Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ "You, too, wolf cowboy."
Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 
In this snippet-scene, Zance and Dontoya, the two heroes, talk to Sherilyn about their enemies.


Seven paragraphs from Chapter Fifty ~

The next instant, Sherilyn smiled flirtatiously. "You, you're just a sexy beast." Quickly, she glanced at Zance. "You, too, wolf cowboy."

"Wolf cowboy, sure do like the way you say that. But, what Donny-cat here is tryin' to explain."

"Go ahead," Sherilyn prompted at Zance's hesitation.

"The Templeton varmints are bein' manipulated. Or you could say, they're being helped out by the sorceress's black arts. It's all comin' together kinda complicated like. And soon."

Dontoya watched his mate's expression change from astonishment to fear. Then, she become thoughtful. "From the looks on your faces, you two have a plan like Zance said earlier."

"Told her we'd talk about it later this evening." Zance scooted his chair back, moving to Sherilyn. "Gotta go take care of things. Give me a kiss, sweet thing."

Zance planted a kiss on Sherilyn's mouth for several moments. 

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cheese and Crackers

I’m in the mood for a nice, cleansing whine. What goes good with whine? Cheese, of course. I never seem to run out of things that cheese me off. As long as the rest of the world exists, I’ll always have a blog.

# # #

I’m sure you’ve heard a version of this one: “When I was your age, we had to walk five miles to school. Barefoot. In the snow. And it was uphill both ways.” I can’t speak for the five miles or the barefoot part, but I can vouch for the rest.

It’s not school, though. It’s the library. I still can’t quite afford home Internet, so I get my connections at the library. Fortunately for me, the library is right up the street, less than a quarter mile away. I can see it from my yard. I could see it from the house if the bathroom window faced that way.

I could walk straight across the field and be there in five minutes except for one little obstruction: the 20-foot-wide stretch of water known as Cocalico Creek.

Y’see, I live in a river valley. Cocalico Creek runs through the entire western end of Ephrata, and the land runs downhill accordingly. It’s nearly impossible to get out of town without going up a steep hill. The Cocalico Creek flows precisely down the middle between the mobile home park and the library, which sits on top of a hill. In order to get there, I walk downhill, cross the bridge, then climb up the steep drive to the library at the top. I’m overweight and out of shape and toting a twenty-pound laptop. I haven’t had a heart attack yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

But wait, I hear you say. Wouldn’t it be all downhill going home? Nope, just halfway. Once I cross the bridge over the creek, the land begins its gradual upward slope again. So I do indeed have to walk uphill both ways. Though not always in the snow, because if it’s bad the library closes and all the ups and downs become moot.

I could walk the other road to the library, but that’s Route 272, the old highway. That one’s level. It’s also traffic-heavy, with no sidewalk and not much of a shoulder. And I’d still have to climb the hill to reach the library. I’d rather trudge up the other road than take my chances with drivers re-enacting the Indy 500.

As for school, I went to grade school at the Jersey shore. We had to swim five miles. Against the tide. Both ways.

# # #

Being lazy as well as out of shape, and unwilling to lug the laptop to the summit of Everest, I usually just take the car. This comes with its own set of problems. When I’m in a parking lot, I try to find a pull-through, so I can see oncoming cars when I go to leave. My car’s been hit twice, both times in a parking lot by cars directly behind me backing out at the same time I was. One of those accidents happened at the library. You’ll forgive me for being paranoid.

The library doesn’t have any pull-through parking, but it does have a single line of spaces near the door. I always hope for one of these, not because they’re closer, but because there won’t be any cars parked behind me. When I back out I only have to worry about incoming traffic, and they’re usually nice enough to stop.

Here’s the part that cheeses me: motoring up the road to that long, steep drive, only to see another car turn in from the other direction. Watching that car trundle up the hill and knowing if there’s only one open spot in my chosen parking lane, he’s going to get it, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

If I drive up and all the spots are taken, that’s life. I just drive to the other side of the lot and hope the person parked directly behind me doesn’t decide to leave at the exact same moment I do. But seeing another car pull in just as I’m approaching the drive, knowing I’ve missed a prime parking space literally by seconds, that’s a hefty shot of Gorgonzola.

I try not to let it bug me. I should think instead about finding a job so I can get WiFi at home. Then none of this will be a problem any more.

# # #

Home WiFi … easier said than bought. I took the car in for inspection last week and it just barely squeezed by. The Jetta will be celebrating its twentieth birthday next year. It’s only got 153,000 miles on it—I didn’t drive this one across the country like I did the last one—but the bottom’s rusting out. Fortunately it’s mostly cosmetic, except for the wheel rod that’s rusting through and the better-than-average possibility I’ll end up with a hole in the floor. Even with that I can probably get another year of driving out of it. Hey, if no floor was good enough for Fred Flintstone, it’s good enough for me.

Only now I’ll have to start saving my pennies, because at some point before this time next year I’ll have to plunk ‘em down for a car that’s not rusted. There goes the WiFi fund. I might be able to stretch the car’s life if I suck it up and walk up that goddamn hill to the library. It would even do my body some good. If I have a heart attack, I won’t need a car because I won’t be driving. Always try to find the silver lining.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 24, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #364    

This Week: Tyranny By Stealth Exposed ... The Deconstruction of Society As a Whole ... And the Phoenix-Rise of the Aquarian Age Light Bearers

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' focus on joining with the White Hat forces. From a previous forecast: 'They' ... "relentlessly swing their sacred-powered lightblades. For now, they open the portals allowing the Beneficents to pour in, and join the battle to save Mother Earth and her human family.

Out of this, look for more odd thunderstorms, and other sky high-strangeness. The space wars and the heavenly wars escalate."

On the personal front, this week, stay vigilant and hang on for the awesome and bigtime bumpy ride. Do your best to go about your life and take care of daily business -- one day, or one hour at a time.

Also, look for ways to hunker-bunker down. But don't advertise what your preparations are. As well, stay as calm as you can manage. For, Divine help is on the way.

On the *high strangeness* front, ARTICLE: "Strange Beams Of Light Captured In Italy, Mexico, And The US! What Are They? ~ By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine ~ August 20, 2015
Another one for the weird and unusual file as we see strange beams of light captured in amazing photos from around the world in August, which has created a firestorm of Internet chatter from people trying to explain this mysterious phenomena which is reminiscent of the viral sensation captured at the Kukulkan Pyramid photographed by Hector Siliezar on July 24, 2009.
The latest of these strange large beams were photographed in South Fort Myers Florida, USA on August 15, 2015 and in Civitavecchia Italy on August 10, 2015."

On the paranormal front, PROJECT BLUE BEAM ... It's Back, Bigger and Badder Than Ever ... That is, On the Shadow Gov's Planning Board ... Will a World Religious Leader Announce the Alien Arrival Before the Year Ends?

From a June 2014 forecast: "...the propaganda machine cranks up again about the alien progenitors of humanity. For Project Blue Beam is still on the one-world order's table.

From a previous 2013 forecast: "On the dark side, Project Blue Beam is being brought forth by the 'new world order crowd' at an accelerated pace. This, in preparation to frighten humanity into compliance, and obedience. From a past forecast: "The message: the alien gods are here. Bow down, people of Earth."

From a September 2014 forecast: "...a tricky-dicky time of move and counter-move. This involves the New World Order's Project Blue Beam versus the ongoing emergence of the Benevolent ETs themselves.

While the spiritually and tech-advanced Benevolents are step-by-step removing the top-echelon minions of the Viper psychopath elites -- who remain hidden behind the scenes -- simultaneously the dark-side controllers are ruthlessly battling back with their own fleet of alien-looking UFOs."

On the UFO Terrestrial front, ARTICLE: "Edward Snowden: UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle"

On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "Diamond UFO Over Volcano, Arrow Over Glasgow, Truck Over NY
If you have friends who still refer to all UFOs as “flying saucers,” this weekend brought news of three different sightings with three different shapes – a diamond, an arrow and a semi-truck – that you can show them as proof that UFOs come in all shapes and sizes. Are we in the midst of an alien spacecraft show where they bring out all of the new models?
The diamond UFO was spotted over the Colima Volcano in Mexico, a place that UFOs frequently visit, like the cigar seen in July and the horse in January. The huge diamond-shaped UFO spotted in a picture was taken by one of those webcams that are always pointed at the volcano to record eruptions and unexpected alien visitors. Shot on July 15, there’s no other information on this UFO so it’s open for speculation as to its actual size and whether it was coming or going."

On the *magic touch* front, ARTICLE: "Animal magic: Meet the five-year-old girl who can hypnotise creatures with the stroke of her hand
They say you should never work with animals on live television.
But this five-year-old girl has amazed the Chinese public by hypnotising a series of animals on a popular talent show, reported the People's Daily Online.
Han Jiaying put five animals, including a chicken, a rabbit and a lizard, to sleep within five minutes using just her voice and the touch of her hands."

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "Very Old Fossil of Appears Like Modern Human Finger Bone ~ Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Yet another fossil discovery may push the origins of humankind back further than what was previously accepted. Paleoanthropologists have unearthed what may be the oldest-known fossil of a human-like hand. The fossilized left-hand pinky bone, excavated at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, has been dated to be at least 1.84 million years old."

On the land changes front, Once Again: Watch Out For Those Meteors and Fireballs... the Sun Will Perform In Peculiar Ways ... Extreme Weather Events Continue ... Meanwhile, Volcanoes Erupt Around the World and Earthquakes Will Likely Shake the West Coast During the Next Several Months

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'Eiffel Tower' Prominence Towers Over The Sun ~ Wednesday, August 19, 2015
The prominence (a large structure of magnetized plasma erupting from the sun) is approximately 7-Earth diameters high." —

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Parts of California Have Sunk Over a Foot in Eight Months Due to Drought
Michael Krieger | California Dreamin’ this is not."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cuba on edge as drought worsens :Drought conditions across the Caribbean, caused by the phenomenon known as El Nino, have left reservoirs at 37 percent of capacity." ~Reuters

VIDEO: Heavy Floods Hit Scotch Plains, New Jersey

TRENDING: Northwest Blaze Spawns Massive Firenado; California Quake Rattles News Crew During Live Broadcast

HEADLINE: "Calgary is stunned by SNOWFALL in the middle of summer"

HEADLINE: "Record-breaking toxic algae bloom worse than feared :Algae blooms are not uncommon in the Pacific Ocean but the size and duration of this one, stretching from Southern California to Alaska, is historic,"

On the *power of the wind* front, VIDEO: "Behold the awesome power of the wind as a raging typhoon lifts a Boeing 747 slightly off the ground. The video shows a China Airlines Cargo jet weighing up to 970,000 pounds when fully loaded repeatedly dragged up from the ground by Typhoon Soudeler in Taiwan. Soudeler first made landfall in Taiwan on August 8, 2015. The tropical nightmare had wind gusts topping 143 mph along the northeast coast of the Asian island. This disturbing video was posted by MrOutofControl."

On the FIREBALL front, HEADLINE: "NASA's All-Sky Cameras Captured Huge Meteor/Fireballs Burning Up in the Atmosphere" (Video)

On the volcano front, HEADLINE: "Volcano Uptick...Two more eruptions from Mexican colossus Colima Volcano :Mexico contains over 3,000 volcanos but only 14 are considered active."

ARTICLE: "Volcanic Activity in Ecuador Prompts President to Declare Emergency
Cotopaxi volcano has been erupting since Friday, covering roads and homes with powder as hundreds are evacuated and ash reaches capital of Quito
The Ecuadorean president, Rafael Correa, declared a state of emergency on Saturday, over increasing activity in the Cotopaxi volcano near the capital of Quito, and officials evacuated a few hundred people as a precaution.
The decree gives authorities more flexibility in using government funds to deal with any problems.
Eruptions that began on Friday have shot ash more than two miles into the sky, spreading fine gray powder over roads, homes and cars in the region as far as the capital, 30 miles to the north.
Presidential legal secretary Alexis Mera said further ash explosions and some pyroclastic flows on the volcano’s western slopes on Saturday led officials to evacuate some nearby villages."

On the *geoengineering* front, ARTICLE: "Geoengineered Forest Fire Incineration, Dark Ice, And Methane Extinction
...In the incredibly parched state of California numerous out of control fires have consumed landscapes, decimated wildlife, and destroyed many homes located in rural woodland regions. The climate engineers have been so consistent at blocking precipitation from California that one must ask the question, is California just a climate sacrifice zone, or a target of engineered drought?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Alarming New Study Suggests Govt is Spraying Toxic Coal Ash to Combat Global Warming
Free Thought Project | In recent years the subject of “chemtrails” has become less of a conspiracy theory as Geoengineering crept into the dialogue."

HEADLINE: "Massive Global Tree Die-Off Linked To Geoengineering"

On the AWAKENING front, The Establishment System Cannot Be Fixed ... the People Wake Up To This Realization ... But the Sheeple Hide and Become Baa-baaing Zombies

ARTICLE: "Ending Government Rule of the Elites, by the Elites, for the Elites
One of the sad but important consequences for our system of government, in the face of such a process, is that not only do the economic elites now control the system, but more importantly, our elitist-backed politicians have no vision beyond the self-interestedness of catering to the money the elites use to support them. The people are out; the future is irrelevant; the leaders are now co-participants in servicing an institution that lives by a single infallible rule: the degree to which they seek to increase their power is in direct proportion to their size. The result is that the U.S. government has now become an authoritarian state. It is the structure of the authoritarian state that requires as its sole mandate its ever-increasing power over its citizens, the very people it was originally designed to serve, with no limit to its ends or means. Thus, those who run for office from within the system all are necessarily supporters of this authoritarian-corporate-military-state, even if they advocate tinkering with its internal mechanisms a bit. A politician with a vision, and thus a true leader, will by necessity have to alienate themselves from the system, even if they attempt to function within it. Such is the intrinsic contradiction of the capitalist democracy we have today."

Further, examples such as the following are massively AWAKENING the people:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Innocent Couple Investigated For Child Abuse After Social Worker Makes Bogus CPS Calls
Steve Watson | Rogue government employee abused system as part of a vendetta to get her “too loud” neighbors arrested."

On the *15 year-old, presidential candidate* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Deez Nuts More Popular Than Fiorina, Huckabee and Walker
Kurt Nimmo | Most popular independent candidate since Ross Perot.

On the *snigger-snigger helping the economy grow* front, ARTICLE: "It's A Divorce Lawyer Orgy: "Ashley Madison Hack Is The Best Thing To Happen Since Moses"
Zero Hedge - Husbands and wives across the world are waking up to their partners' extramarital affairs after, as AP calls it, a catastrophic leak at adultery website Ashley Madison spewed electronic evidence of infidelity across the Internet. Online forums were buzzing Thursday with users claiming to have found evidence that their significant others were on the site. But it's not all doom and gloom... as Reuters notes many professions stand to benefit from the unfolding saga, from lawyers to therapists to cyber security firms. Prominent divorce lawyer Raoul Felder said the release is the best thing to happen to his profession since the seventh Commandment forbade adultery in the Bible, "I've never had anything like this before." So hey, those cheating spouses are now helping the economy grow..."

On the GLOBAL CURRENCY WARS front, WARNING! The Holy Crap Just Hit the Fans, Folks ... A U.S. Military Base In Japan Has Been Hit ... Beware and Prepare ... Here's a Simple Timeline of Events

1) China Devalues Its Currency

2) The Absolutely Horrific Explosion in Tianjin That Might Have Been Caused By a Space-Based Weapon... Chemicals Used In Gold Mining Were Destroyed ... Then, More 'Unexplained* Explosions In China Followed
ARTICLE: "BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation... Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing ~ Monday, August 17, 2015 ~ by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
A warning shot from the United States: Don't crash the dollar or sell our debt
Chinese dissidents have told Natural News they have reason to believe the attack on Tianjin is a warning shot from the United States, which is terrified that China is on the verge of announcing its own gold-backed currency while declaring a fire sale on U.S. debt holdings.
The actions would collapse the U.S. dollar and destroy the U.S. economy, sending the United States into economic freefall. The "Rod of God" weapon deployment by the U.S. Pentagon, we're told, was America's "shot across the bow" to send a powerful warning message to China while disguising the attack as a domestic chemical explosion.
Also, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “Mystery” Cyanide Foam Covers Streets In China As “Massive Fish Die-Off” Observed After Tianjin Explosion
Zero Hedge | The latest images from the massive fish die-off…"

3) North and South Korea Battle In the DMZ

4) More Mysterious Explosions Followed "...we've also seen mysterious explosions in China, Russia and Houston, Texas all within the past several days alone...

5) North Korean Submarines Have Disappeared
ARTICLE: By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
"...What is being called a 'terrifying development' has taken place in North Korea as nearly 70% of North Korean submarines have 'disappeared' and South Korea and the US have no idea where they have moved to. With warnings going out that these subs might be being moved towards the US west coast and Japan, we've just received word of multiple massive explosions at a US military base IN Japan as seen in the pictures above and 1st two videos below.

6) China Is Moving PLA Troops To Its Border With North Korea
HEADLINE: "PLA troops head to DPRK border as North-South tensions mount: The People's Liberation Army has sent troops to China's border with North Korea as escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula have pushed North and South to the brink of possible war."

ARTICLE: "The Chinese Plan to Occupy America :Do you think, North Korea’s attack upon South Korea, the current Chinese/Russian joint war games exercise and the fact that Russia just moved 50,000 troops to Ukraine all in the past three days are coincidental?"

7) HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Huge Explosions at U.S. Army Base in Japan
Laura Connor | Experts suggest a possible attack.
Helicopters have been spotted circling the area as emergency services rushed to the scene in Sagamihara city, south of Tokyo."

ARTICLE: "The Reason Why the Elite Are Hiding Deep Beneath the Earth :The U.S. has stirred the beast and the beast has many ways to strike back. The only remaining question is, how far is China willing to go to retaliate for America’s attack?"

HEADLINE: "China now runs 4 of the world’s 5 biggest banks"

On the *stock market soap opera* front, Falling...Falling...Then Rising, Rising ... then Bouncing ... The Big Bankster Gangsters Gobble Up the Easy Pickings ... This Is Why Establishing a Good Local Economy Is Critical At This Timepoint ... Meanwhile, Look For the Soulless World Leaders and Their Minions To Say They Are Your Saviors ... Later, They Will Remove Their Masks Calling For a One-World Global Economy, More Taxes, and a Cashless Society ... This Will Likely Happen Toward the End of the Year, But Is In Flexible Mode

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black Monday: Stock Markets Collapse Amid Global Sell-Off
Kit Daniels | Peter Schiff, Ron Paul & others all warned this would happen."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Dow Experiences 1,000 Point Plunge, Largest Single Day Decline in History
Kurt Nimmo | Bloodbath triggered by China’s market collapse."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black Monday” – Shanghai Composite Goes Red For The Year, Wiping Out 60% In Gains, 2000 Stocks Limit Down
Zero Hedge | But… but… pension funds are “allowed” to buy stocks."

On the economic front, The To-the-Max Robber Baron Economy ... More Corporate Welfare For the Richies ... The People Don't Count

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Demands For Another Fed Bailout Have Begun
Zero Hedge | We just witnessed the biggest weekly market rout in 4 years."

HEADLINE: "Majority of Food Stamp Recipients Are Now Working Age Adults, Not Children or Seniors"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "We Have Already Witnessed The First 1300 Points Of The Stock Market Crash Of 2015
What has been happening on Wall Street the past few days has been nothing short of stunning.  On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 358 points.  It was the largest single day decline in a year and a half, and investors are starting to panic. "

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Stock Market Volatility Skyrockets Most In HISTORY
Washington’s Blog | The CBOE Volatility Index jumped Friday to levels not seen since December 2011."

HEADLINE: "23- Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Global Stocks Fall Further on China Worries
Wall Street Journal | Signs of a sharp slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy worry investors.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Biggest slowdown in Chinese manufacturing in 6 yrs: Concerns over an economic slowdown have triggered a massive stock sell-off. China's benchmark Shanghai Composite is off 32 percent over the past two months, dropping another 4.2 percent on Friday."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Economic Crisis Goes Mainstream – What Happens Next?
Brandon Smith | It is truly amazing how the rhetoric from the mainstream economic yes-men is changing."

On the *hey, how about that booming economy?* front, HEADLINE: "HP's layoffs will exceed 55,000 people, CFO says"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Strapped for Cash in NYC? You Can Now Sleep in a Taxi or Van for $39 a Night
Michael Krieger | Who says there’s no affordable housing in NYC or San Francisco?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Minimum-wage offensive could speed arrival of robot-powered restaurants
Washington Post | Crowded. That’s how Ed Rensi remembers what life was like working at McDonald’s back in 1966."

On the *so, what would you do with trillions upon trillions?* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "When $8.5 Trillion is Chump Change
Washington’s Blog | Three cheers for Reuters pointing out that the Pentagon can’t explain what it did with $8.5 trillion that taxpayers gave it between 1996 and 2013."

On the *Rome burns while Nero fiddles* front, HEADLINE: "Friday's other big number: Obama plays 248th round of golf as market tanks"

On the *emerging barter economy* front, ARTICLE: "This Economic Collapse Will Push The US Into A 3rd World Country: Bill Holter
Greece reverts back to a BARTER economy as global financial system unravels
(NaturalNews) Greece's finances and its national economy have both deteriorated so dramatically that now average citizens are being forced to do something they haven't had to do since the country was occupied by Nazi Germany: Barter for their basic needs and essentials.
As reported by Reuters, the rise in bartering comes amid a government-imposed cash squeeze stemming from an Athens-imposed three-week closure of the country's banks on June 28. Since then government capital controls, put in place to avoid a run on banks, have limited the supply of cash in the hands of ordinary Greeks."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Greek PM Tsipras steps down, calls early elections
RT - Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has confirmed his resignation and early election plans for Greece in a live address. The move comes after Athens managed to pay a huge chunk of its €3.4 billion debt to the ECB. “The political mandate of the January 25 elections has exhausted its limits and now the Greek people have to have their say,” Tsipras said in a televised address Thursday night. Tsipras said that he will now be looking for the Greek people to vote to continue the government program of his leftist Syriza party. Local media have been speculating about the possible upcoming announcement since Thursday morning. Citing a source in the government, Reuters reported that Tsipras would propose holding the snap elections on September 20."

On the truth front, The Creeping DISCLOSURE of Other Races, Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial, and Dimensional Continues

Breakthroughs in this reality are on the near horizon, and will be 'mostly' instigated by the races themselves. Meanwhile, many sheeple will cling and brutally resist DISCLOSURE, preferring to believe in the TRUMAN SHOW we've all been subjected to, since the rise of radio broadcasts and the introduction of television programming.

On the war front, Even Globalist-Elite Kissinger Knows You Don't Poke the Russian Bear This Hard

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ukraine Failed Attempt to ‘Break Russia’? Kissinger Warns U.S. “Stop Backing Kiev At All Costs”
Mac Slavo | Henry Kissinger, now 92 years old, remains one of the staunchest insiders in the smoky room, always a move ahead in the game for New World Order dominance."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russian-Chinese Naval Drills Begin in Russia’s Far East
Sputnik | According to Eastern Military District spokesman, Russian-Chinese military drills have started off the coast of Russia’s eastern Primorsky region."

On the *war is business* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pentagon Plans to Boost Drone Flights 50% as Bernanke Warns Cutting Defense Spending Could Hurt Economy
Michael Krieger | In the event you were becoming concerned that the U.S. government might be backing away from its longstanding policy of endless violence, militarism and bloodshed, fear not."

On the energy front, The World-Market Price of Oil Will Likely Keep Dropping

There are several behind-the-scenes battles raging around the blackgold stranglehold economy, and/or the continuation of the petrol dollar. One bombastic fight is the intentional double-cross of the Saudi regime, which will have many unexpected consequences.

Another fierce fight is between the White Hats and the Black Hats in the breakaway civilization. The White Hats want to bring the people of the world into a more benevolent, Star Trek type of society. While the Black Hats are fiendishly savage to keep all the super-advanced tech among the privileged few. They want the *Hunger Games*.

Thus, it becomes ever more imperative for the great inventiveness of humanity to continue. Creating, building, and distributing innovative power systems is a must for a good future.

On the *big brother is always watching* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Forget license plate readers on police cars, how about on garbage trucks?
San Jose councilman wants to "possibly deter thieves from coming into our city." ~ by Cyrus Farivar - Aug 21, 2015
San Jose, California, America’s 10th largest city, isn’t just content to put license plate readers on police cars anymore—rather, it now wants to deputize garbage trucks to be an additional tool in its ongoing surveillance."

On the *thug-per-moron TSA coming to a theater near you...yes, now you too can enjoy the popcorn and a pat down* front, ARTICLE: "TSA At The Movies: Theater Chain Looks To Bring Security Theater To The Movie Theater
Thanks to a string of theater-related tragedies, going to the theater is about to become as enjoyable as going to the airport.
...First off, it subjects everyone to the same level of scrutiny -- provided they're carrying a bag of some sort. If you have a purse or backpack or (god forbid) a fanny pack, you're a potential threat. Everyone else? Free to go. Weapons tucked into waistbands or shoved into pockets will go undetected.
And, like the TSA its emulating, the security measures will be easily thwarted and ultimately useless. For every weapon the TSA brags about seizing, many more end up on planes. A recent audit of the TSA's security efforts found it missed 95% of smuggled weapons and explosives. Anyone thinking Regal's security force is going to be better trained and more thorough than the TSA is kidding themselves."

On the *bad cop* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "14 San Francisco cops gang up on homeless man ‘armed’ with crutches (VIDEO)
RT | It took 14 San Francisco Police Department officers to take down and restrain a one-legged, black homeless man, armed with crutches and apparently dangerous."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Texas Cop Threatens to Arrest Teen for Smiling
Carlos Miller | Now the cop, identified as Plano police officer Jeff Willis, may face some disciplinary action."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Pennsylvania police brutalize singing man – video
RT | Police in Allentown, Pennsylvania were caught on video assaulting and arresting a man who was singing in a public place.

On the *super surveillance state* front, HEADLINE: "Chicago, Los Angeles Police Departments Have Been Using 'Stingrays On Steroids' For Over A Decade"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Iris Scanners are Coming to College Campuses
Michael Krieger | Virginia Commonwealth University is the latest school to roll out these entirely unnecessary and creepy devices."

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Law of War Manual

ARTICLE: "Is the New U.S. ‘Law of War Manual’ Actually ‘Hitlerian’?"

On the worldwide tyranny front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Spanish Woman Fined $900 for Posting Picture of Police Parked in Handicap Space to Facebook
Michael Krieger | A Spanish woman has been fined $900 for posting a picture of local police parked in a handicapped spot to Facebook."

On the *Goo-Borg controlling information* front, ARTICLE: "Social Engineering 2.0 Google Algorithm Poses 'Serious Threat to Democratic System'"

On the *drone-filled skies* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "FAA records detail hundreds of close calls between airplanes and drones
Washington Post | On Sunday, a swarm of small rogue drones disrupted air traffic across the country on a scale previously unseen in U.S. skies."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "World’s Smallest Quadcopter Drone Now Available to the Public
Activist Post - You can now buy the Aerius drone for $50, and it’s about 3x3x3 cm in size. It has a 5 minute flight time, and is small enough to fit inside its own remote control, which doubles as a charger.... As you can imagine, something this small would make it incredibly easy to spy on someone without their knowing. Fortunately, it doesn’t have a camera, but the manufacturer mentioned in the YouTube comments of the video that “It’s a quadcopter, still working on a camera this small.” Make no mistake, we’re rapidly approaching the day when anyone can buy a bug sized spy drone for less than the cost of a cell phone."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Downing drone at beach leads to jail
San Diego Union Tribune | Carlsbad man, concerned for safety and privacy, threw shirt at drone."

On the communication front, This Is the Reality of Your Cell/Smart Phone

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "‘This is Orwellian': Politician Reacts to Hearing His Hacked Phone Conversation
Australian lawmaker shocked as hackers pinpoint location, view texts in real-time ~ Mikael Thalen ~ August 21, 2015
An Australian senator was shocked to hear a recording of his own phone conversation after it was obtained by hackers during a 60 Minutes exposé on cell phone vulnerabilities."

On the *big brother never had it so good, music streaming* front, ARTICLE: "You’ve Been Warned – Spotify Wants to Spy on You in Every Way Imaginable
Michael Krieger | I clearly remember the moment several years ago when my closest friend from NYC was at my place pleading with me to download and use Spotify.
Fast forward to 2015, and Forbes has come out with a very important article highlighting the incredible creepiness factor in Spotify’s new “privacy policy.” Here’s some of what it found:
    Music streaming market leader Spotify has decided that it wants to know a lot more about you. It wants to be able to access the sensor information on your phone so it can determine whether you’re walking, running or standing still. It wants to know your GPS coordinates, grab photos from your phone and look through your contacts too. And it may share that information with its partners, so a whole load of companies could know exactly where you are and what you’re up to."

On the *military buildup and occupation* front, ARTICLE: "'Just Days Away' From 'One Wild Month' - Massive Military Trains Seen In Colorado And Mississippi With 100's Of Machines Of War On America Soil - Jade Helm?"

On the home front, This Week Begins a New Chapter In American History

How the people respond to the 'dark-side powers that be', and their Orwellian control of society, will determine the quality of life during the next ten years. If the people stand and band together...if they ram-charge the establishment's political minions, and demand their God-given rights, the future will brighten and lighten considerably.

However, if the people buckle-knuckle under, and allow themselves to be mentally and physically herded, corralled by the evil social engineers -- then the future becomes a dark abyss, where serfdom becomes the norm.

On the *how to start a race war as orchestrated by George Soros, and his dark-side pals* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "#BlackLivesMatter Mob Invades Central West End- BUSTS OUT Car Lights – BEATS PEDESTRIANS (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit | #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Invaded the Central West End restaurant district."

On the *Prison Industrial Complex* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: " The US Prison System Is Actually Larger Than Soviet Gulags
The Daily Sheeple | Many Americans are quite convinced that they live in one of the freest nations on the planet."

On the immigration front, ARTICLE: "Immigration -- Issue of the Century: Sessions is right. America is our home. We decide who comes in and who does not, how large the American family becomes, whom we adopt and whence they come. It has become the issue of 2016."

On the water front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Red Alert -- 6 Million Americans Drinking Uranium-Contaminated Water
CONTRIBUTOR: The Liberator. A new study by U-S scientists shows that almost two million people in California and the Midwest live on aquifer sites with high uranium levels. The study was conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It revealed that uranium concentration in the Midwest measured up to 89 times higher than the..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Nestle Pays Only $524 to Extract 27,000,000 Gallons of California Drinking Water
(ANTIMEDIA) Los Angeles, CA — Nestle has found itself more and more frequently in the glare of the California drought-shame spotlight than it would arguably care to be — though not frequently enough, apparently, for the megacorporation to have spontaneously sprouted a conscience."

On the *grow your own food anyway* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Right to Grow Your Own Food is Being Hijacked by the Federal Gov't
Your right to grow food was arguably taken away years ago and given to the Federal government - here is how."

On the food front, MonSatano and GM/GMO Destroying the Heritage Foods of the World ... And Destroying Health Worldwide ... Will We the People Stop It?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Judge Overturns Mexico GMO Maize Ban in Tragic Ruling
Sustainable Pulse - Mexico’s XII District Court has overturned a 2013 ruling that prevented biotech companies, including Monsanto and Syngenta, planting genetically modified (GM) maize in Mexico. The decision has been appealed by Acción Colectiva del Maíz and will not come into force until the appeal/s have been heard and ruled on. The tragic ruling follows two years of 93 appeals by the Biotech Industry after the planting of GMO Maize was banned in September 2013 by the Twelfth Federal District Court for Civil Matters of Mexico City. Judge Jaime Eduardo Verdugo J. cited “the risk of imminent harm to the environment” as the basis for the decision."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Gaze At This Single Picture And You’ll Never Eat GMOs Again
Christina Sarich | Monsanto’s glyphosate and a young boy’s skin disease."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Pesticides in paradise: Hawaii's spike in birth defects puts focus on GM crops
Monday, August 24, 2015
Local doctors are in the eye of a storm over whether corn that’s been genetically modified to resist pesticides is a source of prosperity, or of birth defects and illness." — The Guardian

On the organic food front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How To Avoid Deceptive ‘Organic’ Food Labels
Anthony Gucciardi | Are you being fooled?"

On the *save the bees* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "More than Half a Million Londoners Protest the Killing of the Bees by Biotech
Christina Sarich | As the UK lifts ban on bee-killing pesticides."

On the *dead and murdered holistic doctors* front, ARTICLE: "Holistic MD Nick Gonzalez, who died suddenly, said he’d heard big pharma hopes he gets hit by a bus
...It  brought me no joy to stumble upon this unintended series that I broke (as gently as possible) about all the holistic doctors who died within a matter of weeks. We knew some of them which made it all the more difficult to write about it. I’d be writing one article as another doctor we knew died. It’s tragic and painful and I truly hope no more die or are killed.
Vitaly Magazine published an article where Dr. Nick Gonzalez said that big pharma knows about his work and hopes he gets “hit by a bus”.  I tend to believe it, because someone very reputable who I know did the last interview ever with Dr. Gonzalez which will be out soon and shed more light on this. It appears there are others out there too where he said the same thing beyond the one in Vitality Magazine. I promise to share or link to the last interview whenever it does come out as, from what I hear, it’s a very important to hear his final words."

On the *great big fat ugly hypocrisy* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Jails People for Cannabis While Govt Promotes It as Cancer Treatment
Sputnik News - Criminalized by the US federal government since 1937, cannabis is being advertised by the US Department of Health as "useful in treating the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment" on the agency's official cancer advice website. The National Cancer Institute claims cannabinoids, which are the active chemicals in cannabis, can be smoked, inhaled, eaten in baked products, drank in herbal teas, or even sprayed under the tongue as treatment.... Despite these studies, as well as a general push for decriminalization across the country, the US penal system imprisons a shocking number of individuals for nonviolent crimes related to marijuana. In 2013 alone, 609,423 individuals were arrested for possession of a substance which is now recommended by the US Department of Health."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Marijuana Kills Cancer, Says National Cancer Institute
Kit Daniels | NCI reveals how cannabis “may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death.”

On the *military industrial complex...autonomous vehicles* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Military Guards Autonomous Car Test Site
Prison | The next generation of “transportation network infrastructure” is a combination of Big Business, Big Government & Big Brother.
Why is the military involved in testing transportation control on a base that “has been converted into the largest secure test facility in the world for validation & commercialization of connected & autonomous vehicles”?"

On the really bad news front, Exposing the Viper Elite Globalists ... Think Stanley Kubrick's EYES WIDE SHUT

ARTICLE: "Horrifying Proof Emerges That Black Magic Satanists Rule The World - Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads Conclusion: Focus on the Deepest Aspects of the Conspiracy
Although it’s important to focus on and expose all aspects of dysfunction in our society – including political corruption, mainstream media consolidation and deception, smart meters, GMOs, toxic vaccines, geoengineering, the militarization of police, fake terrorism, false flag ops, UN Agenda 21, transhumanism and the human microchipping agenda – in order to transform and heal them, it’s crucial to realize that, at a fundamental level, they are all connected. All these issues and more are manifestations of a more primordial evil or unconsciousness in our midst – Satanic black magic. The secretive rituals conducted at Bohemian Grove and elite mansions tell us more about who rules the world than political think tanks or banking cartels, although of course there is an overlap.
If humanity is to rise up and overcome the conspiracy, we must focus our attention on the root of evil (not the branches), and use “white magic” in greater force – the harnessing and funneling of our creative powers to make a world of peace, freedom and love. We must continue to expose the deepest aspects of the conspiracy. At the same time, we have to ensure we are not letting the elite siphon off our precious thoughts, emotions and powers to create their nightmarish world, but rather, using those energies within us to create the world we want with positive intention, focus and conscious manifestation."

On the *we will contaminate your river to gain superfund monies* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "EPA Knew About 'Blowout Risk' for Gold King Mine
Several weeks after the EPA spilled 3 million gallons of toxic mine water into the Animas River, they’ve finally released some of their internal documents on the matter. According to AP, these documents reveal that the EPA was well aware of the risks associated with the Gold King Mine. A work order for a cleanup in June of 2014, made light of the fact that part of the mine entrance had collapsed.
The report reads: “This condition has likely caused impounding of water behind the collapse…In addition, other collapses within the workings may have occurred creating additional water impounding conditions. Conditions may exist that could result in a blowout of the blockages and cause a release of large volumes of contaminated mine waters and sediment from inside the mine, which contain concentrated heavy metals.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cost of EPA’s toxic spill could soar to nearly $30 billion
Washington Examiner | The cost of cleaning up a major toxic waste spill in the West caused by an Environmental Protection Agency contractor could soar as high as $27.7 billion."

On the good news front, Many of the Good-Hearted, Soul Powerful People On Earth Have Had a Bellyful of Big Brother ... They Rebel In Creative-Innovative Ways

Now is the time to collectively join spiritual hands, to join mentally in an Aquarian-Age conspiracy of GOOD WILL, and 'will' the lifting up of humanity toward a new golden age.

On the *wow! everyone will want this gene switched off... but what else is switched off?* front, ARTICLE: "No need for diets & exercise? Scientists find obesity gene with off switch!
RT - Researchers have managed to identify a generic ‘console’ that makes some people more prone to obesity. But this ‘console’ can be switched off. So those who enjoy a Big Mac and sitting in front of TV instead of working out can lose weight while asleep. The so-called FTO region that “harbors the strongest genetic association with obesity” was identified in the study conducted by scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University Medical School. The paper was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. "Obesity has traditionally been seen as the result of an imbalance between the amount of food we eat and how much we exercise, but this view ignores the contribution of genetics to each individual's metabolism," said senior author Manolis Kellis, an MIT professor of computer science." 

First, his statement that our schools should be turned into Islamic schools: “America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrassas, in our schools, where innovation is encouraged, where the foundation is the Qu’ran,” Carson stated, which can be heard in the video below."

COMMENTARY:"America: A Land Where Justice Is Absent — Paul Craig Roberts: America’s First Black President is a traitor to his race and also to justice :If you are an American and you cannot smell the sulfur, you are tightly locked down in The Matrix"
Note: "President Reagan appointed Dr. Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and he was confirmed in office by the U.S. Senate. From 1975 to 1978, Dr. Roberts served on the congressional staff where he drafted the Kemp-Roth bill and played a leading role in developing bipartisan support for a supply-side economic policy..."

On the *why is the Smithsonian honoring a eugenicist?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Smithsonian Refuses Request from Black Pastors to Remove Bust of Eugenicist Planned Parenthood Founder
CNS News | National Gallery: No ‘Moral Test’ for Whom We Include."

On the global mafia cabal front, The Nazi Breakaway Civilization, One of the Unseen Global Hierarchies

Nazi International ~ BLURB: "Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell discussed his examination of the post-war Nazi International, an "extra-territorial state" without borders-- a network of terrorists, drug runners, and people in the very heights of financial power willing to commit fraud in amounts totaling trillions of dollars. He also covered breakaway civilizations, black budgets, secret technology, occult rituals, and the hijacking of nature."

On the *minions of the new world order criminals* front, VIDEO INTERVIEW: "Political Insider Warns Obama May Be Last US President - America Turned Into An Islamic Caliphate - Things Are Shaking Up Big Time!
...By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Political insider Larry Nichols has been around the 'elite' for many years. A 1997 story in the New York Times told us about Nichols' connections to the Clinton family that dated back years; he was hired by Bill to be the Arkansas Development Finance Authority's marketing director. Nichols didn't have much nice to say about Clinton back in 1997, connecting Clinton to cocaine shipments, money laundering and gun running surrounding the airport in Mena, Arkansas.
Nichols also charges that Clinton misused state funds to romance at least 5 different woman and that he himself was a hitman for the Clinton's. While Nichols warned that the Clinton's would likely have him killed for speaking out, he's still around and he's still talking and gives us a whole boat load of new information in the new video below featuring him being interviewed by Alex Jones on Infowars. Topics covered include bringing us up-to-date with new information on the Clinton body count as well as what he warns may be Barack Obama's plans for America: his own role as the last US president and the 1st US king."

On the heroine front, VIDEO: "Epic Rant Goes Viral: “Police Brutality? How About Black Brutality?”
Paul Joseph Watson | Illinois woman in monumental smackdown of #BlackLivesMatter hypocrisy."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "MLK’s Niece Slams ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters
Paul Joseph Watson | “Some people don’t even remember Martin Luther King and what he stood for.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Poll: 64 Percent of Likely Black Voters Agree – ‘All Lives Matter’ Is Closest to Their Own Views
CNS News | All lives matter. At least, that’s what the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows most Likely U.S. Voters believe."

On the hero front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Marines Stop ISIS Jihadi Massacre: Alex Jones Reports
Prison | Individuals armed with the spirit of resistance prevent terror attack."

On the *in memoriam of heroes* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Three firefighters are killed battling devastating wildfires across Washington state as flames now cover one million acres: More than 100 wildfires are burning more than one million acres in the West"

On the* idjit-TSA...oh yeah, we're all safer now* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "LITTLE TERROR: Airport Security Confiscates Kid’s ‘Fart Blaster’ Toy
Steve Watson | ‘Replica weapon’ emits random fart sounds."

On the scumbag political front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How Jeb Bush Funneled Pension Money to Lehman Before Getting a $1.3 Million a Year Consulting Job at the Firm
Michael Krieger | At this point, it almost feels like kicking someone while he’s down. Jeb Bush can’t even stand up to Donald Trump, let alone his own growing series of scandals."

ARTICLE: "This Is What Clinton Is Hiding In Her Emails :They Came, They Murdered, They Covered It Up
...The late Ambassador Chris Stevens, a CIA operative, was largely responsible for the take down of the Libyan government with the help of al-Qaeda who was being armed by Stevens on behalf of the CIA. At the time of Stevens death, he was doing the same in Syria. As word began to leak out in the months prior to the 2012 Presidential election, Stevens sloppiness had become a huge liability for the current administration and he had to be “dealt with”. Stevens sensed the danger and asked then Secretary of State Clinton for more bodyguards. She refused to honor the request. Further, the military attempted to capitalize on the fact that Stevens, if rescued from the attack that will end in his death, might offer public testimony about his illicit affairs which were sanctioned by the Obama administration in order to cut a deal to protect himself from prosecution. These affairs included gun running to al-Qaeda, drug, gun and sex trafficking of children to support the flow of arms to al-Qaeda. And of course, it was during this time that the CIA funded the rise of ISIS in order to take attention off of al-Qaeda.
All of these actions would have involved the Secretary of State, who at the time, was Hillary Clinton. Yet, these affairs would have to be kept off of the books. Hence, this is why Hillary put classified and top secret material on her private server. The content of Clinton’s emails will never see the light of day because ultimately she is protected by Obama’s executive privilege and Obama’s ultimate ability to pardon."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Feds: 305 Classified Emails on Hillary’s Computer — So Far
Truth Revolt | The federal government is now saying that Hillary Clinton’s home brewed email server may have had as many as 305 classified emails routed through it."

On the *when you're right, you're right* front, HEADLINE: "Donald Trump: 'WMD’s were a lie, the invasion of Iraq was a lie, everything in Washington has been a lie'"

On the *EXPOSURE: Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown ... This Is Spy Novel Par Excellence In Scope ... The Amazing Complexities Will Make Your Head Spin and Your Eyes Turn Into Pinwheels" front, ARTICLE: "CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet spy files, SUBUD cult, and a dead body"

On the *right to keep and bear arms* front, ARTICLE: "Obama Wants UN Noose Around Necks Of Gun Owners
Right now, White House officials are booking flights to Mexico…and they’re not bringing back souvenirs.
They’re on their way to the United Nations Small Arms Conference, scheduled in Mexico City on August 24, 2015.
And they’re planning to bring back the framework for a global gun control regime.
It’s important that you contact your Senators right now and tell them to vote NO on any agreement reached at the Mexico UN conference.
Obama has already signed the UN Small Arms Treaty, and it is waiting ratification by the Senate."

HEADLINE: "California Proposes 10-Year Gun Ban on Those Deemed by Family to be a 'Threat'"

On the *more guns less crime* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Baltimore Climbs to 211 Homicides as Mayor Seeks More Gun Control
Truth Revolt | Latest body found in the area of April’s riots."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Detroit Police Chief: Legal Gun Ownership Can Help Stop Crime
Truth Revolt | “More people have guns and it’s making burglars cautious.”

On the *this is one way freedom* dies front, ARTICLE: "FDA Is Killing Our Freedoms and Destroying Our Health"

On the *no freedom for you* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Jeb Bush Would Expand NSA Spy Powers at Expense of Civil Liberties
New American | “There’s a place to find common ground between personal civil liberties and NSA doing its job."

On the freedom front, This Will Be a Week That Will Go Down In History... Even If All the Events Around *LET FREEDOM RING* Are Not Obvious To Us Now

Beyond the stock market rigged crash and splash upward, decisions are being made at the highest 'dark-side cabal' levels, and by grassroots humanity, or you and I. These decisions will smash and clash into each other over the next ten months, and the resulting chaos will be mind blowing. Prepare.

On the 3-D Printer front, ARTICLE: "How 3-D Printing Can Offer Enhanced Treatment Options for Animals
Tech Swarm - The 3-D printing process retains — and can enhance — the important information found on the scan that a doctor or veterinarian needs in making a diagnosis. Walter Renberg, an orthopedic surgeon and professor and head of small animal surgery at the Veterinary Health Center, said the 3-D models Castinado and Headley have produced are proving beneficial in a variety of ways. "While Kansas State University is not the first to use 3-D printing in veterinary medicine, we've thought about doing so for awhile," Renberg said. "It helps us with a couple of things clinically, particularly with bone deformities, which can be difficult to reconstruct with a CT scan. For example, when planning a surgery to correct a deformity or even determining whether such a surgery is necessary, the model can help us determine the right surgical approach or come up with less expensive alternatives to certain procedures."

ARTICLE: "Eco-Friendly 3D Printer Prints LIVING Gardens From Organic Ink
Natural Blaze - If you weren’t impressed by the Origami pot that grows with your plant, you’re bound to be inspired by this invention capable of producing living gardens. Project PrintGREEN is transforming 3D printers into on-demand gardeners after it created the world’s first “Green” 3D printer in 2013. The innovation is capable of producing living prints by printing customized objects in a variety of sizes and forms.... The eco-friendly “ink” is a combination of soil, seeds, and water which can be designed to print in any shape or letter. Once the ink dries, the muddy mixture holds its form and begins to sprout grass from the organic material."

Trendwise, The Complexity of World Trends Increases Dramatically Within the Next Three Months

Various societal forces will be pulling, pushing, crashing, and bashing in a frenzied dance that swings open the door to radical, global TRANSFORMATIONS. The KEY becomes creating good transformations for ALL versus those who would force a complete totalitarian transformation upon the planetary population.

Which transformation will you choose?

THIS WEEK, sunrise, sunset, let yourself be immersed in the radiance as much as possible. This will nourish your soul, and soar your spirit. 

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ ever so civilized
Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 
In this snippet-scene, Zance and Dontoya, the two heroes, prepare Sherilyn for how they will protect her. 


Seven paragraphs from Chapter Forty-nine ~

"You know, sweet thing, those bastards won't stop comin' after you."

Damn if Zance didn't sound like an old-fashioned western hero. Sherilyn would have melted toward him like an eyelash-batting, gooey heroine if the Templetons weren't about to rear their effing heads.

"True. I know." She sighed and felt her shoulders slump. "The Templetons are criminals down to their core. And no law enforcement agency will ever stop them. Too much bribe money, and lawyers that are slicker than a corral full of greased pigs."

"Yep, that's why the Good Lord made those of us who will stop them."

"I never thought of it like that. It does make sense, though." Sherilyn twisted inside with conflicting emotions. "It's just that...that I was raised to be ever so civilized." She hauled in a breath. "Too damn civilized, and look where it's gotten me."

"In my arms, sweetheart. And in my bed." Zance winked outrageously, squeezing her hand again.

Sherilyn couldn't help but answer him with a sassy smile, and a flirtatious toss of her hair. Still, foreboding clung to her. 


For more of My Sexy Saturday

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Sherilyn, Dono, and Zance invite you to read their love story ~
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Running as horse, Grant Thunderhead senses an intruder trigger the forcefield protecting his steam engine caverns. Investigating, he finds a beautiful unusual man who will rescue his heart.

Excerpt/Buy link

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Catch and Release

It’s August here in farm country, and that means peaches. I love peaches, which is weird because I never really ate them growing up. I’ve always been more into bananas and apples. (“You should see me climb trees,” as the old joke goes.) I didn’t try peaches until I was into my 30s and had a brush with anemia. The doctor suggested I eat more fruit, so I experimented in the produce department and discovered the joys of peaches, plums and apricots. I still draw the line at citrus fruit. Won’t eat it, though I’ll drink the juice. On the vegetable side, I actually like broccoli and asparagus. I’ll only eat cauliflower raw, never cooked. My taste buds are a strange set of cells.

Of course, all good things come at a price. With peaches, that price is fruit flies.

Until I went fruit happy, my only experience with fruit flies was high school bio class, where we raised colonies in tubes and learned about genetics. Fruit flies are great for this because they’re tiny and they reproduce faster than rats. You can have three generations in a week. They die off just as fast, which makes cleanup a snap.

Unfortunately, that’s under classroom conditions. In the wild, or in your kitchen, not so much.

My reintroduction to the common fruit fly coincided with my discovery that peaches are tasty. I’d had bananas, apples and pears sitting out on the counter for years and never had any problems. I brought peaches into the house and all of a sudden there are these little black bugs flitting around. Once in the kitchen, they found my trash can and my sink full of dirty dishes. I was forcefully reminded of how fast the little buggers reproduce.

Believe me, I tried everything. I kept the trash covered. I did dishes more often. I sprayed. I didn’t like spraying because this was the kitchen. I have food and dishes in there. It really didn’t work anyway. I’d wipe out one troop and a day or so later the next generation would rise. For all I know, I was breeding fruit flies resistant to bug spray. That was never part of bio class.

The only thing that cleared out the problem was temperature. October accomplished what bug spray couldn’t. After that the house was fine until the following peach season, when we did the dance all over again.

This situation persisted after I moved into the mobile home. The house is bug-free until August arrives and I start bringing the peaches home. The trailer’s even worse in terms of spraying. The bugs congregate around the sink. I will not release poison into the air so close to my sugar bowl. If I put the peaches in the fridge, they get all wrinkly and bad. What’s a fruit-eater to do?

It took me forever, but the solution finally hit me: catch and release.

It’s so simple I could kick myself. I take those little plastic containers dried fruit and other bulk foods come in. Anything fruity works for bait; my favorite is banana peels. I rip up peel pieces and dump them in the container and give the flies ample time to congregate. Every couple of hours I go to the counter, slam the lid on the container, take the captured flies outside and release them back into the wild. The birds and the spiders take it from there. At the end of the day I dump the bait outside, where it either gets eaten by skunks or dissolves into the soil.

This method worked fine for the first couple of years. Usually I’d be fruit flyless within three days, or at least until I brought more peaches home. The last two years, however … it’s not working so well. Days go by and I’m still dumping large container-fulls of fruit flies into the wind. Either they’re breeding even faster these days, or the ones I let go are crawling back in through the screens. I might be catching and releasing the same group of flies over and over and not be aware of it.

I won’t spray, though. Doesn’t help. Guess the flies and I can share the peaches. October will be here soon enough.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 17, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #363   

The Death of Kingship Arrives As 2015 Ends ... Long Live the Individual Queen and King ... For, the People Will Reign

In opposition, the 'dark-side powers that be' ... this is their sinister agenda:

ARTICLE: "The program to erase the individual
Jon Rappoport | England, Australia, Canada, USA: poof"

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' cut mightily through more of the Hydra cabal's sinister heads. In part, this will look like more piled on more of 'dirty-laundry' revelations. For, the dungeon-dark castles of corruption are blowing apart.

Watch for it, this week will follow the lyric-words of John Fogerty from the *Eye Of The Zombie*: "Hoo! Oooooh! ... Twenty feet from the fire, the evil waits with zombie eyes. Chorus: Eye-eye-eye eye of the zombie!"

On the personal front, Take most everything slow and easy this week. Don't run down any rabbit trails, or chase after disappearing rabbit-opportunities. For the most progress will likely be made after careful consideration.

LOVE is central this week. That is, ways to show love toward yourself, and toward others who are in need. In this day and age, we could ALL use a little kindness and thoughtfulness from others.

One caution: don't overwhelm anyone with expressions of love and affection. Some are so psychologically damaged, they simply can't cope. Be gentle and back off at the first sign uncomfortableness.

This week, is also about moving forward in one key direction, or several directions. Take action, and step on out.

On the paranormal front, Stargates, Opening and Closing Portals, Time Manipulation ... The World Is Not As Most of Us Imagined It To Be -- As We Were Taught ... Watch the Alternative News Sites For More Revelations

ARTICLE: "Will The Large Hadron Collider Open Up A Portal To Another Dimension?
Michael Snyder | What in the world is going on over at CERN?"

On the *out-of-this and saving the world* front, ARTICLE: "'Peace-loving aliens tried to save America from nuclear war,' claims astronaut Edgar Mitchell ~ Thursday, August 13, 2015
Apollo veteran says UFOs came in peace on a mission to stop humanity destroying itself." —

On the *werewolf/dogman* front, ARTICLE: "Werewolf Photograph Has Brazilian City on Alert
A photograph making the rounds is purported to be a werewolf caught by a security camera in Ceilândia, a city in east central Brazil. The creature was allegedly seen by numerous witnesses and the picture was accompanied with a warning to be careful because it might be a werewolf. Is it?"

On the CRYPTID SKUNK APE front, ARTICLE: "Another Skunk Ape Spotted in Florida
If you’re looking for something to do in Florida that’s cheaper and has shorter lines than Disney World, you might want to head to Alderman’s Ford park in Plant City where yet another Skunk Ape was spotted and recorded on video. This is the third sighting with a recording or a photograph in two years. Is something driving the Skunk Apes out of the Florida swamps?"

On the UFO front, BLURB: "Unexplained Mysteries has posted an intriguing 4-minute video purportedly recorded by the US Department of Homeland Security showing a UFO over Puerto Rico. The thermal camera footage is believed to have been recorded by the crew of a DHC-8 Turboprop on April 25, 2013, at the Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla. The object in question can be seen making an entry and exit from the sea, as well as appearing to split in two."

On the *time slip* front, ARTICLE: "Plane Said to Vanish, Reappear 10 Minutes Later: Time Slip?" ~ Friday, August 14, 2015
The clocks on the plane, including passengers’ watches, were all 10 minutes behind.

On the PYRAMIDS front, ARTICLE: "Pyramids exist in Bosnia: Archaeologist :The 55-year-old claims that he has discovered the "biggest complex of pyramidal structures in the world" comprising five pyramids, all connected by underground tunnels."

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "The Real Housewives of Ancient Egypt Had 8-Foot-Long Prenups ~ Thursday, August 13, 2015
The 2,480-year-old marital document, written in demotic script, was made to ensure that if the union didn’t work out, the wife would be adequately provided for.
Married women could file for divorce, and they were even ensured alimony—provided they had a document like this one, which they could write up anytime before or during the relationship—at which point it would be more accurately described as a postnup.
"Most people have no idea that women in ancient Egypt had the same legal rights as men," says Teeter. Egyptian women, no matter their marital status, could enter into contracts, sue and be sued, and serve on juries and as witnesses. They could acquire and own property (and fairly often, they did: a fragment of papyrus from 1147 B.C, denoting thousands of land holdings names women as the owners of about 10 percent of the properties listed)."

ARTICLE: "Was Sardinia home to Atlantis? Comet triggered an enormous tidal wave that wiped out ancient civilisation, experts claim etween 9,000 and 20,000 of these mid Bronze Age structures have been registered over the past 20 years, including 20 on the plateau of Giara, which rises 1,968 feet (600 metres) above sea level, stretching over 16 square miles (42 square kilometres).
The most complex is Su Nuraxi, at Barumini, which was discovered in 1950.
The fortress, constructed from huge basalt blocks, is surrounded by a maze of circular walls – the remnants of a later hamlet.
Its central tower is conical and covered with a dome dating from the 16th century BC, with four more turrets added in the 12th century BC.
The turrets are connected by underground tunnels as well as a storage cavity used to keep food at a steady 12̊C throughout the year."

ARTICLE: "'Sacred sinkhole' discovered under 1,000-year-old Mayan temple... and it may eventually destroy the pyramid
Archaeologists have discovered the Temple of Kukulkan, which was built by the Maya around 1,000 years ago to worship a snake god, has a huge cenote, or sinkhole, beneath it. They believe it may have been built on top of the cavern deliberately as it may have had deep religious significance to the ancient civilisation..."

On the land changes front, Again: Watch Out For Those Meteors and Fireballs... the Sun Will Perform In Peculiar Ways ... Extreme Weather Events Continue ... Meanwhile, Volcanoes Erupt Around the World and Earthquakes Will Likely Shake the West Coast During the Next Several Months

On the earthquake front, HEADLINE: "4.2 Earthquake rocks San Francisco Bay Area"

HEADLINE: "Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Solomon Islands"

HEADLINE: "Tik-Tok: Seismologists say a year-long swarm of 5,610 earthquakes in Nevada linked to volcanic activity"

ARTICLE: "Think You’re Safe? Guess Again! 5,000 Earthquakes Just Rocked The Northwest! Seismologist Add “Is the Big One Coming?”
CURATOR: Lisa Haven. By Lisa Haven “It’s no surprise that Californians are in danger, but scientists have also flagged residents of Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois and South Carolina.” That is the disturbing warning given by National Geographic about the dangers of earthquakes to those living here in America."


On the volcano front, HEADLINE: "Cotopaxi volcano erupts for the first time since 1940, Ecuador"

HEADLINE: "Japan raises warning level on volcano not far from nuclear plant" TOKYO (Reuters)

On the *it's too hot* front, Scorched earth: 76 dead in Egypt 17 in Sudan as insane temperatures continue around the globe

On the *damaging weather and firestorm* front, VIDEO: Wet Microburst Unleashes Damaging Winds Over Tucson, Arizona

WATCH: Winds Help Soda Fire Grow to More Than 260,000 Acres in Idaho

HEADLINE: "Three fires burn in Glacier National Park"

On the *global warming* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “Halfway to Hell”? Public Places Global Warming Concerns Dead Last
New American | Voters worldwide, apparently, are not buying the hype."

On the *geoengineering/chemtrail* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Science Study Confirms Contamination From Climate Engineering Assault
The "International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health" has just published an in depth research report from Dr. Marvin Herndon that directly implicates the use of highly toxic coal fly ash with 99% certainty as base material in the ongoing climate engineering programs. Why would such a material be utilized for climate engineering? Because coal ash is light enough to remain suspended in the atmosphere for extended periods. Additionally, it would give the climate engineers a form of plausible denial in regard to the source of materials raining down on us. Using a refined form of coal ash as a base material for climate engineering would also effectively disposes of the extremely fine coal ash particles in the process which has always been a problem for the industry."

On *how to poison the well of the people, and get away with it, all while spending a small fortune* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hormone-Mimicking, Endocrine-Disrupting Nightmare? L.A. Just Dumped Millions of Plastic Balls into Its Drinking Water
Truthstream Media - You know it's bad when the people in charge have decided the "answer" to keeping the water from evaporating in the drought and turning carcinogenic due to toxic chemical reactions is to spend millions of dollars to pour millions of black plastic balls into reservoirs to block sunlight from hitting the water. Because we all know that hormone disrupting chemicals never leach into liquids from hot plastic... The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is buying 80 million 4-inch black polyethylene balls to cover the surfaces of three Los Angeles reservoirs that serve 4 million residents. At a cost of 33 cents each, the hollow spheres are designed to block sunlight from turning bromide and chlorine in the water into bromate, a suspected carcinogen."

On the *world drought* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Diseased Trees and Drought in Spain, Italy Drive Up Cost of Olive Oil Across Europe
An ongoing drought in southern Europe combined with a disease outbreak is affecting the continent’s olive crop and olive oil prices."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Puerto Rico Residents Face Water Rationing That Lasts up to 48 Hours Amid Historic Drought
While Puerto Rico locals are facing hefty water cutbacks due to drought-induced water shortages, major resorts are largely spared."

HEADLINE: "Brazil's water crisis is so bad that the army is staging simulations of a mass uprising at a water utility

On the *EPA's Evil Contamination of the Colorado River For Superfund they want to swindle the Navajo people, too* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "EPA’s Gold King Mine Spill Was Predicted 6 Days In Advance
GovtSlaves - The environmental disaster the EPA caused at the Gold King mine in Colorado was predicted 6 days in advance: This letter to editor, posted below, was published in The Silverton Standard and The Miner local newspaper, authored by a retired geologist, one week before EPA mine spill. The letter detailed verbatim, how EPA officials would foul up the Animas River on purpose in order to secure superfund money. If the Gold King mine was declared a superfund site it would essentially kill future development for the mining industry. The Obama EPA is vehemently opposed to mining and development."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "EPA Contractor Behind CO Mine Spill Got $381 Million From Taxpayers
Daily Caller | The Wall Street Journal has revealed the company’s identity.
The EPA may have been trying to hide the identity of the contracting company responsible for causing a major wastewater spill in southern Colorado, but the Wall Street Journal has revealed the company’s identity.
Environmental Restoration (ER) LLC, a Missouri-based firm, was the “contractor whose work caused a mine spill in Colorado that released an estimated 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into a major river system,” the WSJ was told by a source familiar with the matter. The paper also found government documents to corroborate what their source told them."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Inside Job: EPA May Have Intentionally Polluted Animas River
EPA spill benefits Obama’s war against American energy
Kit Daniels ~ August 12, 2015
Before the EPA polluted the Animas River, a retired geologist revealed the agency was likely looking for an excuse to build a multi-million dollar water treatment plant in nearby Silverton, Colo.
The geologist, Dave Taylor, wrote a July 30 editorial that predicted the EPA’s plugging plan, which ultimately led to the Aug. 6 spill, would fail and the agency would likely use the failure to seek “superfunding.”
“The ‘grand experiment’ in my opinion will fail,” he wrote. “And guess what [EPA representative] Mr. Hestmark will say then? ‘Gee, Plan A didn’t work so I guess we will have to build a treatment plant at a cost to taxpayers of $100 million to $500 million…'”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Southwestern Cities Forced onto “90-Day Supply of Water” After Toxic EPA Spill Contaminates Entire River
Mac Slavo | Residents in two New Mexico towns have been forced onto emergency water rations."

ARTICLE: "SICK: EPA Promises to Work With Navajo Leaders on Toxic Spill – Then Tries to Swindle Them #IndianLivesMatter
Gateway Pundit | The EPA is reportedly trying to strong-arm Navajo Indian leaders to sign away their rights to future claims against the agency from the Gold King Mine disaster.
...** The Navajo Nation has vowed to sue the EPA over the mining disaster.
The Washington Times reported:
    The EPA is trying to cheat Navajo Indians by getting them to sign away their rights to future claims from the agency’s Gold King Mine disaster, tribal officials charged Wednesday, adding more to the administration’s public relations problems over the spill that threatens critical Southwest waterways.
    Environmental Protection Agency officials were going door to door asking Navajos, some of whom don’t speak English as their primary language, to sign a form that offers to pay damages incurred so far from the spill, but waiving the right to come back and ask for more if their costs escalate or if they discover bigger problems, Navajo President Russell Begaye told The Washington Times.
    Mr. Begaye has promised a lawsuit on behalf of the Navajo Nation and said he suspects the EPA is trying to buy off as many Navajo as possible now to head off a bigger settlement later.
    The spill has dumped millions of gallons of polluted wastewater into the Animas River, which feeds the San Juan River and eventually the Colorado River, which provide water for grazing and crops in much of the Four Corners area, the quadripoint of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. The Navajo Nation covers much of that territory."

On the FALSE FLAG front, ARTICLE: "EPA, FBI, DOJ, FDA, CDC, ATF: Nearly every government agency routinely plots and carries out false flag operations to justify its own existence :the EPA has become the polluter, the liar and the cover-up cartel
NaturalNews) Yesterday I posted an article asking for American citizens to send me water samples from the Animas River that the EPA has now heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals. I want to test the water in my elemental analysis laboratory to expose the EPA's pollution.
The EPA used to prevent corporations from polluting the rivers, but now the EPA has become the polluter, the liar and the cover-up cartel. In that story, I pointed out the total absurdity of our sickening, corrupt government, where private citizens now have to conduct the science to expose the pollution of the EPA.
That got me thinking... hey, wait a minute. Almost EVERY federal government agency is now functioning as a rogue entity. Nearly all of them routinely carry out false flag events in order to justify their own existence (and increase their budgets)."

On the *sad it Fukushima radiation?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Giant whales found dead up & down Pacific NW coast, scientists ‘baffled’ over surge — 25+ carcasses reported in past month ..."

On the AWAKENING front, WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!! If This Can Happen To a Prominent Beloved Doctor In Beverly Hills, Who Has Been Judged Innocent of Any Crime, It Can Happen To YOU!!! ... And Is Happening All Over America

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Harvard-trained Beverly Hills Doctor Mom Has 4 Children Kidnapped by LA County DCFS
Medical Kidnap - Dr. Susan Evans graduated from Harvard Medical School with dual medical degrees in dermatology and internal medicine. She established her medical practice specializing in dermatology in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA.... Dr. Susan’s expertise has been sought as a medical expert on Dr. Oz, Oprah, the Doctors, CNN, the TODAY show and many more.... However, like thousands of other parents in Los Angeles County, she has lost her 4 children to LA County Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), even though no charges have ever been filed against her. Not only have no charges been filed against her, a dependency court judge ruled that there was no reason for DCFS to keep her children out of her custody, and dismissed the case with prejudice (meaning the evidence they presented could not be brought before the dependency court again). So why is she still battling LA County DCFS to get her children back?"
On *giving the sheeple busy work to keep us all corralled* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Poll Results Show – 37% of British Workers Think Their Jobs are Meaningless
Michael Krieger | This is truly sad."

On *the Bankster Gangsters Mercilessly Pillaging the Greek People* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big brother bailout: Troika to play hardball with Greece – report
RT - A document obtained by the Financial Times reveals the new draconian laws that are in store for Athens if it wants to get the €86 billion from its creditors. According to the 29-page document acquired by FT, it becomes obvious that Greece’s left-leaning government will have its hands tied on all aspects of economic policy, starting from drug prices to tourist rentals, let alone tax administration. The first package of austerity measures needs to be implemented before the deal. PM Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza government will have to cancel cross-border withholding taxes, introduced recently. Among the other measures are raising the retirement age to 67, cutting drug prices and liberalizing energy supplies to homes by 2018. After that, the austerity will continue, as Greece will have to adopt various fiscal, financial, regulatory and pension reforms and keep to a strict budget program."

On the *big fat corporate welfare* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Social Cost of Capitalism
Paul Craig Roberts | Few, if any, corporations absorb the full cost of their operations."

On the *workplace surveillance* front, HEADLINE: "Amazon takes workplace surveillance to the next level by incentivizing employees to report on each other"

On the IRS Gestapo front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Senate Report: IRS Approved ONE Conservative Group in Three Yrs
Truth Revolt | Lois Lerner’s liberal legacy."

On the economic front, The Domino Collapse Continues Courtesy of the New World Order Criminals

HEADLINE: "Rental Apocalypse: US homeownership collapses to 48 year low while rental rates continue to climb."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hard Evidence: “We Are In A Full Blown Global Depression”
Mac Slavo | For the last several months there have been warnings of a coming economic storm, with many forecasting serious financial calamity by the Fall of this year."

ARTICLE: "The US Economy Continues Its Collapse
Paul Craig Roberts | Do you remember when real reporters existed?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Crisis Is Spreading: China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden…
Zero Hedge | “The Greek debt crisis isn’t THE crisis. Rather it is simply a symptom of a much larger global debt crisis.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "China Devalues: Currency Wars Explode!
Ron Paul | China’s surprise currency devaluation yesterday has fueled the ongoing currency wars. Escalation is on the way. Who wins? Who loses?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Trends in low wage America: 1.4 million waiter/bartender jobs gained while 1.4 million manufacturing jobs lost since 2007. Top 4 employment sectors pay $10 an hour or less."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Seattle’s Minimum-wage Increase Starting to Cost Jobs
New American | In simple terms, thanks to the progressives running the city council, Seattle restaurant workers are suffering their own recession."

On the  ‘Baconpocalypse’ front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Bacon Prices At All-Time High: Is A Shortage Or The Dreaded ‘Baconpocalypse’ On The Horizon?

On the *gee, don't you wish you could freeze your debt?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "150 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000
CNS News | $18,112,975,000,000 is about $25 million below the current legal debt limit of $18,113,000,080,959.35."

On the *cashless control of the sheeple* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "A cashless system is a kind of unholy grail for central planners because it allows for total control of economic trade. Electronic-based currency systems can be dictated from the comfort of a computer, and savings can be erased or limited arbitrarily. Cashless systems also allow banking structures to operate without the normal consequences of supply and demand fundamentals. Today, even in our massively corrupt financial system, one cannot get around the concrete effects of diminishing demand, endless debt obligations and criminal fiat creation. We are seeing these effects vividly so far in 2015, just as we saw then in 2008. In a completely cashless system, though, debts can vanish, capital can be stolen and shifted away from the public in a more precise manner, taxes can be excised without waiting for taxpayers to comply, and demand can be artificially generated with digital fiat directed to the correct accounts without any trail to follow."

On the *if you're a consumer and want free wi-fi* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Minority Report-Style Ad Billboards Shaped Like Eyes to Watch Consumers
Paul Joseph Watson | System will collect information on user in exchange for free wi-fi."

On the *glitch-wonders of the cyber electronic age...beware!* front, HEADLINE: "Travel misery for tens of thousands as air traffic control computer problem grounds flights across the East Coast"

On the truth front, What Is the TRUTH About Brain Death ... Yep, [surprise, surprise] the Medical Industrial Complex Has Been Lying All These Years ... And You Are the Target ... Then, Cases of Resurrection

BLURB: "DR. PAUL BYRNE joins Joyce today on The Power Hour to discuss the truth about organ donation. Dr. Byrne is a neonatologist and a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics. He is past President of the Catholic Medical Association. He is the producer of the film ***Continuum of Life*** and the author of ***Life, Life Support and Death, Beyond Brain Death***, and ***Brain Death is Not Death***. Dr. Byrne has presented testimony on life-death issues to nine state legislatures beginning in 1967. He opposed Dr. Jack Kevorkian on Cross-Fire, and has appeared on Good Morning America, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary, “Are the donors really dead?”, and public Television in Japan."

ARTICLE: "The Truth About Vaccines: Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccines Designed To 'Modify Behaviour'"

BLURB: Resurrecting the Dead
Date: Saturday - August 15, 2015
Host: Dave Schrader
People who say they have visited the afterlife challenge everything we understand about death. If death is the great equalizer, how and why are some victims able to come back from death while others are not? Dave Schrader welcomed investigative filmmaker Johnny Clark, and minister and healing evangelist Rodger Frievalt from the TV Series Project Afterlife, to discuss their unprecedented quest to unlock the mysteries of resurrection with help from real people who say they have gone through it.

On the *what REALLY happened in China?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "More explosions have rocked a disaster zone in China
AP | New small explosions rocked a disaster zone in the Chinese port of Tianjin on Saturday."

ARTICLE: "Apocalyptic Footage From Tianjin Explosion Captured By Drone
Zero Hedge | With at least 50 dead and over 700 injured, it is no exaggeration to say that the massive explosion in the Chinese port of Tianjin is a total disaster."

ARTICLE: "...Horrifying Banned Pictures Emerge From Massive Explosion At  China's Ground Zero!

ARTICLE: "Did the Rod of God weapon hit Tianjin? :The new lake in China proves a 5 kiloton blast, possibly nuclear or possibly from a space based “rod from God” (pictured to the left) weapon DEPLOYED BY THE SPACE PLANE, DING DING DING DING DING!.
The crater pictures people posted previously were from the small blast, not the big one, a new picture which clearly shows where the big blast went off just got released by China. After looking through the images of the soviet nuclear tests, the new lake in China appears to have been made by a slightly sub surface burst of at least a 5 kiloton nuclear bomb. There is no way the earthquake from this was in the 2’s. Take a look at the pond made by a test of a small nuclear weapon ground burst in Russia and compare it to that new lake in China, which is many times as big as the pond made by a nuclear test in Russia!"

On the *sci fi, Goo-Borg SkyNet war against the people* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Google using NASA partnership to test drones inside the US - report
RT - A partnership with NASA has enabled Google to test-fly its drones in US airspace, dodging federal aviation regulations. Citing current rules as too restrictive, several US tech companies have conducted their drone research elsewhere. While Amazon used a research facility in Vancouver just across the US border in Canada, Google tested its Project Wing drones in Australia. However, Google seems to have also tested its drones on US soil, using a partnership with NASA to obtain certificates of authorization (COA) to skirt restrictions imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), according to the Guardian’s Mark Harris."

On the war front, Baiting and Back-Stabbing the Russian Bear ... It Will Only Backfire In the Long Run ... and Chinese Troops In South America

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The U.S. is Plotting a Color Revolution in Russia
Paul Joseph Watson | Plan to topple Putin places world in extreme danger.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Ready to Destroy Europe to Defeat Russia – American Historian
Sputnik | In order to weaken Russia, the US is ready to use any means and fight until the last breath, American historian Eric Suess wrote."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Welcome to the Jungle: Brazilians Train Chinese Troops in Amazon Combat"

On the *unholy mess that is the middle east* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Turkey Bombs Kurds Fighting ISIS, Then Hires Same Lobbying Firm Supporting U.S. Presidential Candidates
Michael Krieger | This is how foreign nations buy American foreign policy by paying off former U.S. Congressmen."

On the energy front, Even Though There's Now An Oversupply -- the Continuing Blackgold Stranglehold Over the World's People ... No FREE ENERGY For You, Mere Peasants

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Black sea: IEA warns of biggest oil oversupply in 17yrs
RT - The excess of oil on the global market reached 3 million barrels per day (bpd) in the second quarter, says the International Energy Agency (IEA). The supply is growing "at breakneck pace" despite a collapse in oil prices. The main culprit seems to be Saudi-led OPEC, which is sticking to keeping its market share rather than defending the prices. The cartel boosted its output to 31.8 million bpd (OPEC says 31.5 million) in July, which is bigger that its quota it officially promised in June not to neither cut, nor increase. This is the highest output from King Salman-dominated bloc in three years. However, OPEC’s role in the global oversupply is only part of the story."

On the HACKER *making you dead before your time* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hackers can turn the living dead ... Hackers at an infamous annual Def Con gathering in Las Vegas on Friday were schooled in how to be online killers.
A rush to go digital with the process of registering deaths has made it simple for maliciously minded folks to have someone who is alive declared dead by authorities.
'This is a global problem,' Australian computer security specialist Chris Rock said as he launched a presentation titled I Will Kill You."

On the *your car isn't hack-proof* front, Article: "HACKERS CUT A CORVETTE’S BRAKES VIA A COMMON CAR GADGET Car hacking demos like last month’s over-the-internet hijacking of a Jeep have shown it’s possible for digital attackers to cross the gap between a car’s cellular-connected infotainment system and its steering and brakes. But a new piece of research suggests there may be an even easier way for hackers to wirelessly access those critical driving functions: Through an entire industry of potentially insecure, internet-enabled gadgets plugged directly into cars’ most sensitive guts."

On the *it just ain't the German people* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Some Germans Are Microwaving Their ID Cards to Stifle Surveillance
Joshua Krause | Ever since 9/11, most Americans have become quite complacent in regards to surveillance."

On the *prison state Amerika* front, HEADLINE: "Police Using Biometrics On Americans Without Consent In Unaccountable Database"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "FBI Dedicates New 360,000 Sq Ft Biometric Technology Center in West Virginia
The Daily Sheeple | Government spying hasn’t been curbed in the least since Snowden’s leaks came out."

On the *country looks like an armed camp ... the reports keep rolling in from the people* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "What’s Jade Helm For? Military Train Convoys Spotted “Stretching As Far As Eye Can See” | News on what is actually happening within the exercise has become almost non-existent."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Special Ops Soldiers Use Rental Trucks to Infiltrate & Occupy California Town
Paul Joseph Watson | “Nobody suspected a thing.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Next Phase Of Jade Helm 15 Psyop Rolled Out - Military Train In Virginia With Strykers Stretching As Far As The Eye Can See
In the brand new 1st video below from Frank Ezell, we see a massive military train moving southbound through Spartansburg, Virginia with at least 140 machines of war including at least 50 Strykers that stretched as far as the eye could see.
...In the 3rd video, Professor Doom breaks down this massive convoy as well as shows us another lengthy military vehicle convoy traveling through Indiana and asks if all of these latest sightings of machines of war on American soil recently are tied to Jade Helm 15. Or, is seeing SO MANY military convoys such as this in America somehow the new 'normal' in our Republic as we edge toward 'economic armageddon'?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Are You Prepared for the Coming Civil War?: Civil war is something that has dominated the thinking of Michael Savage as he recently released a book entitled, Stop the Coming Civil War! ...Mothballs Or Combat?
Southwest of Texarkana, a lonely country road has amassed over 300 military vehicles, lining both sides of the road off of Hwy 67.  There are some trolls who have criticized my previous reports on massive troop and equipment movements around the country, and in every state, by stating that this is only the result putting our decommissioned forces into mothballs. Since when does when the implementation of mothballs for decommissioned military equipment include the lining up of tanks, side-by-side, on a lonely country road? This is more than likely an anticipated combat deployment operation.
...The Increasing Prevalence of Medical Trucks
I am increasingly concerned because I am being sent a disproportionate number of photos and videos which display the shipping of medical trucks which are designed to transport battlefield casualties. Logically, where there are medical casualty transport trucks, there are anticipated BATTLEFIELD casualties. And when there are a large number of these vehicles, one would rightly assume that there would be a corresponding increase in anticipated casualties. In the current context, this speaks to civil war.
    Hello Dave,
    I am writing you today because I’m very concerned with all the military activity I see! I’m a truck driver and at every truck stop I go to I see trucks loaded with all kinds of things.
    I was recently in Jarrell, TX. and saw a convoy and finally got to speak to them in the truck stop… Not a one of them was older than 21 and the only patch they had was a ” tough hombre” patch. So I asked them where they were going they said Fort Hood. When I asked them what they were doing they got real figidy… I think they are really scared!! Anyway Thanks for all u do here are some pics!
    Mark Meredith"

ARTICLE: "Architects Confirm Shopping Malls Will Become FEMA Camps
...Architects Speak Out ~ I have heard from over a dozen architects who all say the same thing; Guard towers built upon shopping malls and schools serve no legitimate purpose. They are costly, they do not add to the aesthetics of the structure so as to attract customers or students and they serve no purpose in relation to the structure that they are attached to. Here are two examples of architects who have contacted me in support of what I have already printed on this topic.
    Dear Dave,
    I have been reading your accounts of guard towers being built on various structures around the United States, Canada and even Great Britain. Your concerns echo what many of my colleagues feel as well. I work in various aspects of commercial design and  I work with a team, from other backgrounds in planning and supervising construction of malls. It is pointless to voice our opinion that guard tower structures are a waste of time, space, material and money. If we persisted with this assessment, it is clear that we would be immediately terminated or we would lose contracts.  Dave, although you know my name, please do not release my name or refer to my firm for all the apparent reasons.  Thank you.
    When an architectural team designs a mall, they work very hard at having the various structures complement each other. The purpose is to create a functional commercial community as well as a warm, inviting atmosphere where people where let their “guard” down and are willing to spend their money. We want to design structures that sell ease if accessm beauty and comfort. Guard towers do not add to this architectural objective.
    When I first raised the question of why so many malls were having EXPENSIVE and utterly useless guard tower structures built on the corners of malls, I was told that it was what the client requested. As I attended many pre-planning and construction meetings, I discovered that representatives of the “client” did want the guard tower structures even though there was never a legitimate explanation offered. I challenged one representative by telling him the structure would substantially drive up costs, served no aesthetic purpose and would draw hard to labor away from the the construction of the mall and delay the completion of the main structures comprising the mall. In this business where time is money and construction completion dates are of a high priority, the insistence of the clients who want “elevated structures” made no sense.
     I was firmly told to drop the subject.
    Then one day I was reading one of your articles and you mentioned that Simon Properties, the “biggest owner of malls in North America,” had made a deal with DHS to house people during an emergency. This discovery scared the holy s___ out of me because I realized that you were correct and these malls could quickly become detention facilities…. There is no doubt in my mind."

On the *nightmarish martial law* front, ARTICLE: "The 25 Elements of Martial Law Under Jade Helm
In early May, I had previously published an article in which some of the Jade Helm leadership were expressing concerns that the mission was so compartmentalized that it left many questioning the operation. I am told that some details about the nature of the martial law principles that Jade Helm is practicing is beginning to leak out. This document reflects these martial law principles which appear to be a staple for Jade Helm martial law enforcement."

On the tyranny-at-work front, Coming To Your State Or a State Near You... Unless, We the People Stop It

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "California's list of coming seizures: Vaccine seizures, gun seizures, pension seizures and gold seizures (NaturalNews) If you are still a resident of the increasingly authoritarian police state of California, here is a news flash for you: Your Democratic masters don't much care for your civil liberties, freedoms and rights, and in the coming months and years they are going to try to eliminate as many of them from you as possible.
Natural News readers already know that California has some of the highest taxes, highest pension costs and most restrictive gun laws. They also know the state recently adopted the most restrictive mandatory childhood vaccine law in the country, denying parents the right of informed refusal and forcing them to expose their children to potentially dangerous concoctions for the "right" to a public school education (that they are forced to pay for nonetheless).
Now, the little Stalins who dominate the state legislature want the vaccine requirement extended to adults as well.
What happened to liberty, freedom of choice and civil rights?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Majority of New Driver’s Licenses Issued in California This Year are to Undocumented Immigrants
AllGov - Undocumented immigrants have not hesitated to take advantage of a new law in California that allows them to get drivers licenses despite their legal status. Undocumented immigrants have received the majority of new drivers licenses issued in the state in 2015, thanks to AB 60, which went into effect this year. That law allows anyone with proof of residency and passing grades on driving and written tests to obtain a license, regardless of their immigration status."

On the *this is how it starts and spreads like a fast-growing fungus ... or, tag and bag the sheeple* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Finnish Politician Suggests Tracker Implants for Welfare Recipients
Sputnik | A politician from Finland’s conservative Finns Party suggested implanting welfare recipients with satellite-tracking chips."

On the *villainous sheriff of nottingham* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Sheriff Compares Constitutionalists to ISIS
Mikael Thalen | “There are some of those folks that want to overthrow the government, period… this is how ISIS starts"

On the *at least, one bad cop got arrested* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Video: Cop Repeatedly Smashes Student With Baton For ‘Refusing To Comply’
Steve Watson | Officer lied on police report, Now arrested and fired."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cop Assaults Handicapped Vet, Claims He Doesn’t Look Disabled Enough
Mikael Thalen | Injured combat veteran harassed for legally parking in handicapped spot."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cali Cop Draws Gun On Lawabiding American, Mayor Does Nothing
Jon Bowne | Cop gets paid administrative leave after threatening life of citizen for no reason."

On the *really, don't beat up cops who haven't done anything* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cop Pistol Whipped Unconscious, People Post Photos On Facebook And Mock
Daily Caller | After the officer, a detective, was beaten unconscious, a picture of him laying face down on the group was posted to Facebook."

On the *first amendment* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Judge On Abortion Videos: Gag Order Is A Restraint On First Amendment Rights
Steve Watson | “This decision brings us one step closer to the day Stem Express and Planned Parenthood have been dreading.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Whistleblower: Working At Planned Parenthood Is Morbid; “You Can Feel It. You Can Hear Screaming”
Steve Watson | New video reveals fetal organs were taken without patient consent."

On the *censorship* front, Headline: "YOUTUBE BANS PROOF OF BLACK-ON-WHITE VIOLENCE Suspends account of 'White Girl Bleed a Lot' author Colin Flaherty"

On the *war on real journalism* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Washington Post Reporter Charged with “Trespassing” in Ferguson, Missouri as the “War on Journalism” Continues
Michael Krieger | A year ago, Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery, was arrested in a McDonald’s in Ferguson Missouri."

On the communication front, Really, Who Isn't Tired of the Massive Media Propaganda Lies Assaulting Us ALL Every Single Moment of Every Single Day?

ARTICLE: "Can’t Listen to This Anymore: EU Residents Tired of Western Media Lies: ARE YOU?"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "State Department Establishes Propaganda Training Program in Lithuania to Combat Russian Media
Kurt Nimmo | Program to resemble Soros and Ford Foundation funded ProPublica."

On the *keep your landline phones* front, ARTICLE: "As Phone Companies Ditch Copper, They Nix The Ability To Call During Blackouts
CS Monitor - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday put several new rules in place to regulate telecom companies looking to move away from the old copper wires that have carried voices across town and around the world for more than a century.... Phone companies have been making the move to fiber optic cable for a while now, says Mark Wigfield from the FCC’s Media Relations Office..... The biggest benefit to those old copper wires is that they carry their own electricity. So, when the power goes out, you can still make a call as long as your phone unit itself is still in operation. This is not so with fiber. “The Commission took this fact very seriously, especially as it related to 911 calling,” says Wigfield. “That means that the new rules include a mandate that requires phone companies to make direct-to-consumer offers of power backups.” Wigfield says that these backups would be at the consumer’s expense, but at least they would know exactly what they needed and where to get it."

On the *language universal* front, ARTICLE: "MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together A language universal would bring evidence to Chomsky's controversial theories."

On the *telecom super surveillance* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "AT&T played key role in helping NSA spy on UN – NYTimes
RT | Telecom giant AT&T Inc has played a bigger than previously thought role in helping the National Security Agency (NSA) spy on swathes of internet traffic."

On the *catchall PUBLIC SAFETY excuse* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Will Supreme Court force DHS to divulge secret plan to cut cell service? Feds, lower courts say release of the full plan would 'endanger' public safety." ~!

UPDATE: On the *cell phone control, surveillance, and kill switch* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Cell Phone Kill Switch Confirmed - Conspiracy Theory No Longer - Is This Why Cell Phone Services Have Been Going Out Across America?
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Back on July 15th, Susan Duclos published a story on ANP in which she warned of some very strange events that were happenin that day as phone companies in locations across America suffered major cell phone outages, this on the same day as the kickoff of Jade Helm 15. Susan's screenshot below left shows the July 15th outages. Several weeks later on August 4th we followed up on that story after major cell phone outages were reported once again, throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and a number of other states as seen in the screenshot taken that day below right.
While several different causes have been blamed for these numerous outages across the country, from cut wires to computer failure, both stories at the time asked if we were witnessing a 'beta test' of some sort...was the government (or someone else) purposely taking down selective parts of our communications system?
Two weeks later, we may have finally gotten an answer to that least if we look in between the lines. Standard Operating Procedure 303 (SOP303) is the federal government's 'kill switch policy'. Once called 'conspiracy theory' by government trolls and the uninformed, the government kill switch program is very real...conspiracy theory no longer, and it's now going before the US Supreme Court.
...Hackers are able to spy on smartphone users anywhere in the world.
Channel Nine's 60 Minutes has uncovered a security hole in modern telecommunications that enables cyber criminals to listen in on phone conversations and read text messages.
Criminals, commercial spies and suspected terrorists are allegedly exploiting the security loophole for their own benefit by accessing the system, which is being used by major Australian providers.
'Everything about our lives is contained in the palm of our hand,' reporter Ross Coulthart said.
'Your sensitive, private data is opened for anyone to see. You could be bugged, tracked and hacked from anywhere in the world. It's long been the dirty little secret of international espionage.
'What it means is that your smartphone is an open book.'"

On the *bogus save the children* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Facebook’s New 'Snitch and Snatch’ Surveillance Program Provides Intel to Jade Helm: The NSA, the CIA, ISIS, and now Facebook, it is all the same.
...The video, offered below, presents the notion of spying on Facebook users to be an good idea, as previously mentioned, because RT presented a partial set of covert Facebook spying protocols in which child predators would be caught before they could carry out their heinous acts against children. This is an excellent starting point to get the American people to acquiesce to the latest intrusion into one’s privacy because, of course, nobody is going to disagree that child predators need to be stopped. RT and Facebook are employing the psychological principle of incrementalism in that we present the program as being benign to today, but the program can easily be escalated to more nefarious purposes."

On the world front, Japan: Likely There Will Be Massive Unrest, and War Between the Classes As the Rest of the Year Unfolds ... Fukushima Will Be a Catalyst

ARTICLE: "Officials: 'Trillions of becquerels of radioactive material still flowing into sea' at Fukushima: Map shows nuclear waste coming up from bottom of ocean far offshore : Japan TV Journalist:'Contaminated seawater will circulate around globe…"

HEADLINE: "Hundreds Of Thousands Take To The Streets In Brazil Demanding President's Impeachment"

Meanwhile...  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russia gives away one hectare of farmland and forest to its citizens ~ The Siberian Times ~ August 11, 2015
The land handout is a radical scheme from the Russian government to reverse a potentially catastrophic population decline on the Pacific rim in the extreme east of the country.
People will be able to register and receive plots on the web. The offer includes land that can be farmed, and forested territory, with the potential to sell timber, or simply set up home and a smallholding.
Those wanting to becoming landowners in the Far East should use their plot for five years after which it can become theirs for free. Later, they could sell it.
About 30 million Russians – especially the young – are ready to go east and take up the offer, according to the VTSIOM public opinion research centre as a public discussion on the plan kicked off. Such a shift would be on a scale of historical proportions, transforming the region."

On the home front, Taking 'Selfies' While Fires Burn Up the Western U.S. and California ... Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned Too

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Study Links Taking Selfies with Psychopathy
The Daily Sheeple | Nothing captures the current sickness of our culture, quite like the selfie.

On the *racist* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Calls For Smithsonian To Remove Exhibition Honoring Racist Planned Parenthood Founder
Steve Watson | Sanger, who spoke of ‘exterminating the Negro population’, honored as “champion of justice” alongside Rosa Parks, MLK [Martin Luther King]"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Protesters Declare They Are Ready For War As America’s Impoverished Inner Cities Threaten To Erupt
Michael Snyder | Are we about to witness a new round of racially-charged protests, riots and demonstrations all across the United States?"

On the *keystone-cop one is safe* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Police Hit Organic Farm with Massive SWAT Raid for No Reason, Taxpayers to be Held Liable ~ Matt Agorist ~ Free Thought Project ~ August 16, 2015

Arlington, TX — In an effort to protect the citizens of Texas, a massive military-style raid was conducted on the Garden of Eden organic farm and commune.
On August 2, 2103, nearly two dozen heavily armed SWAT officers stormed this peaceful farm in search of a plant. They found lots of plants, but much to their dismay, they did not find the plant they were looking for.
Countless tax dollars and months of  half-cocked planning went down the drain that day after it was discovered that police incompetence had led these troops into a battle to which there can be no victor.
In the days leading up to this asinine military assault on a peaceful commune, the ineptitude of the Arlington police department was oozing from the seams.

On the *Really? You have the right to assault someone over a flag?* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Man Invades Home to Steal Confederate Flag, Attacks Owner, According to Police
Kit Daniels - A Racine, Wis., man invaded a woman’s home to steal her Confederate flag and assaulted her in the process, according to police. Although the suspect, 37-year-old Tajaun Boatner, faces multiple charges, including criminal trespassing and misdemeanor battery, the presiding judge set his bail at $100 over the recent incident spurred by a Confederate flag hanging in a window." 

On the *public indoctrination* front, ARTICLE: "Teacher: Why ‘I just can’t work in public education anymore’"

On the *prepper* front, ARTICLE: "‘Preppers’ hone skills for coping with disaster and dystopia A Star reporter tags along to an annual weekend devoting to learning wilderness lore, self-defence and what to stockpile in the face of the coming apocalypse."

On the *stock up...what is the gov preparing for?* front, HEADLINE: "Mass Casualty Bus Seen In Texas As Reuters Warns Of Civil Unrest, Food Shortages: 'The Risks Of An Event Are Growing, And It Could Be Unprecedented In Scale And Extent'"

ARTICLE: "'Get There Before The Food Runs Out' - When Catastrophe Hits, It Will Be Too Late! - Exclusive Photos Show How Fast It Will All Be Gone!
...A perfect, visual example came to ANP in an email in response to an article on Thursday about how food has and will be used as a weapon against the masses as well as a depopulation tool. In that article we asked readers to tell us what they are seeing in their local stores and the email and photos below undoubtedly show how fast it will all be gone.
Hello, I live in Orange Ct and in March 2015, we had a big snow storm that forces our liberal governor Dan’ no Malloy to shut down the State on a Tuesday. This is when Boston had that huge snow dump on them. Anyway, that Saturday my wife and I went to the Sam’s club store for food and the pictures attached show what just one day of non-delivery can do to any store or area. This store is located one mile from I-95… Four days from Tuesday and still there was no restocking of goods. How bad can it get if SHTF?
 The banana boxes are all empty, that was all they had visible. Pictures 414, 49 and 793 are from the local Wal-Mart which is right off the exit to I-95. The rest are Sam’s Club." - Jim Lewis

On the *U.N. Agenda, Servants of the Dark-side Cabal* front, ARTICLE: "The U.S. Will Not Escape The Upcoming UN Agenda - They Are Using Food As A Weapon For Their Depopulation Plans To Force Us Into FEMA, Prison & Extermination Camps, Just As They Said They Would!"

On the food front, Americans Are Hungry... Many Are Starving

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Despite Economic “Recovery” Foods Banks Can’t Meet Demand
Joshua Krause | Does this sound like an economic recovery to you?"

HEADLINE: "46 million Americans go to food banks, and long lines for dwindling food supplies begin at 6:30 AM"

ARTICLE: "Did You Know That The U.S. No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves At All?
Once upon a time, it was popular to say that the U.S. government only had enough wheat stored up to provide everyone in America with half a loaf of bread.  But that is not true anymore.  Recently, I discovered that the U.S. does not have any strategic grain reserves left at all.  Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  As you will see below, the USDA liquidated the remaining reserves back in 2008.  So if a major food crisis hit this country, our government would have nothing to give us.  Of course the federal government could always go out and try to buy or seize food to feed the population during a major emergency, but that wouldn’t actually increase the total amount of food that was available.  Instead, it would just give the government more power over who gets it."

On the *time to boycott Nabisco and buy organic sandwich cookies instead* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "After 100 Years Of Making Oreos In The US, Nabisco To Lay Off Half Of It’s Workforce & Send 600 Jobs To Mexico
MAM - Mondelez International (Nabisco) will lay off half of its 1,200 employees in its bakery on Chicago’s Southwest Side after deciding to make a major investment in a Mexico plant rather than its long-standing facility here. The Nabisco company decided not to make a $130 million upgrade to the facility, the company’s largest U.S. bakery, which dates to the 1950s, because the three unions that represent workers either did not make a proposal to keep the work or their concession packages were inadequate, said Laurie Guzzinati, a Mondelez spokeswoman. The layoffs at the plant, at 7300 S. Kedzie Ave., will occur over the next year."

On the *good news about food* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Caving to Public Pressure: Big Food Brand Campbell ‘Moving to GMO-Free, Organic’
Christina Sarich | Campbell’s will be launching several lines of organic kid’s soups."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Public Outrage Causes Pepsi to Finally Release Aspartame-Free Diet Pepsi
JULIE FIDLER | An example of how we can ignite change."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scotland to Ban GMO Crops – And for Good Reason
JULIE FIDLER | Joining the ban of other nations."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "USDA: Food Stamp Spending at Farmers Markets Up ‘Nearly 6-Fold’ Since 2008–A ‘Win-Win’
CNS News | The U.S. Department of Agriculture boasts that food stamp spending at U.S. farmers markets has increased “nearly six-fold” since 2008."

On the *destroying Mother Earth* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "GM Bacteria Suffocates Soil Long After GM Crops Are Grown, Says Retired EPA Scientist
Christina Sarich | The effect genetically modified bacteria has on our soil as one reason why GMOs aren’t so great."

On the *unbelievable child abuse by the system...yes, your child could be a zombie too* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "FDA Approves Addictive Painkiller Oxycontin For Children
Paul Joseph Watson | Drug has developed notorious reputation for creating national abuse epidemic."

On the *dead doctors who don't lie* front, Article: "ANOTHER DOCTOR (OSTEOPATH) FOUND SLAIN IN HER HOME!"

On the really bad news front, *Money, Money, Money* ... The Ginormous Greed and Criminal Unconscionable Failure of So-Called Scientific Research

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Most Scientific Research Of Western Medicine Untrustable & Fraudulent, Say Insiders And Experts ~ By Makia Freeman
Fraudulent scientific research is rife throughout the world due to the power of monetary influence wielded by Big Pharma, the giant cartel of multinational pharmaceutical corporations started over 100 years ago by the Rockefellers. This fraudulent scientific research is now so widespread and pervasive it is become an open secret. There is a long list of medical journal editors, doctors and professors on the “outside”, former Big Pharma employees and executives on the “inside”, as well as government officials somewhere in between, who have stepped forward as whistleblowers and acknowledged the fraud. Money buys favorable research. Period. This is not really surprising, given the history of Rockefeller Western medicine and the fact that Big Pharma’s business model is based on “managing” disease, “treating” symptoms and keeping patients on the hamster wheel, rather than actually healing them completely."

On the good news front, How To Use Guns, Training At Church

ARTICLE: "Church Builds Gun Range, Launches Range Ministry ‘In The Name Of Jesus Christ’ ~ by AWR Hawkins14 Aug 2015 ~ Rocky Mount United Methodist Church decided what to do with the gully behind their church–they built a gun range and launched a gun range ministry “in the name of Jesus Christ.”
Rocky Mount United Methodist is located in Jemison, Alabama.
Pastor Phillip Guin said the church first thought of the range as a place to teach “gun safety.” Then, as involvement and interest grew, they decided to launch a full-blown gun range ministry. And because they have a number of hunters in the church, they named the range the “Rocky Mount Hunt and Gun Club.”
According to WIAT, Guin indicated another reason for the switch from simple gun safety to gun training was the increasing number of women who had bought guns for self-defense and needed practice in using them. He  said, “We had quite a number of church members, some elderly ladies, for example, and some not so elderly women that had purchased guns, but didn’t know how to use them.” They can now learn on church grounds."

On the *big ugly INSANITY* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Planned to Drop Over 12 More Nuclear Bombs on Japan – US Media
Sputnik | Would have likely wiped the entire Asian nation off the face of the earth."

On the *more mass INSANITY* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Family Threatened with Jail Over Color of Backyard Playground
Adan Salazar | Homeowners Association hires law firm to sue family for refusing to remove purple play house."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Students Asked to Stop Flying American Flags
Truth Revolt | Causing disruptions."

On the global mafia cabal front, Advertizing To the World, the Viper Psychopathic Elite Show You Who They Are

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Bizarre Images of “Satan” Appear on Empire State Building
Paul Joseph Watson | Christians & conspiracy theorists freak out over ‘demonic ceremony’." ~

ARTICLE: "This Is What Happens In September 2015 That Will Change Your Life Forever! 'UN 2030 Agenda' - New World Order Goes Live
From September 25 through September 27, 2015, at a major conference in New York, The UN is launching "The 2030 Agenda," hailed as the "new universal agenda" for humanity.
The United Nations is now in the process of defining Sustainable Development Goals as part a new sustainable development agenda that must finish the job and leave no one behind. This agenda, to be  launched at the Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, is currently being discussed at the UN General Assembly, where Member States and civil society are making contributions to the agenda.
Via the UN website under the "sustainable development" heading, we see the following "2015 is the year when countries will shape and adopt a new development agenda that will build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)."
Via the Sustainable Development PDF we see the title of the documented listed as "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development." They have 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets, all of which sounds good on paper but Michael Snyder of End Of The American Dream succinctly gets to the heart of the matter when he states the following:
Many of those sound very good.
After all, who wouldn’t want to “end poverty” or “halt biodiversity loss”?
But as you read through that list, ask yourself what forms of human activity would be excluded from it.
Personally, I have a hard time coming up with much of anything.
As I discussed earlier this week, the globalists want to use “sustainable development” as an excuse to micromanage the lives of every man, woman and child on the entire globe.
We are told that individual liberty and freedom are “dangerous” because when everyone just runs around doing whatever they want it is “bad for the planet”.
For example, one of the goals of the sustainable development crowd is to push the human population into giant “megacities” and to allow nature to recapture much of what has already been settled by humanity.
Welcome to the New World Order, that phrase that the MSM still considers a "conspiracy theory" despite dozens of high profile world leaders and politicians openly talking about it."

On the heroine front, In memoriam: A HEROINE IF THERE EVER WAS ONE

ARTICLE: Anne Strieber Has Died ~ Thursday, August 13, 2015
After a long and courageous struggle, Anne Strieber died on August 11, 2015. She founded as Whitleysworld in 1998. In 2001, she changed the name and expanded it to include what she described as "the credible edge of science and reality." She was its managing editor until January of 2015. Anne was also a novelist, and published three books, "the Cave" as Anne Matthews, "the Invisible Woman," and her personal favorite, "Little Town Lies," both as Anne Strieber. In nonfiction, she published "the Communion Letters," a compendium of letters from close encounter witnesses. She was also the author of "Anne's Diary" on this website. She also co-authored an account of her illness, "Miraculous Journey," with Whitley.
She supported her husband Whitley throughout his career, and edited every book he published. After reading and cataloging hundreds of thousands of letters written to him in response to his book "Communion," she was the first person to realize that the appearance of what she termed "the visitors" was associated with the simultaneous appearance of ghostly apparitions. She never ceased her research into the strange and ignored phenomenon called the "close encounter" experience, and formed the fundamental approach to it that is the basis of Whitley Strieber's work.
Anne is survived by Whitley, her husband of 45 years, and her son Andrew and his family. Services for Anne will be private. Anne contributed to many charities, and her wish was that others contribute on her behalf to the charities of their choice.

On the *continuing HERO* front, LARRY NICHOLS, former Clinton insider... SLAM BAM CRAM the Clintons into the hellish underbelly of history... it was bombshells away as Mr. Nichols presented documented autopsy proof about what really happened to Vince Foster, Hillary's lover...Mr. Nichols also exposed WHY Ron Brown was murdered/flown into the side of a mountain... which began with an Alaskan fisheries company, and massive stock profits.

On the hero *gamechanger* front, Steven D Kelley for President of the United states of America

On the IS TRUMP A WILDCARD front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Jesse Ventura Says He Would Join a Trump Ticket
Truth Revolt | During a radio interview yesterday, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura said he’d consider a role as vice president on a Trump ticket."

On the scumbag political front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Huge Breaking Scandal: FOX NEWS is Hillary Clinton’s 9th Largest Donor!
If you were wondering why Brett Baier and Megan Kelly did all they could to kneecap Trump last night, maybe this news will help to explain it."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary’s Emails
Daily Beast | These weren’t just ordinary secrets found in Clinton’s private server, but some of the most classified material the U.S. government has."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Report: Top secret Clinton emails covered drones
The Hill | The two “top secret” emails under review from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server include discussion of an article about a U.S. drone operation."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Inspector General: Clinton Had Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information on Her Private Email Server
CNS News | “Two of the four emails that the office had previously described as ‘above Secret’ were, in fact, classified at the Top Secret/SCI level.”

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Poll: Majority believe Clinton lied about emails
The Hill | A majority of Americans believe Hillary Clinton lied about having sensitive national intelligence on her private email server, a new poll finds."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Jeb Bush won’t rule out torture tactics, says they’re effective
RT | “I don’t want to make a definitive, blanket kind of statement.”

On the *where the sun don't shine, exposing the DRUG KINGPIN WHO WOULD BE PRESIDENT* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Exclusive: Jeb Bush Linked to Cartel Money Laundering While Serving CIA
Wayne Madsen | Jeb should explain his association with violent cartels.
August 13, 2015
During the recent Republican presidential candidates’ “debate” in Cleveland, former Florida Governor John Ellis Bush (JEB) wanted to recount his eight years as governor of the Sunshine State; however, it is not Bush the politician who should be of interest to voters but Bush the Central Intelligence Agency “non-official cover” banker in Venezuela and Miami-based real estate businessman/money launderer who should alarm the American electorate.
While Jeb’s brother, George W. Bush, glossed over his AWOL status with the Texas Air National Guard, Jeb does not have a military record to defend but he does have a CIA employment record to fess up to.
Jeb’s early work in Venezuela and south Florida is much more troubling than Dubya pretending to be on active duty in Texas while he was actually off in Alabama helping a GOP U.S. Senate campaign and getting sloppy drunk in redneck bars. Jeb should fully explain his relationship with Alberto Duque, a Colombian national who laundered drug money for the Medellin and Cali narco-cartels and Nicaraguan contras while serving as owner of City National Bank of Miami and president of the General Coffee Company of Colombia.
Apparently, there was more than coffee arriving in sacks of coffee coming into Miami from Colombia. Duque financed a $30 million real estate development project run by Jeb Bush."

On the *blatant hypocrisy* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama Administration refuses to help American Kelly Rutherford as her children are shipped away to France, grants greater rights to non citizens than Americans
...At ages 2 and 5, Kelly Rutherford’s children were forced by a California judge to live in France with their German father, (nobody is French) after he claimed his U.S. visa was revoked, and he could not enter the U.S.
The children’s appointed counsel said they should remain in the U.S., but the judge sent the children to France, solely because the father claimed he could not return to the U.S., even though NO evidence has been produced from any American official stating that the father was EVER denied entry into the U.S., and the father refused to request a visa."

On the *anti-corruption, anti-tyranny mood of the country* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Trump: Illegal immigrants ‘have to go’
The Hill | Donald Trump says he would rescind President Obama’s executive actions on immigration and deport all undocumented immigrants if elected president."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "It Begins… “Hillary for Prison” Signs Spotted in Missouri
Gateway Pundit | It was a tough week for Hillary."

On the *battle for liberty* front, ARTICLE: "Exclusive: Texas State Senate Candidate Veteran CJ Grisham: “The States Need to Start Asserting Their Tenth Amendment Powers”
Tim Brown
CJ Grisham has been a contributor for a couple of years now. We first heard about CJ during an episode with the Temple police, who failed to follow the law regarding the open carry of guns in Texas. Now, Grisham, a retired United States Army First Sergeant, has set his sights on the Texas Senate to fight against the corruption and lawlessness in his state.
Grisham took time to talk to The Washington Standard last week to confirm his run for the senate. He told us the incident he faced with the Temple Police Department was the start of his desire for office.
“Obviously, what happened in Temple, got me more focused on gun rights and police accountability,” he said as he acknowledged that his bid for the Texas Senate is in 2016.
However, it was not until he went through his court case concerning the matter that he realized there needed to be judicial accountability.
“The extremely corrupt manner in which my case was handled needs to be remedied,” Grisham said. “Not just for my sake, but I don’t know how many other people are effected by this kind of thing. We’re turning law-abiding citizens into convicted criminals."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Why the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America (and all Americans) Should Fight the Reauthorization of ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act)
Could it be that something happening in education will impact gun ownership? Is President Obama ensuring his legacy to transform America by disqualifying individuals for gun ownership? Does your local school district log information on the social, emotional, and behavioral data of your child and feed anecdotal psychological observation information into federal databanks? Is adjustment of attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions to the State's image the main aspect of the Reauthorization of ESEA, Elementary and Secondary Education Act? Will federal databases eventually disqualify citizens from owning a gun? Yes, emphatically yes! Read on."

On the freedom front, Worldwide, Consumed By the Fires of Freedom the Monarchies and Dictatorships Begin To Fall ... Even As It Appears They Grow In Strength


HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Media Launches New Demonization Campaign as Oath Keepers Arrive in Ferguson
Paul Joseph Watson | Despite Oath Keepers protecting black-owned businesses from looters during previous unrest."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Oath Keepers to Hold March Through #Ferguson With 50 Armed Black Protesters
Gateway Pundit | The Missouri chapter of the Oath Keepers are planning to hold an open carry march through downtown Ferguson, Mo."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "JUDGE: School can’t ban open-carrying dad
EAG News | A Michigan school board will appeal a recent judge’s decision that certain citizens can openly carry firearms into public schools."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "VA Backs Down on Threat to Take Idaho Veteran’s Guns
New American | Time to Stand against Gun Confiscation in North Idaho!"

On the ROBOT front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Some Are Now Advocating Human-Robot Marriages
New American | Robot-human marriage is not about robot rights; it is about the right of a human to choose to marry a robot.”

ARTICLE: "Robots attend school alongside Aussie kids ~ Sunday, August 16, 2015
Schoolchildren in Australia will soon have new classroom companions: robots." — Discovery News

ARTICLE: "The Evolution Of Humanoid Robots: Human Reflexes"

ARTICLE: "First Westworld teaser from HBO: Creepy Wild West sexbots
Entertainment Weekly | Westworld is about a futuristic theme park where visitors can live out their dark fantasies with ultra-realistic androids."

On the *landslide demise of celebrity news* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "There’s Hope America: Anchor Walks Off Live TV, Refuses To Report On Kardashians
Zero Hedge | Is the distracted citizenry beginning to wake up?"

Trendwise, Over the Next Ten Years a Raw Fierce Level of Liberty Rises From the Ashes of 'What Was' America

No, the revolution-evolution of humanity will not be televised by establishment media. Yes, the people will dig in and create an Aquarian-Age, renaissance future far surpassing the European renaissance.

Also, at this cosmic spinpoint, a lot of souls will be leaving the planet. Tragedies, catastrophes, chaos, collapse, the new world order criminals -- the word rocks crazily at this juncture.

THIS WEEK, look for the wildcard that will improve your life. Look for the gamechanger that will put you in touch with your precious soul. 

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

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