting sightseeing along the way. So which one do you pick? What if the road hits a dead end? Then you have to backtrack and start over on another road. No one road is any better than the rest, just different. It’s the choosing that’s got me stumped.

In real life, sooner or later some other driver will come up behind me and start blatting the horn. Then I have to pick one and live with my decision. No impatient drivers are sitting behind me with their hands on the horn while I type. I can remain stuck at the stop sign for weeks if some story doesn’t leap up and yell, “Write me!”

Fortunately there’s busywork I can do while waiting for my muse to get off her butt. I can inventory all those false starts and abandoned stories in my dozens of spiral notebooks. I can pull an old manuscript out of the closet and see if it can be salvaged. I have a list of frontrunners I’d like to work on, but need a running start. Maybe if I start half a dozen stories, one will want me to type beyond page two. Or not. Remember the beginning of the month, when I was going to write 3000 words a day and complete a book (or three novellas) by now? That lasted about a week. I finished the longhand draft I’d started in March, then hit this post-project logjam. I started another story and didn’t know where to go with it. I tried writing random scenes and they petered out. I ended up typing the longhand, with polishes and edits as I went along. Now I’ve got a typed and printed draft and I’m back at the stop sign again.

I could write my titles on slips of paper and pull one out of a jar and work on whichever one I pick. That doesn’t always work either. That is, it works, but not in the way I planned. My brain gets fed up with me forcing a story and tosses a bright and shiny new idea in front of me. That’s how I wrote the story I just finished. I was trying to force my way through one my brain didn’t really want to write, so it sent me down another road. That abandoned story is still sitting on my desk. Maybe I’ll go back to it and see if Mr. Brain coughs up something better rather than work on the dead one.

Y'know, I could have a whole career that way. That could be my Inspiration Story. The poor thing could languish for decades while I write other book after other book instead of finishing that one. I go with whatever works.

Once I do decide on something, I’ll try the book in a month thing again. I can write 3000 words a day. At least I proved that much. Now I just need a new idea. Easy as pie.

Or I could say to heck with it and go watch The Real Housewives of Lower West Armpit, Texas. There’s a lot to be said for cable TV. Where did I leave the remote?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 23, 2012

Kevin Smith as Ares, God of War

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #190

From a previous forecast on July 3, 2011: "Around this cosmic ‘Awakening’ there will be joy, a celebratory dance of joy. Tempering this dance, will be the pain of chaos and confusion, and constant war. For, massive CHANGE is here and will occur at lightning speed for the next several years."

The forthcoming week in this Year of the Dragon, is all about the acceleration of this 'massive CHANGE'. This means each individual, the psyche of humanity, society at large, and including the Earth.

Be prepared. We are entering a period of hyperdrive that will be a confusing blur to many.

At this point in time, there will be unprecedented levels of chaos and cruelty. This is because the age of deception and betrayal by governments, by 'evil doers' who control those governments, is coming to a close, and the battle between Good and Evil rages.

Know that 'truth' is winning. Currently, truth at the speed of light circles the world.

This week is also about understanding, then celebrating the ephemeral and eternal anew. What does this mean? The fifth dimension is here. Now, increasingly, the old sacred ways will live again as a new spiritual way for most of us during the Aquarian Age.

On the economic front, for the next three months the worldwide economy will be like a fast bouncing Yo-Yo. This is 'mostly' by design of the bankster gangster crowd. However, because of their constant infighting there will be gains made by the good forces.

As well, there is a grassroots rebellion which is strengthening fast. Those involved will be creating an under-economy that will helpful to a lot of us in the future.

On the truth front, our words will come back to haunt many of us. This will be especially true for those who inhabit the world stage. A caution: this week don't say anything you don't mean.

On the war front, for the next several months, the nightmare wars across the globe will be revealed as if captured beneath a glaring spotlight. In the alternate media, 'war' will be placed under a high-powered microscope. This is due to 'both' the truth energy of the FIVE year, 2012, and as a strategic move by the global cabal to threaten any who oppose their world dominance.

On the AWAKENING front, the information revolution is here, and growing like a field of weeds gone wild. Also, at this time, a critical mass has been achieved. Even if the soulless ones of the New World Order bring about their one world government, there will NEVER be an actual 'one world' regime. This is because too many of us will say NO, and we will go our own way. We will create our own strong communities.

On the personal front, this week continue your projects. Forge ahead despite any setbacks because later things will go your way, and everything will work out. As well, look around for the changes that are taking place. This will give you the advantage in future decision-making.

On the food front, the information revolution will change how many of us view food and, thus, will cause a renaissance in natural farming and ranching.

On the land changes front, the year, 2012, continues with volcanoes, earthquakes, severe storms, flooding, and solar flares. Welcome to the endtimes, and the beginning times. This week will have its share.

On the really bad news front, there are strange doings in the backrooms of the so-called establishment. These 'deals' with some of the big-name corporations will manifest as several horrific events designed to gain huge profits. Prayer for divine intervention will work to stop these events.

Trendwise, the real truth about the economy becomes obvious to so many at this time that a variety of counteractions will be taken. One of them will be the quick buildup of local economies. This is the time to look for new and better ways to do business in your community. Also, there will be opportunities to learn from those heroines and heroes who are already engaged in these new ways of commerce.

This is a week to open your arms to the beauties of nature. If the weather doesn't cooperate, make plans to enjoy Mother Nature in the near future. Your soul will thank you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Special Guest Blogger: AJ Jarrett

I want to thank Pat for having me on her blog today. We’re both fellow Siren authors but today she is letting me talk about a book I have being released through Silver Publishing. It’s titled Set Me On Fire and it revolves around two firefighters and the struggles they have to overcome to have their own happy ending. It’s part of the Silver’s Men In Uniform Anthology and I have to admit when I saw the submission call the first group of men I thought of were firefighters.

Now, there are several jobs where men wear a uniform such as law enforcement and military but firefighters are hands down my favorite group of individuals to ogle and daydream about. So for me given the opportunity to write a story that combines two of my most favorite things, firefighters and men loving men, was a treat not a chore. The words flew out my fingertips lightening quick and when I was done and reread my work, I have to admit I was emotional right along with my characters. Nothings ever certain in life and we as people need to grab onto happiness when we can and the characters in my story have to come to realize to love a person is to not change them but to love them in spite of their difference. It’s the ride that is always the funniest part about falling in love and I recommend everyone buys a ticket at least once in their life.

Once again a big thanks to Pat for letting come over today and bend your all’s ears for a little bit.

Kelly Lynch wanted to become a firefighter to help people, but with his accident prone nature his boss, Nate Anderson, thinks he’s an utter fool. Kelly never planned to fall for Nate but now that he has, he realizes loving is easy; understanding and compromise are hard.

Nate has been attracted to Kelly since his first day at the station house. Watching the younger man day in and day out is frustrating. Kelly’s latest stunt almost got him killed and Nate fears losing the man of his dreams.

Will Nate’s demanding ways cause the embers of their love to die out? Or will Kelly prove he has what it takes to be with Nate, at work and in the bedroom?

Story Excerpt
"God, I swear if you get me out of this mess I promise to listen and follow orders for the rest of my life, or at least make the effort to try," Kelly prayed aloud as he crawled, belly down, across the dirty floor. He was doing his best to see through the smoke-filled room but still couldn't find where he'd entered.

Kelly scooted a little more, using touch more than sight to navigate his way through the smoky haze and chunks of debris. He had separated from the team of men he'd come into the burning building with. A choice he now regretted immensely.

He had made a stupid move, but he could have sworn he'd heard someone cry out for help. A completely bonehead move to run off without telling anyone. One of the first things they taught you when you became a firefighter, never leave your team, or at least partner with someone else, but never go off on your own.

But no, he thought he knew better and wanted to be the hero and save the poor individual stuck in this fire pit. Now he was starting to wonder if he'd just imagined he heard the cry for help.

"I'm so fucked." Kelly rested his helmet-covered head on the ground and then proceeded to bang his head on the hard floor. It was useless, he was trapped.


Kelly sat up at the sound of someone yelling his name. What direction had the voice come from? He couldn't tell. The sound was so faint compared to all the hissing and crackling noises of the fire in full blaze all around him.

"God damn it, Lynch, where are you?"

He heard the shout again, only louder. Kelly felt his way around the floor until he came face to face with a boot. He started to look up when large, glove-covered hands grabbed the back of his jacket.

"What do you think you were doing, you dumb shit? You're lucky we noticed you missing."

Kelly could tell by the size of the man dragging him out of the entryway that it was Luke Parsons, one of the biggest guys in the house. He may be a big beefy guy, but he was super nice, and Kelly couldn't have been more grateful Luke found him and not the lieutenant of their station house.

"I'm sorry but I thought I heard someone call out for help." Kelly grabbed at Parsons' hand, still attached to Kelly's jacket, dragging him along. "Please, Luke, I know I heard someone," he pleaded as he tried to pull himself free of Luke's hold.

The fire raged through an abandoned building in the East Bottoms of downtown Kansas City. While the only people in this building were more than likely homeless, they were still people who needed to be saved.

"Are you sure, kid?" Kelly nodded enthusiastically. "Okay then let's see what we can find. We don't have much time; this building is going up faster than a hay bale."


As Kelly followed Luke back into the room, the sound of a faint cry grabbed both their attention. Luke pushed Kelly behind him as he made his way toward the small whimpering sounds. As they got closer, Kelly saw the slight frame of a man huddled in the corner. Luke bent down and snatched the man up in his arms.

Luke looked to Kelly. "Lead the way. Follow the way we just came and you'll see the crew in the hallway."

Kelly navigated through the smoke and falling ceiling tiles toward the exit. As he reached the doorway the hall was empty. He turned back to Luke. "They're not here." Panic started to eat away at his composure.

"Shit," Luke shouted. "Here, kid, take my radio and let the guys know we're coming out with another man in tow. They need to have paramedics ready for this guy."

"You know the way out?" Luke nodded as Kelly took the offered radio and lifted his face shield. "This is Lynch and Parsons. We got a survivor and we're coming out."

"Copy that, son. Make your way out fast. We just got the order to clear the building and let it burn. Move your asses now."

He looked back to Luke. "You get that?"

"Yep. Head out the door and the stairs are on the right. We need to go up one flight then a little ways down we’ll come to a set of double doors and that will take us outside." Kelly watched as Luke hefted the man higher on his shoulder. “Start moving.”

Kelly nodded his understanding and made his way toward freedom. Times like this he questioned why he wanted to be a firefighter. No one in his family was one, so it wasn't about carrying on a legacy or some shit.

As he pushed the door open with his shoulder, he was greeted by sunlight streaking through the smoky clouds rolling off the burning building. He looked back toward Luke, the man he was carrying appeared passed out over his shoulder. That was why Kelly had chosen this profession. He wanted to make a difference. Have a job he could be proud of.

"Over here."

Kelly and Luke walked right over to the ambulance and deposited the man with the paramedics. They then made their way over to the engine where the rest of the crew stood watching the fire burn. Kelly flipped up his face mask and removed his helmet. Then he took off his jacket, tucked the heavy material under his arm, and stared up at the building. If Luke hadn't found him, Kelly would be one crispy critter right about now.

"What the fuck were you thinking?"

Someone grabbed Kelly by the shoulders and threw him up against the side of the truck, causing him to bump the back of his head hard against the metal door. When his vision cleared he saw Nate Anderson, lieutenant of station house sixteen, standing right in front of him with the attitude Kelly had hoped to avoid.

"Hey, Nate, back the fuck up." Luke pushed himself between him and Nate. "If it wasn't for Kelly, that man over there would be dead."

Nate took a step back and looked toward the ambulance where the man was being triaged. Kelly could see the vein pulsing at Nate's temple. He wasn't happy and Kelly knew he would be hearing all about that unhappiness later.
Nate looked back at him over Luke's shoulder. "You and I will talk about this back at the station house." Nate pointed a finger at him and then walked away.

He was so screwed. Every time he made a mistake Nate made sure to tell him how and why he screwed up. Granted, it was Nate's job to go over the mistakes they made so they could learn from their errors, but his lectures were becoming a broken record. Kelly wasn't looking forward to this discussion.

Author Bio
AJ Jarrett currently lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children. A lover of M/M romances she has started writing her own stories for others to enjoy. She loves her characters to be antagonistic toward one another but ultimately find their happy ever after. She believes love can be found in the craziest of places and a little humor along the way never hurt, plus to her there’s nothing sexier than two men finding their soul mate and falling in love. When she isn’t chasing around her kids she can be found sitting on the couch with her trusted laptop giving life to the voices in her head. She currently has books published through Silver Publishing and Siren Publishing.

Page Link for Silver

Monday, April 16, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 16, 2012

Painting by Josephine Wall

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #189

Catapult into consciousness... this will be a major theme for the upcoming week, and will cut both ways. The overall consciousness of humanity grows in leaps and bounds toward the Divine.

At the same time, great numbers of people will become aware of the evil matrix that now traps us all. Evidence of this will even be seen in the brain-drain media's headlines this week, if you look closely.

From this point forward, TAKE ACTION will be the name of the game worldwide. People will feel the fierce flames of freedom and take action against the enslavement tactics of the bankster gangsters, and their brutal attempt to rule the world like the worst James Bond villain.

There will be several catastrophic events during the next six weeks that will change the course of the world. Stand on the right side of history, and humanity will ascend toward a better, sweeter world for All.

What is the 'right side' of history? This is for each individual to decide for themselves. It is for each of us to stand, yet stand together, and link arms in universal LOVE, and in our POWER as precious human beings.

On the truth front, tornadoes of truth are forming and about to strike. Also, this week the unvarnished TRUTH emerges on many fronts. These revelations will be mind-blowing.

On the economic front, various strategies and a massive effort is being made to convince us that a cashless society is good for one and All. 'Nothing' could be further from the truth. Once fully instated, this would be like a tyrannical penny pincher looking over your shoulder every minute of everyday -- telling you what you could and could not buy -- plus! 'if' and when you could buy it.

On the war front, there will be big military moves, especially on areas of water, as has already taken place. However, this warring cat and mouse game will only continue. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the dark-side global elite are negotiating and infighting over 'who' will start what conflict, and when it will begin. As usual, stay tuned.

On the AWAKENING front, a tidal surge of information about the real nature of space, about extraterrestrials, and also about the paranormal will be happening at this time -- and will only become more intense as the year progresses. This is because it is cosmic time for these revelations. Also, THEY want to make contact, our space sisters and brothers.

On the personal front, 'solace' is likely to be the word for this week. Find it in whatever way works for you, and your loved ones. Music is your best friend now. While good progress can be made on your favorite projects for the next four weeks, there are also bumpy rides ahead for most of us.

On the food front, more secrets will be leaked out about the poor and poisonous quality of what is labeled as food. Also, there is a giant movement afoot to take down GMO frankenfoods. Across the globe, guerilla groups are coming together to get rid of those crops by any means necessary. Eventually, they will be successful.

On the land changes front, Mother Earth continues to shake, rattle and roll vigorously. Floods will also become major news within the next three months as she restructures herself. As well, severe volcanic eruptions are on the near horizon.

On the really bad news front, monstrously severe weather will continue all over the world causing great numbers of people to change their location. As the year progresses, there will be outbreaks of killer diseases. Despite what will be reported, most of these outbreaks will be caused by the use of bio-weapons.

Trendwise, once upon a time a Camelot president was elected who cared about the people of his country. He was brave enough to slay the beast that would enslave his fellow Americans. To accomplish this, he issued his own United States Notes, thereby freeing 'the people of the united states' from being forever indebted to this insatiable and constantly cruel beast. However, the beast showed its sinister teeth mere months later, and the young president was assassinated.

For the sake of ALL, the time in history has come to slay this current-day dragon beast. This will be a tsunami like trend across the nation, especially throughout the summer months.

This week joy is being delivered on the wings of angels. Let them hug you, and infuse you with heavenly goodness.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

I hate my brain sometimes.

I had it all figured out. I’d sit down and over the course of a day turn out 3000 words. At the end of 30 days I’d have either a novel or three novellas or something ready to go. I had a list of projects to work on, stories I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t for one reason or another. I’ve got plenty of time throughout the day. You’d think I’d be able to pull it off, right?

Guess again.

April started well. I spent the first couple days wrapping up a novella I’d been working on in March. I didn’t get 3000 words in, but I hovered in the 1500-2000 range. That’s better than I normally do. I finished the novella … and my brain cut out on me.

Just when I was ready to go, my creativity took a powder. It ducked out the door, hopped a bus and is currently lying on a beach somewhere thumbing its nose at me. I, for my part, am stuck at home with a pen and blank paper, or a keyboard and blank screen. All those ideas are still up in my brain, stuck in a holding pattern. They’re not talking to each other and they’re sure not talking to me.

When I planned this experiment, I forgot the most important part: have something ready that you really want to work on, otherwise you’re up the creek.

I tried writing the book by scenes, and the scenes went flat. I’ve got four or five novella ideas that just won’t come to life. The only thing that wants to get done right now is the novella I just finished. I wrote it longhand and went right into second draft typing. That’s zipping along just fine. I hit over 4000 words last night. Trouble is, those are mostly words I’ve already written and that’s not how I wanted to do this. So what’s a writer to do?

Luckily, somebody else stepped into the breach and proved my theory for me. Today’s blog is dedicated to Missy Martine, who whipped out a 50,000 word first draft in nine days. She figures it’ll take her about two weeks to polish it into a publishable book. I’m glad somebody was able to writer up and accomplish something this month.

The upshot is: I’m sure it’s possible for somebody to write a 90,000 word book (or three 30,000 word novellas) in the month. That somebody just isn’t me, at least not at this time. I’ve picked up my pace, though, and that’s a good thing. I’ll bet I can get that novella typed up, polished and ready to go by the end of the month. I’ll continue jotting random scenes from the one book; eventually I’ll accumulate enough to call it a finished draft. Meanwhile, an idea I abandoned a couple years back is making noises at me again. I hope that’s the one that hits because it’s set in Gettysburg, and I love Gettysburg. Any excuse to road trip to the battlefield works for me.

Anybody else who wants to try this, go for it and good luck. Just make sure you’ve got an idea or ideas lined up that are rarin’ to go. Try to force it and your brain will bail. Mr. Brain and I are going to have to have a long talk when he gets back from the beach with that tropical tan. Maybe I’ll set my next story on a desert island.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 9, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #188

'Reactivation' is the keyword for this week, and for the rest of the year, 2012. Humanity's true heart and 'lost' abilities -- many of them in the paranormal realm -- are being reactivated by the diamond-ray cosmic energies flooding Earth at this time.

One way the soulless ones, and their mafia-like minions, are countering this new knowledge, and the emergence of these powerful abilities, is by continuing their plan to manipulate the people of the world into the depths of poverty, from which there is no escape.

THEY, the soulless ones, will fail. However, humanity's battle to overcome their evil will be fierce and messy.

For the following week, every attempt will be made by THOSE who hate humanity, to rip our very psyches apart. Brain-drain Big Media will continue to present a picture of normalcy while increasing the levels of fear porn. The underlying message: if you quit feeding the dragon establishment, if you quit believing in our wizard-of-oz powers, our might-makes-right to RULE over you -- YOU *the people* will be oh-so sorry. Boom. Boom.

On that note, TRUTH becomes an 'explosion' across the world, then keeps on rolling in like an endless tsunami.

On the truth front, the war for your mind escalates at this point in time. This will cause the Great Divide to widen as if a new Grand Canyon suddenly appears, and a civil war mentality will noticeably emerge. From a previous forecast: "the Great Divide continues between ‘those’ who are part of the AWAKENING, and ‘those’ who choose either to remain ignorant, or are part of the DARK SIDE."

On the economic front, huge gamechanger events are on the horizon, and there will likely be a spotlight on banks involved in fraudulent foreclosures. As this crisis plays out, more and more people will take a stand against the bankster gangsters.

On the war front, look for the chess pieces to be moved around at a frantic pace. The pawns will become increasingly expendable. This means the 'innocent' around the world are being exploited and exterminated at a horrific rate by the evil powers-that-be. THOSE who would be king.

On the AWAKENING front, two, new-on-the-scene terms 'global weirding' and 'soul sickness' aptly describe these times. Now is time to resurrect ALL of your soul. The angels will assist anyone who desires this new 'soulfulness'.

On the personal front, as the TRICKSTER energy continues, take a good look around you. Ferret out any deceptions that are harming you and yours. Take right action to bring them to an end. Also, this is a week to be playful. Friends, dear ones, loved ones, and pets -- play with anyone else who is in this joyful mood.

On the food front, look for fresh Spring produce and indulge. If you haven't already, get to know your local farmers. Join an organic co-op. And, as always, it remains important to stock up.

On the land changes front, the weather wars are here. Three tech-advanced countries are sparring with each other, caring nothing for the lives they take and destroy. Also, Mother Earth quickens her changes, cracking and rearranging her terrain. Watch out, and prepare. A good supply of water becomes key to survival.

On the really bad news front, human fertility rates begin to plummet. This is due to several factors. The massive amounts of synthetic chemicals and toxins take their toll, as does the rise in radiation levels. Also, the current active cycle of the sun will temporarily decrease female fertility.

Trendwise, the following is quoted from a prior forecast ~ "At this time, the ancient megalithic sites, Stonehenge and other on-the-grid sites across the globe, are in the process of reactivating as centers of power. This is due to the current rise in cosmic energies, to the energy storms on the sun, and also due to the intervention of humanity’s extraterrestrial brethren.

Because of this reactivation, there will soon be a mass AWAKENING around the ancient magickal and shamanic ways. The time of true magick joined with Aquarian enlightenment is just around the corner" as has been spoken about in many previous forecasts.

Anything to do with the ancient knowledge and shamanism is important this week, and for the future.

Now is the time to let the magic of the universe embrace you, and give you a celestial hug. Humanity's future is flying among the stars.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Amazing Race

Someday I’ll learn to keep my big fat typing fingers shut.

About two weeks back, while commenting on a previous blog, I postulated how “easy” it would be to write a 90,000-word novel in a month. Just write 3000 words a day and in a month you’ve written 90,000 words. Simplicity itself. Then I compounded my stupidity by daring my readers to dare me to do it. They did. Double-dog dared me, in fact. You can’t turn down a double-dog dare, not and think to show your face in public.

Sooooo … I began my challenge Sunday, April 1. Less than 30 days from now I’d better have a stack of pages (I like paper) with 90,000 words on them or go crawl into a cave. NaNoWriMo came way early this year.

In theory, this is doable. Three thousand words a day isn’t all that much. There are plenty of writers who write that much or more already. If you’re lucky enough to be a full-time writer, you should hit that in a couple of hours. I’m currently “lucky” (i.e., unemployed) and finances won’t become a concern until sometime late next year. The stars have aligned themselves and spelled out, “Quit screwing off and do it.” Who am I to argue with the stars?

Let’s break it down further. For me, 1000 words equals roughly 2-1/2 to 3 pages, whether typed or longhand. Therefore, 3000 words equals 8-9 pages, 10 to be safe. Sounds like quite a pile, huh? Not if you do it in sections. Experience has taught me I can only go 4-5 hours straight before I peter out. Some days that isn’t possible. But who says I have to write 10 pages all in one go? If I can write 1000 words in the morning, another 1000 in the afternoon, and the third installment during commercials while watching American Pickers, I’m still in the ballpark. There goes the time excuse.

A bigger problem for me is which story those 90,000 words will be devoted to. I started this without a clear-cut project in mind. I’ve got ideas, but none of them have plots yet, and none of them are really crying out to be written at this point. I’ve learned the hard way not to force a story. That never turns out well. The one I just wrapped up blindsided me while I was trying to force a different one. The brain gets bored and pulls pranks on you. You want to keep your brain on your side.

Therefore, I’m changing the rules. I’m going to write 3000 words a day, spread over several projects. I’ve got one book and at least two novellas lined up. I’m confident one of them will pull ahead as the month progresses, and that’s the one I’ll end up focusing on. By the end of the month at least one project will be finished. If not, I’ll still have upped my productivity.

How am I doing so far? Eh …. I got off to a rocky start on Sunday, with only half my aimed-for wordage done. Since then I’ve averaged about 1500-2000 or so words per day. Too bad I’ve decided my flash/blogs for ShapeShifter Seductions don’t count, because that’s an easy extra 1000 words. This blog doesn’t count either. Fiction only. Them’s the rules.

On the upside, I finally wrapped up the novella I’d been screwing around with all through March. As for the book, I’m writing that in scenes until I figure out where it’s going. If that’s the one that hits and I run with it, I’ll go back and do it linear. Otherwise I should have at least two completed novellas and half of a novel to my name when the month finally ends.

Granted, so far it’s all been longhand. I might move faster and get more done if I type. If nothing else, I’ll get a more accurate word count. Also let the house- and yard work sit until after I've hit my daily goal. I haven’t reached it yet, but my lawn is mowed.

Can you write 90,000 words in a month? I say you can. Can I do it? Right now that’s looking iffy, but April’s barely started. I may still surprise myself. I’ll keep you posted.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 2, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #187

This week, those who FEAR freedom and courage -- THOSE who fear any act of goodness, or anyone with a good heart -- THEY now rise like leviathan serpents.

One of their primary 'divide and conquer' weapons against us *the people*, will be fostering race wars and class wars worldwide. These 'soulless ones' will attempt to light these 'wars' like bush fires in order to loose a firestorm of horror and chaos planet-wide. For, THEY must complete their evil endgame by the end of 2012 -- so they believe.

To this endgame, draconian measures against humanity will escalate. At the same time, LOVE and FREEDOM will soar on the wings of the angels lifting everyone toward a greater destiny. This destiny belongs to you. Grab hold and don't let go.

THE TRICKSTER force is one of the driving energies for the month of April. This will instigate the Rise of the Rabbit Tricksters. This means the population will align with their inner dragon strength, and learn how to deceive the jackboot system in effective ways. Thus, as oppression grows it will be met with clever opposition.

One such opposition is the mushroom-springing up of local script, or local currencies. New ways to trade and barter among ourselves will be discovered, and will be the salvation of many in these upcoming times.

At this time, another great division comes about on our world. There will be those who grow-up to the current diabolical reality, and take immediate action for the sake of themselves and their loved ones. Others will remain in a state of arrested development, choosing to believe in a kindergarten-like world as presented to them by big media.

On the economic front, the sins of the giant corporations will continue to be revealed at a rapid pace. This week there will also be a major push to bring about a 'one world' banking system. This will be done by making all of us believe this is the ONLY solution. It's not.

On the truth front, the 'paranormal' and UFOs are likely to be in the spotlight. Also, the real truth about humanity's ancient heritage ascends like a rocket ship. However, this truth will only be available to those who truly want it, and who will now begin to live in accordance. As well, many more of us will begin to see beyond the lies of the evil powers-that-be.

On the war front, games will continue to be played behind the scenes by the BIG CORP BOYS and GIRLS. New deals will be made, and the drums will pound faster and even louder. Every effort will be made to instill larger doses of FEAR into the populace at large. BEWARE!

On the AWAKENING front, the medical industry will be under heavy scrutiny by 'the people'. The high level of corruption will become more apparent to All, and this awareness will spread like wildfire. So-called alternative treatments will soon become the norm for many.

On the personal front, watch for the 'trickster' or the deceiver. This could be anyone who crosses your path, or anyone in your life, even those you have trusted in the past. At this time, con games will begin to permeate society as people look for ways to survive financially. Also, those professions who were trusted without question before, will be rejected by more and more people as knowledge of their deception sweeps across society -- via our Aquarian connection with each other.

On the food front, look for bargains that allow you to stock up, and those of you who garden, plant while the sun shines -- plant as many food plants as you are able. This will be crucial to us all.

On the land changes front, strangeness rules. Explosions and odd sounds that are not being explained will likely continue. Mother Earth is changing her appearance because it is time. In concert with the powerful vibes of the sun, Mr. Sol, she will keep creating Herself anew.

On the really bad news front, look for a rise in false-flag events across the globe.

Trendwise, The Quantum Launch Point is here. From now on 'time' and the days, the months, will speed by so fast, it will feel like a series of quantum leaps and launches.

What to do? Ride the dragon energy whenever you can, when it serves you in your life. And when you aren't able to ride this fierce energy, it advisable to stay out of the way.

At this point in history, the world will be changing at super-speed. Both, for the good and the bad. And, by the WILL of the people.

Know this: by the end of 2012 the world will be far different. Look for ways to assist the good changes. As well, look for opportunities in the market place to sell your products, your services, your talents, and your knowledge.

This is a week to raise your voice in song by yourself, or with others. Let your soul sing with every good thing you encounter.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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