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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 30, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #278

The Monsters From the Deep Dark Waters Surface... to spread their evil poison, and reveal their presence to humanity as kings and queens of the world.

In opposition, Rises the Spiritual Heart of the People... love ascends, and the warrior heart of humanity comes to the rescue.

For now, a massive groundswell against Authority firestorms across the globe. The people have become sickened by the endless and always escalating corruption, deception, and sidewinder-devious lies.

The promise of 2014 is here. For, the rising revolution-evolution begun this past year deepens. From a prior forecast: "the global revolution-evolution is here and happening at lightning speed. For, true liberation from tyranny seizes the hearts and minds of the people."

On the land changes front, the year 2014 will likely bring more super-weather extremes, worldwide -- with the northern hemisphere more affected. Cold temperatures and snowstorms increase significantly for some areas on the planet, but not for all.

The rising of new land, new islands continues. Mother Earth is still stretching, growing in size, and the inner core is changing composition. This natural-cycle growth causes ongoing tectonic plate movements, greater undersea volcanic activity, and rolling swarms of earthquakes.

Likely there will be two major tsunamis during the year, and several ferocious *over-the-water* superstorms that hit land, leaving devastation. As well, with the arrival of celestial bodies that are being hidden from the public, there will be strange-sky events, bigger weather weirding, and more 'boom' phenomena.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their magick-casting powers to reveal the sinister authors of poverty, of enslavement -- of serfdom in the dark ages. For, this has all been an artificial, social 'construct' put into place by the Dark Viper magicians -- and *not* a true and natural evolutionary cycle of humanity, as history suggests.

Further, look for the rapid escalation of magickal and mystical principles in the population at large. For, many are tuning into these Aquarian Age, high-frequncy vibes.

On the personal front, good and not-good surprises coming out of left field could be the order of the day for this week, and into next. Ride out these stormy tides in your life, and try to keep your balance while moving ahead. For, there 'will be' silver linings that may not show up for several weeks.

Also, it remains of vital importance to plan for the superstorms of life. As never before.

On the paranormal front, the case for life after death comes to the forefront in the year, 2014. New evidence from many fronts will now overcome the dark-side matrix. That is, 'those' who would convince humanity they are mere mortal flesh, instead of eternal spirit beings. It's all over but the shouting.

HEADLINE: UFO Fireball Lights Up Midwest | VIDEO

This coming week, likely more major UFO stories will break. Some of this will be a *version* of Project Blue Beam. From a previous 2013 forecast: "On the dark side, Project Blue Beam is being brought forth by the 'new world order crowd' at an accelerated pace. This, in preparation to frighten humanity into compliance, and obedience. From a past forecast: "The message: the alien gods are here. Bow down, people of Earth."

On the AWAKENING front, several Aquarian Age AWAKENINGS clash and collide, then collude during the year, 2014. One of the mass movements will be for a libertarian type of monetary system.

Another AWAKENING will be in the spiritual realm as many seek direct contact with the Divine, rather than following establishment religions. Dogma dies a huge death in 2014.

On the economic front, as more of the people *don't comply* with the dark-side system, and *don't buy* from the big-boy corps... as local economies spring up, and innovation goes great guns within the developing under-market... PUSH will come to SHOVE.

Meanwhile, the stock markets will be used to bully the people into compliance. Do this or we 'bankster gangsters' will crash the market. That will be the pervasive message for the first half of 2014.

This week look for a big-time *whisteblowing* event that further exposes the Super Robber Baron class. For, more of the masks are being ripped away -- the villains revealed for the anti-human, ugly beasts they are at their cores.

Cyber warfare continues in the banking system. Also, the whole Target-hacking event is really about TARGETING YOU. That is, by eventually justifying, then forcing a cashless society on the people. This will fail.

On the truth front, a major week ahead for TRUTHS REVEALED. This will be in your personal life, and on the world stage. The deep dark waters of hidden truths are being vigorously stirred by the Great Cosmic Force for the purpose of freeing humanity, and thus, freeing Mother Earth from the terror-hold of the Viper elite.

A note of caution: in these times it is wise to know when to acknowledge or tell a truth about yourself. Because it will not always be the wise move.

On the war front, with their strategies for a major world war failing, the dark-side 'powers that be' will pull out all the horrific stops. They plan to keep the chaos piling on top of itself in the various war theaters around the globe.

However, during the year, 2014, the demand for PEACE rises as a spiritual force, and will not be denied.

In the meantime, likely 'false flag' events will be inflicted on the population. Thus, to force us toward constant, war-horrific conflicts. Thus, to keep the people divided and conquered.

On the communication front, cyber censorship becomes front and center during 2014. For, communication by internet has become one huge element of the Aquarian Conspiracy -- that is, the conspiracy of the Mind -- the Divine Minds of us All joining to create the future we all want and desire.

Obviously, this internet 'joining of minds' endangers the psychopathic Viper elite, their control over humanity. For, the *world wide web* was supposed to be their exclusive tool to transfix the masses, to keep control.

On the tyranny-at-work front, 2014 ~ rebellion is coming against the cancerous spread of the TSA. How? When? The flashpoint has not yet been determined.

However, if certain dark-side factions back off, this could be averted. Somewhat, that is. However, in the end, the people will not back down.

On the home front, change, and more enormous changes sweep across the country. During the year, 2014, some of the major cities will empty out, losing their populations in several waves. One factor will be the threat of martial law.

Further, the ever down-sliding economy will also take its toll. As well, the outbreak of disease epidemics drive people to search for more isolated areas.

On the food front, it remains crucial to stock up on good food and water. This coming year, large groups of the people will grow gardens and raise livestock in defiance of government rules, regs, codes, statutes, etc.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: *"Sustainable Growth"? The Government Is Ripping Up Food Gardens ~ Activist Post - The government is ripping out gardens. To stop this, people have to go to the root of the problem which is the enforcement codes themselves. They are new, they're international, and they're grossly unconstitutional. And why not? They are part of Agenda 21 which is intended to end property rights.*

On the energy front, 2014 ~ power outages will be diabolically used against the people, and any ole excuse will do. However, human inventiveness will begin to triumph in significant ways.

BLURB from Coast to Coast am Exotic Free Energy

In the first hour, CEO of Pure Energy Systems Inc., Sterling D. Allan discussed the latest in exotic free energy research. He clarified that, unlike devices which derive power from the sun and the wind, exotic free energy technologies defy the laws of physics because they generate energy from an unknown source. Allan dismissed critics of these devices by noting that lightning was also once a mysterious force and now electricity powers nearly everything on the planet. "It's going to be same in the future," he surmised, "we're going to learn about these new energy sources and we're going to plug into them." Based on his research, there are 25 different types of exotic free energy devices presently being developed in countries around the world to varying degrees of readiness for the marketplace.

On the really bad news front, the economy wobbles, threatening to fall down and turn into Humpty Dumpty. Meanwhile, the establishment's fraudster saviors attempt to convince the people they have the answers. If only we give up all of our rights, and follow them like little children. And give them control of our bank accounts.

On the good news front, the new cowboy/cowgirl culture continues to gain strength and purpose. In many areas, the self-sufficiency of individuals and communities grows by hyper-leaps and bounds, at this critical point in history/herstory.

On the global mafia cabal front, good news versus bad news. With every Machiavellian trick in the book, the psychopathic elite squeeze the life out of the people like a starving, gigantic anaconda. Worldwide corporatism is their favored method.

Meanwhile, as stated before, there are opposing factions duking it out for not only absolute supremacy, but to halt the aerial spraying that is heavily damaging the precious lands of Mother Earth.

On the heroine and hero front, all the good women and men who are struggling through these terribly tough times, and surviving.

On the freedom front, this week, the battle for the soul of America goes hot and heavy. And very dangerous.

Behind the scenes, the White Hat factions go on the offensive driving back the dark-side tyranny. Look for 'out of the ordinary' military flights, activity, and operations. Also, this hidden civil war goes explosive.


Astrology Review

Date: 12-26-13
Host: George Noory
Guest: Mark Lerner

"In the first half, astrologer Mark Lerner shared astrological pointers concerning 2014, and the near future, as well as discussed various principles of astrology. There's a trinity of events on New Year's day 2014, he announced-- Libra rising, a new moon, and the sun lining up on the zodiac with Pluto (the planet of the underworld). "Things that are buried, things that we've pushed below the surface throughout all the realms, in economics, in politics, in education, in religion, in government. All the things we don't want to look at are going to come up. Kind of like Pandora's Box-- an explosion of negativity," he noted. But if we tap into "lightworking," and become agents of goodwill as the new year starts, we can combat some of this, he suggested.

Lerner expressed particular concern over cyberwarfare attacks against nuclear facilities, water treatment plants, and other related places during 2014, as well as possible disruptive solar activity, since the last year the sun was so quiet. He also cited significant astrological dates in 2014-- March 13th, when Pluto will first be in opposition to America's sun, and April 20-24th, when there will be a grand cross of planets (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto)."

This New Year's week is about spreading your personal brand of joy. Embrace life as you find it, and dance with the new cosmic energies embracing you with universal love.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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