Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daily Cup of Inspiration

The weather’s a funny thing. All of last week here in the Carolinas was cold and windy. The weekend saw a high of 71 before dropping back down to mid-thirties. Yesterday the sky was dark and it rained pellets for the majority of the day. And today—well, you guessed it. Sunshine.

I watched the much-needed rainfall all day yesterday and listened to the pitter patter of the raindrops. There’d been a hint of gloom alongside the grey clouds, overshadowing the day. It made me feel very “blah” and left me uninspired.

This morning, however, I watched the sun rise over the horizon—something I can do because I live in the middle of nowhere, on top of a hill, and surrounded by trees behind me and the most incredible view of rolling hills as far as the eye can see before me. But I watched the sun rise, the sky glow orange with the changing color of day, felt already the warmth of the coming day and listened to the chirping of birds and crowing of chickens (yes, we have chickens—lots of them), and I thought, “Wow.”

That feeling I had at roughly 7am this morning I wish I could bottle to pull out for later use. The feeling is inspiration.

Oftentimes, we as writers lose our way and our beliefs in ourselves and our writing. We no longer find the joy in writing, are tired of our characters and/or stories, lose sight of the reason we want to be writers, and a million other problems.

But because we are affected by these on a daily level, it is extremely important to take a moment out of each of your day (I’d recommend early in the morning or late in the afternoon), to allow yourself to just soak up your surroundings and find that must-have daily dose of inspiration. Stand on the porch and feel the breeze in your face, smell the crisp scent of the early morning or late afternoon sky, watch the thin red glow on the horizon grow stronger and change colors as the day progresses, listen to the tranquility to be had in stealing this one small moment for yours, and savor the contentment that seeps deep into the pores of your body .

Today I’ve been inspired to write more, to be a better person, and to live life with meaning and purpose. I challenge each of you to be inspired every day and see what a different it’ll make in your writing!

Happy writings and enjoy this gorgeous, awe-inspiring day!


Savanna Kougar said...

Mai, that was so beautiful. I know what you mean, the sunsets on the horizon of my prairie are the Divine's gift. And lift my spirit no matter how much despair has me in it's grip.
I wrote this on my blog yesterday: Orchid fading into lavender becoming purple indigo, the sunset on the flat winter prairie yesterday, Big Beautiful Cats. Today, Sol reigns red-pink supreme, neon on the far horizon, staining the Kougar's pond to its blaze-shining color. While the sky is majestic during the day, lapis lazuli blended with crystal, poured as a liquid above the Kougaress.

Susan Macatee said...

Although I live in the city, I have a great view of the sunset from my living room window each day, until it disappears behind buildings. Even after that, the sky and clouds hold the beautiful colors.

I don't always have the time to sit and watch it, but when I do get the chance, it's always such an reminder of nature's beauty, even in the heart of the city.

Holli Bertram said...

Beautiful day here in Michigan, too. Only we had bright sun glinting off freshly fallen snow and thirty degree temps, Your post is a good reminder to take some time out and to appreciate the beauty around us.

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

Mai--I think every day is a new day. A new start. Forget yesterday and focus on today. For yesterday is a day gone and today is just getting started! :)

Yesterday I might have wondered if I was writing well, if I had the voice, the passion, but today my feelings might be different.

Embrace each day as a new day and go from there. :)


Helen Scott Taylor said...

Mai, you are so right. It's always good to stop and appreciate the good things in life. I live in the countryside as well. Sometimes I go a whole day without looking out the window and then I stop and watch the birds feeding or a squirrel stealing the bird nuts and I realise how lucky I am.