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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 31, 2015

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Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #365     

Now It Begins ... The Great Rebellion Against the U.N.s Prison Lockdown of the Planet. The People Want To Be Free

On the AWAKENING front, Who Are We *Really* As the Human Race? What Are Our True Origins... the Quickening Yet Gradual AWAKENING Is Here ... and Cannot Be Stopped As Decreed By the Divine

Faster than ever, the TRUTH about our human heritage will be spotlighted. However, it will become a matter of discernment, or discerning what is true. For, the mud slinging will be violent and vile and ongoing. All to cover the TRUTH.

Know too, this 'forbidden' knowledge is hidden within you, your divine nature. For, inside, we are the goddesses and gods we have been waiting for.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swing and swirl their magickal lightblades clearing away the manufactured layers of confusion. For, all has been done to keep the human race down and out, and as servants to the Viper elite.

At this critical spinpoint in the transformation of Earth and her people, the more who are AWAKE and AWARE, the easier, the quicker we overcome the dark-side controllers, who would rule the planet forever. Or destroy it.

On the CONSCIOUSNESS front, ARTICLE: "Staring Into Someone's Eyes For 10 Minutes Can Alter Your Consciousness ~ Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Forget LSD: eyes are the new high.
...After 10 minutes, participants then filled in questionnaires about their experiences in the room, which revealed some rather intriguing effects. According to the British Psychological Society, those in the group that faced one another described higher levels of attenuated color intensity than controls, with noises seeming louder than they should. Time seemed to slow down and they felt spaced out. Additionally, almost 90% of them said their partner’s face appeared deformed, 75% saw monstrous beings and 15% even saw traits of a relative’s face emerge on their partner." — IFLScience!

On the personal front, this week with the influence of the FULL MOON, this is a time to look for clarity around your life, and your life goals. With the changes in society happening ultra-quick now, it becomes necessary to be ever vigilante about your surroundings, and the fast-emerging trends that will flare up like a fire fed by dry timber.

Also, this week is ideal to prepare for winter. Organize, stock up, and plan for 'possible' emergency situations.

On the paranormal front, The Rise In Bigfoot, Yeti Encounters Continues

ARTICLE: "Siberian artist claims he had close encounter with Yeti ~ Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Artist and sculptor Andrey Lyubchenko says he came face to face with an Abominable Snowman less than a month ago.
Like the Lock Ness monster, summer is the usual time for sightings, but until now there had been no known appearances this year by the 'mythical' Yeti in eastern Russia.
This has changed with well-known Tashtagol artist and sculptor Andrey Lyubchenko's claim that he came face to face with an Abominable Snowman less than a month ago.
What's more the Yeti posed for him - allowing the artist to draw his picture on birch bark - and the pair even managed to 'speak', he claimed.
'It happened so unexpectedly and fast that I had no time to get scared,' he said. 'There was a clear feeling that this was a thinking creature, I felt he was trying to 'talk' to me.
'The Yeti was about two and a half metres tall, with thick dark brown hair like a bear's - but a lot softer. He was holding a wooden stick, with bits of hair wrapped around it. But the main thing was his eyes, they were just like light-coloured human eyes.'
At the time he was in the remote taiga in Kemerovo region, well known as the Russian region with the most Yeti sightings."

On the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION front, BLURB: "Secret Technology ~  "...conceptual artist and researcher Mark McCandlish shared his story of working as an illustrator of classified projects for the military-industrial complex. He recounted a tale of intrigue, secrets, and technology, along with detailed information on the physics and technological mechanisms of an Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) with an anti-gravity propulsion system called the "Flux Liner." The story is detailed in a new documentary, ZERO-POINT, directed by late filmmaker James Allen, who McCandlish disclosed died of heavy metal and radioisotope poisoning before finishing his film. The technology revealed in the documentary is real and would revolutionize the transportation and petrochemical industries, as well as make nuclear power obsolete, he suggested.
"You're creating a high voltage electrical discharge that fires through a mercury-filled chamber, and when that discharge occurs it creates a phenomenon that sort of opens up a doorway that allows you to tap into this ambient [zero-point] energy that's in the space-tim all around us," he explained about the workings of the ARV. According to McCandlish, the United States may no longer be in possession of this technology. McCandlish also recalled his 1966 UFO sighting over Westover Air Reserve Base. "I didn't believe at that time that what I saw was from Earth, but in retrospect... it may well have been," he said."
***Zero Point: The Story of Mark McCandlish and the Fluxliner ~***

On the *half-aliens are here* front, BLURB: "Linda Moulton Howe Breaks the Jonathan Lash Case! ~ Friday August 28, 2015 ~ Linda Moulton Howe reports on the bizarre life and death of "Jonathan Lash" who claimed to be an alien-human hybrid and who died in the parking lot of the grocery store Whitley Strieber uses every few days. Lash died in the parking lot of a grocery store in Santa Monica, whereupon his girlfriend took him to a distant location where his body was found by police 12 days later. He was discovered to have $230,00 in cash, thousands of weapons, tons of ammunition and a number of cars, including one that had been modified to travel under water. It was claimed that he had said that he was an alien/human hybrid working for the NSA.
But what's the REAL story? Is it that bizarre...or even more bizarre? There was an 11 minute report on Coast to Coast last night. Listen here to the incredible story as it unfolds in all it's bizarre detail over a full hour! And listen to Whitley Strieber ask the question: why in my back yard?
Visit Linda Moulton Howe at every day!"

On the *moon UFO* front, BLURB: "In a startling video, several unknown dark objects appear to pass close to the moon with one appearing to be propelled by rocket jets!  YouTube user Crrow777 claims to "never post hoax footage." He asserts he only manipulates color, zoom and contrast control to showcase "highlight anomalies" he captures on camera rather than mislead viewers. "I am not saying this is an alien, but it is a ship being intelligently controlled," he remarked about the rocket jet UFO.
He says he ruled out the objects as satellites orbiting Earth, because of the length of time he filmed them- up to a minute - passing the lunar surface. They are way too close to the moon to be Earth-orbiting satellites. Those satellites would pass the Moon in two to three seconds because of their distance from the lunar orb, he says. More can be found at"

On the land changes front, Coming, More Major Earthquakes, the Swarms Continue -- Watch Out, California, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest... Massive Weather Pattern Changes Due, In Part, To the Weather Wars... the Firestorm Wars In the West, the Rains Come... More Wind and Water Superstorms Across the Planet ... Fireball Sightings Increase... Possible Dangerous Asteroid Strikes Ahead [the Benevolents Are On the Case]

VIDEO: Tropical Storm Erika Hammers Island of Dominica With Deadly Flooding

HEADLINE: "Apocalyptical hailstorm kills 3 and floods Ecatepec and Coacalco, State of Mexico"

On the global warming front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "July “Warmest on Record” Lie Debunked by NASA Data
New American | The Obama administration’s politicized bureaucracies are trying to deceive the world once again, this time claiming, falsely, that July of 2015 was the “warmest on record."

On the truth front, COME TOGETHER RIGHT NOW ... the Beatles Had It Right

The Human Race -- those of like mind and heart -- must band and stand together against the dark-side's fomented race-cultural wars that are springing up like brushfires across the country -- and flaring up brutally across the world.

Family, friends, neighborhoods, communities... people of every race, color, and creed... We Must All Come Together, First To Defend and Care For One Another Against the Race-Cultural Invasions... Then, To Stand With Anyone Who Would Join Us In Friendship Against the Divide and Conquer Strategy of the Ultra-Cruel Psychopathic Cabal Running the World Show

ARTICLE: "The Truth About Mass Immigration
Prison Planet | The truth about mass immigration and why it is being imposed on western society."

ARTICLE: "France Prepares For Mass Unrest, Radicalized Immigrants Taking Over Cities
Paul Joseph Watson - French security forces are preparing for mass civil unrest and radicalized immigrants taking over entire neighborhoods, according to intelligence sources. The Army is making contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory,” winning back areas of cities, in the event of immigrant populations obtaining weapons and becoming openly hostile to authorities. “There are a lot of alienated and angry fourth-generation immigrant kids in the suburbs and the prospect of radicalisation is increasingly likely,” the intelligence source told the Telegraph, adding that highly organized networks of Islamist militants have smuggled Kalashnikov automatic rifles and anti-tank missiles into the country."

ARTICLE: "Will you as an American citizen stand up and fight this national suicide via LEGAL IMMIGRATION?"

ARTICLE: "Muslims Buying Up Christian Churches Across U.S.
Kit Daniels - Muslims are exponentially buying up Christian churches and converting them into mosques, which indicates Islam could be a dominant U.S. religion by the 22nd century.... The demand for mosques is being driven primarily by refugees from Syria, Somalia and other countries where Islam is a dominant religion. And it’s not just the demand driving this religious transformation; Christian churches are going bankrupt as Americans become increasingly secular, meaning it’s a buyer’s market for newly-arrived Muslims looking for church property to call home."

On the *standing for the constitution* front, ARTICLE: "200 US GENERALS, ADMIRALS AND OTHERS JUST STEPPED UP TO OBAMA :In an unprecedented move, 200 retired US generals, admirals just took a stand against the unconstitutional policies of the Obama administration and his nuke deal with Islamic Iran."

On the *you are the screwed taxpayer* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "American taxpayers spend nearly $10 million a day fighting ISIS
RT - The Pentagon has spent nearly $4 billion fighting Islamic State across Syria and Iraq since operations began a year ago, according to statistics released this week. The average daily cost of the campaign is $9.9 million, or $6,785 a minute. A colossal $3.7 billion in expenses have been racked up since the campaign began on August 8, 2014 up to August 15 of this year. President Barack Obama authorized a bombing campaign against the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL) last year, sending 3,400 American soldiers to Iraq to advise and train Iraqi forces. Since Operation Inherent Resolve began, the US and its coalition allies say they have conducted a total of over 6,000 airstrikes in the region. Of those strikes, nearly 4,000 have been made in Iraq and nearly 2,500 in Syria."

On the *hey, about that economy?* front, ARTICLE: "7 million college debtors have yet to make a single student loan payment in last year. The college debt bubble grows."

On the economic front, The Casino Rigged Stock Markets ... and Machiavellian Control of the Worldwide Economy To Make Serfs of the People

ARTICLE: "Totally corrupt. Elites made a fortune this week taking advantage of pre arranged major moves
Mini flash crash? Trading anomalies on manic Monday hit small investors:Millions of these Main Street investors were locked out during the crucial hour when the worst hit, just as markets opened Monday"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Who Will Be the Bagholders This Time Around?
Charles Hugh Smith | The poor banana vendors, retirees, housewives and other newly minted punters who borrowed on margin to play the rigged casino.

CITIGROUP CHIEF ECONOMIST THINKS ONLY 'HELICOPTER MONEY' CAN SAVE THE WORLD NOW China has bungled its attempt to slow the economy gently and is sliding into 'imminent recession'

HEADLINE: "What If The 'Crash' Is as Rigged as Everything Else?:A 'crash' engineered to set up a buying opportunity for insiders."

HEADLINE: "Fed Up Investors Yank Cash From Almost Everything Just Like 2008" ~Bloomberg News

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "We Are All Preppers Now
The Mises Institute | We were close enough in 2008 and what’s coming is on 20 times that scale."

On the *the manipulated stock market, you are the sorry chump* front, ARTICLE: "New “Glitch” Preventing Investors from Getting Money OUT of Mutual Funds and ETF’s Submitted by IWB, on August 27th, 2015
A computer glitch is preventing hundreds of mutual and exchange-traded funds from providing investors with the values of their holdings, complicating trading in some of the most widely held investments.
796 funds were missing their net asset values on Wednesday.
. . . Hinder[ing] investors’ ability to trade accurately in and out of popular investment vehicles,. . .
David A. Andelman, 70 years old, of New York City, said he tried to sell $15,000 of Voya Russia fund shares on Monday. By Wednesday morning, the trade still hadn’t gone through, he said. He said he was told by his broker, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., that it couldn’t receive the funds because the bank hadn’t received pricing information from Voya.
“It’s a nightmare,” Mr. Andelman said."

On the *watch the economy fall, pick itself up, and fall again* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "It's Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington
Zero Hedge - As Bloomberg reports, "China has cut its holdings of U.S. Treasuries this month to raise dollars needed to support the yuan in the wake of a shock devaluation two weeks ago, according to people familiar with the matter. Channels for such transactions include China selling directly, as well as through agents in Belgium and Switzerland, said one of the people, who declined to be identified as the information isn’t public. China has communicated with U.S. authorities about the sales."

On the *too big to fail BANK HOLIDAY* front, ARTICLE: "Tens of thousands of workers go into Bank Holiday without salaries as HSBC payments system collapses
Up to 275,000 people were not paid today and went in to the Bank Holiday weekend with depleted accounts after HSBC's payments system failed.
Britain's biggest bank, which has 16million UK customers, has revealed an IT glitch means they have failed to transfer hundreds of millions of pounds on pay day.
Victims complained about being unable to pay their mortgages or not having any money at all and with a three-day weekend looming they are waiting anxiously to hear when they will get their cash.
The fault means that salaries were not transferred from HSBC business accounts to the accounts of employees, including those who bank elsewhere.
One customer wrote on Twitter: 'HSBC. None of my staff have been paid. Cannot get through to them on the phone. Absolute shambles of a bank! Extremely poor performance'."

On the *imitating the Big Criminal Banks, the sincerest form of flattery* front,
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Fake Goldman Sachs bank found in China
Hang The Bankers - Famous for making fake iPhones, Louis Vuitton bags and Rolex watches, China managed to surprise the world once again. A Goldman Sachs (Shenzhen) Financial Leasing Company was found operating in the country without any connection to the US investment giant. “We don’t have any connection with the US Goldman Sachs, we just picked the name out, and it’s not intentionally the same,” a woman who answered the company’s listed phone number told AFP. Bloomberg made a filing with the Shenzhen government that reveals the replica Goldman Sachs has been operating since May 2013. It’s not the first case of setting up fake banks in China. A 39-year-old man in eastern China’s Shandong Province was arrested this month after starting a fake branch of the China Construction Bank with card readers, passbooks, teller counter and convincing looking logos, the Xinhua news agency reported. The bank was taking deposits but didn’t allow withdrawals."

On the *cashless totalitarian* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Financial Times Calls For Abolishing Cash
Paul Joseph Watson | Eliminating physical currency necessary to give central banks more power."

On the *first the evil empire traitorously shipped the jobs overseas...then they built the gigundis junk-fraud-treasuries market, bubbles on top of DERIVATIVES bubbles... now, many Americans lose everything while the foreign-investment invasion continues* front, ARTICLE: "The Chinese super-rich are about to flood the US real-estate market
Wealthy Chinese are already the largest group of foreign real-estate buyers in the US, with 16% of the single homes and condominiums purchased by foreign buyers snapped up by Chinese last year, according to the US National Homebuyers Association. They were trailed by Canadians, who bought 14% of homes.
These houses are typically more expensive properties, worth an average $831,800. Domestic buyers average $345,800 on a new single-family home, according to the US Census Bureau.

On the war front, The Ukraine Flashpoint ... The Syria Flashpoint... ALL THE WARS The Presstitute Media Ignores ... and Weaponizing Migrants/Refugees ... It's an Ugly World and Getting War-Uglier

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama’s Ukrainian Forces Break Minsk Agreement: Resume Invasion
Eric Zuesse | The U.S.-backed Ukrainian Armed Forces, on Wednesday August 26th, resumed their all-out war against the breakaway Donbass region"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "NATO stages huge airborne drill in Europe, says ‘acting in purely defensive manner’ (VIDEO)
RT | The largest NATO airborne drills in Europe since the end of the Cold War aim to reassure allies against external aggression threat."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russia, Egypt support forming anti-ISIS coalition with Syria - Putin
RT - Russia and Egypt support the creation of a broad anti-terrorist coalition, which would include Syria, to fight Islamic State militants, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a joint media conference with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel el-Sisi. “We underline the fundamental importance of the formation of a broad anti-terrorist front involving key international players and regional countries, including Syria,” Putin said on Wednesday. “We have common views on the need to intensify the fight against international terrorism, which is relevant, considering the aggressive ambitions of radical structures, particularly the so-called Islamic State.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Total War in Yemen Totally Ignored by Western Media
Tony Cartalucci - With almost a whimper, the Western media reported that the US-backed regimes of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and their auxiliary fighters drawn from Al Qaeda have begun carrying out what is the ground invasion of Yemen. Along with an ongoing naval blockade and months of bombing raids, the ground invasion adds a lethal new dimension to the conflict – for both sides. Landing at the port city of Aden on Yemen’s southern tip, it is reported that an “armor brigade” consisting of between 1,000 – 3,000 troops primarily from the UAE are now moving north, their ultimate destination Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. Columns of the UAE’s French-built Leclerc main battle tanks were seen moving out of the port city though their numbers are difficult to establish. Reports claiming that the UAE unit is brigade-sized might indicate as many as 100 tanks involved – a third of the UAE’s total armored force."

ARTICLE: 'Weaponizing Migrants :Flooding Europe with 'swarms' of refugees just might convince Europeans that there is a useful purpose an expanding Nato presence could fulfill immediately. Europeans ought to be demanding Uncle Sam’s head on a silver platter, and those of their own leaders on pikes.
Thanks to 25 years of lunatic U.S. foreign policy initiatives and relentless military aggressions, the steady drip of illegal immigration into Europe from Africa and the Middle East has become a crisis of refugees. Not only has the U.S. killed and maimed at least a million people and displaced millions more, it has destroyed the property – water, sanitation and transport systems – that support the networks of trade and commerce essential to the survival of developed human communities. The U.S. has  salted great swaths of the Middle East with the desiccated and irradiated debris of war. Disease and contagions lurk in shadows while the agents of violence march in the noonday sun.
Think about it. How many millions might truly have no place to go?"

On the *world war* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Four Reasons Why the New China-Russia Exercises Are Extraordinary
Sputnik | We look at why the new China-Russia exercises demonstrate a new level of trust between the countries, as well as China’s emergence as a military power."

On the energy front, From the prior forecast: *The World-Market Price of Oil Will Likely Keep Dropping*

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "From Venezuela to Iraq to Russia, Oil Price Drops Raise Fears of Unrest
NY Times | Oil appears to be rapidly turning into an ever-cheaper economic curse."

Note: 8/31/2015, the price of oil on the stock market is rising.

Meanwhile, the BRAVE ONES continue to try get their 'free energy' devices out to the world's people.

On the *bad-behaving cop* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cop Caught on Tape Extorting Driver for Fundraiser: “Buy These Tickets or I Take Your Car”
Mac Slavo | It seems the no-pressure sales method wasn’t working."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Denver Police Arrest “Jury Nullification” Activist for Passing Out Informational Pamphlets
Michael Krieger | Most of you will be familiar with the concept of jury nullification. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are not."


ARTICLE: "Connected Dots Reveal that UN Military Forces Are Now Prepared to Invade the United States
...Secretary of State, John Kerry, signing away America’s freedom, security and longevity by putting his name on the UN Smalls Arms Treaty in violation of the Constitution which states that any treaty must be approved by the Senate on a two-thirds vote.
The above photo of Kerry signing the UN Small Arms Treaty reminds me of Neville Chamberlain’s infamous quote about having “peace in our time” after he signed the Munich Accords with Hitler just prior to World War II. Inside of these “accords” contained the seeds for World War II.  Inside this UN treaty lies the destruction of American culture and society as we have known it.
...The clear intent of President Obama’s administration to disarm the American people should be very concerning to all Americans who know and appreciate their knowledge of world history. According to the University of Hawaii’s Democide Project, there were 19 genocides in the 20th Century. Everyone of them was preceded by gun confiscation. President Obama is a Harvard man and, as such, should we not assume that the President has some working knowledge about this aspect of history."

ARTICLE: "Pockets Of Resistance Fight Back! Demand Local Approval Of Refugee Invasion!
“Terrorists have made it known they want to manipulate the refugee program to sneak operatives to the West…” – Mike McCaul
This shocking video describes the imminent threat we face as the State Department moves to secretly bring 65,000 unvetted Syrians to America under Obama’s regime with no local knowledge or control.
The federal Refugee Resettlement (RR) program is operated today by the Global Left, the UN, Islam, and religious frauds. The goal is to Change America by Changing its People.
As a result, we are drowning in refugees who are destroying our Constitutional freedoms, overburdening our welfare system and posing a genuine national security threat."

On the BREAKING POINT front, ARTICLE: "'Trigger Events' May Soon Lead To War In America - More Proof US Military Is Training For Collapse And Civil Disorder - Have We Already Passed The 'Breaking Point'?"

On the BIG BROTHER WINS AGAIN front, ARTICLE: "US Freedom Act a ‘surveillance act in disguise' - ex-MI5 agent
The US is playing games with public trust by passing different versions of the same intrusive surveillance system, a modern day Panopticon. Any alleged changes to the bulk collection program are purely cosmetic, according to ex-MI5 agent Annie Machon."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Federal court rules in favor of NSA bulk snooping, White House happy
RT | The decision vindicates the government’s stance that NSA’s bulk surveillance programs are constitutional, the White House said Friday."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Police secretly track cellphones to solve routine crimes
USA TODAY | They can intercept information from the phones of nearly everyone else who happens to be nearby, including innocent bystanders."

On the *worldwide super surveillance state* front, HEADLINE: "Australians Lose all Privacy: Whatever do now do in Australia, every site you look at from porn to whatever, will be recorded by the government and will be accessible by more than 20 agencies without a warrant. Goes into effect 10/13/15"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Way GCHQ Obliterated The Guardian’s Laptops May Have Revealed More Than It Intended
In July 2013, GCHQ, Britain’s equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency, forced journalists at the London headquarters of The Guardian to completely obliterate the memory of the computers on which they kept copies of top-secret documents provided to them by former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New UN Privacy Chief Proclaims – UK Digital Surveillance is “Worse than Orwell”
Mike Krieger | Cannataci says we are dealing with a world even worse that anything Orwell could have foreseen."

On the worldwide internet front, ARTICLE: "India just turned off mobile internet for 63 million citizens amid protests in Ahmedabad
Mobile internet services have been blocked in the Indian state of Gujarat (home to nearly 63 million people), following violent protests led by the Patel community after one of its leaders was detained by local police in Ahmedabad.
22-year-old politician Hardik Patel, the convener of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti, led a rally to demand Other Backward Class (OBC) status for members of the Patidar community, in order to level the playing field in the competition for enrollment at universities and jobs in government organizations."

...But now, the company appears to be redeeming itself. Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system uses a program called Windows Hello to allow users to sign into their devices with biometric authentication. Instead of a password, users sign in using a fingerprint, iris, or, yes, your big beautiful face. Unlike the machine learning API that the earlier face detection software ran on, Windows Hello uses a RealSense 3D camera made by Intel.
The difference is profound."

On the *dark net* front, ARTICLE: "The Dark Web is Stronger than Ever Showing Ross Ulbricht’s Prison Sentence did Nothing to Deter Crime" by

On the *fingerprint* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "School fingerprints elementary students for lunch program
EAG News | The grumbling in New Albany cafeterias isn’t coming from students’ stomachs. It’s from parents."

On the *by the way* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ashley Madison hack was an inside job, claims security expert
London Independent | John McAfee, the eccentric inventor of the first antivirus software, says that the hack was definitely perpetrated by a woman."

On the communication front, Wearable Tech, the New Slave Shackles You Pay For

ARTICLE: "The Pentagon Creates Partnership with Apple to Develop Wearable Tech
Michael Krieger | How free does it make you feel that the Department of Defense is partnering with 162 companies, universities and other groups to develop wearable technology?"

On the *cell phone, wifi* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "French Woman Wins Disability for Sensitivity to Electronics
Joshua Krause | In recent years there have been growing fears towards the possible side effects of some electromagnetic waves, such as cell phone radiation and wifi." 

On the *televised: how the dark-side controllers divide and conquer the people of America* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black Lives Matter Protesters Chant: ‘Pigs In A Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon’ [VIDEO]
Daily Caller | Black Lives Matter protesters marching on the Minnesota state fair on Saturday spewed violent anti-cop rhetoric."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Texas Deputy Executed Days After Black Radical Group Calls for Killing Cops
Breitbart | Shooter shot the deputy in the back of the head and then three times in the back."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “Dark-Complexioned Male”: AP Refuses to Call Cop Killer “Black”
Paul Joseph Watson| Surveillance footage clearly shows suspect is African-American."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Shock Video: Black Couple Beat White Woman: “Wrong Hood, Bitch”
Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson | Another racist attack caught on camera."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "LA Times Wonders Why We Show More Blacks Dying Than Whites
Truth Revolt | Another example of the media’s sick exploitation of murder victims for racial grievance-mongering."

On the *constitutional black sheriff* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Sheriff David Clarke: Barack Obama Started This War On Police
Fox News | The Milwaukee County Sheriff said that Obama and Holder laid the groundwork for “this war on police”."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Milwaukee Sheriff to Obama: Give Up Secret Service If you Want to Restrict Self Defense
Adan Salazar | “There are certain things we can do to reduce and prevent these sorts of things. Not messing with this document (the Constitution), no.”

On the *so, another manufactured event for public consumption?* front, ARTICLE: "Virginia Shooting Hoax: Crisis Actors 'Mission In Life’ Is Gun Control ~ By RedsilverJ
YouTube reporter Redsilverj exposes the same ole’ crisis actor script in latest Virginia shooting. Alleged family members appear on TV the same day their loved one is brutally murdered. They show very little emotion except fake anger to promote gun control legislation.
It’s always telling when the White House immediately agrees. “Virginia shooting shows desperate need for gun control,” says the White House. Hillary Clinton is also using this televised shooting to tout more gun control.
Gun-control false flags are getting comically sloppy. Soon the masses are going to realize the magnitude of the scam. That will not be pretty for all the people selling this nonsense as real events."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Virginia police order BBC journalists to delete footage of suspected shooter’s crash
Kierran Petersen | Citizens have been charged for filming police — usually as a violation of wiretapping laws."

ARTICLE: "Suddenly Media Worried Over Reporting Race-Based Motive of Killer of White Reporters
Breitbart - During the reporting of the murders in a black church in Charleston, the assumed racist motive of the shooter, white man Dylann Roof, was immediately the talk of the media. But now, after an African American murdered two white former co-workers and then released a 23-page, race-tinged manifesto, some in the media are suddenly squeamish about reporting the race-based motives of the killer.... CNN, for instance, wrote an entire report focused on Flanagan’s mental state but mentioned his comments about race only once in a 1,500 word story. A CBS report never mentioned the shooter’s racial comments at all. The piece did tiptoe around the shooter’s problems with race in two paragraphs, but never actually stated his race rhetoric seen in the explicit terms revealed in his manifesto. Then, a piece in the Chicago Tribune called the killer “off kilter” and “bizarre” but steered clear of fully reporting on his racist ideas."

On the *thug-perv-moron TSA* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "TSA Agent in NY Charged With Molesting Traveler in Bogus Search
Sputnik | A TSA agent may be sent to jail for unlawfully groping a young woman, giving a new meaning to the schoolboy expression ‘cop a feel’."

On the *DRONE* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone
MIT Technology Review | Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Sacramento Kings’ new stadium in California."

On the home front, One Way To Diabolically Control the Gov-Dependent Starving Masses

ARTICLE: "Reports Of SNAP EBT Problems Nationwide - Did We Just See Another BETA Test Leading Up To A September Event?
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Reports to Down Detector about SNAP EBT cards not working began coming in at a furious pace on Friday across the nation. From Virginia to Iowa to Alabama to Minnesota to New Mexico to Missouri to Idaho, reports of non-received payments to 'can't purchase anything on it' came flooding in as seen in the screenshot comments below. One commenter warned back: 'LOL!!! You SHEEP haven't seen anything yet...This is just a BETA test to see how you idiots will react. The REAL event is going to happen this September.' Investment Watch Blog is reporting upon this EBT 'glitch' as well.
91% of those reporting problems reported issues receiving payments while the other 9% reported website problems. While some might try to dismiss these issues as 'technical glitches', all we need to do is look at another story from yesterday Daily Mail to learn that HSBC also blamed a 'glitch' for the fact that up to 275,000 people were not paid 'hundreds of millions of dollars' with a bank holiday on Monday, effectively ruining the weekends of hundreds of thousands, some of whom were asking how they were going to eat this weekend."

On the *how to mass murder the American veterans* front, HEADLINE: "Leaked Document: Nearly One-Third Of 847,000 Vets With Pending Applications For VA Health Care Already Died"

On the FEMA CAMP, MILITARY OCCUPATION front, ARTICLE: "Jade Helm FEMA Camp Preparations Are Entering Final Preparations ~ FEMA Prison Train Spotted in St. Louis
The following communication was sent to me, by email, in a which a picture of a FEMA train was taken and it is identical to other pictures of the same in which critics have maintained are a fraud. To the critics, feast your eyes on what follows:
    Attached is a picture taken today at I-44 and Jameson in downtown St. Louis, eastbound.
    An acquaintance took it and posted it online. Details from Google maps also attached. Within the city itself, headed across the Mississippi river eastbound.
    He has acquired a bit of a reputation of a crazy-loon as of late, but I disagree. He’s paying attention.
    I am not one to email and post publicly on social media about anything, esp. this type of thing, but I when this is in my area….hell, I’m already listed somewhere anyway, and every form of communication seems to be compromised anyway.
    Not using my name, or complete name, is appreciated. Not due to subject material but just don’t like my name online for search engine archiving.

ARTICLE: "New 'Guard Towers' Go Up At Old Shopping Mall In Bastrop, Texas - Jade Helm 15 Update - Exclusive New ANP Pictures"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Fort Bragg Troops Train for Domestic Emergency: “This Exercise Is About the Home Front”
Mac Slavo | Ostensibly, and on the surface, they are trained to “help out” with things like natural disasters, floods and hurricanes."

On the food front, Organic Meals For School Students, What a Concept

ARTICLE: "Meet America’s First School District to Serve 100% Organic Meals
Common Dreams - When schools in California’s Sausalito Marin City District return to session this August, they will be the first in the nation to serve their students 100 percent organic meals, sustainably sourced and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). More than 500 students at Bayside MLK Jr. Academy in Marin City and Willow Creek Academy in Sausalito will eat fresh, local food year-round, thanks to a partnership with the Conscious Kitchen, a project of the environmental education nonprofit Turning Green.... The organization says meals will be accompanied by nutrition and gardening education."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Could This New 'Organic Ready' Corn Help End Monsanto?
‘Organic Ready’ corn has been researched for 15+ years. It naturally resists GM crop contamination through cross-pollination."

On the *mislabeled* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Researchers Find Horse Meat and Other Undeclared Species in Products Labeled Ground Beef
Julie Fidler | 10 out of 48 samples found to be mislabeled."

On the MonSatano GM/GMO front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The GMO Toxin Being Found in Unborn Babies
Did you know that some food crops are actually genetically modified to contain an insect-killing toxin known as 'Bt toxin?' As if that isn't concerning enough - this toxin is being found in people across the nation .
Despite studies finding this toxin in people's blood and even in unborn babies years ago, nothing has been done to remedy this toxic exposure caused by biotech giant Monsanto.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "World Health Organization Only Requires 90 Days ‘Safety Testing’ on GMOS
Christina Sarich | Sufficient for global experimentation?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Latvia and Greece Start Green Wave of GM Crop Bans across Europe
Sustainable Pulse - Latvia and Greece are the first countries in the EU to have had their geographical opt-out’s from growing GM crops accepted by Monsanto. Many other EU countries, including Germany and France, are expected to request geographical opt-outs from growing Monsanto’s MON810 GM Maize over the next month. Under the EU law signed in March individual countries can seek geographical exclusion from any approval request for GM cultivation across the EU. While the European Commission is responsible for approvals, requests to be excluded also have to be submitted to the company making the application i.e. Monsanto for MON810."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "African Experts Reject Monsanto's Drought-Resistant GM Maize
Due to environmental concerns, the African Centre for Biodiversity is fighting the approval of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn."

On the LINEUP, WE WANT TO SHOOT YOU UP WITH VACCINES front, ARTICLE: "There are 271 New Vaccines in Big Pharma’s Pipeline
Health Impact News - “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable…for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” – President Ronald Wilson Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die, become chronically ill with vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders or are otherwise disabled from vaccine injuries. That law has led directly to an expected reckless, liability-free development of scores of new, over-priced, potential block-buster vaccines, now numbering over 250. The question that must be asked of Big Medicine’s practitioners: How will the CDC, the AMA, the AAFP and the American Academy of Pediatrics fit any more potentially neurotoxic vaccines into the current well-baby over-vaccination schedule?"

On the TIME TO BOYCOTT front, ARTICLE: "Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Safeway, Panera Bread harass and threaten volunteers collecting signatures to overturn Calif. SB277 vaccine mandate
(NaturalNews) Grocery stores, restaurants and shopping malls in the Sacramento area are harassing, threatening and calling the police on volunteers with the #SB277Referendum, a ...
When the truth comes out about food giants like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, it's always ugly.
Across California, volunteers working to collect signatures for the SB277 referendum have been threatened by Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
Police have been called, and when they show up, they've defended the volunteers, stating they have every right to collect signatures on public property.
It's yet one more reason to boycott Whole Foods and Trader Joes for their blatant attacks on democracy."

On the *plague* front, ARTICLE: "US reports unusual spike in human plague cases :Bubonic plague is the most common type of plague and accounts for 80 percent of cases today. It is also the form of plague known as the Black Death because it killed 50 million people in Europe"

On the really bad news front, The DeathStar-LIke United Nations Disarming the People of the World

Representatives attending the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in Mexico this week have set up a structure for future conferences on gun control that include a veto-proof decision making process.
According to Reuters, representatives from 130 countries gathered in Mexico, although only 72 countries have fully ratified the treaty. They determined that Geneva will be “the seat of the permanent secretariat for the ATT” and they unanimously decided that unanimous agreements would not have to be reached on gun control decisions going forward.
This gives the body a veto-proof process for making gun control decisions going forward."

Meanwhile, The U.N. Invasion Force Is Here ... ARTICLE: "Are These UN Choppers Over Texas? Massive Military Train Carrying Strykers In Montana - Retired NY Cop Gets Strange Phone Call From 'FEMA' - Her Warning To Us Confirmed! ~ By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Back on June 12th, All News Pipeline published a story about a convoy of white choppers seen over the state of Washington that were believed to be from the UN; in the picture above and images at bottom of story, we see two more choppers, one that appears to be white or grey, over Snyder, Texas as shared with us by ANP reader Stacy White who asked if these were possibly UN as well. White's video of these choppers flying by is the 1st video below. ANP was also sent the photograph below of a massive military train in Belgrade, Montana carrying more machines of war upon American soil.
We also recently received a very interesting note from one of our readers which we are publishing below to open up for discussion a very strange phone call our reader, a retired New York police officer, recently received. According to 'Tracy', a strange call from 'FEMA' has left her scratching her head and wondering if other ANP readers have recently received a similar phone call. Is she being paranoid or was the phone call republished below as unusual as it seemed to her?
We took a look at the phone number that she told us called her and sure enough, the number is owned by a company that does surveys for a number of different public and private agencies, including FEMA!!! We reached out to the company in question and can report a conversation we had with a representative confirming they are indeed doing a survey for this particular state's emergency management agency. We certainly agree with the company representative we spoke with that it is always best to be proactive rather than reactive in the event of any kind of potential emergencies."

On the *nuking Mother Earth, Her Humans, Her Animals and Plants, Her Ocean* front, ARTICLE: "Radiation Expert: Horrific health toll from Fukushima — “Impossible not to be moved by scale of deaths and suffering” — Thousands to die of cancer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — Number of dead babies significantly increased in many areas of Japan — Government actions unconscionable (AUDIO)"

ARTICLE: "*FUKUSHIMA* FORBIDDEN GROUND--Expert Warns On Unusual Mortality Event: 'It's All Going To Cascade Up To Us' And 'Everyone's Freaking Out'"

ARTICLE: "Media Blackout: Canada Plans To Dump Nuclear Waste Less Than Mile From US Border
Zero Hedge - Over the last few years, the United States has not had the best track record with Deep Geologic Repositories (DGR) for nuclear waste. In February of 2014, the U.S.’ DGR, known as the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), had two separate incidents that compromised the integrity of the project by releasing airborne radioactive contamination. While most U.S. citizens were relatively unaffected by the events, our Canadian neighbors have proposed a plan to construct a DGR 0.6 miles from America’s largest source of fresh water, the Great Lakes — and the U.S. State Department is remaining relatively uninvolved."

On the *mad-scientists genetic frontier* front, ARTICLE: "Genetically Modifying Humans Closer Than Most Think, Say Scientists: 'It’s Absolutely Going To Happen And The General Population Can Hardly Comprehend How Big This Game-Changer Is Going To Be'"

On the good news front, The Food Babe Starts New Campaign, Challenges Subway To Stop Buying Meat From Inhumane Mega-Farms That Unnecessarily Use Antibiotics To Fatten the Animals ... This Is Causing Antibiotics To Become Useless Against Various Infections

On the global mafia cabal front, The Psycho-Crazy Global Elite Are Running the Earth Asylum... And Making Certain To Label the Rest of Us Insane ... After All, a Med-Drugged Up Population Is So Much Easier To Control

ARTICLE: "Clinical Proof that Most Politicians and CEO’s Are Certifiably Insane: And to the sheep of America, don’t your children deserve better than to be ruled over by a bunch of perverted psychopaths?
Our country should be dubbed, the United States of Psychopathology. Psychopaths are at the root of the world’s problems. They kill hundreds of millions in wars which serves no purpose except to enrich themselves. Subsequently, psychopaths such as the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s recruit already compromised psychopaths to do their bidding in both elected office and as the CEO’s of Fortune 500 corporations as well as key administrative positions.
The Whole Country Is Going Crazy.
The United States of America is presently undergoing a mental health crisis. An estimated 26.2% of Americans ages 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. This figure translates to almost 60 million people who have a diagnosable mental illness.  Even though mental disorders are widespread within the population, the main burden of illness is concentrated in a much smaller proportion, which is confined to about 6% of the population, or about 1 in 17 who suffer from a serious mental illness. In nearly half (45%) of those with any mental disorder, they meet criteria for two or more disorders. In the U.S., mental disorders are diagnosed based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (DSM-V)."

Meanwhile, this week, there will be more incredible revelations around the 'moneychanger elite'. For, the people have the ability to drive them out of the temple as Christ did.

On the heroine front, This week's heroine has been recognized before. However, she deserves to be brought to the forefront again. Blurb: "DOREEN HANNES will again address the latest food and farm issues affecting all of us. Doreen is one of the most effective agricultural advocates, she home schools and farms. Websites: &


On the *CIRCUS-CIRCUS Keep the Sheeple Entertained* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hulk Hogan: I want to be Trump’s running mate
The Hill | Vice President Hogan."

On the *Hillary For Prison* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Security Has to Get Involved When Black Transgender Lives Matter Activists Disrupt Clinton Event
The Blaze | Black Transgender Lives Matter activists disrupted a Hillary Clinton campaign stop in Ohio Thursday."

On the scumbag political front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Report: FBI Clinton email probe becoming ‘extremely serious’
Washington Examiner | Examining a possible violation of the Espionage Act."

ARTICLE: "Obama Administration’s Direct Connection and Material Support for Known Terrorists Intent on Destroying America:"

On the *scumbag gov agency* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "EPA withholds mine spill documents from Congress
Tori Richards - A congressional committee blasted the Environmental Protection Agency today for blocking release of documents related to the Gold King mine disaster, which poured deadly chemicals into the largest source of drinking water in the West. “It is disappointing, but not surprising, that the EPA failed to meet the House Science Committee’s reasonable deadline in turning over documents pertaining to the Gold King Mine spill,” said Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). “These documents are essential to the Committee’s ongoing investigation and our upcoming hearing on Sept. 9. But more importantly, this information matters to the many Americans directly affected in western states, who are still waiting for answers from the EPA."

ARTICLE: "EPA Gestapo Won’t Release Toxic Spill Documents to Congress
by S. Noble ~ August 25, 2015  
The EPA gestapo will not release toxic spill documents to the House committee, according to Watchdog. As has been the case for the past seven years, the government agency has more power than Congress.
The mine is still leaking but it’s been directed into a tributary
The toxic metals are being kicked up along the shore of the Animas and San Juan Rivers despite the EPA saying everything is fine and after approving the reopening of the rivers.
We should send all the EPA people out there to drink the water. That will solve the problem of the EPA and we can hire all new people!
The danger is in the sediment now settled around the banks and in the Animas river bed itself."

On the *no more freedom for you* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Falls Behind Canada, Finland, And Hong Kong In Human Freedom Index |The U.S. ranks 20th."

ARTICLE: "US Military Now Has Authority to 'Capture and Punish' Journalists Who they Deem 'Belligerent' Americans are being locked in cages for possessing a plant, innocent children are blown to bits by a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "School threatens student with expulsion over Confederate flag ‘gang symbol’
EAG News | School officials in Idaho claim the Confederate flag is considered a gang symbol."

On the *how to incrementally disarm and demonize gun owners* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "White House concedes new gun laws wouldn’t have stopped Va. gunman
Washington Times | The decision vindicates the government’s stance that NSA’s bulk surveillance programs are constitutional, the White House said Friday."

HEADLINE: "Feds Go Door-To-Door To Inform Gun Owners Rights Not Absolute"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Walmart to quit selling AR-15s and gun buyers smell a rat — the liberal kind
Bizpac Review | Walmart is confirming rumors that it will quit selling AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines."

On the *traitor to the second amendment* front, ARTICLE: "OBAMA'S NEXT BACKDOOR ASSAULT ON 2ND AMENDMENT 'The point is just to try to reduce legitimate gun ownership'
Secretary of State John Kerry once again signed the United Nations Arms Treaty on Wednesday, a move that supporters say will help stop weapons from getting into the hands of criminals and terrorists worldwide but critics contend is a backdoor assault on law-abiding gun owners.
The treaty would require nations to conduct a detailed registration of all guns. The issue is dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate, but one of the leading experts on guns says even if the agreement is only ratified in other countries, it can still work to erode gun ownership in America."

ARTICLE: "Thanks to Congress the UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Took a Giant Step Forward: The Corker Bill Spells the End of the Second Amendment ~ Another Nail In America’s Coffin
The following is a smoking gun document that presents seven sequential steps designed to culminate in the total disarmament of the American nation. For those of you that know your history, you will note that there were 17 genocides in the 20th Century and in each case, these genocides were preceded by gun confiscation by the host government. According to the Democide Project located at the University of Hawaii, governments killed far more people,  an estimated 26o million victims, than even war. History shows that if we ever allow government, the UN, or the U.S., to ever be able to seize our guns, we are signing our death warrant!
The following document is a declaration of war against the United States people. For those who find the document to be on the blurry side, scroll down to the Appendix to view a clearer copy."

On the *there's still freedom in America* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "School apologizes to student after kicking her out over Confederate flags
EAG News | A Florida student who came to school on the first day with two Confederate flags waiving from the back of her pickup was issued an apology after school officials sent her home."

On the freedom front, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”—Martin Luther King Jr.

ARTICLE: "The Raping of America: Mile Markers on the Road to Fascism :First, however, Americans must break free of the apathy-inducing turpor of politics, entertainment spectacles and manufactured news. By John W. Whitehead ~ The Rutheford Institute ~ August 25, 2015
    “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”—Martin Luther King Jr.
There’s an ill will blowing across the country. The economy is tanking. The people are directionless, and politics provides no answer. And like former regimes, the militarized police have stepped up to provide a façade of law and order manifested by an overt violence against the citizenry."

On the *we all need one of these* front, ARTICLE: "Welcome to the world, drone-killing laser cannon ~ Friday, August 28, 2015
Boeing unveils new weapon which boasts the ability to take down drones via a laser." — Wired

On the 3D Printer front, HEADLINE: "Microscopic 3D-Printed “Smart” Fish Nanobots to Swim in Bloodstream & Remove Toxins"

Trendwise, Rapid Change Upon Rapid Change, Both Disastrous and Spiritually Transcendent ... Be Prepared ... And, the World of Celebrity Goes Utterly Bonkers

The world tilts and tilts again with societal change. While many of us 'influence' toward the change that is the renaissance Aquarian Age, and fight the good fight in the revolution-evolution... the dark-siders battle back with the massive black magick of endless, mind-control and mind-numbing propaganda. This wholesale mesmerizing of the public will only intensify. And many will be caught in this cruel trap -- and be unable to escape.

Thus, it becomes imperative to recognize the mind and soul-enslaved, and protect yourself, and your loved ones from the zombified.

THIS WEEK, be the change you want to see. Enjoy the beauties of Nature, especially the winged creatures like butterflies and birds. They have a message. 

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~  

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ "You, too, wolf cowboy."
Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 
In this snippet-scene, Zance and Dontoya, the two heroes, talk to Sherilyn about their enemies.


Seven paragraphs from Chapter Fifty ~

The next instant, Sherilyn smiled flirtatiously. "You, you're just a sexy beast." Quickly, she glanced at Zance. "You, too, wolf cowboy."

"Wolf cowboy, sure do like the way you say that. But, what Donny-cat here is tryin' to explain."

"Go ahead," Sherilyn prompted at Zance's hesitation.

"The Templeton varmints are bein' manipulated. Or you could say, they're being helped out by the sorceress's black arts. It's all comin' together kinda complicated like. And soon."

Dontoya watched his mate's expression change from astonishment to fear. Then, she become thoughtful. "From the looks on your faces, you two have a plan like Zance said earlier."

"Told her we'd talk about it later this evening." Zance scooted his chair back, moving to Sherilyn. "Gotta go take care of things. Give me a kiss, sweet thing."

Zance planted a kiss on Sherilyn's mouth for several moments. 

For more of My Sexy Saturday

HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel.

Sherilyn, Dono, and Zance invite you to read their love story ~
A woman desperate to save herself and her prize horses. Two shapeshifter cowboys who want her as their woman. That's only the beginning... Available: SMASHWORDS PREMIUM CATALOGUE ~ KINDLE ~ *TopSeller* at AllRomanceEbooks  

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Now Available: RIDE THE ROAN STUD, written by my alter ego, Stevie

Blurb: On a vision quest, Ghost Walker succumbs to the harsh desert of the Four Corners badlands. With death's talons striking, he is rescued by a mysterious mustang.

Running as horse, Grant Thunderhead senses an intruder trigger the forcefield protecting his steam engine caverns. Investigating, he finds a beautiful unusual man who will rescue his heart.

Excerpt/Buy link

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cheese and Crackers

I’m in the mood for a nice, cleansing whine. What goes good with whine? Cheese, of course. I never seem to run out of things that cheese me off. As long as the rest of the world exists, I’ll always have a blog.

# # #

I’m sure you’ve heard a version of this one: “When I was your age, we had to walk five miles to school. Barefoot. In the snow. And it was uphill both ways.” I can’t speak for the five miles or the barefoot part, but I can vouch for the rest.

It’s not school, though. It’s the library. I still can’t quite afford home Internet, so I get my connections at the library. Fortunately for me, the library is right up the street, less than a quarter mile away. I can see it from my yard. I could see it from the house if the bathroom window faced that way.

I could walk straight across the field and be there in five minutes except for one little obstruction: the 20-foot-wide stretch of water known as Cocalico Creek.

Y’see, I live in a river valley. Cocalico Creek runs through the entire western end of Ephrata, and the land runs downhill accordingly. It’s nearly impossible to get out of town without going up a steep hill. The Cocalico Creek flows precisely down the middle between the mobile home park and the library, which sits on top of a hill. In order to get there, I walk downhill, cross the bridge, then climb up the steep drive to the library at the top. I’m overweight and out of shape and toting a twenty-pound laptop. I haven’t had a heart attack yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

But wait, I hear you say. Wouldn’t it be all downhill going home? Nope, just halfway. Once I cross the bridge over the creek, the land begins its gradual upward slope again. So I do indeed have to walk uphill both ways. Though not always in the snow, because if it’s bad the library closes and all the ups and downs become moot.

I could walk the other road to the library, but that’s Route 272, the old highway. That one’s level. It’s also traffic-heavy, with no sidewalk and not much of a shoulder. And I’d still have to climb the hill to reach the library. I’d rather trudge up the other road than take my chances with drivers re-enacting the Indy 500.

As for school, I went to grade school at the Jersey shore. We had to swim five miles. Against the tide. Both ways.

# # #

Being lazy as well as out of shape, and unwilling to lug the laptop to the summit of Everest, I usually just take the car. This comes with its own set of problems. When I’m in a parking lot, I try to find a pull-through, so I can see oncoming cars when I go to leave. My car’s been hit twice, both times in a parking lot by cars directly behind me backing out at the same time I was. One of those accidents happened at the library. You’ll forgive me for being paranoid.

The library doesn’t have any pull-through parking, but it does have a single line of spaces near the door. I always hope for one of these, not because they’re closer, but because there won’t be any cars parked behind me. When I back out I only have to worry about incoming traffic, and they’re usually nice enough to stop.

Here’s the part that cheeses me: motoring up the road to that long, steep drive, only to see another car turn in from the other direction. Watching that car trundle up the hill and knowing if there’s only one open spot in my chosen parking lane, he’s going to get it, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

If I drive up and all the spots are taken, that’s life. I just drive to the other side of the lot and hope the person parked directly behind me doesn’t decide to leave at the exact same moment I do. But seeing another car pull in just as I’m approaching the drive, knowing I’ve missed a prime parking space literally by seconds, that’s a hefty shot of Gorgonzola.

I try not to let it bug me. I should think instead about finding a job so I can get WiFi at home. Then none of this will be a problem any more.

# # #

Home WiFi … easier said than bought. I took the car in for inspection last week and it just barely squeezed by. The Jetta will be celebrating its twentieth birthday next year. It’s only got 153,000 miles on it—I didn’t drive this one across the country like I did the last one—but the bottom’s rusting out. Fortunately it’s mostly cosmetic, except for the wheel rod that’s rusting through and the better-than-average possibility I’ll end up with a hole in the floor. Even with that I can probably get another year of driving out of it. Hey, if no floor was good enough for Fred Flintstone, it’s good enough for me.

Only now I’ll have to start saving my pennies, because at some point before this time next year I’ll have to plunk ‘em down for a car that’s not rusted. There goes the WiFi fund. I might be able to stretch the car’s life if I suck it up and walk up that goddamn hill to the library. It would even do my body some good. If I have a heart attack, I won’t need a car because I won’t be driving. Always try to find the silver lining.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 24, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #364    

This Week: Tyranny By Stealth Exposed ... The Deconstruction of Society As a Whole ... And the Phoenix-Rise of the Aquarian Age Light Bearers

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' focus on joining with the White Hat forces. From a previous forecast: 'They' ... "relentlessly swing their sacred-powered lightblades. For now, they open the portals allowing the Beneficents to pour in, and join the battle to save Mother Earth and her human family.

Out of this, look for more odd thunderstorms, and other sky high-strangeness. The space wars and the heavenly wars escalate."

On the personal front, this week, stay vigilant and hang on for the awesome and bigtime bumpy ride. Do your best to go about your life and take care of daily business -- one day, or one hour at a time.

Also, look for ways to hunker-bunker down. But don't advertise what your preparations are. As well, stay as calm as you can manage. For, Divine help is on the way.

On the *high strangeness* front, ARTICLE: "Strange Beams Of Light Captured In Italy, Mexico, And The US! What Are They? ~ By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ August 20, 2015
Another one for the weird and unusual file as we see strange beams of light captured in amazing photos from around the world in August, which has created a firestorm of Internet chatter from people trying to explain this mysterious phenomena which is reminiscent of the viral sensation captured at the Kukulkan Pyramid photographed by Hector Siliezar on July 24, 2009.
The latest of these strange large beams were photographed in South Fort Myers Florida, USA on August 15, 2015 and in Civitavecchia Italy on August 10, 2015."

On the paranormal front, PROJECT BLUE BEAM ... It's Back, Bigger and Badder Than Ever ... That is, On the Shadow Gov's Planning Board ... Will a World Religious Leader Announce the Alien Arrival Before the Year Ends?

From a June 2014 forecast: "...the propaganda machine cranks up again about the alien progenitors of humanity. For Project Blue Beam is still on the one-world order's table.

From a previous 2013 forecast: "On the dark side, Project Blue Beam is being brought forth by the 'new world order crowd' at an accelerated pace. This, in preparation to frighten humanity into compliance, and obedience. From a past forecast: "The message: the alien gods are here. Bow down, people of Earth."

From a September 2014 forecast: "...a tricky-dicky time of move and counter-move. This involves the New World Order's Project Blue Beam versus the ongoing emergence of the Benevolent ETs themselves.

While the spiritually and tech-advanced Benevolents are step-by-step removing the top-echelon minions of the Viper psychopath elites -- who remain hidden behind the scenes -- simultaneously the dark-side controllers are ruthlessly battling back with their own fleet of alien-looking UFOs."

On the UFO Terrestrial front, ARTICLE: "Edward Snowden: UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle"

On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "Diamond UFO Over Volcano, Arrow Over Glasgow, Truck Over NY
If you have friends who still refer to all UFOs as “flying saucers,” this weekend brought news of three different sightings with three different shapes – a diamond, an arrow and a semi-truck – that you can show them as proof that UFOs come in all shapes and sizes. Are we in the midst of an alien spacecraft show where they bring out all of the new models?
The diamond UFO was spotted over the Colima Volcano in Mexico, a place that UFOs frequently visit, like the cigar seen in July and the horse in January. The huge diamond-shaped UFO spotted in a picture was taken by one of those webcams that are always pointed at the volcano to record eruptions and unexpected alien visitors. Shot on July 15, there’s no other information on this UFO so it’s open for speculation as to its actual size and whether it was coming or going."

On the *magic touch* front, ARTICLE: "Animal magic: Meet the five-year-old girl who can hypnotise creatures with the stroke of her hand
They say you should never work with animals on live television.
But this five-year-old girl has amazed the Chinese public by hypnotising a series of animals on a popular talent show, reported the People's Daily Online.
Han Jiaying put five animals, including a chicken, a rabbit and a lizard, to sleep within five minutes using just her voice and the touch of her hands."

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "Very Old Fossil of Appears Like Modern Human Finger Bone ~ Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Yet another fossil discovery may push the origins of humankind back further than what was previously accepted. Paleoanthropologists have unearthed what may be the oldest-known fossil of a human-like hand. The fossilized left-hand pinky bone, excavated at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, has been dated to be at least 1.84 million years old."

On the land changes front, Once Again: Watch Out For Those Meteors and Fireballs... the Sun Will Perform In Peculiar Ways ... Extreme Weather Events Continue ... Meanwhile, Volcanoes Erupt Around the World and Earthquakes Will Likely Shake the West Coast During the Next Several Months

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'Eiffel Tower' Prominence Towers Over The Sun ~ Wednesday, August 19, 2015
The prominence (a large structure of magnetized plasma erupting from the sun) is approximately 7-Earth diameters high." —

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Parts of California Have Sunk Over a Foot in Eight Months Due to Drought
Michael Krieger | California Dreamin’ this is not."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cuba on edge as drought worsens :Drought conditions across the Caribbean, caused by the phenomenon known as El Nino, have left reservoirs at 37 percent of capacity." ~Reuters

VIDEO: Heavy Floods Hit Scotch Plains, New Jersey

TRENDING: Northwest Blaze Spawns Massive Firenado; California Quake Rattles News Crew During Live Broadcast

HEADLINE: "Calgary is stunned by SNOWFALL in the middle of summer"

HEADLINE: "Record-breaking toxic algae bloom worse than feared :Algae blooms are not uncommon in the Pacific Ocean but the size and duration of this one, stretching from Southern California to Alaska, is historic,"

On the *power of the wind* front, VIDEO: "Behold the awesome power of the wind as a raging typhoon lifts a Boeing 747 slightly off the ground. The video shows a China Airlines Cargo jet weighing up to 970,000 pounds when fully loaded repeatedly dragged up from the ground by Typhoon Soudeler in Taiwan. Soudeler first made landfall in Taiwan on August 8, 2015. The tropical nightmare had wind gusts topping 143 mph along the northeast coast of the Asian island. This disturbing video was posted by MrOutofControl."

On the FIREBALL front, HEADLINE: "NASA's All-Sky Cameras Captured Huge Meteor/Fireballs Burning Up in the Atmosphere" (Video)

On the volcano front, HEADLINE: "Volcano Uptick...Two more eruptions from Mexican colossus Colima Volcano :Mexico contains over 3,000 volcanos but only 14 are considered active."

ARTICLE: "Volcanic Activity in Ecuador Prompts President to Declare Emergency
Cotopaxi volcano has been erupting since Friday, covering roads and homes with powder as hundreds are evacuated and ash reaches capital of Quito
The Ecuadorean president, Rafael Correa, declared a state of emergency on Saturday, over increasing activity in the Cotopaxi volcano near the capital of Quito, and officials evacuated a few hundred people as a precaution.
The decree gives authorities more flexibility in using government funds to deal with any problems.
Eruptions that began on Friday have shot ash more than two miles into the sky, spreading fine gray powder over roads, homes and cars in the region as far as the capital, 30 miles to the north.
Presidential legal secretary Alexis Mera said further ash explosions and some pyroclastic flows on the volcano’s western slopes on Saturday led officials to evacuate some nearby villages."

On the *geoengineering* front, ARTICLE: "Geoengineered Forest Fire Incineration, Dark Ice, And Methane Extinction
...In the incredibly parched state of California numerous out of control fires have consumed landscapes, decimated wildlife, and destroyed many homes located in rural woodland regions. The climate engineers have been so consistent at blocking precipitation from California that one must ask the question, is California just a climate sacrifice zone, or a target of engineered drought?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Alarming New Study Suggests Govt is Spraying Toxic Coal Ash to Combat Global Warming
Free Thought Project | In recent years the subject of “chemtrails” has become less of a conspiracy theory as Geoengineering crept into the dialogue."

HEADLINE: "Massive Global Tree Die-Off Linked To Geoengineering"

On the AWAKENING front, The Establishment System Cannot Be Fixed ... the People Wake Up To This Realization ... But the Sheeple Hide and Become Baa-baaing Zombies

ARTICLE: "Ending Government Rule of the Elites, by the Elites, for the Elites
One of the sad but important consequences for our system of government, in the face of such a process, is that not only do the economic elites now control the system, but more importantly, our elitist-backed politicians have no vision beyond the self-interestedness of catering to the money the elites use to support them. The people are out; the future is irrelevant; the leaders are now co-participants in servicing an institution that lives by a single infallible rule: the degree to which they seek to increase their power is in direct proportion to their size. The result is that the U.S. government has now become an authoritarian state. It is the structure of the authoritarian state that requires as its sole mandate its ever-increasing power over its citizens, the very people it was originally designed to serve, with no limit to its ends or means. Thus, those who run for office from within the system all are necessarily supporters of this authoritarian-corporate-military-state, even if they advocate tinkering with its internal mechanisms a bit. A politician with a vision, and thus a true leader, will by necessity have to alienate themselves from the system, even if they attempt to function within it. Such is the intrinsic contradiction of the capitalist democracy we have today."

Further, examples such as the following are massively AWAKENING the people:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Innocent Couple Investigated For Child Abuse After Social Worker Makes Bogus CPS Calls
Steve Watson | Rogue government employee abused system as part of a vendetta to get her “too loud” neighbors arrested."

On the *15 year-old, presidential candidate* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Deez Nuts More Popular Than Fiorina, Huckabee and Walker
Kurt Nimmo | Most popular independent candidate since Ross Perot.

On the *snigger-snigger helping the economy grow* front, ARTICLE: "It's A Divorce Lawyer Orgy: "Ashley Madison Hack Is The Best Thing To Happen Since Moses"
Zero Hedge - Husbands and wives across the world are waking up to their partners' extramarital affairs after, as AP calls it, a catastrophic leak at adultery website Ashley Madison spewed electronic evidence of infidelity across the Internet. Online forums were buzzing Thursday with users claiming to have found evidence that their significant others were on the site. But it's not all doom and gloom... as Reuters notes many professions stand to benefit from the unfolding saga, from lawyers to therapists to cyber security firms. Prominent divorce lawyer Raoul Felder said the release is the best thing to happen to his profession since the seventh Commandment forbade adultery in the Bible, "I've never had anything like this before." So hey, those cheating spouses are now helping the economy grow..."

On the GLOBAL CURRENCY WARS front, WARNING! The Holy Crap Just Hit the Fans, Folks ... A U.S. Military Base In Japan Has Been Hit ... Beware and Prepare ... Here's a Simple Timeline of Events

1) China Devalues Its Currency

2) The Absolutely Horrific Explosion in Tianjin That Might Have Been Caused By a Space-Based Weapon... Chemicals Used In Gold Mining Were Destroyed ... Then, More 'Unexplained* Explosions In China Followed
ARTICLE: "BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation... Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing ~ Monday, August 17, 2015 ~ by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
A warning shot from the United States: Don't crash the dollar or sell our debt
Chinese dissidents have told Natural News they have reason to believe the attack on Tianjin is a warning shot from the United States, which is terrified that China is on the verge of announcing its own gold-backed currency while declaring a fire sale on U.S. debt holdings.
The actions would collapse the U.S. dollar and destroy the U.S. economy, sending the United States into economic freefall. The "Rod of God" weapon deployment by the U.S. Pentagon, we're told, was America's "shot across the bow" to send a powerful warning message to China while disguising the attack as a domestic chemical explosion.
Also, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “Mystery” Cyanide Foam Covers Streets In China As “Massive Fish Die-Off” Observed After Tianjin Explosion
Zero Hedge | The latest images from the massive fish die-off…"

3) North and South Korea Battle In the DMZ

4) More Mysterious Explosions Followed "...we've also seen mysterious explosions in China, Russia and Houston, Texas all within the past several days alone...

5) North Korean Submarines Have Disappeared
ARTICLE: By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
"...What is being called a 'terrifying development' has taken place in North Korea as nearly 70% of North Korean submarines have 'disappeared' and South Korea and the US have no idea where they have moved to. With warnings going out that these subs might be being moved towards the US west coast and Japan, we've just received word of multiple massive explosions at a US military base IN Japan as seen in the pictures above and 1st two videos below.

6) China Is Moving PLA Troops To Its Border With North Korea
HEADLINE: "PLA troops head to DPRK border as North-South tensions mount: The People's Liberation Army has sent troops to China's border with North Korea as escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula have pushed North and South to the brink of possible war."

ARTICLE: "The Chinese Plan to Occupy America :Do you think, North Korea’s attack upon South Korea, the current Chinese/Russian joint war games exercise and the fact that Russia just moved 50,000 troops to Ukraine all in the past three days are coincidental?"

7) HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Huge Explosions at U.S. Army Base in Japan
Laura Connor | Experts suggest a possible attack.
Helicopters have been spotted circling the area as emergency services rushed to the scene in Sagamihara city, south of Tokyo."

ARTICLE: "The Reason Why the Elite Are Hiding Deep Beneath the Earth :The U.S. has stirred the beast and the beast has many ways to strike back. The only remaining question is, how far is China willing to go to retaliate for America’s attack?"

HEADLINE: "China now runs 4 of the world’s 5 biggest banks"

On the *stock market soap opera* front, Falling...Falling...Then Rising, Rising ... then Bouncing ... The Big Bankster Gangsters Gobble Up the Easy Pickings ... This Is Why Establishing a Good Local Economy Is Critical At This Timepoint ... Meanwhile, Look For the Soulless World Leaders and Their Minions To Say They Are Your Saviors ... Later, They Will Remove Their Masks Calling For a One-World Global Economy, More Taxes, and a Cashless Society ... This Will Likely Happen Toward the End of the Year, But Is In Flexible Mode

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black Monday: Stock Markets Collapse Amid Global Sell-Off
Kit Daniels | Peter Schiff, Ron Paul & others all warned this would happen."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Dow Experiences 1,000 Point Plunge, Largest Single Day Decline in History
Kurt Nimmo | Bloodbath triggered by China’s market collapse."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black Monday” – Shanghai Composite Goes Red For The Year, Wiping Out 60% In Gains, 2000 Stocks Limit Down
Zero Hedge | But… but… pension funds are “allowed” to buy stocks."

On the economic front, The To-the-Max Robber Baron Economy ... More Corporate Welfare For the Richies ... The People Don't Count

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Demands For Another Fed Bailout Have Begun
Zero Hedge | We just witnessed the biggest weekly market rout in 4 years."

HEADLINE: "Majority of Food Stamp Recipients Are Now Working Age Adults, Not Children or Seniors"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "We Have Already Witnessed The First 1300 Points Of The Stock Market Crash Of 2015
What has been happening on Wall Street the past few days has been nothing short of stunning.  On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 358 points.  It was the largest single day decline in a year and a half, and investors are starting to panic. "

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Stock Market Volatility Skyrockets Most In HISTORY
Washington’s Blog | The CBOE Volatility Index jumped Friday to levels not seen since December 2011."

HEADLINE: "23- Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Global Stocks Fall Further on China Worries
Wall Street Journal | Signs of a sharp slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy worry investors.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Biggest slowdown in Chinese manufacturing in 6 yrs: Concerns over an economic slowdown have triggered a massive stock sell-off. China's benchmark Shanghai Composite is off 32 percent over the past two months, dropping another 4.2 percent on Friday."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Economic Crisis Goes Mainstream – What Happens Next?
Brandon Smith | It is truly amazing how the rhetoric from the mainstream economic yes-men is changing."

On the *hey, how about that booming economy?* front, HEADLINE: "HP's layoffs will exceed 55,000 people, CFO says"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Strapped for Cash in NYC? You Can Now Sleep in a Taxi or Van for $39 a Night
Michael Krieger | Who says there’s no affordable housing in NYC or San Francisco?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Minimum-wage offensive could speed arrival of robot-powered restaurants
Washington Post | Crowded. That’s how Ed Rensi remembers what life was like working at McDonald’s back in 1966."

On the *so, what would you do with trillions upon trillions?* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "When $8.5 Trillion is Chump Change
Washington’s Blog | Three cheers for Reuters pointing out that the Pentagon can’t explain what it did with $8.5 trillion that taxpayers gave it between 1996 and 2013."

On the *Rome burns while Nero fiddles* front, HEADLINE: "Friday's other big number: Obama plays 248th round of golf as market tanks"

On the *emerging barter economy* front, ARTICLE: "This Economic Collapse Will Push The US Into A 3rd World Country: Bill Holter
Greece reverts back to a BARTER economy as global financial system unravels
(NaturalNews) Greece's finances and its national economy have both deteriorated so dramatically that now average citizens are being forced to do something they haven't had to do since the country was occupied by Nazi Germany: Barter for their basic needs and essentials.
As reported by Reuters, the rise in bartering comes amid a government-imposed cash squeeze stemming from an Athens-imposed three-week closure of the country's banks on June 28. Since then government capital controls, put in place to avoid a run on banks, have limited the supply of cash in the hands of ordinary Greeks."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Greek PM Tsipras steps down, calls early elections
RT - Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has confirmed his resignation and early election plans for Greece in a live address. The move comes after Athens managed to pay a huge chunk of its €3.4 billion debt to the ECB. “The political mandate of the January 25 elections has exhausted its limits and now the Greek people have to have their say,” Tsipras said in a televised address Thursday night. Tsipras said that he will now be looking for the Greek people to vote to continue the government program of his leftist Syriza party. Local media have been speculating about the possible upcoming announcement since Thursday morning. Citing a source in the government, Reuters reported that Tsipras would propose holding the snap elections on September 20."

On the truth front, The Creeping DISCLOSURE of Other Races, Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial, and Dimensional Continues

Breakthroughs in this reality are on the near horizon, and will be 'mostly' instigated by the races themselves. Meanwhile, many sheeple will cling and brutally resist DISCLOSURE, preferring to believe in the TRUMAN SHOW we've all been subjected to, since the rise of radio broadcasts and the introduction of television programming.

On the war front, Even Globalist-Elite Kissinger Knows You Don't Poke the Russian Bear This Hard

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ukraine Failed Attempt to ‘Break Russia’? Kissinger Warns U.S. “Stop Backing Kiev At All Costs”
Mac Slavo | Henry Kissinger, now 92 years old, remains one of the staunchest insiders in the smoky room, always a move ahead in the game for New World Order dominance."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russian-Chinese Naval Drills Begin in Russia’s Far East
Sputnik | According to Eastern Military District spokesman, Russian-Chinese military drills have started off the coast of Russia’s eastern Primorsky region."

On the *war is business* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pentagon Plans to Boost Drone Flights 50% as Bernanke Warns Cutting Defense Spending Could Hurt Economy
Michael Krieger | In the event you were becoming concerned that the U.S. government might be backing away from its longstanding policy of endless violence, militarism and bloodshed, fear not."

On the energy front, The World-Market Price of Oil Will Likely Keep Dropping

There are several behind-the-scenes battles raging around the blackgold stranglehold economy, and/or the continuation of the petrol dollar. One bombastic fight is the intentional double-cross of the Saudi regime, which will have many unexpected consequences.

Another fierce fight is between the White Hats and the Black Hats in the breakaway civilization. The White Hats want to bring the people of the world into a more benevolent, Star Trek type of society. While the Black Hats are fiendishly savage to keep all the super-advanced tech among the privileged few. They want the *Hunger Games*.

Thus, it becomes ever more imperative for the great inventiveness of humanity to continue. Creating, building, and distributing innovative power systems is a must for a good future.

On the *big brother is always watching* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Forget license plate readers on police cars, how about on garbage trucks?
San Jose councilman wants to "possibly deter thieves from coming into our city." ~ by Cyrus Farivar - Aug 21, 2015
San Jose, California, America’s 10th largest city, isn’t just content to put license plate readers on police cars anymore—rather, it now wants to deputize garbage trucks to be an additional tool in its ongoing surveillance."

On the *thug-per-moron TSA coming to a theater near you...yes, now you too can enjoy the popcorn and a pat down* front, ARTICLE: "TSA At The Movies: Theater Chain Looks To Bring Security Theater To The Movie Theater
Thanks to a string of theater-related tragedies, going to the theater is about to become as enjoyable as going to the airport.
...First off, it subjects everyone to the same level of scrutiny -- provided they're carrying a bag of some sort. If you have a purse or backpack or (god forbid) a fanny pack, you're a potential threat. Everyone else? Free to go. Weapons tucked into waistbands or shoved into pockets will go undetected.
And, like the TSA its emulating, the security measures will be easily thwarted and ultimately useless. For every weapon the TSA brags about seizing, many more end up on planes. A recent audit of the TSA's security efforts found it missed 95% of smuggled weapons and explosives. Anyone thinking Regal's security force is going to be better trained and more thorough than the TSA is kidding themselves."

On the *bad cop* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "14 San Francisco cops gang up on homeless man ‘armed’ with crutches (VIDEO)
RT | It took 14 San Francisco Police Department officers to take down and restrain a one-legged, black homeless man, armed with crutches and apparently dangerous."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Texas Cop Threatens to Arrest Teen for Smiling
Carlos Miller | Now the cop, identified as Plano police officer Jeff Willis, may face some disciplinary action."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Pennsylvania police brutalize singing man – video
RT | Police in Allentown, Pennsylvania were caught on video assaulting and arresting a man who was singing in a public place.

On the *super surveillance state* front, HEADLINE: "Chicago, Los Angeles Police Departments Have Been Using 'Stingrays On Steroids' For Over A Decade"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Iris Scanners are Coming to College Campuses
Michael Krieger | Virginia Commonwealth University is the latest school to roll out these entirely unnecessary and creepy devices."

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Law of War Manual

ARTICLE: "Is the New U.S. ‘Law of War Manual’ Actually ‘Hitlerian’?"

On the worldwide tyranny front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Spanish Woman Fined $900 for Posting Picture of Police Parked in Handicap Space to Facebook
Michael Krieger | A Spanish woman has been fined $900 for posting a picture of local police parked in a handicapped spot to Facebook."

On the *Goo-Borg controlling information* front, ARTICLE: "Social Engineering 2.0 Google Algorithm Poses 'Serious Threat to Democratic System'"

On the *drone-filled skies* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "FAA records detail hundreds of close calls between airplanes and drones
Washington Post | On Sunday, a swarm of small rogue drones disrupted air traffic across the country on a scale previously unseen in U.S. skies."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "World’s Smallest Quadcopter Drone Now Available to the Public
Activist Post - You can now buy the Aerius drone for $50, and it’s about 3x3x3 cm in size. It has a 5 minute flight time, and is small enough to fit inside its own remote control, which doubles as a charger.... As you can imagine, something this small would make it incredibly easy to spy on someone without their knowing. Fortunately, it doesn’t have a camera, but the manufacturer mentioned in the YouTube comments of the video that “It’s a quadcopter, still working on a camera this small.” Make no mistake, we’re rapidly approaching the day when anyone can buy a bug sized spy drone for less than the cost of a cell phone."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Downing drone at beach leads to jail
San Diego Union Tribune | Carlsbad man, concerned for safety and privacy, threw shirt at drone."

On the communication front, This Is the Reality of Your Cell/Smart Phone

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "‘This is Orwellian': Politician Reacts to Hearing His Hacked Phone Conversation
Australian lawmaker shocked as hackers pinpoint location, view texts in real-time ~ Mikael Thalen ~ August 21, 2015
An Australian senator was shocked to hear a recording of his own phone conversation after it was obtained by hackers during a 60 Minutes exposé on cell phone vulnerabilities."

On the *big brother never had it so good, music streaming* front, ARTICLE: "You’ve Been Warned – Spotify Wants to Spy on You in Every Way Imaginable
Michael Krieger | I clearly remember the moment several years ago when my closest friend from NYC was at my place pleading with me to download and use Spotify.
Fast forward to 2015, and Forbes has come out with a very important article highlighting the incredible creepiness factor in Spotify’s new “privacy policy.” Here’s some of what it found:
    Music streaming market leader Spotify has decided that it wants to know a lot more about you. It wants to be able to access the sensor information on your phone so it can determine whether you’re walking, running or standing still. It wants to know your GPS coordinates, grab photos from your phone and look through your contacts too. And it may share that information with its partners, so a whole load of companies could know exactly where you are and what you’re up to."

On the *military buildup and occupation* front, ARTICLE: "'Just Days Away' From 'One Wild Month' - Massive Military Trains Seen In Colorado And Mississippi With 100's Of Machines Of War On America Soil - Jade Helm?"

On the home front, This Week Begins a New Chapter In American History

How the people respond to the 'dark-side powers that be', and their Orwellian control of society, will determine the quality of life during the next ten years. If the people stand and band together...if they ram-charge the establishment's political minions, and demand their God-given rights, the future will brighten and lighten considerably.

However, if the people buckle-knuckle under, and allow themselves to be mentally and physically herded, corralled by the evil social engineers -- then the future becomes a dark abyss, where serfdom becomes the norm.

On the *how to start a race war as orchestrated by George Soros, and his dark-side pals* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "#BlackLivesMatter Mob Invades Central West End- BUSTS OUT Car Lights – BEATS PEDESTRIANS (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit | #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Invaded the Central West End restaurant district."

On the *Prison Industrial Complex* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: " The US Prison System Is Actually Larger Than Soviet Gulags
The Daily Sheeple | Many Americans are quite convinced that they live in one of the freest nations on the planet."

On the immigration front, ARTICLE: "Immigration -- Issue of the Century: Sessions is right. America is our home. We decide who comes in and who does not, how large the American family becomes, whom we adopt and whence they come. It has become the issue of 2016."

On the water front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Red Alert -- 6 Million Americans Drinking Uranium-Contaminated Water
CONTRIBUTOR: The Liberator. A new study by U-S scientists shows that almost two million people in California and the Midwest live on aquifer sites with high uranium levels. The study was conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It revealed that uranium concentration in the Midwest measured up to 89 times higher than the..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Nestle Pays Only $524 to Extract 27,000,000 Gallons of California Drinking Water
(ANTIMEDIA) Los Angeles, CA — Nestle has found itself more and more frequently in the glare of the California drought-shame spotlight than it would arguably care to be — though not frequently enough, apparently, for the megacorporation to have spontaneously sprouted a conscience."

On the *grow your own food anyway* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Right to Grow Your Own Food is Being Hijacked by the Federal Gov't
Your right to grow food was arguably taken away years ago and given to the Federal government - here is how."

On the food front, MonSatano and GM/GMO Destroying the Heritage Foods of the World ... And Destroying Health Worldwide ... Will We the People Stop It?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Judge Overturns Mexico GMO Maize Ban in Tragic Ruling
Sustainable Pulse - Mexico’s XII District Court has overturned a 2013 ruling that prevented biotech companies, including Monsanto and Syngenta, planting genetically modified (GM) maize in Mexico. The decision has been appealed by Acción Colectiva del Maíz and will not come into force until the appeal/s have been heard and ruled on. The tragic ruling follows two years of 93 appeals by the Biotech Industry after the planting of GMO Maize was banned in September 2013 by the Twelfth Federal District Court for Civil Matters of Mexico City. Judge Jaime Eduardo Verdugo J. cited “the risk of imminent harm to the environment” as the basis for the decision."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Gaze At This Single Picture And You’ll Never Eat GMOs Again
Christina Sarich | Monsanto’s glyphosate and a young boy’s skin disease."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pesticides in paradise: Hawaii's spike in birth defects puts focus on GM crops
Monday, August 24, 2015
Local doctors are in the eye of a storm over whether corn that’s been genetically modified to resist pesticides is a source of prosperity, or of birth defects and illness." — The Guardian

On the organic food front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How To Avoid Deceptive ‘Organic’ Food Labels
Anthony Gucciardi | Are you being fooled?"

On the *save the bees* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "More than Half a Million Londoners Protest the Killing of the Bees by Biotech
Christina Sarich | As the UK lifts ban on bee-killing pesticides."

On the *dead and murdered holistic doctors* front, ARTICLE: "Holistic MD Nick Gonzalez, who died suddenly, said he’d heard big pharma hopes he gets hit by a bus
...It  brought me no joy to stumble upon this unintended series that I broke (as gently as possible) about all the holistic doctors who died within a matter of weeks. We knew some of them which made it all the more difficult to write about it. I’d be writing one article as another doctor we knew died. It’s tragic and painful and I truly hope no more die or are killed.
Vitaly Magazine published an article where Dr. Nick Gonzalez said that big pharma knows about his work and hopes he gets “hit by a bus”.  I tend to believe it, because someone very reputable who I know did the last interview ever with Dr. Gonzalez which will be out soon and shed more light on this. It appears there are others out there too where he said the same thing beyond the one in Vitality Magazine. I promise to share or link to the last interview whenever it does come out as, from what I hear, it’s a very important to hear his final words."

On the *great big fat ugly hypocrisy* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Jails People for Cannabis While Govt Promotes It as Cancer Treatment
Sputnik News - Criminalized by the US federal government since 1937, cannabis is being advertised by the US Department of Health as "useful in treating the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment" on the agency's official cancer advice website. The National Cancer Institute claims cannabinoids, which are the active chemicals in cannabis, can be smoked, inhaled, eaten in baked products, drank in herbal teas, or even sprayed under the tongue as treatment.... Despite these studies, as well as a general push for decriminalization across the country, the US penal system imprisons a shocking number of individuals for nonviolent crimes related to marijuana. In 2013 alone, 609,423 individuals were arrested for possession of a substance which is now recommended by the US Department of Health."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Marijuana Kills Cancer, Says National Cancer Institute
Kit Daniels | NCI reveals how cannabis “may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death.”

On the *military industrial complex...autonomous vehicles* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Military Guards Autonomous Car Test Site
Prison | The next generation of “transportation network infrastructure” is a combination of Big Business, Big Government & Big Brother.
Why is the military involved in testing transportation control on a base that “has been converted into the largest secure test facility in the world for validation & commercialization of connected & autonomous vehicles”?"

On the really bad news front, Exposing the Viper Elite Globalists ... Think Stanley Kubrick's EYES WIDE SHUT

ARTICLE: "Horrifying Proof Emerges That Black Magic Satanists Rule The World - Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads Conclusion: Focus on the Deepest Aspects of the Conspiracy
Although it’s important to focus on and expose all aspects of dysfunction in our society – including political corruption, mainstream media consolidation and deception, smart meters, GMOs, toxic vaccines, geoengineering, the militarization of police, fake terrorism, false flag ops, UN Agenda 21, transhumanism and the human microchipping agenda – in order to transform and heal them, it’s crucial to realize that, at a fundamental level, they are all connected. All these issues and more are manifestations of a more primordial evil or unconsciousness in our midst – Satanic black magic. The secretive rituals conducted at Bohemian Grove and elite mansions tell us more about who rules the world than political think tanks or banking cartels, although of course there is an overlap.
If humanity is to rise up and overcome the conspiracy, we must focus our attention on the root of evil (not the branches), and use “white magic” in greater force – the harnessing and funneling of our creative powers to make a world of peace, freedom and love. We must continue to expose the deepest aspects of the conspiracy. At the same time, we have to ensure we are not letting the elite siphon off our precious thoughts, emotions and powers to create their nightmarish world, but rather, using those energies within us to create the world we want with positive intention, focus and conscious manifestation."

On the *we will contaminate your river to gain superfund monies* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "EPA Knew About 'Blowout Risk' for Gold King Mine
Several weeks after the EPA spilled 3 million gallons of toxic mine water into the Animas River, they’ve finally released some of their internal documents on the matter. According to AP, these documents reveal that the EPA was well aware of the risks associated with the Gold King Mine. A work order for a cleanup in June of 2014, made light of the fact that part of the mine entrance had collapsed.
The report reads: “This condition has likely caused impounding of water behind the collapse…In addition, other collapses within the workings may have occurred creating additional water impounding conditions. Conditions may exist that could result in a blowout of the blockages and cause a release of large volumes of contaminated mine waters and sediment from inside the mine, which contain concentrated heavy metals.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cost of EPA’s toxic spill could soar to nearly $30 billion
Washington Examiner | The cost of cleaning up a major toxic waste spill in the West caused by an Environmental Protection Agency contractor could soar as high as $27.7 billion."

On the good news front, Many of the Good-Hearted, Soul Powerful People On Earth Have Had a Bellyful of Big Brother ... They Rebel In Creative-Innovative Ways

Now is the time to collectively join spiritual hands, to join mentally in an Aquarian-Age conspiracy of GOOD WILL, and 'will' the lifting up of humanity toward a new golden age.

On the *wow! everyone will want this gene switched off... but what else is switched off?* front, ARTICLE: "No need for diets & exercise? Scientists find obesity gene with off switch!
RT - Researchers have managed to identify a generic ‘console’ that makes some people more prone to obesity. But this ‘console’ can be switched off. So those who enjoy a Big Mac and sitting in front of TV instead of working out can lose weight while asleep. The so-called FTO region that “harbors the strongest genetic association with obesity” was identified in the study conducted by scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University Medical School. The paper was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. "Obesity has traditionally been seen as the result of an imbalance between the amount of food we eat and how much we exercise, but this view ignores the contribution of genetics to each individual's metabolism," said senior author Manolis Kellis, an MIT professor of computer science." 

First, his statement that our schools should be turned into Islamic schools: “America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrassas, in our schools, where innovation is encouraged, where the foundation is the Qu’ran,” Carson stated, which can be heard in the video below."

COMMENTARY:"America: A Land Where Justice Is Absent — Paul Craig Roberts: America’s First Black President is a traitor to his race and also to justice :If you are an American and you cannot smell the sulfur, you are tightly locked down in The Matrix"
Note: "President Reagan appointed Dr. Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and he was confirmed in office by the U.S. Senate. From 1975 to 1978, Dr. Roberts served on the congressional staff where he drafted the Kemp-Roth bill and played a leading role in developing bipartisan support for a supply-side economic policy..."

On the *why is the Smithsonian honoring a eugenicist?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Smithsonian Refuses Request from Black Pastors to Remove Bust of Eugenicist Planned Parenthood Founder
CNS News | National Gallery: No ‘Moral Test’ for Whom We Include."

On the global mafia cabal front, The Nazi Breakaway Civilization, One of the Unseen Global Hierarchies

Nazi International ~ BLURB: "Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell discussed his examination of the post-war Nazi International, an "extra-territorial state" without borders-- a network of terrorists, drug runners, and people in the very heights of financial power willing to commit fraud in amounts totaling trillions of dollars. He also covered breakaway civilizations, black budgets, secret technology, occult rituals, and the hijacking of nature."

On the *minions of the new world order criminals* front, VIDEO INTERVIEW: "Political Insider Warns Obama May Be Last US President - America Turned Into An Islamic Caliphate - Things Are Shaking Up Big Time!
...By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Political insider Larry Nichols has been around the 'elite' for many years. A 1997 story in the New York Times told us about Nichols' connections to the Clinton family that dated back years; he was hired by Bill to be the Arkansas Development Finance Authority's marketing director. Nichols didn't have much nice to say about Clinton back in 1997, connecting Clinton to cocaine shipments, money laundering and gun running surrounding the airport in Mena, Arkansas.
Nichols also charges that Clinton misused state funds to romance at least 5 different woman and that he himself was a hitman for the Clinton's. While Nichols warned that the Clinton's would likely have him killed for speaking out, he's still around and he's still talking and gives us a whole boat load of new information in the new video below featuring him being interviewed by Alex Jones on Infowars. Topics covered include bringing us up-to-date with new information on the Clinton body count as well as what he warns may be Barack Obama's plans for America: his own role as the last US president and the 1st US king."

On the heroine front, VIDEO: "Epic Rant Goes Viral: “Police Brutality? How About Black Brutality?”
Paul Joseph Watson | Illinois woman in monumental smackdown of #BlackLivesMatter hypocrisy."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "MLK’s Niece Slams ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters
Paul Joseph Watson | “Some people don’t even remember Martin Luther King and what he stood for.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Poll: 64 Percent of Likely Black Voters Agree – ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Closest to Their Own Views
CNS News | All lives matter. At least, that’s what the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows most Likely U.S. Voters believe."

On the hero front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Marines Stop ISIS Jihadi Massacre: Alex Jones Reports
Prison | Individuals armed with the spirit of resistance prevent terror attack."

On the *in memoriam of heroes* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Three firefighters are killed battling devastating wildfires across Washington state as flames now cover one million acres: More than 100 wildfires are burning more than one million acres in the West"

On the* idjit-TSA...oh yeah, we're all safer now* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "LITTLE TERROR: Airport Security Confiscates Kid’s ‘Fart Blaster’ Toy
Steve Watson | ‘Replica weapon’ emits random fart sounds."

On the scumbag political front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How Jeb Bush Funneled Pension Money to Lehman Before Getting a $1.3 Million a Year Consulting Job at the Firm
Michael Krieger | At this point, it almost feels like kicking someone while he’s down. Jeb Bush can’t even stand up to Donald Trump, let alone his own growing series of scandals."

ARTICLE: "This Is What Clinton Is Hiding In Her Emails :They Came, They Murdered, They Covered It Up
...The late Ambassador Chris Stevens, a CIA operative, was largely responsible for the take down of the Libyan government with the help of al-Qaeda who was being armed by Stevens on behalf of the CIA. At the time of Stevens death, he was doing the same in Syria. As word began to leak out in the months prior to the 2012 Presidential election, Stevens sloppiness had become a huge liability for the current administration and he had to be “dealt with”. Stevens sensed the danger and asked then Secretary of State Clinton for more bodyguards. She refused to honor the request. Further, the military attempted to capitalize on the fact that Stevens, if rescued from the attack that will end in his death, might offer public testimony about his illicit affairs which were sanctioned by the Obama administration in order to cut a deal to protect himself from prosecution. These affairs included gun running to al-Qaeda, drug, gun and sex trafficking of children to support the flow of arms to al-Qaeda. And of course, it was during this time that the CIA funded the rise of ISIS in order to take attention off of al-Qaeda.
All of these actions would have involved the Secretary of State, who at the time, was Hillary Clinton. Yet, these affairs would have to be kept off of the books. Hence, this is why Hillary put classified and top secret material on her private server. The content of Clinton’s emails will never see the light of day because ultimately she is protected by Obama’s executive privilege and Obama’s ultimate ability to pardon."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Feds: 305 Classified Emails on Hillary’s Computer — So Far
Truth Revolt | The federal government is now saying that Hillary Clinton’s home brewed email server may have had as many as 305 classified emails routed through it."

On the *when you're right, you're right* front, HEADLINE: "Donald Trump: 'WMD’s were a lie, the invasion of Iraq was a lie, everything in Washington has been a lie'"

On the *EXPOSURE: Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown ... This Is Spy Novel Par Excellence In Scope ... The Amazing Complexities Will Make Your Head Spin and Your Eyes Turn Into Pinwheels" front, ARTICLE: "CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet spy files, SUBUD cult, and a dead body"

On the *right to keep and bear arms* front, ARTICLE: "Obama Wants UN Noose Around Necks Of Gun Owners
Right now, White House officials are booking flights to Mexico…and they’re not bringing back souvenirs.
They’re on their way to the United Nations Small Arms Conference, scheduled in Mexico City on August 24, 2015.
And they’re planning to bring back the framework for a global gun control regime.
It’s important that you contact your Senators right now and tell them to vote NO on any agreement reached at the Mexico UN conference.
Obama has already signed the UN Small Arms Treaty, and it is waiting ratification by the Senate."

HEADLINE: "California Proposes 10-Year Gun Ban on Those Deemed by Family to be a 'Threat'"

On the *more guns less crime* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Baltimore Climbs to 211 Homicides as Mayor Seeks More Gun Control
Truth Revolt | Latest body found in the area of April’s riots."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Detroit Police Chief: Legal Gun Ownership Can Help Stop Crime
Truth Revolt | “More people have guns and it’s making burglars cautious.”

On the *this is one way freedom* dies front, ARTICLE: "FDA Is Killing Our Freedoms and Destroying Our Health"

On the *no freedom for you* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Jeb Bush Would Expand NSA Spy Powers at Expense of Civil Liberties
New American | “There’s a place to find common ground between personal civil liberties and NSA doing its job."

On the freedom front, This Will Be a Week That Will Go Down In History... Even If All the Events Around *LET FREEDOM RING* Are Not Obvious To Us Now

Beyond the stock market rigged crash and splash upward, decisions are being made at the highest 'dark-side cabal' levels, and by grassroots humanity, or you and I. These decisions will smash and clash into each other over the next ten months, and the resulting chaos will be mind blowing. Prepare.

On the 3-D Printer front, ARTICLE: "How 3-D Printing Can Offer Enhanced Treatment Options for Animals
Tech Swarm - The 3-D printing process retains — and can enhance — the important information found on the scan that a doctor or veterinarian needs in making a diagnosis. Walter Renberg, an orthopedic surgeon and professor and head of small animal surgery at the Veterinary Health Center, said the 3-D models Castinado and Headley have produced are proving beneficial in a variety of ways. "While Kansas State University is not the first to use 3-D printing in veterinary medicine, we've thought about doing so for awhile," Renberg said. "It helps us with a couple of things clinically, particularly with bone deformities, which can be difficult to reconstruct with a CT scan. For example, when planning a surgery to correct a deformity or even determining whether such a surgery is necessary, the model can help us determine the right surgical approach or come up with less expensive alternatives to certain procedures."

ARTICLE: "Eco-Friendly 3D Printer Prints LIVING Gardens From Organic Ink
Natural Blaze - If you weren’t impressed by the Origami pot that grows with your plant, you’re bound to be inspired by this invention capable of producing living gardens. Project PrintGREEN is transforming 3D printers into on-demand gardeners after it created the world’s first “Green” 3D printer in 2013. The innovation is capable of producing living prints by printing customized objects in a variety of sizes and forms.... The eco-friendly “ink” is a combination of soil, seeds, and water which can be designed to print in any shape or letter. Once the ink dries, the muddy mixture holds its form and begins to sprout grass from the organic material."

Trendwise, The Complexity of World Trends Increases Dramatically Within the Next Three Months

Various societal forces will be pulling, pushing, crashing, and bashing in a frenzied dance that swings open the door to radical, global TRANSFORMATIONS. The KEY becomes creating good transformations for ALL versus those who would force a complete totalitarian transformation upon the planetary population.

Which transformation will you choose?

THIS WEEK, sunrise, sunset, let yourself be immersed in the radiance as much as possible. This will nourish your soul, and soar your spirit. 

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

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