Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Brain Hurts

Before we get started, it’s plug time. We’re hosting Kate Hill over at Shapeshifter Seductions today at On Sunday Eden Glenn drops by for a chat. Then, on February 15, my YA Slayer for Hire makes its debut. I’ll be plugging that one closer to release time. And now, my latest rant.

# # #

After seven books and sales figures nowhere near what Stephen King (or even Larry King) enjoys, it’s finally dawned on me that maybe I should do some promotion. I’ve got this blog and Shapeshifter Seductions. I’ve done a couple interviews here and there, and posted on D. Renee Bagby’s 1st Chapters blog. And I’ve, uh …

Not done much else.

I’m not on Facebook. I probably should be, but I’d just rather not. I hear people post photos of themselves over there. Not a chance, pally. Pictures taken of me always suck. I suppose I could do travel photos, and I will, just as soon as the price of gas drops and I start roadtripping again. And as soon as I get a cell phone so I can take uploadable pictures. Plus you need more than one page because they don’t want you promoting yourself in public. You have to have a fan page for pimping and a personal page for regular stuff. I don’t know how to set up either, and like I said, any picture other than a book cover is out of the question right now. You won’t be seeing either my words or my pictures on Facebook any time soon.

I did take the plunge and signed on for Goodreads. I’m not only on Goodreads now, I’m a Goodreads Author! I’ve got my own page and everything! It’s got a list of my books on it! I don’t have a blog yet, but I can start one. I can add friends and review books and tell everybody what I’m reading and what I’ve read—

If I can just figure out how.

By now you’ve probably deduced that I’m a technophobe. The lack of a cell phone should have been the giveaway. I’ve got a laptop that I’m sure can do a lot more than what I’m using it for, which pretty much ends after writing and email and watching funny videos on YouTube.

When it comes to tech, I only own and use as much as I absolutely need in order to function in the modern world. I needed a computer with email and Internet access in order to sub my writing. I’ve still got the old one, the one built before there was an Internet, because that one has the printer. Once it dies, I’ll finally get a printer for the laptop. I have one flash drive for backup. I just feel better with print.

I don’t use my phone that much, so I have a landline with an answering machine. At some point, I suppose I’ll cave and get a cell. But then I’d have to learn how to use it and all the crap that comes with it, like the camera so I can take and upload photos. I think I can download to the laptop. I’m not sure. The laptop didn’t come with a print manual. The instruction book is included in the program. Which didn’t help when I was trying to figure out how to turn it on, or even which port I needed to connect the plug. How are you supposed to check the manual to find out how to operate the system when you first have to know how to operate the system so you can access the manual? It’s like “Who’s on first?” for Luddites.

Today kids learn all this stuff in school. When I went to school—and this includes college—we were still using typewriters. Thanks a load there, Progress. I owe you a good swift kick in the nuts and bolts.

Now here I am, forced to muddle through the Goodreads instruction pages so I can customize my new page so people will stop by and may want to read my books. There has to be a better way to bring in fans. Hey, I know. Maybe I could, y’know … write something? After all, I do have the laptop, and I already know how to type. All I need is a plot and some characters and I’m in business. Yeah, simplicity itself.

I need a break now. All this is too confusing. Have I mentioned I had to sign up for PayPal because the new book’s publisher is in Canada and I needed PayPal to get paid? I miss paper checks. I miss paper, period. If all the power went out tomorrow I’d still be in business because I’ve got a ton of pens and paper in the house. Take that, technology!

As for social media, I was never that social to start with. Back to winning fans the old-fashioned way, writing one good book at a time.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 28, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #230

Comes the time--beneath the embrace of the full moon in Leo--when the choice will made by all of us, within our individual hearts and souls.

The choice: Cower or Stand Tall and Free

For now, the mental rebellion rises, and soars on the leviathan luminescent wings of the Dragon Squad for Good. Yes, the time has arrived: the People now recognize their divinity.

On the magickal, mystical front, those who were born out of the catastrophic loss of Atlantis and Lemuria, that is, the ancient Mages and Druids, who later walked the Celtic lands, who then walked the Nile lands of Egypt...these ascended souls begin to walk beside us in spirit. With each passing moment, the connection grows and strengthens. For, destiny awaits.

On the personal front, this is the week for to-do lists, and for organizing what comes next in your life. At this time, a little organization will go a long way toward coping with the coming year, 2013.

If you have a major project of some kind, or many underway, this is the week to clear the decks. Next week, dive in for all you're worth.

On the personal level, the year, 2013, is a time for big ideas, and big follow through.

On the paranormal front, this week the planet, Mars, will be placed in the public eye deliberately. This is a long term plan to use the 'truth' about Mars against the people.

Like several headlines from last week, the supernaturally weird, wacky, and wonderful continues to come out of the dimensional closet. Be prepared. New worlds are opening up before our eyes.

On the economic front, gold and silver, as commodities, rule this week. For the next month, the Gold Wars heat up on the world stage, and make headlines.

At the same time, the 'too big to fail' banks fight for top position like rabid dogs. Out of this, the stock market is likely take a major dive, and show little recovery in the following weeks.

This, while more of the people get their money out of the banks fast. Trust is waning.

Meanwhile, the cyber coin is making its bid for prominence. That is, for those who are savvy in this realm.

And as stated before, the smart money is on those who create their own local economies, and learn how to trade and barter for the benefit of All.

On the truth front, staggering truth after staggering truth will face many of us. However, a dividing point is being reached in the overall population. There are those who will face revealed TRUTHS bravely. Then, there are those who prefer to live in denial. Thus, sadly, family conflicts will result.

On the war front, big military doings around the globe this week, and this coming month. Several nations are making their moves on the war chessboard, and this will dramatically increase the suffering of humanity as a whole.

One Middle East country is likely to be targeted in horrific ways. However, some of this 'false flag' attack may be mitigated by 'white hats' behind the scenes.

So many of 'the people' are raising their spiritual awareness beyond the idea and necessity of wars, that the dark-side controllers are way behind schedule in bringing about WWIII.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the propaganda blitz against gun ownership ramps up this week, as expected. At the same time, the TSA is loosed like vicious dogs on the people. None of this will end well.

On the AWAKENING front, as the Aquarian Age vibes shift and shape the world, a new sense of self arises. For those who are willing to accept it, there will be an inner power heretofore unknown. Use it.

On the communication front, the human family is becoming aware of itself. That is, many are now making contact with neighbors, and others, in good ways that will end the previous isolation.

More than ever, a lot of us are beginning to connect deeply, with caring and compassionate hearts. This trend will expand rapidly.

On the home front, this will be a rough week--for the country as a whole, and on an individual level for some. Likely, this will be due to either catastrophic natural events, superstorm weather, and/or what are called false flags.

On the food front, rage at the practices of Big Agra rises at a rapid rate, at this point in history. There will be ever-growing groups of people who shake their fists, then turn their back on the system, and make their way back to the land.

Meanwhile, there will be more revelations of how the establishment is poisoning the people with the use of synthetic chemicals, and other toxins in processed foods.

On the land changes front, tectonic plates, especially beneath the oceans slide, crash, and grate against each other. This is because the Earth is changing shape, and expanding its mass.

Weather extremes will continue planet-wide, in part, due to the activity of the sun. Northern European countries will face ongoing superstorm winter conditions.

Another series of small earthquakes will shake, rattle, and roll California, and other Western states. However, a bigger quake is looming in the near future.
Also, volcanoes keep erupting across the planet, bigger and badder than ever.

On the energy front, it is key at this juncture for anyone and everyone who has the knowledge, and the means, to bring about an energy renaissance with new devices, if only in your immediate community. In the long run, you will be rewarded far more than if you attempt to mass market the design or device.

On the really bad news front, a kingship is formed where none should be. Out of this, the eagle screams with outrage, his talons and beak ready to strike back.

On the good news front, the renegades from every creed, and walk of life, begin coming together, brothers and sisters in arms. For, the love of liberty lives within them eternally.

On the global mafia cabal front, fear sweeps through the dark-side elite. Because the people rise against them. For real.

However, the global controllers believe they have an ace in the hole. The zombified, and the sheeple, will fall before them, and follow their orders.

On the freedom front, "I will not comply," is this week's theme. This mass sentiment and movement by the people will grow by leaps and bounds during the year, 2013--especially in the rural communities.

Trendwise, Paul Revere rides again in the hearts, minds, and souls of the American people. This, despite the attempt by the establishment to deride, and mock, this revolutionary war hero.

While the weak-minded will buy into the TV-show propaganda against the founding fathers, those of strong spirit among us, will abide by their spirit of freedom within. Thus, the wheat from the chaff is being separated, and the upcoming battle lines are being drawn.

This is a week to live in the sunshine. Despite the winter weather, soak in the sun rays whenever possible, either outside, or by staying close to a sunny window.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Baa-aack!

Now that I’m almost a published YA paranormal author, I’ve been taking advantage of my local library and boning up on this genre I’m on the verge of becoming a part of. I read Twilight a while back, out of morbid curiosity. Since sending Slayer for Hire out to market, I’ve sampled a number of YA best sellers— Vampire Academy, Hush, Hush, the Hunger Games trilogy—and read reviews of similar books on Goodreads to save myself some time.

The results were … disturbing.

Most of these books follow what I’m coming to recognize as the Twilight formula: a beautiful young girl with low self-esteem becomes obsessed with the new boy in school, a brooding but physically perfect douche who treats her like kaka. Of course he’s harboring a Deep, Dark Secret—that he’s a vampire (or werewolf, or demon, or fallen angel, or Jehovah’s Witness)—which only makes him that much more attractive to the love-blinded heroine. He, of course, is totally smitten with her too, and demonstrates his undying devotion by insulting her, lying to her, humiliating her, ignoring her, keeping vital information from her (for “her own good,” to “protect her”), stalking her, and in some cases threatening her life. At least until the bad guy attacks, in which case he comes to her rescue, thus magically erasing the previous 400+ pages of abusive behavior and proving to the heroine (and us) that he’s a good guy after all, and theirs is a destined love for the ages.

Have I mentioned these guys are blindingly beautiful, and usually very rich? Have I mentioned the girl is a virgin with no confidence and woefully short on brains? Or she may be smarter than we think, since she manages to latch onto a hawt dude with money who makes her immortal at the height of her own dewy physical loveliness, so she never has to deal with backaches and saggy boobs or jiggling underarms or weight gain. Or having to look for a job, for that matter.

Having waded through more than one of these plots, and discovered the existence of uncountable others on Goodreads, I have to wonder: was the Women’s Movement just a mass hallucination? The girls in these books seem to never have heard of empowerment, or self-respect, or common sense, or rational thought. Their lives revolve around the totally hot boy who tells them to stay away, breaks into their bedroom to watch them sleep, and occasionally tries to kill them. They don’t appear to have any interests other than HIM. Quick: somebody tell me what Bella wanted to with her life after graduation from high school. Do not use the word “Edward” in your answer. Can’t do it? Me either.

The same holds true for the “heroines” in the other books young readers are devouring in droves. In some cases the girls themselves possess magical, even godlike powers. And they still act like emotional basket cases and let Prince Charming walk all over them with his perfect feet. It’s like Buffy and Xena and Hermoine Granger never existed. This is what we want our impressionable young daughters spending their time on? Lessons in Doormattery 101?

And then it hit me. Suddenly I recognized the pattern. I know now what I’m dealing with. All these books … they’re gothic romances.

If you don’t remember these, your mom will. A virginal young woman with no prospects ends up in a creepy isolated mansion (which the cover usually showed her running away from). The master of the house was a brooding older (“older” being late 20s-early 30s in those days) man with a ton of money and a deadly secret in his past (or in his attic, or the cellar). He was often abrupt, arrogant and insulting to the heroine. When the attempts on her life started, usually around chapter 4, he headed the suspect list. This didn’t stop the twit from falling in love with him and continuing to love him even when he threatened her with the andiron or threw the tea pot at her head. She was also prone to creeping down the cellar steps in the dark to investigate those mysterious noises, when anyone else with even one functioning brain cell would have lived up to the cover and run like hell by the end of chapter 3. Then in the last chapter the true villain was revealed, Mr. Broody rescued her from certain death, and they lived happily ever after, though I’m hoping not in the creepy house, because upkeep, not to mention taxes, must have been a bitch. Phyllis A. Whitney and Victoria Holt made these stories good. Lesser writers, not so much.

Mostly extinct since the ‘80s or so, the genre has apparently raised its hoary head and risen from the grave to infect the YA shelves. The foggy English moors have become the Oregon coast, the creepy mansion is a creepy boarding school (or a plain old high school, which can be creepy enough), and the brooding older man is a vampire or angel or some other paranormal creature, which makes him decades or even centuries older than the jailbait chick he’s dating. Why these guys keep going back to high school I have no idea. You’d think they’d use eternity to find a cure for AIDS or cancer or something.

The creepiest thing about these books is the message they send to the readers. Girls, it’s okay to act stupid and have no interests of your own, as long as you’ve got a really, really good-looking guy to build your life around. So what if he’s arrogant and demeaning? So what if he treats you like shit? He’s cute. He’s your eternal love. That trumps everything. Anyway, you’ll be living on blood soon, so who needs grocery money?

My book is nothing like that. Hope it doesn’t tank.

I suspect we’re going to be stuck with these neo-gothics until somebody writes the next breakout bestseller and starts another trend. I hope the girl in that one’s smarter and the guy’s not a douchecanoe. Or she can be the dark and brooding older heroine in love with the high school geek. Cougar Gothics! Throw in some steampunk and who knows, I might be on to something.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 21, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #229

Now is the time to dance as you will--if only in your imagination--with the new golden, good-good vibrations arriving to embrace humanity, Mother Earth, and all of her beloved creatures and plants.

Also, this is a week of High Weirdness on many fronts. Be careful, and believe little of what you see, dear ones. Question almost everything happening on the world stage, especially. For, deception will be the order of the day.

For the next month, some of the cosmic waves impacting Earth will cause tornadic twists and turns in major events. As well, these events will be distorted from their original purpose, as if sabotaged by the gods.

This week, take a step back mentally, and check in with your inner guidance often.

On the personal front, appreciate the bright spots in your day, and share them with others. At this time, new and deeper levels of love will be discovered, and experienced. Knowing this will help you navigate your relationships, and share your heart more easily.

Strife could rear its ugly head this week, as well. The best strategy is to plow through the situation as best as you are able. Also, work with others to solve and resolve matters whenever possible.

On the paranormal front, currently, a mysterious killer beast is attacking livestock as reported by Linda Moulton Howe of At this time, strange beasts will continue to cross through the dimensional openings into this version of Earth.

During the forthcoming months, the biggest and baddest UFOs will be showing themselves off across the world. Check out the alternative news sites to keep tabs on them.

On the magickal, mystical front, once upon a time--in another age, now far, far away--the "Lord of the Rings" as written by J. R. R. Tolkien, was based on his study of Finnish words and mythology. In essence, this is a true story. Now, those old-age magician energies, dominant during that past age, are rising once more in the Aquarian Age.

Know too, the celestial stargates have opened. New realms of knowledge await you. Indulge your curiosity and divine spirit, as you will.

On the economic front, another week of collapse for the world economy. While the bankster gangsters battle over what nefarious moves to make--in the meantime, their plunder of the people is nearing its completion.

This means the introduction of a so-called 'new world' financial system likely based, in part, on gold. At this point in time, the plan is to stretch out the badly ailing economy, on the homefront, until after the tax man gets a crack at emptying everyone's pocket.

However, with the wildly fluxing situation in the worldwide markets, and the gold and currencies wars raging between blocks of nations--that plan could be altered. As well, there are 'other' powerful influences that are now dictating terms, somewhat favorable to the people overall.

That stated, the decline of the economy continues for now. This is being overcome in some communities by the creation of a local and independent economy.

On the truth front, as TRUTH and transparency vibes continue pummeling the planet, ever more staggering revelations are on the immediate horizon. These un-hidden 'truths' will be spectrum wide--with ancient history leading the list.

Most of these new revelations will be on alternative reporting sites and blogs only--unreported by the presstitute media. However, this week, there will be one important 'truth' partly revealed to the public.

On the war front, innocent blood continues to be massively, cruelly spilled. There are likely to be three major events that worsen the war picture worldwide. Africa is first, then the Middle East.

Lastly, in the realm of the unbelievable--there will be a flare-up in Antarctica between factions. For, the Dragonsnake, an ancient vehicle discovered in that region, is finally being powered up.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the propaganda blitz against gun ownership goes front and center. This tactic will eventually backfire, and cause the new gun culture to take root and flourish.

On the AWAKENING front, The Great Divide between the people 'chasms' wider and wider at this point in history. This will become noticeable with each passing day.

While more of us become AWAKE AND AWARE--and soar toward greater spiritual understandings--on the other side, more of the zombified emerge, and the consequences will be devastating.

From a prior forecast: "During the year, 2013, each individual will make a choice between expressing their human heart and showing love to one other -- or, taking the 'machine mentality' road as in eliminating their human emotions. Thus, becoming zombified. Of course, if you don't choose, the choice will eventually be made for you."

On the communication front, miscommunications will be the bane of existence for many of us these days. This is due to two factors. One: the faster frequencies of the Aquarian Age. And two: cell towers and electronic devices are changing the brain, and its ability to process information.

However, this trend continues as stated in the previous forecast: "'we're all in it together' becomes the global mind set this week. As well, 'those of us who love and cherish freedom, and want an earthly paradise' come together in a universal mind meld. So begins, the Aquarian Age new world."

On the home front, the new age of liberty begins. Fiery, determined, and resolute, the renegades from every walk of life, from every race, come together and seize destiny.

Once again, with the Chinese Year of the Snake here on February 10, 2013--the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!

On the food front, this will be a tricky week in many ways. Frankenfoods collide with Organics in a battle royale. This battle collides with the food shortages, and the price hikes, that are coming.

 As always, stocking up is an excellent idea. As well, look for basic foods that would be easy to trade and barter with, just in case.

On the land changes front, coastlines around the world, and on the home front,  will likely take more superstorm hits during the year, 2013. This will cause large evacuations.

Also, there could be serious flooding on the east coast this summer. As always, follow your inner guidance, and dare to prepare.

From the prior forecast: "For the coming month, earthquakes, beyond the usual number and size, continue, and will be almost nonstop.

The increase in volcanic activity continues, especially beneath the oceans, and there will be more major eruptions on the near horizon.

The sun lashes out with ever larger coronal mass ejections. These 'energy fields' will affect weather patterns on Earth, causing superstorms and more flooding around the world. Many coastal areas will be adversely affected."

On the energy front, it's here! the crucial knowledge about physics and energy that has been withheld from the people by the dark-side controllers.

Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission spoke about *torsion field physics* on Coast to Coast am, nighttime radio. He used an ingenious method  of measuring and proving this torsion field, during his daring adventure at the Kukulkan Pyramid in Chichen Itza--near the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Bottom line: there's no need for an oil economy, and there never has been. 

On the really bad news front, this week, in another 'divide and conquer' strike by the dark-side establishment, there will be a full-press and diabolical effort to pit the people against each other--especially with race baiting.

On the good news front, toe-to-toe with the dark-side tyranny, it's here, it's on, it's now. For, the true warrior rises, fierce as a raging fire dragon, and will not be denied freedom.

On the global mafia cabal front, there are large cracks in the global cabal over the failure to fully control the worldwide economy. Heads are rolling, so to speak.

This will result in more 'unplanned' financial chaos, and more whistleblowers coming forth. However, the goal is still to bring humanity to its knees, and begging for economic salvation.

On the freedom front, as never before, freedom prevails and soars in the hearts and minds of many. Also, the NDAA is under attack by the good guys and gals at They are supporting the many states coming against the NDAA, using nullification tactics.

Trendwise, there are several major trends forming in society at large. There will be huge leaps in social networking. However, instead of being on corp-controlled, info-gathering sites, there is an under-social network forming fast. 

At this critical time, the energies of the Aquarian Age are encouraging families, couples, and those of like mind to come together. This will be happening at superspeed, from this point forward.

Another major trend is the 'strong mother'. This means many women will be awakening to their full power. They will stand their ground like the fiercest mother bear, for the sake of their loved ones, and for the sake of humanity.

This week, invite miracles into your life, as if you invited a friend to sit before the fireplace on a cold winter's day.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I finally got my edits for the YA book. Now I’m going through the manuscript, plugging up plot holes and scouring for any last-minute typos. (The little buggers do get through. When I got my first print copy of my first published novel I ripped it out of the box and flipped through it. First page I turn to, there’s a glaring typo that I missed, the editor missed, and the proofreader missed, in spite of all my reads and two passes of edits. Such is life.) Fortunately there weren’t that many corrections, and next to no rewriting. Want to solve the head-hopping problem? Write in first person. Unless your characters are telepathic, you’re home free.

Maybe it’s me, but I feel like I’m seeing more and more grammatical, punctuational, and spelling mistakes in print these days. Since I need a topic for today’s blog, let me tell you about some of my favorites—or least favorites, for the ones that are really annoying.

# # #

It started with its. Or it’s, which seems to be the accepted usage nowadays, regardless of context. As in, “The dog wagged it’s tail.” No. Non. Nyet. Uh-huh. No way, Jose. In short, wrong.

Its is possessive, like his or hers (I’ve seen her’s used, but not hi’s. Not yet.) It’s is a contraction for “it is” or “it has.” Its’ is a Frankensteinian construct that needs to be destroyed. Let’s not make grammar any more complex than it has to be.

Here’s how you tell them apart. If you can replace the word with “it is” and the sentence still makes sense, you’ve got the right one. To return to our example, “The dog wagged it is tail.” See what I mean? You need the possessive, not the contraction. “It’s clear to me it’s going to need a tune-up to get its motor running for its cross-country run.” Easy when you know how.

I don’t know why, but lately people have become apostrophe happy. Anything with an S on the end gets an apostrophe, whether it needs it or not. Excuse me: whether it need’s it or not. A noun with an apostrophe S means “belonging to that thing.” So every homeowner with a sign out front that says something like “The Martin’s” is actually saying “belonging to the Martin.” What they meant to say was “The Martins’,” belonging to two or more Martins, or just “The Martins,” more than one person named Martin live here. Go run out and fix your signs. I’ll wait.

Here’s a new one: lead. I’m seeing this more and more. As in, “He lead the charge,” or “she lead the way.” Nope. Lead (long e) is a verb. Its past tense is led. Lead (short e) is a noun. It’s a really heavy, dense element that Superman can’t see through. It has nothing to do with leading anyone anywhere, unless the geologist led the group to the lead deposit. This is why we need to proofread carefully, and keep a dictionary within reach.

Yes, I said a dictionary. You can’t trust your software’s spell check. It’ll only tell you the word’s spelled correctly. That doesn’t make it the correct word. Remember that typo I mentioned above, the one that messed up my book? Here it is: “You’re gong to love it.” I meant to type “going.” Every time I read that sentence, my eye saw “going.” The spell check wasn’t any help. As far as the computer was concerned, the word was spelled correctly.

The same thing happens if you type stuff like, “The dog beared its teeth” or “The soldier lead the attack,” or “Your a stupid ho-bag.” Human eyes and human brains are fallible, but we still beat out a computer. Yay for us!

Overreliance on spell checkers can lead to all sorts of fun. I recall a fantasy novel where the prince fiercely proclaimed, “I will not allow them to set food in my city!” I’m pretty sure he meant “foot.” If not, then I’ll bet a lot of his subjects went to bed hungry that night. Here’s one from a Harlequin romance of yesteryear, right on the first page: “She stared, frozen by the tabloid.” I’m sure the writer meant tableau, but that’s not what got into print. I pictured a copy of the Weekly World News with Bat Boy and a space alien caught in the act on the front page. Of course I didn’t buy the book. I wonder how many people did?

Sorry, folks, but if you want to be a writer and not get laughed at, you’re either going to have to bone up on your grammar, punctuation and spelling, or hire a proofreader, or drag your old English teacher out of retirement and get her to beta your stuff. Anyone who knows the difference between its and it’s is the person you want. Now: where did I leave my copy of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 14, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #228

Now, the old dreams vanish into the mists of time, while the new brave dreams of the Aquarian Age arise. On the wings of the cosmic fire dragon, these bold dreams spin the world into a brighter existence, once chaos and evil extinguishes themselves.

This week, it's rage against rage, and many now go head to head. And, so it begins -- the rage of the people against the insane rage of the establishment.

On the personal front, this week could be a wild roller coaster ride for some of us. If so, hang on and try to make sense of what is happening. Otherwise, this will be a time to notice the details of your life, and take appropriate action where needed.

New career paths will be opening up for some, in concert with the changing and collapsing economy. The following month is also a perfect time to look for the opportunities that will benefit you and your loved ones. For, now is the time to seize the day.

On the paranormal front, strange creatures rise from the depths of the previously unknown, to be revealed to the world at large.

UFOs crowd the skies, and are being reported like crazy. Meanwhile, the brain-drain media ignores this ongoing phenomena. For the most part.

All while, pyramids located across the globe, most of them unknown to the public, are now activating. That is, sending out a frequency web which assists the Earth in stabilizing its land masses. However, this is not the only function of this energy webbing.

On the magickal, mystical front, the rise of the Templar mysteries. The real truth behind the Knights Templars comes to the fore at this point in history. This will radically change how many view the past, and their own spiritual heritage as human beings.

On the economic front, this week there will be even more revelations around the massive criminal behavior of the BIG BANKS. The attitude of 'Too Big To Fail Means Too Big To Jail' will continue to prevail -- and so will the economic raping, pillaging, and plundering of the people.

Meanwhile, more of the people will wake up, and get out of the system any way they are able, while creating new ways of doing business with each other.

Worldwide, the economic collapse speeds up with terrible ramifications, especially in Europe. Stock markets begin tumbling, and become erratic this week, and for the next three months.

On the truth front, as the TRUTH on every front imaginable continues to pummel the people, activism takes another huge leap forward. This will be particularly true regarding the REAL TRUTH about history/herstory -- what has been intentionally hidden from humanity for age upon age.

On the war front, a nasty situation is developing in the Middle East war theater, beyond the daily horrific events. While most of the brutality and mass killing is not being reported by the presstitute media, likely this week or next, the headlines will be all about catastrophic war events.

This will happen for two reasons. The first, and foremost, is the smoke and mirrors trick -- or doing dirty deeds behind the scenes -- while everyone's attention is placed on the tragic situation. The second reason is to promote war itself as a viable option to solve the problems of the world.

On the tyranny-at-work front, in these times, 'being reasonable' is the killshot being used by the dark-side establishment. That is, the endless mantra of BE REASONABLE & STAY CALM OR LOOK CRAZY is the strategy being used to beat down and beat back the real TRUTH.

This sinister method of propaganda is about making people give up their ability to DEFEND themselves with weapons. It's always 'we can be reasonable, can't we?' It's *reasonable* to ban this, stop this, make a law against this and that.

Meanwhile, those who shout the loudest have well-armed bodyguards, and armies of protection.

On the AWAKENING front, Cometh the Super Fury ~ The Phrase For Our Times. As the quality of life degrades, and gets worse on every front for people -- in general, that is -- this  will cause a widespread FURY of the people across the country, and also worldwide.

On the communication front, 'we're all in it together' becomes the global mind set this week. As well, 'those of us who love and cherish freedom, and want an earthly paradise' come together in a universal mind meld. So begins, the Aquarian Age new world.

On the home front, the spirit of 1776 soars, and liberty takes root once again. Meanwhile, the new gun culture goes nova.

In opposition, the bankster gangster crowd accelerates their plan to bring in hard martial law. Brutal, unjustified raids via SWAT team will be used to make 'the people' cower, and obey.

On the food front, battles are being won against the GMO Frankenfoods. This will continue at a high cost to humanity, as the corp-gov and BIG AGRA strike back with terror tactics.

At this point in time, in ever-increasing numbers, the people will rise and demand 'back to the land' natural foods. Seeds will become the stock and trade for many, and home gardens will start to become the norm.

On the land changes front, HEADLINE: New German Island Appears - Size of 25 Football Pitches Off ~ "A new German island has appeared about 15 miles off the coast of Schleswig- Holstein in the North Sea, according to reports."

For the coming month, earthquakes, beyond the usual number and size, continue, and will be almost nonstop.

The increase in volcanic activity continues, especially beneath the oceans, and there will be more major eruptions on the near horizon.

The sun lashes out with ever larger coronal mass ejections. These 'energy fields' will affect weather patterns on Earth, causing superstorms and more flooding around the world. Many coastal areas will be adversely affected.

On the energy front, the subtle changes begin as the Aquarian Age energies pour down, infusing the Earth and everyone, along with every creature. The web of life itself vibrates to a bolder tune. The meekness of the Piscean Age fades in favor of 'standing out' amongst the crowd.

On the really bad news front, the cyber geniuses of our time who are activists against the dark-side establishment are now deemed to be enemies of the state, and are being purged. Beware, take care, and prepare to go underground. May the Force Be With You!

On the good news front, the snakes come slithering out of the woodpile, and will now be easily recognized by many of the people, at this point in history. With the arrival of the Chinese Year of Snake, those who are yellowbelly sidewinders will have the cosmic spotlight shone on them.

On the global mafia cabal front, From the prior forecast: "with the over medication of Americans, the day and night of the walking dead is here. During this time of zombification, the new world order crowd is moving in for the final kill. That is, this anti-life force is making its bid to bring humanity down to its knees, and bury us."

On the freedom front, from Ron Paul: "Brushfires of Liberty Sweeping the Nation"

This week heralds a major turning point, not only in the call for freedom, and the defense of freedom, but a wholly new 'freedom of the mind' emerges.

Of course, the soulless ones will counter this AWAKENING with the blackest and foulest of deeds, meant to be seen on the world stage.

Trendwise,'Iceland is the way out'. That is, many more of the people worldwide realize throwing the bankster gangsters out, along with the crooked politicians, works to restore the overall prosperity of the people.

More important, ACTION is taken. Because many of the people rise, and will no longer be beaten down by lies, fraud, and tyranny.

This is likely to be a crazy week for many of us. May we all have the miracles we need, and desire.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Success Story

We’re over a week into the new year and I haven’t broken any resolutions yet. That’s because I didn’t make any. I did promise myself I’d write more, and that’s proving to be a problem. None of the dozen possibles I’ve got listed really wants to be written yet. I’ve picked out two with maybe a third. I’m just going to plunge ahead and hope one of them takes off. Or maybe my brain will get tired of the struggle and throw something unexpected at me. Sooner or later something will hit, but I’m going to have to kick it loose.

Naturally I try to make any book as good as I can write it, so readers will enjoy it and I can earn some gas and grocery money. We’ll worry about making a living at a later date.

But suppose I get lucky. Suppose the next book of mine that comes out turns out to be the next Twilight or 50 Shades. Stranger things have happened. What would I do if I suddenly had all the money and success we writers dream of?

It’s kind of like playing the lottery. The odds are stacked against you. You buy the ticket, or write the book, hoping this is the one that’s going to win but you don’t really think it’ll happen. That kind of good fortune only happens to others. Then the lottery official reads off the numbers, or your sales figures come in, and all of a sudden you’re George Lucas the weekend after Star Wars opened. Your book is flying off the shelves, your pockets are overflowing with cash and, just like on Cheers, everybody knows your name.

Now what?

On the off chance this ever happens, I sort of have a plan. First off, I’ve getting health insurance. Beyond that, things get hazy. I was considering a move back to New Jersey so I could spend my retirement years on the beach, but after Hurricane Sandy I may have to rethink that one. Maybe I’ll keep the PA home and just rent a place at the shore. Wherever I end up, it’ll have home Internet so I won’t have to rely on library or McDonald’s Wi-Fi any more. After that, we’ll have to see.

The biggest problem I foresee with success is, how would I follow it up? You’ve just directed Star Wars or published Twilight. The eyes of the world are on you to see what you do next. What do you do next? How can you top, or even equal, a global phenomenon? Not to mention the hordes of people out there just waiting for you to stumble. You can see their handiwork in Amazon reviews.

George Lucas did pretty well after Star Wars, if one ignores Howard the Duck. Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins appear to have survived the success of their series. J. K. Rowling wrote a novel for grown-ups, though there are rumors she may return to the cash cow that is the Harry Potter universe. E. L. James has mentioned rewriting 50 Shades from Christian’s perspective. If it ain’t broke …

To answer the question: you can’t. Success of the Star Wars or Twilight or 50 Shades variety is an aberration. It happens once in a lifetime. Maybe it’ll happen once in your lifetime. You bank or invest the money, buy your aging mom a house, and then move on. Chances are the money won’t be as big as we all think it is anyway. Suzanne Collins said in an interview she hasn’t seen that big of a change in the family finances post Hunger Games because of her publisher’s payment schedule. Plus Uncle Sam will have his hand out before you even get your first check. By all means, shoot for megasuccess. Just remember you’ve been warned.

Given my luck, if this level of success hits me at all it’ll happen with a book that doesn’t have my name on it, some throwaway written under a pseudonym. I’m good with that. Then all the attention and pressure and demands for a follow-up will fall on that non-existent other writer, leaving me free to go on with my life, although with financial stability. Or if I do hit it big as me, I’ll just change my name. Then I can go out on top. Five years later people will wonder, “Whatever happened to that woman who wrote ______?” She’s out on a beach in New Jersey, writing books under other names and taking aimless road trips without having to worry about the price of gas.

Oh, right. First I have to write the book that’ll bring me that success. That’s always the hardest part. And what would you do if the Success Fairy conked you over the head with her wand? It could happen any time, so be ready. Happy writing!

# # #

PS to Solara: Sorry, I wasn't going to post this week but then this subject hit. For anyone reading this, scroll down to the previous post and read my interview with Solara Gordon, then check out her new release, Hot for Torrey. I wish someone I knew would get rich and famous so I could blackmail them. It would save me a lot of hard work.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Special Guest Solara Gordon

This week on Title Magic we're featuring Solara Gordon, fellow Shapeshifter Seductions writer and author of the new Siren title, Hot for Torrey. Take it away, Solara!

1. What got you started as a writer?

Always enjoyed reading and stories telling as a child. Creativity seemed to be something that came naturally to me. I enjoyed the exercise and ideas that flowed out with each venture. It wasn't until I started writing poetry (had a few obscure pieces published) and journaling that I realized how much I thrived at this and loved doing it. Now I understand it is part of who I am and something I need to do.

2. Do you have a writing schedule?

Schedule? Did someone say schedule? Do you have your muse on a time clock? Mine visits when and where she wants. Priscilla, aka Pris gets thanked every morning for being part of my world and invited to come along with me to my day job as well as my commute or whatever else I am doing. Does she always follow instructions? NO! Neither does my writing. I often find time in the evening after my day job. Usually once I am into a story I keep working away with a beginning, middle, and end. Then when it starts to lag I know I've got to break out a deadline to encourage me to see the story through and tell me the rest of it.

3. Plotter or pantser?

Pantser for the most part. If I plot out the story, I've told it to me already and I've lost interest in it. Thus why I don't even do a synopsis until the book is done and ready for submission. I do plot high points once I'm sure I'm into the story and know my characters well. All the work a plotter does prior I do bits and pieces of as I write. I prefer to let my characters tell me their story with Pris's help than to force them to fit some niche. Sometimes easier said than done. I may have to carefully define my characters and who they are to keep in line with the story I am telling/writing.

4. Reading habits growing up?

Voracious reader. Mysteries, teen romance, science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream literature.

5. What inspired this story?

Hot for Torrey came from a discussion about the younger generation and their hook-up dating vs friends with benefits and growing into long term relationships or learning about themselves as they as adults coming of age. Also Blue Sky Riders has a song called Little Victories that inspired the basic premise of finding a part of ourselves that keeps us going on after the breakup of a relationship or even a part of life.

6. Any favorite genres/subgenres?

Paranormal, Paranormal Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi romance

7. Anything else you'd like to share (favorite foods, TV shows, time of year, etc.)

I don't watch much TV. I do it for a quick relaxation if I've been super busy with my day job or other things going on. My To Be Read pile has grown and I need to take time to weed through it. Somewhere in between Pris and I penning our next tale, I might get a few pages in. Few is the key word.

Thanks Pat for having me.

# # #

HOT FOR TORREY (MF)[Cascade Bay] by Solara Gordon [Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] Caught in a storm of their mutual friends' making, Torrey is wondering if Holt would make a good replacement for her battery-operated boyfriend. Holt is determined this will be more than a one-night stand. Can they overcome their friends-with-benefits past to become something more?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 7, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #227 

On the magickal, mystical front, The Year of the GREAT MOTHER is 2013. That is, the energy of the universal mother arrives -- both the good nurturing aspects of THE DIVINE FEMININE, along with the ferocity of a mother bear defending her cubs.

The 'neutral' side of this sacred energy is also being co-opted, and translated into the 'nanny state', currently being forced on the people by the dark-side elite. However, the act of saying 'no', and reclaiming our divine sovereignty will stop this mental enslavement.

For the next six months of 2013, the battle lines form. Also, battles begin on many fronts. Featured this week, and this month:  Anti-Life, the New Decadent Society versus the Rise of the True Romantic Who Loves Life.

Simply notice how this is represented in the world around you. For, both the anti-life trend and romantic trend will show up in various guises.

On the personal front, dazed and confused, it's going to be that kind of week for many of us. At the same time, a new kind of clarity grips many of us, about the events of these times. Thus, we begin making permanent changes in our lives.

Likely, this week will also be one of action. That is, take action wherever and whenever you can to make improvements in your life situation. If there's any uncertainty, think about what tactic to take, then leap.

Love is in the air, as well. Now is the time to nurture your good relationships, to make them even more fulfilling. And if a new love possibility arises, take it at a leisurely 'let's hold hands first' pace. You won't regret it.

On the economic front, now accelerates the 'deliberate' destruction of the U.S. economy. The bankster gangsters suck out more of the peoples' substance with an onslaught of taxes, fines, and fees.

Gold, as a commodity, could take a prominent position this week. Watch for it.

From a prior forecast, this theme continues: "Economic Warfare Against the People. Or, This Financial Holocaust Brought to You by the Bankster Gangster Crowd.

With the ongoing slow collapse of the economy, more and more of the people will be forced to owe their souls to the BIG BANKS, and the BIG BOX company stores.

Meanwhile, the middle class is being taxed into oblivion. Meanwhile, oil wars, gold wars, and currency wars, now rage between blocks of nations.

To fully bring in the new world order, what is termed 'forced debt creation' is being implemented. In simple terms this means 'the people' are being suckered and defrauded -- intentionally turned into debt slaves.

Despite the endless promises, there will be no relief from Big Gov, only more pain. As one spiritually aware individual stated, "time to abandon everything gov related." This advice is wise. If you are able to free yourself in any way. DO IT!"

On the paranormal front, a wacky week and month ahead in the supernatural world. The planet, Mars, stays in the lead as far as 'real' space news, even though NASA's lies are thicker than ever. Anthing to keep the truth about the red planet hidden.

As usual, some of the 'high strangeness' happenings will leak into the brain-drain news, but be disguised as much less important than they are. Most of this will revolve around UFOs, currently a worldwide, ongoing phenomena.

Here's a head shaker: HEADLINE from Giant Cube Recorded By NASA, Bigger Than Earth, Near Sun On Dec 21st & 23rd. NASA Source, Alien Cube First Seen In 2011~ Reported on Monday, December 24, 2012 0:19.

On the truth front, it's time to look for a life raft in a sea of lies. With many of the people now in revolt over the second amendment, the trade and stock of the establishment becomes bigger deceptions and better, badder lies.

TRUTH wins in the long run, however. This is because hypocrisy does not fly well with the common folks. If the elite own weapons, and have bodyguards to protect themselves...well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, as the old saying goes.

On the war front, in the Middle East theater, key changes will take place, that in essence mean, the dark-side controllers who want WWIII to begin full-out, are currently losing that fight. This is because of so many prayers for peace.

Although, the horror-killing fields will continue in the Middle East, and the strategic countermoves escalate at a frightening pace, GOOD is *slowly* winning.

At this time, the dark-siders are pushing 'the people' into civil disobedience and civil wars by imploding every economy on the face of the globe. As always, this is basically a DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy.

However, ultimately this strategy will backfire. For, the dragon of war, the evil ones have conjured, now whips around to devour them. This will not occur overnight, of course.

This week, there will likely be news about another war that has begun, or is being waged in secret.

On the AWAKENING front, The time of intention is here. That is, humanity's ability to INTEND the future as an act of *common will*, is now much stronger than it was before. This is due to many forces, one of them being the Aquarian Age itself.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this week, The Hammer is Being Brought Down... again and again. At this point in time, every type of false flag operation is being planned, and setup.

The goal is to force 'the people' to give up their firearms, and 'willingly' go under hard martial law, with the false belief that accepting hardcore tyranny will protect them. Beware and prepare, dear ones, for the many trials ahead.

Other than divine intervention, only constant exposure will slow down, or stop this evil brought to you, courtesy of the new world order crowd.

On the communication front, as the Aquarian Age vibes become stronger, the Call to Arms, the battle cry for freedom sweeps like wildfire across the country, and goes viral across the world. For, our souls desire freedom, and only thrive in a state of love and liberty.

In the next three months, there will be major advances in cyber communication devices, and the price will be just right for many.

On the home front, as the darkness of oppression spreads, as every attempt is made to destroy human creativity, and suppress the soul, in a step-by-step but rapid process, there will be two pathways to true freedom.

One is ASCENSION, the vibrational rise beyond the frequencies of evil. At the same time -- of equal importance -- is the willingness of humanity to stand up, stand together, and courageously battle to be free.

Meanwhile, homesteading begins the renewal of our society -- on the land, and in the rundown areas of smaller communities. To paraphrase future trends maestro, Gerald Celente: "Bring it back home... When everyone does well in a community, everyone does well."

On the food front, FOOD PRICES WARNING! STOCK UP!!! Prices on some foods are beginning to skyrocket.

Also, becoming an expert on the storage of food will become a good way to earn a living in the near future.

On the land changes front, there are several disasters ahead, during the year 2013, that will involve the force of water.

Also, the affect of the sun on the planetary weather systems will be revealed more and more, despite the attempt to keep that information from the public.

In the future, about midpoint 2013, the super windstorms begin in some areas of the planet.

On the energy front, the energetics of Mother Earth are a-changing. Thus, there will be opportunities to create and use power in new ways.

This also means, there could be major interruptions in the electrical grid, as plasma energy increases in the atmosphere. The corp-gov will attempt to cover this up, placing the blame elsewhere.

On the really bad news front, while looking for more ways to shoot the public like fish in a barrel, the despotic Caligula crowd -- the elite now in control of most countries -- continues to revel in their endless decadence. This will become more and more obvious.

Also, this week, be prepared for some off-the-charts bad economic news. This has not fully formed as a future event, but could involve the banking system.

On the good news front, We Don't Know How Different We Are. On the other side of the 2012 Cosmic Stargate, we don't know how different we are, as in the positive changes taking place within us human beings. We won't know, except as our lives progress, and we discover ourselves anew during 2013.

However, the Winter Solstice 2012 transformational vibes are kicking in. So, what does this look like at this moment in time?

STRAIGHT ON LIKE A MACK TRUCK is the vibe. People are speaking out, speaking their minds, and they are NOT holding back.

It's no longer about pussyfooting around in life. Not anymore. The tigress/tiger energy inside all of us has awakened, and is ready to roar.

Roar to life. Roar about life. Roar at life. Roar at everyone. Roar with everyone. Roar for everyone. Roar for freedom and right and good. Roar against injustice, tyranny, and evil.

We the people are roaring now. We are no longer mewing passively. This collective 'roar' will only become stronger as the year progresses.

On the global mafia cabal front, with the over medication of Americans, the day and night of the walking dead is here. During this time of zombification, the new world order crowd is moving in for the final kill. That is, this anti-life force is making its bid to bring humanity down to its knees, and bury us.

On the freedom front, Chief of Police Mark Kessler is proposing a 'Second Amendment Preservation' ordinance for his small town in Pennsylvania. Given the overwhelming interest by other police chiefs and sheriffs, this could serve as model legislation -- and as a way to uphold the right to bear arms and nullify any unconstitutional moves by the feds. Without violence.

Trendwise, Egypt rises from its ancient past to speak once again to ALL of the peoples on Earth. This will occur mostly through revelations around the pyramids, the temples, and the various sacred sites.

Also, more ancient texts will be discovered, and other Egyptian texts will be newly interpreted -- newly understood in profound and divine ways. 

Another major trend this year, is everything COSMIC, COSMOS, and COSMOLOGICAL. More of us will be looking to the skies, especially the night skies.

This week, dance through your days with a light heart whenever possible. If it's been awhile since you've held hands with a loved one, now is the time to learn the joys of clasping hands again. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Retro Flash - Coyote Moon

I’m still riding the holiday don’t-wanna-work wave, so instead of a blog to kick off the new year, here’s a blast from the past—the opening to my first published paranormal romance, Coyote Moon. It’s about a boy in love with a girl who’s the target of a pack of horny werewolves. Happens all the time.

# # #

Cody Gray hiked into Coopersburg just shy of sunset, and right off the bat he smelled she-wolf.

Cody’s mouth stretched in a great big fox-in-the-henhouse grin. If he’d had his tail right then, he’d’ve wagged it. All the way up from Texas he’d been on the lookout for some nice wild country to set up a pack in, and a mate to help him get started. Just when he figured northern California might fill the bill for one, Fate dropped the other in his lap. Chaos, patron of the coyote-folk, must be smiling on him.

He set his nose to the wind. He’d already spotted a bar up ahead, and a couple of houses and a gas station, before the two-laner he’d hitchhiked in on widened out and entered Coopersburg proper. The she-wolf was at the gas station, and plenty riled by the scent of her. He drank in a noseful of her and sighed. Nice and pungent. Alpha, maybe? He liked his girls feisty. Cody quickened his pace.

Closer to the gas station, he spotted a nasty tableau: three big apes closing in on a pair of ladies. The lady in back, getting herded into the dubious safety of the garage bay, was slender, blonde and cursing like a dock hand. The herder had auburn hair and three-four inches on the blonde. She looked fit to chew brass and spit tacks. Cody’s pulse ramped up to a gallop. There was his wolf, and she was about to get herself trounced. Her bared teeth kept the apes at bay, but they wouldn’t hold much longer.

He slowed and came up on them careful and unnoticed, close enough to smell the alcohol on the apes and hear the menace coloring their taunts. The wolf-gal said something. The snarl in her tone announced the apes were in for a whuppin’, but she made no move to attack. Cody crouched behind a parked car. Chaos, only three of them. Why didn’t she just shift and end it?

Then, in a heartbeat, the situation changed. The blonde screamed. Cody’s hackles lifted. The apes had a buddy, and he’d snuck in through the office into the bay and caught the blonde gal from behind. She writhed in his grip while the other apes hooted. The wolf-gal darted in to help the blonde, but the ape in the lead grabbed her arm. Cody didn’t catch his words, but the leer on his face said it all.

So she let him have it. No girly slaps for this she-wolf. She socked him a solid one, right in the nose. The smell of blood joined the odors of liquor and adrenaline that already charged the air. The words she barked at the lead ape weren’t the kind ladies should know, much less repeat in public, but given the situation Cody allowed she was entitled.

The big ape’s face got uglier, no mean feat. If the wolf-gal hadn’t switched by now, Cody realized, she either wasn’t going to, or couldn’t.

That clinched it. This was his future mate getting threatened by those drunk knuckle-draggers. He bared his teeth, revealing canines just a tad longer and heavier than a human’s. Time to get involved. In true coyote fashion, of course.

This being a garage, naturally it had a peck of cars sitting around, and naturally some trusting soul had left their keys in the ignition. Cody slid in behind the wheel of a sporty little Mustang that started up real nice. He took aim and floored it.

The rev of the Mustang’s engine must’ve cut through the boozy haze on their brains because they looked around and finally noticed the car rocketing right at them. They abandoned the wolf-gal and scattered. Cody plowed through the midst of them, then swung a tight U-ey and shot after their leader, the biggest, ugliest ape in this bunch of bananas. The man scrabbled desperately over the tarmac. Cody brought the Mustang right up on his heels before he slewed it aside. He reached out and slapped the ape’s John Deere cap clean off his head. The ape stumbled away, and the car shot on by.

Cody let loose a Texas howl and wheeled around for another go. Chaos, this car handled sweet. “Gotta get me one of these,” he murmured.

And one of those, he added mentally, as his squealing turn faced him toward the garage again. The goon in the bay had let go of the blonde, and now the wolf-gal was all over him like, well, like ugly on an ape. Poor guy couldn’t even land a slap. Too quick and strong for him. Cody’s butt hitched on the seat, wagging a phantom tail.

Since the wolf-gal didn’t need his help, he went back after the apes. They’d made fast tracks across the street and piled into a pickup parked by the bar. They took off down the road without so much as a cussword flung at him. Cody offered up a mental shrug. Didn’t want to dent their truck, most like. Apes had oddball priorities. He trundled the Mustang up to the garage. The wolf-gal had the fourth ape flat on the greasy floor. The ape contracted into a ball. “C’mon, Willy. I said I was sorry.”

“You’re sorry, all right,” she growled down at him. “I expect cheap thuggery from Les, but you—”

She cut herself off and sniffed the air. She turned just as Cody hopped out of the Mustang. He watched her eyes get big and her body tighten up to full attention. She knew what he was, all right, but only on some basic, primitive level, not in her head or her nose. She didn’t recognize him. Any she-wolf worth her pack standing would be showing her fangs by now, with a growl at him to git, rescue or no rescue. That’s how your average wolf saw coyotes, pests to be run off. Because your average wolf had no sense of humor.

He stared hard into her eyes. A fine honey-brown shade. Wolf eyes ran to yellow, like his own. This one had a whiff of ape on her. Half-breed? That might explain why she hadn’t switched.

Her stance had shifted into a pose of wary friendliness. She let him get pretty close up before she stopped him with a little twitch of her mouth, not quite the flash of a fang. “Thanks,” she said.

“My pleasure, ma’am.”

“I could have handled it. Those jerks are losers even when they’re sober. But I do appreciate the help.” She smiled just enough to get Cody’s invisible tail wagging again. “Nice moves with my car, by the way.”

Her car? Chaos love it, this just got better and better. Cody flashed a smile wide enough to eat the moon. She didn’t even have her hand halfway out before he seized it. “Glad I could help. I’m Cody Gray, up from Texas. You’re going to marry me.”

Stop by for another excerpt, and a look at my other books, at