Monday, November 9, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 9, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #375    

In This Cosmic Span of Time, the Human Race Must Meet Heart-to-Heart With the Good, the Innocent, With ALL Those of Like Mind -- Whatever It Takes ... For, This Is How the Dark-side Forces Will Ultimately Be Defeated 

NOTE: At this point in time Volcano's Angelic Forecast Will *Likely* Be Shortened and Altered Significantly. This Is Due, In Part, To the Ever-Widening Scope of Alternative News... and To the Phantasmagorical Or Unbelievable Events/News That Are On the Near Horizon. 

Meaning: the TRUTH -- the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -- of what is truly occurring on Earth, and in the skies of Earth, will be too 'out of this world', and too dramatically, mind-blowingly insane, to report to the general population -- and will have little proof as far as acceptance as the TRUTH. 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swirl their mighty lightblades through the dimensions surrounding Earth and humanity... thus, to destroy a black-magick grid entrapping humanity. This ancient grid has been in place since the arrival of 'the Christ'. The time has come to remove it from the ethers, from the very consciousness of Earth humans. 

On the *don't destroy the Fairy Fort* front, ARTICLE: "Irish Lore Keeper gives Dire Warning: US Company will be Cursed if Ancient Fairy Fort is Destroyed
Bad luck is sure to befall a US company if it builds a new factory over a fairyfort in Ireland, warns a traditional Irish lore keeper.
West Pharmaceutical Services is building a new factory in Waterford, Ireland, with plans on employing more than 150 people at completion in 2018, reports The Irish Times. However, the construction site is situated over an ancient ringfort (rath, or fairyfort) which dates back thousands of years.
Lore Keeper Sounds Alarm
Eddie Lenihan, famed Irish author, storyteller and broadcaster, warns West Pharmaceutical that destruction or removal of the fairyfort would spell dire consequences and bad luck for all those involved in construction or clearing the ancient dwelling, according to the Irish Examiner." 

On the personal front, this week will likely have a 'normalcy' about it, not felt for a long time. On the other side of the week, look for rumblings of discontent that will have a direct impact on your life. Out of this, key decision will have to be made. For, the world is changing and warping at hyperspeed. 

Also, this is a great week to solidify love relationships, any type of family and friend love relationship -- including pets. For now, everything is about true partnership, working together for the benefit of each individual, and for everyone in the group-community. 

As well, this Autumn is perfect for getting your ducks in a row -- from your household to your finances. Listen to Divine Inspiration for how to proceed, and what to accomplish. 

On the paranormal front, In Leaps and Bounds, the World of the Paranormal Becomes Ever More Normal ... For, the Overall Consciousness of Humankind Ascends To Acceptance of This Reality 

On the BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION front, BLURB: "Beyond Belief Preview: Corey Goode ~ Monday - November 2, 2015
On a recent episode of George Noory's Internet TV show "Beyond Belief," ET contactee Corey Goode throws light upon the shadows cast by the Cabal as they continue to conceal the extent of their breakaway civilizations." 

On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "Watch bizarre doughnut-shaped UFO zoom past the International Space Station
Sunday, November 8, 2015
The strange glowing ring was spotted by NASA cameras hovering above earth - the third UFO sighting by the ISS this month." — 

ARTICLE: "Mysterious UFO Appears Over Southern California
Residents of Southern California flooded social media Saturday with video and photos of a mysterious light in the night sky.
People from San Diego all the way to San Francisco posted images of a bright white ball followed by a trail of light. Many reported there was no sound, ruling out a helicopter.
Had anyone else seen it? Did anyone know what it was? People took to social media to share the experience and try to find answers."

On the GHOST front, ARTICLE: "Stella Lansing: Photographs From Beyond ~ Thursday, November 5, 2015
Beginning in 1961, a middle-aged housewife from Massachusetts began experiencing strange, and otherworldly events." —

On the SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION front, ARTICLE: "Spontaneous human combustion: Woman bursts into flames on park bench in Germany
London Independent | She is thought to be in a critical condition in hospital." 

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "Gobekli Tepe was not Alone: Another Mystery of the Deep Past
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
NASA has recently released images taken by the International Space Station crew of massive Neolithic earthworks that are found in modern-day Kazakhstan. 260 sites have been identified, of which form a variety of patterns, including a 900-foot square that is criss-crossed with an X, and a three-armed swastika that sports further curves on the ends of it's arms.
Initially discovered in 2007 by archaeology enthusiast Dmitriy Dey, the mounds, estimated to be 8,000 years old, have upended archaeologists' theories regarding what were supposed to be nomadic cultures in the region at that time." 

ARTICLE: "Nasa puzzled by huge, 8,000-year-old mystery structures in Kazakhstan that resemble ancient crop circles
London Independent | The structures could force a complete rethink of our understanding of early humanity, experts say" 

ARTICLE: "Ancient Sunken Cities and Artifacts to be revealed with Ambitious Underwater Museum in Egypt
Ancient sunken treasures hidden for thousands of years will be revealed in an underwater antiquity museum, the first of its kind, set for the history-rich Bay of Alexandria in Egypt.
The ambitious project put forth by the Ministry of Antiquities is set to allow visitors to experience the submerged ruins of ancient Alexandria, including some stonework and artifacts dating back to 365 AD." 

On the land changes front, The Ring of Fire Activates Bigger and Badder ... And This Forecast Continues: HUGE LAND AND WEATHER CHANGES During the Next Four Months Will Permanently Alter Earth In Mostly GOOD Ways ... But Hang On Because There Will Be Some Rough-Tough Sailing Ahead 

On the FIREBALL front, HEADLINE: "Great balls of fire! Awe-inspiring dashcam footage captures the moment a huge, glowing meteor flashes across the night sky in Thailand" 

On the ICE SHEET and SNOW FALL front, Article: "NASA REPORT: Antarctic Ice Sheet is Actually… Growing By Billions of Tons?
Louder With Crowder | We’d still gain trillions of tons of ice between now and say 2046 before we started to see a net loss of ice."  

ARTICLE: "El Nino strikes! Snow falls in California during first wintery blast of the season as experts warn of record storms on the West Coast this winter
The Kirkwood Mountain Resort reported one foot of snow Monday
Rain across the state caused traffic accidents, including a 20-vehicle crash in the southern San Joaquin Valley" 

HEADLINE: "Record snow fall in Siberia (Polar Vortex and Siberian Express) record cold the size of the US in North Atlantic (Gulf Stream) and a 'Super El-Nino' = The Great Arctic Outbreak of February 1899? 

Customers at restaurant said they heard several booms that were quickly followed by the electricity loss" - NOVEMBER 8, 2015


HEADLINE: "MAJOR EARTHQUAKE--M6.8 - 47km SW of Ovalle, Chile"  

On the SUPERSTORM front, INCREDIBLE PHOTOS: Harbinger of gloom! Massive thunderheads roll across Sydney bringing rain and strong winds as forecasters warn the east coast to expect flooding and hail this weekend 

WATCH: Tornado Rips Roof from Texas Building 

VIDEO: Australia Woman Records Close Call With Intense Lightning Strike 

VIRAL: Woman Kayaks Through McDonald's Drive-Through Amid Australia Flooding 


Oh, and if you dare deny 'global warming climate change' you'll be persecuted.  
ARTICLE: "Top French Weatherman Fired For Denying Global Warming
Daily Caller | Top French weatherman Philippe Verdier was fired Saturday for publishing a book critical of the climate change narrative." 

ARTICLE: "Mathematicians, Legendary Physicist, IPCC Expert Throw Wrenches Into UN Climate Summit ~ Written by  William F. Jasper ~ Thursday, 29 October 2015
Mathematicians, Legendary Physicist, IPCC Expert Throw Wrenches Into UN Climate Summit
As UN’s Paris summit approaches, one of France’s top mathematics consultancies, a legendary physicist, and a former IPCC author have joined France’s best-known TV weatherman, Philippe Verdier, in delivering black eyes and severe body blows to the increasingly discredited global-warming alarm lobby. As host of the United Nations climate summit this December, the French government is pulling out all stops to make it a “success,” striving mightily to create the impression of unquestionable “consensus” on global warming — even if it means resorting to suppression of scientific dissent and freedom of expression." 

Article: "NY Attorney General Launches Crack Down On Exxon Over Global Warming Denial
Zero Hedge - As the NYT reports, the New York AG has "begun a sweeping investigation of Exxon Mobil to determine whether the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change or to investors about how those risks might hurt the oil business." According to people with knowledge of the investigation, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued a subpoena Wednesday evening to Exxon Mobil, demanding extensive financial records, emails and other documents. The NYT adds that "the focus includes the company’s activities dating to the late 1970s, including a period of at least a decade when Exxon Mobil funded groups that sought to undermine climate science." 

On the *geoengineering/chemtrail* front, ARTICLE: "Why Are They Spraying? Answers From An Insider :Where are the official sources that state that a certain number of people (worldwide?) will sicken and possibly die as a result of the spraying?"


ARTICLE: "Mysterious 'Substance' Falls From The Sky In Texas And Arizona - Exclusive Reader Photos" ~ November 2, 2015 

On the ECO SYSTEM front, ARTICLE: "Researchers say massive decline of fish is throwing off ecosystem' along California coast — Expert: 'Population has truly collapsed’.. They’re gone virtually everywhere, Whale numbers dropping significantly, squid disappearing, other major die-offs seen" 

On the AWAKENING front, The Great Divide Between Those Who Are AWAKE and AWARE and the Sheeple Zombies Chasms To *I can see for miles...* and You Can't 

Because of this DIVIDE that cannot be bridged, all holy heck breaks loose in a myriad of expected and unexpected ways. Stay out of the way, and defend yourself when you must. For, if you follow like zombified lemmings the consequences will be dire. 

On the *bankster gangster* front, ARTICLE: "When will America Jail their Banksters? :The study of economics is more about human nature than forecasts. As long as the most corrupt are rewarded for their offenses, the banking cartel will remain a den of thieves." 

ARTICLE: "Bank of America Admits – Central Bank Policy Enriched Wall Street While 'Steamrolling' Main Street"

On the *doesn't charity begin at home? ... especially when you're paying for it* front, ARTICLE: "Americans To Foot Bill Of Our Own Overthrow And Invasion! Billions Of Dollars And Lots Of Free Stuff Will Go To Syrian Refugees While 94+ Million Americans Remain Out Of Work ~ By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die ~ November 7, 2015
With the US having done their very best to sow death and destruction throughout the Middle East and specifically Syria via proxy, the chickens are proverbially coming home to roost as we learn in the 1st video below from Gary Franchi from the Next News Network and this story from Liberty News.
Liberty News recently had a phone call with 'Refugee Services of Texas' (heard in full in the 2nd video below) and in it we learn that the State of Texas is about to be inundated with Syrian refugees and we will soon be witnessing a massive transfer of wealth away from the American taxpayer to the Syrian refugees to the tune of nearly $1,000 per refugee upon entry into the country. If that's not enough, Wal Mart gift cards, social security, assistance finding an apartment, job placement services and much more come with coming to America for our newest neighbors. 
All of this comes at a time when nearly 95 million Americans are unable to get a job and welfare literally pays more than many full-time jobs with Hawaii coming in at $60,590 a year at $29.13 an hour.
Still, Obama's State Department has spent $3 BILLION on refugee services in the 2015 fiscal year we learn in the 1st video - and that amount is expected to increase in the new fiscal year that began October 1st.
What we are watching here is mind-boggling and shows once again the contempt that is held for the American people - the American people are footing the bill for the invasion of our own country." 

ARTICLE: "Failed Syrian rebel training program cost US taxpayers $2 million per fighter – report
RT | The Pentagon claims the actual cost was $30,000 per trainee." 

On the WAR ON CASH and the SUPER SURVEILLANCE STATE front, ARTICLE: "Bank Of Ireland Bans “Small” Cash Withdrawals At Branches
Zero Hedge | Bank of Ireland has banned branch withdrawals of less than €700." 

BEAST SYSTEM UPDATE: EMV Cards Allow Authorities To Hack Phones & Track Your Location there are still people in denial claiming that the Mark of the Beast is not literal, and yet, we see the world moving toward a cashless system... 

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen admitted this week that the agency does use the technology, known as cell-site simulators, or StingRays Senators Demand Answers About IRS Use Of Secret Cellphone Tracking Systems
Two top senators are probing use by the Internal Revenue Service of secret cellphone tracking systems that are more often utilized by federal or local law enforcement agencies.
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen admitted this week that the agency does use the technology, known as cell-site simulators, or StingRays. The admission came after a report by The Guardian that indicated the IRS has spent more than $71,000 to upgrade a version of the device and to receive training from a company that manufactures the devices.
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking member Patrick Leahy on Thursday sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew demanding answers about the use of the technology by the IRS.
“We were surprised to learn that IRS investigators may be using these devices,” Mr. Grassley, Iowa Republican, and Mr. Leahy, Vermont Democrat, wrote in the letter. “While the devices can be useful tools for identifying the location of a suspect’s cell phone or identifying an unknown cell phone, we have previously expressed concerns about the privacy implications of these devices.” 


ARTICLE: "After Obama Signed Debt Limit Bill, Debt Rose $339B on Same Day
New American | This represented an increase of $341 billion since September 10." 

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Austin, Texas Targeted as a Debtors' Prison ~ By RYAN KOCIAN 
AUSTIN, Texas (CN) - Austin, Texas is the latest city to face a federal class action accusing it of reinstituting debtors' prisons by jailing people who are too poor to pay fines for traffic tickets and petty misdemeanors.
Such lawsuits have mushroomed in the past year, in the aftermath of the protests of the white-on-black police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Ferguson and several neighboring cities were accused of targeting black drivers for traffic stops, and jailing them, and "debtors' prisons" lawsuits have sprouted all over the United States. They typically challenge the constitutionality of a local jurisdiction's practice of jailing people who cannot afford to pay fines for petty offenses, and attribute it in part to racial discrimination." 

ARTICLE: "For Every Job Created In The US This Decade, US Corporations Spent $296,000 On Stock Buybacks”
Zero Hedge | It appears many missed the findings of how central planning has now gone full retard, so here again, are the facts." 

ARTICLE: "FHFA Head Warns Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac May Need Another Taxpayer Bailout
Michael Krieger - Earlier today, we learned that Fannie Mae recently rolled out a new program known as “Home Ready,” which would allow borrowers to obtain a 3% downpayment mortgage with no minimum cash contribution. Now we learn this. From MarketWatch: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are at risk of needing an injection of Treasury capital after the latter reported its first quarterly loss in four years, the director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency said Tuesday. FHFA Director Mel Watt issued a statement following mortgage-finance company Freddie Mac’s $475 million third-quarter loss, its first quarterly loss in four years.... Watt said. Freddie Mac said its loss was driven by interest rate changes that soured the value of derivatives it holds." 

ARTICLE: "Even Retailers Suffering As Americans Too Poor to Shop: “Everyone Is Broke Except the 1%”
Mac Slavo - The downsizing of the Middle Class has become so huge that even mainstream American corporations like Walmart, Campbell Soup and Hershey are hurting from the loss of their mainstream demographic. Most Americans are so strapped for cash at this point, that they can little afford to splurge on anything but the basics. As a result, stores are shifting their appeal to wealthier, upper class niches where they hope to turn a profit." 

ARTICLE: "America’s Middle-Class Squeeze-Out :The crushing of America’s Great Middle Class continues apace with new statistics on the soaring death rate among middle-age whites." 

ARTICLE: "Yellen Tells Congress Negative Interest Rates Are Possible
Martin Armstrong | Yellen may have been placating Congress for negative rates would wipe out the elderly entirely." 

ARTICLE: "This City Will Fine You Literally Anything: “Including Mismatching Drapes and Front Yard Grilling”
Mac Slavo - In an age of economic stress, many cities and states – on the verge of bankruptcy or default – are abusing their powers to squeeze extra revenue out of their already struggling citizens.... The Institute For Justice takes on the ridiculous case of Pagedale, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, where police have truly been deputized as revenue collection officers in the name of paying for the city’s budget. It would be funny if it weren’t so scary – with a cap on the revenue that can be raised through traffic tickets, the police are out in force to fine residents for literally just about anything, including mismatching drapes and front yard grilling... Numerous residents have appealed to the municipal court to protest against its “unconstitutional” policies against residents. One homeowner, Valarie Whitner told cameras that she’s had to take out multiple loans just to pay for citations against her home by the city." 

ARTICLE: "Kraft Heinz closing 7 factories, cutting 2,600 jobs 
CNBC News - Kraft Heinz announced Wednesday that it would be closing seven factories and cutting about 2,600 jobs. The closing factories are in Fullerton, California; San Leandro, California; Federalsburg, Maryland; St. Marys, Ontario, Canada; Campbell, New York; Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania; and Madison, Wisconsin, Michael Mullen SVP of corporate and government affairs, said in a statement." 

On the *worldwide economic woes* front, ARTICLE: "Housing Crisis: Australians Resort To Renting Tents As Cost Of Living Skyrockets
Zero Hedge | Of course California isn’t the only place where the cost of living has gone through the roof."   

ARTICLE: "18 Numbers That Scream That A Crippling Global Recession Has Arrived
Michael Snyder | The stock market has been soaring, but all of the hard economic numbers are telling us that a major global recession is here." 

ARTICLE: "Experts Fear a Stealth Crash Has Already Begun: “Risk is Flashing Red”
Mac Slavo | It is more clear than ever that the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program will eventually bring destruction to the planet."  

ARTICLE: "Sweden Facing Collapse Due To Massive Influx of Refugees
Joshua Krause | “I think most people feel that we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year.”

On the *NO JOB FOR YOU... but let's pretend people are employed* front, ARTICLE: "Labor Force Participation Remains at 38-Year Low; 94,513,000 Not in Labor Force; Unemployment Ticks Down to 5.0%
CNS News | Lowest point in 38 years." 

ARTICLE: "Another Phony Payroll Jobs Number
Paul Craig Roberts | What is wrong with these numbers? Just about everything."  

ARTICLE: "U.S. Seals Another Deal to Protect Illegal Aliens’ “Workplace Rights” ~ NOVEMBER 06, 2015
In a final push to ensure the “workplace rights” of illegal immigrants in the U.S., the Obama administration continues to sign pacts with foreign countries guaranteeing to protect their nationals from discrimination on the job." 

On the *how many could have been fed and truly helped with the money spent on this class-warfare crap?* front, ARTICLE: "Oregon Spent Over $80,000 In Taxpayer Money On White Privilege Conference
Daily Caller | The state of Oregon recently spent more than $80,000 in taxpayer money on a two-day diversity conference focusing on “white privilege” and “microaggressions.”

On the *diabolical deindustrialization of America* front, ARTICLE: "The Avoidable Destruction of an Iconic American Industry :This week, the two largest primary aluminum producers in the United States announced curtailment of aluminum production at key smelters across the country" 

On the *going for the gold* front, ARTICLE: "A Warning to Indian Citizens – Your Government Wants Your Gold
Michael Krieger | Government is merely doing what government does best: Citizen Theft." 

ARTICLE: "India wants people to turn in their gold 
RT - India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a program to lure tons of gold from households into the country’s banking system. The program consists of three schemes; a gold monetization scheme, gold sovereign bonds and Indian gold coin. The gold monetization scheme aims to unlock about 20,000 tons of gold worth over $800 billion lying idle in homes and temples. Under the plan, banks will collect gold for up to 15 years and pay 2.25-2.50 percent interest per year. This is higher than previous rates of around one percent. The government hopes that higher interest rates will help in mobilizing the gold as previous attempts have been unsuccessful." 

ARTICLE: "There Are Now 293 Ounces Of Paper Gold For Every Ounce Of Physical As Comex Registered Gold Hits New Low
Zero Hedge - Unlike Bitcoin, which has doubled in the past few weeks (as the predicted Chinese buying onslaught indeed materialized), it hasn't been a good week for spot gold prices which have tumbled from $1,180 to just over $1,100. While the reason for the selling is unknown, with recurring speculation that an imminent Fed rate hike will make holding gold even more unwelcome in real terms (if not in India where gold now pays interest on par with inflation), what we do know is that as of yesterday the total registered gold at the Comex had dropped to a fresh record low following another transfer of "registered" gold into "eligible." 

On the truth front, TRUTH, TELLING THE TRUTH IS NOW THE NEW HATE SPEECH ... BEWARE!!! For, Chinese Style and Soviet Style Tactics Will Be, and Are Being Used Against the People 

Btw, the novel ***1984*** is now being used as an instructional manual for proper PC behavior in society rather than the WARNING it was meant to be. Think not? THOUGHTCRIME is currently being zombie-shouted at people to shut them down, and shut them out. 

On the 9/11 TRUTH front, Investigative Report: EXCLUSIVE: INSIDE CIA BONEYARD ~ Investigation continues into whether CIA used airfield to build remote-control aircraft used on 9/11 ~ NOVEMBER 4, 2015 
Infowars investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports from Pinal Air Park outside Marana, Arizona, an airfield used by multiple CIA front companies.
Madsen recounts the story of author and former CIA pilot Philip Marshall, who was reportedly investigating “smoking gun” information about the air park and its relation to pre-9/11 activities just before his death in a tragic murder suicide.
Below, Madsen breaks down his investigation into whether the CIA used the airfield to build remote control aircraft which would later be flown into the World Trade Center buildings. 

On the WAR ON HUMANITY front, YOUTUBE: "The government's war on humanity is here! Instead of encouraging population growth and expansion, the governments of the world are now actively trying to DEPOPULATE the planet of humans."

On the RUSSIAN PLANE DOWNING front, ARTICLE: "British extremists linked to jet bomb
UK Express | London & Birmingham voices heard cheering disaster." 

ARTICLE: "British Tourists were told MI5 officers were on board and saw RAF fighter jets beside their plane as it left the Egyptian airport
London Guardian | First British tourists from Sharm el-Sheikh land at Gatwick and Luton." 

ARTICLE: "‘Sound Of Explosion’ On Russian Jet’s Black Box
Sky News | The France 2 TV channel quotes an investigator with access to the black box." 

ARTICLE: "Heat flash over Sinai prior to Russian plane crash reportedly detected by US satellite
RT | The US intelligence community believes that a fuel tank or bomb may have been the source of the heat signature, NBC News reported." 

Close to 40 pro-ISIS websites are using the services of a Silicon Valley company called CloudFlare
Joshua Philipp | Epoch Times - NOVEMBER 8, 2015 
The terrorist organization ISIS, or the Islamic State, is known to promote its activities by exploiting the open nature of the Internet. This includes recruiting through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and using sites like YouTube to publish propaganda videos.
They also make use of available web services to guard their sites against cyberattacks and hide their locations.
According to information provided by anti-terrorist hacker group GhostSec, close to 40 pro-ISIS websites are using the services of a Silicon Valley company called CloudFlare. CloudFlare is a content delivery network that provides services to speed up websites and render them virtually immune to distributed denial of service, or DDS, cyberattacks that can overload websites to bring them offline.
Among the sites, 34 are for spreading propaganda, 4 are terrorist forums, and 2 offer technical services. A brief perusal of the sites showed they heap praise on ISIS, promote terrorist attacks, and some are used as chatrooms for extremists." 

ARTICLE: "Anonymous Publically Lists Senators and Mayors as KKK Members CONTRIBUTOR: Christopher Watson. Several prominent US Senators and mayors have been outed as members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other racist groups by the hacktivist collective Anonymous, and the group hints that more politicians and public figures will be named in the near future. In a new post on document-dumping site..." ~beforeitsnews~ 

On the war front, The Russian Bear Gains Strength While the Chinese Tiger Claws Its Way To the Top of the Jungle-Heap ... Now the TREASONOUS ONES Open the Door For the Final Destruction of ALL Freedom-Loving People 

Article: "THE 'WAR ON TERROR' IS THE HOAX FOUNDATION OF THE POLICE/SPY STATE The consequences of the deceit, gullibility, and betrayal are horrendous for Americans" 

ARTICLE: "Congressman Tells Shocking Truth: 'Now It's Totally Gone To Hell' - Warns 'Our Worst Nightmare' May Await Us! 
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die ~ November 5, 2015
Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California has a few minutes to go head to head with the US State Dept's Ambassador Anne Patterson over Syria, Russia and the Middle East as seen in the 1st video below and delivers a powerful message that Russia, Washington DC and America needs to hear. The "Russians were supposed to be our friends and we gave them hostilities" and then quite bluntly, "now it's totally gone to hell."
Telling us that 5 years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to work out a compromise with the US over the situation in Syria, Rohrabacher deserves praise for telling Patterson our govts policy in Syria has caused our nation great harm and tells us that he believes that it is our hostility towards Russia that is preventing the world from coming together to work out a more stable policy for the entire Middle East." 

ARTICLE: "Syria hospitals Russia accused of bombing don’t exist – Defense Ministry
RT | The Russian Defense Ministry has denied media reports its aircraft hit hospitals in Syria, saying the medical facilities mentioned by Western media don’t actually exist." 

ARTICLE: "Syrian rebels are parading prisoners in cages to ward off airstrikes
Daily Caller | A video posted by Sham News Network shows men and women in giant cages being pulled around the suburb in trucks." 

ARTICLE: "US Spec Ops Already On The Ground In Syria Sources Say, As Russian Troop Presence Grows To 4,000
Zero Hedge - Unnamed Lebanese sources claim US spec ops are now operating near Latakia, and while we must consider the source, that would mean direct combat between American troops and Iranian ground forces is virtually a foregone conclusion and would also help to explain why the Pentagon has reportedly sent in the dogfighters to patrol the skies." 

ARTICLE: "Washington Post Confirms: ISIS Supplied Via Turkey, a US Excuse to Seize Syria
Tony Cartalucci | For months – if not years – those looking at ISIS and Al Qaeda territory in Syria can see, flowing like a river, their support has originated in NATO-member Turkey." 

ARTICLE: "Israel and Russia Engage in Electronic Warfare as Operations Expand in Middle East
Kurt Nimmo | Electronic countermeasure systems used as bombing raids increase" 

ARTICLE: "Neocon Warmonger Expects “Extraordinarily Massive” Military Retaliation By Putin Against ISIS Over Russian Plane Crash
Steve Watson | “He won’t mess around like president Obama has done.” 

ARTICLE: "Across Africa, Obama Expands Secret Wars, Assassinations ~ by  Alex Newman ~ Monday, 02 November 2015
 Across Africa, Obama Expands Secret Wars, Assassinations
While most of the press has focused on Obama's military machinations in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, the administration has also been quietly expanding its secret wars and assassination programs across Africa. From training the militaries of various unsavory regimes and boosting the military capabilities of the so-called African Union, to establishing drone bases to facilitate espionage and extrajudicial killings, the White House is literally treating the continent as a vast battlefield in need of perpetual U.S. “intervention.” And the consequences have been deadly.
Additional insight into the White House's shadowy scheming emerged in late October, when The Intercept published a series of stories on Obama's mass-murder programs, based largely on leaked documents, under the title “Drone Papers.” One of the articles zeroed in on a semi-secret drone base in the nation of Djibouti dubbed Chabelley Airfield. Of course, The New American and other publications have been reporting on Obama's African drone machinations in the small African nation since at least 2012. But the new report sheds additional light on what appear to be preparations for lawless war in Africa without end — and without any legal authority or public oversight. 

Meanwhile... On the PUTIN PREPARES HIS PEOPLE... AMERICANS GET NOTHING BUT LAUGHINGSTOCK MEDIA LIES front, Article: "Escalation! US Army General Warns Russia An 'Existential Threat' To America! Putin Preps Russians For Nuclear War While DC Does Nothing For Americans: WHY DOES THE GENERAL NOT WARN AGAINST FOREIGN TROOPS INSIDE THE COUNTRY? 
...At ANP we have to ask, if Russia IS such a threat to completely destroy us, why hasn't the US government been taking the same steps that the Russian government is now taking, preparing to protect the American people from nuclear annihilation? Instead, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are toying around with the idea of taking away Americans guns... and starting a civil war adds the Daily Beast. 
What's wrong with a country that won't spend the money to protect their own citizens in a time of potential nuclear war as Russia is doing but WILL talk about taking away their own citizens guns? We also have to ask, doesn't the US ('nwo') have the nuclear capability to destroy the US? We all know 'false flags' happen and we all know (the 'nwo') hates America and the American people!" 

On the *Psychopathic Treason By the So-Called Leaders ... China Is the New Super Power* front, ARTICLE: "Chinese Warships Dock In Florida With Ceremony - Is The 'New Boss' In Town? Hawk Talks About Russia, The Road To WW3 And False Flag Terrorism
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die ~ November 6, 2015
With 3 Chinese warships docking at the US Navy Base in Mayport, Florida as seen in the 1st video below and shared in this story from News4Jax, Zero Hedge tells us that US Defense Secretary Ash Carter continues to wave a 'big stick' around the South Pacific despite the obvious contradictions soon after China warned they'd be preparing for the worst and the US recently testing China's territorial waters in the South China Seas.  
We find it strange that we so openly welcome Chinese warships into our harbors and treat them like royalty as seen in the 1st video while there are such high tensions between the two nations with a very real chance of World War 3 unfolding. Is this a sign that this visit is much more than we are being officially told? 
In the 2nd video below, Hawk looks into everything that we are now watching unfold in the world, from the ongoing situation with China to the unfolding situation with Russia and Syria and focuses much of the first half of this video on the recent Russian plane crash and shares some interesting news." 

On the *migrant invasion of Europe* front, ARTICLE: "They Are An Invading Army: “Let Me Explain What You’re Not Seeing Reported About The European Situation” By Karl Denninger ~ November 4th, 2015
In Europe, Right Now — Here, In The US TOMORROW 
There are millions of immigrants coming into the EU.  Germany alone has apparently taken in close to 800,000.  The story being sold to the population is that these are just people from a war-ravaged part of the world seeking a better life.  The first part may be true, the rest is bunk.  There are, on some weekends, over ten thousand migrants coming over one border (Hungary) alone and virtually none have an interest in remaining there.  They are all concentrating in the places where they believe the handouts (not opportunity) will be greatest.
But that is not the bad part. No, the bad part is that these are not, for the most part, refugees from a war.  The demography doesn’t match that profile; war refugees trend female, very young (children) and very old (men past the age of productive resistance to the war in their own country.)  These “refugees” are the exact polar opposite of that demographic profile; they trend male and of fighting age." 

ARTICLE: "German fireman refuses to respond to emergencies at refugee shelters
Firefighter says personal safety 'cannot be guaranteed' in buildings used by asylum-seekers" 

ARTICLE: "Germans Demand Stronger Borders, Calls For Merkel To Resign
Breitbart | The anti-mass migration Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party held a rally in the German capital Berlin." 

ARTICLE: "German Opposition Party Warns, Nation Is “At The Edge Of Anarchy, Sliding Towards Civil War”
Zero Hedge | In an interview after the call with, Hansjoerg Mueller highlights just how divided the nation is becoming…" 

ARTICLE: "Video: Hungarian PM Calls Migrant Influx A “Treasonous Conspiracy To Marginalise Nation States”
Steve Watson | “A deliberate conceptual project, which could be described as left-wing.”

ARTICLE: "Teenager claims she was gang raped by five young Syrian migrants
Daily Mail | Girl, 18, ‘deeply distressed’ after being ‘subjected to five-hour ordeal’ at care home in Kent." 

ARTICLE: "GERMANY: 19 YEAR-OLD GIRL BECOMES 4TH MIGRANT GANG RAPE VICTIM IN MAGDEBURG THIS MONTH The German woman was ambushed by “refugees” around 4 AM and brutally raped" 

ARTICLE: "Refugees Welcome? Migrants Gang Rape Women in Sweden & UK
Paul Joseph Watson | Europe continues to important ‘tolerant’ Muslim culture." 

VIDEO: Hotel Owner Cancels Reservations to House Migrants, 31 Lose Their Jobs
Pamela Geller | Taxpayers fired to make way for Muslim migrants who live off …. the taxpayer. 

ARTICLE: "Rioting Illegals Demand Entry to Britain 
Kurt Nimmo - Rioting illegal migrants housed at an army base on the island of Cyprus are demanding Britain take them in immediately. Police were called in to quell the disturbance at the RAF Dhekelia base. The migrants trashed taxpayer funded living quarters and burned tents. Many say they are no different than detainees at Guantanamo Bay. “Those staying there have access to three meals a day, shelter, privacy and communications, which United Nations staff have visited and say exceeds the standard of comparable set-ups,” a spokesman for the British military said. The UK has not agreed to grant the migrants refugee status. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, insists the ”vast majority of people who are setting off into the Mediterranean are not asylum seekers, but people seeking a better life.”... Steven Woolfe, the migration spokesman for the UK Independence Party, said allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into Britain will bankrupt the country." 

ARTICLE: "European Union: Three million more migrants could arrive by end of 2016
London Telegraph | Autumn economic forecasts show extra three million people expected to reach 28-nation block by end of next year as arrival rates unlikely to slow." 

ARTICLE: "First Of 750 Migrants Arrive In Tiny German Village With A Population Of Just 102
Daily Mail | Bracing itself for 700 PER CENT population hike." 

ARTICLE: "ISLAMISTS SMASH CROSSES in Spanish Church – Moroccan Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Arrested
Gateway Pundit | The Church of our Lady of Carmen in the Spanish town of Rincon de la Victoria, Andalucia was vandalized this week." 

ARTICLE: "Government to Build 60 New Houses For Migrants While Poor Germans Are Evicted
Paul Joseph Watson | Town of Bergheim to take in 600 asylum seekers." 

MEANWHILE... ARTICLE: "Illegal Immigrants Release ‘Bill of Rights’
Truth Revolt | Meanwhile, U.S. professors are shredding the actual Constitution." 


Article: "IT BEGINS: HAMTRAMCK FIRST AMERICAN CITY TO ELECT A MUSLIM-MAJORITY COUNCIL Hamtramck City Council in Michigan has done something never before achieved in the 239 years of the American nation. They have elected a Muslim-majority City" 


On the *question: what is really going on, and why?* front, ARTICLE: "Secret military maneuvers over the Pacific will force planes at LAX to use different routes at night for a week as they takeoff and land over homes instead of the sea
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) officials report that the FAA has closed the Pacific Ocean west of the airport 
Air traffic controllers at LAX say the airspace will be used by the military for special operations for a week 
It will require commercial planes to use different routes upon takeoff and landing
LAX normally operates in 'Over-Ocean Operations' from midnight to 6:30 a.m., whereby aircraft arrive and depart over the Pacific to minimize noise
Those living near the airport may notice a change in aircraft flight plans near the airport and increased levels of noise overnight"  
By James Gordon For
Published: 10:48 EST, 7 November 2015

On the energy front, GAMECHANGER TECHNOLOGY ... Here's One More Wonderfully Innovative Technology That Eliminates Car/Vehicle Exhaust, One That Could Change the Landscape For the Benefit of Humanity and Mother Earth ... However, Will the Darkside Controllers, the Big Bad Carbon Cartels Get Him, His Tech, His Company First? 

BLURB: "Eliminating Exhaust
Date: Sunday - November 8, 2015
Host: Richard Syrett
Guests: David Yurth
In the first half of the program, Richard Syrett was joined by David G. Yurth, principal inventor and co-founder of Nova Institute of Technology, for a discussion on the Corona Discharge Gas Plasma Disassociation System: a compact, lightweight, low-cost energy efficient device that eradicates all exhaust fumes (related article). He explained that the breakthrough technology allows for the chemicals emitted from an internal combustion engine to be broken down at an elemental level and then re-combined into less harmful emissions. At a result, he said, "what you get out of the tail pipe is nanoparticulated carbon particles, water vapor, and elemental gasses." Despite the revolutionary nature of this technology, he observed, it has yet to receive widespread publicity because of longstanding skepticism that such a transformative device can even be created. 
"When you create a disruptive innovation, you declare war on everyone whose interest is threatened by your innovation," Yurth said, regarding the challenge of getting the technology adopted by car companies and other industries. To that end, he specifically pointed to the ongoing agenda centered around a potential carbon emissions tax, which would be rendered obsolete due to his technology. Yurth also noted that, based on experience, the large auto manufacturers are so massive and insulated that just getting them to look at the technology is a challenge and, provided they do learn about it, there is a longstanding bias against ideas which did not originate from the industry. Nonetheless, Yurth plans to move ahead in the marketing of the technology and expects to begin obtaining investors around the middle of next year. 

On the EMP and/or SOLAR STRIKE front, The White House Prepares To Save Itself, But NOT the American People 

ARTICLE: "White House Prepares for EMP That Would “Wipe Out Power, Render Cellphones and Internet Useless”
Mac Slavo | They know something is coming… and so do you. Are you as ready as you could be?" 

On the *they get the FREE ENERGY machines, but you don't* front, ARTICLE: "Is deep space travel a step closer to reality? Nasa reveals successful test of 'impossible' fuel-free engine that breaks the laws of physics" 

On the *despicably lying to the sheeple* front, ARTICLE: "Police claim forcing people to submit their DNA will help reunite families
MassPrivateI - Police across the country are forcing motorists to give them blood, saliva (DNA) and much worse. The National Highway Safety Administration, the agency that funds “No Refusal” DUI checkpoints and forcible blood draws, is also funding nationwide roadblocks that provide police with “voluntary” DNA samples. Presently, there are 28 states that force motorists to give police their DNA regardless of whether they've been convicted of a crime.... According to a DHS article titled "Bringing a New Biometric Capability to Verify Families Separated by Crisis". Law enforcement claims that forcing people to submit their DNA is a public service and will be used to reunite families trust them... “The Rapid DNA technology can be used in the field to confirm kinship between a parent and a child with 99.5 percent likelihood of relationship in 90 minutes.” 

New internal documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation reveal that surveillance planes the agency flew over Baltimore and Ferguson during highly-publicized protests also operated thermal imaging equipment.
The documents, obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union via Freedom of Information Act requests, outline how the bureau is using planes equipped with infrared and night vision cameras. They also reveal that the FBI retains the videos for an unspecified length of time.
The release of the documents comes just days after FBI Director James Comey confirmed to Congress that the agency flew surveillance aircraft over Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore during the protests following the police killings of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray" 

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Heavy Fist of Tyranny Begins To Pound the People More Ruthlessly ... This Will Incite More Civil Unrest and the Major Cities Will Be Targeted From All Sides  

ARTICLE: "THE MOST DEVIOUS LIARS IN THE ROOM :We’ve allowed our nation to be overtaken by a financial elite who have captured the politicians, the judiciary, the mass media, and the economic levers of the state" 

ARTICLE: "Why Governments Aren’t All That Different From Street Gangs
Joshua Krause | Clearly there are differences between governments and gangs right?"  

ARTICLE: "DHS to Increase Gestapo Tactics at Airports Following Russian Airliner Disaster
Kurt Nimmo | Move comes ahead of any official conclusion on crash." 

ARTICLE: "DHS to reactivate colored terror alert system... for DOMESTIC 'terrorists' (anyone who opposes Obama)
In recent days, the Department of Homeland Security might revive a never-used terrorism warning system, leaving some skeptics wondering just who the Obama administration is really targeting. As reported by Defense One, DHS chief Jeh Johnson ordered a top-down review of the nation's..." 

ARTICLE: "Do You Know What Those Strange White Vans aka 'White Devils' Are Doing To You? Another Example Of Amerika Turning Into A Police State" 

ARTICLE: "Startups Backed By The CIA :In-Q-Tel’s chief technology officer, said the intelligence community is looking for new ways to secure information given the increasing ubiquity of cloud computing." 

ARTICLE: "US Nuclear Weapons Truck Rear Ended In Transit: Was This Being Moved For WW3 Or  Nuclear False Flag Preparation?
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die ~ November 5, 2015
With word now out from Russia that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered staff to prepare Russian citizens for a possible nuclear war, the 1st video below shows a very strange event - a US nuclear weapons truck in transit in Great Falls, Montana gets rear ended by one of the US Military vehicles following behind it.
Shortly after the videographer took out his camera to begin filming the nuclear missile convoy that was passing by him, a federal police officer pulled over in front of the convoy to apparently tell the videographer he was not permitted to film. Of course, the videographer continued filming and was able to capture on video the sudden accident." 

On the *LOOMING CIVIL WAR AND INVASION* front, ARTICLE: "Daily Beast: Obama, Hillary Toying With ‘Civil War’ Over Gun Confiscation
Breitbart | The mere mention of confiscation is something that could literally rip the country apart." 

ARTICLE: "Civil War Is Inevitable ~ by Dave Hodges ~ November 7, 2015
As previously covered on The Common Sense Show, there are secret UN locations all across America with stockpiles of the traditional UN white vehicles, millions of body bags, as well as permanent and impromptu detention facilities that are prepared for the coming Civil War. This is not a case of abject paranoia, but a matter of simple common sense. There is something terribly wrong inside of America. 
The prima fascia evidence of an impending UN takeover resulting in an inevitable UN takeover is embedded within the UN Small Arms treaty. History demonstrates that it is common practice to disarm those, in advance, who are the targets of a planned genocide. 
Take a good hard look, America, at what is going on around you.
...The primary defense of the American people from a tyrannical government is a military who will not obey the unconstitutional orders from an out of control President. However, Obama is purging the military like no president has ever done. Bush fired two Generals. Obama has fired hundreds of command level officers. Why? Because the military leadership is the key to the coming civil war. Who will the military support? Will the military support an out of control administration who would use foreign military assets against the people? Or, will they support the people that they are sworn to defend? 
...The American Gestapo Is Armed for Civil War
DHS and every other federal agency has been acquiring billions of rounds of ammunition. Are we sending DHS to Afghanistan, or are the American people going to be the target in an unavoidable civil war. I know there are some who will want to argue with the assertions in this article. Therefore, I thought I would provide some more photos that the cognitive dissonance crowd can argue with." 

ARTICLE: "The Eight Ways America Will Die In a Single Night ~ by Dave Hodges ~ November 4, 2015
The next war could easily be over before it starts. Short of a military coup and an instantaneous revamping of our military strategy, there is nothing that the United States can do, short of a prolonged civilian led conflict, led by armed veterans, to stave off invasion and occupation. There will be no warning of the coming invasion. This article covers the eight ways America will die in a single night." 

On the communication front, The War Against Internet Alternative Media Goes Into Hyperdrive 

ARTICLE: "Total War Command Is Given To Government 'Cyber Warriors' - Propaganda 'Troll' Attacks Go Hypersonic Against Alternative Media ~ November 5, 2015
With world events going critical from war talk to cyber attacks, the economy to chemtrail talk, where Alternative Media outlets are garnering so much attention and highlighting issues Washington would prefer remain under the radar, and practically forcing the mainstream media to address those topics, the attacks against Independent Journalism have increased exponentially.
We have noted it here at ANP, our readers have noted it from across the Internet in comment sections, social media platforms and forums and after touching base with a couple sources, we see that other site owners are also noting the increase in trolling activity on their sites.
In response to my questions of whether they are noticing this increase, and being in communication with other web site owners are they hearing about it more, the response was "Yes, they are on a war footing (against us) and have gone hypersonic with guv cyber warriors having been given the total war command against us."
That answer is representative what we have been seeing and hearing across the web. 

ARTICLE: "How Do You Feel About Robots Writing the News?
Tech Swarm - If you’ve checked out an online news site lately, there’s a good chance at least one of the stories you’ve read was written by a robot. The Associated Press — the world’s biggest news organization — churns out almost 5,000 robot-written stories per quarter, and Forbes uses robots to write many of their company earnings reports." 

On the *infiltration of Chinese Radio ... all to fool the people* front, ARTICLE: "Voice of China ~ Beijing’s covert radio network airs China-friendly news across Washington, and the world
By Koh Gui Qing and John Shiffman ~ Filed Nov. 2, 2015
Part 3: The Chinese government controls much of the content broadcast on a station that is blanketing the U.S. capital with pro-Beijing programming. WCRW is part of an expanding global web of 33 stations in which China’s involvement is obscured.
BEIJING/WASHINGTON – In August, foreign ministers from 10 nations blasted China for building artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea. As media around the world covered the diplomatic clash, a radio station that serves the most powerful city in America had a distinctive take on the news." 

On the *how suspicious is this? ... did they Breitbart him?* front, ARTICLE: "Millionaire ex-Putin aide and Russia Today founder is found dead in Washington DC hotel room after 'heart attack'"

On the *yep, the NANNY STATE is on the rampage* front, ARTICLE: "Nanny States of America – Parents Arrested for Letting Kids Play on Beach, Girl Given Detention for Hugging Friend" 

ARTICLE: "Facebook reveals plans for artificial intelligence software that can run your life and 'help you understand the world'
Facebook's AI team revealed their work at an industry conference
M system named after James Bond's secretary Moneypenny
Facebook's service is being dubbed a 'digital personal assistant'" 

On the *sick and insane society* front, ARTICLE: "Eighth graders write about boozing, herpes and one-night stands in ‘reading’ assignment
EAG News | “I don’t think it’s age appropriate. I don’t think it’s appropriate at all.” 

ARTICLE: "The Punishment Society
Paul Craig Roberts | Police can slam children around and seriously injure them. But parents must not lay a hand on a child." 

ARTICLE: "University administrators shred U.S. Constitution in a shredder to calm student 'afraid' of the Constitution" 

ARTICLE: "Video: Maoist-style mob of Yale University PC zealots demand political purges 

ARTICLE: "Drugged Into Oblivion: Nearly 60 Percent Of All U.S. Adults Are On Prescription Drugs" 

ARTICLE: "New Wave of Police Taking Valuables From Unlocked Cars to Teach Lesson
Activist Post - Connecticut news stations are reporting that “police will now be going into to cars and removing items that would attract thieves.” Oftentimes, a person will by accident hit the button to unlock the doors or accidentally release the trunk. Oftentimes, the person will return only to have their faith in humanity restored when they see their valuables are still there. Not with the East Rock police in New Haven – now residents will be punished for their forgetfulness. New Haven police stated intentions to “send a strong message” and by removing the valuables are “forcing residents to make a trip to the police station to pick up belongings.”... Obviously, this brings up clear 4th amendment violations. However, Connecticut claims a loophole under state law that allows law enforcement to take valuables in plain sight without a search warrant and with the intention of safe keeping." 

ARTICLE: "National Media Ignores Black-on-White Hate Crime Assault
Paul Joseph Watson | Men viciously assaulted by black gang for displaying confederate flag sticker." 

On the *Hysterical Breakdown of Society ... where are the white coats when you need them? ... This woman needs serious psychiatric help* front,  ARTICLE: "Yale Student Shrieks At Prof For Denying Her ‘Safe Space’ [VIDEO]
Daily Caller | Yale University has been hit by controversy in the past week." 

Further note: Once upon a time college students protested an unjust war, protested for the rights of minorities, and protested the suppression of free speech... now Halloween and the holidays are a PC crime, and throwing protest-tantrums like two years olds is considered activism. What happened? Could it Be? Is this a mind-control takeover by an unfriendly ET race? Sure, looks like it. 

On the *good gosh, now it's come to this mindbot mindlessness* front, ARTICLE: "Lightsabers Banned At Star Wars Movie Screenings Because They Are ‘Simulated Weapons’
Steve Watson | Masks, face paint also not allowed." 

On the *let's all live together peacefully, and sanely... there's NO need to 'worship' being transgendered* front, ARTICLE: "Paglia: ‘Transgender Mania’ is a Symptom of West’s Cultural Collapse
CNS News | “Nothing… better defines the decadence of the West to the jihadists than our toleration of open homosexuality and this transgender mania now.” 

ARTICLE: "Ordinance to force transgender access to bathrooms, showers goes before Houston voters
EAG News | “The gender identity provision is still in there, and theoretically still has the same effect.” 

ARTICLE: "Sorry, Social Justice Warriors: Political Correctness Has Peaked
National Review | If you’re Social Justice Warrior, you’re a liar." 

On the *collectivism, the dark-side's tool to beat down the sheeple* front, ARTICLE: "The Tools Collectivists Use To Gain Power ~ Brandon Smith ~ Wednesday, 04 November 2015
While many divisions within our society are arbitrary or engineered, there is one division that represents perhaps the most pervasive and important conflict of our time; the division between collectivists and individualists.
Now, people who do not understand the nature of collectivism will often argue that individualism and collectivism are not mutually exclusive because individuals require groups in order to survive and thrive. However, a “group” is not necessarily a collective.
For some reason the core fundamental of collectivism – the use of psychological coercion or physical force to compel participation – goes right over the heads of many skeptics. A group does not have to be collectivist. Any group can and should be voluntary. Collectivism is NOT voluntary. Therefore, collectivism and individualism are indeed mutually exclusive. Collectivists and individualists cannot exist in the same space at the same time without eventually coming into conflict. There is simply no way around it." 

On the home front, THE LIFE-ENDING TERROR OF LIVING IN AMERIKA ... and the One-World-Order Federalization of the Police ... Yes, THE SOVIETIZATION OF AMERICA IS HERE 

This is just one heinous crime against innocent Americans that is consistently happening all over the country:  

NEWS REPORT: "Idaho rancher’s wife: ‘I saw them murder my husband’
November 7, 2015
Family members say they don’t know why deputies grabbed Jack Yantis and shot him
They say his wife was thrown to ground and handcuffed
Reports of a shootout are disputed" 

ARTICLE: "Video: Cop Executes Man While Face Down On The Ground, Showing Hands
Steve Watson | Officer cleared of murder charge; Routine traffic stop turned deadly." 


On the YOU ARE THE TARGETED ENEMY OF THE STATE front, BLOG POST: "Hammond Family Declared as Terrorist and Sentenced to Five Years in Federal Prison ~ November 3, 2015
Re: Hammond Family Declared as Terrorist and Sentenced to Five Years in Federal Prison
From: The Bundy Family 
Bunkerville, Nevada
To: Aware Citizens & Government Officials
Our hearts and prayers go out to the Hammond family with deep empathy.  The magnitude of the injustices dealt to them is hard to comprehend.  Their once happy lives have been forever darkened with pains of corruptions.  The nature of their sentencing proves once again that justice is currently not found in the federal courts.  The Hammonds are a simple ranching family that for generations has cared for the land they live upon.  Prescribed burns are a vital process in keeping the land healthy and productive in the area.  The BLM also performs prescribed burns and have let it get out of control many times, but never has it cost any federal agent hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and years of life in prison.  The Hammonds prescribed a fire that moved to public land, they extinguished the fire themselves.  The courts found that the burn increased vegetation for the following years, and had a positive impact on the land.  With no authority or justification to prosecute, eleven years after the fire, federal attorneys have obtained judgment that the Hammonds are terrorists and must be punished severely for their actions." 

ARTICLE: "Two Cops Face Murder Charges for Killing a 6-year-old
Adan Salazar | Body cam footage “most disturbing thing I’ve seen,” says state police colonel." 

On the *another despicable fleecing of the sheeple* front, ARTICLE: "Obamacare Heading for Life Support ~ by Michael Walsh ~ November 7, 2015 
Humana drops 100,000 patients, citing unexpectedly higher costs.
The misbegotten mess known as the Patient Deflection and Unaffordable Care Act is really starting to collapse" 

Article: "OBAMACARE – THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON TAKING :the mainstream media makes barely a peep about the ongoing and worsening Obamacare debacle. Healthcare premiums, co-pays and deductibles are soaring, while doctor and plan choices contract to a minuscule level." 

ARTICLE: "Obamacare Premiums To Soar 3 Times Faster Than Feds Claim
The Daily Caller | When data for all four plans are included, premium costs will actually rise on average 20.3 percent next year." 

On the *sounds logical, even caring...but it's about killing off the elderly for profit* front, Article: "IT BEGINS: Government to Pay Doctors to Tell Patients to Kill Themselves 
EPJ - Move marks a turning point after a similar proposal was dropped from the Affordable Care Act. The federal government is about to pay doctors who speak with patients about the type of medical care they want when they are "near death." The rule announced on Friday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid service will reimburse, starting January 1, 2016, healthcare providers if they have conversations with Medicare patients about advance planning--also known as end-of-life discussions, reports WSJ. Make no mistake about it, this is about cutting the cost for the government of patient care, Notes WSJ: It is a delicate issue, however, because end-of-life discussions also are likely to lower health-care spending—which could lead to claims the conversations are a way to limit treatment or care."  

On the *GROW PUMPKINS, screw the EPA*front, ARTICLE: "Illinois EPA: Pumpkins ‘Must Be Managed’ to ‘Protect Human Health’
Kit Daniels | Pumpkins pose risk to environment if mishandled, according to state agency." 


EMAIL: "Alert! Big Ag now patenting conventional seeds & Food ~ Date: Nov 7, 2015  
In a very disturbing development Syngenta has patented a pepper strain developed through conventional means. By doing this, these big Ag companies are establishing a precedent for the privatization of our seeds and the foods that we eat.
I don't know about you but I was fine with our agricultural system BEFORE these big Ag companies began patenting and introducing GMOs, a strategy that now extends to hybrid plants.  
The Center for Food Safety reports:
"The history of seed development, distribution, and ownership reflects today's dominant economic paradigm of the last several decades, which converts basic elements of life - such as seeds and genetic resources - into private, commercial assets.
Until the last few decades, seed development and distribution in the U.S. was largely under the purview of the public sector and augmented by hundreds of small, often family-run, seed breeder businesses, which acted mainly as distributors of publicly developed seed varieties. This contrasts sharply with the situation today in which the top ten companies control 65 percent of proprietary, or intellectual property (IP)-protected, seed."
Do you really believe that any private company should control access to the seeds and plants that supply the foods we eat?
Stay well,
Steve St Clair
Enerhealth Botanicals" 

ARTICLE: "McDonald’s, Burger King Lure Kids with Toys and Targeted Ads
Julie Fidler | Thankfully, record people are rejecting the fast food." 

On the *what's true about food?* front, ARTICLE: "116-year-old woman eats bacon every day
Could a few slices of bacon a day be the key to a long and happy life? The world's oldest living person, Susannah Mushatt Jones of Brooklyn, swears by it. "She'll eat bacon all day long," an aide at the Brooklyn facility where she lives told the New York Post. She even has a sign..." 

On the *lessening and poisoned food supply* front, ARTICLE: "El Nino Hits Dinner Table as Food Costs Soar Most in 3 Years"  
~Bloomberg News~ 

ARTICLE: "Are Prescription Drugs on Your Menu for Dinner? 
Alliance for Natural Health - “Biosolids”—a euphemism for human waste—are being used by some farmers as cheap fertilizer, according the New York Times, but it is usually done very quietly. In most states and counties, details about where biosolids have been applied is intentionally concealed; they make it as hard as possible for the public to get that information. Biosolids can be dangerous. They may be riddled with harmful Big Pharma drugs and also personal care products. A new study shows that the animal and human drugs typically found in biosolids may, even at very low levels, interfere with important hormones that help the plant defend itself against predators and diseases.... Biosolids are not permitted in organic production, but in conventional farming they fall under the jurisdiction of the EPA." 

On the GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND front, ARTICLE: "Feds Raid Native American Tribal Lands, Seize and Destroy 30,000 Hemp Crops
Natural Blaze - On Friday, October 24, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and FBI agents, state and country authorities, undercover agents and policemen, some wearing military gear, raided and destroyed industrial hemp crops – 30,000 plants total – grown by the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, according to Fox 11 News in Wisconsin. The tribe legalized growing low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) industrial hemp on its land in May this year, reported CBS News. The hemp crops were supposed to be protected by the Farm Bill according to the tribe’s press release. But now the feds are saying that the plants were actually a type of high grade marijuana according to the Fox 11 report, which said that the initial test was negative but the second test came back positive." 

On the MONSATANO/GMO WE ARE YOUR EVIL FOOD GODS front, ARTICLE: "New Zealand Releases Full Text of TPP (Monsanto’s Dream Trade Deal)
Christina Sarich | A deal that would ruin privacy, food." 

ARTICLE: "Contributors to the Grocery Manufacturers Association - A leading opponent of GMO labeling
The Grocery Manufacturers Association is one of the largest organizations representing the food industry. As of 2013, they had over 300 member businesses in food and beverage production as well as biotech and seed companies. The Grocery Manufacturers Association is one of the leading..." 

ARTICLE: "GMO labeling - Why are we being treated like second class citizens?
Living a healthy lifestyle is all about making the healthiest choices. But what if the best choice (or the information needed to make the best choice) wasn't available to you because the people tasked with looking out for you and your interests don't have the same high standards and the..." 

ARTICLE: "Jackson County, Oregon was already successful in banning genetically modified crops even though Big Ag tried to fight the democratic vote. Now, another Oregon County is following suit.
Residents of Lane County have begun work collecting signatures to get a GMO crop cultivation ban onto the May 2016 ballot. Like all grassroots movements, they need help." 

ARTICLE: "Federal Judge Upholds Mexican GM Ban after over ‘100 Appeals by Biotech’
Christina Sarich | As GMOs would cause ‘irreversible damage’." 

ARTICLE: "Europe Rejects GM Crops as New Report Highlights 20 Years of GM Failures
Sustainable Pulse - By the end of today, all 19 government requests for bans of GM crop cultivation are expected to go unchallenged by biotech companies, pathing the way for two thirds of the EU’s farmland and population to remain GM-free. The growing opposition to GM crops coincides with a new Greenpeace report reviewing evidence of GM environmental risks, market failures, and increased pesticide use.... Around 85 per cent of GM crops are cultivated in just four countries in the Americas (US, Brazil, Argentina and Canada), representing only three per cent of global agricultural land." 

ARTICLE: "2015 Million Mask March: Arrests in London, rush against Monsanto in DC 
RT - Protesters took to the streets in hundreds of cities around the world for the 2015 Million Mask March on Thursday, with police arresting dozens in London and activists storming the doors of biotech giant Monsanto in Washington, DC. Organized by the hacktivist group Anonymous, the event featured thousands of people from around the world donning Guy Fawkes masks and protesting a variety of injustices ranging from inequality and corruption to police brutality and capitalism itself. Protests spanned the globe, with major events taking place in Europe and the United States, as well as Canada and Guatemala." 

On the GIANT HYPOCRISY front, ARTICLE: "How can the USA stand for human rights with state-sanctioned medical kidnapping, mandatory vaccination, abortion organ harvesting and mass psych drugging?
Unbeknownst to most Americans, the U.S. State Department is required by international treaty and by U.S. statute to submit an annual report to Congress detailing the human rights records of all countries that belong to the United Nations, as well as any country receiving U.S. assistance..." 

On the BIG PHARMA GLOBAL MONOPOLY front, ARTICLE: "Big Pharma price monopoly to go global as Obama forfeits America's economic future to globalist corporations
The race to "globalize" — that is, offshore American economic power and assets — quickened recently with the finalization of a new trade deal that once again puts U.S. workers behind the eight ball."  

On the *sacrificing of real science on the altar of greed* front, ARTICLE: "U.S. oligarchy banishes science; ruling elite destroys anyone questioning GMOs or vaccines
The immense influence that corporations and special interests hold over government policy-making was on full display recently after billionaire oil tycoon Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources, arrogantly demanded that certain researchers from the University of Oklahoma (UO) be fired..." 

ARTICLE: "Scientific fraud uncovered in antidepressant study that claims psych drugs are safe for children
A landmark study which concluded that antidepressant drug Paxil (paroxetine) was safe for use among teenagers was fraudulent, suggests a reanalysis of the previously recorded data. The original study, published..." 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, ARTICLE: "Vaccine Whistleblower Gave Congress Thousands of Documents, Claims CDC Destroyed Proof of MMR-Autism Link
Michael Krieger | The corruption has also poisoned CDC’s immunization safety office." 

ARTICLE: "‘Perfectly healthy’ Girl, 9, Paralyzed by Flu Shot, Family Claims
Adan Salazar | “We know in our hearts this was the flu vaccine that made her ill.”

ARTICLE: "Government threw thirteen men into the same prison after their children were killed possibly by vaccine injuries
If your child becomes sick or dies after receiving a vaccine, odds are you'll be accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Why? It's an easy way out for the government and Big Pharma who just want to gloss over the vaccine violence they've been unleashing on the human population." 

ARTICLE: "Florida Health Freedom Under Attack: New Bill (SB 646) Threatens Vaccine Exemptions; Forces Gov. Tracking of Records
Green Med Info - The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) just released critically important information on Florida bill SB 646, which aggressively undermines health freedom by greatly restricting medical and religious vaccine exemptions, as well as expanding forced government tracking of private citizen's confidential vaccination records." 

ARTICLE: "Vaccine Victory In Florida
Dr. Robert J. Rowen - I just got a stunning email from Sayer Ji of Green Med.
The new draconian forced vax bill in Florida has been withdrawn thanks to overwhelming grass roots efforts: "Thanks to your efforts, and the efforts of the National Vaccine Information Center, Floridians for Health Freedom, Allan Philips, JD, Health Freedom Action, The National Health Federation, and many other citizens and partner organizations, only hours ago, FL bill SB 646 was withdrawn by Senator Alan Hays!" 

ARTICLE: "Court Hears Of ‘Horrendous Adverse Effects’ Of HPV" 

On the really bad news front, The Dark-Side War On Christianity Or Those Who Consider Themselves To Be Christians Will Escalate Horribly At This Spinpoint In Time ... Protect Yourselves Or Choose To Perish ... Remember: Jesus Christ, As He Is Known Currently, Said To Purchase a Sword For Protection ... Follow His Advice With the Weapons of the Day 

"Then said he to them, But now, he that has a purse, let him take it, and likewise his money: and he that has no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." Luke 22:36 

ARTICLE: "HS football player ejected after pointing to sky during touchdown celebration
EAG News | High school running back Pedro Banda may play for the Demons, but he’s all about praising God."  

On the NEVER-ENDING NUKING OF MOTHER EARTH ... THE WAR ON ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ... AND A BRAVE WHISTLEBLOWER front, REPORT: "Nuclear Experts: Million cancers could result from Fukushima — Already hundreds of times more thyroid cancers, 'Just the tip of the iceberg… worst is yet to come' 'Enormous spikes in cancer… devastating health effects'" 

ARTICLE: "Total War Against All Alternative Media Now Underway - Imagine The Day When All Truth Has Been Blown Away, Along With The Voices You Listened To, Then What Will You Do?
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine
Alternative News sites tried to warn people that Internet Free Speech was almost gone..... Drudge warned it was going to get "really ugly, really fast" in a rare Interview on Alex Jones... we have all shouted the warnings, but how many truly listened? How many thought "they are all exaggerating?"
We weren't and it is happening now. 
Well folks, we are going to talk about a man named Dana Durnford. Mr. Durnford was a commercial diver in Canada for most his life, until a tragic accident left him in a wheelchair, but his love of the ocean never died, and when the overwhelming evidence started being seen of how the ocean was literally dying after the great Earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused multiple meltdowns at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, Durnford became a Fukushima Warrior.
Durnford started with some videos, talking about the death and destruction being seen of sealife in the Pacific, created a blog where he documents 61 pages of articles proving this damage from 2011 to 2015. YouTube live events commenced nightly and then croed-funded expeditions where he photographed the proof of his assertions to counter the "official" narrative.
In that time Durnford had been hacked countless times, harassed for exposing the cover-up by the powers that be in Canada, had his life threatened, and now, finally, arrested and charged with two counts of criminal harassment.
In his Thursday video (seen below), Mr. Durnford defended his attacks on scientists claiming there are low radiation readings in the Pacific and waving away the proof that sealife is suffering mass death events from it, stating “All I’m doing is exposing people for committing crimes. … How is it bad to even call these people evil?” he asked. 
This should be disturbing to anyone that understands the MSM is nothing more than a mouth piece for Washington and that anyone that does not comply with the "official narrative," anyone that asks questions they think the MSM deliberately does not, anyone that exposes corruption by large corporations or the government etc... will be targeted, shutdown, silenced and purged, leaving the general public with nothing more than Washington propaganda." 

ARTICLE: "US Government Secretly Buried Nuclear Waste Near Playground — And Thousands Now Have Cancer
Written by: Daniel Jennings Current Events November 4, 2015 
US Government Secretly Buried Nuclear Waste Near Playground, And Now 2,700 Have Cancer
A government contractor buried tens of thousands of barrels of nuclear waste in two sites around St. Louis that may have caused more than 2,700 cases of cancer, a lawsuit and CBS News are alleging.
“Within a six-house radius, I knew four people with brain cancer, one a child, one a young professor,” resident Jenelle Wright told CBS. “And I just thought, ‘This is really odd.'” 

On the good news front, The Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis Oil and Growing Hemp 

ARTICLE: "5-Year Old Beat Leukemia With Cannabis Oil When Chemotherapy Failed
Joe Battaglia - Two years ago, Landon Riddle had acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), a cancer of the blood and bone marrow which is the most common cancer in children. His mother says his condition improved so much following treatment with medical marijuana that chemotherapy was not needed. But the Children's Hospital of Colorado, disagreed insisting chemotherapy poisons were the best choice and threatened his mother with legal action and removal of her child from her care."  

ARTICLE: "Marijuana may be ‘More Effective than Adderall at Treating ADHD’
Julie Fidler | While Treating numerous other ailments." 

ARTICLE: "Win! Industrial Hemp Now Legal in North Carolina
In a huge move for the US, North Carolina has recently legalized the cultivation and manufacturing of industrial hemp."  

On the global mafia cabal front, CONSTRUCTING THE ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT USING THE TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP AS ONE EVIL TENTACLE ... For, Absolute Control Is the Endgame Goal ... Or, How To Tyrannically Shaft and Enslave the Entire World's Population 

ARTICLE: "Professors & Politicians Gather To Warn Us About The New World Order 'We are dealing with a criminal undertaking at a global level … and there is an ongoing war, it is led by the United States'" 

This month, Nov 30- Dec 11, a UN Climate Conference will attempt to do what they failed to do 6 years ago in Copenhagen — establish a global regime, complete with a global court, global taxes and global enforcement mechanism. After their failure 6 years ago, globalists regrouped and brought in the Pope to make a moral case for global control and global redistribution of wealth.
We also look at how a NASA glaciologist corrects how climate alarmists selectively use satellite data in a fraudulent narrative of melting polar ice caps." 

Article: ObamaTrade Details Unveiled, Officials Warn "It's Worse Than We Thought"
Zero Hedge - "The Trans-Pacific Partnership means that America will write the rules for 21st century trade," according to President Obama, but as Reuters reports, U.S. unions, lawmakers and interest groups questioned the long-awaited text of a landmark U.S.-backed Pacific trade deal on Thursday. "It's worse than we thought,” Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, told members and U.S. labor representatives said the agreement contained weak, poorly worded or unenforceable provisions, concluding "we do not believe those improvements are significant or meaningful for workers." It appears, that ObamaTrade may be a boon for factory and export economies like Malaysia and Vietnam, but - as expected - will achieve little for the average joe in America.
* Related: Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership" 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Senator Blasts TPP as “Global Governance,” Says Stop Fast-Track
New American | “The predictable and surely desired result of the TPP is to put greater distance between the governed and those who govern.” 

ARTICLE: "Strong Cities Network: “The UN is coming and coming in the worst way possible for patriotic America!"
Canada Free Press - ...”The Strong Cities Network About page clearly states “The Strong Cities Network is run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a London-based ‘think-and-do’ tank with a long-standing track record of working to prevent violent extremism across all forms.” That is to say, the Strong Cities Network is a front group for the Institute of Strategic Dialogue.... “Who is the Institute for Strategic Dialogue? It is yet another NGO think-tank run by a fourteen-member Board of Trustees all of whom are directly connected to the global oligarchy. One member, Field Marshal The Lord Guthrie, is a member of the Trilateral Commission and a former Director of the global financial empire, N M Rothschild & Sons Limited. No less than ten other board members also have direct ties to the global financial world. The Board also contains two Baronesses and three Lords of the British monarchy.”... “One of ISD’s ideological positions should be of great concern to all Americans. A section of their web site details an initiative to fight against “Far-Right Extremism and Intolerance”, which states..." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Defense Secretary: Russia & China Threaten World Order
AP | Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Saturday accused Russia of endangering world order." 

On the heroine front, Blurb: "REBECCA CAMPBELL is a broad-spectrum activist/artist who, literally and figuratively, wears many hats. Today she will be discussing one of the biggest frauds known as the CAFR scam." [CAFR is a scam where two sets of books exist. One is to fool the people into believing NOT ENOUGH GOV MONEY EXISTS. The other is the TRUE financial record where tons of money tax-collected from the people is available for public use.]

On the hero and heroine front, ARTICLE: "Oregon County Nullifies All Unconstitutional State and Federal Gun Laws 
The New American - Citizens of Coos County, Oregon, decided on November 3 that they consider their right to keep and bear arms beyond the reach of the federal government. Specifically, voters approved a bill that authorizes the Coos County sheriff to interpose between the people of his county and any state or federal act that would infringe upon the rights protected by the Second Amendment. The text of the ordinance declares as null and void "any regulation of the right to keep and bear arms.” It also empowers the county sheriff to ascertain whether any regulation — local, state, or federal — infringes unconstitutionally on the right of citizens to be armed. Perhaps most importantly, the new law forbids the expenditure of county funds or other resources on the executing of Oregon’s recently reinforced background checks for anyone attempting to purchase a firearm." 

On the VETERANS front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "VA wrongly tells veterans they’re dead, cuts off benefits
Fox News - That’s why the Pinellas County, Florida, resident was alarmed when his VA check didn’t show up in his bank account Monday. He called the Department of Veterans Affairs office to find out why, and their response was stunning: The benefits had been suspended because he was dead. “Well, I’m not,” Rieker retorted. “I woke up this morning and I’m feeling rather chipper, in fact.” As it turns out, Rieker is one of six Tampa Bay area residents who were getting veterans benefits, but then were declared dead — despite being very much alive. U.S. Rep. David Jolly, who represents a section of Florida’s Gulf Coast near Tampa, said he’s handled a total of five such cases in the past 18 months, and a neighboring congressman in the Tampa Bay area received a similar call as well. “It’s a very serious matter,” said Jolly. “How many cases are there nationwide?” 

On the scumbag military front, Article: "U.S. Military Spent $43 Million on a Gas Station in Afghanistan that Should Have Cost $500,000
Michael Krieger | It’s all starting to make sense now." 

On the scumbag political front, Article: "BOMBSHELL Document Reveals What Hillary Did On 2nd Day In Office That Could Mean ‘Criminal Penalties’
A newly released document signed by Hillary Clinton on her second day serving as Secretary of State proves that she was made aware of her responsibility to ascertain and to protect classified documents in her possession.
The Washington Free Beacon obtained the Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement signed by Clinton through a Freedom of Information Act Request." 

ARTICLE: "Clinton Signed NDA Laying Out Criminal Penalties for Mishandling of Classified Info
Washington Free Beacon | Dem presidential candidate and top aides signed NDAs warning against ‘negligent handling’ of classified information." 

ARTICLE: "New Poll Shows 60% of Americans Think Hillary Clinton is Untrustworthy and Dishonest
Michael Krieger | You’d truly have to be a certified zombie, or living your life entirely under a rock, to not recognize how completely shady and corrupt this woman is." 

ARTICLE: "Political Strategist: Hillary Clinton is “An Abuser of Women & Girls”
Paul Joseph Watson | Roger Stone says Hillary hired private investigators to terrorize Bill Clinton’s rape victims." 

ARTICLE: "Bill Clinton On Leadership Board Of Presidential Debate Commission
The Daily Caller | A conflict of interest could be afoot at the Commission on Presidential Debates if Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic presidential nomination." 

On the *gee, could we please go back to before 2008* front, ARTICLE: "Sheriff Clarke: Obama ‘Delusional’ to Believe He has Improved Race Relations in America
Truth Revolt | Rev. Jeremiah Right. Case closed." 

On the *wholesale loss of rights* front, ARTICLE: "How Arbitration Clauses are Stripping American Citizens of Their “Right to Go to Court”
Michael Krieger | Thousands of cases brought by single plaintiffs over fraud, wrongful death and rape are now being decided behind closed doors." 

On the SECOND AMENDMENT front, ARTICLE: "Gun Sales At Record High For 6th Straight Month
Steve Watson | “Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the best gun salespeople on the planet.” 

On the freedom front, FREEDOM... THE BATTLE IS NOW. OR NEVER ... Protect Yourselves and Your Loved Ones   

ARTICLE: "'They Are Coming For Us' - Whistleblower Talks NWO, Gun Confiscation And Martial Law - Pastor That Exposed The Clergy Response Team For FEMA Says 'The Battle Is Here, The Battle Is Now'
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ November 8, 2015
Pastor Walt Mansfield who has been dubbed "Pastor Revere" for blowing the whistle back in 2006 about the "FEMA program which had started training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to "obey the government" in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation," joins Gianluca Zanna  from Love, Guns & Freedom Radio for a wide ranging interview about recent events and statements by politicians which he believes indicates that "The battle is here, the battle is now." 

Tells Americans to trade guns for "Armor of Light"
Adan Salazar | - NOVEMBER 5, 2015 

On the PROTECT WHAT BELONGS TO YOU front, HEADLINE: "Thief steals emergency supplies from disabled senior citizens" 

On the *what happens when guns are taken away* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Murdered for their guns, Venezuela's police are now victims of crime
The Guardian - Not even the police are safe in Venezuela. In a country which saw 24,000 murders recorded in 2013 and whose capital city Caracas was runner-up for murder capital of the world, 252 security officers have been killed in the country from January until October this year, in most cases simply because they were carrying something valuable – a gun.... When President Maduro launched a disarmament plan in 2014, and security forces were also ordered to destroy weapons seized during the police operations, the government’s intention was to reduce violence by making it harder for people to obtain guns. His predecessor had already made private gun ownership illegal in 2012. But these actions have only increased interest in the people allowed to carry weapons. “There are now fewer deals in black market arms but that has made anyone in uniform a more popular target for criminals than before,” says Eliseo Guzmán, the general commissioner of the Miranda state police force. “They will identify a police officer and take away his life just to take his gun.” 

On the NANO front, ARTICLE: "Nanoscale Autonomous Walking Machine Built from DNA - ''Could Roam the Human Body'' ~ 11/02/2015 

On the TECH front, ARTICLE: "The Unhackable iPhone Has Been Compromised: ‘Intelligence Agencies Can Intercept Calls, Messages, and Access Data’
Mac Slavo | Iphone maker Apple, Inc. claimed last month that their latest iteration of the wildly popular handheld device was unhackable."  

ARTICLE: "Creepier than Google Glass? A third eye in the middle of your head Technically Incorrect: 3RDi is a camera that sits in the middle of your head. It wants to 'capture your life,' while perhaps it captures everyone else's too." 

ARTICLE: "UK Introduces Legislation Requiring Tech Companies to Spy on Their Users
Michael Krieger | Of all the world’s “leaders,” one person has stood out from the crowd by consistently advocating the most destructive, ignorant and authoritarian solutions." 

Trendwise, MONEY WILL BE USELESS IN THE COMING DAYS ...  This Means What You Have, Or the Tangible Goods You Have To Trade and Barter, and/or What You Can Produce and Make ... That Will Eventually ***Overtake*** the Fiat Currency System ... For, This Is a Revolution-Evolution of the People 

At some point, many will realize where their true power comes from. Thus, money will be seen as an enslavement used by the system. This realization fosters renaissance communities across the planet, but especially in America. Further, there will be a lovely growth of the soul, which shines the heavens. 

THIS WEEK, let your spirit dance with cosmos, as reflected by the kindness of others...and as what you offer in kindness to others. 

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~  

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