Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freak Love

Romance novels fall under the category of fantasy. Impossibly handsome, successful, alpha men sweep us off our feet and bring us to unbelievable orgasms using techniques we’d slap any real guy silly for even suggesting. Naturally, if you’re writing these books, you want to create a hero who fulfills the readers’ every fantasy. Physically beautiful, rich as hell but still cooks you dinner, IQ in the 200s but never makes you feel like an idiot, who loves your cat even though he’s allergic, and could have any woman in the world but wants you and you alone. Not to mention he has a schlong bigger than Tommy Lee’s, and he knows tricks in the bedroom even Ron Jeremy never heard of. We as writers use all the tropes with abandon, and throw in our own personal preferences to help make our fantasy men stand out.

Which is wherein my problem lies. It’s a darn good thing I was drawn to paranormal, because my character crushes over the years have been consistent and all point in the same direction. Namely, I dig the freaks.

# # #

My first big-time crush on a TV character grew out of my favorite show, Star Trek. I realize Captain Kirk was the designated sex symbol, but he never did much for me. I fell for Spock. Pointy-eared, alien Spock, with the astronomical IQ and emotionless demeanor. No throwing punches for this action hero: he had the Vulcan nerve pinch, which was cooler than cool. Spock himself was cooler than cool. Yeah, okay, Shatner was easy on the eyes in those days, and artfully ripped his shirt in quite a few episodes. But put Kirk in a scene with Spock and my attention switched allegiance. Spock set the tone for my fictional hero crushes: tall, slender, intelligent, cool, loyal, with a dry sense of humor and just a hair off the norm. Sorry, Captain. Bring on the aliens!

# # #

If watching big, overdeveloped males in combat is your thing, I recommend professional wrestling. I was a big fan for quite a few years. All those muscle men in spandex engaging in soap opera plots! Of course it’s all choreographed. That’s half the fun. I got more laughs out of wrestling matches than I did from sitcoms. And you can’t fake those physiques. Those guys work out, and it shows.

So, with literally dozens of fine physical specimens to crush on, who did I fall for? Kane. The silent, seven-foot guy in the mask. They built a whole

mythology around him. He was Undertaker’s younger brother, hideously scarred in a fire and bent on revenge. He never spoke. He was insane. He had long, stringy hair and a beautiful butt spandex was just made to mold to. The mask just added to the mystery. What was under there? What horrible secrets was he hiding? (Other than the fact he’d been wrestling for the WWE for years as other characters before he hit it big as Kane.) He was the perfect gothic hero, big and brooding and damaged, waiting for the right woman to save him with her love. Eventually he lost the mask (and that hair! NOOOOOOOOOOO!) and became just another big-muscled dude. That was the point I lost interest in wrestling. I notice he’s back in the mask now. Don’t mess with success.

# # #

About two-three years back I discovered Supernatural. I came late to the party; fortunately, the library had seasons 1, 2, and 4, so I was able to catch up in a relatively short time. The heavy marathons probably contributed to my obsession with the show. And who did I fixate on? Castiel, angel of the Lord. Cute, cool, powerful, emotionless, dry sense of

humor, total badass, doesn’t quite get us humans. His only drawback is that Misha Collins isn’t as tall as Leonard Nimoy. Fortunately Jared Padalecki is. I can get my tall, slender guy fix watching Sam. Between the

two of them, I’ve got my perfect fantasy man. Dean? Nope. Sorry, Jensen, you’re too Captain Kirk for my taste. Try artfully ripping your shirt.

# # #

My pattern of crushes continues. I started watching Grimm last season. The lead, Nick, is your standard TV paranormal hero: cute, competent, boring. Yawn. Right off the bat I was drawn to Monroe the werewolf. He’s funny and loyal and looks out for his friends, and he’s not

all that hard on the eyes. I’d date him in a second. As for Nick, I don’t think even ripping his shirt would make up for the lack of personality. Better luck on your next show, buddy.

# # #

No wonder I don’t date much. I look for the weirdoes, the oddballs, the freaks, the folks on the edge of normalcy. My kind of people. With nice butts. Looks like it’s back to cruising SF conventions. In the meantime, I’d better write another book. My hero will be tall, intelligent, and inhuman. That’s the way I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 27, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #208

Courage, or the Great Heart of humanity, is the theme for the following week. The Dragon of Courage soars for the clouds while the cowardly dragon nips at his tail in a final struggle to win and destroy all that is GOOD on Earth.

During the upcoming week, there are likely to be major and explosive events on the planet -- both good and bad. For, another evolutionary leap of humanity is here, and all that occurs at this time, will reflect this physical and spiritual transformation.

As always, prepare for adversity. Prepare for the superstorms of life.

Also, emotional superstorms and a contentious attitude will permeate this week. As always, there are two sides.

For many, their contentious words will signal a strengthening of their spine. This is because humanity's courage is being reactivated. Also, many people are simply fed up with the bully corp-gov, and they are standing their ground -- they are saying 'no more'.

On the other hand, someone else's contentious attitude will indicate they are clinging tightly to their blinders. For, reality, as it is now, has become their enemy.

On the personal front, once again, this is a crucial week for many. A key, or key decisions will confront a whole lot of us. The best approach: unless, it's an emergency situation, take a step back and evaluate the pros and cons. Once you've made your decision, take action, and go forward with confidence.

Also, now is the time to watch your backside as never before. The system is paranoid, and fighting like a cornered dragon about to be slain.

Realize that anyone who gets in the way -- anyone who is targeted by the system -- 'do not' expect any mercy.

Remember, at this point in history, it is time for 'the people' to band together in groups, and protect each other. Carry cameras at all times, and for those who are tech-savvy, have a way to upload immediately to a site far away.

On the economic front, the mega-monster banks writhe like agitated leviathans as 'the people' wake up to their heinous and endless crimes. Now, the 'banking spanking' begins as their time comes to a close.

However, likely the process will drag on for the next six months, at least.

In reaction, there will be veiled threats by the self-appointed economic kingpins. THEY will use their political and military might to force us deeper into the Orwellian world. At the same time, these bankster gangsters will offer 'incentives' for anyone who goes along with their tyrannical system.

Also, look for the stock market to take some wild dives this week, and/or next week. In part... only in part... this Wall Street manipulation is about making 'the people' fearful so they will acquiesce and conform to 'authority'.

On the truth front, during the next couple of weeks, there will be several whistleblowers who break the political system wide open, exposing major crimes. However, it remains to be seen if what they reveal will reach the front page of the brain-drain media.

On the war front, factions of the dark-side global elite continue to battle for supremacy in the Mideast and throughout the world. This means violent conflicts escalate worldwide. And there 'may' be a serious confrontation with a warship.

At this time, nations who have stayed in the background since WWII, may arise, and take a side in this international chess match of war. This strategic move will be made to remove the focus from the collapsing economy.

As the human race AWAKENS, fewer and fewer of 'the people' will show up for any war put on by the establishment. Yes, the so-called world leaders can throw a war like you throw a party. But, there's no guarantee anyone will show up.

On the AWAKENING front, from this point forward, the awareness of energies, what are sometimes called 'subtle' energies, will dramatically increase for many of us. It will be easier to know how someone else is truly feeling, for one example. Also, tuning into the so-named 'psychic' frequency will become much easier.

On the paranormal front, there will be more sightings of unusual crypto creatures such as the 'manwolf' and 'thunderbirds'. They have decided to make themselves known to humanity.

Space, the final frontier -- the truth now arrives step-by-step as has been stated before. To keep this 'truth' hidden, desperate and despicable measures will be taken by the soulless ones. However, it is time for humanity to awaken, and know their real heritage.

On the home front, with the ever-sinking economy taking its toll on 'the people', there will be vast changes in how many choose to live their lives. Inventiveness rises alongside resourcefulness. For some this is the opportunity to become self reliant in a new way that benefits everyone else.

On the food front, a civil war of information begins between those who desire natural foods and those who believe in or sell GM/GMO. Eventually however, the TRUTH will prevail, even with obscene amounts of money spent to bury the facts.

On the land changes front, due to the faster pounding ocean waves, the erosion of 'certain' beach areas around the planet quickens. Superstorms will also sweep over coastlines all over the world now, rearranging the land.

As is currently happening during the writing of this forecast, earthquakes will continue to shake, rattle, and roll Mother Earth. Volcanoes rumble and spew, becoming ever more active, especially under the oceans. As well, with the arrival of several planet-like bodies in the solar system, the topical features of Earth are undergoing a rapid change in certain areas of the world.

On the energy front, an under-market for off-the-grid energy devices is developing as people wisely look for any way to become energy-independent. With the closure of coal plant after coal plant, with the stranglehold of the oil cartels, and the ongoing failure of nuclear plants, there is likely to be a shortage of power. This also means the price could be out of sight for many.

Consider setting up a backup energy system -- any kind you can manage.

On the really bad news front, to create a state of FEAR among the population, and to keep control, the dark-side elite is using bio-warfare agents against 'the people'. THEY want a limited pandemic scenario for now.

Also, THEY are poisoning certain places/cities here, and worldwide, in the same manner as the Gulf of Mexico.

Obviously, it is wise to keep your immune system strong. By staying as healthy as possible, and by learning about natural healing alternatives, you and your loved ones can withstand this onslaught.

On the good news front, new and incredible opportunities arise for those of us who are able to think outside the 'establishment' box.

At this momentous time, freedom lovers become a force, one to be reckoned with. Now, many more champions for 'the people' come forth.

Trendwise, preparation and resistance is the theme for the rest of 2012. Take heed because the times they are a-changing.

~~~The Year of Dragon Darkness and Light... with whipping writhing strength, the ultimate in revelation arrives, creating chaos while spiraling through chaos... during this make-or-break year use the fierce frightening power of the dragon, or it will use you ~~~

This week take some time to daydream. Remember your days as a bright-eyed child. What did you daydream about the most?

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Guy?

I didn’t deliberately set out to become a writer of M/M paranormal romance fiction. When the grade-school teachers asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, I didn’t stand in front of the class and announce, “I want to write stories about two or more hawt men falling in love with each other, complete with explicit sex.” (Imagine if I had, though. I’d probably still be in detention.)

I ended up in this subgenre the way I ended up in a lot of my day jobs, and the same way I ended up as a romance writer in general: I just kind of fell into it. I always wanted to be a writer—that much was a deliberate choice—but I always thought I’d make my name in science fiction and fantasy. Somehow I drifted into romance, specifically paranormal romance. It was the same thing I’d been writing, just with hot bits.

Many people believe the whole M/M genre grew out of slash fan fiction, which began with Kirk/Spock back in the 1970s. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover series contains elements of M/M, F/F and ménage in a science fantasy setting. The leap from one genre to the other wasn’t that wide of a jump.

However, I started with traditional M/F, or as traditional as that gets with werewolves and vampires involved. My slide into same-sex debauchery began with a publisher’s call for novellas involving angels and/or demons. I came up with an idea of a demon and an angel competing for a human woman. Except, as the plot moved along, they became less interested in the woman and more and more drawn to each other. Oops. Oh well, what the hell. And that’s how Bad Boys came to be, and how I wrote my first M/M.

Not that I planned on making M/M my career choice. I’d had an idea, I had fun writing it, now we move on to the next. “The next” turned out to be Belonging. The inciting idea was basically “a brothel intended for vampires,” so the leads were a prostitute and the vampire customer she falls in love with. Yes, I did say “she.” That book started life as M/F. Then I discovered Supernatural. Jared and Jensen were just so pretty and had so much on-screen chemistry, they inspired me to give my hooker a sex change. The she became a he, the book became M/M, and I found myself writing in a whole new category.

And it ain’t over yet! I have a list of M/F stories I’d like to get to someday, but I also have a growing list of M/M plots, including an idea for a series. Those dang horny boys just won’t go away.

I think I’ve finally figured out why.

I like men. They’re cute. They’re fun. They can change overhead light bulbs without needing a ladder and open stubborn jars. They may not have much sense, but at least they’re trainable. Then there are the other obvious pluses, which I won’t go into here. We all have our own top-ten lists.

As a writer, it’s my duty to create a male lead a female reader would gladly take home to meet the parents. What do I like in a man? What turns me on? What draws me in? I take all my favorite physical, mental and emotional traits and pour them into one drop-dead-gorgeous man-package. Over and over, I create my ideal mate, my perfect man—

And turn him over to someone else. Some undeserving bitch.

There’s the one big drawback to being a writer of romance. The leads have to fall in love with each other and live happily ever after. Terrific for you two, but what about me? I’m not my heroines. They’re all younger and tougher and prettier and a whole lot thinner than I am. I keep coming up with variations on my perfect boyfriend, then have to watch him ride off into the sunset with another woman, the skanky tramp bimbo whore.

Ah, but then we’ve got M/M. I get to create two perfect men, and I get to keep them. Two drool-worthy, be-still-my-heart hunkalicious males, making out on the page with tender abandon and no rival women in sight. I get my paranormal fix, my romance fix, and my guy fix. Show me the downside to any of that.

I’m not alone in this mindset. There are M/M fans out there who won’t read a ménage if there’s a woman involved. A reviewer who read Legacy expressed initial trepidation because she hadn’t wanted to see a woman come between Wallace and Jeremy. I hadn’t either, but the idea hit and I ran with it. I guess it worked out. It gave me the chance to write about the Preacher, with his smoldering eyes and single-minded intensity. I’ll get to his story eventually. He ends up with another woman. I appear to be addicted to self-punishment.

As you can see, I’m not giving up on M/F entirely. I’m willing to concede some of my female leads are worthy of the men I give them. Fine, Amber/Ashley/Brittany, you can have Todd/Brent/Mitchell. I’m keeping Adam and Donner. They’re werewolves, they’re naked, they’re hungry for each other and they’re mine.

All of a sudden I’m in the mood to reread my favorite Spenser books by Robert B. Parker. Then I can picture Robert Urich and Avery Brooks solving crimes together. I’ll just skip the scenes with Spenser’s girlfriend Susan in them. Those two men … yummy yum yum.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 20, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #207

The Good, Good Vibrations Bombardment is here, direct from the angelic realms, and increases daily. Power-of-love frequencies are saturating Mother Earth's atmosphere, and also saturating the consciousness of humanity.

One consequence of this will be to cause a greater split between those of us who desire GOOD -- or, those of us who want to create a true paradise on Earth -- and those in the population who will no longer be able to handle these ultra strong LOVE vibes.

During this massive transformational shift on Earth in this year of 2012, very little will be as it seems. Illusion rules and insanity reigns. To counter the soulless ones' matrix of deception, it is time to raise the level of your discernment, and tune into higher self.

On the paranormal front, UFO sightings are at peak levels and will only ramp up as First Contact nears -- first contact as a global event, not the ongoing contact that has always happened on Earth.

This 'event' will only occur in the context of divine timing. Thus, there is no set-in-stone date. In the meantime, the new world order cabal continues it's fear-porn campaign, and dramatically increases chaos all over the planet.

Also, ghostly activity will strengthen and accelerate. This will be true for other paranormal phenomena, as well.

On the economic front, a complex and dirty-rotten-bastard picture as usual. However, as another avalanche of corruption comes to LIGHT, a backlash against the BIG BANKS by the people, becomes a grand force sweeping across the world.

This week and next week, there will likely be major moves by the BIG BANKS so they are able stay afloat. Bottom line: the financial system is broke and the banks are beggars. How these 'moves' will play out precisely is still in the planning stages.

As always, prepare to become independent of the banking system in whatever way you are able. Look for creative solutions and form good relationships with others who are of like mind. It's all about community. It's all about helping and protecting each other.

On the personal front, as the sun moves from the sign of Leo into the sign of Virgo, look for a big shift in your personal relationships. Where there was an attitude of playfulness, now there is likely to be concerns about the practical side of life. Also, what the near future brings.

This is an excellent week to simply gaze up at the skies, at the stars, to look around at the grand panoramic scenes of nature. Notice and study your surroundings whenever the scene resonates with you. For, new horizons are opening up in your life, and this will crack the door of your mind.

On the truth front, the hot and heavy 'truth' hits just keep coming. However, this week, look for revelations that expose the various religious establishments. And not in a good light.

On the war front, in the Mideast the horrific conflict caused largely by the 'dark cabal' heightens, and the rhetoric becomes strident, more ruthlessly insane.

New conflicts breaks out all over the planet, raging like the western wildfires. More brush-fire wars will be started in Africa. Because it's all about control, the destruction of life, and dominating the human race.

Meanwhile, a chess game of global proportions is being played out behind the scenes by the nations with the biggest war toys. Cosmic-however, there are intergalactic players who are intervening on behalf of humanity and Mother Earth.

On the AWAKENING front, with the rise of the borg mind, and the machine-human interface, many people will WAKE UP, and realize they want no part of this skynet scenario. There will follow a trend, where droves of people return to the land, and learn to commune with nature -- with the natural elements.

On the home front, there is a low-key civil war in progress which is being hidden from the public. This reflects the ever-growing division between those who cherish freedom, and those who have little awareness of what liberty means to the human soul.

On the food front, at this time it is wise for anyone who is able, to build even the simplest of greenhouses. There is a 'possibility' that food plants will need to be protected from what is in the atmosphere. One key to living well in the upcoming times is growing the healthiest food possible.

On the land changes front, now begins the 'quickening' rise of the ancient lands of Lemuria and Atlantis. So far, these land changes are being hidden from 'the people'. For, knowledge about our antediluvian past would 'free' us from the dark-side cabal.

At this time, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and superstorms continue across the globe, and will increase. Look for the sun to become dangerously active during the next month, and for the current weather patterns to significantly change in the next two weeks.

On the energy front, the battle for supremacy in the new age of energy goes on far from the public eye. There is a faction who wants to bring in what are called 'free energy' devices, while the 'old global-gangster guard' wants to keep an iron grip on the supply of oil, and ration it. To know who is winning, watch for hints about what the future holds energy-wise.

Also, soon all forms of alternative energy will be in demand. This includes the widespread use of alcohol to run machinery, especially generators.

On the really bad news front, super-thug gangs arise from every segment of society as the economy sinks like the Titanic. This means both super-villain gangs, and 'law enforcement' gangs. For, there will be no difference in their violent, reprehensible plundering of 'the people'.

In reaction, old-west like posses of good people will come together to protect themselves, and others.

On the good news front, degree-by-degree, 'the people' are becoming independent-minded in their actions and attitudes. Being self-reliant, and working within a community, is the wave of the future.

Also, despite the corp-gov propaganda that permeates these times, more of us are bypassing the system everyday. We are seeing through the lies, and the 'Wizard of Oz' deceptions.

As has been stated before, everything the bankster gangsters do at this point in history WILL backfire.

Trendwise, there are several emerging trends on the near horizon. Sadly, one will be a *lemming* state of mind, or 'death by trendiness', as it has been termed. There is such a heightened level of psi-ops propaganda that says "dying for the planet is good" that many will succumb.

On the good side, another trend is invention. Similar to times past, many individuals will become garage/workshop inventors once again, and bring new life to their communities.

This is a perfect week to stroll through nature, and let your mind wander. You might be wonderfully surprised by what you discover.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Release Day: Temptation and Tights

Today Temptation and Tights officially goes on sale. I’m serious about the sale; it’s available at a 10% discount until Sunday, August 26. If the Avengers, Spider-Man, and Batman movies have whetted your appetite for superheroes and you’re a fan of M/M romantic comedy, you won’t want to miss out on this. You can check out the excerpts at, or enjoy the one below.

A lab accident turns Dr. Burke Templeton into supervillain Malaraptor. Superhero Icarius is determined to bring him to justice. They find themselves falling for each other instead, in spite of differing ethics and the whole teeth-and-tail thing. What’s a desperate, love-struck human dinosaur and a conflicted hero to do?

“So you’re a mutant? Like Yeti?”
“Yeah, I guess. I was a skinny kid, a lot lighter than I looked. The wings never got all that big, so I could never get much altitude, but I’d get a couple yards off the ground, and I could maneuver. I could fly.”

Eyes on the city, Owen nevertheless sensed Burke’s stare roving over his artificial wings. “I take it your parents were less than thrilled,” Burke commented.

“They didn’t know. I didn’t tell them.” Owen sighed into the night. “There are a lot of things I never told them, or anyone. I knew I was gay years before I grew wings. Wings and gayness aren’t things a proper young socialite discloses to his upper-crust parents.”

He pressed a finger to Burke’s lips to forestall any response. “Here’s what happened. I grew. The wings didn’t. By the time I was fifteen I’d gotten too heavy for liftoff. They just became a nuisance. When I was nineteen, I had them removed.” He lifted his finger from Burke’s mouth. “But I never forgot.”

Silken lips and a brush of hair whispered over his cheek. The arms and legs locking their bodies together squeezed a little tighter, not in fear.

“Show me,” Burke whispered.

Owen dove, rose, swept across the sky like a hunting eagle. The twinkling lights of the city beneath them blurred into gleaming streaks. More than the thrill of open flight, he relished the heat and weight of the man in his arms. Anonymous gropes and grunts in an alley didn’t hold a candle to this.

Hold onto that. Concentrate on that. Focus on the man and forget the monster caged inside him, and the fact the lover he cradled in his embrace fought for the opposite team.

“What’s that?” Burke asked.

Owen broke off and only then realized he’d been humming under his breath. “Jesus, was I doing that out loud?”

“Pretty tune. It sounds somewhat familiar.”

Owen chuckled. “It’s that song from that movie. The flying scene. I’ve got it running through my head.”

Burke angled his hips to push up against Owen’s. “I can’t read your mind,” he said, “but I’ll bet I know what you’re thinking.”

# # #

While you’re there, check out my other books. I’ve got M/F shapeshifter, M/M (one with vampires!) and the M/M/F ménage that took me by surprise. Something for almost every taste.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When to Shut the Bedroom Door

A discussion on a readers’ forum got me wondering about this topic. How much sex is needed in the average romance novel? When do you want to get down and dirty, and when should you just shut the door? Answer: depends on the heat level and how much the story demands, and whether or not the sex scene informs characterization or furthers the story, or is plain ol’ PWP (porn without plot). While PWP can be fun to read (and write), if you’re on a limited word count – say, with a novella or short story – every sex scene described had better do more than bring the characters to orgiastic fulfillment.

First of all, how many sex scenes? As many as the story needs. Some books might have one explosive scene at the very end. Or it may be one quiet scene. I once read a Nocturne where the characters don’t even have on-screen sex; there’s some explicit foreplay, then they consummate their passion between scene breaks. In other books the characters can and do tumble into bed in Chapter 1 and never let up from there. Too much of a good thing? Maybe not to them, but to each their own.

Next, how hot should they be? Euphemisms or fuck me fuck me? Again, that’s up to the story, the characters, and whatever publisher or line you’re aiming for. You probably won’t find too many trembling virgins being gently deflowered in the final chapter at Ellora’s Cave. Write your story the way it needs to be, study publishers’ guidelines (better still, examples of what they’re publishing), send yours to the one that best matches what you’ve written, and cross all fingers.

Keep in mind the characters can have sex every other page if they want to, but we don’t necessarily have to watch. Does the sex scene serve another purpose? Does it further the story? Does it tell us something new about the characters? If not, skim over it or skip it. If it does, that’s the one we want to see.

My M/M couple in Belonging has plenty of sex, but not all of it is onstage. I chose which scenes I described and didn’t describe deliberately. When the story opens, Jeremy is a prostitute working in a brothel and his vampire lover, Wallace, is a regular customer. Wallace has just fed and he’s in the throes of blood lust. All he wants is a quick, hard lay. He won’t even remember the particulars afterwards. Though emotions are involved, this is first and foremost a business transaction. As Wallace’s sanity fades out, so does the scene. There’s little point in watching a mindless vampire receive what amounts to physical therapy. Therefore, we don’t have to.

A couple chapters later they have sex again. This time it’s different. Wallace isn’t in blood lust and knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s determined to show Jeremy the difference between the brutal, blood-lust sex Jeremy’s accustomed to and actual, tender lovemaking. This scene is described in detail because it’s more than sex; it deepens their relationship and moves the plot forward. Subsequent sex scenes are glossed over or hinted at. They’re together now and they’re falling in love. It’s okay to save the explicit stuff for when it actually matters. Otherwise it’s just PWP and a waste of wordage.

Later on in the story Jeremy learns a devastating secret about Wallace’s past which the vampire has been keeping from him. He’s heartbroken and furious. He finds Wallace at his house, dying of blood lust, and only sex can save him. Angry as he is, Jeremy can’t leave the vampire to suffer and die. He picks up his lover, slams into the bedroom and kicks the door shut. What’s about to follow will be ugly and have nothing to do with love. Therefore, it isn’t shown. The story picks up in the aftermath, with emotions clashing as brutally as their bodies did moments before.

There are only two more descriptive scenes: their reconciliation, where Wallace conquers his blood lust and actually stays aware throughout the act, and the HEA finale. In restrospect, I probably could have cut the second one, but I wanted my characters to go out on a high note. Anyone who’s read the book, let me know: does the final sex scene add to the story, or could I have axed it without consequences? That’s the ultimate test of any scene, sex or non: Does it add to the story? Consider that when you’re wondering whether to leave in that scene between Axel and Molly and the matching dildoes, or if you’re better off with just an ellipsis.

Too much? Too little? In the end it’s a tightrope walk. We all learn by doing. With time and practice, instinct should tell you if you’ve hit a workable balance. Otherwise the readers will, God love ‘em. Hard to believe you can go wrong describing explicit sex, but that’s one of the joys of writing. Have fun!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 13, 2012

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #206

Comes the Superstorm World ~ Wild and wicked weather increases across the globe. Land changes continue heating the planet, caused by friction between the tectonic plates. This, while Europe will likely to be in the deep freeze during the coming winter season.

Social upheaval firestorms over the world, and will only blaze higher. Those who demand freedom will be blamed when 'true' freedom and the liberation of the human spirit is the answer, the only answer.

Also, superstorm-like revelations begin. For, what was once hidden from humanity is now being revealed by angelic decree. However, this time of quantum enlightenment is not for the faint of heart or the faint of soul.

The dragon of Good and the dragon of evil continue to be locked in mortal combat. At this point, GOOD takes an enormous bite out of 'evil'. Know this, every caring act done from the heart strengthens the dragon of Good.

On the personal front, The War Against Goodness is this week's theme. The dark elite's war against GOOD now hellishly heats up, and the time has come to be super vigilant. Act as if there is danger around every corner. The more you can bring forth your intuition, as well, the more you will be able to protect yourself, your loved ones, and other innocents.

Also, it is time to take action, as if you know an extended siege by a relentless enemy will occur in the near future. Go about your daily business, but beware and prepare. As always, join with others of good heart and like mind, then think in terms of what each of you has to offer.

On the economic front, it's a disaster, and the Titanic-derivatives economy is sinking faster. While advising the BIG SIX banks to make plans for a collapse, the public will be sold a bill of goods about salvation being just around the corner.

Hard assets, tangible goods, survival equipment... down on the farm and down on the ranch... this is the wise strategy before the banking Armageddon hits humanity. That, and ask for divine intervention.

At this point in time, the 'Titanic collapse' is still in slow motion. However, given the behind-the-scenes, take-no-prisoners battle between several bankster gangster factions, this could accelerate.

On the home front, as 'the people' wake up to the gigantic frauds being perpetrated against them by the establishment, there will be an immense uprising that will include an attempt to regain an honest judicial system. Home owners will be at the forefront.

On the paranormal front, there will be revelations around UFOs. This does 'not' include secret craft belonging to special ops programs, or the UFOs that are part of the secret space program. Nor does it include the breakaway space civilization -- those who already travel the solar system, and leave the rest of humanity behind.

The revelations about otherworld UFOs will be gently incorporated into society by the Benevolents. They wish humanity to know the truth about their existence during the upcoming difficult times.

On the truth front, TRUTH now becomes a razor held against the soulless ones' throat. In accordance with Divine timing, every truth that has been denied to 'the people' is now being revealed. For, the truth will set the human race free.

On the war front, tensions collide between the major players as THEY jockey for position. Now, factions of the global mafia play a sinister game of musical chairs with each other. It's all about 'who' will rule the world.

For, this is not nation against nation. Nor is it religion against religion. At this time, the drumbeat-demand for war, the false flag slaughter happening, is ruthless psychopath against Machiavellian psychopath.

On the AWAKENING front, the golden crystalline vibrations of the deep cosmic center arrive, cutting through the dark-sorcery cloud covering the surface of Earth. These sacred vibrations not only transform the minds and hearts of all those who are 'willing' -- but this beautiful energy triggers/transforms our genetic code. We, as the human race, are being born anew.

To dispel this sacred awakening, the new world order crowd will continue manufacturing heinous, beyond-cruel events. THEY will force a militaristic control over the people by any means necessary.

On the food front, many now awaken, breaking away from BIG AGRA products, and the life-killing franken-foods. There will be a mass movement toward eating and growing natural foods. As said before, heirloom seeds will become one currency in the near future.

On the land changes front, adding to what has already been forecast, solar activity will continue to be at a high level with explosive outbursts. There 'may' be a short time when space weather conditions demand you remain inside. This is not set in stone, however, and the timeline could easily change.

On the energy front, one more secret project has come to light, which*likely* proves that 'free energy' technology does exist, and has existed for decades. This, according to a WWII military veteran who worked at what he called the 'dark pyramid' in Alaska, back in the sixties/seventies. He told his daughter their energy experiments were used to enable the world wide web.

This 'dark pyramid' correlates with what a whistleblower has recently exposed. During an underground nuclear test done as a geological study by the Chinese in the early 90s, a buried pyramid, measuring twice the size of Cheops, was discovered near Mount McKinley in Alaska. The story about this discovery played on the local evening news. However, after that, the story disappeared into the coverup vault.

All the better for the global cartel to use oil, black gold. Thus, to keep humanity in their forever stranglehold.

On the really bad news front, the financial holocaust is here. Worldwide, the bankster gangsters have, by design, forced over a hundred million people into poverty. This will not stop unless 'the people' rise up, and take their lives and their power back.

As the year 2012 ends, so-called epidemics and pandemics will likely be used as an ongoing excuse to bring in forced vaccinations that are deadly to many, along with a form of martial law.

On the good news front, in every walk of life, real heroines and heroes arise at this critical juncture in history. The purity of their hearts and souls inspire others to join with them. For, the human race is in peril, and we must stand together if we are to survive -- if we are to truly live and thrive on our beloved Mother Earth.

Trendwise, this week is about the further division between the matrix dwellers and those who step beyond into a brave new world of their own making.

Also, the entertainment industry continues to steadily lose ground, especially as many realize they are just as talented and just as creative. Idol worship is fast becoming a thing of the past.

This is a wonderful week to enjoy art. Create your own art pieces and/or view the artworks of others.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fan Antics

As if 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t enough. I found out through my favorite writing forum that a big New York publisher just shelled out a seven-figure advance for Gabriel’s Inferno, another book that started life as Twilight fan fiction. Why not? If it worked for 50 Shades, maybe reworked fanfic erotica lightning will strike twice. Or several times. The same forum reported from different sources that HarperCollins was soliciting fan writings at ComicCon. There’s gold in them thar fics!

I wish. I wrote a book that was (cough) inspired by my favorite TV show. I never tried to deny it. I was hoping the knowledge might translate into extra sales. While the book did indeed turn out to be my best selling title to date, it didn’t come anywhere close to the millions of copies 50 Shades has sold so far. You won’t find it at the end of the aisle in Kmart, and no New York publishers are waving seven-figure checks in my face. But it was based on a show with a passionate fan base! Why aren’t I rich and famous?

Clearly I made several mistakes in my marketing. For you budding E. L. Jameses out there, try this formula:

1. Pick a wildly popular book/show/movie with a huge and rabid fan base. Twilight is a worldwide phenomenon. The show I picked, well, isn’t. It’s got its fans, but they don’t number in the millions. On second thought, skip the TV shows and movies and base your work on a book. Those fans are trained readers from the get-go. You’re halfway home already.

2. Write a lengthy fanfic and post it on any one of the free sites available. Let it gather rave reviews and recommendations. Build an audience who’ll buy the rewritten version when you self-pub. It helps if you know how to write, but good writing isn’t mandatory. This is true even of professionally-published books. (Example: The Da Vinci Code or early John Grisham)

3. Include a lot of sex. The kinkier, the better. Especially if there was no sex between the characters in the original but everybody was dying to see some. Maybe that was part of my problem, I didn’t have enough sex scenes and they were pretty tame. Maybe the guy should have been into branding or something. C’mon, he had a tattoo. What more do you people want?

4. Make your hero a brooding older man who’s rich as all get out but has a tragic background/troubled past/deadly secret. His lover is younger, naïve, awkward and ideally a virgin. She’s drawn to him instantly, but she’s not sure how he feels. It worked for Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is considered a classic for a reason.

5. Your main characters should be male and female. There’s another place I went wrong. Mine was two guys. M/M has a following, but nowhere near the numbers het romance enjoys. My love interest wasn’t a virgin either, although he was younger than the hero. Who was a vampire, by the way. I think that may have helped sales, but I can’t be sure.

The biggest error I made was skipping the fanfic stage. My major concern in devising my story was—what’s the word I want? Oh yeah. Plagiarism. Plus, until 50 Shades came along, there was no money in fanfic, and I have monthly bills. I thought fanfic and money were mutually exclusive. Instead of writing and posting a fanfic with loads of bondage sex, I concocted an original background and story and cast the show’s actors as the leads. They may look the same and sound the same, but they’re not the TV characters. Maybe that’s why big publishers with big advances aren’t beating down my door. If you can’t recognize the beloved characters from your favorite book/show/movie—and they’re not having steamy sex every couple of pages—then what’s the point?

For the record, I haven’t read 50 Shades, and after seeing all the reviews and comments and skimming a couple of pages in the local Kmart, I don’t think I will be. I did read Twilight (got it from the library), and while it’s not my thing, I can understand why 14-year-old girls would fall in love with it. Sadly, I don’t write the things 14-year-old girls fall in love with. I write what interests me. Whether it interests anyone else I don’t know until the book comes out.

For instance, I’m toying with a YA plot right now. It has a guy and a girl. It has vampires. There are no sex scenes at all. It’s primarily a comedy. Sounds like I’m doomed from the start. If I make the guy ten years older, make her young and virginal, put a hot bondage scene on the first page and name them Bella and Edward it might stand a chance. This time, make the werewolves sparkle. They’re gay and wear glitter in their fur. I like that idea, but it’s too original. In current publishing, the word of the day is derivative.

Screw this. Writing a 200k-word fan fiction epic and then rewriting it as an original work is way too time consuming. I’m going to cash in on another trend I spotted on the same forum. Some publisher wants to reissue Sherlock Holmes and Pride and Prejudice and a couple other classics in the public domain, but this time with steamy sex scenes added. I’m targeting Call of the Wild. Buck was a werewolf. Harnessing dogs to a sled constitutes bondage, right? Of course it does. Throw in a couple scenes of M/M cross-species shapeshifter bestiality and I might just have something. Hey, New York! I’m over here! Make sure you spell my name right on my seven-figure check.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 6, 2012

~Pic by xluciousx~

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #205

NOW, a new LOVE vibration arrives on Earth. This is an added dimension of love more easily accessed by humanity, a mighty force meant to embrace each one of us, and assist us in joining together against the tyrannical soulless ones.

For, at this momentous time, the ugly and monstrous dragon of corruption now falls beneath its own leviathan weight. However, as it slowly writhes and 'crashes', there will be cruel, heinous, and nightmarish atrocities committed against 'the people'. THOSE 'evildoers' who brought forth this 'dragon of corruption' will stop at nothing to survive.

This week, the plunge into worldwide insanity goes into hyperdrive, and, likely, as 2012 continues, most of us will be affected in some sad or infuriating way. The best defense is love, the emotion of love.

That is, you need to FEEL the love. It's time to focus, more than ever, on how much you love family and friends -- whomever you do. And/or 'feel' how much you love your pets. Let yourself bathe in the love emotions of your heart.

On the personal front, this week watch out for yourself, and for others. Nasty forces are at work, and gunning for anyone and everyone. However, the good angels are on the job. Your responsibility is to be aware, listen to your inner guidance, and take whatever precaution you can.

On the other hand, this week's golden opportunity is to COME ALIVE in a whole new way. Out of this 'new spirit' arises a superior way of dealing with your life.

On the paranormal front, the spirit of George Washington comes upon the Earth at this time. His sacred mission is as it was during his lifetime, to establish the foundation for true freedom. Don't be surprised if apparitional sightings are reported.

For, the founding fathers and mothers will not have their republic vilified by the bankster gangster crowd. Nor do the 'founders' intend to let the media's propaganda of lies stand as truth with the people.

Also, there will be other major paranormal 'strange universe' events this week. A few may make headline news. Watch alternative media sources for real reporting.

On the economic front, not a good week ahead for many. Globally, every effort will be made to sell the idea of a one world bank. For the most part, the global population does not want these so-called technocrats anywhere near their money.

Worldwide, protests and riots will continue, and will only worsen. Communities will break away, and form their own economy. All while the brain-drain media minimizes and continues the massive coverup of the REAL CRIMES perpetrated every minute against humanity by the bankster gangsters.

For the next month, there will also be major electronic glitches in the stock market. With increasing frenzy, a behind the scenes battle is being waged for ultimate control. This 'could' cause a premature CRASH. Or a bank holiday where cash is rationed, or denied – on a larger scale than what is already occurring.

As always during 2012, dare to prepare. Have cash, food and water on hand, and any other necessities you use regularly. If you have children, be prepared at a moment's notice to pick them up from activities, and/or take them out of school.

On the truth front, the military occupation of America is here, and ramping up fast and furious. Any and every excuse will be used. Lies of convenience will be used by so-called public officials. Deception and false flag events will become thick as smoke. Because, anything diabolical goes when it comes to fooling 'the people', and making them believe the party line.

Angelic advice: Leave the major cities if you are able. Gather together with family, friends, and those of like mind to create your own 'safe' community. Remember access to a good water source is crucial.

On the war front, the next week is murky as far as details. However, the worldwide war of words will continue non-stop, and accusations from every side will be shouted from the proverbial media-rooftops. Likely, there will be several false flag events meant to justify war, and bring about World War III.

On the good side, there are THOSE of Divine nature who are still checkmating the soulless ones' drive toward all-out war. As well, factions of the new world order are battling for supremacy, and thwarting each other.

Of far more consequence, is the economic chaos being deliberately created so that 'the people' will be weakened, their lives destroyed, and their spirits crushed. Thus, they will be easier to control. So, it is believed.

On the AWAKENING front, this week, humanity's GRAND AWAKENING rises swiftly on the wings of the angelic force, and is carried into the ethers where the future is formed. This will bring about some beneficial changes in the timeline, especially toward the end of the year, 2012.

On the food front, as the GM/GMO franken-foods are forced on the public, there will be a massive backlash against the corp-gov estasblishment.

For the sake of each human being, the time has come to take back the land from the bankster gangster crew, and their disastrous BIG AGRA farming practices. The wise move is to join your force with the force of Mother Earth. For, that is the new humanity of the Aquarian Age, living and loving on the precious land.

On the energy front, more and more, the TRUTH about energy, the power companies, and free energy devices will be exposed.

Currently, due to endless lies by the corp-gov, modern coal plants that are 'not' harming the environment, because of the required safety measures, are being shut down right and left. This mafia-like move is about monopolizing the energy market, and laying siege to the people. However, in the near future this sinister strategy will backfire big-time.

The angelic voices say: Know this, THOSE who shout and scream the loudest about loving the Earth, are the very ones who DESPISE our precious planet, Gaia. 'They' are the ones who would destroy the Earth and her beloved human race.

On the land changes front, sunstorms are activating the Earth's tectonic plates in good and necessary ways. However, these solar storm frequencies are being used by dark-side scientists in the ongoing weather wars. Thus, across the globe, catastrophic weather will continue, bigger and badder than ever.

As well, look for an increase in serious volcanic and earthquake activity. Some of this activity is being mitigated by the good forces. Also, major asteroid showers are on the way, at this time.

On the really bad news front, *innocents* and targeted groups of Americans who are innocent, will now be persecuted in the presstitute media on a massive scale. These 'innocents' will be demonized and used as fodder by the corp-gov to bring about a totalitarian regime. THEIR goal is to create chaos, and a civil war of biblical proportions. As always, the strategy is: DIVIDE and CONQUER *the people*.

On the good news front, learning to defend yourself and others against enemies, and every form of injustice, now weaves the fabric of our society. For, blessed are the warriors of good heart and soul, the warriors and warrioresses who defend and protect the innocent.

Trendwise, band together, stand together against the system becomes the new way of life adopted by many across the world. This will be in opposition to the mindless trendiness fostered by the dark-side controllers of society.

Rejection of popular culture grows, creating an ever greater divide between those who face reality, and those who want to believe in the 'Truman Show' fantasy matrix.

Now rises the Native American culture, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The wisdom and knowledge that was, the heritage can no longer be suppressed. Prepare to be astonished as the Good and the bad are revealed.

This is a perfect week to go retro, and search out music, clothes, etc. Whatever resonates with your soul, indulge in, and enjoy.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Thursday, August 2, 2012

One of Those Days

You're all writers out there, you'll understand. Y'ever have one of those days when all the words just sit in your head and refuse to get out of bed and arrange themselves on the page? When you stare at the blank page or the blank screen for so long you start to imagine a tongue razzing back at you? Or maybe it's been hot for two months straight and you're just feeling lazy and even though you've got a blog due it's not like you're on a deadline or getting paid for it or anything and it's just so much easier to blow it off than to wrack your tired brain. You know, a day like that?

Today is mine.

Actually, I've been having whole weeks like that lately. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's a form of stage fright. Maybe I just need a break. I made a vow to myself to write something every day and I've kept it going for four years now. Some days it's page upon page of new stuff. Some days it's a paragraph or two of drivel that I spew onto the page right before midnight. There are days when I look at the laptop or the spiral notes and pen and go, "Screw you." Or turn on the TV. Today is one of those nah, don't think so days.

The head knows this is wrong. The head knows when you work for yourself and you blow off a work day, you've got a lousy boss with a jerk employee. What if I'm out taking a walk tomorrow and my hands get crushed by a falling piano and I can never type again? What will I do then? Okay, yeah, go on disability and get some of that voice-activated software. Or learn to type with my feet. It's been done before, by others. If you're really a writer, nothing will stop you from writing. Except when you just don't feel like it.

I hear you Dr. Phils out there. "You lack motivation." "You need to ask yourself what you really want out of life." "What if you needed an operation to save your life and the doctor decided he didn't feel like operating?" "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump off too?" "When are you going to clean your room?" Sorry, Dr. Phil morphed into Mom there for a minute. The point is, the voice in my head has been yelling that and a lot more (and a lot more profane) at me for quite a while now, and it's not doing squat. I don't feel like writing today, and I know what the consequences are. And yes, it IS working for me, Dr. Phil, so go back to counseling the alcoholic mom with the drug-addict daughter who married the biker and had three kids and they're all living with you in the trailer. I'll be just fine.

I go through this a lot. It passes. I'll go for a bike ride, eat green leafy vegetables, and wait for the humidity to drop. Eventually this will pass and I'll start pounding out the pages again. Eventually that will pass and I'll laze off for another couple weeks. It's a vicious cycle, but it's part of my routine. Eventually things get done.

As an apology for this rambling, pointless blog, here are a couple pics of

my favorite TV actors. Just forget about these words and look at the pretty men. Aren't they nice? I should write a story with them in it. Oh wait, I was. I should get back to it, sooner or later. Wonder what's on TV?