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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 29, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #317 

A Confluence of Cosmic Dynamics Spins the World Anew... yet gradually over the long span of the Aquarian Age... however events -- catastrophic and miraculous -- now happen at superspeed.

Buckle up. Strap in. And hold on for the amazing, mega-bumpy ride.

On the AWAKENING front, the time of Super Awareness begins for humankind as a whole. This is what the dark-side controllers fear the most, this AWAKENING to the real power of the people.

For many, an omniscient perspective now emerges ... or seeing both the sky view of a forest while seeing every detail of the trees. This multi-layered presence of mind shows up mostly as 'feelings', as knowledge beyond knowledge. As a KNOWING that simply is.

From a prior forecast: "Now humankind must step up into their supernatural powers. We must mightily swing our lightblades of 'truth', our emerging super awareness. Out of this, the enshrouding darkness cast by the Viper magicians, is dispelled. And ultimately defeated."

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' cyclone-whirl dispersing the last dark dregs of the Viper's ancient magick. Out of this, 'clarity' of mind begins to reign as the reality on Earth.

However, as usual, this will be a slow process, and fiercely fought against. For, many have become addicted to their belief systems, as if ingesting a powerful opiate.

Nonetheless, this cosmic time-point compels each one of us to question what we've been taught since birth -- and how we've been indoctrinated by the unrelenting propaganda of the 'dark-side powers that be'.

On the personal front, another merry-go-round week for most of us, as we deal with the 'chaos-quickening' demands of living in this world. At this time, upcoming events on the world stage will likely alter how we make decisions, how we run our lives.

This is a great week to simply enjoy the days of Autumn, while continuing to prepare for the winter months. Also, this is an ideal month to make new contacts and get to know those in your community better.

There is a dual reason for this. One, it will strengthen your community. Two, if there are too many 'bad apples' in your area, you need to know who they are -- and decide if it's worth staying, or moving on. For, time is of the essence.

On the paranormal front, supernatural and paranormal phenomena will leap off the proverbial charts during this *season of bewitchment* ... this unveiling of 'otherworlds' and 'other dimensions'. High-strangeness cryptids could top the list.

On the UFO front a tricky-dicky time of move and counter-move. This involves the New World Order's Project Blue Beam versus the ongoing emergence of the Benevolent ETs themselves.

While the spiritually and tech-advanced Benevolents are step-by-step removing the top-echelon minions of the Viper psychopath elites -- who remain hidden behind the scenes -- simultaneously the dark-side controllers are ruthlessly battling back with their own fleet of alien-looking UFOs.

Now these trends hit hyperdrive: from a previous forecast: "BIGFOOT rules, and the rise of Mars Awareness continues. Meanwhile, UFOs crowd the skies, and the alien agenda is sold by the Media Industrial Complex. That is, from a past forecast: "The message: the alien gods are here. Bow down, people of Earth."

On the truth front, The Rapidly Advancing Orwellian World ... black is white, two plus two equals five ... now DOUBLESPEAK instead of TRUTH becomes the dark-side establishment's favorite psychological weapon to kkeep control, and seize total control.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Truth in Media: Feds Say Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine"

On the land changes front, this past forecast only gets bigger and badder: "CHANGE is the watchword. Now more Volcanoes awaken, and larger eruptions occur.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "We thought we all were going to die': Walkers stranded at the top of a Japanese volcano forced to run for their lives as rocks and ash streamed down the side of the mountain"

HEADLINE: "Alert! Mt Ontake volcano erupts in Japan spewing 3km ash column--HUGE ERUPTION!"

Yellowstone Super Volcano Magnitude 3.1 and Another Quake NOT Reported Lava on the Move (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Due Diligence. Sept 25 2014 More deception and lava on the move folks.

Forecast from September 14, 2014: "this week, volcanoes are likely to rule, and Yellowstone National Park will become more magma-dangerous. However, flooding will continue to take center stage in many regions of the planet. Killer temperatures are also on the near horizon for some parts of the world.

Meanwhile, earthquakes, and quake swarms, escalate in number and  intensity worldwide. Also, America's Midwest region will likely shake, rattle, and roll during the next three months." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Over 600 Earthquakes Struck California in the Past 24 Hours – Oh – and There’s a Volcano, Too (video) ~ CONTRIBUTOR: The Daily Sheeple. Because sometimes raging wildfires followed by flash floods just aren’t enough for one state… Mammoth Mountain is a lava dome complex in the southwestern corner of the caldera..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "A large earthquake swarm is currently underway in Long Valley caldera, Mammoth Lake region of California U.S., east of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The swarm started on Thursday, September 25, 2014, and it is one of the largest earthquake swarms in this region in the past decade or so."

"As the year 2014 ends, superstorm weather hits more frequently. Remember, dare to prepare. Further, CMEs from the sun lash the Earth's atmosphere, causing significant communication glitches."

On the economic front, The Destruction of Small Business and the Rise of Local Economies

As an avalanche of regulations -- and the brutal boot of the tax man terrorizes more and more of the people -- there will be a huge decline in independent, non-big corp businesses.

Also the 'mom and pop' businesses will continue to fall away at a rapid rate in most areas of the country. However, now rises the commerce renegade alongside communities that are successfully creating their own economies.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Completely Insane Cost of Federal Regulations: $2 TRILLION (video) ~ CONTRIBUTOR: The Daily Sheeple. So this gives a whole new meaning to the Declaration of Independence’s, "…a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance." The New American has released a new video breaking down The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual "Ten Thousand Commandments"..."

Also, this is the berserker strategy of the 'idiocracy' minions currently in charge of economic policy:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Spending into Oblivion-Gregory Mannarino :The debt doesn’t matter . . . all they are determined to do is hyper and super hyper-inflate the debt bubble because this is the foundation of our economic model..."

Further, the massive and Machiavellian Mortgage Ponzi scam is about to crumble unexpectedly, as more of the people realize they have been viciously victimized by the bankster gangster crowd. That is, the undercurrent is building exponentially.

When it will crest is unknown. Right now, full blown EXPOSURE will most likely occur at the end of the year, 2014 and/or the beginning of 2015.

On the war front, a twisty-risky week and month ahead for the dark-side establishment crowd. The so-called 'tide of human affairs' is turning against them and their bloodletting, staged wars.

Major and significant revelations will galvanize the people toward freeing themselves from the war makers and the war profiteers. For, a new energy is HERE, and tsunami-flooding the planet -- the desire to live a glorious, free, and creative life. A life that is dear to the heart.

As well, from the lying mouth of the presstitute media, the 'kill them all' war drums will incessantly pound the public. More war theaters will be demanded, all while the 'clash of civilizations-religions' is hyped to the sinister max.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Ferguson Flashpoint... the eruption of righteous anger. This will spread across the country like wildfire during 2015.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Ferguson Erupts … Again: Protester Threatens Cops ‘None Of You Are Safe’ ~ Caleb Howe ~ Truth Revolt ~ September 26, 2014
On Thursday evening protests in Ferguson turned ugly once again as tensions flared between protesters, police, and local business owners. Rising anger over the shooting of Michael Brown the burning of a memorial in his honor, and reports that Ferguson police are wearing bracelets that say “I am Darren Wilson” erupted in verbal and sometimes physical confrontations over the course of the evening into the early hours of Friday morning.
In one of several videos to come out overnight, a protester confronted police directly over the Darren Wilson bracelets, and another issued an ominous threat, “none of you are safe” as seen in video posted first by The Daily Banter. A voice is heard off camera saying “that was intimidating.”
In a second video, police and protesters clash physically in addition to exchanging words.(NSFW):

On the communication front, The Liberation of the World Wide Web ... now the battle is on bigtime. As the noose of censorship tightens, those who cherish freedom, those who know freedom of speech is essential for the evolution-revolution of humankind ... they now rear up, and seize destiny.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Tim Berners-Lee Calls for Web Magna Carta ~ Kurt Nimmo | Inventor of the web fears government and corporate control and censorship.

On the home front, at this time, more women realize they need to protect themselves, and their loved ones, with every means available. This will be due to increasing crime, the massive levels of corruption in law enforcement, and the open-borders immigration invasion -- which gives a free pass to men from other cultures who believe it is their right to denigrate, rape, and murder women.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'Come out from behind the shed with your hands up where I can see them': Petite mom points 9mm gun at suspected robber after he attempts to break into her home..."

On the food front, If You Like to Buy Raw Milk, Meet Mr. Machine Gun

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Why Is the USDA Buying Submachine Guns?
***Submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot bur[s]t trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsib[l]e or folding, magazine - 30 rd. capacity.***
"In May, the USDA's Office of Inspector General filed a request for these weapons. But why exactly do they need them?
“What we have seen happen, with the FDA especially, is they have come onto small farms, raw milk producers, and raided the heck out of them with armed agents present,” says Liz Reitzig, co-founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition. "Do we really want to have our federal regulatory agencies bring submachine guns onto these family farms with children?"

On the energy front, with the coming upheavals in society, it is wise to learn how to conserve your personal energy. As well, taking care of yourself with enough sleep, with good nutrition is extremely important. For, vitality is not only the currency of living life well, but of overcoming the constant fear hype being shoveled-heaped on top of the people by the dark-side controllers.

Also, to survive these 'unraveling' times, the good-good vibes of laughter, of celebrating with others whenever possible, becomes invaluable to the human soul.

On the really bad news front, The Big Pharma Selling of Vaccines, Profit to the Max While Creating Illnesses to Treat.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: The Flu Vaccine War: Healthcare Workers Fight Back :the flu vaccine is by far the most dangerous vaccine in the United States, injuring and killing many people every year based on settled court cases by the Department of Justice

On the good news front, *Revolt* is the word springing up consistently now. For overall, the people are beyond fed up, and want their life, their freedom back.

As this 'idea of revolt' thunders like a herd of wild horses across the country, and hoof-thunders around the world, those who have nefariously ruled for centuries, are quaking in their proverbial boots.

Martial law is their answer. However, that will not work in the long scheme of this battle for human freedom.

On the global mafia cabal front, the Viper-elite goal to centralize the world under a cruel regime that demands complete austerity, is failing miserably at this point in history. For, the people are bucking, kicking, and saying NO!

However, the march toward consolidating their power through worldwide crisis continues at a relentless and swift pace. Meanwhile, they diabolically backstab each other. For, that is the nature of the Viper-elite beast.

On the heroine front, every woman throughout herstory who has ever protected herself, her family, her loved ones, and the innocent. Your SPIRIT is a living force that all of us can draw upon.

On the hero front, Dr. Bruce Maccabee ... Blurb-snippet: "Not only have the FBI and CIA investigated UFOs, but both agencies have actively tried to conceal this from the public. Dr. Bruce Maccabee, U.S. Navy research physicist, joined George Knapp to discuss his study of FOIA releases and document leaks, which, when combined with evidence collected by Air Force Intelligence, prove that at least some UFOs are interplanetary craft, he believes. He learned the FBI vacillated on their responses to UFOs, at times claiming they were Soviet missiles, other times suggesting they were all explainable phenomena. Under Hoover, the FBI could be highly interested in Air Force UFO reports, going so far as to investigate military UFO witnesses, then at other periods showing no interest in the subject at all, Maccabee recounted."

On the freedom front, the fierce desire for freedom continues to stampede around the world. Unreported by the bimbo media, protests, chaos, and riots are happening in European and Asian countries.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'We want real democracy!': Tear-gas, riot police and mayhem on the streets of Hong Kong as thousands of protesters clash with authorities over fears Beijing is trying to manipulate election..."

Trendwise, a Cornucopia of Sheer Craziness ... this best sums up the days ahead. In part, this will be due to the superficial 'selfie' trendiness now infecting everyday life. Those crazed with this 'infection' are becoming ever more dangerous to society as a whole. For, they will act like little Napoleons on a power trip and/or like a horde of hungry zombies. Beware. Take care.

Meanwhile, "Mad Max" scenarios spread across the planet.

On a serious note: Given the dangers threatening all of us more each day, it becomes ever more imperative to protect yourself, your loved ones, and others in your community. This is a divine right, a sacred duty. No manmade law, rule, regulation, code, policy can trump this natural right. For, such is the way of cowards who fear others, who are small in their souls, and want to force the strong among us to become as weak as they are.

Do not fall into their trap. Do not yield to the well intentioned, either. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

THIS WEEK, bask in the good vibes of Autumn. Take a leisurely walk through a natural setting. Then, just let yourself feel. 

  Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

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My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Sherilyn turned molten...

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

This week Sherilyn and Dontoya are acting on their desire for each other.

The first X-seven paragraphs from ~

Chapter Thirty-three:
Sherilyn turned molten inside...

Sherilyn turned molten inside, and her eyelids lowered to half-mast as Dontoya pulled her closer. His clean pine scent told her he'd showered earlier. Yet, the smell of his smoky virility had her practically panting.

"Rougher, my mate. But only as your healing allows. Do you understand?"

Only able to nod, Sherilyn drank in the sight of his sculpted muscles, his broad shoulders. She wanted to smooth her hands over the rugged contours of his chest.

She wanted to feel the textures of his bronze gleaming skin, and place kisses on every inch of his torso.

God, she could hardly draw a breath.

Her pussy mound already pulsed, the first twinges unexpectedly sharp as they moved the entire length of her clit.

Sherilyn relished these new sexual sensations. She raised to her knees, and the chenille robe slipped downward.


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

(No Subject)

I don’t have anything specific to talk about this week, so I’m just going to jump around. We’ll start with an entry from the “Oh, the Irony” column. The local library’s running a promotion for Banned Books Week: get your photo taken with a banned book. Somebody else got Stephen King, so I went with Harry Potter. (By the way, have you seen that “fanfic” some alleged housewife is writing, that replaces all the references to magic in Sorcerer’s Stone with Christian ideology? In the first installment, Harry is rescued from his Godless existence and learns true Christian values. Common consensus among fandom is that this is really a satire perpetrated by one or more pro writers as a joke. Geez, I certainly hope so. Oh, and since Dumbledore was revealed as gay in the actual series, I suppose we can look forward to a priest-and-altar-boys subplot in an upcoming installment.)

While I was there, I told the ladies running the camera I write erotic romance, but the library’s content filter won’t let me access my publisher’s web site—in effect, banning me from viewing my own output. Their response was instantaneous: “There’s nothing we can do.” It’s the computer program, you see, not the fault of anyone human. I considered asking them who programmed the computer, but I suspect that would have been futile. Apparently the computer programmed itself and makes its own decisions independent of human direction, Hey, scientific community, look over here! The Lancaster County library system has successfully created AI! Terrific. Amish Country will one day be the birthplace of the Terminator. (“Come with me if you want to live, vunst.”) Now we can be famous for more than just buggies and Witness.

I forgot to mention how the filter fails to stop kids from getting into such fun sites as tips for growing pot indoors and how to build a pipe bomb. As long as you’re not having sex with stuff, the program thinks it’s okay. I did point out that the books the program’s designed to block are still readily accessible on Amazon. This revelation took them by surprise. In point of fact, you can still find flat out porn using the library system if you know which sites to look for.

Maybe instead of a computer program they should get that housewife “fixing” Harry Potter to flag sites inappropriate for children. That would reduce options to Teletubby fan sites and the 700 Club home page. I really need to get home Internet.

# # #

Over on our other blog, Shapeshifter Seductions, we’re in the process of putting the serial story together for self-publication. I downloaded the Smashwords style guide and read through it. Now my head hurts. I’ve been working with computers since the early ‘80s, worked for typesetting companies off and on for at least ten years, I’ve got Microsoft Word on my laptop, and I can’t tell you a thing about coding, fonts or typography. I didn’t pay much attention to that stuff. I was just there to type. Maybe that would explain why I kept getting laid off from these places.

But what really gets me is covers. I don’t know how to do graphic design either, in spite of that background listed above. I took a six-week course in Adobe way back when, but didn’t pursue it. How was I to know publishing your own ebooks would become a thing fifteen-odd years later? Who even heard of ebooks fifteen years ago?

I’ve also got a bone to pick with stock images. Covers aren’t created by artists any more. They’re compiled from disparate images through Photoshop. If your lead character has a distinctive tattoo or hair style and they don’t have a picture of it in the files, you and your book are SOL. I foresee a lot of bland, similar-looking covers (with identical-looking leads) in the future.

We’re having that problem right now with our cover for the serial story. We’re trying to come up with a mammoth for the background. The one in the book was a mutated creature with wolf and human attributes, but there aren’t any stock images of that. We’ll have to settle for a generic mammoth (and when’s the last time you saw that term used in a sentence?). It might take longer, but it would look so much better, and much more unique, if we could just draw the damn thing. Why didn’t I take art in college instead of English?

I know I said we weren’t going to gather all the story’s separate posts together into a book. I lied. I’m a lying swine. There, I said it. Never trust a writer. We’re doing it as a promotional aid. The plan is to introduce ourselves and create awareness of our blog (and the books we wrote and advertise on it) to a wider audience. It’s what I’ve been talking about these last three weeks. This is us attempting to reach those million people who, we hope, will give us each a dollar. The serial story itself will be free, but if they like what they read they might check out our backlists. See how it all fits together?

One last thing. If your goal is to be a writer, don’t major in English in college. Take something that’ll let you earn a living. You can learn more from reading a really bad book than any lit courses anyway. But not our books. Our books are great. Keep those dollars coming!

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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 22, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #316

The Overthrow of the Global Overlords ... worldwide, the people revolt, wanting freedom from control, from corruption, and enforced poverty. This revolt will occur in great tidal waves, and will likely go tsunami in 2015.

On the AWAKENING front, another critical juncture is occurring for humankind. At this point, there are two cosmic forces in competition. Or, so it will appear.

Those who refuse the heart-opening energies of the Aquarian Age will shrivel inside, and become noticeably mean spirited. Whereas, those who embrace the 'living heart' from the galactic center ... they will expand in their ability to be loving, especially when connecting and bonding with others.

For, the very vibration of Love, in all of its aspects and expression, becomes the living glue that will bind us ALL together. This spiritual connection will guide and serve humanity toward building a paradise world. That is, as opposed to the Borg hive-mind currently being forced on the people by the dark-side controllers.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin and fling forth the magickal power of Autumnal Equinox. With the mighty force of their lightblades, the Mages open portals of GOOD, of abundance, of ways for humankind to harvest these new, beneficent frequencies.

Meanwhile, the Viper magicians cast forth their doom and gloom *the world is about to go kaboom* magick. For, they attempt to shroud the bright promise of the Aquarian Age, to deceive the people into believing in the salvation of money and the material world.

On the personal front, walking a tightrope between two worlds and/or two diverse situations, becomes a reality for many this week. A new sense of how to balance your life could be the solution. Or, you may need to choose a side -- that which serves your highest heart and passions.

However, courage could be called for if you find yourself in a situation between doing the right thing or going along with an immoral situation. More and more, we will all be challenged to stand our ground, to be one of the BRAVE ONES in these tumultuous, challenging times.

On a good note, economic opportunities, although small, will show up. And this is your ticket for a better future.

On the paranormal front, as Earth timelines shift and combine, there will be an increase of odd creatures and beings who 'leak' through the thinning, opening barriers.  Also, there will be mysterious appearances of people, who then simply vanish from view.

Or, you may find yourself in an area you know well, that then has some differences. For example, a different store, another restaurant on the corner. No need to worry. All will resolve itself in a natural way.

On the land changes front, a momentous period of time ahead. Earthquakes jolt and jostle, especially along the ring of fire -- and California is in the crosshairs. Ocean superstorms will increase in size, strength, and destruction. Volcanoes continue to awaken spewing ever more ash into the atmosphere. Fireballs flash and light up the sky more often, and will increase during the year, 2015.

Also, flooding catastrophes become frequent over the next twelve months. This, while dangerous drought conditions spreads in other areas. However, California should see some relief shortly. This 'could' bring about major mudslides, so beware.

As well, firestorms continue to rage over the coming months, most of them due to hidden, unconscionable acts of arson.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Climate Change Forecast to Add Billions to Firefighting Costs ~ The roughly 12,000-acre King fire, which firefighters have battled all week east of Sacramento, is a harbinger of the type of fires to come, according to a recent report from academic and environmental groups.

Further, be careful out there. Don't step in the sinkholes that will be opening. And, prepare for an early winter, which is likely in many areas, especially on the eastern seaboard.

On the economic front, Abandoning the Dollar is the main theme this week... and the new goldrush begins worldwide. Also, a rocky and rock 'em sock 'em week ahead in the financial markets. This will be all about suppressing gold and other precious metals. However, that fact will be concealed by other CIRCUS CIRCUS shenanigans, scams, and scandals.

Behind the scenes, the 'king of the hill' battle brews. A brutal confrontation between bankster gangster is likely -- between those who want to *crash* the markets now, and those who want the gradual *collapse* to continue.

Meanwhile, the tax man cometh over and over again, and many more of us become economically broke-back at this point in time. Out of this, rises the Aquarian Age renaissance, and on the opposite side where despair rules, protests and riots are likely to flame fierce and out of control.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "French farmers torch tax office in Brittany protest
BBC - The farmers say they cannot cope with falling prices for their products. A Russian embargo on some Western goods - imposed over the Ukraine crisis - has blocked off one of their main export markets. About 100 farmers first launched an overnight attack on an insurance office outside Morlaix, which they set light to and completely destroyed, officials said."

On the truth front, in the coming weeks, revealed TRUTHS via the alternative press will shake, rattle, and roll the entire world. Using stopgap measures the presstitute media will alternatively attempt to ignore these 'truths' and/or attempt to spin them into oblivion.

This strategy will not work. Not in the long run of this Media Industrial Complex endgame.

As well, 'truths' you may never have been aware of will suddenly loom like a giant before your eyes. For, this is a time of REVEALING on all levels, from the personal to global to the cosmic.

Or, TRANSPARENCY is now the overall vibe.

On the war front, there will be major changes on several of the war fronts as  the 'war on terror' theater continues -- all for popular consumption. With many in the population now seeing through this diabolical deception, the dark-side strategists seek other methods to *FEAR* the people into compliance, and obedience to the state.

Meanwhile, the Middle East implodes-explodes into more of an unholy mess. The Russian Bear makes several moves to gain regional control, and will likely succeed despite any 'apparent' setback.

Also, the civil war between factions of the military and the puppet masters 'dancing' the administration, will likely leap onto the front pages, as 'some' of this ongoing fight is EXPOSED to the sun-blasting light of day.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the police state grows like a fat tick on a lazy bloodhound. Thus, many of the people rush to the land, while others take up arms in preparation.

Out of this, the emerging gun culture sweeps across the country faster. This will begin the great 'fear of guns' campaign that could rival the prohibition movement against alcohol -- which was orchestrated-funded by the oil cartel companies to shut down alcohol as a fuel, and to make alcohol far more profitable because of its illegal status.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Federal Appeals Court Ridicules Florida Cops For Using SWAT Team To Check On Barbershop Licenses
AlterNet - Disney World is not the only fantasyland in Orange County, Florida, according to the U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit, which Tuesday issued a remarkable ruling slamming the sheriff and a state barbershop inspector for imagining they needed—and then using— a SWAT team in a police raid to see if haircutting licenses were valid."

Further, there 'could' be an attack event this week, designed to 'terrorize' the public. If so, it will backfire bigtime.

On the communication front, the bite out of the apple is a bite out of you. How does this work? Apple announces they will no longer have the ability to turn over your phone info to the police. This, because 'only you' will have the pass code. HOWEVER, access to the Apple icloud is 'open' to any law enforcement agency, hackers, and the corporate data collectors. Thus, let the great deception begin.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Apple reveals new operating system it claims is police-proof ~ RT - Following revelations that the NSA, in cooperation with various telecom companies, was spying on private communications, Apple Inc. has released new technology that it says cannot be compromised by the police."

On the home front, the time of massive persecution begins against the people, as designed by the dark-side social engineers. That is, this Machiavellian campaign will be persecution for the sake of persecution, and sheer intimidation. For, this is all about brutally bullying the public into a state of constant fear and stress.

As well, as the major cities are effectively locked down during the upcoming year of 2015, violence on many levels 'could' escalate dramatically. To *protect* yourself and your loved ones, the time has come to take control of your community as much as possible and/or join with like-minded communities.
On the food front, with the demand for clean, pesticide-free, and non-GMO food hitting hyperdrive, good business opportunities abound. Join in, in whatever way works best for you. Voting with your dollars always works, if you can't directly participate.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Another Independent Study Confirms Monsanto’s RoundUp Chemicals are Lethal, Even in Small Doses ~ Christina Sarich | Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide du jour – RoundUp – is utterly killing us."

On the energy front, once again, with winter on the way, look for ways to back up your power. Whether it's generators or woodstoves, or any other way to heat your home, now is the time to git'er done. Encourage your neighbors to do the same.

Currently, there are rogue elements in the establishment who are doing their best to 'release' advanced energy tech devices. What the end result will be, is yet to be seen. Send good vibes to them.

On the really bad news front, The Easy Way to Start an Epidemic.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scientific Proof Proves Ebola Is Airborne and Our Liberian Bound Troops Are Walking Into a Death Trap :What Do We Really Know About the Transmission of Ebola?
On the surface, the Presidential order to send 3,000 military personnel to Ebola-ridden is nothing but sheer lunacy. This 3 day old order have left people scratching their heads  and wondering if Obama has lost his mind.
This article will shed light on the fact that Obama is acting with depraved indifference and the evidence is clear, Ebola is much more contagious than the government is telling the people and the available science speaks clearly to this fact.
Doctors Are Condemning the Sending of US Troops to Liberia
Dr. Lee Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has stated that “You can see that these doctors, who are highly trained people, got themselves infected… So sending troops into an area, if they’re dealing one-on-one with a patient, they’re not going to be able to protect themselves very well. It’s not easy to [prevent transmission], because you get tired and you get careless and you make some simple mistakes. All it takes is one virus particle"."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "DOCTORS: 'IRRESPONSIBLE' TO SEND TROOPS TO 'COMBAT' EBOLA Call for quarantine, banning flights to U.S. from nations with virus outbreaks"

On the good news front, activism against the 'evils' and 'evildoers' of our turbulent, transitional time will surge and spread like wildfire across the land. Soon many more of the people will grab the bit between their teeth and stampede, demanding the return of their divinely given rights.

As well, there now arises a new rebellious spirit, an inner power, which cannot be intimidated nor defeated. For, it is the One Source expressing Itself.

On the global mafia cabal front, Bloodletting behind the scenes between the factions continues. However, this week, the first focus of the pscho Viper elite is managing-suppressing the worldwide economy... and making backdoor deals with their various financial minions at superspeed.

For, there has been a long series of White Hat attacks on their economic empire, which is now taking its toll. This will look like 'shaky' banks, and more news 'exposure' of bankster gangster crimes.

On the heroine front, JZ Knight .... Blurb: "Whitley Strieber interviews the legendary JZ Knight, channeler of Ramtha, for the first time. Instead of the usual interview where the interviewer gets caught up in the validity of the channel, Whitley, who understands what channeling is and why it works, lets JZ really open up and tell us about the inner truth of creating one's own reality, and how it is something that can be learned...
... JZ opens her heart and mind because she doesn't have to defend herself.

On the hero front, the Scottish people who gave it their best shot to win freedom, and to those who will not give up. Bravehearts All.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scottish independence stolen: Petition demanding referendum be re-held reaches 70,000 signatures in one day - It may have been the largest turnout in UK history with a majority vote of 'No', but thousands are demanding a revote because of "strange occurrences", that have already been dismissed as examples of vote rigging."

On the freedom front, the giant festering wound in the American soul is about to erupt. The solution for some will be *anti-establishment separatism* as said by journalist, Paul Joseph Watson.

From a prior forecast: "Meanwhile, more and more of the people powerfully rear up against tyranny and stampede toward freedom."

Or, they stampede far, far away from the enemy establishment.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Angry with Washington, 1 in 4 Americans open to secession ~ Reuters | The failed Scottish vote to pull out from the United Kingdom stirred secessionist hopes for some in the United States."

Trendwise, the downfall of the cruise ship industry is on the near horizon for several reasons. Currently, many cruise ships are operated under the Liberian flag, where Ebola is considered at epidemic levels.

On the SkyNet front... sci fi is here and now.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Tiny Humanoid Robot Learning to Fly Real Airplanes - The little robot in the picture above is a PIBOT, a small, very low-cost humanoid (actually a Bioloid Premium from Robotis). It's been slightly modified to be able to work the controls of a scaled-down, simulated aircraft cockpit, as in the pic above. PIBOT is able to identify and use all of the buttons and switches and stuff that you'd find in the cockpit of a normal light aircraft designed for humans..."

Plus, now your bedroom is up for grabs.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pocket-Sized Surveillance Drone Can Fly Through Windows ~ Paul Joseph Watson | UAV could end up in the hands of law enforcement."

THIS WEEK, take some time to simply sit and gaze at Nature. Whether it's a beautiful Autumn day, a starry night, or a lovely sunset, just let yourself enjoy. 

  Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Ring of Union

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

This week features the hero, Dontoya, and the Ring of Union he risked his life for to keep his mate, Sherilyn, protected.

The first seven paragraphs from ~

Chapter Thirty-two:
Dontoya emerged from the shower...

Dontoya emerged from the shower, dried himself thoroughly, then slung a towel around his hips. He glanced toward his yellow pine chest of drawers. The early morning light from his bedroom's east-facing window slanted across the top, sparkling the Ring of Union.

He'd placed it there to absorb the sun's rays, a tradition before presenting the ring to a chosen mate. The strength of Brother Sun increased the power frequencies, and also tuned the ring to this time period.

With one eye on the fiery glints that transformed the Ring of Union, Dontoya padded toward his bed. After tossing the towel onto a chair, he climbed in.

He needed a few hours of sleep to stave off his exhaustion. That, or he'd lose control over his ability to shapeshift.

Once he'd been transported to the cave's entrance, power had surged through his limbs. He'd swiftly placed everything in his specialized pack harness, then morphed to cougar.

Racing over the night-ruled terrain, Sherilyn had been foremost in this thoughts, in the rapid beat of his heart. Returning home to his star woman, and to his pardner, was all that mattered.

Dontoya had been able to slip past three heavily-armed patrols as he loped toward his uncle's underground station. Once inside, he'd made his way to the locker fast, then shifted to human.


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Have a sexy magical week ~


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?

Today we wrap up my mini-tutorial on how to make a million dollars. We’ve established there are two basic plans: you get a million people to each give you a dollar, or you create a million items and charge a dollar apiece. Both methods will work, provided you put in the time and effort necessary to make things happen. I’ve already given examples from my personal experience.

Speaking of that personal experience … you’re probably asking yourself right now, “Since she’s writing about this, has it worked for her?”

Welllll …

Here comes the downside to my methods. Every plan has one. Some have several. Will the plans I proposed make you rich? Possibly. Eventually. That’s downside number one: it doesn’t happen immediately. You will make a million dollars, but it’ll be spread out over a number of months, more likely years. Nobody wants to hear that, I know, but that’s how it works. If you want gobs of money right this instant, go play the lottery, or rob a bank.

The biggest drawback to my plans: you will have to work. It takes time, and it takes effort. Sorry, but that’s also part of the deal. The methods don’t work unless you do.

I’ve already alluded to my feelings about hard work: mostly it pays off, but sometimes it doesn’t. The “doesn’t” comes into play when you’re trying to get rich working for other people. It worked for my brother, but the stars were aligned in his favor. That job with the Big Corporation wasn’t his first, by the way. I believe it was his third. It didn’t happen overnight, either. I’d say it took him at least a decade. He was still able to retire at age 50 with his million in the bank. His son, my nephew, was following the same path when the economy tanked. He got laid off. I’ve busted my butt for companies that went belly up, or else sent my job overseas. Google “Jack Kirby,” the man who co-created the Marvel Universe and all those colorful characters like the Avengers, currently making billions for Disney/Marvel. Check out the percentage his estate gets. Hint: it rhymes with “zilch.” (Another hint: if you’re a writer or artist, read those contracts carefully and make sure you retain the rights to what you’ve created. Watch out for “work for hire” clauses.) When you’re an employee, making other people rich, hard work doesn’t always pay off. Assess your situation and act accordingly.

If you’re in business for yourself, hard work is a given. You can’t pawn it off on other people. It’s all on you. You do the legwork, you rake in the bucks. If there were any shortcuts, we’d all have that million in the bank now, right?

Another quick aside: I am aware of that New Agey theory proposed by The Secret: Your mind creates the thoughts that attract what you want. Simply send your thoughts out to the Universe and the Universe will cough up what you ask for. Huh. That sounds easy. Try it. Right now. Say this out loud: “I want a million dollars.” Let me know how it works out, and when.

There's nothing wrong with positive thinking, but I don’t have much faith in this aspect of it. Try this experiment while you’re at it: Stand in the middle of a busy street. Think real hard at the cars barreling toward you. Your thoughts should be powerful enough to shape your reality so you don’t get flattened. Let me know how that one works out.

The rest of us will see the cars bearing down on us and haul ass out of the street. I guarantee that will work. This is the real secret to getting a million dollars: the Universe doesn’t give a crap about proactive wishing. The Universe rewards positive action. Tape this saying up on your wall: “The Lord helps those that help themselves.”

If you want a million dollars, you’re going to have to go out and find those million people with a spare dollar in their pockets, or create a million products and work at selling them. How fast you amass that million will be reflected in the amount of effort you put into it.

Which brings us back to me. What percentage of that million did I earn today?

Um …

Therein lies my problem. I probably shouldn’t be self-employed because I’m really lazy. It takes me forever to write stuff. I think I had two stories out on the market in a single year one time. The other week, instead of writing, I went out and mowed the lawn. I even held off writing this blog, that’s why I’m posting so late. Needless to say, I am not currently a millionaire.

Note the word “currently.”

If you’re a procrastinator, if the thought of hard work makes you shudder, if you’d rather watch reality TV than write (now I’m shuddering), you have my complete understanding, and my sympathy. It’s so easy to put off the actions that will bring in the money. There’s housework, and yard work, and trips to the grocery store, no point in getting started because I’ll just have to stop and make dinner and hey, look, that movie I love is on again, and next thing you know the day’s over and you don’t have any dollars in your wallet. The good news is, you can change your thoughts and your actions. Like getting the million, it’ll take time and it’ll be tough, but it can be done.

To prove it, I'm committing to the challenge. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and get busy coming up with a million stories to send out to market, in the hopes they net me my million over the next twelve months. It would probably be easier if I was on Facebook and tried connecting with the million people and their dollar bills, but I suck at social media. I may swing in that direction after my fingers fall off. For now, I’m going to concentrate on creating my product, and work hard at writing—and, yes, selling—the best damn stories I’m capable of producing. I figure I’m going to have to sub at least one story a week, but eventually I’ll see a payoff. I’ll give a progress report every couple of weeks. Guess I won’t be watching reality TV any more.

I’d ask you folks to keep me on track, but you’ll all be too busy earning your own million. Don’t forget to send me your dollars. They mount up.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 15, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #315 

Worldwide Rebellion... the 'Watch Words' for the final months of 2014.

Now Scotland rises as the freedom fighters heard 'round the world. Massive protest continues to erupt in Spain, and the country will likely split apart into independent regions at some point in the future.

Further, this flares up again: what has been called the Iceland disease -- or throwing out the bankster gangsters and taking back the government. This overthrow of the corrupt financial system will likely explode in the central European countries.

On the AWAKENING front, now it gets 'too' interesting in the human population overall, as the new cosmic frequencies intensify by a hundredfold. Those who are able to handle this superspeed spiritual frequency, and those who can adapt, will do their best to assist others.

However, a type of madness could overtake some, as they will feel like they are floundering and unable to save themselves. Also, spurts of bizarre behavior are likely in day-to-day life, given many will feel as if they are drowning in a storm-raging sea.

Calming them in natural ways, with music, and with herbs used for relaxation will be helpful. Also, at this time, extra nutrition is one key to dealing with these high, high GOOD vibrations.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' seek to reveal the wicked underbelly of the Viper-beast system that has ruled over humankind for ages. While these 'revelations' will be mind-blasting, and often soul-shocking, the Mages will be saturating the energetic field with their healing, loving magick.

At this cosmic juncture, prepare to live in a whole new way. Old destructive ways of thought, of insidious programming, is being gradually lifted away. Whenever this 'divine sunlight' breaks through in your life, embrace it, and move forward with a smile.

On the personal front, cleaning everything in sight, or cleaning as the mood strikes you, will likely hit many of us for the next month's time. Not only will this help in preparing your domicile for the winter months, but it is also symbolic of cleaning and clearing out your mental closet. This is all to the GOOD.

Also, this is a fabulous time to rearrange certain aspects of your life. Go full steam ahead toward whatever changes you want to make. If there are blocks, just take a step back, give it some time, then determine how to approach the situation.

As always, keep an eagle's eye on your finances at this time.

Further, the paranormal is likely to become part of your life in new ways, regardless of whether you believe or don't believe... and whether you've had no experiences or many such 'high strangeness' experiences.

On the paranormal front, the time of the Time Travelers is Here... now, more than ever in recent history, time travelers will make themselves known to many of us who embrace studying the supernatural realms of life. Or, those of us with the eyes to see, and the ears to listen.

Now, this will only increase... from a prior forecast: December 8, 2013 ~ Angelic Forecast ~ #275 "...the time travelers now arrive in huge numbers. This could feel like a jerkiness in the way life flows, and will show up on the world stage as near-instant reversals in some policies. This is because alterations are being made that will be beneficial in the long scheme of TIME.

Also, the Time Wars wind down, and several timelines are being joined together for the sake of ALL."

As well, eyes to the sky, keep a watch out for Cloud UFOs.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cloaked Cloud Craft UFO’s… What / Who Is In Our Skies…
As a Chemtrail activist I have been videoing the skies over the Antelope Valley, Ca. since mid 2011. Early in 2012, I began noticing strange anomalies in and around bizarre looking cloud formations that just didn’t seem like they belonged in the sky. I soon came to the “insane opinion” these anomalies in and around these clouds resembled triangular craft of various sizes that were emitting some type of cloud like material and interacting with Chemtrail aerosol spraying . The signatures of these craft could be seen but I could not see anything that looked like a solid object, until recently…"

On the land changes front, CHANGE is the watchword. Now more Volcanoes awaken, and larger eruptions occur.

HEADLINE: "Incredible Footage Of An Explosive Volcanic Eruption Captured in New Guinea"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano sulfur fumes now bothering people 800 miles away
While Thyness said the fumes themselves aren’t something that will endanger the public in Norway, the Iceland Review said residents in eastern Iceland have complained about sore throats, stinging eyes and headaches. The news agency said families were told to avoid being outside for long periods of time, particularly children and people with respiratory illnesses. Bjorn Saevar Einarsson, a meteorologist at the Icelandic Met Office, points to a satellite image that clearly shows how far the concentration of sulfur pollution has traveled."

HEADLINE: "Two Indonesian volcanoes undergo multiple eruptions – evacuations ordered"

Forecast from two weeks ago: "this week, volcanoes are likely to rule, and Yellowstone National Park will become more magma-dangerous. However, flooding will continue to take center stage in many regions of the planet. Killer temperatures are also on the near horizon for some parts of the world.

Meanwhile, earthquakes, and quake swarms, escalate in number and  intensity worldwide. Also, America's Midwest region will likely shake, rattle, and roll during the next three months.

As the year 2014 ends, superstorm weather hits more frequently. Remember, dare to prepare. Further, CMEs from the sun lash the Earth's atmosphere, causing significant communication glitches."

On the truth front, The Medieval History 'they' Don't Want You to Know ... or the first recorded history of how and when the 'military industrial complex' was begun, then set into motion. Think the Templars, the Vatican, and the Crusades.

BLURB: "New on Dreamland: Joseph Farrell - The Secret Machineries of Our World ~ Thrice-Great Hermitica and the Janus Age. What can that mean? How does it relate to the way power works in our world? Joseph Farrell goes deep into the underworlds of power in this explosive interview. He starts by explaining to us what the Janus Age means, then goes on to describe the all-important structures beneath the surface of our world that make it what it is. Why are we always off balance while a wealthy few seem to get richer and richer on the shoulders of the rest of us?

On the economic front, Buddy Can You Spare a Dime... as the economy worsens for most of us, poverty becomes even more of a plague. HOWEVER, the innovative-creative spirit of the people rises like the proverbial phoenix from the financially collapsing ash, and many of us will come together to form  viable local economies.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Taking an exit from the labor force: Over the last ten years 16 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force.'Americans are simply broke and their version of retirement includes working until you drop'."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Small Business Ownership In America Is At An All-Time Low ~ Michael Snyder | According to the Federal Reserve, the percentage of American families that own a small business is at the lowest level that has ever been recorded." 

Money, money, money, as the song lyric goes, now plays a big role at this point in history. For, this is the endpoint of gratuitous, criminal greed. To a large extent, the year, 2015, will be about this trauma-drama... this transformation into the Aquarian Age where giving and living from the heart will become the norm.

In the meantime, diabolical chaos ensues around the world as the global economy wobbles like a drunkard. As usual, the bankster gangster crowd looks for more ways to rape, pillage, and plunder the people... while taxing them to death... even as these psychos fight amongst themselves.

Because, in the end, there can be only ONE world financial order.

On the war front, this week, a mishmash of monstrous events ahead on the global war fronts. Meanwhile, the Bear prepares and positions himself on the world war chessboard to take final control of eastern Ukraine. This, as Europe rips apart at the seams economically, socially, and becomes victimized by the dark-side's 'orchestrated' clash of civilizations.

Oh, and Canada bares its teeth at the Bear over the Arctic.

On the U.S. front, the endless lies meant to rally the sheeple into accepting a 'kill them all' Middle East war will continue this week -- all courtesy of the bimbo media and the dictatorial regime. This, while the military is being gutted every which way but loose, and the top military brass are being replaced with incompetent boot lickers.

However, the civil war behind the scenes takes a nasty turn which *could* force the administration and the congress to take several steps back from the brink of more and more war.

On the tyranny-at-work front, as has been said: "Mass murderers agree. Gun control works."

Now, the campaign to villify gun owners -- to defeat the rapidly growing gun culture -- jumps into serious overdrive. This will get ugly real fast. For, the establishment bullies are scared to death of the American people rising up, and saying NO MORE.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Facebook Bans Gun Owners, Allows Kitten Torture Video
Kit Daniels | Uploading burning kitten video won’t get you banned, but talking about guns will."

On the communication front, the tech advancement in communication devices is a double-edged sword... or freedom through instant, worldwide communication *versus* big-brother surveillance and thus, enslavement.

With the release of iphone 6 the knock-down, drag-out battle between freedom and enslavement is upon us.

On the home front, the battle against Common Core, the fed-designed curriculum being forced on schools, is about to spread like wildfire and become explosive as more and more parents say NO.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: YOUTUBE ~ "Watch: Second-Grader Reduced to Tears by Common Core Math Homework
Breitbart - My daughter is a banner roll student who has always had a passion to learn. Loves school and hopes to be a teacher when she gets big. She now spends hours each night crying, hiding and begging to not have to go back to school. Said that she doesn't want to be a teacher anymore because she doesn't like it anymore, school makes her cry and took the fun out of learning!"

On the food front, the continuing drought in California will diminish food supplies. Once again, it is ever-wise to grow what food you can, and stock up on the best quality foods you can find, and purchase.

HEADLINE: "California rice farmer: Drought may make us 'quit'."

On the energy front, or what is going on in the hidden cyber world of bits and bytes and super computers? There's an AI [artificial intelligence] war raging.

What if you knew as a super hacker-programmer about the emergence, the existence of a black-ops AI? Perhaps, even that several of these 'new world order' AIs are running the world.

What would you do? Why likely, you'd create your own battle *on the good side* AI. Maybe even a team of AIs.

Think about it from this perspective. With the deployment of machine-thinking drones now flying-patrolling above us, it's not when, but now. SKY NET, and similar 'futuristic' stories aren't in our future. It's here now. You're just not being told about it.

On the really bad news front, CONTAGION is the watchword. For worldwide, the dark-side controllers are not only unleashing war, but also unleashing germ and bio warfare against humanity. Yes, depopulation is 'one' of their sinister goals.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Bombshell: Journal of Pediatrics—fraud, brain damage, follow the money
Jon Rappoport | The hits keep coming in the CDC whistleblower scandal."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Legal historian makes case smallpox was intentional 'biological warfare' ~ By CAITLIN THOMPSON ~ September 12, 2014  9:32 PM
Tom Swanky is an unassuming figure. A humble, soft-spoken gentleman in his sixties, he believes he's uncovered some of the most compelling evidence on the spread of smallpox in decades. A lawyer and legal historian by trade, Swanky has worked for over 10 years on what he calls a 'detective story.'

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Chimerix Wins $17M Award For Development Of Smallpox Treatment ~ By C. Rajan, contributing writer ~ Chimerix last week announced that it has extended its contract with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for the development of its broad spectrum antiviral brincidofovir to treat smallpox infections.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "(NaturalNews) Based on its current rate of spread, the West African Ebola outbreak is expected to surge in the coming weeks, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS Currents: Outbreaks. Researchers from Northeastern University in Boston have projected that as many as 10,000 cases of Ebola will be confirmed by September 24, with about 5,000 of these resulting in death."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US State Dept Orders 160,000 Ebola HAZMAT Suits – What Do They Know That We Don’t Know?"

On the good news front, the rebellion against Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex is on, and will go supernova in the near future. Many now return to natural treatments and supplements in a bid to improve their health, and remain healthy -- despite the enormous challenges facing humankind.

The good news is that there are abundant methods, means, and ways to heal *any health condition* 'and/or' any disease that is caused by a spreading epidemic-pandemic.

Research out what works for you and your loved ones. The information is out there.

Further good news, there are WHITE HAT teams, and other GRAY HAT groups, who are 'intervening' -- doing what they can to contain all the loosed contagions. As well, the mass conscious will of the people to stop epidemics-pandemics is a force unto itself.

On the global mafia cabal front, a fractured picture of cooperation among the top factions while they backstab each other, and jockey for position -- especially when it comes to being king of the crooked financial world.

This week, look for quick switches in policy by the leader-puppets on the political stage as they dance attendance on their dark-side puppet masters. Schizo, manic, and psycho, that will be the appearance of their *dance to their masters tune* behavior from this point forward.

On the heroine and hero front, all THOSE who are preparing like their lives depend on it.

On the freedom front, Get Out of the Major Cities or Prepare to Leave Very Fast ... that is, if you want to keep any freedom of movement, or any freedom whatsoever. With the looming civil war, the possible riots over food and civil rights issues -- and the contagion-attack, it COULD be now or never.

Dare to prepare.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "U.S. ARMY REPORT URGES PREPARATIONS FOR TROOPS TO OCCUPY NYC, OTHER 'MEGACITIES' Army could be called to act in one of these places tomorrow"

Trendwise, The Easy Way to Instigate Class Warfare

HEADLINE: "Desperate Californians steal water from fire hydrants as rich community pays half a million dollars for overwatering lawns"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water ~ By Jo-Shing Yang ~ Global Research, May 22, 2014
A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.
Familiar mega-banks and investing powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Macquarie Bank, Barclays Bank, the Blackstone Group, Allianz, and HSBC Bank, among others, are consolidating their control over water."

On the fascinating front, the RISE of the Cryptids continues.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Is this the Loch Ness monster?
Is this the Loch Ness monster – spotted 150 miles from its traditional home?
Photographer Ellie Williams captured this amazing image of what she believes to be a creature from the deep while taking snaps in the Lake District.
The 24-year-old had set up her camera tripod to automatically take photos throughout the day at Windermere.
It was only when she reviewed the images, which were supposed to be of the colours of the changing seasons, that she came across the shocking snap.

THIS WEEK, indulge in the type of learning that gives you the most joy. This is nutrition for the SOUL. 

  Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~