Friday, September 25, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ fierce kissing
Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 
In this snippet-scene, Sherilyn, Zance, and Dontoya have defeated their enemies who have combined forces -- supernatural magick included. Dontoya and Zance take turns kissing their mate, Sherilyn.


Seven paragraphs from Chapter Fifty-six ~

Chapter Fifty-six:
Zance grinned for all he was worth... 

Zance grinned for all he was worth at his mate, then gave Dontoya a quick *I beat you* wink as he snaked his arm around Sherilyn's waist. He pulled her flush against him, and planted a big long kiss on her mouth.

Her eager lips answered his with a passion that dang near deep-fried his toes. 'Course, his cock stood in a near salute--only inhibited by the supernatural hell they'd been through. Also, he heard the running footsteps of the ranch's security team.

Breaking their kiss, Zance whirled Sherilyn into Dontoya's embrace. "I'll go round up a couple of saddle blankets. So we'll be decent enough, pardner."

"Yeah," was all Zance heard before Dontoya pounced on their mate's lips, and did some of his own fierce kissing on her mouth.

Jogging toward the tack room, Zance mentally howled with gratitude to the Wolf Great Spirit. Too many times to count, he and Donny-cat had been between a rock, the size of a mountain, and a hard place, shaped like the devil himself.

Sure as the next sunrise, they'd prevailed somehow, even if it was just escapin' with their tails. Yep, thanks to the beings and spirits on the good side who often gave a helpin' paw.

This time, when protecting his Sherilyn, he'd felt fear unleash itself inside him. Although, the ferociousness of his wolf nature damn well made up for it, coursing through his blood like an unstoppable firestorm. 


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