Monday, January 4, 2016

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 4, 2016

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #383   

THE WILDCARD EVENTS OF 2015 ARE STILL IN PLAY BIGTIME ... This Will Be Demonstrated During the Following Month 

On the AWAKENING front, The Vibrational Transition From a Dark-side Prison Planet To a Venus Love Vibration World ... For, Mother Earth Ascends Ever Faster

Out of this grand frequency change, turmoil erupts throughout the world. For, the Viper Elite fight for the enslavement of humankind, pulling every dirty evil trick in their sorcery and tech bag. 

Meanwhile, those who cannot psychologically adjust/adapt to a love vibe will battle to bring those on the Ascension Path down to their level. Simply remain AWARE and AWAKE, and let your heart's love bloom ever bigger. 

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' take on the serpents of darkness, swiping off their evil heads with their mighty lightblades.  This will result in a new freedom of thought for many. Or a Divine AWARENESS of what has been kept hidden from humanity comes into sudden focus. 

For, this is the ultimate key: an AWARENESS of the TRUTH about your personal power as a human being.  

On the personal front, This week ushers in much turbulence on the world stage from all directions. This will likely have a direct bearing on your personal life, and your relationships. 

Be prepared to communicate with one another as never before. For, the deeper you understand each other, and speak with one another, the better it is for ALL concerned. 

Also, likely there will be certain money issues to contend with, and/or bureaucratic issues that will be ill-timed. Out of this, important life decisions must be made. 

Hang onto your hat, and muddle through as best as possible. Then, consider how to arrange your future on a more positive note. 

On the *Clairvoyant 2016* front, ARTICLE: Clairvoyant Has Ominous Warning for 2016 ~ January 01, 2016
The prediction of an allegedly clairvoyant blind woman from Bulgaria has some Europeans on edge as the new year begins.
Baba Vanga is credited by some with having predicted 9/11 and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.
Before she passed away in 1996, the soothsayer was said to have shared a number of predictions for future world events.
And now her forecast for 2016 has been unveiled and it is ominous.
According to Vanga, this year will see Europe invaded by extremist Muslims using chemical weapons.
The invasion will be so brutal, she warned, that it will shatter the continent by the end of the year.
Unfortunately, Vanga's adherents claim that the mystic's predictions were correct 85% of the time, making her vision for 2016 a worrisome outlook on the future.Source: The Mirror 

On the paranormal front, Past Lives ... Nessie Sightings ... the Burning Tree ... This Week Will Likely Highlights a New Type of UFO  

ARTICLE: "Children Who Remember Previous Lives ~ Thursday, December 31, 2015 
Studies continue to focus on children who recall apparent previous lives with uncanny accuracy." — Daily Mail 

ARTICLE: "Nessie Sightings of 2015 ~ Thursday, December 31, 2015
A roundup of the most reliable Loch Ness Monster sightings of the past year. — Loch Ness Mystery" 

ARTICLE: "Ohio hikers inadvertently make spine-tingling Blair Witch-style film after encountering 'Devil tree' burning from the inside and with NO smoke
A group of hikers encountered a tree that appeared to be burning from the inside in Ohio
One of the hikers filmed video of the tree and shared it to YouTube  
The incident happened in Defiance, Ohio, which is located about 60 miles outside of Toledo" 

On the BIGFOOT front, ARTICLE: "Bigfoot Turns Its Back As Father And Son Walk By (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. A lot of animals in the wild hide in plain sight by remaining absolutely still. Does bigfoot use the same tactic at times to hide from us? It seems like a good possibility. Jeff Patterson believes he has captured footage of a bigfoot doing exactly that. As he and his..." 

On the MOON UFO front, ARTICLE: "Contractor Claims NASA Covered Up 3 UFO Sightings on Moon
December 29, 2015 Paul Seaburn A video has surfaced showing a woman claiming to be a former NASA contractor who says she viewed and heard evidence that NASA astronauts saw three UFOs land on the moon which were later covered up in an operation code-named “Santa Claus.” She also claims that thousands of photographs of UFOs have been altered and airbrushed. Is she telling the truth?
They didn’t threaten to kill me but I got the message I shouldn’t talk about it.
That’s what Donna Hare says in a video made in 2013 that has surfaced this week. In it, this former employee of the computer and engineering contractor Philco Ford says she had security clearance to enter a mysterious Building 8 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston in the 1970s. There she says she received confidential information “over lunch” from officials who said that if they were caught, they would “lose their pensions.”  

On the UFO front, BLURB: "Resetting UFO Research
Author and researcher Jack Brewer checked in for the second half with his contention that UFO study has been compromised by both government disinformation and many Ufologists. Brewer has been a student of alien abduction and the UFO phenomenon for over 20 years. He describes himself as a skeptic in the classical sense of the word, meaning that he takes nothing at face value. By some of their statements, Brewer believes that some government agents are "inserting the intelligence community into the genre" of UFOs and abductions. Some of this may be for gathering intelligence or performing counterintelligence or perhaps, more ominously, as an adjunct to mind control projects. In spite of this, Brewer thinks that only a small percentage of UFO reports may be due to government influence, although the spread of disinformation is more widespread and troubling.
As for the research community, Brewer thinks that much of ufology "seems to be at times a self-perpetuating meme–almost a mythology" and that care must be taken to examine the mystery as a true unknown, rather than one full of assumptions about extraterrestrials and their motivations. He also believes that abductees deserve "proper respect and resources" from trained psychology professionals. In general, he thinks that much of UFO study is currently burdened with the "difference between a fact and a supposition" and it will take many years of patient research, true scientific methods, and suspension of judgment to approach any solution to the enigma." 

ARTICLE: "Why the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge UFOs ~ Sunday, January 3, 2016
There’s no subject more ignored, shunned and discounted by the mainstream media than that of UFOs." — RT 

ARTICLE: "Golden Morphing Plasma UFO Filmed Over New York (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Jeffery Pritchett. Some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma. Tony Shia recorded with special equipment an amazing plasma UFO in the sky over New York, last September 2015. When the camera gets in focus we can see something strange. The plasma UFO continues to change its shape in the sky. Sometimes it..." 

ARTICLE: "Photographing the Tiny Upstate New York Town Obsessed with UFOs ~ Friday, January 1, 2016
Although Pine Bush is a small hamlet with a population of 1,780, it is big in the world of ufology." — Atlas Obscura 

ARTICLE: "Montana man claims he has proof of UFOs in images captured by powerful cameras ~ Tuesday, December 29, 2015
The five photos show two smooth, cylindrical objects that appear to be moving through the sky at high speed." — NY Daily News

On the MARS front, BLURB: "Martian Apocalypse
Nuclear physicist John Brandenburg joined George in the first half to discuss Mars anomalies. His theory is that there is ample evidence (in the form of artifacts observed by orbiters and rovers) for an ancient civilization on the red planet, which he believes was wiped out in a nuclear holocaust at some time in the distant past. His quest began with early images from the Viking orbiter, which showed the famous "face" in the Cydonia region. He and fellow scientists examined this and subsequent pictures taken with better resolution and discovered that the formation had "nostrils" where the nose would be. Brandenburg says that Mars "was earthlike in the past."
He described the ancient Martian civilization as primitive, on the level of the Egyptians or the Aztecs, who built their huge monuments out of stone, and that about a quarter to a half-billion years ago (before the age of the dinosaurs on Earth) two massive nuclear explosions destroyed all life on the planet. He has theorized that the attacks came from an extraterrestrial force that dropped bombs from space with an estimated total yield of "a billion megatons." He says that the presence of excessive xenon and krypton gas in the atmosphere of Mars are the fingerprint of this massive tragedy. Brandenburg described the problem of discovery of these issues as a "Darwinian cosmic intelligence test," meaning that the human race must go to Mars and study the reasons for the planet's destruction in order to save our ourselves or to deal with any other intelligences in the universe. View related image: 'Aztec Head' on Mars."" 


On the ANCIENT CITY IN ANTARCTICA front, ARTICLE: "Ruins of an Ancient City With a Storied Past Surface in Antarctica ~ By conspiracyclub - Dec 31, 2015 
A California TV crew missing since November 2002, a video they left behind and a mission by U.S. Navy SEALs are the key elements in a story that claims extensive ancient ruins have been found under the ice of Antarctica. That’s according to archaeologist and adventurer Jonathan Gray of World Education Research Ltd in his free newsletter Archeology News Flash.
A spokesman for the company is reported to have said at the time that “The U.S. government said it will seek to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archaeological dig is underway two miles (3,200 meters) beneath the ice.”
“The AtlantisTV production crew that shot the video is still missing.” reports Gray. 

On the *past revealing itself* front, ARTICLE: "The mystery of the strange briefcase and two mysterious skulls discovered in the mountains in Russia" 

ARTICLE: "Son of Hercules vs. Hydra: Altar Showing Mythical Battle Discovered ~Tuesday, December 29, 2015
An ancient marble altar showing a nude warrior battling a serpent monster has been discovered by villagers near the Akçay River in Turkey." — LiveScience


On the CLIMATE CHANGE *yeah, get rid of the oil economy* front, VIDEO: "'Man stupid, fix Earth' says Koko the gorilla ~ Saturday, January 2, 2016
A gorilla who can speak sign language has appeared in a new video to raise awareness for climate change." — Unexplained Mysteries 

ARTICLE: "Climate Models Have Been Wrong About Global Warming For Six Decades
Daily Caller | “This is a devastating indictment of climate model performance.”

ARTICLE: "A new tree fungus in Hawaii has killed hundreds of thousands of native Ohia Lehua trees: 50% of trees crucial for the water supply killed in one year" 

ARTICLE: "Paper: Scientists Still Can’t Explain The ‘Grand Hiatus’ In Global Warming
Daily Caller | “Can’t explain the warming from 1910-1945 or the mid-century grand hiatus.” 

On the land changes front, Once Again: "the Year 2016, Giant Volcanic Eruptions ... the Quake Uptake Will Only Continue ... Also, TWO Major Earthquakes Are 'Likely' in the Middle East and In South America Within the Next Three Months ... As Well, the Superstorms and the Wacky Brutal Weather Continues Across the Planet With Late Spring and Autumn Being the Most Dangerous Times ... This Is the Year To Find Safe Ground and Hunker Bunker Down ... Further, Watch Out For Those Comets, Asteroids, and X Planets" 

HEADLINE: "Very deep M6.4 earthquake hits northeast China :Over 3 million people are living within 100 km (62 miles) radius." 



857 quakes in '15!
KOCO - DECEMBER 31, 2015 

HEADLINE: "Volcano Uptick! The second eruption of 2016.....Guatemala's Fuego volcano spews hot ash 24,000 feet into the sky" 

ARTICLE: "'It's going to get ugly': Midwest calls in national guard as flood disaster unfolds Sixteen states issue flood warnings as waters blamed for 22 deaths in Illinois, while Missouri governor expects record-breaking disaster" 

ARTICLE: "Historic Mississippi flooding threatens 17 MILLION people: Levees burst, water rises to record levels and officials warn of more deaths to come in crisis that has already claimed 18 lives" 

ARTICLE: "Massive Texas blizzard kills 30,000 head of livestock 
January 2016 – TEXAS – The Texas blizzard “Goliath” may have claimed more than 30,000 animals this week in Texas. A statement obtained by Breitbart Texas from the Texas Association of Dairymen (TAD) says that the winter storm named Goliath “hit hard at the heart of the Texas dairy industry.” 

ARTICLE: "Weird weather brings warm welcome to 2016
AFP | The world is beset by extreme weather events as it welcomes 2016."  

ARTICLE: "Freak Storm at North Pole Pushes Temperature 50 Degrees Above Normal ~ Thursday, December 31, 2015
Temperature at the North Pole was actually above freezing for a brief time." — Washington Post 

ARTICLE: "Record Cold Temperatures Hit LA
LA Weekly | Southern California does get real weather. Sometimes." 

On the METHANE LEAK front, ARTICLE: "California methane leak is not the only one in the US. The Four Corners region Arizona released 0.59 million metric tons of methane into the atmosphere every year since 2003: And is methane killing marine life along the west coast?" 

On the CYBER HACKING front, HEADLINE: "Report: 191M voter records exposed online"

On the YOUR TAXES AT WORK front, Article: "FISCAL INSANITY: US government spends billions convincing Americans to support more government spending
If the founding fathers were to return to their progeny somehow, they would find an unrecognizable country. Some of the changes implemented since they fought a successful rebellion against the world's preeminent military power of the day would likely be applauded by them: Women's suffrage..." 

On the THEY GET TO LIVE LIKE KINGS WHILE WE GET TO LIVE LIKE PAUPERS ... AND THE TAXPAYERS ARE FOOTING THE BILL front, ARTICLE: "Judicial Watch: Secret Service Expenses for Obama’s 2013 Hawaii Christmas Vacation Cost Taxpayers $316,698.03, Taxpayers Paid Over $8 Million for 17-Day Vacation
Judicial Watch | These new expenses bring the total for the Hawaii Christmas vacation trip to $8,098,060.33."  

On the BANKSTER GANGSTER front, BLURB: Banking Swindle ...Ellen Brown talked about a possible looming financial crisis and the problem of debt. Brown says that debt is one of the main methods used to keep us in servitude. She explained the problem of "derivatives" and how they are basically "bets" for or against financial risks and how banks and other institutions play both sides of this coin for their own gain. Money is made even when borrowers go into default because the "bet" covers failure as well. Brown says that much of the housing crash of 2008 was created and caused by the mortgage derivatives market.
Along with a banking system that is built on boom and bust cycles (so that banks can foreclose on defaulted loans) Brown says that this system needs to change because it will almost certainly lead to another financial crisis. Another worrisome trend is the spreading problem of "buy-ins," in which a bank confiscates depositors' assets in order to stay afloat, rather than looking to the state for assistance. This has already happened in Europe, where Italian who lost his life savings committed suicide. She says that part of the answer may lie in publicly owned banks, which would be state-owned and operated. She concluded that "we really need is a system overhaul. We need to change our banking system and we can’t rely on Congress to do it." Books: Web of Debt, The Public Bank Solution 

On the economic *home* front, ARTICLE: "2015 Was First Pre-Election Year to End In the Red Since the Great Depression
Washington’s Blog | The year before elections is almost always the best year for stocks." 

ARTICLE: "Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class: Perhaps 1/3 of Households Qualify
Charles Hugh Smith | Less than 50% of adults are members of the Great American Middle Class." 

ARTICLE: "What Are The Chances For Peace in 2016?
Ron Paul | Each year more than one trillion dollars goes up in smoke." 

ARTICLE: "2016 Offers Rapidly Unfolding Recipe For Disaster As Obama Funds Overseas Mosques To Tune Of $770 Million While Americans Are Served Cold, Hard Financial Devastation" 

ARTICLE: "2015 Was The Worst Year For The Stock Market Since 2008
Michael Snyder | Overall it was the worst year for the Dow since 2008." 

ARTICLE: "All You Americans Are Fired!! TOMORROW: Obama new executive action will be printed as ‘rule’ in federal register. Allows for huge expansion in number of alien work permits issued annually…" 

ARTICLE: "Financial Armageddon Approaches: U.S. Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives
Michael Snyder | Overall, the biggest U.S. banks collectively have more than 247 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives contracts."  

ARTICLE: "Up To 34 MILLION Blank ‘Green Cards’ And Work Permits To Be Ordered Ahead Of Obama Illegal Immigrant ‘Amnesty’
Daily Mail | The paperwork that authorizes immigrants to live and work in the United States." 

ARTICLE: "America Is Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed
Paul Craig Roberts | Washington’s financial policy is forcing families to gradually extinguish themselves." 

On the BIKERS TERRORIZE MOTORISTS *nothing is done by authorities* front,  ARTICLE: "Thousands Report This 'Terror' Event In Washington DC Area You May Have Never Heard Of - As Economy Enters 'Terminal Phase', Events Such As This May Begin Unfolding All Around Us!" 

On the economic front, The Worldwide Depression Ping-Pongs and Brings Unexpected Opportunities To Those On the GOOD Side 

ARTICLE: "Pillaging the World. The History and Politics of the IMF" [International Monetary Fund] 

ARTICLE: "Prepare: Global Wealth, Carry, and Property Taxes Coming :Behind the veneer of “all is well” being promoted by both world Governments and the Mainstream Media, the political elite have begun implementing legislation that will permit them to freeze account" 

ARTICLE: "The Global Health Crisis Will Crush the Global Economy
Charles Hugh Smith |The consequences will be catastrophic to individuals, households and national economies." 

ARTICLE: "THOMAS DISHAW.COM Britain’s Biggest Banks closing more than 12 Branches a Week" 

ARTICLE: "China stocks down 7 per cent forcing trading to be suspended
London Independent | Chinese stock markets were suspended on the opening day of trading in 2016 following a plunge of 7 per cent." 



On the truth front, ANOTHER SIDE OF THE OREGON, THE FEDS TERRORIZE THE HAMMOND FAMILY *STORY* ... Or What the Lapdog News Won't Tell You

PRESS RELEASE: Citizens Rally to Oregon to support the Hammond family
by CSPOA | Jan 4, 2016 | News, Constitution, Press Releases, Gun Control 
(Posted by Rick Dalton, 3 January 2015)  A ranching family in Burns, Oregon has suffered at the hands of federal bureaucrats for years, and on Saturday, January 2nd, hundreds of American citizens rallied in Burns in support of the family, and against the terrible treatment they have received by federal agents.
Hundreds of protestors take to the streets Saturday in support of a local ranching family and against federal overrreach.
The incident stems from an overzealous prosecution by federal agents because of a backfire set on their own property by the Hammonds, to stop a lightening-cause fire from destroying their cattle grazing land. The fire got out of control, and burned some “federal” land.
The Hammonds were prosecuted as terrorists, and have received a cruel and unusual sentence.  CSPOA President, Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret.), was among four CSPOA leaders who were present at the peaceful rally.  It was a wonderful experience, according to all.  After the rally, some people took it upon themselves to drive out of town and take over an unoccupied federal building, without the knowledge or support of CSPOA.  Here is Sheriff Mack’s firsthand report of the events of yesterday.
CSPOA Final Hammond Press Release
Date: January 3, 2016
Submitted by: Sheriff Richard Mack
On January 2, 2016, four of us representing the CSPOA attended the rally in Burns, OR on behalf of the Hammond family. It was an extremely frigid day and being outside was not fun or the least bit comfortable. But the cause we were there to support was worth enduring the inclement weather, so we persevered.
We met at the Safeway parking lot and after a few instructions about where we would be heading, we all started the march. The crowd was estimated at approximately 6oo people. As we marched up the street towards the Sheriff’s Office the crowd looked massive as it completely filled the street from side to side for over 2 ½ blocks. It was inspiring!
There was never any sign or chants supporting any kind of violence. The large majority of the protesters were not armed. We stopped briefly by the sheriffs office and threw hundreds of pennies on the walk at the office front door. Many said the pennies represented a “sellout” by the Harney County Sheriff for not stopping the impending arrest of Dwight and Steve Hammond. There is no question that the Hammonds’ rights have been violated by the Federal Government. However, the Hammonds did not want an armed confrontation or violence of any kind, which coincides exactly with the CSPOA platform. So we went there in complete support of the Hammonds and their peaceful approach.
After we passed the Sheriff’s Office we went to the home of Susan and Dwight Hammond. They came outside and waved as numerous protesters laid flowers on their doorstep. A few of us spoke briefly with the Hammonds and offered our support and apologies for what they were going through. They were very gracious.
Then suddenly, with no announcement to do so, the crowd broke out singing, “Amazing Grace.” Yes this group of “radicals and extremists” as the media has often called them, did a “radical” performance of “Amazing Grace.”
As we headed down the road Dwight Hammond, who has been sentenced to an additional five years for a crime he has served time for and paid all subsequent fines for, yelled to the crowd, “This is not about me, this is about our country.”
Yes, this is about our country, our liberty, and our sacred Constitution. This is about federal agents who have done the same thing the Hammonds have been charged with and for which they have received no punishment whatsoever. How many times in America have federal officers burned up forests and neighborhoods due to their “controlled burns” ending up out of control? The answer is simple; dozens and dozens and all the time!
But the Hammonds have conducted themselves with class and humility. They have exemplified strength, courage, and dignity. We should emulate their patriotic and peaceful spirit and stand with them as they go through this unspeakable federal victimization.
We should allow nothing to detract from the Hammonds’ plight and the wonderful rally that was held in their honor. The Hammonds had tears in their eyes as they viewed the huge crowd of well-wishers and thanked each of us for our support. Thus, for the record, CSPOA does not support or condone the occupation by those individuals who have taken over the Federal Wildlife building just outside Burns, OR. With all our hearts we appeal to all those occupying the federal facility to immediately vacate the building and to go home to their families!
Local officials, including the Harney County Sheriff, are still working for a peaceful resolution on the Hammonds’ behalf. We will continue to work and pray for its success. 

On the CYBER WARFARE front, ARTICLE: "It's (Finally) Official: China Creates Cyberwarfare Military Branch" 

On the *Antarctica Battleground* front, HEADLINE: "Countries Rush for Upper Hand in Antarctica" 

On the *world war* front, ARTICLE: "'Newly Awakened' Russian Navy Has Pentagon Shaking in Its Boots :'The proliferation of this capability within the new Russian navy is profoundly changing its ability to deter, threaten or destroy adversary targets.'" 

ARTICLE: "From Baghdad to Bahrain…From Beruit to Tehran – Tensions Are Exploding Across the Middle East
Michael Krieger | The extremely dangerous developments currently unfolding throughout the Middle East cannot be overstated." 

ARTICLE: "Russian strikes help Syrian rebels free 20 areas from ISIS control
RT | Rudskoy added that Russian air strikes had destroyed 556 militant targets in 164 combat sorties conducted since December 25."  

On the war front, THE BETRAYAL WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ... Dark-side Infiltrators Make Their Move In Oregon To Demonize and Demoralize True Americans and Rid the World of the American Spirit of Freedom ... Meanwhile, the Jihadi War Is Brought To America By the Sinister Treasonous Establishment... Thus, To Further Divide and Conquer the People ... Meanwhile, Soros Funds Groups To Stir Up Racial Hatred While the CIA-Controlled Media Spouts Lies and Propaganda Like Maddogs Foaming At the Mouth... However, Many of the People Fight Back With the BLAZING LIGHT OF TRUTH 

On the JIHADI WAR front, ARTICLE: "How ISIS Broadcasts Its Message To The World: Satellite Dishes Bought In Turkey
Zero Hedge | Over the last six or so months, it’s become abundantly clear that Turkey is home to several of the key transit and supply routes utilized by Islamic State."  

ARTICLE: "Iraqi Commander Claims That US Secretly Evacuated ISIS Leaders To Safety
Steve Watson | Says US forces escorted terrorists out of Ramadi" 

ARTICLE: "NUTS: George Soros – We Should Not Fear Muslim Extremists Just Because They Kill Us
Gateway Pundit | Leftists seriously idolize this nut." 

ARTICLE: "America's Longest War, A Complete Failure: After fourteen years and trillions wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US is beginning to remind me of the old, tired worn out Roman Empire which could no longer keep it together and fell apart." 

ARTICLE: "Turkey's Murderous Assault on Kurds: The curfews are accompanied by military assaults against civilian populations,their homes, businesses, offices, historical monuments, reservoirs and infrastructure are being bombed and destroyed." 

ARTICLE: "Mosque Linked To Muslim Brotherhood Has Received Millions In Federal Grants
Daily Caller | The Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City has received $2,739,891 from the Department of Agriculture since 2010." 

ARTICLE: "The State Department Follies---'The State Department believes they’re making history. What they are making is one hideous blunder after another under the Obama administration'." 

ARTICLE: "Democrat Calls for “Surtax” on the American People to Pay for War Against the Islamic State
Kurt Nimmo | Ineffective air campaign has thus far cost more than $5 billion" 

ARTICLE: "Infowars Hacked by Turkish Government? | Hack attack proves influential news site over the target." 

On the *refugee invasion* front, ARTICLE: "Sweden: Rapes, Acquittals and Severed Heads One Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Sweden: November 2015 

ARTICLE: "Officials Order Church Groups to Remove ALL Crosses from Their Facilities That Will Be Taking in Muslim So-Called ‘Refugees’" 

ARTICLE: "Obama Caught Smuggling In Up To 100,000 Refugees Per Year on UPS Planes!" 

ARTICLE: "Our Government Just Moved To Change America To Unprecedented Levels Never Before Seen! You Won’t Believe There Latest Ploy! CURATOR: Lisa Haven. By Lisa Haven In a shocking turn of events more than 70 Democrats just moved to make it a crime to say anything against Muslims here in America. According to House Resolution 569 introduced by Donald Beyer from District 8 in Virginia, they intend to remove all “violence, bigotry, and..." 

ARTICLE: "Bombshell: Obama’s policy in Syria is to DIRECTLY support the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda President Obama’s active support for terror groups in Syria led to creation of ISIS" 

ARTICLE: "Swedish Society Collapsing Amid Horrific Crime Wave From Muslim Refugee Swarm – Now Trying To Stop Onslaught…" []AMERICA--THIS IS WHAT WE ARE FACING! 

ARTICLE: "Even Europe’s humanitarian superpower is turning its back on refugees
Washington Post | Sweden’s welcome mat now lies in tatters." 

On the TURKEY WAR FLASHPOINT front, ARTICLE: "Erdogan cites Hitler’s Germany as example of effective presidential system" 

On the energy front, What We Could Have Had ... Instead of This Oil Cartel Hell World 

ARTICLE: "Nikola Tesla's 'Black Magic' Wireless Touring Car CONTRIBUTOR: Apparently Apparel. The fuel to power the world’s machinery and vehicles for thousands of years can be derived from electromagnetic wave conductors. We have known for 80+ years that electromagnetic coupling can be used to harness the freely available cosmic rays (electromagnetic radiation) and power the entire world. A simple antenna is..." 

On the *super surveillance state* front, ARTICLE: "NSA spying rolls up US Congress. Bombshell? Kidding?
Jon Rappoport | “Let’s pretend we’re surprised” 

ARTICLE: "Paul “Appalled” By NSA Spying On Congress
Steve Watson | “We need more controls on our intelligence agencies.”

ARTICLE: "Video game companies are collecting massive amounts of data about you Haven’t read the 'terms and conditions' on that video game system you got for the holidays? You may want to take a look." 

ARTICLE: "Google is tracking students as it sells more products to schools, privacy advocates warn
Washington Post | In public classrooms across the country, the corporate name that is fast becoming as common as pencils and erasers is Google." 

On the MARTIAL LAW front, ARTICLE: "January 1, 2016 US Veteran Warns Martial Law May Be Implemented City By City - 190 US Cities Receiving Refugees May Be 'Starting Point' - New Years Heads Up As More Foreign Troops Training On US Soil Confirmed!" 

ARTICLE: "2016 Will Bring Multiple False Flags, Gun Confiscations, Dissident Roundups, Financial Collapse and Martial Law" 

ARTICLE: "Ad Shows Army Prepping for Martial Law: “This Is Not Battle Training. This Is Riot Control”
Mac Slavo | Will martial law be declared on American soil?" 

On the WEAPONIZED DRONE front, ARTICLE: "Tennessee, South Carolina Could “Green Light” Weaponized Police Drones
New American | Loophole for drones deployed by police." 

On the PROOF OF 1984 BIG BROTHER front, ARTICLE: "Government Considering Banning Donald Trump
Steve Watson | GOP frontrunner not “conducive to the public good”. 

On the tyranny-at-work front, What Happened To Liberty? Why Are Those Who Fought and Died For Our Freedoms Being Dishonored? 

ARTICLE: "Obama's Engineered American Chaos is On the Way :As the Feral Government grows more oppressive, and it will, watch for more Draconian Federal Executive Orders to be unleashed under the cover of major catastrophes" 

ARTICLE: "Our Presidents Are Beginning to Act Like Kings: The Founders believed that when the laws that govern men’s fortunes are subject to the whims of the powerful, there can be no liberty. Are we at liberty?" 

ARTICLE: "Obama goes around Congress, sets record for new rules in 2015
Washington Times | The administration issued a record amount of heft in the federal rule book in 2015." 

On the THUG-PERV *TSA* front, ARTICLE: "DHS gives TSA authority to forcibly irradiate Americans against their will
Americans who understand the health risks of full-body TSA X-ray scanners will choose to opt out of the invasive scan. The TSA requires those who opt out of the full-body scan to undergo a physically invasive full-body pat down. Now, a new rule created by the Department of Homeland Security..." 

ARTICLE: "Man Who Outed TSA Lies and Incompetence Speaks Out
Infowars | Alex Jones speaks with Jon Corbett about his experiences with the TSA."  

On the AP AGAINST TRUMP front, ARTICLE: "Google and the Trump Free Internet
Kurt Nimmo | Filtering out front-runner will do nothing to stop his meteoric rise in the polls." 

ARTICLE: "Filtering out Trump: Chrome ext aims to ‘suffocate’ Rep. presidential candidate on web" 

On the communication front, Now Comes the All Out Attack On the Fundamental Divine Right To ***FREE SPEECH***  

Article: "HOUSE DEMOCRATS MOVE TO CRIMINALIZE CRITICISM OF ISLAM Lumping together violence with 'hateful rhetoric' is a call to destroy the freedom of speech." 

ARTICLE: "Political Correctness: The Art of Killing Free Speech-'Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.'"—Benjamin Franklin 

ARTICLE: "Those Demanding Free Speech Limits to Fight ISIS Pose a Greater Threat to U.S. Than ISIS" 

On the TELL-LIE-VISION front, VIDEO: 3 Mainstream Media Journalists Tell the Truth About Tell-Lie-Vision CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. What’s so sad, is how many times mainstream media executives and news figures have been busted for not having so much as a single solitary ounce of journalistic integrity, but yet if you ask someone about current... 

On the WINDOWS 10 front, ARTICLE: "Tyranny: Windows 10 Sends Your Encryption Key to Evil Microsoft Even With Privacy On CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. Let’s face it, unless you are living in the middle of the mountains somewhere, without another soul for miles and no need to have any contact with the outside world, the Internet is increasingly becoming more and more of a necessity vs. a commodity. Who knows if even the brightest..." 

On the *newspaper presstitute* front, ARTICLE: "WashPost fact checker exposed as partisan liar whose 'fact checks' are subjective spin
The editor of The Washington Post's fact-check division has finally confessed that the paper's methodology for vetting the truthfulness of a politician's statements isn't exactly honest or objective. After repeatedly..." 

On the MIND CONTROL??? front, ARTICLE: "The Kentucky 'Mall Brawl' Was a Mind Control Experiment: the ultimate goal is the complete control of every individual through mind control. The power brokers of this planet are already installing a police state surveillance grid 
St. Matthews Mall in Kentucky became the scene of a massive series of individual brawls involving an estimated 2,000 people. The mall was forced to shut down and an overwhelming police presence had to be set up around the perimeter of the mall and they were helpless in restoring order. It was almost as if the police were not going to gain control of the scene until somebody else would relinquish control.
Police first began responding to reports of “disturbances” at 7pm ET on Saturday. But the officers assigned to the mall could not cope with the the multitude of violent acts.
Where have we seen this before? Is there something more nefarious behind this? Does this even make sense? In fact, it does make sense if you look at this event through the lens of this event being a beta test for a mind control experiment. This is the only explanation that makes any sense. This was a case of spontaneous mass insanity that suddenly ended as quickly as it began. Affer all, two thousand people did not wake up one morning, in unison, and say to themselves, “let’s go to the mall and spontaneously riot with thousands of other people”.
Predictive programming, involving Hollywood, gives us a means to examine this event from a broad brush perspective." 

On the WILDCARD OF TRUTH front, ARTICLE: "Has Civil War Begun In America? Trump Tells America Clinton And Obama Created ISIS, It's Surely The Season Of Treason - Why Are Obama And Clinton Still Walking The Streets?"

On the home front, The Clone Clown Emperor Wants His Civil War To Crush the Face of the American People Beneath His Dictator-Boots ... And Follow the Big Fat Money Trail. There's Uranium On That Thar Hammond Land 

ARTICLE: "'Bring your guns and come': Militiamen including Cliven Bundy's three sons take over Oregon federal building and call 'U.S. patriots' to arms in protest at pending imprisonment of two ranchers

ARTICLE: "Carol Bundy Issues Call to Arms For Militia to Join Them in Oregon vs. Feds CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. Regrettably, but not surprisingly, there is a major showdown on the horizon set for tomorrow between citizen militia, and Obama’s feds. I cannot stress the seriousness of the situation with which we as Americans are now being pushed into enough!!! According to a whistleblower and former DHS Investigator, we DID...  
ARTICLE: "Cliven Bundy appeals to Oregon sheriff to protect local ranchers against federal imprisonment for bogus 'terrorism' charge
Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, whose standoff with federal officials of the Bureau of Land Management made national headlines thanks in large part to the alternative media, has intervened in an Oregon case..." 

ARTICLE: "Armed force takes over building on federal land in Oregon, vow to remain 'as long as it takes'
A group of armed Americans led by Ammon Bundy, 40, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, have taken over a building on a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, vowing to remain "for as long as it takes" to effect changes in land use policy and to draw attention to the government's heavy-handed...

ARTICLE: "Obama Wanted War: Now 150 Armed Militia Have Seized a Federal Building In Oregon (video)
Obama Wanted War: Now 150 Armed Militia Have Seized a Federal Building In Oregon CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. On Friday, in a post titled, Carol Bundy Issues a Call to Arms For Militia Around the Country to Join The Hammond Family in Burns, Oregon For a Showdown With the Feds, I expressed my grave concerns about the potential for something awful to happen at an armed protest that... 

ARTICLE: "Patriot Militia Seizes Federal Building in Oregon; Armed Insurrection Against federal Tyranny Begins ~ Post by Newsroom  - Jan 02, 2016
Federal Agents sent to seize private land from an American have seen the tables turned on them as armed Patriots of the Militia have seized their federal building in Oregon!
 The Bundy family of Nevada joined with hard-core militiamen Saturday to take over the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, vowing to occupy the remote federal outpost 50 miles southeast of Burns - pictured below - for years.
...Susan said the second fire, in 2006, was a backfire started by Steven to protect their property from lightening fires.
“There was fire all around them that was going to burn our house and all of our trees and everything. The opportunity to set a back-fire was there and it was very successful. It saved a bunch of land from burning,” she remembers.
The BLM asserts that one acre of federal land was burned by the Hammonds’ backfire and Susan says determining which fire burned which land is “a joke” because fire burned from every direction.
Neighbor Ruthie Danielson also remembers that evening and agrees. “Lightening strikes were everywhere, fires were going off,” she said. 
...After 34 years working for the U.S. Forest Service in Oregon, Rusty Inglis resigned from his position with the federal government and now ranches about 40 miles from the Hammonds and is unique in the area – he has no federal land permits and operates strictly on private land.
“The Hammond family is not arsonists. They are number one, top notch. They know their land management.”
Inglis, president of his county Farm Bureau organization and a member of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association said both groups are working to help gain media attention for the Hammond case. The state Farm Bureau group gathered signatures online for a petition to show widespread support for the family. “Enough is enough. We are not in Nazi Germany. We are in the United States of America.”  

ARTICLE: "Breaking News: Obama Orders Hammond Ranch Destroyed! CONTRIBUTOR: Voice of Reason. In my post earlier today titled, Obama Wanted War: Now 150 Armed Militia Have Seized a Federal Building In Oregon, I promised I would provide updates if any became available to me, and since then, several have. First, I’d like to point out that the national media’s lack of attention..." 

Are the feds attempting to provoke a new Waco-style standoff in southern Oregon? - JANUARY 3, 2016 

Corporate media portrays incident as illegal act by crazed gun-toting militias"

Will the feds provoke militias assembling in Oregon? 

FBI to act as lead agency in ending occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge" - JANUARY 3, 2016 

An ATTACK against the patriot militia which seized a federal complex in Oregon, may be planned.  Sources tell SuperStation95 the 41st Infantry Brigade of the Oregon National Guard was called up out of Clackamas.  Also the FBI is sending large numbers of agents to the area.
UPDATE 8:32 AM EST Monday Jan. 4, 2016 -- The FBI has assumed the status of "lead agency" for dealing with the ongoing issues at the Oregon Scene involving Militia which seized a federal complex.
The mass-media reports claiming the Militia wants to "overthrow the government" are false.  The Sheriff whom they are quoting has not spoken with the media!
Sources tell SuperStation95 that "political figures have been placed under an unofficial public gag order and were instructed to not talk about the situation. So far major mainstream coverage of the event has been limited."  The same source went on to say "if authorities really have issued a sort of unofficial gag order then they are most likely planning on a violent confrontation with the militia and patriot groups on scene.

ARTICLE: "Reports in the media that the militia members are all "white" are 100% false." 

...I view this quote from the Sheriff as preemptive and an example of provocative conditioning to get the public to lose all sympathy for the Patriot group and to demonize them in the arena of public opinion. The citizens of this area desperately need a new Sheriff." 

On the *possible civil war* front, ARTICLE: "America’s Undeniable March Towards Civil War :'Hunger Games' type of agenda in which people have been forced off of pristine land, denied the use of water which results in the destruction of their local food supply 
As I have highlighted before, there are three distinct stages of revolution. Presently, 20 of 58  counties comprising Northern California have entered stage two on the path to revolution, namely, the civil disobedience stage as these 20 counties have entered the civil disobedience phase with a vengeance as their County Board of Supervisors have voted to secede from the state of California. Now they don’t call it secession, they call it withdrawal in a rose of a different color. The fact remains these people want out from underneath the tyrannical rule of the state of California which has fallen under the Agenda 21 mandates of the United Nations as being enforced by the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Subsequently, as their own state, they will be in a better position from which to battle the Agenda 21 forces of the Federal government.
...I have been aware of Agenda 21 abuses in places like Fort Collins, Colorado, where the courts steal the children from parents who protest against draconian Agenda 21 policies. I’m also aware that in places like Santa Cruz, California and Austin, Texas that individual property rights are severely limited because the local governments have adopted United Nations Agenda 21 policies. However, nothing and I mean nothing, matches the Agenda 21 abuses of individual liberties and private property rights that is going on in the northern counties of California and Southern Oregon. And true to form for the mainstream media, barely a word of coverage has been broadcast or published for a national audience." 

On the *how often has the FBI been caught doing this?* front, ARTICLE: "Immoral Patsy – How The FBI Groomed Mentally Disabled Teen With A 51 IQ Into An “ISIS Terrorist”
Immoral Patsy – How The FBI Groomed Mentally Disabled Teen With A 51 IQ Into An “ISIS Terrorist” CONTRIBUTOR: The Sleuth ?Journal. By: William N. Grigg, The Free Thought Project | It isn’t clear what use ISIS or the Pakistani Taliban would have for an 18-year-old American student with an estimated IQ of 51, is marginally verbal, and has little ability to perform routine tasks like tying his shoelaces. Peyton Pruitt, described... 

ARTICLE: "FBI Frames Mentally Ill Ex-Con in New Year’s Eve ISIS Attack
Kurt Nimmo | FBI bought masks, zip-ties, knives, duct tape, ammonia and latex gloves." 

On the DRUG WAR [you are the target] front, ARTICLE: "Brownsville Resident Frustrated over Increased Border Activity
KRGV News | One of Brownsville’s southmost property owners said he is fed up with all the drugs crossing on his land."  


ARTICLE: "The Future Of Food: Completely Automated Farms Run By Robots:The race will be on to completely subsume small farms into giant corporate farms that exercise monopoly control over food production, and advanced technology will drive the whole process" 

On the BEE front, ARTICLE: "Maps reveal US 'hotspots' where crops could fail in the future Wild bee dieoffs could affect crops that depend on the insects for pollination." 

On the BE PREPARED front, ARTICLE: "The Damage Has Been Done And The Consequences Will Be Suffered: “Have a Healthy Storage of Food, Precious Metals and Necessary Supplies”
Mac Slavo | While the band plays on and Americans celebrate New Year’s many have no idea what may be in store in 2016." 

On the HYPNOSIS front, ARTICLE: "Brain Surgeons are Turning to Hypnosis as an Alternative to Anesthesia ~ Friday, January 1, 2016
A French medical team was recently successful in using hypnosedation during a series of brain surgeries." — Inverse 

On the KILLER VIRUS front, ARTICLE: "Enterovirus D68 linked to illegal immigration is behind fatal polio-like illness killing American children" 

On the really bad news front, Unreliable Medical Literature... and SUPERBUGS Are Here ... Learn About Alternative Remedies Fast 

ARTICLE: "Half of All Medical Literature May Be False, According to Medical Journal Editor
Monday, December 28, 2015
In a continuing trend within the scientific community, Dr. Richard Horton, the current editor-in-chief of respected medical journal The Lancet, has announced that a large portion of the medical literature being published today is false, with perhaps up to half of the material being presented being based on bad science." 

ARTICLE: "Bacteria Resistant to ALL Antibiotics Now in the United Kingdom
Julie Fidler | First it showed up in China, then Denmark and now it has reared its ugly head in the United Kingdom." 

Article: "FEMA Camps, Superbugs And Millions Of Coffins - Medical Experts Warn We're Heading Towards Apocalypse And Say We Are Losing The Battle 
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die
Days ago, Tom Tancredo at Breitbart asked why so many 'old diseases' are back, decades after being totally wiped out in America. Telling us of an E. coli epidemic in 21 states, TB in New York and Virginia and leprosy of all diseases in New Hampshire, we see a new, less healthy America emerging in 2016 and continuous ringing warnings from medical experts of something much more deadly and potentially disastrous ahead of us. The recent Mirror story told us: "Humans facing 'antibiotic apocalypse' where 'papercuts can kill and superbug would easily wipeout humanity.'" Discovery News recently asked if signs of the 'antibiotic apocalypse' were being seen in the UK while Americans now face a superbug that kills more than half of those infected and has arrived with a menacing name.  
With the drug companies/big pharma now having run out of weapons to use against the very same superbugs they helped to create, ANP takes a look at the major new superbug problem that is rapidly spreading across the planet. We also take a look below videos at how some alternative health experts believe we can give ourselves and our families the best fighting chance against superbug MCR-1 and many other so-called 'superbugs'. We'll also look at the 2nd video which examines these 'superbugs on the rise' and their possible ties to FEMA camps and the alleged million plus FEMA coffins that, according to conspiracy theory lore, are spread throughout America." 

ARTICLE: "Vaccines and Retroviruses: A Whistleblower Reveals What the Government is Hiding by John P. Thomas ~ Health Impact News
Data suggests that 6% of the U.S. population is harboring a retrovirus in their bodies that can develop into an acquired immune deficiency. This is not the well-known AIDS caused by HIV, but Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) associated with other retroviruses. These non-HIV retroviruses were unintentionally introduced into humans over the past 75 years.
It began with trials of polio vaccines and yellow fever vaccines given in the early 1930s. This is when the first recorded cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and autism appeared. It involved the use of laboratory mice to prepare vaccines for human use. [1]
20 Million Americans Likely Infected with Retroviruses
Retrovirus exposure intensified in the 1970s as new vaccines and pharmaceutical products were developed. These retroviruses and related infectious agents are now associated with dozens of modern chronic illnesses – perhaps nearly all of them. In these diseases, infection leads to inflammation — and unresolved inflammation can lead to chronic disease.
The list of diseases stretches from autism to cancer and from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Alzheimer’s. The diseases cripple the development of the young, steal the productivity and enjoyment of life for adults, and provide a slow and withering death to the elderly.
...The information that I am sharing in this article came mostly from an interview I did with Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D. and from the book, Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases, written by Kent Heckenlively, JD, and Dr. Mikovits.
My article will explain the history of retrovirus contamination and the government cover-up. It will provide an introduction to effective treatments for those who suffer with the illnesses mentioned above. It attempts to do what our government didn’t have the political courage to do." 

ARTICLE: "New contagious form of cancer discovered
Press Trust of India | Contagious cancers may not be as rare as thought." 

On the good news front, This Week: New Healing Modalities Will Be Released To the Public Through Alternative News Sites ... This Will Begin a Health Revolution That Speeds Up Toward the End of 2016 

On the DARK-SIDE CALIPHATE front, ARTICLE: "The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate" 

On the global mafia cabal front, Now It Begins, the Evil Empire Behind the Scenes For Centuries, Will Remove Their Masks ... To Seize Full Control of the Planet, They Must Fully Unmask At This Spinpoint ... However, This Dark Cabal Will Disguise Themselves As Humanitarian-Smiling Do-Gooders 

On the heroine and hero front, Regardless of your viewpoint, belief, etc., at least most understand *government is the problem, not the solution* to paraphrase President Regan. ARTICLE: "Americans name government as top problem facing U.S. in 2015: Gallup
Washington Times | It’s the second straight year that Americans picked government as the top problem." 

On the hero front, Governor Gregg Abbott ~ ARTICLE: "Texas Governor Challenges Obama on Gun Control: 'Come and Take It'
Adan Salazar | Governor invokes revolutionary battle cry in defense of Texans’ Second Amendment rights." 

On the scumbag political front, ARTICLE: "Hillary Says She Lied to Benghazi Families Due to “Fog of War”… DONALD TRUMP Responds
Gateway Pundit | On New Year’s Day Donald Trump let Hillary have it."  

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton LASHES OUT at Rape Survivor at NH Town Hall – After Questions About Husband Bill
Gateway Pundit | Hillary LASHED OUT at the questioner. 

ARTICLE: "2016 Presidential Unreality Show :Here they are: Hillary's 22 biggest scandals ever, (not in any particular order of severity) let’s hear the defenses to her crooked conduct." 

On the *horrors of government* front, HEADLINE: "Government Forcibly Sterilized Latina Women Without Their Consent" 

On the *why aren't they being arrested?* front, ARTICLE: "GOP consultants call for assassinating Donald Trump : two Republican campaign advisers, Rick Wilson and Pat Brady, separately called for killing front runner Donald Trump." 

On the GUN CONTROL front, ARTICLE: "Only 2% Support ‘Gun Control’ As Top Issue in U.S., Despite Obama’s Push
Kit Daniels | In comparison, 16% of Americans said the government was the nation’s biggest problem." 

ARTICLE: "Obama Declares He Will Act Unilaterally on Gun Control: ‘Congress Still Hasn’t Done Anything’ 

ARTICLE: "New Year, New Gun Control: Obama To Issue Executive Order On Firearms
RT | The specifics of Obama’s executive order are still unknown as the plan is still not finished, CNN reported." 

ARTICLE: "Trump: I Will Veto Obama Actions On Guns
The Hill | “We’re not changing the Second Amendment.” 

ARTICLE: "California Gun Law Will Let Police Confiscate Legally-Owned Weapons
Daily Caller | Will allow the police to seize private, legally-owned weapons for up to three weeks without charges" 

ARTICLE: "No Crime. No Trial. No Reason: The Precedent Is Set for Gun Confiscations
The Daily Sheeple | After the San Bernardino shooting, the most pressing issue for progressives was closing the gun “loophole” that allows suspected terrorists to buy firearms." 

ARTICLE: "State Lawmakers Prep Gun Control Policies For 2016: Whatever its motivation, the new embrace of gun control during this primary season illustrates the stakes in the coming election. 
State lawmakers are scheduled to consider stricter firearms policies when they return to their respective capitol buildings in January.
In Illinois, a bill introduced by a Democratic state lawmaker in late December would revoke a citizen’s firearms owner ID card and result in the seizure of the individual’s firearms, if the person’s name is added to the FBI terror watch list.
A Nevada Democratic state senator announced a similar bill on Dec. 14 that would “prohibit those on the Federal No-Fly List from purchasing firearms in Nevada.” The bill echoes legislation that recently failed to pass Congress." 

On the GUN CONFISCATION front, ARTICLE: "Obama’s Four-Point Gun Confiscation Plan :The fact that Thomas Jefferson placed the First and the Second Amendment right next to each other is no accident. The Second Amendment is needed to protect the expression of the First Amendment. 
The Obama administration is engaged in a four part plot to eviscerate both the First and Second Amendment;
Criminalize certain groups as being terrorist simply because they belong to groups who oppose government policy of any type and then labeling these groups as terrorists (see Assistant Attorney General John Carlin).
Criminalize free speech which opposes any government program, action or official (eg Loretta Lynch).
Seize the guns of all the newly declared  “domestic terrorists” (eg the No-Fly List, Christians, etc).
Perpetuate more false flag attacks in an effort to disarm even more Americans through an ever-growing web of gun confiscation efforts.
Then there is the X-factor: Does anyone else wonder why this administration is so determined to end the private ownership of guns when it has been clearly established that those areas who have the most stringent gun control (e.g. New York, Chicago, and Washington DC) also have the highest gun violence and homicide rates?
What will this administration do once they have all of our guns? What are trying to accomplish?" 

On the freedom front, the Shooting Star Rise of the Divine Outlaw ... They Stand Tall Against Federal *Land Grab* Tyranny ... For, the Oppressed and Persecuted Have Had Enough 

Media portrays them as domestic terrorists
Joe Biggs - JANUARY 4, 2016 

ARTICLE: "Nugent: 'We The People Must Raise Hell Or Die' - US Marines, DHS & UN Practicing For Gun Confiscation" 

ARTICLE: "Grocery Store Defies Anti-Gun Movement, Welcomes Open-carry Shoppers
Adan Salazar | Grocer placing trust in customers to “be responsible in our stores.” 

ARTICLE: "What’s In Store For Our Freedoms In 2016? More Of Everything We Don’t Want
John Whitehead | “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

On the WORLDWIDE FREEDOM front, ARTICLE: "Gun Sales Surge In Switzerland As Army Chief Warns 'Arm Yourselves'" 


ARTICLE: "Nigel Farage Says Police Told Him Car Accident Was ‘Foul Play’
Press Association | Ukip leader was forced to leap a motorway barrier to escape being run over after a wheel came off, with police finding that the nuts on all four wheels were loose." 

On the BRAIN MANAGEMENT WITH DRUGS front, ARTICLE: "Slightly creepy experiment with ants shows that drugs can permanently alter behavior Scientists turned guard ants into scout ants with one brain injection"

On the *who needs X-ray vision?* front, ARTICLE: "New Imaging Device uses Wi-Fi Signals to See Through Walls
Wednesday, December 30, 2015
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a device that can directly image a person through solid walls, in real time. The device, called RF-Capture, transmits regular wi-fi signals into the area being imaged: in the case of their demonstration device, through a wall. When the signals are reflected back by a human body, they are picked up by the device's receiver, and then they are put through an imaging processor to produce an on-screen image of the individual." 

On the ROBOT *who is programming these things?* front, ARTICLE: "Deadly, soulless police robots coming soon to a street near you 
he thought of robotic police officers patrolling the streets of America did not vanish with the fading popularity of the RoboCop movie series, however. In fact, that concept is alive and well today, and its development is moving forward.
Meet "TeleBot," created by researchers from Florida International University (FIU) "to help disabled officers and veterans return to the field," the Miami New Times (MNT) reported.
Built by FIU's Discovery Lab, the university claims that TeleBot will be the first "functional, mobile... and interactive" robot that could be patrolling the streets of Miami in less than two years.
"Incredibly fast and very low-budget"
But rather than resemble RoboCop, its developers say TeleBot is more like the characters in the movie Avatar." 

ARTICLE: "Meet Knightscope’s Crime-Fighting Robots
Tech Crunch | The robots might one day rise up and take over, but a Palo Alto startup called Knightscope has developed a fleet of crime-fighting machinery it hopes to keep us safe." 

On the SEX ROBOT front, ARTICLE: "Japan Releases Fully “Functioning” Female Robots CONTRIBUTOR: The Liberator. Japan unveils their first prototype of a Female robot that seems to do it all. It can cook, clean, say nice things to you, and supposedly even jumps into the sack too if you can believe it. All for the astronomical price of just 345,000 dollars. Kendall Jenner's Love Magazine..." 

On the *it could be a good partnership, but not in this world* front, ARTICLE: "'Superintellingence' of AI and humans working together could solve climate change and end wars ~ Saturday, January 2, 2016
Researchers say the combination would create a superintelligence, and it could take on growing issues like climate change and geopolitical conflict." — Mail Online 

On the 3D PRINTER front, ARTICLE: "3-D printed ceramics could build next-gen spaceships ~ Saturday, January 2, 2016
Researchers have used a 3-D printer to make customized ceramic parts that have also overcome the Achilles' heel of ceramic objects: their tendency to crack." — Discovery News

Trendwise, Insecure Zombie Sheeple Versus the AWAKE and AWARE ... This Is the Battle of 2016, and Beyond ... As Designed By the Evil Global Elite 

ARTICLE: "Political correctness is really just herd psychology pushed by insecure people who desperately seek social conformity" 

ARTICLE: “Political Correctness” Is About Control, Not Etiquette
Jeff Deist | I’d like to speak today about what political correctness is, at least in its modern version, what it is not, and what we might do to fight against it." 

ARTICLE: “You Could Be Fined 250,000 Dollars If You Offend A Transgender Woman In New York City
Michael Snyder | This includes such offenses as calling a transgender woman “him” when she wants to be called “her”." 

THIS WEEK, take quiet moments for introspection. This will serve in the future as key decisions must be made.  

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