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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 30, 2014

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Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #304 

The Right to Freedom and Dignity for ALL... the double standard revealed.

This week, the Divine blazes the cosmic spotlight on those in the public eye... those foul ones on the world stage... who grandstand and profess to believe in these 'wholly' rights. For, their time is coming to an end.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' whip and slice their mighty lightblades destorying one Viper-magician deception after another. In part, this will appear as more murky-brutal chaos on the world scene.

Yet, out of this is REVEALED the endgame of the black-hearted ones -- those who are behind the scenes running the show called the world. For now, their masks are being ripped away ever more swiftly.

Also, from this point forward, Divine Light will glare like an exploding sun on the movement called transhumanism -- which is the planned slaughter of the human soul.

On the personal front, this week begins a new period that is subtly unlike any humankind has experienced before. This is about the heart center to put it simply.

On a more complex note, compassion... acts of compassion... now rise as never before. Simultaneously, the lack of compassion and a greater brutality also occurs with greater frequency.

Expansion or constriction of the heart, that is Aquarian Age cosmic game for humanity. This powerful dynamic will likely be reflected in ALL of your personal relationships at this time.

It will be wise to be, and to stay, in touch with your compassionate side, as well as paying close attention to others around you. For, you must discern what they are choosing, expansion or constriction.

On the paranormal front, BIGFOOT rules, and the rise of Mars Awareness continues. Meanwhile, UFOs crowd the skies, and the alien agenda is sold by the Media Industrial Complex. That is, from a past forecast: "The message: the alien gods are here. Bow down, people of Earth."

BLURB: Patterson Bigfoot Film Enhanced ~ Film analyst M.K. Davis has run the Patterson–Gimlin film through his ultra high stabilization process and produced video of rather startling clarity. The camera work is less shaky and details of the creature, known as "Patty," are much clearer than in the original footage. Check it out here.

Is THIS Bigfoot? Virginia man who claims he first saw the Sasquatch 25 years ago uploads photos of new encounter - and says 'you be the judge' ~ A man has claimed he has new pictures of the elusive Bigfoot, taken this weekend on the eastern coast of the U.S.
Randy O'Neal, 40, posted the Sasquatch photographs online, which he says his father took on a camera phone this weekend near the Intracoastal Highway in Virginia.
He also suggests that the video could prove an encounter he had with the beast 25 years previously, which neither he nor his family have ever been able to prove.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Retired Marine claims he spent 17 years on Mars protecting 5 human colonies from Martians ~ The retired officer, known only as Captain Kaye, also claims to have served in a secret 'space fleet' run by a multinational organization. 

On the land changes front, from the prior forecast: "supercharged weather and land-change events, some catastrophic, are in the near future. For, the Earth is energetically accelerating toward reinventing herself.

Also, the Sun, the Great Lion Star, is altering the solar system. The cosmic time is here. Prepare for massive changes on the planet down the road."

Further, earthquakes will shake, rattle, and roll the planet bigger and badder than before. Many of these quakes will be deeper than ever recorded.

On the AWAKENING front, the initiation begins. That is, the GOLDEN AWARENESS or the higher activation of humankind leaps to another level. This will appear as a greater wisdom, as knowledge that is unlearned yet KNOWN.

As well, this week is about a state of joy which transcends what is often called happiness. This joy of the spirit is from Mother Nature herself, and can only be experienced in a natural setting -- as in enjoying the flowers and trees, and any of the wild critters who enter your soul's space. Enjoy.

On the economic front, as amazing innovation on a small scale ramps up, meanwhile the national and global economy continues its overall down slide into a hellish, bottomless pit -- all by Machiavellian design of the Shadow Viper elite, and their bankster gangster minions.

Given any established government can print their own fiat currency, then provide loans to the people, thus building a flourishing economy -- on the face of it, not doing so, is an inhumane crime of gigantic proportions.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to create/build your own local economy. Fair trade and barter are the needed foundations for a high level of prosperity.

At this time, extreme creativity, and a community of like-minded people, are the 'watchwords' for overcoming this enslaving economic war against the people -- especially as the global cashless system is forced upon us via convenience and "isn't this trendy cool?". 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pay with your phone-THE ISIS WALLET With the Isis Wallet you can pay in more places, using a range of participating payment cards, on many of T-Mobile’s latest and most popular smartphones." 

On the truth front, in the bash-boom-bang information war between the truthtellers and the dark-side's dis-info agents, TRUTH now becomes the most prized of prizes. This is because infiltration and the mud-slinging accelerates to hyperspeed. Thus, massive smokescreens of misinformation are being loosed moment by moment upon the public, using the internet's spider-web reach.

To sort out the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to the all-out information war, look to your inner power of discernment. If anything smells 'fishy' find out as much as you can before deciding on the possible 'truth' of a matter. For, this is critical at this point in history/herstory.

On the war front, behind the dark-sider scene: the weather wars, the earthquake wars -- ongoing for decades -- now explodes, as the various Viper-elite factions pummel each other's territories. However, some of this gods-of-old warfare will be shut down by the BENEVOLENT forces.

Meanwhile, the war fronts in Africa will be increased. Also, this foreign invasion become fiercer, and even more heinously inhumane.

Also, the bloody cauldron of war, and the slaughter of the innocent, that is currently the Middle East, will spill over into a battle situation that is wholly unexpected by the dark-side global elite. This means, these super psycho predators will scramble, and seek ways to get back to their take-over-the-world endgame. However, they will fail.

Further, activism against war continues to firestorm across the whole planet. NO MORE WAR becomes the mantra for greater numbers of the people as the year progresses toward its climactic endpoint.

On the tyranny-at-work front, now begins the big brother-agendized war on home churches, or on those who simply worship with others inside their homes. Already in various cities/towns there are codes, rules, regulations, etc. against congregating for the purpose of religious study and worship. And/or holding meetings for any reason at all.

Down the road, this massive, jackboot oppression will only spark an enormous spiritual revolutionary movement. Thus, the Divine powers within us ALL will be realized and released by many more of us.

On the communication front, an odd duck week ahead on the personal level. Be prepared for some miscommunications. Clear them up as soon as possible, and endeavor to make yourself crystal clear -- especially when dealing with business situations.

Also, several communication breakdowns are likely in the cyber, edevice realm.  How precisely this will play out is not clear at this point -- whether virus, a sun flare CME, a cyber attack, or another type of tech glitch. Be prepared.

On the home front, the southern, border war crisis escalates beyond all measure during the coming weeks. While the soul-corrupt politicos hide behind impoverished children and unconscionably use them to stay in power, many of the people gather and stand tall, saying NO MORE.

This STAND at the border rapidly increases in momentum. For, the people have become 'the prey' in their own land.

On the food front, big doings this week, and into the summer months. For, the battle is here to keep and continue organic farming.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big Government To Outlaw Organic Farming? ~ For hundreds and thousands of years, farmers have applied manure and compost to their crops, using a time-tested method that produces a bountiful harvest using sustainable methods. But that could come to an end soon due to a proposed rule ..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto Tries to Patent & Control Natural, Non-GMO Tomatoes ~ Christina Sarich | An appalling attempt to patent yet another seed.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "GMOs Shown to be Safe? Science Media Center Exposed for Incredible GMO Deceit ~ Christina Sarich | Real scientific research isn’t supposed to be political.

On the energy front, featuring Sterling D. Allan, a guest on

BLURB: "...STERLING D. ALLAN, CEO of PES Network, and Founder of the New Energy Congress discusses free energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, and other technologies. He will explain breakthroughs in these new technologies and the need for a shift in consciousness to change our current wasteful energy paradigm.
Websites: &
DVD: Alternative Power  
Articles of Interest: Luxury-Sea Boat Generates Electricity from Ocean Water, Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies, Conventional and Exotic "Free Energy" Genres, Waking Up is Hard to Do
Videos: Sterling Allan visits Keppe Motor, Sterling Allan visits Steorn's Facility in Dublin Ireland
Website of Mention:
To listen to Sterling Allan's new radio show on Rense go here:  

On the really bad news front, currently the freedom to travel is being shut done one diabolical step after another. Tyranny is in full swing, and every method and manner of traveling is being controlled -- to be eventually managed out of existence.

To understand this in some context, simply compare your freedom to travel during the 90s, as compared to now. Even with this *slowly boiling the frog in the pot* approach, the people are WAKING UP.

Out of this, rebellion is sparked across the land. For, a lot of the people will not accept being endlessly herded by gov agencies. Also, the RENEGADE MECHANICS become extremely innovative, ultimately building terrestrial and flying machines.

On the good news front, overall, the human spirit races forth on flying hooves at this defining point in cosmic time. This means, in part, the artist soul continues to break free, and gallops at breakneck speed, thus, forming a future worth living.

The more humankind now taps into their super creativity, a natural ability within everyone, the faster we will claim the DIVINE GOOD that belongs to all of us.

On the global mafia cabal front, at some levels, the 'dark-side powers that be' are tearing themselves apart. They believe this is necessary to be kings-queens of the world. However, their delusion born out of the black souls will ultimately benefit humankind.

In the meantime, the berserker insanity continues against anyone they consider to be in their 'royal' path, and ALL of humanity. As stated before, the dark-side globalist's 'scorch and destroy' policy includes Mother Earth herself -- given the Viper elite believe they have the means to escape Earth.

However, this is also a carefully crafted delusion by the Sacred to bring about their final destruction.

On the heroine front, all the women and girls who have taken steps to protect themselves in these times... and all the women and girls who are learning how to defend themselves, and their loved ones.

On the hero front, Dr. William Pawluk ... Blurb: "In this YouTube clip from the film, Healing With Frequencies, Dr. William Pawluk talks about his goal of self-sufficiency when treating patients and why he chooses to heal with magnetic field therapy. "Magnetic fields work at the level of the cell injury to help the physiology rebalance itself," he explains. Dr. Pawluk recommends devices manufactured in Germany or Switzerland, as those countries have a certain expertise in producing such equipment." 

On the freedom front, on several fronts, the rise of woman as they take charge far beyond what has already happened in the battle for freedom. During the summer months, this becomes all too evident as activism soars, and gets real serious, real fast.

For, the renegade cowgirl rides full tilt to make all wrongs right. The woman warrior rises on savage wings in defense of the innocent. And the inner goddess breaks free, determined to build a renaissance-paradise world for ALL.

Trendwise, Tesla Mania is Here... Like Beatlemania, the energy technology and healing applications innovated and invented by Nikola Tesla now sweeps worldwide. Unstoppable.

Search info: "TeslaMania 2014 – Nikola Tesla Festival and Expo Four Days to Celebrate the Visions, Inventions and Life of Nikola Tesla; Thurs July 10. Tesla Science Expo at the Ontario Science Center; Sat July 12..." 

However, keep a wary eye out. For, the corrupt psychopaths who rule the Medical Industrial Complex and the Oil Cartels are ferociously battling to stop this humane and enlightened way of living, of helping others. As they have always done. Beware of their CIRCUS CIRCUS propaganda.

THIS WEEK, joy is in the details. Notice those small moments when joy surges within you, then fills you. Notice when life reaches out with love.  

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ Murder By Hair Spray In Gardenia, New Atlantis

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

I've had a love affair with the idea of Atlantis ever since learning about the antediluvian land as a young teenager. However, what really intrigued me as well was... what if Atlantis rose once again? Thus, my futuristic suspense, and the erotic love story between Sheriff Kalypso and her hero, Agent Zryphus, was born.

Here are seven paragraphs from Chapter One:

"Sheriff." The man's voice commanded first, and announced his presence second. "Sheriff Kalypso Sun Wing."

"Yeah, that's me." Turning, Kalypso's gaze gave no quarter, hard as diamonds on the outsider. "Agent...?" Dang it to hang, he was a tall and broad drink of water. She'd expected the usual tight-ass wimp, with grim lips and eyes that were mirrors, reflecting nothing but the orders he’d been given. No, this man burned with sheer vitality. His gaze assessed, a damn force of nature. She'd bet if she struck a match and tossed it toward his eyes, they would sizzle like her birthday candles, then explode at his will. Yep, he was definitely a whole load of nano dynamite, unlit.

"Agent Zryphus Dolen Vasquoz," he answered. "Give me your evidence retrieval. I'll take over from here."

Audible gasps burst from Anna and Dr. Victoria at the man's patriarchal and patronizing tone.

"No, you won't, Agent Vasquoz. You're here at my invitation. Only. You follow my rules or you don't get to play 'Find the Hair Spray Killer'. Do you understand?"

"Wowzi Powzie," Deputy Anna whispered, watching her vid screen light up with the sparks flying between the Sheriff and the outsider Agent.

"It's a Federal Union case, Sheriff. I have priority investigation." The Agent's gravelly deep voice filled the entire room.


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Have a sexy magical week ~


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How to Write Like a Pantser

Today, class, we’ll be discussing pantsers and their creative process. By the end of this blog you will be able to call yourself a writer. Not necessarily a good writer, mind, but you’ll be able to fulfill the basic definition.

Writers are divided into two subspecies: pantsers and plotters. Plotters are the ones who outline. They plan out every twist and turn of their stories before they commit a single word of fiction to paper or screen. Writing goes faster for them because they don’t have to sweat over what comes next. They always know where the story’s heading and how it’s going to wind up. For example, J. K. Rowling wrote the ending to the Harry Potter series first, then wrote seven entire books with this one scene as the ultimate goal. Now that’s what I call a plotter.

Pantsers, like Nike, subscribe to the motto “Just do it.” You get an idea. You sit down and write it, sometimes with planning, most often not. You may or may not know how your story ends when you start it. Pantsing is like driving on a twisty back road. You’ve never been on it before, every curve brings a new surprise, and you have no idea where it’s going but that doesn’t matter because it has to end up somewhere eventually. Might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. Pantsing your way through a book is the easiest thing in the world.

Until one of those impulsive turns takes you into a wall. Then the hair-tearing begins. Pantsing your way through a book is sheer insanity.

Why would anybody subject themselves to this? Because the fun lies in trying to figure out what happens next. It’s no fun at all when you’re in the middle of it. Once you’re past the roadblock, though, you can look back and go, “That was easier than I thought.” More likely you’ll think, “Jesus, that thing was a bitch. Next time I’m writing an outline.” But outlines leach away all the surprises. Where’s the fun in that?

The best part of being a pantser is the adrenaline rush. You write yourself into a corner. Writing yourself out again becomes the challenge. Montana McCullen is trapped in the crypt and the walls are closing in. Oh, and she’s bleeding from that gunshot wound from the bad guy who didn’t exist when you sat down to write this morning and surprised you with his presence—and his aim—as much as he did Montana. In ten minutes you won’t have a protagonist any more. What do you do?

Swear a lot and drink something, preferably with caffeine in it. Then do your job and get the poor girl the hell out of there. You can do it! You’re a writer!

I run into this a lot in the course of creating a story. I learned a long time ago not to wait for inspiration. Inspiration hits me while I’m working. If I want my muse to show up, I have to make it worth her time. These last-second flashes of genius have led to hours of plot frustration, sweat, inventive swearing and gallons of Coca-Cola consumed. Was it worth it? That’s up to the readers.

A couple for instances: I was writing a fantasy story where the heroes had to get to the bad guy’s castle, but thanks to magic couldn’t reach it. They’d head toward it only to find themselves farther away. “There’s a trick to it,” said one of the locals. I stopped dead and stared at the screen. “There is?” I muttered. “Nobody told me.” The story came to a halt for awhile so I could figure out what the trick was. Eventually the answer (it was deceptively simple) occurred to me. The rest of the story followed without incident.

More recently I hit a snag in the serial story I’ve been writing over on Shapeshifter Seductions. The good guys have found the bad guy’s secret underground laboratory, hidden under a miniature golf course. Where’s the door’s locking mechanism? That paragraph of the hero considering and discarding ideas is Writer Me thinking on paper, trying to come up with a way out of the dead end I just wrote myself into. On top of that, I was suffering from a bout of the runs at the time, and had to abandon the blog every few minutes to dash to the toilet. One of those sprints must have jogged the ol’ brain, because I came up with an answer. You can read it all here. (I can do links now! Yay!)

For the record, I do use outlines, or partial outlines, but I keep them mostly in my head. Sometimes I’ll write them down if I get stuck. They’re general things, along the lines of, “Billy needs to get to Santa Fe. He doesn’t have enough money for a bus, so he steals a car. Eventually he gets there.” Everything in between I’ll figure out while I’m writing, including what happens between him and the girl he stole the car from, the one now travelling to Santa Fe with him. See, it’s working already.

It doesn’t always. Having no road map means a lot of dead ends and abandoned stories. Not to mention the rewriting, because once you’re done you have to go back and clean things up so all those “inspirations” make sense. I usually write at least three drafts. I’ll bet a really good plotter only needs one. Wonder how many outlines they write?

I should try the outline thing. That sounds like a great way to put off the actual writing. Procrastination and I are old drinking buddies. Mr. ‘Crast hates it when I pants.

So you want to be a writer? Sit down and start writing. See where your story goes and where it ends up. Let me know what happens.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 23, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #303

The theme this week: The Dark-side Controllers Fight to Monopolize the Megaphone of Reality... for, worldwide, they are losing all support.

On the land changes front, supercharged weather and land-change events, some catastrophic, are in the near future. For, the Earth is energetically accelerating toward reinventing herself.

Also, the Sun, the Great Lion Star, is altering the solar system. The cosmic time is here. Prepare for massive changes on the planet down the road.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Seismic flare-ups leave scientists searching for answers: But volcanoes seem to be waking up all across the chain. Shishaldin, Cleveland and Veniaminoff in the eastern and central Aleutians have been on alert for months now..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "World’s largest active volcano shows signs of life in Hawaii ~ Reuters | The world’s largest active volcano, has rumbled back to life in Hawaii."

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' ruthlessly cut and swipe through the blackest sorcery of the Viper magicians. For now, their mighty lightblades sling this evil mud back onto those who have perpetuated this soulless conjuring. Around these black-hearted Vipers grows a darkness that will be witnessed more and more by ALL.

The witnessing... this will be key to how the world's future is shaped, rearranged, and universally changed. Because destiny will be in the hands of those who are on the heart-centered path.

On the personal front, again, a challenging week ahead for many of us as more CHANGES barrel down upon us. However, opportunity also shines bright as the full moon. This will likely be by making key connections with others... those who are in our lives now... as well as those we meet for the first time. For, 'good-good vibe' connections are 'the path' in the Aquarian Age.

Further, this week is about organizing one part of your life. This 'could' be around finances, or simply how you spend your energy.

On the paranormal front, this week, the Other Side, as it's known, will initiate contact. That is, more of us will receive communications from loved ones who have passed over. Or, our pets on the other side will show up in etheric form, and/or in our dreams.

This 'contact' is crucial at this point in time. For, the merging of the other-side dimension with the Earth plane now accelerates. Since ALL is frequency-based, this will assist in bringing about a new, brighter ascension for every being.

However, CONTACT can be a double-edged sword. Take precautions to only allow this type of contact with loved ones, with higher beings who have your best interests at heart. For, the lower entities are on the loose.

Further, on a fun-serious note: HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Aloha, aliens: Landing pad for extra terrestrials in Kalapana ~ A UFO landing pad and star visitor sanctuary is set to be dedicated Friday on land accreted by the 1983 lava flow fronting Uncle Robert’s Kawa Bar in Kalapana. — Hawaii Tribune Herald"

On the AWAKENING front, humanity is now being bombarded by the higher spiritual energies, especially around becoming a true 'free spirit'. For, here it comes, this deep-soul REALIZATION: there is no limit to freedom when all voices are heard.

As well, the overall AWAKENING of humankind continues to firestorm across the world. This can be observed most easily in how often the people -- all over the planet -- refuse to be corralled by 'societal programming'.

On the economic front, comes the great cascade of the domino-rigged economy. This ramps up during the summer months in the major cities. Or, as the stock market rises, the Depression deepens.

At this point in history, the bankster-gangster minions of the establishment will lose control of the money monster they have greedily designed. Thus, all chaos-heck breaks loose in some sectors of society. This won't be fun.

However, this chaos also means there is a wild-west OPPORTUNITY to create your local economy anew, to make it viable and rich and free-flowing. For, humanity is endlessly creative, inventive, and innovative. It merely takes good will toward ALL, and perspiration.

On the truth front, the forecast from the past week only trends bigger and badder: "MEGA-HUGE *TRUTHS* bombast the world. That is, for those with the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the willingness to KNOW.

Trial and tribulation by TRUTH is here. For, the enormous amount of 'truths' that have been hidden from humanity are being REVEALED -- especially our true past on Earth.

Also, look for more military- industrial-complex CORRUPTION and SCANDALS to hit the news, even the presstitute media. For, the stench is overwhelming at this point in history."

On the war front, the endless conflict and wars being played out on the world-stage chessboard are currently being used as the Great Circus-Circus Distraction. Hey! Fear this terror-war over here, but don't dare look at the collapse-decline of your community -- at your individual life and that of your neighbors in the ever-falling economy.

At this time, the Russian Bear goes head to fang to claw with one super faction of the new world order criminals. This will get ugly fast. However, good angels side with those who battle on the right side of history.

This week, look for the war move-countermoves of the Viper elite. Because human life means nothing to them -- except as blood sacrifices to their god.

On the tyranny-at-work front, now *false flag* events become a dime a dozen as the dark-side controllers do all in their power to herd the people into imprisoning corrals, and take away their means of defense. Sadly, as the year progresses, these false-flag attacks will 'likely' target schools, shopping areas, sporting events, and transportation hubs.

HOWEVER, exposing the real culprits via the now-dominant alternative media -- also the prayers and the collective will of the people -- can stop many of these horrific events. Let it be so.

On the communication front, The Brutal March of Censorship is Here ... new web programs block 'controversial' sites for military personnel, at libraries, and schools. For, the dark-side controllers want you to exist in the darkness of their lies and manufactured deception -- where intelligence and the beauty of the soul cease to exist.

For, these behind-the-scene vipers want you to depend on their false versions of the truth. East is West. South is North. And two plus two equals five.

On the home front, the drug-cartel border war rages, and has been more lethal than the number of troops lost in Afghanistan. Now, in the latest move by the 'new world order' controllers, the southern border has been opened, the border patrol pulled. It's open season on the county.

Say "bye, bye, Miss American Pie."

On the food front, with the superstorms of life upon us, as well as skyrocketing food prices, it's always wise to stock up fast as possible. Also, more of the people WAKE UP to this planned, sinister orchestration of reducing the overall food supply in America, while gutting the dollar of even more value. Beware, take care, and prepare.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Awesome: Oregon Aims to Be First State to Map GMO Fields ~ Christina Sarich | After reading this article, you just may be willing to move to Oregon – the state that just keeps getting better and better."

On the energy front, with precision-guided evil, clean-burning power plants are being forced to shut down because of gov-corp policy. This means, of course, less and much more expensive energy.

Whatever you can do to create-build your own energy systems, do it! And help others. It is imperative at this point.

On the really bad news front, due to several Machiavellian dynamics, within a year's time, several of the major cities will likely collapse and become unlivable. As has been stated before: Get out on the land and/or move into smaller towns, preferably with like-minded people. Become as independent as possible while cooperating with one another.

Currently, there are high-vibe communities, what are called 'safe zones'. If you're a spiritual match for these areas, then tune in, and listen for guidance.

On the good news front, this week the real TRUTHS about our world gain a stronger foothold in the overall consciousness of humankind. This means more of us will WAKE UP, and take much-needed action.

Also, the BENEVOLENTS among us are ramping up their assistance. For, the more 'we the people' step up to the plate to determine our own fate, the more help can be provided.

On the global mafia cabal front, retro: back to the 1920s gang-style warfare, as the minion-factions of the Viper elite battle it out in this endgame to take dominion of Earth.

Look for more mass chaos in the financial markets. Now the big-corp banks go to war with each other, all while plundering the people by psychopathically stealing their last bits of wealth.

Likely more high-profile deaths will occur at this time as well.

On the heroine front, Yvonne Smith, a longtime, intrepid researcher in the UFO field. ~ SNIPPET: "In this four-hour special, George Knapp welcomed UFO researcher *Yvonne Smith* for a discussion about a mass abduction that took place on Coronado Island in San Diego.

On the hero front, John Rhodes, CryptoHunter, and longtime investigator of the Reptoid mystery -- where most fear to tread. SNIPPET: "...cryptozoologist *John Rhodes* talked about the mystery of what ate a great white shark, and shared updates on the Reptoids and other strange creatures."

On the freedom front, a MAJOR week ahead, as the searing, spiritual need for freedom is ignited in the heart of humanity. Bucking, kicking, rearing like captured wild horses, many more of the people now break free of the dark-side's mass programming.

Also, as the blinders are removed, the condition called 'culture shock' takes hold of society in general. However, the intrepid heart, the human spirit emerge quickly, and those who desire real freedom beyond all else, now take hold of the reins.

From last week's forecast: "Many will now equate freedom with being on the land, and rightly so. Thus, the BRAVE ONES and the RENEGADES OF LIGHT continue to move out of the major cities, and either settle in small towns or build homesteads. At the same time, the cyber war between freedom lovers and the transhumanist-skynet crowd goes super nova."

Trendwise, China is likely to take center stage as the new power on the block. However, this is mostly illusion, a mass-media stage trick to further destroy the people's hope and morale. For, many of the people in China are battling back against their heinous enslavement.

Further, the flashpoint battle for freedom, the freedom to run our own lives is raging worldwide. This will be heightened, and spurred on by the continued collapse of the global economy.

As well, the real past continues to reveal itself. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "1,600-Year-Old Goblet Shows that the Romans Used Nanotechnology ~ By April Holloway ~ The Lycurgus Cup, as it is known due to its depiction of a scene involving King Lycurgus of Thrace, is a 1,600-year-old jade green Roman chalice that changes colour depending on the direction of the light upon it. It baffled scientists ever since the glass chalice was acquired by the British Museum in the 1950s. They could not work out why the cup appeared jade green when lit from the front but blood red when lit from behind."

THIS WEEK, take the time to dream a little dream of what and who inspired you most during your childhood. For, this is crucial in moving forward. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wait for It ...

As reported last week, my latest foray into smut, Jessalina’s Pets, has been accepted by Siren. It went out to them on a Thursday evening; I got the acceptance the following Tuesday. That’s one of the many things I like about Siren: they’re speedy. I’ve heard about similar quick response times from other online romance publishers. The eagerly-awaited yes (or the dreaded no) can show up in your mailbox anywhere from six months to literally overnight.

Other publishers, print publishers, magazines … eh.

Waiting for a publisher’s response, whether it’s yea or nay, sucks. It’s never fun to send your baby out into the world and then have to wait to find how it’s been received. Sure, you can work on something else—in fact, that’s recommended—but part of your brain will always be wondering, “Yeah, but what about that one I sent out X weeks (or months) ago? When am I gonna hear back?”

Yeah. About that “when.”

Publishers are busy people. So are writers. We sit home and churn out the pages and inundate the publishers. Somebody has to wade through all those subs. Then somebody else has to recommend the manuscript to others up the ladder. Then somebody makes a decision. Then somebody notifies you. All this decision-making takes time. Like weeks sometimes. If you didn’t sub through an agent, your masterpiece gets shoved to the end of the line with the other 1000 pieces of slush the publisher got that week. Meanwhile, the editor, selfish bastard that he/she is, decides to have a semblance of a personal life or take a vacation or has a heart attack. Tack a few more weeks onto your response time. It’s not uncommon for writers to wait literally years for the good word. Or a rejection. Or anything.

To make matters worse, most publishers insist on exclusivity. “No simultaneous submissions.” One publisher at a time. That means your book can languish on a desk or in a slush pile for months, when it could be out making the rounds to other editors who might actually want it. Remember, you don’t get paid until the editor says yes. It can’t get to Editor #2 until Editor #1 says no. This is why you need to write other stuff while your magnum opus makes the rounds. Get enough polished and out there, and you can get a nice little sub circle going among your target publishers. Somebody somewhere in there is bound to say yes eventually.

Or maybe not. I’ve seen publisher guidelines that announce, “We only respond if we want it,” but don’t give a time frame. How long are you supposed to wait before you send it elsewhere? Six weeks? Six months? A couple years? I queried a publisher in 2006. Never got a response. Is it safe for me to send it out again?

Meanwhile, the bills keep coming in with depressing regularity. We don’t get to reject those, or delay prompt response. I suspect editors, publishers and even slush readers get regular checks, on time. Still want to be a writer?

Here’s a few of my (least) favorite waiting stories. Every writer has these. Whole stacks of them, more’s the pity.

I once sent a story to a fantasy magazine. They held it for a year and a half before they said no. I sent it to another mag which told me the same thing within two weeks (I like them). Tried somewhere else. After not hearing back for several months I finally withdrew it and sent it to another mag. This outfit held it for close to two years and then went belly-up. I learned of the mag’s demise on a market site a couple weeks after I'd nudged them and been told they were about to get to it. The story now sits in my closet, unsold.

One of the primary gaming companies decided to start a new fiction line (in addition to their game-related books) and announced an open call. “Anything that can be shelved in SF or fantasy,” said the editor. Well, I had one of those, which I figured would fit their primary demographic of late teen/young adult males. So I sent it in. And waited. A year passed. The book line started a second open call with the first still unresolved. Now they had two sets of anxious writers biting their nails. Somewhere around the year and a half point the original editor either quit or got sacked and a new ed was brought in. She announced they were looking for a more adult slant with only minimal SF/fantasy content. In short, they were targeting the Stephen King/Dean Koontz audience. That’s not who my book was aimed at. I got my rejection soon after. The line lasted roughly two years and then folded. Yeah well.

I sent this same book to the recent (2012) Harper Voyager open call. HV promised a three-month submission window, with decisions to be made in January 2013. They got over 4500 entries. They recently (yes, in June 2014) announced their final selections. I got my rejection back in October, roughly a year after entering. Others I’ve been following on a writers’ site never even received a rejection. The book’s now at the Angry Robot open call. So far that wait is six months and counting. I sent it in at the last minute, so I figure I’ve still got a couple months to go.

Oh yeah, this is also the book I sent to Amazon’s 47 North line. They’re one of those outfits that only responds if they’re interested. It’s been three years and they haven’t responded. I think I’m safe in sending it elsewhere at this point.

Finally, a true story that, thankfully, didn’t happen to me. Another writer sent a book to a major SF publisher. They ended up withdrawing it—ten years later. The publisher kept saying, “We haven’t made a decision yet. It’s still under consideration.” That’s ten years it sat exclusively on somebody’s desk when it might have sold somewhere else. It never even got an official rejection. That writer has a hell of a lot more patience than I do. I think they finally self-published.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Self-publish! No waiting! Just hit Send and there y’go. Publishers, better pay attention, or you might find yourself waiting for product to publish. I’ll try not to feel too sorry for you.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 16, 2014

Art from

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #302 

This week, there's a new cosmic game in town on Earth. Now, star power enhances and emboldens those of us who are ready to receive this high level of energy.

In opposition to Star Power, the Viper elite spin their lies and deception. They hide behind their shroud curtains in fear, knowing 'Dorothy and Toto' archetypes are exposing their rule-the-world machinations.

As never before, their endgame-plan is to pit the people against each other, and to keep stirring the cauldron of war. War, and more war.

On the AWAKENING front, on the wings of the soul BEAUTY rises. Not beauty as decreed by the behind-the-scenes, soul-decrepit social engineers of our society. Or beauty as defined and promoted by movies and the Media Industrial Complex. No, this is the true BEAUTY which lives within, and can only be experienced and expressed by each one of us.

For, this is the beauty of the rose from bud to bloom -- unfolding magnificently, memorably, and magically.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' reveal another layer of corruption for ALL to witness. With cyclone-whirling blades they uncover more of the Vipers who lead the world into darkness -- rather than toward the starlight that is humankind.

As these so-called leaders fall from grace... as their minions become ever more brutal, the world at large reels teetering on the brink of the blackest abyss. For, this is the final call, and this question must be answered: whom do you serve?

Those who would enslave, or those who would free humanity.

On the personal front, this week watch out for the ever-quickening pace around you. If you do not metaphorically and figuratively step out of the way, you could get trampled -- or run over. For, at this time, panic will seize many, and they won't care who is in their way.

As much as possible, keep yourself centered and heart-centered, and stay away from the maddening crowds. The time has come to look for ways to cocoon yourself, and your loved ones. And to become part of your local community as much as possible... if possible.

As well, there should be a shining opportunity coming your way this week. Grab it with both hands, but beware of those who are the bigtime scammers.

On the paranormal front, an explosion of more 'proof' happens from this point forward, especially in the UFO arena. While it remains difficult to know if these are deep black project craft -- or from Earth's breakaway civilization -- or from OUT THERE... or from other-race colonies established on/in Earth and beneath the oceans... or are inter-dimensional travelers... or??? ... nevertheless, sightings will continue to escalate.

Also, the propaganda machine cranks up again about the alien progenitors of humanity. For Project Blue Beam is still on the one-world order's table.

From a previous 2013 forecast: "On the dark side, Project Blue Beam is being brought forth by the 'new world order crowd' at an accelerated pace. This, in preparation to frighten humanity into compliance, and obedience. From a past forecast: "The message: the alien gods are here. Bow down, people of Earth."

On the land changes front, this week, it's all about the underground volcanoes.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Hidden Volcanoes Melt Antarctic Glaciers From Below
By Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor
Antarctica is a land of ice. But dive below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and you'll find fire as well, in the form of subglacial volcanoes.
Now, a new study finds that these subglacial volcanoes and other geothermal "hotspots" are contributing to the melting of Thwaites Glacier, a major river of ice that flows into Antarctica's Pine Island Bay.

ALSO... "researcher Mitch Battros talked about underground volcanoes melting the Antarctic ice caps (related article) and how natural cyclical events are behind weather changes."

On the economic front, a disaster of a week ahead for the bankster gangster crowd as their empire erodes from beneath them. As they grab for ever more gold, and ever more of the planet's resources by opening ever more war fronts... meanwhile, the worldwide poverty their Viper elite masters have orchestrated accelerates toward the tipping point, where humanity says NO MORE.

This leaderless evolution-revolution against the Viper empire envelopes the planet in waves, as more of the people take over their local areas, and create soul-serving ways to survive and thrive. However, this is a long, down-the-road process, and the psycho tyranny wants nothing more than to stomp on the face of humankind.

Warning! HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Australia Seizes 360M From Dormant Bank Accounts And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This Too
Michael Snyder | Do you have a bank account that you don’t actively use or a safe deposit box that you have not checked on for a while?"

On the truth front, MEGA-HUGE *TRUTHS* bombast the world. That is, for those with the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the willingness to KNOW.

Trial and tribulation by TRUTH is here. For, the enormous amount of 'truths' that have been hidden from humanity are being REVEALED -- especially our true past on Earth.

Also, look for more military- industrial-complex CORRUPTION and SCANDALS to hit the news, even the presstitute media. For, the stench is overwhelming at this point in history.

On the war front, a giant week of lies and more damn lies as the evil empire foments ever more horrific, berserker wars across the globe. However, larger numbers of the people are WAKING UP to the true futility of war, and will do whatever is necessary to shut this mass insanity down.

Now, as the Middle East descends into Machiavellian-designed barbarism, there rises a man who will be promoted and fifth-avenue packaged as the peacemaker. This could not be further from the truth.

Meanwhile, WHITE HAT forces across the globe are countering several war fronts with behind-the-scenes actions. This will look like the moves the Russian Bear makes on the worldwide war chessboard.

On the tyranny-at-work front, a turn-point week ahead as more of the people jump astride their metaphorical horses, and go renegade cowboy and cowgirl against the system. Their rage continues to gather strength and now firestorms faster. For, being ruled by psychopaths goes against their very being and 1776 spirit.

Meanwhile, veterans are being stalked by the tyrannical system, and jailed on lies -- on any made-up excuse. Further, their weapons are being illegally taken away. And/or, they are being rounded up and forced into mental wards without due process -- or any real evidence of mental instability.

On the communication front, behind the scenes, the cyber WHITE HATS are building more and more internet capability for those who know how to access this under-web. That is, as the internet becomes step-by-step, Chinese-style censored, and more of a CIRCUS CIRCUS production.

This week, rises a new voice for the people. That is, a mighty collective voice demanding the right to live as the Divine intended. Instead of endless laws, codes, rules, regulations, and policies -- enforced by authorities -- now many realize what matters is living by their internal spiritual code.

On the home front, as massive changes continue, another level of the dark-side's *divide and conquer* war against the people becomes obvious. That is, the regional and cultural differences of our country's population are being used to keep wedging segments of the population apart.

As well, the disparate TRUMAN SHOW lifestyles we have been subtly indoctrinated into believing are real -- for example: from janitor to the wall street scumbags -- has been one of the deepest, hidden DIVIDE AND CONQUER control operations designed by the dark-side's social engineers. Or, to put it more simply: how to set up constant class warfare.

However, at this point on the cosmic time clock, humankind is evolving past this sinister manipulation that has been operating for centuries. Thus, the Viper elite are desperate to keep humanity at each other's throats.

On the food front, this week, The Big Beer Bamboozle ... the Food Babe exposes the harmful ingredients used in big-corp beer products, and the fact that this beer is essentially not beer. She encourages the purchase of organic, micro-brewery beers that are brewed according to traditional practices, and use healthy ingredients such as hops, which has healing properties.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: The Big Beer Coverup
Prison | Alex welcomes Vani Hari to the show. Hari is an organic food activist who is investigating beer ingredients and has launched a petition at to make the ingredients public.

On the energy front, look for major fluctuations in your personal energy at this time. This will be due to the influx of nova-strong cosmic vibrations and the new star frequencies.

Do your best to take care of yourself nutritionally, drink purified water, and rest whenever possible. Also know these vibes are triggering a higher, more creative genetic program within you.

On the really bad news front, the superstorm of toxins intentionally loosed against humanity and Mother Earth -- by the dark-side's establishment and big-corp minions -- will dramatically increase. For, this is a battle between those who need to borg-interface with machines to feel powerful, and those who live within the beauty and power of their souls.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Irrefutable proof we are all being sprayed with poison: 571 tons of toxic lead 'chemtrailed' into America's skies every year
(NaturalNews) America is being doused every minute of every day with the toxic heavy metal lead as it is burned in "avgas" -- aviation gas, the fuel that powers most piston-driven aircraft (i.e. anything with a propeller). A grand total of 571 tons of lead are dumped each year into the air over our heads from aircraft alone, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

On the good news front, the influence of those called the Crystal children is on the ascendency. This means an overall AWARENESS of spiritual-paranormal powers far beyond what has been since recorded history.

These 'powers' will be mostly in the realm of co-creating the quality of life on Mother Earth. That is, creating the Aquarian Age renaissance for ALL.

On the global mafia cabal front, disarray and unification, the various factions are re-aligning and repositioning themselves as the global players on the chessboard change... and as the stakes rapidly change. For, the endgame precipice is here.

This week, one factional fight will be over how and when to initiate all-out, global war. However, there are Benevolent forces that must be overcome, and the Viper elite don't have all the nefarious answers.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Rockefeller Killed in Plane Crash, Friday the 13th, Illuminati Murder or Accident?
Mark Dice | David Rockefeller’s son Richard was killed in a plane crash on Friday the 13th."

On the heroine front, all the women on the frontlines of activism, who are about making the world a better place for ALL.

On the hero front, BOB DUMAS, a Korean War Veteran who made a promise to his mother before she died that he would find his brother ,Roger Dumas, a POW in Korea and bring him home. This put Mr. Dumas on a lifelong journey where he discovered the horrific truth about all the soldiers who have been left behind, then intentionally abandoned, again and again, by the gov powers that be. To learn more, check out the documentary about Roger and America's other 8,000+ POW/MIA's from Korea in Mr. Dumas' documentary "Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search For America's POWs".

On the freedom front, this week great racing strides will be made in spreading the freedom culture, in particular the idea of self defense and preparedness. As the octopus-tentacles of tyranny strike ever deeper into the heart of the country, the people rebel, often in unseen ways.

Many will now equate freedom with being on the land, and rightly so. Thus, the BRAVE ONES and the RENEGADES OF LIGHT continue to move out of the major cities, and either settle in small towns or build homesteads. At the same time, the cyber war between freedom lovers and the transhumanist-skynet crowd goes super nova.

Trendwise, merging with the machine, the slick-cunning propaganda becomes an onslaught now. The supposed advantages of being chipped and constantly surveilled will be lauded as necessary to safety, and as super trendy. Many in the population will succumb. However, the 'great resistance' also rises and wings like the fiercest eagle, furiously screaming NO WAY IN HELL.

Also, with the Second Amendment in jeopardy, now the people in general, respond by purchasing ever more fire power, and inventing unique devices for defense. Further, a whole under-market develops faster than a speeding bullet. For, we the people will not be tamed, corralled, and fed upon.

As well, comes forth the 'prophecy of the white buffalo' into mass consciousness. As explained by one Cherokee woman activist, this is the sign that the white man would awaken and return to 'living in harmony with Nature' -- then join with the tribes as part of the rainbow people.

THIS WEEK, smile whenever life gives you reason, and walk as peacefully as possible upon the Earth. For, She loves you, and only wishes your gratitude, your loving care. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ye Olde Randome Stuffe

I’m going in a bunch of directions today, because none of the stuff I’m reporting on can make a full blog on its own. Together, though, they should make up an entry long enough that you’ll figure you’re getting your money’s worth. Wait a minute, this is free. Yeah well.

# # #

Freedom of speech was fun while it lasted. The other day I tried to get onto my publisher’s website and discovered the library system’s onerous content filter is back in operation. Once again the system is determined to protect my innocent eyes from lascivious content, including the smutty books I myself wrote. I didn’t check, but I’m pretty sure the filter still allows people onto the site that shows you how to make pipe bombs. So sex is verboten but acts of terrorism are fine. Glad to see Lancaster County’s priorities are firmly in order.

This couldn’t come at a worse time, because—drum roll—I sold that book I was working on! It’s the smuttiest of smut, with a dominant woman who buys a pair of slaves for, um, personal entertainment. You know, juggling and card tricks and stuff. Hey, kids could be reading this. Gotta watch that content filter.

Anyway, I sent it out last Thursday evening and got the acceptance email on Tuesday. Siren’s nice in that regard; they don’t make you wait months and months for a reply. Some publishers don’t respond at all. “If you don’t hear from us, we’re not interested.” Yeah, well, you won’t be hearing from me again, because I’m not interested in you. I can publish books on my own now. Or I’ll be able to once I learn how. I think I’ll write straight-up porn and self-publish on Amazon, which skates right by the library’s content filter and has all sorts of nasty stuff right out there in the open for everyone to see. So there.

I wish I knew why descriptions of adult fictional characters enjoying themselves get so many people in a tizzy. And don’t try to tell me, “We must protect the children!” The children aren’t going anywhere near these sites. They’re playing video games that let them blow stuff up and save the world from the zombie apocalypse. You know, practical life skills. You keep your hands to yourselves, you zombie menaces! We’re watching you!

# # #

Having finished a book, I’m now faced with the usual problem of having to start another one. Looks like the winner this time around will be a Talbot’s Peak book, which means self-pubbing because not all the characters or concepts are mine. I was able to bypass that with Jessalina’s Pets because even though the initial post appeared on Shapeshifter Seductions, it’s not set in our fictional town and doesn’t use any characters created by anyone else. Ditto for one of the M/Ms I’ve got on the back burner. I transported the main characters to Philadelphia and created a whole new background and supporting cast. I can’t do that with this one. Better familiarize myself with formatting.

I’m not that concerned with the text of the book. It’s the cover that’s got me worried. In spite of working in the typesetting industry off and on for several years, I don’t know the first thing about fonts and typography and Photoshop and creating a cover. I’ll probably have to pay somebody to do that. This is why I’m still subbing to regular publishers. I’m just here to write the book. Let someone else worry about all the technical crap. That’s what they’re gobbling down half the royalties for. Dammit, I knew I should have taken art classes when I was in school.

I wonder if I have Photoshop on the laptop? I’ve got a ton of programs just sitting on the hard drive that I never even look at because I bought this for Internet and email and to serve as a typewriter. I could probably be a publisher if I knew how to work this stuff. Maybe I can teach myself. That’s what the library’s for. It isn’t for researching erotica publishers any more, that’s for damn sure.

# # #

Let’s start the learning curve by attempting to make a link. If I did this right, you should be able to reach the blog post that became Jessalina’s Pets by clicking here. If I didn’t, it’s at October 9, 2013. I’m going to miss paper when it finally goes out of fashion, even though typing on a computer is so much faster and easier. And nobody cares if you make mistakes because you can correct it on screen. I guess that guy from the Monkeys, whose mother invented Wite-Out, doesn’t get royalties any more. Them’s the breaks, fella. Time marches on.

# # #

I put food out for Stray Kitty this morning and he let it sit again. A neighbor told me he doesn’t like fish, and this had tuna in it. Talk about picky. I hope he likes the taste of no food. I’m sure somebody else will slip him something, or else he’ll catch a bird or a squirrel. We know he’s not fishing in the creek. And I’ve reached a decent word count, so we’ll wrap on this finicky note. See you next week!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 9, 2014

Pic ~ Avenging Angel by Prasa

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #301 

Theme: Superstorm after superstorm, the weather, world events, and life itself.

On the land changes front, major sunstorms or CMEs [coronal mass ejections] are likely within the next couple of months. Stay alert.

Also, this prior forecast continues: "the devastation from superstorm weather events increases at this point in time. Worldwide: more massive flooding, more raging firestorms, miles long mudslides, disappearing coastlines, erupting volcanoes, ever larger earthquakes -- especially swarms.

Plus, there will likely be more large-scale evacuations across the planet as the year progresses."

As well, the major land rise begins. This will take place across the planet, and over the next several years will be noticeable in the Gulf of Mexico. This means, unless the dark-side controllers destroy the ancient civilization now covered by water, the evidence will become obvious to ALL.

This week, look for more unusual weather systems worldwide, especially over the oceans.

On the AWAKENING front, as world events cascade and collide, this will serve the people worldwide as a GIANT, FAST-ACTING AWAKENING. Now, those who have been born on Earth to protect Mother earth, to protect and encourage the human spirit, are being spiritually activated as never before.

This means, in part, more of the people rear up and race forward as activists. *Eventually* through their human force and diligent work, they will trample the enemies of planet Earth.

On the magickal, mystical front, a vitally important week ahead as the 'Mages of Ages Lost' remove the black-sorcery curtain from one section of the Beast Construct -- as designed by the Viper-elite puppet masters. With mighty lightblades, the Mages sweep aside this frequency shroud more each week, revealing the true nature of our precious world.

Simultaneously, the Music-Media Industrial Complex will be intro-ing a new sound as the next pop sensation. This dark-soul vibe is designed to further zombify the younger generation, as well as cause a state of mass confusion in the older generation. It's all about compliance at this point.

On the personal front, a wild week ahead for some of us, and it may be like herding cats. This will be due to expected and unexpected CHANGES. Roll with the punches, unless you truly need to punch back, then you must take action for the sake of yourself and everyone involved.

Also, this is a time of extreme challenge that will require certain key decisions to be made. For now, it's all about creating 'your' future, and 'the' future of our world.

This week, there 'could' be a sabotage incident. Watch your backsides.

On the paranormal front, another large week, where high strangeness is in charge. As the Media Industrial Complex continues to orchestrate 'cultural reality', thus, the real truth about paranormal/supernatural will continue to be heavily censored.

This, as tidal of waves of proof inundate society as a whole. Less and less, will the people buy into this sinister orchestration against the paranormal. For, the worlds of the shaman and mystic are destined to become everyone's reality.

On the economic front, big, spiralling-out-of-control doings in the worldwide financial realm. Behind the nefarious scenes, the battle between the power-broker factions increases. This, while they attempt to prop up their economic empire until a one-world, cashless system can be established.

Also, the too-big-to-fail banks are angling for what they call 'negative interest rates'... meaning you'll have to pay fees to deposit your money with them, even as they use the money to gamble in the stock market. Out of this giant unconscionable scam against the people, will rise an evolution-revolution of epic proportions.

This 'rising' will ultimately create dynastic territories. Or, people of like mind taking over the land and creating communities were ALL can thrive. And, so it begins.

On the truth front, snuffing out the expression of TRUTH and SPIRIT, this goal of the new world order criminals escalates as they attempt to seize the internet completely. However, a huge hacker war is ongoing as freedom fighters dismantle the enslaving-tech back doors.

Further, this week the golden sheen of DIVINE TRUTH intensifies. In opposition to the dark souls, this LIGHT brings a cohesion of mind, heart, and soul among the lightworkers. For, it is time to spiritually wing higher, to become a force that cannot be defeated.

On the war front, another chessboard, move-countermove week ahead. The Russian Bear will make several subtle moves. Meanwhile, the drumbeat-push for war and more war only gets louder -- courtesy of presstitute media.

Likely, there will be an upcoming incident which will be used as an excuse to invade yet another country and/or another region. However, just as likely a campaign will be mounted against this invasion. How this plays out ultimately is up for grabs at this point in time.

As well, the civil war happening behind the scenes will show up as more mass firings of key military officers and/or the personnel of military contractors. Also, whistleblowers will reveal more heinous scandals in an attempt to win control of the shadow government.

On the tyranny-at-work front, as incidents of police/SWAT team brutality and killing the innocent only increases, there will be a severe backlash from the certain segments of the public. Likely, in the near future there will be a flashpoint situation. [Note: written before the Las Vegas killings.]

For, the people are becoming fed up in the extreme and will refuse to tolerate one more such jackboot attack.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "DEESCALATING THE POLICE: Americans face a new crisis; police violence against citizens is escalating, blurring the line between criminal and public servant."

On the communication front, this trend skyrockets, as stated in the prior forecast: "a complex week of transition between Piscean-age dialogue and the Aquarian-age language of cooperation. In part, this will look like communities, small cities, and towns forging ahead with laws that suit the needs of the people. Two current examples are no GMO crops or fracking allowed.

Eventually, this type of local control will become a quiet and noisy revolution-evolution across the country, across the world. For, humanity is ready to take charge of their individual lives. The message to the dark-side elite: rule by governance is no longer needed or wanted."

On the home front, 'division' is the key term at this point in history. First, those who are ascending into the Aquarian Age versus those who cling to 'what was' and will never be again.

Second, from a past forecast: "chaos, corruption, crime will be utilized by the dark-side controllers to further divide and conquer Americans. One of their psychopathic, long-term goals is to eliminate the middle class entirely. Another primary goal is to drive the people off the land into big cities and work camps.

However, as the liberty culture rises, and the renegades resist... as the people swarm onto the land and live off the grid, this will 'eventually' become impossible, overall. The battle looms ahead."

Third, from a previous forecast: "However, the Great Divide deepens into a chasm that can no longer be breached. For, the zombies -- those who have had their minds and souls destroyed by the system -- now stalk those of us who remain gloriously, fully human."

On the food front, the race is on between those who are determined to save heirloom seeds and the GM/GMO mega-corporations that are determined to rule the world with their terminator seeds and frankenfoods. Ultimately, the choice boils down to where the people choose spend their time, energy, and money.
Buy heirloom seeds and produce as much as possible. Or, keep the mega-corps in business.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "76% of Seed Market is Patented by Corporations: Save the Seeds!~ Elizabeth Renter | Over 90% of the crop varieties grown a century ago are no longer used in this country."

On the energy front, an interesting time ahead as underdog manufactures of new, innovative energy systems duke it out with the big-boy oil cartel. Meanwhile, the under-market continues to develop with people sharing plans for producing energy off grid, and also trading-bartering what they've either invented or built.

On the really bad news front, accelerating their slash and burn war against the planet and humanity, the Viper elite rapaciously attack Mother Earth with their various terrible technologies. One example: fracking.

Another example: the weather wars, and manipulating the climate. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Parched: A New Dust Bowl Forms in the Heartland ~ "Exceptional drought" makes for tough times in Oklahoma."

On the good news front, the Great Music Revolution is upon us. That is, from grassroots artists comes the sounds, vibes, the tones and words that will usher humankind into the heart-centered Aquarian Age. This eclectic, innovative music from the deepest recesses of the soul, and the heart, will prepare ALL of us for a whole new way of living, loving, and being.

On the global mafia cabal front, ferocious conflict, backstabbing, and boomerang karma as the dark-side controllers reap their horrific rewards. However, as stated before, this only makes them more dangerously berserk.

This week, behind the scenes, it's all about the battle for gold -- collecting and hoarding great piles. The Viper-elite factions metaphorically and literally hack themselves up for who will be the global kings of the golden mountainous pile.

On the heroine and hero front, all those who are heroically surviving these times, and helping others.

On the freedom front, the psy-ops against freedom and the lovers of freedom goes into brutal overdrive as the dark-side controllers seek to stamp out what they consider to be a rampant infection of the mind -- and a threat to their very existence.

Meanwhile, more and more of the people powerfully rear up against tyranny and stampede toward freedom. With fierce purpose and intent, they prepare to take their stand, all while spreading these symbolic words far and wide: "the British are coming".

Trendwise, now great cracks in society form like a series of Grand Canyons. Prepare for this time of societal rending, this time of implosion-explosion as the dark-side global elite make their endgame moves against humankind.

As well, this is the time to bond more deeply with your loved ones, stay together within a community of like minded people, and become tribal in a beneficent way to ALL. That is, whenever possible. 

On a further note, the glitter-trash culture that is Hollywood or Hollow-wood, now goes completely "Darth Vader". Watch the fall from any and all Grace.

THIS WEEK, hug a tree, smell a flower, be with your pets. That is how to center your soul and spirit. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Loose Ends

As of this writing, I’m just about done with the final read through of my latest book. Some time later today I’ll be sending it off to market. Will it sell? Will it bounce? Will I tear out the rest of my hair while I’m waiting? Watch this space.

You’d think by now I’d be used to waiting. I submitted a book to Harper Voyager’s last open call, back in October 2012. A little over a year later I got the rejection letter. Some poor folks are still waiting for word. For their sakes, I hope the word’s good. I sent the same book to another SF publisher’s open call in December 2013. So far the wait on that one is six months and counting. Welcome to the life of a writer.

I’m beginning to see the appeal of self-publishing. You write your book, polish it up, get yourself some cover art, upload it and you’re good to go. If you want to publish another book the next day, you can. Yes, you have to deal with the editing and covers and promo and all the other stuff publishers do, but for some folks cutting out the wait time is worth it. Higher royalty percentages and monthly royalty payments only sweeten the pot.

I may be dealing with this shortly. With one book off to market, I need to go to work on something else. One of those somethings is a Shapeshifter Seductions novel that I’ll have to self-publish, for a number of legal and moral reasons I detailed in a previous blog. If and when I finish the thing, I’ll be sure to detail the journey here. Forget sales. I need ideas for blog posts.

This is what most writers do while we’re waiting to hear back from publishers: we write another book. Or watch TV. I get a lot of inspiration from TV, so I can call it research. Wonder if I can deduct that on my taxes?

# # #

For those of you worried about Stray Kitty, stop. He’s slimmed down a bit since I stopped putting the bowls out, but his pickiness hasn’t changed. The other day he showed up at the door so I gave him a can of food. Fifteen minutes later I went out to get the dish. The food was still there. So was Stray Kitty. He sat there and waited for another ten minutes until I finally got rid of the offending food and gave him another can. He ate that one. The next day he didn’t show up at all. I guess he found better food elsewhere.

Keep in mind Stray Kitty lives on the street and has no food bowl to go home to. No home, for that matter. This is an animal I’ve observed eating dead cicadas. And he expects me to cater to his taste buds? I’ve come to the conclusion he was some poor woman’s lazy mooch of a boyfriend in a previous life. Karma finally put him in the proper body. Cats have it great, even strays.

# # #

Just remembered another drawback to traditional publishing: the dreaded query letter. I usually lead off with what amounts to a blurb, to catch the editor’s interest. I’m sure you’ve read those blurbs on the backs of books; they help you decide whether or not to plunk down your money for it. Ever try writing one? It’s a stone bitch. Try boiling down a 1000-page novel into a single paragraph. Or a single sentence. Not that it can’t be done, and done well; Snakes on a Plane is pretty self-explanatory. But this is your story, your people and plot, and now you have to distill all those writing hours and all that blood and sweat on the page down to the attention-catching highlights. It’s a whole other mindset from fiction and a tough one to master. Some e-publishers want you to write your own back cover copy. Sales could depend on how well you do this. Can’t we just write the damn book and be done with it?

Ditto for the synopsis. Let’s see you scrunch your startling plot twists and brilliant characterization into a 300-word overview. What do you put in to make it sound exciting, and sellable? How much should be left out? Doing a synopsis for a romance might be a little easier. You don’t have to mention all the sex scenes. The genre makes those a given. Just synopsize the rest of the plot and you’ll be fine.

I’ll bet writing synopses for porn is incredibly easy. “Jill meets Marcus at a party. They go back to his place and have sex for 5000 words. Then Marcus’s roommate Ramon shows up and they break out the handcuffs.” Hey, I think I’ve got my next story. Self-publishing, here I come!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ June 2, 2014

 Art from

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #300 

Midyear themes: A Revolution of AWAKENING... and Mind-blowing, mind-numbing TRUTHS revealed...
On the AWAKENING front, the people are becoming unbridled, and running free. For, the power of the people to say NO, to reject laws, rules, regulations, codes, policies, etc. from on government-high, now superstorms across the planet.

Worldwide, at an accelerating pace, the idea of NOT AGREEING with top-down control will become the savior of the human spirit. For, any manner of rule only works by tacit agreement of the people.

On the truth front, with the Divine spotlight relentlessly exposing TRUTH after TRUTH at this point in time, the great split in humanity is at hand. The choice: follow the crazed lemmings off the cliff to your own destruction. Or race free and fast, and gallop toward your highest destiny.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their light-blazing magick to open the eyes of the people to their own inner and infinite power. The truth of who humankind is has been so dark-magick and diabolically concealed over the past centuries that most of us don't own a conscious clue about our true capabilities.

And that is the Viper cabal's most prized secret. For, these dark-side magicians want only helpless, instinct-controlled lemmings that will obey their every command, their every wish and will.

On the personal front, an unusual week ahead for most of us. Also, the next several weeks will likely have oddities you've never encountered before. The opportunity is simply to observe, to gather more information, then look at how this could affect you and your loved ones in the future.

At the same time, odd-duck opportunities are likely to come your way, as has been stated before. Look both ways, and look before you leap. That is your best protection.

LOVE continues to lead the way in the realm of relationships, all relationships, and will be far stronger than ever before. For, the heart of humanity continues to cosmically open -- continues to bloom like the most beautiful rose.

Also, for some, during the second half of 2014, cupid's arrow will fly on supersonic wings. For, higher-soul matches are being made.

On the paranormal front, a high-strangeness week happens in the skies.  Also, within the next month, look for at least one major UFO event that the presstitute media won't be able to ignore -- not completely.

At this time, crypto hunters are ascending in the consciousness of humankind. Stories -- the weird encounters with cryptids never before revealed because of the ridicule factor -- will begin to pour forth. Further, Nessie, the loch ness monster, 'could' surface once again.

On the land changes front, from the prior week: "the devastation from superstorm weather events increases at this point in time. Worldwide: more massive flooding, more raging firestorms, miles long mudslides, disappearing coastlines, erupting volcanoes, ever larger earthquakes -- especially swarms.

Plus, there will likely be more large-scale evacuations across the planet as the year progresses. The continent of Africa 'could' top the list.

Also, there is a 'possibility' that there will be a destructive meteor strike within two months time. Divine intervention needed."

This week, there 'could' be several, unusual fierce weather events

On the economic front, rage against the bankster gangsters, and the monopoly-capitalist crowd, gallops at full speed now.  As the year progresses, innovative schemes will be devised that keep the under-economy going. This, despite the tyrannical crackdown against using cash.

Also, as the banks demand biometric identification, there will be mass resistance. Some of this will translate into more off-the-grid trade/barter clubs and 'could' bring about bank runs as the people remove their money.

On the worldwide front, the global robber-baron class will underestimate their power over the people. Thus, bringing about a calamitous situation that threatens their very existence. Regardless of how this plays out, these Viper elites will make mistake after mistake, and continue shooting themselves in their expensively shod feet.

Because of this, the 'financial powers that be' will panic to some degree, and haul back on the reins. This will not stop the race toward economic freedom that is now spreading across the world.

Also, look for more wall-street shenanigans to be revealed. Revulsion and disgust will be the reaction of many, and action follows.

On the war front, the invasion of Africa by the 'empire' ramps up and sweeps from country to country. Any false-flag excuse will do.

At this point in history, the tide begins turning against the leviathan multi-national corporations and their brutal march across the world. For, this is a new Aquarian-age world, and they will not be invited.

Also, as always keep an eagle eye on the banks, on your accounts. For, the cyber hacking wars are just getting started.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this week, on the pretext of protecting the people, the administration will tighten the hanging rope of tyranny. This, while continuing to flush their own minions down the proverbial toilet bowl.

Likely there will be a major event within the next two weeks that shakes those at the top of the gov pyramid -- to their very cores. For, the people are rising against them. And will not be stopped.

On the communication front, a complex week of transition between Piscean-age dialogue and the Aquarian-age language of cooperation. In part, this will look like communities, small cities, and towns forging ahead with laws that suit the needs of the people. Two current examples are no GMO crops or fracking allowed.

Eventually, this type of local control will become a quiet and noisy revolution-evolution across the country, across the world. For, humanity is ready to take charge of their individual lives. The message to the dark-side elite: rule by governance is no longer needed or wanted.

On the home front, a discombobulated and crazed week ahead as the CIRCUS CIRCUS entertainments reach a new level of sheer ridiculousness and absolute childishness. Or, look over here as we take this cute 'Jessica' rabbit out of the hat, all while building the storm-trooper police state around you.

On the food front, skyrocketing prices hit simultaneous with poorer overall quality. A much larger underclass develops of those who can't afford to keep themselves and their families fed.

This will lead to more acts of desperation, as well as out-of-the-box ways to help those in need. This, despite making homelessness a crime, and making those who dare to care -- by feeding the hungry -- into criminals.


On the energy front, the influx of powerful cosmic energies continues, then increases toward the end of the month. This means igniting the heart of humankind to a greater flame and fierceness.

In opposition, the dark-side controllers ignite race wars and religious wars with propaganda and frequency manipulation. Their social-engineering attack on families goes nefariously nova. And the biggest push will be fueling the division between women and men, between lovers regardless of gender. For, this love bonding is the foundation of a thriving good society.

The dark-side's message: everybody is your enemy, except the emerging super state.

On the really bad news front, the hidden pandemic happening in hospitals because of superbug infections will reach a tipping point within the next few months. This will AWAKEN many to the reality that the Medical Industrial Complex is the enemy rather than a savior of health and healing.

Further, on orders from the Viper global elite, the mad scientists working behind the scenes are loosing virus after lab-engineered virus to change humanity's DNA programming, and to cause a future avalanching genocide.

The more you know and learn about natural healing therapies the better for ALL.

On the good news front, 'super enlightenment' becomes a force to be reckoned with at this moment on the cosmic clock. For, this super-powered 'knowing' is what the dark-side controllers fear most about humankind's true abilities.

Even though, zombie-ism of the public grows ever larger, now a state of SUPER AWARENESS takes hold of those who are ready. This unstoppable AWARENESS tsunamis around the planet. Thus, the voice of the people reaches beyond the mind-control dogma that has plagued the human race for centuries.

On the global mafia cabal front, both fusion and factional infighting, the Viper elite are brutally battling each other while agreeing to sink the worldwide economy into a morass of chaos, hunger, and absolute desperation.

Further, at this time, their bankster gangster banking system is in such a disastrous mess that their will be giant upheavals. Also, there will be more disappearances and deaths of their financial minions. These people know where the bodies are buried, so to speak -- and/or are leaking sensitive information.

On the heroine and hero front, all those who are creating trade/barter economies in their communities, and are helping each other as needed.

On the freedom front, from a previous forecast: " this time, embracing freedom becomes ever more popular. And, as stated before: the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

The looming civil war, the battle to stay on the land -- while in the background for the moment -- is about to boil over. For, the people have had enough, and are saying NO MORE. Watch for the upcoming fireworks.

Trendwise, the paranormal is now the new normal, and is leaping-stomping forward like Godzilla on nuke-bomb steroids. This is occurring throughout society, throughout the world... despite the massive oppression/suppression of truth when it comes to sevreal facets of the supernatural world.

Also, in the long scheme of things, the empire that is religion, falls flat on its face when faced with the true spirituality of the people. This 'fall from fake grace' is initiated this week by a specific event that will be under reported.

THIS WEEK smell the flowers, the beautiful blooms around you. Watch others bloom around you, and observe how you are blooming into a new sense of LIFE. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~