Friday, October 30, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds ~ I want both of you. Zol, Zin.”

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

My witch heroine, Kandace, is passionately enjoying her hellhounds. Here are seven X-paragraphs from my Halloween-theme erotic romance menage, KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS. 


Before she finished, Zol slid her up his shaft. He struck deep, groaning from the depths of his beast nature.

Claiming her peach-shaped butt with his hands, Zin caressed as she mewed in utter ecstasy.

Zol nipped her throat, then planted kisses along the delicate column of her neck. “That is what you wanted, darling.”

“Yes, hard. That Vesuvius cock of yours is sorcery inside me.” Kandace undulated daintily, shoving her ass against Zin’s hands. “I can’t get enough of your kisses either.”

Zin gradually pressed his thumbs along her butt crack, then slid strokes on the juicy flesh.

“I must be binding. Both of you, I want both of you. Zol, Zin.” She paused, inhaling as if she didn’t quite believe it. “Oooh, now I smell the purple…like a field of lavender.”

“Both of us?” Zin rasped his own need for more of their witch. He rubbed his thumb pad over the puckered rim of her little butthole, enticing her. 


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Blurb ~

Kandace doesn’t know why she’s a real witch. Despite her powers, she can’t find her bio parents. When the Tuxedo Twins tempt her with knowledge about her heritage at a charity event, Kandace agrees to dance with the mysterious Supernaturals. Unexpectedly, they are threatened by the omnipresent evil she’s been warned about in her dreams. To keep from being enslaved, Kandace brings forth her greater magick. But, to save her homeworld, she needs her hellhounds.

Zolivar and Zindale, two of Hades’ most mission-accomplished Hellhounds, see a witch sliding down the bannister after her heist of a painting. Spellbound, they know they’ve found just the right Kandy Apple to lick for Halloween. With every passion, Zin and Zol woo their chosen witch. Yet, will their Triad mate stay once she learns they can’t fall in love like humans? Or, will she return to her homeworld? Their very lives are at stake.

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Sherilyn, Dono, and Zance invite you to read their love story ~
A woman desperate to save herself and her prize horses. Two shapeshifter cowboys who want her as their woman. That's only the beginning... Available: SMASHWORDS PREMIUM CATALOGUE ~ KINDLE ~ *TopSeller* at AllRomanceEbooks  

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Blurb: On a vision quest, Ghost Walker succumbs to the harsh desert of the Four Corners badlands. With death's talons striking, he is rescued by a mysterious mustang.

Running as horse, Grant Thunderhead senses an intruder trigger the forcefield protecting his steam engine caverns. Investigating, he finds a beautiful unusual man who will rescue his heart.

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A Different Kind of Ghost Story

Last week, among other topics, I talked about those ads on Craigslist where writers advertise for other writers to write their books for them in a work-for-hire arrangement. It got me to wondering why someone would do that. If you consider yourself a writer, shouldn’t you be writing your own books?

I indirectly got an answer to that question while following a different story. In short, it’s good, old-fashioned ghost writing, and it’s been around for decades. You didn’t really think all those celebrity “authors” like Vanna White or William Shatner wrote their own books, did you?

Ebook publishing has opened up a whole new market for this, especially in the romance genre. That explains why so many of these ads are looking for romance writers. That also explains how some romance writers appear to be so prolific.

If you want to make a living in ebook publishing, it helps if you write fast. Some writers have a new release every freakin’ month. I kid you not. Granted, the definition of “book” among romance e-publishers includes word counts as low at 15,000, which makes it a lot easier. I once did the math and determined it really is possible to write a book a month. If you write a minimum of 1000 words a day—doable even if you’ve got a day job—by the end of a month you’ve got 30,000 words. That’s enough for a romance ebook. Or two, if you’re writing short stories.

A romance writer working full-time can easily hit this target, and in theory have a minimum of twelve releases a year. Those of us who aren’t that fast and can only manage half that output (or less, for us true slowpokes) can still build up an impressive backlist and its attendant sales. All it takes is an ad on Craigslist, and a willing ghost.

I never thought about that before, but it does make sense. Romance epublishing favors speed. It keeps your name in front of fickle readers. Can’t keep up with reader demand for your work? Hire somebody online. For $500-$1000 or so you can get a subcontractor to write your novel for you. That way a book with your byline on it will appear on the market every month. If you’ve got a big enough following, you’ll make your outlay back in the first week. There’s certainly no shortage of hungry writers out there. Like I mentioned last week, $500 is more than I made with my last release. It’s just that I know I’d be pissed if a book I wrote made a ton of money for somebody else. That’s the only reason I haven’t skewed off in this direction.

I’m not saying everybody with a huge body of work is doing this, but it does make me wonder. I’ve heard rumors James Patterson works this way, so it isn’t only romance or epublishing.

There’s another way a writer can hit the book-a-month deadline, which is how I heard about this in the first place. Since we’re coming up on Halloween, here’s a horror story for you.

I’ve been following a breaking story over on the Absolute Write site regarding a “prolific” writer of M/M romances. She’s had something like 75 books come out in the last five years, or roughly 15 books a year. How can somebody write that many in so short a time? Well, maybe she has a husband with a good-paying job and kids who do all the housework.

Or she was plagiarizing other writers. Which turned out to be the case. It’s easy to write quickly if somebody else has already written most if not all of the book for you.

Even worse, she was taking M/F books and changing pronouns as well as character names to turn them into M/M stories. Since M/F readers don’t normally wander into M/M territory and vice versa, she probably figured she wouldn’t be found out.

Except one omnivorous reader did figure it out and contacted the plagiarized M/F author. Now the M/M writer’s entire backlist is under scrutiny, and more examples of blatant theft are appearing almost daily.

What does this have to do with my discussion of ghosting up there? Well, someone in the comments tried to defend the plagiarist by suggesting maybe she’d hired a ghost to write some of her novels for her. That it was the ghost, not the author herself, who rewrote somebody else’s book and sold it to the author, who in turn sold it to a publisher, or self-published, which I think was the case. Either way, the books got sold to unsuspecting readers at the original author’s expense. Man, this sure gets complicated, doesn’t it?

If you’re one of those genuinely-fast full-time writers who actually produces all that wordage every month, I salute you. If you’re not quite that fast and are bolstering your backlist with ghost-written works, hey, okay. Everybody has to make a living. If you’re stealing someone else’s work and passing it off as your own, shame on you. It will come back to bite you. I recommend you find another line of work, like politics or something.

Me, I’m gonna keep slogging along, writing my own works at my own glacial pace. It doesn’t count as ghosting or plagiarism if I put a pen name on something I wrote myself. The inspirations for some of my stories—well, that gets a little spotty. It’s all original by the time I’m done with it, I swear. And that’s all I’ll admit to. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 26, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #373     

The Great Revelations Continue,  Blasting the Human Race Toward Self-Governance ... and The Secret Space Program Exposed Again 

ARTICLE: "Confessions of Naval Intelligence Officer-JFK Assassination, UFO’s, ET’s, the Giza Pyramids and Cydonia Mars Connections by Dave Hodges ~ October 25, 2015 
...However, I will tell you that our history has been hidden from us and the resulting technology could wipe out all hunger and resource issues on the planet. Yet, there is a plot to keep this technology out of the hands of the people. It is all about control and the lid is ready to come of this conspiracy of silence and will reveal all to those who are astute enough to listen." 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swing their mighty lightblades ripping through the dark-side energies imprisoning the human race in a dense matrix. Now, the human mind AWAKENS from a form of robotic conditioning. 

Thus, exceptional creativity and innovation will now phoenix-soar. Those who first dare to step outside of this shadow-demon matrix will become planet Earth's enlightened leaders. Women will lead the way.  

On the personal front, this week, the thinning of the veil will likely have a significant impact on your life. Meaning, the opening of your psychic senses and sensibilities. For some of us, the effects will be so subtle as to be ignored ... that is, for a time. While for others, it will be as if your intuition, and other psi abilities have been blasted open. 

Also, the heart center continues to rise within all of us who remain open to the Divine, to the energies of the new AWARENESS vibes. This will likely be experienced in your closest relationships this week. Once again, there will be a deepening, or a letting go. 

At this time, there will be some who will intensely feel the urge to move... to move to another location... perhaps, move to another career, or way of making a living... even a new way of life. 

Now, a general restlessness grips humanity as a whole. We ALL look for where we truly belong during this time of TRANSITION into the Aquarian Age. 

On the ASTEROID FOR HALLOWEEN front, ARTICLE: "Large 'Spooky' Asteroid to Narrowly Miss Earth on Halloween
Large 'Spooky' Asteroid to Narrowly Miss Earth on Halloween - October 25, 2015; 7:00 PM ET
A newly discovered asteroid larger than a skyscraper will whiz past the Earth on Halloween, making a dangerously close approach to the planet." 

On the TIME TRAVELER front, ARTICLE: "Who was John Titor, the 'time traveller' who came from 2036 to warn us of a nuclear war? ~ Saturday, October 24, 2015
As the world celebrated Back to the Future Day, it has forgotten the unknown man whose 2001 internet postings might just have saved humanity. — The Telegraph" 

On the paranormal front, Just In Time For Halloween... The Paranormal/Supernatural Hits the Edge and Goes Mainstream 

ARTICLE: "Forget about bigfoot, the dogman sounds even more terrifying ~ Saturday, October 24, 2015
Bigfoot isn't the only upright creatures people report seeing in the woods." — Bigfoot Evidence 

BLURB: "An Unknown Abduction Event Skillfully Researched ~ Friday October 23, 2015
You have probably never heard of the Mojave Incident--until now. An hours long, conscious abduction event researched at a very high level. One of the most amazing shows in Dreamland's history. 
Some years ago Elise and Tom Gifford had a phenomenal close encounter. They were both wide awake and side by side during the first hours of the experience. There followed a day-long encounter of great terror and power, during which they were made to relive the most difficult and intimate experiences of their lives.
Through author Ron Felber, who first heard their story from a mutual friend, they were diagnosed and evaluated not by UFO hypnotists, but at a prominent psychiatric institute. They were also given polygraphs. The verdict reached at the institute was the same as that reached by famed Harvard Psychiatrist when interviewing other such witnesses: they believe that this happened to them. It was no fantasy and no lie.
Prepare yourself. Listen. Learn. Wonder. Ron Felber's website is" 

On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "UFO landing site blamed for making dogs sick
Posted on Saturday, 24 October, 2015 Some dogs being walked through Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England have allegedly become unwell.
Situated near the Air Force base at RAF Woodbridge, the area of woodland where several US servicemen famously encountered a strange object back in December 1980 has since become something of a tourist attraction that is frequented by visitors and dog walkers on a regular basis." 

On the *questions must be asked, explored...also, could this be a pre-op to PROJECT BLUE BEAM?* front, ARTICLE: "Something Very Strange Is Going on! Another 'Floating City' In The Sky - Has CERN Already Opened Doorways To Parallel Universe, Extra Dimension Or Are They Preparing Us For An 'Inter-Dimensional Savior'?" ~ October 21, 2015 

On the *past revealing itself* front, HEADLINE: "Thirty Two Pre-Hispanic Mummies Uncovered in Peru" 

On the WARNING!!! front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “Nuclear fire” erupts at radioactive facility near major US city — Footage shows underground explosions, massive smoke plumes — AP: “Unknown amount of radioactive waste burned” — EPA sends emergency radiological team — Residents: “We were flat out lied to… Why didn’t they evacuate the town?” (VIDEO)" 
CBS Las Vegas, Oct 22, 2015 (emphasis added): Government officials are still looking into what may have caused a low-level radiological storage facility [~100 miles outside Las Vegas] to go up in flames… “We didn’t even hear about it when it happened, according to Cindy Craig, a resident.  “We weren’t even get told about it until the next day.”
Las Vegas Review-Journal, Oct 21, 2015: Carol Johnston, owner of KC’s Outpost [in Beatty, Nevada]… said she was serving customers on a patio Sunday when she “heard a big boom” then looked up and saw a big puff of smoke. “Why didn’t they evacuate the town then?” she asked in a telephone interview Wednesday.
CBS Las Vegas, Oct 22, 2015: In the 40-second cellphone video… you can see the explosion in the shooting from the ground causing massive plumes of smoke. The explosion caused the facility to go up in flames.  State officials said the fire started in one of 22 covered trenches used to store low-level radioactive material…" 

ALSO... HEADLINE: "LA Times - Officials squabble as underground fire burns near radioactive waste dump in St. Louis area" 

AND... ARTICLE: "Total blackout of Fukushima truth by U.S. media; sailors suffer and die while denial continues" 

ARTICLE: "Fukushima Is Here, This Month the EPA Shut Off The Beta Radiation Monitors Because Strontium 90 is Beta Type" 

On the *'Bizarre'  Fiery Globe* front, ARTICLE: "'Bizarre'  Fiery Globe In The Sky Sparks Internet Frenzy The 'Destroyer' Is Near
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ October 23, 2015
A YouTube video published on October 12, 2015, by Melissa Huffman has the Internet buzzing with the claims that the image seen in the video, taken from Sanibel causeway in Florida is the mysterious Planet X.
In the 33 second video shown below, Huffman states that there is a "very clear planet that is right North of the sun,"  further asserting that while she "would love to say it was the moon, but since the moon happens to be right here on the opposite side" as she pans over to an image of the moon showing at the same time she says "there is no way it is." 

On the land changes front, AGAIN: HUGE LAND AND WEATHER CHANGES During the Next Four Months Will Permanently Alter Earth In Mostly GOOD Ways ... But Hang On Because There Will Be Some Rough-Tough Sailing Ahead 

HEADLINE: "Sunspots as you've never seen them before" 

ARTICLE: "Dangerous Increases in Ultraviolet Radiation Measured in California :In 2002, the ratio of dangerous UVB to “normal” UVA was LESS THAN ONE PERCENT (0.6%). Since then, the UVB has increased to a possible 42%, as shown in the video." 


HEADLINE: "Costa Rica's colossus Turrialba Volcano erupts gas and vapor 800 meteres into the air Saturday ~ Sunday, 25 October 2015" 

HEADLINE: "M7.3 - 34km NE of Port-Olry, Vanuatu: NO TSUNAMI WARNING ISSUED"  

VIDEO: Dramatic Timelapse Footage Shows Supercell Tornado Touching Down in Colorado" 

HEADLINE: "The Amazon drained forest: Incredible pictures show devastating effect of drought ravishing Brazil in area’s worst dry spell for 100 years" 

Floods in Athens, Greece, Leave 1 Dead 
Flood Rescues in Odessa as Texas and Oklahoma Brace for Days of Heavy Rain 
Philippines Floods – Storm Koppu Death Toll Rises 
Floods Affect 1000s in Guatemala, Belize and Mexico 

On the WEATHER WAR TARGETS TEXAS, SURROUNDING STATES, AND MEXICO front, Article: "PHOTOS: Flooding Forces Dozens of Water Rescues Across Texas
Streams of moisture inundated the South Central U.S. over the weekend as moisture from once-Hurricane Patricia funneled into the region." 

ARTICLE: "Why Is This Happening? Unprecedented Flooding Has Hit The U.S. Within The Last 30 Days" 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Patricia to Spread Flood Threat From Louisiana to Florida Into Monday ~ News - October 25, 2015; 7:45 PM ET
While Texas bore the brunt of the major flooding Friday into Saturday, the flood danger will continue to shift eastward across the Deep South through Monday." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "LIVE: Thousands Without Power as Heavy Rain Persists Across Louisiana - October 25, 2015; 7:42 PM ET
Heavy rain has caused widespread flooding and cut power to thousands from Texas to Louisiana." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hail Batters West Texas
Oct 22, 2015; 8:00 AM ET Hail and heavy rain battered El Paso, Texas, for a second day on Wednesday, Oct. 21, as a severe thunderstorm moved through the Southwest. Strong winds downed trees, and rain caused flooding in parts." 

On the *geo-engineering/chemtrail* front, Article: "IPCC FAIL: Another Scientist Exposes Covert Aerosol Climate Engineering" 

ARTICLE: "Former Prominent CIA Officer Shares Details Of The Government’s All Out War Against Whistleblowers With
Many ask why there are not more whistleblowers coming forward to sound the alarm on the climate engineering insanity occurring around the globe. Many use the "lack of whistleblowers" excuse to remain in denial about the all too obvious climate engineering atrocities in our skies. Those who use this excuse to avoid facing reality clearly have no clue whatsoever about what the criminal cabal (masquerading as our government) does to anyone that dares to try and expose the truth. Veteran CIA officer, Kevin Shipp, has shown exceptional courage by openly and actively speaking out about the epidemic tyranny in the halls of our government. 
...Silencing Whistleblowers
By Kevin Shipp, contributing writer for
Why don’t more “whistle blowers” come out to expose illegal or unconstitutional secret government operations? If these activities are so illegal, why are people not coming forward to report them?  
Over the last fifty years US government intelligence agencies have perfected a complex, sequential system to systematically silence or destroy any employee, including his or her family, who attempts to reveal illegal or unconstitutional activities conducted as part of secret government operations." 

On the *climate change con job* front, ARTICLE: "Americans Less Concerned About Climate Change than Reptiles
Washington’s Blog | As well as Tornadoes, Credit Card Fraud, Cyber-Terrorism, Bio-Warfare, Nuclear War, Mass Surveillance, Economic Collapse or Obamacare." 

ARTICLE: "As global warming hoax collapses, pushers of counterfeit science turn to fear extremism to try to scare people into compliance" 

ARTICLE: "South Africa Calls Climate Deal ‘Apartheid’ for Developing Nations
Joshua Krause | Countries that are already struggling to raise the standard of living of their citizens have enough to worry about." 

ARTICLE: "Sec. State Kerry: Disqualify Climate Change Skeptics from High Public Office 
Kurt Nimmo - During the Climate and Clean Energy Investment Forum held in Washington on Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry said those who question climate change should be disqualified from seeking public office." 

ARTICLE: "81 Major Corporations–Including Google, Facebook, Coca Cola, General Motors–Sign WH Pledge to Back Global Climate Change Deal
CNS News | “We recognize that delaying action on climate change will be costly in economic and human terms,” the pledge states." 

On the AWAKENING front, As the World Chaos-Crumbles, En Masse The People AWAKEN To the Dark-Side Establishment... Many of the BRAVE ONES Ram-Charge and Many More Become the Battering Rams For Humanity -- For the Sake of Mother Earth  

This becomes more obvious... FROM THE PRIOR FORECAST: ***The Power Structure of the World -- Built On the Giant Sand Castles of Lies and Deception -- Now Crumbles 

For, This False World Is Blown Away By the Winds of Truth... and Is Being Washed Away In the Purifying Waters of the Aquarian Age*** 

ARTICLE: "Facing The 'Final Days' - The Quote That Shows Everything Is Falling Apart Right Now ~ October 25, 2015 
Overstock's Chairman Jonathan Johnson - "There will be a banking holiday."
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine
Founded in the United States in 1940 and discovered in 1954, many alive today have never known a time when McDonald's wasn't a household name, but its financial downfall along with other huge names like Wal-Mart and the hundreds of store closings  and announced future closings and bankruptcies,  by a number of other well known retailers such as JC Penny, Sears, OfficeDepot/Office Max, Staples, and long list of others,  show a stark contrast from the fairy tales the MSM have been reporting about the supposed "recovery."
On Saturday, October 24, 2015, Stefan Stanford highlighted the inordinate amount of press being given to "the elite" preparing for the end in recent weeks, asking "what do they know that we do not?" The answer is simple, they are looking at the facts, some of which will be presented below, which shows that it is all falling apart right before our very eyes, and they are acting accordingly."

ARTICLE: "Superyacht Getaway Subs And Luxury Bomb Shelters: The Elite Are The Most Paranoid Preppers Of All
Economic Collapse - When it comes to “prepping”, many among the elite take things to an entirely different level. As you will see below, the elite are willing to pay big money for cutting edge home security measures, luxury bomb shelters and superyacht getaway submarines. Some of the things that the elite are demanding for their own protection go beyond even what we would see in a James Bond film, and serving the prepping needs of the elite has become a multi-billion dollar business. Meanwhile, the media outlets that the elite own continue to mock the rest of us for getting prepared. All the time we see headlines like this one that appeared in a major American news source: “Preppers: Meet the paranoid Americans awaiting the apocalypse“. Well, if we are paranoid for setting aside some extra food and supplies for the future, what does that make the people that you will read about in this article?" 

ARTICLE: “Paranoid” Super Rich Becoming Obsessed With Home Security
Paul Joseph Watson | Billionaires splash out on hi-tech panic rooms, blast proof windows, hidden spy cameras." 

Headline: "BREAKING: Riots In 10 Cities, India On Verge Of Civil War!" 

On the BRAVE ONES front, ARTICLE: "Iceland jails 26 bankers for a combined 74 years in prison
Hang The Bankers - In a move that would make many capitalists’ head explode if it ever happened here, Iceland just sentenced their 26th banker to prison for their part in the 2008 financial collapse. In two separate Icelandic Supreme Court and Reykjavik District Court rulings, five top bankers from Landsbankinn and Kaupping — the two largest banks in the country — were found guilty of market manipulation, embezzlement, and breach of fiduciary duties. Most of those convicted have been sentenced to prison for two to five years. The maximum penalty for financial crimes in Iceland is six years, although their Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments to consider expanding sentences beyond the six year maximum." 

On the *she can criminally lie all day, everyday...but you aren't immune* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "No Charges for Lerner at IRS
Truth Revolt | Tea Party targeting not criminal, says DOJ" . 

On the WHAT NOT A SURPRISE front, ARTICLE: "US Mint Violating Congressional Law: Participating In Silver Price Suppression Of Capitalism’s Supply Demand For “Free Markets” 

ARTICLE: "Tax-Free Globalist Wants To Raise Your Taxes
Prison | Peter Sutherland is preaching the message that the refugee tsunami proves national sovereignty is an “illusion.” 

On the economic front, Out of the Economic Ashes Soars the Revolution-Evolution ... Now, the Unorthodox Begins To Reign... All While the Status Quo Continues Crumbling Away 

ARTICLE: "With Just $10 “You’re Wealthier Than 25% Of Americans” | The top 1% of people now own 50% of the world’s wealth." 

ARTICLE: "This is a Tipping Point: Robots “Cheaper Than Any Human Worker” Means the End of Jobs
Mac Slavo | Before future-history brings us a dark and grim reality pitted against a killerTerminator robot army, humanity will have to face job killing robots." 

ARTICLE: "Banks are seriously discussing negative interest rates for normal people's savings" 

ARTICLE: "Warning sign: Tech companies of All Sizes and Ages Are Starting to Have Layoffs" 

ARTICLE: "Global Trade Is Collapsing As The Worldwide Economic Recession Deepens
Michael Snyder | It is just basic economics." 

ARTICLE: "How The U.S. Government Covers Up 72% Inflation Before Your Very Eyes | Zero Hedge" 

ARTICLE: "Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse
Zero Hedge | “We are not big fans of Wall Street and we don’t trust them.” 

ARTICLE: "$1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Bomb And The Great Financial Disaster" 

On the POVERTY, BROKEN DREAM *by nefarious design of the dark-side controllers* front, ARTICLE: "Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year
Michael Snyder | In order to have a thriving middle class, you have got to have an economy that produces lots of middle class jobs, and that simply is not happening in America today." 

ARTICLE: "Poverty Is the New Middle Class :There has never been a time when the plight of the middle class has been in such jeopardy, the Great Depression notwithstanding. The elite are squeezing what little life remains in the middle class 
Is there any hope for America and its middle class? I scoured the statistics with regard to the economic health of the middle class. And what I discovered is that there is not much of the middle class. We are a nation of falling wages and job opportunities and the effects are spinning through the economy.
Last year, a friend asked me to recommend his daughter a major as she was about to begin college this fall.  I thought for a moment and answered “welfare”.  The father was quite taken back as I took out my IPAD and forwarded him some of my files which contains our recent economic statistics.
Quit Your Job Make More Money
There are 35 states in this country in which it is better to accept welfare than work at an entry level job. Much like crack cocaine or heroin addicts, much of our nation is hopelessly addicted to living in the welfare state. This has real implications for the emotional and even spiritual health of our nation. The most distressing aspect of the present economic conditions we find ourselves mired in, is the fact that we are allowing our young people to have their dreams and their very sense of hope stolen away from them. Fear monger, naysayer, doomsday profit are terms ascribed to people who dare to criticize the existing economic system and speak about the real implications for our people. I dare the most liberal of you to read the following facts, engage in your own fact checking and then not to be able to conclude that the American dream, for most of our people, is dead and buried." 

Number of London's 'working poor' surges 70% in 10 years Housing costs worsen poverty in the capital despite record numbers in jobs as study finds work barely pays for 1.2 million Londoners" 

On the OUTLAWING CASH front, ARTICLE: "More and More Countries Are Beginning to Outlaw Cash For Certain Transactions ~ Posted by: Phoenix Capital... ~ 10/24/2015 
Spain, France., Italy, Uruguay, have all begun implementing laws to ban physical cash for certain transactions. This is just the start."  

On the *American Worker No Longer Counts* front, HEADLINE: "Feds dangle $12,000 bonus to firms that hire foreign students" 

HEADLINE: "Secret Memo Reveals Obama’s Effort to Flood Labor Market With Illegals" 

ARTICLE: "Total sellout: Illegal immigrants to be paid up to $35,000 by U.S. government, then granted right to vote
(NaturalNews) The Obama administration's incessant pandering to illegal immigrants is continuing unabated, as many will be eligible to receive tens of thousands of your tax dollars as a reward for breaking U.S. laws and sneaking into the country." 

ARTICLE: "Border Agent Testifies: Obama’s ‘catch and release’ Policy Incentivizing Illegals
Adan Salazar | Only 40 percent of illegals being apprehended at border, CBP agent tells Homeland Security committee." 

On the truth front, TRUTH, the Whole Truth, WINS, Blazing Nonstop At This Critical Spinpoint In History/Herstory 

Now, the dark-side establishment coverups are all unraveling at superspeed. As well, any and every tactic will be used to defeat the diabolical global elite. Because it's all about destroying big brother for those who believe in self-governance, who want to live in freedom -- the freedom of the soul and spirit. 

ARTICLE: "Ron Paul: Feds Killed Irwin Schiff For Speaking Out
Kit Daniels | “That’s how ruthless the government is,” he said." 

FROM THE PRIOR FORECAST: "On the hero front, In memoriam: Irwin A. Schiff ... He dared to write the TRUTH about the IRS in his book: "The Biggest Con: How the Government Is Fleecing You". For his courage, Mr. Schiff was thrown in prison. Why? Because he refused to stop selling his books. Now he has passed over, a true American hero and patriot. Thank you, Mr. Schiff, for standing, for never bowing down to the dark-side establishment. May every blessing be with you forever. 

ARTICLE: "Irwin Schiff Passes Away
Peter Schiff | Schiff" 

ARTICLE: "Washington Persecutes America’s Greatest Patriots
Paul Craig Roberts | The American people accept the persecution of truth-tellers, because they have been brainwashed." 

On the *military industrial complex* front, ARTICLE: "Lockheed Martin reveals it has been secretly testing 'supersonic' laser turret for fighter jets" 

ARTICLE: "Federal Spending Increased $183.9B in FY15—But Spending on Defense, Homeland Security, Justice Declined
CNS News | Federal spending rose from $3,503,732,000,000 in fiscal 2014 to $3,687,622,000,000 in fiscal 2015." 

On the war front, This Week a New Conflict Begins As the Unholy Mess That Is the Middle East Goes More Ballistic ... However, the Bear Rules 

ARTICLE: "Assad Makes Surprise Visit to Russia, Putin
Truth Revolt | Syrian president Bashar Assad took his first trip overseas since 2011 for a surprise visit with Russian president Vladimir Putin."  

ARTICLE: "Russian Warplanes Destroy 83 ISIL Targets in Syria
Sputnik | The targets destroyed by the Russian air force include an ISIL command center, a militant rendezvous point, a number of warehouses and vehicles." 

ARTICLE: "Baghdad Allows Russia to Bomb ISIL Terrorists Running From Syria Into Iraq
Sputnik | ISIL militants aren’t going to find a safe haven from Russian airstrikes in Iraq." 

ARTICLE: "US-Turkey “Buffer Zone” to Save ISIS, Not Stop Them
Tony Cartalucci | NATO’s irregular forces face their supply lines being completely cut, that is, unless a “buffer zone” can be created to save them." 

ARTICLE: "Qatar Threatens Military Intervention in Syria, Damascus Warns of “Harsh Response” 
Kurt Nimmo - Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiyah said on Wednesday his nation is considering direct military intervention in Syria to help jihadi mercenaries overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad. “If a military intervention will protect the Syrian people from the brutality of the regime, we will do it,” Attiyah said. “If Qatar carries out its threat to militarily intervene in Syria, then we will consider this a direct aggression … Our response will be very harsh,” Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mekdad said in response to Attiyah’s remark. Qatar has played a major role in arming and supporting the Wahhabist mercenaries." 

ARTICLE: "Putin: No need to distinguish between ‘moderate’ & other terrorists
RT - ...A whole "snarl" of terrorist groups act in the region, who fight also against each other for "sources of income" and not for ideology, Putin said, adding that the weapons provided to "moderate" opposition in the region had ended up in the hands of terrorists. Some countries are playing a double game, the Russian president said, adding that while they fight against terrorism they also "place figures on the board" in their own interests." 

ARTICLE: "Putin: US Using Terrorists as ‘Battering Ram to Overthrow Disliked Regimes’
Mikael Thalen | “Why play with words dividing terrorists into moderate and not moderate. What’s the difference?”

On the *immigration invasion of Europe* front, ARTICLE: "1,200 Migrants With Beards Pretend to Be “Refugee Children” to Enter Sweden
Gateway Pundit | 1,200 migrants with beards entered Stockholm, Sweden in a single day claiming to be “refugee children.” 

ARTICLE: "Migrants Shut Down English Channel Tunnel
Kit Daniels | Trains delayed for up to two hours as migrants flood tunnel leading to U.K." 

ARTICLE: "Migrants Stay at 4 Star Hotel While Poor Germans Lose Their Homes
Paul Joseph Watson | Low income families evicted to make way for asylum seekers." 

ARTICLE: "Sweden On Verge of Collapse as Illegal Immigrants Surge into the Country
Kurt Nimmo | Anti-immigration party now the largest in the Scandinavian nation" 

ARTICLE: "Citizens Block Migrant Invasion=> Form Blockade to Block Migrant Bus in Freiburg (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit | This is reportedly taking place all over Europe." 

ARTICLE: "Swiss Voters Reject Mass Migration of Muslims
Kurt Nimmo | 10,000 expected at anti-immigration rally in Dresden." 

ARTICLE: "MIGRANT MOB Attacks New Arrivals on Greek Island of Lesbos With Sticks
Gateway Pundit | Afghan migrants with sticks beat new arrivals on Lesbos Island in Greece." 

ARTICLE: "Southern Europe is a new disease ‘hot zone’-We are already seeing the consequences of drawn-out Islamic State occupation and the subsequent halting of public-health interventions in places under the terrorist group’s control" 

ARTICLE: "On the march to western Europe: Shocking pictures show thousands of determined men, women and children trudging across the Balkans as politicians warn EU could collapse in weeks" 

ARTICLE: "Finnish Police Banned From Identifying Migrants as Criminal Suspects
Paul Joseph Watson | Authorities want to avoid ‘racist’ backlash from critics of migrant influx." 

On the *Chinese Buyout of America* front, Chinese Firm Plans $1.3 Billion Purchase Of Texas Oil Lands 

On the energy front, M.T. Keshe Announces His Free-Energy Device... What Will Happen Next??? 

YOUTUBE: "Magrav-Power Universal System 'FIRST FREE-ENERGY DEVICE' IS HERE! ANNOUNCEMENT ON OCTOBER 26th 2015 ~ Published on Oct 22, 2015
The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.
*This Video was recorded on October 16th, 2015 at the Keshe Foundation's 3rd World Ambassadors Meeting for Peace in Rome.*
The original video features translator speaking after every few sentences from M.T. Keshe, and the sound recording was challenging. So the differences here are: 1) Most translation audio is removed, 2) The introduction has been removed. 3) Sound has been professionally enhanced (EQ and compression) 4) Additional video has been added to end: Dr. Steven Greer explaining about US Patent Office and National Security Orders (NSO's).

by M. T. Keshe
Following the progress in the development and delivery of the knowledge and plasma technologies, as promised in the 2014 road map, the Keshe Foundation is making clear its road map of 2015 to be as follows:
The Keshe Foundation has only one mission for its road map for the year 2015, and that is to achieve and enforce world peace through worldwide implications and applications of the technologies, which it has released in 2014.
By further release of new technologies, especially in CO2 capture, energy, lift and motion, and space exploration, the Foundation will strive to complete the establishment of the Spaceship Institute as a teaching center in the early part of 2015.
The Spaceship Institute with university status will make available a number of three-year bachelor degree courses, Masters and PhDs in pre-designated locations around the world, for those who are, or want to be knowledge seekers. We will teach and reach masses through direct live workshops on the Internet, which can be taken up by external students.
The Keshe Foundation will found its own scientific commercial spinoff companies for technologies developed through its own knowledge seekers, with the knowledge and technologies developed in open with no patent, as it has done before with its patents.
The Keshe Foundation has started the commercialization of its technologies for capture of CO2 and for attaining free sources of energy as Gans materials in 2014.
This year, we will develop and make available these free sources of energy to the third world nations to be a new source for production of food and motion.
In 2015, the Keshe Foundation as it has done in the past, through release of the second USB key will release a full new spaceship defense technology to world governments, that through this new technology, it will make the present war machines obsolete, and as the result of having the same powerful and cheap systems for defense worldwide disarmament will be enforced.
This way we will reach the same results as during the cold war, where deterrent of nuclear bombs stopped their usage.
We shall release technologies to all nations under the control of the Keshe Foundation groups around the world, that man will not facilitate in his thoughts the notion of aggression, war, and conflict.
This application of technology in a simple form has been shown in the latter part of the 2014 in livestream presentations by the Keshe Foundation, by control and operation of star formation weight reduction and positioning control systems, and now we will release this to local Keshe Foundations and people for its full implications and applications worldwide, for its peaceful use for all beings on this planet.
In Man not accepting conflict in the conscious part of his brain, he shall understand and find out that there is no need for production of arms. Therefore, without shooting a single shot, we will reach humanity for it to accept peace and close all arms factories, and render them useless.
As part of Keshe Foundation's mandate, we shall release and use all funds received for our work, from donations and receipt of manufacturing companies' shares and their profits to pay our manufacturing partners to supply the Foundation with the same units as purchased by those who can afford these units, for their free delivery to the poorest of populations to all nations simultaneously around the world." ~

On the BIOMETRICS front, Article: "BEAST SYSTEM UPDATE: Visa Already Testing EMV Biometrics In Africa" 

On the TECHNOCRATIC REGIME front, ARTICLE: "Europe Secretly Starts Imposing TTIP Despite the Public’s Overwhelming Opposition" 

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Federal Land Grab Goes Extreme... the People Will Become Battering Rams Against This Terrible Tyranny ... Meanwhile, It's All About Rounding Up the Sheeple 

"[N]othing short of criminal activity on the part of the federal government…"
Last month, the Sheahan family was facing eviction threats from the U.S. federal government for refusing a $5.2 million buyout to vacate their 400-acre mine near Area 51 that has been in their family since the late 1800s. And it’s now official: a federal judge’s pen officially took the land and handed it over to the United States Air Force.
The family resisted the initial offer saying the property is worth far more because of the rich ore it contains but also the buildings, mining equipment, and the unique history of the property, which still holds the remains of past family members. An agreement has yet to be worked out as to where the bones will go." 

ARTICLE: "Things Are Getting Scary: Global Police, Precrime and the War on Domestic ‘Extremists'" 

ARTICLE: "America Looks A Lot Like Nazi Germany Did Just Prior To World War II
Michael Snyder | In fact, I would venture to say that the Nazification of the United States is pretty much complete." 

ARTICLE: "There Will Be Blood: Socialist Professor Says America’s Gun Owners Should Be Shot: “It’s Very Simple”
Alex Thomas | They want you dead: Liberal Professor compares law-abiding gun owners to slaveholders, calls for them to be shot." 

On the *super surveillance state* front, ARTICLE: "This is No Longer Fiction” – The Era of Automatic Facial Recognition and Surveillance Is Here
Michael Krieger | Whenever cryptographer and computer security specialist Bruce Schneier issues a warning about something, I pay close attention." 

ARTICLE: "‘Turning a blind eye’: Court sides with government on NSA surveillance, dismisses ACLU challenge
RT | The judge ruled Friday that the nine plaintiffs in the case had not plausibly alleged that their communications were being monitored by the NSA." 

ARTICLE: "GCHQ handed new smartphone-hacking legal powers
RT | Spy agencies in Britain will be given the explicit right to hack into smartphones and computers as part of a new law being introduced by the Conservative government." 

On the SNOOP-PROOF WALLPAPER front, ARTICLE: "NSA-proof wallpaper could keep snoopers and 'doomsday' electromagnetic weapons at bay ~ Saturday, October 24, 2015
New flexible material can block electronic emission, stopping cybersnooping and thwarting attacks from electromagnetic 'doomsday' weapons." — Mail Online

On the *little brother watches back* front, ARTICLE: "Google Freaks Out After Alex Jones Storms Headquarters
Paul Joseph Watson | Big Brother gets nervous when little brother watches back." 

On the communication front, The Psychic Mind Network of Humanity Grows Exponentially ... Eventually the Internet of Things Will Pale In Comparison 

Despite the reliance on techno devices and innovations, now the human race steps into Divine Destiny. Telepathy between individuals, and as a societal network, accelerates rapidly. Those who remain wire heads will be left in the proverbial dust. 

On the *how to manipulate the masses* front, ARTICLE: "Media Insider Admits We Really Do Live In The Matrix - Many Reports And Troll Comments Bought And Paid For To Manipulate The Masses ~ By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ October 24, 2014
Below you will hear a short speech by a media insider given at the TEDx University of Nevada, where we learn that the majority of what we see and hear in the news is not real anymore due to a high level of paid for manipulation not only being reported on but found in comment sections and forums across the Internet." 

On the WIRELESS DEVICE front, HEADLINE: "Retired government scientist warns about the health impact of microwave radiation from wireless devices in our schools on our children" 

On the *indoctrination* front, ARTICLE: "Obama admin urges schools to ‘publicly demonstrate support’ for illegals
EAG News | The U.S. Department of Education issued the document “Resource Guide: Supporting Undocumented Youth” to public schools this week." 

On the *politically correct* front, ARTICLE: "Halloween is RACIST!
Paul Joseph Watson | MTV ‘jokes’ about calling CPS on parents who let their kids wear “offensive” costumes." 

On the home front, Zombie Nation: What Happens If Those Addicted To FDA-Approved Drugs Can't Get Their Prescriptions Filled? 

ARTICLE: "America Waiting to Explode: “If Supply Lines Go Down… Millions of FDA-Approved Drug Addicts Go Psycho” ~ Mac Slavo ~ October 22nd, 2015
How bad can things get?
Preppers know the scenarios – any major crisis from economic breakdown, to civil unrest and riots, an EMP, natural disaster or plain out martial law can bring things to a halt with shocking quickness. And chaos is nearly always the end result.
But this article examines just how far America has fallen into desperation. The closer that the nation spirals towards disintegration, the worse things seem to get.
Between the extremely vulnerable economic system and looming financial crisis, the decline of American values and morality and the utter dependence of Americans upon centralized supply chains, the feds and corporations for everything, the United States population stands all-too-close to disaster. Sam Gerrans at RT says that America is a bomb waiting to explode:
The United States is in decline. While not all major shocks to the system will be devastating, when the right one comes along, the outcome may be dramatic.
We can see how fragile the U.S. is now by considering just four tendencies.
1. Destruction of farms and reliable food source
2. Weak economic system
3. Americans increasingly on mind-altering drugs
4. Morals in decline" 

ARTICLE: "Study: Psychiatric Drugs Linked to Violent Crime" 

ARTICLE: "Study: More Than Two-Thirds of Patients on Anti-Depressants Not Depressed
Breitbart | A new study shows that more than two-thirds — some 69 percent – of patients using anti-depressants do not actually meet the criteria for depressive disorder." 

ARTICLE: "CDC: Prescription Drugs Kill More Than Illegal Drugs; Teens at High Risk
New American | More people die from legally prescribed drugs than from heroin and cocaine combined." 

On the *big-insurance Obamacare* front, ARTICLE: "Feds Hide Secret List Of 11 Staggering Obamacare Insurers
Daily Caller | Nearly half a million failing co-op customers will have to find new coverage in 2016."  

ARTICLE: "Senior healthcare costs skyrocket to $245,000 per year despite Obama's empty promises

ARTICLE: "Texas, Kansas, and Louisiana Sue Federal Government Obamacare Tax
Breitbart - The states of Texas, Kansas, and Louisiana filed a lawsuit today against the federal government over the unconstitutional tax that funds Obamacare. The Plaintiffs complain of the federal government’s actions in implementing the portions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act known as the Health Insurance Providers Fee. The Plaintiff States ask for declartory and injunctive relief. The Plaintiff States also seek monetary relief against the United States in the form of a return of the Health Insurance Providers Fees previously made." 

On the *medical industrial complex...the big pharma beast feeds on the people* front, ARTICLE: "South Carolina Mother Arrested For Child Abuse After Questioning Doctors and Losing her Children 

On the *anything to make a buck* front, ARTICLE: "Teacher Shills for McDonald’s, Tells Students They Can Lose Weight by Eating Junk Food
Joshua Krause | So just how low could one corporation stoop to bring back their customers?" 

On the food front, The Massive, Overwhelming, and Evil Contamination of Our Food Supply 

ARTICLE: "34000 Pesticides and 600 Chemicals Later: Our Food Supply is No Better for It
Christina Sarich | Yet we keep spraying more and more." 

ARTICLE: "GM Crops Now Banned in 36 Countries Worldwide
Sustainable Pulse - Thirty six (36) countries worldwide have officially banned the cultivation of GM crops and only 28 actually grow GM crops. The picture painted by the Biotech industry and the U.S. government that GM crops have been accepted by the majority of countries worldwide is therefore quite obviously wrong. In fact many countries have recently started to put in place regulations to protect their population and environment from the environmental and health damage caused by GM crops.... Official GM crop cultivation bans..."

On the MOTHER NATURE KNOWS BEST front, ARTICLE: “Miracle” Golden Rice Could Cause Birth Defects, Warns Indian Scientist 
Natural Society - Scientists in Bangladesh are preparing to conduct field tests of Golden Rice, the world’s first genetically engineered, vitamin A-enriched rice, before putting into production. The crop is being touted as one answer to the problem of micronutrient deficiencies around the world, but an Indian scientist (among others) is warning that Golden Rice poses a serious threat to human health.... While vitamin A is important in pregnancy, an overabundance of the nutrient can cause teratogensis, the production of birth defects in a developing embryo. Too much vitamin A or an excess of retinoids in pregnant women can result in malformations to fetuses’ skulls, faces, limbs, eyes, and central nervous systems." 

ARTICLE: "GM Cow Trials in New Zealand Show Disastrous Results
Sustainable Pulse - GE Free NZ ‘s report on “GE Animals in New Zealand: the first fifteen years, 2000 – 2015”, documents the world’s first field trials of genetically modified cows, bred to express one of six transgenic protein traits in milk for use as bio-pharmaceutical products.... Using AgResearch’s own records, the report catalogues a sad and profoundly disturbing story that has characterized the genetic engineering (GE) trials. The surrogate and transgenic cows suffer from chronic illness, reproductive losses, sudden unexplained deaths, and severe deformities." 

On the *MonSatano GMO* front, ARTICLE: "Monsanto Always Using Friends In High Places To Reclassify Glyphosate
Christina Sarich | A ‘probably carcinogenic’ herbicide." 

ARTICLE: "Why You Can’t Separate GMOs from their Biotech Chemicals
Christina Sarich | A hazardous storm on our health." 

ARTICLE: "Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Are Making Us Fat and Giving Us Diabetes
Washington’s Blog | Animals and Babies Are Getting Fatter Too …" 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Investigate CDC Fraud!: Congressman Calls for Hearing on Vaccine-Autism Cover-up
Adan Salazar | Florida Rep. urges Congress to address claim that MMR vaccine at an early age leads to higher incidence of autism."  

ARTICLE: "E. Coli in Two Meningococcal Vaccines!~ Catherine Frompovich - A huge hat tip goes to Sallie O Elkordy, who asked if anyone has contradicting information about E. coli being an ingredient in two meningococcal vaccines, for bringing this to my attention. As readers can see from the below CDC Pinkbook of vaccine excipients and media, the two 2015 Meningococcal B vaccines Bexsero and Trumenba contain E. coli, so what can be expected from that ingredient being injected into the human bloodstream?... Readers are encouraged to do your research and homework regarding every vaccine’s ingredients/excipients. Here’s the link for all vaccine package inserts. Please study them carefully!" 

On the *remember Hitler used fluoride on the prisoners of war* front, ARTICLE: "Fluoridation Company Fined $2 Billion
Dr. Mercola - Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC is one of the world's largest phosphate mining and fertilizer companies. In October 2015, the company agreed to a $2 billion settlement with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection over a 10-year battle over hazardous waste disposal. The EPA accused Mosaic of improper storage and disposal of waste from the production of phosphoric and sulfuric acids, key components of fertilizers, at the company's facilities in Louisiana and Florida. It is ironic that the EPA acknowledges the threat posed to groundwater by Mosaic's hazardous waste disposal because one of the chemicals classified as hazardous waste is fluorosilicic acid, another waste product of their fertilizer production. Mosaic is one of the largest sellers of fluorosilicic acid, which is widely used by public drinking water systems across the US to fluoridate water supplies. More than 200 million Americans drink these wastes every day, according to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN)." 

On the really bad news front, Evacuate the Gulf ... iPhone Cancer ... and Ebola Preparations and Crisis 

ARTICLE: "The people are dying, evacuate the Gulf now 
The people in the Gulf are in grave danger. The health reports, the geological reports and the weather reports are suggestive of one thing, the people of the Gulf are looking at greatly reduced lifespans. If they move now, they could mitigate some of the effects. The key word is some.
From the scientific evidence that I have seen,  if I lived in the Gulf, I would immediately leave to a safer location." 

ARTICLE: "Apple's Supply-Chain Workers May Be Risking Cancer to Build Your iPhone
Nicki Lisa Cole, Truthout: A September 2015 report from corporate watchdog group Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior details serious labor violations at major Apple supplier Lens Technology, and evidence of worker exposure to cancer-causing benzene." 

ARTICLE: "Idaho Quietly Seeks ‘Ebola Coordinator’ 
Adan Salazar - The State of Idaho is seeking a person with healthcare system experience to head up their Ebola division, following reports that a nurse suffered a relapse of the deadly virus in London. A job post appearing on the state’s site 7 days ago, according to Google, details the “Ebola Coordinator” job opening, a position whose candidate would be responsible for organizing with federal authorities.... One of the “responsibilities” the candidate should be prepared for is assisting “in development of statewide transport and referral plans for an Idaho Ebola patient to be transported to the Region 10 treatment center.” It’s curious exactly why the CDC has chosen Idaho for the position, especially since it is not one of the states that has experienced an outbreak, according to their own information." 

HEADLINE: "Ebola surges back even after 'recovery' ... mystery deaths in Africa believed to be Ebola's third wave" 
Monday, October 26, 2015 by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer 

On the good news front, A WORLD RUN BY THE GOODNESS, COURAGE, AND DISCERNMENT OF THE HUMAN HEART ... So It Begins... For, the Aquarian Age Renaissance Quickens Across the Planet 

On the global mafia cabal front, THE BIG BACKLASH AGAINST GLOBAL AUTHORITY IS OCCURRING AT EVERY LEVEL OF SOCIETY ... This 'Backlash' Is Berserker-Panicking the New World Order Criminals 

Thus, this global chessboard move... ARTICLE: "Moving Toward A One World Government, A One World Economy And A One World Religion
Michael Snyder | From September 25th to September 27th, the United Nations launched a “new universal agenda” for humanity." 

On the heroine front, All the Women Who Are Now Stepping Into Their Divinely Fierce Power 

On the hero front, the HACKERS responsible for: ARTICLE: "WikiLeaks publishes second batch of docs from CIA chief's personal email 
RT - The whistleblower organization WikiLeaks has published a second set of documents obtained from CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email account. The first set of documents published on Wednesday contained reports on Afghanistan and torture, and ideas for US policy towards Iran. The new release contains Brennan's address book and a full version of 'Executive summary of key findings and recommendations on Afghanistan and Pakistan’, some pages of which were published on Wednesday by Anonymous."  

ARTICLE: "CIA Director’s AOL Account Hacked by US Teen
Mikael Thalen | Infowars speaks with member of “Crackas With Attitudes” hacking group." 

On the *heroic...truth is truth* front, ARTICLE:"'Confidential' Planned Parenthood video leaked
Politico - Complete raw footage from the Planned Parenthood videos surfaced Thursday on the conservative website Got News?, whose editor said he had gotten it from a House staffer despite lawmakers’ pledge to keep it confidential. Editor Charles Johnson released the full footage Thursday even after the National Abortion Federation got a temporary restraining order a day earlier prohibiting any dissemination. Johnson vowed to "contest any unconstitutional prior restraint of speech." The abortion providers group had gone to court after Johnson’s website put part of the video online earlier this week.
* Related: Got News?: Here Are All The Unreleased Planned Parenthood Tapes"

ARTICLE: "Abortionist Caught With Aborted Baby Remains in Car — Media Ignore Story
New American | Another abortionist caught in a scandal; another Big Media coverup." 

ARTICLE: "Phill Kline, Who Lost His Law License for Investigating Planned Parenthood, Sues Judges Who Took It" 

On the *facts be damned* front, ARTICLE: "Krauthammer: “We’re Living In An Age Where What You Say And Its Relation With The Facts Is Completely Irrelevant”
Real Clear Politics | Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer reacts to Hillary Clinton’s handling of the House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing."  

On the scumbag political front, ARTICLE: "John McCain Leads the Charge to Cut Soldier Benefits; Money for Terrorists But Not For Troops
Brandon Turbeville - ...Congressional Defense leaders on Tuesday announced that they are looking to enact more “entitlement and personnel reforms” in 2016. The bill being submitted and debated by Congress would provide a much lower than anticipated pay raise for U.S. troops beginning in January 2016. It includes cuts in the growth of military housing stipends, an introduction of new co-pays for some military drug prescriptions and a scale-down of the commissary benefit. The bill also includes changes to the traditional military retirement system and an overhaul of military healthcare offerings like Tricare."

ARTICLE: "Will Obama Name This Big Pharma Insider as Head of the FDA?
Christina Sarich | ‘Too close for comfort’ to the drug industry." 

Article: "TREY GOWDY: Hillary Told “Spun Up Story” to the American People (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit | Rep. Gowdy told Greta Hillary told a “spun up story” to the American people about a video." 

ARTICLE: "Benghazi Victim’s Uncle: “Hillary Clinton Is a Serial Liar” – Should Resign from Running for Office (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit | Michael Ingmire, uncle of Sean Smith who was killed in Benghazi, went on Hannity Thursday night after the marathon Benghazi hearing with Hillary Clinton." 

Article: "THEY LIED! Obama Admin Tried to Tie Benghazi Attack to PASTOR’S VIDEO Before They Settled on 2nd VIDEO
Gateway Pundit | Before the body of Ambassador Chris Stevens was recovered the Obama administration was scheming to deceive the American public about the Benghazi attacks." 

ARTICLE: "Clinton Told Chelsea Truth, Lied to American People on Benghazi
Truth Revolt | Called Benghazi an attack by terror group." 

ARTICLE: "Benghazi Committee Investigation Costs The Same As TWO MONTHS’ Worth Of Obama Golf, Fundraiser Junkets
Daily Caller | “After 16 months and 4.5 million dollars spent the Select Committee has gained no new insights.”

On the *watch out for those robo bees* front, ARTICLE: "Robotic bee flies and swims ~ Sunday, October 25, 2015
The first insect-like robot that can both fly and swim is creating a buzz of excitement in the robotics field." — Discovery News 

On the AMERICAN GUN front, ARTICLE: "Gun deaths down 30%
Washington Examiner | All gun deaths — murder, suicide, police and accidental — have dropped 30 percent since 1993." 

ARTICLE: "Majority Of Americans Say More Concealed Weapons Will Make Them Safer
Steve Watson | Less than half say background checks will prevent mass shootings." 

Article: "HUCKABEE: GUN STORES SHOULD DISOBEY AN OBAMA EXECUTIVE ORDER 'The more that we surrender the Constitution... the more he keeps that going'" 

ARTICLE: "Poll: NRA more popular than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
Fox News | A new poll shows The National Rifle Association is more popular than the Democratic party’s two most prominent members." 

ARTICLE: "Ron Paul: Gun Control Means Disarming the Feds
Kit Daniels | “I’m for taking the guns away from the bureaucrats in government,” he said." 

ARTICLE: "How Mass Immigration Could Destroy the Second Amendment
Joshua Krause | The demographic trends of America are working against gun rights." 

ARTICLE: "Hillary’s Relentless Quest For Your Guns Exposed
Prison | We analyze the collapsing campaign of Hillary Clinton, who recently said that repealing the Second Amendment is “worth considering” and how she’s faking a Southern accent to local crowds." 

On the *this is why learning self-defense is critical* front, ARTICLE: "Black youths viciously attack homeless white woman – as passersby do nothing (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
RT | Two black young men assaulted a down-and-out white woman – and videotaped the attack." 

On the *cuckoo's nest* front, ARTICLE: "Band Students Suspended Over ‘Racist’ Fruit Basket Gift
Adan Salazar | School administrators say they “will not tolerate racial insensitivity.”

On the *forget freedom of expression* front, ARTICLE: "High School Bans “Racist” Patriotic Clothing, Pro-Trump Gear
Kit Daniels | “…If you wear red, white or blue to the [football] game you will not be admitted to the stadium.” 

ARTICLE: "Authoritarian thought police at Wesleyan University cut student newspaper funding over op-ed criticizing Black Lives Matter" 

ARTICLE: "University Says Using the Term “Politically Correct” is a Politically Incorrect “Microaggression”
Paul Joseph Watson | War on language plumbs new depths of insanity." 

ARTICLE: "School Suspends Student Elections Because ‘Not Enough Minorities Won’
Kit Daniels | Principal suggests a candidate’s race trumps all other factors in an election." 

ARTICLE: "Britain Tightens Grip In Suffocation Of Free Speech" 

ARTICLE: "France Prosecutes Political Leader for Criticizing Muslims
Kurt Nimmo | Marine Le Pen faces a year in prison." 

ARTICLE: "Female Muslim Activist Exposes Honor Killing Problem, Labeled Propagandist
Truth Revolt | “Islamophobia industry exploits the weakness of white liberal guilt.” 

On the TRUMP WILDCARD front, ARTICLE: "Trump: Bush Knew In Advance 9/11 Was Coming
Steve Watson | The Donald Doubles down on previous comments." 

ARTICLE: "Bizarre: Bush Insider Calls Trump ‘Liberal Conspiracy Theorist’ Over 9/11 Remarks
Kit Daniels | Establishment media getting desperate as they lose control of narrative." 

On the freedom front, The Great Divide Between the People and the Sheeple Becomes An Uncrossable Chasm At This Turnpoint 

The time of fence sitting is over. Even if you are still on the sidelines waiting to make a decision, your decision has been made. Within the depths of your heart lies the TRUTH. You will either stand and band together for the sake of freedom. Or, you will become nothing more than a pathetic groveling peasant. 

On the *hollow-wood criminals* front, ARTICLE: "The Original Writer of The Matrix and The Terminator Is A Black Woman" ~ Posted: February 17, 2014 

On the HUMAN GENOME front, ARTICLE: "There’s a Mystery Machine That Sculpts the Human Genome Geneticists can’t see this machine, but they can see its works—and they say it might be the key to reshaping the genome. 
The loops aren’t just a packing solution. They also bring genes into close contact with distant sequences that turn them on or off. So, the 3-D form of the genome also dictates its function. And to really understand how genes are used (and how they are misused in cases of disease), we need to appreciate the genome as a looping, twisting, physical entity, rather than just a string of letters.
In 2014, a team led by Erez Lieberman Aiden at Baylor College of Medicine took important steps towards this goal by creating an unprecedentedly detailed 3-D map of the human genome. These genetic cartographers used a technique called Hi-C to embalm the genome and identify regions that interact with one another." 

Trendwise, The Rise and Fall of Artificial Intelligence ... HAL, Terminator, SkyNet, the Borg ... Training the Children To Believe the Computer Is Their God ... However, the Human Spirit Rises Farther and Faster 

ARTICLE: "Programming Hate Into AI Will Be Controversial, But Possibly Necessary" 

THIS WEEK, let your heart sing ... let your body sing along with the sounds of Mother Nature... and enjoy your favorite music. Your soul is in need. 

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