Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tall, Dark, and Sexy!!

Get ready to drool, ladies!

Every Friday we have a guest blogger here on Title Magic. However, due to circumstances, our scheduled guest blogger couldn’t make it today. So, I thought I’d do something fun for you all today instead. Today I’ll give you some inspiration for writing that perfect hero.

You often hear the phrase tall, dark, and handsome. Me, I’d go for something more along the lines of tall, dark, and sexy. Nothing is sexier than a man who oozes confidence. Sex appeal could be anything from the glint in a man’s eyes, to the shape of his lips. It could even be in the way he walks.

Here’s a treat for all you writers out there who are struggling for that perfect image of your hero. A lot of writers look to images of models or their favorite actors for inspiration in creating their perfect hero. At the top of my list would be Gerald Butler, Clive Owen, and Hugh Jackman, of course. These names are pretty much a household brand. Everyone knows these stars.

Today, however, I’d like to introduce you to a handful of men many of you may not be as familiar with. Hopefully, it’ll give you more inspiration and something new to work with.

This one’s for you, Title Magicians! Enjoy!

Oded Fehr

Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Enrique Iglesias

John Abraham

And my personal favorite, Arjun Rampal

Sorry ladies, Arjun's mine.

End Note: I want to say a special congratulations to fellow Magician Helen Scott Taylor for making the Golden Heart finals with her ATIV manuscript, The Magic Knot, in the paranormal category. I'm rooting for you, Helen!! Woohoo!!


Arwen said...

Pretty! And two were new to me which is very good. Thanks, Mai!

Mai Christy Thao said...

Hi Arwen,

John Abraham and Arjun Rampal, I take it? =)

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Swoon! :) I don't know if I can handle that much eye-candy this early in the day. However, this is ever so much better than coffee. Thanks for the pick me up, Mai!

Trish Milburn said...

I LOVE Oded Fehr, have ever since I saw him in the The Mummy movies. Just recently saw him in the Resident Evil movies, which is where I think your second image of him came from.

Mai Christy Thao said...

Hi Trish, I'm a huge fan of Oded Fehr as well. And yup, it was The Mummy that did it for me too.

jadams said...

I have to agree about Arjun. Yummy. I think Sergio is anm Italian footballer. I've seen some similar pictures somewhere else.

Savanna Kougar said...

Arjun has to be my overall pick. Thanks for the yummy sexy gift. I'm all smiles, the men-enjoying big smile.

Mai Christy Thao said...

For all the Arjun fans, you should hear the man speak. OMG. Talk about sexy. He has this deep voice that rumbles from the back of his throat. Yum!

Ashlyn Chase said...

I LIKE your taste! So often people put up pics of guys that are supposed to be swoon-worthy, but they do nothing for me. IMHO, these are all...yummy!

Sabrina Luna said...

YUM! Thx, Mai --you rock!!! ;D

Sabrina )O(

Mai Christy Thao said...

Sabrina!! Good to see you here, girl. Miss ya loads!

Skylar Masey said...

Yummy Oded! I've adored him since The Mummy, and was so happy to see him in Resident Evil.

Thanks Mai!!

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Great pics, Mai. Some of the guys were new to me as well.

Thank you so much for your congratulations on my GH final!