Monday, December 29, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 29, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #330 

2015, The Year of Societal Extremes and the Wild Card Factor

Now social unrest accelerates, then goes off the proverbial charts. Meanwhile, the police-brutality lid is clamped down tighter than ever by the predatory, *eat their substance out* establishment.

However, throughout the year, 2015, there will be approximately ten WILD CARD EVENTS. These marker 'events' will immediately spin the world in a different direction -- one meant to assist humankind. For, these are gifts from the Great Divine.

To counteract these miraculous 'wild card factors' the *Viper psychopathic cabal* will attempt to mind control the people into mindless and/or fearful obedience to the Great Surveillance State.

While, in the beginning, there will be some measure of terrible success, ultimately this diabolical 'spy on everyone' gambit will fail. In part, because many will tune out of the establishment, and turn off their TVs. Many of us will also ignore the hypnotic allure of e-devices in favor of human to human contact.

On the AWAKENING front, 2015, The Dreamers Emerge Dreaming a Brave New Future and the Great Psychic Arrival-Revival

AWAKE and AWARE, this consciousness continues to tsunami-spread over the world, and will be easily observed in the activism-rise of the people against the forces of tyranny. At this spinpoint in time, the demand for mental freedom, the freedom to think as though wilt, and not be repressed-oppressed soars phoenix-skyward.

As well, psychic powers blast into existence, especially from the young among us. Out of this, there will be 'hundredth monkey' happenings -- in that once a certain threshold is reached, various psychic abilities will become a normal part of the human population and experience.

On the land changes front, 2015, Mother Earth Continues To Transform Herself and the Sun Lashes the Atmosphere Creating Unusual Weather Anomalies

At this cosmic turnpoint, a portion of the earth's core becomes more molten, then changes its geometric dynamics. This means a greater increase in volcanic eruptions, especially on the ocean floor. There will be more cracks in the crust, many of which will be powerful earthquakes and ongoing quake swarms. New land will continue to rise unexpectedly, as in islands, and worldwide, areas of land will also sink dramatically.

Further, many coastlines will continue to erode as they are struck by Superstorm after Superstorm. Further, flooding, drought, and extremes in weather only increase.

However, Beneficent Forces are still intervening and will mitigate several disaster land-change events. Every effort toward real and lasting peace will also soothe these Earth-cyclical changes.

On the magickal, mystical front, this year of 2015, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' become conjuring cyclones of CHANGE, thus, initiating more advancement toward the Aquarian Age renaissance. With their lightblades whirling, they will battle the zombie apocalypse in all of its various forms.

On the personal front, 2015, The Year of Personal Freedom and the Rise of Pioneering Independence ... this will be a make it or break it year for many when it comes to taking charge of your own life. One of the major challenges will be discovering new and innovative methods/ways to not only maintain control of your life, but also increase your ability to self-govern.

For, Aquarian Age vibes demand humankind grow up, to become responsible in key ways that are to the benefit of ALL. However, the current governing system demands humanity stay dependant on authorities, and servile to laws the so-called leaders don't bother obeying... as in the ye olden days of Robin Hood.

On the paranormal front, 2015, the Year of ET High Strangeness and Dimensional Reality ... CONTACT with ETs, other races, and all manner of supernatural beings continues and accelerates on a one-on-one personal level, even as the state-controlled mainstream mantra will remain a *doctrine of denial*. This, despite the obvious TRUTH.

Also, those who die and miraculously return to their bodies will be speaking out in much greater numbers at this cosmic timepoint. For, these barriers between worlds have dissolved to a new thinness. This means, as well, there will be more and easier communication with those on the Other Side.

On the truth front, 2015, TRUTH Becomes the Mightiest of Weapons For the People ... that is, as never before in this current world-age. For *Truth* will be shouted from the highest mountaintops, from the lowest valleys, and will EMERGE no matter the evil empire's campaign to shroud it with the darkness of deception, misinformation, and lies.

Often, revealed truths will revolve around currency or 'money' and the *dark-side powers that be* who are pulling the worldwide economic strings. For, the curtain is being pulled aside inch by inch. This particular TRUTH KNOWING will manifest in every layer of society and be a global phenomenon.

On the economic front, 2015, the Year of Old Money Versus the Emerging Cyber Currencies and the Monumental Rise Against Debt Enslavement

Superstorm waves of bankster-gangster corruption inundates society... sinks the economy further... and smashes against the cliffs of the 'good and virtuous' banks still standing. Out of this, the street war begins, and the once proud pillars of the republic crumble into disorder as the rats in charge run for their underground and private-island lairs. For, their Machiavellian, beyond-cruel game against the people is up. And justice is due.

On the war front, 2015, Betrayal By the Military Industrial Complex Exposed and Give Peace a Real Chance ... as the ongoing drumbeat of war and ever more war is played out before the public, as Hitlarian-Reichstag false flags strike one after another during the year, a bold resistance will form.

This 'resistance' will include people from every economic class, and from every social strata. NO MORE WAR becomes their fervent mantra. Also, at this point in time, it appears as though this enormous movement will first rise most significantly in the European countries.

On the tyranny-at-work front, 2015, On the Brink of a Human Revolution-Evolution and the Cruel Counterattack by the Evil Empire Establishment

To force a race war, and a class war between the people ... to foment a clash of civilizations, of religions -- and thus, to instigate the chaos and destruction of a major world war ... 'propaganda false flags' will be *staged*one after another. Also, every incident that furthers these reprehensible goals will be used by the dark-side controllers to incite the public into paranoia, into fighting each other.

However, this domino effect can be halted by Divine Intervention.

On the communication front, 2015, Cyber Hacking, the New Interplanetary Warfare ... and Internet Freedom, the Battlefield Between the People and the Old-Guard Establishment Goes Viral

Currently, superstorms of rage are brewing among those who love the wild-west freedom of the worldwide web, and will not surrender to the upcoming China-style censorship -- as bill-decreed by congress and other world governments. For, at the deepest, genius cyber level AI [artificial intelligence] soldiers are being created to do battle against every dark-side enemy of internet freedom.

On the home front, 2015, the Farming and Ranching Renaissance Struggles Yet Triumphs ... and the Forced Manufactured Austerity Courtesy of the Dark-side Powers That Be

During the coming year, every attempt will be made to sell the need for a nightmarish *austerity* as championed by Agenda 21. From a prior forecast: "Trendwise, more of the American people are WAKING UP to what is called Agenda 21. This is the U.N.'s covert plan to corral humankind and keep us penned up in sardine-cramped cities -- in apartments often smaller than prison cells. Even as they and their petty-creepy minions seize all the land."

On the food front, 2015, The Food Battle Lines Are Being Drawn Between the People and the Big Frankenfood Corporations

This battle for the preservation of good and natural food will get real ugly, real fast. Currently government agencies are being used to stop heirloom seed savers from exchanging their seeds. This will ultimately fail. However, the people must persevere against this sinister attack on a basic human need and right. That is, to eat, and eat healthily.

On the energy front, 2015, The Shift of the Energy Matrix as the Battle Between Good and Evil Intensifies

This will be a rock'em sock'em year on the world stage as more of the people say NO to all *authority figures* and NO to the Empire of Broken Dreams.

As well, there will be huge spiritual-energy transformations. That is, on a personal level many of us will confront the good versus evil battle within ourselves, and be victorious. Thus, the world is born anew.

On the really bad news front, 2015, the Beast System Goes Stark Raving Mad and Militarization of Law Enforcement Shoots For the Moon

At this point in history/herstory, the Great Balkanization of society begins. Those of like mind, whether for good or ill, come together and carve out their territories.

Out of this diabolically conjured chaos, the Viper elite sit back and laugh at the destruction they have wrought, and are wreaking against humanity. However, in the grand cosmic scheme of time this will be short-lived.

On the good news front, 2015, Heart To Heart Communication, True Caring and Compassion Trump the Corporate Evildoers

Many more of us are now WAKING UP to the constant lava-flow of beyond-evil corruption in both the upper echelons of government, and in the boardrooms of their corporate masters.

However, because of this courageous *facing of the truth* there will be miracles of power  that generate a world worth living in for ALL.

On the global mafia cabal front, 2015, the Divide and Conquer Strategy of the Viper Cabal Begins To Fall Apart and Fail ... and Death Becomes Them

As the king-of-the-world war in their own dark-side ranks reaches new heights, more of the bankster gangster minions will be eating cement, biting the proverbial dust, and/or pushing up daisies.

Meanwhile, the technocrat-minions use all of their nefarious wiles to gain complete control over Western Society for their Viper masters. For they believe the serfs must bow down and obey, and take their proper place as mere pawns in the endgame.

On the heroine and hero front, The Heroines and Heroes of Alternative Media Now Overcome the Media Industrial Complex Yet Not Without an Epic Demonizing Battle

Stay tuned. Stay alert. And don't just watch this show. Participate with your own genius-knowing, experience, and knowledge. We are all the journalists, the investigative reporters. And this is our time.

On the freedom front, 2015, Caught in the Wild and Wooly Crosscurrents of the Aquarian Age Transition, Freedom Now Spins Like a Cyclone Over the Land ... and  the Truth Shall Set Them ALL Free

As the real truth about the world, and the black-hearted ones who rule, now slams into the mass consciousness of the people -- a constant yet divine bombardment -- the fierce desire for freedom compels and strengthens the human spirit.  And the people rise.

However, fear of freedom owns many as well, and they will fight tooth and nail to remain ruled and enslaved. Their tactics will be vicious and underhanded. Also, betrayal will be their best ally. Beware.

Trendwise, the Unique Prism That Is Humankind and the Human Spirit Now Ascends at Superspeed ... and the People Begin Taking Over the Movie and TV Industry

With the lessening expense of movie-making cameras, equipment, and powerful computers on the near horizon, the amateurs, and the artistic geniuses, come pouring out of the woodwork. The sky is the limit but becomes limitless.

As well, the endless beauty of the human spirit will now be portrayed by massive and myriad artistic endeavors, as never before known in this era. Thus, advancement gallops freely over the land like a herd of beautiful wild horses.

THIS WEEK, make plans for the New Year that reflect the beauty and strength of your soul. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Joyous Noel!

Merry Christmas! If you're reading this on Thursday, shame on you. Why aren't you watching football, or playing with your toys? I'm not even here. I'm at home catching up on my reading. I might take a walk later, if the weather cooperates and the temperatures stay above freezing.

This holiday season, I want you all to give thanks that the people shown below aren't part of your family. See you in the new year!

I'm dreaming of a Goth Christmas ...

If'n y'all ask Santa for beef jerky and hold him hostage till he ponies up, you might be a redneck...

I'm hoping Dad simply misplaced his outfit.

Thank yuh, Santa, thank yuh vurrah much...

Yo, dude! The holidays are f**kin' AWESOME!

To the eggnog, Boy Wonder!

Merry Christmas from Cletus and Brandine.

And from the McFly family. PS: I'm with you, kid.

I ... oh, forget it. I can't even. Wishing you all a joyous holiday.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 22, 2014

Christmas Angel by Tori B

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #329 

Miracles, Madness, and Mayhem... the world spins apart... the world spins bright and new... all while the Game Changers rule.

Meanwhile, the age of deep-heart love blossoms.

From the previous year, 2013: "On the cosmic-energy wings of Winter Solstice and Christmas, the age of deep-heart love begins. Be prepared for this time of great transitioning. However, even with these grand LOVE VIBES, the upcoming times will not be easy for most of us.

Already, the dark-side Vipers feel the waning of their malevolent power. Now, these beast controllers in human skin go insanely berserk. Their goal is to crush all that is LOVE and LOVING. Their goal is to master the people, to stomp down the human spirit."

On the AWAKENING front, The Ascendency of Consciousness Around True Abundance

At this time, more of humankind will realize the battle for money is the battle for emptiness. Out of this AWARENESS, heart-centered communities arise faster, and a renaissance lifestyle continues to develop and spring forth.

Also, many agrarian communities form closer ties, as it once was in American history/herstory. As well, farmers/ranchers become ever more self-sufficient.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swing their cosmic lightblades cutting away more of the 'construct'. From a prior forecast: "Now, the construct obscuring these ancient-blood, dark-hearted ones is being ripped open, torn to proverbial shreds. Exposed to the bright light, those who have committed to knowing and witnessing the TRUTH will be able to see beyond the construct."

This week, the magickal dynamics of Winter Solstice 2014 becomes a new radiance enveloping the entire world. This means more of us will let our hearts and souls shine forth, thus, creating the world anew -- transmuting society from the current misery and chaos.

On the personal front, the Christmas week ahead brings a symphony of joys for many. However, there will be family trials for many others. Surf the tidal waves of emotion with as much grace and understanding as possible, then move on.

Further, the cosmic significance of this holiday season revolves around showing affection and love to those in our lives, those whom we cherish and honor the most. This is absolutely vital to the human spirit as a whole, and to the evolution-revolution of the Aquarian Age. For, we are the CHANGE.

On the paranormal front, Cryptids, and evidence of sea monster cryptids keep arriving on scene.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hairless mystery creature baffles residents after it washes up dead on exclusive California beach"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Are Our Oceans Hiding Mysterious Sea Monsters?
Thursday, December 18, 2014
Recent reports from New Zealand describe a massive sea creature that was seen in Oke Bay, in North Island. A Google Earth image captured a huge and unidentified wake in the clear blue waters of the beautiful bay qt 11.30am on January 30th. The image was discovered by engineer Pita Witehira who was researching the images for a holiday home.
From the size of the wake, it is estimated that the creature could be up to 12 metres in length. The wake was not consistent with that caused by any sea vessel, said Mr. Witehira, as there was no surface froth on the water.
‘I spotted it about a week ago. We have some property near Oke Bay and I’m about to build a beach chalet up there, I zoomed down and found that,’ he said."

On the cosmic front, The Rise of Pluto and the Ancient Super Solar System Civilization... now it will be told, exposed during the year, 2015.

BLURB-SNIPPET: Richard C. Hoagland ... is penning a chapter, for a new book about Pluto (he contends the dwarf planet contains ancient ruins)...

On the land changes front, as stated before... Superstorm events, extreme high-low temperatures, flooding, more sinkholes, fireballs streak across the sky, terrible droughts continue, Volcanoes erupt bigtime, the cooling sun... BOOM EXPLOSIONS around the world... and shake, rattle, and roll, it's all in the moving tectonic plates ... the EARTHQUAKES continue.

EARTHQUAKE HEADLINE: "M6.6 - 157km WNW of Tobelo, Indonesia"

On the mysterious BOOMS all over the world front, HEADLINE: "The Mystery Crashes: Are They a Global Phenomenon?"

On the solar flare front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Sun Unleashes Huge Flare ~ December 20, 2014
The sun unleashed a massive solar flare late on Friday, causing a radio blackout for certain parts of the Earth. The X-class flare was one of the strongest possible."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Strong, long duration solar flare measuring M8.7 erupted from geoeffective region"

On the economic front, There Is No End To the Bankster Gangster Madness ... too big to fail, too big to jail, while making millions of us too poor to pay.

However, with pension funds now in the gun sights of the corp-gov establishment, the ire of the people grows by great leaps and bounds. Also, as more AWAKEN, the people will desert the criminal financial system in droves.

This movement away from the Big Bank Cartel and toward strong local economies will 'only' accelerate in the year, 2015. Likely as well, there will be major riots revolving around this massive unconscionable betrayal of the people.

On the worldwide economic war front, Repeatedly Poking and Baiting the Russian Bear Is Playing Into His Mighty Paws

HEADLINE: "Targeting Russia Escalates. Washington and Wall Street Declare Russia as the Enemy"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Russia To Unleash Ultimate Black Swan Against The West  “Suppose the Russian government says, ‘Well, since the attack on the ruble is political and you guys are attacking the ruble and causing us so much trouble, we are just not going to pay off the next traunch of our debt that comes due early in 2015.'
Well, the European banking system would collapse because those banks are terribly undercapitalized.  Some of them have loans to Russia that almost absorb the entire capital base.  So the Russians don’t even have to default.  They can just say, ‘We’re not going to pay this year.  We will do it later.  We’ll do it when the ruble stabilizes.’ (Laughter)...
... That would set off so many black swans.  Every banking system would probably collapse because if the German banks are faced with German industry closing down, what the hell is going to happen to the banks?  So all the cards are in Putin’s hands.  None of them are in Washington’s hands.  Putin is going to reorient Russia to the East.  Then you are going to see Russia, India, and China, take over the leadership of the world.  That will start in 2015.”

On the looming civil war front, A Courageous Stand Against Militarization of the Police

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black Hawk Chopper Buzzes Spokane Day Before Police State Protest ~ Paul Joseph Watson | Residents set to demonstrate against militarization of law enforcement. According to Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, the chopper flew at low altitude for around 10 to 15 minutes, weaving inbetween buildings.
The sudden appearance of the helicopter in an urban area just 24 hours before the demonstration against the militarization of Spokane Police may just be a coincidence, but it will do little to reduce tensions between residents and the Sheriff’s Department.
The protest is in response to a shocking video which went viral earlier this month which featured a Spokane Sheriff’s Deputy defending the use of an MRAP armored vehicle by saying it was needed to deal with the threat posed by “constitutionalists”.
The video, exclusively obtained by, prompted thousands of comments and a 9 minute video response from Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich in which he claimed that the video was being taken out of context."

On the Swamp Fox front, from a previous forecast: "the warrior spirit of the people rises. As 'we the people' are brutally reined in, our activities severely limited by the ruling regime... now the renegade warriors go extreme. This will happen in several ways, including 'shunning' the system -- and using the wily tactics of the Revolutionary War hero called the Swamp Fox...
...Once again in American history, the unquenchable fighting spirit of the SWAMP FOX, rises. ~ "General Francis Marion *The Swamp Fox* used guerilla war tactics to outwit the British troops during the American Revolution."~

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Can Americans Win a Guerrilla War Against the Banker Occupation Forces?:Why the Coming Civil War Must Be a Guerrilla War: Being a sheep will not ensure survival, it will only mean that by living the life of a sheep, means that you will die like a sheep"

On the truth front, Covering Their Dark-side Butts By Covering Up the Emerging Blasts of TRUTH With More Smoke-and-Mirror Events ... that is the plan of the new world order criminals. Stay tuned. Stay alert. The fireworks will prove to be explosive.

On the war front, the Out of Control War Machine Shoots Its Killer Tentacles Across the Planet ... and humanity's resistance ramps up.

At this time, the Viper cabal attempts to pull out all the 'warring' stops in a last ditch effort to force a World War on the people. Meanwhile, here come the bigger-better robots -- the dark-side cabal's attempt to fulfill the SkyNet and Terminator movie scenarios.

However, there are GOOD FORCES battling against the rise of the humanoid machine, and the all-seeing digital eye in the sky.

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Painful Screws of Tyranny Are Tightened to An Unbearable Level For Many ... at this cosmic spinpoint humankind endures the evil empire, and their evildoers on super steroids.

In the meantime, flight from the Big Cities increases dramatically.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "It’s WAR On The Streets Of America :Something has fundamentally shifted in this country. I fear that this is only just the beginning of the war on the streets of America."

On the pet-cide front, Murdering America's Pets Usually For No Reason Whatsoever

LINK: Ten Facts You Should Know About The Police State - TheAntiMedia ten-facts-you-should-know-about-the-police-state~
Dec 8, 2014 ... There are more than 80,000 military raids conducted by police every year in the United States. ... Every 98 minutes, a cop kills a family pet.

On the communication front, the Media Industrial Complex, Or An Empire of Mediocrity Gets Billions Upon Billions of Free Advertising ... for a movie many are saying is complete crap.

HEADLINE: "‘The Interview’, A Sony False Flag Hack and Hollywood’s Empire of Mediocrity"

On the home front, Buddy Can You Spare a Dollar?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Dollar Store Nation: Largest percentage of Americans on food stamps while stock market disconnects from working class Americans.

Meanwhile, the *Mother of Invention* becomes the mantra of many as they innovate and invent how they live their lives anew. This will include living off the grid, of course. However, there will be thousands of good variations.

On the energy front, this week, there is an incredible SHIFT in cosmic, spiritual energy. Waves of crystalline frequencies penetrate Mother Earth, her people, and all LIFE. These GOOD vibes are all about ascending the human spirit, all Life on the planet, toward a more rewarding and happy way of living.

To counter these spiritual crystal energies, the dark-side cabal is using Tesla-HAARP like frequencies to stimulate humanity's baser nature. Do your best to stay tuned into your higher nature. Think LOVE.

On the food front, Another Defeat For the Frankenfood Monsters, Monsanto and  Dow

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Breaking: Maui Wins! Monsanto and Dow to Follow New GMO Moratorium
Residents and activists in Maui have won. Monsanto and Dow will have to follow a new GMO moratorium."

On the really bad news front, The Dark-side Controllers Seize Control of the Children With Mind Control

Using every Machiavellian psychological method, the psychopathic establishment continues to turn children into snitches and thieves. Courtesy of psycho Bloomberg and cohorts, children are now being propagandized to take legal guns from their families. It's all about disarming and informing against anyone the system deems to be an enemy of the state.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Gun Control Advocate Urges Kids to Inform on Parents, Turn in Their Firearms
Paul Joseph Watson | “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house"

On the good news front, as the year, 2015, unfolds, a heart-centered spirituality will continue to bloom. Those who are strong in LOVE will constantly reach out to those of like mind, heart, and soul. This 'spirituality' will include animals, domestic and wild.

Also, 'protection' communities -- especially in rural areas -- will continue to form, with everyone watching each other's backs. Infiltrators will not be tolerated.

On the global mafia cabal front, Now Some of the Mighty on the Dark-side Fall Due to the Actions of the People

As the Viper black magicians cast their diabolical bloodthirsty spells, and unleash endless terror upon the world with thousands upon thousands of false flag operations, they are orchestrating their own eventual DOOM.

In the meantime, core groups of people rise, and say NO MORE to the mafia cabal's minion, one-world globalists!

On the bankster gangster front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Complete List of BANKS Owned/Controlled by the Rothschild Family
The Global Elite - “Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws” – Baron M.A. Rothschild
“Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!” -Nathan Meyer Rothschild
“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” -Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.
“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” -The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863."

On the heroine front, Karen Tostado, founder of United WE Strike United We Strike Player ... WE are the instruments through which Miracles Flow. ... When ENOUGH of US participate, WE WILL EXTEND the STRIKE for AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO BRING THEM TO THE ... Karen's Korner: Live every Friday...

AND... Former Buffalo Police Officer, Cariol Horne
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cop Stops Fellow Cop From Choking a Handcuffed Man, She Was Then Beaten and Fired...
The good cop, who was trying to stop abuse by her peer, was fired for “jumping on Officer Kwaitkowski’s back and/or striking him with her hands,” something that Kwaitkowski himself denied ever happening in a sworn statement.
The bad cop, who was choking a man and then punched his female co-worker in the face, kept his job.  It wasn’t until he choked another officer at a district station house that he was forced to retire.  He was already under investigation for punching another officer while he was off-duty at a local bar."

On the hero front, Christopher Boucher

BLURB-SNIPPET: Hemp Prohibition
Date: 12-15-14
Host: George Noory
Guests: Christopher Boucher, Shepard Ambellas
In the first half, a pioneer of the modern U.S. hemp industry, Christopher Boucher detailed the history of hemp. Hemp is more American than apple pie when you look at just what it's done for this country, he commented. "This country wouldn't have even been discovered if it wasn't for hemp-- every ship...that crossed the ocean from Cortez to Christopher Columbus to the Mayflower-- all those ships had hemp ropes, hemp sails," he noted. It was also used for textiles as well as plastic, and was an important aspect of the American economy. "Even Henry Ford made a car out of hemp plastic," he reported. In 1937, it was declared to be "America's first billion-dollar crop" but then dropped off the radar due to the efforts of the petroleum industry, and hemp's association with the demonized drug marijuana.

On the freedom front, The People Rise Against Authority and the Authoritarian Establishment

Now the toleration of big-brother, jackboot abuses comes to an end. That is, as the year 2015 progresses. The time has come to prepare for the chaos-terrible consequences, and take every measure to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors.

Trendwise, the hated American tourist. Or, the war-born chickens come home to roost. While this will NOT be worldwide, or utterly ubiquitous, nevertheless, the tide has turned. And the innocent will pay for the reprehensible acts of war mongers.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "U.S. issues rare worldwide travel warning; hotels, shopping centers, schools among possible targets..."

Another trend on the near horizon: Eye to the sky, the ancient aliens are due to arrive. Beyond the movies, and the fictional accounts...beyond Project Bluebeam, the faked alien invasion...the time has arrived. Here they come.

THIS WEEK, make merry and be generous with your time and your love. For, many of us are more open to give and receive loving attention during the holiday season. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Sexy Saturday~Santa Baby, Several Stars Away~beneath the tree

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Here are the first moments beneath the Christmas tree between my heroine, Kaily, and her hero, Dylan.

Seven paragraphs from ~ 
Santa Baby, Several Stars Away  
When he finally approached the archway into the parlor, his steps were so quiet Kaily barely heard them. She squeezed her eyelids hard. Unless there was some sort of Christmas miracle, she'd never be able to open them again.

Holy moly, if his gaze censured her, she didn't want to see it, especially since he looked like Santa Clause.

To everyone's surprise, even Nessie had politely directed Dylan to the books and movies that would teach him how to play jolly St. Nick for the children.

Oh God, why didn't he speak? Say 'get dressed and get out'? Or...

''Is this a holiday tradition I'm not aware of?" 

The deep timbre of his voice blanketed her like velvet, yet did little to warm Kaily. Frightened, so much more than she bargained for, Kaily could only hear her drumming heartbeat.

As if he willed it...or, as if she'd just received her Christmas miracle, Kaily's eyes opened of their own volition. 


For more of My Sexy Saturday


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Kaily has been consumed by curiosity ever since Dylan suddenly appears in her small town. Surreptitiously, she watches the mystery man restore a rundown Victorian mansion, all while his charm and sincerity gain him the good will of most everyone. This is especially true when he volunteers to become the annual Santa Claus for the children at the town's park.

The problem for Kaily: No one really knows anything about Dylan's past or where he came from. With her attraction to him growing day by day, she becomes a driven woman. On a desperate whim, she gives herself to him as a Christmas present. Will Dylan be able to resist her waiting naked, but gift-wrapped beneath his tree? 

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Running as horse, Grant Thunderhead senses an intruder trigger the forcefield protecting his steam engine caverns. Investigating, he finds a beautiful unusual man who will rescue his heart.

Excerpt/Buy link
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Coming Attractions

Christmas already? Yep, next week this time it’ll be here. Hope you’ve got all your shopping done. I mailed my cards out the other week. Let’s see who responds. So far I’ve only gotten return cards from the people I was going to drop from my list. Next year I’ll mail out my cards on the 22nd so everybody has to scramble. Ain’t I a stinker?

I probably won’t be here next Thursday. For starters, it’s Christmas. Nobody goes on the Internet on Christmas. For another, almost everything’s closed, and since I still don’t have home WiFi I doubt if I’ll be able to find a place to set up and post. Lancaster County’s libraries are shutting down for both Wednesday and Thursday, in addition to the Ephrata Library being closed on Fridays. That’s three days I have to hunt for someplace to check my email. Therefore, screw it, says I. I’ll just find a funny picture on Google Images and schedule the blog to self-post Thursday morning. I myself probably won’t even leave the house. I’ve got gift books to read and eggnog to drink. If I’m lucky, some channel will run Die Hard, my favorite Christmas movie. Or maybe the library has the DVD. I’ll have to check before they close.

And why don’t I have home Internet yet? Because I had to use the money to buy mandated health insurance for 2015, or pay the massive penalties. Thanks for nothing, Affordable Health Care Act. I think I’ll get sick next year, just to spite the government. I wonder if hospitals have free Internet access?

# # #

That’s Christmas. The library’s following the same shutdown schedule for New Year’s, but somehow that doesn’t seem quite as bad. For one thing, McDonald’s is open on New Year’s Day, so I can post my blog and enjoy my first Sausage McMuffin of the year. A friend of mine down in Valley Forge used to hold a New Year’s party, but she stopped around a decade ago. Since then I’ve been able to get a full night’s sleep (no more long drives home at 2 in the morning) so I’m no longer a zombie on New Year’s Day. I don’t even think I can stay up that late any more. Once you turn the corner of 40, all those new years start to pile up.

If I knew I’d be awake, I’d drive up to Falmouth (it’s near Three Mile Island. Get out your maps.) and watch them lower the goat from the flagpole. Stop your outraged protests. The goat’s fake. Here in my corner of Pennsylvania they drop all sorts of stuff, like red roses and white roses and Lebanon bolognas and giant M&Ms and a Hershey Kiss and a wrench (Mechanicsburg) and strawberries and fun things like that. Falmouth is known for its annual goat races, so they drop a goat. About the only place that doesn’t drop anything is Ephrata, so I have to go out of town. Looks like I’ll have to go out of town for Internet. Maybe it’s time to move?

Again, I’m not sure if anyone bothers to go on the Net or read blogs on a holiday, so I’ll have to decide whether I want to bother posting or not. Let me see if I can come up with a topic. I can always postpone it until Friday, when the Lititz Library will be open and people’s eyes will be properly focusing again. I could write about the perils of sleep deprivation. Sound good to you?

# # #

New Year’s is when I usually make resolutions that I break within a week. This year I’m going to make an effort and attempt to send out at least one sub a month. Because I’m not that fast of a writer, I’m going to cheat and finish some manuscripts I already have started. I’m including self-publishing in this, so if I end up self-pubbing twelve porn stories that’ll satisfy conditions. Only things I might get paid for count. No more free reads from me in 2015.

First up will either be the porn story I never got a cover for, or The Mountain Lion King. Somehow I screwed up and actually worked on it, and now the first draft’s almost done. How’d that happen? One to two pages a day every day, that’s how. Slow and steady, people. That’s how it’s done. Once I edit, polish and type it up I’ll be sending it out to the group to make sure I have all the facts in our “universe” straight, and then it’s wrestle with formatting. If I can pick up the pace, it may be out by the end of January. I want to get a Talbot’s Peak story on the market fast—well, fast for me—to take advantage of any good press generated by Love to the Rescue. We’re starting to build a fan base. We’d better produce.

Right now it looks like the book after that will be a M/M shapeshifter story for Siren. Or vampire cowboys. Or porn. The year hasn’t even started yet. These things are still subject to change.

# # #

Finally, Stray Kitty’s got company. My neighbors across the street have an indoor/outdoor cat who’s started coming around. Peanut’s friendly as all get out when you’re in his yard and his people are there. Once he steps off his turf he might as well be feral. But that was before. Recently he’s started coming up to me in my yard. That’s probably my fault. I made the mistake of giving him some dry food once. Now I’m his bestest buddy. Stray Kitty is not at all happy. The other morning I heard noise on the porch and there was Stray Kitty scrunched up by the door and Peanut prowling around the steps. I had to feed both of them, with separate dishes at opposite ends of the porch while making sure each cat had a clear escape route, just in case. At least Peanut lets me pet him. I don’t even have pets of my own. I should get a dog. And how is your holiday going?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ December 15, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #328 

The Quickening Rise of Freedom and the Maverick Spirit of Humankind ... this week a major and magnificent turnpoint arrives as more in the worldwide population spiritually reach for freedom -- while stampeding away from the gathering evil forces of tyranny.

On the AWAKENING front, the Massive *Circus Circus* Dumbing Down of the People Reaches a New Height

However, the Aquarian Age AWAKENING superstorms over the entire planet. Out of this growing AWARENESS, chaos will rule for a time. This, because the 'unaware' among us, and the dark-side controllers, will battle against the AWAKENED ONES for Earth's future.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' cast forth great lightning bolts of magick, destroying the black-hearted conjuring of the Viper elite magicians. This will look like the curtain being pulled back in the "Wizard of Oz"... thus, the many exposures of traitorous and murderous acts in the coming weeks.

Also, the resurgence of real magick continues to expand as humanity reconnects with each other in powerful and loving ways -- as we learn how to connect with Mother Earth in ever deeper ways. And so it will be.

On the personal front, a which way? wacky week of possible misdirection and even treachery. Watch your backside. Watch your front-side. Watch every side.

This week is also about making merry with family and friends, or those you cherish the most. For, LOVE is in the air, and this is a wonderful time to express your true feelings.

On the career-job side, look for the 'unusual' to assist you in gaining ground. With the high level of changes occurring, now is the time to be adaptable and innovative. As well, this is an ideal time to make good business connections.

On the paranormal front, the MURDER OF MARS

Blurb from Unknown Country: Mars was Murdered, Friday December 12, 2014 ~ Dr. John Brandenburg on the horrendous and violent past of our sister planet Mars. Was Mars murdered in an atomic holocaust millions of years ago? The evidence will horrify you.
John Brandenburg and Whitley Strieber have a long association, going back to the earliest days of study of the Mars face. Listen as John tells of findings that JPL and NASA simply will not face--and explains the science that supports his startling claims.
If John is right--and the evidence is very powerful--then we don't understand our past at all, and remain in ignorance at our peril.
Visit John at

On the rewriting history/herstory front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ancient Egypt: Alien Artifacts Could Rewrite Egyptian History ~ By Susan Duclos ~ December 15, 2014
Fascinating and remarkable ancient artifacts have been discovered in a former home of Sir William Petrie in Jerusalem which could totally rewrite Egyptian history. These artifacts shown in the video below include relics and remains of what appear to be "aliens," but it is unclear if Petrie was hiding this knowledge or was waiting to reveal these artifacts after he had researched them more but died before his research was complete.
One object described as an "alien device of some kind," is a plate-sized "disk object"  allegedly made out of gold, has a sealed transparent top and outside there are mysterious symbols that do not appear to be Egyptian in origin. The device is clearly technology far advanced from what the people of tht time were capable of."

On the land changes front, Superstorm events, extreme high-low temperatures, flooding, more sinkholes, fireballs streak across the sky, terrible droughts continue, Volcanoes erupt bigtime, the cooling sun... BOOM EXPLOSIONS around the world... and shake, rattle, and roll, it's all in the moving tectonic plates ... the EARTHQUAKES continue.


And, on the California front, superstorm systems will likely rage across the state periodically for the next three months. Prepare and take care.

On the economic front, Another Wall Street Bailout While You Live Homeless On Starve Street

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "House Passes Government Funding Bill with Bankster Derivatives Bailout Provision
Kurt Nimmo | Preparation for the next bankster bailout."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Federal Law Targets Retirement Benefit Cuts: “We Thought Our Pension Was Secure”
Mac Slavo | The $1.01 trillion spending bill being moving through Congress right now includes some new provisions that may come as a shock to millions of American pension holders."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Senate Passes Budget Over 6X Larger Than Number of Galaxies in Universe
Kit Daniels | Federal budget makes cosmos look less significant in comparison. The $1.1 trillion spending bill approved by the Senate Saturday night is over six times larger than the estimated number of galaxies in the observable universe."

Meanwhile, the worldwide economic war heats up with 'oil prices' being the weapon of choice. However, these financial war games will NOT play out as has been planned by the new world order criminals.

Eventually, the people will be the REAL WINNERS.

On the truth front, the dark-side's fear of TRUTH, and the onslaught of revealed Truth from every sector of society. Now comes forth, the wildest, most far-reaching sci fi stories that will be offered as TRUTH. Because most of these whistleblower-offerings will be either the truth, or close to the truth.

HEADLINE: Climate Engineering Pilot Disclosure?

Of course, the Viper elite will counter with their minion-propaganda infiltrators, who will pretend to be on the good side, and offer truth as lies. Discernment is more important than ever at this *Great Change* turnpoint into the Aquarian Age.

On the war front, The Russian Bear Growls ... The Chinese Dragon Thrashes Wanting Dominion ... And the Black World's Army Battles Them Both

A massively unstable week, and times ahead. The final gambit for the dark-side powers that be, is all-out world war. However, they have failed, and will continue to fail. This, despite the horrific, brush-fire war theaters across the planet.

Further, major EXPOSURES of the war profiteers will increase. This, via the alternative media. For, the glaring Light of the Divine is here without mercy.

On the *exposure* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Stunning Interview with Jim Marrs Comparing the False Flag Events of Pearl Harbor, JFK Assassination & Dead Bankers"

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Looming Civil War Unless the People Stop It

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Police: Armored Military Vehicles Needed for ‘Constitutionalists’ with Firearms ~ Mikael Thalen ~ December 13, 2014
Shocking video provided exclusively to Infowars shows a Washington state sheriff’s deputy proclaiming that law enforcement officers need armored military vehicles because of “constitutionalists” with firearms.
The footage, recently captured in Spokane Valley, begins with a local resident asking two deputies why police would need vehicles specifically designed for warfare abroad.
“I mean, we’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lots of ammunition,” one deputy says. “They have weapons here locally.”
The startling admission not only points to active surveillance of legal gun owners, but of those who support the country’s founding document, further solidifying concerns among law-abiding citizens that police are receiving military equipment and training in order to target conservative Americans.
The deputy’s specific mention of “constitutionalists,” a broad term covering millions of Americans, as opposed to criminals in general, also indicates a clear training mindset linked to the FBI and Homeland Security, two groups which have absurdly labeled “liberty-lovers” as terror threats.

On the communication front, Rapid fire e-communication now rules the destiny points of the world. For good or evil, e-communications are the rat-tat-tat 'shots' heard 'round the world.

This will become more apparent and transparent with the continuing protest movements against police brutality, and the other dark-side socially engineered ills which afflict us ALL. Thus, mastery of this ability to instantly communicate is an endgame unto itself in this epic battle between good and evil.

As well, the ability to hack e-devices is a major battleground strategy, currently being dominated by the white-hat forces.

On the home front, the Great Taxpayer Revolt ramps us, and sweeps nonstop across the country. For, the people have had enough. And only fools continue to pay for their own destruction.

On the food front, Using Your Tax Dollars via the FDA/USDA to Shut Down Farmers Based On the Rockefellers' Model of Agribusiness

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Why Rockefellers Aim at Destroying Farmers Worldwide?
We are not told the true effects on food quality that has been created by the mechanization and industrialization of food production in America since the Harvard Business School, on a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, began what they termed “agribusiness,” the conversion of our food supply into a pure for-profit vertically integrated business modelled on the Rockefeller oil cartel.
The raising of hogs, dairy cows, beef cattle, chicken all became industrialized gradually after the 1950’s in the USA. The baby chicks were confined to spaces so tiny they could barely stand. To make them get fat faster, the owners would pump them full of antibiotics and feed them a diet of GMO corn and soya meal. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 80 percent of all antibiotics sold in the United States are for use on livestock and poultry, not humans. The majority are given to animals mixed in their food or water to speed growth. After all, time is money."
First appeared:

On the energy front, The Cornucopia of Innovative Energy Devices Now in Existence

The time has arrived for ALL those who are able, to build and/or purchase alternative energy systems/devices of any type. That is, whichever will serve you and your home situation the best. For, this will allow the revolution-evolution in 'free/low cost' energy to emerge planet-wide.

Also, the more we assist each other in utilizing off-the-grid systems, the better prepared WE all will be for the superstorms of life. Like-minded communities, as has been stated often, are the key to surviving and thriving.

For an overview of alternative energy devices:

On the really bad news front, You Are Big Pharma's Chump

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big Pharma's secret payments to corrupt doctors, scientists finally to be exposed by US government
(NaturalNews) The legacy of back room wheelin' and dealin' by the drug industry, which routinely pays off doctors and academic researchers to hawk oftentimes dangerous and ineffective pharmaceuticals and medical devices, could soon be blown wide open..."

On the good news front, Growing Organic, Good For You, Good For Mother Earth

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Good News for Organic Farming -- Berkeley Study Says Productivity Higher Than Previously Thought
Natural Blaze - Organic farming is of course environmentally and socially sound, but many critics have argued it simply cannot compete with industrial farming which uses chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and even genetically modified crops. However, a new study conducted by UC Berkeley challenges that notion, proving the gap between organic and industrial cultivation is not only smaller than previously thought, but most likely can be closed or exceeded with proper research and development."

On the global mafia cabal front, Splintering Factions, More Dead Bankers, And  The Berserker Insanity of Wall Street

From a previous forecast: "the *too big to fail and jail* banking-cabal continues to slide downward into an abyss of its own making. While the process is slow, the sliding-crash picks up speed this week. In part, this is because those who don't want to 'kill the golden goose' are intervening, and want to bring in a new financial system that will eliminate the massive corruption.

However, the berserker psychopaths in charge are still viciously fighting each other to be king of the financial hill. Out of this, the stock markets wiggle and wobble, but don't quite fall down -- even as the market manipulators continue their smoke-and-mirrors deception with currency that doesn't exist, except as cyber-blib numbers and zeroes."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Bloodthirsty Bankers: “I Would Crawl on Broken Glass Dragging My Exposed Junk to Get This Deal”
Mac Slavo | Many Wall Street bankers would do anything – literally anything – to make money."

Meanwhile... another banker conveniently falls spiking himself gruesomely.

LINK: London 'banker' impaled after falling from ... - WTF RLY Report 2014/ 12/ 09/ dead-banker-37-london-banker-impaled-after-falling-from-penthouse~
5 days ago ... Dead banker number 37 for 2014? A man believed to work in the financial industry in London 'fell' to his death and impaled himself on a fence ...

On the heroine and hero front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Minnesota schools take steps to reduce GMO foods served to students
(NaturalNews) Public school educators in the Land of 10,000 Lakes have taken a bold first step towards improving the quality of cafeteria food served to children in five Minnesota school districts. Schools in Hopkins, Orono, Shakopee, Westonka, and Minneapolis have announced that they will gradually phase out GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) from their meal offerings as part of a long-term effort to teach students about proper nutrition and the dangers of biotechnology."

On the freedom front, Going to Ground and Preparing For the Militarized Police

At this crucial spinpoint in history/herstory, key individuals and groups who plan to protect their families while taking the country back -- and restoring freedom -- are keeping their heads down. They are hunker-bunkering down for the long 1776 battle ahead.

Many of these loosely woven networks have not been infiltrated, and are wise in methods needed to keep themselves hidden from Big Brother/NSA surveillance.

Even though the freedom revolution won't be televised, stay tuned. But remember, your smart TV is watching you.

On the second amendment front, Why Gun Ownership Saves Lives ... And a Sad Example of What Happens When a Government Seizes the Guns

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Terror in Sydney as gunman takes at least 13 hostages at Lindt cafe, forces crying women to hold black Islamic flag against the window and 'demands to speak to Tony Abbott'"

Flashback info: The real man nicknamed Crocodile Dundee was murdered by the Australian government defending his right to own guns. He had harmed no one.

Trendwise, Resistance Becomes the Social Norm at This Destiny Point

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Flamenco's Repression and Resistance in Southern Spain
Sunday, 14 December 2014 00:00 By Yossi Bartal, Truthout | News Analysis
...Although their actions might irritate conservative flamenco aficionados, who vow to keep the true art of flamenco outside of the realms of politics, they have aroused interest in flamenco among younger political activists alienated from its old-fashioned and conservative aura. By putting flamenco to clear political use, they have transformed not only protest forms, but also flamenco itself, adding a new audacious and revolutionary form of expression to its multilayered manifestations. Their actions give hope for the survival of flamenco as a popular art that finds its way to the daily lives of a generation of young Andalusians.
Against the processes of artistic commercialization and gentrification, their performances seem to declare the known lines of Federico Garcia Lorca's poem: *The weeping of the guitar begins. Useless to silence it. Impossible to silence it.*"

Also, The Great Sex Escape

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Sexodus: Why Are Young Men Giving Up On Women?
Paul Joseph Watson | Why are more and more young men giving up on women and checking out of society?"

THIS WEEK, let your feet dance to the rhythms of life. Let your soul dance to the rhythms of Nature, of the Cosmos. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


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