Monday, November 2, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 2, 2015

Autumn Angel by Everild Wolfden

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #374    

The Spirit of Liberty Battles the Brain-Destroyed Zombie Hordes 

Also, the technocracy plan: GOLIATH TYRANNY BY STEALTH 

Out of this rises this gamechanger: FREEDOM BY STEALTH  

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' expose with mighty tornadic swings of their lightblades, those demonic operatives -- in human suits -- who most endanger the human race. For, their faces and words will be broadcast across the world. 

As well, true magick continues to rise. For, it is the very soul of humankind in connection with the energies of Mother Earth. Use this power wisely. 

On the personal front, this week is likely to either be chaotic in character or will limp along, with little being accomplished. However, the best use of the current cosmic energies is to take steps back and assess your current situation. Plan ways to over come any problems by using insight and ingenuity. 

Also, this is a fabulous week to enjoy any creative form of entertainment, such as theater plays and concerts. For, this is a time to join together and enjoy activities with others...fairs, festivities, farmer's markets... any such celebration is good for the spirit, the heart, and the soul. Of ALL. 

On the paranormal front, UFO ... Talking To E.T. ... Cryptid Sea Creature ... and Little People? 

ARTICLE: "Strange butterfly-shaped UFO filmed over Ohio ~ Thursday, 29 October, 2015 
Footage and images have emerged of a 'metal butterfly' that was spotted by a father and son in the US.
One of the most unique sightings to have been reported in a while, the bizarre looking object appeared in the sky as the two men - Tom and Christopher - were leaving a local restaurant.
Grabbing their phones they managed to record several seconds of footage and a series of photographs showing the butterfly-like craft moving overhead and off in to the distance." 

HEADLINE: "Stunning OFF-WORLD Alien Ship Captured By Father & Son!" WOW BEST SHOT OF A UFO I HAVE EVER SEEN! [Steve Quayle Quote]

BLURB: "Alien Human Communication: We Need to Talk! ~ Friday October 30, 2015
Nancy du Tertre asks, can aliens speak our languages, can we understand them? We need new discoveries 
about communication between us and this provocative unknown.
Could it be that there is a single, powerful message being communicated across the whole experience? If so, what is it? And what role does telepathy play? Mind control? What are 'downloads' and who gets them?
There is far too little discussion of this most basic of all contact issues: is there communication, and what does it mean?
Nancy du Tertre is a Princeton graduate, a securities litigation attorney and a remote viewer trained in military CRV methods. She has thought deeply about the problem of alien human communication, and how we can approach it. She has some answers, and they are provocative and urgent." 
Her websites are and 

ARTICLE: "Baffling Photo of Sea Creature Taken in Corfu
Thursday, October 29, 2015
A tourist from Scotland has recently taken a photograph of a mysterious sea creature, while visiting a cave in Corfu, Greece. The photograph has so far baffled experts, whom are unable to identify the creature.
The photographer, Harvey Robertson, had held his camera over the side of the boat, during a boat cruise in a sea cave, to get a picture of the water. He was unable to see what the camera was taking a picture of until he pulled the camera back in, of which revealed the image of the cryptic creature.
"I was trying to capture the water color and was not looking at the water, the flash went off. I only saw the creature when looking back through my pics," explained a bewildered Robertson.
Unknowncountry contacted a marine biologist who said, "this doesn't appear to me to be a whale, but it could be one that is dead and starting to decay. However, it doesn't look anything like any marine animal I have ever seen, dead or alive." 

ARTICLE: "Watch the creepy moment a bar stool falls on its side without anyone nearby - before a tiny white figure appears to scamper past stunned onlookers (LITTLE CREATURES-Steve Quayle) 

On the *Yes, there was a WEREWOLF conference* front, ARTICLE: "UK to host international werewolf conference ~ Saturday, 22 August, 2015 
Lycanthropy experts from around the world will descend on the University of Hertfordshire next month.
The unique three-day event could have easily been mistaken for any other academic gathering if it weren't for the fact that the subject being discussed happens to be werewolves.
Starting on September 3rd, just four days after the next full moon, the event will host a series of talks pertaining to the history of werewolves and their continued influence on modern culture.
There will even be an opportunity for visitors to encounter some real-life wolves as well as a chance to check out the Berkhamsted churchyard where the remains of 'Peter the Wildboy' reside.
"People have been fascinated by human-to-wolf transformations down the years, especially in film," said conference convener Dr Sam George. "Many remember Lon Chaney in Wolf Man or the cult classic An American Werewolf in London, which brought werewolves to contemporary audiences."
"But how many people actually know the different ways that you can become a werewolf according to folklore or that there were actually werewolf trials in France and Germany where people were hanged and found guilty of lycanthropy ?"
"At the conference we want to draw attention to these little-known facts and discuss the werewolf in all its many manifestations and cultural meanings." 

On the *An Overview of the Hollow Earth* front, Article: "THE HOLLOW EARTH IS FILLED WITH GIANTS, GERMANS, AND A LITTLE SUN 
...Among most believers, the inside of the Hollow Earth is a lush tropical paradise that very likely houses an advanced race of humans/aliens/giants. In most scenarios, the inhabitants are the descendants of ancient races such as the Lemurians or, as in Cluff’s view, the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, guided there through the North polar opening by God himself. No matter where they come from, they are generally characterized as peace-loving, and advanced far beyond our own. “They have flying saucer technology. They live lives of perfect health for hundreds of years. Their science is much more advanced because they live much longer lives,” says Cluff." 

On the *past revealing itself...giants lived among us* front, ARTICLE: "Project Launched to Revive the Colossus of Rhodes, Wonder of the Ancient World" 

On the SPACE JUNK front, Article: "WTF: Mysterious Space Junk Will Fall to Earth Next Month 
The Daily Sheeple | Mysterious debris, believed to be several meters in diameter, is set to light up the sky as it falls back to Earth in a few weeks." 

On the land changes front, ONCE AGAIN: HUGE LAND AND WEATHER CHANGES During the Next Four Months Will Permanently Alter Earth In Mostly GOOD Ways ... But Hang On Because There Will Be Some Rough-Tough Sailing Ahead 

HEADLINE: "Eight years of rain in two days: Unprecedented ice flash floods and many feared dead as Super cyclone Chapala hit's Saudi Arabia" ~ Monday, 2 November 2015 


HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Three small earthquakes rattle central Arizona
Fox News | Central Arizona was rocked by a trio of small earthquakes late Sunday, with the largest rattling homes across the Phoenix metro area." 


ARTICLE: "Huge Crack in the Earth Opens Up East of Yellowstone Caldera by Big Horn Mountains -Video
CONTRIBUTOR: John Rolls. Published on Oct 28, 2015 This giant crack in the earth appeared in the last two weeks on a ranch we hunt in the Bighorn Mountains. Everyone here is calling it “the gash”. It’s a really incredible Posted by SNS Outfitter & Guides on Friday, October 23, 2015..." 

ARTICLE: "Scientists mystified by ever-rising San Francisco Bay area seismic swarm – 450 quakes in two weeks ~ October 31, 2015 
October 2015 – SAN FRANCISCO – The earthquake swarms in one San Francisco Bay Area city keeps rising, and according to the US Geological Center’s past historical data, has shattered all previous old records. As of Wednesday, the USGS noted that San Ramon, about 45 miles from San Francisco had experienced 446 quakes, including 86 quakes that were a magnitude of 2.0 or higher, since Oct. 13. A total of 28 earthquakes have been documented alone since Tuesday. San Ramon had previously set a record in 2003 when a swarm of 120 earthquakes struck there over 31 days."

ARTICLE: "Why Is This Happening? Unprecedented Flooding Has Hit The U.S. Within The Last 30 Days
Michael Snyder | Why is the U.S. being hit by so many catastrophic weather events all of a sudden?" 

Article: "PHOTOS: Texas, Louisiana Drowned by Flooding, Blasted by Severe Storms
News - November 1, 2015; 9:38 AM ET
The second round of flooding rain and severe thunderstorms in about a week have hit portions of Texas and Louisiana hard during Friday into Saturday." 

ARTICLE: "Costa Rica's majestic Turrialba volcano: The colossus has dozens of eruptions in the llast couple of days" 

On the CLIMATE CHANGE front, ARTICLE: "Putin: Anthropogenic Climate Change is a Geostrategic Weapon
Kurt Nimmo | Globalists want to undermine Russia’s thriving energy sector" 

On the CLIMATE ENGINEERING front, ARTICLE: "Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 31, 2015 ~ Dane Wigington
The geoengineering atrocities are wreaking so much havoc around the globe that even the power structure owned and controlled media outlets are now unable to avoid the climate engineering discussion. The cover of the November 2015 issue of National Geographic is focused on the "proposal" of global geoengineering. This is the feature article within the issue. "Popular Mechanics" has also just addressed the geoengineering and its "potential" utilization for suppressing hurricanes. Historical records prove beyond doubt that climate engineering has been fully deployed on a substantial scale for over 65 years (hurricane suppression for over 53 years), so why do major publications continue to lie about this blatant reality? Because that is what they are paid to do." 

ARTICLE: "Two Old Documents Surface Proving Without A Doubt That The Govt and the UN are Using a Weapon On the Population—100% Proof
 CURATOR: Lisa Haven. By Lisa Haven In the video below youtuber DABH0077 delves through an unusual, old document that has surfaced called Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation US Senate May 1978. Rather shockingly this old document proves the government and the United Nations have been using weather modification for years—ever..." 

On the AWAKENING front, SEEING Beyond the Looney-Bin, Crime-Boss Leaders and the Dark-Side Controllers ... Who Is In Control? ... Will They Be Called Our Progenitors? 

ARTICLE: "The New World Order Agenda is the Alien Agenda 
Wednesday, October 28, 2015 
The New World Order agenda is the alien agenda as the late Phil Schneider said. The trail to the top of the NWO pyramid goes off-planet to Extraterrestrials … and beyond.
The New World Order agenda is the alien agenda, as the late whistleblower Phil Schneider once said. Many are too afraid to touch the topic of aliens for fear of losing popularity, credibility or alienating (pun intended) their friends and readers. There are even many alternative researchers who struggle with the idea that the creeping centralization of power is a manifestation of an alien agenda. However, the truth is the truth, and the evidence, as we shall see, is overwhelming. If you’re wondering how ETs (Extraterrestrials) or aliens fit into the whole picture of the NWO (New World Order), it’s simple: they’re intimately involved at the top of the pyramid. The NWO agenda is the alien agenda: they are one and the same. 

What they're not telling you
Did you know that by using political correctness, you can claim anything is racist and sexist and people will act like it’s true? 

On the *throw the bums out* front, ARTICLE: "Budget buster: Senate passes debt and spending hike in dead of night
The Washington Times | 144-page bill amounts to $558 million in new spending per page."  

On the economic front, How To Bring About the Great Downfall of America ... No Prosperity For You... Keep Building Your Local Economies 

ARTICLE: "10 Taxpayer Handouts to the Super Rich That Will Make Your Blood Boil ~ Tom Cahill | October 28, 2015
The next time you hear someone complain about how the poor get “all this free stuff,” show them this. 

ARTICLE: "Obamacare Is A Disaster: Co-Op Insurers Across America Are Collapsing, And Now There Is Fraud
Zero Hedge | Colorado HealthOP is abruptly shutting down, forcing 80,000 Coloradans to find a new insurer for 2016." 

ARTICLE: "‘Scarier Than Zombies’: Rand Paul Mocks Gov’t Debt at Halloween Party
Sputnik | Paul appeared in a red turtleneck shirt sporting the words ‘$18 Trillion’, a reference to the country’s ‘spooky’ national debt." 

ARTICLE: "Budget buster: Senate passes debt and spending hike in dead of night
The Washington Times | 144-page bill amounts to $558 million in new spending per page." 

ARTICLE: "Budget Deal Robs $1.5 Billion from Crime Victims
Breitbart - The two-year budget deal announced late Monday includes small-print language that yanks $1.5 billion away from crime victims. The funding is used to compensate victims of crime. A statement from the National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators opposes the cuts and describes how the money is collected and used: “Some 3.5 million crime victims every year depend on the thousands of domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, child abuse treatment programs, child advocacy centers, prosecutor- and law-enforcement victim service programs, support groups for survivors of homicide victims, drunken driving crashes and all the other programs that receive VOCA funding. These funds come from the Crime Victims Fund which comes not from U.S. taxpayers but from fines and monetary penalties paid by criminals convicted of federal crimes.” 

ARTICLE: "Retirement Assets of 100 CEOs Equals Combined Retirement Assets of 41% of American Families
Michael Krieger | “The CEOs’ extraordinary nest eggs are not the result of extraordinary performance.” 

ARTICLE: "Low-wage workers will soon be obsolete as Samsung announces plan to build robots cheaper than near-slave labor 
(NaturalNews) High tech, specialized robots are about to replace droves of low-wage factory workers and send them packing. Samsung is partnering with South Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to invest nearly..." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "And Now Trucking is Suddenly Slowing Down: Trucking is a thermometer for the merchandise economy. It doesn’t track consumer expenses like rent or college. But it tracks exports and imports, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and other sectors" 

ARTICLE: "Why Are Half Of All 25-Year-Olds Living With Their Parents? The Federal Reserve Answers 
Zero Hedge | Currently half of young adults live in their parents home." 

On the *Diabolical deception that is the Federal Reserve* front, ARTICLE: "The Federal Reserve: Illusion Of Understanding, Illusion Of Control
Charles Hugh-Smith | We live in an era of illusion: the illusion of understanding, and the illusion of control."  

On the *techno-enslaved* front, ARTICLE: "Someday You’ll Need a Retinal Scan If You Want Your Cash
Joshua Krause | Someday, Citigroup is hoping that you won’t even need a debit card to use their ATMs." 

ARTICLE: "Want Cash? Next-Gen ATMs Demand Biometric Verification: “Smartphone and Eye Scan To Dispense Money” 
Mac Slavo | The system wants to scan your iris and even talk with your smartphone in order to allow you to access your own hard-earned money." 

VIDEO: "BEAST SYSTEM UPDATE: Pay By Swiping Your Right Hand Starting In 2016 (Video)"  

On the *cashless society* front, Article: "WAR ON CASH: Banks to start charging for cash deposits
Friday, October 30, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes" 

ARTICLE: "Barcelona to Issue Its Own Electronic Currency 
Martin Armstrong | Barcelona plans to release its own currency in the coming spring."

Entomologist Jonathan Lundgren has filed a whistleblower complaint alleging the USDA retaliated against him because of his research on the adverse effects of neonicotinoid insecticides on bees and monarch butterflies. Lundgren was photographed this summer near Brookings, S.D. Dan Gunderson | MPR News file
A top federal bee scientist from South Dakota says he’s being punished for publicizing work on pesticides and pollinators.
Jonathan Lundgren’s research found bees and monarch butterflies can be harmed by a widely used class of insecticides. In a whistleblower case filed Wednesday, the United States Agriculture Department entomologist alleges he faced retaliation because of his research.
“Once he started publishing this work, he went from golden boy to pariah, and that’s what this case is about,” said Jeff Ruch, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, which is representing Lundgren in his complaint to a federal whistleblower protection board." 

On the truth front, Most of US on Planet Earth Want Peace and Prosperity ... Not Constant, Machiavellian Excuses For *Profit* Wars 

ARTICLE: "Japanese police drag away elderly protesters as work starts on controversial US airbase (VIDEO)
RT - Protests have erupted in Okinawa after the Japanese government resumed work on a controversial US airbase, even though construction had been blocked by the local governor. Police dragged away elderly demonstrators while they shouted “What are you doing?” Around 300 mostly elderly protesters gathered on Thursday to block the main gate at Camp Schwab in the city of Nago. However, local police ruthlessly dealt with the demonstrators, the Asahi Shimbun reports. One elderly woman with a cane yelled "Put me down!" as she was hauled off, as cited by Reuters. "What are you doing?" another white-haired woman shouted at police. "Aren't you supposed to be protecting citizens?" 

On the war front, Cannon Fodder, Sending Your Sons and Daughters To Die In Syria As a Gambit Against the Russian Bear ... It Won't Work 

ARTICLE: "U.S., Saudis to Increase Support of Jihadis in Syria
Kurt Nimmo | Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah offensive retakes territory." 

ARTICLE: "Saudi Arabia Bombs Second Doctors Without Borders Hospital
Activist Post - For the second time in a month, a health center run by Doctors Without Borders was bombed as part of the military effort led by Saudi Arabia."

ARTICLE: "Russia’s “No-Fly Zone” Prevents US, Israel, UK From Bombing Syria
Brandon Turbeville - It appears that, after a few weeks of Russian bombing in Syria, a new kind of “no-fly zone” seems to have been established. However, this “no-fly zone” is not focused on preventing Syrian planes and military forces from operating inside the country. Instead, it functions as a barrier to Israeli and American air forces seeking to enter Syria through the Mediterranean Sea in order to support terrorists and jihadists against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad. This is because of Russia’s Naval presence in the port of Tartus and its new presence just off the coast of Latakia, particularly with ships like the guided missile cruiser Moscow. The ship left Crimea on September 24 and is part of what Russian media is referring to as training exercises." 

ARTICLE: "US ground ops in Syria ‘illegal’, may lead to ‘unpredictable’ consequences 
RT | The consequences of potential US ground operations in Syria would be unpredictable, the head of Russia’s parliamentary committee on foreign affairs told RT." 

ARTICLE: "Obama Announces “Boots on the Ground” in Syria, Despite Promising “No Boots on the Ground” 16 Times
Michael Krieger | I thought it’d be useful to share with readers the 16 times Obama has publicly promised over the last couple of years to not send ground forces into Syria." 

ARTICLE: "US Invasion of Syria Begins
Tony Cartalucci | Admission of Special Forces in Syria is Just the Beginning." 

ARTICLE: "US Special Forces deployed as ‘human shields’ to salvage terror assets in Syria
RT | The US Special Forces are being used as “human shields” to curb Russian air strikes against anti-government mercenaries." 

ARTICLE: "No, Thanks! Iraq Rules Out Need for US Ground Operation 
Sputnik | Baghdad has not asked and does not need the United States to conduct ground operations." 

ARTICLE: "Russian Doomsday Plane Flew Circles Over Russia For 6+ Hours After Passenger Jet Shot Down By ISIS - ISIS Video Allegedly Shows Plane Being Blown Out Of Sky!" ~ October 31, 2015 

ARTICLE: "Russia’s “Bombing” of Syrian Hospitals: The Incredible Expanding Lie 
Tony Cartalucci | The incredible expanding atrocity." 

ARTICLE: "Why the Delta Force Raid Video Is Pure Propaganda 
Joshua Krause | Obviously, they desperately want us to believe that they really are fighting ISIS." 

On the CHINA front, ARTICLE: "China warns US against ‘minor’ incidents that could ‘spark war’
RT | On Tuesday, the Aegis destroyer USS Lassen entered within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef, an undersea cliff in the South China Sea." 

On the *Migrant* INVASION front, Article: "ISLAMIC INVASION PULLS TRIGGER: EUROPE NOW SCRAMBLES FOR GUNS Many 'now wish they had a 2nd Amendment'" 

ARTICLE: "This Is What The “Invasion Of Europe” Looks Like
Zero Hedge | On Monday, we brought you a series of still shots along with a video which depicted the scope of Europe’s migrant crisis via drone footage." 

Article: "CRISIS BY DESIGN: Hungarian PM Reveals ‘Social Engineering’ Role of George Soros in EU Refugee Run" 

ARTICLE: "Hungarian PM Accuses Soros of Stoking Refugee Wave to Weaken Europe
Bloomberg | “His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states.”

ARTICLE: "Sweden to House Migrants in Lapland Ski Resort While Citizens Suffer Under Housing Shortage
Paul Joseph Watson | Asylum seekers complain about cold weather." 

ARTICLE: "Swedish Minister: ‘In the long run our system will collapse’" 

ARTICLE: "Refugees refusing to leave bus in ‘too cold’ Swedish village to be removed
Agence France-Presse | Fourteen people have stayed on the bus since it reached Limedsforsen three days ago, saying the village is too cold and isolated." 

ARTICLE: "Shocking: Sweden is now the RAPE capital of the West. Here’s why,under sharia, this rape culture also impacts upon Swedish women as they are 'infidels’ and, as such, are according to Allah’s teachings — sanctioned targets for rape by Muslim men." 

ARTICLE: "Norway: Immigrants Brutally Gang Rape 14-Year-Old Girl, One Gets Off With Community Service
Paul Joseph Watson | Culprits sodomized girl to the point of her wanting to commit suicide." 

ARTICLE: "Caught on Video – German Muslim: “Islam Is Coming and Your Daughters Will Wear the Hijab”
Kurt Nimmo | “Germans don’t reproduce and Muslims have 7-8 children each.”

ARTICLE: "German Town Of 100 Gets Enriched By 750 Migrants
Daily Caller | German government officials have compelled a small town with just 102 people to take in approximately 750 migrants from Syria and other countries." 

ARTICLE: "Migrants Sing Jihadist Songs at Refugee Center – Ignorant German Volunteers Applaud (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit | Migrant Muslims were seen on video singing jihadist songs at their refugee center. The ignorant German volunteers applauded." 

ARTICLE: "THOUSANDS OF MUSLIM MIGRANTS 'DISAPPEAR' FROM CAMPS But U.N. Agenda 2030 has a fix: Step right up for your 'universal ID'"

ARTICLE: "AWOL: Thousands More Muslim “Migrants” “Mysteriously Disappear”
Pamela Geller | Where are they going? Who is sheltering these illegals, many with ties to ISIS?" 

ARTICLE: "Hundreds of Germans Are Trying To Bring Treason Charges Against Angela Merkel Over Migration Policy" ~ by BREITBART 

ARTICLE: "Syrian Refugees Still Beat Their Wives. Liberal Journalist Blames Germany
Louder With Crowder | Most of the “refugees” are military-aged, able-bodied men, not poor women and children seeking asylum." 

ARTICLE: "MI5 Chief Claims ISIS Is About to Attack Britain
The Daily Sheeple | It is being reported that Britain’s top spy chief has warned ISIS is planning mass casualty attacks in the UK." 

ARTICLE: "This Is Our Future”: Germany May Soon Have 8 Million Muslims
Kurt Nimmo | Fear of minority political parties enforcing Sharia law." 


ARTICLE: "Influx of Middle Eastern migrants overwhelms Europe's medical system, threatening deadly pandemic outbreak 
(NaturalNews) Almost no one but the most learned and astute historian understands the massive societal transformation that is currently taking place in Europe, thanks to waves and waves of migrants and refugees from the war-torn Middle East..." 

ARTICLE: "Muslim Migrants Invited to Take Over German Church; Altar, Cross, Pulpit Removed
Paul Joseph Watson | While Germans living in government housing receive eviction notices." 

ARTICLE: "Germany's secret service warns the country 'is importing Islamic extremism, anti-Semitism, other people's ethnic conflicts and a different understanding of society’" 

ARTICLE: "Migrants are using children ‘as human shields for men with iPhones’ to justify arriving in Europe, says Czech Republic’s president"

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Now Austria Plans To Build A Fence To Thwart Europe’s March Of Muslim Migrants
Breitbart - Austria will build a fence along its border with European Union (EU) neighbour Slovenia to help stem the migrant invasion now flooding Europe, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said today. Both countries are part of the passport-free Schengen zone and remain key transit countries for hundreds of thousands of mostly young, Muslim men trying to reach northern Europe via the Balkans. Slovenia, the main entry point into Austria, also said it was ready to build a fence, meaning the two countries will follow Hungary in trying to seal their frontiers, thus threatening to block the land route used by migrants from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa now invading Europe."  

Article: "AUSTRIAN WOMEN BUYING UP GUNS AS MIGRANT RAPISTS INVADE COUNTRY Women arming themselves in Austria as migrant rape epidemic hits Europe" 

ARTICLE: "Tony Abbott tells European leaders to turn back asylum seekers or risk ‘catastrophic error’ 
ABC Australia | Former prime minister Tony Abbott has used a speech in London to call on European leaders to close their borders to asylum seekers or risk imperilling their nations." 

On the energy front, The Demise of the Robber-Baron Oil Cartel Is Here ... Like the Titanic the Sinking Will Be Slow, But Final ... In the Meantime the Blackgold Stranglehold Continues 

HEADLINE: "Chevron Takes Drastic Measures, Lays Off Another 7000 Employees" 

On the *cyber tyranny surveillance* front, Article: "NSA Unchained: The Truth About CISA" 

ARTICLE: "Tyranny - All Windows Users Have Required Windows 10 Upgrade Patch Coming
 Tyranny - All Windows Users Have Required Windows 10 Upgrade Patch Coming CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. SURPRISE! In the first video you'll learn that if you currently run Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your PC because you’ve heard about all the privacy issues associated with Windows 10, such as the software reporting you to authorities for pirated songs, movies, or software, then Microsoft has found..." 


Article: "TURNS OUT POLICE STINGRAY SPY TOOLS CAN INDEED RECORD CALLS :Stingrays go by a number of different names, including cell-site simulator, triggerfish, IMSI-catcher, Wolfpack, Gossamer, and swamp box," 

Article: "NYPD now blasting citizens with X-ray radiation to search vehicles without a warrant 
(NaturalNews) The Information and Technology Age has been a boon to mankind; there is no question about it. Things that were once impossible are now accomplished with the touch of a screen or the click of a mouse. However, technology can also be a..." 

ARTICLE: "WiFi Can See You Through Walls: “Even Within Your House, Where You Go Can Reveal a Lot”
Mac Slavo | The implications for privacy under a big brother police state are obvious." 

ARTICLE: "Police ‘to be given powers to view everyone’s entire internet history’
London Independent | The power is reportedly to be included in the Government’s new surveillance bill which will be published next week." 

On the SPY BLIMP front, ARTICLE: "Major East Coast False Flag Coming? Distant Early Warning System Now Offline As We Lose 'Eyes In The Sky' - Was NORAD's Missile Detection Blimp Sabotaged? ~ By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die ~ October 30, 2015
Back in September ANP published a story in which we told you about last-minute US military drills that would make  ADS-B Surveillance and TCAS operations 'unreliable'  over Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida as of 1 a.m. on September 2nd through October 1st.  We learned that this covered up to 200 miles off of the East coast. 
With recent news that NORAD's east coast missile detection system is now offline after the JLENS DARPA blimp sailed away as shared in the 1st video below, we also take a look at this 'distant early warning system' that we no longer have available looking over our skies from the mouths of US Military members serving at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. We learn about not only what these surveillance systems are capable of but why the fact we no longer have them surveilling our distant skies could turn into a huge problem.
...Interestingly enough, according to The Free Thought Project, an entire town was put on lockdown because of this blimp and its highly secretive precious cargo. From FTP:
When the blimp hit the ground, police, federal agents, and emergency vehicles had shut down the entire town to be sure that they recovered the blimp before anyone else did.
No one is exactly sure what the precious cargo on board these blimps includes, and while many are concerned about surveillance, the military insists that they are not spy blimps, but are intended to detect incoming missiles.
Unfortunately, the US government has a terrible history of using contrived military threats as a basis for domestic spying programs; the NSA is the most obvious example." 


ARTICLE: "Law Enforcement: Traveling From Anywhere To Anywhere Is Suspicious Behavior" 

ARTICLE: "America's Soft Tyranny is Hardening :'There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.' Montesquieu" 

ARTICLE: "The Muslim Invasion of Europe Is Picking Up Where Hitler Left Off ~ by Dave Hodges ~ October 29, 2015 
...Even the Simpson’s Can See What Is Coming to America
What does the long time running show ‘The Simpsons’,  say the future holds for America, This episode of the Simpsons predicted a pole shift, Sharia Law in the US, Prince Harry bringing back be-headings, and a Revelation 13:17, which entails Beast system Cashless Society." 

On the tyranny-at-work front, Targeting the Good and the Innocent ... This Despotic-Evil Tactic Will Only Accelerate Until the People Say NO MORE! 

ARTICLE: "California Mayor Detained by Homeland Security, Forced to Hand over Electronics
Joshua Krause | Homeland Security officials informed him that he didn’t have a right to an attorney." 

ARTICLE: "Innocent father jailed for 6 months for refusing to destroy foundation for wind generator 
(NaturalNews) For over a year now, The Free Thought Project website has been following the travails of a Minnesota man who risked jail time over his refusal to remove a wind turbine from his property. Jay Nygard, who owns a green energy business..." 

ARTICLE: "Valencia Woman Files Suit Alleging She Was Punched By Police In Front Of Her Kids
CBS LA | Hahn says her children screamed and watched from the car." 

ARTICLE: "Portland State course aims to ‘make whiteness strange’
Campus Reform | The ‘White Privilege’ course description says ‘whiteness’ must be dismantled if racial justice will ever be achieved." 

On the *killing innocent dogs* front, ARTICLE: "Filmmakers Document Police Shooting of Dogs" 

On the FACEBOOK FASCISM front, ARTICLE: "Facebook considers Gandhi a terrorist: New guidelines announced 
(NaturalNews) To the speech police at Facebook, the world's largest social media web site, even the words of a lifelong advocate of peace are too much to bear. Earlier this month Facebook officials announced changes to rules they said were necessary..." 

ARTICLE: "Facebook Caught Secretly Lobbying for Privacy Destroying 'Cyber Security’Bill" [THERE IS NO BETTER TRAP, THEN HUMAN VANITY, IN LURING HUMANS TO THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION-FB IS DEADLY! -Steve Quayle] 

On the *big brother is now your driver* front, ARTICLE: "The Terrifying Truth about Self-driving Cars 
Prison | Some pertinent questions regarding the technology." 

On the *this could be good or bad, depending* front, ARTICLE: "8 cities that are starting to go car-free" 

On the *how to demonize free speech* front, ARTICLE: "Swedish Media Blames School Massacre on Immigration Critics & YouTubers
The Angry Foreigner | The press set the narrative from the beginning that free speech was the culprit." 

ARTICLE: "SPLC Attacks First Amendment, Says Alternative Media is “Destructive to Democracy” 
Kurt Nimmo | Attacks “the proliferation of alternative forms of media.”

On the communication front, Now the People Raise Their Voices ... Eventually the Laughingstock Media Industrial Complex Will Be Drowned Out ... and More Ruthless Censorship On the Internet  

INFO: "Talk radio has become totally corrupted by corporate influence; It's time to REBOOT with 
(NaturalNews) Philly talk radio talker Tom Donahue thinks corporations have ruined his industry, and he's not alone. In a recent column he penned ..." 

ARTICLE: "Google and YouTube now engaging in wholesale censorship of content they don't want the public to see 
(NaturalNews) "Take your pills and don't ask questions. Drink the sweet wine of entertainment we have given you. Don't think for yourself: just believe. The truth will no longer be published unless we allow it to be." Google, and its popular video..."   

On the *futuristic social media* front, ARTICLE: "Family members could be kept alive forever using social media history
Dead family members could be brought back to life using their history on social media to power virtual avatars" 

On the *sicko FBI* front, ARTICLE: "FBI Knew Jared Fogle Was a Pedophile, Let Him Continue Molesting Children for Years
The Free Thought Project | Why did they take that long to arrest him???"  

On the home front, Now It Begins... The Great Hacker and Whistleblower War Against Big Brother Government 

For, as the dark-side psychopaths 'ruling the system' tighten the noose of slavery around all of our necks -- as 'they' reduce any chance at real prosperity -- fierce and uncompromising rebellion ramps up. Both a quiet and covert rebellion, and a noisy demanding rebellion, spring forth. The human spirit will not be denied. 

Meanwhile, the mindless troll minions working for the dark-side establishment now populate the internet in ever greater numbers, causing havoc and societal chaos with their sneaky-disguised propaganda. BEWARE! 

On the *laughingstock that is the so-called mainstream media* front, ARTICLE: "The American Banana Republic – GOP Debate Spent More Time Discussing Fantasy Sports than Wall Street Reform
Michael Krieger | Fortunately for me, I don’t have cable so watching last night’s Republican debate was not even an option." 

On the SARDINE-STYLE HOUSING front, Article: "PACK 'EM IN: Liberal-run Austin, Texas experimenting with tiny apartments designed by professor who lived in a dumpster 
(NaturalNews) Agenda 21 is heating up in Austin, Texas, as "Professor Dumpster" rolls out his plans for ultra-compact living, which comes in the form of stackable apartments that can be relocated to other cities..." 

On the *exodus out of California* front, ARTICLE: "California now meddling with employee pay, accelerating mass exodus of employers out of the state 
(NaturalNews) The ruling Democrats in the deep blue state of California seem forever intent on "out-liberaling" themselves, always failing to understand the very real consequences they create for state residents when they govern by ideology instead of..." 

On the *teach your children well* front, ARTICLE: "SPLC Calls Parents Against Common Core “Conspiracy Theorists” 
Kit Daniels - The Southern Poverty Law Center blasted the thousands of parents with legitimate concerns over Common Core as “conspiracy theorists,” even though most criticism against Common Core is directed at its poor teaching methodologies. The controversial group claimed criticism of the federal public school program is based on “outlandish conspiracy theories” and “wildly untrue claims,” but parents are generally upset with Common Core because it penalizes students for correctly answering questions." 

ARTICLE: "Seventh Grade Assignment Asks Students to Deny God Exists, Or Fail 
Adan Salazar - Teacher said bible was written by people “trying to get attention.” Parents of students at a middle school in Texas are upset after a classroom assignment forced children to deny the existence of God or take a failing grade. Jordan Wooley, a 7th grade student at West Memorial Junior High School near Houston, bravely spoke before the Katy Independent School District (ISD) school board Tuesday about the assignment handed out by her reading teacher which she says made her question her faith. The exercise asked students to note whether a series of statements were either factual claims, commonplace assertions, or opinions."  

On the *how immoral-pedophile-sick is this?* front, ARTICLE: "Writer Behind Cuckold Fetish Movie Joked About Turning Nickelodeon Into “Kinc” Network
Paul Joseph Watson | Critics claim Butler’s kids show promotes sexual themes."

On the *another suspicious dead holistic doctor* front, ARTICLE: "Thirteenth Holistic Doctor (MD, PhD) Dies- Allegedly Jumped from 20th floor ~ October 30, 2015 by Erin Elizabeth 
We are so sorry to break this news (as gently as possible) as yet another holistic doctor dies within a matter of months. My heart goes out to his friends, family, and his patients who are commenting on my Facebook page tonight about the wonderful memories of this great man." 

On the food front, 'Hero' Raw Milk Farmer ... and Common Sense, Let Local Farmers Feed School Children 

ARTICLE: "Raw Milk Farmer Released After Overnight Jail Time For Removing Surveillance
West Grey Police detained raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on October 19, 2015 and held him overnight when he reported for booking on theft charges.
The Canadian government is pressing criminal theft charges against the Ontario farmer for allegedly removing surveillance cameras spying on visitors and other activity at his farm. Schmidt claims neighbors and friends removed the cameras in August. Several weeks after Schmidt called police to report discovery of the devices and ask who they belonged to he was charged with theft of the devices for refusing to turn them over to the police.*
The cameras, which had no identification on them, apparently belonged to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and were put there to spy on Glencolton Farms. 
...When carefully produced for human consumption, raw milk is a wholesome, healthy food. Many families use raw milk to heal from health conditions that baffle medical science and to help children who are failing to thrive.
“We will continue to peacefully procure the foods of our choice from the farmers of our choice”, says Marta Bak, a co-owner of Glencolton Farms.
This food comes from our farm. We are now in the mode of total non-compliance to government harassment. We will peacefully resist in defense of our food–whatever it will take to demonstrate our inherent right to choose the food we wish to consume." 

BLURB: "Farm to School is a common sense approach to child nutrition that empowers children and their families to make healthier food choices while strengthening the local economy and regional agriculture. Â As part of the upcoming Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization, Congress should build on the success of Farm to School by strengthening and expanding the program's scope and by providing additional mandatory funding. Please consider endorsing this Act as either a citizen or organizational representative." 

ARTICLE: "This CA School is GMO-Free and Saves Money Serving Healthy Food
Kids that go to this CA school enjoy healthy, locally-grown, non-GMO food that actually saves the school money." 

On the *lessening food supply* front, ARTICLE: "Orchard growers in collapse as pests decimate crops in Florida ~
Florida's $1.6 billion agricultural industry is teetering on the verge of collapse. The harvesting of multiple fruits just south of Miami, in Redland, has been suspended. A 97-square mile agricultural quarantine is now in place to try and control a foreign..."  

On the *how to demonize farmers with soviet style rhetoric ... the Russian people starved under socialism* front, ARTICLE: "Ithaca College prof.: agriculture is ‘capitalist, racialized patriarchy’ 
Campus Reform | Zillah Eisenstein spoke last Friday on “Thinking about Hetero-Racist Misogyny in ‘Agriculture.'”

On the *support those businesses who care about people* front, ARTICLE: "Whole Foods CEOs ripped off customers but didn't tell shareholders their insider knowledge ~
Whole Foods' shareholders are not happy with the members of the board and are expressing their anger with a good old-fashioned lawsuit. On September 11, 2015, shareholder Bryan O'Malley sued both past and current officers and directors of Whole Foods for "breach of fiduciary duty and unjust..."  

On the MONSATANO/GMO *poisoning the world* front, ARTICLE: "Monsanto Always Using Friends In High Places To Reclassify Glyphosate
Christina Sarich | A ‘probably carcinogenic’ herbicide." 

ARTICLE: "Monsanto Research Site in France Goes up in Flames
A Monsanto research site in France was enveloped recently in heavy flames due to a possible arson attack against the company." 

ARTICLE: "Monsanto Reports the Closing of 3 Research and Development Centers
Monsanto is now reporting that it will be closing 3 research and development centers in order to cut costs." 

On the *extreme horror* front, Article: "GMO pushers now want to abort human babies to harvest organs for mad science transplants 
(NaturalNews) The Island of Dr. Moreau, a fictional sci-fi medical horror movie from 1996, has become reality in the United States where the organs of aborted babies is becoming a commodity, and one without morals, enticing a black market for abortions..." 

On the BIG BAD PHARMA/FDA front, "Drug companies and doctors: A story of corruption 
(NaturalNews) Recently Senator Charles Grassley, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, has been looking into financial ties between the pharmaceutical industry and the academic physicians who largely determine the market value of prescription..."  

ARTICLE: "Just say no: FDA-approved drugs causing an epidemic among teens, while marijuana kills no one
Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that more Americans are dying from legally prescribed drugs than from heroine and cocaine, combined (and from marijuana,..."  

ARTICLE: "Could Antibiotics Be Making Children Fat?
Julie Fidler | How, exactly, do antibiotics affect weight?" 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, ARTICLE: "CDC Scientist Admits Destroying Evidence Linking Vaccines To Autism
Ben Swann | Over 100 people gathered outside the CDC in Atlanta demanding transparency when it comes to vaccines."  

Article: "VACCINE WAR IN AMERICA: Attempts to legislate mandatory vaccines all across the U.S 
(NaturalNews) There is a raging civil war in America here at the beginning of 2015. It is a war against medical tyranny and the desire of government to take away individual liberties, rights to privacy, and the ability to choose to refuse medical treatments..." 

ARTICLE: "The vaccine industry's war on women 
(NaturalNews) Much of the success of the vaccine industry hinges upon vulnerable women succumbing to the fear tactics of their doctors and public health authorities. If you don't get your children vaccinated, they're constantly being told, then your progeny..." 

ARTICLE: "Why the CDC pushes flu season fear like clockwork: 1.6 billion in annual revenue for Big Pharma 
(NaturalNews) Just about everywhere you turn, invitations to get the flu shot abound. Popular supermarkets set up flimsy privacy dividers, somewhere between the junk food aisle and the feminine products section, at which point a doctor emerges from behind..." 

On the really bad news front, Who Needs a Nuclear War To Dangerously Radiate the Entire Planet? 

ARTICLE: "Red Alert! Explosion Rocks Nuclear Plant! (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Due Diligence. 1 Nov 15 Nuclear power plant in Doel Belgium had an explosion caused a major fire Explosion rocks nuclear power plant in Belgium. Another reason to continually be prepared. For ANYTHING. An explosion occurred overnight at a nuclear power plant in Doel, northern Belgium, local media reported, adding..." 

ARTICLE: "CBS: Fire erupts at another U.S. nuclear site near major city — Witness: Flames within feet of radioactive waste — TV: 'You can see the smoke for miles… A big-time scare' 
KTVI, Oct 24, 2015 (emphasis added): Brush fire at West Lake Landfill sparks concern — Smoke could be seen for miles as fire crews responded to a brush fire at the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton Saturday… The fire was started by a faulty switch… inside the landfill’s perimeter. The switch overheated, causing hot metal to drop below and ignite a fire… Area residents and elected officials gathered near the scene of the fire Saturday to see if it would move into a restricted area where an underground fire is burning. Residents were concerned that the fire would reach area where radioactive waste is buried…" 

ARTICLE: "St Louis Radiation Poisoning Death Toll Revealed 
By Deborah Dupre - All News Pipeline ~ October 31, 2015 
St Louis residents dying in record numbers is sending locals fleeing, becoming refugees from a sacrifice zone, secretly kept for decades. A cover up was effective until community action resulted in reports explaining the myriad of local "environmental diseases" causing violent deaths was from ingesting and eating radioactive material in their homes and community, linking the horror to the United States war machine's nuclear weapon system. 
An underground fire heads toward a nuclear waste facility. A bush fire burned nearby. A waste spill has sent a new wave of radioactive waste into groundwater. An alleged arson recently set seven churches on fire prompting DHS to issue statements about domestic terrorism linked to nuclear facilities. Those events have had eyes are on St. Louis, where today, news headlines include St. Louis residents and former residents who fled connected the dots between what has been killing babies and adults there to area radioactive waste 

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT ON LOCATION: "Radioactive Materials Confirmed in St. Louis Groundwater" 

On the good news front, A Despicable Globalist Operative, Determined To Depopulate Most of Humanity, Is Unmasked ... 

Question: Are we a carbon-based life form? Is Mother Earth a carbon-based planet? Get rid of carbon and you get rid of life. Real simple logic. Real simple TRUTH. 

Article: "BILL GATES: Only Socialism Can Save Planet
London Independent | “Without a substantial carbon tax, there’s no incentive for innovators or plant buyers to switch." 

On the *how to globalize the police state ... or how to lead the sheep to the slaughter* front, Article: "NYC to let the UN run its police force 
(NaturalNews) American tradition, values and mores continue to erode thanks to constant pressure by the political left to destroy a culture they see as illegitimate and dangerous to the globe — despite our nation's appeal to millions around the..."  

On the global mafia cabal front, The Relentlessly Greedy White Shoe Boys Who Serve the Viper Elite 

Once, In This Country Thieves Were Hung By the Neck Until Dead... Now They Are Rewarded With the Midas Touch Via the Rape, Pillage, and Endless Plunder of the American People ... Question: What Are We Going To Do About It? 

On the *ICELAND STANDING STRONG AGAINST THE GLOBAL BANKSTER GANGSTERS ... the most courageous of people*  front, ARTICLE: "First They Jailed The Bankers, Now Every Icelander To Get Paid Back In Bank Sale
Claire Bernish | Because Icelanders took control of their government, they effectively own the banks." 

On the heroine front, QUOTE: "Perfection is a disease of a nation. We overlay our faces with tons of make-up. We get botoxs and even starve ourselves to become that perfect size. We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s the soul that needs the surgery. It’s time that we take a stand. How can you expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself? You have to be happy with yourself. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Today, I want to put up a makeup-free photo. I know I have wrinkles on my skin but today I want you to see beyond that. I want to embrace the real me and I want you to embrace who you are, the way you are, and love yourself just the way you are.” – Julia Roberts. 

On the hero front, ARTICLE: "Former US military personnel urge drone pilots to walk away from controls
The Guardian - Forty-five former US military personnel, including a retired army colonel, have issued a joint appeal to the pilots of aerial drones operating in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and elsewhere, calling on them to refuse to carry out the deadly missions." 

ARTICLE: "Italian mayor offers 'gun bonus' to citizens
The Local - A mayor in northern Italy has announced plans to set up a fund to help his town's citizens buy guns. Gianluca Buonanno, the Northern League mayor of Borgosesia in Piedmont, has promised to pay citizens who wish to buy a firearm €250 towards their purchase – a sum which is around 30 percent of the price of a small pistol in Italy, La Repubblica reported. Buonanno announced his decision on Facebook, writing that the measure was aimed at allowing citizens “to defend themselves from delinquents, who the government is privileging with its jail-emptying laws instead of protecting honest Italians.”

On the scumbag political front, At This Spinpoint, the Meme: HILLARY FOR PRISON Tsunamies and Quickens Throughout the World 


UPI | The State Department on Friday released 7,000 additional pages of Clinton’s emails." 

ARTICLE: "The midwife to chaos
Andrew P. Napolitano | Hillary Clinton lied over her role in ousting Libya’s Gadhafi." 

ARTICLE: "When Obama Says He Won’t Take Your Guns, History Proves He’s Lying 
Breitbart | President Barack Obama is a serial-liar of the first order." 

On the SECOND AMENDMENT front, HEADLINE: "Restaurant Offers Discount to Concealed Carry Patrons Following Robbery
Adan Salazar | “MY BUSINESS. I can give discounts to whomever I please,” restaurant owner tells critics." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Gun Sales Soar After Surge In US Mass Shootings
Zero Hedge | US gun sales have soared following the mass-shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Trump Vows To Veto Gun Regulations
Steve Watson | “My opponents are weak on the Second Amendment.” 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Law enforcement? Gun convictions down 34.5%
Washington Examiner | Federal gun convictions have plummeted under Obama" 

On the GUN CONFISCATION front, ARTICLE: "America Should Be Asking 'What Happens to a Nation After Gun Confiscation?'"

On the freedom front, Once Upon a Time, A Strategy of Peace and Prosperity ...

ARTICLE: "The Day That Sealed America’s Fate
by Dave Hodges ~ November 1, 2015 
Iceland recently jailed its 26th banker, totaling over 74 years of prison time among the 26 criminals. These banksters were jailed for causing the financial meltdown of Iceland. Conversely, the U.S. bankster criminals on Wall Street were rewarded for their fraud and market manipulation with an gigantic set of ongoing bailouts as the taxpayers of the country were financially raped.
Last Man Standing
The World’s Center of Democracy.
Iceland remains the only European nation to recover fully from the 2008 crisis. Iceland even managed to pay its outstanding debt to the IMF in full, and the debt was paid in advance of the due date. This is highly significant because this means the Bank of International Settlements has absolutely no hold on Iceland and its banking system. Conversely, the banks in the United States are so manipulated by the Bank of International Settlements that the US stands of on the brink of the next bankster-created war... 
...Once upon a time, America nearly had her Icelandic moment. Just over 50 years ago, America nearly achieved independence from bankster influence. But as fate would have it, a fatal head shot from the grassy knoll, from a gun fired by Lucian Sarti who used hollow point bullets, ended America’s hope of true economic and political sovereignty in 1963. 
A Speech for the Ages
In June of 1963, JFK called out the elitist bankster war mongers in his famous American University speech. Unfortunately, JFK’s enlightened attitude was a threat to the prevailing establishment and he paid for his idealism with his life five months after delivering the American University Commencement speech.
We had never seen a President championing the virtues of peace and the elevation of the concern for the common man. We will not likely ever see this kind of leadership again. The following excerpts of JFK’s American University speech show us what could have been and why the elite could not handle four more years of a JFK Presidency. For if JFK had lived, the following ideals would have formed the goals of an energized nation.
Here are the words of a young, idealistic President as spoken at American University in June of 1963:
“…So, let us not be blind to our differences–but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal…
…First: Chairman Khrushchev, Prime Minister Macmillan, and I have agreed that high-level discussions will shortly begin in Moscow looking toward early agreement on a comprehensive test ban treaty. Our hopes must be tempered with the caution of history–but with our hopes go the hopes of all mankind… 
…Confident and unafraid, we labor on–not toward a strategy of annihilation but toward a strategy of peace…”
Can’t live in a world of peace, the banksters would not make as much money. JFK had to go. 
The day that John Kennedy died, November 22, 1963, was the beginning of the end for America. These same forces, the interlocking directorates of the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, the major oil companies and the media that they control, continued to suck the life out of America to the point of where we stand today, a shell of our former country. November, 22, 1963, was the day the America lost her chance to become like modern day Iceland where we would have jailed criminal banksters instead of allowing ourselves to be enslaved by them." 

QUOTE: "We didn't love freedom enough." ~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

On the Robot TERMINATOR front, ARTICLE: "Inside the Pentagon’s Effort to Build a Killer Robot:The defense program DARPA is working to create an artificial brain—but what will it mean for humanity if it succeeds?" By Annie Jacobsen 

HEADLINE: "Robots Can Now Teach Each Other New Tricks A robot at Brown University learned how to perform a task from a very different robot at Cornell University." 

ARTICLE: "Electronic SKIN can 'feel' heat and pressure at the same time: Film is so sensitive it can tell when a human hair is placed on it
Human skin contains unique microstructures and sensory receptors
Researchers have mimicked these structures in an electronic film 
The grooved surface is made from plastic and graphene oxide and can detect touch and temperature using electric charges
It is so sensitive it can detect the weight of a human hair being placed on it"  
PUBLISHED: 13:00 EST, 30 October 2015 

On the *mad scientist idiocy* front, ARTICLE: "Forget the Black Widow, these cobwebs are much more deadly! Military scientists spray spider webs with Ebola and the PLAGUE
Scientists are using web to test how long viruses and bacteria can survive 
They hope to find out how long it takes for the diseases to become safe
The research is being conducted by the UK's Ministry of Defence" 

On the *dark-side's orchestrated breakdown of society* front, ARTICLE: "Have You Noticed People Around You Are Changing? There Is A Reason....." 

ARTICLE: "Ben Carson: ‘PC Culture’ Is ‘Destroying This Nation’
CNS News | GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson says the culture of political correctness is used to “frighten people and get people to shut up” and it’s “destroying this nation.” 

ARTICLE: "Student Accused of Promoting Gang Culture for Wearing American Flag Shirt
Mikael Thalen | “He said he was ‘dress coded’ at school because the stars were gang related.”

ARTICLE: "University Tells Students Making “Kissing Sounds” is “Sexual Harassment”
Paul Joseph Watson | Same college previously said using the term “politically correct” was politically incorrect." 

ARTICLE: "Video: Racist, White ‘Black Lives’ Protester Harasses Conservative Reporter 
Daily Caller | A conservative reporter attended a Black Lives Matter rally Friday only to get continually harassed and accused of burning down churches." 

ARTICLE: "Michael Savage: Black Lives Matter Are Obama’s Shock Troops, Like Hitler’s Brown Shirts (Video) 
Gateway Pundit | The conservative radio host said the latest Iowa polls with Carson leading are due to “white guilt.” 

Article: "REPORT: Half of college students feel intimidated when sharing contradictory opinions 
Campus Reform | Many college students acknowledge the predominance of liberal views on campus." 


On the *pure evil* front, ARTICLE: "Video: Laughing Abortionists ‘Pull Out Baby Hearts After Abortion, Just For Fun. It’s Cute’ 
Steve Watson | Admit they “strive” to extract “intact” heads to sell." 

Trendwise, The Grand-Canyon Great Divide Between Those Who Ascend In Consciousness and Those Who Succumb To the Dark-Side's Zombie Matrix 

It's all down to the proverbial wire now. Either spiritually fly into the Aquarian Age with all it's magickal, mystical possibilities... Or, fall into slavish, dumbed-down obedience to the police-state conglomerate. 

Your choice. Your chance. Your AWAKENING. 

From a prior forecast: "The Great Divide Between the People and the Sheeple Becomes An Uncrossable Chasm At This Turnpoint 

The time of fence sitting is over. Even if you are still on the sidelines waiting to make a decision, your decision has been made. Within the depths of your heart lies the TRUTH. You will either stand and band together for the sake of freedom. Or, you will become nothing more than a pathetic groveling peasant." 

THIS WEEK, enjoy any Autumn festivity or activity that you can attend. Smile at others and enjoy their company... it's that time of year. 

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~

Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~  

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