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Every now and then, usually after I finish a book and send it off to market, I hit a creative block while my brain recharges and resets for the next project. This can last anywhere from a couple of days to a week or so to months. Mostly it’s just me being lazy; writing is hard work, and work and I only have a nodding acquaintance. Eventually I get over it and move on to another story.

When the fallow period starts stretching on, however, then I get worried. I’d like to make a living at this, which means I have to produce on a regular basis. If no books get written then nothing goes to market, nothing sells, and I don’t get those nice checks and royalty payments that keep me in gas and groceries and cable TV.

It's not a question of ideas, or a lack of ideas. My head is stuffed with characters, plots, scenes, whole series even. The trouble is prying them loose. Long ago I discovered I can only work on on thing at a time, and I don't get to choose which thing that is. Call it inspiration, the muse, a cantankerous subconscious bent on driving me buggy, whatever. When the story's ready, it'll tell me. Then I get to write it, and not one second before.

Jogging the stubborn little buggers loose from the pileup gets to be a strain. This is why I keep spiral notebooks, and have pens stashed all over the house.

Just because I'm not working on something in particular doesn't mean I'm not writing. I make it a point to write something every day. All those scenes, characters, ideas, etc. get jotted down in the notebooks. Sometimes I'll start a story and have it go bust on me. Or I'll write scenes as they occur to me and hope they'll make sense when I string them together later on. Once I've got a notebook filled, I stick it in the closet and start a new one. That way nothing gets lost. Buried among the shoes, maybe, but never lost.

Every now and then, when I'm at a loss for something to work on, I do inventory.

After Slayer went out I found myself stuck on a block that just wouldn't let up. I tried to write a couple of books but they just fizzled out of me. I did a lot of daily flash scenes and watched a lot of TV. Finally I hauled out a couple of the spiral notebooks (the 5-subject ones; no messing around!) and went panning for gold.

Found some! Did I ever. I'd decided to go back to a story I'd previously abandoned and give it another go. Mostly I was looking for the random scenes I'd written down to get them out of my head. While looking for that story, I found the start of another that I'd fiddled with for two pages or so before it petered out. This time it spoke to me. It said, "Hey, with a little tweaking you could make these stories relate to each other and turn it into a series. I'll even give you some extra characters. If you set the series in Philly, it'll give you an excuse to drive down and hike around Fairmount Park. Just tell yourself you're doing research." That muse, what a sneaky bitch.

So now I'm back at work, attempting two stories at once. I figure one or the other will claw its way to the top and I'll write that one first, then do the second one. By then I might have ideas for a third, or maybe something entirely new will hit me out of the blue. It's happened before.

As for inventory, I'm still at it. I may dig up some ideas I can use for this series. It also gives me something productive to do during long commercial breaks on TV. Sure, I could write, but c'mon. You know how I am about work. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ March 25, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #238 

This week, as the Easter celebration approaches, there will be an amazing opportunity to renew your spirit, and your deepest soul. For now, the diamond and golden light pours down like a waterfall, washing away what you no longer need in your life.

The major theme for this week, and the next several months: The Establishment News Minions Speak with Forked Tongue.

In opposition, to bring forth more AWARENESS, the Good Angels and Beneficents are saturating the atmosphere and Earth with their music, with harmonies heretofore unknown in this Age. Listen with your heart, and feel them enliven you, dance inside you.

On the magickal, mystical front, the pit vipers of death versus the wise serpents of old. Their battle rages across the dimensions of time in a Time War that was begun at the origin of Earth, once it became a planet in this solar system.

Also, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' increase their measure of influence, assisting in the transmutation of the Aquarian Age culture toward the natural uses of magick. This will be especially noticeable in the magical relationship people develop with their gardens.

On the AWAKENING front, as the Anaconda of Darkness tightens its coils around humanity, a core of people come to realize the establishment's power structure is a farce, a 'fiction' that has been sold as real for generations. And backed by huge amounts of firepower, of course -- or, the 'might makes right' strategy.

This all-important *realization* -- that the people have been tricked into  existing within a 'fictional' corp-gov system -- is, in and of itself, POWERFUL. Needless to say, this nefarious fiction is so deeply entrenched in the psyche of the people as a belief, it will be difficult for many to understand, let alone face.

However, like brilliant shafts of light pouring through an opening in a thick blanket of clouds, this 'artificial matrix' will be exposed. Eventually.

On the personal front, watch your step this week. There are ensnaring forces, Trickster forces just waiting to trip most of us up. If 'any' situation feels odd,  or off, avoid it by any means necessary.

Once again, it is wise to keep an eye on the state of your finances. As well, unusual opportunities will likely start coming your way. Explore with a wary eye. However, many of them will be solid, and helpful in these lean times.

At this time, it remains wise to fortify your home against the many superstorms of life that are about to hit the planet. Or, dare to prepare.

On the paranormal front, HEADLINE: An Alien Base in Alaska?: Alaska’s Mount Hayes, the jewel of a glacial range northeast of Anchorage, housed one of the aliens’ largest bases.'

Look for presstitute news stories introducing the idea -- pros and cons -- that 'they', the space aliens, are coming. Or, are here.

There are several reasons for this. The ruling establishment want to appear as if they are on top of the game, know what is going on, and will be there for the public good. 'Nothing' could be further from the TRUTH!

Also, the current pope will likely play a leading role in this global con job. While many races of ETs are here, and many want beneficial contact, THOSE who are in alliance with Earth's leaders, are 'not' to be trusted.

On the economic front, the ECONOMIC WARFARE AGAINST THE PEOPLE races full speed ahead. Or, a gov-horde of hundred-ton gorillas are coming for what belongs to you, and your family.

That is, *The Global Strip Mining of the People's Money by the Bankster Gangsters* is here. Taxes, and every form of sinister, legally sanctioned plunder is about to begin.

However, resistance will rise fast, as many of the people say NO. Hell, no!

This week, the brain-drain media minions will smokescreen the truth of what is happening in the worldwide economy. Several trial balloons will be let loose, to find out what the people will accept. All of these so-called 'save the economy' ideas will backfire nastily on the system.

However, if you can save what belongs to you, do it. No time like the present to make plans, then follow through.

On the truth front, the TRUTH of what is REALLY occurring around the world will be obscured as never before. Metaphorical forest fires will be set by the new world order crowd, worldwide, to smokescreen their real goals, and chessboard moves.

On the war front, this week is likely to be even more explosively horrible and horrifying than ever before, on all the current war fronts. Asia could be featured, however, and scape-goated as the problem -- the reason for a world war.

As well, the Middle East will brutally flare out of control. This turn of events will 'not' be what the global cabal wants, as far as furthering their take-over-the-world agenda. Because their mercenaries armies won't be winning.

That stated, the 'false flag' events in the various war theaters will continue at a ruthless, no-mercy pace.  And, *deceit* rules. What is truly happening behind the scenes will be guarded like gold by the dark-siders.

On the tyranny-at-work front, even with the factional infighting, the dark-side cabal has arrived at a common consensus. However, they have been misdirected by an on-the-good-side group of infiltrators.

While, this will not immediately end their reign of evil, the refreshing winds of freedom blow across the globe. And, as stated in a previous forecast: "Once again in our country's history, the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

On the communication front, a complex week ahead in every arena. The innovative design of e-devices will be front and center, and usher in a whole new cyber world.

This will bring forth an era of the HEART. That is, many will begin to realize how captured they are by technology. They will realize  how deeply important heart-to-heart, intimate communications are with each other -- and how vital real human emotions are to the well-being of us All, now in the far future.

On the home front, discord, crisis, and a renaissance toward self-reliance is the theme for the upcoming week. With any remaining trust in the establishment waning fast, people are looking for how best to survive, and protect themselves.

On the food front, as the population comes to realize how over-chemicalized food products have become, the movement against the giants in the food industry will strengthen, and eventually go super-hot nova.

This will be inspired by the fact that labeling no longer reflects what  chemicals and ingredients are in food products. Also, with Monsanto becoming above-the-law untouchable, many will turn to foods they grow, and to farmers and ranchers they trust.

On the land changes front, this week, the massive monster sinkhole in Louisiana eats up more acreage, and the new Gulf Oil disaster will be exposed.  A five hundred mile oil slick has already been photographed by Bonny Schumaker

As well, everything that follows will only increase... from the prior forecast: "this month more sinkholes and fireballs and ocean superstorms. If you're living near a coastline, dare to prepare.

Note: this prediction has been occurring. ***'sinkholes' will be front and center for the next month. Likely, the strange trumpeting and the unexplained explosive sounds will ramp up again.

The comets, they come. But, are they merely comets?

AGAIN: Same ole... same ole, to repeat: "all HELL is about to break loose over the next six months. Volcanoes, major and swarm earthquakes, superstorms, massive flooding, superspeed winds, volcanic eruptions beneath the oceans. Asteroids and comets, omy!

Also, gigantic sun flares or CMEs ~coronal mass ejections~ will be licking at the Earth's atmosphere like great serpentine tongues tasting prey before deciding whether to devour. Be prepared to stay indoors, if necessary."***

On the energy front, gamechanger events are about to occur on many levels.  Supplies of oil will deliberately be shut down in the near future, and disguised as necessary. This is a way to control and continue plundering the people.

Meanwhile, some of the people will fight back by spreading energy devices of all types, and going off grid. Also, there are ray gun types of weapons being manufactured, and sold on the black market.

On the really bad news front, not a pleasant week ahead for many, even with the Easter celebration this coming weekend. For now, decisions will need to be made that many of us never thought would be necessary.

The best solution will be joining together with those who truly love you, and have your best interests at heart. Now is the time to work out ways to help each other.

On the good news front, miracles rise. That is, the 'real' truth about who humanity is, and where we came from -- what our real history/herstory is, continues to be exposed, especially in what is called the alternative media.

At this time, these massive revelations cannot be stopped, no matter the heinous method of suppression. The Divine Light demands it on behalf of humanity. On behalf of all who love humanity unconditionally.

On the global mafia cabal front, one of the mafia cabal's own will be 'outed' in a major way within the next month. This will be a shock to many who believed in this individual's humanitarianism.

On the heroine front, this woman is a HEROINE a hundred times over. Rosa Koire is a crusader against what is known as U.N. Agenda 21, and has written the phenomenal book, BEHIND THE GREEN  MASK.

On the freedom front, while President Lincoln remains a controversial leader for many, and for good reason because of his dictatorial policies in forming the union... yet, his words ring true for these times.

I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war.

Abraham Lincoln - In a letter written to William Elkin less than five months before he was assassinated.

The money power preys on the nation in times of peace, and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.

Abraham Lincoln

Trendwise, as times worsen for many, romance as a way of life, and between people as a loving emotion, will rise and become a major societal force. That is, romance, romantic ways, evolve during the coming decade.

From this point forward, a sweetness of the heart will develop for those who wish to live from their Sacred Heart. This will be a whole new way of living, and a whole new way to express love for one another, in all of our various relationships.

This week, enjoy as many sunrises and sunsets as you can. Let yourself soak in the splendid colors, and notice what daydreams may arise. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Release ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

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An Erotic Romance Menage 

A woman desperate to save herself and her prize horses.
Two shapeshifter cowboys who want her as their woman.

When Zance, a timber wolf shifter,
and Dontoya, a black cougar shifter,
find Sherilyn dying due to a reckless driver,
there is only one way to bring her back to life.
But, that's only the beginning... 


Warning: Get ready for a helluva ride in and out of the bedroom. This novel contains lots of tender and fierce erotic lovin'. There are bad guys on the trail of the heroine, a sorceress who won't take no for an answer, and a horror-movie showdown. The finale: New Year's Eve at the grand opening of the Midnight Stardust Supperclub.

Beware, Danger Ahead! Shapeshifter violence, guns, and dark magick are involved.

The cast of secondary characters includes an alpha werewolf, shapeshifters of many types and stripes -- a sprinkling of other supernatural beings/creatures -- and a palomino stallion. Oh, and at least, one human.

Please note: This is an M/F/M menage love story, where pleasuring the heroine is the sole focus of the two heroes. There is 'no' sexual relationship or touching between the two men. This book also contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable. That is, menage fun and fantasy scenarios, and backdoor play/intercourse. 


And, here's the longer blurb...

Sherilyn hides out on her small ranch near the odd town of Talbot's Peak, Montana, determined to save her prize horses from being stolen. She has no time for men. Besides she's been down that heartbreak road one too many times. The hitch: she didn't bargain on two shapeshifter cowboys who decide she belongs to them.

Zance, a timber wolf shifter, and Dontoya, a rare black cougar shifter, are longtime pardners. Having built up their immense ranch in the supernaturals community, they've settled into a cattleman's lifestyle. Now they've finally found the one woman they both want as their mate.  


Talbot's Peak, Montana
December 2011, After Christmas 


Chapter One:
Enchanted, in a semi-trance, Sherilyn stared... 
Enchanted, in a semi-trance, Sherilyn stared at the graphically gorgeous poster advertising a New Year's Eve celebration at the Pleasure Club. The large poster looked out of place hanging next to the community board, just inside the small-town, somewhat odd grocery store in Talbot's Peak, Montana.

"It's the grand opening of the Midnight Stardust, Dante's new supperclub. Are you thinking of going?" Brenda chattily asked, as she rang up Sherilyn's purchases.

"Ladies are free like it says. Dante himself hung the poster. He's such a gentleman," Brenda trilled like a teenager with a crush.

"He made a point of telling me there will be plenty of dance partners," she added.

"Is that right?" Sherilyn murmured, unable to force her gaze away from the oh-so elegant couple dancing beneath a galaxy of sparkling stars.

The forties era, swanky scene struck her as magical, and was everything she'd been craving of late. But that was not to be. Not for her.

Sadness welled up inside Sherilyn. She mercilessly tamped it down. That time in her life was gone, and all that mattered now was the harsh reality of her circumstances.

With the snow piling up, she needed to get on the road, get home. Mentally sighing, Sherilyn fished her credit card out her bag. "I thought Dante ran the biker bar outside of town. That's what I heard, anyway."

"Yeah, he does. But, he doesn't make it obvious. We all know he's the power behind the meant throne. Long day," Brenda excused herself. She nearly snatched the card from Sherilyn's fingertips.

"Are you going, Brenda?"

"No." She gave a shake of her head, reminding Sherilyn of a big cat. "Me and the mister already made plans for this year. Skiing, our own cabin, nights by the fire. We're getting away for a long weekend."

"Sounds lovely." Sherilyn smiled wishing Brenda well, while wishing for what she could never have, a loving man in her life.

She scooped up her four grocery bags. The sacker, a teenager who eyed her like a ferret, asked if she needed help, and Sherilyn automatically shook her head 'no'.

"You should think about going," Brenda persisted.

"Nothing to wear." Sherilyn sidled toward the exit.

"Couple of new boutiques in town. With all the folks pouring into town and the surrounding area, there are some high class shops are opening up."

"I'll have to check them out." Sherilyn pasted a smile on her face as she made a hasty escape.

Yeah, that'll be the day, Sherilyn thought as she stowed her groceries inside the small aging pick-up. Talbot's Peak was in a mini-boom, but none of that prosperity helped her situation.

Icy snowflakes melted on her cheeks as Sherilyn slip-slided her way toward the driver's door, and quickly climbed inside. Relieved when the truck purred to life as she turned the key, Sherilyn said a silent prayer of thanks.

In general, the bottom had dropped out of the economy, and with the rotten way her life had been going, she constantly worried about when the next crisis would strike.

Hell, even if she could talk herself into attending the grand opening at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub--not likely since men were a thing of the past--there was no way she could afford a gown, designer or not, or even a party dress.

Sherilyn heaved a sigh and fought off her sorrow. With the weather worsening, she gripped the steering wheel, carefully negotiating the slippery streets as she made her way out of town, then onto the highway.

Right now, all she cared about was getting home safely, and checking on her horses. Once everything was squared away, she planned on indulging in a huge steamy mug of hot chocolate while cozily curled up next to her wood stove.

Earlier in the day, she'd rushed through all her chores so she could head to town, and stock up for the winter storm coming in. Per usual, that had been no easy feat.

When Sherilyn had originally bought her off-the-beaten-trail, fifty-plus acres ranch, she hadn't realized how much work went into maintaining the structures and fencing. Most days found her exhausted, ready to collapse into bed.

She certainly couldn't afford to hire anyone. Even so, finding a trustworthy hand was likely impossible, given who her enemies were.

At the time, she'd been desperate to find a place far away from the Templeton bastards. The father and son had already tried every dirty trick in the book to steal her horses, coveting their superb bloodlines.

Sherilyn had also succeeded in breeding some of the top endurance racers. In competition after competition, her horses had bested theirs in performance.

But so sad, those days were over too. Sherilyn didn't dare compete anymore. The word would get back to the Templetons, and they'd track her down, rifles at the ready--the same way they did a wolf who killed one of their Angus calves.

After two attempts by their hired thugs to steal her top mare and stallion--only stopped by the grace of God, and her own willingness to shoot back--Sherilyn managed to escape.

Since it was throw-it-in-your-face known that the Templetons were attached at the hip with both local and state law enforcement, she'd skedaddled fast, literally leaving in the dark of night.

Driving past her ranch land now, Sherilyn significantly slowed her speed. There'd been a rapid snow buildup on the back road, and she wanted to keep an eye out for any break or cut in her fence.

Horse theft these days was damn lucrative, and the fate a cruel one. Recently, Sherilyn had found her fence wires cut three times, the obvious work of professional thieves.

Thank goodness, her horses were wary of strangers, and coddled enough that at the first sign of danger, they galloped toward the barn, their safe place.

Weariness suddenly grabbed hold of Sherilyn. No surprise, since she hadn't eaten much. Hoping like hell she wouldn't find a problem...well, lately, trouble had it in for her. What could go wrong seemed go wrong, despite her efforts to think positively.

And...there it was. The top strand of wire had either come loose from the post, or been cut. Sherilyn couldn't tell from this distance.

She eased the pickup close, careful not to end up in the ditch, then put it in park. Blowing out a long sigh, she reached for her tool box.

After fighting through the grocery bags, she finally got hold of it. With a sense of the inevitable, Sherilyn launched out her door only to be smacked in the face by strong swirling winds, laced with fat snowflakes.

She pulled up her fur-lined hood, pulled on the heavy duty gloves she kept in her pockets, and tromped through the freshly fallen stuff. At least, she'd had sense enough to wear her waterproof, high-top boots.

Glad the wire appeared to have simply weakened, Sherilyn cut off a length and twisted it together with the fencing wire. Clumsy because of her gloves, she still managed to hammer the loosened bracket into the post fairly quickly.

Sherilyn closed her toolbox, and as she made her way back, thoughts of hot chocolate and being toasty warm gave her some comfort. Near the ditch, she stopped.

Fear sliced through her, and a scream lodged in her throat. Paralyzed by the big ass truck barreling down on her, Sherilyn heard herself scream, a terrible sound that rang in her ears.

She dropped the toolbox, and tried to move fast, even dive out of the way. But it was too late.

Sliding sideways, the out-of-control truck slammed into her much smaller pickup. In sickening slow motion, Sherilyn watched her pickup fly toward her.

The impact knocked the wind out of her, flinging her backward as if she were weightless. She landed with a terrible thud, the sound muted by the deep snow that now half buried her.

Everything went hazy as Sherilyn struggled to breathe. Pain knifed her lungs, and agony seeped inside her body, along with a terrible cold.

Her head spun with disjointed images of her life, and she wondered just how badly she'd been injured.

No! Who was going to take care of her precious horses? There was no one else.

Sherilyn fought the darkness threatening to claim her. She battled as hard as she could, but it remained--expanding and rising--dark as the angel of death.

Death, oh dear God, was she dying?

Was the grim reaper here?

God, no!  

Crazily, Sherilyn thought, I should have decided to celebrate New Year's eve at the Midnight Stardust. I wanted to feel like a girl...feel like a woman again.

I should have...she slipped closer to the void, her thoughts dimming.

With the names of her beloved horses on her lips, Sherilyn lost the fight, falling into an all-consuming pool of blackness.



Chapter Seventeen:
Sherilyn almost believed she dreamed.

Sherilyn almost believed she dreamed. Dontoya thrust inside her pussy, his cock so powerful, she shivered inside. Never had she felt so much like a woman.

He forced her pussy walls to stretch, to take his thick cock as he tenderly plunged deeper. Sherilyn had never enjoyed sex more.

She keened moans of pure pleasure as Dontoya possessed her with a dominance natural to him--obvious in every move he made, obvious in the languid prowess of his body against hers.

Never had she wanted to give herself more to a man.

Dontoya not only took her with his big bold cock, but handled her with care, both emotionally and physically. Her heart swelled with gratitude, and Sherilyn hoped like hell he would continue caring for her this way.

Dontoya, she sang inside her mind. God help her, but the feel of his fine, fine ass was driving her insane with lust. She undulated, matching his slow primal strikes inside her.

"Easy, darlin'," he hoarsely whispered. "Let me do the work this time."

Surprised, Sherilyn slitted her eyes. His smoke-hot gaze met hers, then devoured her face as if he'd found some sort of long-sought heaven.

With a strong thrust of his cock, he pinned her to the bed. "Give me your wrists."

Sherilyn shuddered inside at his command, one that promised more pleasure. He caressed his palms from her head, and she relinquished his perfectly sculpted ass.

After raising her hands high above her head, Dontoya slid his work-calloused hands along her arms. Damn, but he turned her on--got her juices flowing faster than light speed.

He anchored himself on his elbows, and circled his thumbpads on the sensitive skin of her wrists. Sherilyn heaved ragged breaths. Her pussy convulsively clenched his cock, or tried. With his size, she wondered if he felt the small spasms.

As he lowered his head, his gaze scorched her. She trembled when his mouth brushed over hers. He nibbled slow kisses on her lips, the corners, the bottom fullness of her mouth--along the curve of her upper lip.

God, she loved it.

Even as Sherilyn marveled at his endurance as a lover, Dontoya captured both of her wrists in one hand. He forced her arms higher, his claim primitive. His claim obvious.

At the same time, the searing heat of his lips sparked sensations through her. His *take all the time in the world* kisses sensually tortured more than her mouth.

No, she sizzled down to her belly, all while his buried cock kept her wild with need. He tightened his grip on her wrists, and her clit jerked.

The jolt of near-pain pleasure was unexpected, and Sherilyn quaked inside. Never had she imagined this delicious intensity, not in her wildest fantasies.

"Dontoya," escaped on the rush of her breath, once his lips hovered above hers.

"You belong to me."

His raspy growl owned her. To her core, Sherilyn knew he didn't mean just for the good-time moment.

He claimed her as a man claimed a woman.

His woman.

She could hardly believe this happened. Dazed, yet on fire, red-hot with want, she whimpered.

"Darlin', I'm about to make you explode all nice and slow and fierce beneath me."

Oh, God, yes.

She didn't voice it, but so many men, so many similar promises. None delivered.

Okay, she hadn't been with that many men...but, oh, please.

"Promise." The word escaped before she had a chance to stop it.

"Widen those beautiful thighs of yours."

His command and his praise of her, flashed like sexy lightning through her. Sherilyn eased her legs apart, his hand guiding her.

"That's it, darlin'."

Tremors of anticipation filled her womb as he sensually caressed her hip and thigh--as his eyes blazed to a fiery bronze, his gaze penetrating her.

"Promise," he roughly purred.

He fused their mouths, his kiss long moments of exquisite plunder. Then his tongue masterfully slipped between her lips, tangling with hers.

The sultry embrace of his tongue coaxed Sherilyn into complete surrender. Her pussy throbbed, molten, his to do with as he pleased.

Nearly mindless, unable to do anything else, she rocked her hips. Still lanced to the bed with his heavy cock, her mound pushed against his groin, the sensation highly erotic.

God, she adored the feeling of being his sex captive--another surprise to her.

He nipped her bottom lip, then used his strength to halt her undulations. "No, darlin'."

With a possessive rumble, he planted his elbow and raised above her a few inches. He withdrew his hard, hard cock only to lunge deep inside her.

With a power she craved and loved, he drove inside her. First to the hilt, then his shaft plunged inside her pussy. Over and over.

Over and over again. God, could she ever get enough?

Sherilyn continued basking in his slow yet forceful thrusts. No wonder women wanted him.

After she cast aside a pang of jealousy, she succumbed to her orgasmic excitement. Surging like a tidal wave, pleasure-pain rolled from the top of her mound to her clit. "Oh, God, Dontoya."

Ecstasy filled her, emanating from the steady strong glide of his cock--by how he constantly stretched her pussy walls. The next instant, Sherilyn flew, mindlessly soaring...and gone, slipping within a new realm of bliss.

She heard his beastly groan as he speared to her core. With a strong arch his back, he spilled his cum.

"Sherilyn, mate. My mate."

When he let go of her wrists, then tenderly crushed her beneath him, Sherilyn swore no other man had ever felt this good, this fine.

Certainly, no man's cock ever possessed her with such continued virility.

A tiny voice punished her with "he should have worn a condom...what about disease?" Sherilyn dismissed it quickly, her ability to be logical rescuing her.

Hell, she'd been as good as dead. If Zance could heal her with his magic wolf juice...and since they'd both gone to great lengths caring for her, she doubted Dontoya would have done anything to harm her.

Lost in clouds of rapture, Sherilyn combed her fingers though his long, silky smooth hair. He began to rise, and she murmured, "No...please. You feel wonderful."

"He does, does he?"

She started at Zance's already familiar twang.

"I'm not hurting her, am I, pard?" Dontoya asked once he'd swung his gaze toward Zance and raised his chest from her.

At that moment, it smacked her like an icy snowball in the face. She'd lost control of her life, her entire life, just like she'd lost control now, surrendering beneath Dontoya.

"Somethin' wrong, sweetheart?" Zance asked. "Is me being here botherin' you?"

Well, double-dare hell, what did she say to that? Given the sheer immensity of the life changes she faced, Sherilyn didn't have a clue what she was feeling...not exactly, anyway.

"Take that big breeder of yours outta her. I need to check her eyes. She smells fine, though." 

With the latent grace of a big cat, Dontoya tenderly withdrew his cock. He planted a sweet kiss on her mouth, then rolled from her, and off the bed.

"She needed," he began.

"Yeah, pard, I know. Her female emotions are raw, and her hormones are doublin' fast now."

Doubling fast now!...what the 'f'? Yeah, what the fuck? Because that's what they both want. To fuck me senseless.


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Monday, March 18, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ March 18, 2013


Fun Pic of host, George Knapp 

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #237  

Dream a little dream of the world born anew, a garden paradise for all... that is this week's theme.

The Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere begins on March 20 in 2013. NOW is the time to bloom like the sunny, breeze-nodding daffodils. Now is the moment to rise, and soar toward the sunlight of freedom.

On the magickal, mystical front, the reclaiming of the shadows by the 'Mages of Ages Lost' forges ahead at full divine speed. As the 'evil ones' lose ground in this ancient spiritual war, their territory is being turned over to the Good Forces.

At this time, the whole paradigm of how 'mind power' works shifts, in part, due to the new Aquarian Age energies. It will no longer be about so-called visualization and other popular techniques.

Now, the mind, heart, body, and soul begin to JOIN their energy fields. We, as human beings, become a center of star-power. The manifestation of desires will be in tune with each individual's destiny -- and also in tune with the community at large.

On the paranormal front, reported as UFOs across the country -- orange orbs high and low in the sky -- alone, and in groups. They're everywhere! they're everywhere!

Animals, and cryptids, continue to play a central role in many paranormal-type events. Look for some 'possible' news about werewolves that will be leaked to the brain-drain media.

On the personal front, this week is about reading between the lines on many fronts. Be super aware of what is happening around you, and why, especially when it comes to close relationships. There are some strange vibes in the air.

Also, continue to keep a wary eye on anything to do with your finances. There could be a good opportunity to improve your resources, and well-being. Grab it, and don't let go.

If you're not familiar with natural healing remedies, this would be a good time to do some research, talk to someone in the know, or buy a book. With the general decline in medical care, it is wise to know how to help yourself and others. As much as possible.

On the economic front, the electronic *raiding of bank accounts* by the global bankster gangsters has officially begun in Cypress. After all, the black-hole appetite of the beast elite must be fed, and our lives are the food.

Unless, the people stand their ground, this 'cashless highway robbery' will be coming to America. Soon.

Believe it, the Fat Cat elite wants you dirt poor -- as in being so poor you only have a dirt floor. Their corp-gov minions are putting the giant anaconda squeeze on the people, at this time -- and in the same ruthless manner the British historically did to the Irish people.

Currently, the British corp-gov wants a bedroom tax. That is, if you have a spare bedroom in your house, you will be TAXED.

Think about this: why do you think the census taker wants all your personal-business info? Not to dole out all that money the gov doesn't even have. No, the plan is to plunder *you*, and your family, every which way but loose.

There is no time like the present to create and/or participate in a local economy. Also, it's time to build your own community peacekeeping force. Given the skyrocketing corruption in law enforcement, this is merely a smart move.

On the truth front, LIES, and more damn lies, out the proverbial wazoo by the global bankster gangsters, and their technocrat hirelings. This is a dangerous time for humankind, extremely dangerous.

The pit vipers of mind control are striking worldwide. They are slithering and sliding in and out of every social media venue. All to co-op humanity, and create the Borg-mind community, the hive mind they will dominate.

On the war front, another massive mess as the Machiavellian strategies of the new world order crowd just ain't working out like they planned. However, this does 'not' mean a cessation of their 'burn, pillage and plunder' wars and secret ops all over the globe.

For now, the soulless ones have been battled to a standstill by THOSE behind the scenes, who are on the GOOD SIDE. This coming week look for the blame-game media to offer up a new approach on 'why' WWIII needs to happen.

Meanwhile, there are special-forces 'foreign' strike teams strategically placed all over America. Their mission: eliminate gun owners and enemies of the state such as preppers. This does not mean round them up. The FEMA camps are not for them.

On the tyranny-at-work front, it's 'divide-and-conquer' the people, as usual, and racism is the tool being used as a sledgehammer. THOSE at the top want ethno wars, that is, one race committing genocide against another race. After all, as of this week, 'white men' have been declared to be the new terrorists on the block by the L.A. Times.

Of worse consequence, unless divine intervention occurs, there will likely be a series of horrific, unbelievable FALSE FLAG events -- brought to you courtesy of the 'dark powers that be'. These *meant to scare the people to death* operations will be 'blamed' on white/veteran terrorists and/or whatever other 'group' is deemed to be an enemy of the state.

On the AWAKENING front, a counter-tsunami forms against the dark alliance of elites. While AWAKENING has spread across the world like a raging unstoppable wildfire, now the force of this awareness goes nova-bright. This will be most noticeable in humankind, by the brightness of an individual's gaze, and by their fiery, go get 'em spirit.

On the communication front, with the planet, Mercury, going direct, some communications problems will clear up as if they never existed. However, on the etheric level of thought, there are many blockages. This is due to the escalating use of smart meters, and other e-devices. The ability to think clearly will become rare in certain areas of the country.

On the home front, the foundations of society rapidly collapse. HEADLINE: Whistleblower: Veterans Affairs Covered Up Data on Mental Health, Gulf War Syndrome by Jamie Reno, March 13, 2013 & YOUTUBE: VA and DOD betray US Veterans March 14, 2013.

Out of these web-viral revelations rises the renegade military. Many will no longer tolerate this betrayal by the dark-side establishment.

On the food front, the Great Satan, Monsanto, makes itself immune to prosecution, and lords it over the regulating agency, the FDA. Because of this, more people will make the decision to move out on the land, however they can get there. It will be wise to work together with other good people whenever possible.

Also, it would be wise to heed this Video WARNING: Voices from the Gulf: “Do Not Eat Our Food”.

On the land changes front, HEADLINE ~ Video: "Huge Solar Eruption as Another One Strikes Earth."

Also, in 1992, as detected by scientists, the sun began giving off two new ultraviolet types of light. Father Sun's rays are now more in the ultraviolet spectrum. This gives the sun its current white-light appearance, as well as the extra heat.

From the prior forecast: "this month more sinkholes and fireballs and ocean superstorms. If you're living near a coastline, dare to prepare.

Note: this has been occurring. ***'sinkholes' will be front and center for the next month. Likely, the strange trumpeting and the unexplained explosive sounds will ramp up again.

The comets, they come. But, are they merely comets?

AGAIN: Same ole... same ole, to repeat: "all HELL is about to break loose over the next six months. Volcanoes, major and swarm earthquakes, superstorms, massive flooding, superspeed winds, volcanic eruptions beneath the oceans. Asteroids and comets, omy!

Also, gigantic sun flares or CMEs ~coronal mass ejections~ will be licking at the Earth's atmosphere like great serpentine tongues tasting prey before deciding whether to devour. Be prepared to stay indoors, if necessary."***

On the energy front, a leviathan onslaught of Tesla-type energy is being loosed against Mother Earth to ramp up the weather wars. But, also to mitigate some of the earthquake activity, and increase quakes in other regions.

Of importance: remember there are alternative energy devices becoming available on the under-market. The trick is being able to locate a real one, or learn how to build the device, if you're not mechanically inclined.

On the really bad news front, *Austerity* will now be rammed through as the only solution to the economic woes. However, this is only another cruel ruse to drive the people further into poverty. Thus, further under the control of the new world order crowd.

Realize, this is 'not' a new gambit by the Fat Cats... not at all. Think history, in the days of Robin Hood, when the peasants were downtrodden and brutalized by King John.

On the good news front, there will be an upswing in people doing their own thing. That is, with the loss of jobs, many will be looking to fulfill their dreams as best they are able.  Many will also be creating their own cottage businesses. This will bring about a superior lifestyle in the future, and a renewed sense of community.

On the global mafia cabal front, the current debate on gun ownership is becoming a smokescreen to keep the lovers of freedom distracted, while the final preparations are being made to betray the people en masse.

However, there is such dissension in the rank and file of the dark-side cabal that nothing they plan will go smoothly. Thus, the chinks in their armor will be exploited by the Good Forces.

On the heroine front, this is one brave and determined lady. Bonny Schumaker will be flying over the sinkhole disaster area in Louisiana. Recent HEADLINE~Urgent Sinkhole Update: Get Out Now! Erin Brockovich Warns Bayou Corne Residents. 

Bonny will also be flying over the Gulf of Mexico in her little trusty plane, to document what is really happening. She will be reporting about the current immense oil slick, and the horrific conditions that have essentially murdered the Gulf, its animals and the sea life. The authorities are doing all they can to keep the truth hidden from the people.

Bonny also rescues animals, both wildlife and domestic critters. Her website:

On the freedom front, the desire for freedom and justice burns within the hearts and minds of many, and only grows exponentially during the year, 2013. This week, the people as a whole, increase their activism.

Also, the demand for God-given rights as opposed to gov-allowed privileges comes to a head. And, the following battle won't be pretty. Not at all.

Trendwise, Societal changes now move at quantum speed. This is the week to pay attention to the forming world trends as never before.

Continue to batten down the hatches of your life, with the help of family and friends. When you shop, look for bargains that will benefit you, and your household, in the long run. With the economy coming apart at the seams, and prices soaring, this will be crucial.

Now, the evil banking empire is toppling fast, and the sins of the bankster gangsters are being exposed, spotlighted bigtime. Around this, all sorts of wild and wooly shenanigans will be happening as they scramble to hide their massive and heinous crimes against the people.

Also, as has been stated before, many of the elite and those in the know, are going to ground. They are bunkering down in their walled off communities and their underground cities, especially in the Ozarks area. Some believe there is a major, life-altering event on the near horizon.

This week, take time to enjoy the official beginning of Spring by appreciating Mother Nature. She loves the feel of humans walking upon her lands, and wants to show off her natural beauty. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Worst Job There Is

When it comes to jobs, what could possibly be bad about writing? You work from home. You set your own hours. You can put in your eight hours or whatever on the back porch or in front of the TV or in bed in your jammies. Sure, the pay might not always be the best and it’s kind of hit or miss. Weigh that against having to deal with bad bosses and back-stabbing, gossipy co-workers and money pales in comparison. You get to do what you love in your own time and in a place of your choosing and not have to work for or with jerks. If you work hard and luck runs your way, you can even make a living at it. That’s a better deal than WalMart offers.


Along with all the genre fiction I’ve read over the years, media tie-in books have found their way into my to-be-read stack on more than one occasion. You know the ones I mean; you’ve seen them on the shelves. Star Trek and Star Wars predominate, and even have whole sections of their own. A lot of popular (or at least cult favorite) TV shows have tie-in novels available. (In the case of Castle, the books are supposedly produced by the show’s writer protagonist.) Some cancelled shows, like Buffy and Smallville, have continued their storylines in comic books. No more dealing with actors demanding raises, and the budget’s limited only by the artist’s imagination.

Now that would be the job to have, if you’ve got a favorite show. No world building, no creating characters. All the heavy lifting’s been done. It would be like writing fan fiction, except you get paid for it. Somebody’s gotta produce these things, right? Why not you and me?

It can turn out to be a lucrative gig. Some publishers consider these books work for hire and only pay a flat fee, but others offer standard advances and royalties. With a built-in fan base and guaranteed sales, even mediocre writers can come out ahead. Your books will reach the shelves and readers’ hands, and money will reach your bank account.

And the books don’t have to be routine, by-the-numbers crap. I can name several Trek novels that are just as well-written and exciting as an original universe book. Timothy Zahn’s initial Star Wars trilogy stands out in this regard. For comic book readers and Buffy fans, I recommend the Angel and Faith series. I was never that big a fan of either of those characters, but I’m enjoying this run even more than the current Buffy comic series. (Summary: Giles is dead. Angel’s trying to resurrect him. Hijinks ensue.) As with any form of fiction, it’s all in the execution.

Then you have the downsides. A lot of these tie-in novels are routine, by-the-numbers crap. That’s not necessarily the writer’s fault. Remember, when you’re playing in somebody else’s sandbox for pay, you have to abide by the homeowner’s rules. That means no slash, you Destiel shippers. No Spock or Data suddenly developing emotions, unless they return to normal by the end of the story. No introducing permanent love interests, or killing main characters, or doing anything that can’t be reversed before the final page. You need to leave the status at quo for the next writer. This can lead to a lot of bland books. I know; I’ve read them.

Back in my SF writing days I briefly had an agent. It didn’t work out in the end, but that’s another blog. While it was working out, I asked him about the possibility of writing a Star Trek novel. I was really into NextGen at the time and had some plot ideas.

His professional advice: okay, if that’s what I really wanted. However, I should make the plot as generic as possible because there was only one market, and if they turned it down I’d have spent a lot of time and effort for nothing. Therefore, I should write a book that could easily be converted to an original-universe novel in case I had to recycle.

That would explain the general suckage of the Trek tie-ins of that period. Also the introduction of so many original characters interacting with the Trek casts. Somebody needed to grow and change and learn by the end of the book, since that was off-limits for the regulars.

You think that’s bad, try writing a book, or a comic series, while the TV show is still on. Months of writing and dramatic buildup can be negated by next week’s episode. I saw this happen a couple of times in DC’s Star Trek comic series. The early Marvel Star Wars comics had it even worse. No Luke vs. Darth confrontations or exploring the Luke-Leia-Han triangle or any good stuff like that. No anything until after the next movie came out. Somehow Marvel and DC managed to put out entertaining comics under creativity-smothering circumstances. I sure wouldn’t want to be that writer, though.

And that’s why I feel being a tie-in writer tying in to a still-running series has to be the worst job out there. You can’t do anything to shake up the world or the characters, which is the heart of fiction. Every idea you come up with has to be approved by the copyright holders, the studio, the lawyers, and who knows who else. You could see your whole plot air on the CW the night you type The End, or have your book rendered obsolete by the next episode’s plot twist. Or one of the main actors leaves the show (I see a lot of X-Files fan heads nodding out there). Depending on the deal you get with the publisher, the money might not even be that good. That’s assuming you even get a deal. If you don’t, you’re stuck with an unsellable novel. Writing in your favorite TV world may be fun, but you have to ask yourself: is it really worth it?

Luckily for us media fans, there is a way to have our cake and eat it too. That’s fan fiction writing. It’s unsanctioned because no money’s involved, so you can do anything you want. If you make it AU enough, you can even rewrite it as an original book, self-publish, build a huge following, and get picked up by a major publisher. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but I hear it can be done.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ March 11, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #236  

This week ~ The Rise of the Old West Heroic Sheriff is Here

This major societal change will go supernova during the coming year, and will eventually be reflected worldwide. Also, this heroic 'rise' is about the feminine force and masculine force 'joining' together. The revival of true freedom, and true responsibility, depends on it.

At this point in herstory/history, there will likely be more women leaders. This alignment must come about to balance and fully bring forth the Aquarian Age renaissance. However, this is also about women and men returning to their true natures, as warriors and lovers of peace. 

Warning: This week, or next, will likely see an upheaval that impacts the human race. To be on the right side of history, ask the question ~ who gains the MOST from this happening?

On the magickal, mystical front, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' will be spinning forth their sacred messages to those who have been born for this time. This means the formation of a GOOD magician's army.

For, the shadows do not belong to evil, but have been merely co-opted by the dark-side fallen. Now comes the revolt of Magick to reclaim this potent power, and return the beneficial use of shadows to humankind, to Gaia.

On the paranormal front, because of the current TIMES, the emergency emergence of intuitive and psychic abilities begins. This, as a way of salvation for humanity. It is wise to notice what might be your greater abilities, as they come forth.

The sightings of UFOs continues to skyrocket. However, deception lies ahead as the dark-siders manipulate the people with FAKE ETs. The real Benevolents, the ETs, and other good beings, are doing all in their power to mitigate this diabolical maneuver -- while making contact with those who are ready.

On the personal front, this week is about paying attention to your finances, or the state of your financial situation. More important, is realizing the dire economic collapse that has been designed by the bankster gangster crew to steal everything not permanently nailed down, and brutalize all of us into submission.

Anything you can do for you and your loved ones' well-being and survival must be done now, including the purchase of basic clothing.

As well, depending on your individual situation, get together with neighbors of like mind, and plan on how to help each other withstand what is barreling down the pike full-speed -- the end of the economy as most have known it.

On the economic front, the TIME of equalizing begins. Everything in the economy, the worldwide economy, is a sucker's bet, a scam, a bigtime bamboozle.

Despite the happy-days-are-here-again advertising, now the chickens come home to roost. And they won't be pretty little chickens, either. They will be mutant monsters henpecking everyone to death.

The faster local economies are created and operational -- independent of the establishment -- the faster we will all bring forth real wealth, and a life of quality.

As stated before, one key is returning to the land, returning to the embrace of Mother Earth. Working, farming the land with love and respect, living in harmony with the cycles, this is one path to ALL that is good and abundant.

On the truth front, TRUTH this week rocks the foundations of the world like a subtle but all-encompassing earthquake. More than ever, many will know the false 'foundations' we've all been tricked into believing were, in fact, 'never' true.

This will play out as insanity and chaos and an AWAKENING of biblical proportions. For, humanity rises toward our common destiny.

On the war front, since WWIII is on hold due to interventions from the good side, and the prayers of many... now comes the wholesale use of mercenaries and low-level troops to hyper-increase violence everywhere on the planet.

Loosing a reign of fear and terror is the endgame for the soulless ones, at this time. Out of this, these dark-siders believe they will be able to reduce humankind into a state of helpless and mindless obedience.

In the long scheme this strategy will backfire. However, the more who realize this 'endgame' and do everything in their power to stop it, the quicker this evil empire topples into the windblown dust of history.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Forget about Dodge, Get the Hell out of Tucson ~ now martial law spreads its tentacles seizing more of America.

HEADLINE... Martial Law: Tucson City Council Hands Authority Over to Military
Kurt Nimmo - On February 20, 2013, the Tucson, Arizona City Council passed a resolution allowing the U.S. Air Force to "make appropriate decisions when balancing National Security and community needs when it comes to their existing and future military mission and assignments." In other words, the resolution allows the military to reject decisions made by the people of Tucson... In short, the Council has imposed what for all practical purposes is a declaration of martial law on the residents of Tucson.

Tucson’s Mayor and Council declare emergency and abdicate responsibility to Air Force ~ BY LEE STANFIELD "The use of the term “emergency” is particularly despicable! In this case, it is not even stated what constitutes the so-called “emergency”, but is obviously being used to get around the fact that it was passed in great haste and secrecy, so as not to alert citizens of how they are being shafted!"

On the AWAKENING front, the idea of 'free energy' seizes the hearts and minds of many, and thus, innovation goes quantum during this year. More important, the chance becomes less that such energy devices/systems can be stopped, as has been occurring since Tesla was shut down, about a hundred years ago.

With the New Moon rising in Pisces, dreaming takes center stage. What would the world have been like if there had been essentially a century of 'free energy'? Daydream on that question, and listen to your inner wisdom.

On the communication front, wacky communication problems with e-devices are likely to occur for the next couple of weeks. This will be due, in part, to energies snaking from the sun, or the CME energies 'they' don't tell you about and/or are under-reported in the brain-drain media.

On the home front, look for escalating outrage, civil unrest, and possible riots, especially in major cities, such as Detroit. Fundamentally, many who live in these cities know injustice reigns, and they are trapped like rats on a sinking ship.

Others realize it's now or never to standup for their rights. Much of the civil unrest that is happening is being kept hidden from the public at large, and is only known locally.

On the food front, shortages of some foods start to become a reality, and rising prices take their toll. As has been stated many times before, do everything you can to store as much good food and water as possible. Also, plan for a garden, and make it a family project, if you are able.

Meanwhile, Monsanto and company, extend their frankenfood fascist regime across the world. However, there are several core groups who are figuring out ways to successfully battle back.

On the land changes front, likely a major earthquake will occur in the very near future.

From the prior forecast: "this month more sinkholes and fireballs and ocean superstorms. If you're living near a coastline, dare to prepare.

***'sinkholes' will be front and center for the next month. Likely, the strange trumpeting and the unexplained explosive sounds will ramp up again.

The comets, they come. But, are they merely comets?

AGAIN: Same ole... same ole, to repeat from last week: "all HELL is about to break loose over the next six months. Volcanoes, major and swarm earthquakes, superstorms, massive flooding, superspeed winds, volcanic eruptions beneath the oceans. Asteroids and comets, omy!

Also, gigantic sun flares or CMEs ~coronal mass ejections~ will be licking at the Earth's atmosphere like great serpentine tongues tasting prey before deciding whether to devour. Be prepared to stay indoors, if necessary."***

On the energy front, in the next several months, with the currency wars heating up and about to go super hot, the price of oil will either hit the skids for a time, and/or the price will shoot upward, and keep rising.

Bottom line: this is all artificially driven, and is an oil-cartel, dark-side scam. In reality, despite the media hype, prices will have 'nothing' to do with actual supply and demand -- except in a minor way.

On the really bad news front, likely there will be some serious meteor strikes within the next six months, if there is no divine intervention. While some of the largest asteroids are being intercepted by the 'white hats', not all of them can or will be stopped. 

On the good news front, as the GOOD BEINGS continue to gather, they are sending frequencies that enhance the Aquarian Age Awakening, and also counteract much of the electronic warfare currently being conducted against the people, by the dark-side powers that be.

As well, with the 'awakening hearts' of the people, compassion toward others, and toward oneself, is naturally on the rise. However, those who refuse their hearts will become enemies of the heart-centered. And, likely, their behavior will become reprehensible. Beware.

On the global mafia cabal front, at the Vatican a battle royal is happening behind the scenes. There could be several resignations, reassignments, and murders disguised as death by natural causes. Think the Godfather meets Darth Vader.

Also, the royal houses of Europe know their time to rule on Earth has come to a destined end. Thus, they are now reshuffling, and looking for any and every sinister way to stay in power.

On the freedom front, this week, or next, 'likely' there will be another 'false flag' tragedy designed to force Americans to give up their firearms. If carried out, this will backfire bigtime.

From the prior forecast: "at this time, even more of the people band together to protect each other from the cruel insanity of the bankster gangsters and their mercenaries.

As was done in the Old West, sheriffs on the side of freedom now form well-armed and well-trained posses to protect the people of their counties.

At this moment in history, the rise of the renegades goes nova. However, like the revolution, this will not be televised."

Trendwise, over the course of the year, 2013, there will be huge unsettling changes in society. These changes are about to hit, and hit hard for many.

The wisest advice is to roll with punches, and punch back when necessary.

Some of these changes will be the increasing loss of freedom. As stated in a previous forecast: "Once again in our country's history, the rattlesnake of liberty coils and rises with the warning: DON'T TREAD ON ME!"

Time to head for the proverbial hills... Zombie Apocalypse ~ This strange trend continues, as well...

HEADLINE SNIPPET: "Nevada Politician Uncovers FEMA Plans for “Zombie UFO Crash” Disaster Drill on April 27 ~ Intel Hub - This is where all that money that gets stolen from your paycheck goes to, a Zombie UFO Crash Drill, brought to you by FEMA and the US taxpayers. Opposing Views Broke the story of David Lory VanDerBeek, who is running for Governor in Nevada in 2014. He recently posted a screenshot from the FEMA website of a supposed Zombie UFO Crash Disaster full-scale exercise drill planned for April 27th, 2013, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. ~/"


"FEMA Censors Information About Bizarre 'Zombie UFO Crash Information pertaining to a bizarre FEMA exercise based around a fictional “zombie UFO crash” in Idaho has been censored after criticism..."

Of additional note, for some it is time to head for the hills, especially if you're getting that strong intuitive message.

This week ~ Dreaming, a new Moon rises in Pisces ~ Bring on the dreams... the big dreams, the small dreams, the dreams that move your soul, the dreams that inspire your deepest heart. Now is the time to let yourself rest. Get snuggly comfortable, and indulge in more sleep.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lying for a Living

Those lying bastards. They got me again.

Which ones this time? The weather forecasters, who else? I barely bother with the news any more, but I try to tune in to the weather. I have no idea why. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and Super Doppler Radar, and they still can’t get it right.

Case in point: for two days the local stations wailed about the advent of Snowmageddon, a March storm that would dump anywhere from 3 to 10 inches (OR MORE!!!! With possible ICE!!!!!!!) on our viewing area. My own little section of Lancaster County, PA geared up to receive its predicted 4 to 8 by rushing out to the grocery stores to stock up on milk, bread and eggs. (I’m not quite sure why these are the items of choice. Maybe French toast is the traditional breakfast for snowstorms?) Anyway, I got my own emergency items: milk, junk food and toilet paper. I had a stack of books and some DVDs I got from the library. I was set. Bring it on!

Here’s what the weather brought: a whole ton of nuthin’. The snow sweeping in from the west ran headlong into a warm air mass blowing off the Atlantic. Instead of strengthening the storm as expected, the warm air overwhelmed it. Heavy snow did hit west of the Susquehanna, in places like Gettysburg and Franklin County, and south of the Mason-Dixon line in the Virginias and Washington. My neighborhood got rain. Heavy at times, nonexistent at others. And there stood the poor local weathermen, stuck on camera with egg on their faces (maybe that’s what the eggs are for), sheepishly apologizing for the capriciousness of Mother Nature. So much for Super Doppler Radar.

The guy at the library remarked that Punxatawny Phil’s predictions have as accurate a success rate as the average meteorologist’s. Maybe they should replace all those computers and expensive equipment with a sleepy groundhog. Or go all out and use the Magic 8-Ball. It couldn’t do any worse. I’d rather hear, “Forecast uncertain. Ask again later” than get whipped into a panic over a storm that gets a three-day buildup and then fizzles on arrival, an outcome none of the “experts” saw coming. We could give the groundhog the Magic 8-Ball. I’d tune in for that.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to wish they’d majored in meteorology in school. What other profession lets you be wrong half the time and still rewards you with a paycheck?

I’ve even got qualifications. I write fiction. I make stuff up and people pay me for it. Look at Stephen King. Readers pay him ridiculous amounts of money to scare the crap out of them. You don’t even need to buy bread, milk and eggs before cracking open a Stevie opus. I used to write SF and fantasy, and still include aspects of those genres in my romance books. If “speculative fiction” isn’t an apt description of your average weather forecast, I don’t know what is.

Above all, both fiction and weather reports have to sound plausible. I’m pretty sure vampires and werewolves and all don’t exist. It’s my job to convince people that they could, and if they did, this is how they’d act. Same for your basic weather report. “Here’s what’s happening for the week. This storm is building here. It’s going to move here by Friday, and this is what it’ll do when it gets there.” All you have to do is believe, or suspend your disbelief. No problem. I could be a weather forecaster.

Except the guy at the library told me you need calculus to major in meteorology. He knew people who studied it and told him. You have to actually read those weather maps and calculate wind speeds and barometric pressure and make projections on what all those highs and lows are going to do. Then what are those computers for? If your knee swells up before a thunderstorm, are you allowed to factor that in?

Forget it. I’ll stick to writing fiction for a living. It’s lies, but they’re honest lies. I’m sure weather forecasters mean well. They can’t help it if Mother Nature likes to screw with them. And as for the weather itself, next time I want to know what it’s doing outside, I’ll look out a window.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ March 4, 2013

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #235 

This week's theme ~ Let the Magick Rise.

The magickal wisdom kept hidden from humanity bubbles up from the deep potent cauldron of our Arthurian past. For, these tales are based in truth, and now surface into our collective awareness.

This coming week, get ready for a whipping, bumpy, roller coaster ride. The world scene shifts and creaks like an old abandoned mansion struck by storm winds. Some at the top of the heap may fall from grace, or simply plummet into the abyss of history.

On the magickal, mystical front, the 'Mages of Ages Lost' strengthen in their power and purpose. They summon all that is GOOD during this 'time of turning' from imposed ignorance to golden wisdom.

Those who feel this spinning of magick may notice a change of heart in certain matters. Or, you may be witness to someone who comes from the heart, when in the past they did not.

Also, watch the energies of your heart expand and encompass more of life.

On the personal front, another tricky dicky week for a lot of us. Good forces pull us one way, while the dark-side forces tug us toward the negative vibes.

To counteract the dark-side influences keep your eye on the prize, or those goals most important to you, and your ultimate welfare. Also, keeping yourself centered this week is just plain smart. One way to do this, is to focus on the day-to-day grind, and help someone out if you are able.

Plus, this is a week to keep a watchful eye on your finances -- either for shenanigans, or an unexpected opportunity.

On the paranormal front, major UFO sightings continue worldwide.

The planet, Mars, stays front and center in the space news. And, the decade's old coverup continues. For an example, check out Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission on where he talked about the 'computer glitch' supposedly halting the mission of Curiosity, NASA's Mars rover.

This week, there will likely be strong indications that the establishment is playing the ET/Alien card, as a way to 'fear porn' the public. This will not be officially announced, but done as 'leaks' from whistleblowers. As well, the church 'could' take the lead in this ultra complex scenario.

Meanwhile, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful -- THEY are here and interacting with humanity on many levels. Discernment is critical for those who are making contact with the different races and beings. Beware, and take care. For, deception is everywhere.

Want to blow your mind about what really happens behind the scenes at NASA? Go to Clark C. McClelland's site

On the economic front, for the next month *happy days are here* WRESTLES *doom and gloom* like a WrestleMania event. Of course, it's all choreographed and staged by the bankster gangster crowd.

However, there are likely to be two wildcard happenings that will shake up the financial establishment, and lessen the dark-side's economic attack against the people. For, these good interventions are meant to help all of us.

At this time, it is wise to believe nothing. Your intuition about the state of the  economy will be far more valuable in the long run.

Remember: "for the coming weeks, keep some cash on hand, fill your gas tank if needed, and do your best to get your financial affairs in order."

In the future, wealth will be in the land. Not as real estate, and not as an asset. Paradise will be living on the land, living among like-minded people, and soul-communing with Nature.

On the truth front, this week the 'cockroach robber barons' scurry beneath the mighty spotlight of TRUTH. Meanwhile, the 'high priest poisonous snakes' among us, slither furiously looking for any hole to slide into, to defeat the EYE OF THE DIVINE.

The more of the people who bear witness to the TRUTH, and reveal what they know about the dark side. If they speak to whoever will listen and see, then, the quicker we will all rise beyond the reach of the soulless ones.

On the war front, soon wholesale desertions will begin, as more of the people realize: *war, what is it good for... absolutely nothing... except as the dark-side's killing field*. Of course, this is likely to be covered up en masse, as it already has been, by the presstitute media.

Meanwhile, several of the global war theaters explode as the regional people fight back like never before. Of further significance, since so many now watch for false flag events, meant to bring about WWIII -- the planned chaos has been postponed.

However, the cyber wars and the currency wars are being escalated to keep humanity in big-fear mode, to keep the people begging for solutions. This strategy will ultimately backfire, but not in the immediate future.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Draconian is the word for the week. Now, the psychopathic vipers leave their nests to attack and poison the people at will.

Those who are and have been 'high profile' against tyranny, will be targeted in numerous ways, beyond what has already been occurring. Their characters will be assassinated. They will be demonized by the outright lies of 'supposed' witnesses. Or, their livelihoods will be threatened and/or confiscated, as if they are drug dealers.

Meanwhile, the venomous bureaucratic snakes from the cop-gov system hunt down the innocent to take everything they own, and put it in the pockets of their masters.

On the AWAKENING front, be AWAKE & AWARE this week. If you observe closely enough, you will understand the dark-side kingship is over.

However, like the Titanic, their brute power is only in the process of sinking to the icy bottom. The sinister elite onboard believe they are numbing and dumbing the people down with their onslaught of killer chemicals, etc. For, they want enslaved bio robots to serve their sick, selfish needs.

On the communication front, 'from the heart' becomes the mantra-reality for many now. This is because the heart intelligence of humanity continues to grow rapidly, and communication now expands from heart to heart. We are inter-connected in a stronger way than in the past.

This means, in part, many more will realize we no longer need a formal system of rule or law. We are able to govern ourselves, our actions. When we work together 'from the heart' within our communities, there will be no need for a governmental hierarchy.

On the home front, boom, blast, bang... the mysterious booms/explosions have returned. For an in-depth report ~ Linda Moulton Howe at provided an update on 'Coast to Coast am' about the mysterious boom phenomenon that has been occurring for the past two years.

Know too, civil unrest begins to explode. Many of the people can't take it anymore.

On the food front, ORGANIC fiercely dukes it out with GMO. Small, naturally based farmers/ranchers desperately battle the FDA, the agency in bed with Big Pharma & Big Agra. And, the people combat the desecration of the food supply with every means available.

Once again, stock up on as much good food as you can afford. Grow food, if you are able. Collect good quality and organic seeds of every type -- they are priceless.

Warning about the cancer-causing chemical, aspartame: HEADLINE ~ *U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as hidden, unlabeled additive in milk, yogurt, eggnog and cream*

In memoriam to this brave man ~ Father of the 'anti-aspartame' movement, H. J. Roberts, MD., has gone to his reward. He authored the book, "Protecting Mankind."

On the land changes front, this month more sinkholes and fireballs and ocean superstorms. If you're living near a coastline, dare to prepare.

From the prior forecast: ***'sinkholes' will be front and center for the next month. Likely, the strange trumpeting and the unexplained explosive sounds will ramp up again.

The comets, they come. But, are they merely comets?

AGAIN: Same ole... same ole, to repeat from last week: "all HELL is about to break loose over the next six months. Volcanoes, major and swarm earthquakes, superstorms, massive flooding, superspeed winds, volcanic eruptions beneath the oceans. Asteroids and comets, omy!

Also, gigantic sun flares or CMEs ~coronal mass ejections~ will be licking at the Earth's atmosphere like great serpentine tongues tasting prey before deciding whether to devour. Be prepared to stay indoors, if necessary."***

On the energy front, huge breakthroughs in alternative energy devices have already happened, and are still happening. Prayers/good vibes are needed to bring this forth to humanity. There is no need to be in a dark ages' oil economy.

On the really bad news front, Cyber Wars, the Bumpy Road Ahead on the Internet Highway? Or a FALSE FLAG to force the Draconian Internet Down Our Collective Throats? Or, is it both scenarios...

If the Chinese-style internet is established, that means many of the people will be cast aside and/or arrested as useless members of society, because of their dangerous views, and knowledge.

Also, many will say, NO, we're not participating in this cyber tyranny over the mind of humanity. The question: what will humanity ultimately choose? Mere acceptance. Or resistance.

On the good news front, the GOOD gathers. Angel warriors, light beings, and other races, gather from the hidden places on Earth, from around the galactic, and from other dimensions. Their intent is to assist humankind in the fight for freedom. For the sake of All, the new world order's evil empire must be defeated.

On the global mafia cabal front, the black-soul pope arrives on the scene. As well, the man who will be called the 'king of peace' emerges to take on his role as a deceiver of the people.

From last week's forecast: "Stay tuned. Because the unbelievable is about to happen. Some of it will be spotlighted on the world stage."

On the freedom front, at this time, even more of the people band together to protect each other from the cruel insanity of the bankster gangsters and their mercenaries.

As was done in the Old West, sheriffs on the side of freedom now form well-armed and well-trained posses to protect the people of their counties.

At this moment in history, the rise of the renegades goes nova. However, like the revolution, this will not be televised. 

Trendwise, slithery strange days are ahead, worldwide. The power of the serpent, good and evil, twines around society because the time of final choice is here.

As the year progresses this serpentine energy tightens. Choose to be embraced by the Year of the Snake's great wisdom. Or, choose to be crushed by the snake's cunning deception.

This choice before humanity permeates every world culture, and every layer of society -- and will be a choice from the heart and soul, not from any religion or belief system.

Will true wisdom or the words of a false prophet prevail?

Know also, that now greater miracles come about -- the ones that meet your deepest need. Although, be aware that whatever your conscious expectation, most likely that miracle will not be given.

This week is one to let your creativity loose, and to be a dreamer. What would you dream into existence, if you created the world anew?

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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