Monday, November 23, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 23, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #377   

The En Masse Rise of Vigilantism In Europe and Across the Entire Globe ... For, Many of the People Will Refuse To Be Captured By World Government ... And, Testing, Testing, Testing — Is Project Blue Beam On the Near Horizon? 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slice and mightily dice the black arts' enemy forces with their fearsome lightblades. The time has come. 

Now the LIGHT FORCES, who have descended upon Earth, join their armies. On the offensive, now the LIGHT BENEVOLENTS surround the Viper Elite army on Earth, and in the solar system. 

On the personal front, this week, and six months into 2017, bullies will come out of the woodwork. That is, bullying behavior will often dominate. Home life, work life, social events, political mandates, and on the world stage... the Bully types – as never before – demand everyone kowtow to them, and their ideas. 
Whatever bullying tendencies you may have will have to be confronted and understood with compassion, then resolved within yourself – if you are to move forward into the Aquarian Age renaissance. 

For the cosmic time has come: the human race, each one of us, must rise to our true potential. The more we replace bad/unproductive behaviors with good/productive behaviors, the more we serve everyone. And everyone serves us. 

If we are to create-build the future, it is the responsibility of each one of us, to no longer tolerate bullies – to no longer be *beat down* in personal situations, or by government/authorities, at large. This is, of course, always easier said than done. 

Also true, different strategies work in different situations. Use your inner wisdom,  learn from experience, and keep moving forward. The HUMAN RACE MUST GET OFF ITS KNEES. 

On the POWER OF HEALING YOURSELF front, BLURB: "The Placebo Effect ~ Date: Sunday - November 15, 2015
Host: Lisa Garr
Guests: Dr. Joe Dispenza 
Guest host Lisa Garr was joined by author and scientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, for a conversation about the practical applications of the so-called placebo effect and how people can personally use "the expectation of a particular outcome" to alter internal states—as well as external reality—solely through the action of the mind. He explained that his research was derived from the idea that if the mechanisms behind the placebo effect could be better understood, then perhaps they could be harnessed as a natural method for healing. Dispenza cited placebo studies which show that the effect is not merely imagined, but rather it actually causes the body to create the chemicals necessary for healing via the belief that treatment is possible and will work..." 

On the MYSTERY OBJECT front, "Video: Mystery Object Streaks Across Siberia Again!
Locals are left with plenty of questions after spotting a mysterious bright light in the sky over Siberia on Nov. 17, 2015. 
Eyewitnesses described the phenomena as "scary but beautiful". The flying object that zoomed over the city of Omsk was also seen far to the south in Astana, Kazakhstan's capital, The Siberian Times reported."

On the paranormal front, UFOs and MORE UFO's ... What Do the Presidents Know??? 

BLURB: "Presidents and UFOs ~ Friday November 20, 2015
This is bar none one of the best UFO shows ever to appear on Dreamland or anywhere. Larry Holcombe's the Presidents and UFOs has already been optioned for the movies by Sony Pictures, and for good reasons: it is a startlingly insightful, brilliantly researched journey through the secret history of the presidential struggle with the UFO phenomenon.
Larry opens up as never before in this exciting interview. Learn what Richard Nixon actually knew. Did he take entertainer Jackie Gleason to see UFOs on a military base in Florida, as Gleason claimed? Did Dwight Eisenhower come face-to-face with aliens? And what does Barack Obama know, given that he refused to allow the release of UFO information despite a plea from presidential adviser John Podesta? And what of George H.W. Bush's recent tacit admission that there is a coverup when he said "the public isn't ready" to hear UFO truth?
Learn more about Larry's research at 

Top Secret Document From Einstein & Oppenheimer On UFO’s’ Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies ~ Published on Aug 11, 2013
In June of 1947 Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer together wrote a TOP SECRET six page document entitled "Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies". It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military. It also deals with the subjects that you would expect competent scientists to deal with - i.e., where do they come from, what does the law say about it, what should we do in the event of colonization and/or integration of peoples, and why are they here? Finally, the document addresses the presence of celestial astroplanes in our atmosphere as a result of actions of military experiments with fission and fusion devices of warfare. When each page is shown just press your pause button to read the page at your leisure.

On the *PROJECT BLUE BEAM ... testing, testing, testing* front, BLACK KNIGHT DECODED: A Pepsi Production - YouTube 

On the MARS ANCIENT ALIENS front, ARTICLE: "Is this the 'Face of God' on MARS? UFO hunters claim to have spotted 'ancient statue' Legend has it that ancient Assyrians developed space travel and left a statue of their god on Mars.
On Monday, NASA's Mars Opportunity rover sent an image back of a rock that resembles Nabu, the god of wisdom to the Neo-Assyrians - at least according to some UFO enthusiasts.
The image was taken at a site called, 'Concepción Crater,' an area that had been a mystery to scientists due to strange coatings on rocks near the crater." 

On the BIG FOOT front, BLURB: "Search for Bigfoot ~ Date: Friday - November 20, 2015
Host: Connie Willis
Guests: James-Bobo Fay, Open Lines
Guest host Connie Willis ... was joined, for the full program, by James "Bobo" Fay of Finding Bigfoot fame for a discussion on his Bigfoot research and the quest to find the elusive creature. Noting that the Bigfoot appears to possess a cranium at least as large as a human, Fay surmised that the creature must have some kind of advanced intelligence which it uses to avoid being caught. "They're not writing symphonies and building suspension bridges," he mused, "all their brain power goes into evading humans and feeding themselves." He also suggested that Bigfoot may be able to sense the electromagnetic field emitted from game cameras and, thus, are able to circumvent the equipment used by researchers hoping for a serendipitous photograph of the creature.
Although he did not dismiss the possibility that Bigfoot may be paranormal or interdimensional, Fay observed that "at least part of the time, they are a flesh and blood creature" that exhibit normal animal behavior. As such, he opts to focus on those aspects of the Bigfoot, because it is highly unlikely that evidence for its interdimensional qualities can even be obtained. Nonetheless, he opined "they're not just a normal animal, that's for sure." To that end, Fay talked about how many Bigfoot witnesses report having some form of non-verbal communication with the creature where it seems to relay telepathic messages attempting to dissuade people from following it.
Regarding Finding Bigfoot, Fay reflected on how the initial episodes of the program were fraught with editing tricks which made it appear as if the crew were spotting the creature week after week. However, the stars resisted this approach and convinced the production company to adopt the documentary style which the show currently conveys. According to Fay, this switch resulted in the ratings for the program tripling after audiences realized there was no fakery involved in the show. Despite speculation that the program may be cancelled, Fay revealed that filming for an eighth season is currently underway in Oregon as well as California and may feature new locations that have yet to be explored by the crew."

ARTICLE: "Is Bigfoot in England, Too? ~ Thursday, November 19, 2015
While Sasquatch sightings are traditionally reported in North America, it turns out that the elusive humanoid crops up in England, too. Earlier this month, Caroline Toms was walking her dog through Angmering Park Estate in Sussex, England, when the border collie started barking and took off into the woods. It was then that Toms saw..." 

On the LIFE AFTER DEATH front, BLURB: "Experiencing the Other Side ~ Date: Saturday - November 21, 2015
Host: Dave Schrader
Guests: Peter Panagore, Steven A. Johnson
Host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed author Peter Panagore, who recounted his remarkable story of having a near death experience while on the side of a mountain and how, in those minutes, he experienced hell, forgiveness, and unconditional love, leading to an intense spiritual journey that has continued for decades. In the first hour, Steve Johnson discussed his history of futuristic visions, how he set about proving they were really happening, and what he sees coming in the future. 
Book(s): Heaven Is Beautiful, Gifted and Burdened 

On the TALKING TO THE DEAD front, Date: Saturday - November 14, 2015
Host: Connie Willis
Guests: Steve Huff, Travis Walton
Whether you believe it or not, paranormal researcher Steve Huff says you can talk to the dead. He joined guest host Connie Willis (email) to discuss how he communicates with spirits using the latest technology. "Today we can sit here and fire up any number of apps or software, or physical boxes, or even just record and get voices, get words, get phrases, get sentences, and on rare occasions you can almost have a conversation," he said. Though he cannot confirm he is actually talking to the dead, Huff noted the bulk of communications come from intelligent entities claiming to be lost souls, or spirits who are stuck. 

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "Fossilized Tropical Forest Found — in Arctic Norway ~ Saturday, November 21, 2015
Ancient forest sheds new light on environmental conditions of Earth's distant past."  — LiveScience

On the land changes front, AGAIN: "The Great Suppression About Earth Changes ... the Media Industrial Complex Slams the Lid Down Harder With Omission, Lies, and Deception" ... the Earthquakes Quicken and Deepen   

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Today's Earthquakes in Oklahoma, United States ~ November 19, 2015 
Today: 4.7 magnitude earthquake near Enid, Oklahoma, United States ... 8 earthquakes today; 29 earthquakes in the past 7 days; 173 earthquakes in the past ..." 

HEADLINE: "Very strong and shallow M7.1 earthquake hits near the coast of Solomon Islands" 

HEADLINE: "Latest Earthquakes Worldwide Mag 3+: 24 IN GREECE ALONE 

ARTICLE: "Is the world at risk from HIDDEN earthquakes? 'Doublet' quakes are difficult to detect and can produce larger, more devastating tsunamis

VIDEO: Tornado Touches Down in Denair, California 

HEADLINE: "Volcano Uptick: Mexico's Colima volcano...The volcano of fire blasts smoke and ash 10,000 feet into the Mexican sky" 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Rare November Tornadoes Touch Down From Texas to Kansas
The southern Plains experienced a rare November tornado outbreak on Monday night when a powerful storm system spawned more than a dozen tornadoes over the region." 

On the CLIMATE CHANGE front, ARTICLE: "‘Nonsense’: Top Scientists Demolish Alarmism Behind UN Climate Summit
Daily Caller | A panel of prominent scientists debunked one of the most popular global warming arguments." 

ARTICLE: "Warmer Is Better: Colder Planet = More War, Famine, Death
New American | There has been no measurable global warming for nearly 19 years." 

ARTICLE: "Obama Lines Up Crony Capitalist Support for Climate Pact
New American | President Obama is hoping to come to the rescue." 

On the AWAKENING front, Humanity's Breakaway Space Civilization ... Now Various Factions – From the White Hats to the Bad Guys – Will Make Their Presences Known More and More Often In the Upcoming Days ... Keep Your Eyes To the Skies ... Keep Your Ears Open For the Subtle Messages 

While the overall SPIRITUAL AWAKENING tsunamis worldwide, the demonic darkness spreads consuming those who have no resistance, or who are on the edge of falling into the dark-side abyss. Thus, the chasm, the GREAT DIVIDE expands as never before in the known history/herstory of planet Earth. 

On the economic front, This Week, More of the People Realize the Dire Economic Straights Barreling Down On Them, and TAKE ACTION ... BIG ACTION!  

ARTICLE: "The new American economy: Online BEGGING
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes
NaturalNews) The Obama economy continues to "fundamentally transform" the concept of employment. Seven years into his disastrous presidency, the "economy" is defined as one of government dependency and non-participation, with a record 46.7 million Americans living in poverty (9.4 million more than before the 2007–2008 financial crisis), and with a record 94.6 million out of the labor force altogether.
Now, as The New York Times has reported, there has been a surge in the need for "help" – and much of it has come from social media in the form of an epidemic that smacks of anything but providing for those truly in "need."
In fact, one man whose email boxes have been increasingly filled with monetary requests has a theory – "I think online begging has become the new economy." 

ARTICLE: "The U.S. Economy Is Collapsing – Americans Are Out Of Money
Wall Street, fearful that consumers are running out of cash heading into the crucial Christmas retail season, are selling off retail stocks and everything else sensitive to consumer spending.  – New York Post
The retail sales report for October was much worse than expected.  Not only that, but the Government’s original estimates for retail sales in August and September were revised lower.  A colleague of mine said he was chatting with his brother, who is a tax advisor, this past weekend who said he doesn’t understand how the Government can say the economy is growing (Hillary Clinton recently gave the economy an “A”) because his clients are lowering their estimated tax payments.  Businesses lower their estimated tax payments when their business activity slows down." 

ARTICLE: "Global Stocks Soar As Dollar Spot Index Hits Record High; Oil Declines
Zero Hedge | Who would have thought terrorism is so good for stocks." 

ARTICLE: "The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low
Economic Collapse - I was absolutely stunned to learn that the Baltic Dry Shipping Index had plummeted to a new all-time record low of 504 at one point on Thursday. I have written a number of articles lately about the dramatic slowdown in global trade, but I didn’t realize that things had gotten quite this bad already. Not even during the darkest moments of the last financial crisis did the Baltic Dry Shipping Index drop this low. Something doesn’t seem to be adding up, because the mainstream media keeps telling us that the global economy is doing just fine. In fact, the Federal Reserve is so confident in our “economic recovery” that they are getting ready to raise interest rates."  

On the truth front, At This Cosmic Spinpoint, the Brutal WAR on TRUTH Accelerates Beyond Belief ... and the Mind-Destroyed Sheeple Cower 

Article: "ISIS INVASION ALL BY DESIGN Will sovereignty be eroded on the back of ISIS terror?" 

On the WHO IS ISIS? front, ARTICLE: "The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking
Zero Hedge - The question of how the Islamic State funds its sprawling caliphate has been discussed in the past: we first broke down the primary driver of ISIS revenue well over a year ago, in September 2014, when we explained that "ISIS uses oil wealth to help finance its terror operations. Daily Signal's Kelsey Harkness explained the breakdown as follows: "According to the Iraq Energy Institute, an independent, nonprofit policy organization focused on Iraq’s energy sector, the army of radical Islamists controls production of 30,000 barrels of oil a day in Iraq and 50,000 barrels in Syria. By selling the oil on the black market at a discounted price of $40 per barrel (compared to about $93 per barrel in the free market), ISIS takes in $3.2 million a day. The oil revenue, which amounts to nearly $100 million each month, allows ISIS to fund its military and terrorist attacks — and to attract more recruits from around the world, including America." 

On the HACTIVIST front, ARTICLE: "The Cure For The Virus Has Begun: Anonymous Takes Down 20,000 ISIS Twitter Accounts (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: N. Morgan. (N.Morgan) The hacktivist collective known as Anonymous say they have eradicated over 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts in retribution for the November 13th terror attacks in Paris. The hacktivists have declared war on the Islamic State deploying computer code as their weapon of choice rather than high-powered weapons and say the..." 

On the WAR AGAINST THE GOOD PEOPLE front, ARTICLE: "Hammonds Physically Threatened by Federal Agents for Speaking Out? ...I do not have to explain how this is a violation of individual rights. Dwight, Steven and Susie have all told me that they are terrified of what will happen if they continue to communicate with me. In the last phone conversation between Susie and I, she told me that she loved me and was so thankful for what I have done to get the truth out. She then informed me that she feared that if we continued to talk, federal agents were going to put a bullet in her and Dwight’s heads, and possible mine. I attempted to instill courage in both Dwight and Susie, but fear had over come them.
This last Wednesday I spent a good part of the day in the Hammond’s home. We spoke for hours. Several times, I found the Hammond’s in tears when they explained the injustices that has destroyed their lives. They were hopeful that the American people were going to stand for them. And that, just maybe, they would be able to return to the life they once knew. In just a few short hours, federal agents again have dashed the Hammond’s hope and replaced it with fear.
I hold my tongue against those that would inflict such pain upon these wonderful people. It reminds me of the scripture that reads: “Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn” (D&C 98:9).
Everyone within the reach of my words must know that I will do everything in my power to make sure that justice is brought to the Hammond’s. I will not stop until the Hammond’s are home free, without fear. I do not fear for my life. I love the Hammonds, I love the Lord.
With Concern,
Ammon Bundy"
***Why the Hammonds are being threatened and abused:…/facts-events-in-hammond-ca…***  

ARTICLE: "Texas Ranchers, Counties Sue Feds Over BLM Land Grab
Adan Salazar | Private landowners get help from counties in attempt to stave off federal takeover." 

On the war front, The Russian Bear Growls Formidably While the Treacherous Bo Jangles Dances For His Elite Masters ... and Europe Devolves Into Civil Strife 

Headline: "BREAKING: Putin Prepares To “Unleash Hell” Upon ISIS 'We will find them anywhere on the planet and punish them,' Putin said." 

HEADLINE: "Russia Decimates ISIS Oil Infrastructure With Biggest Bombing Raid In Decades, Missile Strikes" 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Caught On Tape: Russian Air Force Destroys Dozens Of ISIS Oil Trucks
Zero Hedge | “Around 500 fuel tanker vehicles transporting illegal oil from Syria to Iraq for processing have been destroyed by Russia’s Air Forces.” 

HEADLINE: "'This is for Paris': Russian pilots write messages of support for terror victims on their bombs before launching latest air raids and cruise missile strikes against ISIS" 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Targeting children: ISIS uses dolls as booby-trap bombs to attack mass Shia pilgrimage
RT | Iraqi forces prevented a major Islamic State (previously ISIS/ISIL) attack."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "‘Nearly impossible’ to find jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn
AFP | It’s a seemingly detailed security check, but jihadists have already proven they can bypass it with ease." 

Article: "U.S. PILOTS: OBAMA BLOCKS 75% OF ISIS STRIKES 'We can't get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us'" 

Article: "TOP U.S. GENERAL: 'WE ARE NOT TRYING TO DESTROY ISIS' 'All these buildings are standing. Why?'" 

ARTICLE: "Paris and What Should Be Done
Ron Paul | Ironically, the overthrow of Assad has also been the goal of both the US and France since at least 2011." 

ARTICLE: "Report: German Government Covered Up Terror Attack at Soccer Stadium
Paul Joseph Watson | Witnesses told not to talk about discovery of bombs. 

ARTICLE: "German Hospital Forced to Hire Security Guards After ‘Refugees’ Physically Attack Nurses
Paul Joseph Watson | Drunk migrants biting, spitting leaves staff “totally distressed”. 

ARTICLE: "30,000 GERMANS Protest Merkel at First PEGIDA Rally Since ISIS Paris Massacre (Video)
Gateway Pundit | Thousands of Germans turned out for the rally." 

On the COOL DISCOVERY front, ARTICLE: "Scientists discover how ocean fish magically disappear. Now the Navy wants to know" ~ Saturday, November 21, 2015
Navy-funded study reveals how certain species of fish use light to camouflage themselves from predators." — Washington Post

On the *this is how much gov cares* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "US Embassy Turned Away Citizens During Paris Attacks 
Man and his pregnant wife told to find a hotel
Paul Joseph Watson ~ November 21, 2015
Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Michael Zimmerman visited the U.S. embassies in Paris and London to get answers on why U.S. citizens were turned away during last week’s massacre in the French capital." 

On the "why should anyone trust the establishment?* front, ARTICLE: "Shock DHS Report: There Are 73 Airport Employees On Terror Watchlists… How Will They Properly Screen Syrian “Refugees”?
Mac Slavo | Ultimately, many of them work in “secure” positions at the airport that could compromise security and put Americans at risk." 

On the energy front, The Energy Wars: the People Versus the Big Oil Cartels ... So, It Begins 

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Oil May Plunge to $20, Signalling Economic Disaster: “The Numbers Are Dreadful And Unprecedented”
Mac Slavo | The price of oil has long been a key indicator of economic health and stability. And that index is tanking fast."  

On the *super surveillance state* front, ARTICLE: "Rand Paul: Call For More Surveillance After Paris Attacks Is “BULLSH*T”
Steve Watson | “Are you allowed to use profanity? Are we in the free speech zone?” 

ARTICLE: "Feds fight to end phone secrecy after Paris attacks
The Hill | Pressure is rising on Apple, Google and other technology companies."

ARTICLE: "UK announces ‘substantial’ anti-terror funding boosts for MI6, MI5 & GCHQ
RT | The British government will “substantially increase efforts” to fight terrorists in the wake of the growing Islamic State threat." 

ARTICLE: "TSA Misses 3 Out Of 4 Weapons
NBC News | In three out of four cases, reporters were able to get banned items past TSA inspection." 

HEADLINE: "Lockheed’s airship gets the green light: FAA approves massive hybrid vehicle that could launch in 2018"

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Ever-Growing Military Presence On the Streets and In the Skies ... Every Deceptive Justification Will Be Used To Bag, Tag, and Corral the Sheeple 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Nighttime Military Exercise Startles Phoenix Residents
Adan Salazar | Mysterious figures descend on federal building from low flying choppers." 

HEADLINE: "ISIS supporters 'release a target list of addresses and names of people they claim work for the FBI and CIA'" 

On the *looming civil war* front, Currently the Dark-side's GAMBIT IS IN PLAY ... That Is, Likely the Syrian Refugees Being Forced On the People By the Establishment – the People's Reaction Against This – Will Be Used As ONE REASON To Flood America With U.N. Troops... However, Any Excuse Will Do To Invade, Using U.N. Shock Troops ... Timetable: While Flexible, At This Point, March 2016 Is the Goal ... May the DIVINE Intervene In This Diabolical Takeover of America 

ARTICLE: "America Next? Obama Opens Gate for Terror Attack
Adan Salazar | Open border policies encouraging Paris-style attack in US, multiple warnings go unheeded." 

ARTICLE: "Civil War? National Guard Being Called in to Block Obama’s Syrian Refugees
 CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. I don’t know for certain, but I hope I speak for a lot of Americans when I say the LAST thing I want is a civil war, or any war for that matter, because let’s face it, regardless of who is fighting who, when Martial Law is declared, the Feds..." 

ARTICLE: "Armed Protesters Surround Florida Mosque To Oppose ‘Islamization of America’" 

ARTICLE: "POLL: CA voters overwhelmingly oppose resettling Syrian refugees
American Mirror | 69% of respondents believe California should “abandon future plans” to relocate Syrian refugees within the state." 

ARTICLE: "Governors of Michigan, Alabama reject resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states
Washington Post | The terrorist attacks in Paris have prompted two governors to announce that Syrian refugees will not be allowed to resettle in their states."

ARTICLE: "Updated Map And List Shows Refugees In 138 U.S. Cities In 36 States Already With More To Be Added" 

ARTICLE: "Veterans patrol AZ border for terrorists
KVOA | A group of veterans are now turning their focus on what they believe are new threats to America." 

Headline: "EXCLUSIVE: 150 on flight from Mexico skip customs, leave JFK" 

Headline: "Post Paris Attacks Mass Media Rolls Out New Phrase – 'International Manhunt'" 

On the communication front, The Ruthless Attack On Comedic Free Speech ... And FEELINGS Count More Than the First Amendment, the Coddled Generation Where Words Hurt More Than Sticks and Stones  


ARTICLE: "National Contest to Stop Hillary’s Attack on Free Speech
Prison | Shoot a video to make fun of Hillary! $6,000 in cash prizes!" 

ARTICLE: "Pew Poll: 40% of Millennials Support Gov’t Limiting Speech Offensive to Minorities
Mikael Thalen | Survey concludes Democrats more likely than Republicans to support government-dictated rules on speech." 

ARTICLE: "Totalitarian Collectivism: Academia has reached a new low. The fabric of scholarship has been attacked from within and defenders of Free Speech are nowhere to be found from the University hierarchy" 

On the *tech-deception* front, ARTICLE: "How TV ads silently ping commands to phones: Sneaky SilverPush code reverse-engineered Near-ultrasonic sound system drives pets, and users, crazy" 

On the home front, the Death of Democracy, the Dark-side's Slaughter of THE REPUBLIC 

ARTICLE: "Democracy is dead in Austin: Elections in Austin, Texas, are a farce... corrupt city council regime does whatever it wants, regardless of choice of voters 
NaturalNews) Democracy – a cornerstone of American constitutionalism – seems to be fading fast in many quarters around the country, and that includes the very Red State of Texas, unfortunately, where iron-fisted political liberalism is about to trump the will of the people.
In recent weeks, voters in the capital city of Austin – perhaps the bluest part of the entire state – went to the polls and rejected a $287 million bond for a new civil courthouse that would have been built on extremely expensive property downtown." 

Meanwhile... the LOCKDOWN POLICE STATE Grows Like a Cancer 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama Vows to Keep America’s Borders Open to “Refugees”
NY Times | President Obama vowed on Saturday to keep America’s borders open." 

ARTICLE: "Attn. Obama: 92 percent think this is a ‘serious threat to US’ (Hint: It’s NOT climate change)
Twitchy | Poll: a staggering 92% of US voters say Radical Islamic terrorism is a serious threat to US." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "U.S. and Chinese troops connect in first-ever exchange at JBLM
The News Tribune | The exchange this week brought about 80 soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army to a military base in the continental U.S."  

Meanwhile ... Our Homeless, Our Hungry Americans Go Without Desperately Needed Help 



On the *actual sanity* front, ARTICLE: "‘Close the Borders’ Movement Sweeping Nation
Kit Daniels | Backlash grows against Obama’s migrant resettlement plan." 

On the EDUCATION front, ARTICLE: "Take Your Child Out Of Public School Now! Radical Islamic Indoctrination Of The Children Of America Has Begun" 

ARTICLE: "Teacher Assigns 9th Grade Students To Create ISIS Recruitment Poster
Truth Revolt | What could possibly have prompted this assignment?" 

ARTICLE: "Public Middle School Students Ordered To Sing ODE TO ISLAM In Social Studies Class
Daily Caller | A social studies teacher at a taxpayer-funded middle school in Orange County, Calif. has incensed some local parents." 

On the food front, Build Up Your Food Networks In Your Local Communities As Much As Possible ... Learn Who You Can Trust, and Who You Cannot 

ARTICLE: "The US is 9 Meals Away From Armageddon
CONTRIBUTOR: common sense. Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show The World Bank is boldly proclaiming that extreme food shortages and subsequent food riots will take place in the near future largely due to the rapid increase in food prices. In their recent report, only released a few days ago, the World Bank cites..." 

On the GMO/FRANKENFOOD front, Article: "US Food Safety Experts Sue FDA over GMO Salmon Approval for Human Consumption ~ Sustainable Pulse - Center for Food Safety today announced plans to sue the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to block the agency’s approval for sale and consumption of the genetically engineered AquaAdvantage® salmon developed by AquaBounty."  

On the MONSATANO front, ARTICLE: "Monsanto's coming genetic armageddon documented in shocking investigative report 
(NaturalNews) What you're about to read will probably shock you to your core. We're all familiar with genetically modified organisms in food, and we've even heard talks about genetically modified animals coming down the pipeline. But are you aware of the fact that the U.S. government is right now using your tax dollars to fund research into genetically modified humans?
A special investigative report by SkyWatchTV uncovers a heinous conspiracy by those entrusted with protecting our freedom and liberty to literally reengineer the human race using many of the same methods commonly used to reengineer food and plant life in the lab. And it's all happening under the radar with little to no fanfare in the mainstream media." 

On the WAR ON THE WOMB front, Article: "FDA Prepares to Fast Track New Vaccines Targeting Pregnant Women" 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, ARTICLE: "Alert! While You Change FranceBook Avatars, Look What the U.S. Government Wants to do to Your Kids, by Law! CONTRIBUTOR: Christopher Watson. Alert! A Congressional bill to force mandatory vaccinations across the nation has entered the House of Representatives under the name “Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015” or HR 2232. This bill is essentially a national version of the SB277 mandatory vaccination legislation which passed in California earlier this year, with..." 

On the *yeah, you were just the mark* front, ARTICLE: "The Beginning Of The End For The Affordable Care Act? Largest US Health Insurer May Exit ObamaCare
Zero Hedge - ...This was a stunning revelation because, after all, the Affordable Care Act was largely drafted by the insurance industry itself, and if for whatever reason, it itself was unable to capitalize on Obamacare, then it has truly been a disaster. Today we got confirmation of this when none other than the U.S.’s biggest health insurer, UnitedHealth, cut its 2015 earnings forecast with a warning that it was considering pulling out of Obamacare, just one month after saying it would expand its presence in the program. According to Bloomberg, "UnitedHealth Group would scale back marketing efforts for plans it’s selling this year under the Affordable Care Act, and may quit the business entirely in 2017 because it has proven to be more costly than expected." 

ARTICLE: "UnitedHealth Wants Out of Obamacare: Single Payer Socialism Begins
Kit Daniels | Obamacare destroying medical care by design." 

On the BIO-WARFARE front, ARTICLE: "Medical officials in Liberia monitor 153 people after Ebola re-emerges 

ARTICLE: "Chemtrails Infecting Everyone With Alien Biology: His research finds that the aerosols also contain bio-engineered filaments that are infecting the global population with exotic, cross domain bacteria that do not exist in nature." 

ARTICLE: "Scientists Just Created a Dangerous New Form of SARS
Joshua Krause | It’s been well over a decade since the SARS virus captured the attention of the world, and very nearly devastated the global population." 

On the really bad news front, The Elite Cabal's Evil Decimation of Mother Earth ... Rule Or Destroy Is Their Motto 

HEADLINE: "337 whales beached in biggest stranding known to science, Patagonia, Chile" 

HEADLINE: "Hundreds of tons of dead fish reported in the Gulf of Mexico since September as red tide reaches south western Florida" 

HEADLINE: "Catastrophic Pacific Ocean Die-Off, The US Military’s All Out Assault On The Web Of Life ~ November 19, 2015 

On the *how insane are these psychos?* front, ARTICLE: "DHS to Kickstart Seeds of Depopulation 
The NBAF facility will experiment with the world’s most deadly pathogens including zoonotic pathogens that transfer pathogens from animals to humans. Experimentation will be conducted within veterinary, agricultural (plant-based), and pharmaceutical disciplines with an emphasis on accelerating novel vaccinations and transferring novel technologies into science and to the marketplace." 

On the good news front, Among the Captured, Spineless Sheeple, the Warrioresses and Warriors Rise From the Ashes of the American Republic ... This Will Not Be Televised 

From the previous forecast: "...In opposition, the true warrioresses and warriors arise. Their berserker and super-psychic genetics will be loosed for the sake of humankind's survival -- and bringing forth the Aquarian Age renaissance."  

On the global mafia cabal front, James Bond Villains For Real, and Beyond ... That Is What the Human Race Faces 

Article: "SPECTRE: Revelation of Multinational, Global Surveillance Octopus and Criminal Cartel ~ Jay Dyer ~ NOVEMBER 21, 2015 BY 21WIRE 
Appearing to conclude the Daniel Craig 007 reboots, SPECTRE has not just premiered to a no. 1 global status, but as could be expected, also gave quite a few insights into the nature of real geopolitics and espionage that only the Bond films can do." 

On the heroine and hero front, THE WHISTLEBLOWERS: Article: "Former Drone Operators Say They Were “Horrified” By Cruelty of Assassination Program
The Intercept - U.S. drone operators are inflicting heavy civilian casualties and have developed an institutional culture callous to the death of children and other innocents, four former operators said at a press briefing today in New York. The killings, part of the Obama administration’s targeted assassination program, are aiding terrorist recruitment and thus undermining the program’s goal of eliminating such fighters, the veterans added. Drone operators refer to children as “fun-size terrorists” and liken killing them to “cutting the grass before it grows too long,” said one of the operators, Michael Haas, a former senior airman in the Air Force. Haas also described widespread drug and alcohol abuse and said some operators had flown missions while impaired."  

On the hero front, BLURB: Author of the book “The Illuminati Unmasked”, JOHNNY CIRUCCI joins The Power Hour to discuss what is really going on behind the scenes of world events and how this group seeks to bring all the world under the control of Rome.

On the *he still has a phone and pen* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "House defies Obama, approves bill halting Syrian refugees 
The Hill - In a 289-137 vote, the House on Thursday easily approved legislation that requires new screening requirements on refugees from Syria and Iraq before they can enter the United States. Forty-seven Democrats defied President Obama’s veto threat and backed the bill — enough to override a presidential veto given the six Democrats and two Republicans who missed the vote.... The outcome suggests the House could override Obama if he vetoes the measure, although there's no guarantee that Democrats will side against the president if they are asked to sustain a veto." 

On the scumbag political front, ARTICLE: "Exposed – The Clinton Foundation is Running a $20 Million Private Equity Firm in Colombia
Michael Krieger | The Clinton Foundation is operating a $20 million private equity firm in Colombia." 

On the SHEEPLE front, "Video: Americans Want To Rename Nation’s Capital “Obama D.C.”
Steve Watson | Washington D.C. is “racially insensitive”.

On the *any excuse to take away your guns* front, ARTICLE: "Obama says gun control to be top issue of final year
The Washington Times | “I will do everything I can to make sure that there’s a sustained attention paid to this thing.”

ARTICLE: "Gun Control Group: U.S. Should Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ After Paris Attacks
Breitbart - In the wake of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) suggests the U.S. ban the sale of all “assault weapons” to civilians." 

ARTICLE: "Don’t Adopt Our Gun Control Laws, Australian Politician Tells US
Kit Daniels | “We are a nation of victims,” he said." 

ARTICLE: "Americans Rush To Buy Guns In Wake Of Paris Attacks
Steve Watson | Spike in citizens exercising Second Amendment rights." 

On the freedom front, CENSORSHIP: What the Dark-side Establishment Doesn't Want You To Know 

ARTICLE: "Obama's War On US Veterans Expands As Govt Prepares To Take Ultimate Creep Towards Tyranny And US Vet Issues Dire Warning: 'Don't Bow To Tyranny America!'" ~ November 16, 2015 

ARTICLE: "US Marine Vet Warns Govt Training To Kill Americans As Viral Facebook Post From US Army Soldier Blasting Plans To Move Potential Terrorists Into America Is Taken Down ~ November 20, 2015
Signs continue to pile up that we are witnessing the dying days of a 200+ year-old experiment in Liberty as a massive and out-of-control dictatorial-style 'global police state' is being built up all around us in preparation of devastating collapse and global wars for food and other basic necessities as countries try to feed their citizens and chaos spins out of control. We've seen that the government's war is upon the American people and as John Rutherford tells us in this linked eye-opening story, the evil we face ahead of us is much worse than we think we know.  
We're told that the 'police state' that is being built up across America, allegedly to track down and capture ISIS terrorists, will instead be turned against the law-abiding American people, US Veterans, Christians, Patriots and anyone else who has 'awoken'. While the warning in the video is only a claim and we are unable to confirm its authenticity, all we need to do is look at many recent news stories to understand it rings of grave danger. From John Rutherford.:
The future president will actually inherit not one but two shadow governments.
The first shadow government, referred to as COG or continuity of government, is made up of unelected individuals who have been appointed to run the government in the event of a “catastrophe.”
The second shadow government, referred to as the Deep State, is comprised of unelected government bureaucrats, corporations, contractors, paper-pushers, and button-pushers who are actually calling the shots behind the scenes right now.
The first shadow government, COG, is a phantom menace waiting for the right circumstances—a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, an economic meltdown—to bring it out of the shadows, where it operates even now. When and if COG takes over, the police state will transition to martial law.
Yet as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, it is the second shadow government, the Deep State, which poses the greater threat to our freedoms. This permanent, corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, and beyond the reach of the law.
This is the hidden face of the police state." 

Washington, D.C. – More than 50 U.S. military intelligence analysts operating out of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) have staged what has been called a ‘revolt’ by intelligence professionals. The revolt comes after announcing that their intelligence reports were being altered and manipulated to fit the public narrative that the U.S. is winning the battle against ISIS.
The analysts are assigned to U.S. CENTCOM, but are officially employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency, the intelligence branch of the Pentagon.
The disturbing revelations came after more than 50 intelligence analysts filed formal complaints, causing the Pentagon’s inspector general to open an investigation into the matter." 

Trendwise, Once Upon a Time... We, the Human Race, Could Have Had Camelot ... Peace Instead of Constant Warfare, As Malevolently Orchestrated By the Dark-side Elite ... Now, This Opportunity Arises Again ... For, Most of Us Truly Desire Peace and Prosperity At This Cosmic Spinpoint 

ARTICLE: "The Speech That Got JFK Killed and Sealed America’s Fate by Dave Hodges ~ November 22, 2015 ...One President saw things as they were and sought to shift the focus of the nation towards peace. That President had such dangerous ideas in the eyes of the elite. President John F. Kennedy was a visionary. He sought to remove the stranglehold that the banksters had on our government by reducing the oil depletion allowance, printing C-notes to slowly erode the Federal Reserve, enact a foreign policy to keep the U.S. out of Vietnam and above all else, he sought to reduce the threat posed by the previously unrestrained growth of nuclear weapons.
In June of 1963, JFK called out the elitist war mongers in his famous American University speech. Unfortunately, JFK’s enlightened attitude was a threat to the prevailing establishment and he paid for his idealism with his life five months after delivering the American University Commencement speech.
We had never seen a President championing the virtues of peace and the elevation of the concern for the common man. We will not likely ever see this kind of leadership again. The following excerpts of JFK’s American University speech show us what could have been and why the elite could not handle four more years of a JFK Presidency. For if JFK had lived, the following ideals would have formed the goals of an energized nation.
Here are the words of a young, idealistic President as spoken at American University in June of 1963:

“…So, let us not be blind to our differences–but let us also direct attention to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal…
…First: Chairman Khrushchev, Prime Minister Macmillan, and I have agreed that high-level discussions will shortly begin in Moscow looking toward early agreement on a comprehensive test ban treaty. Our hopes must be tempered with the caution of history–but with our hopes go the hopes of all mankind… 
…Confident and unafraid, we labor on–not toward a strategy of annihilation but toward a strategy of peace…” 

THIS WEEK, Dance to the beautiful rhythm of your own soul. And, where you are able, help others to do the same. This is how real peace is created. 

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