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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 9, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #275   

On the AWAKENING front, The Time of the Brave Ones is Nigh

At this point in time, the dark-side blatantly displays itself in a bid to overwhelm and brutally overtake humankind. Fear propaganda and militaristic force will be used as the Viper elite attempt to smash and tromp down on those of deepest heart and soul. Those who treasure liberty.

However... NOW, more of the Brave Ones who have been born for this time ARISE, coming forth in ever greater numbers. Wave after wave will tsunami against this enormous tide of evil.

Wherever, whenever you are able, stand with the BRAVE ONES, support them, assist them. For, they will lead all of us in the direction we wish to travel in this time -- on this beautiful, blue marble planet. Toward a renaissance paradise.

This week's HIGHLIGHT: taking back the power of the purse with innovative strategies, it all fast-forwards now. Look for your opportunities.

On the good news front, this activist trend only becomes BIGGER... from a prior forecast: "The Spirit of the People Rise to the Challenge... this trend stated in a recent forecast only soars to new heights. The BRAVE ONES among us take their bold voices to the people, inspiring unprecedented activism.

Out of this, the spiritual ascension of the Aquarian Age ACCELERATES. In part, this means new ways of commerce develop, especially at the local level. For, the people begin taking back the power of the purse with innovative strategies."

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' expose more evil doings by those called leaders, and world leaders. They swing and slash their mighty lightblades through the black, deceiving layers of sorcery. For, the world must change course now.

On the personal front, this week is about 'gathering'. Gathering together with those you may not have been with for a good length of time. It's also about gathering together elements of your life, as in your thoughts about the near future. As well, this time is about physically gathering supplies for the winter and superstorm-weather ahead.

During this holiday season add a bit of kindness when the opportunity arises. Also, accept the kindnesses offered when it comes from a pure heart. Thus, GOOD spins around Mother Earth raising the sacred energies.

On the paranormal front, the time travelers now arrive in huge numbers. This could feel like a jerkiness in the way life flows, and will show up on the world stage as near-instant reversals in some policies. This is because alterations are being made that will be beneficial in the long scheme of TIME.

Also, the Time Wars wind down, and several timelines are being joined together for the sake of ALL.

Plus, look for another week of record-setting UFO sightings -- and revelations around CONTACT. Also, the Sasquatch people continue to speak through those who are in contact with them. That is, if you listen to and/or read alternative news sites devoted to this cryptid phenomena.

On the land changes front, look for more earthquake swarms and odd fireballs streaking across the skies of Earth. As well, the high-strangeness BOOMS have been ramping up once again, and will increase during the next several months.

Currently, given the large number of active volcanoes, and the escalating vulcanism across the globe, weather patterns will keep being altered significantly. This means more superstorms.

Meanwhile, the energies of the sun, The Great Lion Star, are being siphoned off by several celestial bodies. This will cause a temporary period of colder temperatures on Earth.

On the economic front, a lousy week for most as the Bankster Gangsters continue their berserker plunder of the people. Say goodbye to your pension, all while taxes are piled like bags of cement of top of everyone but the most useful minions of the Viper elite.

That is, except for the country of Iceland, who threw out the bankers, and are resurrecting their society. Randomly chosen Icelanders are rewriting their constitution.

Look for cyber attacks on the banking system to continue. The stock markets continue to be  built on piles of artificial sand. And, localized economies are springing up like mushrooms. Join in as you are able.

There could be a major 'economic' event that shakes the world this coming week, or next week. Beware of those bearing supposedly good tidings.

On the truth front, this week is about listening to your INNER TRUTH. In these times, the connection to your Highest Self is often blocked in a number of diabolical ways. Thus, discernment is ever more important.

Overcome these 'blocks' by focusing inward, by listening to silence, by paying attention to the sensations of your physical body. Remember, gut intuition is your best friend.

On the war front, likely there will be major changes in the current-day war theaters. This is because the sinister dynamics controlling 'war' on the planet are undergoing vast 'on the good side' spiritual attacks.

Out of desperation the Viper elite will cunningly act as if they are still fully in charge. They are not.

One of these 'changes' will be the resurgence of vigilante-type groups that are formed by, and on the side of the people -- those who simply want a good life. One example is the Mexican vigilantes who are taking back their towns from drug cartels.

On the tyranny-at-work front, now the super state rears its beast-tech, ugly head. Surveillance capabilities beyond what most people can envision are being revealed.

Meanwhile the militarization of the police goes into high gear. The unlawful and immoral confiscation of weapons from the people begins, full force. Out of this, there will be horrific consequences.

On the communication front, widespread instant communication via electronic devices becomes the new Paul Revere. At the same time, biometrics using these same electronic devices, is being deployed, and is all about digital slavery.

For, Sky Net is here, and watching everyone's communication. However, the BRAVE ONES, and the so-called White Hats, are battling to destroy this sci fi-tech network.

On the home front, look for massive demonstrations as Spring 2014 nears. For, the people have been brutalized and traumatized beyond bearing.

Also, in the near future secession will likely sweep across the country as most reject the administration, the congress, and the beyond-corrupt judicial system.

On the food front, remember, keep stocking up on food, water, and all necessary supplies. Hunker bunker down because the storms of life are only  intensifying.

At this time, Monsanto and other GM/GMO big corps, will begin to fail. Activism goes radically nova all over the world. As well, the higher frequencies of the Aquarian Age demand an end to this unprecedented terror against Mother Earth.

On the energy front, ways to use water as a fuel begins to rapidly circulate in the underground 'good' matrix. Those who can master this tech are encouraged to *share* it with as many as possible. For any such innovative tech that is patented will NEVER make it to the people.

Also, within the coming year, 3-D printers will be used to create water–fueled machines and devices. This is *one* reason the sham green movement, and the robber-baron types, are wholesale stealing the people's water rights.

On the really bad news front, look for more periods of arctic-cold weather. Likely there will be more winter superstorms that knock out the energy grid, as well.

Most of these superstorm conditions will be 'energized' by advanced techniques of weather manipulation -- courtesy of the minions who owe their allegiance to the anti-human Viper elite.

On the global mafia cabal front, segments of the dark-side cabal are being decimated by the GOOD FORCES, at this point in history. However, this means worldwide, that martial law will be sickle and hammered down on the people with more acts of unbelievable, despicable violence.

On the heroine front, Sofia Gatica ~ HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Argentinian Monsanto protester threatened, then physically beaten, by industry goons (NaturalNews) GM Watch reports that Sofia Gatica, who has successfully spearheaded campaigns to block plantings of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in her home country of Argentina, was targeted by two men on motorbikes who very likely would have killed her if it were not for the intervention of her neighbors. Reports indicate that the men approached Gatica near her work, just 72 hours after she received a terrifying death threat."

On the hero front, from *Robert B. Stinnett* is a Research Fellow at The Independent Institute and the author of "Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor" (Free Press). He served in the U.S. Navy from 1942 to 1946, where he earned ten battle stars and a Presidential Unit Citation. ~ He has worked as a journalist and photographer for the Oakland Tribune, and he is a consultant on the Pacific War for the BBC and for Asahi and NHK Television in Japan. In 1986, he resigned his position at the Tribune to devote himself full-time to the extensive and painstaking research through the Freedom of Information Act that was necessary to produce his book, Day of Deceit, and other work.

On the freedom front, this week will see a HUGE RISE in those who realize freedom, or real liberty, means thriving in life, instead of merely surviving. Thus, begins the long march of the people to reclaim what is their divine inheritance upon Earth.

From a previous forecast: "At this time, the ruthless rattlesnake of liberty strikes, poisoning those in opposition to the spiritual birthright of every human being on this planet. For the remaining months [weeks] of 2013, watch these enemies fall off the world stage."

Trendwise, As the year, 2013, comes to a furious and chaotic close, now looms the *year of the true renegade* -- those who will stop at nothing to win their independence from the establishment.

To counter this 'leaderless' revolt, bio-chemical warfare methods will be ruthlessly used against the people, in a nonstop bid to rule the entire world like a James Bond villain. However, much of this attack will be mitigated by the GOOD FORCES. But, not all.

It is wise to protect yourself by keeping your immune system as healthy as possible, and by using natural methods of detoxifying your body.

Now, as never before, alternative healing, will rise. This, despite every effort by the dark-side system to shut it down, and stamp it out of existence.

This week is for making merry with loved ones whenever possible. Let your love light flow, and prepare your homestead as your heart-centered sanctuary.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, here it is... the forecast you've been waiting for... ~grins~

Pat C. said...

Silence isn't a big deal at my house any more. More and more often I turn off the TV and the radio because I get fed up with the commercials. Books are quiet and don't have pop-up ads.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, I know the commercials drove me so batty and are so disgusting, I now do anything I can NOT TO HEAR them, let alone see them. And I wish I had a way to eliminate the internet ads!!!