Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hot for Friday: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys... our little spitfire

Friday hotness kisses, everyone!

Note: Zance and Dontoya are returning from a charity calendar shoot, and end up talking about the woman they both want... the woman who has no interest in either of them. 


Chapter Two:
"Dante's calendar shoot this year...

"Dante's calendar shoot this year was a real hoot and howl." Zance let loose with a long guttural laugh, then threw his head back and howled. To his inner wolf's satisfaction the sound reverberated throughout their four-seater pickup.

Dontoya rumbled a drawn out chuckle, while keeping an iron grip on the steering wheel. Zance envied his longtime partner's laugh. Women crowded around him, nearly panting with lust, whenever they were out cruisin' the town.

"Yeah, pard," Dontoya drawled in his purr, "the camera shoot was a damn fine party without wearing pants. Instead of a hullabaloo takin' place in my pants, like you'd say."

"Without pants is a dang sight more fun. I sure am hopin' Dante decides on another charity calendar for the comin' year, and we'll still be on his invite list."

"Without pants, pard. Dang it, now you got me thinking about Sherilyn. You know how we both get hard-ons from hell whenever we catch sight or scent of that beautiful woman."

"Yep, just thinking about our little spitfire..." Zance repositioned himself so his cock wasn't challenging his zipper--not quite as much.


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Blurb ~

A woman desperate to save herself and her prize horses.
Two shapeshifter cowboys who want her as their woman.

When Zance, a timber wolf shifter,
and Dontoya, a black cougar shifter,
find Sherilyn dying due to a reckless driver,
there is only one way to bring her back to life.
But, that's only the beginning...



Potty Mouth

I’m having one of those weeks, so you, you lucky reader you, are getting one of those blogs. Today I’m going to share with you my favorite bathroom stories. Yes, that means exactly what you think it does. If this topic isn’t to your liking, we have a whole bunch of other posts you can scroll to or click onto. I won’t be offended. There won’t be any pictures, either. I’ll try to keep this as clean as the subject allows.

# # #

Actually, a picture does exist. Years ago my mother took one of those cheap mass-produced Sears paintings and made a collage of family snapshots. Of course she included the one of five-year-old me sitting on the hopper reading a comic book. Every parent has at least one of those, which they trot out when you ask your boss to dinner or bring home a potential spouse. Mine hung it on the wall for everyone to see. The scary thing is, fifty-odd years later nothing’s changed. I still read anywhere I come to rest for more than a minute or two. Talk about your multitasking.

# # #

And now, the tales of not-so-quiet desperation.

I was headed out somewhere, not even five minutes away from the house, when that sense of urgency hit. Rather than turn around, I stopped at a local grocery store. I make it a point to know where every public restroom is in any given area, because you never know when that knowledge will come in handy. Like right now. This place only has one room, so I was taking a chance here. My body let me know a long wait wasn’t an option.

I park the car and rush into the store and head for the back of the building. As I enter the frozen food section I notice some guy just ahead of me. He’s not walking fast but he’s moving with a purpose. All of a sudden I know, I just know, where he’s headed. I pick up the pace but I can’t catch up.

I’m right. He’s headed for the store’s single rest room, and he’s going to get there first.

Which he does. Except somebody’s already in there.

Now my bladder and I are stuck with two people ahead of me. What the hell? I thought men didn’t go to the bathroom.

This one didn’t. After an agonizing several-minute wait the guy ahead of me gave up and left. One down. The bathroom’s occupant came out shortly afterward. Another guy. I must have picked that one hour in the day when all men relieve themselves. I got in before I embarrassed myself.

While I was taking care of business, somebody outside tried the door. That morning cup of coffee, it’ll mess you up.

Let’s review: that’s four people all wanting to use a single-room facility in the same ten-minute period. I’ll bet nobody else went near the place for the next three hours. Timing is everything.

# # #

I had a similar incident in a mall once. This was out of town, so I wasn’t familiar with any and all locations. The public restrooms were right ahead of me, though, so I headed for them with time to spare. Almost. Just as I got close two little girls darted into the ladies’ room ahead of me. Once again it was a single offering. Naturally. And we’re talking two little girls here. You know they’re never coming out.

Right next door was the men’s room, just sitting there. Men never go to the bathroom. I waited. Looked around. No one’s in sight. I wait some more. Still no indication the girls are anywhere close to finished. Still no sign of male presence. What the hell. I went into the men’s room.

I didn’t even get my pants down before a guy opened the door that I thought I’d locked. I was forced to vacate, and not in the way I’d planned. Lucky for me the ladies’ room opened up shortly afterward. I hate these single-room facilities. Sooner or later my luck’s going to run out.

# # #

It almost did during that three-hour drive to New Jersey. When I go to the shore I stick to the back roads to dodge all those tolls on the turnpike. That means no rest stops. There was one gas-and-snack place along my route, and I really needed it. So did the woman who was already in there. “It’s occupied,” she said when I rattled the knob, then added, “I’m going to be in here awhile.” Terrific. The only public potty within miles, and she’s not giving it up. Somehow I made it to Rio Grande, where they have a KMart. I’m not sure if my bladder’s ever forgiven me.

# # #

These days, in a case like the above, I’m more likely to say screw it and just go out behind the building. Crouch by the dumpster or something. Why not? Men do it. Men are like cats. The whole world is their sandbox. Given their plumbing, it’s easier for them to hide what they’re up to. Spoiler alert: women are built differently. We have to make ourselves completely invisible, and that’s not always possible even under the best of circumstances.

Case in point: I was on a family trip with the folks in the wilds of central PA. We were headed back to the campground from some tourist trap. I wanted to go before we hit the road, but the facilities had no doors on the stalls, and there was a crowd in attendance. I don’t do public performances, so we left.

When it became obvious I wasn’t going to last the trip, I had Dad pull over next to a wide, empty field. Plenty of room. Tall grass. One road with nobody in sight for miles. You already know where this is going, don’t you?

Yeah. I removed myself a healthy distance from the car and assumed the position. Just as I get underway, a school bus packed with kids cruises by on the formerly-deserted road. Did I offend some god or something? On the bright side, the students had a highlight for their “What I did during my summer vacation” essays.

# # #

Still with me? Good for you. This is the cleanest of a lifetime collection of similar desperate stories. I’m looking forward to old age and senility, when you’re allowed to let loose whenever you want and no one can say anything. It’s like being a guy, but without the drunk part. All hail equality!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 27, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #347 

The Intersection of Time Points... Which Fork Will the Human Race Ultimately Choose?

For, destiny spins on the choice-points of humankind. Do we spin toward peace and prosperity for ALL?

Or do we tread the dark path of ever-increasing war and starvation -- the path those on the dark-side lay out, and make entertainment-enticing?

Think: *The Hunger Games*

On the spiritual front, The Interwoven Lattices of 'Coincidences' Becomes the Framework For Life In the Aquarian Age

Or synchronicity accelerate in our lives now, and is BEING-LIVING in the New-Earth zone. However, this will also work both ways. For, when the zone is interrupted, chaos can be experienced as greater than usual. Ride out the storm while looking for the rainbow zone.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swing their magnificent lightblades with the force of a hundred thousand tornadoes, slicing through the shroud of conjured evil. For, the Viper elite magicians intend to continue hijacking the human soul, the human mind and spirit, for their sinister purposes.

However, as more of humankind becomes heart-centered, such onslaughts of black sorcery will no longer be effective. To enable a heart-centered community, remember to 'responsibly' keep LOVE alive.

On the personal front, this week is likely to be 'jumpy' ... or jumping from one thing-project to the next because of a sudden situation, and/or unexpected interruptions. Keeping yourself organized as best as possible will help. Just keep ploughing through where necessary, and your most important goals will be met.

Also, grab for the opportunities that will come your way this week, no matter how small. This means, both financial/business and love opportunities. For, what you most need individually is being served up the All-knowing Universe.
As well, the companionship of pets, of being around animals in general, becomes ever more important in this world. Take advantage, and enjoy giving and receiving love.

On the *Earth's PYRAMID PAST revealing itself* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb ~ Alan Yuhas in New York @alanyuhas ~ Friday 24 April 2015 ~ Mexican researcher Sergio Gómez announced on Friday that he had discovered “large quantities” of liquid mercury in a chamber below the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, the third largest pyramid of Teotihuacan, the ruined city in central Mexico.~ Gómez has spent six years slowly excavating the tunnel, which was unsealed in 2003 after 1,800 years."

On the paranormal front, They're Back: the Little People, the Little Creatures, the Wee Ones... When Enjoying Nature Watch Where You Step!

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Homunculus: The Alchemical Creation of Little People with Great Powers

From a previous forecast: *Mary Joyce* author of "Cherokee Little People Were Real" ~ Blurb: "...talked about an ancient race of Little People who once lived in the North Carolina mountains. According to Cherokee lore, she said, when the tribe migrated to North Carolina long ago, they discovered "neatly tended vegetable gardens" throughout the area. The Native Americans subsequently discovered 'little people' emerging from "under the ground" at night and working on their gardens via the light of the moon. Lending credence to the reality of these tales, Joyce revealed that excavation projects in the region have unearthed tiny skeletons and, within an ancient burial mound, small tunnels were also discovered."

On the *we are not alone* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Governments are HIDING aliens, claims former defence minister: Paul Hellyer urges world leaders to reveal 'secret files'"

BLURB: "UFO Bases ... Appearing during the third hour, researcher Richard Sauder spoke about underwater bases associated with UFOs, as well as the secret government, and a coming economic implosion. The late investigator and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson concluded that underwater UFOs were real and operated by undersea inhabitants, said Sauder, who added that Lake Erie is a hotspot for such activity. There are underground salt deposits in the lake area, which are easier to drill into and create caverns than regular rock, he explained. Intriguingly, he also suggested that the underground bases may be connected with time travel, as water has many unusual properties and it may somehow facilitate the malleability of time.
Last hour guest, paranormal expert Joshua P. Warren talked about a 1997 UFO crash in Puerto Rico, which he recently investigated and found some anomalies at the site, such as an odd cactus that may have radioactive traces. The site, which is near one of the oldest mountains in the Caribbean, is also where a Mothman-like creature called the Gargola (gargoyle) has been spotted, he said."

On the UFO *Who and What Is Out There?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "UFO-alien abduction still haunts Travis Walton ~ Saturday, April 25, 2015
Abductee Travis Walton shares his terrifying account of waking up to find himself surrounded by aliens aboard their ship." — Huffington Post

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Mainstream PhotoJournalist Captures a UFO ~ Monday, April 20, 2015 ~ What happens when a distinguished, highly reputable photojournalist with credits from The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Marie Clair, Time Magazine and other prestigious journals – sees and photographs something in the skies he cannot identify? The answer is, of course, that he writes about it. In fact, he put his reputation on the line to write a straightforward report of what he saw and of his challenge to capture the image...

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Another Pro Gets a UFO Photo, this Time over Rome ~ Wednesday, April 22, 2015 ~ Surprisingly, this is the second time in a week that we find ourselves publishing a UFO story on the main site. Our policy is to reserve these stories for our Out There section unless there is a level of professional involvement and virtual certainty that the object cannot be explained. This is such a story. The photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been confirmed by the Mediterranean UFO Center to be a professional celebrity photographer. He was shooting footage of a passing airliner from his patio in Rome when the object briefly appeared. He did not notice it while making the video. Investigator Angelo Maggioni of the Mediterranean UFO Center points out that the object is self-illuminated because the lights on it flash both as it faces the sun and as it faces away. He estimated the height at 36,000 feet, approximately the altitude of the airliner. There is no effort on the part of the videographer to track the object, which flashes past only briefly.
There have been a very large number of UFO reports worldwide in recent months as well as some extremely unusual events and observations that we will be reporting on

On the *Mars Revealed* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Canadian: ‘I Found a Bunker, People and Missiles in Mars Photograph’
Posted on Apr 19 2015 - 3:45pm by Cryptozoology News
CANADA — A man on Saturday shared the images containing what he believes to be a populated bunker in Mars.
Former journalist Andre Gignac told Cryptozoology News that the “stunning discovery” was found in a photograph released by NASA and taken by the Mars Exploration Rover, also known as Opportunity.
Gignac said that he became “curious” about a “dark spot” on the rim of the Endeavour crater he had spotted in the original image, so he decided to investigate deeper.
“I was stunned. It was a massive panoramic window built in the inside wall of the crater,” said the 58 year old."

On the *run, Nessie, run and swim far away* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Google enables hunt for Loch Ness Monster ~ Saturday, April 25, 2015
An update to Google's Street View service has made it possible to explore Loch Ness from your computer." — Unexplained Mysteries

On the Planet X-Nibiru front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "NBC News Reports Nibiru Planet X System ~ Thursday, April 23, 2015 6:20
“In a live, predawn telecast on or about January 14, 2014, the morning news anchors of this NBC News affiliate, KCRA in Sacramento, CA aired live video from their own KCRA new helicopter. In it, they reported an observation of a planet they could not explain."

On the EARTHQUAKE front, As stated in *Angelic Forecast 341*: A Major Earthquake Is Likely Around Midyear

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Massive Earthquake Kills 565, Demolishes Buildings in Nepal
Sputnik | A 7.5 magnitude earthquake rattled Nepal on Saturday, the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said."

Update ~ HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Faces of the missing: Nepalese officials warn death toll of devastating quake could hit 10,000 as scores of American families are among the thousands searching for those still unaccounted for..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "More devastation: 6.7 magnitude aftershock earthquake strikes Nepal
RT | A fresh 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck 17km south of Kodari, Nepal, on Sunday morning."

On the land changes front, Extreme Goes Extreme, then Extreme Again As the Year Progresses... Plus, the UFO and the Spectacular Calbucco Volcano Eruption

HEADLINE: "Savage drought will drive Lake Mead to record low on Sunday"

HEADLINE: "Twenty-six water districts in California to begin rationing water"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: 'Like the end of the world': Beijing blanketed in red dust ~ Apr 16, 2015  Beijing was covered in a thick blanket of dust on Tuesday and Wednesday in one of the worst sandstorms the city has seen in more than a decade.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Was the Chilean volcano eruption so incredible it attracted a UFO? Mysterious white light seen hovering beside giant ash cloud that grounded flights
Calbuco volcano in southern Chile - which has been dormant for 40 years - erupted without warning on Wednesday
A second terrifying eruption yesterday has now forced over 4,000 to flee in aftermath of the 'apocalypse-like' event
Footage of the eruption has revealed a strange pair of white lights floating perilously close to the ash cloud
By Hannah Parry For Mailonline
Published: 24 April 2015 |  Incredible footage has emerged of a mysterious pair of white lights seen hovering perilously close to to the Chilean volcano eruption.
Volcano Calbuco, which has laid dormant for more than 40 years, suddenly erupted on Wednesday causing a thick plume of ash to cloud the sky while thousands of people living in its shadow were forced to flee the 'apocalypse-like' event.
Hundreds filmed the eruption, near the southern port city of Puerto Montt, Chile, and its deadly ash cloud which caused all nearby flights to be grounded for safety.
But one amateur cameraman was surprised to see what appeared to be white lights close to the enormous plume of ash and smoke rising from the mouth of the volcano.
...The footage shows the unexplained pair of lights floating dangerous close to erupting volcano before disappearing.
Tens of thousands of people have speculated on what the UFO could be, suggesting everything from police or emergence services helicopters, to a kind of optical illusion or even an alien craft.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Titanic Blob of Magma Found Beneath Yellowstone Supervolcano ~ Friday, April 24, 2015
Despite its massive size, experts offer assurance that magma pocket has no bearing on potential future volcanic eruptions at National Park. — LiveScience

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scientists find missing link in Yellowstone plumbing: This giant volcano is very much alive
Washington post | Yellowstone National Park is the home of one of the world’s largest volcanoes."

On the AWAKENING front, Prepare For the Divine Feminine... and Share Your Experiences Where It Feels Natural and Right To Do So

BLURB: "Friday April 24, 2015 ~ Great Energies are Returning: Tricia McCannon Explains ~ [First Half of Dreamland]
Tricia McCannon is one of the great wisdom teachers of our time, and this week she brings her knowledge to Dreamland in this powerful discussion of her book the Return of the Divine Sophia: Healing the Earth through the Lost Wisdom Teachings of Jesus, Isis and Mary Magdalene.
Where are we right now in the history of the human race, and where are we going as we pass from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Extremely powerful energies are at work all around us right now. For example as Aquarius, the age of communication approaches, the entire world is being transformed by the most powerful communications medium ever developed: the internet. So this is not a program about something theoretical, but rather about real energies that are transforming our lives right now.
[Second Half of Dreamland] ~ Tricia McCannon is uniquely qualified to describe for us where the powerful transformative energies we are experiencing right now are taking us. Look back over the past ten years, and you will see a cascade of amazing changes. At the beginning of that time, a phone was a phone. Now you carry the whole world in your pocket. Anybody is an instant away, any memory or idea there for in depth exploration right now.
So, let's take a look at the BIGGER picture. There is a reason that the movement from Pisces to Aquarius actually is bringing the exact sort of transformation predicted. The whole of humanity is becoming a new kind of community.
Why is has this amazing transformation happened, and what does it have to do with the alchemy of the soul and mankind's journey through the cosmos? Almost nobody on Earth can coherently voice these burning questions, let alone answer them. Tricia McCannon is among a tiny handful of visionaries and philosophers who can. Explore with her, and see.

On the economic front, The Dark-side Elite Plan: Keeping the Sheeple Hooked On H-opium Long Enough To Be Entirely Fleeced... And Fleeced Again, and Again... and again...

At this point, the national, and the global economy is nothing but the proverbial carrot on the stick -- the one the mule never gets to eat after a hard day's labor in the boiling sun. Be careful out there, everyone, the bankster gangsters are on the rampage against you!

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "11 Signs That We Are Entering The Next Phase Of The Global Economic Crisis"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "National Debt Soars Over $18 Trillion
Truth Revolt | Our debt is more than we produce."

On the WAR ON CASH front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Largest Bank In America Joins War On Cash :Chase, is restricting the use of cash in selected markets; bans cash payments for credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans; and disallows the storage of 'any cash or coins' in safe deposit boxes."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Chase To Charge 1% Fee For Deposits, Beginning May 1st; BOYCOTT CHASES WAR ON CASH!"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "More Disturbing Developments, War On Cash And The Endgame: People will be concerned about getting their money back, not the trivial interest rate being paid on cash."

On the *crony capitalism gone berserker wild* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “I’m Not Crazy, I’m Scared” – Why For One Trader, This Time It Is Different
Zero Hedge | Central banks are driving all investment decisions."

On the silver front. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Why Is JP Morgan Accumulating The Biggest Stockpile Of Physical Silver In History?
Michael Snyder | Why in the world has JP Morgan accumulated more than 55 million ounces of physical silver?"

On the gold front, HEADLINE: "China To Reveal The Size Of Its Massive Gold Hoard As Prices For Key Hard Assets Continue To Skyrocket"

On the Prepper front. HEADLINE: "For all your apocalypse needs: Hundreds flock to Prepper expo to stock up on bunkers armored cars ...and a crossbow-armed 'tactical bicycle'"

On the truth front, TRUTH WINS OUT: The Collapse of the Presstitute Media Industrial Complex Continues

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Worse Than Williams: NBC, Richard Engel and Their Fake Syrian Kidnapping Story Back in December 2012, ...Engel claimed he was kidnapped along with four other journalists while traveling inside Syria by “pro-Assad Shi’ite forces”. Engel went on to claim how his “pro-Assad” captors brutally tortured reporters and even killed their ‘Free Syrian Army’ rebel chaperone, before eventually being “rescued” by other rebels. Engel did endless rounds in the US media retelling his sensational tale, skillfully crafting a narrative of suffering at the hands of the evil and merciless “Syrian government”, and “Iranian-aligned Shi’ite forces”.
This week, the story finally collapsed..."

Also, as stated in a prior forecast, *revelations* about top leaders continue:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Malik Obama Bombshell Interview - Barack 'Deceptive, Cold, Ruthless' Malik states that Barack has turned his back on the people, saying "Well, the way that he's turned and become a different person with the family is the same way that I see him behaving politically. He says one thing and then he does another. He's not been an honest man, as far as I'm concerned, in who he is and what he says and how he treats people. He continues on to describe how he feels about being the oldest brother in the family "Disappointed… disappointed, used, used and also betrayed. In the beginning, I didn't think that he was a schemer. His real character, his real personality, the real him, is coming out now."

On the war front, Sadly, Horrifically, Bombing Genocide Continues In the Unholy Mess That is the Middle East... and the Ukraine Flashpoint

As demonstrated by the following shock video, the Soros and congress-funded NAZI pretenders are on the terrible rise. Be warned! This is utter evil at work.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Shock Video: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Nail Rebel Fighter to Cross, Burn Him Alive
Paul Joseph Watson | US-backed militants carry out brutal execution."

On the Cyber War front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “US May Use Cyberattacks As Offensive Weapon, DoD Says"

On the tyranny-at-work front, Convincing the Ram-Charging People That the Military Invasion of Their Cities, Their Towns, Their Land Is Not Real But Necessary

Ultimately, this Orwellian tactic by the 'dark-side power that be' will fail, fail miserably, and fail bigtime. For, despite the large herds of brain-washed sheeple, many now understand -- as never before -- they must be the Captain of Their Own Life Ship. They must defend themselves, their loved ones, and their good neighbors.

This will only escalate as times worsen for many of us. Continue to build your local community, your own local economy. Build the world you want to live in.

On the super surveillance front, HEADLINE: "Post Office Surveillance Program Photographs ALL Address On The Mail You Send"

On the *Minority Report* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Miami Police Set to Launch Federally-Funded Pre-Crime System
Mikael Thalen | “It goes beyond just looking at crime data."

On the martial law front, Jade Helm 15: The Military Takeover Is Here

HEADLINE: "Marines practice riot control for future American civil unrest, footage shows troops taking on protesters"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Military Vehicles Staging Behind Midland Texas Wal-Mart As Choppers Fill Skies And 'Blacked-Out' FEMA Buildings Are Built In Kentucky By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
With this Jade Helm 15 'conspiracy theory' story slamming the Houston Chronicle and the state of Texas clearly in the bullseye of it all, the brand new 1st video below from DAHBOO77 from the Wal-Mart store in Midland, Texas shows what appears to be the staging of military vehicles behind the Wal-Mart while an All News Pipeline reader has sent us the pictures at the bottom of the story of a private security contractor called 'Central Defense Security' which, coincidentally or not, was also hanging out at the same Midland, Texas Wal-Mart."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "UN Medic Units Photographed On Truck On 'Due Course' To Texas As Gun Confiscation Plans Ramp Up! By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die ...a reader of the website got a picture of one of these 'transportations' on I-10 in Mississippi, a highway that runs east to west and according to the photographer, on a due course to Texas. Texas is one of the states listed as hostile in the upcoming Jade Helm 15 US Army 'exercise' that many are concerned will 'turn hot' and result in gun-confiscation and/or martial law.
Why is the UN seemingly headed towards Texas and is now being seen all across the south 'en masse'? Does this have anything at all to do with what the UN  is planning on doing to confiscate guns here in America?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Convoy of military vehicles “as far as the eye can see”, massive military buildup in America continues As the buildup to Jade Helm continues, new video footage out of Oroville, California shows a convoy of military vehicles as far as the eye can see.
A description on the video claims that the convoy was headed east away from California and that it could have reached as far as Texas at this point.
“A massive buildup, a lot of movement and its undeniable at this point."

HEADLINE: "US National Guard’s drills in public aimed at dealing with domestic ‘dissidents'"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Video Shows Tennessee Cops & National Guard in Riot Control Exercise
Paul Joseph Watson | Civil unrest training now taking place once a month."

On the *police state in Amerika* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Baltimore PD release CCTV video in Freddie Gray case, admit medical care wasn’t given
RT | officers “failed to give medical attention in a timely manner multiple times."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Video: Cop Slams Woman Face-First Into Ground, Breaks Facial Bones, Smashes Teeth
Steve Watson | Disturbing number of cases of cops ‘face planting’ people who resist."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Grand Jury Clears Cops Who Shot Mentally Ill Man For Holding A Screwdriver
Steve Watson | “He never leaves the front porch and he’s gunned down."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Caught On Tape: Cop Jumpkicks Suspect After Shooting Him
Zero Hedge | As regular readers are no doubt aware, there’s been no shortage of “caught on tape” police moments over the past several months."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "A Lesson for New York Cops: How to Subdue Brawlers Without Hurting Them
Kurt Nimmo | Swedish officers show how to handle violent situation without hurting or killing suspects."

On the *it's all about stealing your money* not protecting and serving you front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cops Go Car To Car In Traffic Jam, Issue $18,000 in Fines for Cellphone Use at a Near Dead Stop

On the communication front, HISTORIC Happening: The TEXAS People Stand and Band Together For the Their Community and the American People

HEADLINE NEWS: "Live Jade Helm Coverage in Texas
Prison | Americans flood Bastrop, Texas, courtroom to oppose Jade Helm. Infowars reporter Joe Biggs is in Bastrop, Texas, where Americans are flooding the Commissioners Courtroom at 804 Pecan St. in opposition to Operation Jade Helm.“Jade Helm is a challenging eight-week joint military and Interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado,” according to an unclassified military document announcing the training drill, which runs from July 15 through September 15.
The exercise, in which troops will be “wearing civilian clothes and driving civilian vehicles” to blend in with “civilian populations,” lists Texas and Utah as “hostile” territory.
This article was posted: Monday, April 27, 2015 at 10:53 am"

On the *facebook is NOT your friend* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm to Affect ‘Media Content’
Mikael Thalen | Social media-giant admits “post reach and referral traffic could potentially decline…"

On the MONOPOLY COPYRIGHT front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "PayPal Asserts Copyright Ownership Over All Intellectual Property of its Users
Paul Joseph Watson | Payment processor announces alarming update to terms of agreement."

On the home front, The Summer of Massive and Magnificent Discontent ... the Official Lies Fall Apart Like a House of Windblown Cards

And... THE RAM-CHARGERS ~ From a previous forecast: "At this turnpoint in history, the force of the people grows exponentially. That is, instead of being 'sheeple', many more of us become Ram-Chargers against wrongdoing and wrongdoers. For, overall, we have had enough."

Also... From a prior forecast: "Massive turmoil, great swathes of turbulence, the bloody jackboot torment of the public... now the masked, hidden Viper cabal unleashes more of its gladiator-minions to not only fight each other to the death... but to foment hatred, and stir boiling pots of chaos worldwide.

However, the Benevolent Ones extinguish many of the raging fires. Yet it remains up to the people to ram-charge and stop this cruel and soul-corrupt insanity."

On the *how the dark-side controllers foment a race war* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Baltimore Mayor: Space Was Provided To Those Who ‘Wished To Destroy’ [VIDEO]
Daily Caller | Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a stunning admission Saturday."

HEADLINE: "#BlackLivesMatter ‘Protesters’ Attack Innocent Diners, Sports Fans, Smash Up Restaurants, Loot In Baltimore" ~ Steve Watson

NEWS SNIPPET: "...Raw footage shown below of the chaos that ensued after the protests turned violent, which some believe was deliberately fomented by outside agitators and  "splinter groups," after a day of peaceful protests... Would the protests have stayed peaceful if not for outside interference? The family of Freddie Gray was begging for the violence [TO STOP], which led to the arrest of a dozen people, to stop.  We'll never know because whenever a protest like this is planned, outside agitators show up and deliberately try to incite a race-war as we have seen time and time again in other recent cases, such as Michael Brown and Eric Garner."

On the energy front, This Week: A New Fighting Spirit For Freedom Superstorm-Sweeps Across the Country, and Worldwide

This freedom-fierce energy ignites the hearts, the minds, the spirit of humanity... yes, as never before in the whole of Planet Earth's history/herstory -- this includes prior, advanced-tech civilizations. Stay tuned. More important, stay tuned in.

On the food front, The Pathetic, Criminal Abuse, Non-Nutrition Lunch Program Demanded By the First Lady While She Dines and Eats Cake Like a Queen

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Students rip school lunches: #ThanksMichelleObama ‘for screwing us out of a good meal’
Kyle Olsen | Michelle Obama isn’t winning over many fans in the next generation of voters."

On the STOCK UP! front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Michael Snyder | Why are so many catastrophes hitting U.S. food production? Is The U.S. Food Supply Cursed? ~ April 22, 2015 ~ Why are so many catastrophes hitting U.S. food production?  This week, we have learned that more than 7 million turkeys and chickens have already been killed as the result of a devastating bird flu outbreak here in the United States.  This particular strain of the bird flu has already spread to the states of Minnesota, Iowa, California, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin, and scientists are mystified as to why it is moving so rapidly.  But what we do know is that this flu has the potential to kill an entire flock of chickens or turkeys in just 48 hours.  This pandemic is quickly becoming a major national crisis all by itself, but when you combine this with all of the other disasters hitting our food supply, a very troubling picture emerges.  Could it be possible that the U.S. food supply is cursed?
Before we talk about the bird flu some more, let’s first review some of the other ways that our food supply is under assault.

On the *defeating frankenfood* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "BIG WIN! El Salvador Farmers Beat Monsanto's Monopoly
El Salvador farmers have achieved a victory against Monsanto by preventing the company from supplying the nation with its poison seeds."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Texas Pushes for GMO Labeling with Introduction of New Bill
Christina Sarich | Following Vermont’s GMO labeling victory."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "GMO-free burritos: Chipotle 1st fast-food chain to ditch genetic-modifications
RT | Chipotle has become the first fast-food chain to ban genetically modified foods.~

On the Cannabis Oil front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Dying Man ‘Cures Bowel Cancer with Cannabis Oil’
Christina Sarich | One of many other real life cases."

On the *time to kill you off like the bees* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "After Cancer Link Confirmed, EPA Still Doubles Herbicide Use
Jefferey Jaxon | Despite the chemicals being ‘probably carcinogenic’.

On the really bad news front, Destroying Our Beloved Mother Earth ~ THIS MONUMENTAL QUESTION FOR OUR TIMES:

Headline: "So If Fukushima Kills The Oceans And Geoengineering Kills The Trees What Happens To Us?"

On the NO RIGHTS OR JUSTICE FOR YOU front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Innocent Man Convicted After FBI “Expert” Analysts Confused his Hair with the Hair of a DOG
Free Thought Project | There are still 1200 cases left to be investigated."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "For the FBI, tapping phones and shredding the Constitution are all in a day’s work
Andrew P. Napolitano | Does the FBI manifest fidelity, bravery and integrity, or does it cut constitutional corners in order to incriminate?"

On the NOT SHOCKING, *this has been genetically going on behind the scenes for decades now* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "China shocks world by genetically engineering human embryos ~ Saturday, April 25, 2015 ~ Chinese scientists have reported that they have carried out the world's first experiments to genetically engineer a human embryo." — The Telegraph

On the *shoot you with vaccines* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers
Ron Paul Institute | The manipulation of the conversation around vaccines in the mainstream media has been nothing short of a tour de force."


HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Australia: everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "10 mind-blowing facts about the vaccine industry that the mainstream media still refuses to report FACT #1) Mercury is still used in vaccines, and the CDC openly admits it. There is NO safe level of mercury for injecting into a human child... FACT #2) Injecting any substance into the human body makes it orders of magnitude more potentially toxic because it bypasses the protections of the digestive tract or the respiratory system... FACT #3) For decades, polio vaccines injected into tens of millions of people actually contained hidden cancer viruses (SV40 and others). This was openly admitted by a top Merck vaccine scientist named Hilleman..."

On the good news front, THE BRAVE ONES Rise, Leader Phoenixes Continue To Soar From the Ashes... and So Do the Epic Robin Hoods 

From a past forecast: "From this point forward, the economic slaughter of the middle class becomes hugely obvious to many more. Out of this growing AWARENESS rises the Robin Hood activism of humanity.

From nearly every sector of society, THE BRAVE ONES, the Robin Hoods take bold and daring action. Often the cyber rebels, the hacktivists, take the lead, coming out in 'righteous' force. This, for the sake of ALL humankind."

On the global mafia cabal front, The Dark-side Cabal's Monster Endgame Against Humanity Is Here... and So Is the Divine's Endgame

From a previous forecast: "That is, those who serve the dark side -- knowingly or unknowingly -- are on the path to their own self destruction. Within the human genome is a trigger bio-mechanism that now goes operational, whenever acts of evil are committed -- especially during these ASCENSION times.

Also, the soulless ones, are subject to their 'planted seeds' of self destruction. Now watch as a hyper madness sets in, all while death begins to claim these elite vipers."

On the *New World Order Criminals At Work Against You* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "TPP Would Destroy State, County and Local Government Power
Washington’s Blog | The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would take sovereignty away from the American government."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "If You Want the NSA Passing Around Your Nude Pics, You’ll LOVE the Treaties Being Secretly Negotiated Without Your Consent
Washington’s Blog | TPP may as well stand for “Tracking Porn Pics."

On the heroine front, PATTY GREER ~ Blurb: "Award-winning filmmaker Patty Greer has visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally. Enthralled with the phenomenon since 2006, she returned in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014. Greer had a life altering experience in a 2007 UK Crop Circle, then produced 6 full feature UFO films in record time. With no training in filmmaking whatsoever, the movies won 6 awards. Filmed in the epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomenon, somewhere  between Stonehenge and the Avebury Stone Circle, you get to see what’s really going on in the mystical fields and  it is really exciting!"
Blurb: "...crop circle investigator Patty Greer [discussed] the latest developments in crop formation research and how she thinks the phenomenon may change the course of human history forever."

On the hero front, Joel Gilbert, film-maker, the exposé of communist agent, Frank Marshal Davis, and his son, Barry Davis aka Barry Soetoro...
Blurb: ... His film "Dreams From My Real Father", an alternative Barack Obama "autobiography," offer[s] a divergent theory of what may have shaped our 44th President's life and politics.

On the freedom front, Update On the Oregon Gold Mine Being Targeted By the BLM

For an insightful perspective of what true freedom means, and the history of our freedom in America, these two interviews are invaluable.



SHAHID BUTTAR of the Bill of Rights Defence Committee joins a discussion on our Constitution in crisis.

STEWART RHODES, attorney and founder of Oath Keepers will update us on the current happenings with the Oregon mining dispute.
Article of Interest: Oath Keepers Rally in Oregon to Prevent 139-Year-Old Gold Mines from Being Seized by BLM

Also joining is MARY EMERICK, spokeswoman for the Josephine County Oath Keepers.

And the 'paid' opposition speak:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "SPLC Accuses Oath Keepers of Inciting “Armed Confrontation” Over Sugar Pine Mine
Paul Joseph Watson | George Soros-funded attack group gets its facts woefully wrong yet again."

Trendwise, The *Gone Psycho* Globalist Establishment Issues a *007 License* To Kill Your Pets

Behind the dark-side scenes, a war against dogs, cats, horses, and domestic livestock, has been waged by the *leaders of those very organizations* who claim to be FOR abandoned and needy animals -- those super-large organizations who 'break your heart' with their ads for contributions. If this is 'unbelievable' to you, an in-depth internet search will EXPOSE this horrible betrayal, and truth.

However, there's a deeper, much darker conspiracy that has been exposed to the proverbial LIGHT OF DAY. Americans 'could' be suddenly witnessing the wholesale slaughter/pandemic-disease loss of their beloved animals.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "CIA-ISIS Bio Attack Warned Spells Death For All Dogs In America ~ By: Sorcha Faal ~ April 18, 2015
...To the MoH designating this avian flu a bio attack, this report says is due to the fact that it is an “unnatural” manmade variant of the Avian A/H5N1 subtypes Canine Influenza and Fujian Influenza viruses having only two distinct “targets”…dogs and turkeys.
As to why just dogs and turkeys are being targeted by this CIA-ISIS bio attack, SVR analysts in this report state, can be likened to the “destruction of the identity” of the American people whose upcoming fall and winter holiday seasons are centered around their family feasts of this poultry, and when combined with an estimated that 70-80 million dogs comprising between 37-47% of all households in the United States, the loss of them would have a catastrophic effect upon these peoples lives, characters and souls.
And to the “reason/excuse” the Obama regime will use in telling the American people all of their beloved dogs must die, this report says, will be their stating that it is necessary to protect from the further spread of the avian flu virus through what are called the global flyways..." ~


HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Expands Massive Animal Kill To Include All Domestic Cats ~ By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Another grim Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the Obama regime has vastly expanded its massive “animal kill” plans to include all domestic cats residing in the United States and Canada in yet another of its “steps” toward its preparations for total global war...
...As to how the Obama regime will explain to the American people the need to kill all of their nations domestic cats, this SVR report says, is due to their being one of the few species that can get avian influenza, and who will need to be destroyed in order to protect the United States food supply during a “time of war” from the further spreading this deadly disease.
Unbeknownst to the American people about this monstrous Obama regime plot to kill of their nations dogs and cats, this report concludes, is that the template for it was created at the beginning of World War II when a British government “psychological/propaganda” pamphlet led to a massive slaughter of that nations dogs and cats. As many as 750,000 British pets were killed in just one week…barely any were left by the wars end."

Meanwhile... New and Previous Headline News:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Video: Deputy Jumps Fence onto Private Property, Shoots Owner’s Dog
Adan Salazar | Owner asks deputy to double tap injured pooch."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Bill Would Let Cops Enter Your Home without a Warrant and Kill Your Dog
The Daily Sheeple | In light of recent events, it’s become apparent that the public’s opinion of law enforcement is rapidly falling apart."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Video: Cop Shoots at Dog in Crowded Area; “You Almost Shot Me”
Paul Joseph Watson | “Are you serious? There are kids out here”."

Further, On the UFO trend front, The Floating City Seen By Many Witnesses

NEWS REPORT: "Floating 'Interdimensional' City-Like UFO Witnessed by Hundreds in Africa ( +Video)
CONTRIBUTOR: Elias Fragakis. Hundreds of African villagers claimed to have seen a floating inter dimensional city. The incredible event took place in a local border village called Dulali, in Lanzai South Ward, Darazo, Local Government of Bauchi State, Nigeria. According to reports, Saidu Meshai Dulali, a village tea brewer, had “just finished his morning prayer at the local Mosque and was stoking up the stove for his day’s work.”
When suddenly, Saidu became aware of a pervading extremely bright light enveloping the atmosphere, followed by a sudden realisation that the heavens were falling on the village. As he looked up at the encroaching sky, he saw the most fascinating view of his forty years existence on planet earth. According to Saidu:
“There appeared a wide, large mass of something that looked like a cloud from nowhere and it was flying slowly over the village just at the height of an average tree.
“The cloud was transparent and I saw beautiful tall buildings inside it.
 It was like a flying city. And from it I could hear the sound of machines making noise just as you would hear at Ashaka cement factory.”
To be fair if Saidu had of been the only witness of this brilliant yet strange experience, it pretty much would have been impossible to take his personal testimony as fact. But it was then discovered after his statement that the ‘flying city’ was witnessed by almost all of the villagers in the local area at the time, in fact hundreds of them, the Chief Imam of the sole village Mosque inclusive. Children and adults all saw and corroborated the EXACT same story!!!"
UFO International Project Read more here:

THIS WEEK, Enjoy and notice the beauty of nature in all of her expressions. This will feed your soul, and enchant your spirit. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Friday, April 24, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Keina and Drev's Love Story ~ my sassy filly

Art by  D. M. Waltz

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Here's another snippet from the SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS *WIP* that snuck up on me last Thanksgiving. In fact, Keina and Drev are fixing their T-day dinner together.

As I said before, this was supposed to be a short story, but has morphed to novella size, and looks to be going toward 30,000 words, but could be longer, since I'm including another fight-action scene... and yes, more lusty sex scenes.

My heroine, Keina, is a winged horse shifter, who has been temporarily banished from her kind's realm to Earth, and has found her way to Talbot's Peak -- home to almost every shapeshifter and supernatural being there is.

My hero, Drev, is more than human. That is, he has super-soldier powers and abilities, which is a long story unto itself. Given, he gets on particularly well with shapeshifters, he lives in a large hideaway cabin in the midst of the forest that partly surrounds Talbot's Peak. Yep, lots of running room for shifters of every type and stripe.


Seven paragraphs from Chapter Twenty-four ~

"Stir," Keina suggestively teased. Not quite tall enough, she rubbed her ass in a stirring motion against his braced thighs, instead of on his stirring cock.

"Sassy girl. No tempting the cook." With an impulsive swat to her rump, Drev moved to the stove.

"What fun is that?" Keina mock-complained.

Following him, she nipped his arm, only a bare grazing of her teeth through his heavy knit shirt. Drev snaked his arm to grab hold of her, but she danced out of the reach.

"Sassy filly," she corrected playfully.

"My sassy filly." His dominant side deepened his voice.

Drev rushed her. Swooping her up in a tight hold, he crushed her mouth with his, intent on passionately taming his woman. Keina wrapped herself around him, her petite yet lush frame boiling his blood to lust.


For more of My Sexy Saturday
Available Now: HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel.

Sherilyn, Dono, and Zance invite you to read their love story ~
A woman desperate to save herself and her prize horses. Two shapeshifter cowboys who want her as their woman. That's only the beginning... Available: SMASHWORDS PREMIUM CATALOGUE ~ KINDLE ~ *TopSeller* at AllRomanceEbooks  
For more info on my para-fantasy erotic romances check the sidebar. 
Love shapeshifters? Wanna know what life is like in a shapeshifter town? Join us at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning into Your Wildest Desire 

Now Available: RIDE THE ROAN STUD, written by my alter ego, Stevie

Blurb: On a vision quest, Ghost Walker succumbs to the harsh desert of the Four Corners badlands. With death's talons striking, he is rescued by a mysterious mustang.

Running as horse, Grant Thunderhead senses an intruder trigger the forcefield protecting his steam engine caverns. Investigating, he finds a beautiful unusual man who will rescue his heart.

Excerpt/Buy link  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Road Trip 2: The Search for Paperbacks

First, an update on my self-publishing venture. I finally finished the clean-up edits and got all the chapters together into one big file. Now I need to read over the Smashwords style guide again before I actually do anything. Then it’s dive into the deep end of the formatting pool. I don’t know how long this will take me, but I’ve reached the point where there’s no turning back. More on this venture to come.

# # #

I don’t know how many writers are reading this, or how you go about doing market research, but here’s a tale of some impromptu research my car and I did over the past two weeks. I burned up a lot of gas and learned a few troubling facts about my chosen market. To wit:

It all started last year, when I went to the local KMart and discovered Harlequin Nocturne (their paranormal line) was now being packaged as doubles, one thick book containing two novels by the same or two different authors. No more single titles? Huh. Okay. I don’t buy that many anyway. There was a time I’d considered subbing to the Nocturne line, but I couldn’t write a book that was long enough, or dark enough. That twisted humor of mine kept sneaking in. However, I read a few to get the idea of what they wanted, and found some authors I enjoyed reading, even if I was never able to join them. So now they’re doubles? Okay, no big deal.

Recently, however, I went on the Harlequin site and discovered single Nocturne titles are still being published. Not just as ebooks, either. In paperback. You can order them on the Harlequin site or from Amazon, where I went to double-check. On top of that, one my favorite writers had a new book out. Why can’t I get it from the bookstore shelves?

Because nobody’s carrying the single title Nocturnes any more, that’s why. I know. I looked. This is that story.

A bit of background first. I live in Lancaster County, PA, which has a large Amish and Mennonite population and is about as hardline religiously conservative as any Southern state you can name. Paranormal romance, erotic or vanilla, is not too welcome here. (No one seems to mind 50 Shades of Grey crowding the store shelves within easy reach of the kiddies, but that’s different. That one earns Big Bucks.) If Nocturnes were difficult to find in my area, I never considered that surprising. The surprises started when I roamed afield to the neighboring counties (Berks, Lebanon and York), and none of them were pleasant.

Just to be safe, I started my search outside Lancaster County. Berks has a Kmart, a WalMart, and a Barnes & Noble, just like us. The KMart only carried Nocturne doubles. The WalMart carries Harlequins, but not the Nocturne line. The Berks Barnes & Noble was also Nocturne-free. Lancaster’s B&N dropped Nocturne from its shelves a while ago. I didn’t realize until then the drop might be chain-wide. The Target didn't carry Harlequins at all.

The next day I tried my other neighboring county, Lebanon. The KMart only had doubles. I skipped the Lebanon WalMart because it was off my planned route. My target was an indie bookstore in one of Lebanon’s malls. It was there last year. It isn’t now. The Sprint store that replaced it wasn’t helpful, so I moved on.

My next stop was a news store two towns down the road. This one carried a large selection of books and magazines, once upon a time. Not any more. The shelf space devoted to reading has been shrinking as the gift-shop aspect takes over. They still carry books, but not Harlequins of any kind, let alone Nocturne. By next year I doubt if they’ll even carry books, beyond the ubiquitous best-sellers.

On to the next county, York. York has a Books A Million in what used to be a Borders. Lancaster used to have a Books A Million in the Park City Mall, but it’s closed now. The mall which at one time housed three bookstores now has none that I’m aware of. My favorite news store still exists, but it too is transitioning into a gift shop. They only carry used books anyway.

Over in York I found the Books A Million not exactly doing a brisk business. On the other hand, it was a weekday. Books A Million carried Nocturne, but only the doubles, not singles. If I were to sell a manuscript to Nocturne tomorrow, the only place I could buy my own book would be off the Internet, unless I want to wait for it to be included in a double. That assumes the line’s even still going in the year or two it takes a printed book to get to market. Doesn’t sound too encouraging, does it?

# # #

So here’s my takeaway from three days of road-tripping. Make of it what you will.

The market for paranormal romance may be waning, at least as far as Harlequin is concerned. Paranormals from other publishers are still out there, but are they from new writers or only from established, best-selling authors? That was something I forgot to check. I know that fewer venues are even offering Nocturnes now, which leads to fewer sales, which leads to eventual cancellation. You can’t buy something if you can’t find it. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Bookstores themselves appear to be on the wane. Two good-sized stores that were operating last year are gone now. The shutting of the Books A Million at Park City means Barnes & Noble is now the only major bookstore in all of Lancaster County. B&N, as previously noted, stopped carrying Nocturnes some time ago, as did WalMart. Stores want to stock what sells.

If you’re looking for good news, here’s a tidbit: B&N and BAM both had a lot of shelf space devoted to Young Adult novels. Paranormal’s getting sparse there, too. Oversaturation thanks to Twilight. The big deal now appears to be Fantasy With Powers, or Game of Thrones/X-Men mashups. I’m reading yet another one right now. I might have a few words to say on that subject next week.

Oh, and Books A Million, whose bread and butter stems from books, does not carry any writers’ magazines. Wonder what that’s supposed to indicate?

# # #

My debut self-published novel? It’s a paranormal romance. Not even erotic. There’s a lot of shape-shifting but very little sex. Am I shooting myself in the foot? Dunno. I know M/M’s still big. I may start easing over into M/M contemporary. I’m also going to think more seriously about those YA ideas I have percolating. Mine are more SF flavored, contemporary with powers. I haven’t seen too many of those yet. Maybe I can kick off a trend.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 20, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #346 

Keep Love Alive... Freedom Rings Within Every Human Heart... And the Implosion-Explosion of Society At Hyperdrive ... The Planet Earth Report
On the AWAKENING front, SUPERCHARGED... This Week AWARENESS Around Treachery Is SuperCharged By the Divine

At this cosmic spinpoint, humanity 'en masse' wakes up to the global and regional treachery taking place at every level of society. Now, *those* really running the show 'behind the world scenes' take giant sinister steps to form what has been euphemistically called the *unites state of Europe*. This is the Machiavellian solution being offered to avoid the economic collapse of Greece.

Beware. Take Care. The Evil Ones are on the march.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' cyclone-spin with their magickal lightblades, cutting away the newly conjured black shroud put in place by the Viper elite's sorcerers. Out of this, watch for the horrific scandals that will now surface, and be exposed by whistleblowers, alternative news sites, and citizen journalists.

For, it's a new day on planet Earth.

On the personal front, this week watch for the unexpected, the trickster energy that brings harm instead of enlightenment. The more aware you are, the faster on your feet you will be in stemming the tide against you.

On the good side, there will likely be a wonderful opportunity to love and be loved -- to expand your ability to receive and give heartfelt love. This encompasses all forms of love -- child to parent, romantic relationships, friend relationships, and relationships with pets.

Also, keep pushing on your most important projects. Likely, good progress will be made, or you will complete the project, and move to the next phase.

On the paranormal front, As reported, UFOs Abound In the Skies... the Strangely Shaped, All the Weird and Wonderful Sightings, and the Beautiful Mesmerizing Lights... Who and What Is Out There?

On the near horizon, while the grassroots DISCLOSURE of *we are not alone* is obvious to many now, there will likely be more formal releases of information from Russia, and other nations.

As well, the secret space programs and the 'breakaway civilizations' are being drip-drip-drip revealed. However, RENEGADES who have been, or are part of these hidden programs, will now be waterfall-pouring out the truth as they know it. Just look for it.

On the truth front, Hidden TRUTH Is Way Stranger Than Fiction

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Jade Helm, Walmart And DUMBS - Are The Closed Walmarts Being Activated As Central Command For Underground Operations?"

On the land changes front, the WINDS of Mother Earth Take the Spotlight

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Mystery of the dust storms sweeping the world
UK Daily Mail | Experts baffled by spate of ‘haboobs’ which have brought travel chaos and turned day into night in cities thousands of miles from deserts."

Also, to repeat again: "As the Sun Lashes Out During the Year, There Will *Likely* Be Major Communication Glitches

Earth Change Events Escalate Across the Planet... Dare To Prepare For Superstorms of Every Imaginable and Unimaginable Type

Worldwide, the coastal areas are at risk as the year progresses. Even though, Benevolent Forces are mitigating the worst catastrophic changes, rough times are ahead for some major areas on Earth. This includes earthquakes, volcanic activity, droughts, flooding, off-the-charts weather, and temperature extremes."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Number Of Volcanoes Erupting Right Now Is Greater Than The 20th Century’s YEARLY Average
Michael Snyder | Is the number of volcanic eruptions worldwide increasing? Yes."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Powerful quake hits Taiwan and Japan, tsunami warning lifted"

On the economic front, The Cyber *Banker Gangster* War Heats Up

From this point forward, various dark-side factions battle for control of Internet banking and currency traffic... and also war against the White Hat/Gray Hackers who fight for the future of humanity. For, he who owns the cyber-verse owns every last tentacle of commerce, whether legitimate or illegitimate.

Further, with the cashless society looming ever closer, this means whoever controls the worldwide web controls the ability to *buy and sell*. The obvious opportunity is create and sustain your own local economy, which does not use the internet of things.

On the *buddy can you spare a extra paycheck* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "$75k Income Not Enough to Keep a Third of US Households From Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Signs That 'The Elites' Are Feverishly Preparing For Something Big
Zero Hedge - What in the world are the elite up to? In recent days, we have learned that the New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of concerns about what a “natural disaster” could do, the federal government is buying 62 million rounds of ammunition commonly used in AR-15 semi-automatic rifles for “training” purposes, and NORAD is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain because it is “EMP-hardened”. In addition, government authorities have scheduled a whole host of unusual “training exercises” all over the nation. So are the elite doing all of this in order to prepare for something really BIG, or should we just chalk up all of this strange activity to rampant government paranoia?

On the war front, Devastating Days Ahead As the Dark-Side Cabal Stirs the Boiling-Over Pot That Is Both the Middle East and Ukraine

However, there are GOOD FORCES behind the scenes who are mitigating and  using ancient white-magick techniques to stop a full-out world war. As well, the massive *will* of the people FOR PEACE is holding back the sinister intent of those who would conquer humanity Nazi style.

During this coming week, there will likely be two significant events that will blast around the world. This will heighten the brewing war-tension on the world stage. Both events will be false flags designed to force the sheeple into accepting the need for a world war.

On the China-Japan front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Office of Naval Intelligence: 'China preparing for short, sharp war with Japan.'"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Japan jets scramble at Cold-War levels as Chinese and Russian incursions increase

On the second amendment front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Josephine County sheriff will not enforce new Oregon gun control law
Oath Keepers - Joining the current trend of sheriffs refusing to cooperate with laws they believe are unconstitutional or frivolous, Oregon’s Josephine County sheriff’s department will not enforce (soon to become) a new state law that mandates firearms purchasers to undergo background checks for private sales, according to sources in Oregon on Tuesday..."

On the martial law front, Acclimating the Sheeple To a Military Presence... Now the Psy Op Goes Full Force Across the Country

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "VIDEO: Armed National Guard Troops Patrol Residential Streets in California
Paul Joseph Watson - The video, which was shot this past weekend, features Guard troops marching in formation while chanting a military cadence. Troops also take turns to practice blocking traffic. The troops, followed by a humvee, marched close to an elementary school and single family homes."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Video: Armed National Guard Troops Conduct Exercise Near Children’s Playground
Paul Joseph Watson | 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team on the move next to public park."

On the *cop brutality* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Horrific Raw Video Shows Police Beating Man Into Oblivion — Now He’s Fighting Back
Filming Cops | A horrific raw video has surfaced online showing police officers strangling an innocent man and pounding the man’s head over and over again."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Man Dies After Cops Break His Neck, Sever His Spine, Bruise His Brain, Snap His Leg, And Crush His Larynx
Steve Watson | Another horrific death at the hands of insane cops."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Video: Cop Shoots at Dog in Crowded Area; “You Almost Shot Me”
Paul Joseph Watson | “Are you serious? There are kids out here”."

On the *no more free will for you* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Neuroscientist Discusses White House Plan For Human Brain Research And Question Of Modifying “Free Will"

On the tyranny-at-work front, Money... and the Establishment Agencies, Taking All of Yours By Hook or Crook

As the year progresses, there will be revelation after revelation on the myriad of ways and strategies to pillage and plunder the American public. However, little will be done to STOP these berserker, theft-humongous practices.

Instead, there will likely be more *rules, regulations, codes, policies* that make this illegal and ongoing theft by the system 'legal'. Out of this, a breaking point will come. When and where, that is the province of the Divine.

On the *no justice in Amerika* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000
Washington Post | The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials."

On the *you are the target* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "VIDEO: Frustration continues with aggressive tax-refund seizures
CBS News - Over the last year, CBS News has contacted a dozen taxpayers who say Social Security has taken their tax refunds because a relative had been overpaid in benefits.... Social Security declined to speak on camera. In court filings, it said it has the legal authority to go after the relatives of people overpaid in benefits. However, the agency has repeatedly denied it has ever done so. In January the agency told Congress: "We did not...[collect] any...debt that was incurred by a parent or another family member."

On the *leviathan tentacle of the establishment* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "All Federal Agencies Have Gone Rogue :One arm of the Federal octopus is active in Montana, with the specific intent to control all of the water in the “Big Sky” state in the form of the CSKT Water Compact."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Feds Push For Total Control of Property Rights: “Government is Named as the Owner of ALL the Water”
Jeremiah Johnson - Editor’s Note: The following research and commentary shows just how far the federal government is willing to go. With the help of the EPA and State legislators they are aggressively chipping away at private property rights in America and as you’ll see from Jeremiah Johnson’s report below, they are starting with our most precious resource – water. That includes the creek in your backyard, the well under your house and even the rain that falls on your roof."

On the *big brother is watching* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "RFID tracking system to replace license plate? Washington Examiner | License plates are a once-sensible administrative tool that today undercuts privacy. It’s possible to protect privacy and administer traffic laws at the same time, but it’s not going to be easy.
Surveillance cameras are catalyzing this conversation about “privacy in public,” but the root of the problem is the lowly license plate. It’s an administrative tool from a bygone technological era that has new consequences in the digital age — new, strongly negative consequences for privacy."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "‘Intelligent’ Streetlights to ‘Watch’ Florida Residents
Mikael Thalen | “Data-collecting” LED streetlights part of General Electric’s “Intelligent City Initiative."

On the communication front, The Epoch Time of the Citizen Journalist... The BRAVE ONES Stand Against the Evil Empire

More and more, the people ram-charge against the advance of the police state by exposing TRUTH with activist journalism. A temporary victory for California parents against mandatory vaccines was 'not' reported by local lamestream media, but recorded by citizen journalists.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "California Parents Shut Down Vote on Mandatory Vaccines
Adan Salazar | Vote postponed after parents clamor for right to refuse vaccinations."

On the *how low will the presstitute media go?* front, Headline-Snippet: "MSM fabricates stories using actors and reports them as truth in deceptive news theater"

On the *slippery slope to fascist censorship* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "French government begins shutting down websites with unpopular political views; Net Neutrality widens door to censorship in US"

On the home front, Transparency Ascends... Now Exposed: The Season of Diabolical TREASON

SNIPPET NEWS: ...At Ft. Carson, we are witnessing the insertion of 5th column Russian troops on our soil. The extra-constitutional “agreements”(that means illegal agreements) were inked in Washington, D.C., at the fourth annual meeting of the illegally created “U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations.” This extra-governmental organization, formed under the Obama administration, is one of almost two dozen similar “working groups” bringing together top U.S. and Russian officials. These two bodies are cooperating on everything from the drug war and agriculture to terror, science, “rule of law” (could that be code for martial law?), health, environment, energy, nuclear issues, education, culture, media, business, arms control, and more, according to the U.S. State Department. The Senate has not ratified any of the international deals, as required by the Constitution of the United States. And as such, this is an illegal agreement. However, this is not just an illegal agreement, IT CONSTITUTES TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The agreement allowed Russian troops to enter our country.

On the NASA *never a straight answer* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "74 NASA Scientists Been killed In The Last Two Years. What's Going On? Unusually high number of scientist deaths in recent years NASA Scientist Alberto Behar died in a plane crash in January (2015) in Los Angeles – making a total of 74 Scientist dead in 2 years.
Alberto Behar had helped to prove that there had once been water on Mars, having worked on two missions to Mars. He was also a robotics expert who researched how robots function in harsh environments (such as under water or inside volcanoes).
The unusually high number of scientist deaths in recent years has made people question whether this death was suspicious or not.

On the *ubiquitous and inexcusable cruelty of our times* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "San Antonio Woman Fined $2000 For Feeding The Homeless
Zero Hedge - ...the completely innocuous act of feeding the homeless, with a permit, which as San Antonio philanthropist Joan Cheever, founder of the nonprofit food truck, the Chow Train, discovered last week was enough to get her ticketed and fined $2000 for feeding the homeless. ...for the past 10 years, Cheever has devoted her Tuesday nights to providing hot, restaurant-quality meals to homeless people in the downtown area. SAPD officers would routinely pass by and wave. Often, she jokingly asked if they planned to arrest her, and they laughed. She was profiled on Rachel Ray's cooking show for her charitable efforts. But everything changed last Tuesday when he got a citation which carries a fine up to $2000 issued by four San Antonio Police Department bike-patrol officers."

On the *torture in Amerika* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Chicago Will Pay $5.5 Million in "Reparations" to Victims of Police Torture
Nick Gillespie - Whenever Chicago Police commander Jon Burge needed a confession, he would walk into the interrogation room and set down a little black box, his alleged victims would later tell prosecutors. The box had two wires and a crank. Burge, they alleged, would attach one wire to the suspect’s handcuffed ankles and the other to his manacled hands. Then, they said, Burge would place a plastic bag over the suspect’s head. Finally, he would crank his little black box and listen to the screams of pain as electricity coursed through the suspect’s body."

On the energy front, Now the Energy Patterns of Earth Shift Significantly

From this point forward, fifth dimensional frequencies swiftly raise and shift the vibrational matrix of Mother Earth. Out of this, everything intensifies, and massive CHANGES often happen in the blink of an eye.

It is up to humankind, and all beings of high sentience, to guide these revolutionary-evolutionary energies -- to bring forth the heart-centered, Aquarian Age renaissance.

On the food front, Aggressive Activism For Good Healthy Food... For Small Farming and Ranching Communities Are the Tsunami Wave of the Future

Many of the people are fed up with the *Big Agra-Big Gov* collapse of farming communities, and fed up with the fast-worsening food supply. Now, the spirit of those who produce, who want good food... their fighting spirit is ignited like gasoline thrown on a bonfire.

Watch, and join the battle where it affects you the most.

On the organic food front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Dear Farmers: U.S. is Now Importing Organic Corn to Satisfy Consumer Demand
Natural Blaze - An analysis of U.S. trade data released Wednesday by the Organic Trade Association and Pennsylvania State University shows a spike in corn from Romania and soybeans from India. The chief executive officer of OTA is prompting farmers that the market is open for converts. She called it a "help-wanted" sign for farmers and said, “There are market distortions that are pretty striking."

On the *saving the bees* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Portland Bans Insecticide in Light of Massive Bee Deaths
Natural Society - Portland, Oregon has joined at least seven other cities in banning the usage of neonicotinoids, a class of insecticides that many scientists think is behind colony collapse disorder and the premature death and dysfunction of many bees and other pollinating insects. The ban applies to all city lands and will be enforced despite the opposition of some nearby farmers who claim neonicotinoids are critical for producing their food crops."

On the desperate Monsanto front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto and Others Caught Paying Internet ‘Trolls’ to Attack Activists
Anthony Gucciardi | Companies desperate to fool public."

On the DNA-Ark front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Jurassic Park in real life: The race to modify the DNA of endangered animals and resurrect extinct ones"

On the vaccine-tyranny front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Shakedown of Unvaccinated Students Begins in Spokane, Washington
Natural Blaze - Spokane public schools in Washington state began to audit the vaccine records of students this week to identify those who are not in compliance with the recommended required vaccine schedule. Once identified, the students will be detained along with their parents to be re-educated about vaccines, as well as to receive free jabs to get in compliance with vaccine schedules. Presumably, parents will also be provided with the proper waivers to opt out of this medical fascism, but most of those will have to jump through more hoops like getting a 'health care professional' to sign the waiver."

On the really bad news front, The Death Zone That Is the Pacific Ocean

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Food Chain Catastrophe: Emergency Shut Down Of West Coast Fisheries: “Populations Have Crashed 91 Percent”
Mac Slavo - Earlier this week Michael Snyder warned that the bottom of our food chain is going through a catastrophic collapse with sea creatures dying in absolutely massive numbers. The cause of the problem is a mystery to scientists who claim that they can’t pinpoint how or why it’s happening. What’s worse, the collapse of sea life in the Pacific Ocean isn’t something that will affect us several decades into the future. The implications are being seen right now, as evidenced by an emergency closure of fisheries along the West coast this week.

On the good news front, The Real Magic and Power of Mushrooms

BLURB: "Mushrooms to the Rescue ~ Lisa Garr was joined by authority on fungi, Paul Stamets who talked about his discovery on how to use mushrooms to decompose toxic wastes and pollutants, catch and reduce silt from streambeds and pathogens from agricultural watersheds, as well as control insect populations, and generally enhance the health of our forests, gardens and bodies.
Books: Mycelium Running, Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

On the global mafia cabal front, The Battle of the Big Banks... Or the Major Factions Go Cutthroat Against Each Other

Massive turmoil, great swathes of turbulence, the bloody jackboot torment of the public... now the masked, hidden Viper cabal unleashes more of its gladiator-minions to not only  fight each other to the death... but to foment hatred, and stir boiling pots of chaos worldwide.

However, the Benevolent Ones extinguish many of the raging fires. Yet it remains up to the people to ram-charge and stop this cruel and soul-corrupt insanity.

On the *Sky Net Terminator* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Google Has Patented Ability to Control Robot Army
Nextgov - After getting a patent for giving robots personalities last month, Google now wants to unleash an army of Rodney Dangerfield bots on the world. In a patent awarded today, the company outlines a system for “allocating tasks to a plurality of robotic devices.” This sounds innocuous enough—it could mean linking a series of factory robots together, or perhaps a gaggle of Roombas to clean a large house—but the potential is much greater."

On the heroine front, Dr. Marilyn Wedge BURB: therapist and ADHD expert, discussed how powerful stimulant drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are prescribed to treat childhood hyperactivity but rarely help.
Books: Pills Are Not for Preschoolers, A Disease Called Childhood

On the hero front, Craig Hulet ~ BLURB: "....analyst Craig Hulet offered commentary on current events, terrorism, and world conflicts. "It looks to me unbelievably clear that money is going to buy the presidency, and Jeb Bush will be the next president," he declared, adding that in about 10 years, "you and I will not recognize the domestic United States of America." The US, he suggested, has become a corporate regime, and there's an incredible amount of wealth and power in the hands of the very few. It isn't about the people voting any longer, as "every senator and congressman, and the president, is bought and paid for-- they're civilian contractors. It's an oligarchy...which means the money elite runs this country," bankrolling specific candidates that kowtow to their views, Hulet continued."

On the freedom front, The People Stand and Band Together For Their Right To Live Free... For their Right To Keep the Property They Have Owned For 137 Years

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Gary Franchi Covers The Oregon Mining Dispute (Video)
Oath Keepers - Gary Franchi, of the Next News Network, did a video piece on the Sugar Pine Mine, in which he interviewed Stewart Rhodes, and Mary Emerick, the Public Information Officer of the Josephine County Chapter of Oath Keepers."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Oath Keepers Rally in Oregon to Prevent 139-Year-Old Gold Mines from Being Seized by BLM (Video)
Ben Swann - Oath Keepers from around the country have begun to set up camp in the Galice Mining District near Merlin, OR in preparation for what could become a standoff between local miners and the Bureau of Land Management after BLM officials ordered the miners to evacuate the premises by April 25.... As armed Oath Keepers began to gather at the site on Tuesday, SWAT vehicles were seen staging nearby, raising fears that a Bundy ranch style standoff might take place."

Josephine County, Oregon. —Chapter of the renowned conservative organization Oath Keepers is joining a number of militia groups in facing another federal government attempt to violate the civil rights of gold miners who are lawfully working their claims while providing employment to other citizens, according to reports emanating from what's being called the frontline of the latest Obama power grab. See angry Federal Agents in action in Nevada below.

Trendwise, The Bread and Circus Political Show... Here It Is!!! Grin and Bear It, Ignore It, Or Throw Rotten Tomatoes... It Won't Matter In the Long Run

While the world spins wildly on its axis from ongoing, unchecked brutal corruption... while the air, the water, the very soil, and all of our food supplies are being colossally contaminated nonstop -- by order of the dark-side global cabal... yes, oh mainstream-media yes! it's time for the cartoonish criminal candidates to be trotted out... for, once again, it's time for these PRETENDERS, to pretend they are one of us, and put on a good, distracting *divide and conquer* show... thus and so, to lull the ba-baing sheeple into trusting voting obedience -- to trust once again that the system actually works, and will work for them. This time.

Question: Did Lucy ever let Charlie Brown kick the football???

"Since Charlie Brown had the advantage of being invisible, he decided scare Lucy by FINALLY kicking the ball."

THIS WEEK, dance to the beauty that is Earth. For, Mother Earth loves her humans. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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