Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello, I Must Be Going

Hey there. I’m back, but not for long. This is my last post on Title Magic. After years of sharing blog space, I’ve decided it’s time I moved out of my parents’ basement and got my own place. So I’ve set up a blog of my own, Off the Top of My Head, on display at That’s where I’ll be ranting, raving, scratching my head and pimping my books from now on.

I may even get ambitious and set up a web page. Or maybe this counts as a web page. I’m still figuring out this pesky technology stuff.

I’m still not on Facebook, but I’m thinking about it.

I figure the new blog will go through several incarnations before it finally settles down. If you jump in now, at the beginning, you can watch me smash my thumb with the hammer and jump around screaming obscenities. Won’t that be fun?

This has been a fun ride too, but it’s time to move on. What you’re used to seeing from me here, you’ll see over on the new blog. Maybe literally. I just realized I can rewrite or reuse a bunch of my old posts from here and repurpose them for a whole new audience. I know a columnist who recently retired from his newspaper job. He got a similar, part-time job at our local weekly paper. When he gets stuck for an idea, he recycles a long-forgotten column from years gone by. We writers are lazy beasts at heart.

J. J. Collins may also drop by from time to time, to share her thoughts and promote her latest book. Bitch writes faster than I do. I need to get my ass in gear.

And so it goes. That’s Off the Top of My Head, at Hope to see you there!

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