Thursday, March 6, 2008

March Madness and Magic

Red Lioness Magic – with the release of my first e-novel, a perfect description for the month of March for me. And we have a winner, a new Dorchester author. American Title IV has been decided, the readers' choice to be announced in Romantic Times magazine. Congratulations to both finalists. Opportunity is blowing your way, fast and ferocious as a March wind.
Okay, okay, I confess. Heaving an enormous sigh, I cross my arms over my heaving bosom (insert your favorite bodice ripper heroine here)...okay, this picture, the God of War from Xena, Warrior Princess – and this blog is a gift to myself, not a picture of a hero from one of my novels.
I’m an Aries, and soon good ole’ Sol will leave the dreaming-creative sign of Pisces, to shine it’s radiance in the pioneering-innovative sign of Aries, ruled by Mars energy. Think of the Spring Equinox as the portal. Yep, the sun will explode on top of my natal sun, or where the sun was at the time of my birth. So, why wouldn’t I, being a red-blooded, ‘Mars Red’ woman, be hankerin’ over that smoldering hunk o’ fiery lust and love, the God of War – the Greek Ares or the Roman Mars. Or, better yet, the actor, Kevin Tod Smith, tragically no longer with us (March 16, 1963–February 15, 2002).
Hmmm...March 16...the month of March being named after the Roman god, Mars...a bit of cosmic coincidence? I dare think not. More like the Fates wove those gold and silver threads in a destiny realized, a depiction of the god Ares for modern times. A gift for the modern TV audience. For those of us starving, soul-desperate for more than the god technology has become in our world. Yes, a gift from the grand cosmos.
But...confession time again, most bad boys don’t do it for me, but then, neither do most ‘good guys’. Just a few bad boys light my passionate fires, spin me to wildfire, then blaze me up to wanton breathlessness. And that’s quite enough to get a gal into real serious up-in-smoke trouble (all confessions deleted here).
Trouble, yep. Thank the goddesses and gods, this is only a picture. March madness is upon me. No, not basketball. Unless, I was star-blinked onto Mt. Olympus, and found myself suddenly engaged in court-dribbling, battle-of-the-sexes combat with that very bad boy in black leather pictured above.
Talk about and swoon over power, power as an aphrodisiac. The power of a god is pure sexual ambrosia.
Yet, like Xena, my fantasy attraction was also a love-hate breathlessness. There was just something about Ares, the god of war, that held me utterly desire-entranced at times, something ‘that did it’. Dark and dangerous, the ability to scorch a woman to such desire, the top of Mr. Olympus would be as nothing in comparison. And...the desire to love a man-god who obviously needed real love, the bad boy redeemed – in fierce conflict with my hatred, a savage hate for the god’s careless arrogant brutality against mere mortals, against humanity.
So, in the end, like Xena, I would be saying ‘no’, more than ‘yes’ to this gorgeous god of war – the love of humanity triumphant in my heart as it was for Xena, Warrior Princess.
So, would you succumb to the god of war? As Xena was tempted, as I was tempted...?
Draxen Z of the Venture, my hero in Red Lioness Tamed, is not the dark god of war, unless he fights to save his woman, or his family. Yep, he possesses that irresistible, take-charge charm and he’s enough of a ‘bad boy’ to captivate the heroine, despite herself and her fate-ridiculous predicament.
Available from Liquid Silver Books.

In contrast to the dark brutal rule of Ares over the mortal realm, Baron Zaggry Dhio Vettura, my hero in All Shades of Blue Paradise, is golden cougar in his fierce-ruling nature, as he battles the court intrigues designed to gain ultimate power in the Realm, and ruin him by destroying his heart.
Available March 10 from Siren Publishing.

Heroes, sometimes you can’t live with them, or without them? Hey! When is Heroes returning? To TV fantasy land?


Mel Hiers said...

"But...confession time again, most bad boys don’t do it for me, but then, neither do most ‘good guys’."

Hey, Savanna! That's me as well. But give me a good guy with a touch of bad, and whoo! The god of war type of man tends to rankle. But then I'm a Leo girl and used to being the bossy one.:-)

Trish Milburn said...

I liked Smith's Ares character. I was saddened when I heard he'd died.

I tend to like good guys who have a touch of bad boy too -- like Sam Winchester on Supernatural.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Good boys, bad boys, I just like boys! :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Ahh, Mel, my fellow fire girl. Yep, give me that good guy with a rebel bad boy streak.
Trish, that was a bad day when I learned Kevin Tod Smith had passed. He had that electric virile charisma that could carry off that god role. Don't see that in a lot of actors.
Anitra, yeah, my sis is like that, too. She's a Scorpio.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

LOL! Well, I'm an Aries. My birthday is April 18 but I've always been told I'm kinda "scorpioish" :)

I'm not like some kinda wild crazy hoochy-momma who sleeps around or anything--I just really like men. Tall, short, thin, fat--the physical aspects don't dictate my interest as much as a sense of humor and a passion for life. Er, just wanted to clear that up so people don't think I'm chasing any guy in pants. Or kilts. Or whatever! Okay, I'm going to bed now! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Anitra, hi April Aries, have you ever looked at your full chart. For example, my moon is in scorpio. You might have some significant scorpio influence.
Yeah, ever since my tomboy running days, I've loved men in that respect. I've fallen in love with man for his intellect, mostly. Too bad, the rest of the package wasn't all that wonderful.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Ha, Savanna! I always love the bad-boy heroes in theory, but wouldn't want them in reality!

Oh, Trish. I agree with you on Sam Winchester in Supernatural.