Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Against All Odds

Quick, name a famous supermodel. Cheryl Tiegs. Twiggy. Cindy Crawford. Christie “the ex-Mrs. Billy Joel” Brinkley. Tyra Banks. I only know Tyra because I watch America’s Next Top Model. I only thought about ANTM because it’s starting up again on Friday. This time it’s girl models vs. boy models. Quick, name a male supermodel. Don’t worry; I can’t either. If a guy wins, will the show catapult him to model superstardom? Will he even have a job this time next year?

Which got me thinking about the previous contestants of ANTM. There have been at least a dozen winners, twelve additions to the ranks populated by Tiegs, Crawford, Banks, and Mrs. Joel. By now at least one of them should be a household name. It doesn’t seem to have turned out that way. In terms of fame, “America’s Next Top Models” have been pretty much invisible.

Adrienne, the very first Top Model winner, had her own reality show at one point, but that was more about her marriage to one of the guys from The Brady Bunch. Caridee English hosted another reality show, and did commercials for a skin condition treatment. Haven’t seen her recently. At least one showed up on Celebrity Rehab and another (one of the plus-sizers) on Celebrity Fit Club. One former contestant hit the big time: she made it onto Dr. Phil because of drug addiction. I recognized another former contestant on a commercial (no lines) and I think I saw one on Project Runway but I can’t be sure because the show didn’t mention her name. The rest may be doing print ads and are therefore off my radar, since I don’t look at fashion magazines.

This troubles me, because one of the prizes each season is a contract with Cover Girl cosmetics. Again, it must be print work, because the commercials use established celebs like Pink, Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah and Ellen Degeneres. Sorry, ladies, you just lost out on the Cover Girl gig to glamour gal Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to the industry.

To date, we’ve had over 100 would-be Bankses and wanna-be Brinkleys model their hearts out on the show, milk their 15 minutes, and then sink without a trace. That includes the winners. The show’s been running for at least ten years, and I don’t think a single one of those girls has risen to Crawford-level heights. I don’t even know who won last season. I think I missed the finale because Grimm was on. Given the choice between some skinny chick and Monroe the werewolf—hell, that’s not even a contest.

What’s this got to do with anything? Merely an illustration: even with a contract, opportunity and exposure, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it. Or you could make it for an eyeblink and then fade from view. Or the biggest push in the world won’t get you anywhere. Or maybe you will make it. Nobody knows. When someone does make it, it’s usually as big a surprise to them as it is to everyone else.

All this holds true for writing. If we knew for sure what makes a bestseller, we’d only write bestsellers. Thanks to the rise in self-publishing, dozens of new books hit the virtual stands every week. Some will do well. Most will sink without leaving a ripple. At least one will pop up out of nowhere and take off like gangbusters. Ask Amanda Hocking how that feels.

All the promo in the world won’t necessarily make a difference. It can be a brilliantly-written book with a solid, original idea and still go nowhere. It could suffer from pedestrian writing and characters that “give new meaning to the word cardboard” (once said of John Grisham) and hit #1 on every list in existence. Only a handful will hit those heights. The rest will be forgotten in a year. Or faster.

The odds are against your book becoming the Cindy Crawford of the publishing world. That’s just the reality of writing. Nothing guarantees it’ll sell even ten copies. On the other hand, nothing says it won’t. Maybe your book will be the exception that proves the depressing rule. The odds might be 10,000 to one against you, but what if you turn out to be that one?

The only way to find out for sure is to write the best damn book you can and get it out to market, either through traditional methods, e-pubs, or self-pubbing. No one can judge how well your book struts its stuff until you put it out on the runway. You could have a winner on your hands. Slip that dress on it, style that hair, wedge its feet into those tight little heels and who knows? Your book might be America’s Next Top Novel!

# # #

Trivia quiz: When ANTM debuted, it aired on the old UPN network, which later merged with the WB to create the CW. ANTM is the last UPN show still on the air. What show still running on the CW is the last survivor of the former WB? Hint: the boys are hot and the angel needs to smile more often. Heh heh.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 29, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #256

The theme for this week: GOODNESS seeks it own. Now, the Good Force wraps Mother Earth anew, bringing a revival of soul and spirituality beyond what has been recorded in history/herstory.


Explosive! Once again, the world explodes. Superstorm weather explosions, physical explosions, war explosions, corruption-scandal explosions, economy-currency explosions, and explosions of TRUTH on every front.

Get ready. At this point in history, the lies told to the people are tripping over themselves. For now, the spotlight of revelation goes nova bright.

On the personal front, this is the week to indulge in whatever good times come your way. Laugh. Make merry. And, most of all, relish your loving relationships.

Also, look for ways to improve your daily life. Follow whatever inspirations come your way. And, as always, continue to prepare for the uncertain economic times ahead.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' dispel more of the GREAT DECEIVING BLACKNESS with whirling swipes of their light blades. What has been hidden for centuries, now comes forth as golden-bright illumination, as a path for humanity to follow out of the current dark ages.

Watch for this golden-bright magick. Feel it. For, many of us will now be *waking up* in incremental steps toward this most ancient 'knowing'.

Know this magickal AWARENESS is yours. You need only open your eyes. You need only seek your inner truth. Know as well, this knowledge is encoded inside each one us, as part of our inherited genetics.

On the land changes front, to repeat from last week's forecast: "this is the story not really being told to the public, what is really happening on Mother Earth. As the volcanic, superstorm, and earthquake activity increases, the presstitute media will continue to downplay the true statistics -- only focusing on certain catastrophic events.

This week, this month, look for more serpent-lashes from the sun. Also, there will likely be more 'unexplained' cosmic events, including mysterious fireballs and trumpeting sounds.

Closing in on the Fall season, flooding rages across the planet, and seastorms become far more violent on average. And likely, the Earth's rotation will be disturbed by a large passing object.

Further, if you are in a firestorm area, or a potential wildfire area, be extra careful in watching out for yourself, and your neighbors."

On the truth front, the CROSSROADS, that crossroad's moment of truth will happen for many more this week. So much so, the shift toward an Aquarian Age renaissance takes a mighty leap forward.

In opposition, the 'dark-side thirteen' rally their sinister forces, while using any excuse to bring the brutal hammering fist of fascism down on humanity. This will be cloaked in the guise of 'saving' humanity from itself.

On the paranormal front, from this point forward, the normal becomes the paranormal at superspeed. High strangeness soars higher and becomes like the cow jumping over the moon, as silly as that sounds.

Now, the dimensional walls weaken further, and a vortex of strangeness spins around us -- or, what was once the province of shamans, seers, and psychics. As the year progresses, more unusual beasts will be sighted, including prehistoric animals -- most likely in South America.

On the economic front, Detroit, sucked down the swirling blackhole -- behind the scenes -- by the bankster gangsters. This, to destroy the strength of Americans, and to keep turning large American cities into hell-holes.

Be it known, if the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, can 'magically' pull fiat currency out of the air like a third-rate stage magician... well, get wise, everyone... get wise, Detroit. Start printing your own currency.

This week, the unconscionable economic war 'against' humanity heightens dramatically, and goes worldwide. However, the people battle back with a variety of cunning strategies that happen mostly on a local level. This will spread outward in an organic manner.

Already there is a planet-wide black market. A colossal operation will emerge that will be taken over by the White Hat force, most likely by the middle of next year.

Meanwhile, the dark-side controllers spread their diabolical tentacles causing more chaos in the markets, escalating the gold wars, and stealing bank accounts, and pensions, wherever-whenever they can get away with it.

At the same time, the amount of  crime money laundered through the banking system skyrockets, as the various factions fight for 'king of the hill' supremacy.

As always, keep a wary eye on your bank account, and have some cash on hand.

On the war front, this week, once again, the chessboard-plans of the 'dark-side powers that be', will go badly astray in the Middle East. In part, this will look like the fundamentalist rebels on the run.

As more of the people WAKE UP to the real truth about what is happening in the war-torn areas of the world -- as opposed to reports by the presstitute media -- 'war' becomes a dirty word in their vocabulary.

Also, this week, the war on Whistleblowers intensifies with over-the-top demonization tactics. Also, the assassinations continue.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Obama Promises, Including Whistleblower Protections, Disappear From Website ~ The Huffington Post |, the 2008 website of the Obama transition team laying out the candidate’s promises, has disappeared from the internet.

If you're a whistleblower it is wise to throw everything you know out into the public arena as rapidly as possible. Then, take cover. Go underground, if necessary.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the military drills happening throughout the country will become more frequent, and will likely NOT be announced to the public beforehand, in most cases.

Checkpoints now multiply like breeding rabbits. The TSA begins rolling over the public like a tank invasion. SWAT teams continue, and increase their raids for minor offenses -- 80,000 attack-raids so far.

In the near future, there will likely be another campaign to force everyone to take flu shots and/or other vaccinations. This will cause a mass rebellion by the public, at large.

On the AWAKENING front, the mountain-high levels of corruption become the main focus of many Americans, and other activist groups worldwide. Like episodes of a bad soap opera, the heinous scandals just keep on keeping on, at this point in history.

Now, an attitude of 'throw the bums out' will become pervasive globally, especially in European countries. Plus, the overthrow of the crown in several countries begins. For, tolerance has reached a boiling point, and the people are tired of being boiled like frogs by the ruling royal classes.

On the communication front, of vital importance now, gather ye *wisdom* while you may. That is, if you are in contact-communication with 'anyone' of advanced age, ask them for their life story.

Ask them about their life's knowledge, their old-time skills -- how did they build and do things when they were growing up? Journal everything you can for the sake of humanity. Then, make it available to as many people as possible.

On the home front, this will be a conflicted and complicated week in our history, similar to the societal dynamics that took place before the Revolutionary War of 1776. The cycle point has been reached, once again.

Freedom or tyranny? The people now choose their ultimate destiny over the next several months.

On the food front, as Mother Earth gradually changes her physiology, there will be a disruption in crops, and how the various plants produce. This, along with the massive levels of radiation and other toxins in the environment, will change productivity in negative ways.

However, food production will increase naturally in other areas -- this, in response to the new Aquarian energetics, and the Earth's temperature alterations.

Food HEADLINE: Natural Society ~ "Huge Victory: Non-GMO Label for Meat, Eggs Approved"

Food HEADLINE: "Frankenfoods become more deadly GM Cabbage with Scorpion Poison Coming Soon"

On the energy front, there will be, in the near future, a couple of key shifts in the energy fields of Earth. This will involve the sun, and the new brighter frequencies beaming down from The Great Lion Star, Sol.

These subtle solar energies activate DNA patterns long forgotten by most of humanity. Greater intelligence, greater compassion, and a bolder 'take-charge' attitude toward the future, will be Sol's gift to us. That is, to those who are brave enough to accept them.

On the really bad news front, " It's here. It's now. To quote Edward R. Murrow - "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."

Or to say it this way: A nation of sheeple will beget a government of mad, rabid wolves in sheep's clothing.

On the good news front, more and more, people of like mind and heart are joining together. They are forming powerful communities and networks, points of light and love on the planet that cannot be extinguished by the dark-side's cruel oppression.

On the global mafia cabal front, this week the global cabal attempts to unite several of its factions, thus, to solidify control over the planet. However, in this case, East does not meet West, and the enmity continues.

This will look like the continuing currency wars. Also, look for a 'possible' space-wars news story, disguised as something else, of course.

On the heroine front, Patricia Jordan, DVM. Dr. Jordan specializes in natural pet rearing, and holistic medicine for pets. Her depth of study and knowledge blow away the medical myths that are harming animals, not helping their health. Her book is: "Mark of the Beast Hidden in Plain Sight".

On the hero front, Whitley Strieber, author of the breakthrough book "Communion". Mr. Strieber has persevered over the decades despite heavy persecution. His contribution to humanity by telling his truth, and exposing the truth as he discovers it, is immense. Whitley Strieber's latest novel, ALIEN HUNTER, will be published on August 13, and is scheduled to be a series on the SyFy Channel.

On the freedom front, there is a swing of the pendulum back toward sanity and liberty. Communities of people rise, and seize what has always belonged to humankind, the right to be free, responsible for our lives, and create our own desired destiny. 

Also, the people's demand for liberty become a mighty force to be reckoned with, as many more realize this documented fact. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Federal Reserve Is Bailing Out FOREIGN Banks … More than the American People or Economy ~ Washington’sBlog | Federal Reserve Policy Mainly Benefits Big Foreign Banks."

Trendwise, an enormous week of colliding trends as the dying Piscean Age dukes it out with the rising Aquarian Age.

New trends emerge, as well. Now feeding the soul ascends while 'feeding the beast establishment' ends.

Over the next several years, there will be massive changes in music. A groundswell of new artists begin their gradual takeover of the worldwide music scene, bringing about the downfall of the Music Industrial Complex.

As creativity spreads like wildfire over the globe, freewheeling becomes the norm for artists, and artistic endeavors of every kind. Enjoy.

This week is for romancing your life, for being in grace, and living gracefully. That is, unique only to you.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ Revising RED LIONESS TAMED IV

Red Lioness Tamed ~ Adventures of Sun Rocket, Book 1 
Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Here's the fourth snippet from my sci fi erotic romance that I'm currently revising. Once finished, I'll re-release the novella as an Indie ebook.

Seven Sentences [computer count] from ~

Red Lioness Tamed
Adventures of Sun Rocket, Book 1 

Chapter Fifteen:
Hope You Like Cats

"My lovely lioness one." He stroked his hand between her thighs, brushing over her sex curls.

"How do you know?" she challenged softly. "Ever copulate with a cat-shifted woman?"

His fingers caressed over her sex lips. She wriggled, sultry with heat.

"Once." His fingertips tickled the opening of her sex. She moaned, flushed with excitement.


For more of My Sexy Saturday


My latest release is HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel. For more info on my para-fantasy erotic romances check the sidebar.  

Love shapeshifters? Wanna know what life is like in a shapeshifter town? Join us at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning into Your Wildest Desire

Have a sexy magical week ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crunch Time

How many of you out there have blogs? Quite a few, I’m betting. How often do you update? What do you write about? How much hair have you torn out already, and how little do you have left?

Trust me, I’m with you. I’m on two blogs, and even with only weekly updates they’re still worth a handful of lost hair apiece. Half the time post day comes and I have no idea what to write about. I end up scraping the bottom of the inspirational barrel and pretty much throwing words at the page to see which ones stick. If I’m lucky, it’ll all make sense at the end.

Writing a blog is just like writing in general. Some days the words flow, some days they don’t. If the no-flow day is the same as your post day, you in a heap’a trouble.

Here’s where being a pantser comes in handy. I’m used to sitting down and frantically scribbling whatever pops into my mind with no clue about where I’m going. Luckily my best inspirations hit while I’m actually writing. The act itself stirs the creative soup and ideas bob to the surface. Next thing you know I’ve put in my thousand words or so, and I’m safe for another week.

I think this blog’s easier to write than the other one. Shapeshifter Seductions is more of a fiction blog, so those thousand words have to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. Try doing that in only a thousand words, every single week. Since I’m allegedly a professional writer, by this point I should be able to with only a minimum of hair loss. That isn’t always the case. The light bulb refuses to go on. Storylines peter out. I write myself into a corner. If you’ve ever wondered why I posted so late in the afternoon, it’s because it took me all damn day to come up with a flash scene. I should have taken art in school. Then I could just draw pictures.

Compared to that, this blog’s a breeze. I just sit at the keyboard and let my brain barf out whatever it wants to talk about. First, though, I have to kick my brain out of bed and get it to sit down with me. The advantage here is that whatever I post doesn’t have to follow fiction’s rules. It can be as long or short as the idea will run, and doesn’t necessarily have to say anything of significance.

Like today. I have nothing at all to say today, so I’m rambling. I had no topic for today’s blog, so I made that my topic. I’ve run off at the virtual mouth for about 500 words at this point, and said next to nothing of import. I should have been a Congressional speech writer.

Is this how it goes for you, fellow bloggers? Do the ideas fly at you like quills from a porcupine, or does your well consistently run dry? For that matter, how often do you update your blog? I’m struggling with once a week. If I had to update daily, I think I’d have a breakdown. Something tells me if I only updated monthly I’d still run into these problems. I’m not the fastest writer on the planet.

Of course, the easiest solution is to write more and get more books and stories out there. Then I can post updates and excerpts and promo pieces and never have to actually write anything. The downside to that plan is that, in order for it to work, I have to write that book in the first place so I'll have something to update, excerpt and promo. Then I run into the same problems I suffer coming up with ideas for the blog. Well, nobody ever said life was easy.

At the moment, over on the other blog, I seem to be writing a serial novel. Each week is a scene with the same characters, furthering the plot. I don’t know how long it’ll run or if I’ll ever finish it. Something else may grab me instead. In the meantime, hop on over to Shapeshifter Seductions ( every Monday for a new installment. Watch a book take shape before your eyes! When it’s done, you won’t even have to buy it because it’s all on there for free. That’s a deal you can’t beat with a stick, especially in this economy.

As for this blog, I just rambled on for almost 800 random words. Hope you enjoyed them. See y’all next week!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 22, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #255

The Sun Lion Roars Into Being Bringing a Ferocious Energy

On July 22nd the sun enters the astrological sign of Leo. The year 2013 initiates a lion-warrior energy within each one of us. For now, our true fierce power awakens, and it is mighty.

How this new power expresses itself will be unique to each individual, yet there will be an over-arching connection between us. This means that many more of us stand together for the sake of liberty, truth, and justice.

On the magickal, mystical front, with the rise of the leonine frequency, the true magickal past of the human race not only continues to reveal itself, but ROARS into the public AWARENESS. The emphasis will be on the Age of Leo, however, back in time to approximately 10,000 B.C.

This week, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' wield their sun-glistening, mighty blades dispelling monstrous cyclones of evil -- the latest attack against humankind by the dark-side magicians. These age-old destroyers would obscure their true natures from the eyes of the people. For, once known to the public at large, their days will be numbered.

On the land changes front, this is the story not really being told to the public, what is really happening on Mother Earth. As the volcanic, superstorm, and earthquake activity increases, the presstitute media will continue to downplay the true statistics -- only focusing on certain catastrophic events.

This week, this month, look for more serpent-lashes from the sun. Also, there will likely be more 'unexplained' cosmic events, including mysterious fireballs and trumpeting sounds. 

Closing in on the Fall season, flooding rages across the planet, and seastorms become far more violent on average. And likely, the Earth's rotation will be disturbed by a large passing object.

Further, if you are in a firestorm area, or a potential wildfire area, be extra careful in watching out for yourself, and your neighbors.

On the personal front, a wacky week ahead that will likely fly by at quantum speed, for most of us. Finish up those projects that are calling your name. The rewards will be a very good thing.

Also, of importance, take time to organize your financial situation. And, as unconventional opportunities come your way to improve your finances, take advantage.

As well, learn new skills, new ways of thinking, seeing, and hearing. For, the renaissance path continues to emerge for all of us. 

On the paranormal front, UFOs litter the skies, according to the ongoing reports at the National UFO Reporting Center.

UFO DISCLOSURE to the people continues. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Edgar Mitchell Tells Bloomberg News: UFO Coverup Must End ~ Wednesday, July 17, 2013 ~ In an article on Bloomberg News, Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was asked about the Roswell incident, and replied that he had been contacted not only by the man who delivered the coffins to the base for the bodies found in the wreckage, but by descendants of other original Roswell observers."

This week, look for more 'strange beast' stories in the alternative news, and only minimally covered by the brain-drain media.

On the economic front, this week, this month, hang onto your hats, tails, and anything else you've got. It's a cyclone-wild descent into hell for the world economy, then a reach for heaven. All to fool and control the people.

The Gold and Silver Wars between the dark-side global factions escalates crazily. The manipulation of the stock markets goes into hyper gear, and the people desert the markets in droves.

Now the Bankster Gangsters pirate from each other more than ever, as well as plundering what's left of the people's wealth. Meanwhile, corruption, scandals, the worst of the worst, continues to spew forth into the public domain.

Eventually, this leads to a wholesale turning away from the establishment's monetary system, and a reliance on self and community.

On the truth front, scandalous 'revelations' stumble over themselves in a race for the spotlight. What has truly been happening behind the scenes for the last century, the last decade, now explodes into view. This, despite the diabolical, high-tech diversionary tactics used by the dark-side elite.

Be on guard with your emotions, and take care of yourself. Some of these 'truths' will shock you down to your deepest soul, and change your world forever.

On the war front, worldwide, another nasty week of bombing the innocent, destroying people's lives on a mass scale, and brutalizing Mother Earth with war machines. However, the new world order criminals are still failing in their bid for all-out world war.

This is due to many factors, as stated before. Intervention by the Divine, actions taken by the White Hat force, and the dominant will of the people for 'no more war'.

This week, on the world stage, the war-chessboard moves will be more blatant, and new players will emerge. Also, there could be a confrontation on the high seas. 

On the tyranny-at-work front, the people fight back. The outbreaks of shooting wars between Americans and establishment agencies will become more widespread. There has been an iron clamp down on news about these battles. However, that lid is about to come loose, to some extent, that is.

Now the TSA spreads across America like a fast-growing cancer. While some in the population comply and become more zombified, other Americans will say enough is enough, and zero tolerance becomes their battle cry.

On the AWAKENING front, at this point in time, now begins the human being's ability to ascend beyond drugs, or to transcend nearly all addicting substances. With the cosmic DNA upgrades taking place, and the massive spiritual AWAKENING happening, in twenty years time approximately, most drug usage will become passé. This is already occurring to a degree within small segments of the population.

On the communication front, censorship spreads its reprehensible tentacles with the removal of key public documents, as has already occurred. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "CDC Sends Fact Sheet Linking Polio Vaccine to Cancer Down the Memory Hole ~ Adan Salazar | Page admitting 10-30 million Americans received contaminated doses removed."

On the home front, the Old West spirit continues to rise in America. Here's one example.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Colorado town considers licensing bounty hunters to shoot down drones ~ The tiny town of Deer Trail, Colo. — barely more than a wide spot on Interstate 70 about 55 miles east of Denver, population 546 — is considering an ordinance that would authorize licensed bounty hunters to shoot down unmanned aircraft violating its “sovereign airspace.”

On the food front, once again, it's an excellent time to stock up on food and supplies. With several dynamics colliding, prices are likely soar this coming Fall.

Now, this trend will only tsunami across the world, and the mass demonstrations against frankenfoods will increase. GMO HEADLINE from Natural Society: Italy to Ban Monsanto GMO Corn with 80% Public Support

On the energy front, continue to prepare for power outages wherever you are located. Those of you who are able to build alternative energy devices, and those of you who make alternative energy fuels such as alcohol, will be in demand sooner rather than later.

Now begins another major shift in planetary energy. Not only is the leonine frequency here, but a higher level of creativity is being cosmically triggered.

For now, the artist in you is being liberated beyond your wildest imagination.

On the really bad news front, doctors and other health care professionals will desert the medical system en masse in the near future for several reasons. While record numbers are already 'retiring' due to "ObamaCare", two of the precipitating events have not yet occurred.

On the good news front, a fundamental understanding of how 'mind control' is being used against the people by the dark-side establishment, will become common knowledge, especially among the youth. This will cause a HUGE backlash.

Two results: Cyber warriors turn the tables on the sky-net system. Meanwhile, others of us return to the land becoming a new generation of farmers, ranchers, and those who can naturally live off the land.

On the global mafia cabal front, fierce discord remains between several factions. This is hampering the dark-side cabal's plan to pull the world into a horrific and long-lasting war.

Gold, as mentioned above, is also wreaking havoc in their rank and file. Watch for the European technocrats to solidify their control over the EU, and make major moves next week.

On the heroine front, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, longtime vaccine researcher, and author of "Saying No to Vaccines".  Coast to Coast am blurb: [She] "talked about alternative medicine, viruses, and the hazards of vaccines."

On the hero front, Ben Swann. Coast to Coast am blurb: "Sat 07-20 ~ Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins John B. Wells to discuss how our culture has become truth deficient. According to Swann, the historical centers of truth have broken down, and the average US citizen has lost their voice to monied power, and voters are disenfranchised from the party system." 

On the freedom front, this will be a critical week in several key ways. The chasm between those devoted to liberty, and those who yield to, or choose to embrace tyranny, will widen dangerously.

The administration will likely make Machiavellian moves that further inflame those who live by the Constitution. At this point, there will be *no* turning back from the game-changing events that follow.

As well, another American journalist could be targeted as an enemy of the state. 

Trendwise, the 'true ancient legacy of North America' continues to be a hotter than hot trend for a lot of us. We deeply hunger for this truth because the time has come for all of us to know.

For, it is absolutely critical to our future, to the decisions that must be made.  And necessary for our very souls.

HEADLINE: Vikings Possibly Carried Native American to Europe

As well, like a ball of snakes locked in brutal battle, this week will be a complex collision of trends that mostly involve the political scene. Several congressional situations are coming to a head, and a disaster 'could be' the end result.

Meanwhile, the society continues to fracture beyond repair. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. For now, the dark-side establishment's recipe to bring America to it's knees, is boiling, and about to bubble over.

However, many more Americans now stand together, heart to heart, mind to mind. And, more important, they stand for each other. This is the real key to our evolution-revolution, to overcoming the dark force.

This week is, once again, about dreaming our futures anew. Take time to listen to the music of your choice, the music that touches your heart, and moves your soul. And dream.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ Wolf Moon Dreaming

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.
This is from the WIP love story of Kitty, a white cat shapeshifter, and Dante, alpha biker werewolf and owner of the Pleasure Club.

Kitty was supposed to be roadkill when Dante's sire, and his pack, originally seized control of Talbot's Peak, and turned it into a werewolf town. However, White Fang Khent, super wolf reporter, rescued Kitty, the cat woman Dante is in love with. He and Dante have been pals ever since, and united in protecting the Peak from enemies of every paranormal type and stripe.


Seven Paragraphs from ~

Wolf Moon Dreaming

Kitty Gets Rambunctious, Even Naughty

Wanting to surprise his beautiful cat woman, Dante hadn't mentally communicated with her. As of late, he relied on his lonesome heart, then his nose to locate her.

Dante slowed his speed to a crawl once he reached the outer limits of Talbot's  Peak. His tamed chrome beast prowled the neighborhood street where his Kitty lived. Though, he knew she wasn't at home.

Catching her deliciously pungent scent, Dante followed the invisible trail. Howl to the Full Buck Moon that would be shining tonight! Was he raw with the need to buck inside his woman.

Dante handled his monster bike on automatic now. Closing in on Kitty's exact position, he rumbled a long growl. His impatient cock lunged against his leathers the instant his wolf gaze sighted her standing next to a good-sized oak tree.

What the... holy fuck? An apt expression since his little Kitty tossed off all of her clothes in a cat fit of absolute abandon.

Her fast shift struck him like a punch to the gut. Stopping his Harley, he hit the kickstand fast, then dismounted in one leap. Dante followed after her.

Concerned but amused, he watched her spirited run toward one of the food vendors. In hot pursuit, Dante was just in time to see his gorgeous white cat lap a rainbow snow cone.


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

All Too Human

I miss Buffy.

What brings on my spate of nostalgia for kick-assery is the last two books I read (got ‘em from the library, so I had to go through ‘em fast), Daughter of Smoke and Bone and its sequel, Days of Blood and Starlight, by Laini Taylor. They’re Young Adult: the protag is a 17-year-old girl and there’s the requisite ultra-hot guy (literally; he’s a seraph with burning wings) and eternal love story. All Twilight comparisons end there. The books contain beautiful writing by someone who obviously loves language and knows how to wield words for greatest impact. Taylor’s world-building and characterization ain’t too shabby either. Even secondary characters are well-fleshed enough for believability, and the mysteries build to a slow reveal that actually is revealed, rather than drawn out for the sake of another bloated trilogy. The “angels” in this universe would kick the posers from Fallen, Halo and Hush, Hush right out the window and toss ‘em their pinfeathers as a parting shot. In another world—say, the 1980s—this book would have been shelved in the Science Fiction/Fantasy section and college kids would be reading it.

The only downside is that it’s a trilogy and the conclusion won’t be out until next year. I wanna read it right friggin’ now, dammit! Sadly, books of this quality take time, so I’ll just have to suck it up and wait along with everybody else—first for the release date, then for the library to get it, unless I hang out at Barnes and Noble and try to skim it for free. Yes, I liked it. If I were giving a review, both volumes would get 5 stars.

However …

Partway through the second book a nagging thought occurred to me. Although the main character is human by default—they’re trying to sell this to human readers, after all—pretty much the rest of the cast are aliens from another dimension: the beastial chimaera and their sworn enemies, the winged seraphim. They’ve been at war for hundreds of years. Then a chimaera girl meets a seraph boy on the battlefield, and—well, you know what happens. It’s YA.

I can handle that. I just have to remind myself who the target audience is, and it ain’t some old lady who was weaned on the original Star Trek and New Age science fiction. What started to bother me was how much these alien creatures from this alien dimension, with nothing at all in common with Earth history, thought and behaved just like us.

I know, I know, it’s necessary; target audience and all that. They used to do it on Star Trek too, and all the other books and shows supposedly set on alien worlds or in other time periods. For instance, next time you watch one of these shows or movies, note the number of alien societies that independently evolved catsuits and high heels. The characters may be aliens in the far future, but the readers/viewers are modern-day humans, and they want characters they can recognize and identify with. I guess I'll have to live with that.

I just wish the aliens from the other dimension hadn’t evolved sexism.

In far too many of these books, movies, comics, etc., women get short shrift. It happens here. Again. Yes, there are female soldiers, but they’re not exempt if one of the ruling males wants them. The king of the angels has a harem and breeds bastard soldiers for the war effort. The chimera general fixates on the heroine because she’s the most beautiful woman (i.e., human looking) in all the land, and she kind of goes for him in a wishy-washy, spineless, what choice do I have sort of manner, at least until she meets Hot Angel Boy. So General Buttwipe catches her and has her beheaded. Later, when she’s reborn in human form, she ends up working with General BW because, wellll, he’s the hero of the resistance and all and she doesn’t really feel like she has a choice. She also has a skill he desperately needs for the war effort, and he sets up one of his flunkies as her assistant to learn it so he can dispose of her again. I figured that out about ten chapters before she did. He manipulates the holy hell out of her and she just can’t see it, even with two lifetimes of experience.

Jesus Christ, honey. He KILLED YOU. He CUT YOUR FRIGGIN’ HEAD OFF. You were reborn as a human and separated from your one true love, not to mention your homeworld, because THIS GUY IS A SCUZZBAG. How many lives do you have to be hit over the head in? Or have that head cut off? I expect more, or at least different, from someone non-human. The first time around, anyway.

That, to varying degrees, is what we get with the other alien females. No matter how skilled or tough or independent they are, their choices ultimately depend on the whim of some male. The only one who takes direct, decisive action against the evil rulers is Hot Angel Boy. The heroine finally fights back against General Buttwipe, but only when he attempts to rape her. C’mon, sweetie, you’ve known for two lifetimes he was a sleaze of the highest order. You had to see that one coming.

Like I said, I miss Buffy.

It would really be nice if, in one of these books, the alien society held out some hope to impressionable young girls that there’s more to life than pairing up with a scuzzball while waiting for the right hot guy to come along. A female general would have been welcome. I’ll bet if Xena or Red Sonja was commanding that army, the king would think twice before ordering them hauled off to the harem. (One did try that with Red Sonja, with the expected fatal result.) I’ll bet Xena or Sonja wouldn’t hesitate to have some comely young soldier boy brought to her tent, either. (Maybe Xena not so much since she has Gabrielle, but Sonja, definitely.) I’d love to see that in a book just once, boy I tell you what.

There’s some hope for the third volume, maybe. There’s a group of outcast angels out there, ruled by a queen. Please let her be a T’Pau. That's her in the picture up there. She ruled Vulcan on Star Trek. The whole planet decided she was the logical choice to lead them. Who’s going to argue with Vulcan logic? Just pointing out that it can be done, and young girls can be exposed to the concept without it corrupting their lives.

Some day I’ll rant about how superheroines can chase after the bad guys while wearing stiletto heels. Except Wonder Woman, who can fly. And why isn’t she wearing boots or sandals like the other Amazonian warriors? But that’s another blog.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 15, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #254

Now, like a colossal, formidable serpent with prism brilliant scales, the true ancient past of humanity on Mother Earth, rears up. Not to be ignored.

Our real heritage must be known for humankind's revolution-evolution to quantum leap forward -- and, for the spiritual transformation that belongs to each one of us to fully unfold. In the long future we will be known as the 'golden human'.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week The 'Mages of Ages Lost' fiercely battle a towering, glowering dragon loosed upon humankind from ages past. This inter-dimensional beast represents the rage of a race who lost out to humanity for the right to live upon the young Earth.

As well, now magical ideas spring forth as much needed solutions to current-day problems. The real magic will be in using our combined will to bring forth these new bright realities in existence for the sake of ALL.

On the land changes front, To repeat from last week: "during the next three months Volcanoes spew massively worldwide, and new volcanoes rise beneath the oceans. This will ultimately begin a new cycle of weather.

This new cycle will be methodically interfered with by the dark-side's mad scientists in an attempt to stop Mother Earth from expanding, and improving life for ALL.

To counteract this brutal poisoning of the planet, the sun will loose more serpent-striking CMEs. These particle beams are meant to balance the yin and yang of the eco-sphere.

This coming week there will likely be more devastating, superstorm weather events, and more 'unexplained' sinkholes. As well, large earthquakes continue to shake, rattle, and roll along the ring of fire.

Within the next two weeks, a HUGE CHANGE event 'could' cause more population migrations."

Update: currently uncharacteristic massive flooding has and is causing evacuations on a large scale in China, and in other areas of the world. This will continue.

Also, look for some strange earthquake activity this week.

On the paranormal front, UFOS, CONTACT, this will remain the theme in the latter half of the year, 2013. Already well documented cases are being presented constantly to the public by numerous alternative news sites, by people who have been in the field for decades, and have solid reputations.

As well, in the coming months, some of the shapeshifter beasts of myths and legend will be exposed as being real, with documented proof beyond what is already in the public domain. However, this will only be known by those who follow cryptozoology sites/news/articles, since the lamestream media is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the fat cat dark-siders -- who are invested in keeping this hidden until 'they' want it known.

On the personal front, a strange up and down week for most of us. However, once again, good opportunities could be ready to shake your hand. Take a second look even with those possible opportunities that don't seem to be all that much. Because they could lead to what you're really searching for, what you truly want. As always, check in with your intuitive side.

Also, as has been stated before, changing your location could very well be in the cards. If not your home location but where you shop and do business. Take advantage of good local businesses whenever possible. This is partly because where the big box stores fail -- and this will develop like a rolling tide likely during the fall season -- many of the local shops will manage to stay open, especially if they have enough customer support.

On the economic front, WARNING: the plan to 'integrate by stealth' and bypass congressional approval is HERE! SOURCE: William F. Jasper, editor New

This is a barrier week, and month, for the people to stand against this stealth attack. While BIG MEDIA DIVERSIONS are delivered one after another, the trillionaire, soulless money crowd completes their plans, in secret, for a trade and political merger of the EU with the US.

Essentially, this places both the EU and the US under a single governing body run by the banking technocrats, the same ones who have tanked the economy on purpose, stolen uncounted trillions from the people with the ponze-scheme derivatives market, and other piratical tricks of the trade -- all while demanding 'your' austerity.

From this point forward, there will be a tsunami of events that shudder through the worldwide banking system. Some of these tidal waves will be intentionally orchestrated. However, there will be HUGE significant shudders that are due to unintended consequences. Also, intervention by the Divine Force.

Once again: as always, keep an eagle eye on your bank account, and your pension, if you have them.

On the truth front, this week TRUTH becomes a strange beast, at once elusive and charging out in the open for all too see. This will be both in your personal life and in public. You may learn about family secrets that you never suspected.

Meanwhile, on the world stage scandal rocks several areas on the planet. However, what is revealed will also 'hide' galaxy-enormous scandals.

On the war front, chessboard moves and countermoves, there will be a whole series of moves coming this month between the various dark-side factions. The Middle East appears to blow apart at the seams, or appears to begin coming apart violently. However, some of this will be acts of deception on a grand scale.

Of bigger consequence for the following week, are other war theaters. North and South Korea are bubbling beneath the surface like an active caldera. African hot zones go hotter, with the mercenary troops getting the worst end of it.  And, likely Pakistan will flare up. This will not be expected by the dark-side powers that be.

Also, there *could be* a major unexpected event that will shock the world, and alter the above.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Chicago is currently being targeted as the next Detroit, to be gutted by the Bankster Gangsters, and brought down in ruins around the people. However, there are good forces at work that could avert some of the worst events.

Ultimately, this depends on the people. If they are willing to take back their city from the heights of corruption, and from the amoral, criminal mafia, much could be saved, and GOOD could be returned. Also, if those around the country stand with Chicagoans in reclaiming their city, the process will accelerate.

On the AWAKENING front, this week, the leviathan AWAKENING will be around the power of the people to work together. This will be subtle at first, but will firestorm around the world inspiring great uprisings for true freedom, economic prosperity, and justice. As is the right of every human being.

On the communication front, this time is an opportunity for GOOD people to come together and communicate at a whole new level. Now is the time to communicate about the *real enemies* of humankind: the new world order psychopaths who intend to make every race commonly dirt POOR under the guise of 'austerity'.

If we join hearts and minds, instead of being divided and diverted by the dark-side's diabolically cruel tactics, we the people will overcome, and shape a renaissance paradise for ALL.

On the home front, as the berserker-like seizure of land by gov agencies -- under the auspices of UN Agenda 21 -- escalates across the country, the people begin banding together to halt this insane criminality. Now, a wild west mentality develops, and many begin protecting each other by forming regional posses.

This will also ramp up along the borders as the independent-minded take back their land. At this point in time, biker gangs are challenging the cartel. HEADLINE: "Biker gangs moving into New Mexico 'Vagos' already challenging Bandidos for influence"

In the future, alliances between those of like-mind, those who love their land, will form regardless of race, color, or creed -- and regardless of which side of the border they live on.

On the food front, the war by gov agencies against American farmers hits high gear. Now the farming communities across the country join together, and battle back any way they are able.


HEADLINE: "Calif. Farmer Battles Feds Over Depression-Era Law Requiring Him to Turn Crop Over to Government"

HEADLINE: "State Demands $700,000 from Michigan Farm Family and the Destruction of 70 Farm Animals"

HEADLINE: "Bessemer Farms calls it quits, says new farm rules too cumbersome"

On the energy front, BEWARE of upcoming power outages. This will be happening with more frequency across the country, and across the world where there are commercial energy grids. Do your best to prepare.

There are several reasons, one being the aging systems, and the refusal of the corp-gov to properly fix, then maintain infrastructure. However, another reason will be the changing stronger intensity of the sun, and the snake-tongue barrage of CMEs [coronal mass ejections].

On the really bad news front, the economy continues to be used as the global elite's favorite punching bag, all while they bring in the Beyond Big Brother State. Sooner rather than later, martial law may technically be coming to a street near you, and it will be far, far more sinister than the liberty-crushing travesty in Boston.

On the good news front, more than ever at this time, the dark force used by the global elite boomerangs, striking them instead of their target, humanity. This cannot be stated enough. It is key to winning the future back.

Also, even with the mass-media promoted racial divisiveness taking place, in general, the people come together and form much stronger communities. This, of course, depends on those of like mind and heart joining together, which is happening under the auspices of the Aquarian Age vibes.

On the global mafia cabal front, this week will be disastrous for the cabal. Their Middle East game plan will explode in all the wrong directions. White Hat Forces in Africa will put the kibosh on some of their heinous murderous operations, especially around mining gold.

While on track for their global takeover of Europe -- what the technocrats now call 'pooling sovereignty' -- a wrong turn takes place, likely near the end of the week, and possibly due to the actions of Italy.

On the heroine front, Roxy Lopez, host of "The Truth Denied" radio show at Revolution Radio This week she heart-courageously brought forth the energy of MIRACLES because of her own need.

On the hero front, Staff Sargent Joseph Biggs, close friend of investigative reporter, Michael Hastings, who 'died on the cross of history' once he revealed the establishment's war against reporters, and vowed to fight back. Staff Sargent Biggs is standing by his friend by following every lead. He is determined to find out what happened, and who assassinated Michael Hastings.

On the freedom front, at this point in time, freedom from NSA spying, the determination to be free from Big-Brother Mafia RISES. Underground communities form that will eventually become deadly affective against the massive surveillance grid.

In the far future, the use of key cyber viruses will bring down any usable NSA grid. This will be worldwide.

In the meantime, as has been happening, more of the people turn their backs on the establishment. Essentially, they go their own way, create their lives anew. Underground innovation and invention becomes local, but spreads via secret networks that span the country, and the planet. This will be people helping people.

Trendwise, a new day dawns in accordance with the frequencies now inundating humanity and Mother Earth. Many of us will begin to feel renewed in subtle but noticeable ways, and not know why.

Out of this, our lives could take new directions. Or we could simply shift our way of being in how we live our life.

Also, despite the establishment-provoked race riots, the scandal-ridden chaos, the economic uncertainty, and the bread-circus events -- this week begins a critical trend toward a true, general AWARENESS of the *Medical* Industrial Complex.

That is, the killing-for-money field it is on all fronts -- this despite the good caring people involved.

What will also become obvious to many more now -- due to the ongoing 'exposure' of vaccines by The Brave Ones -- is that the BIG CORP MEDICAL system is about to become far, far worse in the very near future.

As has been stated before, look for alternative methods of healing. Specializing in natural cures will become a new underground career for many in the future.

This week bask and stroll in the sunlight whenever possible. Let yourself smile at the nature around you. Nature might smile back and surprise you. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who's Your Muse?

This will come as no surprise to anyone: I watch TV more than I write. With 80 channels at my remote-tapping fingertips, it’s easy to find something—anything—more fun than sweating blood at a keyboard. TV makes a more entertaining distraction than doing the laundry or yard work.

I have a fondness for reality shows like Bar Rescue, Restaurant Impossible and Tabatha Takes Over. Business owners with their livelihoods circling the toilet call in a snarky, abrasive expert to help drag them back into solvency. Supposedly it works, provided the hapless owners do what their TV-personality advisors tell them.

That’s what I need. Some expert to kick me in the ass and keep me pounding the keys. Maybe even offer useful marketing advice. Since there aren’t any TV shows for us lazy writers, I guess I’ll have to settle for a muse.

But not just any muse. A chirpy Glinda isn’t going to help me. Like I said, I’m lazy. I’ve been known to clean the toilet rather than write, that’s how bad it gets. I don’t need a cheerleader; I need a drill sergeant. A muse with the discipline I don’t have, to get my butt in the seat and keep it there long enough to produce something.

Maybe someone like Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue or Tabatha Coffey (Tabatha Takes Over) could help. Both understand where a business’s problems lie, and usually it’s with the owner. I don’t write half as much or as often as I should in order to make a living. Watching TV, remember? If I could get them to get me to step up to the plate, I’d produce more and have more to send out to market. Not necessarily sell. That will depend on the quality. On the other hand, nothing sells if you don’t write it first. Jon could yell or Tabatha could scold me into making the effort.

But first we’d have to get past the cleanliness thing. Both zero in on the cleanliness of the bar/kitchen/beauty salon first thing off the bat. I barely vacuum once a month or so. Mostly “or so.” Writing would have to go by the wayside until after I’d scrubbed the linoleum. I can divert my energies into housework on my own; I don’t need them for that. Plus Jon would be criticizing my kitchen and Tabatha would criticize my hair. Okay, they’re out.

Drill sergeant who’d make me produce without cleaning first? Got it! Gordon Ramsay. The man wants it done and done now and done right, no excuses. Plus he’s customer-focused, and a writer should be reader-focused. We’re here to feed the customer, either their stomach or their minds. Plus Ramsay has an accent, which seems to be a requirement on these makeover shows.

There’d be no goofing off with him riding my back, that’s for sure. “Bloody hell! What the fuck is this? You call this a short story? It’s fucking raw! The characters aren’t even developed! Where’s the plot? Oh, piss off. Shut it down! Get out! Fucking useless.” Um, okay, maybe not.

Let’s try somebody with a lower decibel level. How about Dr. Phil? He could not only provide character insight and motivation, he could help me figure out why I procrastinate and get me over that part of it. Provided I could put up with the interruptions and occasional judgmental attitude. Not to mention the endless catch phrases. “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. You have to own up to the fact this story is a piece of crap.” “Let me put verbs in my sentences. You need better verbs in your sentences.” Odds are good he’d use me to pimp his own book rather than help me pimp mine. That’s it, Phil, you’re off the list.

Looks like I’m back to my first choice: Stephen King. It’s not because he’s a phenomenal storyteller or that he has sales we’d all kill for. It’s his determination. There was point in Stevie’s life when drink and drugs reigned supreme. He was so wasted he says he doesn’t even remember writing Cujo. But he did write it. Even wasted, he kept writing. Through booze, pills, a near-fatal run-in with a van, through back pain so bad he had to lie flat on the floor, he kept writing. In fact, he wrote one of his books while lying flat on the floor. And we’re talking a Stevie-length book here, 500 pages or so.

He’s not the world’s greatest writer, just the most persistent. He writes no matter what. That’s the muse I need perched on my shoulder. If I can tap into that, the single-minded need to commit words to paper and the joy that only writing can provide, any other problems I have are sure to take care of themselves.

Once that’s done, I’ll move on to editing. A muse from Extreme Makeover, maybe?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 8, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #253

Winds of Change ~ Waters of Change ~ Fires of Change ~ And Land Changes

These are the themes for the latter half of the year, 2013. For now, what has been called the Quickening, goes full blast across the planet. Get ready. 

On the land changes front, during the next three months Volcanoes spew massively worldwide, and new volcanoes rise beneath the oceans. This will ultimately begin a new cycle of weather.

This new cycle will be methodically interfered with by the dark-side's mad scientists in an attempt to stop Mother Earth from expanding, and improving life for ALL.

To counteract this brutal poisoning of the planet, the sun will loose more serpent-striking CMEs. These particle beams are meant to balance the yin and yang of the eco-sphere.

This coming week there will likely be more devastating, superstorm weather events, and more 'unexplained' sinkholes. As well, large earthquakes continue to shake, rattle, and roll along the ring of fire.

Within the next two weeks, a HUGE CHANGE event 'could' cause more population migrations.

On the personal front, this is definitely a turn-the-key toward the future week for most of us. Likely, this will happen in our close relationships, or could involve choosing another career/job direction. This might be an offbeat enterprise for some.

For, change is occurring on a mass scale, and we're in the midst of it. This demands making decisions as we seek new paths, or decide on different goals.

Also, keep close watch over your possessions this week, especially what is most important to you.

On the magickal, mystical front, now, a sacred goldeness descends upon humanity, beyond what has already been poured upon us by the good angelic realm -- by the grace of the Divine.

Simply close your eyes, and imagine yourself drinking in this golden gift. For, your genetic code is being activated in powerful ways which will benevolently serve you, and others, in the near future.

The 'Mages of Ages Lost' spin like superstorm tornadoes, battling the onslaught of dark-magic induced despair and trauma. This behind-the-scenes sorcery has been used for century upon century against humankind, as has been stated before.

Now, this 'programming' begins to be rendered useless. As well, the final trap is being laid, the preparations hidden from 'those who have chosen the lesser light' -- those who despise humanity.

On the paranormal front, now, the strange gets much stranger with each passing day. UFO sightings continue to rise worldwide, most especially in South America. Also, there will be breaking news about a major sighting within the month.

Suspicions ride high among some paranormal watchers that contact with the gods of old -- who some call the Annunaki -- is occurring on the continent of Africa. This is partly based on the fact that the current man in the white house, and two former presidents, have all traveled to Africa in the same and recent time period -- with little fanfare.

For background info on the Annunaki, check out this link ~ "Michael Tellinger has made groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. He is an author, an explorer ..."

On the economic front, another HUGE week of jerk-the-people-around, courtesy of the technocratic elite who say they have the right to rule over us.

The stock market remains a sucker's bet, and acts like it has a split personality.

Gold fuels new economic wars, with the Asian countries front and center.

In Europe, the Bankster Gangsters show their sinister hand for ALL to see. Pay attention. This is what they intend for Americans.

Meanwhile, more of us look for any and every 'way out' of the current economic system. Creative wily ways of networking grow super-fast. This, despite the thug establishment's stomping, crushing boots -- where everyone is labeled a criminal, or a potential criminal.

In the near future, there will likely be another monstrous scandal revealed, having to do with money laundering. If this happens, even less of the people will trust banks to keep their money safe.

As always, keep an eagle eye on your bank account, if you have one.

On the truth front, the TRUTH about humanity's real history continues to emerge with a vengeance. Here's one recent example:

Alexander Helios, the oldest son of Cleopatra, established a colony in America, called the Happy Land on the ancient tablets.  INTERVIEW at Friday July 5, 2013 ~ The Illinois Mystery Cave yielded a treasure of strange artifacts that suggested ancient Egyptian origins. The cave has been called a hoax, but is it? Harry Hubbard is convinced that many of the artifacts are real and have not been explained.

On the war front, with the majority of the world's people sick and tired of war, and the warring mentality, a subtle shift begins for humanity.

Even as the global controllers force and fuel more brutal conflicts around the world, in truth, they have lost ground. They have lost a certain amount of control. 

For, the brave Egyptian people are essentially a wild card. This type of mass demand and demonstration was not on the war chessboard of possibilities.

However now, the dark-side will attempt to use the Egyptian revolt as a pathway to further their diabolical rule. Thus, how this plays out on the world stage is an evolving situation, with any number of twists and turns.

On a positive note, instead of being prey to lies and deception, the world will witness the real truth by what happens in Egypt. That is, 'those' on the world stage who are truly responsible for perpetrating endless wars.

On the AWAKENING front, ZOOM! BANG! BOOM! The AWAKENING exponentially explodes planet-wide.

Now, every act of integrity, every good and right action taken by each one of us, turns the key of destiny faster, bringing forth an Aquarian Age renaissance.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the Machiavellian plan for class and race division continues on a grand scale. As has been stated before, every strategy, every method of mind control is being rolled out. For, the dark-side elite must cause the people to endlessly fight against each other, if they are to succeed in enforcing hard martial law.

On the communication front, not only is the NSA monitoring every communications system/device used by the people, now comes the public outing of Sky Net.

HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Snowden unveils NSA Satellite SAURON Program targeting Citizens: SAURON, or the Semi-Autonomous Ultra-high-Resolution Orbital Network, is comprised of a series of hundreds of low-orbiting cameras..."

On the home front, there is a major shift in the political winds. A superstorm of opposition manifests against the sordid, scandal-ridden powers that be.

With the ongoing brutality of law enforcement, this week brings a renewed fervor against every form of oppression.

On the food front, HEADLINE: "Unapproved genetically-modified rice trials in U.S. have contaminated the world’s rice supply"

HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Watchdog group finds high levels of carcinogen in Pepsi drinks ~ Baltimore Sun | A health watchdog group is releasing a study today that found high levels of a cancer-causing chemical in Pepsi drinks in 10 states, including Maryland."

At this time, the movement to shun the corporations selling frankenfoods will spread like wildfire. Eventually, this seriously cuts into the profit margins of these dark-side, cold-hearted giants. Watch them topple, if they refuse to give consumers what they want.  

On the energy front, big doings are taking shape because of like-minded groups who are determined to get off and stay off the grid.

As revealed by Jim Marrs: Did you know the streets could be made of solar glass, already invented? This alone, would power the entire country easily.

Further, this is a quote from Jim Marrs today: "Off the shelf technology could solve all of the energy problems overnight."

This ***TRUTH*** has been known for at least two decades now. Not surprisingly, the people have been given the shaft over and over again.

As has been addressed before: any inventor-investor who believes fame and fortune are around the corner, if they help solve the world's energy crises, and patent their device...NO! You are being deceived by the corruption-ruled establishment, and/or by your own greed.

For, only grassroots mass distribution of devices and working plans will overcome the vicious watchdogs of the corporate elite, freeing we the people.

On the really bad news front, there is a major pandemic on the near horizon. However, the WHITE HAT force is working overtime to mitigate this and other  bio-attacks on the human population.

Meanwhile, do ALL you can to prepare for this, for all the potential disaster events of these times. Once again, being out on the land and working with Mother Nature is the real key.

Plus... HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Hunger and Thirst Are the Primary WMD’s [weapons of mass destruction] of the Globalists; America is being set up for BOTH food and water shortages and these shortages will likely appear at a time of rapidly falling incomes due to the impact of cap and trade legislation on the economy..." 

On the good news front, now it magnifies to the tenth power. Whatever the dark-side cabal perpetrates against humanity is reversed, striking them like a squadron of serpent leviathans. Watch them fall as the year progresses.

On the global mafia cabal front, with the Egyptian crisis forcing their hand, the new world order criminals have banded together for the time being. Although, there is still one faction focused on making gains by collecting mass quantities of gold, and also trafficking in stolen gold -- in opposition to the other factions.

On the heroine front, the beautiful and incomparable Mother Nature. HEADLINE: "Mother Nature Sticks It to Monsanto with Drought" 

On the hero front, Jim Marrs, investigative author-reporter extraordinnaire, gives humanity a giant stride toward energy independence by, once again, exposing the truth about energy, and how easy it is to use hydrogen separated from water -- as has been done for decade upon decade, often by farmers and engineers. Bottom line: the oil cartels can't monopolize hydrogen and the global tyrant psychopaths can't keep the people enslaved in a dark oil age.

On the freedom front, The Heroines and Heroes of Liberty Rise ... Can you feel it? The bells of freedom are ringing across the land. For, reestablishing American liberty is here, and now!

Trendwise, as the days crash together and worlds collide, sanity will be challenged far beyond what has occurred already. Some comically refer to it as duct-taping your head, and joke about stocking up on duct tape.

Now, the stronger among us will develop ways to cope, despite the head-spinning enormity of what is coming down the pike. These strong ones will offer help to others. However, fear and denial will overcome many, and sadly they will be lost.

At this crucial time in history, satire makes a major comeback, as do new forms of dark humor. Political satire leads the way, of course, given the low regard the people have -- according to the polls -- for politicians and everything government related.

On another sad note, likely airplane crashes will multiply significantly. Most of these crashes will be acts of sabotage that involve key assassinations. Also, warring factions will attack each other. As well, there could be false flag events.

Plus, many commercial airplanes have not be been mechanically kept up to par. This will take its toll.

One good trend continues to be the groundswell of artists and musicians. For, the creative artist inside each one of us rises. All we need do is ride the sky-dancing dragon of Sacred Potential.

This week is for noticing the beauty, glory, and power of the sun. Simply enjoy the colors of sunrise, a sunset. Feel the blazing light of the sun as it nourishes life on Mother Earth. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ Revising RED LIONESS TAMED III

Red Lioness Tamed ~ Adventures of Sun Rocket, Book 1 
Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Here's another snippet from my sci fi erotic romance that I'm currently revising. Once finished, I'll re-release the novella as an Indie ebook.


Seven Sentences from ~

Red Lioness Tamed
Adventures of Sun Rocket, Book 1 

Chapter Twelve:
"Consequences of my dastardly deed?" 
Draxen flicked his tongue once over her deep pink nipples. As he straightened, he listened to her yearning soft moan.

"Back soon, my Sun Rocket," he promised, hating that he had to leave her, leave such an erotic lovely view of his woman.

Bowing, he kissed both of her big toes.

"Not the toes," she breathlessly complained.

Smelling the increase of her sex scent, Draxen smiled. His woman desired her toes suckled, fondled. 


For more of My Sexy Saturday


My latest release is HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel. For more info on my para-fantasy erotic romances check the sidebar.  

Love shapeshifters? Wanna know what life is like in a shapeshifter town? Join us at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning into Your Wildest Desire

Have a sexy magical week ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Before we get started, here’s a little item from my neck of the woods. For the last couple decades I’ve been living, working and writing in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. That’s E-P-H-R-A-T-A, the above sign to the contrary. The above got commissioned, manufactured, okay’d and installed without anybody noticing the spelling error. Your tax dollars at work.

PennDOT says it’ll take about $800-$1200 and a couple of months to fix the sign. In the meantime, we all get to live in the Phart Capital of the Amish Country. Like dodging horse hockey on the roads isn’t bad enough. We’ve got Bird in Hand, Intercourse, and now Epharta. Can’t wait to see the T-shirts.

# # #

Over on my favorite writing forum they’re having a discussion on words everybody’s sick of seeing in book titles. Let’s face it, every genre has its clichés, but sometimes they get out of hand. Advertising them in the title doesn’t help us readers.

Titles of bestsellers follow whatever’s currently big. Next time you’re at the K-Mart, note the number of titles suggestive of 50 Shades of Grey. We’ve got Shades of, Hues of, Tints of, and all the colors of the rainbow. Before 50 Shades got publishers exploring the color wheel, we had The Da Vinci Code and its offspring: Code, Prophesy, Enigma, Templar, Guessing Game. Nicholas Sparks spawned a rash of simple The Noun titles: The Notebook, The Pigsticker, The Colostomy Bag. (Some of the following titles may be made up. You’ve been warned.)

If you’re writing thrillers, you can’t go wrong with a person or place name in your title. The Eiger Sanction. The Ostermann Weekend. The Bourne Identity. The London Derrière. If you add “search” or “hunt” in your titles, you’re Tom Clancy. Better check before you do that; he may have that copyrighted.

Science fiction and fantasy have soooooo many cliche words to pick from. Dragon. Elf. Sword. Quest. Wizard. Witch. Warrior. Mage. And all of them have female relatives for sequel purposes. The Magician’s Daughter. The Wizard’s Wife. The Dragon’s Sister-in-Law. You also get to have fun making up unpronounceable names. The Spawn of Cthulu. Swords of K’ththth. The Warrior-Mage of Epharta. (I knew that sign would come in handy!)

Horror likes simple titles, usually “the” followed by a verb and/or a noun. The Horror. The Haunting. The Killing. Ghostfacers, Hell Hazers and Mannequin III: The Reckoning (thank you, Supernatural!) Words like blood, horror, terror, spirit, wraith, and any monster name (vampire, ogre, Nessie) will work for a horror title. Here’s a Stephen King short list: The Stand, The Dead Zone, The Tommyknockers, The Shining, The Mist. Yeah, I’d say he’s done okay.

And then there’s romance. If any one genre can beat out SF/F for overused words in their titles, it’s romance. I think Harlequin has a title-generating computer program that spits out nothing but permutations of Billionaire, Virgin, Secret and Baby. (I’m still waiting to read Her Virgin Billionaire. Or The Virgin’s Secret Baby. Hey! The second coming just happened! Maybe Dan Brown can write that one. The Virgin’s Baby Code?) Back in the ‘70s we had a rash of Sweet Savage Love, Love’s Tender Fury, and all sorts of Savage, Untamed, Tempestuous, Unbridled, Unhousebroken Love. Those were the days.

Note to horror fans: romance has co-oped vampires, werewolves, and even zombies as well as the one-word title, so you’d probably better read the opening pages to make sure you’re getting what you want. Twilight has vampires in it, but it’s not horror, and the title’s not going to help you. (A lot of people think it was horrible, but that isn’t the same thing.)

With a little practice you should be able to figure out which genre any given book is by its title. Shades of Austrian Silver is mainstream would-be erotica, especially if the cover shows a single item of clothing. The Austrian Code is also mainstream, possibly a thriller. Hunt for the Austrian Code is a Tom Clancy technothriller. Quest for the Swordmaster is fantasy. The Swordmaster’s Virgin Daughter is also fantasy, but The Billionaire Swordmaster’s Virgin is romance. The Blood Sword is fantasy, The Blood Sword of G’narish is science fiction, and The Bloody Dagger is horror. The Virgin’s Horrible Austrian Sword could be anything. Got it now?

I’m going to make a file of all the overused title words from various genres. Then, if I ever get hit by writer’s block, I’ll pull it out, put ‘em in columns, add “the” or “of the” or “for the” and play mix and match. One of those titles is bound to spark a plot.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go write Shades of the Billionaire Templar’s Enigmatic Virgin Vampire Code.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ July 1, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #252

The human race is on the cusp of another major transformation. The time has come to unleash our psychic abilities, our super powers.

Why at this pivotal point in history? The people are being brutalized on many levels. We are being mind-controlled in the extreme, with methods most believe don't, and can't exist.

In these scandal-plagued times, corrupt thugs, addicted to their petty power, rule over the innocent. Thus, it is wise to remember we have the sacred right to defend ourselves against any and every attack -- no matter who the perpetrator may be.

Even more important, it is our duty to protect ourselves. It is our duty to protect others who not as strong, from this type of cruel, unwarranted assault on our persons.

In the near future, many of us will not have to rely solely on arming ourselves with weapons. As well, the time has come to stop the criminal, tyrannical tide of corporate government that is sweeping over the country, and the world.

On the magickal, mystical front, during the next two months the evolution of our magickal nature quickens. Overall, as the year progresses, there will be a massive increase in what are often called psychic abilities, or mind powers.

Of course, the dark-magician psychopaths are using every horrific sorcery trick, and nightmare strategy to stop this tsunami of natural human consciousness.  Now, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' transmute their mighty light swords into mirrors, beaming back these evil energies.

Thus, those who would destroy life on Mother Earth, those who are the centuries-old, avowed enemies of humankind, now destroy themselves by their own sinister hand.

On the land changes front, another HUGE explosive week ahead. While the unexplained 'explosions' continue -- which could be due in part to the changing inner core of Earth -- there will be more 'swarms' of earthquakes, as happened last week. Even more volcanoes ignite, some blowing their tops, especially along the ring of fire, and in the ocean depths.

Strange super-weather strikes on all of the continents at this time, with Europe being particularly hard hit. The California coastline is altering bigtime. This will likely be revealed within the next six weeks because of whistleblowers. Don't look for the real story in the brain-drain media news, however.

The East Coast will continue to be pummeled by wicked storms and flooding over the next three months. D.C. 'could be' targeted as the weather wars ramp up. If this happens, the white house will be quietly evacuated of key personnel.

The firestorms in the Western states, being intentionally set and/or fueled, will be used to drive people out of territories claimed by the dark criminal cabal. Much of this land stretches over ancient advanced cities built on ley lines. Long ago, they were covered over in the same manner as the 12,000-Year-Old Gobekli Tepe archeological site in Turkey.

On the paranormal front, more X-Files strange times ahead. Now, the secret wars against Earth's alien-like remnant populations from ages past, and certain ET groups, goes worldwide. A lot of this conflict revolves around control of the oceans, and also control over Atlantean technology.

On the personal front, this week will bounce like a rubber ball between good times and down times for most of us. Enjoy the up moments and keep careful watch on circumstances that could bring you down. There is far more going on below the surface than what is 'obvious'.

At this time, there will be major location moves for many. This is because 'intuition' is kicking a lot of us in the hind-end now, and we will be motivated to change our home-base locations.

Once again, keep a wary eye on your finances, and look to purchase tangible items that will improve the quality of your life.

On the economic front, the trends from last week continue. Also, with the continued downturn in the worldwide economy, there will be migrations out of  major cities -- that is, whoever can get out, and find homes elsewhere.

This week spotlights a madcap rush to buy investment metals ahead of wild stock market fluctuations. It's all for show, though -- a way to keep investor chumps on the hook, and the people believing the dollar remains the world's reserve currency.

Meanwhile, the wars, the protests and riots, will be used by the bankster gangsters to keep hiding their multitude of sins against humanity.

Of greater importance, from this point forward there will be a concerted effort by the administration and its agencies to buy up houses and property, and/or foreclose using any excuse -- all while pretending to be on the side of the homeowner and the housing market. The dark-side establishment want people off the land, and under their control.

As well, GOLD 'could' bottom out this week. However, this is a probability not a certainty.

On the truth front, the whistleblowers don't stop, despite being persecuted nonstop by the white house, members of congress, and their lapdog media wimps.

As the week progresses, TRUTH blows its top like a giant angry caldera. Stay tuned.

On the war front, revelations will come forth that condemn what has been occurring in the Middle East war theater. However, the fix is in, and these revealed 'truths' will be dramatically downplayed.

This week, because of global chessboard moves -- the White Hat force against the Black Hat cabal -- what was planned for the Middle East, Africa, and also  North and South Korea, will be mitigated. However, a new war front will likely be initiated.

Currently, the real world battle is over ancient alien technology, the artefacts, and the *possible* arrival of these little 'g' gods. This is one reason the US is refusing to remove their troops from Jordan after a war games drill.

On the tyranny-at-work front, from June 7, 2013 - NSA Is Building America's Largest Spy Center. ~ “The former NSA official (Wm. Binney in December 2012) held his thumb and forefinger close together: ‘We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.’” - James Bamford, Author, The Shadow Factory (NSA)

This week the administration looks for more ways/reasons to move the country toward total martial law. However, there are forces within the gov battling to stop more encroachment.

As well, some of the people are rising up and saying HELL NO, WE WON'T GO! Any farther down this dystopian road.

On the AWAKENING front, an enormous week of spiritual growth for humankind. Assistance from the GOOD side continues to arrive from all parts of the universe. For, this AWAKENING on Earth is the flashpoint that spins the universe anew, and higher.

On the communication front, with Mercury in retrograde, all things communications related could falter, or fail. Be patient, and keep on keeping on.

During this retrograde cycle there is a wonderful opportunity to open up your heart center -- to see and experience life in a more loving and wise way. Take advantage.

On the home front, Independence Day, July 4th, is upon us. Look for a major push to establish more Draconian rule instead of enshrining liberty as our American birthright.

This will be met by escalating opposition. Like-minded people now band together as never before, to come against the dark-side oppressors. This happens on the world stage, as well as behind the scenes.

Once again in American history, the unquenchable fighting spirit of the SWAMP FOX, rises. ~"General Francis Marion *The Swamp Fox* used guerilla war tactics to outwit the British troops during the American Revolution."~

On the food front, *The Great Satan Takes a Mighty Hit From the Brave Ones*

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "40 Tons of GMO Crops TORCHED in America, Media Blackout ~ Oregon farmers have tendered a multi-billion dollar class action law suite against Monsanto, joining a long list of states doing so. Monsanto has experimented with GMO crops before they were approved in 16 states. They were supposedly all destroyed, but state after state is finding out the hard way, that Pandora’s box has been deliberately left open.""

At this time, a private war has been declared against Monsanto, and similar frankenfood companies. This is just the opening salvo.

On the energy front, with the brutal heat in the Western states, and the ongoing battle to contain the acreage-devouring fires, likely power companies will be stretched to their limit, and there could be some serious outages, or interruptions. Take care, and prepare.

The sun continues to transform with Aquarian Age energies, becoming ever more crystalline. This new light feeds the soul, lifts the vibration preparing humankind for a fifth dimensional world.

On the really bad news front, the Drone-Orwellian world arrives with a vengeance. What has been kept hidden from the public at large, will now be flaunted by the tyrannical powers that be. For, they would terrify us into obedience before we fully AWAKEN.

On the good news front, all over the world the strength and determination of humanity rises against the new world order criminals. For, the time has come to initiate our full liberation.

While this will look and feel like utter mad chaos at times, this 'cleansing' is necessary to clear the path that leads to a true paradise on Earth. Becoming ever closer to nature will also ease the transition.

On the global mafia cabal front, with the factional infighting fiercer than ever, new players seize the opportunity to increase their share of power. Right now, those at the top of heap in the cyber universe have grabbed positions of dominance.

There is also an Asian faction battling to bring back what they believe is the true, old serpent way of ruling the world. This could throw a wrench in whether the Asian cartel can be reasoned with, once the global economy is brought down to its knees.

On the heroine front, Christine Day "Pleiadian Ambassador," talked about how she's spent years traveling the world helping people connect with the Pleiadians, Lemurians and spiritual realms that offer assistance in our lives. She described walking near a meadow in 1993 and seeing a huge spaceship, at which point she began telepathically communicating with Pleiadian beings and was filled with an incredible light. Blurb from

On the hero front, Peter Davenport of the 'National UFO Reporting Center' has done yeoman's work in taking reports and cataloguing UFO sightings. His reports are outstanding, and carefully prepared with statistics. He has taken these reports since July 1994, with no support from any governmental agency, and often funding this vitally important work himself. These days with escalating UFO sightings, he's busier than ever.

On the freedom front, From a prior forecast: "Also, at this time, embracing freedom becomes ever more popular. And, as stated before: the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

Trendwise, the theme this week: Censorship versus Comedy.

For, now the 'cyber giant' emulates the worst tyrants in history. The crackdown is here. Read on...

HEADLINE SNIPPET: Comedy Video Banned from Youtube for Criticizing Michael Moore ~ Adan Salazar ~ June 27, 2013 ~ Video and Google Accounts terminated after secret complaint ~ An entrant into’s Operation Paul Revere film contest had their YouTube channel terminated “due to a legal complaint” filed by an unknown party and has experienced strange phone harassment, the contest participant told by e-mail yesterday.

This is only the bare beginnings of cyber censorship. THE HEADLINE: "The Guardian Revealed A Major NSA ‘Scoop’ Then Deleted It From Their Website" Google has already been caught removing the original news article from their cache.

On the bright side, one positive trend on the near horizon -- grassroots musicians and artists arise like a golden flame phoenix. They will win the hearts and minds of the people, despite relentless attacks from Big Corporate Media.

This week, take time to enjoy the sunshine. Eat summer berries, and daydream about whatever ignites your sweetest passions.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~