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Drip Drip *Disclosure* Continues ... and Kurt Russell Saw the Phoenix Lights

Wednesday greetings, Title Magicians ... I've never been a big celebrity-fan type of individual. Sure I've been starry-eyed at times, yet never hard core, even for the Beatles -- when I was thirteen. Okay, that said, I have always liked Kurt Russell in his acting roles, and whenever I happened to catch him on some late-night talk show, I like him as a person. That is -- long ago, when I used to watch TV and went to the movies  Anyway, how cool is it when Kurt Russell comes out and reveals he was a witness to the Phoenix Lights while piloting his aircraft. 

Meanwhile, the vaunted SIXTY MINUTES interviewed the ultra-rich Robert Bigelow... and he's not afraid to say what his beliefs about ETs and UFOs are... how refreshing is that? Especially on the washed-up, running on fumes MSM.  

So, here's one scenario that ***could*** come about within the next three weeks. That is, the alien gods arrive on Earth... however, this psy-op, which will likely be supported by the Vatican -- the pope in particular, is to be cloaked as a rumor-secret, at first -- one that is loosed on the UFO/Paranormal community as THE REAL TRUTH happening behind the scenes... yep, that enticing high-strangemeness secret few could ever resist. 

If this psy-op goes as the darkside elites [one faction] plan, many people, many of us Earthers, will be pushed into a manic state of pure shock -- because, gosh, the conspiracy folks were right. THEY'RE HERE ... So, out of this utter chaos by some of humankind, this power-addicted global faction, will demand their ONE WORLD TYRANNY, and say that all religions are bogus, that the progenitors of humanity are here. 


*If* this scenario goes full *whole hawg* bore... *if*... my advice: TRUST NO ONE. TRUST ONLY YOURSELF, YOUR SOUL, YOUR GUT, YOUR HIGHER SELF -- WHEREIN WHICH, ALL TRUTH RESIDES.

Robert Bigelow Talks UFOs on '60 Minutes'

Robert Bigelow Talks UFOs on '60 Minutes'

During a segment on Sunday night's 60 Minutes, aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow opened up about his thoughts on the UFO phenomenon.
Although the profile was centered around his company's revolutionary development of expandable structures to be used in space, it also delved into what it called his "obsession" with UFOs and aliens.
Asked by interviewer Lara Logan if he believed in aliens, Bigelow replied confidently, "I'm absolutely convinced. That's all there is to it."
Regarding UFOs coming to Earth, Bigelow opined that "there has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence."
Although he didn't explain what his investment yielded as far as answers, Bigelow noted that "I spent millions and millions and millions -- I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject."
And, in a refreshing answer to the question of whether he worries about how the public might respond to his take on UFOs, Bigelow simply said, "I don't give a damn. I don't care."
Pressed for a reason why, he mused, "It's not gonna make a difference. It's not gonna change reality of what I know."
Unfortunately, the segment stopped short of exploring what exactly Bigelow knows that makes him so certain about the phenomenon, he went on to assert that humans do not have to travel into space to encounter ETs.
"You don't have to go anywhere," he declared, "it's just like right under people's noses."
The tantalizing exchange and the serious nature with which it was presented was remarkable for a primetime program on national television, especially the venerable 60 Minutes.
Coast Insiders can hear more of Bigelow's thoughts on the private space industry as well as UFOs and ETs by checking out his 3/31/2013 appearance on the program.
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Source: CBS News

Kurt Russell Shares Incredible Phoenix Lights Experience

Hollywood legend Kurt Russell recently revealed a remarkable, real life role on his resume: witness to the infamous Phoenix Lights!
While appearing on a British television program to promote the new Guardians of the Galaxy film, the actor was reminded of the incident by host Gyles Brandreth.
The presenter read a newspaper report about an unidentified pilot who reporting seeing six unexplained lights while flying his private aircraft at the time that the Phoenix Lights event was taking place.
To the astonishment of his co-star and the audience, Russell responded, "the tail number for that plane was two-tango-sierra and I was the pilot."
The actor went on to recall that he had been flying towards Phoenix with his son onboard when he spotted "six lights over the airport in absolute uniform in a V-shape."
Bewildered by what he was seeing, Russell subsequently contacted air traffic control, who reported that they were not seeing anything out of the ordinary in his vicinity.
According to Russell, he and his son simply went on with their lives after the incident and had no idea that they had been witnesses to a historic UFO event.
The actor only realized his connection to the Phoenix Lights two years later when he happened to see a TV special about the incident.
Incredibly, the program detailed the story of a private pilot who reported seeing the lights, leading Russell to exclaim, "that was me!"
A later check of his flight log books confirmed that, indeed, Russell was the pilot of that oft-cited aircraft.
In a perceptive observation that should sound familiar to longtime UFO researchers, Russell mused that the truly "weird part" of the experience was that he and his son simply 'forgot' the sighting,
That strange aspect surrounding his memory of the event is a frequent phenomenon reported by other UFO witnesses as well.
Fortunately, he eventually remembered the experience and, twenty years later, helped solve one small mystery about the Phoenix Lights case by revealing that he was the civilian pilot who saw the UFOs.
Coast Insiders can learn more about the now-iconic UFO event by checking out the 3/13/2017edition of the program featuring Dr. Lynne Kitei.
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Source: Express

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sardinia and the American Southwest, Land of Ancient Giants ... and Planet Earth's Reptoids

Weekend greetings, Title Magicians ... the reality of Giants in our ancient history is being revealed at a frenzied pace now. No doubt about it. This *truth* has been relentlessly suppressed for various selfish-ego reasons, and because WE aren't supposed to know about our past. We're supposed to be deaf, dumb, and blind -- be serfs that know nothing except what we're info-fed by the darkside establishment. One reason is the ancient technology, some of which is superior to our current tech...yes, even the black-project advanced tech that is far, far beyond what we can currently imagine. 

And, John Rhodes, a truly amazing man who has his crypto-hunting fingers in many *high strangeness* secrets. He will truly blow your mind apart, into a million *is this true?* possible scenarios. 

Giants: Hidden Evidence/ Underground Reptilians

DATEThursday - May 18, 2017
HOSTGeorge Noory
GUESTSSteve QuayleTimothy AlberinoJohn Rhodes

In the first half, author and researcher Steve Quayle joined by documentarian Timothy Alberino spoke about their investigation into the evidence for giants, in such locations as the American Southwest and on the island of Sardinia (view related trailer). Where are all the bones and skulls of the giants? According to Quayle, a former Smithsonian employee revealed that the Institute has some 149 million "out of place" historical and scientific artifacts, stored in fourteen different warehouses. "The cover-up [of the giants] is coming apart at the seams," Quayle remarked, with witness reports coming out of the jungles in Brazil and the Far East. Knowledge of the giants rewrites the history of the world, and suggests a non-evolutionary model, he added.
Traveling to Sardinia, off the Italian coast, Alberino said they interviewed people who claimed they dug up the bones of 9-15 ft. tall giants, amid megalithic ruins. Some of these witnesses said they were hired by the government to do the excavations, and subsequently all of the bones were either sequestered or destroyed, Alberino added. The giants were known to be cannibals, Quayle noted, and according to some texts they were destroyed by angelic beings, as well as through battles with each other. Alberino also spoke about their dialogues with some of the Pueblo people, as their team investigated the mystery of what happened to the Anasazi Indians, who disappeared in the desert Southwest.
In the latter half, UFO researcher John Rhodes (aka "The CryptoHunter") discussed reptilian humanoids and a secret underground empire which consists of alien cultures and lost civilizations, as well as his 'CryptoHunter's Toolkit.' He characterized the Reptilians or Reptoids as scaled bipedal beings 6.5 to 7.5 tall, with lean muscular builds, 4-fingered hands, and almond-shaped eyes with slits. They may have evolved on Earth in a parallel evolution, he suggested, and their presence explains many of the myths of gods walking among humans.
Rhodes believes Earth was originally a Reptoid-dominated planet, but after a disaster on Mars, the situation changed. The Reptoids, he said, have been in a long standing conflict with another group called the Elders, in a cyclical war in ritualistic form. Primarily communicating with whistling sounds, and clicks, the Reptoids can also project plasmas in 3D shapes that enter people's heads as a kind of life-changing "download," he revealed. Speaking of his investigatory toolkit, Rhodes said it's important to shoot photos of anomalies at different frame rates, and use a secondary non-digital camera. When trying to communicate with UFOs, he added, try flashing them with a UV light or something unusual in order to spark their curiosity.
News segment guests: Jeff NelkenHoward Bloom, Paul Guercio
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Beast of Bray Road Still Lurking ... and DISCLOSURE via Dr. Steven Greer

Sunday shoutout, Title Magicians ... while MY SEXY SATURDAY is still on hiatus, I thought I'd offer an array of paranormal, High-Strangeness goodies for your perusal. 

When I first heard Linda Godfrey speak about the BEAST OF BRAY ROAD on Coast to Coast am, with Ian Punnet, I was totally fascinated, utterly enthralled. Linda is wonderful at discussing her beastie topics and I was inspired to pen a romance titled, The Lives of Fortunate Wolves. I love this story and wish I had the time to revise, then make this wolf-shifter culture/world I created, a three-book series.

Beast of Bray Road; Still Lurking? Walworth County Historical Society hosts Linda Godfrey May 11

New cover by Nathan D. Godfrey
It’s been over 25 years since, as a Walworth County reporter, I broke the news that people were calling local animal control officers to say they had seen what looked like a werewolf around Elkhorn, Wisconsin on Bray Road. They’re still calling me, and yes, there are still sightings of  large wolves or other canines walking upright — as well as reports of what witnesses say looks like a reddish-furred Bigfoot! 
Talk about intriguing... one has to wonder if this encounter was with a juvenile Big Foot, or maybe a black-projects type of big foot. It was weird! 

Okay, if you want an update of where DISCLOSURE stands, and an in depth look at why official disclosure has not happened, well Dr. Steven Greer does an outstanding job explaining some of the covert intricacies... the whys, the wherefore's... and how his latest film is designed to educate the masses. 

Secret Projects and UFO Disclosure/ Open Lines

Founder and Director of the Disclosure Project and retired emergency room physician Dr. Steven Greer is an expert in UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. He joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to talk about his latest work exposing the super-secret and illegal Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) that deal with the UFO/ET issue and will perhaps be the disclosure event he has predicted will inevitably happen.
The intelligence community has corrupted the mainstream media to suppress information, Greer revealed, noting one Air Force official who paid members of the media to change how they would cover certain stories. Speaking about his "Unacknowledged" project, Greer acknowledged everything from the premiere to the creation of the film (and book) was done through the grassroots efforts of thousands of people. According to Greer, the film was made for ordinary people who may be skeptical about a cover-up of the UFO/ET presence. He urged listeners to keep the momentum going. "This has been a long-time coming but I think we are seeing a sea change in disclosure," he said.
The best way for disclosure to happen is for the masses to do it, Greer continued. He expressed his hope that more will become field researchers who can find the military and corporate whistleblowers, and government documents to blow this issue wide open. Tens of thousands of people have worked in these USAPs and because they are illegal no one can be prosecuted for speaking about them, he explained. Greer suggested the disclosure issue could be hijacked by warmongers who would hoax a threat from outer space to unite the world around a military response. That agenda is real and is currently being fast-tracked, he admitted.
Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Jeff in Culver City, California, suggested there is an extraterrestrial interface with the subconscious minds of certain individuals who've been contacted by alien beings. "The contact is being made through the subconscious mind that is why it is so extremely difficult to research or to prove," he suggested. Donna from North Carolina questioned why North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would send up what appeared to be dud missiles in the latest test. She proposed the missiles hit some kind of secret force field. "Isn't it funny that all of our paranoid friends were right?" Donna asked rhetorically. Cornelius in Alexandria phoned in to warn those who would be whistleblowers about the possible consequences. Cornelius explained that he worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and went to jail for what he exposed.

I love the *Nessie* ...  looks as though she's still around and doing swimmingly well.

'Nessie' Filmed Near Passing Boat

The Loch Ness Monster may be making up for lost time following an eight month absence as the legendary cryptid has been spotted for the second time in the last week.
The newest sighting occurred on Sunday, May 7th when a man named Rob Jones noticed a strange anomaly sticking out of the water at Loch Ness.
When he was able to get a closer look at the oddity, Jones thankfully began filming the scene and marveled to his companion that the object seemed to be moving.
The remarkably long video shows the suspected Nessie lurching along the water as a small boat passed surprisingly close to it.
That detail is what many point to as a possible reason for why the video does not necessarily show a sea creature, since the anomaly is seemingly unfazed by the presence of the nearby vessel.
Additionally, a person seen aboard the boat doesn't seem particularly interested in whatever it was that they were passing and the vessel does not stop to observe the object, which one would presumably do if they were in such close proximity to the legendary Loch Ness Monster.
Nonetheless, Jones remains mystified by what he and the other tourists on the side of the road may have witnessed, telling The Scotsman, "Sadly, I don’t believe in monsters, but would love to know what it was."
The puzzling piece of footage was captured only a few days after another visitor to Loch Nessphotographed an anomaly that was heralded as the first Nessie sighting of 2017, following a months-long stretch where the creature had not been seen since August.
One can only hope that the pair of possible Nessie appearances are an indication that the creature's slumber has come to an end that it will be making many more appearances as warm weather and tourists descend on the area for the summer.
What do you think Jones filmed at the Loch this past weekend? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AMFacebook page.
Source: The Scotsman

Nessie's cousin???

'River Monster' Spotted in Maine

A perplexing piece of footage from Maine appears to show some kind of creature leisurely swimming down the state's Penobscot River.
The baffling scene was filmed by a man named Alain Ducas, who marveled that "this is what appears to be our very own Loch Ness Monster."
Ironically, the anomaly looks remarkably similar to yesterday's Nessie video which may have shown the famed cryptid swimming near a boat.
Additionally, renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman observed on Twitter that the 'Penobscot River Monster' also resembles a similar oddity filmed at Lake Champlain back in 2009.
As to what the creature filmed by Ducas may have been, there are any number of possibilities, but we're guessing it wasn't Wessie.
Give us your best theory on the Penobscot River Monster at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.
Source: WJBQ



Ellen Lloyd – – One of the most beautiful and mysterious ancient places in Bulgaria is the Thracian city of PerperikonLocated in the Eastern Rhodope range, about 15 km away from the city of Kardzhali, this ancient site is often called Bulgaria’s Machu Picchu and sometimes also Europe’s Machu Picchu.
Perperikon Fortress
Perperikon Fortress. Image credit: Bulgaria Inside
The magnificent complex of Perperikon is considered to be the largest and oldest megalithic center in Europe. Constructed by the Thracians, the site consists of an ancient megalithic sanctuary, a sacred city and medieval fortress.
Humans have been present in the region since 5,000 B.C and archaeologists have suggested the mysterious, long-lost Temple of Dionysus is hidden somewhere in the Rhodope Mountains


The site played an important role in the lives of the Thracians, a group of Indo-European tribes inhabiting a large area in southeastern Europe.
What makes Perperikon so remarkable is that among these ancient ruins we find also traces of many other great civilizations, such as Romans, Goths and the Byzantines.
Perperikon City
Perperikon City – Image credit: World for Travel
The history of this ancient place is complex because the Thracians who were famous for waging war, making exquisite jewelry and producing wine, did not have not have a written language.
All information we possess about this enigmatic ancient civilization is based on the artifacts and ruins they left behind, as well as accounts written by ancient Greek and Roman historians, but we should not forget that the Thracians were considered barbarians by the Greeks so not all accounts are objective.
Valley of Thracian Kings With More Than 1,500 Ancient Burial Mounds
A mural in the burial chamber in a replica of the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak, dates back to the 4th century BC in the central Bulgarian town of Kazanlak. Photo credit: AFP/Dimitar Dilkoff.Read more
What we do know, is that Perperikon was a place where pagan priests carried out their sacred rituals with fire and wine, thousands of years ago. Ancient people used massive stone blocks to construct temples and altars. According to experts, an unroofed, oval hall with around altar carved out of the rock, niches, artificially made caves, basins, channels and rock-cut steps support the theory that this site functioned also as a sanctuary.