Monday, January 30, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 30, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #178

A bright-soul week ahead, and on the opposite side, a new darkness rises on the world stage. This will be known by the strident and militaristic words that are spoken to convince humanity a savior is on the horizon.

However, humanity is its own savior. For, in these times of dragon-fierce transition deeper into the Aquarian Age, there is no leader, offered by the system, that is of true benefit to the peoples of the world. This, despite the worldwide 'staged' effort to make it appear as if there is one such leader, or a special group of technocrat leaders.

During this time, it is one person helping another. It is offering a friendly hand. It is the formation of beneficial communities. It is learning the heart of another, and knowing your own heart. That will be the salvation of humankind, and of Earth.

Once again, the 'new' importance of the creative arts, as accomplished by un-celebrities, becomes apparent as the week continues. Exciting fusions and innovations will increase dramatically, all brought about by so-called ordinary people. This will be noticed on a personal level and as a global phenomena.

As stated before, this rise in creativity will include not only visual arts of every kind, but music, dance, books, fashion, and also a renaissance of crafts and inventions. Of course, movies, vids, and interactive games, all created by talented individuals from across the globe are emerging, and here to stay.

The big entertainment industries will fight tooth and claw to remain in control, and to be looked upon as the gatekeepers. Their methods for doing this will become uglier and more heinous. Despite the endless emphasis on trendy stars and big name celebrities, this time is over, and 'slowly' coming to a neon-flash-and-crash close.

The rise of romance, as both entertainment and a way of life continues, even during these challenging economic times. Look for ways to enrich your life. As well, make your life richer with all things beautiful. A single bloom in a lovely vase is one example.

On the economic front, the dark powers that be will attempt to put a happy-days-are-here-again spin on the absolute disaster that is the world economy. The dominos are falling, only propped up by deception, fraud and lies. It is wise to use this time to prepare and become as self-sufficient as possible.

On the bright-soul side, many are coming forth with inventions outside the system, that are meant to assist all of us at this time. Take advantage wherever and whenever you can. And spread the invention love.

On that note, there are wonderful opportunities to make a living, and help others, with these off-the-grid types of inventions. As well, this is true with more natural ways of gardening, farming and ranching. There is no need for austerity as currently being advertised by the system.

Trendwise, this week is about looking to the future as it truly is, not how it's being sold by the establishment. From this vantage point, good decisions can be made, and ways to create the future anew will start to become obvious to a lot of us. Communities have sprung up that offer a viable lifestyle, and many more are rising like the phoenix -- from the ashes of these endtimes.

Moments of miracles, magick, and romance, that is what awaits all of us this week.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Up and Coming

Like the cover up there? I do. That’s Legacy, the long-awaited (by me; damn thing took forever to write) sequel to Belonging. I’ve blogged about both books enough already, so let’s just sit back and admire Jinger Heaston’s Twilightesque cover for a minute. The vampire, the human, and the woman who’s a bit of both and unites the group. I don’t know if Jinger read any of the manuscript or if that was accidental, but her layout certainly works out symbolically as well as artistically. You can’t ask for more from a cover artist.

I love it when one of my books comes out. Then I can post cover pics and excerpts and not have to worry about coming up with a blog topic. It’s too soon for excerpts since I haven’t gotten final edits on the book yet. That’ll be next month. It’s tentatively due for release on February 16. About six to eight weeks after that I can expect to find the print version on Amazon. Next to holding your newborn child, holding a physical copy of your finished book is the best damn feeling in the world. This is why I haven’t switched over to Kindle yet.

That could change by the end of the year, maybe sooner. Now that Legacy is off my to-do list, it’s back to work as a writer, which includes my new sidebar career as a writer of M/M, under a brand-new pseudonym. This means reading more M/M … just to see what’s being done in the genre, of course. There’s a ton more M/M romance being e-pubbed than I can find in print, so at some point I’ll have to invest in a Kindle or Nook so I can read more dirty books—I mean, do research. Yeah, that’s what we’re calling it these days. Damn, I love this job.

Yesterday I uploaded my entry to Amazon’s Breakout Novel contest. That was another project that messed up my schedule for awhile, as it was yet another long book (94K words), this time in the fantasy genre. No romance, just a lot of action, smart remarks, and the possible end of the world. It hasn’t a hope of winning, it being genre and all, but I’m hoping it advances far enough along that I get to the editorial critique stage. If nothing else, having a set deadline forced me to finish the thing. I now have a completed manuscript I can either sub to a fantasy publisher or consider publishing on my own. Self-publishing is something else I have to look into this year.

Back to work. I have the M/M shapeshifter story I was working on when the Legacy edits came in, and the other M/M story that blindsided me while I was working on the first one. Then I think I’ll take a break and do M/F for a while. It pays to keep busy. And how’s your week going?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon ~ Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 23, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #177


First, to honor The Year of the Dragon...

Starring the 'secondary' character:

Xanuvvi, Blue Water Dragon Leader

Excerpt from ~ WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~

Neat trick, cherub. This isn’t being seen on world wide UN TV. But her cherub didn’t answer. Enclosing them, he flashed to jet speed. The mountains sped toward them like a fast-forward movie scene. Sedona shut her eyes, held onto her cherub even though she didn’t need to.

She opened her eyes as she felt them slow, and hover. Below them, a teal lake shimmered, cradled in a mountain valley. The lake was probably manmade. Sedona could see what looked like a simple dam.

Lake Alamo. Used as a contact area for the rebels and their alien allies. Volcano gently spiraled downward, as if they rode a thermal.

Yeah, Richard C talked about it one night with George. Knows some of the Contactees. Said most of the state park employees went rogue, took it over to keep the UN and the elite out.

They still have control. We’ve been granted a short meeting with Dragon Leader, Xanuvvi.

The blue water dragon.

He’s taking a lake dip. Has a fondness for the water on Earth.

Unpolluted I hope.

By agreement the rebels and the alien allies have a cleansing operation. One layer at a time.

Works for me. Awe-struck, Sedona watched as they descended. The Sonoran desert is so gorgeous. Used to love driving through. Wow! Beneath her a huge serpentine shine of blue scales coiled above the shimmer water.

“Fantastic,” she murmured. “I feel like I’m suddenly in a storybook fantasy.”

Volcano glided to a rise of ground, clear of desert scrub brush and the dry stems of abundant wildflowers. Wintering ducks had taken refuge in a stand of cattails. Herons took elegant flight. Even the fine ash couldn’t dispel the idyllic quality of the scene before her.

Entranced Sedona dismounted, and noticed she didn’t feel cold, even though the temps were probably mid fifties. “Like thermal underwear?” she asked when the cherub dismounted beside her.

“Magically designed for body maintenance. Want me to hold your hand?” he smooth-talked her, took her helmet.

“Keep me from being scared of the big ole’ dragon?” she sassed, but gave him her hand.

Dreaming of seeing a dragon was different than meeting one up close and personal. Even if he rose magnificently, benignly from the lake near them – blue glimmers of twisting sorcery, he had membranous sapphire wings. His head reminded her of Chinese dragon depictions. He towered above them as he writhed majestically, then waded onto the shore. His eyes surprised her, looking human and reptilian. Their mesmerizing glow greeted her.

“Zerr Dann of the Cherubim,” he bellowed, his voice reverberating around them.
“Dragon leader, Xanuvvi, your vitality is rewarding. May I present Sedona Khali, my angel incarnate charge.”

“Would you like to pet me?” Xanuvvi eagerly boomed. He smiled, carefully lowered his head, all the while blinking slowly.

“I would love to pet you,” Sedona crooned softly. Her stomach quivering, she stepped forward. Her fascination took over, and the pure thrill coursed through her. Besides he was cute in a bold enormous dragon way.

She caressed down the front of his face. He closed his eyes, seemed to purr, and looked blissful. She kept caressing his face. He felt miraculous, like resplendent slick silk. Feeling bolder, she caressed more of his face, then his cheeks, using both her hands. His ears gently flipped back in enjoyment. And she was in utopia.

“He’s an angelaholic,” Volcano whispered. “Just eats up the attention of women angels.”

Sedona knew he good-natured teased the dragon. “You don’t eat princesses, do you?” she cooed, stroked one huge ear.

“No!” Volcano laughed. “He doesn’t eat them. He just tells them he will if they don’t pet him.”

Xanuvvi opened one brilliant rapturous eye. “Take mythological advantage where you can,” he low rumbled. He snorted an ephemeral mist, carefully stepped back. “Much superior to a princess,” he praised, straightened to his height. “You sing like exquisite fire, angel Sedona Khali.”

“Violets,” Sedona murmured happily, breathing in his mist. “Thank you.”

“Your color, angel Sedona,” Xanuvvi flourished. He bowed his head briefly.

“Before he takes you for a ride.” Volcano pulled her back beside him. “Carries you off to his secret cave ship.”

“Zerr Dann, I am willing to make an appearance. If you and angel Sedona will greet me, show those around us that I and my people mean no harm. However, we have recently discovered the Mayan LA festivities have been infiltrated with those who would use subterfuge, use sound to cause our violence, as one tactic against us.”

“Let us stay in contact. I will commune with the Cherubim watching over LA.”

“Of course. I would prefer to make a grand spectacle entrance. Prove our existence to those who are ready.”

“You should be on with George, the NightHawk zone. Radio,” Sedona offered when he cocked his head.

“Yes.” The Dragon Leader savored, legs across his chest, his great claws shining, deadly curved. “That would be a splendid radio first. Indeed.”

“Indeed,” Volcano joyous teased, and agreed. “Your voice is perfect for radio.”

“You must visit our caldera base soon, Zerr Dann, angel Sedona.”

More swiftly than she could blink, the amazing blue dragon phased into flight over the lake and became a dot against the sky, as if he had only lived in her imagination.

“Zerr Dann?” she asked, still staring at the sky.

“Cherubim name. I didn’t want it found in your mind.”

“Yes, I remember. Why Volcano?” Sedona faced him.

“Translates to volcano. Thought it fit the guy-on-a-cycle image.” He grinned rakishly, put her helmet back on.

“Let me guess. We have to get out of here. Caldera base?”

“Yellowstone. The caldera. His dragon people are singing, soothing it.”

“Do you mean we, humans, animals, plants have a shot at not being wiped off the continent?”


Now it begins, the fiery, spiraling, and transformative rise of Dragon Power. This means the fierce dragon energy within our Soul will no longer tolerate living in an ocean of deception and lies -- or living within the layer upon layer of fraud that has been perpetrated against humanity.

This never-ending revelation of dragon TRUTH will be in both your personal life and in the world at large. It will occur regardless of the cost.

Worldwide transformation is here. Because of this be prepared for immense changes during the year, 2012. Know this process will be mind-boggling and relentless for most of us.

At this time, it is advisable 'not' to avoid this onslaught of dragon-blazing truth. However, it is also wise to have avenues of healthy escape, and ways to put a balm on your emotions, on your precious heart. Music, dance, books, laughter, the appreciation of beauty. And love, always love. For, LOVE, spiritual love is the great Aquarian connection between us all.

Mother Gaia will also offer the tender arms and bosom of her planet to soothe us. Look upon the beauty of a sunrise, upon the never-ending majesty of the land. Watch the animals enjoy life and stroll among the trees, among the serenity of the beautiful plant life.

For the following week and the next two months, there will be major happenings hidden from the public at large by the 'evil powers that be'. Down the road these events will be tornadic in their impact upon all of us. In part, what is being hidden involves wars in space, the high activity of the sun, and the secret, off-world program begun during the early nineteen-fifties.

A further behind the scenes report: the soulless ones are gathering to implement their most devastating plans in their war against the human race. Their time table has been advanced due to the arrival of 'one' group of humanity's progenitors. These plans include the 'possible' release of certain bio weapons disguised as a flu outbreak or blamed on weaponized viruses escaping from a lab. Always be prepared to stay put for awhile, if needed.

On the good side this week, the inventive and creative nature of humanity comes forth like a giant tsunami sweeping across the entire globe. This will be encouraged and increased by loving energies from the angelic realm.

The pure magic of human creativity is also being aided by powerful, spiraling frequencies from the galactic center. At this time, the genetic makeup of the human race is also being changed, transformed, by these cosmic vibes to release our greater abilities.

On a personal level, this means your creativity and inventiveness will be heightened to meet and overcome the challenges ahead. Be open, let it flow, and sweet successes will be your reward.

Know these incoming divine vibes are also fueling a planet-wide renaissance at this time. New technologies that will truly serve the people are on the way.

This is in opposition to the technologies meant to control humanity. This tech-renaissance is also a means for the GOOD forces to overcome the psychopathic social engineers who are using every despicable means of deception to convince humans they are destroying Mother Earth. Know, dear ones, this is not true.

Trendwise, the Chinese Year of the Dragon ~ the whipping writhing strength of the Dragon is here. What does this mean overall? The dragon spirit within you will being taking on the world, creating both chaos and spiraling through the chaos, during this make-or-break-year of 2012. What it comes down to is, either use this power within you for your benefit and the benefit of All -- either use this magnificent mystical power to dis-empower those on the dark side, and bring forth a tsunami of much-needed inventions -- or the fierce frightening power of the dragon will use you.

The miracles of the dragon are here. Watch them transform your life.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I just wrapped up a major editorial wrestling match with my latest manuscript. The story’s now 1000 words longer, with a couple scenes added to flesh out relationships and another sex scene just ‘cause. I hope I’ve plugged up all the plot holes now. I’m betting it’ll have to go through another pass before it’s ready for the readers’ eyes. That little extra polish never hurt.

A lot of the plot problems came about because this was an unexpected sequel. That’s both the excitement and the drawback to being a pantser. Nothing’s planned. I created a book that demanded I write it, then had to make sure everything jived with the previous book. It’s called continuity, and it’s a bear to deal with if you’re writing comic books or episodic television. Or, as I just found out, unexpected sequels.

One of the questions I wanted to answer when I wrote Belonging was, “If vampires are technically dead, how can they have sex?” Partway through writing that one, another question arose: “Can the undead reproduce?” I know vampire Darla managed it on Angel, but I was never a regular viewer of Angel so I don’t know how she pulled it off. I’d have to come up with my own explanation.

Let’s assume you need a living womb to produce a child. That means human mother, vampire father. I’d already established how the undead can have sex. But are the undead fertile? Can they even procreate with humans if they’re another species? Is there any way I can explain all this without contradicting the first book?

Yes, I could. In Belonging I’d established that a diet of vampire blood made a vampire different from the norm: warmer body temperature, able to eat real food, capable of having sex without a blood infusion. Supposedly it could restore fertility as well. As for the compatibility question, maybe vampire blood fed to the human mom would fix that problem too. We are what we eat, after all.

Now stir in an evil vampire who’s figured all this out, and wants to create a race of vampire/human hybrid slaves, and voila, you’ve got a sequel.

How to get my heroes involved? Back to the first book. Toward the end of Belonging Wallace the vampire rescues a little girl from a flock attack. His friends the Stantons adopt her. The kid’s gotta go to school somewhere. By putting her in a local preschool she became a perfect plot device, allowing Wallace’s boyfriend Jeremy and preschool teacher Colleen to meet and get the story rolling. I love it when an unplanned plan comes together.

But wait, there’s more. How about giving the boys an even more personal stake in the story than simply protecting the heroine? In the previous episode, we revealed Wallace became a slayer when vampires kidnapped his girlfriend and murdered their infant son. Suppose there was more to it than that? What if Wallace’s woman was taken on the evil vampire’s orders, to serve as a broodmare for his hybrid army? Wallace doesn’t find this out until they begin investigating kidnap attempts on the heroine. His whole life was changed by this incident. Now it’s come back to bite him again. Think he’s pissed? You betcha. This is why on TV shows old friends of the cop/detective hero are always getting iced. I didn’t even have to create a new character. It was all there in the first book. Damn, I’m good.

Same for the subplot involving the slayer. Years ago the Preacher killed Jeremy’s vampire family, in a cameo appearance in the first book. Wallace would want him to suffer for that, even if Jeremy doesn’t. Guess which slayer holds vital information regarding their case? What will Wallace do when he finds out?

This is how you write a sequel where no sequel was planned. You work with what you’ve got. You go through the first story looking for seeds that can be cultivated into plots and characters. Everything grows out of what’s already there. Whether it’s planned out before the first word hits paper or thrown on after the fact, it’s the end result that matters. Do it right and the reader will never know the difference.

And yes, eventually there will be a third book. Again, an idea in the second book begat another plot. Now I’ll have to go through two previous books to make sure everything matches up. There has to be an easier way to make a living.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 16, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #176

This week the New Power of the Soul is here, and rising. The desires of the soul, your soul, will come to the fore in such a strong way, it will be impossible to ignore this higher knowing, this new awareness. Whether you are conscious of your soul's desires, or not, they will now surface like a pod of whales.

At this time, dolphins and whales will be mentally communicating with humanity as never before, except in the antediluvian times. While this may sound like a silly new age idea, know that dolphins and whales have long been allies with humans, and now wish to join with those of us who will listen.

As was stated in last week's forecast, on a personal level, this is a perfect time to begin and develop new projects. If you are in need of prosperity, as so many are in these times, there will be an idea with your name on it, courtesy of the angelic realm.

While the soulless ones continue to shut down financial opportunities and demand austerity, truly this is a time to bring forth the Aquarian Age renaissance and create abundance for your community. Baking breads of all kinds in old-fashioned ways will become a strong trend, and is the nourishment needed by many.

Within the next few months, one of the major GMO companies will come under fierce attack. Their long history of diabolical lies and deeds will be revealed in part, and their eventual demise will be brought about, even though 'those' at the top believe they are invincible.

On the economic front, claims will be made by the corrupt 'powers that be' that the economy is on the upswing, if only slightly. The opposite is true. At this point in time, bank failures will happen across the globe like dominos falling. On the near horizon one of the major banks is likely to fail unless there is a behind-the-scenes intervention. This depends on what faction of the bankster gangsters wins.

On the war front, while the Mideast remains the focus, the real war raging on the planet continues in both the Arctic and Antarctic. It is possible some news about this will leak out.

Also, what has been called Contact with extraterrestrials and other unknown beings is in the cards for the year, 2012. There is a major battle between many forces for how this will come about, and WHO will be in charge. What is known as Project Blue Beam, a false flag alien attack using holo technology, could be used to keep humanity controlled and believing their so-called leaders are saviors. However, this scenario is not set in stone.

Beginning this week, always expect the unexpected on the world stage and in your personal life. Sadly, mass insanity will rise to new levels worldwide as people realize deeper truths but have no coping strategies. As well, the bizarre, the paranormal, and everything labeled 'high strangeness', will start to become the norm.

On the GOOD SIDE, many of us are developing new abilities, ones we never thought possible -- or the super abilities we have merely dreamed about. In truth as human beings, we are, overall, becoming smarter, faster, and bigger in our spirituality.

Trendwise, more and more folks will be planting their own food gardens using heirloom seed varieties. A new underground movement will form to save these seeds, and to transport good food wherever needed. This type of trade will infuse local communities with much-needed prosperity.

Once again, while this is likely to be a wild and wacky week for many, miracles will abound. Some of these miracles will be personalized, meaning they are gifts only for you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hack Job?

A fellow writer and I had a discussion the other day on what’s selling in romance. It was sparked by the edits I’m currently doing for my latest book. The editor wants more explicit language and another sex scene to bring the heat level up to line standards. I had no trouble with that. Whatever makes the book better is fine with me.

Then I thought: better, or more saleable? Am I turning into a hack?

There’s no fault in wanting to make a living doing something you enjoy. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I first learned the alphabet. I had my first success in science fiction before I sort of fell into romance. I’d been reading romance for years, even played around with a couple of plots, but never got serious until I found an open call for a romance anthology and realized I had an idea. So I wrote the idea and discovered I liked the genre and could write saleable stories in it. Then I found a publisher that likes my work. The rest isn’t history yet, but I’m working on it.

At the moment I’m writing paranormal, which is like the SF/F I was writing before, just with sex scenes. Sometimes I get caught up in the plot and have to remind myself to add sex. I’m still new at this.

This wasn’t some conscious decision prompted by market research. I didn’t look at sales figures and say, “Romance is selling better than SF, and with all the e-publishers I stand a better chance of finding a receptive market. Plus, I hear you can make huge royalties if you’re prolific. I’m going to do this for a living.” The “prolific” part alone should have scared me off. If I can write even a novella in six months, I’m having a good year.

What concerned me in the wake of our conversation was the decisions I did make. I’m trying to change my slothful habits so I write more. That’s helpful in any genre. However, I’ve added M/M novellas to my to-write list. In today’s market, that seems to be where the money is. Never mind that I’ve got ideas for paranormal M/M stories and I enjoy writing them. The book I’m editing now is M/M/F. I didn’t write it because ménages sell. It’s a sequel to my last book (an M/M novella) and I wrote it because the idea nagged at me and I wanted to hang on to the characters. On the other hand, would I have written either if their respective subgenres weren’t hot sellers right now? Am I a savvy writer with an eye on the market, or a hack?

You tell me. I’m not even sure where the line is drawn between writer and hack. I stumbled into this. I read Marvel Comics growing up because of the soap opera elements. I loved seeing relationships develop between the characters as much as I did the superheroics and cosmic plots. In high school I wrote comic book fanfic and made one of the heroes gay, so the M/M didn’t come out of nowhere. It just happens that, for once in my life, what I want to write actually has an existing, robust market. I want to make a living at this. What writer wouldn’t? But if I consciously choose to focus on the selling subgenres, am I flirting with hackdom?

I feel like I’m justifying. I don’t know. I do know I love reading my dad’s old Louis L’Amour collection, but I can’t see myself writing a Western. A Western with SF or paranormal elements, romance optional, yeah. But if straight, traditional Westerns become the next big thing, I’m up the creek. Couldn’t do it. The same for F/F in erotic romance. I have no ideas in that direction. If M/M goes down the toilet I’ll write paranormal M/Fs, which I’m still writing, by the way. Or excise the sex scenes and write the books as SF or fantasy. If the idea hits me hard enough, I have to write it down, and I have to write it the way it wants to go. That’s how I ended up here in the first place.

How about you? What’s your definition of hack, and how close do you find yourself flirting with it in your efforts to make a living as a writer? Maybe “hack” is just a term invented by people jealous of other, more prolific writers’ success. I like that one; it makes me feel better.

And now, back to the edits. How many uses of “dick” is too much in one paragraph? Ah, the life of a working writer.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 9, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #175

Watch for the 'revolutionary visionaries' this week. They will make a strong appearance via the alternative media. THOSE who cherish freedom are on the rise, and an upcoming force to be reckoned with. This is worldwide.

On a personal level, you may notice the need for freedom wells up inside you, and concerns several areas of your life. Also, the people you know who are least likely to have concerned themselves with the vigilance required to keep a free society, may suddenly be ignited with the idea of 'let freedom ring'. This is partly because it is now their time to AWAKEN.

The following week begins a new dynamic on Earth. This is a spiritual counterbalance to the smoke-and-mirror tactics of the soulless ones. As it currently exits in the realm of the what has been called the Akashic Records, the great fountain of TRUTH will be bubbling up, surfacing in ways that reveal the true herstory/history of humanity.

Sad for many on our beloved planet, evil becomes a sledgehammer this week. This will play out in several ways, some of them on the world stage, and some unseen and therefore unreported. This will 'also' involve the catastrophic foreclosure situation brought about, on purpose, by the bankster gangsters of Wall Street fame.

With the drums of war being beat to raise the dead or get the attention of the zombified, know that *currently* this is a bait and switch trick of the military industrial complex. While war is still on the main menu of 'those' who despise humanity, the pieces on their chess board have changed. This is because a new enemy has risen with a greater weapons' capability.

Space, both celestial events and exploration ventures taking place in outer space, will continue to be a major focus of many during the year, 2012. All the lies that have been told to the public about the nature of the solar system and our galaxy, will begin to unravel at a rapid rate. At the same time, UFO activity will only increase.

As the so-called mainstream media continues to shoot its credibility in the foot each and everyday, those who have resisted the AWAKENING will now come onboard, albeit many will do so reluctantly -- growling and grumbling like bears disturbed during their winter hibernation.

At this time, firearms will come under fierce attack by *those on the dark side* who want to disarm the innocent. There are terrible scenarios, already arranged, that are designed to enrage the populace and make weapons look like the problem. This will be an ongoing 'psy-ops' as it's called.

In regards to daily life, this week and the next three weeks will be an opportune time to start new projects, the ones you've been putting off, but really want to accomplish. Go for it!

Trendwise, It's a Wild and Wooly Year Ahead! The year 2012 is a FIVE year in numerology. Look for drama, non-stop action, adventure, periods of chaos, and lots of parties. Yes, it's time to keep the party hat on and get your groove on this year. For some of us that will be rediscovering Disco. FIVE is also the year of the detective. That means more people will be ferreting out the truth, and looking behind the scenes.

Remember music is a balm to the soul. Music also ignites your deepest passions. It is the universal language of the Aquarian Age. Speak, or sing, it to your loved ones.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Thanks to my publisher’s schedule, the laptop and I are starting the new year off with a bout of major editing. My latest novel, the 86K-word elephant on the hard drive, requires some early-chapter cuts and tightening, a bit of character tweaking to clarify one of the relationships, more dirty words to up the heat rating and possibly an extra sex scene. I’ve got three weeks to accomplish this. Fortunately the temperature this week is supposed to nose dive into the 20s, so as long as I’m holed up in my snug, warm house, I might as well brew up a couple cups of tea and plug up some plot holes and such.

As usual, I had my typical response when I first scrolled through the file. My initial reaction to an edited manuscript is anger and/or despair—either Omigod, I totally screwed up, why did they even buy this? or You pretentious bitch, you can’t possibly know my story as well as I do. How dare you even suggest I got it wrong? This state can last from about ten minutes to maybe an hour or so. Once the initial shock wears off I calm down, lock my ego in the closet, and set about incorporating most if not all of the editor’s suggestions into the rewrite. Because it’s not about me or her. It’s about making sure all the words on the page are as right as they can be, so the reader reaps the benefits.

A good editor is an asset beyond price. Their fresh eyes will spot your logic flaws, your run-on sentences, and the fact you had your main character’s eyes go from blue to brown within the same paragraph. They’ll suggest ways you can tighten up the narrative or clarify characterization. They’ll let you keep your original words if you provide a good enough argument. They’ll help you make an okay book better, and a good book terrific. Who wants to argue with that?

In this case, my editor zeroed in on flaws and questions I’d had about the manuscript myself. I probably should have let the book sit for an extra month and given it another once-over before I sent it out. I wasn’t even sure they’d accept it. They did, and now I’ve got my work cut out for me. Fortunately, I don’t have to fix this draft alone.

I’ve been lucky in that my current publisher has a top-flight editorial staff. That hasn’t always been the case. Back in the ‘80s a magazine copyeditor working on one of my stories changed the word “grunted” to “grinned.” I’m still not sure why. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except the character doing the grunting was a pterodactyl. Ever seen an animal with a rigid beak grin? Not even in science fiction. Another copyeditor changed my spelling of “leery” (used and spelled correctly by me in context) to “leary,” as in Dr. Timothy. This mag didn’t send galley proofs at the time, so the mistakes ran as “corrected” by the editors. Things like this make the writer look bad, and develop a poor attitude toward editors in general.

For a true editing horror story, dig up the 1989 Tor Books edition of But What of Earth? by Piers Anthony. (You can find used copies on Amazon for as little as a penny.) It’s two books in one: the original story, as Anthony intended it to be read, and Anthony’s notes on the mutilation it went through during the editorial process. No fewer than four copyeditors hacked up his work, with the gleeful abandon of Jason Vorhees pursuing nubile teenagers. They took a mediocre book and made it even worse. No wonder that line went out of business.

Luckily for us writers, that sub-category of editors appears to be rare. The majority of them want you to write the best damn book you can, and they’ll work with you to get it there. A good book makes the readers happy, which makes writers and editors happy. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Angelic Forecast for the New Year, 2012 ~ January 2, 2012

And the Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #174

The Rise of the New Renaissance ~ From this point forward in the year 2012, those who value their humanity will bring forth every manner of artistic and creative endeavor. For these people it will become about the art of living life. They will use technology, and the rapid advancements, as their servant.

Instead of becoming addicted and enslaved as the soulless ones intend, the renaissance renegades will become the rulers of Aquarian Age technologies. This will be in direct opposition to the cyborg lifestyle, which will be advertised as the only savior of humankind.

This week, and the next several weeks, will see major changes in the world economy on several fronts. Also, as more of humanity realizes that many banks are no longer good caretakers of their money, they will pursue other ways of doing business. At this time, there is an underground economy now taking 'good' root. However, it will only be accessible by those in the community who are trusted.

This year, as the sword of TRUTH becomes swifter and heavier, more horrendous acts of corruption and treason will be revealed. As well, those who perpetrate evil against others will be exposed as never before. Thus, those of us who walk the Good path will become more and more valued, and sought after. This will be a slow process, however.

At the year's midpoint, those who are both warrior and the peacemaker will ascend as a major force on the world scene. For, now is the time to harmonize the ability to fight with the ability to bring about peace. Remember, there can be no peace without true warriors, and a true warrior cannot exist unless there is a peaceful society to defend.

On a personal level this week, focus on economic matters, and take action where wisdom and common sense dictate. Take inventory and decide what is most needed and required for your household. Since the price of food is likely to rise rapidly in the coming months -- also to prepare for winter storms and the storms of life, lay in good supplies.

2012 will be the Year of the Sun. That is, solar activity will be wild and varied and also extremely intense at times. This will result in quickly changing weather patterns that develop into superstorms. The whip-lashing force of the sun will also trigger major land changes

Trendwise, because superstorms in weather, in the economy, and in society will be occurring, any service or product that helps humanity will be in demand.

Remember, All Beloved Ones, this is also the Year of Miracles, the most extraordinary and enchanting miracles. All of them just for you, and your loved ones.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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