Friday, April 24, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Keina and Drev's Love Story ~ my sassy filly

Art by  D. M. Waltz

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Here's another snippet from the SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS *WIP* that snuck up on me last Thanksgiving. In fact, Keina and Drev are fixing their T-day dinner together.

As I said before, this was supposed to be a short story, but has morphed to novella size, and looks to be going toward 30,000 words, but could be longer, since I'm including another fight-action scene... and yes, more lusty sex scenes.

My heroine, Keina, is a winged horse shifter, who has been temporarily banished from her kind's realm to Earth, and has found her way to Talbot's Peak -- home to almost every shapeshifter and supernatural being there is.

My hero, Drev, is more than human. That is, he has super-soldier powers and abilities, which is a long story unto itself. Given, he gets on particularly well with shapeshifters, he lives in a large hideaway cabin in the midst of the forest that partly surrounds Talbot's Peak. Yep, lots of running room for shifters of every type and stripe.


Seven paragraphs from Chapter Twenty-four ~

"Stir," Keina suggestively teased. Not quite tall enough, she rubbed her ass in a stirring motion against his braced thighs, instead of on his stirring cock.

"Sassy girl. No tempting the cook." With an impulsive swat to her rump, Drev moved to the stove.

"What fun is that?" Keina mock-complained.

Following him, she nipped his arm, only a bare grazing of her teeth through his heavy knit shirt. Drev snaked his arm to grab hold of her, but she danced out of the reach.

"Sassy filly," she corrected playfully.

"My sassy filly." His dominant side deepened his voice.

Drev rushed her. Swooping her up in a tight hold, he crushed her mouth with his, intent on passionately taming his woman. Keina wrapped herself around him, her petite yet lush frame boiling his blood to lust.


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