Monday, January 11, 2016

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 11, 2016

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #384   

Now, WorldWide, The People's INSURRECTION ... Or, *Oppositional Defiant Order* Sweeps the Entire World Like a Superstorm Typhoon ... This, While the Zombie Sheeple Bleat Against Them, and Beg Authorities To Protect Their Cowardly Hides  

On the *Oppositional Defiant Disorder* front, Article: "CATALAN SEPARATISTS BACK NEW LEADER, PRESSURE ON MADRID MOUNTS
Catalonia accounts for almost a fifth of Spanish economic output
Reuters - JANUARY 10, 2016
Catalonia’s pro-independence parties agreed on Saturday on a new leader, clearing the way for the creation of a regional government and raising pressure on national parties in Madrid to form a broad coalition to oppose the separatist drive.
The parties’ agreement to back Carles Puigdemont, a fiery separatist, in a vote due on Sunday came after the region’s acting head, Artur Mas, said he would step down in an attempt to break months of political deadlock in Spain’s wealthiest region." 

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Americans Critical of Government Can Lose Gun Rights Due to Executive Order
Kit Daniels | Psychologists could diagnose conservatives, libertarians with “Oppositional Defiant Disorder in adults.”

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' slash open -- with their mighty lightblades -- the sorcery shroud around the planet, Earth, as conjured by the Viper elite. Now a new and powerful frequency has been loosed. 

This higher-love energy has been brought forth by several Benevolents to assist all humans who are working on the Light-Good side in this spiritual war. Soak in these rays, and notice how much your intuitive side expands. 

On the personal front, this week will likely be memorable for some event – good, bad, ugly, beautiful. However, whatever the event, there will be a major, life-altering opportunity, or opportunities, during the first half of the year. 

Also, this is a perfect time to renew a friendship lost to "life gets in the way" and/or a love affair from the past. That is, if there is true affection and real love on both sides. One way love affairs never work, no matter the passion of one of the two involved. 

No matter what you do this week, expand your sphere of love, as in family, friends, and pets. Give more, share more, accept more from those you love you, and those who love you. 

On the other side, enemies are likely to come out of the proverbial woodwork. Watch your step. Stay on your toes. Avoid where you are able, and confront where you must. 

On the R.I.P. hero front, BLURB: "R.I.P. Riley Martin ~ January 06, 2016
Alleged alien abductee, author, and former Coast to Coast guest Riley Martin has passed away at the age of 69.
Martin became known in UFO circles for his claims of being abducted by an ET race known as the Biaviians and taken aboard their mothership near Saturn.
He shared his incredible story as well as insights taught to him by the Biaviians in the book The Coming of Tan.
Martin also gained a level of pop culture notoriety in later years through frequent appearances on "The Howard Stern Show."
In memory of Riley Martin, C2C presents two free audio clips from his appearance on the 8/20/2004 edition of the program, where he provided details on the ET mothership stationed near Saturn and the Biaviian alien race." 


On the ANDREW BASIAGO [running for President] front, ARTICLE: Time Traveler Announces His 2016 Presidential Candidacy on Coast to Coast AM CONTRIBUTOR: MILLENNIUM Reporter. THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today TMR Editor's Note: The 2016 campaign season is shaping up to be the most unpredictable and bizarre in U.S. history, as it should be. Now we see that time traveler Andrew Basiago has declared his candidacy for president.... 

From a prior forecast: On the energy front, Presidential Candidate Would Release TRUTH About Secret Advanced Technology That Would Save the Earth 

BLURB: "....Jimmy Church ... was joined by Andrew D. Basiago, who claims he was part of DARPA’s Project Pegasus as a young child, and was involved time-travel and teleportation as part of various U.S. Government projects. Basiago announced his campaign for the highest office in the land by saying "I want to be America’s Truth President." He will be running as a write-in candidate in the 43 states that currently allow it. He wants to end the culture of secrecy because he believes that "We are being played by the permanent and secret government" and 

On the GHOSTLY CAT front, ARTICLE: "Ghostly White Cat Sightings in East Texas ~ Monday, January 11, 2016
An area man has captured the figure, which looks like an albino cougar, on cel phone video." — GrindTV

On the UFO front, ARTICLE: "Lightning strikes UFO in New Year's Eve video ~ Sunday, January 10, 2016
Footage recorded at the beginning of the year seems to show lightning hitting a glowing orb in the sky." 

VIDEO: Soldier Breaks 44-Year Silence Over Roswell: 500 Military Men Saw the UFOs (video) CONTRIBUTOR: The Unsilent Majority 

VIDEO: Strange Light Poles Over Russia Prompt Fears Of An Alien Invasion (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett ~ A mysterious display of light poles appeared above the city of Birobidzhan, in eastern Russia last weekend prompting fears of an alien invasion for local residents. As the strange multi colored display played out over... 

On the ALASKA TRIANGLE front, BLURB: "People and Planes Are Vanishing in the Alaska Triangle ~ January 05, 2016
...Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard told C2C about Alaska's unsettling number of missing persons cases and strange instances of plane disappearances in a region known as the Alaska Triangle. 
In discussing his new History Channel program Missing in Alaska, Gerhard marveled that an astounding 53,000 people have gone missing in the state since 1988. 
The troubling average of 500 to a few thousand people disappearing each year is made all the more remarkable by the fact that Alaska only has a population of around 600,000. 
"That's about four in every thousand people that go missing without a trace," Gerhard observed. 
Although there are a number of possible natural explanations for why some people may disappear in Alaska, such as the state's vast wilderness and dangerous animals, he suggested that there may also be supernatural elements at work behind the disappearances. 
"Alaska does boast a number of fabulous legends that relate to all manner of really strange and somewhat menacing creatures," Gerhard said, noting that the state also has a rich history of UFO events as well. 
Connecting all of this together may be what is called the 'Alaska Triangle.'" 

On the ANCIENT PAST REVEALING ITSELF front, ARTICLE: "Honduras to Begin Investigations of Ancient Jungle Ruins Believed to be the Legendary White City :By the 1930s, there were rumors of a place in Honduras called the 'City of the Monkey God'" 

On the DINO front, ARTICLE: "Dinosaurs Danced in Bird-Like Mating Rituals ~ Friday, January 8, 2016
Dinosaurs not only danced, but they also did so with such enthusiasm that they left behind fossilized footprints as evidence of their moves." — Discovery News

On the SPACE GEO-ENGINEERING front, ARTICLE: "Space Fence – The Secret Star Wars-Like Technology That Manipulates All Life on Earth (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. In this groundbreaking new 2016 Dark Journalist episode he welcomes the author of the amazing book: Chemtrails HAARP And The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, Elana Freeland. Elana's 20 year journey into the realm of covert geoengineering programs, whose goal is to create a dominant Worldwide Smart Grid to..." 

On the land changes front, And, Once Again: "the Year 2016, Giant Volcanic Eruptions ... the Quake Uptake Will Only Continue ... Also, TWO Major Earthquakes Are 'Likely' in the Middle East and In South America Within the Next Three Months ... As Well, the Superstorms and the Wacky Brutal Weather Continues Across the Planet With Late Spring and Autumn Being the Most Dangerous Times ... This Is the Year To Find Safe Ground and Hunker Bunker Down ... Further, Watch Out For Those Comets, Asteroids, and X Planets" 

HEADLINE: "Oklahoma hit with 70 quakes in a week :Oklahoma in 2014 had at least 5,415 earthquakes; 585 of them were magnitude-3 or greater. In comparison, the state had just 109 magnitude-3 quakes in 2013" 


HEADLINE: "Puget Sound hit with swarm of small earthquakes: Nearly two weeks after it started, more than 8,000 quakes have been registered between North Vancouver Island and nearly all the way to Seattle -- and the tremors are still moving south." 

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "2016 Volcano Uptick! Soputan Volcano in Indonesia is the third eruption this year: 15 volcanoes on alert status in Indonesia with colossus Mount Sinabung on high alert 
Soputan Volcano in Indonesia's eastern Sulawesi province erupted at 8:53 p.m. local time Monday, the country's National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Spokesperson Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said.
Authorities have increased the volcano's status from alert (level II) to higher level of standby (level III)."

HEADLINE: "Major eruption of Soputan volcano, Indonesia" 

HEADLINE: "The strongest El Nino ever! Huge storm batters California with heavy rain, snow and possible mudslides as meteorologists say the weather phenomenon is the most powerful ever recorded" 

HEADLINE: "A village in the UK endures 75 days’ rain record with more rain on the way...Sheep are developing wool rot!" 

On the SINKHOLE front, HEADLINE: "Huge sinkhole in Miami, Florida swallows truck
Jan 8, 2016; 7:08 AM ET A truck got stuck in a sinkhole in Miami on Jan. 7, causing a water main break in the area. The water main break caused severe flooding in the area." 

On the GEOENGINEERING/CHEMTRAIL front, ARTICLE: "Health Magazine Covers Climate Engineering: “Heavy Metal Contamination And Mass Extinction – What’s The Connection?” 

On the AWAKENING front, The Epic Interview: DAVID ICKE AND ALEX JONES 

VIDEO: "David Icke Exposes Secret Of The Migrant Wave ~ Published on Jan 7, 2016
British author David Icke discusses key world events and the Australian government's move to ban him from speaking in the country."

On the AWAKE AND AWARE front, ***THE IMPEACHMENT ZEITGEIST*** The Fever For Impeachment Spreads Like a Slow But Determined Burn Across the Country 

VIDEO: Impeachment Leader: Obama Establishing A Dictatorship
The Alex Jones Channel ~ Published on Jan 8, 2016
Alex Jones talks with Stephen Pidgeon about the possibility and the need of an impeachment of Barack Obama. 

America won't last under an imperial presidency
Jon Bowne | - JANUARY 9, 2016 

An extensive list of Obama's crimes showing why Congress must impeach him now" 
Kit Daniels | - JANUARY 7, 2016 

ARTICLE: "25 Violations of Law By President Obama and His Administration" 

On the FRINGE ILLUMINATTI front, BLURB: "Mind Control & Programming...medical intuitive, author and lecturer Stewart Swerdlow talked about mind control and various concepts such as "end times programming," and a "staged alien invasion." What we're seeing unfold today is the fulfillment of the script of the Book of Revelation as orchestrated by the Illuminati/government, he said. The end times, which are playing out in front of our eyes, include war, financial collapse, and drastic earth changes, and this will lead into the staged alien invasion, a staged second coming of Christ, acceptance of the new world religion, and global government, he continued. The goal of this end times programming is to create a situation of fear, so that the population can be more readily controlled and amenable to global government, he outlined.
Swerdlow says he was recruited for specific government mind-control experiments which enhanced his natural abilities, and that he was part of the Montauk Project from 1970 to 1983. He revealed that out in the edges of our solar system, in the Kuiper Belt, "there is massing there a fleet of beings both from other parts of this universe as well as interdimensionally," who feel threatened by what is going on on our planet and are plotting to get rid of the Illuminati. That is why the Illuminati have stepped up their control agenda, he explained." 

On the INMATES ARE IN CHARGE OF THE LOONEY BIN front, ARTICLE: "China Goes Full Keynesian-tard: Demolishes Never-Used Just-Built Skyscraper
Zero Hedge | “Growth” meet “mal-investment boom-bust”.

ARTICLE: "Second Amendment Racist, Says Daily Beast
Truth Revolt | Calls on Obama to seize guns." 

On the economic front, The Stock Market Is Stuck On Stupid As the Robber Baron Types Drain It Dry, and Continue Trashing the Economy For Everyone But Themselves ... Meanwhile, Many of the People Say NO More With a Tax Revolt Movement ... Meanwhile, More of the People Discover The Real Value Living On the Land, and Want Government Off It 

ARTICLE: "Reports Of EBT - SNAP Not Working Nationwide Are A Symptom Of The Problems That Will Bring Down The System As 2016 Begins With A Bang!" 

ARTICLE: "Stock Market Crash 2016: This Is The Worst Start To A Year For Stocks Ever
Michael Snyder | When CNN starts sounding like The Economic Collapse Blog, you know that things are really bad."  

ARTICLE: "China Halts Stock Trading After 7% Rout Triggers Circuit Breaker
Bloomberg | Chinese stocks in Hong Kong fell to the lowest level in four years."

ARTICLE: "7 Percent Crash Causes Emergency Shutdown Of Stock Markets In China For The 2nd Time In 4 Days
Michael Snyder | For the second time in four days, a massive stock market crash has caused an emergency shutdown of the markets in China. 

ARTICLE: "The investigation into the HSBC Swiss bank scandal has been quietly dropped
Business Insider | The Financial Conduct Authority quietly decided months ago not to take any formal action."  

ARTICLE: "Additional Details Emerge on How Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms Loot Public Pensions
Michael Krieger | One of the most pernicious financial schemes of the post crisis era relates to a practice most Americans are entirely in the dark about, but may end up harming retirement plans down the line." 

On the CLASH OF MONEY CULTURES front, ARTICLE: "Thousands take to their iPhones to join #ResistCapitalism movement
Twitchy | For those who received a new iPhone or PC for Christmas, #ResistCapitalism day makes for a great way for familiarize yourself with your new electronic gadget." 

On the EMPIRE OF LIES *yes, lies are the currency* front, From a previous forecast: 

On the RULE OF LAW IS DEAD front, ARTICLE: "Forget ISIS and the Hammond Ranch, This Is the Number One Threat to Your Survival ~ by Dave Hodges ~ January 7, 2016 
...Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote a very moving and disturbing article, entitled “The Rule of Law No Longer Exists“.  In the article, Roberts bemoaned the fact that the United States justice system does not resemble anything that one would expect from civilized country. In short, Roberts believes that America is a land without a legal soul. His viewpoint forms one of the foundational concepts of this article.
Not only is America a land without legal soul, we are now a nation without a conscience, or moral compass. As the collapse of the dollar draws near, the very worst in human nature will soon surface. We will very soon see behaviors that very few could have predicted in a nation such as ours." 


On the truth front, Hyper Leaps of TRUTH Now Expose the Byzantine *Big Brother* Machinations That Have Taken Place Behind the World Scenes ... As Never Before 

On the WAR FOR OIL front, ARTICLE: "The REAL Reason Sunni Governments Like Saudi Arabia Are At War Against the Shias
Washington’s Blog | The Shias Are Sitting On All of the Oil and Gas." 

ARTICLE: "Russia Preparing to Launch Its Own Oil Market By promoting its own oil benchmark to compete with Brent and West Texas crude, Russia may be able to insulate itself from manipualtions of the global oil price intended to harm its economy" 

ARTICLE: "Oil just dived past its 11-year low
Business Insider | The price of oil on Wednesday morning plunged to another recent low as global geopolitical tensions grow." 

On the *gee, how did this happen?* front, ARTICLE: "Missing U.S. Missile Shows Up in Cuba
WSJ - An inert U.S. Hellfire missile sent to Europe for training purposes was wrongly shipped from there to Cuba in 2014, said people familiar with the matter, a loss of sensitive military technology that ranks among the worst-known incidents of its kind. The unintended delivery of the missile to Cuba has confounded investigators and experts who work in a regulatory system designed to prevent precisely such equipment from falling into the wrong hands, said those familiar with the matter. For more than a year, amid a historic thawing of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, American authorities have tried to get the Cuban government to return the missile, said people familiar with the matter. At the same time, federal investigators have been tracing the paper trail of the wayward Hellfire to determine if its arrival in Cuba was the work of criminals or spies, or the result of a series of blunders, these people said." 

On the *BENGHAZI Stinger Missile Deal [your tax dollars at work]* front, ARTICLE: "Isis Develops Sophisticated New Weaponry ‘Capable Of Shooting Down Passenger Jets’
London Independent | Newly-developed technology could allow Isis to use redundant and decomissioned surface-to-air missiles to attack aircraft." 

On the war front, The Russian Bear Jumps On Top of Several Opportunities, Furthering The Big Bear's Influence and Garnering the Good Will of the World  ... In the Meantime, Factions of the US Military, and the Pentagon, Become Ever More Loyal To the Constitution and the American People ... Also, There Will Be Major Events In Several War Arenas That Shake the World In the Next Several Months 

ARTICLE: "Pentagon Avoids the Word ‘Combat’ After Another American Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
CNS News | Defense officials said two HH-60 Pavehawk medevac helicopters were sent in to provide help, but one was “waved off” after coming under fire."

ARTICLE: "China Set To Establish No-Fly Zone Over Islands After Successful Test Flight
Zero Hedge | Once again, both sides are accusing the other of jeopardizing “regional peace and stability.” 

On the *gutting of the military* front, ARTICLE: "Sinking Ship: US Navy 'Unable to Meet Rising Global Dangers’-In its current state, the US Navy is incapable of countering the rising global threats, Seth Cropsey, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense, wrote in his article." 

On the *vetting refugees* front, ARTICLE: "House Republicans want refugee bill fast-tracked in Senate 
McClatchy - Republicans in the House of Representatives who quickly pushed through a bill late last year to temporarily halt Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the United States want the Senate majority leader to bring up the measure for a vote soon after the upper body reconvenes Monday. The bill – written by Reps. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., and Michael McCaul, R-Texas – would put pressure on federal security and intelligence officials to change the vetting process for all refugees entering the country. It would require additional reporting of such security measures and would mandate that senior-level security officials personally sign off on each refugee’s admittance." 

ARTICLE: "Illegals to be Housed at US Military Bases
Truth Revolt | Warm welcome for lawbreakers."   

On the *migrant invasion* front, ARTICLE: "Shock Video Shows Migrants in Berlin Shooting Guns, Throwing Fireworks
Paul Joseph Watson | Like something out of a warzone." 

ARTICLE: "The Latest: Slovak prime minister says integrating migrants is ‘impossible’
AP | Slovakia has a tiny Muslim community of several thousand." 

On the *Rape Epidemic-Conquest Is Here* front, VIDEO: "Muslims Engage In Sexual Terrorism Across Europe. We're Next Protect Our Daughters!  (Video) Stefan Molyneux CONTRIBUTOR: Due Diligence. 9 Jan 16 Alex Jones talks with Stefan Molyneux about the migrant crisis in Europe and how the "migrants" are raping their way through the countries that are taking them in. These terrorists are trying to repopulate the globe with more terror muslims, make no mistake about it. Muslim Rape..." 

VIDEO: The Rape of Europe
Paul Joseph Watson | Mass molestation of German women highlights Muslim migrant rape epidemic. 


ARTICLE: "Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf… New Year’s Migrant Sex Assault In Every Major German City
Breitbart | Police have recieved 53 complaints of harrasment relating to new year’s eve so far." 

ARTICLE: "Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year, Finnish police report
AFP | Finnish police ‘tipped off’ about plans by groups of asylum seekers to sexually harass women." 

ARTICLE: "Cologne Sex Attack Suspects Found With Note: “I Kill You,” “I Want to Have Sex With You”
Paul Joseph Watson | Migrants’ phones contained videos of victims being molested." 

ARTICLE: "‘Merkel Out!’: German Far-right Vents Fury After Cologne Attacks
Agence France-Presse | Banners and signs bearing slogans like “Rapefugees not welcome.” 

ARTICLE: "Cologne Sex Attacks: Police Chief Is Sacked Over Handling Of Assaults
Daily Mail | Wolfgang Albers was heavily criticised for the police’s response to the attacks on women by the groups of men among a 1,000-strong crowd." 

ARTICLE: "Why Germany can't face the truth about migrant sex attacks: SUE REID finds a nation in denial as a wave of horrific attacks is reported across Europe" 

ARTICLE: "The Migrant Rape Culture The Political Elite Wishes Were Fake
Daily Caller | It was almost too insane of a story to believe, but the stunning report out of Cologne, Germany on Arab rape gangs was sadly all too true." 

ARTICLE: "Two Teenage Girls Gang-raped By Four ‘Syrian Nationals’ In Southern Germany
London Telegraph | Reports flood in of sexual assaults against women across Germany as leaked police report states Cologne suspects ‘claimed to be Syrian refugees’."  

ARTICLE: "End of Europe: Merkel is Doing Good Job at ‘Destroying Her Own Continent’
Sputnik | German Chancellor Angela Merkel is working to gradually destroy the EU and European civilization from within, French lawyer Gabriel Robin wrote for Boulevard Voltaire." 

ARTICLE: "The fightback begins: German vigilante group vows to protect women from migrant attackers as 31 suspects arrested and three more for gang raping two teenagers" 

Article: "FIGHTBACK: German Vigilante Groups Pledge To Protect Women In Migrant Sex Assault Cities
Breitbart - Declaring “one for all, and all for one”, the motto of Sweden and a saying commonly associated with the Three Musketeers the new ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ group already had 2,300 members after it was launched on Facebook last night. The group intends to provide protection at major events and in city centres at weekends to ensure the safety of their fellow Germans, reports the Rheinische Post. While the desire to “protect our ladies future” appears sincere the group has already come under attack not only by police who maintain law enforcement should remain firmly their own responsibility, but also by the press who have labeled the group “absurd” and criticized it for including members of biker gangs." 

ARTICLE: "MORE Surprise! Germany’s Refugee Numbers Rise…and so do Rape Cases…
Louder With Crowder | Where are the feminists?" 

ARTICLE: "Pro-Refugee Mayor Defends Migrants After Mass Sexual Assault of German Women
Paul Joseph Watson | Official claims rape crisis has nothing to do with refugee program." 

On the *thanks Hillary for killing off Gaddafi* front, ARTICLE: "Gaddafi's Grim Prophecy Fulfills as Terrorism Spreads Across Europe 
Sputnik News - Gaddafi tried to explain Tony Blair in two phone conversations in February 2011 that if foreign powers helped Libyan rebels to overthrow his government then next thing Europeans would know jihadists would carry out terrorist attacks across the European continent… Gaddafi also welcomed foreign journalists to come over to Libya and see the situation for themselves, so the world would know the truth about those so-called "rebels" who eventually toppled his government… In the end, Gaddafi's words were ignored and three weeks later NATO began bombing the Libyan Armed Forces, which soon led to the overthrow of the Libyan government. After Gaddafi's government was overthrown and Colonel himself killed, the country failed to form a stable government and Libya descended into chaos."  

On the WAR AGAINST REAL MEN front, Article: "FIVE YEARS AFTER TUCSON: GABBY 'S DOMESTIC PlOT TO DISARM AMERICAN MEN The New Plot: American women are being trained to be victims to disarm the American Man... 
...Since my initial investigation into the Tucson shooting, I have been telling the public the truth about the plan to open a back door into an individual's medical records, which would be a brilliant and devious way to confiscate more firearms and prevent more Americans from purchasing guns. A way to place the American's right to own a firearm into the hands of the government. More ways to ask for permission from the government and a reason for the government to tell you no.
Among the victims of the 2011 shooting, is former democratic AZ congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, who was allegedly shot in the head and survived. Since 2011, she and her husband, Mark Kelly, have created an anti-gun organization called Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) , a 501(c)4 and Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC , a federal political committee. These organizations focus on so-called responsible gun ownership and gun violence. A sly way to pretend you are for the Second Amendment but yet find more loopholes for the government to make the decision whether or not you can own a firearm. Their usual excuses for more gun control has been the Loughner shooting and the Sandy Hook elementary shooting. Both shootings, have murky storylines fed to the American public, and irrefutable evidence is surfacing proving, nobody died at Sandy Hook . A plot from the very beginning to mind-control and disarm the nation." 

On the energy front, Cyber Warfare Causing Power Outage, It's Here... And Not Surprising 

ARTICLE: "WWIII Weapon of destruction: Highly destructive malware used to knock-out power to thousands of homes in Ukraine! First known instance of someone using malware to generate a power outage. 

On the SECRET POLICE STATE front, ARTICLE: "Secret Space Weapons Program Exposed as Ultimate Police State" 

On the *super surveillance state* front, ARTICLE: "Big Brother Watching You: When Spy Cameras Are Everywhere
New American | If you walk down the street in New York City or travel its subways, rest assured you’re being watched." 

On the THUG-PERV-MORON *TSA* front, ARTICLE: "Caught on Tape – TSA Gropes 10 Year Old Girl for Two Minutes Due to Capri Sun in Baggage
Michael Krieger | Just when you thought the TSA couldn’t possibly get any worse…" 

Informant promised a cut of all cash seizures, DOJ investigation finds." 
Mikael Thalen | - JANUARY 7, 2016 

ARTICLE: "U.S. legislators pull another 'Patriot Act,' quietly pass new surveillance law opposed by American voters
Following revelations by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that the federal government was scooping up terabytes of data on American citizens without their knowledge and often without a court order, Americans were outraged and let Congress know it. Under provisions in the Patriot..." 

On the tyranny-at-work front, The Beast System Is Banging On the Door of America ... At This Cosmic Spinpoint, this TRUTH Will Sink Deep Into the American Consciousness Due To Three Upcoming Events  

Meanwhile... ARTICLE: "Texas Governor Introduces Groundbreaking Plan to Override Obama’s Tyranny
Adan Salazar | Outspoken governor calls for Constitutional Convention to restore Rule of Law, take back states’ rights." 

On the *building of the YOU ARE HELPLESS society [no more rugged individualism for you]* front, ARTICLE: "Obama Touts ‘Road to Socialism’ Auto Bailout in Weekly Address
Breitbart | Obama mentioned that critics called it “the road to socialism” and said despite those labels, he would “make that bet again” given the opportunity." 

ARTICLE: "UN Agenda 2030: A Recipe for Global Socialism
New American | The United Nations and its mostly autocratic member regimes have big plans for your life." 

ARTICLE: "UN Sustainable Development Goals Went Live On Jan. 1, 2016 
...As innocuous as these Utopian goals sound, the devil is found in the details. The ultimate goal of Sustainable Development, which is an economic term, is to take over all means of production and consumption and convert the global economic system into a Technocracy." 

ARTICLE: "These Maps Show Us Where We Won't Be Able To Live After The Takeover Of America Is Completed - 'Human Access Denied'" ~ January 5, 2016 

On the IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU USE DRUGS OR NOT front, ARTICLE: "Drug test kits used by police are total science fraud: They produce positive results 70% of the time, no matter what is being tested ~ by: Daniel Barker Sunday, January 10, 2016 Most sane people – even a significant percentage of law enforcement authorities – now freely admit that the War on Drugs..." 

On the *who keeps hiring this rapist?* front, ARTICLE: "Cop Arrested Twice for Assaulting Women, Stayed a Cop and Was Just Arrested a Third Time
The Free Thought Project - Philadelphia Police Officer Deric Lewis was recently arrested for the third time, after being arrested on two other occasions and losing his job as a result. In his two previous arrests, Lewis was charged with assault and reckless endangerment, and was reported as being violent in both situations. As a result of the first two arrests, he lost his job. However, shortly after, he was rehired, only to be arrested again." 

On the FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP front, ARTICLE: "Is Something REALLY Bad Going To Happen Before Saturday? Facebook Blocks 'Group Sharing' For Several Websites Reporting On Hammond Ranch And Obama's Disarmament Attempt - Why?"  

On the CHINA CENSORSHIP front, ARTICLE: "Hong Kong Publishers Reportedly Being Kidnapped by Chinese Authorities and Taken to the Mainland
Michael Krieger | The scramble to crack down on dissent has become so intense, Chinese authorities seem to be now exerting illegal force against residents of Hong Kong."  

On the communication front, From a previous forecast: "Now, the Global War by the Dark-siders On Free, Uncensored Communication Hits a Zeitgeist in the Cyber World 

For, the reign of terror against free speech on the internet now becomes a firestorm of propaganda persuasion, 'false flag' cyber attacks, and dictatorial demands by the dark-side controllers and their political puppets. 

Thus, to establish a greater police state, and empire-rule the cyber world." 

ONE P.C. EXAMPLE: Article: "Plurality of Americans say colleges should police student speech
Campus Reform | 53 percent stated that colleges should “punish students who make racially offensive statements.”

On the ALTERNATIVE NEWS *the real media* front, ARTICLE: "The Patriots and the Independent Media Forces CNN and Obama to Address Our Concerns ~ by Dave Hodges ~ January 9, 2016 
The Oregon Militia and the Independent Media have forced Obama and the mainstream media out of the closet as they are forced to address our concerns.
Last night, CNN displayed The Common Sense Show website on the Anderson Cooper Show. Of course, CNN, aka, The Communist News Network is no stranger to the obfuscating the truth and employing every Nazi trick of propaganda. 
...I have longed to write these words:
America Is Waking Up to the Tyranny That Has Overwhelmed the Constitution and Christian Values of This Country.
In an interview with Anderson Cooper, President Obama was forced by inference to acknowledge Infowars and Alex Jones as accusing Obama of wanting to ferment gun confiscation and unilateral NDAA type of imposed martial law against those who would protest his policies.
Here is a quote from Infowars related to this matter:
Much like the Wizard of Oz, President Obama asked Americans to ignore “some website” showcasing the “conspiracy” by the Obama administration to disarm Americans and condition the country for martial law.
Can you believe that Obama was forced to address the allegations of the Independent Media on CNN? This is the impact that Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, Doug Hagmann are having on the political landscape. The other side is being forced to acknowledge that the Independent Media is pursuing truthful and repetitive charges of continual Constitutional violations by the Obama administration." 

On the home front, NO ALTERNATIVE MEDIA INTERVIEW WITH ***AMMON BUNDY*** FOR YOU, DAVE HODGES & REVOLUTION RADIO... YEAH, CENSORSHIP-HACKED TO THE MAX!!! And You, America, Don't Get To Hear the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth 

ARTICLE: "Why Are the Feds Keeping Ammon Bundy and Dave Hodges Apart By Any Means Possible? ~ by Dave Hodges ~ January 11, 2016 
Earlier in the week, I, Dave Hodges,  had written that to avoid a massacre of the Ammon Bundy led force, more people had to descend upon Oregon, or Ammon’s people had better leave. The more people and groups arrive in the beleaguered areaall the better for the Patriots, and that this would exponentially increase the risk of public ridicule against the federal government should violence breakout. against a larger group of people.
Right now, CNN and FOX are trying to characterize the Bundy led standoff as an action led by half crazed radicals with nothing better to do with their time. The term, “Domestic Terrorists”, comes to mind with how the Patriots are being characterized by the mainstream media.
Ammon Bundy Scheduled to Appear On The Common Sense Show 1/10/2016 at 830pm MST
The Common Sense Show covertly scheduled an interview to air on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 830pm MST. The interview was set up by back channel sources in order to avoid the attention of the feds for fear the interview would be interfered with. The health reporter for The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan, was handling the details with someone inside the Bundy camp.
I was interviewing Sheila Zilinski when her communications were taken down just prior to our bottom of the hour commercials which would have been followed by Ammon Bundy appearing on The Common Sense Show.
Federal Government Interference
Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was right, the First Amendment is basically dead.
The Common Sense Show has been taken down before by outside forces, but our phones and our subsequent ability to record and interview for the archives have never been impacted, at least until last Sunday night.
After Sheila was forcibly taken off the air, I announced the following:
“At the bottom of the hour, we are scheduled to interview Ammon Bundy. We fear that the feds will interfere with our broadcast as they have so many times before. However, we have always been able to record and interview and play it later on the archives. If we lose communications with our satellite provider, we will be posting the archives on Monday morning. The feds will not be allowed to keep the message from Ammon Bundy from going out.”
These were famous last words from myself. The federal  government’s takedown of the show was utterly complete and effective. I received a message from the producer, “I am phoning Ammon now”. Then there was complete silence." 

ARTICLE: "Idaho Militia Group Arrive To ‘Secure Perimeter, Prevent Waco-style Situation’ At Oregon Refuge
Washington Times | Mr. Bundy said if the Idaho group hadn’t showed up, “I’d worry” about a Waco-style siege by federal officers." 

VIDEO: Update! Historic: Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Percenters Roll Up on FBI Compound (Pacific Patriot Network) (video) 

"Bundys and militia taking defensive positions"
Mikael Thalen & Joe Biggs | - JANUARY 5, 2016 

On the *possible civil war* front, ARTICLE: "Federal 'Administrative' Agencies Preparing For Civil War? Locked And Loaded Under Obama"

ARTICLE: "Internal War Is Now On The Horizon For America
Brandon Smith | Develop a tactical mindset because the future will require tactical minds."  

ARTICLE: "Breaking: Retired Officer Leaks Major Intel On Civilian Camp Preparations Happening Now in California! Jade Helm Phase II and the Invasion CURATOR: Lisa Haven. ~ Tutorial By Lisa Haven In the video below YouTuber Paul Begley claims he has received crucial information from a retired officer in the San Francisco Bay area, who has just leaked some critical intel..." 

ARTICLE: "Study: Obama Has Issued More Restrictive Executive Orders Than Past SIX Administrations
Steve Watson | Uses more words that create binding, legal obligations, such as ‘shall’ and ‘must’." 

ARTICLE: "Americans Skeptical of “Global Warming” Can Lose Gun Rights Due to Executive Order
Psychologists have previously called “climate change denial” a “mental disorder.”

On the GIANT CALIFORNIA GAS LEAK front, ARTICLE: "Doctors Urge California Residents “Leave Now…While You Can” As Gas Leak Fears Grow
Claire Bernish | California Governor Jerry Brown finally declared a state of emergency." 

ARTICLE: "'It's like being in a disaster area, but it's not a disaster you can see': Invisible methane gas leak forces thousands to flee upscale Los Angeles neighborhood..." 

On the food front, Do Whatever You and Your Family Can Do To Stock Up On Good Food, and Grow Your Own Food ... The Times They Are A'Changin' 

On the MON-SATANO/GMO front, Article: "Monsanto's secret studies showed glyphosate caused cancer four decades ago
The world's most hated chemical company, Monsanto, knowingly engaged in some shady wheeling-and-dealing to get its prized herbicide, Roundup (glyphosate), approved for commercial use, a new independent inquiry has revealed. Dr. Stephanie Seneff from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology..." 

ARTICLE: "‘Monsanto get out!’ Protests against agro-giant held in Argentina
RT | Demonstrators in the Argentinian capital held banners reading “Monsanto get out”, chanted and beat on drums." 

Article: "BREAKING: Taiwan bans GMOs from school lunches… mandates GMO labeling nationwide… throws down gauntlet on toxic foods from USA and Monsanto
by Mike Adams Sunday, January 10, 2016" 

ARTICLE: "‘Monsanto get out!’ Protests against agro-giant held in Argentina
RT | Demonstrators in the Argentinian capital held banners reading “Monsanto get out”, chanted and beat on drums." 

ARTICLE: "Venezuela passes new law rejecting GMOs and seed patents nationwide
In 2004, President Hugo Chavez prevented the planting of 500,000 acres of Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) corn. Since then the Venezuelan farmers have been expressing strong feelings against growing or buying GM seeds. However, this didn't stop big corporations from trying to push..." 

ARTICLE: "Lane County, Oregon Tries to Kick Out Monsanto with GM Ban" 

ARTICLE: "Ruling Protects Organic Farmers, 'GM-Free' Zones in Jackson County, Oregon
A ruling was made that is a win for farmers growing non-GM crops in Jackson County, Oregon." 

ARTICLE: "Monsanto is Sinking: 3,600 Job Cuts as Corn, Roundup Sales Plummet
Monsanto revealed that it will be cutting 3,600 jobs due to restructuring and falling sales of its herbicide chemicals." 

ARTICLE: "Monsanto to face tribunal at The Hague for ‘ecocide’ against humanity and the planet ~ by: Ethan A. Huff Sunday, January 10, 2016 An international tribunal made up of some of the world’s leading environmental and human rights groups..." 

ARTICLE: "Going GMO-Free! Big Food companies and producers are starting to realize that going GMO-free is essential if they want to sustain profits.
So here is some good news! A company dedicated to 'GMO-free' crops has recently made a move to supply non-GMO grains to food and beverage companies everywhere! This will help meet the growing demand in the US for non-GM food. 

On the GMO Genetic Engineering front, Article: "GMOs used as gene-altering superweapons could make humanity extinct"

On the *want to go organic, this is what happens to you* front, ARTICLE: "Chipotle faces criminal probe over norovirus outbreak
CBS News - The restaurant chain said Wednesday it has been served with a federal grand jury subpoena as part of a criminal investigation tied to a norovirus outbreak this summer at one of its restaurants in California. The investigation is being conducted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Central District of California in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration, the company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday.... Chipotle sales have plunged following reports of customers getting ill. The company, which says in the filing that the contaminated food outbreaks will affect its financial results, expects sales for the fourth quarter to be down 14.6 percent, which would mark the first decline since the company went public in 2006. Shares of the company, which have fallen sharply since October, were down 1.7 percent to $440.88 in early trading." 

On the END OF REAL HEALTHCARE [hello, death panels] front, ARTICLE: "Obamacare's Resurrected Death Panels Modeled After Hitler's T4 Program Which Had 'Red List' Patients Slaughtered - January 10, 2016 ~ Is This What's Coming To America?" 

On the *shoot 'em up with vaccines* front, ARTICLE: "22,000 Nurses Refuse 'Mandatory' Vaccinations Fighting for the right to choose -hospital systems are REQUIRED to have a 90% or higher flu shot reception rate among their staff, or they lose up to 2% of their funding of Medicare/Medicaid... 
If you are a nurse in the US and refuse the flu vaccine (one the CDC has even admitted doesn’t always work, largely due to fast mutations and too slow of production) then you have to wear a face mask while on duty. Despite the fact that multiple studies have also shown that flu vaccinations are ineffective and do not offer any extra protection for hospital patients, hospitals are forcing the issue on some of their most prized employees.
Some nurses are choosing to lose their jobs instead of being forced into receiving a vaccine. Others are fighting back by suing the hospital, state, and federal governments for $100,000,000 for trying to take away their constitutional rights." 

On the SUPERBUG front, ARTICLE: "7 Oregon Zoo staff test positive for TB after outbreak among elephants" 

On the really bad news front, Chemical Destruction of Children's Brains... and the Lead In Flint, Michigan Water 

ARTICLE: "Pervasive industrial chemicals are destroying children's brains
Scientists are increasingly uncovering the ways in which ubiquitous industrial chemicals are damaging children's brain development, condemning a generation of children to neurobehavioral disorders from hyperactivity to autism. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..." 

ARTICLE: "Increasing Calls For Arrest Of Michigan Governor As Poisoned Water Scandal Explodes 

Meanwhile... On the *gov loves you SNARK* front, ARTICLE: "The federal government is deliberately blocking an extraordinary molecule that can block liver damage caused by alcohol consumption.
This amazing molecule is derived from licorice root, and it protects the liver from damage caused by alcohol and over-the-counter painkillers such as Tylenol.
But when one company tried to infuse this into vodka and other alcohols, they were threatened by the feds and told they couldn't even mention it on alcohol labels.
It turns out that the federal government wants to make sure drinking alcohol is as dangerous and deadly as possible because liver damage is a huge profit center for hospitals, transplant surgeons, doctors and drug companies!
Read this shocking truth that the U.S. federal government has been desperately trying to cover up" 

On the really bad news NUKING THE PEOPLE and ANIMALS front, Article: "RADCON 5 Alert: Pittsburgh, PA - Officials In California Warn 'It's On The Brink Of Pandemonium' 
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
The Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center declared a RADCON 5 Alert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Friday as seen in the screenshots above and below, just the latest sign of radiation in America. With officials in the Los Angeles, California warning 'it's on the brink of pandemonium' in referring to the methane leak spraying continuous poisons into our atmosphere for the 4th month straight, we have to ask why the mainstream media isn't paying as much attention to the horrible carnage being inflicted upon our environment by Fukushima radiation as the event in California? We're happy they have finally decided to cover now that the methane leak in California has been called a state of emergency.
We also learned about another horrifying story from ENENews that you'll notice the mainstream media continues to ignore, the heartbreaking deaths of 200,000 sea lions add to the massive numbers of sea life and wild animals that have perished in Fukushima's slaughter of our oceans. Telling us that most of the animals are starving to death, how long will it be till we remember that we, too, are only a part of the 'web of life' as are the countless number of dead sea lions, whales, starfish, tuna and the list goes on and on? We've long been warned what we do to the oceans and the planet, we do to ourselves, are we next in line?" 

On the really bad history news front, ARTICLE: "Genocide, The British Don’t Want You To Know About – They Systematically Starved To Death Over 60 Millions Of Eastern Indians!" 

On the good news front, Those of Us With a Real Backbone Now Stand Taller Than Ever ... For, We Are the Lovers of Freedom ... And We Will Not Backdown 

On the global mafia cabal front, The Divine-Blazing Light of TRUTH: Different Tentacles and Factions of the Same Global Beast System Are Being Revealed To the Public  

ARTICLE: "The Proof Is In: The US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History
Paul Craig Roberts | Washington asserts the power of US courts over foreign nationals and claims extra-territorial jurisdiction of US courts over foreign activities." 

ARTICLE: "Secret papers show HOW Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles run the UK and the commonwealth 3-4 of the Globe. It was said that corporations have become bigger than most countries" 

On the YOU'RE A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN front, ARTICLE: "U.S. politicians demand veterans sacrifice meager pensions to keep government salaries 300% higher than the average American's
One thing is for certain: The American political class – the self-anointed elite among us – is not merely well taken care of; they are pampered, much like the ruling class in 18th century England. Their healthcare is paid for, their pensions assured (even if they only serve..." 

On the heroine front, ARTICLE: "Chinese Immigrant Turned Citizen Defies Obama Gun Grab: 'I Will Never Be A Slave Again’ [] NOTE HER WEAPON, SITE AND FINGER POSITION TELLS ME SHE KNOW HOW TO USE HER WEAPON AND IS SERIOUS-GOD BLESS HER" 

On the CREATIVE HERO front, R.I.P. David Bowie, star of THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH... his out of this world creativity touched us All, and made this world a better place, especially for those of us who resonate with this level of artistic creativity. 

On the *to heck with common core, teach your children math well* front, ARTICLE: "Common Core Creator: Don't Help With Math 
The Daily Caller - One of the chief creators of the Common Core math standards is warning America’s parents to stop teaching their own children basic math because, he says, public school teachers are well-trained experts who understand rudimentary arithmetic far better. The directive to leave children submerged in confusion as they try to do homework comes from Jason Zimba, who was part of a trio that originally wrote the Common Core math standards. “The math instruction on the part of parents should be low. The teacher is there to explain the curriculum,” Zimba told The Hechinger Report, an education journalism website published by Columbia University’s Teachers College." 

On the *political climate* front, ARTICLE: "SHOCK POLL: 20% of likely Democratic voters to cross over, vote Trump
American Mirror | When crossover voters were asked how sure they were, 63% of the Democrats who said they would crossover were “100% sure.” 

ARTICLE: "They Did It Again… Secret Service Blocks Reporters From Asking Hillary Questions in Nevada
Gateway Pundit | Only a couple hundred turned out to hear the former Secretary of State." 

On the scumbag political front, ARTICLE: "Obama Top Recipient of ‘Smart Gun’ Cash
Washington Free Beacon | Executive order could drive millions to donors, including major defense contractor." 

ARTICLE: "Hillary’s EmailGate Goes Nuclear
Observer News | Does the latest release of Hillary’s State Department emails include highly classified U.S. intelligence?" 

ARTICLE: "Hillary Clinton Made More in 12 Speeches to Big Banks Than Most of Us Earn in a Lifetime
The Intercept | Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders this week assailed rival Hillary Clinton for taking large speaking fees from the financial industry since leaving the State Department." 

Sanders campaign has not responded to media requests for comment
Jack Davis | Western Journalism - JANUARY 8, 2016 
Public records show that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders used campaign money to hire his wife and stepdaughter, the Free Beacon has reported.
The on-line news organization also reported that Sanders’ wife steered money to family and friends during her tenure as president of Burlington College." 

ARTICLE: "Bernie Sanders praises communist mass murderer on video - this is the true philosophy of the extreme left
Despite having murdered some 30,000 of his own people without a fair trial or due process, former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is somehow a political hero in the eyes of Democratic presidential candidate and avowed socialist Bernie..." 

ARTICLE: "Notoriously Corrupt Democrat Harry Reid Wants to Use Slush Fund Money for Retirement
Kurt Nimmo | Most Americans will not be able to retire, but Harry may sail off into the sunset with $600,000." 

On the DO GUNS, NOT PRESCRIPTION DRUGS front, ARTICLE: "46,471: Drug Overdoses Killed More Americans Than Car Crashes or Guns" 

On the OBAMA ARMS SALES front, ARTICLE: "Gun Control? What About US Arms Sales?
Jacob G. Hornberger | According to the New York Times, US foreign arms deals increased nearly $10 billion in 2014." 

On the *hardcore treason* front, Article: "CNN Op-Ed Calls For Obama to Declare “National State of Emergency” to Gut 2nd Amendment
Paul Joseph Watson | Martial law-style move would “scare” gun rights groups into submission." 

ARTICLE: "White House press release reveals Obamacare was crafted to help expand gun control
By now it should be fairly obvious that President Obama and his sycophantic followers seeking to "fundamentally transform" the country don't implement public policies willy-nilly. There is almost always an agenda behind everything this president does – an agenda that has little to..." 

On the SECOND AMENDMENT *rising gun culture* front, VIDEO: Rape Survivor Asks Obama: Why Can’t You See Gun Restrictions Make My Kids and I Less Safe? (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit - Rape survivor Kimberly Weeks Corban attended President Obama’s Gun Control Town Hall tonight on CNN. Kimberly was raped by a man who broke into her apartment. Tonight Kimberly asked the president why he wanted to make her children less safe. “As a survivor of rape and now a mother of two small children it seems like being able to purchase a firearm of my choosing and being able to carry that wherever me and my family are. My basic responsibility is as of a parent at this point. I have been unspeakably victimized once already. I refuse to let that happen again to myself or my kids. So why can’t your administration see that these restrictions you’re putting to make it harder for me to own a gun or make it harder for me to take that where I need to be is actually making my kids and I less safe.” Kimberly Weeks Corban wrote a chilling essay about her rape on Revealing Politics in 2013, arguing against a ban on concealed carry on college campuses that would disarm victims like her. 

ARTICLE: "MO Woman Credits Second Amendment for Saving Her Family (Video)
Gateway Pundit | A Missouri woman credited her Second Amendment rights for saving her family. Katie Claxton wrote about her experience on Facebook this week." 

ARTICLE: "The Constitution, the president and guns
Andrew P. Napolitano | Obama has no authority to issue firearms laws that Congress has rejected."

ARTICLE: "The American Public’s Positive Perception of the NRA Soars in the Face of Obama’s Gun Control Agenda
Michael Krieger | The American public’s perception of guns and the NRA is moving in the exact opposite direction of Barack Obama’s message and agenda." 

ARTICLE: "Obama Responds to Infowars on Gun Control, Martial Law
Kit Daniels | Desperate Obama forced to counter Infowars directly." 

ARTICLE: "Violent leftists threaten to shoot up BBQ joint owned by black man because he supports Texas open-carry laws
When it comes to the use of force and violence to make a political statement, nobody holds a candle to Left-wing "progressives." Though they love to portray conservatives as "right-wing, gun-toting, violent racist bigots," political Lefties are the true purveyors of hate, mayhem and destruction..." 

ARTICLE: "Josh Earnest: ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If Opponents Try to Tie Up Gun Control Legislation in Court for 12 Months
CNS News | “A lot of the work that has gone on has been to ensure that we would have confidence in the legal basis of these actions.” 

ARTICLE: "Here’s How Obama Plans To Unilaterally Curb Your Second Amendment Rights
Bizpac Review | Here we go again with the pen and phone." 

ARTICLE: "Obama Executive Order May Require Those Selling Even a Single Firearm to Become Licensed Dealers
Washington Free Beacon | Order also brings back plan to keep certain Social Security recipients from buying guns." 

ARTICLE: "Americans With “Alternative Views” Could be Labeled Crazy, Have Guns Taken
Paul Joseph Watson | Preppers, people who complained about corruption previously deemed “mentally defective”.

ARTICLE: "Sales Of Firearms Are Booming In The Wake Of Obama’s Attempted Gun Grab
Steve Watson | Rand Paul vows to “fight Obama tooth and nail”.

On the freedom front, THE PEOPLE Versus the Big-Brother *Out of Control* Federal Government ... This Peaceful Battle Will Only Escalate 

ARTICLE: "New Gallup Poll – Americans Consider Government a Much Bigger Problem than Guns
Michael Krieger | U.S. President Barack Obama is not just the world’s best gun salesman, he’s also the world’s worst gun control spokesperson."  

ARTICLE: "Obama Pushes More Gun Control; Most Americans Don’t Want It
New American | Just as President Obama is amping up the volume on his gun-control agenda, the American people are telling Gallup they really couldn’t care less." 

ARTICLE: "Trump To Hillary: If Guns Don’t Keep You Safe, Disarm Your Bodyguards
UPI | “She should demand that her heavily armed bodyguards quickly disarm!”

On the HOLLOW-WOOD front, ARTICLE: "Hollywood backs Obama’s gun control push
The Hill | Hollywood is getting behind President Obama’s push to expand gun control through executive action." 

On the HADRON COLLIDER front, ARTICLE: "What IS going on over the Large Hadron Collider? US tourists claim to have filmed mysterious vortex of clouds and UFO orb of light flying into it above Swiss facility
Clip shows clouds swirling in the sky above the nuclear research tunnels
Orb of light appears and travels at speed towards the centre of the vortex
It reaches the middle before mysteriously vanishing along with the clouds
Video has sparked debate online with some viewers calling footage a hoax" 

Trendwise, The MIND CONTROL ASSIMILATION of Humankind 

ARTICLE: "Will Mind Control Technology Be Applied to the Oregon Patriots? Confidential Source Says Yes 
I have an on-the-ground-report which has informed me that mind control technologies will likely be applied in the Burns, Oregon standoff. Yes, it is only one report, but the content matches what I know to be true about the technology.
Mr. Hodges,
I work with a consortium of engineers and we have “accidentally” discovered an anomalous band of electronic frequency which is out of the ordinary and the location is near the Burns, Oregon, stand-off event in which a group of ranchers are protesting the taking over of their land by the BLM.
I am not at liberty to discuss the delivery mechanism because it could lead to some of my colleagues. My colleagues have complained that they are no longer in charge of their own experiments and the nature and tone of the experiments is such that we all believe that a widespread application of what you have labeled “mind control” is about to be unleashed on the world, not just the United States. 
You have published enough that we feel that you were the appropriate conduit to release the information on this. The public has a right to know what is about to be done to them. The RF involved is at RF at 2.4 GHz. This RF is  NOT Wi-Fi, bluetooth, microwave, etc.
If you are willing to publish and distribute, we will send you more information………….
...However, Watson’s depiction of the phony cell phone towers only represents half of the picture. On the other side of the coin, these towers are part of a mind control apparatus. Here is an excerpt of the relevant patent.
...The patent’s use of the phrase “… introduction of a plurality of microwaves into the region of the auditory cortex is shown…The multifrequency microwaves are then applied to the brain in the region of the auditory cortex. By this method sounds are perceived by the mammal which are representative of the original sound received by the microphone“. In other words, this is a smoking gun patent for what is often referred to as “voice to skull” technology. This means that the thoughts (i.e. words) in your head may not be your own. This patent clearly demonstrates that the technology has existed to control your thoughts and the technology is over 35 years old.  
Today, your smart meter, smart appliances and your wi-fi networks in your home all have this capability. In fact, one of my military sources, once associated with the project known as “Owning the Weather 2025”, tells me that any device which can receive or send an electrical signal is vulnerable to the manifestation of mind control through the psychotronic manipulation of the mind. 
...The lesson is clear, embedded chips can turn normal people into crazed killers and it can take crazed killers and turn them into passive beings. Interestingly, the most famous graduate of the MK Ultra program was the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. 
...The technology has publicly advanced to the point of where memories can be implanted through the use of specialized “USB” devices inserted directly into the regions of the brain responsible for certain memories. The implication is stunning. Not only can thoughts, not of your own choosing, be externally planted in your brain, now the technology exists to implant false memories." 

THIS WEEK, inner joy is yours if you take a walk in the park... whether in Nature or in your mind... give yourself the gift of time to simply be. 

Angelic Blessings from Volcano & Sedona 

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