Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well, Waddaya Know

Since I didn’t win anything in last night’s Powerball drawing, looks like it’s back to the keyboard. That’s okay, because yesterday I won something even better: Evernight Teen accepted my novel! I can now add YA to my list of conquered genres. I haven’t read extensively from the modern YA shelves, but I used to read a ton of science fiction and fantasy, and a lot of times it amounts to the same thing. (Heinlein’s advice on writing juveniles: “Make the protagonist 17 years old, then write it the same way you’d write any other book.”)

Here’s Slayer for Hire in brief: a fan obsesses over the star of her favorite TV show. Then she meets him in person and discovers he’s a douche. Lucky for her his co-star is a hottie of the highest order. They end up fighting vampires together. Yes, there are vampires in it, but they’re secondary characters and wind up getting slain. It’s an anti-vampire vampire novel.

The hottie co-star is based on an actor I’m currently obsessing over. Jared Padalecki’s been very, very good to me. I’ve put him in three books now, with a possible forth poking around in the underbrain, waiting for inspiration to hit. I’ll get to Misha’s book someday. Jensen? Sorry. You had your shot. You’re done. You get a cameo in Misha’s book. You’re Captain Kirk and Jared’s Spock, and Spock was always my favorite. Better luck next show.

Yeah, I remember the thrill of seeing my favorite actor on screen. I had a major fangirl crush on Harrison Ford for decades. It made writing Billie, my female protag, that much easier because I’ve been in her shoes. Write what you know.

That’s basic writing advice, but is it any good? Depends. If you’re a doctor, writing medical thrillers is pretty much a no-brainer. On the other hand, I doubt very much if Stephen King has ever personally faced ghosts, aliens or demons, or lived through the flu-induced end of the world. I myself have written M/M, and I’m fairly sure I’ve never been male, either gay or straight. Nor am I a shapeshifter. If I was, do you think I’d be living in my current shape?

It works if you use “write what you know” as a starting point. Ever been cold? Ever gone outside in a snowstorm? Then you can write about somebody lost in a blizzard, or growing up on an arctic planet. You’ve grown up, haven’t you? That makes you a potential YA author. Ever taken a vacation at the beach? Go ahead and write that mermaid story. Hell, you can write it even if you’ve only ever been to a river or lake. Who’s to say there aren’t fresh-water mermaids?

I used to consider myself a SF/fantasy fan, and attended my share of cons in the ‘80s and ‘90s. I’ve watched the costume contests and attended the filksings (yes, that’s spelled correctly). I’ve sat up until 4 in the morning watching Japanese anime—in Japanese. I’ve experienced the culture shock of returning to the mundane world after three days surrounded by people in costumes and alien makeup. I saw William Shatner in person back in the late ‘70s. (He’s shorter than you think.) I once spoke to Darth Vader. (David Prowse was a guest at a con in Philadelphia. I was poking through stuff at a dealer’s table, turned around, and there he was. “Hi,” said I. “Hello,” said he. That was my conversation with Darth Vader.)

In short, I’ve been exposed to fandom and remember the fangirl mindset, and I know what it’s like to crush on both an actor and his fictional character. Writing Billie wasn’t much of a stretch for me. I’ve never worked in a diner, but I did work at a McDonald’s. I’ve spent time behind counters. I never waded through a swamp to catch a glimpse of Harrison Ford, but I’ve waited all week long (and boy, did it feel long) for my favorite show with my favorite star to come on.

You probably know more than you think you do. Use those memories. Talk to other people and use their memories. Start with the basic experience and extrapolate from there. Stephen King’s novella “The Body” (filmed as Stand By Me) sprang from a friend’s recollection of the first time he saw roadkill in the street. Everything else was Stevie drawing on the memories and emotions of his childhood.

In fact, knowledge of people and how they feel and react is pretty much all you need. Human nature hasn’t changed in thousands of years. If you know people, you can write anything.

Now that I’ve added YA to my resume of genres, I’m beginning to feel invincible. Maybe it’s time to dust off the Gerald S. Parker pseudonym and get cracking on those horror/thrillers. Sooner or later, one of these genres is going to earn me a living. Happy writing, everybody!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 26, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #221

Now comes the Cobalt Blue Light from the star, Sirius, further activating the Great Awakening on Earth. The angels sing in tune, creating the opportunity for  humanity to shed the old garments of 'what was'.

It is time to dress in the fine, new raiments of 'what could be', where imagination is unlimited, where life is the stuff of your most precious dreams.

To battle against this Great Awakening, the 'dark powers that be' will continue perpetrating horror after horror on the world stage. THEY seek to imprint humanity with this trauma energy, and, thus keep the people downtrodden.

On the personal front, this is a good week to deal with practical matters. The solutions are readily available, and you have the opportunity to accomplish a lot.

Also, for the following week, the Soul is revealed as never before. Likely you will move toward what could be called your soul work and/or career, if you haven't already.

As we shift deeper into the Aquarian Age, more and more will 'wake up', and alter their lives drastically to fulfill the blueprint of their soul, if needed.

On the paranormal front, although this will seem odd to some, now comes a time of great remembering. That is, many more of us will recall other lifetimes, especially on Atlantis, and other antediluvian civilizations.

As well, abilities, and the art of miracle-making, from other life experiences, will be brought back to memory at this time. This may come only as a 'knowing', or a sense of what was once upon a time. Regardless, you will be discovering more about YourSelf.

Also, the exponential rise in paranormal events, and supernatural 'revealings' continues on a mass scale. Heretofore unknown creatures and UFO sightings will top the list. Keep an eye on the alternative news sources, if interested.

On the economic front, currently 'secret deals' are a dime a dozen among the bankster gangster crowd, and those who rule them. The final slaughter of the worldwide economy is being planned down the last detail.

In the meantime, there is still factional infighting, which could buy more much-needed time for the public. Also, those known as the White Hats are intervening on our behalf in a big way. This will look like major chaos in the markets, and unexpected reprieves from the total collapse of the current financial system.

Important: Look for whistleblowers from the establishment's financial institutions. Many are attempting to come forward and tell what they know. There could be a 'blockbuster' revelation coming this week, or the next. Pay attention.

On the truth front, this forthcoming week TRUTHS -- if you know where to look and listen -- will be thicker than the onslaught of lies being relentlessly told by the presstitute media.

Also, an important 'truth' will be given to you as a gift this week. Take advantage, and change your life in a beneficial way.

On the war front, during the next four weeks, whatever 'the system' promotes as the truth, using the brain-drain media, will likely be the direct opposite. At this time, the horrific mess that is the Mideast will be reorganized by the 'dark powers that be' to bring about their agenda of absolute global tyranny.

However, there are other good-side 'powers' who will use this war scenario to entrap the evil ones. This is an ongoing process and does not have an immediate endpoint.

The time has arrived on Earth to 'really' give peace a chance. Now arrives a bold movement of THOSE who refuse war, and refuse to participate. This movement will sweep across the world eventually. That is, once humanity awakens to their 'assigned' role as mere fodder for the bankster gangsters' GREED regime.

More than ever before, the brutality of war is being used to shield the traitorous, designed collapse of global economy, and to hide the massive land grabs in Africa and other mineral-rich countries.

On the AWAKENING front, Wisdom comes from the lips of Women. The Rise of the Feminine comes into prominence. This will 'not' include the so-called women leaders on the world stage. For, they are usurpers, and merely being used by the new world order crowd.

As stated from a previous forecast: "At this time, there begins a new war against women as a gender. With the rise of the feminine force during the Aquarian Age, the ‘dark powers that be’ will  use every cruel and horrendous strategy to oppress women, and their growing powers. This will be by both subtle psychological manipulation, and by a blatant use of physical domination."

On the home front, the motto -- necessity is the Mother of Invention -- will become reality for many who suddenly realize now is the time to change their lives, and their location.  Now or never.

The war on liberty explodes to a new level during the week. This will increase the Great Divide.

From a prior forecast: "this is a highly complex picture at this point in history.  However, the Great Divide widens between those who will succumb to jackboot tyranny and those who will not. Also, look for 'anything' related to the idea of  freedom, to be constantly demonized by the presstitute media -- including the constitution." 

On the food front, the push-pull between GMO/GM Frankenfoods and organic, natural foods intensifies, and will likely involve violence in the near future. The endless dirty tricks' of Monsanto, and other such monolithic corporations, will no longer be tolerated by those who realize the entire food supply of the planet is at stake.

Remember, with winter threatening, and with food supplies low, stock up, and keep on stocking up as much as possible. This goes for water and other necessities, as well.

On the land changes front, fasten your proverbial seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride for the remainder of the year, 2012.

At this point in history, eruptions on the sun become fiercer and more frequent, creating superstorm conditions on the planet. For, this is the end of an Age, and a collision of natural cycles occurs -- and has nothing to do with driving an SUV.

This fiery, furious solar activity 'could be' under-reported, and data has already been falsified with the old reliable mantra: Don't panic the people.

Meanwhile, earthquakes rumble and rattle the planet. Volcanos spew, altering the atmosphere. And the weather wars take their toll on humanity, and on Mother Earth.

On the energy front, the ENERGY MONOPOLY cartel squeezes out smaller competitors in a bid to limit usage and raise prices, when, in truth, there is no shortage of supply. This is about GREED, about control, and about forcing people to live in the tiny, hive-like cells that are being planned or constructed in cities.

On the really bad news front, the razor-sharp talons of the corp-gov dig into the people. As well, a lemming-like insanity spreads, similar to a worldwide plague.

For, once again -- straight from the pages of history -- the depraved times of the Roman Emperor Caligula have arrived, infecting the so-called centers of power across the globe.

On the good news front, on the equal and opposite side, GOOD expands, a great circle of power as represented by the dragon grabbing hold of his own tail.

Everywhere, those who encourage and tune into their higher natures, bring forth the paradise living on Earth is meant to be -- since the beginning. For, that is the future being offered to us now. The future the soulless ones are desperately attempting to destroy -- like cornered rats.

On the freedom front, in the style of Thomas Jefferson, secession ramps up behind the scenes. Out of this, internet censorship goes viral as a way to stop the people.

However, now begins the great rise of the people. This is worldwide. For, freedom is the very breath of life in the Age of Aquarius.

Trendwise, whatever is moronic and decadent becomes trendy at this critical juncture in history/herstory, and will, of course, be promoted by BIG MEDIA as 'cool'.

In counterbalance, GOODNESS, the goodness of the heart becomes a strong trend, and will triumph over and over again.  As well, love sweet love begins to reign within communities of like-minded, heart-centered people.

Out of this trend toward GOOD comes the rise of the love affair. Passion and devotion between couples will become a beautiful and uplifting sight to behold.

This week let physical activity such as walking be your sacred prayer. Mother Earth loves your feet upon her. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is National Turkey Day, or OD on Parades Day, or Thanksgiving, take your pick. I'm posting this early because I don't have home Internet, and there's no guarantee I'll find an open store with WiFi tomorrow. As I recall, last year I ended up in Dunkin Donuts because McDonald's was closed. Since when is McDonald's closed on a holiday? How are we supposed to get our Big Macs if everybody's home with their families?

At any rate, here's my list of things I'm thankful for in 2012:

Modern computers and Internet access. I just finished the final draft of the YA book. I'll be sending it out on Monday, via email. No more trips to the post office, no more postage, no more manilla envelopes. And especially no more typing hundreds of pages every time you write a new version. I suspect typewriters are the reason writers got in the habit of only producing one novel a year. I'm the slowest writer on the planet and I wrote two books and a novella this year. Well, that's fast for me. I put the typewriter away when I got my first computer and never looked back. I still do first drafts in longhand, but that's more for safety reasons. If I'm sitting in bed with the notebook and pen and spill hot tea on the paper, the paper doesn't shoot off sparks, crash, and set the bed on fire. It also gives me a hardcopy draft in case the computer gets a bug. Don't get me wrong, I love both my laptop and my antediluvian desktop, except for the whole crashing thing.

Personal health. I've been extremely lucky in the health department. The last time I needed major surgery, I had a job and therefore medical coverage. I really, really, really should take better care of this meatsuit I'm walking around in, because it's piling up the serious mileage. More fruit, more vegetables, more exercise. Maybe I can learn to write while I walk, or write on a stationary bike or something. Four to five hours a day sitting around typing words onto a screen may be emotionally satisfying, but it doesn't do squat for your butt.

Rice and tea. I don't think I could live without rice and tea. I'd give up chocolate first. (See previous paragraph.)

Supernatural. Two of the three books I talked about earlier were inspired by that show. I've got another one on the to-be-written list (a trilogy gets kind of lopsided with only two books in it) and another possible with a nodding acquaintance. And then, of course, there's this:
And this:
And of course this:
If I found that in my room I'd be giving a lot more than thanks, boy I tell you what.

Siren Publishing. They bought my books. And all the readers who bought my books. I now feel I have a responsiblity to entertain people to the best of my ability. I'm not Stephen King yet, but I can aim for it.

The lovely ladies at Shapeshifter Seductions, who let me blog about stuff like gay, cross-dressing snakes and men who turn into squirrels. We're at Stop in and check us out.

And to you folks reading this. Thanks for dropping by, and happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 19, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #220

Do you hear the dragon's fiery roar? From this point forward, the Dragon of Freedom spreads her relentless flame worldwide -- at blast speed.

Meanwhile, the false flames of war are spread with insidious and devious intent -- ruthlessly fomented by the dark-siders to bring about another Dark Age.

On the personal front, during this season of Thanksgiving, the importance of your soul gifts will be revealed. That is, within each chakra of our ethereal bodies, we carry a gift from the Divine -- one that cannot be taken away or ever destroyed.

As we spiral upward on the golden wings of Ascension, these sacred gifts are meant to be used for your unique benefit, and the benefit of ALL. Up until this point in time, the soulless ones have used every black magic trick to keep humanity from knowing about these soul gifts. This now ends.

As you contemplate what you are grateful for, whom you are grateful for, notice how the love within your heart expands, and becomes the light of the world.

One special opportunity this week is to feel the embrace of Mother Nature as she calls humanity toward her, and away from Chaos.

On the paranormal front, now is the time to look up. Look up to the sky as much as possible, without endangering yourself and others. The Beneficent Ones wish to show you their ships. They also want you to know the truth that has been denied for so long. Yes, there are many sky crafts flying above Earth, often referred to as UFOs.

Now, the planet, Mars, reveals itself -- despite decades of coverup. This is because the ancient connection between Earth and Mars is being activated once again, and the past between them demands justice.

As the paranormal becomes the new normal, pay attention to how this manifests around you, and in your life. Such knowledge could assist you greatly in the future.

On the economic front, now GREED goes gargantuan. Duck and cover financially however you can.

The 'worst of the worst' bankster gangsters, and their minions, go berserk raping, pillaging, and plundering the people with an onslaught of new taxes, fines, fees, penalties... any and every excuse to strip you of your money, and whatever you own.

This is 'not' about the rich paying more taxes. This is 'not' for Mother Earth, or saving the environment. This 'not' about paying your fair share. This is about the dark side of power, and GREED.

Also, there are dastardly doings in the banking world. As the dollar is run to ground, and the Depression deepens, the escalating war in the Mideast will be used as a smoke-and-mirrors way to 'screw' the people.

There are several false-flag events in the works, one around a cyber-attack, that will be used to herd 'the people' toward a one-world currency, and a mostly cashless society.

In the near future, some big banks will be known for 'losing' their customers money, then not finding it. Thus, this no-return of funds will be in the same thievery style as Jon Corzine, former CEO of MF Global.

Also, as of January 1, 2013, FDIC insurance will no longer cover *large-money* accounts. Obviously, this could create a serious run on the banks.

On the truth front, Not-Truth rules this week. More than ever before, the 'Brain-Drain Media Speaks With Forked Tongue'.

On the war front, war, what is it good for, absolutely nothing -- except lining the bankster gangsters' pockets, and destroying humanity. 

Now rises the second Nazi wave in the war chaos that is the Mideast. Originally the fundamentalists, known as the M*slim Brotherhood, were recruited and trained by the Nazis during World War II. They are currently making their bid to control the region.

Of course, this war-theater scenario is far more complex in reality, and is being driven by the psychopathic manipulations of the soulless ones.

Choosing a side in these conflicts is a sucker's bet. For war, undeclared war, is merely an excuse to steal the people's wealth/property, and tighten the reins of global tyranny.

This week, there will be sad escalations of the Mideast conflict, as well as other regional conflicts all over the globe. Prayers for true peace are needed.

On the AWAKENING front, November 22, 2012, the blue galactic light from the center arrives full force to assist humanity and the Earth. This is Aquarian Age energy, preparing us for the enormous changes ahead as we make the transition. This blue galactic frequency will also lift our hearts and minds toward the loving Divine.

On the home front, It's here: Revolutionary Fervor. However, humanity as a whole is at the crossroads and in the cross hairs. Liberty or tyranny, the future rides on the shoulders and action of 'we the people'.

Now, with the UN more in charge than ever, it will be 'revealed' through several alternative sources, that foreign troops are being deployed against 'innocent' Americans. Out of this, people galvanize to protect themselves.

On the food front, for the next two weeks, there is likely to be some disruptions in the food supply within 'selected' areas of the country. Given the inflation, some looming food shortages, and winter on the doorstep, as always stock up as much as you are able. This remains crucial.

On the land changes front, from November 11th (11:11) there have been 6+ magnitude earthquakes everyday. Over the next several months, this level of shake, rattle, and roll is likely to continue, with little relief.

Also, volcanic eruptions intensify, and ash pours into the atmosphere as 2012 comes to a momentous end.

Plus, here comes the sun! To repeat from a prior forecast: "earthquakes, volcanoes, superstorms, and the exploding sun, oh my!"

On the energy front, the NEW 'OLD' OIL economy begins with the US of A now exporting more oil than Saudi Arabia. The corporate-borg state will eventually use this oil output to justify its sinister rise, and 'pretend' to stave off total economic collapse.

Meanwhile, 'free energy' has been real and available since the 1930s with Tesla technology. Thus, this continuation of the 'oil economy' is about the enslavement of the people.

On the really bad news front, shock city is around the corner for many, at this time. Societal CHANGES, the collapsing economy, and disasters will take their toll. Prepare to take care of yourselves. Once again, join with like-minded people in a community that benefits ALL.

On the good news front, many more of us will now be making the presstitute media the butt of jokes. Razor-slicing sarcasm comes of age in this endtime of GOOD versus evil.

Even with the hardships many of us face, now comes a time of amazing miracles. The dense yoke of the Piscean Age is being lifted, and the lighter energies surrounding us encourage our ability to bring about the miraculous.

On the freedom front, The Flames of Freedom are here. The idea of 'secession' sweeps across the nation, inspiring the rest of the world to continue their battle toward liberty. For, we in the 'united states' of America are the light-showers during this time in history/herstory.

We have been raised with the every-burning light of freedom. It's in our blood, our hearts. Liberty has shaped our very natures. We have been bred with the idea and ideals of freedom, and it literally resides in our genetic code.

Trendwise, Time to Panic in a Constructive Way, this is the theme for the upcoming two weeks as more realize the necessity of taking care of themselves, and their loved ones.

Music, so essential to the Aquarian Age, is being increasingly hijacked by the Big Media companies. That is, more and more, only those artists who can be controlled, who will follow the party-line are allowed to become 'stars'. Thus, the overall quality of music offered to the public is degenerating.

However, music thrives, evolves, and is creatively soaring in local enclaves. As well, the 'real' top artists, the up and coming musicians, singers, and song writers, are part of the internet phenomena. If we the people meet the challenge, and keep the web from becoming 'censorship central', music will become the throbbing lifeblood of the world.

This week look with new eyes at what there is to be thankful for. Share your insights, your feelings of gratitude with others. And, listen to what others share with new ears. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is the Way the World Ends

Time to get your affairs in order, folks. According to the Mayan calendar, we have a little over a month before the world as we know it comes to an end. If you’re going to propose to a lover, take that vacation to the Bahamas, or run naked down your town’s Main Street singing, “I Will Survive,” now’s the time.

Trouble is, the Mayans failed to specify just how the world will end. Did they mean literally? Metaphysically? Symbolically? Or did the calendar stop because they ran out of stones, and we’ve been working ourselves into a panic all these centuries for nothing? Damn ancient mysteries. Why can’t they be less mysterious?

There are a number of ways humanity can go down the toilet, and fiction has explored a lot of them over the years. Because I need a blog topic, so shall we today.

We’ll start with the most recent—Revolution, a TV show I’ve never seen but have been following through comments on a writers’ forum. Revolution postulates what would happen to the world if all the electricity suddenly went off and couldn’t be restarted. Well, we’d all die, because brains run on bioelectrical impulses, but that wouldn’t be much of a show. Fifteen years after the world went dark we’ve gone back to the Middle Ages, with swords and bows and stuff. For some reason guns don’t work. Why not? We were making and shooting guns well before Ben Franklin flew his kite. I’m sure the many flintlock and muzzleloader gun clubs would have no problem shooting anyone who claims, “Your gun can’t function now.”

If you need to survive in a powerless world, I’d head for a state with a large Amish community. They’ve been operating quite well without electricity for centuries now. They’ve got blacksmiths to work metal and forge equipment, and they grow their own food. Swords? How’d you like to get a hoe in your back? And then you can grow breakfast afterwards. I’ll have to watch the show now to see if they reach the logical conclusion and have the Amish take over the world. I can think of worse fates.

Here’s PETA’s favorite end of the world scenario: Planet of the Apes. Humanity nukes itself back to the Stone Age and the damn dirty apes take over. That wouldn’t be so bad if the monkeys hadn’t duplicated most of our mistakes. Since we share so much DNA with our anthropoid cousins, I suppose that’s to be expected. Back in the ‘70s comic book artist Jack Kirby took the concept a step further with Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth, in which all animals got intelligent and bipedal and took control of the planet. Except horses, because the tigers and gorillas were at war and needed something to ride into battle. Horses and humans always get the short end of the intelligence stick in these scenarios. Wonder how much DNA we share with a horse?

Haven’t read The Hunger Games. Don’t know how that world came about. Nuclear holocaust or high taxes? Clearly somebody didn’t like kids because they send them off to kill each other. I’ll go out on a limb and guess some disgruntled high school teacher ended this world. Probably got fed up with all the kids texting each other in class. Pay attention in school, kids! You might be saving the planet!

My favorite novel of global destruction is Stephen King’s The Stand. After years of nuclear skirmishing and governmental pissing contests, humanity gets wiped out by the flu. Nature thumbs its nose at us and has the last laugh. I’m not so sure this would automatically lead to a good-vs.-evil God takes on the Devil scenario, but up until the supernatural plotline takes over Stevie does a bang-up job of showing us just how gross a major city (New York, in this case) can become with flu-ridden corpses clogging the streets. Some kind of bio-plague is the most likely end for us, kiddies, so stock up on Kleenex now.

Or maybe the world won’t end at all. Maybe we’ll get Gene Roddenberry’s view of the future and we’ll all be zipping through space to unknown worlds a hundred years from now. I like that one, especially if hunky Vulcans and well-endowed Klingons are out there waiting to score with us Earth girls. Yeah. Screw the Mayans. I’m opting for this world.

But better start hoarding toilet paper, just in case in I’m wrong. You never know. We’ve got a month. Make it count!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 12, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #219

For the following three weeks ~ Righteous Anger, The Breath of the Dragon, firestorms across Europe, then spreads worldwide. The People Rise.

Meanwhile, ASCENSION is here. A golden spiral of divine power now surrounds Mother Earth, and is lifting humanity ever higher. Be aware of energies you resonate with, for they are sacred.

On the personal front, this is the week to grow in awareness, and let your heart center blossom. That is, there will be a unique opportunity to awaken to your Divine Self in a new way, as well as an opportunity to tune into a new level of compassion for yourself, and for others.

This heart-centered awareness will be a tall order for many, given the current-day challenges facing the human race. However, it will be the power of love and compassion that transforms your day-to-day life.

Once again, it is wise to organize and prepare your household for the coming superstorms of life. Also, there are likely to be several disastrous cold spells this winter across the country. Think about how best to stay warm and comfortable.

On the paranormal front, everything labeled supernatural or paranormal now comes out of the woodwork en masse, as spoken about before. Already, there is news seeping into the Big-Corp controlled media -- if you read between the headlines.

As well, those who are known as the Light Beings will be descending into our frequency on Earth, and interacting in various ways with many more of us. Often this will be via dreams, and small miraculous occurrences that assist us.

UFO events have been dramatically increasing with each passing week. This will only continue, and there are several huge UFO surprises coming in the near future.

On the economic front, as the banks and the banking system falters, teetering on the brink of total collapse, there will be giant levers pulled behind the scenes to keep the illusion going. Also, gun boat diplomacy ramps up to keep the dollar viable 'enough' into the year, 2013. 

Meanwhile, Britain descends in the expanding sinkhole that is the global economy. And, to use Max Kaiser's words, there will likely be a 'spectacular flameout of the economy' in London.

Worldwide, the pus of financial corruptions pours out. To smokescreen this truth, there will be Circus Circus false-flag events.

Remember, only what you have in hand will matter in the long run of life. From a prior forecast: "Hard assets, tangible goods, survival equipment... down on the farm and down on the ranch... this is the wise strategy before the banking Armageddon hits humanity. That, and ask for divine intervention." 

On the truth front, bringing Thor's hammer down is the theme for this week. The human race will no longer be denied. Now, the formidable winds of TRUTH are blowing ever fiercer, ever faster, as 2012 reaches its historic climax.

On the war front, thanks to the new world order crowd, an out-of-control, terrible chaos has seized the Mideast, and other war-torn places on the planet. The forthcoming strategy will be one of justifying 'their' ongoing war theaters, while convincing the population it's necessary, and even good for the world.

Out of this barbaric horrific mess, there will come a mass realization that evil reigns. Thus, many more will decide against the path of war, and take action against the dark-siders. There are already high-level battles taking place behind the scenes.

At this point, the use of drone aircraft escalates significantly. As well, more exotic weapons make an appearance. This is partly being done to scare 'the people' into being compliant, and giving up their rights.

On the AWAKENING front, the 'renegade members of the family of light' join minds and hearts more strongly. Their mission on Earth is to usurp the soulless ones, and to assist in bringing about a loving world. For, the celestial gates have now opened.

On the home front, The South is Rising. Think the DUKES OF HAZARD meets STAR WARS at this point in time.

Also, as the Depression and the oppression worsen, there will be a migration out of the US, as many decide to leave the country.

On the food front, as serious shortages begin, most likely during the middle of winter, there will be an enormous backlash by the people. If this situation is not headed off in a good way, riots and looting could rule many of the major cities.

However, this future is still fluid, and will depend, in part, on how well the people prepare to take care of themselves. As has been sadly demonstrated in NYC/NJ, the corp-gov cannot take care of you, and yours. And won't, except in the most minimal and haphazard way possible.

On the land changes front, to repeat from last week's forecast: "more superstorms are forming worldwide, and will be lashing the coastlines. With the forthcoming lineup of celestial events, get ready for a rocky, 'rock 'n roll' ride on planet Earth, especially during the next three months.

Also, there will be weather extremes, an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity. And, as mentioned before, large asteroid showers could begin."

As well, with HAARP aiming its high-powered, Tesla frequencies at St. Louis and the West Coast, look for manipulations of the weather and/or land changes.

On the energy front, pyramid power rises as a viable energy source, but will remain unknown by most of the population. Also, many of the ancient pyramids are being reactivated by 'friends' of humanity, and this will help transform the future.

As was stated last week: "The time has come for the energies, the power of the pyramid culture, to come forth once again."

On the really bad news front, the long dark winter of tyranny, is it here?

More and more, checkpoints with naked nuke machines are being setup. Electric bracelets, like dog shock collars, are being pushed as a good thing for those who fly commercially. In some areas, school children are being forced to wear micro-chipped badges, and forced to eat food not fit for prisons, because they're not allowed to bring lunches from home. Gardeners who grow food are being persecuted. Everything you do is tracked, traced and data-based, most of it in real time. Military is on the streets, and martial law, is being sold as necessary. And on and on it goes...

From the prior forecast: 'cybersecurity' is now code for bringing in a brutal censorship that will negatively affect everyone on the internet. The new world order crowd wants ONLY their messages to reach the people -- to keep us all trapped and mesmerized.

On the good news front, now many more of us are galvanized to end the massive corruption of the corp-gov, and to leave the system behind for a life worth living.

Now, with the arrival of the Aquarian Age, our very natures are being transfigured toward the Divine. Eventually, love and compassion will become the guiding force in human society.

On the freedom front, at this time, the 'swamp fox' mentality asserts itself, as one way to win liberty against overwhelming odds. General Francis Marion *The Swamp Fox* used guerilla war tactics to outwit the British troops during the American Revolution.

Trendwise, this is the time of the whistleblower. Even with the current high level of persecution and prosecution 'against' those who are willing to reveal wrongdoing, and secrets wrongly withheld from the people, there will be a swelling tide of truth tellers.

Also, from the previous forecast: "the gold wars are here. Fasten your financial seatbelts as the BIG BOY PIRATES, all over the globe, ferociously battle each other to be king of the golden pile. Nothing about this 'greed' will be pretty, especially for the rest of the world.

Also, as the month progresses, stock markets worldwide will quake bigtime. Further de-stabilization will occur at the end of year, done on purpose by the bankster gangster crowd. For, THEY want to appear as our saviors after a series of designed CRASHES."

This week is for searching out some fun times, and bringing laughter to those who need it most. Or, smile and the world smiles with you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, November 8, 2012

John Fogerty: A Cautionary Tale

Lately I find myself considering the case of John Fogerty. For those of you who weren’t born in the Middle Ages, Fogerty was a co-founder of Creedence Clearwater Revival, one of those oddly-named ‘60s bands your parents used to listen to (Strawberry Alarm Clock, anyone?). They had a slew of hits like “Proud Mary” and "Green River" and “Down on the Corner” and other songs with the words “swamp” and “bayou” in them. If you see the initials CCR, that’s who we’re talking about.

Anyway, the band had about five-six years of success, then broke up in the ‘70s. John moved on to a solo career. As happens with a lot of bands desperate for money, the rights to CCR’s songs, most of them written by John, were sold to someone else. And there’s where the fun begins.

John, in the course of his solo career, wrote a song called “The Old Man Down the Road.” The new owners of the CCR catalogue thought it sounded far too similar to “Run Through the Jungle”—also written by John. So they sued. Mr. Fogerty found himself in court, accused to plagiarizing himself.

What does this have to do with writing? Glad you asked. That YA book I’ve been blogging about grew out of two published novels, a M/M and its follow-up, a M/M/F. That’s a human man, a male vampire, and a vampire/human woman. I got wondering what their kids would be like, so I wrote about it. There’s where the problem enters in. Technically it’s a sequel of sorts to my published books. Maybe “spinoff” is more accurate.

At any rate, I’ve got this paragraph in my contract with my publisher. I understand it’s standard in most contracts. “B. If AUTHOR writes another WORK that is a sequel to the WORK covered in this contract, using an identical theme and/or major characters from the contracted WORK, PUBLISHER retains a right of first refusal for the subsequent WORK. If PUBLISHER does not accept for publication this additional WORK within ninety (90) days of submission, it will be considered refused and AUTHOR will be free to market rights to the new work without encumbrance.”

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem. Having related (by characters or theme) books all come out from the same publisher makes sense from a marketing standpoint. If readers like one of the books, they know right where to go for the others. My problem is, I jumped genres. The first two books were erotic romances. The continuation is YA with no sex and a plot not focused on romance. It’s intended for a wholly different audience and age group. You don’t need to read the other two to understand what’s going on in the third. In fact, if you’re under 18, I’d rather you didn’t.

However, under the terms of my contract, does my current publisher (who doesn’t publish YA) have a claim on it? If I try to market it to YA publishers, am I in violation of contract? Am I in danger of becoming John Fogerty?

Fortunately this was easily resolved. I emailed the publisher and explained the situation. They agreed it wasn’t their cup of tea, in spite of its origins. The new book is intended for a different age group and audience, so there’s no conflict of interest. I’m free to market it to YA publishers, where it belongs.

Now, if I ever write the other sequel, the one about the secondary character from the other books, that’ll be a whole different situation. That one is a romance, possibly a steamy one, and even though it’s M/F it’s something that company publishes, and it’s using characters and themes taken directly from the previous books, and major characters from the first two make cameo appearances. In that case, right of first refusal would definitely kick in. I have no problem with that.

The moral of the story is, just because you created something doesn’t mean you’ll end up owning it. The minute contracts come into play and money changes hands it’s a whole new ballgame. In fact, the second there’s profit to be made is when the fun begins. Read those contracts carefully, have a lawyer go over them if necessary, and be careful what you’re selling and what rights you’re signing away. Both Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster have passed on, but I think their estates’ lawsuit against DC comics is still going on. (They sold all rights to Superman back in the ‘40s, I think. It was a comic book character. Who knew?)

Maybe I should have asked Paul McCartney to write this blog. He’d know what I’m talking about.

Okay, enough with the legal crap. Gotta write something no publisher has a stake in yet. I think I’ll listen to my “Best of CCR” album. On vinyl. Middle Ages, remember.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 5, 2012

Pic ~ Silver Moon by Jessica

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #218

THE RISING OF NEW ATLANTIS is here. The time has come for the energies, the power of the pyramid culture, to come forth once again.

This will not be immediate, of course. The rising will be in fits and starts as the human race understands, once again, what the true potential is, and how it can be turned toward the GOOD.

In the meantime, for many, the following week will feel like an evil sorcerer has grabbed hold of the world, and is casting his wicked spell upon one and all.

To others, this week will be one that 'seems' to answer their prayers. They will believe their hopes and dreams are about to be realized, their lives improved.

However, the Dragon of Illusion reigns. Little will be as it seems during the next two weeks.

For, the truth will be obscured by the cold-hearted masters of manipulation. Only LOVE from the heart, given and received, will lift away this veil of darkness, and reveal what has been cruelly hidden from 'we the people'.

On the personal front, this week centers around each individual's personal life.  This is because there are fabulous spiritual vibrations assisting you, and allowing you to see, to know how to climb out of those situations that no longer serve you, or suit you. Take advantage.

This is also a great time to take notice of the sun. Soak in the solar vibes no matter the time of day, sunrise to sundown. Your soul and spirit will be revived and strengthened for the times ahead.

On the paranormal front, the UFO hot spots across the globe heat up. This is because many different races are gathering to watch and also participate in the GREAT AWAKENING, as has been stated t, TNT! Bang. It's dy-no-mite 'truth' time. Every level of society will feel the explosions at this time.

Also, as more of the 'truth' about the soulless ones is revealed, the world explodes in a rage of anger, frustration, and desperation. As always, beware, take care, and PREPARE!

On the war front, it's a mess. There are so many push-pulls between the dark-side factions that the global chessboard has been temporarily turned over. Several critical situations are in disarray. Thus, their 'planned' chaos no longer benefits the new world order crowd.

The WILL of the people for peace is also causing the unexpected to occur on the 'world war' stage. This mass consciousness will spread, and grow into a tsunami.

In opposition, the Controllers now fight back with sinister deeds. For, these evil ones will do anything to turn the tide against the human movement for real peace.

That said, there will likely be several catastrophic 'false flag' events during the next three months, and one 'could' strike at Christmas time. These 'false flags' will be designed to create class warfare and civil wars across the world.

Know too, that biological warfare is happening against all of us, courtesy of the dark-side Controllers. It is advisable to take care of your health as never before.

On the AWAKENING front, the Dragon of the Universe writhes and weaves through the frequency fields of Earth. Many of us will be feeling this interaction deeply, and the sheer intensity will cause various reactions. Likely you will feel somewhat off kilter yet energized in a new way.

Awakening message from the Being who is the Sun: Whether 'the people' know it or not, they are the stuff of goddesses and gods. The cosmic energies now inundating Mother Earth are triggering your genetic code, upgrading you so the human race moves toward your real 'heritage' -- as you were once originally created.

As well, there are cosmic waves disrupting all manner of communication at this point in time. Info could change from your mouth to the person's ear. Be patient if there are any breakdowns, and try explaining again.

On the home front, the border wars, and the drug cartel wars, become even more vicious and out in the open, especially on the southern border. There will be more mass-death events, and an invading force will be stopped.

In the future, the upcoming week will be known as an 'astrological blackhole'  in our history.

On the food front, the current 'activating' cosmic rays are creating variants of food plants, increasing their potency, and changing them to meet the needs of life on Mother Earth.

The dark-side force is aware of this, and is madly loosing franken-genetic plants to keep everyone's vitality crushed, and their intellect dumbed down. For, the cabal mafia would keep us all enslaved as an inferior race, addicted to their GM/GMO frankenfoods.

However, the Liberators, as they are known, are countering this utter madness. Their success depends on 'the people' rising up and continuing to say NO -- continuing to grow and collect heirloom seeds, and eat organic.

On the land changes front, more superstorms are forming worldwide, and will be lashing the coastlines. With the forthcoming lineup of celestial events, get ready for a rocky, 'rock 'n roll' ride on planet Earth, especially during the next three months.

Also, there will be weather extremes, an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity. And, as mentioned before, large asteroid showers could begin.

On the energy front, some of the advanced tech that has been withheld from humanity since ancient times, will be revealed to THOSE with the eyes to see, and the ears to listen, in the year, 2013.

THOSE already learning, and in the know -- 'those' who are humanitarians at heart -- will be making every effort to share, and to bring about working devices. If you are able, do all you can to assist them, and protect them from the dark powers-that-be.

On the really bad news front, 'cybersecurity' is now code for bringing in a brutal censorship that will negatively affect everyone on the internet. The new world order crowd wants ONLY their messages to reach the people -- to keep us all trapped and mesmerized.

From a prior forecast: "*innocents* and targeted groups of Americans who are innocent, will now be persecuted in the presstitute media on a massive scale. These 'innocents' will be demonized and used as fodder by the corp-gov to bring about a totalitarian regime. THEIR goal is to create chaos, and a civil war of biblical proportions. As always, the strategy is: DIVIDE and CONQUER *the people*."

On the good news front, the Visionaries arrive full force. Those who have incarnated at this time to bring in the harmony and freedom of the Aquarian Age, now speak out loudly -- offering the 'visions' of life we all desire.

This is also a time of GREAT MIRACLES. To many this will not be apparent, given the catastrophic situations unfolding before us, and happening to us.

However, more miracles than ever are gracing humanity, and will only soar in number from this point forward. Take heart, and know you are being embraced by the Divine.

On the freedom front, the rise of the mountain man/woman begins. These are people who know how to survive in wilderness conditions, and have developed the skills necessary to fend for themselves, and help others.

Also, while the demand for 'freedom' firestorms around the world, there are those in the background who are quietly pulling the levers of power -- doing their part to liberate 'the people'.

Trendwise, as has been stated before, drastic changes in society are just around the corner.  From a previous forecast: "what has been thought of as leadership from the top down continues to topple. Everyone will become leaders in their own way, and within their chosen circle of like-minded people. This will be crucial."

Further, at this time, many will now switch their focus to their local communities. For, they realize that is the seat of true power.

Now begins a long process of decentralization as many of 'the people' feel the pull of Mother Earth, and return to the land. The 'old ways' will once again become sacred. However, these traditional ways of connecting with the Earth and living on the land, will be blended with the new tech ways that currently serve humanity.

This week step out of the cultural drama going on around you, and pay attention to beauty, goodness -- and to what you LOVE.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favorite Vampire

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy’s multi-day trip through the Northeast, I was able to spend half a week indoors typing up my longhand young adult manuscript (see blogs from September 6 and October 11). It looks like it’s going to come out to around 60,000 words, more or less, depending on how much I cut and how much I add in the final draft. I thought it would top out in the 45K range, so the length was a bit of a surprise.

I’m surprised I’m still writing about vampires. I thought my writing career would consist of lots of werewolf and shapeshifter sex. I’ve always been a dog person, so liking werewolves comes naturally. The vampire storyline kind of snuck up on me and bit me, and now I’m stuck chronicling this particular flock’s adventures.

I do have a favorite vampire. It’s not Count Chocula. I put him in for the humor. I do like chocolate, though. Maybe if he brought me chocolates I’d go out with him. We could go to Hersheypark. How do you stake this guy? With a swizzle stick from your hot chocolate? I’m not sure how it works with cartoons.

It’s not Edward Cullin. I read Twilight just to see what all the fuss was about. I can see why 14-year-old girls are enamored of him. I haven’t been 14 in quite a while, so I wasn’t impressed. He’s a bit of a wuss. I’ve only seen snatches of the
movies on TV, and then I tend to get distracted by Taylor Lautner’s chest. In fact, screw Edward. Here’s Jacob. Told you I prefer werewolves.

It’s not Louis and Lestat. Louis is whiny and angsty and Lestat is a twit. I blame Anne Rice for all the wimpy, emo vampires we’ve been subjected to over the last twenty years. I’ll bet Louis and Edward are drinking buddies and get together regularly to bitch to each other. At least Louis isn’t dating a high schooler. He just hangs out with the five-year-old little girl vampire. This all gets ickier the longer I think about it. Technically, I suppose all vampires are pedophiles. Given their ages, it’s not like they have a choice. As George Burns once said, “I’d date women my age, but there are no women my age.”

It’s not Barnabas Collins, though I do have a fondness for him. I was one of those kids who ran home from school to watch the original Dark Shadows. Barnabas was my first encounter with a sympathetic vampire character. However, I wasn’t watching the show for him. I was watching for Quentin Collins, the uber-sexy werewolf. Dog person, remember?

It’s not Batman. Batman’s not a vampire. Batman is my choice for “superhero I’d most want watching my back if I ever got into a jam.” I can’t picture Edward, Louis or Lestat earning the respect of the entire Justice League while having no superpowers. Take that, creatures of the night.

It’s not even Wallace, my own vampire creation, even though in my mind he looks like
Jensen Ackles. Maybe that’s because I’m a Sam girl. Wonder if Jared Padalecki ever played a werewolf?

So who’s my favorite vampire? Is there any doubt?


This is what vampires are supposed to be. Bloodsucking bad boys in leather and bleached hair with an accent to melt your knees. What the hell was Buffy doing with that wussified Angel when she could have had this? Spike could mop the floor with all those other posers combined and take you out for a drink afterwards. You might be the drink, but who cares?

Closing the gap to second place: Damon Salvatore, Spike’s dark brother from another mother. He’s making vampires fun again. Gotta love those intense eyes. They make up for the lack of accent. I can easily picture Spike and Damon arm-wrestling in a bar over who gets to bang and then suck on the waitress. I need to check out the fan fiction sites. Somebody’s sure to have written that. Some series demand a crossover.

Once the YA’s done and out of the house, I’m going back to shapeshifters for a while. At the moment the frontrunner stars a mountain lion who looks like Brendan Fraser. My Favorite Mummy? I don’t think so …