Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plant Rant

Slow blog day. I think I’ll complain about something.

I’ve never been much of a gardener. I’ve had vegetable gardens in the past. Those are okay because you can eat the results. Flowers are nice, but they look so much prettier in other people’s yards, where I don’t have to weed or take care of them. Much of this attitude stems from laziness. Like housework, yard work cuts too sharply into my goofing-off time. Hence I tend to let it go as long as possible.

This runs against the grain of my current neighborhood. I’m in a mobile home park, where most of the residents are retired. Everybody knows retired people like to garden. This is a myth. I hate it. I’m not so fond of mowing the lawn, either. We’re on top of a little rise, and there’s this slope behind the houses that we the residents have to keep trimmed. It requires mowing on a slant. Mow downhill and you risk a fall; mow uphill and you’ll be panting like a winded wolf within minutes. Don’t tell me it’s good exercise. I don’t like exercise either.

Plus, the damn grass grows like mad in the summer, necessitating weekly trims. My last two yards were small, so I never replaced the old reel mower with a motored version. Now I have to mow a hill powered by my own skimpy energy. It gets harder and harder every year.

And then we have the weeds.

Plants are more insidious. They shove their roots all the way down to China so when you try to pull them out all you get is the tops. They wedge themselves under the trailer skirting so you can’t dig them out. They grow like—well, like weeds. They get real big real fast. You dig and pull and sweat and stuff those big trash bags full with this week’s crop and by next week they’re back, twice as big and waving their fronds insolently at you in the breeze. And there you sit, getting those frowns from the neighbors for having an untended property. I thought that was the point of living in a trailer park. Aren’t we supposed to be exempt from upkeep?

Adding to the fun, I’ve developed an allergy to something growing around the house, or maybe just the grass. I’ll sit out there in my shorts for an hour decimating the green invaders, then scratch like crazy for a week. And in that week, the weeds return. You can’t win.

I forgot to mention the trees. Mowing and weeding season ends just in time for raking season to begin. These are big ol’ trees with big ol' bumpy roots, and they shed like a collie. I don’t have a ladder that lets me reach the gutters, so they get clogged on an annual basis. The weeds move in there, too. I had a regular little garden growing up there earlier in the year. Add that to what’s coming up through the cracks in the sidewalk. Grass grows everywhere around my house except where I want it to. It’s like it knows.

What does this have to do with writing? Nothing, really. I suppose I could draw parallels between seeds and ideas and nurturing plots and trimming sentences and symbolic stuff like that, if I was so inclined. However, this is a rant. I’m venting. The only advantage to having weeds is you can go out and pull them when you get stuck on the writing. You get a little fresh air, sunshine and exercise while getting away from the keyboard for a while. Plus weeding doesn’t require much thought. You can pick apart plot knots while yanking the little green buggers out of the ground. Maybe my next story should be SF. Plant-based aliens try to take over Earth. Write what you know.

I should use this as incentive. If I write more and promo more, maybe I can up my sales enough to invest in a power mower. Better still, pay somebody to see to all this crap while I sit in the house and write, or avoid writing by reading or watching TV. Fortunately winter will come along eventually and put an end to all this. Then I'll have to shovel snow. Hoo boy. Home ownership isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 25, 2012

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Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #199

From this point forward, the Dragon of Tyranny battles the Dragon of Liberty. It will be a fight to the death. This ongoing struggle will affect everyone on Mother Earth in profound ways, often unusual ways.

Around the world, 'resistance' to the establishment rises with the fiery strength and swiftness of a phoenix. Soon each day will become a choice, and every individual will have to decide -- do I choose liberty or bow before tyranny?

The following week begins a period in time where 'the extreme' rules. The rending of all that has been continues in quantum leaps, while the emergence of what will be shoots up like Spring growth. This is humanity's opportunity, and each individual's chance, to choose a new path, a new way. One that is from the heart and directed by the soul.

On the paranormal front, the campaign to freak the population out over an impending extraterrestrial invasion continues. This will be done with subtle psychological maneuvering of the press, by planting misinformation with whistleblowers, and by using the power of the entertainment media.

On the economic front, crash, boom, bah humbug. It's not a pretty picture around the world, and it will only get worse this week. The bankster gangsters have lost control of their ravenous zombi-bank monster at this point. While this 'monster' consumes its own tail, and destroys everything in sight, plans are in the works for a series of bank holidays which are already happening, but disguised so the public at large will remain fooled.

Declaring themselves the saviors and the rulers, the bankster gangster crew will demand 'the people' obey them. Out of this, a tide of resistance grows, and THOSE who truly care about humanity will stand together. They will be instrumental in bringing about a new economy.

Also, remember, barter is one wave of the future. Dare to prepare now.

On the truth front, the gargantuan evil that is censorship rises like your worst nightmare. This worldwide iron fist is meant to crush any opposition. Already, covert cyber technology is being used by the dark-side psychopaths to crush the human spirit forever. If allowed to continue, books, videos, and writings of every kind, will disappear into the blackhole of history -- one that will be said never to have existed.

As well, a major player in the new world order will be OUTED this week.

On the war front, for the next several months, the northern and southern border wars intensify horrifically. It will be difficult for the brain-drain media to keep this brutal conflict hidden. On the global front, this week there will be major clashes as the bad-cabal-guys try to trigger a world war, and collapse the economy even more.

On the AWAKENING front, humanity continues to wake up around the truth about war -- as a means by the soulless ones to control and conquer all of 'the people'. Out of this realization, many will change sides to stand with THOSE of us who love humanity, and love life.

On the personal front, this week it's all about relating to others and how you do it -- your strengths, your weaknesses. Relationship with others, with everything in life, is the golden key to the Aquarian Age. This is the time to simply notice your personal interactions. How they flow, or don't -- no need for any judgement. This is about learning what works and what doesn't.

Also, this week is ideal to begin or continue any projects that will assist your well-being in the future.

At this time, personal protection becomes crucial, and so is being with like-minded people. With the economy leaving many desperate, extra caution is needed.

On the food front, genetically modified grass is off-gassing cyanide, and killing cattle in Texas according to a veterinarian report. As never before, the dangers of GM crops is being exposed.

On the good side, people are returning to the land in droves, and many will become the farmers and ranchers of the future.

On the land changes front, this is a complex and volatile picture. Mother Earth is growing in size, and reforming herself. Her tectonic plates are shifting, and there are key changes taking place around the planet's core. As well, the weather wars rage on, and so do the earthquake wars. Therefore, devastation is always around the corner, and will be used as an excuse to bring in draconian measures.

On the really bad news front, another Great Divide forms at this time. Those in the population who have been successfully 'zombified' will now hamper and come against the individuals who have 'not' been completely mind controlled by the system.

Also, class warfare and race wars are being provoked by deliberate propaganda programs disguised to appear like public service announcements. As has been stated before, every diabolical method is/will be used to get us all fighting with each other. This includes the use of *not-for-public-view* mind frequency technology that alters the best of friends into instant enemies.

Despite the recent public announcement that drone bases exist across the country, and drones are to be used against Americans, these news reports have now been silenced by the establishment, after an outcry. However, the drones are here. They are deadly and they are flying.

Trendwise, as the year, 2012, progresses, success becomes defined differently. This trend has been happening since the mid nineties. Now it will fast forward, and true success will be measured by how well you relate to others, your standup character -- and by what you bring to others that helps them build a better life.

Another trend, clothing styles are about to undergo a massive change for large sections of the population. This happens because so many are changing their lifestyles, and their ideas about how to live life. Practicality will rule over style. However, style now becomes the province of the individual, and a renaissance of fashion blooms. Often clothing choices will be a reflection of a particular community. The day of the dynastic fashion houses is fast coming to a close, except for the few rich-enough clingers.

This will be a serendipitous week in many ways, and unexpected joy is likely to light up your heart. Enjoy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012


A couple weeks back, during our discussion of what could be learned from my sales figures, the sub-topic of genres came up. Right now M/M and multiples/ménages are hot sellers, and the numbers supported the M/M part. Somebody asked about F/F. Savanna mentioned that some publishers are currently looking for F/F stories, which implies it’s selling and therefore a growing sub-genre.

To repeat my own comment on the subject, crud.

Right now everything’s going my way. Paranormal’s big, erotic romance is big, shapeshifters are big, M/M is big. You can play mix ‘n’ match and the combinations will sell. It just happens I like these sub-genres and the ideas come easily to me. I was a bit surprised at the M/M, but as long as the bus is running, why not enjoy the ride?

Trouble is, these trends won’t last forever. Anybody remember chick lit?

Suppose F/F becomes the Next Big Thing. Or BDSM, thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey. Suppose M/M drops into the toilet. What do I do then?

I’m not facing total disaster. Traditional boy-meets-girl will always be in vogue. Same for light romantic comedy. I can do those, with and without the shapeshifters, vampires, and the guy-on-guy. Over the past couple years I’ve learned I can write mysteries. I’ll never be Agatha Christie, but I have a good time and, I hope, so do the readers. If all else fails I can fall back to science fiction and fantasy. Given the types of stuff I write, my SF and romance are pretty much interchangeable anyway. Same essential stories, just with sex scenes.

So why not just follow the trends and write F/F, BDSM or M/F/M/M/M/M+ ménages or whatever?

Would that I could. I’ve written one ménage, but that was an aberration, a continuation of another story. I could probably write another if the right plot hits, but so far the plots aren’t hitting. Same for BDSM. With all the comic books I read as a kid, you’d think I’d have no trouble writing stories where people are tied up in imaginative ways, but no. (I understand 1940s-era Wonder Woman was a textbook of fetishism. Bet that was fun for the kiddies.) As for F/F, I have no ideas in that direction at all, unlike with M/M, where ideas keep coming at me like arrows fired at a bull’s-eye. And no, you can’t just switch the two guys to two gals and expect the story to stay the same. It doesn’t work that way.

Neither does my brain. I once thought I’d enjoy Regency romances. I’m a dialogue junkie, a total sucker for biting quips and witty repartee. I tried a couple Regencies and couldn’t get beyond the first few pages. Same for caper stories. I love caper stories. Intricate plots with high stakes and split-second timing, where a red light at the wrong time can upset months of planning. Movies like The Sting and TV shows like the old Mission: Impossible number among my favorites. Remember the part in National Treasure where they steal the US Constitution? That’s what I’m talking about. I’ve proven to myself I can write mysteries. So why don’t I write caper stories? Because my mind doesn’t skew that way. I might be able to put the characters together, but my brain won’t come up with a plot.

On the other hand, I’ve written things that surprised me. M/M, for one. Who knows where that came from. Or Westerns. I never considered writing a Western until after my dad passed away and I became heir to his Louis L’Amour collection. After working my way through it, I realized I could probably write one of these if the right idea hit at the right time. It would mean a ton of research, and I’d probably have to include shapeshifters or some other paranormal elements, but I’ll bet I could do it. In fact, I had an idea for a series about a family of ranchers who double as vampire slayers. Most would be contemporary, but there’s room in there for a couple historicals. Vampires and cowboys have both been around for centuries, and I’m sure they’ve crossed paths a few times. I may get back to that at some point.

If the market swung toward F/F, could I swing with it? I should probably change my initial solid “no” to a more weaselly “maybe.” I used to love Marion Z. Bradley’s Darkover series, and some of those included F/F elements (along with M/M and at least one fourway). I loved Xena: Warrior Princess too. Maybe she and Gabrielle did have a thing going. It was there if you wanted to see it. (Quick aside: TV’s Hercules also had himself a little blond travelling companion, and nobody ever hinted those two were anything other than manly men. The double standard, gotta love it.)

On the other hand, I never wrote or felt a need to write Xena or Darkover fanfic. I did write X-Men fanfic with M/M overtones, so that’s been going on for a while. My best bet would probably be to write the stories that interest and excite me and stop worrying about the fickleness of the market. After all, there was no separate horror genre until Stephen King created it. He wrote the stories he wanted to write and look where he ended up. I wouldn’t mind having his career. The best way to do that is to write quality stories and not worry about who’s doing what to whom where, or how many there are and what gender. The characters will dictate that. Me, I’m just the typist.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 18, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #198

The theme for this Summer Solstice week ~ We are the ones 'we' are waiting for, as is being said by many wise souls at this time. Also, the GREAT AWAKENING of humankind continues, fire-storming around our world at hyperspeed.

Humanity, as a whole, and each individual on this sacred path -- now, we begin to believe in our divine selfhood, our own inner power at a much deeper and higher spiritual level. This, despite every sinister strategy by the soulless ones to bring about their 'dark age of control'.

On the AWAKENING front, major of acts of betrayal against the people will be uncovered at this point in history. Now the dam breaks, bursts, loosing flashflood after flashfood of truth, and the repercussions will be worldwide.

As well, get ready for a quantum leap in humanity's awareness. Know that leadership as it has been in our world is over. All of us need to be leaders in the Aquarian Age, and stand together as leaders -- as has been stated before.

On the personal front, this is the week to look for any misunderstanding that may be in the way of your relationships. Even a misunderstanding you had no clue about. For, the cosmic spotlight is your friend. And the angelic ones will assist you in bringing about a good resolution.

This week is also perfect for making good progress in your life, and in your most important projects. Solutions may appear like magic. Take advantage, and move forward.

On the economic front, as tyranny goes viral across the globe, the worldwide economy plummets. The continued oppression of the people, by the bankster gangsters and their political cronies, aids enormously in bringing about this ongoing domino collapse. Any solution offered by THOSE in the establishment is a future ticket to the nearest concentration camp for most of us.

Currently, 'King of the mountain' gamesmanship continues between the evil elite factions. They are sending their minions to act as whistleblowers, some of whom don't realize their role, and believe in their mission. Thus, 'they' keep the global financial picture muddy.

At this point in time, it might be advisable to use whatever monies you have to purchase the basics of survival and to improve your living situation. With last week's disclosure that huge amounts of waste from covert nuclear programs is buried close to most major cities, it becomes even more crucial to get out, and move to the most fertile areas. It's time to begin a whole new, close-to-the-land lifestyle. Use technology to assist you, but prepare to live without it when the need arises.

On the truth front, the veil is not only thinning between the dimensions directly connected to our Earth, but another veil is being lifted by the angelic realm. Everyone who wants it will have access to hidden truths. At this time, the Great Deception is being uncovered for ALL to see, to know. For, humanity has been living inside a grid of lies for a very long time.

On the war front, the forthcoming week is particularly tricky. Likely, there will be significant and horrific events taking place beyond what has been. All the major, dark-side players will be making strategic maneuvers at such a dizzying speed across the entire globe, that how the future plays out remains murky. However, the good forces are continuing to counter them in key places. Victories have been won recently, and advances are being made.

On the food front, as GMO crops continue to fail big time, as super bugs and super weeds develop and begin taking over, more and more people will realize the horrific harm that has been done to humanity, to Mother Earth and her animals and plants. Many will rise up with the intention to stop this Twilight Zone nightmare. And they will succeed.

On the land changes front, severe and superstorm weather increases across the world, and the level of devastation rises. As the sun becomes more active, shooting off flares and CMEs, the planet will accelerate its natural restructuring. At the same time, the 'dark powers that be' will be manipulating some of these changes to move their evil agenda ahead.

On the paranormal front, time travel will become front and center as a topic for those individuals on the cutting edge of reality, and this subject will filter throughout society. This is because there were rapidly shifting timelines for a couple of days this past week, and there is a timeline war taking place. As well, there is a natural convergence of several timelines, a constant weaving in and out of what will become our future on Mother Earth.

On the really bad news front, sadly, those who stand at the forefront of freedom, and battle on the frontlines -- those who have devoted their lives and their souls to preserving and fighting for freedom -- those will NOT back down, many of them are infighting, and gunning for one of their own.

Never underestimate the diabolical cunning of the global cabal -- their ability to infiltrate and pour out their poisonous lies to bring about dissension. To divide and conquer.

Trendwise, it's only getting bigger, the major backlash forming against anything and everything establishment. Those with real answers on how to liberate others from the system will continue to be in demand, sooner rather than later.

Remember too, all fraud, no matter who or what agency perpetrates it against fact, fraud of any kind negates your consent to any type of contract. This will be one of the keys to improving your life in the future after the year, 2012. Now, wisdom dictates knowing the corrupt establishment believes their 'might makes them right'.

This week walking through the beauty of nature will be a balm to your soul, and will assist you in making key decisions.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Is Your Brain on Writing

Sometimes I think my brain is out to get me. Most of the time we get along okay. After all, Mr. Brain can’t get to the bookstore without me to cart him around. For his part, he’s really useful when it comes to driving a car and remembering where I live and stuff like that. I should probably eat better foods and send more nutrition his way. I’m sure Mr. Heart and Mr. Stomach would appreciate that too.

Then there’s the rest of the time, like when I’m trying to write or figuring out what I want to write next. When it comes to help with the storytelling, Mr. Brain can be a total bastard.

More than once I’ve tried the “sleep on it” technique when I’ve been stymied by a plot. Here’s how it’s supposed to work: right before bed you either write down all the problems you’re having and all the questions you want answered or go over them all in your head. In theory, your subconscious will tackle the problems while you’re asleep and you’ll wake up with plot solutions. Here’s how it works for me: I ask my questions before going to sleep. Then I have bizarre dreams about being back in high school and unable to find my last class. (At least I’m not naked. Usually.) When I wake up, I have no answers. Instead I could have a whole new idea, or maybe a craving for pizza. Later in the day, usually when I’m in the shower or on the road or anywhere else that’s far from a pen or a keyboard, Mr. Brain will casually toss inspiration my way. This is why I’ve learned to keep a notebook and pen in my purse. At times like these I swear I can hear the bastard laughing.

I didn’t write my last story because it was on my list or I’d been outlining it or waiting to get to it. I was actually working on a different story. Apparently Mr. Brain didn’t like that one, because he dredged up an idea I’d had simmering for years and announced, “Okay, time to write this one.” Which I did, in only about two-three months, which is quick for me. All right, sometimes these things work out to our mutual benefit. What about all those stories I had to abandon because you said, “Nah, don’t wanna”? Or I’ve got edits to work on and you keep nudging me for “just one game” of Freecell. That doesn’t help, y’know. I’m still waiting for your apology.

It just happened again. Once a story’s done and out in the world, I tend to flounder around for a while, anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, while I try to figure out what to write next. This time I tried a new technique. When Borders went belly-up they put their inventory on sale, and I picked up a book on how to write a novel in 90 days. Since I was torn between two possibles (yes, Serena, one of them was Cas’s story) I decided to go for both and see which one pulled ahead. So I did the daily exercises, wrote up character bios for two different casts, planned scenes, analyzed conflicts—

And Mr. Brain decided to throw me a curve. Out of nowhere, he hauled out a flash I’d written for Shapeshifter Seductions and added a plot and characters to it and told me, “This is the one. Write this one.” What’s a writer to do?

What can I do? The two books I’d been planning are back on hold (sorry, Serena) while I work on the new one. We’ll see if I finish it. Mr. Brain might decide to get cute and throw other distractions at me. If only there were some way to live without a brain. I know, I’ll go into politics.
# # #
PS and shameless plug: I think I’ve got an idea how to jump start that one book. Legacy is due out in print within the next 4-6 weeks. I always buy at least one print copy of my books. When it gets here, I think I’ll read that and Belonging in order and see if that galvanizes me into finishing the trilogy. I can hear Mr. Brain already, plotting his next bit of sabotage. The bastard.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 11, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #197

This week, the dragon of Good and the dragon of evil are locked in mortal combat. Watch for how this plays out on the world stage, and in your local community. As well, this will influence your personal life, especially in the area of finances.

AFTER THE BETRAYAL ~ Now the real info-revolution for freedom begins, and warriors from across the world rise up on the fiery strong wings of the phoenix.

Quote from a recent forecast: "On the really bad news front, with the ongoing breakdown of the economy, *betrayal* is the theme for this week, and for the rest of the year, 2012. This will be at every level in society, from your personal life to the highest echelons ruling Earth. Because of this, many will develop 'betrayal radar', an inner knowing of who can be trusted and who cannot -- also, they will know what situations can be trusted. "

On the economic front, likely the global economy will be front and center this week. A huge battle has developed between two factions of the bankster gangsters over how the worldwide Depression will be continued, and who will finally win the blood-stained, ill-gotten booty that is being repeatedly stolen from 'the people'.

Watch the banks for any sign of what is called a bank holiday. In today's terms this could be couched in a computer upgrade of financial transactions. In opposition to this global mafia, how to 'beat the system' will become the new currency for many of us.

On the truth front, from this point forward, the TRUTH about more high level 'betrayals' will come pouring out, often like volcanos blowing their tops.

On the war front, sadly, more horrific events will be artificially created by those working for the soulless ones, in order, to force 'the people' into accepting a world war. However, the good forces are still fighting them to a standstill. For the moment.

Behind the scenes, evil mercenary armies are ruthlessly taking over third world countries, and are preparing to do the same in nearly every nation of the world. As well, military drills will be used to acclimate local populations for an eventual takeover by the dark powers that be.

On the AWAKENING front, deep within All of us is a blueprint for navigating the upcoming times. This is vitally important because 'changes' are happening at superspeed, and will only accelerate day-by-day. By the end of year, the world will be far different than it is now.

This blueprint inside you is likely to be a major shift from how you've envisioned your life, and what your life path is currently. Simply keep a look out for those inner promptings and understandings. Honor yourself, and look beyond the status quo.

On the personal front, we are entering a new period for humanity, and it's time to make the most of these exquisite heart energies. Each of us will either rise toward compassion or sink to a baser nature. This will directly impact your personal life in ways you never thought possible. Prepare to relate to others in new and unexpected ways that will center around the heart.

This week is also about looking for missed opportunities. At times, opportunities we've missed come around a second time and third time. Or, we are finally ready to take advantage, and these opportunities appear like magic.

On the food front, there will be an increase in those who create loosely knit groups so they can barter for fresh good food. Also, a movement against the giant box stores is strengthening. As many discover RFID chips in containers and products can be tracked, and will be used by the so-called 'green police' to levy hefty fines, there will be a huge change in shopping habits.

On the land changes front, now is the time to gather together, to live close to or live with your loved ones. This could also mean living with those you consider to be your family, and/or within a like-minded community. This is because as the year progresses, there 'could' be many areas where travel is limited, even severely restricted.

At this time, if you want to be with your family members -- if you want to be close to those you love, move to the same area now!

On the paranormal front, all hell is breaking loose. What has been hidden for centuries soars into the Light for all to witness. This is because, in part, the cosmic time has come for these 'truths' to emerge -- to become part of humanity's overall awareness. Do not shy away from these stunning truths, but use your spiritual side to reach an understanding. The angels will assist you. They will sing to your heart.

On the really bad news front, during the year many will be leaving the planet, and returning to their heavenly home. This will be due mostly to a series of sad events worldwide. Also, there will be many who are not be able to adapt to the hyper-speed changes facing us all. Your best strategy as always is to beware, prepare, and take care of yourself and others.

Trendwise, as celebrity news dies a slow death and yellow, sensational journalism becomes passe, what will arise can be described as the info-guns ablazing. A new breed of citizen journalist, renegades determined to discover and the report the truth, will charge forth in the spirit of Paul Revere.

As well, what has been thought of as leadership from the top down continues to topple. Everyone will become leaders in their own way, and within their chosen circle of like-minded people. This will be crucial.

This is the week to enjoy the light of the sun during sunrise and sunset. Bask in the beauty. Color your soul with these resplendent rays.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ray of Light

Logged onto the Internet yesterday and discovered an era had ended: Ray Bradbury, last of the grand masters of science fiction, had passed away at the age of 91. His life was a passionate love affair with the written word, which he was kind enough to share with the rest of us mere mortals.

A poet in prose, Ray approached language with playfulness and reverence. He could turn the description of an automated house slowing running down into a story to rival Greek tragedies. He could break your heart in 500 words. Some writers are natural storytellers but leaden in the prose department. Others can write beautifully descriptive sentences but can’t tell a moving story. Ray was one of those rare masters who could do both, and do it wonderfully.

Like many writers of the ‘30s and ‘40s, Ray began with stories in the science fiction pulps, but he didn’t go for the hard science, “clanky” plots. He wrote literary fiction set on Mars or in the distant future, and explored the darkness in the closet, around the corner, and within the human heart. His characters lived in a Midwest that probably never existed outside of a Norman Rockwell painting, and what a scary, wonderful, magical place it was. No ray guns and fight scenes and stuff blowing up for Mr. Bradbury; his stories were quiet little gut-punches of the type best whispered around a campfire while stealing nervous glances at the shadows.

His titles will be familiar even with those who don’t like or read science fiction: The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Farenheit 451 (which wasn’t about book burning, but about the impact of technology and social media on society—written in 1956), “A Sound of Thunder” (for God’s sake, never step on the butterfly when you go time-traveling!) and dozens on dozens of others. Most are still in print, and will probably stay in print for years to come.

For a writer who got his start in SF, Ray was a notorious technophobe. He had no use for computers or the Internet. He never learned how to drive a car. Ray never graduated from high school. He always said he graduated from the library. He went in and read his way through the stacks and ten years later emerged with all the learning he needed. He seems to have done okay for himself. Take that, public school system.

My favorite story about Ray involves his early days as a writer. Being a writer, he was of course poor and had no typewriter. The library proved typewriters for 10 cents an hour. Ray would go in with a handful of dimes and start typing, feeding coins into the machine. With luck, he’d complete his story before the dimes ran out. Now that’s dedication.

Though Stephen King remains my favorite writer, Ray Bradbury holds the position of God. To me, his prose is the gold standard which we can admire and aim for and maybe, just maybe come close to achieving. I imagine he’s got his little room in paradise with a typewriter, a stack of paper and an endless supply of dimes, and is still turning out stories because writing was the thing he loved. We loved your writing, Ray, and we’ll be forever grateful that you chose to share that love with us. Rest in peace.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 4, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #196

During the month of June, the dragon of good engages the dragon of evil in an epic battle. At this time, it will be wise to weigh your decisions carefully about 'who' and 'what' you support. For, every attempt will be made to lure you and your loved ones to the dark side. Just remember: all that glitters is not gold.

This week is all about the emotions of the human heart. It is about expanding our compassion for each other. Challenges will likely arise around relationships. As well, unexpected miracles will occur.

On the truth front, the explosive level of 'truths' being released during the year, 2012, is the ticket to freedom and a far better future for humankind.

On the economic front, sheer craziness will be the order of the day, and most of the month. The yo-yo economy continues with higher spikes and lower lows, at times. Likely there will also be mini bank runs across the world, and it will become more difficult to get any substantial sum of money out. As well, watch the disappearing pension funds. Note: if you have a pension DO NOT count on it.

As the Depression deepens, more states will be looking at the state bank of North Dakota as an example for the future. This, in opposition to the Federal Reserve system. Later in the month, what has been called the Icelander disease begins to spread. That is, more nations, and THE PEOPLE, will say NO to the bankster gangster takeover, and their one world bank.

On the personal front, money is front and center for many this week, and for the next two weeks. Likely, important decisions will need to be made about your finances. Because the best strategy may not be obvious, tune into your smarts and your intuition, and listen for the divine whispers.

This is also a week to pay attention to details on the homefront. It could be as simple as fixing or replacing what no longer works. Or, it could be a complete revamping of your home.

On the war front, the global elite faction who beats the drum for a world war are making their moves to bring about this massive horror. Endless lies to 'the people' are their primary strategy. However, there are other forces who have and are battling them to a stalemate. For the moment.

Watch for a major confrontation with Russia during this month, all while companies owned by the Chinese government are buying up movie theater chains, huge tracts of land in the united states, and other media interests. The fun times of big-time censorship are here but will be disguised for a while.

On the AWAKENING front, the planet, Venus, transits across the face of the Sun on June 5th. This is a landmark astronomical event, and won't occur again until the year, 2117. The last Venus transit across the sun happened in 1884.

In accordance with the AWAKENING, this rare and magnificent event is the key to the 2012 energies. Not only is the HEART activated to a higher frequency at this time, these good, good Venus vibrations bring in the full awakening of the 'feminine' in divine partnership with the 'masculine'.

Also, the portal, or the heavenly stargate now opens to dimensions beyond the imagination -- offering to everyone the full realization of humanity's potential.

On the paranormal front, all things paranormal will be coming out of the woodwork, so to speak. Some of this emergence will be subtle. However, in the month of June, UFOs will be making even more appearances worldwide.

Two other 'hidden' black projects are in the process of being brought out into the public light by the Good Forces. One is the secret space program, far in advance of NASA. Also, there will be hints of connections with other races, some of these races have been with humanity since the most ancient of times.

Likely, a couple of major events on the supernatural side will go viral in the next two weeks. The angelic realm is becoming more interactive with all of us.

On the food front, many will realize how important growing food locally is for the future. Out of this, those who are able to move to large acreages will do so, while others will create food gardens in smaller areas and in unique ways.

As well, an economy based on the land has begun, and will only expand despite brutal crackdowns. Further, as the climate continues to change on Mother Earth, 'eventually' there will be new types of food crops. Long dormant seeds will begin to grow again, and natural mutations will occur.

On the land changes front, the escalation in earthquake, volcanic, and superstorm activity will only increase across the planet. However, the brain-drain media will minimize these land changing events, even though weird weather will start to become the norm.

There are two major earthquakes forming, at this point in the Earth timeline, which could cause unbelievable devastation. One is natural and one would be triggered by manmade technologies. Remember: beware, take care, and as always, prepare.

On the really bad news front, currently one out of six Americans is starving. Many of them are educated, working, and have children. There is 'no' safety net available to them. There are good people creating food kitchens, and this trend will grow. As never before, now is the time to stand together and help each other out whenever and however we can. For, if we don't our future is far less than what it could be.

A note of caution: use discernment when offering help or accepting help. Not everyone walks on the good and compassionate side of life. Nor do they want to.

Trendwise, everything that once was in the spiritual realm of past Earth cultures is now rising to humanity's consciousness. This is being signaled by the discovery and excavation of the ancient temples at Gobekli Tepe in the country of Turkey.

The best and highest of the old ways, the rise of native traditions, spirals forth into the new age. Of course, the global cabal is using their evil tactics to diminish this knowledge and knowing.

This is the week to welcome the summer growing season. Notice the abundance around you already, and partake.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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