Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ White Fang and Pasha, the seduction

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

For this week, here's another snippet taste from one of my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIPs.

White Fang, the super wolf hero, and Pasha, his cat goddess heroine, have made a deal that suits both their needs. Purr-fectly, of course. Now their desire is flaming out of control.
This is Pasha's POV.

Seven paragraphs from White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter ~ the chapter title: Take me to your loins

The inferno force of the universe spun through Pasha as she feverishly kissed White Fang, and gently caressed his back with her human claws. She'd known once their hungry passion for each other was loosed, it would burn her. No, firestorm through her soul as if she rose in the ashes of the phoenix -- a ritual she performed every seven years.

Her cat yowled savoring the extreme pleasure as White Fang straightened and drank in the sight of her. The vibrations of his gaze pummeled the swells of her breasts, delicious raw sensations that swirled over her clit and wickedly teased her toes.

When White Fang stroked down her arms, then manacled her wrists, Pasha shivered inside. Predictably, her cat purred with fierce delight at his masculine power.

Let him be the victor in this first round of passion between them.

His wolfish kisses fell like a rainstorm on the parched need of her skin, swelling her breasts. Her nipples pushed against the confines of her gown, an ache of bliss all its own.

White Fang's savage need dizzied Pasha, and his canine growl at being denied the taste of her breasts by the gown between them, sent a wild rush of heat that only a woman could feel. For, the man-wolf desired her beyond else.

"Beast," she softly taunted. "What are you going to do to me now?"


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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Minor Crack in the Rules

I’m going to give a writing lesson this week. But first, here’s a censorship update: I finally found a brand-new copy of It at Barnes and Noble. The offensive word still exists throughout the text, just as it does in modern copies of Huckleberry Finn. So that answers that.

The follow-up question still remains: If a newbie writer submitted a book with such liberal use of That Word, would it be accepted and printed as is, or would political correctness necessitate a thorough editorial scrubbing? There’s no way to tell without writing such a book and sending it around to agents and editors and see what kinds of comments you get. Would they even give that as a reason for rejection? I’ll bet they’d cite something else. It’s like job interviews. They’ll say you’re over- or underqualified or lack a specific skill they need or don’t have enough experience, when the truth is the job went to the son of some friend of the owner’s or that girl who looks hot in a skirt. Nobody’s ever going to tell you you’re wrong, just in case the reason why can be used to file a lawsuit. You just weren’t as right as the other person. Congratulations! We finally live in a world where everybody’s perfect!

I wonder what writers of historicals do? Especially those trying to write Civil War era fiction. Set the story up North? That would be the easiest solution. Or they could follow Disney’s Tarzan example and simply not show a large segment of people who would have been living there historically. I’m all in favor of equality, diversity and inclusion—I thought Thor did an excellent job in subtly adding Asian and black gods to the Norse pantheon—but c’mon. Sometimes the contortions we’re forced to go through in order to avoid offensiveness get out of hand.

We make our living with words. Some of those words can be hurtful. Like “bitch” and “slut” and “cunt.” Those words are still acceptable. But that’s a different blog.

# # #

I’m currently typing up a book I hope to send to a publisher, probably next week. It’s a ménage—one woman, two hot guys—and falls under the romance umbrella. Like all genres, romance comes with its own set of rules. I’m still in the second-guessing stage of the writing process, so now I’m wondering if I may have violated one of them.

In this case, the rule in question is, “Woman meets her perfect mate as soon as possible.” Chapter One is good. First page is better. First paragraph of first page is trickier to pull off, but can and has been done. My female main character doesn’t meet her men until Chapter Two. Chapter One is the setup; a minor character makes a remark that sets the plot in motion. So she meets the guys late for a romance, but it’s not necessarily fatal. And she meets two of them. That might make up for the late start.

Here’s the problem: Another male appears in Chapter One. My FMC doesn’t like him. With good reason: he turns out to be the villain of the story. But there he is, on page 2 already, and there she is, tossing insults at him. That’s also a standard romance trope. Some readers are likely to read this exchange, note his early intro and assume, “This is the one, this is the hero, this is the man of her dreams.” Uh, no. But try telling readers that once they’ve formed expectations. When she meets the real heroes in Chapter Two, a lot of folks are liable to feel betrayed. What’s a writer to do?

I could rewrite the entire beginning. Nah. Too much trouble too late in the game. I could change Chapter One to “Prologue.” Then Chapter Two becomes Chapter One. Any man you meet in the Prologue may or may not be important to the story. I can make my bad guy appear even slimier. Then people who assumed he was Da One will feel relieved when they meet the other two. I may have already helped things along by titling the book Jessalina’s Pets. That “s” on the end implies she gets more than one, so even those who invested in Chapter One Guy should be willing to switch allegiance after Chapter Two. Ditto for the cover. When/if I get one, it’ll show two men whose descriptions don’t match COG’s. That should also work in my favor. I hope so.

To top it off, one of the men she buys at the slave market has brown skin. Weren’t we talking about offensiveness in the first part of this blog? That’s easily fixed. I can just call him “tanned.” We’ll see what the publisher says.

I think I can skate by in the other case too. I need to intro the bad guy early so he doesn’t pop up out of nowhere later on. Readers would be even less forgiving of that than they would of a perceived bait and switch. I’d better make sure to emphasize she really detests this guy while she’s instantly attracted to the other two. That’ll make it go down more easily.

Dammit, this conforming to expectations is hard. Why did I want to be a writer again? Oh yeah, because it beats working. Back to the keyboard.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ May 26, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #299 

Theme: Now Comes the Healing of the Human Soul

However, prepare yourself. For, the world flies apart even more -- giant spinning blades slicing through society.

Also, be prepared for extreme madness and mayhem as well as profound and perfect miracles. All while the chaos accelerates and the Aquarian Age renaissance blooms like a field of lovely wildflowers.

On the land changes front, the devastation from superstorm weather events increases at this point in time. Worldwide: more massive flooding, more raging firestorms, miles long mudslides, disappearing coastlines, erupting volcanoes, ever larger earthquakes -- especially swarms.

Plus, there will likely be more large-scale evacuations across the planet as the year progresses. The continent of Africa 'could' top the list.

Also, there is a 'possibility' that there will be a destructive meteor strike within two months time. Divine intervention needed.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' fire blasts of powerful magick, blowing away the heavy curtains of deceit, as conjured by the Viper magicians. Now reality, as humanity has never known -- never experienced -- will be revealed one Divine step at a time.

As well, like Dorothy discovered in the Wizard of Oz, the true manipulators behind the scenes, will be relentlessly exposed on the big movie screen of Life for ALL to see, and know. For, their day to seize and rule the planet is over.

On the personal front, tough days ahead for many of us as the economy continues its nosedive into oblivion. However, if you can think out of the proverbial box, favorable opportunities to overcome will come your way.

This week, the love vibe heightens, and there will be more major opportunities to improve your relationships with those you care most about. Also, be on the lookout for those who are trustworthy. Then reach out to these allies, and make contact with potential friends in your community.

As well, the stars are smiling on romantic and passionate love. Now is the time for many of us.

On the paranormal front, a blockbuster week for all things paranormal-supernatural in the entertainment realm, and for real. On top of this, now the major propaganda push for 'ancient aliens' as humankind's ancestor-designers begins.

The off-world progenitors of humanity on Earth  is a complex and challenging story and picture. However, the *real* truth about our long lost past will be Machiavellian-obscured by the 'dark-side powers that be'.

For, they would have us bow down before the alien gods, and become nothing but slaves and sacrifice victims. Envision the horrific blood sacrifices of the ancient Aztecs -- that is their ultimate goal.

On the truth front, THE TRUTH VIBRATION that has been rainstorm-pouring in from the sacred cosmos now goes into super-drive. In part, this means *everything you wanted to know but didn't know you wanted to know* will surface.

Remember: from the prior forecast: "For, TRUTH is our savior, if we the people will only see it, acknowledge the revelations, then REAR UP, AND SEIZE THE DAY."

On the AWAKENING front, more and more of us will fly with the mighty and good angels amongst us. That is, our higher natures emerge and we see past the DOGMA we, as humanity, have been indoctrinated with for age upon age. For, that time of FALSE GODS is over, as has been stated repeatedly in these forecasts.

However, this evolution-revolution AWAKENING cannot be emphasized enough because it will take extreme courage to face the sheer depth of the ongoing, false-god deception.

On the economic front, slip-sliding away, any disposable income, that is. From this time forward, the jackboot authorities will be attacking Americans for any kind of so-called financial infraction. More debtor prisons will be established. Also, fines, fees, taxes now leap toward infinity.

Meanwhile, the people have had enough. Ever faster: 'don't buy, don't comply' wildfire-sweeps across the country. From last week's forecast: "Out of this, both a quiet and a noisy revolt firestorms across the country. Some will simply not comply, shunning the system. While others will take their voice to the streets, to the internet, and demand reform and/or the elimination of the IRS and the Federal Reserve."

This week, the worldwide economic war against the people takes many diabolical turns. Keep an eye out for the huge shenanigans that will happen on the world stage, and are meant to form a permanent serf class.

On the war front, a dangerous period of time ahead. The Viper elite are psychopathically determined to escalate civil-war conflicts across the globe, and increase the theaters of war. However, currently they are being checkmated by White Hat forces.

This week, the war against humanity threatens the very essence of what it means to be truly alive and human. *Divide and conquer* at every level of society is the weapon. That is, religion against religion, country against country, color against color, class against class, brother against brother, children against parents, man against woman.

On the tyranny-at-work front, as the year progresses the major cities, and certain key areas, will be placed -- degree by degree -- into semi-lockdown. Any and every excuse will be used to justify the brute fist of martial law without calling it martial law.

Checkpoints are likely to spring up overnight like poisonous mushrooms. TSA units and paramilitary police will suddenly take over entire towns and cities. At a certain point, people will begin to flee this dehumanizing oppression in droves.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Police use cellphone spying device
A stingray is a device that mimics a cell tower and thereby tricks all wireless devices on the same network into communicating with it." — Associated Press

On the communication front, slowly, the mystical becomes reality as humankind becomes fully aware of their sacred connection with each other...aware, and able to communicate in more profound ways.  As well, instead of using words to communicate mind-to-mind, speaking will often be replaced by movie-like scenes.

Further, those who are kindred spirits will lead the way in this telepathy, and provide the environment for acceptance. After all, love is the great connector.

On the home front, the mindless drivel of popular entertainment is the order of the day. That, and CIRCUS CIRCUS terrible events designed to herd the people into predetermined corrals -- where their ability to protect themselves and each other, is removed -- controlled by those in the system who built the corrals -- by those who rope and enslave them to their evil will.

This week, the rebellion against establishment authority takes a giant leap forward. Fewer and fewer are fooled by the staged deception that would deny them the right to bear arms.

On the food front, the truth about GM/GMO frankenfoods tsunamis worldwide, and the battle is on to save every good and natural food source. Meanwhile, Monsanto, Dupont, etc. spread their ill-gotten gains like predator-offered candy to lure, buy off, and intimidate the growing opposition.

For, the battle is on across the globe, and it won't be pretty. Especially at the endpoint.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russian Activists to Conduct Independent Studies Proving GMOs Could be Genetic Weapon Natural Society - A draft bill is on the table in Russia that would criminalize GMO production and distribution. Now, anti-GMO activists there are looking to create a team of 'long-overdue' independent and international researchers that can finally prove unequivocally that GMOs are poison tools created by Monsanto and the corporate, biotech machine."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russia Wants to Impose Criminal Liability for GMO-Related Activities ~ Natural Society - A Russian newspaper, Izvestia, writes that criminal liability will be imposed on any act that involves producing, selling, or transporting genetically modified organisms, if Russian lawmakers get their way."

On the energy front, as unemployment rises, and many have no hope of finding a job, this will lead to small-time energy-product breakthroughs, or unique and practical inventions that produce power in a variety of ways and situations.

Likely these WILL NOT be mass-marketed, but spread by word of mouth, from community to community. And through information found/debated on the internet. Scams will abound, of course, but so will real working plans and devices.

On the really bad news front, the stench of corruption is so foul, it permeates every molecule on Earth, and blankets the people, the land, like an impenetrable shroud. For, those in positions of power are sinister-rotten to the core, courtesy of the dark-side controllers.

This establishment stench AWAKENS more of the people, who want to clear out the evil garbage. Yet, there will be those who simply accustom themselves to the accumulating foul odors, and go along with the tyranny-matrix.

Further, if you are homeless, beware and take care. Many of you are being rounded up and disappeared at this time. Do your best to form independent support networks for each other, take over abandoned properties, and DO NOT trust anything that sounds too good to be true.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Homeless tent city in Camden, N.J. get bulldozed
CNN News - One of the most recent evictions took place in Camden, N.J., this week, when the state, county and city joined forces to shut down multiple tent cities and kick out the residents. While the county worked with the occupants to find them somewhere to go, Camden's shelters were already full and many people ended up on the streets." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cities All Over America Are Becoming Extremely Cruel To The Homeless ~ Economic Collapse - We are treating some of the most vulnerable members of our society like human garbage, and it is a national disgrace." 

On the good news front, many more of us soar like eagles, our hearts speak loudly, and we champion all manner of goodness and GOOD CAUSES. All for the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, humanity, and Mother Earth.

On the global mafia cabal front, dissension rises in the mafia cabal ranks like a pod of hungry leviathans. More minions disappear and die right and left. All while the 'acceptable' rank and file continue escaping into underground cities, and onto private islands.

Meanwhile, the cunning-corrupt technocrat class is forced onto the people to continue raping, pillaging, and plundering whatever wealth remains. For, the Viper cabal believe this will bring forth another dark-age of serfdom.

On the heroine and hero front, all THE BRAVE ONES past, present, future who bring forth the true freedom of mind, body, heart, soul and spirit -- who battle for freedom no matter the odds.

On the freedom front, many more of the people declare their freedom from the bankster gangsters, from their predator banks -- and the debt slavery system that has been forced on Americans for a century.

Now begins the all-out war against the U.N. Agenda 21 takeover of America, against the BLM, Bureau of Land Management, and THOSE who diabolically hold and manipulate the reins of power. For, either the people take back their land or lose control over their very lives.

More importantly in this epic battle, the most precious human spirit is at stake.

Trendwise, the explosion of the UFO phenomena. Worldwide, sightings and related events will supercede all else in the coming times.

From Coast to Coast am

"All Things UFO

Date: 05-25-14
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Alejandro Rojas, John Ventre

George Knapp delved into all things UFO beginning in the first hour with an update on his now-infamous 

Area 51 interview with Bob Lazar, from 25 years ago, and played audio clips from a new conversation he had with the legendary UFO whistleblower..."

Also, at this time, the HEART OF HUMANKIND blooms like a opening rosebud, despite every weaponized, social-engineering trick of the new world order criminals. Thus, the chasm widens dramatically between those of GOOD HEART and those who forsake all kindness and caring.

THIS WEEK, let your heart bloom along with the beautiful blooms of Mother Nature. Listen to the singing of Nature all around you, and tune in singing with your own unique vibes.

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Civil Disobedience, TV Predictions, and What the Hell's That in My Toothpaste?

I just finished editing a draft, so scattershot entry this week. We’ll start with an update on Stray Kitty. The Borough says I can’t legally feed him any more. I say, what the Borough doesn’t know won’t hurt it. I gave the bowls and the cat food away to a neighbor with indoor pets. That doesn’t mean SK’s going without. I still keep a couple cans of Fancy Feast on hand. If I see him or if he comes to the door, he gets fed. I give him about fifteen minutes and then bring the dish in. No evidence, no fines.

I recently learned my other neighbor who was feeding him has similarly gone on the sly. She puts food out around 5:30 am and takes the dishes in around 7. If the word has spread as I think it has, I’m sure anyone else who’s been feeding cats is also taking precautions. I don’t see Stray Kitty as often as I used to, but I notice he doesn’t seem to have lost any weight.

I haven’t seen the big gray tabby since I stopped putting the bowls out. He was fending for himself long before I started offering food, so I’m not worried about him. Maybe when next winter rolls around I’ll look into finding some outfit that’ll catch the kitties and rehabilitate them or relocate them to a better environment. Then we won’t have to defy the local government.

I haven’t seen any skunks around yet. I’m not feeding them either. They’re on their own.

# # #

Supernatural wrapped up its ninth season Tuesday night, and I’m proud to announce I successfully predicted the big twist cliffhanger (SPOILER ALERT): Dean dies and is resurrected as a demon. I’ve been hoping for Evil Dean as the Season 10 big bad for some time now. They have 23 episodes to get through next year, so we’ll see how long this lasts.

Here’s how I’d write it: we need some kind of plot to take up time, so what the hell, let’s spring Michael and Lucifer from their cage in Hell. Battling them should take up most of the season. Then towards the end Sam cures his brother (a “demon cure” was introduced back in Season 8), which completes the trials (also introduced in Season 8) and closes the gates of Hell. That would be the perfect way to wrap up the series, if that’s the way they’re headed. Guess it’ll depend on the ratings. The actors have said they’re willing to continue for as long as the show stays on the air. It’s a steady, well-paying job in a bad economy. Can you blame them?

I’m not sure what they’ll do with Castiel. He lost his grace in the Season 8 finale and became human, then stole another angel’s grace in Season 9 and powered up again. Now that grace is fading, which could kill him. Unless he finds another one, or recovers his own. He might be forced into vampirism, stealing grace from other angels to keep himself alive. Maybe he’s the one who frees Mike and Luci, hoping to suck up their graces. Or maybe he’ll explode again. He does that a lot.

Next season could be the end of the line for my favorite show. I’d better start writing now, and pile up ideas while it’s still on. The book I just finished is the latest in a string of works inspired by the show. What am I going to do when it’s gone? I may have to look for a job.

# # #

The other day I bought toothpaste, and not my usual brand. This one was on sale, and is designed for us older folks with sensitive gums and thinner enamel. The first thing I noticed was a difference in taste. The old farts’ toothpaste doesn’t taste as good as the cool kids’ toothpaste. Why not?

Fearing the worst, I dug up the old tube and checked the ingredients. That’s where I found this beauty: “sodium saccharin.” Say what? Isn’t sodium salt? Isn’t saccharin a type of sweetener? That’s right, folks, your toothpaste is designed to appeal to your sweet and salty taste buds. This is so you don’t object to putting it in your mouth twice a day. I hope the fluoride cancels out any negative side effects.

Here are the “inactive ingredients” you get in your average tube of Colgate: water, hydrated silica (isn’t that wet sand?), glycerin, sorbitol, PVM/MA copolymer (sounds like a building material), sodium laurel sulfate, cellulose gum, flavor (type not specified; mint?), sodium hydroxide, propylene glycol, carrageenan (Huh? Whuzzat?), sodium saccharin, titanium hydroxide. Quite the chemical laundry list there. Happy Googling.

The question also arises as to why, if soft bristle toothbrushes are the only ones you should use, manufacturers even bother to make toothbrushes with hard bristles. Why not make all soft ones? Somebody at a dental convention once asked this question of a toothbrush manufacturer, and never quite got a straight answer. Maybe the hard bristles are for scrubbing out toilets. Maybe that’s what the carrageenan is for.

Isn’t there a leaf you can chew that does the same thing? What did Native Americans do?

I’d like to point out that nothing on that list prevented me from needing a root canal a couple of months ago. So to hell with toothpaste. I’m going back to writing like mad while Supernatural is still on the air. Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ May 19, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #298 

Theme: Turmoil Tsunamis Across the Globe as the Heart of Humanity Awakens and Ascends

This week, the purge of the dark-side psychopaths begins. At first, this will look like the fall of their corp-govminions from grace. However, this is still a gradual process, but will dramatically increase soon.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' savagely swing their lightblades cutting down the evil construct that has imprisoned humankind for far too long. The culture-shock revelations pouring forth will be difficult for many to understand, let alone believe.

However, those who do brave the forthcoming revelations, instead of hiding inside the dark-side's Movie-World fantasy, will lead the way. The prison break is here.

On the personal front, likely a strange-universe week for many. However, this will be mixed with good opportunities to improve your life situation. Choose wisely how you allocate your time and energy during next several months. For, it becomes ever more critical in these tumultuous, fast-changing times.

Also, look for ways to expand your horizons as far as meeting those of like mind, and those you personally resonate with. For, this is the foundation for living well in the Aquarian age.

On the paranormal front, dimensional beings -- the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful -- will be seen and experienced more and more. With the rise in humanity's consciousness and the thinning barriers, such contact will only accelerate.

This also opens the proverbial stargate for certain types of time travelers. Likely the future time traveler known as John Titor will visit this time-stream once more during the latter months of 2014. His mission will be far different than before. For, the mass consciousness of humanity has leaped, AWAKENED faster in this cyclic loop in the quantum temporal spiral.

On the land changes front, the weather superstorm wars between several major countries, and between two dark-side global factions now rages worldwide -- but specifically along coastlines. On the good side, Beneficent forces will mitigate some of the more disastrous events.

As never before, it is wise to be aware, take care, and prepare for huge weather and 'land change' events. Further, in part, because of the sun's cosmic strikes, the weather systems will be in chaos, as will the Earth's inner core. Prepare as if you are about to live in a big-disaster movie.

On the economic front, heaps o' trouble ahead, worldwide. The economic war being waged by the Viper elite against humanity will be front and center during the summer months.

In opposition, protests and riots explode over the face of the planet. As well, countries continue to align themselves against the petrodollar in a bid to remove the empire's brutal suppression of the world economy.

Meanwhile, the dark-side's cyber takedown of the bank-fiat system continues. The White Hat hackers battle back on many fronts at this point in history. This puts a huge crimp in using economic disaster as an excuse to establish a global tyranny.

On the truth front, mountains of corruption plus new heinous scandals emerge, exposing the psychopathic mucky-mucks who believe they are better than the people. This will be due to berserker infighting with each other, as well as the dictates of the cosmic time clock.

For, TRUTH is our savior, if we the people will only see it, acknowledge the revelations, then REAR UP, AND SEIZE THE DAY.

On the war front, the threat of open civil war hangs like a dagger over the country. Meanwhile, pockets of civil war continue erupting in Ukraine, fomented by western-backed mercenaries.

As well, the empire strikes in Africa but the deep dark continent will strike back eventually. China muscles Vietnam but the bully is getting bushwhacked.

The war drums for a world war become deafening this week, all while brush fires of conflict are lit wherever the Viper elite can aim their flamethrowers.

However, the hearts of humanity want peace for ALL.

On the tyranny-at-work front, a rough week ahead as the police state expands, brutalizes the innocent and veterans in ever greater numbers, and shows off their paramilitary might.

Also, if you're a farmer/rancher or dare to grow food, Big Ag is coming for you via the USDA. Unless, we the people stand up and say NO MORE.

DCClothesLine - The United States Department of Agriculture is set to purchase an unknown quantity of submachine guns, leading to questions about where the weapons will be heading and for what purpose they will be used."

HEADLINE: "USDA goes paramilitary: Organic certifier buying submachine guns with night sites, 30-round magazines"

HEADLINE: "USDA-REQUEST FOR BID-Ballistic Vests Level IIIA Ballistic Resistance of body armor."

On the AWAKENING front, now the rise of HEMP wisdom permeates the world. This is one Divine answer to transitioning from a world of poverty to a renaissance culture of prosperity.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Kentucky Sues DEA To Free Its Impounded Hemp Seeds
Huffington Post - Kentucky on Wednesday sued the federal government for return of agricultural hemp seeds seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration after the agency told state officials they would have to apply for a permit to get them back. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Louisville, names the DEA, the Department of Justice, Customs and Border Protection and Attorney General Eric Holder, according to the complaint, obtained by HuffPost."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Hemp Cultivation
NASHVILLE, May 15, 2014- Yesterday, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R) signed a bill which some supporters consider the strongest pro-hemp legislation in the country. House Bill 2445 (HB2445), introduced by Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby) and Senator Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains) mandates that the state authorize the growing and production of industrial hemp within Tennessee."

On the communication front, a breakthrough week on several fronts. The people worldwide are communicating with each other like never before via the internet. This 'bonding' will cause an even greater grassroots understanding, an AWAKENING, of how the world really works on a grand scale.

Thus, activism against the dark-side global controllers becomes a force to be reckoned with, and fast. Also, this internet way of bonding will be enhanced by the mind-to-mind connection that is called the Aquarian Conspiracy.

From previous forecasts: "Out of this, across the globe, the UPRISING of the people against the Viper-Robber-Baron elite accelerates at a blistering pace. This will not be a leader-focused movement, but more a melding of minds ala the Aquarian Conspiracy...

..."at this point in history, many realize governmental restrictions are now obsolete in the face of the Aquarian Conspiracy -- or the ability of humanity to live and love from their spiritual center, from their caring hearts...

IN OPPOSITION ~ from a previous forecast: "The New Inquisition is Here... Shutting Down the Aquarian Conspiracy.

That is, the dark-side controllers will use every diabolical method to shut down the mind and heart bond humans form with each other. This connection is part of what the Aquarian Age is all about, or what was called the Aquarian Conspiracy by author, Marilyn Ferguson, in her 1980 best-selling book, "Aquarian Conspiracy"."

On the home front, out of the ashes of apathy rises the spirit of 1776. That is, a key percentage of the people charge forward demanding the right to live free, the right to run free over the range that is their life path.

Also, this week brings more evidence of 'false flags' that were orchestrated to separate people from their right to bear and keep arms -- their divine right to protect themselves and their loved ones.

On the food front, from this point forward, the dark-side's enforcement and bureaucratic minions, attack the food supply with a viciousness that will leave most of us stunned and disbelieving.

Out of this artificial scarcity -- a propaganda meme that will be pounded on by the presstitute media -- more of us swiftly realize how important food is, and take action. For the Viper cabal will demand austerity on a planet that is nothing but absolute abundance.

In truth, there is plenty for humankind, animals, and plants... for all of us... if we but care for Mother Earth, and lovingly tend the lands instead of abandoning the Mother's fertile land to these 'elite' enemies of humanity. For, the belief that residing in sardine-cramped cities will save the Earth is a massive deception.

On the energy front, a massive week as more of us become AWARE of the giant hoax ruining our lives -- that over-expensive petroleum products are needed to produce electricity, and run vehicles. For, a plethora of working designs and prototypes exist now, and would essentially free humanity to be the wildly wonderful creative beings we are at heart. Or who we are at the soul level.

In truth, energy virtually lives in the air all around us. It is merely a matter of collection and distribution as the genius, Tesla, demonstrated.

On the really bad news front, the CIRCUS CIRCUS distractions become a deafening roar at this time. Meanwhile, every form of nefarious law, code, rule and regulation is put on the proverbial books. This, to make everyone a criminal, and therefore, to be subject to law enforcement' pickups and raids -- and to legalize the armed-to-the-teeth bureaucracy agents.

On the good news front, more of the people spread out on the land. This will be ongoing despite every sinister tactic to herd and corral the people into 'acceptable' small areas. Also, in opposition to the federal land grab, many will form 'protection' communities' somewhat reminiscent of the dynastic ranching/farming empires of the Old West.

On the global mafia cabal front, as the stench of the Viper elite surrounds the world, the people get more of a whiff. Rebellion magnificently rises across the globe.

In evil response, the cabal controllers flaunt their war-machine power, and use this might to crush uprisings that do not serve their Machiavellian interests. Further, they hold the carrot of transhumanism out to the people, as if they will actually be included in this false-god paradise.

On the heroine and hero front, all those BRAVE ONES who humanely farm and ranch... all those who grow food gardens... in these perilous times.

On the freedom front, the coming tax revolution and revolt. Even now, filings are down. While, at this time, this could be due to the impoverishment of the people, more are reaching the understanding that they are essentially braiding the rope to hang themselves.

Out of this, both a quiet and a noisy revolt firestorms across the country. Some will simply not comply, shunning the system. While others will take their voice to the streets, to the internet, and demand reform and/or the elimination of the IRS and the Federal Reserve.

Trendwise, the stranger-than-fiction world we live in becomes even more apparent to those with the eyes and the will to see. This includes the beyond-belief disappearances and deaths as outlined, or revealed by author, David Paulides, on

More Missing Persons

Date:     05-18-14
Host:     George Knapp
Guests:     David Paulides

David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist, joined George Knapp for the entire 4 hour program to update us with even more bizarre stories of missing persons in national parks and forests throughout the United States, as well as other countries. He described additional victims, new locations and circumstances, while outlining several new geographical clusters where people have vanished without a trace. "There's almost a hopscotch effect on the missing people-- there aren't a lot in one location within a short period of time because that would really raise awareness" and suspicion, he noted. The biggest cluster in the world is Yosemite-- "there's something about being in a boulder field, or being around granite that can be dangerous. A lot of people disappear in those areas," he continued.

Also on the near horizon, there will be radical changes in the high-end fashion world, as well as the fashion world in general. The times they are a'changin'. Super fast.

THIS WEEK, allow Nature to fill you with her good, good vibes, and watch the critters around you. For, they might have a fun or valuable story to tell. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

Friday, May 16, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ White Fang and Pasha

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

For this week, here's another snippet taste from one of my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIPs.

White Fang, the super wolf hero, and Pasha, his cat goddess heroine, have made a deal that suits both their needs. Purr-fectly, of course. Now their desire is flaming out of control.


Seven paragraphs from White Fang, Ace Wolf Reporter ~ the chapter title: Mating dance or battle of the sexes?

"Pasha." Her name erupted from his lips like the ancient volcano, Vesuvius.

White Fang threaded his fingers through her lush silky hair, and seized the back of her head yet didn't haul Pasha close. The greenfire jewels that were eyes held him in thrall, still brilliant in the dim seductive lighting of his room at the Pleasure Club.

"Beautiful," he softly growled. "How many times have you heard that word?" White Fang taunted a bit, to throw her off balance, to keep her sensual claws from completely hooking him.

White Fang had no desire to be her love-imprisoned slave, as she was capable of magickally forcing upon him. Lykouz, he wanted their passions to be on equal footing -- panting wolf to purring cat.

He wanted them to be lovers.

"Often enough, super wolf," she taunted in return, her voice whispery, and a sexy enticement he barely resisted.

He could have hauled her close, taken Pasha's inviting lips. Instead, White Fang waited, his hunter nature knowing she needed to come into his arms, if he was to gain control over their lovemaking.


For more of My Sexy Saturday

My latest release: His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth ~A Flash-Scene Erotic Romance Novel~

My latest shapeshifter release: HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel. For more info on my para-fantasy erotic romances check the sidebar.

Love shapeshifters? Wanna know what life is like in a shapeshifter town? Join us at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning into Your Wildest Desire

Have a sexy magical week ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Stop applauding. I haven’t gone green just yet. I’m referring to finding new life in dead ideas. Remember all those notebooks I keep talking about, with bits and pieces of stories and books in them that were abandoned for one reason or another and then got stuffed into my closet? The ones that make it tough to get to my shoes? They can be reused, recycled, refurbished, cannibalized. All it takes is the right inspiration.

I might finish a few of these stories someday. Some are better off left abandoned. Others make me shake my head and go, “What the hell was I thinking back then?” For some, the time just wasn’t right. Or maybe it was the right idea, just the wrong execution.

When I do my periodic inventories, I mostly look for half-finished stuff that I can get back to. I’m lazy by nature—that’s why finishing anything takes me so long—and these are the easiest to work on. That’s not to say I discount the rest of it. There might be a scene or an idea or a character or a couple of lines I can use in something else, or use as the jumping-off point for a whole new story.

That’s the beauty of writing: all those words never go to waste. Even that piece of crap you scribbled in a white heat at 4 in the morning after you had that really freaky dream serves a purpose. I believe you can learn more from bad writing than you can from good. Good writing is tough to emulate. Bad writing can be repurposed into another story to become better writing.

This is great if you decide you want to write a series. What concepts, characters or throwaways can be built on to create additional books? Maybe that fragment you tucked away in a notebook, the one that didn’t go anywhere, would go someplace if married to your current WIP. Mashing an old idea with a couple of new ones might just be the thing to kick-start that plot that’s giving you trouble. Pretty much anything can be dressed up and reused. This is why a lot of us have drawers with old screws and buttons in them, and why I have stacks of spiral notebooks cluttering up my closet.

Not that I need more things to work on—I’ve got about four in the pipeline already—but the other day I had an idea. Back when Dorchester still existed in the publishing world, they briefly ran a line of quasi-SF romances. I decided to take a shot at this. Science fiction/fantasy with romance attached is what I like to do.

The project did not go at all well. I suspect the reason was the POV. I kept hearing my female protag’s voice in first person. In a romance, that means I’d have to write first-person sex scenes. I struggle with writing sex scenes, period. Do one in first person? Oy. There are writers out there who can pull it off with panache, but I’m not one of them.

The concept was fine, and I had a nice twisty mystery plot in mind, and a workable quasi-SF element, and a character with a problem and a hunky guy to help her, but I couldn’t make it come together, and I think that fear was the problem. Into the closet it went.

That was then. This is last weekend. I was wandering the YA section of Barnes and Noble, noting the plethora of young adult novels and wishing I had a workable concept so I could join in the fun, when it suddenly hit me: I’ve got that abandoned romance sitting in the closet. The quasi-SF setting would fit right in with modern YA subgenres. Just make the protags about five years younger and ditch the sex and I’ve got a New Adult novel. I can even keep the first person POV. Why didn’t I think of this before?

Because I wasn’t reading Young Adult before, other than Harry Potter. Since the time I set the romance aside, I’ve had a chance to read some of the better, or at least popular, representations of the genre as it currently stands. I believe I could recycle this story into a decent YA/NA novel. The basic idea was sound; I just targeted the wrong genre.

Now I’ll have to root through all those notebooks and see if I can dig up the couple of chapters I completed and see what I can do with them. While I’m at it, maybe I’ll exhume the remains of that fairy tale/Western I started. My haphazard research dug up a market it might work for. This, in addition to the other stuff I’m currently working on, should keep me busy for awhile.

Where do I get my ideas? Out of my “ditch this crap” files. Sometimes hoarding can be a positive thing. You never know what’s in there, waiting for a new coat of paint. Besides, it’s a good excuse to read instead of writing. Told you I was lazy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ May 12, 2014

 Vid Pic from:
...David Sereda shares this clip from his new movie in progress called "Inside the Quantum Vortex."

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #297 

Now, these 'tempest in a teapot' days accelerate at a mind-numbing, mind-blowing rate. Prepare.

Also... while many make their tails a target by hiding their heads in the sand, now many more will put one foot in the fifth dimension, and ascend toward higher consciousness. This becomes the dividing line for humanity at this point in cosmic time.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swing their mighty lightblades showcasing more of humankind's 'real' ancient past. Simultaneously, the Viper dark magicians use their sinister trickery to 'hide' this true reality. This, because knowing our roots in the galaxy, in the multiple dimensions, and in the universe, will empower ALL OF US.

As well this week, notice the lightness of your being and your body. For, the Aquarian Age frequencies are shifting ever higher.

On the personal front, this week, for the following three weeks, time will change -- the essence of time itself. This means you could experience odd shifts around time as you go about your day, your mundane activities.

Go with the time flow, ground yourself by walking on Mother Earth, and center yourself as much as possible with deep breaths.

Further, this week, opportunity abounds around creating a new and unique career or life path for yourself. Look for what will serve you and others, no matter how unusual the idea or product, if it feels right, go for it.

This will be particularly true for those who want to locally farm or ranch in different, smaller, and more harmonious ways -- also, for those who serve these food growers with products, and the means to distribute.

On the paranormal front, imagine if you will, the ability to phase in and out of another's ability to see and hear you -- or manifesting a spectral, less materialized form of yourself. This means, of course, if you can master this natural ability, ordinary weapons would be useless when used against you.

Or, how to evade a SWAT team.

And yes, imagine if you will, being able to live in the sacred matrix that is your body. That is, rather than a diseased imitation of yourself in physical form. For, this is the real future of humankind. If we allow it, and intentionally bring it forth.

On the energy front, BREAKTHROUGH REVELATIONS by David Sereda ... about Vortex Energy, the Great Pyramid, and the harmonious matrix of the Universe.

And, by Anita Moorjani, she shares her experience of life-as-energy beyond death.

Vortex Energy
Date: 05-10-14
Host: Lisa Garr
Guests: David B. Sereda, Anita Moorjani

Host Lisa Garr welcomed filmmaker and mystic ecologist, David Sereda, who spoke about the hidden power of vortex energy waves and its use in the gravity propulsion systems of UFOs. He also shared what he has learned from his contact with beings from other star systems.

First hour guest Anita Moorjani discussed her amazing recovery from cancer following a life-changing NDE.


    Dying To Be Me

On the land changes front, more volcanoes threaten and erupt... and the same ole warning: "EXTREME ALERT! For the next several months the planet alters her internal composition rapidly.

Thus, the forecast from three weeks ago continues: "Here Come the Solar Flares and the Landslides..." also, from a prior forecast: "Volcanos, Earthquakes, Superstorms! ... the cyclic change of planet Earth quickens yet again.  This is worldwide.

HEADLINE: Sakurajima volcano erupting in Japan
HEADLINE: Volcanic quakes rattle Mt. Mayon volcano in the Philippines

As the year progresses, FLOODING becomes a major problem across the planet, along with more giant land collapses. Also, there will likely be two more superstorm tornadoes, one in an unexpected area.

Remember, dare to prepare for all the superstorms of life."

On the AWAKENING front, this week, the Divine Spotlight exposes the debt economy that runs and enslaves the people of the world -- as never before. Out of this new AWARENESS, pockets of resistance rise up like gigantic, spewing volcanoes.

Also, economic chaos -- both good and bad – spreads over the globe. On the good side: INNOVATION, INVENTION, and greater KNOWLEDGE seizes the hearts and minds of the people. On the bad side: jackboot tyranny rises as the dark-side cabal attempts to crush this financial renaissance.

On the economic front, now the surveillance economy -- courtesy of the dark-side controllers -- rears its ugly cyber head worldwide, a mega monster from the deep meant to terrorize and oppress the people further.

As well, the attack on cash begins full force -- or using cold hard cash will be discouraged by every psychopathic-means necessary. Because using this means of exchange supports the freedom of the people.

The counter-attack: trade amongst yourselves as much as possible, and keep building your local economy.

HEADLINE: Underneath The Stock Market Hype The West Is Imploding

This week, the cyber-money wars flare up higher than the past week. Bankster gangsters battle the White Hat hackers, and other dark-side factions. As well, there are false flag takedowns to move the human herd toward a 'one world techno-authority' as the solution.


Bank of America Online Banking Down



On the truth front, major breakthroughs this week, and through the summer months, around the TRUTH about the war profiteers – or those dark souls who utilize heinous wars to generate obscene profits for themselves and their cabal partners.

As these war profiteers line up to rape, pillage, and plunder country after country, the 'will of the people' stands against them more and more.  A fury, a firestorm of protest, of activism, and exposure now begins. Watch for it.

On the war front, the civil war will not be televised. That is, the raging battles taking place behind the scenes in America and globally are being strategically and deceptively hidden from the people. Meanwhile, the "Truman Show" lives on -- the sheeple mesmerized by an entertainment-controlled, socially engineered culture that promises 'milk and honey', but in reality delivers nothing but constant crap.

This week, the various prominent war theaters go even more super explosive, as the Viper cartel foments and promotes war on a grand and ruthless scale.  However, benevolent opposition forces intervene in key ways. In part, this will look like the people standing against, and battling the war machines.

Likely within the next two weeks, there will be a paramilitary incident meant to cower the spirit of Americans. This 'possible' attack is being mitigated by the GOOD FORCES, and ultimately will not work.

On the tyranny-at-work front, huge moves on the *world wide web* chessboard are being played out. Or, the issue of net neutrality -- a fair playing field for ALL on the internet -- is front and center. The Big Com Corps are battling to restrict the fast speeds -- or what is known as Internet Two -- only for those who pay extra, as if these fees are necessary. However, the web infrastructure was paid for by the taxpayers, and this would essentially be welfare for the rich and powerful.

Obviously, this is also about fascistic, complete CONTROL of the people, bringing in brutal censorship, and the end of the web's 'wild west' freedom -- especially when it comes to buying and selling. The Big Boy Corps can't stand the competition from small, entrepreneurial businesses, and want to bring the hammer down.


HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Webhost Protests FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal By Limiting FCC Access To 28.8Kbps ~ Rick Masnick | One web hosting company has adopted a somewhat modified plan."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Five US Internet Providers Are Slowing Down Access Until They Get More Cash ~ Timothy B. Lee | Regulations that try to protect net neutrality without regulating the terms of interconnection are going to be increasingly ineffective."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Internet Citizens: Defend Net Neutrality ~ Youtube | Creating “internet fast lanes” would give cable providers the ability to regulate the flow of information.

On the communication front, the Big TV networks are failing fast at this time.  However, there is a core zombified audience that will continue to be targeted, despite any large loss of advertising revenue. For the time being, that is.

Meanwhile, the lapdog, bimbo news media will be exposed, more and more, as a mouthpiece for the establishment, and also as a CIA-controlled, propaganda weapon being used to manipulate the people.

On the home front, a dangerous week and time ahead for many as the police state expands, especially in the major cities. Police brutality and murders only increase dramatically, and become the focus of many activists.

HEADLINE: "Albuquerque residents attempt citizen's arrest of police chief Protests against police brutality cause rowdy city council meeting to end with attempted citizen's arrest of controversial chief"  

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Police Shooting Frenzy Raises Concerns: Bullets were sprayed everywhere. They hit the Volvo, other cars in the lot, fence posts and neighboring businesses. Total of 23 officers fired a total of at least 377 round sat 2 unarmed suspects!"

On the food front, in the near future, the great garden rebellion takes root as people realize their food supply is being intentionally limited and controlled by rules, codes, and regulations that only serve the dark-side cartel behind Big Ag.
Also, droves of people will now move onto rural lands with the hope of escaping, and being able to grow food without being harassed. However, there is a growing number in the population who cannot move and/or have decided to stand their ground against the so-called authorities no matter the outcome.

On the really bad news front, likely there will be a terrible event -- one manufactured by the psycho Viper cabal -- that will be exploited to whip up a going-to-war frenzy. *IF* this happens, the result will not ultimately be what the cabal controllers want. The people are becoming too AWARE.

Also, there could be the tragic accident and/or death of a celebrity figure. This will be nefariously used to divert the attention of the American people from far more important issues, and from the mega-massive corruption of the system.

On the good news front, worldwide, compassion and living from the heart grows in the overall population -- along with a heightening of mental abilities. This, despite the layer upon layer of social-engineering designed to prevent people from forming love bonds with each other. That, and the chemical warfare being used to keep the people down and dysfunctional. For example: fluoride in the water lowers IQ in children by about twenty points, and was used by the Germans during WWII to keep prisoners docile.

Also, at this critical juncture the people strengthen within, realizing 'overall' that protecting themselves is their responsibility. For, the establishment authorities, or law enforcement, cannot and will not protect most of us.

On the global mafia cabal front, a mixed nasty picture of cabal infighting that will include more mysteriously dead bankers, all while the Viper elite initiate what they believe will turn into another bloodletting, horrific world war.

However, their own evil deeds are slowly but surely taking a giant toll on their power. For, their dark energy force is being drained, and they are being sucked down into a hellish quicksand of their own making.

This, in effect, makes them even more berserker-dangerous, more ruthlessly determined to rule the world.

On the heroine front, Alice Walker, author of "The Color Purple", "You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down", and "We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting for: Inner Light in a Time of Darkness..." For the sake of humanity in these crucible times, Ms. Walker is journeying down under to Australia to learn the invaluable wisdom of the aborigine people.

On the hero front, the vigilante ranchers in Mexico who are courageously battling the drug cartels, and winning back their towns and land.

YouTube: Mexican Gun Owners Turn Criminal Tide!
Sunday: The Alex Jones Show. Drug Cartels Are Being Stamped Out By Mexican Vigilantes. 1776 WORLDWIDE!

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Mexico to legalize vigilantes fighting drug cartel
AP | The government will also go town by town to organize and recruit the new rural forces."

On the freedom front, How the West Won the War For Freedom ... this is the evolution-revolution now taking shape on the range lands in the Western states.

In the near future, the renegades among us who love freedom down to the depths of their souls -- who are in the mold of Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!" -- they will venture West like the trailblazers of old, and stand their ground.

Trendwise, The Second Amendment Goes Global -- or the cure for tyranny and oppression has begun in Mexico, where owning guns is illegal. Yet, many of the ranchers wised up and armed themselves, knowing their very lives, and the lives of their loved ones, depends on the *divine* right to keep and bear arms.

Further... Out of the Mouths of D.C.'s super rich and fed reserve infamous ~ HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “Is The U.S. A Capitalist Democracy Or Oligarchy?” Janet Yellen Doesn’t Know ~ Liberty Blitzkrieg blog | During this week’s Senate hearings, Janet Yellen was asked by Senator Bernie Sanders if the U.S. was a capitalist democracy or has morphed into an oligarchy.

THIS WEEK, notice your power. That is, as a loving being reflect upon when it's time hold 'em, and when to fold 'em. And when to make the move that will serve you, and those you care about. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fan Fickle

Before the mudslinging begins, let me say here and now that I enjoy fan fiction. I’ve even written some: back in the ‘90s I published a couple Star Trek: The Next Generation stories. (In one of them, Wesley complained to a teacher that he wanted more of a challenge. The teacher programmed the Holodeck with Alien. This is why I should not be allowed anywhere near media tie-ins.)

I’m still writing fan fiction, sort of. Or maybe it isn’t. You be the judge.

These days I have a love/hate relationship with fanfic. I love to read it. If a show or book or characters move me, I love to write it. However, now that I’m a grownup with expenses and trying to make a living with my keyboard, I hate writing something I know will never earn me money. Unless you’re writing 50 Shades of Grey, which is a whole other animal.

There’s a way around this, however, that lets me write what amounts to fan fiction (at least to me) while allowing me to sell it to pro markets without having to look over my shoulder for lawyers and plagiarism suits.

What’s this marvelous invention that lets me have my cake and write about it too? It’s called Alternate Universe, or AU for short.

Basically, it’s your favorite characters … but not really. They might be younger or older than they are in the show/book/movie, or in high school, or different genders, or have different occupations, or be gay (helpful if you’re writing slash). It’s not the official characters from the official show/book/movie background; it’s folks from the universe next door. This allows you to do whatever you want with your faves and not have to worry about things like lawsuits and stealing and keeping them in character. You get to play with the toys in your playground.

For instance: a fanfic story where Harry Potter is an American would be AU. Stories where Sam and Dean aren’t brothers and can therefore indulge in their overwhelming lust for each other without the squick factor are also AU, if a bit questionable. Or Dr. Who as your high school science teacher (how'd you like to go on his field trips!). You get the idea.

I used to question this. I mean, if you’re going to change the characters to the point they’re practically unrecognizable, why even bother calling it fanfic? I always thought fanfic was about writing additional adventures of your heroes—the untold stories, as it were. All the worldbuilding’s already been done, you just plug Harry or the Doctor or the Winchesters into your plot and see what they do. What’s the point of AU? If you’re going to change them that much, why not just write an original story with original characters?

Okay, yeah, they can have sex. And they do. Holy guacamole, do they have sex. More than they do on TV, and in a lot more interesting positions. If you want to see where the new crop of erotica writers is coming from, check out fanfic sites.

And then I realized the real attraction: change things around enough, and it becomes an original story with original characters … which means you can sell it for real-world money and not be called a plagiarist.

All of a sudden I’m in the mood to write me some AU fanfic.

It’s been done, and long before Edward and Bella got name changes and started having kinky sex as Christian and Ana. That’s just the most famous example. I recall flipping through a SF paperback and recognizing characters and concepts I first ran across in a Star Wars fanfic. I’ve heard there’s quite a number of paranormal romances out there that started life as Buffy/Spike stories. To my knowledge I’ve never read one, but I’d love to.

And, of course, there’s my own book, Belonging, which would have been M/F except I got hooked on Supernatural. That one’s extreme AU, Wincest division. Made watching the show really interesting for a while.

Why not just write original characters? Turns out I did. They just look and sound a helluva lot like Sam and Dean. I got to flex my fan fiction muscles while writing a book I could pay bills with. And not a lawyer in sight.

Let me set the record straight on one thing: don’t go skimming through fanfic sites looking for the fanfic version. There isn’t one. There never was. Yes, people do “file off the serial numbers” and publish rewritten fan fiction. I skipped that stage and went straight to the original version. Saves time. Only trouble is, if you do that you lose out on the fanfic audience that follows your stories and, hopefully, will buy your non-fannish stuff. Well, Supernatural doesn’t have the huge fandom that Twilight enjoys anyway. I doubt if I missed out on much.

I’m still doing it, too. The book I just finished started out with Sam and Dean as the leads again. They didn’t stay that way for long. Within a chapter they’d developed totally different personalities, and somewhere along the way I realized Dean’s character actually looks more like Tom Hiddleston/Loki. But it makes writing dialogue so much easier when you can hear a specific voice saying the lines in your head. To say nothing of the fun in visualizing the sex scenes.

For my next project, I’m mulling over a story for a Halloween anthology. I’ve decided to “cast” Dean and Castiel as my heroes. Under different names, of course. And different backgrounds and personalities. And lots of slashy sex. I always wanted to try my hand at some hot Destiel. Why the hell not? Nobody needs to know, and I need to fill up the gas tank. Off to the alternate universe!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ May 5, 2014

Pic from

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #296 

Man and Woman as Spiritual Beings *battle* the Beast Machines of the Dark-Side Cabal... the time is now.

On the AWAKENING front, at this time, giant leaps in AWARENESS unfold on all fronts of human existence. The spiritual, psychic, heart and soul AWAKENING of humankind nova-explodes worldwide. As well, the unveiled knowledge about the 'dark-side powers that be' takes the globe by storm.

Out of this AWARENESS, many of the more disastrous events will be mitigated, and even eliminated. However, not all. The rocky mountainous road remains at this point in our evolutionary history.

This week, look for a lessening in tensions on some parts of the world stage.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' bring forth an 'inner knowing' about how to use magick and spiritual laws to defeat the beast machines -- including the shadow operating systems running the internet.
This magickal knowledge will burst inside a core few of us who are ready, and have incarnated to lead the charge. Humankind was originally created to be a loving caretaker of life, All Life. Those who have subverted this divine destiny do not own the real power of the universe. They possess a facsimile, a pretense to the throne, as they are now discovering.

On the personal front, this week, and through the summer months, 'could' be a contentious time for many as life CHANGES are definitely on the way. The very thing that will shake up your notion of reality will likely show up on your proverbial doorstep -- or, as an idea you can't shake.

Simply open your mind to the possibility, and take a critical look-see to determine what is true, as opposed to what you have believed in. If you are already a truth seeker type, then this 'cosmic process' will go much easier and faster. For now, 'truth' will be pounding on everyone's door relentlessly.

On the paranormal front, a monstrous cryptid week ahead, and UFOs dominate the paranormal airways. This, as evidence of CONTACT takes center stage in the 'we are not conformists' camp. Soon, there will be ever larger breakaway groups who trust their supernatural-paranormal and contact experiences, as opposed to the official party line.

As well, look for evidence of mermaids to surface through the usual backdoor channels. For, there are those remnant populations undersea who want to make contact with 'good' humans, in part to save Mother Earth.

Also, ghost hunters are likely to have a field day because the energies are shifting, the veil eliminated more and more. Further, this energetic shift allows for a greater number of 'high strangeness' sightings.

On the land changes front, this continues, and escalates: "EXTREME ALERT! For the next several months the planet alters her internal composition rapidly.

Thus, the forecast from two weeks ago continues: "Here Come the Solar Flares and the Landslides..." also, from a prior forecast: "Volcanos, Earthquakes, Superstorms! ... the cyclic change of planet Earth quickens yet again.  This is worldwide."

QUAKE HEADLINE: M6.6 - South of the Fiji Islands; THIS EQ WAS FOLLOWED BY A 6.1

QUAKE HEADLINE: M 6.0 - NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2014-05-04 20:18:20 UTC


As the year progresses, FLOODING becomes a major problem across the planet, along with more giant land collapses. Also, there will likely be two more superstorm tornadoes, one in an unexpected area.

Remember, dare to prepare for all the superstorms of life.

On the economic front, waging war on reality... that is, Orwellian speak escalates from the dark-side establishment about the true state of the American and world economy. The global bankster gangster's game is keeping the sheeple unaware of the hungry wolves slavering for their flesh, and to keep them in line long enough to fleece them for awhile longer -- that is, before 'attempting' to fully collapse the economy.

There are several critical dynamics in play at this point in time. The most important remains the hacker cyber war for control of how and when drug, human trafficking, and cartel-crime money is laundered and transferred among the big banks -- which is their real life blood. For, the White Hat hackers are throwing in major monkey wrenches in an effort to halt a domino-collapse.

Further, as more of the people WAKE UP to how much they've been screwed by the bankster-gangster system, there will be a revolt. This will be based on cyber currencies, newly created state banks, local scripts, and the trade-bartering ingenuity of the people.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Number Of Working Age Americans Without A Job Has Risen By 27 MILLION Since 2000 ~ Michael Snyder | Did you know that there are nearly 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now?"

This week, as more financial types bite the dust or leap from tall buildings, there will likely be a major shakeup in one of the big bad banks. This will be due to ferocious infighting and the ongoing global, gold/metal wars.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Suicide, Omen or Murder: 2014 Banker Death Count Reaches Double Digits ~ Another banker death was reported last week, this one in Paris, and when lumped together with the demise of at least a dozen others, it certainly appears there might be a conspiracy afoot. — Mysterious Universe"

On the truth front, the *wizard of oz curtain* continues to be ripped away, and the TRUTH exposed. This week, the SCANDALS of politicians and other 'movers and shakers' will be front and center. Bigtime.


Also, humanity's real ancient past continues to be exposed by discovery after discovery. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ancient Civilizations? Check Out These Mysterious Structures Found On The Bottom Of The Ocean Floor ~ Michael Snyder | In cultures all over the world, there are ancient stories about beautiful, prosperous cities that became submerged in the ocean and were never seen again.

On the war front, the UKRAINE FLASHPOINT ~ tensions heighten, pockets of fighting erupt. There could be a major standoff situation, and the lapdog media will continue to demonize Putin as the aggressor. Meanwhile, the EU and NATO, along with the Nazi government they installed, will start vampire-feeding on the people by stealing their country's wealth.

Once again, a 'who's the enemy in the crosshairs now?' week ahead. Or, the blame-game hype will be fast and furious, thus, to scare the public, and make them compliant about accepting bigger and badder wars.

On the tyranny-at-work front, a breaking point is in the offing as the yoke of tyranny is increasingly placed upon Americans. Many more will start to balk, and buck against the ongoing oppression. Also, the collective rage builds. More and more of the people have had enough.

As well, this will likely be a gamechanger week in the battle to regain the Republic and the Constitutional freedoms. Further, state's rights rear up, and the challenge is on against the nationalized, centralized system begun after the Civil War.

On the communication front, the plan for a Chinese-style internet or what has been called Internet Two -- where the rich have the right of way, biometric ID is demanded, and establishment gatekeepers take control -- is being fast-tracked by the dark-side controllers.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama Administration Launches Plan to Make an “Internet ID” a Reality ~ Mike Krieger | It appears the status quo may be finally making its moves to getting control over the heretofore free and open internet.

On the home front, times worsen for many, rebellion flares up, and whistleblowers sound the alarm -- seemingly coming out of the woodwork at this critical juncture in our history.

Once again, the Hero Whistleblower, Tosh Plumlee, breaks down what actually happened in Benghazi -- in part, an arms deal gone bad. Blurb-snippet from the Alex Jones show: "William Robert "Tosh" Plumlee, a former CIA contract pilot who covertly flew munitions for the agency, joins the show to break down the extensive cover-up of Benghazi."

On the food front, as more countries turn against GM/GMO Frankenfoods, this begins a domino affect that spreads double quick. The big corporations battle back with sinister operations, with blackmail tactics, and by gobbling up seed companies. However, the tide is turning against them.

Again, the people REVOLT against synthetic, chemicalized food products. This will show up as determined, passionate activism and as underground guerilla tactics.

Plus, look for an even greater movement, a mass demand for organic growing practices. The people stand for good food.

On the energy front, it's all about vibration this week. Cosmic healing vibrations rain down on Mother Earth and lovingly cocoon humanity and ALL LIFE. Tune into the music you are as a being, and blend with these good, good vibes.

Also, listen to whatever music strikes your fancy. For, upliftment is the divine goal. And, this will counteract the dark forces.

On the really bad news front, the attack on self-sufficiency spreads across the country at a fast clip from this point forward.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Michigan Bans Animals On Small Farms ~ Written by: Daniel Jennings Current Events May 2, 2014 ~ Many Michigan residents will lose their right to keep livestock on their own property due to a new ruling from the state’s Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development... “It’s all ‘Big Farm,” and it’s ‘Big Farm” deciding against the little farm,” Kim White, who raises chickens and rabbits, said of the Commission’s vote. “They don’t want us little guys feeding ourselves. They want us to go all to the big farms. They want to do away with small farms and I believe that is what’s motivating it.”

On the good news front, this week more of the people WAKE UP to their real power. No matter how small the step, the time has come to take every right action in your life -- every positive action toward the Aquarian Age renaissance that belongs to humankind, to Mother Earth, to every being on the planet.

These courageous 'right actions' tsunami into a FORCE that will change the world for ALL. Remember, this could be as simple as smiling at someone, or making them laugh. Or, it could be as grand as standing for the sacred rights of everyone, every being.

On the global mafia cabal front, vicious infighting continues between the minions of the Viper cabal. Also, the dark-side elite is rotting at its core. This makes them even more dangerous and berserker-desperate.

One of their gambits is to dramatically heighten the conflict between major religions at this point in time. In another *divide and conquer* Machiavellian move, the attack on, and persecution of so called Christian conservative groups becomes even more brutal and public.

On the heroine front, Marilyn Barnewall, the biographer of Leo Wanta. She wrote her book "WANTA! Black Swan, White Hat" despite being under a death threat.

On the hero front, A voice for freedom and preparedness, Nitehawke, owner of Revolution Radio He takes NO commercial sponsors, depending on donations from listeners, and the few products he offers.

On the freedom front, Saddle Up, Cowboy and Cowgirl Renegades... it's about to get real rough and tough out there. However, the firestorm that is freedom continues to route the new world order criminals.

Trendwise, the TURNPOINT, or the explosive TRUTH heard round the world... that is: the behind-the-scenes REVELATIONS of Leo Wanta -- the man who served President Regan and financially ruined the old Soviet Union.

From Coast to Coast am

Wanta Revelations

Date: 05-03-14
Host: Richard Syrett
Guests: Marilyn Barnewall, Leo Emil Wanta

Guest host Richard Syrett welcomed biographer Marilyn Barnewall, who detailed how Reagan-era intelligence agent Leo Emil Wanta attempted to cause the financial collapse of the Soviet Union. Wanta, himself, joined the conversation during the latter half of the program to discuss his battles with the US government over the fortune he amassed. Barnewell noted that Wanta's involvement with the intelligence community began when he was in his teenage years and, while working for the John Birch Society, he would surreptitiously deliver the organization's trash to FBI agents interested in tracking their activity. His role in the intelligence community culminated when Ronald Reagan became president and Wanta was enlisted to be a part of a secret task force aimed at disrupting the Soviet economy.

According to Barnewell, the task force determined that, using $150 billion dollars, they could successfully pull off this mission and Wanta was put in charge of the plot. From there, she said, Wanta journeyed to Vienna and created a company which traded various currencies, in exchange for rubles, with allies of the Soviet Union as well as forces within that nation. Barnewell explained that the ruble had become overvalued by the Soviet Union and, thus, people were eager to trade it for a more stable currency. This allowed Wanta to accumulate a vast amount of rubles for a fraction of what the Soviet Union had valued them. In turn, Wanta would sell the rubles, at a profit, to nations that were indebted to the Soviet Union, allowing them to repay their debt at a far cheaper rate, which decimated the Soviet economy.

Ultimately, Barnewell claimed that Wanta's wealth, as a result of his financial machinations, totaled a stunning $27.5 trillion dollars. After paying the United States back its $150 billion that originally funded the enterprise, he retained possession of the massive fortune. Wanta, who joined the conversation in the latter half of the program, contended that his agreement with Reagan, regarding this profit from the enterprise, was that the money should be used to benefit the American people. However, he declared that Congress could not be trusted with the funds and that the Federal Reserve is an illegal enterprise and, thus, had no right to the money. As such, Wanta said that, until assurances can be made that the money will be truly spent on the American people, he will never turn over the funds to the United States government, despite attempts made over the years to coerce him into doing so.
Book: WANTA! Black Swan, White Hat

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