Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blue Gold ~ The Magic of Ancient Egypt

Happy weekend, Title Magicians. Romance author, Lindsay Townsend’s latest release, BLUE GOLD is a time travel adventure back to ancient Egypt. Lindsay gives us the inner workings of that exotic and majestic culture, as well as the magical practices used, in her powerful story. The depth, detail and dramatic intensity of this novel is magnificent and reminds me of a fabulous TV miniseries.

Blue Gold
By: Lindsay Townsend
Categories: Historical Mainstream ROMANCE
Word Count: 124,400
Heat Level: SENSUAL
Published By:
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Blurb ~

Ancient Egypt, 1560 B.C.
Ruling Upper Egypt from Thebes, Pharaoh Sekenenre has many enemies. Aweserre, whose grandfather seized the crown of Lower Egypt. Kamose and Ahhotpe, his son and daughter, who plot to rule in his place. And, most dangerous, the storm-god Set.
It is a time of famine. To prosper a man must be civilized and ruthless. Ramose, priest and Vizier, is all of these. Kasa, a farmer, must learn to be like him to survive. Neith, wife of Ramose, is driven, first to drink, then to courage. Hathor, who killed her son, finds love, desertion, then a second chance at love. Tiyi, the gentle masseuse, is desired by many, but desires only one.
Watched by the gods of Egypt, the conflict reaches its climax in war. The pyramids, a thousand years old when the story begins, play a crucial part.
Behind all is the God Set, with his question: 'What am I?'

"The God Set or Seth in ancient Egyptian mythology is a mystery, represented by a strange animal. In 'Blue Gold' I set out to explore this mystery in the most direct and exciting way I could. And I've always loved the pyramids!" ~ Lindsay


Savanna Kougar said...

May Cleopatra bless you...

Evonne Wareham said...

I've always wanted to set a novel in Egypt - either an historical or maybe an Agatha Christie type mystery. Looks like this one is an intriguing prospect.

Savanna Kougar said...

Evonne, an Agatha Christie type would be fascinating.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Than you so much, Savanna and Evonne! I think your idea of an A Christie mystery in Egyptian would be brilliant, Evonne.
Thanks again for posting this and for hosting my piece of magic. I've mentioned the link on my blog, too.

GOGEJANR said...

Pleasant outlook...
Magic sometimes in itself comes to the person, but, not everyone notices it...
Best wishes...
Janri Gogeshvili

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thank you, Janri. I agree with you re magic.
Best wishes, Lindsay