Monday, December 31, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 31, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #226

Happy New Year's Eve ~ Love, the dawning of a new era arrives.

Now, Truth Tellers become the heroines and heroes of our time. Mind-to-mind communication or mass consciousness spreads, and this fifth dimensional 'WILL of the people' becomes a tsunami as the year, 2013, progresses.

The year, 2012, has been an epic battle between GOOD and EVIL. The year, 2013, will be an epic battle between LOVE, THE HUMAN HEART and THE RISE OF THE MACHINE MENTALITY.

Themes for the New Year, 2013 ~

The Power of Defending Yourself and Others becomes a worldwide movement.

The Brutal Hammer of Censorship versus the Rise of the Individual and the freedom of expression.

Now Comes the War on Romance versus the Rise of the True Romantic and the Heart-centered Life.

On the personal front, The Year of the Individual, the beloved eccentric becomes the new norm for many, as people break out of their dogma-induced fog. This new 'individuality' will begin in your life this week in subtle ways, and accelerates throughout the year.

Also, this week is about changing and/or improving your career, or where you devote most of your energy. Opportunities will abound to make these key changes in your life. So, take advantage.

On the paranormal front, The Year of the Unexpected and Expected. This will be a BIG year for all things paranormal, supernatural, and miraculous. Many of us will begin having 'visions', and will be able to guide others in the upcoming times of tribulation and mass AWAKENING.

Plus, Bio-Clones based on human genetics are already here, and are mostly a tool being used by the nefarious military industrial complex. Look for the continued news storied about genetic advancements.

Here 'they' come, more fleets of UFOs, especially in South America. Contact has been established with a few people already. This will be an ongoing process.

Project Blue Beam, a fake alien invasion and/or contact, could be rolled out within the next six months by the military industrial complex crowd. Whatever is hyped in any way around the ET progenitors of humanity will be FAKE!

On the economic front, The Year of Righteous Anger arrives, and becomes a wildfire as the implosion of the economy continues. The final downfall of the dollar teeters on the precipice. However, likely the plug will NOT be pulled quite yet.

Simultaneously, the real economy begins to revolve around guns, bullets -- anything related to weapons -- and soon becomes the new underground currency. This will occur gradually over the upcoming year.

Out of this return to a viable gun culture, now rises a new America spirit. Also, a new prosperity will be generated that will benefit most of us in the long run.

On the truth front, The Year of the Aquarian Truth Teller is here and cannot be stopped. This will happen at every level of society -- from your personal life to revelations on the world stage.

With the cosmic vibes of the Winter Solstice 2012 Stargate now inundating Mother Earth, 'truthtellers' will be loudly vocal this coming year. For, these frequencies will not tolerate anything else, but TOTAL TRUTH.

However, a caveat is in order. Most of the deceivers, the corrupt, the wrongdoers in the top power positions won't be changing their evil stripes anytime soon.

Instead, these soulless ones and their dark-sider minions, are making their final diabolical moves. At this time, these anti-humans are going for broke against the people. Unless Divine Intervention occurs, it's going to get very, very ugly.

Realize, dear ones, this sinister attack against humanity can be mitigated with prayer, and with every act of love and goodness you do.

On the war front, The Year of Civil Unrest Across the World. The people rise, and say 'no more' to endless wars.

Meanwhile, the invasion of Africa by the military industrial complex has begun, with troops being sent into thirty regions at this time.

Meanwhile, the Mideast flares up once again, and the horror killing field continues.

Meanwhile, the invasion of foreign troops continues as the war against the people ramps up, and disarmament begins.

Meanwhile, individual DNA profiles will be used to create more bio-warfare weapons against 'we the people'.

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Year of the Censorship Purge has been kicked off by the recent *Massive Political Purge by FACEBOOK*. One such page was taken down because of the following Gandhi quote:  

"Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest." - Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

For, the beginning of massive censorship is here. This will include the 'attempted' shutdown of alternative news, and alternative sites. At this time, freedom of speech is being killed off, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day by the dark-siders' establishment.

This year, as long as 'we the people' put up with it, censorship will bury us.

On the AWAKENING front, The Year of the "Aquarian Conspiracy" arrives full force, and becomes an ongoing tsunami around the globe.

From the October 12, 2012 forecast: Now, as never before, a synergistic weave of harmonic energies forms between ALL of us. We are creating connections, or what was termed the Aquarian Conspiracy -- a book written by Marilyn Ferguson.

Out of this will rise many 'unexpected and unpredicted' developments in the human community worldwide. Most of these changes will be around this evolutionary choice: Do WE choose Renaissance or Ruin?

On the home front, The Year of Personal Health reigns large in this year of 2013. More of the people will come to believe it is wise NOT to trust the medical establishment, or anyone in an official corp-gov capacity. This will be due in part, because now 'death panels' become a reality.

On the communication front, The Year of Telepathy Versus E-Devices. In truth, we, as Aquarian Age human beings, have the ability to communicate faster and better than with the latest and greatest in cyber tech devices. Our minds connect in a similar wireless way as do e-devices because everything is frequency based.

Know this, dear ones, there is no machine, no computer, and no device that is infallible. By their mechanistic, manmade nature every machine, every computer, and every device is always fallible. However, there will be a major propaganda push to make people believe otherwise. Dare 'not' to believe the hype lies that will be forthcoming.

On the food front, The Year of Growing Healthy Food is here, and will become bigger than ever. HEALTH becomes absolutely critical at this point in time. And, as more and more of us bypass Big Agra products and the GMO frankenfoods, there will be an ever-expanding market for naturally grown and organic foods.

In opposition, the 'GMO Big Agra crowd' will force more of their untested, brought-to-market-via-corruption products on the public. This will particularly affect the children adversely.

On the land changes front, The Year of the Bright Sun and Superstorms. Volcanoes, earthquakes, the weather wars, sinkholes, and massive land changes, will continue, and will accelerate during the first part of the year. Also, there will be significant changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

Look for the state of California to do a whole lot of shaking in the near future. That is, unless HAARP tech is used to stop these series of earthquakes, or there are other interventions, THE DIVINE being one of them.

At this time, sending our good, good vibrations to Mother Earth will eliminate or mitigate some of the bigger catastrophic events.

On the energy front, The Year of Off The Grid Invention. Want a new career opportunity? Anything related to safe, off the grid energy production will be in great demand.

On the really bad news front, The Year of Super Chaos shakes the very foundation of the old world. This, as the new 'Aquarian Age' world forms from its ashes.

Many of the super criminal class have had their day, and will fall. However, as they fall into a hell pit of their own making, the fallout will not be pretty for most of us. This will be especially true when it comes to the economy, from local economies to the global economy. 

On the good news front, The Year of the Circle of Love. The ever-expanding 'circle of love' will be 'powered up' and stronger each time one of us blesses another -- each time our heart shines, and we send love out to someone, or we embrace the world in general. So, keep the love going and flowing.

On the global mafia cabal front, The Year of Exposure is here. As the mighty psychopaths fall in a piecemeal ugly fashion, the people shun them more and more. Thereby, creating society and their lives anew.

On the freedom front, The Year of the Turning Point for Human Freedom. Once the war against guns becomes the war against the people, the die is cast, and as before the 'redcoat oppressors' will lose.

Trendwise, The Year of the Love and Romance Revolution, so it begins because this revolution lives within the human heart and soul.

However, the last thing the dark-side controllers want is a LOVE culture of any kind. In the past, THEY nefariously shut down/co-opted the LOVE REVOLUTION of the late sixties, and early seventies.

The new world order regime cannot control a population devoted to LOVE. Thus censorship and social engineering against LOVE will increase dramatically in this year of 2013.

This includes romance novels. This includes any book about finding true love, having true love, or living a romantic life of devotion to one other. For, in truth, the dark-side controllers want automatons, or bio robots, who do their bidding when and where THEY want it.

During the year, 2013, each individual will make a choice between expressing their human heart and showing love to one other -- or, taking the 'machine mentality' road as in eliminating their human emotions. Thus, becoming zombified. Of course, if you don't choose, the choice will eventually be made for you.

This upcoming year, humans and animals will bond in what would have been considered out of the norm ways, but will quickly become the norm. This will  include pets, farm animals, and wild animals.

Also, on the wondrous front, whales and dolphins will be seeking more ways to communicate with humananity. The time has come to reestablish this ancient and loving connection.

This week of the New Year 2013, take it easy, and simply enjoy life. Enjoy the companionship of those you care about, and love the most. This will begin the new year with the right loving vibrations.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Here we are again: another New Year’s Eve, another wiping of the slate, another fresh start. Well, guess what? Not this time. The world didn’t end back on the 21st, but I’m done anyway. My resolution this year is, no resolutions.

You heard me. Last year I made a number of resolutions. Some even lasted longer than the time it took me to type them. All of them were pretty much shot by the end of January. I understand this is normal for most Americans. However, I’m sick of my personal failure rate. For me, 2013 is the Year of the Screw It.

I was going to clean up the clutter in the house. Didn’t happen. I was going to double my backlist and hopefully pick up more sales. I came the closest on that one. I had two releases, an end-of-year acceptance, and a sub I’m still waiting to hear back on. Sadly, my sales didn’t climb as expected. In fact, I think they went down. Over in another genre, a story I had accepted to an anthology finally came out this month, and I finally got paid. The grand pay-off after a two-year wait: $85, with no royalties even if the book does well. It was a flat-fee deal. Merry flippin’ Christmas, fellow writers.

Let’s not discuss my annual vow to shuck a few pounds. The less said about that, the better.

That’s not to say I have no plans at all for the upcoming 365 days. I’m just not making any promises. If I don’t make promises, I can’t break them. I love how that works out. Therefore, my guilt-free, subject-to-change intentions for the year 2013 include:

* Earn some spending money from writing. Some people can actually earn a living from this, but they write a lot faster than I do, and have more books on the market. That means I’ll have to write faster too, and stop with the screwing around. Related sub-intention: cut back on the time spent watching TV. Maybe I’ll take some of that money and get myself a DVR, or get the VCR portion of my DVD/VCR player fixed so I can tape stuff and watch it after I finish writing. I’m going to have to write and sub something every blasted week if I want to pull this off. Hope my fingers hold out.

* Eat better. That’s a toughie. Fruit I’m okay with, but I just don’t like the taste of most vegetables. Guess I’ll be experimenting with veggies over the next year. I didn’t know I liked asparagus until I tried it. I do know I can’t stand tomatoes or tomato juice, even though I love pizza and spaghetti sauce. Go figure. I don’t think I’ve ever had squash. Maybe I’ll give some form of that a try. Related sub-intention: learn to cook.

* Exercise more. I spend too much time parked on my butt in front of some sort of screen. I’m starting to look like the ship people in WALL-E. There are plenty of malls and big stores around here to hike up and down the aisles in, so I can’t use bad weather or temperature extremes as an excuse any more. If I eat more veggies and move around, it’s bound to do my body some good. Note how adroitly I avoided the “lose weight” resolution. Damn, I’m good.

There are other things I’d like to accomplish, like clean out the Book Room and keep the tub clean, but those are good for starters. Since I’m not making resolutions, I don’t have to front-load January. I can add and subtract “intentions” throughout the year, or replace one that isn’t working with something else.

For instance, suppose my next book takes off like a shot and earns me a million dollars. I can pretty much strike my first plan off the list and replace it with “Move somewhere that has a beach I can sit on and tan while I write. Oh, and doesn’t have so many hills so I can ride my bike.” Whoa, got me a twofer. I like this idea.

Resolutions suck. Screw ‘em. With this new plan I’m not breaking resolutions, I’m course-correcting and dropping plans of action that aren’t working out. Better add another: Practice making guilt-free excuses. Check. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 24, 2012

 ~The Christmas Angel by ToriB
Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #225

 Christmas Eve 2012 greetings, most Beloved Ones on Mother Earth.

During this week of celebration and good tidings, look for the wonders in your life, and the signs of wonder around the world. For, with each passing moment, the divine miracles increase.

Now, LOVE takes center stage as never before during the Piscean Age. Your ability to open your precious heart, to feel love toward others, and to receive their love increases tenfold during the coming year, 2013.

You need only be aware that you are being assisted by the good angels. You need only know the good, good cosmic vibrations are pouring down upon you -- on all of us -- like a gentle and constant rainshower.

In opposition to these good vibrations, the dark-side continues their brutal conquering of the world by increasing their acts of evil. The next two weeks their berserker rage against humanity becomes obvious to many more of the people, and they take action.

On the AWAKENING front, Arrives the Aquarian Connection. This is about the natural mind connections forming between us all, and becoming ever stronger at this time. This collective 'will' of humanity now becomes the social revolutionary force that will create and form the future of this new age.

The Aquarian Connection is also about the ability to recognize consciously, our telepathic communications with each other. In reality, mind-to-mind communication has always happened between humans, and also with animals. However, telepathy has been walled off in varying degrees for most of us.

Heart-to-heart communication accelerates, as well. The powerful energy of our feelings, our emotions, will develop alongside the advancement of our mental capabilities.

Distressingly, the dark-side 'new world order' crowd is using many heinous methods to stop these natural mind and heart connections between us all -- including toxifying the water, air, and food.

However, the faster each one of us WAKES UP to the reality of telepathy, the more rapidly the dark-siders will be overcome. Then, we the people will soar high, and bring forth a renaissance paradise for ALL.

On the personal front, this is a turn-the-corner week for most of us. This means whatever you plan for, whatever decisions you make, will turn the key of the future in a larger way than usual. This open-window vibe is for home, career, and relationships. So, be on your toes, and watch for opportunities.

This is also the week to keep the home fires burning. Or, home is where the heart is, where the heart lives most beautifully and freely.

On the paranormal front, once again the many cryptid creatures who have kept themselves hidden, will be emerging. Also, with several Earth timelines now merging, creatures from other Earths will be showing up. 'Some' of them will be what are known as prehistoric animals.

This joining of timelines includes plant life as well. Of course, this will not be an overnight occurrence, but one that is gradual yet surprising.

This week, look for more news, and personal reports, about odd or spectacular meteors and asteroids. Of course, UFOs will continue to fill the skies in many areas of the world, especially Mexico and South America.

There will also be many more reported sightings of angelic looking beings during the next several months. This will actually be a variety of beings -- some of them guardian angels, and other good angels of assistance.

However, inter-dimensional beings, extraterrestrials, inner-terrestrials, and beings from fae realms will be more easily seen, given the veil between the worlds is becoming ever more transparent.

On the economic front, as the economy continues to limp along on crutches that are about to break apart, more folks will fall by the wayside. Smaller businesses, dependent on prosperity, will fall like dominoes.

However, ingenuity, inventiveness, and real smarts, will become the province of the people once again, and the burgeoning underground economy will grow in fits and starts. This, despite every despicable act of the bankster gangsters to stop it.

As has been stated before, returning to the land, and becoming farmers and ranchers -- and/or setting up a business that supports an agrarian lifestyle, is the wave of the future. This will include artisans, and the arts such as music, dance, and painting. 

In the coming weeks and months, there will be a major push by the 'new world order crowd' to move humanity toward a cashless society and a one-currency system.

Cyber-hacking will be one method used by the bankster gangsters to force their will on the people. Out of this rises the renegades, who will battle back ferociously, and win key battles.

On the truth front, to obscure the blazing LIGHT OF TRUTH we are now ALL immersed in on planet Earth, the dark-side cabal will use black arts' sorcery and their advanced technology to engineer THE GREAT ILLUSION. Or, down is up, and up is down.

The mass hypnosis of humanity which is called the 'mass media', now becomes merely the trickery, deceit, and lies of ILLUSION. Demonization of the good guys and gals will be bigger and badder than ever. For, this is the only way THEY will be able to continue their sinister rule.

On the war front, now comes a new direction in the world war against humanity. Disarmament.

That is, China and Russia have stated they will supply troops to disarm Americans. Are the Swiss next, given their population is more heavily armed?

On the tyranny-at-work front, now comes the sneak attack against the people by the new world order crowd. More tear-your-heart massacres are planned here, and around the world.

On the home front, the time of 'real men' begins once again, as a way to combat tyranny. This will also assist in the ascendancy of the 'feminine' energy.

From the prior forecast: "Along with the Thunder Dragon energies, the rise of the Goddess Nature becomes obvious at this time. This rise in the feminine force will show up as both wrath and compassion. Goddess wrath against THOSE who harm and murder innocents. And goddess compassion for the truly innocent, the truly good among us."

On the food front, the Frankenfish lives, and dies for your dinner table. It will be discovered in the near future that this genetically engineered species brings only death. Not life.

On the land changes front, worldwide the weather becomes more catastrophic as the sun grows in strength and brightness. Thus, Sol more strongly fuels Mother Earth in her natural changes.

Likely, wind speeds, in general, will double for the coming year, 2013. Earthquakes will continue at a rapid pace. Volcanic eruptions spew more and more ash into the atmosphere. The oceans warm from underwater volcanoes, and from the increased flow of magma. Meanwhile, the weather wars tear the precious atmosphere apart, and damage the cycles of the planet.

On the energy front, lies, and more nefarious lies will be told about 'peak oil', and about the 'supposed' scarcity of energy.

On the really bad news front, the dark-siders are planning to drive another stake through the heart of the Christmas holiday season. Be aware, and mentally prepare. Pray for Divine intervention.

On the good news front, the real spirit of freedom soars to new heights, and seizes the world, the grip tighter than ever before. This week, many more will catch the liberty's fever, due to the ever-tightening reins of tyranny.

On the global mafia cabal front, many on the dark-side are regrouping, and looking for other strategies to keep the people beneath their grinding boots. This is because the people, who have not yet been zombified, are WAKING UP at hyper-speed.

On the freedom front, the AWAKE people will not be denied, and will protect their freedom by purchasing necessary weapons. Long lines now form at gun shows and gun stores.

Trendwise, cities as the center of culture begin to fall away, as more of the people move into an agrarian lifestyle. At this time, the 'wealthy' leave urban centers en masse. As well, many of us now run to the hills, away from the draconian-ruled cities.

Also, this trend continues: from a previous forecast on July 3, 2011: "Around this cosmic ‘Awakening’ there will be joy, a celebratory dance of joy. Tempering this dance, will be the pain of chaos and confusion, and constant war. For, massive CHANGE is here and will occur at lightning speed for the next several years."

As well, from the forecast on April 22, 2012: "The forthcoming week in this Year of the Dragon, is all about the acceleration of this 'massive CHANGE'. This means each individual, the psyche of humanity, society at large, and including the Earth.

Be prepared. We are entering a period of hyperdrive that will be a confusing blur to many.

At this point in time, there will be unprecedented levels of chaos and cruelty. This is because the age of deception and betrayal by governments, by 'evil doers' who control those governments, is coming to a close, and the battle between Good and Evil rages.

Know that 'truth' is winning. Currently, truth at the speed of light circles the world."

This week, Beloved Ones, take moments to cherish the miracles in your life. Take even longer moments to cherish those you love. And, take time to celebrate this holiday season as your heart truly desires.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Double Dose

Twofer this week, as I discuss trivial pursuits and make pithy observations.

Walk on the Wild Side

I recently caught the tail end—yes, pun intended—of Born Free on Turner Classic Movies. As I watched the Adamsons struggle to teach Elsa the lioness how to catch game in the wild, I couldn’t help comparing her to the neighbors’ cat, which slipped out the door and went feral in a matter of weeks without any help from anybody. On the one hand, you’ve got a lion that’s only one generation off the veldt and can’t feed itself without help. On the other, here’s a house cat, the product of centuries of domestication, that goes wild at the drop of a hat, or the opening of a front door. He’s a little skinnier than he used to be, but he’s been on his own for close to two years now and seems to be doing okay.

So what’s the deal? Kittycat DNA trumps lion instincts when it comes to catching food?

Granted, feral cats have a size advantage. They don’t have to hunt antelope, warthogs, zebras, water buffalo, or other big stuff that can fight back in order to fill up their bellies. They can make do with rabbits, birds, field mice and squirrels. Also, they have alternatives, like garbage cans and those soft-hearted schmucks who put out bowls of food for the “poor hungry kitty.” (I’d do this myself, but I’d rather not encourage the skunks, opossums, or other rabies-prone locals to make themselves at home on my deck.) A cat can get by on donations while it perfects its hunting skills. For lions, it’s learn on the fly, or starve in a week. And field mice don’t have horns and hooves.

I’m also inclined to think house cats are smarter than lions. They have to be, since so much of the world they live in is so much bigger and deadlier than they are. What do lions have to worry about, other than Tarzan and Ernest Hemingway? The lion will lie there and size up the guy with the rifle. The cat will take off automatically. Later on it’ll wander back and duck in between the buzzards to get its share of the carcass.

As we all know, Elsa eventually caught on that those fourleggers out there in the grass tasted damn good once you caught them. I’m assuming Kitty figured out the same thing in between scrounging for handouts. I know I haven’t seen as many squirrels or rabbits around the neighborhood lately.

Three’s a Crowd

There should be a deep, dark circle of Hell reserved for that publishing exec who looked at Tolkien’s massive manuscript and decided Lord of the Rings should be three separate books instead of the one humongous volume Tolkien meant it to be. Ever since then, we the reading public have been inundated with trilogies.

Having just finished all three volumes of The Hunger Games, I’ve decided some books shouldn’t have sequels or, if a sequel is demanded, for God’s sake make an effort to maintain quality. The dropoff between Hunger Games and Catching Fire was noticeable, and Mockingjay was just plain tedious, not to mention depressing. It makes me wonder how the series was conceived. Did Suzanne Collins plan to write an epic in three volumes? Or did she just write a damn good first book, then get pressured by her publisher to continue the story when sales took off?

I forgot to look at copyright dates, so I don’t know how quickly Book 2 followed Book 1. On the first book you can take your time. Subsequent volumes get rushed out to ride the crest of the sales wave. And what if you’ve said all you wanted to say in the first book? How do you write a sequel, let alone two, after the story’s told?

I wonder if that’s what happened to Frank Herbert. Dune is a one-volume epic, a classic of SF. The follow-up, Dune Messiah, reads like first-time fanfic. I don't know if it was the publisher or Herbert himself who wanted to cash in on Dune’s success. Maybe a combination of both, since your average SF writer doesn’t make a ton of money. It didn’t stop them from coming out with Children of Dune, since (thanks to Tolkien’s nameless publisher buddy) there have to be three books in all. That one wasn’t too bad. I should reread it to check.

I don’t know who to blame for trilogymania, the publishers or the writers. If I wrote a book that went gangbusters, I’d probably rush out a follow-up too. That’s not always a problem with me, due to my inherent sequelitis. But what if the book was meant as a standalone, and would only be weakened by continuations? Margaret Mitchell never wrote another book after Gone with the Wind. She sure as hell didn’t write the sequel. That was the publisher’s idea. These days we’d probably have the Tara Trilogy confronting us on the bookstore shelves.

It isn’t just books. It’s my understanding The Hobbit movie, already three hours long, is only Part 1 of a trilogy. Are you kidding me? Three hours of running time and I don’t even get to see the dragon until the third movie comes out? There’s no good reason The Hobbit couldn’t have been a single movie, other than the studio wanting to rake in more money. Overkill, guys, overkill. Give us a break already.

I’m going to stick with my plan of writing interconnected standalones rather than actual trilogies. Read one, read three, read a dozen, read ‘em out of order, who cares? It worked for the Darkover series, it can work for me. Assuming I don’t have a book whose sales go nuclear and I start getting pressured by publishers and readers for more of the same, only different. Yeah, we should all have such problems. Be interesting to see what the new year brings. Happy writing!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 17, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #224

Welcome the Winter Solstice 2012 Stargate.

The countdown continues toward the 'magical mystical tour' portal known as Winter Solstice 2012 -- coming to all of us this Friday, on December 21, 2012, the date heard 'round the world.

Finally, the Aquarian Stargate is here. From this point forward, there will be major changes in how we function/operate as human beings. Now we become more heart-centered, and this will radically transform society. However, this will be a gradual process.

Also, a cosmic upgrade in our DNA has been occurring. From a previous forecast: "Currently the cosmic energies inundating the planet are, once again, triggering our genetic code, and raising our vibrations. We are becoming WHO we truly are. And WE are formidable beings, far beyond what we imagine."

This DNA upgrade will continue at blast speed. Over time, 'as has also been forecast' a lot of what are called paranormal abilities will be activated to a much higher level, and become the norm because in reality we are Super Beings.

Now fast and furious -- like evil-hearted dragons -- the dark-siders battle back against our Winter Solstice Stargate AWAKENING. With a berserker rage unequaled in written history, 'they' will attack humanity worldwide.

Be as prepared as you are able, mentally and physically. For, this onslaught is meant to break our will, break our hearts, break our collective backs, break our spirits, and break our loving connections with each other.

On the tyranny-at-work front, from the November 4-5, 2012 forecast: ***In opposition, the Controllers now fight back with sinister deeds. For, these evil ones will do *anything* to turn the tide against the human movement for real peace.

That said, there will likely be several catastrophic 'false flag' events during the next three months, and one 'could' strike at Christmas time. These 'false flags' will be designed to create class warfare and civil wars across the world.***

On the personal front, to celebrate the Winter Solstice 2012 Stargate pay close attention to the details of your daily life, and look for moments of magic.

Yes, dear ones, this is the week to draw closer to those who are the beloveds in your life. Look for ways to strengthen your love connection with them, from smiles to compliments, to offering a helping hand.

Even though the shifts in vibration will be subtle for many, these new vibes are the power behind the throne of creating your life anew. FEEL them as much as you can, and embrace this power to bring forth GOOD in your life.

On the AWAKENING front, remember, now as the stargate opens, the majesty of the Winter Solstice 2012 transition will accelerate. Let yourself open like a flower to receive the good, good vibrations.

This will not be easy for some of us, given the dark-side's ongoing attack on life itself, and *their* brutal attack on children worldwide -- the beloved children, who are the epitome of life blossoming forth, ever-renewing itself.

Recall also, the cosmic blue majesty of light is here to hold us, hug us, heal our souls, and rejuvenate our spirits. For, we are the Beloved Ones.

On the paranormal front, this will likely to be an exciting week for paranormal lovers. Wherever you look, the supernatural is rising, and showing itself off.

UFO sightings continue to ramp up, with major events over several cities already occurring, and more likely to follow. Either at the time of the Winter Solstice, or shortly afterward, fleets of UFOs will be witnessed by many. This will be a global phenomena.

As well, the dark-siders are planning to fool the people with Project Blue Beam, or fake ET ships that are threatening instead of beneficent. It's all designed to force humanity into a new age of tyranny, brought to you courtesy of the soulless ones.

As always, discernment is your friend. There will be clues put forth by the White Hats on what is the TRUTH, and what is not around the ET situation.

On the economic front, the picture at this point in time, remains bleak for many. Comes the time of local and community businesses based on real needs, and based on some sound system of barter and trade.

Currently, say goodbye to millions upon millions of dollars in the banking system due to ongoing cyber-thefts. This has been one criminal goal of QE, or quantitative easing all along -- stealing the people's money at an unprecedented rate.

Of course, YOU, as a taxpayer, if you are, will be expected to makeup this 'shortfall'. So even more wealth can be cyber-stolen. Because that's the big con game of the bankster gangsters, just one of them.

Meanwhile, 20,000,000 'million' foreclosed houses are in the country's inventory. So, once again, if there is an empty house with no owner, and you need a place to live, be a squatter for as long as you can get away with it. Those babies ain't selling, and they won't sell in the future, for the most part. The Mortgage business has all been a scam to bring Americans down, ruin us financially, and wipe out the middle class.

GOLD will likely go for a wild ride on the stock market in the coming days. Remember, having gold in hand might be a good thing. However, anything written on paper will only be worth the paper it's written on. And scams abound.

On the truth front, this will be a super powerful week for truth-telling and truth tellers. The tolerance for lies and deception is waning fast. At this time, the Age of Deception is having its last brutal hurrah. With the arrival of the Aquarian Stargate, and the immersion into these new-age frequencies, the people will be saying NO MORE.

From a prior forecast: "this is the week to speak 'truth to power', as the activist saying goes. Truth is a powerful weapon against tyranny, and, in the coming weeks, there will be a huge uprising of people SPEAKING their truths from the proverbial rooftops."

On the war front, this week heralds the beginning of the end for the warmongering class. That is, the cruelty of war after intentionally staged war -- of conflict after greed-caused conflict -- will become so abhorrent to so many on the planet, that every action will be taken to STOP this ongoing insanity.

However, this will not happen in the near future. Meanwhile, the Mideast remains a tinder box with 'bring-on-the-war' matches constantly being tossed at anything that dares to move. Once again, prayers are needed for peace and prosperity.

There is much going on behind the scenes, including the removal of key figures. This is because 'they' have failed to launch 'all out' war. This failure will continue to a degree, because of divine intervention, and the interference of GOOD ET groups.

That said, there could be a major event with warships.

On the home front, as many make celebration preparations in the wake of the  Connecticut tragedy, so comes the realization that life was meant to be treasured, and 'not' given over to the evil side.

In these times, what was once GOOD has been sacrificed on the altar of the evil ones. To quote Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." And, so it has been. This about to change dramatically.

On the food front, with the continuing drought, remember to purchase as much extra 'good' food as you are able. For, shortages, high prices, and starvation is one of the weapons the dark-side elite is diabolically using against humanity.

On the land changes front, in the days to come, all shake, rattle, and roll 'hell' is about to be unleashed across the planet. With Mother Earth transforming herself, and the ongoing weather wars -- with the sun powering up, and other cosmic influences striking the Earth, strap in for a more than an amazing ride.

There will also be more asteroid flybys at this time, far more than what the corp-gov will reveal. However, whistleblowers will be telling all. All you need to do is listen and learn from alternative news sites.

On the energy front, with Tesla technology realized, and the tower arrays in place, the potential for 'wireless' energy is here. This energy will be used for several nefarious purposes, as a national/world spy grid, and disguised through new tech devices sold to the people.

Meanwhile, outages and exorbitant energy prices will likely be forced on the people. In truth, there is no shortage of cheap energy, regardless of the endless lies and propaganda. Once again, it's all been a gigantic scam.

On the really bad news front, the civil war of ideas/ideals continues to split the country wide open. Also, with the huge upswing in insane and violent behavior, due to many factors -- including massive use of SSRI drugs -- greater draconian measures will be 'justified' by the dark powers-that-be.

On the good news front, more of us will become the magician-creators as we move deeper into this new age of responsible enlightenment. This is a force the dark-siders will not be able overcome.

This week, the good news is friendship, a coming together with others in an ever deepening, even more loving and caring way. These bonds will prove unbreakable during the upcoming turmoil and chaos.

On the global mafia cabal front, what is known as Electronic Countermeasures or Aerial Mind Control will be used against the people at a much higher rate than previously. These black-ops technologies, aimed at individuals and populations -- from satellites, aircraft, and drones -- can map the body's unique frequency pattern, then emit a behavior, mind-control frequency. This tech has been used for the remote assassination program, and is now being turned against the American people.

On the freedom front, the Warrior Spirit of 1776 is here, and growing rapidly. As headline after headline of atrocities slams against the psyches and hearts of the American people, a new gun and weapon culture rises. Once again, many will realize they must learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones, especially as the economy takes another big nosedive.

Trendwise, this trend continues: From a July 2012 forecast: "This week brings the arrival of the Thunder Dragon energies. This means many of us will now AWAKEN to our inner power in a whole new way. Also, we will have the intuitive knowledge of how to use this ruthless and relentless power against THOSE who would destroy humanity and Mother Earth.

In opposition to this new power, the soulless ones will cause crisis after crisis meant to seize everyone's attention. Thus, tumult will take over the world stage this week.

Along with the Thunder Dragon energies, the rise of the Goddess Nature becomes obvious at this time. This rise in the feminine force will show up as both wrath and compassion. Goddess wrath against THOSE who harm and murder innocents. And goddess compassion for the truly innocent, the truly good among us."

This week, journey through the Winter Solstice Stargate, and enter a profound realm where the dreamer brings forth dream, the most desired of dreams. It is this act of creation that will make the real 'difference' in our precious world. For, those who dream splendidly will bring about an Aquarian Age paradise for one and all. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grab Bag

Who’s scarier than the Incredible Hulk? The answer lies below!

It’s another one of those weeks where I have to write a blog but I don’t have a topic, so I jot down whatever pops into my head. None of this has anything to do with anything, so sit back, switch off the brain, and enjoy.

# # #

This just in: Dave Hester of A&E's hit Storage Wars has been fired from the show and is now suing them. He claims the auctions are staged and the producers often “salt” storage lockers with antiques to up the suspense. In short, he says it’s fake. Wait a ding-dong minute here. Are you telling me reality shows aren’t real? That they’re just as scripted and rehearsed as any other show? I knew reality shows had writers, but … no. That would mean nothing we see on television is real. Dear God. The Mayans were right. My entire concept of the world just ended. Next you’ll try to tell me pro wrestling is fake. Go ahead, I dare you.

# # #

Wait, I’ve got one. Wipeout. Those falls are real. And painful. And humiliating. And funny as hell. I feel better now.

# # #

Oftentimes it takes me a while to jump on a particular bandwagon, but I catch up eventually. That’s how I finally ended up reading Twilight, and why I’m now reading The Hunger Games. The difference is, The Hunger Games is an exciting, well-written story and deserves every bit of its hype. There’s just one teensy problem, but it’s not the fault of writer Suzanne Collins. It’s the fault of me, the writer reading the book. I’m trying to read as a reader, and for the most part I succeed, but I can’t help noticing the little plot twists, how she sets up characterization, the expert use of chapter-ending cliffhangers, and other writerly techniques. You’re not supposed to see the seams; you’re just supposed to wear the dress.

I guess that’s why I’m no good at picking winners on Project Runway. To me, the outfit looks fantastic. The judges see the uneven stitching and ragged, unfinished hems and the poor fabric choices. The kids, who unlike me are the intended target audience, aren’t going to see the tricks Collins used to make the book as good as it turned out, but I can. If I paid more attention, I might just learn something here and maybe write a book that’s just as good.

I wonder if Collins is a plotter? No book comes out this clean unless all potential problems have been ironed out beforehand. Being a pantser, I tend to author haphazard stories. You can always spot the pantsers. We’re the ones with the ragged hems.

# # #

Get two or more comic book fans in a room and sooner or later one of them is bound to ask the inevitable question: who’s stronger, Superman or the Hulk? That’s a toughie. I’m going to have to go with Superman, but it would be close. Superman is more than mortal, but the Hulk’s just too stupid to quit. Same with Hulk vs. Thor. Thor would win, unless the Hulk got his hammer away from him. Then it’s a toss-up. A Hulk/Batman fight-fest actually happened, thanks to a join Marvel/DC venture back in the ‘80s. Batman won, using knockout gas. Even the Hulk can’t hold his breath forever. Hulk vs. Wonder Woman? Definitely Wonder Woman. He’d be so distracted by her cleavage he’d forget to throw a punch.

We’ve already seen the results of a Hulk and Loki fight: “Puny god.”

My choice to take on the Hulk? Chef Gordon Ramsey. That man is flippin’ scary. “You
call that a fist? It's fucking raw! Bloody piece of shit! Piss off! Get the fuck out of my kitchen!” Hulk would run away blubbering. What could defeat Gordon Ramsey? High blood pressure. The man’s going to bellow himself into a stress-induced heart attack one of these days. On camera, if the producers can fix it.

# # #

This being the holiday season, nobody’s watching TV, so most weekly shows have either wrapped up or gone on hiatus until January. For the next couple of weeks we get reruns, endless Christmas specials, 24 hours of “A Christmas Story” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We might even get “Oops, We Goofed” from the Mayans on December 22. Assuming the planet’s still here, the weekly shows will dribble back onto a regular schedule after the first of the year.

My award for the politest of these goes to Grimm, which wrapped up the first half of its season with a tense cliffhanger, then faded to black with the words, “To be continued … Sorry.” It’s nice to know they care about their viewers, even while torturing them. This will give me ample time to finish my study of The Hunger Games trilogy so I can write better books in the new year. Happy holidays and happy reading, everybody!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 10, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #223 

Arrives now the Dragon Queen and Dragon King, as cosmic energies of the universe. Their combined mission against the Dragons of the Evil Ones, is to defend the innocent, and broaden the circle of planetary ENLIGHTENMENT.

For soon, we step through the *Winter Solstice 2012* gateway, and into the higher frequencies of the Aquarian Age. 

Several dynamics will converge this week, and into the next. While choirs of angels sing the 'golden elucidation' into Mother Earth's vibration -- and embrace humanity with their constant LOVE -- land changes escalate to a frightening level across the globe.

At this time, your intuition, your 'inner knowing' becomes your best friend in determining how to handle the massive changes bearing down on all of us. As well, it becomes crucial to have caring relationships 'only' with those who have your best interest at heart.

On the personal front, this week is likely to be a *Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde* experience, a roller coaster ride that could shake you to your core, good and bad.

Or, another way of looking at it is: *Check Your Sanity At the Door* because likely you'll be caught up in a whirlwind of events and/or emotions.

One feature of this week, will be a purge of unneeded energy patterns, where a lot of us on Earth are still trapped. Specifically this means, feelings of 'jealousy' culminate at this time, and go nova.

Refuse to participate, and watch out for those who would disparage you behind your back. If jealousy puts its hooks in you, dismiss it as if its an unwanted visitor at your door.

On the AWAKENING front, WAKE up to the new, 'good, good' vibrations now inundating and tsunami-ing across the Earth. These blue-light, gold, white and red-wave vibes are saturating everyone's energy fields. For, we are becoming co-creators with each other at a higher sacred level. We are forming our future from our heart centers.

Now is the very moment to let your inner Creatoress/Creator take charge of your life in an authentic way. Share this magician-side of yourself with the world, and with all those you know who are receptive.

More and more of us will emerge from the prison of 'what was', while encouraging the emergence of others as the incredibly creative beings they are. This is the cosmic signature of this time.

For, the energies of the Aquarian Age are about expressing yourself, and being artistic in every realm of your life. The upcoming times are ripe for a Renaissance of mind-blowing and incredible majesty.

On the magickal, mystical front, *The Grandeur of Life Expressing Itself* is this week's theme. Gaze around and notice this 'grandeur', especially as you observe and interact with Nature. Feel how the Earth Mother is reaching out to embrace you close, and nurture you.

Also, 12-12-12 is this upcoming Wednesday. This date is a magickal opportunity to travel inward, and glimpse the dreams you've never known were inside you -- the dreams waiting to be expressed. As well, many will be joining in prayer and meditation to bring forth LOVE, and heighten the 'good, good' cosmic vibrations of this day.

On the paranormal front, all things paranormal/supernatural rises exponentially in the awareness of humanity. This will be reflected by Big Media news stories, movies, and programming, because it is unstoppable. However, wherever possible, it will be twisted and co-opted to serve the dark-side's agenda.

Of note this week, the ability to be noticeably telepathic will begin for many. As an undercurrent of how we communicate with each other, telepathy starts to become commonplace in the new age.

Last week reports of UFO sightings were off the charts. This will likely continue.

On the economic front, the theme for this week is: Economic Warfare Against the People. Or, This Financial Holocaust Brought to You by the Bankster Gangster Crowd.

With the ongoing slow collapse of the economy, more and more of the people will be forced to owe their souls to the BIG BANKS, and the BIG BOX company stores.

Meanwhile, the middle class is being taxed into oblivion. Meanwhile, oil wars, gold wars, and currency wars, now rage between blocks of nations.

To fully bring in the new world order, what is termed 'forced debt creation' is being implemented. In simple terms this means 'the people' are being suckered and defrauded -- intentionally turned into debt slaves.

Despite the endless promises, there will be no relief from Big Gov, only more pain. As one spiritually aware individual stated, "time to abandon everything gov related." This advice is wise. If you are able to free yourself in any way. DO IT!  

On the truth front, now comes the rise of the Crystal Children, as they have been called. This young generation heralds the Aquarian Age, and brings in the frequency of clarity.

TRUTH for the sake of truth is their very nature. Also, these Crystal Children are gifts, and demonstrate the magic of life for us -- what will one day become the norm for ALL of us.

As well, from a previous forecast: "the fierce energy of the dragon drops bombshell after bombshell on humanity, especially if you know where to look and are willing to know the 'truth' no matter what."

On the war front, the theme for this week: Ho Hum... More Lies From the Presstitute Media. Once again, the same old, tired playbook will be used to justify the horrors of war.

This week: 'Let the war begin' will be the roaring battle cry of the establishment. Meanwhile, there is a fast-growing segment of the population who is saying 'hell no, we won't go!'

Further, given the wild-card complexities of the war theater in the Mideast, the unexpected will happen. Out of this, the White Hat forces will capitalize to bring about a lessening of the overall violence. Look for anything 'odd'.

On the home front, while many prepare for and celebrate the holiday season, hysteria grips 'some' over the cosmic gateway known as Winter Solstice 2012.

Also, last week several news stories broke about mysterious booms being heard across the continental US... From the 'prior' forecast: "currently there is a civil war between different factions within the 'shadow' military industrial complex. Almost constant battles are taking place, a lot of them underground. Get ready for more strange and unexplained explosions. This will likely escalate, especially as December 21, 2012 nears."

On the food front, the ongoing adulteration of the food supply will dramatically increase. The people will fight back, and the battle is on. Saving the integrity of the food supply will become the mission of many people at this time, and their efforts will be heroic.

On the land changes front, during this cycle of time, the sun takes center stage. Sol proves his fiery mastery over the solar system, and this means the earth changes quicken.

There will be fiercer superstorms, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Also, volcanic eruptions in the ocean will play a key role.

This week, the truth about other celestial bodies in the solar system -- previously kept hidden from the people -- will be exposed in an obscure manner.

Meanwhile, the weather wars take their toll on Mother Earth, her people, and her animals and plants. In the near future, the Beneficent Ones will likely take action against 'those' who manipulate weather patterns for sinister purposes.

On the energy front, the global cabal who rules with oil, called the 'black gold stranglehold', want to keep humanity imprisoned inside a new, 'dark oil age'. However, the cabal now battles to stop the development of energy device after new energy device. For, enough of the people are determined to be free of their stranglehold.

On the really bad news front, the medical system is gradually being gutted by design. In the future, REAL health care won't exist, except for the super rich elite. Essentially, the current generation is paying for its own nefariously 'planned' demise.

On the good news front, shamans, healers arise across the world. Now, the natural ways of healing return full force to save the people, and assist Mother Earth.

'Those' possessing gifts of healing will be encouraged by the good angels to develop and use their ability for ALL. New energy modalities of healing are coming forth, as well.

On the global mafia cabal front,1984 meets Sky Net. The horrors are here, and expanding relentlessly, like a monstrous spider's sticky web. Beware, take care, and prepare.

On the freedom front, the spirit of liberty burns bright and hot worldwide, and will not be stopped. To repeat from last week's forecast:

Renegades, Your Time is Now

At this point in history, the renegade spirit in all of us RISES, fierce, radiant, and unrelenting.

Renegade leaders come forth from every sector of society. They now challenge the brutal corruption ruling and ruining the whole of our world.

This renegade activism, this new culture, becomes absolutely crucial to overcoming the dark-siders, to bringing forth paradise on Earth.

We, who stand for the liberation of humanity, rise out of the ashes like the fiery, invincible phoenix. We utilize our soul gifts, our hard-won abilities -- our heart, mind, body, soul and spirit, to ascend beyond any form of tyranny.

Trendwise, Passion as a living force begins. The 'passion of the human heart' breaks through, and breaks free.

This aspect of our being has been suppressed for the last age. However, now this fierce new vitality can no longer be denied, and eventually this deep-soul passion will be expressed in every facet and aspect of your life.

As has been spoken about before, one of the keys to the full AWAKENING of humanity will be the continued disclosure of our hidden heritage, hidden for centuries now. This week look for a large disclosure which 'could' center around the planet, Mars.

On the Winter Solstice 2012 front, this week gather in the golden goodness the Divine is sending to us All. Drink in the sacred sweet LOVE that fills every dark corner of your heart -- the LOVE purifying your soul. For, you are the Beloved.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, December 6, 2012

The "I Hate This Part" Part

As related last week, I completed a book, sent it out and had it accepted, hooray! The weeks of edits, rewrites, proofing and short deadlines still lie ahead. In the meantime, I should be working on my next book, so the draft can simmer while I’m doing the edits on the one that just sold. This is how professional writers work.

Operative words: “should be.”

This is the part of the process where I tend to stumble. After I finish something and send it out, I go through a period of “now what?” while I try to figure out what to work on next. This can last for days or sometimes weeks. Since I try to write something every single day, this leads to a lot of snippets, flash pages, and character sketches in ever-growing piles of spiral notebooks.

It’s not that I don’t have any ideas. Ideas are easy to come by. I have more ideas than time. It’s zeroing in on that one special idea that gives me problems. You know the one—that little bastard at the back of your brain that keeps kicking you in the frontal lobe when you’re trying to do something else, like pay the utility bill or talk to your mother-in-law. The one that keeps demanding “Write me! Write me now!” and won’t shut up until you devote your full attention to it. That’s how ideas should behave. At the moment mine have all clammed up and slunk off to hide in the corner and none of them wants to come out, hence my current dilemma.

Sometimes I’ll dive into an idea anyway in the hopes it’ll develop into something. They rarely do. I’ve got another pile of spiral notebooks with all my abandoned beginnings and the stories that whipped along for about ten pages or so and then petered out on me. That’s usually because, being a pantser, I don’t know where the story’s headed. What that really means is, I don’t care enough to find out. The YA got written because the characters started nagging me to get their story down on paper, so I finally said all right already and wrote it. That’s the kind of idea I’m looking for. Finding it’s the bugger.

I have a couple right now I could be working on. There’s the fashion designer and the dragon; I’ve tried to start it about three times now. It keeps rolling over and pulling the covers over its head and growling at me to go away. Rick and Nilambari’s story poked its head out of the cave and sniffed around a bit, but it seems to have withdrawn again. Too bad, because Sergei’s in that one, and I like writing about Sergei. His story’s stalled as well. I’ve been promising Serena I’ll finish the Belonging trilogy any month now. That one went flat on me too. I may have to watch all the Castiel episodes of Supernatural season four to get myself into the mindset. The life of a writer is so hard, sob sob.

Usually when I try to work on a story and it’s not in the mood to get written, my brain throws another idea at me as a distraction. That’s how the YA got written in the first place. Ditto for the M/M superhero story. Serena wants to see a book about Dina, one of the characters from the YA. But I don’t have a plot, I whined. Not a problem, smirked my subconscious. Right in the middle of typing the email I got a sudden flash: the YA refers to a teen series called Dead of the Night (this story’s version of Twilight) and its vampire hero, Armando. Out of nowhere I wondered, what if the hero in the book had been inspired by a real vampire? And Dina meets him? And becomes attracted to him? What happened to his first lover, the woman who wrote the book? There’s a whole story there and it’s sort of nagging at me, but I’m looking at it askance. I have an uneasy feeling their story would not end well. But it’s there, and if it annoys me enough I might have to write it just to shut it up.

Or I could work up that M/M shapeshifter series. Or the family of cowboy vampire slayers. Or maybe something else. Like I said, finding ideas isn’t the problem. Finding the right idea? Not as easy as you think.

On top of that, I may have to give in and set up a Facebook page. The new publisher wants us to do promotion and sent me a whole bunch of suggestions. The fun part will be keeping any teen readers away from my erotica. Hey, kids! Want to know more about the characters in the YA? Their story starts in this M/M/F ménage over here, with the violence and the blow jobs in the kitchen and stuff. Make sure to get your parents’ permission.

Being a professional writer’s a bitch. I wonder if Stephen King has days like this?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 3, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #222 

Light, sound, fury! December 2012 is Here.

The Sacred Dragon rages, twisting, spiraling, and spinning through the earthly heavens in a race against TIME. For now, the great time cycles converge on Winter Solstice 2012.

That is, the chaos-end of an age is here, and in its final writhing death throes. As well, the confusion-beginning of the New Age becomes the perfect fodder for the brain-drain media's hyped up, fear-porn version of the endtimes on December 21, 2012.

However, do beware -- strange, strange days are ahead. Grab a seat, grab your comfort food, and settle in for the roller coaster ride of your life.

On the personal front, get ready for a marathon of events during the next three weeks. Keep your focus as best as you can. Remember, being in the embrace of Mother Nature will help you to center yourself, and give you the opportunity to stay friends with your sanity.

Emotionally, this week is all about how you will 'choose' to celebrate the holidays -- or not. For, at this time, there is a dramatic AWAKENING of the spirit and soul. This will feel powerful, magical, and will be individual, unique to you.

Out of this Divine upliftment, you may find yourself debating with yourself and others about what you consider to be truly important, truly sacred. This is a natural process at this time.

On the paranormal front, comes the Rise of the Mythological Cryptids. These beasts of myth and lore are rising into our awareness, once again.

Mermaids, the Mer-people, have garnered headlines, and deservedly so. With the recent news reports featuring a newly discovered 'muppet' creature -- the revelations around BIG FOOT DNA -- and the sighting of a goat man in Kentucky, and surrounding states... now comes a Korean archeological discovery. Here lies a Unicorn Lair.

The rise of Magick, the Magician, continues at a fast pace. This is because 'frequencies' reign in the Aquarian Age. That is, it has becomes easier to manipulate the etheric  energies. Thus, manifesting your dream desires and bringing about miracles is the province of ALL.

Also, UFOs continue to show up for The Gathering on Earth.

On the economic front, GOLD wins this week, ruling the currency wars between nations.  As well, gold scandals will shake the already shaking foundation of the worldwide financial system. This will likely escalate into the New Year, 2013.

Meanwhile, the diabolical push for a cyber 'cashless' currency continues, using cell phone addiction, and the insidious strategy *wanna a lollipop, little girl?*
However, fierce battles are ongoing between several bankster gangster factions. Thus, precisely how these soulless predators plan to manipulate the economic future remains unknown.

In opposition, the people WAKE UP faster than ever, and understand this Thomas Jefferson Quotation:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

On the truth front, the TRUTH about the planet, Mars, soars from the ashes of history like the splendid flight of the phoenix bird.

From a prior forecast: "Now, the planet, Mars, reveals itself -- despite decades of coverup. This is because the ancient connection between Earth and Mars is being activated once again, and the past between them demands justice."

With the Winter Solstice on the near horizon, TRUTH becomes the holy grail of humanity, as never before in modern history. This week, the Universe provides many 'hidden truths' on the wings of the angelic ones. Because these revelations will be a bitter pill to swallow.

On the war front, during the forthcoming week highly strange events are likely to occur in the Mideast war theater. This will be due to the intervention of what some call the White Hat resistance forces.

The presstitute media's coverup of this strangeness will be done in a haphazard manner. And, the 'truth' will out, especially on the alternative news sites. Because of this, many more of us will realize the utter insanity of escalating conflicts into full-blown wars.

This week, or next, there could be a horrific and deliberate 'false-flag' meant to terrorize humanity as a whole. Also, the ongoing cyber wars will keep on taking their toll against the freedom of the internet.

On the AWAKENING front, the dark-siders are using riots to 'intentionally' shut down Egypt. Many who are spiritually AWARE want to assist the 2012 activation of the Great Pyramid -- to bring about an Age of Love and Peace -- exactly what the Global Controllers don't want.

With the rise of inner spirituality, the 'stargate' and 'portal' phenome is here. For, we are moving into a time of galactic connection.

On the home front, the Flu Shot Tyranny has arrived. However, on the good side, many of the people are rebelling. This will prove to be 'one' salvation of the human race, since these 'vaccinations' have been designed by the anti-human scientific crowd, to destroy the gene code.

Also, in the next few weeks there will likely be several pandemic-type outbreaks here, and across the globe. This is bio-warfare against humanity, courtesy of the new world order crowd.

Take care, and build up your immune system. Enough rest is essential.

Also, currently there is a civil war between different factions within the 'shadow' military industrial complex. Almost constant battles are taking place, a lot of them underground. Get ready for more strange and unexplained explosions. This will likely escalate, especially as December 21, 2012 nears.

At this time, any factional fighting outbreaks will be used to further the sinister agenda of the 'dark powers that be', and the forces attacking them will be labeled as 'terrorists'.

On the food front, it has been discovered in a scientific study that Mother Nature is more powerful than Monsanto. That is, GM/GMO seeds will revert back to their natural state if the soil is fertile, and filled with good organisms.

However, if the soil is sterilized by any method, then the seeds cannot revert. Can anyone say 'organic compost', and lots of it?

As has been spoken about before, as the climate continues to change during the Aquarian Age, new types of food plants will emerge. This will first occur deep inside the wild land areas.

On the land changes front, with the new solar frequencies pummeling the planet, more volcanoes rumble and become active. Beneath Earth's mantle immense oceans of magma heat up, and move like great, slow-running tides.

Mother Earth is reshaping herself. Some of the harsher land changes have been mitigated by the Beneficent Ones. However, two devastating earthquakes loom, and the world's coastlines will likely be battered by a series of superstorms.

Also, the weather wars ramp up, and there is also a 'possibility' that a tsunami will strike the east coast of the US within the next three months. As always, prepare for any emergency as best you can.

On the energy front, with the energy companies being turned into a giant, uncaring, mafia-monopoly, anything you can do to get off the grid, or supply yourself with power using other generating devices, DO IT!

It is time for those who know how to live off the grid, to come forth and help their brother and sister humans as much as possible. This is 'best' done behind the scenes, away from corp-gov's prying spying eyes.

On the really bad news front, the emperor goes mad, demanding tax upon backbreaking tax -- including retro taxes on the people. Meanwhile, congress fights for its very existence, after allowing themselves to be corrupted -- their constitutional power to be usurped. Now, the ugly, malformed chickens come home to roost.

On the good news front, the Age of Aquarius embraces humanity. LOVE becomes a shining force, a beacon crisscrossing the world. Compassionate human hearts meet in spirit, and share their loving light.

The diamond brilliance of these vibrations cut through the imprisoning darkness, conjured by the soulless ones. As well, the sweet golden singing of the angelic choir is helping to shred this shroud of evil.

On the global mafia cabal front, like an insatiable black widow spider, the UN seeks control over the world wide web. Once this becomes official, so begins the comic-book world of Judge Dredd. If we allow it.

On the freedom front, Renegades, Your Time is Now

At this point in history, the renegade spirit in all of us RISES, fierce, radiant, and unrelenting.

Renegade leaders come forth from every sector of society. They now challenge the brutal corruption ruling and ruining the whole of our world.

This renegade activism, this new culture, becomes absolutely crucial to overcoming the dark-siders, to bringing forth paradise on Earth.

We, who stand for the liberation of humanity, rise out of the ashes like the fiery, invincible phoenix. We utilize our soul gifts, our hard-won abilities -- our heart, mind, body, soul and spirit, to ascend beyond any from of tyranny.

To quote Thomas Jefferson: "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." *And woman.*

Trendwise, comes now the great fall of the globalist-cabal occupation forces, worldwide. Icelanders have led the way, taking back their country.

The bankster gangsters and their megabanks are on shaky ground, despite their endless hubris, their jackboot thugs, and their ungodly amounts of filthy lucre.

If you knowingly serve this system, it is advisable to get out now. Because liberation is a mighty crashing river that no one can stop.

This week, any lighthearted moment is to be savored, and shared when possible. Dance, sing, and make merry with loved ones, friends, and your beloved pets.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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