Friday, February 28, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ His Claimed Bride... heart-loving kiss

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Seven sentences from ~ 

His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth

A Flash-Scene Erotic Romance Novel 

Zeke covered his woman's mouth with his, after the first heart-loving kiss they shared. He pressed more what he called 'dining kisses' to her lips and his 'prowess' welled up like fresh spring water. Lowering himself fast, he wrapped his arms around her, then rolled them so his Sylva sprawled on top of him. "Mine," he growled. Diving his hand into her hair, he cupped her head and brought their mouths together again. His wife's steamy all-too-willing kisses worked his lips over good, along with his libido. "Like what I'm doing to you?" she whispered, once their lungs demanded air. 

For more of My Sexy Saturday


On New Year's Eve

She's out of luck.

Destiny Intervenes.

The Wild West never died 

In the next-door dimension. 

HIS CLAIMED BRIDE, HAPPY NEW YEAR ON ANOTHER EARTH ~ A Flash Scene Novel ~ Out of work, Sylva decides to celebrate New Year's Eve in style. Destiny intervenes when an SUV speeds toward her. Splash she's in a mud puddle. Confused, Sylva sees a cowboy, his lasso swinging. ~ On the hunt for a bride, Zeke figures destiny is favoring him once he gets a good look at the woman. She's fallen right in his path. Given there's a shortage of marriageable women, Zeke throws his rope fast and true.

Available ~

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Amazon Kindle 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All Hail Freedom of Speech

Before we get into this week’s blog, I’d like to devote a few lines in tribute to Harold Ramis (shown above, right, with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd), who passed away earlier this week. If you don’t know the name, you know the movies he wrote or co-wrote: Animal House, Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Analyze This, among others. If you went to a movie comedy in the late 1970s-early 1980s, you probably either saw him or heard his dialogue in the mouths of John Belushi, Rodney Dangerfield or Bill Murray. He was a member of the legendary Second City comedy troupe and, as time has demonstrated, a writer of comedy classics. Thank you, Dr. Spengler. You were a man of rare talent and you will be missed.

# # #

As you may remember, a couple months back, before all the snow closed the roads, I conducted an experiment in localized censorship by visiting libraries in different counties to test what their content filters deemed too “adult” for me to look at. This was sparked by Lancaster County’s library system blocking my publisher’s site, shielding my innocent eyes from “adult content” I myself had written. Because we’ve got a large, conservative religious population of Amish and Mennonites in the area, it didn’t surprise me at all that Lancaster would block anything with even a whiff of the nasty on it. The system still allowed me access to a site that showed me how to build a pipe bomb. I suppose as long as you don’t try to have sex with it, the filter considers that okay.

Well, talk about your 180s. The other week I discovered, quite by accident, that the ban has been lifted. I doubt if customer protests or First Amendment rights had anything to do with it. Lancaster County recently upgraded their library computer system. I’m betting the content filter had to be reset, and hasn’t caught up with all the dirty sites yet. It even let me onto Ellora’s Cave! That proves the filter’s not working. It’ll probably get back to blocking erotica publishers eventually. Until then, I’d better do a lot of research and download a ton of submission guidelines. And look at porn, but I can do that on my laptop. The library doesn’t need to know.

# # #

I’m almost done with my reread of all 1100+ pages of Stephen King’s It. That’s the one about an evil entity lurking in the sewers beneath a small New England town, killing children and promoting all things malevolent. (Which got me to wondering what’s lurking in the sewers under Peyton Place. Anybody want to write that one?)

What does a ten-pound horror novel have to do with freedom of speech? I’m glad you asked. This book, written and published in the more lax era of the 1980s, features a character who freely uses a certain word with, shall we say, negative racial connotations. Because even alluding to the word in question has resulted in legal action in the past, I’m not going to repeat it. I’m pretty sure you can guess which one I mean.

Now, I’m sure Mr. King is not a racist or a bigot. If he is, he knows enough to keep his mouth shut on the subject when in public. But he is a writer, and writers feel compelled to tell the truth as they see it. The truth is, people like the bad guys in It (at least the human ones) do exist in the real world, and they’re going to use that word, or similar words, against the people or groups they don’t like, regardless of political correctness or racial/sexual/whatnot connotations. You know, like what happened with Duck Dynasty.

Here’s what I got thinking about: my edition of the book dates back to 1985, before political correctness tightened its stranglehold on freedom of expression. Have modern editions been cleaned up—filtered for content, if you will—to protect the sensibilities of the modern reader?

That’s my next mission. Next time I’m in a bookstore, I’m going to look for a more recent edition of It and see if the book still exists the way King originally wrote it, or if it’s been cleansed for modern consumption. I should check current editions of Huckleberry Finn while I’m at it. That book ran into problems over the same word a while back. Wonder what it looks like today? If I own an early, pre-PC edition of Huckleberry Finn, am I in possession of offensive material?

One thing I’m certain of: the words bitch, cunt, cooze and fuck will still be in there, in all their offensive glory. Y’know, I’ll bet if the B-word ever becomes as big of a no-no as that other word, it’ll mean the end of literature as we know it. Half the movies in existence will be yanked from the shelves, and rap music will become extinct. And what will the women on almost all of Bravo’s reality shows call each other? We really need some unisex, ethnicity-neutral insults. Any writers out there up to the challenge?

Oh, and hey, Amazon: I understand depictions of underage sex violate your terms of service. It has a scene where an 11-year-old girl does the deed with all six of her little buddies. Plan on deleting one of Stevie’s bestsellers from your catalog any time soon? Look on the bright side: she doesn’t use the no-no word. Trying to earn a living as a writer gets trickier every day.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ February 24, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #286  

Explosive changes continue worldwide. Now, the revolution-evolution of humanity firestorms ever fiercer, ever wider across the blue marble planet, Earth. For, the flames of freedom will not, cannot be contained.

This, despite the many diabolical setbacks.

FROM: June 16, 2013 ~ Angelic Forecast ~ #250 ~ "On the AWAKENING front, The Titanic Shift Is Upon Us... the colossal plates of time, Aquarian age energy, and several dimensions are shifting, colliding... separating, then coming together. Boom, bam, bang!

As stated at the beginning, these are explosive times on all levels, from physical explosions around the world to massive explosive changes in society, with the main spotlight on religion for right now. Now, in general, governmental structures explode apart -- some of it slow motion, but a whole lot it flash-bang rapidly.

Also, the sands of time are running out for the dark-side global controllers. In the grand cosmic scheme, they must either conquer humanity or become the conquered." 

On the good news front, this week heralds a bright new beginning. For now, religion dies by its own corrupt, decadent hand -- all while its serpent servants brutally attempt to subjugate the people with tyranny, and a grand deception.

Watch out for the alien god.   

From a prior forecast: "On the good news front, the CHAMPIONS of the people arrive as never before. This is because each one of is a champion for others in our own individual way.

To repeat from a previous forecast: "the inner Warrioress and the inner Warrior rises to a whole new level within many of us. For, now is the time. We are being activated by the Divine Realm to be champions for the people, and champions for Mother Earth." 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' prepare to make an appearance before humankind. For some, this will look like a grand destiny playing itself out behind the scenes, as well as on the world stage.

For others, this will be a leap in their psychic powers and abilities. Mentors will appear, either as spiritual guides, or as the right teacher at the right time. For, the Great Magick of humanity awakens, rises, and generates life anew.

This CHANGE to psychic awareness, to the artful use of energies, will occur in fits and spurts. Imagination is also a huge key in bringing about this 'magickal' life.

On the land changes front, SUPERSTORMS, more on the way... prepare! This is global, and is a combination of cyclic Earth Changes, Weather Wars Manipulation, and the chaos-consciousness of humanity.

HEADLINE: "Meteor Strike Over England! Huge Daytime Fireball Brighter Than The Sun Lights Up England Skies" 

HEADLINE: "Recent Caribbean Earthquakes Spark Concern" 

THIS CONTINUES: "the sun, the Great Lion Star, will likely awaken more, and become more explosive, lashing out with a cascade of CMEs." 

From a previous forecast: "more SUPERSTORMS, and there could major rumblings on the New Madrid fault line during the coming month. However, the Benevolents are gentling Mother Earth in that area. This does not mean there is no danger, only that a cataclysmic event is 'not' on the near horizon." 

Likely, earthquake swarms will continue along the California coastline, and 'could' hit the northwestern states -- along with volcanic activity. Quakes, large and small, will shake, rattle, and roll the planet non-stop.

Two devastating earthquakes 'could' strike in early and late summer. Prepare, especially if you live in quake zones." 

On the personal front, upheaval, good and bad, will likely be the order of the day for many of us during the next two weeks. Ride out the storm, and look for the golden opportunity within.

For, there will be that moment of recognition. Realize, this moment of ah-ha will move you forward in a much better direction.

Also, singing and listening to others sing the songs you love, will assist you in living, in walking the wiser path during these tumultuous times. For, music resonates and re-calibrates your soul and spirit. 

On the paranormal front, another monstrously big week for discovering the paranormal-supernatural realm. Be prepared. As they say, there be dragons.

Further, an influx of ghosts has been reported at Fukushima, site of the tsunami and radiation disaster. As well, encounters with angels and demons will increase dramatically.

Cryptids will keep showing themselves off.  Likely more Thunderbirds will be seen and reported in the near future. And, the true past of humanity continues to reveal itself.

HEADLINE: "Man dead for 45 minutes says he awoke after seeing afterlife" —

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Why Does Ancient Art Contain Depictions Of Flying Aircraft, Helicopters And Dinosaurs?  Michael Snyder | The history of our planet is far more complex than most people would dare to imagine.

On the home front, a pivotal week ahead. As the Depression deepens in some areas of the country, as the food supply shrinks, activism against the 'system' grows in giant leaps and bounds. Warning: violence likely as the year progresses.

Meanwhile, more of the people return to the land despite constant harassment and SWAT team raids by the establishment's bureaucratic minions -- all designed to get rid of small farms and ranches.

Because, you are to subsist on GMO-BIG AGRA Frankenfoods only -- by decree of the dark-side controllers.

On the economic front, worldwide chaos is the watchword at this point in history. In the financial arena, the petro dollar is swinging wild, and almost down for the count. However, the bankster gangsters and the oil cartels still have a few diabolical tricks up their sleeve.

Meanwhile, from COAST TO COAST AM "In the first half, former commodities trader and "guerrilla economist," V, talked about the recent mysterious deaths of bankers, including three who worked at JPMorgan. According to his sources, there are some 20 dead bankers, and some of the deaths appear to be connected. Two of the JPMorgan bankers that recently died (Gabriel Magee, 39, and Ryan Henry Crane, 37) had similar executive positions, and may have been looking at the same spreadsheets, V conjectured. "They uncovered something that was so heinous, so incredible, that if it were to get out, you would see a massive amount of reprisals...and people getting arrested or thrown in jail...So this is a 'clean house' method being perpetrated before our eyes," he continued."

This week, look for the best ways to protect your monies, and your individual financial situation.

On the truth front, TRUTH is a big player this coming week. For, cunning and outrageous deception is the only winning hand of the Viper elite class. That is, if they are to ruthlessly remain in power, and keep riding roughshod and ruthless over the people.

To assist humanity in discerning the real truth, the angelic realm is spreading a new truth frequency. However, it is up to each one of us to accept this gift, and utilize it to the best of our ability.

On the war front, another unholy mess in the making. At this juncture, every Machiavellian action taken by the dark-side controllers in the war arena, now whips around and takes a leviathan bite out of their hides.

This will result in more desperation, and more factional infighting. Given, the main battleground is the worldwide economy, this is where the most damage occurs. Beware.

Why the economy? Humanity has been trained to lose their souls over the acquisition of wealth, over money. For, collecting souls is the real prize in the war between good and evil.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Begins Now the Worldwide Downfall of Tyrants
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "House fit for a tyrant: Protestors storm the sprawling, luxury estate of Ukraine's fugitive president which has its own private zoo, golf course and is half the size of Monaco" 

On the communication front, more cyber glitches are in the works. Also, with an onslaught of superstorms likely, communication 'could' be significantly shut down in the affected areas. Be prepared.

Also, the authorities want to shut down your cell phone at will. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cell Phone Kill Switches Are A Slippery Slope For Abusive Governments ~ Tech Dirt | Privacy concerns are part of the reason cell carriers oppose kill switch legislation."

On the food front, given the upcoming confluence of events and conditions, it becomes ever more imperative to stock up on good food, and to grow as much food as possible. Look for innovative ways to accomplish this, and if you don't have a green thumb or are limited in other ways, join with others who are growing food, and help them out.

Remember too, seeds, especially heirloom seeds, are trade/bartering items.

On the energy front, the planned obsolescence of Big Corp Industry is now obsolete, so said someone in the 'know'. 

Further, this tip from an insider: search out info on what is called the Faraday Disk Generator It is much more powerful as far as an energy device, than how it has been described.

On the really bad news front, violence escalates around the globe, and keeps on escalating over the next three to four months. Every strata of society will be affected. For, the pressure cooker boiling the frog of humanity is about to boil over and go explosive.

This tide of rage, this desire for true justice, this demand for liberty, becomes the anthem of the beginning times for the Aquarian Age.

Use your wisdom and common sense to stay safe. Herd together with those of like mind, and take care of each other.

On the global mafia cabal front, let the weirdness mafia games begin as the younger generation of the dark-side elite confronts their elders in a bid for more power. This 'could' get real ugly, real fast.

*Or* a compromise could be reached that would solidify factions and goals. However, even if an agreement is reached, there is always the 'stab the competition in the back' option clause.

On the heroine front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Heat-Packing Detroit Mom Shoots At, Scatters Home Invaders: Video ~ By Nick Gillespie On February 20, 2014 ~ Via the Twitter feed of Reason Foundation’s Adrian Moore comes this news story from Detroit’s WXYZ. After three people try to break into her house, a mother of two breaks out a gun, starts shooting, and scatters the home invaders. Well worth watching (hat tip: Independent Review Journal)." 

On the hero front, Wolfgang Halbig, using his law enforcement background, he questions the many inconsistencies regarding Sandy Hook. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "School Shooting Expert Threatened Over Sandy Hook Investigation ~ Adan Salazar | Was told if he didn’t back off "bad things are going to happen."

On the freedom front, a tricky sticky time now, as the forces of destiny twine together to form the upcoming, incendiary events. The push-pull of those who love liberty as opposed to those determined to destroy them, will escalate into open conflict.

Given this is a fluid, ever-changing scenario, these large and small 'conflicts' could begin from this point forward, or charge onto the scene like an angry stallion at some near-future date -- likely within the next three months.

Already, behind the scenes, the civil war for the destiny of America rages. As well, most of these battles go unreported by the state-run presstitute media, all while the sad, crazed antics of celebrities provide tabloid-shallow cover.

Rear up, and seize the day! This will be the meme-motto of those who stand up for the right to freedom, for those who stand down and refuse the beast-system -- and, for all those who stand tall against the dark-side establishment, saying NO... no more.

Trendwise, looking into the deep future... now begins an unusual blending of significant historical timelines for the world, and for America in particular.
Meaning, for example the Wild West meets Buck Rogers meets the Victorian-Age exploration and enterprise -- then meets the Renaissance combined with the sixties Love Generation. Also, the dynamic revelations and science of Tesla leaps into the humanities' collective awareness.

It's a wild, wild ride over the roughest terrain for those who want to take up the challenges and opportunities.

THIS WEEK, go stargazing. Enjoy the night sky and ask yourself: what put's the stars in your eyes?

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ His Claimed Bride

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

As I explained in a prior post, once upon a time I wrote an entire flash-scene novel, or 200 hundred words each day, as an experimental free read. Sylva and Zeke's love story began on New Year's Eve 2008. Originally, this paranormal erotic romance was titled: Happy Courtship on Another Earth. 

I decided to compile my flash-scene novel, about 160,875 words – give it a read-through, then Indie publish it in flash-scene form. The title is now: His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth. 

As I mentioned before, the fabulous 'perfect for the story' cover art was designed by erotic romance author, Serena Shay, one of our SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS authors.

Well, good news. HIS CLAIMED BRIDE has been Indie published. Details below.


Here are SEVEN X-flash scenes, kissing included.


Sylva jerked her hand back as if she'd touched a hot stove. Only it was the scorch of their passion. Amazed, she watched him skillfully unstrap her high heels, his fingertips brushing a brand through her hose as he slipped them off each foot. "How hot are you, cowboy?" she crooned, utterly unlike herself. *Husband* – it rang through her mind until he looked up, his silvery eyes beaming intensely. "Zeke," he hoarsely prompted. "Hot enough to singe your eyebrows with one kiss." His small grin lit up his eyes, his hand slowly stroking up her leg. "Is that so, Zeke?"


Zeke circled caresses on her upper thigh, long and beautifully full beneath his palm. Her eyes glittered a dare. He also witnessed her filly-skittishness. Gradually leaning forward, he placed a kiss above her knee. One kiss at a time he moved upwards, fondling the generous curve of her thigh, then her luscious hip. Her soft yielding moan encouraged him, and he slid his palm up her other thigh, pressing kisses until he met the stiff fabric of her skirt. He embraced her haunches, stroked, then grazed his fingertips over the waistband of her strange hose. "Take them off," she murmured.


Sylva sparkled as if New Year's day fireworks soared inside her. Deciding she would live for today, she lifted her hips a bit as his work-rough hands smoothed down her pantyhose, gliding down her skin in a way that had her ready to swoon. "You didn't answer, Zeke," she provoked, astounded by how sultry her voice sounded. Deliberately he stroked down her shin, his pleasure obvious. "I don't want your eyebrows singed yet, darlin'. That's for later. I want you smoky and silky beneath me." With seductive care, he slipped her feet free of the pantyhose, his hands relishing her arches.


Zeke caressed her little soft toes, letting his fingertips linger before stroking them away. "Oooh, a man with answers," she crooned, her shoulder rolling forward, teasing his eye. Standing, he unbuckled his gun belt and hung it within easy reach. Not wanting to make her shy away from him, he unbuttoned and slid off his vest, then sat beside her on the lounge. His cock ached a protest, fighting against his pants. Gently capturing the side of her face, he brushed his thumb over her flushed cheek. "What an impudent nose you have, my beautiful Sylva. Should I kiss it?"


Sylva leaned forward, her breasts throbbing, desperate for his attention. "Please." Breathless and sizzly inside with anticipation, she waited. Bending down to her nose, he kissed the tip tenderly. In what seemed like slow motion, he angled his head, touching her lips with his persuasively. Hope flickered, teasing her. Would being with him cause her agony? Or, maybe ... maybe ... had good fortune finally found her in the romance department? In another world? Answering his kiss, she felt like a seductress as she played her lips over his, tasting the firm shape. God, she loved kissing, even if her nipples begged.


Zeke patiently devoured her lips with kisses he invented just for her. Her mouth inspired them, playing his like a risque tune on a saloon piano. Claiming the back of her sweet neck, he stroked his thumb over the silken flesh of her throat. Knowing their marriage began this night, and would always be influenced by their first time together, he kept his 'cocked' shotgun holstered, for now. Just for her. She was so beautiful, his Sylva, he wondered how he could ever say no to her. Zeke caressed along her shoulder, his thumb grazing the swell of her breast.


Sylva nipped his lower lip with her lips. Her breath a storm raging inside her, she whispered, "Zeke, please, handle my breasts." Immediately his rough, oh-so masculine hands caressed over her back. His kisses trailed along her jaw as he smoothly unzipped her bodice, freeing her. Daring herself, Sylva reached out sliding her hand along his thighs. She molded magnificent sinew and muscle. "Yes," she murmured. His wonderful kisses followed the length of her neck and he eased the bodice farther away from her swollen needy breasts. The chill of the air rushed over her nipples. "Oh, please," she pleaded.


Zeke lurched inside like a wild stallion, toward her. Mentally, he lassoed himself, tugging the rope taut. So far, she wanted him. Angels above stop him, he wasn't doing anything to change that. Dang, she tasted sweeter than roses and honey, with her own female spice that tempted him to launch himself on top of her – ravish her until she couldn't move. He already knew she'd be a perfect fit in his bed, beneath him – held in his arms as they slept and dreamed together. Her little hand on his thigh sent another bolt of need straight to his cock.


Sylva yearned as she never had. His kisses hungrily feasted on the upper curves of her breasts. Reluctant to let go of his thigh, still, she leaned back, arching her nipples toward his mouth. Masterfully shoving her party dress down to her hips, Zeke slid his hand beneath her breasts, their heaviness cradled in his palms. God, she loved the way her softness felt against his roughened hands. She loved the way he kissed her, wooing her body, just as he wooed her emotions, her desire for him. "Zeke, please kiss my nipples." Feeling naughty, Sylva thrust to his mouth.


Zeke lifted the creamy confection of her breasts beneath his lips. He pressed a full kiss to the tip of her strawberry nipple, lingering before he kissed her other blatant nipple, pleading and growing with ripeness beneath his lips. Already he missed her touch on his thigh, even though he held her passionate femininity in his hands. He'd bet his year's earnings, she was the type of woman who could be sweet, willing as pie – but, if handled with a wrong rein, she'd lash out at him, fierce and untamed. He surely liked that possibility. For now, he'd gentle her.


Sylva trembled uncontrollably as he strongly pulled her nipple inside the warmth of his mouth. Still fondling the underswell of her breasts, he suckled in a manner that had her sex dripping, and her belly warming, then simmering. "Harder," she encouraged, when he nuzzled her other nipple. Latching on, he tugged with more force while scraping this thumbnail back and forth over her huge wet nipple. Sylva moaned loudly, her loins flooding with molten desperate need. "Yes." Squeezing her shoulder blades together, and dropping her head back, she offered her breasts completely. She heard his primal groan. She felt it.


Zeke wallowed in the taste and rigid texture of her bud-plump teats. She was perfect for suckling, a pleasure he intended pursuing often in their privacy together. As he handled her, the pillow softness and shape of her breasts drove him crazy – like a bull in a field of loco weed. She was his bride. Even if she didn't have a damn sweet clue what that meant in his world. She'd learn. No matter how many times he had to rope her, or tan her voluptuous ass before he rode between her creamy thighs. Now, heaven was her thrust nipple.


Sylva was caught on the edge of ecstasy, her entire body ... not merely her sex bits – especially as he fondled her breasts more vigorously. His teeth gently captured her bliss-aching nipple, tugging and releasing, over and over. She moaned, clenched her eyelids tightly. And wanted more. The desire to feel her skin against his exploded inside her. Leaning forward, looping her arms around his neck, she flowed her hands into the springy thickness of his hair. Embracing the back of his head, she whispered, "Please, make me naked." Sylva kissed his forehead, inhaling his outdoors' scent, his raw male smell.


Zeke sucked her nipple taut into his mouth, caressing downward. Feeling her darling little waist beneath his hands, he paused, stroking. He eased her short sassy dress over her breeding hips, so lovely in the embrace of his hands. He reveled in the shape, then shoved the dress down her thighs. Keeping her teat deep in his mouth, he slid the bunched material down her calves. After molding the curve of her leg, he gripped the stiff skirt material, pulling it from her feet. "Time to mount up, cowboy," she murmured provocatively. Her lips brushed his earlobe several times. "Zeke."


Sylva let the weight of her hand languidly slide down his chest, over the slick texture of his shirt. Feeling like a bad girl, she brushed her palm over his large jutting cock's head. She cupped for a moment, sensually enjoying the warmth of his leather pants, caused by his arousal. For her. Intending to stroke down the length of his manhood, she slipped her hand downward. Instantly, his hand softly manacled her wrist, halting her. "Cocked to shoot," he rasped. He brought her hand up to his shoulder, placed his arm beneath her legs, lifting her into his arms.


Zeke could barely believe the dream of her in his arms. Carrying her to his bed, he laid her on the quilted satin spread. Straightening, he drank in her naked beauty with his gaze, a man dying of thirst. He shed his shirt in record time. Opening his pants, he groaned as his cock fell free, heavy, and aiming toward her. After shoving off his pants, he tossed them aside, then studied her face. Her eyes were sky-hazy with passion as she ran her gaze over him. With a stallion's pride, he noted her approval. He also noticed her hesitancy.


For more of My Sexy Saturday


On New Year's Eve

She's out of luck.

Destiny Intervenes.

The Wild West never died 

In the next-door dimension.

HIS CLAIMED BRIDE, HAPPY NEW YEAR ON ANOTHER EARTH ~ A Flash Scene Novel ~ Out of work, Sylva decides to celebrate New Year's Eve in style. Destiny intervenes when an SUV speeds toward her. Splash she's in a mud puddle. Confused, Sylva sees a cowboy, his lasso swinging. ~ On the hunt for a bride, Zeke figures destiny is favoring him once he gets a good look at the woman. She's fallen right in his path. Given there's a shortage of marriageable women, Zeke throws his rope fast and true.
Available ~

Smashwords Premium Catalogue
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Coming soon to All Romance Ebooks 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Catching My Breath

Good day, eh? And welcome to the Great White Northeast. This week we’re enjoying a break in the action, with temps in the 40s and set to hit 50 this weekend. Now we’re keeping an eye on the rivers and streams because if all that snow melts too fast we could be stuck with flooding. If it’s not one thing …

This warm-up is only temporary, alas. Another blast of cold air is headed our way, and we could be entering March on waves of more of the white stuff. March isn’t coming in like a lion; this year it’s a snow leopard. If it doesn’t warm up soon we’ll still be skiing in June. Dog sleds, anybody?

For those ticked off at the meteorologists forecasting all this crap, take heart: God is just. The Lancaster TV station had to evacuate when the weight of the snow caused their studio’s roof to collapse. Nobody was hurt, but they were off the air for two days. They were only running the Olympics anyway. Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate picked up the slack until Channel 8 got the roof fixed. Bet they can’t wait for spring either.

# # #

Last week, while stocking my fridge in anticipation of the nor’easter, I got wondering what I’d pick for my last meal if I knew for sure the world was ending. Pizza? Spaghetti? Beef and broccoli? There’s so much good stuff out there. After much deliberation, I decided I’d cheat and hit a buffet, probably Chinese. We’ve got a really great Chinese buffet out on Route 30 with a varied menu and delicious food. They even have a few American items so little kids (and their parents) intimidated by foreign foods don’t have to go hungry. I doubt if I’d try sushi, though. Why face Armageddon eating something I’m not even sure I’d like? The whole point is to go out on a high note, which is why I’d probably pick up a Snickers bar or Reese’s on the way home. Then a cup of tea and something junky as the lights go out. That’s how I want to go to my reward.

Besides, with a buffet you don’t have to cook. There’s nothing worse than going to your doom with dirty dishes in the sink. An unmade bed or dirty toilet, eh. I can die with a messy toilet on my conscience. Chances are excellent I’ll be on the toilet when the end arrives. It all depends on what and how much I eat.

# # #

And yes, Stray Kitty’s still kicking. Those of us on the block putting plates out have kept him and the neighborhood’s other strays fed through every storm. SK’s even gotten fat. And spoiled. He’ll sit and wait for the moist stuff out of the can even when there’s dry food in the bowl. I hate to put out canned stuff in this weather because it’s wet and therefore freezes. SK doesn’t like leftovers, either. Luckily for my wallet, there’s a big gray tabby from across the street who’s still desperate enough to eat anything. He shows up every now and then and cleans out the bowl.

You’d think a cat living out on the streets wouldn’t be so picky. Maybe we ought to name him Morris.

# # #

I’m still struggling with a massive case of writer’s block, but I’ve managed to make some progress. I’ve got my list of possibles narrowed down to three. Mostly I’ve been working on the fourth one, the free read I’m posting over on Shapeshifter Seductions ( I’m about three chapters ahead on that one. Too bad I don’t consider my blog posts as part of my daily writing requirements. If anybody has any tricks for dealing with procrastination, please let me know. I’ve already stopped doing housework.

# # #

I have one other thing to look forward to besides spring. Supernatural's been renewed for a tenth season. Another year of Sam and Dean! And Cas? Dunno yet. I'll keep watching the spoiler sites and let you know when I hear something.

Still no female regulars on that show, but I don't care. A pretty girl would just eat up screen time better used on the pretty boys. Yes, I'm shallow. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat Chinese.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ February 17, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #285 

Now... Humanity Awakens Around This Maxim: The best defense is a strong offense.

Those who refuse to be 'the sheeple' rear up strong, tall, and proud. Like stallions and mares defending their herd, they charge, teeth bared, and attack with striking hooves.

Also, this week, the drumbeat of war will be heightened, accelerated by the 'dark-side powers that be'. Look for the threat of terror will constantly be forced down the throats of the people.

In the end, most will not buy it.

On the land changes front, the sun, the Great Lion Star, will likely awaken more, and become more explosive, lashing out with a cascade of CMEs.

From the previous forecast: "more SUPERSTORMS, and there could major rumblings on the New Madrid fault line during the coming month. However, the Benevolents are gentling Mother Earth in that area. This does not mean there is no danger, only that a cataclysmic event is 'not' on the near horizon." 

Likely, earthquake swarms will continue along the California coastline, and 'could' hit the northwestern states -- along with volcanic activity. Quakes, large and small, will shake, rattle, and roll the planet non-stop.

Two devastating earthquakes 'could' strike in early and late summer. Prepare, especially if you live in quake zones.

HEADLINE in Kentucky: "BREAKING: 8 Vehicles Swallowed by Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum" 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "More than 200,000 people evacuated and five airports closed as volcano erupts on Indonesian island: Eruption sent plume of ash and sand 10 miles into the air and 300 miles to the west and northwest on island of Java..." 

HEADLINE: "Volcano Spawns Terrifying Tornado-Like Twisters *GIFS*" 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' soar the stone energies of the megalithic structures, thus, destroying more of the demonic dimension that has been allowed access to Earth. For, these portals were opened by a succession of Viper magicians during this past age.

This harmonic attack by the Mages will temporarily cause more demonic activity as the entities fight for survival. Watch for those stories reported on alternative media sites and programs.

On the personal front, this is a go-getter week for many. Just make certain what you're after is truly what you want to achieve.

This is also a perfect time to become more aware of the people around you. Who are they really? Can you trust them in an emergency situation? Will they watch your back or will they turn against you? This is key for handling future circumstances.

On the paranormal front, more 'BIG' Bigfoot news is on the near horizon. For, at this time, all good beings and creatures need to stand together for the sake of Mother Earth. The Sasquatch want to reach out to those of us who have loving hearts, and work with us.

However, beware of the paranormal-supernatural beasties and entities who hate humanity. Protecting yourself is best achieved by knowing you have the power to dismiss them. For, you have dominion in this realm.

HEADLINE: "Reptilian Humanoid Startles Bikers in the Sonoran Desert"

On the AWAKENING front, as immortality is sold-hyped as living in the cyber world forever, in OPPOSITION rises the new Aquarian Age spirituality.  That is, AWAKENING to the true soul, to the real strength and power within each one of us.

For, immortality already belongs to humanity. Whereas machines, anything in the realm of the cyber-borg-avatar is never truly immortal -- except as part of the ongoing story of each human being, each immortal spark of the Divine.

On the economic front, down, down, down... then up, up, up... the CIRCUS CIRCUS sucker's game continues for myopic *head in the sand* fools. The Bankster Gangsters are having a field day raping, pillaging, and plundering their sheeple victims.

There is a bright spot this week, and into next. Behind the internet scenes, hacker activists are toying with and destroying some of the spidery apparatus used by big banks to move and steal trillions of 'illegal' dollars. Bitcoin has been a victim of this financial turf war. 

This means, in part, some of what is being cyber set up to force a Big Brother, one-world currency on the population has been, and is being dismantled. This gives everyone more time to create-build their local economies.

Also, the banker murder-suicides are not over, but only beginning. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "JP Morgan Executive Becomes 5th Banker to Die in Last 2 Weeks
Paul Joseph Watson | Some fear spate of deaths linked to imminent financial crisis." AND: "Exposing what lies beneath the bodies of dead bankers and what lies ahead for us: ~ By Douglas J. Hagmann ~15 February 2014: I feel that this is one of the most important investigations I’ve ever done." 

On the truth front, the TRUTH about the UFO phenomena is in the cosmic spotlight, and will continue to be exposed degree by degree. For, it is time humanity comes to a full realization about their heritage, and who really owns the skies.

Knowing this complex and complicated TRUTH about UFOs will be 'one' salvation against the evil empire's plan to rule-brutalize the people, to destroy the animals of Earth for yet another Age.

On the war front, the battle between the HAVES and HAVE NOTS rages to another level this week. Humankind is fed up with the artificially mandated disparity, the 'false' scarcity of resources -- and the cruel propaganda used to keep them from rising up, taking control of their rightful divine treasure. 

Many of the people are now done with the *austerity plans* being shoved down their throats. All while the psychopathic elite live decadent lavish lifestyles at the expense of the general population, and only demand more. 

For, the time of being treated like dumbed-down serfs is over. This, by decree of the angelic ones on the side of humanity. And, so it is brought forth. 

On the tyranny-at-work front, like untamed, bucking broncs, more of the people chafe beneath the saddle and the biting whip of tyranny. Uprisings, and non-compliance of every kind and type begins, and only continues.

Wild at heart, some of the people race for the wide open lands -- bolstering, fortifying, creating the new cowgirl-cowboy culture.

One act of defiance will be spreading food crops that are good for humankind. A whole new generation of guerilla Johnny Appleseeds is forming and taking action.

On the communication front, there are plans to cut off communications between sections of the country should the 'dark-side powers that be' deem it necessary for their sinister endgame. This could look like an outside or domestic attack on the grid, or on other 'convenient' targets.

Also, a weather and/or earthquake catastrophes could be 'manufactured' thus causing widespread outages. One 'possible' solution is staying in satellite or ham radio contact with others outside the country who could inform you about the situation. Knowledge is power.

On the home front, social-weather chaos mixed with celebrity insanity will be the order of the day. Meanwhile, red level anger against the corrupt system only gets hotter and more widespread.

The behind-the-scenes civil war surges, spilling into the alternative news. Likely, during the next several months there will be psy-op false flags designed to terrorize the population, and justify gun confiscation. The key word will be *extremists*.

Also, there will be real attacks by factions of the military battling each other.

On the food front, at this point, with the food supply dwindling, and being intentionally contaminated, it becomes ever more critical to stock up on good food, to spend as much as you can to build up your supply.

As well, it is only logical to gather ye heirloom seeds while you may, and grow food if you are able -- that is, whatever works best for you and your circumstances. Having a working greenhouse will prove to be a life saver for many in the future.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Confirmed: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Are Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them"  2014 02 13 ~ In a new study published in the peer reviewed Public Library of Science (PLOS), researchers emphasize that there is sufficient evidence that meal-derived DNA fragments carry complete genes that can enter into the human circulation system through an unknown mechanism."

On the energy front, supercharging vibes are being sent from the heavenly realms. This, to counter wi-fi frequencies, fluoride, and other nefarious methods used to keep the masses docile, distracted, and worn out.

At its core, this is a battle of energies -- the dark force against the light force. Limiting energy usage when there is no need, is about keeping humanity in the dark -- so to phrase it.

On the really bad news front, the economy drags more of the people under like a fast whirlpool. Also, the Medical Industrial Complex traps more of the population in its slimy sucking tentacles, and offers less and less in real care. Further, so-called health care is on the brink of near total collapse. That is, unless you're rich enough, or poor enough.

However now, more of the people band together, and start their own real health care communities/clinics. As well, the use of natural alternative remedies skyrockets.

On the good news front, the new renaissance takes root stronger, deeper. Even though, the overall growth is slow on the grand scale, there are great leaps forward in certain arenas. One example is the grassroots and underground music artists. For, sound and music are fundamental to the creation of the revolution-evolution, to the final defeat of dark-side controllers.

On the global mafia cabal front, game over for certain factions of the Viper Illuminatti. The Benevolents have taken them out in accordance with the mass-consciousness will of the people.

However, this also brings about a dangerous consolidation of power. Those who favor the swift advance of hardcore martial law take the reins. From this point forward, a strong military presence with checkpoints will be advertized as good, and needed to 'protect' citizens.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

On the heroine and hero front, all those renegades who are bucking against the system with the 'truth', and for the right reasons. You are the foreshadowing of free humanity. 

On the freedom front, this week, given the unpopular actions of the establishment, the new gun culture rises in strength. As well, liberty seizes the hearts and souls of many more.

Now, they buck fiercely, demanding the freedom to race over the open lands without hindrance from the constraints of a '1984' government. Further, the rise of the renegades continues. The BRAVE ONES gallop, then thunder across this great land.

Trendwise, now it arrives for all to witness, the slow-avalanching downfall of the establishment. The current six percent approval of congress means there is not enough sustaining energy from the population, or the societal matrix. How this plays out is the tricky part.

This is where the future meets the minds and hearts and 'will' of the people. Or, the chaos and decisions of 1776 have cycled back again.

Given the dark-side controllers are somewhat aware of this *turning point*, this reality of how consciousness works, means they will attempt to orchestrate events to not only maintain their rulership, but to increase their brutal fascistic power over the people.

As humankind AWAKENS to their psi abilities, and their ability to create the future, the challenge is on. And it will be messy. Stay tuned. Stay tuned in.

THIS WEEK, be aware of your connection to Mother Nature, to the rising and setting of the sun. This will harmonize your inner being, and release your power, your sacred joy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


If you’ll glance to your right, you’ll notice I’ve added the cover for Slayer for Hire to our list of books. This is my spinoff from Belonging and Legacy; one of the leads is the son of the Legacy threesome. It’s also YA and has no sex scenes. It’s perfectly safe for anyone 14 or older. Oh yeah, there are vampires, and a couple of people get attacked and killed. But nobody has on-screen sex. That’s far more important to a lot of people, including my library’s content filter. Go figure.

# # #

I didn’t write Slayer because YA was really big at the time. Ditto for the inclusion of vampires. It was a story I wanted to write, and nagged at me until I committed it to paper/screen. That’s pretty much how all my books and stories come into being. Some idea gets into my head and keeps kicking my brain and demanding, “Write me write me write me.” So I do. If the nagging lasts long enough for me to get it finished, off to market it goes. If not, it goes into the closet for exhumation at a later date. If it stays in the closet, the idea probably wasn’t that important to me to begin with.

I don’t write to trends. I’m not even aware of trends. I can’t see them coming, and every time I jump I miss the bandwagon. I’m like Hollywood. By the time I notice a trend, it’s over. I write whichever idea hits, and it takes me forever to finish it. Sometimes I get lucky and one of my ideas turns into a trend by the time I finish the book. Then the book comes out just in time to hit the wave. It makes me look smarter than I am.

For instance, I discovered I like writing M/M just as it was getting big. Some publisher put out an open call for angel and/or demon stories. So I wrote about an angel and a demon, both male, who discovered they really, really liked each other. It wasn’t intentional. My mind just happened to skew in that direction. It didn’t sell to that publisher but did to another, and all of a sudden I was trendy.

I didn’t switch from SF/fantasy to romance because romance was big. I just felt like writing romance for a while. I may switch back, especially if that horror/fantasy I exhumed from the closet sells. Or I may switch over to straight horror. Stephen King doesn’t write the kind of stories that made him famous any more. Somebody should step in to fill the void. Maybe I can start a new horror trend, just like he did when he started publishing.

Because that’s the secret to trends. You don’t want to follow one, or try to anticipate or guess what it’s going to be. You want to start the trend. Let everybody else follow you.

Everybody’s always looking for the “next big thing.” What’s going to be hugely profitable six months to a year from now? Lots of money and people’s careers hinge on guessing right. Editors and agents put out lists of what they’re looking for, things they want to see. Writers pour over these lists and write what they think the market wants.

Until one writer (name not given, so I can’t properly credit him/her) put everything into perspective with a single Tweet: “Remember, nobody was looking for Harry Potter.”

So how did J. K. Rowling become a megaseller and kick off a massive feeding frenzy for middle grade/young adult fantasy? By writing the book she wanted to write, and doing a damn good job of it. Readers responded to her belief in her story and characters, and the rest is publishing history.

Ditto for Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins. I doubt if publishers were looking for teenage vampire romances or YA dystopias until Twilight and The Hunger Games crossed their desks. Now the market’s saturated and you can’t give the damn things away. On to the next trend.

Which will be … what? Hell, I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. I can tell you how it’ll start, though. Some writer will write the book that’s pounding in their brain. They’ll eat, sleep, and breathe their characters’ lives and world. It may share tropes in common with countless previous books, but be told in a way that makes it new and unique. It will have that something, that magic, in the writing that speaks to the heart of the reader, and readers will respond. The publishing world will look at some surface aspect—“Oh, it has oppressive governments/magic/vampires/spaceships/lesbian tarantula wranglers”—and declare that the Next Big Thing. And so begins the trend.

Who knows? One of you may write that book. You may be writing it right now. I can pretty much guarantee it’s not like anything that’s currently on the market. It’s the book you have to write, even though it isn’t part of a trend and nobody says they’re looking for it. That’s because they haven’t seen it yet.

So why are you sitting there reading blogs on the Internet? Get back to kicking off the latest Big Thing in Publishing so the rest of us can ride on your coattails. But hands off the lesbian tarantula wranglers. I’ve got dibs.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ February 10, 2014

 Pic from Coast to Coast am ~ 

Artwork: 'Messengers from the Multiverse'
Comets have long been considered to be messengers from the Gods. Perhaps said "God" reside in some alternate universe the existence of which is suggested by the current "Multiverse" theories. This painting was created in oil and acrylic paints on panel in my Taos, New Mexico studio in early 2014.

--Sam Del Russi
samdelrussi @ 

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #284 

The War in the Heavens is Here ... meaning the Ages-old 'Stars Wars' will become ever more visible, especially in the night skies.

Region-wise, *sightings* of UFOs and their ongoing battles will increase over large bodies of water, near active volcanoes, and areas high in quartz. Likely, greater numbers of 'fireballs' will streak across the skies.

THIS WEEK: World shaking events hit hyperdrive. 'Explosive' is the watchword.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' become enormous cyclones of energy, assisting in the rise of ancient megalithic power. For, the stone power centers of times past are ringing with the influx of cosmic vibrations.

Now, these megalithic centers demand justice. That is, a balancing of power against the Dark Viper Elite who have demonically used their stone-energies for an Age.

For, the time of reckoning is here. What the dark-side magicians have summoned in blood rituals -- their bestial power -- will lash and strike at them like a hundred thousand enraged serpents.

On the personal front, this is another good week for planning and organizing. However, let it be a gentle process that simply evolves as you tend to it.

Also, financial opportunities will come front and center for many -- the more creative and innovative the better, as far as the future. Whatever you can accomplish to prepare and live off the grid, do it or get the project started.

On the truth front, theme for 2014: The Great Truth Divide is Here. An enormous chasm develops between THOSE who are willing to know the TRUTH no matter the cost, no matter the reality-horror... and THOSE who remain blind, who trust in the establishment matrix -- or, those who stay cocooned in the CIRCUS CIRCUS distractions.

At some point, it will become like living in two separate countries, and with two different cultural realities. As well, what is known as the space age 'breakaway civilization' --  the program currently shielded-hidden by NASA -- this truth continues to be exposed.

BTW, NASA, who and what is docked at the International Space Station? ~ "February 6, 2014 ~ Yesterday the entire footage of what appears to be a UFO docked at the International Space State (ISS) was released and uploaded to Youtube. The video shows the sleek looking yellow UFO docked at the ISS for just over two minutes with the Earth slowly rotating in the background."

On the paranormal front, the paranormal-supernatural 'reality' continues busting loose worldwide. There will be reported sightings of ever more strange creatures, beings, and UFO craft. Mermaids are likely to be in the news again.

Of great importance, the ancient shamanic traditions, this spiritual way of being, now rises like a shooting star at this turn-point time in history. This, despite every effort by the 'dark-side powers that be' to stomp it out of existence, and out of our modern minds.

On the land changes front, more SUPERSTORMS, and there could major rumblings on the New Madrid fault line during the coming month. However, the Benevolents are gentling Mother Earth in that area. This does not mean there is no danger, only that a cataclysmic event is 'not' on the near horizon.

From the prior forecast: "EARTHQUAKE ALERT!!! According to a report on Sean David Morton's show at Revolution Radio earthquakes are shuddering the planet, about SIX every other day across the surface of Mother Earth. A lot of these quakes ARE NOT small. So beware, take care, and prepare.

EXTREME, and ever weirder weather continues around the world, especially along the coastlines. Volcanic activity is at an all time high, and will only increase. Further, undersea vulcanism will radically change the ocean temperature in some areas obviously causing strange but not wonderful weather.

Worldwide, sinkholes continue to eat up more of the land. Also, look for huge areas of flooding as Spring approaches. However, drought grows in other areas, and takes over the West Coast, then creeps eastward. This 'drought' can be mitigated by mass consciousness prayers and good vibes -- or, the people focusing together for a benevolent outcome."

On the economic front, class warfare between the HAVES and HAVE NOTS explodes worldwide. This is being orchestrated by the Viper cabal, and their Bankster Gangster minions, who will continue to diabolically manipulate the worldwide economy. Thus, to gain the total enslavement of humanity.

Cyber outages at several financial institutions were rampant last week, and will only continue. In the Bitcoin realm, there's a war between those who want to trade and buy freely... and the establishment pscyho-crooks who want to force everyone onto the cashless, Big Brother grid.

Look for the off-grid movement to go great guns and race toward viable local economies. Now, many of the people buck beneath a cruel master, wanting to run free and proud.

This week, the stock markets *could* drop significantly, then yo-yo back and forth. In part, this is a cyber war behind the scenes. However, this is also about controlling the people, stealing everything they've got while putting the fear of god into them.

On the war front, the flames of war blaze high in Africa, as factions of the 'new world order criminals' battle it out for the invaluable, abundant resources. North Korea will likely rattle another big saber. Meanwhile, China and Japan go at each other like scrapping cats.

All the while, the clash of civilizations is being hyped non-stop. Iran becomes the focal point.

Also, the invisible invasions continue worldwide. For, the influx of non-regional populations is destroying the wealth of many nations.

On the tyranny-at-work front, worse and worse. For, the last decade police brutality has increased dramatically. This trend is being fostered to tear the country apart at the seams -- to bring about a bloodletting civil war, all by sinister design.

However, the top politico minions of the dark-side cabal are about to be spotlight-exposed bigtime. Watch for it. Yet, watch for coverups, and the propaganda-excuses of the Presstitute media.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: DoD Program 1033: Militarizing America’s Cops: Disturbing trend: D.C. ramps up militarization of police forces across nation

On the AWAKENING front, *the endgame against humanity: it's all about separating you from your soul* This realization floods the land, and tsunamis across the globe.

Now, this powerful AWAKENING becomes a mass consciousness movement that will trigger tide after tide of activism against the evil empire -- against Darth-Vader transhumanism -- and against ALL anti-human strategies.

Time to unplug the Terminator.

On the communication front, internet censorship gains steam globally. This, on top of everyone's cyber communication being NSA-monitored in real time.

Currently, phone companies are lobbying for ONLY internet connections, and the elimination of all landlines. Obviously, this is dangerous to the populationat large. Take down the cyber world and communication by phone will be obsolete.

Behind the scenes, Hacker Rebels battle back. And the BRAVE ONES create independent networks.

On the home front, a crack-bang week ahead as political and corporate corruption spills onto the public like an overflowing toilet. As a countermeasure, the lapdog media yaps 'yes sir' and covers up and/or viciously attacks the truthtellers.

Meanwhile, the anger of the people threatens to blow the lid off. Civil unrest, civil disobedience accelerates. Also, no surprise, crime hits new heights, given these times of economic hardship. Further, hardcore criminals are intentionally being loosed on Americans to justify bringing in the police state.

On the food front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Subway to Remove Shoe Rubber Chemical from Bread After Protest ~ USA Today | Immense pressure from food rights activist leads major chain to revise its ingredients list.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Monsanto CEO Admits they Need More Propaganda to Defeat GMO Activists ~ Christina Sarich | Welcome to the Monsanto-GMO lie apparatus.

As always, stock up on the best food you can find, as fast as you can.

On the energy front, once again, if you're not covered, look for ways to back up your energy source. Look into how to use and make alternative fuels.

Already there's talk about using 3-D printers to make what are now being called 'energy harvesting' devices. All power to those working under the radar to release these designs. Black-market them quickly.

On the really bad news front, during 2014 there are *plans* to release pandemic-type viruses designed to lower the elderly population. The baby boomers are next on the list.

Take care of your health, your  immune system in particular, and get out of the major cities.

On the good news front, this week the triumph of the human spirit comes into play, larger than ever before. With fast-paced, huge changes upon humanity at this point in history/herstory... with the gargantuan challenges facing humankind, many will stand tall, and bring forth the solutions most needed.

For, the world will never be the same again. The Piscean Age ship sails toward the final sunset. Much of what are considered to be the society norms, or societal expectation, now comes to an end -- alive only in the recorded past.

On the global mafia cabal front, like ravenous beast-monsters, now the cabal devours more of their own -- even faster than what has already been occurring. For, their foundation of blood-sacrifice evil is crashing -- beginning to claim them in its dark relentless jaws, in its abyss whirlpool.

However, the despotic plundering of the people goes into furious overdrive. In their campaign to establish a new feudal order, the Dark Viper Lords lay waste to the lands and steal all for themselves.

On the heroine and hero front, everyone who fights the good fight to save our food supply from being adulterated and chemically poisoned. You are saving the future of humankind.

On the freedom front, a complex situation is evolving at this turn-point in the revolution-evolution. While the demand for liberty firestorms across the world, at the same time, the cruel master of fascism becomes appealing to many.  This cancerous tumor in the body of humankind spreads, eating away at the substance of who we are, or who we could be -- our true unlimited potential.  Our future flying among the stars.

DECEPTION is the current game plan of the dark-side controllers. They are sell-promoing tyranny as humanity's only salvation, the only way to save Mother Earth. Such deception is the cowardly tool of the weak. For, that is their real secret, these 'psychopathic controllers' are the weak genetic link.

Further, the BRAVE ONES in Hollywood-Hollowood are in full rebellion. Stay tuned.

Trendwise, This ongoing trend from a previous forecast only skyrockets from this point forward:

"The Great Turning Away From the System ~ now droves of Americans turn their back on the establishment, and look for ways to improve and responsibly govern their own lives.

From a prior forecast: "As the year, 2013, comes to a furious and chaotic close, now looms the *year of the true renegade* -- those who will stop at nothing to win their independence from the establishment."

As well, remember this battle cry, from a previous forecast: " this time, embracing freedom becomes ever more popular. And, as stated before: the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

THIS WEEK: Look to the stars. Take time to gaze upon the starry celestial heavens. Also, look at your 'shoot for the stars' dreams within.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heart Mates or Rough Dates at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS

Guess what, shapeshifter lovers. Yes, we authors at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS are pulling together a week long celebration of Valentine's Day, from Monday, the 10th, to Sunday, the16th... Because who can resist heartfelt romance? Come on by for 'flashing scene' fun and ebook prizes.

To win just confide your best or worst Valentine's Day date.

Friday, February 7, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Stallion of Ash and Flame
Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day.

In honor of The Year of Horse, here are seven X-paragraphs from my stallion shapeshifter erotic romance, STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME. 


Wanting her entirely at his mercy before he hauled her off to her bedroom, he seized her butt cheeks, lifting her so she wrapped her beautifully shaped legs around him and pressed her hot, plump pussy more snugly against his shaft.

"Oh, god," she whimpered. "Your cock feels hard as steel." She strained, riding up and down his length as she could. "And hot as blazes."

"Blazing and ready for you," he growled like a mindless heathen.

"God, I hope you make it good." She paused, her untamed little pants singeing his neck. "I couldn't stand it if –"

"Better than you've ever had," he promised. Lowering his head, he seared his mouth down her breastbone until he nipped kisses over the warm apple-round swells of her breasts. God, he had to have her completely naked soon.

She arched back, her hands clinging to his upper arms, offering her breasts. Forcing her top downward with his chin, he planted frenzied kisses on as much of her bare skin as he could reach. He nibbled wildly over her succulent perfect curves. She tasted divine, and she tasted of Earth's fire, different than how the flames of his world tasted.

"Nipples," she moaned. "Please." Utterly impassioned, she clamped her thighs like a vise and bowed her back even more, thrusting her pebble-hard nipples toward his mouth.


For more of My Sexy Saturday



Drojovv Zyan of the V’Trailuc Realm is a man-stallion of ash and flame on a mission to save his world’s crucial Earth portal from the fires ravaging the National Forest surrounding it. Pretending to be the tracker, Trail, he settles in a small southeastern Arizona town. When he gets an eyeful of the beautiful ranch owner, Seneca, he stud lusts after the Earth human, a woman he’s not supposed to take as his Mate.

Trail leaves her alone until her brother is in a bad motorcycle accident and she needs a hired hand. Soon both of them are threatened by a whole horde of enemies. At all costs Trail must protect her. His world depends on it, her world depends on it. And his heart comes to depend on it.


Have a sexy magical Valentine's week ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

~~~ Trail and Seneca invite you to read their love story ~~~
STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME ~ Available from Siren-BookStrand ~ A man-stallion of ash and flame on a mission to save his world’s Earth portal must save his Mate, a human woman forbidden to him  ~ *5* Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews ~ Ebook and In Print ~ ~ ~

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Read Thursday

The blog muscle didn't want to flex this morning, so here's an entire chapter from one of my Talbot's Peak WIPs. If you squint between the lines, you might pick up some writing tips, so it still qualifies as a blog.

The gist: Out-of-work journalist Chloe Stevens comes to Talbot's Peak, Montana to write a romance novel. Because she's fixated on vampires, she doesn't realize Talbot's Peak is a shapeshifter settlement. She doesn't even catch on that the two guys she's with are wolf shifters. Hey, Lois Lane was an award-winning ace reporter, and she never figured out Clark Kent was Superman. Tunnel vision will do that to you.
# # #
Pietro twirled her across the dance floor. The music belonged to another century, yet somehow her feet knew the steps. She wanted to believe it was instinct, and not the horrible possibility Leonid Krasski had revealed to her. She would not accept it, although all the evidence pointed to the inevitable.

I’m not the reincarnation of his long-dead wife. I can’t be!

“Your mind’s wandering,” Pietro whispered in her ear. “Am I such a boring partner?”

Aramilla clung to him desperately. She didn’t want to be a vampire queen. Krasski had been nothing but kind to her, but she could not see herself in his arms. His chilly touch revolted her. Even now she imagined his eyes upon her, watching her dance with her guard, a man who stirred her heart as no other. A man sworn to obey the vampire king. A man who was technically dead.

A man who set her heart aflutter with a whispery laugh across her lips.

“So it’s excitement you crave, is it? Then what say we change the pace a bit?”

From the sedate, measured steps of the waltz he suddenly swung her into a wild ‘50s jitterbug. They swept across the floor like a couple of dervishes, the brooding Brando and his bobby-soxer, not so brooding now but laughing in abandon. The older vampires stopped dead, as it were, and stared at them in something close to shock. None moreso than Krasski, seeing his woman, his wife in theory if not fact, laugh in another man’s arms

 And a bare half-step behind him, the treacherous Haroun.

# # #

Now this was more like it, Chloe thought. This came a lot closer to her ideas of what small-town Montana should be like. Granted, there were more motorcycles parked out front than pickup trucks, and the music ran more toward rock than the expected country and Western. But this would give her a better vibe on Talbot’s Peak than a coffee shop or the diner or even the open streets. People let their hair down in bars, and inhibitions washed away under a stream of alcohol. The true nature of a town came out in its most popular bars.

Chloe’s impression of the nature of Talbot’s Peak could be summed up in one word: Weeeeiiiiirrrd.

Everything looked fine on the surface. The customers ate, drank, danced, made out with their partners and swore just like patrons in every halfway-decent bar across the country and probably several overseas. Chloe got an impression of a town that liked its fun and worked hard to play hard. Like tonight’s live band, a clearly local group. They had long hair, dressed in faux leopard skins and loincloths, and jumped around like a troop of baboons on speed. They seemed to favor Chili Peppers covers. Energy poured off them like sweat and practically held a gun to the audience’s heads, demanding they get up and dance. Which most of them did, sooner or later.

Only a handful of patrons stayed seated. They sipped their drinks and glowered at others with an intensity that prickled Chloe’s nape hairs. Jesus Pete, these people even brooded with gusto.

Trained to dig through deception, Chloe peered beneath the surface. Here was where the weird came into play. These people didn’t walk. They slouched, they stalked, they padded, they glided, in movements just a hair off human true. And the way they ate—Chloe had seen pit bulls gobble their meals with more finesse. These Peakers ate like they’d killed it themselves, and results of the next hunt might be iffy. There was quite a bit of stealing from each other’s plates. That’s where most of the swearing came in.

And they were watching her.

At first she tried to tell herself she was being paranoid. Hers was a new face in the bar. Naturally the regulars would want to check her out. It was the narrowed eyes and twitching noses and suspicious scowls that set her nerves on edge. Underneath the surface and off-human behavior she sensed a healthy distrust for outsiders. She, the living being, had walked into the vampires’ den, and the dead weren’t sending out the Welcome Wagon.

A wiry cowboy stalked past their table. He paused behind Chloe’s chair, and growled. No mistaking that sound for a mutter or a grunt. Dale tipped his hat back and showed his teeth. The cowboy uttered a genuine mutter and moved on.

Yeah. Weeeeiiiiirrrd.

Well, best defense and all. Chloe picked up her burger and ripped into it just like the diners at the tables around them. Was it her imagination, or did that bunch off to their left just relax a little?

“Now that’s what I like to see,” Ewan said. “A gal who enjoys a good meal.”

“It is good,” Chloe meant to say. With her mouth crammed full of grade-A beef, it came out more like itthood. Dale and Ewan seemed to catch the gist, because they smiled. Dale’s was more of a lip-twitch. Chloe counted that as forward progress.

What the hey, she might as well enjoy this. Her funds would be depleted soon, and she’d agreed to pick up the tab for this shindig. She began to understand why Peakers ate their food with such lusty desperation. What danger lurked in their collective background? What were they most afraid of?

Dale and Ewan didn’t look scared. Ewan downed hot wings and gulped brew like he hadn’t a care in the world. Dale’s glower had softened down to a glare. Maybe the drinks were helping.

What was up with this gloomy male deal? Every vampire Chloe had ever read about was brooding and secretive. Were there no happy vampires? Creatures of the night given to punking each other? Addicted to knock-knock jokes? Vampire stand-up comedians? She knew there was some kind of syndrome where people got depressed if they didn’t get enough sunlight. That might have a lot to do with it.

“Will you look at this,” Ewan said suddenly. “That’s Pepper Ames over there. And she’s alone. Slipped her brothers’ leash again. The sneaky little bitch.” He spoke the B-word with admiration. “I cannot let this pass by. You two’ll excuse me?” He bolted off his chair.

Chloe set down her burger with a big, fakey pout. “I thought I was the one who had your heart.”

“You do, m’love, you absolutely do. But she’s got my dick. I’ll be back whenever.” Ewan wove across the dance floor like a guided missile, dead set on target.

“He better act fast,” Dale said, with a chuckle in his voice that perked up Chloe’s ears. “I scented one of her cousins around. Her brothers’ll be here in short order, and they don’t like coy—” He snapped his jaw shut.

Chloe swallowed her latest too-big bite. “Scented? What do you mean, scented? What are you, Wolverine?”

“Cowboys,” Dale finished. “And I’m not a wolverine. Dukey Ames wears this really strong after shave. It’s tough to miss.”

Right. One random guy in a crowded bar puts on too much Old Spice, and Dale claims to notice it over the smells of booze, sweat, burgers and fries and close to a hundred bikers. She took a smaller, more thoughtful bite, watching him over the bun. Now who, outside of an X-Men movie, would have a sense of smell that sensitive? A vampire, perhaps?

Then again, there was that whole pesky she’d-seen-them-out-in-daylight thing. Chloe told herself she was being silly. Herself didn’t really buy it.

The hyperactive band took a break and a DJ took over. Two women in tight, spangly costumes slithered onto the stage and began an erotic dance routine. The males in the crowd howled their approval. Literally howled, in several cases.

“You okay?” Dale asked.

“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine.” Why, the big chivalrous galoot. He must have thought her startled reaction had been sparked by the dancers, not the howls. “I’ve been in a couple big cities. I’ve seen worse than this on the street.”

Not by much, though. The taller of the pair twined around her flame-haired partner like a snake squeezing in for the kill. Something about her set off Chloe’s journalistic radar. Those bare legs and arms looked just a tad too muscular, compared to the redhead’s slender limbs. Chloe automatically studied the taller dancer’s crotch. A costume that tight left no room for guesswork. There wasn’t even the hint of a bulge.

“Huh,” Chloe said. “I would have sworn … ”


“Nothing.” She turned her attention back to her burger. It really was excellent, and might be the last decent meal she indulged in for awhile.

“So,” Dale started, and stopped. He coughed. Took a sip of his drink. Rubbed the back of his neck. “You’re a writer.”

“Yup. Do I write smut? Also yup. In the business we call it ‘erotica.’ That doesn’t make me a pervert. I write for an existing and very hungry market, and because I enjoy it.” She gave him a honey-laced smile. “Are you okay?”

“’Course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?” His voice had gone back to a growl. “It’s just sex. Nothing wrong with sex. You’re allowed to write what you want.”

“I’m so happy to have your permission. So, how’d you like my excerpt?”

“It was an eye-opener, that’s for sure. But vampires? Seriously? C’mon. How’s a dead body supposed to do all that? Granted, they got the stiff part down, but that’s it.”

“It’s a fantasy. A fairy tale for grown-ups.” Chloe leaned across the table, enjoying his discomfiture. “Isn’t that true of all romance?”

“Damn dead bodies,” Dale muttered. He rubbed his neck again. “It just ain’t natural.”

“That’s why we call it fiction.” Poor big, macho baby. He’d probably never read a romance in his life. She’d bet her favorite writing pen they were all Elmore Leonard groupies up here. “You’re supposed to read it to escape real life. The fantasy gives us hope.”

“For what? That a corpse can get it up?”

“That eternal love exists, and we can have it. We just have to find the right—”

She choked off. Her stare shot over Dale’s right shoulder and froze solid. His muscles tightened up, then loosened, like he was getting ready to spring. “What is it?” he hissed.

“It’s him. Behind you.” In the gloom at the back of the room, the man’s pallid skin glowed like a ghost. “The guy from the coffee shop. The big Russian.” Leonid Krasski. Panic had driven his real name out of her head.

“Who, Sergei?” Dale twisted around.

“Don’t look right at him! Geez!”

“Hey, relax. Ten to one he ain’t here for us. He’s sweet on Gypsy.” He nodded toward the stage.

Chloe peered back over her shoulder. While she’d had her back turned the taller dancer had left the stage. The redhead now moved in slow, sinuous steps with a big snake draped around her shoulders. Chloe shuddered and looked away. Better to look at the scary Russian guy. He creeped her out, but less.

In spite of the crowd crammed into the room, he had his little corner all to himself. His white hair poured over his shoulders like a fall of snow. He had a beer stein clasped in his enormous, colorless paw. Even sitting, he towered.

His gaze appeared to shift in her direction.

Chloe jerked her burger up to her face for cover. “He’s looking at us.”

“Doubt that,” Dale said calmly. “When Gypsy’s up on stage he don’t see nobody but her.”

Uncertain, Chloe steeled herself for a quick glance at the woman and the big icky snake, then another at man-mountain Sergei. The sight lines did seem to match up. “Does she know? I mean, he’s not stalking her, is he?”

“Seems to be a mutual attraction, far as anyone can tell. If Gypsy wasn’t interested, she’d let him know and make it stick. She’s a lot tougher than she looks.”

She looked plenty tough from where Chloe was sitting. Any woman who’d voluntarily put a snake that size around her neck clearly had guts to spare. “So he’s here a lot. Him being here has nothing to do with you or me.”

“That about sums it up.”

“You must be here a lot too, if you know that.”

“Ewan and me, we stop in. Not too many fun places in Talbot’s Peak. You may have noticed what a small town this is.”

“What kind of fun are we talking?”

“Well, uh … ” He took a hasty drink.

“Never mind.” Unable to look directly at Sergei and unwilling to look at the snake, Chloe looked around and found Ewan. He had his own erotic gyrations going on with a laughing brunette who probably wasn’t as old as her ID said she was. He had no trouble finding fun. Given the undead’s penchant for brooding, he’d make a terrible vampire.

Of course! That’s what had been bothering her about Ewan’s fictional counterpart. He was too vital, too full of life to be a vampire. He was Lars, Pietro’s faithful human friend. A descendant of Vikings, hot-blooded man from the frozen north, loud, boisterous and loyal unto death. While his joyful vibrancy appealed to Aramilla, it was Pietro’s dark, mysterious nature that drew her in. Pietro was a puzzle that demanded solving, and Aramilla had never learned the wisdom of letting a mystery lie.

She dove for her purse. Dale sat up. “Now what?”

“Nothing,” Chloe murmured, digging into her bag. “I have to get this down. It’ll only take a sec.” She whipped out a pen and a pocket-sized notebook and scribbled madly.

“What are you writing?” Dale demanded. His tone turned wary. “Not another sex scene, is it?”

“No. Why?” She stabbed him with her gaze. Her pen hesitated only a second before it continued to scrawl. “You want it to be?”

“Lemme see that.” He grabbed for the notebook.

Chloe grabbed for his wrist. “Try it and I’ll knock you on your butt again. I’m just making background notes. It’s not all about you. Geez.” Dale growl-muttered something. “Excuse me?”

“I said, the last one was.”

“What last—oh.” Her two missing pages. Pietro and Aramilla and what they’d been doing. Pietro’s physical description had been a bit on-the-nose. What excuse could she offer, other than this was a draft?

“Sorry,” she said. “You’re the first real cowboy I’ve ever seen up close. Cowboys are huge in romance. Bigger than vampires even. I never expected you’d read it. You want me to change the description? He already has different colored eyes. Nobody has to know it’s you. Nobody will know it’s you. Unless … ” She peered at him narrowly. “You’re not some millionaire or celebrity in hiding or something like that, are you? Somebody famous undercover?” Or something supernatural, masking his inhuman origins?

“Hardly. I ain’t dead, either. And I don’t do things like—like what them two was doing.”

“You don’t like sex?”

“No. Yes. No! Lupa bite it. Some things are just better left off the page, that’s all I’m saying.”

“Who’s Lupa?” Dale didn’t answer. Well, fine. When she got to the next sex scene she’d pull out all the stops, and use it for promo. That’d show him.

“What about Ewan?” Dale asked. “He in there? Him and me, we don’t do anything together, do we?”

“Not so far,” she said. She couldn’t stop her wicked grin. “But I’m only up to Chapter 5.”

He looked so stricken she put down her pen and laid her fingers over his wrist. “Okay. I’ll leave that part out. If you want, I’ll leave you out. Aramilla’s not me, either. I don’t do half the stuff I write about. Less than half. It’s just that acrobatics read better. The hotter the sex scenes, the better the sales. I really want to sell this. I almost have to. I’ve been out of a job for a couple weeks now. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. This is my shot.” She couldn’t tell if he was buying this quasi-apology or not. “Come on. Nobody has sex like they do in books. It’s all about the fantasy.”

“Real life does tend to suck a lot,” he said, so wearily she wondered what or who he might be reliving behind those treasure-trove eyes. “Is that what you women think about all the time? Sex with vampires?”

“It’s not always vampires. Sometimes it’s cowboys or firemen. I thought sex in general was all men thought about.”

“Some men.” He shot a significant stare in Ewan’s direction. Chloe giggled. No arguments there.

The heavy, driving beats of the previous songs were replaced by a slow, relaxed number. Ewan and his current amour continued to writhe, just at a more relaxed pace. Chloe looked on enviously. “You want to dance?” she asked Dale.

She expected a no, but he surprised her with an affirmative grunt. When she started to get up, he hopped off his chair to take her hands and guide her to her feet. Human, cowboy, vampire or whatever, he was definitely a gentleman at heart.

Though not much of a dancer. His feet moved all over, sometimes on hers, sometimes on the floor. Their stumbles didn’t endear them to the other couples, who made their displeasure known with bared teeth and bestial snarls. “Just stand there and sway,” Chloe suggested. “I’ll hang on.”

Dale sighed his relief. “Works for me.”

So it wasn’t much of a dance. It kept them in one place and safe from their nearest neighbors’ personal space. It also gave Chloe an added chance to take in the ambiance. Dale wasn’t the only uncomfortable male on the floor. Tension rose in little pockets all around them, from males clearly more accustomed to more violent physical action. A biker bar just wasn’t the place for a slow dance, but Chloe gave them credit for trying.

Tension of another sort bloomed in response to the dance. Chloe watched, fascinated, as it unfolded beyond Dale’s left shoulder. “Something interesting happening back there?” he murmured, amused.

“I’ll say.” Chloe shifted them around so he could take a look.

With her number finished the dancer, Gypsy, had thrown a kimono over her costume and joined Sergei at the back of the room. They danced together now, a slow and stately waltz that was nevertheless as erotically charged as Ewan and his girl’s suggestive moves. She pressed against his chest while his arm possessively curved around her tiny waist. She laughed up at him, her hair a rush of fire, his a stream of ice. Given his height and her petiteness, they couldn’t kiss unless he bent. He teased her with a little dip, but kept his lips out of her reach. She pouted up at him and kissed what she could get to, the white skin exposed by the open collar of his coat. Her fingers twined in his hair. He buried his fingers in hers.

“He loves her,” Chloe muttered in wonder. “The big iceberg is in love with her.”

Inspiration crashed into her writer’s brain with brutal, exhilarating speed. Leonid Krasski, deadly king vampire, had loved a mortal woman. A dancer, who looked and moved and loved like fire. He’d adored her with all his undead heart, but lost her. How? If he’d been human at the time, his humanity had burned away with the death of his wife. Until he found her again, or thought he had, reborn in Aramilla.

Chloe knew exactly now what Aramilla looked like, how she would walk and stand and especially dance, how she would smile and her eyes would sparkle in the presence of her only love. It was all playing out right before her eyes. Just like in a book, but way better.

She sighed and rested her head against Dale’s shoulder with a silly grin on her face. “I love it when the fantasy comes true.” The journalist in her twitched. “I should probably write this down.”

“So we’re done dancing?” Dale asked hopefully.

“Yeah, I guess—” Chloe broke off.

When the hell had their bodies got so close? When had she locked her arms around his neck? How had his mouth snuck up on hers without her noticing? Their faces were so close their breath mingled. He smelled like a pine forest, dark and spicy and full of wild animals, most of them unfriendly to humans.

His eyes were not Pietro’s, but they were still deep as the sea. Could a woman drown in gold? Chloe wondered, even as she sank.

He looked just as surprised as she felt, but he didn’t pull away. One little fraction of an inch and their lips would come together. All she need do was lean in to close the gap.

“Dale.” Ewan popped up beside them. He stared at her like he’d forgotten her name, then snapped his fingers. “Chloe. That flea-bus Dukey called in Pepper’s brothers. They’re on their way here. We gotta go.”

Dale didn’t exactly let go of her, but he did put air between them. Chloe sensed the moment was over. “What do you mean, we?”

“I mean they know we run together, so they’ll pound you just on principle.” He touched the brim of his hat to Chloe. “Sorry, sweetie. Gotta cut this date short.”

Chloe paid the tab and they made a hasty exit. Shelling out for the meal hurt her wallet, but the loss of Dale’s arms around her hit harder. I didn’t even have a drink, she thought. What the flaming fug?

Never mind. She buried the sense of abandonment under the need to get home and get to work on her next chapter, while the image of Krasski and his one true love remained fresh in her head. She’d come to Talbot’s Peak to write a book, after all, not fall for a cowboy. Even one who might be a vampire.

Dale saw her to her car, and held the door while she climbed in behind the wheel. He didn’t shut it until she’d buckled in. “You gonna be okay to drive?” he asked.

“No prob,” she said, and there wasn’t. Knowing she’d have to drive later—and realizing she was heading out to some bar in the boonies with two men she barely knew—Chloe had restricted her liquid intake to water and soft drinks. She didn’t know what Dale and Ewan had been gulping down all night, but she was pretty sure it hadn’t been soft. “What about you?”

“We’re covered,” Ewan assured her. She hadn’t even noticed he’d followed them. “Dante knows us. He has rooms. We’ll have to check those out next time we’re here. Did I give you my number yet?”

“I’ve got your number, all right,” Chloe said. Dale was a tougher mystery to crack. “Well. I … guess I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah.” Dale looked at the ground. Ewan stared around the parking lot. All of a sudden a pickup truck, crowded cab to bed with scowling, dark-haired men, roared up to the bar. Ewan abruptly disappeared.

“You sure you’re going to be all right?” Chloe asked.

“We’ll be fine. Dante won’t let things get out of hand. You take care of yourself. Watch out for … ” He flicked his tongue over his lower lip. “Vampires.”

“I’ve got garlic in the glove box,” she assured him. No, he wasn’t going to kiss her. So she kissed him, a quick grab to his shirt, a jerk, and a peck on the lips. “That’s for the dance,” she said. She put the car in gear and shot out of the lot before he could react.

Once on the road she felt free enough to ask herself, What the hell was that about? She didn’t know the guy. He couldn’t dance. He might be something paranormal or, even worse than that, married. He acted like he had something against writers, which would definitely be a problem. If he couldn’t see the allure of vampires, well, that was his own loss.

He’d tasted nice, though, even though he smelled scary. And she wasn’t about to argue with the way she’d felt in his arms. Safe, protected. She hadn’t even been afraid of Sergei while Pietro/Dale stood between them. She had seen her Aramilla, and understood now how Aramilla felt in the arms of the man she loved.

She realized she was grinning like a maniac, and wiped the grin off her face. Forget that, she thought. Forget about him for now. You’ve got a book to work on. And more. Chloe floored the pedal, unsettled at the thought that the dance between them might not be finished after all.