Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Studs With Substance - Mike Rowe

I love Katie MacAlister's Dishy Guy Monday. Each week, a beautiful man lands on my Livejournal friends list complete with muscles, stubble, and manly poses. Most Mondays, I really need the eye candy! But as a reader, it's not the description of the hero's rippling abs and dark flowing hair that does it for me. It's the way the guy makes the heroine feel. It's the combination of things that comprises his personality. The abs? Just a bonus.

This year, I'd like to explore the hero in his entirety. His sense of humor. His kindness. His ambition. His flaws. And, yes. Even his abs. I hope that profiling some of my favorite guys from books, film, and even real life will help me better understand what makes a good fictional hero.

My first pick was easy. Probably because the hubby and I watched way too much Discovery Channel this weekend.

Mike Rowe is the creator, producer, and host of Discovery Channel's hit show, Dirty Jobs. Fans watch him try out a variety of vocations - anything from wine making to turkey insemination - to illustrate what people do to "make civilized life possible for the rest of us." In the hands of any other host, Dirty Jobs might just be another semi interesting reality show. Mike Rowe is what makes it funny and damn near irresistible.

His craggy features and easy smile are engaging. But it's really the sheer force of his personality that makes him swoon-worthy. No matter what gunk the man's covered with, no matter what crazy thing he's asked to do in the line of duty, he almost always displays determination, modesty, logic, self deprecating humor, and a snappy intellect. He doesn't talk down to his audience, but he balances his high vocab narration with a steady stream of jokes delivered in a smooth baritone that he'd once used in the Baltimore Opera.

In a recent Dirty Jobs blog post, a viewer asked him what he thought about " being the next big sex symbol - covered in muck and poo?" After a short discussion of the criteria required by a poo-covered man to be considered such, he ended with, "Having said this, I reject all claims of sex symbolness."

Mike, that is exactly what makes you sexy.

Mike's photo
© Discovery Channel, 2008


Trish Milburn said...

I like Mike Rowe, though I've never watched Dirty Jobs. He narrates Deadliest Catch, which is one of my favorite shows. Those guys -- the crab fisherman -- have got to be nuts to do that job.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, wonderful, heroes. I did see Mike Rowe on late night TV, probably Jay Leno. I think I was most impressed with his humor and his spirit for adventure.

Evonne Wareham said...

That's the thing about heroes - it has to be the whole package, flaws and all. Looking forward to future choices Mel.

Mel Hiers said...

Hey Trish! I've only caught a couple of eps of Deadliest catch, but it's totally insane!

Hiya Sav! Yeah, the guy cracks us up.

Thanks, Evonne! I'm really enjoying the research. :-P

Lexie O'Neill said...

A great idea for a series! And actually a tv show I watch--because my son forces me to! I actually love Mike Rowe, but can't stand to watch some of the stuff he does. But my 15 year old son says, Mom, you've been watching Disney with Lindsey all the time...sit here and watch this.
He does the same thing with Bear Gryllis (spelling optional).
Ah, the torture...
:) Lexie