Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Cover

Here it is, my cover for BELONGING, my upcoming M/M vampire book! Hot, eh? Since I haven't even finished the edits yet, I can't give out a release day. I'll be back with more info and a possible blog when the book comes out.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011, A Magical New Year & Volcano's Forecast

So, what will be the MAGIC during the year, 2011?

This year, magic will begin in the home. Look for ways to make your home environment, not only more practical and comfortable, but more enchanting in appearance and mood.

Remember, there is always a special magic in preparing food. Spices, herbs, the blending of ingredients. Now is the time to bring forth a new renaissance in cooking good and wholesome foods while adding your own good, good vibrations.

Experiment with recipes. Go with the flow. Listen to your own inner chef. Your own inner kitchen witch. For, her wisdom goes back into the ancient mists of time.

Enchantment is the word that best expresses many of the new trends that are emerging, from fashion to music to a refurbished restaurant.

Allure arrives next. Instead of blatant, in your face sexuality and bared bodies, an alluring way of dressing, of presenting oneself, and using accessories will start to come into its own.

Most important, now is the time to MAGICK up your own personal vibration. This is best accomplished during 2011 by becoming in tune with Nature, especially with the natural settings around you. There are natural elements and frequencies that want to help you. They were designed for us human beings.

Get to know Mother Nature with your heart and soul. Make friends with her, if you haven’t already. Because Gaia, the Earth, wants you walking upon her terrain. Her joy is living side by side with you.

Now, more than ever, Mother Nature wants to be your friend.

~ Wishing you every lovely and wonderful enchantment during 2011 ~


Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for the New Year, 2011

2011, Where the power of the heart is released. The saying, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, will never be more true than during this year.

This love and ‘caring’ for our own, for those closest to us, will spread out to our neighbors, then to our local community. For, this is the key to survival and prosperity, right now.

In opposition to this profound opening of the human heart, those who are soulless will unleash devastating attacks designed to destroy our ability to love, and our ability to be compassionate toward each other.

This is, also, the year we will have the opportunity to step up, and become a cornerstone within our own world. We will learn how to rely on each other in good ways, in the ways that matter. As well, this ‘heart-caring’ for one another will become the cornerstone for how this year progresses.

Revelations of TRUTH begun during 2010 will continue at a quantum pace. However, this year, TRUTH will find its way, as led by the heart. This will occur on the world stage and at a personal level.

The weather and natural disaster chaos of 2010 will not lessen, but is likely to increase in intensity. Around the world coastal areas are particularly vulnerable.

As the year deepens, the word, community, is likely to become a buzzword because there will be a ‘mass recognition’ that we ALL need to come together. However, rather than the idea of a global village, and top-down solutions, it is time for the rise of grassroots solutions. For only, at a local level can the needs, and the heart, of each individual be met.

Look for the crash of the OLD WAY, as many institutions falter, then go the way of the dinosaur. They will not go peacefully. They will thrash and smash anyone and anything in the way like a beast gone utterly mad.

Out of these events, we will realize, as never before, charity begins at home. And, with each passing day, the world stage as presented by ‘those’ who use the mainstream media will diminish in importance, despite the constant CIRCUS CIRCUS atmosphere.

2011 will become known as the Year of Decision, a pivotal point in time that determines the course of humanity’s future for the next ten years. This is true for personal decisions, as well as those decisions that affect everyone on our beloved Earth.

During 2011, one of the most positive vibrations available to US ALL, is that of creating the ‘unconventional’ this year. Or, the mother of invention is necessity. When it comes to solutions, and forging a better life for yourself, and your loved ones, free your innovative side. It’s time to tune into your own individual genius. And, go for it.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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