Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clutter, Part 2

Last week I rambled on about the various books, magazines, comic books, spiral notebooks, tablets, and diverse and sundry paper products I keep stored in my closets, on flat surfaces, and in one entire room of my mobile home. This week we reveal my other clutter collection, all the crap stuffed in my head.

I’ve been a voracious reader my whole life, which is how I accumulated all that clutter in the house to begin with. When I’m not reading, I’m watching TV. I don’t watch as much as I used to, but with 80+ channels available and a public library full of DVDs right up the street from me, I know I’m sure to find something. I don’t get out much.

The trouble is, far too much of what I crammed in there during my younger years stuck. My head is the equivalent of my book room. Book plots, movie plots, favorite lines, anecdotes about authors, and the words to more TV show theme songs than is probably healthy are sitting on the shelves in my brain, waiting for some neuron to trigger them. It’s scary.

Rattling off the names of the Seven Dwarfs is just the tip of the iceberg. I can recite Green Lantern’s oath. I know who Vivian Vance is. I remember the street address of the house I lived in when I was six. I can sing the theme song from Gilligan’s Island—opening and closing credits. Did you know the theme song from M*A*S*H has words? I know what they are. I know a verse to “La Bamba” that didn’t get onto Ritchie Valens’ recording. (“Para ser un gringo, se necessita una botella de cerveza y una gringita. Y arriba y arriba … ”) Thanks to a job at a second-run movie theater in the 1970s, I can still recite whole scenes from Jaws. I can name up to a dozen of Clint Eastwood’s movies, some of which I’ve actually seen. If pressed, I can also come up with a dozen synonyms for “ass,” including a couple in foreign languages.

What good is all this esoteric knowledge? Not much. Unless you’re going on Jeopardy or plan to be a writer, trivia is just that—trivial. A lot of the things rattling around in my head fall into the “worthless” category.

As my hero, Stephen King, once put it: “My head is full of shit.” God bless you, Stevie. At least I’m not alone.

Knowing lots of useless stuff does come in handy when you’re a writer. Anything at all can joggle a factoid, which in turn can trigger a character trait or a plot idea. Thanks to the Internet, I don’t even have to remember it all any more. I just have to know where to look it up. As long as I don’t get distracted and start reading up on stuff and shoving even more worthless knowledge into my head, it works out.

There are downsides to knowing all this crap, of course. Things get crowded out. For instance, I have no memory whatsoever of my high school graduation. I wasn’t drunk or high or anything like that. Apparently it just didn’t make that big of an impression on me. Not like, say, the theme song from Gilligan’s Island did. Sadly, my brain doesn’t pick and choose what it wants to remember. I just shake the box and see what drops out.

Since every good storage system should have a backup, I write things down, or keep research materials at hand. This leads to more clutter in the material world. I can’t get a bigger head. Maybe a bigger house?

With any luck, my trivial pursuits will help me accumulate more bits of printed paper, in particular little green slips with pictures of presidents on them. If not, I suppose I could try out for Jeopardy.

(For the record: that verse to “La Bamba” translates as: “To be a gringo, you need a bottle of beer and a girl.” I learned it in high school Spanish class. There was a verse that translated as, “To get to Heaven you need a really long ladder,” but I don’t remember the Spanish. I once heard a version of “Louie, Louie” where you could actually understand the words, but I don’t remember them now. There may be hope for me yet.)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 24, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #212  

For the following week, the force and fury of the 2012 Dragon Wars -- Good against evil -- accelerates dramatically.

Also, as the golden light of ascension pours like thick honey over the people, the dark-side globalists battle back, and pour forth their evil black brew, meant to zombify and enslave humanity with another Dark Ages.

Now, at this point in 2012, every diabolical move made by the soulless ones is meant to abuse our souls -- to confuse the very soul of humanity. Thus, to cause a mindless compliance that allows for their complete reign over Earth.

Know this, any act of individualism, or becoming the renegade, counteracts this brutal psychic abuse of the soul. As well, any loving act from the heart strengthens our soul for the coming times.

On the paranormal front, living beneath the oceans, and elsewhere on the planet Earth, are 'relic populations', so named by the shadow-government types. These are surviving populations from any number of catastrophic events on Earth, the sinking of Atlantis being 'one' example.

At this time, a major war has developed between one or more of these relic populations, and the military industrial complex. With the horrific pollution of the oceans, and the continued release of radiation from Fukishima, these people/beings from antediluvian times, are battling back to save themselves, and their environment.

This is also a war over advanced technology that still exists, from what was called the 'times of star-trading', or galactic and inter-dimensional trade upon Earth. This includes the flying craft called the Vimana.

On the personal front, this week is perfect for seizing opportunities that are key to your future, especially this winter. Anything that improves your living conditions, and makes the homefront cozier, now is the time to take advantage.

As well, keep yourself open for unusual economic opportunities. As times change, there will be new ways of doing things that will be to your benefit.

This week is also about noticing the children in your life, and easing their concerns with your loving compassion.

On the AWAKENING front, now within the AWARENESS universe, and growing, is this general realization: "It's over. Going along to get along". Or, going along with the system to get along. For, this is the age of the renegade hero, as has been stated previously.

On the economic front, the worldwide financial chaos and crises spreads. Many of the corrupt who are responsible, now take cover from its affects, and arm themselves to the teeth. This is because the bankster gangsters done-on-purpose 'depression' only deepens this week. Now, many who haven't before, begin to wise up, and take action.

Out of this, major clashes start between the 'haves and the have nots'. Some of these battles will be visible to the public, erupting in high profile ways. Meanwhile, the lower level bankster gangsters are being setup to take the brunt of the blame.

Also, there will be, at least, one surprise this week in the financial world of the global elites -- one that Wall Street hasn't planned for.

On the truth front, this is the week to speak 'truth to power', as the activist saying goes. Truth is a powerful weapon against tyranny, and, in the coming weeks, there will be a huge uprising of people SPEAKING their truths from the proverbial rooftops.

Now, the 'assault ' becomes a shock and awe campaign ~ from a prior forecast ~ "direct from the corp-gov, the latest barrage of media propaganda will be a daily assault on the reason and logic of 'the people'. Seek answers from within yourself. Use your discernment, and listen to those experts who do speak truth. Also know, the TRUTH LIVES inside each one of us."

On the war front, this week and next, confusion is the name of the game on the dark-sider's war chessboard. This is being done, in part, to convince the public to trust in the corp-gov, since they are the 'supposed' experts and authorities.

However, as the violence in the Mideast, and worldwide, is spurred on by the new world order crowd, and goes viral... the tug of war between two of their factions continues. This dogfight for final supremacy is likely to become real ugly, real fast, and will show up as mass slaughter events.

Currently, an army of good angels is preparing to come against THOSE who push for World War III. There has been a divine decision to stop 'some' of the most heinous false flag events. This, for the sake of those of us who truly care for, and fight for humanity.

On the home front, the corp-gov continues to heavily arm itself against the people. As well, the technocrat rises in the newly formed cyber-surveillance state. This, while the global Controllers attempt to turn homeland security into the state religion.

In direct opposition, the spirit of 1776 soars. 'NO WAY' and 'DON'T TREAD ON ME' becomes the mantra of freedom for 'the people'.

On the food front, NEWS HEADLINE: Monsanto, pesticide companies have now spent more than $19 million to kill Prop. [This is the law that would label GM/GMO foods for consumers in California]

With the multitude of harmful chemicals and substances now found in the food and water, humanity's health and DNA is being intentionally destroyed. One of the nefarious goals of this, is to halt the ascension process. For, we 'the people' are resonating to the new cosmic frequencies of the Aquarian Age, and our genetic structure is being activated, enhanced. We are becoming new beings.

On the land changes front, every natural force explosively intensifies at this time -- the superstorm weather, volcanic and earthquake activity, flooding and terrible fires. This week, certain changes on the sun will cause a huge disturbance in the Earth force. For the future, this blast of solar frequency will cause some positive genetic alterations in the animal population.

On the energy front, as the petrol dollar dies, and the coal power plants are killed off by the corp-gov... plus, with decaying nuclear plants going offline... at this time, more and more of us will realize that we must plan for a way to stay warm this winter -- just in case. To state again: "Consider setting up a backup energy system -- any kind you can manage."

On the really bad news front, there are likely to be more disease outbreaks on the near horizon. These are actually bio-warfare attacks from several different global factions, including bio-experimentation by the military industrial complex on the people. Take care of your health with extra super nutrition, and more rest.

On the good news front, during these times that 'try men's and women's souls' a new exuberant mood for life and living will develop, and a new normal will emerge. Connections of the heart between family and friends will be the driving force.

As well, to quote from a previous forecast: "The vibrational patterns on Mother Earth are gradually transitioning toward a time where each one of us will be able to fully express who we are as magickal human beings. For an idea of humanity's possibilities think: the legend of Camelot meets the inventive arts explosion of the Renaissance."

On the freedom front, now the battle for freedom from tyranny takes center stage, but will not be reported by the brain-drain media. This demand for freedom spreads worldwide, a fire that cannot be quenched.

From this point forward, renegades will rise from every corner of the Earth, and be from all walks of life. Now, the angels awaken these brave fierce ones to their true destiny. For, the time has come to claim liberty for ALL.

Trendwise, this week initiates several new trends in dance. This will be across the board, from the younger generation to the oldest generation. Part of this trend is the old saw: what is old becomes new again. However, with the quantum rise in human creativity, dancing styles are re-imagined. There will be less focus on dancing celebrities now. A heart-to-heart celebration between couples, and social groups who enjoy each other's company, will become the preference. This means, of course, there will be changes in music.

Of continuing important: Once again, to quote from a prior forecast: "Thus, there will be renewed Machiavellian efforts and false-flag events to 'divide and conquer' humanity. Religion against religion, racism, class warfare, family-against-family, infighting caused by infiltrators and the cyber trolls -- also false accusations of one group against another -- it's all being rolled out, along with the tanks and troops on the streets of America, and across the world."

This is the week to get carried away with romance. A romance of the heart with that special someone. Perhaps, a romantic book or movie. Or simply focus on a more romantic way of living, one that has always appealed to you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar  ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have a problem with clutter. I’m not at the Hoarders stage yet, and I’d rather not end up there. But I can be a bit of a pack rat, especially where reading material is concerned. I imagine most if not all writers have the same problem. There’s nothing worse than knowing you read something somewhere in some magazine and trying to find it again. Between that and what I suspect is an inborn reverence for the written and the printed word, I rarely throw anything out if it’s bound between covers or on a glossy page. God help me if a fire ever breaks out in the house.

Part of the problem stems from a move I made about five years ago. I went from renting a semi-detached house with two floors and an attic to owning a mobile home. The house and all its extra room let my packrattitude run wild. I could go on book binges and then stash them in the attic and tell myself I didn’t have a problem because they weren’t visible.

That’s fine for a house. Trailers come with a whole other set of criteria. Space, for one. For a time I considered buying a double wide just so I’d have an extra room for the books. I kid you not.

Fortunately the trailer’s owner liked to do crafts. Since it was just her and her husband, they converted the second bedroom into a work room and the second bathroom into storage space. When I looked in the storage room, it was floor to ceiling shelves. It was like she knew she’d be selling her home to a book hoarder some day. That front bedroom would make the perfect writing room, too, with all my reference material only steps away. I agreed to buy it on the spot.

Long story short, I got my collection crammed in there. I have no idea how. Imagine thirty years of accumulated paperbacks, hardbacks, magazines and sketch pads crammed into a space the size of the average bathroom. That’s an apartment-sized bathroom, by the way. Those shelves, which the owner worried how she was going to get rid of, served me perfectly. There are books stacked on shelving from floor to ceiling and boxes piled up on the floor. I have a narrow little walkway so I can get in. It really does look like a scene from Hoarders in there. If the whole house looked like that, I could probably call the producers and get myself on TV.

The other day I bit the bullet and went rooting through the boxes, some of which I haven’t touched since I moved in five years ago. There are tons of writing magazines, SF mags from back in the ‘80s, and fanzines from my con-going days. Most of it I’ll probably never look at again. Why the hell am I keeping this stuff?

One thing’s for sure: if I ever find myself housebound, I’ll never run out of reading material.

Scarily, that’s not all of it. Remember, I’m a writer.

In my bedroom closet are piles of spiral notebooks, tablets and file folders with every manuscript I’ve sold, drafted or abandoned over at least the past twenty years. I know I have stuff from the ‘80s in there because the files are marked. This is in addition to the stuff in the filing cabinet, piled on the desk in the writing room, and sitting on the hard drives of my desktop computer (the indestructible Troglodyte-1000 from 1990) and my more current laptop. Oh, and then there’s the pile of notebooks on the end table next to the bed. Those are the works in progress. That file changes every seven-eight months as old stories peter out and new ideas emerge. There are never fewer than four spiral notebooks stacked on that table at any one time.

In addition, there are the books and magazines on the coffee table in the living room (so I can read during commercial breaks), the miscellaneous papers on the dining room table (I don’t eat there; I each on the couch), and the stack of bills on the nightstand. Oh, and the wire book rack in the bedroom where I keep the books I intend to read next. In my house, a flat surface without some form of printed material on it is rare indeed. I shudder to think how many forests have had to die so I can clutter up my house with their corpses. Acreage the size of the state of Oregon comes to mind, with maybe parts of Washington thrown in.

Life would be so much easier, and the house less crammed, if I’d just throw in the towel and buy a Kindle. All those books in the book room could be replaced by an object the size of one paperback. A whole library reduced to portability, and a lot easier to dust. But where’s the fun in that?

Someday I’ll screw up my courage and actually go through those boxes and those closets and winnow out some of the crap. I’m not looking forward to that. Maybe I’ll wait until it reaches the point where I need a storage locker. Until then, I’ll just shut the door.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 17, 2012

'Seraphim by Urs Hagen'

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #211

The monster trend this week ~ CRASH, BOOM, BANG ~ the artificial construct that humanity has been forced to live under since the beginning of the Middle Ages is cracking -- falling apart because of the rapid rise in CONSCIOUSNESS.

On the AWAKENING front, at this point in time, the dark-side cabal is losing control despite their worldwide, petrol dollar, spy-on-everyone regime. This means panic spreads throughout their evil ranks. Any remaining velvet glove is removed from the iron fist, and a Soviet-style suppression begins.

However, on the good side, out of this current MASS AWAKENING, a whole new adventure in living begins for most of us -- albeit slowly. It's as if the human race has been corralled, and suddenly the gate opens. Now freedom beckons irresistibly.

Because of this major change in societal dynamics, confusion and a lemming-type of fear will be widespread. Those who want freedom will learn to adapt. They will spread their wings magnificently.

Meanwhile, those who want to remain caged inside 'what was' are likely to join forces with the minions of the dark-siders, adding to the Great Divide among the people.

Added to this, to quote from a prior forecast: "Thus, there will be renewed Machiavellian efforts and false-flag events to 'divide and conquer' humanity. Religion against religion, racism, class warfare, family-against-family, infighting caused by infiltrators and the cyber trolls -- also false accusations of one group against another -- it's all being rolled out, along with the tanks and troops on the streets of America, and across the world.

On the war front, the massive buildup of the war machine in the Mideast is being used as a smokescreen for the failing global economy, and as a way to coverup the colossal number of crimes committed against humanity by the bankster gangster crowd.

Meanwhile, behind the corp-gov scenes, one faction is pulling out all of the stops to 'stop' a world war. This is in opposition to the faction that is fueling the mad chaos happening in the Mideast. For, this faction intends to bring about a clash of civilizations that will result in a planet-wide genocide -- so they believe.

On the economic front, the world is on the brink of a financial meltdown. However, the Beneficent Ones and other GOOD groups, are heading certain calamities off at the pass. As well, there are 'hidden' groups working to create systems of barter, trade, and the use of alternative currencies for those who want to live off grid.

Also, this week, and through Fall 2012, the too-big-to-fail banks will likely be featured in high profile ways in the presstitute media. This is meant to keep people frightened and economically enslaved.

However, even though there are some nasty 'surprises' on the economic-horizon, the future picture remains muddy as far as the specific events. This is because so much depends on how well the people prepare to take care of themselves, while standing together against the system.

On the truth front, direct from the corp-gov, the latest barrage of media propaganda will be a daily assault on the reason and logic of 'the people'. Seek answers from within yourself. Use your discernment, and listen to those experts who do speak truth. Also know, the TRUTH LIVES inside each one of us.

On the personal front, this week is all about forming good relationships in the broadest sense, from a lover to those you are able to work well with in career/business situations.

Plus, there is a wonderful opportunity during the next four weeks to improve your current relationships. Look for lovely ways to bond, to become closer at an emotional-heart level. For, this period in time features the HEART -- the mystical and magical and magnificent heart of humanity.

On the paranormal front, what a tricky sticky time this is, between now and December 2012. To some, it will feel like Halloween is here as a permanent way of life. The so-called paranormal beings who have always been with us, but have remained unseen by most of us, will now make their presences known to many more.

Now, these beings/entities crash or emerge through the ever-thinning veil. Most of them are helpers or are harmless. However, a few are tricksters or nasty troublemakers. And, some possess a demonic nature. The wise course of action, if you are targeted, is to declare your sovereign right as a divine being, and tell them to leave.

At this time, project Blue Beam is back on the drawing board, which is a plan to use a fake alien attack as a way to control 'the people' and bring in a one world government. However, this IS NOT an absolute.

On the home front, as the chasm grows ever wider between the zombified population and those who have awakened, the conflict between them grows, and there will be several battles over territory as the year progresses. However, in most cases, the 'awakened' will move out of the major cities to form their own communities.

On the food front, beware of genetically modified wheat. It has been discovered by a scientist that an 'introduced enzyme' can turn off the function of the human liver in a dangerous way, which could ultimately mean death.

As well, 'some' imported food products for pets and for people, have become deadly. All the more reason to grow your own and/or support those who do. With the dwindling supply of good food, there is a movement to form cooperative farming and ranching. Joining in would be an excellent opportunity for those who are able-bodied, can't find employment, and want to learn.

On the land changes front, for the next three weeks, there will be key shifts in the Earth's crust. Even though, these land changes are being kept hush-hush by the shadow government, there may be some information leakage. Watch for activity around the Bahamas, in the area of the Greek Islands, and off the coast of Africa, around Morocco.

At this time, a major earthquake is forming in California. This could be shut down by HAARP or scaler wave technology. Already, smaller quakes are being initiated. However, this interference in Mother Earth's land changes may be overruled by Divine forces. That is yet to be determined.

Other major earthquakes are forming as well, across the country, and across the planet. Volcanic activity only increases, as do Superstorms and flooding.

On the energy front, now more evidence has come to light about the underground 'dark pyramid' in Alaska. According to whistleblower testimony, it is thousands of years old, and is thought to be an advanced power plant.

Now, from this point forward, 'the people' will realize, more and more, that the advanced technology already exists to provide clean and inexpensive energy to everyone on the planet. This 'knowing' will inspire a plethora of homegrown inventions.

On the really bad news front, likely the horrific false flag events will continue worldwide, and ramp up significantly. This, as the bankster gangster factions street-fight it out. All the while, the soulless ones continue to orchestrate their attempt to solidify their rule over Earth.

Remember, now is the time ~ dare to prepare as never before, and take emotional cover with your loved ones.

On the good news front, miracles for humanity rise on the wings of the angelic ones. There will be far more spontaneous healings of mind, body, and soul at this time. And, these healings will only increase as the end of 2012 arrives.

Embrace the miracles you and your loved ones receive. Hold them close to your heart, and share them as you are able -- as you are divinely inspired.

On the freedom front, time to get ready, and batten down the hatches. The world becomes a superstorm, and the bankster gangsters are coming for what remains of your freedoms.

Trendwise, the future goldrush will be all about your individual genetics, or the genes of your ethnic heritage -- especially what is currently called 'junk DNA'. In part, this is because every race was designer made in the beginning by an extraterrestrial race known as the gods and goddesses of myths, and there have been a series of upgrades since then.

Currently the cosmic energies inundating the planet are, once again, triggering our genetic code, and raising our vibrations. We are becoming WHO we truly are. And WE are formidable beings, far beyond what we imagine.

This week is a wonderful time to indulge in a good book, or movie. Transport yourself away from the chaos of these times. This will give you a better, healthier perspective on your life.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Musings

It’s another one of those days where my mind’s a blank, so I’m just going to ramble about whatever pops into my head. Naked movie stars. Nope. Gonna keep it clean.

I was cruising the aisles of Target last week. Of course I ended up in the book department. Oh, what 50 Shades has spawned! Row after row of bland yet suggestive black-and-white covers designed to mimic the 50 Shades packaging. Now that mainstream America (and the big New York publishers) have “discovered” erotica, we’ve got ourselves a full-blown deluge going on. I should check out WalMart. You know you’ve arrived when WalMart gives your book a prominent display. 50 Shades is also available at my local K-Mart, the one the Amish go to. Wonder what they think of this?

50 Shades of Plain Gray

“Throw me down the stairs the buggy whip. You like to be punished, ain’t?”

I look at Christian Stoltzfus and bite my lip vunst. He fills out that black broadcloth like one of those models in the English magazines, and he has the biggest hat around. His beard is black and thick. He smells like the tobacco he spent the day harvesting, with a touch of sweat from the horse that pulls the buggy. He makes me want to pull the buggy. Ain’t so!

Um … no. I don’t think Amish porn will be the next big thing.

Speaking fo WalMart, I was in one of the smaller (for WalMart) stores and noticed something interesting: they didn’t have any Harlequin books. Not a one. Not a Blaze or Temptation to be seen. I found this odd. Harlequin’s been a mainstay at the big box stores from the beginning. I wonder if it was just that store, or a new corporate policy? I’ll need to check out a couple other WalMarts and see what’s going on their book departments. Target and K-Mart, for the record, do carry Harlequins. We have a couple Mennonite-owned grocery stores in the area that have dodged the whole question by not carrying books at all, unless they’re inspirational. 50 Shades seems to be inspiring a whole lot of people. I wonder if that counts?

I’ve noticed over the last couple of years these same stores have really scaled back on their book departments, and not just by dumping Harlequin. Some stores had a wide variety of paperbacks, not just the bestseller of the week. Little by little the shelf space has been shrinking. This started long before the rise of ebooks and the invention of the Kindle, so you can’t blame it on technology. Are people not reading that much any more? Or at all? I wonder now if the scale back started with the rise of cable TV. We went from maybe 10 channels and a lot of books to 80+ channels (not counting digital) and fewer and fewer books. Coincidence?

I’ll tell you why I like books. No commercials. Since I’ve been unemployed (and rather than writing) I’ve been surfing cable a lot. Actually, I have been writing, during the commercial breaks. Might as well. There’s nothing else to do. I’ve tried to switch over to other shows. My findings: roughly 7 out of 10 channels go on commercial break at the same time, for roughly the same duration. I’ve had times where I’ve tried to check out five different shows and they’re all on simultaneous breaks. Sometimes the second show stays on break so long I end up going back to the first show, which has come back on in the meantime. More often, though, I just get fed up and turn off the set and go read a book. Books don’t go on commercial breaks. And they can all star Harrison Ford if you want them to. Hubba hubba!

Oops. I said no naked movie stars.

I hope print and book stores don’t go the way of the dinosaur, because I don’t want to end up having to buy my books from Amazon. Amazon doesn’t let you skim through the whole book to see if you want it. I’ve saved myself a lot of time and money “previewing” books at B&N. You can’t go by the first three chapters. Those are the ones we writers use to hook the publishers and agents, so we’re in top form for those. Once we’ve made the sale we can kick back and get lazy, and quality takes a nosedive. How many books have you read that started off with a bang, then petered out in the middle? In my case it’s because I’m a pantser. I know how it starts and I know how it ends. The middle, not so much. I should just call it the muddle.

There was this one SF author who used to write what I came to call “travelogues.” The whole book would be the characters essentially moving from Point A to Point B. You could read the first three chapters, skip the middle, read the last three chapters, and still get the gist of the book. In short, nothing at all of import happened in those middle chapters. To avoid that, I like to toss in a WTF moment right smack in the middle of my stories. Things like killing off the lead character, fun stuff like that. That way, if you try to skip around in my book, you won’t know what the hell’s going on. Don’t blame me, you’re the one who tried to take the easy way out. Serves you right.

This same author once had his protag crash a plane into a river. “Wonder if there’s a waterfall?” I mused. Yep, there was. Right on the very next page. This guy used to be on the bestseller lists on a regular basis. How? And no, it wasn’t Dan Brown. I actually liked The Da Vinci Code, though I had to wonder at that dead guy in the beginning, who spent five chapters worth of words setting up elaborate clues while mortally wounded. Couldn’t he have just written his killer’s name in blood on the wall, like a normal person? Maybe I watch too much TV.

Mmmm … naked TV stars … Okay, I’m done for the week.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 10, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #210

The time has come for the people of Mother Earth to go TRIBAL in its most 'positive' expression. It is time to reclaim and nurture the LANDS, to become farmers and ranchers in the old tradition of living close to nature -- in the old tradition of being there for your neighbors.

This does 'not' mean giving up the 'good' uses of current technology, or rejecting the cities that remain workable. It does mean forming bands, tribes, communities of like-minded individuals who will care for and protect each other.

For, the sacred time has come to throw off the yoke of the corp-gov system in wise ways. To fail means the overall debt-enslavement of 'the people'. To quote from the Declaration of Independence: "... and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

On the AWAKENING front, once again, this week has a dual DRAGON nature. The Divine Dragon of GOOD empowers us with a new golden blazing power, while the angelic realm battles the dark tendrils of evil infesting everyone and everything on the planet.

This, while the Dragon serving the dark-side cabal feeds his power to the demonic energies. For the next two weeks, there will be an overwhelming onslaught of worldwide events meant to frighten the people into compliance and servitude.

On the personal front, this remains a key time to 'see and know' what the world COULD become, and to make choices that will directly influence your future, and ultimately the future of everyone. Do you choose the Aquarian Age path to paradise on Earth? Or, a new dark ages ruled by robotic terror armies?

As well, this is a fabulous week to grab a new opportunity, whether on the business/career side, or on the personal side. Relationships shine this week, and you will discover at a deeper level who truly loves you, and who truly cares about you. Also, a new individual may make an appearance in your life. Start out slow, but know this relationship 'could' be a 'keeper'.

On the economic front, absolute craziness reigns. This will be especially visible in the stock markets. As bank runs continue, and escalate across the globe, more cyber currency will be generated -- as in the bankster gangsters simply computer-add more zeroes to their online balances. At this point, it's all fraud and lies, regardless of what is reported by the presstitute media's experts.

At this time, the enormous gold heists begin. While this has already been happening, it will now be nation against nation, big bank against big bank, elite faction against cabal faction, and black ops' against other covert groups. Possessing gold means power because of its uses, most of which have been kept secret from the public.

On the war front, this week 'maniacal stupidity' is the name of this horrific game. Again, the drive to trigger a world war scenario continues, but is being challenged by the White Hat super soldiers, as well as off-world groups called the Beneficent Ones.

There will be 'revelations' around some of the false flag events that are occurring almost daily in the Mideast. However, the brain-drain media will spin and do their coverup thing -- per usual in these times.

On a further note of extreme importance: with another anniversary of nine-eleven coming up this week -- at the moment of this writing -- there is a 'possibility' that nefarious groups will capitalize with another type of diabolical strike -- or with a mass-scale pandemic scare. *IF* this does occur, it will be used as an excuse to bring in a full-fledged, jackboot fascist state. Stay tuned.

On the truth front, on all fronts, TRUTH will be storming the establishment's castle. This is because there has been another tipping point in the general population. The desire for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is growing at a rapid rate. Thus, weapons of truth now battle the darkness of lies, and will bash through the castle doors.

On the paranormal front, the gathering is upon us. Many otherworld races now arrive to watch the colossal 2012 show on Earth. For some it's like a university field trip. For some it's pure curiosity. And, for some it is about assisting us through this transition -- this end-of-an-age transformation.

THE GATHERING is also about CONTACT -- more contact with humanity than has been previously allowed by the galactic powers that be.

On the home front, the great divide in the population of Earth goes hyper-speed. Those individuals who have been domesticated by the system will slip deeper into their hypnotic, zombie-like stupor. Whereas, those who are actively resisting the takeover by the bankster gangsters will now experience a higher level of ALIVENESS, and 'loose' their wild side.

On the food front, currently the nation of Hungary has kicked out Monsanto and the IMF [International Monetary Fund]. Even though, reprisals will likely be carried out by the new world order crowd, many nations will eventually follow suit. For, a worldwide revolt is developing, and could become a major movement against the soulless ones.

Also, as has been suggested before, purchase and store all the good food and water you can manage. It will be invaluable in the future. Realize, too, that true organic foods are far superior, and the corp-gov is desperate to make 'the people' believe otherwise.

On the land changes front, 'here the comes the sun' as the song lyric goes. At this time, activity on the sun increases due to the cosmic events taking place in the solar system. These 'events' are being covered up by the corp-gov agencies, for the most part.

Because of the ultra-active sun, weather patterns will alter fast, and become wildly changeable toward the end of the year, 2012. Lightning strikes will also be closer to the ground on average. Earthquake and volcanic activity will keep ramping up, and new lands form. Mother Earth is getting a new look, and a more temperate climate.

On the energy front, the global cartel stanglehold on energy, which originally set up the dark-age oil economy of today -- will 'likely' begin to fall in a grandiose way over the next few months. Out of this, more inventors come out of the closet with their power devices. In the long scheme of things, those who patent their technology will not do as well as those who don't.

On the really bad news front, the bio-warfare that is being used against the people, against animals, and against the land, is now being stepped up by the minions of the soulless ones.

Meanwhile, the corp-gov is purchasing at least TEN times the amount of ammo as in any previous year. And, THEY want you to believe it is not to be used against the people. Let it be known, this strategy will backfire bigtime, and in ways never imagined.

On the good news front, this week a new day dawns for many of us, as we awaken from an evil-induced slumber. The time arrives for us to experience life as a passion. For, the new human is the art of being.

On the freedom front, as more people free themselves of the TV mind-control matrix, they will begin to live their lives in a new and vital way. This does not mean, necessarily, that all TV viewing should be stopped. That is a personal choice. What is ultimately important, is to realize TV programming has been, and is, being used to diabolically program 'the people'. Simply knowing this at a deep level brings about true freedom.

Trendwise, 'genetics' becomes a major TREND at this time. During the upcoming months, there will be all manner of revelations around so-called 'scientific discoveries' about genetics. However, these articles and news stories will be deceptive because these are 'old' discoveries, and already the province of the mad scientist types.

On both the dark side and the enlightened side, the rise of 'genetics' is now the holy grail. This will become obvious in the near future.

This week, once again, music comes to the rescue. Listen to your favorite music, and pay particular attention to any music you happen to hear as you go about your life. The Divine is speaking to you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Uncharted Territory

The best-laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley, or so the saying goes. We can add writers to the list. We can definitely add this writer, because my twisty mind took another turn down a bumpy side road, and now I’m dealing with the consequences.

A couple weeks ago I explained how I ended up as a writer of M/M romances: by accident. I had ideas and ran with them, and happily it paid off. I also suffer from a bad case of sequelitis. One idea sparks others, and next thing you know I’m writing a series. It’s how I wound up writing my first ménage, something else I’d never done before. The ménage sparked an idea for a second sequel, which I swear I’ll get to eventually.

Then the ménage fooled me by sparking—well, I can’t exactly call it a sequel. Let’s call it a follow-up. It’s an outgrowth of the first two books, but with different characters … and in a whole other genre.

Suddenly I find myself contemplating the creation of a young adult novel.

It’s like this. At the end of Legacy, human Jeremy, vampire Wallace, and human/vamp hybrid Colleen have formed a household. In the last chapter, we learn Colleen is pregnant. She and Wally will soon be proud parents, with equally-proud co-parent Jeremy helping out as the nanny. HEA, over and done with, on to the next book idea.

Except … I couldn’t let go of the characters. Colleen wanted a lot of kids, and she was sleeping with both the men. I decided they ended up with four kids. Kid #3, a son, is Jeremy’s. He grows up to look just like his dad, height and all. In high school he falls in love with the Drama Club. Instead of going to college he gets his first role and goes into acting. He ends up on the cult-hit TV show Slayer for Hire, about two guys who travel around the country killing monsters. Yes, I’m still milking That Show.

Then I got ideas for a plot and characters, and now I’m writing the thing.

It’s not erotica. It’s not even a romance, though it has romantic elements. The girl’s 19, the boy’s 22. There’s no sex. They hug and kiss a bit. It’s a lighthearted romp, in spite of the vampires and a couple of grisly murders. Right now it looks like the overarching theme involves rabid fangirls, fantasy versus reality, and the dangers of getting too caught up in a TV show. Might as well write what I know.

I figure it’ll work best as YA, given the ages of the leads, and the girl’s struggle with figuring out her place in the new-to-her, confusing world of responsible adulthood. This means I’ll have to learn a whole genre’s worth of new rules. Brain, what have you gotten me into this time?

I’m not sure where or how it’ll go. I’ve only got the first half plotted. I’ve figured out who kills the bad guy vampire, and how. Foreshadowing is fun. I suppose if I finish it and do try to market it, I’d better ask Siren’s permission first, because of that one paragraph in the contracts. It’s not a direct sequel, but it does use concepts and characters from books Siren published, even if they’re only alluded to. I figure on using my P. E. Cunningham byline for this, the one I keep for my SF and fantasy work as opposed to the romance books, or maybe come up with a new one. I’ve heard some YA authors are using grown-up versions of their characters to write erotica works and cash in on that market. I don’t think anyone’s ever gone in the other direction. I doubt if the Belonging and Legacy readers would be interested in YA. I know I’d rather not have any teen readers looking at my source material.

That’s where I stand right now, mired hip-deep in a whole new genre and trying to write myself free. Well, it’s always good for personal growth to try new things. That’s how I ended up writing romance, paranormal and M/M. Maybe I’ll finally learn how to draw and go into comic books next. It never ends …

Monday, September 3, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ September 3, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #209

During the next month, the world scene is going HOT. Now, with writhing and whipping ferocity, the Dragon of Good fights the Dragon of evil to a standstill.

For, this Dragon Champion of 'The People' uses all his might to quench the hellish fires raging all over the globe -- the explosive firestorms started and fueled by the Dragon of deception, destruction, and death.

The endtimes are here. That is, *what was* is falling away. CRASH! BOOM! BANG! ~Wave goodbye~

The soulless ones diabolically use this 'end of an age', this cycle to bring in their full spectrum dominance. To seize control of Earth and her riches.

Meanwhile, those of us on the GOOD SIDE battle to bring forth the full exquisite potential, and the personal freedom of the Aquarian Age.

Ultimately, humanity must make a choice. The road to paradise. Or staying beneath the heavy killing boot of tyranny. From this point forward, it's all about this 'choice'.

On the paranormal front, likely within the next two weeks, major documents will be released on the paranormal and supernatural activity of the corp-gov programs. Every effort will be made to minimize the impact of this information.

Also, look for the undeniable rise of everything labeled 'paranormal'. The time has come, and more people will be speaking out about the truth as they know it to be.

On the personal front, for many this could be a strange, even deranged week. Keep a watch out, and be prepared to leave any 'bad' situation fast.

On the positive side, this is a week to get a glimpse of the what our world 'could be', or what to aim for. During this time, many fantasy and fun scenarios will play out. Enjoy, and look to how these good times could be created for the future as a new way of life.

On the economic front, more than ever a mishmash of information clouds the real global financial picture. This is due, not only to the endless 'manipulations' of the bankster gangster crowd, but because ALL solid 'real' analysis has become impossible.

At this time, there are several game plans ready to be executed by those who pull the strings. One is to encourage the economy to limp along while there is an attempt to fool people into believing 'recovery' is on the horizon -- especially if 'they' can sell the idea of going CASHLESS. In truth, a cashless system will only allow the bankster gangsters to steal more of the peoples' wealth, since they make the rules.

Another behind-the-scenes plan is to make it appear as though a bank holiday is necessary, or that the rationing of cash removed from bank accounts is legitimate. However, the 'shortage' has been 'staged'. It's a deception of grand proportions.

That stated, the following week will see some significant level of sinister gamesmanship in regards to the worldwide economy. Also, factions of the bankster gangsters continue to duke it out for 'king of the money hill'.

On the truth front, the tipping point now arrives as people worldwide 'get' ~on a massive level of consciousness~ how much the bankster gangster crowd has raped, plundered, and pillaged them -- and only plans to keep perpetrating this evil of corruption.

On the war front, a week of blood, terror, and chaos as the situation in the Mideast, and other hot spots across the globe, escalate in major ways. Fiery, dramatic energies pour in from the cosmos as well, and will cause this to be even more of a tinder box situation.

Also, one faction of the dark-side elite will continue their chess-game efforts to trigger another world war. However, the new danger to the psychopathic elite is that 'the people' will turn against them, instead of fighting a world war.

Thus, there will be renewed Machiavellian efforts and false-flag events to 'divide and conquer' humanity. Religion against religion, racism, class warfare, family-against-family, infighting caused by infiltrators and the cyber trolls -- also false accusations of one group against another -- it's all being rolled out, along with the tanks and troops on the streets of America, and across the world.

On the AWAKENING front, a golden AWARENESS from the divine realm, sweeps across the globe. Overall, the human race will gain a new confidence in itself during the following weeks. This will inspire many more of us to begin turning our backs on the corp-gov. Many will now learn how to forge a different, more agrarian life for themselves, and their loved ones.

On the home front, as the dollar drops like a stone, and is no longer the world reserve currency... as currencies are being created by other nations, the people will invent new and exciting ways to trade, barter and purchase from each other. This, despite all efforts by the establishment to shut them down.

On the food front, what have been called the 'disaster capitalists' are killing the planet, poisoning Mother Earth with their pesticides and other toxins. This is so they can takeover every natural system, and also force people to use their 'terminator' seeds, as well as their storehouse of genetically modified seeds, designed to grow in the soils they've intentionally ruined.

On the land changes front, at this point in time, this has become fluid, not set in stone, because of changing timelines and the rising AWARENESS of humanity. However, like last week, the earthquakes will continue, especially in the southern hemisphere. Devastating earthquakes 'could' also happen in the northern hemisphere during the next month.

Volcanic activity is still increasing, and superstorms will attack worldwide, growing in both strength and number. However, there will be 'some' interventions by the Beneficent Ones in the ongoing weather wars, and to mitigate natural catastrophic events.

On the energy front, be on the alert for any product that will use less energy, but is not toxic like the mercury-filled curlicue lightbulbs. It is wise to stock up on 'any' such products at this time, including candles. Also, figure out a strategy that will keep you warm with less usage of energy.

On the really bad news front, likely there will be a series of events designed to alter the outcome of the upcoming presidential election. Behind the scenes, many will be attempting to stop these black-op events. Of course, the results are yet to be seen or will remain unseen. All depending...

At this time -- as is being carried out now -- many more 'innocents' will be secretly rounded up by the corp-gov authorities on false charges. Currently, the presstitute media is not reporting on most of these stories. Look to good alternative news sources for the truth.

During the next two months the cyber war heats up. There will be several groups of hackers who act as proxies for the renegade group currently battling the dark-side establishment. Out of this, and because total censorship is BIG BROTHER'S endgame, the hammer will be brought down on internet freedom of speech. At first, with soft and secretive coercion. Then, the hammer will be brought down hard, if THE PEOPLE don't stop it.

On the good news front, the youth, they are a-rising. At this time, there begins a youth movement toward freedom and fairness that will encompass the world. These youth groups will not take 'no' for an answer. They will not stop. Because it is their future they fight for.

Also, with people awakening daily to the bankster gangsters -- their mountain-sized levels fraud and their horrific crimes -- many will naturally band together, say 'no more', and take action.

Trendwise, this week will be about seeing and seizing new opportunities. As people realize the corp-gov is not their friend, and the economy is beyond salvation, they will begin their own small businesses and cottage enterprises. For, success favors the bold. It is what the LAND OF THE FREE was built on.

This is a perfect and exquisite week to spend time enjoying summer's bounty. Look for what you enjoy the most and stock up as much as possible.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~