Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Magic Kiss of Spring

Ah, yes, yesterday, the wearing of the green ~ and the first magic kiss of spring for me. The wee leprechauns are dancing jigs around their pots o’ gold, laughing like naughty fiends as the humans greedily seek them out, following the proverbial rainbow. Call it too much corn beef and cabbage, or the misty enchantment of St. Patty’s day still coiling around me...like all those snakes chased off the emerald isle...but the fanciful lore of the Irish, of Shamrocks has always tickled and teased my imagination. Having some Irish roots doesn’t hurt, either.
For a deeper perspective, the wearing of the green, or the wearing of Spring, signals the emergence of new growth, a revitalization of the land for planting. And signals for all of us ~ it is time to revitalize our lives, to begin anew. This theme is continued by our traditional celebration of Easter. Eggs, new life. Bunnies, chocolate or the little furry hopping critters ~ quite happy to regenerate their kind with nests full of baby bunnies. *If only chocolate would magically renew.*

In the spirit of new beginnings, and in the spirit of kissing, definitely a favorite romantic activity of mine, I asked Renee Lyons, founder of the new e-publishing company, Lyrical Press, Inc., to blog with us today.
Hello everyone. Savanna was kind enough to allow me the privilege of hijacking Title Magic and write a bit about mine and my husband's venture, Lyrical Press, Inc. I think, coming from the other end of the pen, so to speak, we have a fairly good idea about what authors want in a publishing house (I write under the name Rene Lyons, although I have recently retired from writing to devote more time to Lyrical). A solid and fair contract. To be treated with respect. Good and hard-working editors and publishers who are personable and professional and willing
to work just as hard as our authors to turn out quality books. Appealing covers an author can be proud to 'show off'. And most of all, on-time payment of royalties. These things can be banked on at Lyrical. We want
everyone to have an amazing experience with us and will work ourselves
to the bone to deliver on that promise.
Frank, Emma (our Editor-In-Chief) and I are shameless fans of American
Idol. One morning Emma and I were brainstorming about a contest. We were
also chatting about the previous night's Idol show. Next thing we knew,
Lyrical Idol materialized. Okay, so it was more the brainchild of
Emma...but I was at least part of that conversation! What came of
bouncing ideas back and forth was Lyrical Idol: Season One. Best First
Kiss Contest.
Each entry must be limited to a 350 or less word count, contain a 3 word
tag to describe the characters and a slight alteration to set the scene
up. All entries must be sent in by April 5th. The best entries (think
first-round judging done by Simon, Paula and Randy) will be posted
unedited on the Lyrical Press, Inc. blog, where we will open judging to
the readers on April 15th. Yes. The readers. *insert evil laughter here*
The winner will receive a contract with Lyrical Press, Inc!
Savanna asked what appeals to me in a paranormal romance. That's simple. We'd love a Gothic/dark ghost or vampire story to get lost in. Something that will shut out the 'real' world and transport the reader to a different world. We'd love richly fleshed out characters and a detailed world that leaps off the page. We'd also love anything that has to do with faeries or elves. Yes, elves. If we're going paranormal, why not shift to the side a bit and go magical as well! My husband has an aunt from Ireland and her accent captivates me. To get a submission set on the Emerald Isle that involves some of their amazing folklore would be a dream come true. Oh! And did I mention selkies? Yes. We'd love to get a story about those Scottish creatures as well, as you rarely come across them.
We're also set to host a second contest. This one involves a cover I created that has no book to go with it. It's a Gothic/Medieval cover and we'd love to get our hands on a book to fit it. So, if anyone is writing an historical set in the medieval age.... ;)
Savanna, and all the ladies at Title Magic, thank you for allowing me to talk a while with your readers.

Thank you, Renee, for blogging with us. I'm excited about what Lyrical Press, Inc. has to offer. And I love that cover! The details are below for the ‘first kiss’ contest. This could be your big chance at that first contract.

Official Rules for Lyrical Idol
Contest Guidelines:
· Entries must be 350 words or less.
· Entries must include a three-or-less-word "tag" introducing the hero and heroine. For example, Rhett: Southern rake, Scarlett: Headstrong diva.
· Entrants will be allowed some editing of lead-in to set the scene if necessary, but any alterations must be included in the 350 words.
· Entries must be pulled from an original, completed manuscript not currently under contract or consideration by any other publisher, agent or entity.
· Entries must be sent no later than April 5, 2008 to editor AT lyricalpress@com, subject: LYRICAL IDOL ENTRY.
· Entrants must remember that the blog is a public forum - Lyrical Press reserves the right to exclude entries containing overly explicit language.
· Entries will not be altered in any way by the staff of Lyrical Press, Inc, so please edit your work carefully.
Received entries will be considered by our editorial staff, then narrowed down to sixteen contestants. The "sweet sixteen" will then be revealed on the Lyrical Press, Inc Blog on April 15, 2008. First round blog-reader voting will proceed, and the "great eight" revealed April 21, 2008. Second round blog-reader voting will continue until the "final four" are announced April 28, 2008.
The final round of blog-reader voting will end May 4, 2008. Our first Lyrical Idol will be announced on Lyrical Press's Launch Date, May 5, 2008.
The first Lyrical Idol wins a publication contract with Lyrical Press, Inc!
Contest Rules:
· Entrants must be 18 years of age or older
· Entrants must not currently be under contract with Lyrical Press, Inc
· All entries must be pulled from completed works of 12,000 words or longer
· The aforementioned completed works must meet all other Lyrical Press, Inc's guidelines for publication
· Entries received after April 5, 2008 will not be considered
· The winning entry will be subject to all due legal and editing obligations
· Entries must be pulled from an original, completed manuscript not currently under contract or consideration by any other publisher, agent, or entity.
· Submission of entry to the Lyrical Idol contest implies a request for publication. Works submitted to the contest may not be submitted for consideration to any other publisher until entry has been eliminated from the running.
· Entrants may enter up to three entries.
Sample Entry:
To: editor@lyricalpress.com
Simon: Jaded, acid-tongued judge
Paula: Kinder, gentler judge
"Do you have to be so mean?" she asked.
"I'm honest. Not mean."
"No, you're honestly mean."
He raised an eyebrow, moving closer.
Stunned, she asked, "What… the bloody hell… was that?"

On a personal magical note (Thank you, Sparkles, our fairy resident), I just learned my futuristic 2012 romance, When a Good Angel Falls, is scheduled to be released late in 2008 by Siren-Bookstrand Publishing. Wahooo! Now there’s a good Spring beginning.
Red Lioness Tamed by Savanna Kougar ~ available at Liquid Silver Books
All Shades of Blue Paradise by Savanna Kougar ~ available at Siren Publishing


Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and telling us about your new venture--it sounds like a wonderful concept.

I do love that cover and can't wait to read the book that goes with it!

Good luck to all who enter the contest. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Anitra, thanks for stopping by. And it is an opportunity not to be missed if you have that ready manuscript, that's on the cutting edge.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Oh, also, congratulations on your next release! I can't wait to see the cover art! :)

Anonymous said...

Savanna, congrats on your release!

Anitra, thank you for the warm welcome. It was a pleasure to guest blog here/

Trish Milburn said...

Renee, thanks for hanging out with us today. And good luck with your new company.

Have to say I like that cover that has no book to go with it. Verra nice. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Anitra, thanks. I am excited!
Lyrical Press, thanks for accepting my invitation. I'm looking forward to your final 16.
Trish, thanks for stopping by. Yep, that cover needs a story.