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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 6, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #344 

World Shattering Changes Ahead... the GOOD, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Very Beautiful

Stay Tuned. Stay Alert. Good people ALL, time to stand and band together.


During this time of Easter, AWAKEN to the divine-crystalline vibrations inundating Earth, and all of humankind at this crucial timepoint. For now, the barrage of societal lies, the leviathan-deceptions fall away.

Further, the sustenance of Spirit will be needed to balance and overcome in these upcoming times.

On the truth front, Political Dynastic Families... Burying the Multitude of Sins

At this cosmic spinpoint, here and worldwide, desperate *berserker-mad* methods will be used to coverup the criminality of top politico leaders, and their mafia-like families. Watch this frantic, blood-brutal show happen before your very eyes via the presstitute media.

However, this coverup will ultimately fail. Enough of 'the people' are willing to know THE TRUTH, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. For now, layers of 'convicting' evidence surfaces, and cannot be squashed into oblivion, or buried in the thick dust of history.

This, while the zombified, brain-fried remain immune to truthtelling, and those with any glimmer of spiritual conscience continue to AWAKEN.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' ... with mighty swipes of their lightblades, the Mages reveal truth after 'lost' ancient truth. This,  while worldwide weirdness escalates, and while high-strangeness events take place all across the planet -- some of which will be reported by the lamestream mainstream.

For now, the 'dimensional interweaving' is occurring at hyper-speed. Also, many of us are remembering the age of magick, when Merlin and his kind ruled. At this point in universal time, several Earth ages are combining to set the stage for the emergence of humankind's powerful and magickal nature.

To tap in, stay AWARE of your perceptions, and notice how they are changing and becoming more distinct.

On the personal front, this week is likely to feel somewhat convoluted. This is because there are impacting-compacting energies as never before on planet Earth. That is, you may feel tugged in a thousand different directions at once... or, at least, several directions. Or, it could simply be feeling pulled in two significant directions at once.

Regardless, this is an opportunity to *know thy self* at a high level. Also, one wise strategy: center yourself, go deep within, and 'know-feel' your way forward.

This could be difficult for a lot of us, given the dark-side, opposing forces at work. However, if you keep a quiet, inner focus on your individual situation, and pay attention to your deepest feelings, this will lead you in the right direction.

As well, LOVE is likely to enter your life in a significant way within the next three weeks. This could be any current relationship, or a new relationship, or a reunion situation. Further, this includes animals, both pets and wild.

On the chocolate front, The Food of the Goddess and Gods

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hot Chocolate Shown to Boost Memory, Brain Health
A few cups of hot cocoa each day could improve your memory and fight mental decline in the elderly, researchers from Harvard point out."

On the paranormal front, APRIL FOOL'S DAY ... Here Be Dragons ... The Rise and Return of the Winged Scaly Ones

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "April Fools? Why Is The International Weekly Science Journal ‘Nature’ Warning That Earth Faces THE IMMINENT AWAKENING & RETURN Of DRAGONS: THIS WAS A LEADING SCIENCE MAG THAT POSTED THIS! Emerging evidence indicates that dragons can no longer be dismissed as creatures of legend and fantasy, and that anthropogenic effects on the world’s climate may inadvertently be paving the way for the resurgence of these beasts. Long considered to be the stuff of legend, dragons cross cultures and continents. Until recently, however, scant attention had been paid to the fact that the commonality in cultural representations of such creatures indicates something more sinister. From depictions in Ancient Greek literature and Slavic myth, to the dragons of the East or allusions in Zoroastrian scripture, the descriptions resonate. What if these legends were rooted in truth?" &

On the UFO ET front, BLURB: "UFO Repeaters ...ufologist and paranormal pioneer Timothy Green Beckley talked about 'UFO Repeaters,' people who have the unique ability to "make friends" with UFO occupants and bring them in for close repeated UFO photos. Most of these encounters, Beckley believes, represent contact with paranormal or supernatural aspects rather than actual extraterrestrials. Early contactee Howard Menger was a 'repeater' who described and photographed ships landing on his parents land in rural New Jersey, ensuing telepathic communications with "regal-looking" beings, and trips to the far side of the moon. More
Contactee, artist, and channeler Marc Brinkerhoff (view related images joined the conversation for a segment. His benevolent encounters began as a young child in 1958, and have continued throughout his life. In a field in upstate New York, a human-like 8 ft. tall being interacted with him, transforming his energy into a more etheric-form, whereupon they entered a spacecraft and he was given a cleansing energy that appeared as a lavender mist. Brinkerhoff said he is able to make contact with the beings at will, and once at a party they materailized as glowing white spheres.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'Aliens and UFOs at world's deepest lake' ~ Thursday, April 2, 2015
Since ancient times, the vast Lake Baikal has been known as deeply mysterious, but in recent decades it's been the location of a number of alleged sightings of aliens & UFOs." — Siberian Times

On the land changes front, To repeat: Earth Change Events Escalate Across the Planet... Dare To Prepare For Superstorms of Every Imaginable and Unimaginable Type

Worldwide, the coastal areas are at risk as the year progresses. Even though, Benevolent Forces are mitigating the worst catastrophic changes, rough times are ahead for some major areas on Earth. This includes earthquakes, volcanic activity, droughts, flooding, off-the-charts weather, and temperature extremes.
HEADLINE: "ON THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII Shaking, no tsunami after largest quake in Kona area for decades 4.5 magnitude quake struck at 3:24 am Sunday"

HEADLINE: "6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Fiji – 4.0 magnitude earthquake strikes along New Madrid fault"


On the dangerous windstorm-tornado front, VIDEO: Wind Knocks Down Tree, Nearly Crashes Onto Car in Russia

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Roof Blows Apart in Prague During Fierce Winds
APR 1, 2015; 12:13 PM Strong winds raged through the Czech Republic causing damage to cars and the evacuation of apartment buildings. In the Strahov district, polystyrene insulation boards were blown off the roof of a university."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Storm Niklas rages through Europe, killing at least 4...
Apr 01, 2015  At least four people have fallen victim to Hurricane Niklas that has raged through Northern Europe, causing destruction and travel chaos with fallen trees ..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Europe buffeted by deadly storm - BBC News
Hurricane-force winds and tidal surges kill at least seven people in northern Europe, flood parts of Hamburg and leave thousands without power."

VIDEO: Tornado Displaces 50 Families in India

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Weekly Wrap-Up: Thursday Tornadoes Mark Violent Peak of Incessant Rounds of Severe Storms in Central US
Multiple rounds of severe weather slammed the Central U.S. this week with tornadoes reported in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri into Friday morning."

On the economic front, The Bankster Gangster's Failed Financial System... Worldwide, the People Get-Realize the Ponzi Scheme ... However, the Price Is Massive Pain

Get Ready! The world is about to implode-explode as the dark-side technocrats enforce austerity in all of it's brutal, life-stealing forms.

However, from the 'November 3, 2013' Angelic Forecast #270 ~ The Rise of Cowgirl and Cowboy Defiance Sweeps Across the Country

*At this turn in history/herstory, those with the spirit of liberty beating in their breasts now spread out on the land, and form their independent communities. Many will also go outlaw as in the DIVINE OUTLAW. They will consciously ignore the demands of the criminal establishment, and live by this creed: do what is right and true and sacred.

For, they have embraced the SPIRIT ENERGY of freedom for All humanity. This Aquarian Age frequency now encompasses the entire planet.*

On the *brother can you spare a job and/or rent* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Record 93.2 million Americans now not in the labor force: The not in the labor force rebound added 277,000 Americans in March alone. You have one-third of private sector workers supporting the rest of the economy."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "RENTERS R US --The home ownership rate is now at a two decade low and sits at the same level it did in 1970, before Nixon closed the gold window and unleashed a debt and inflation tsunami upon our nation"

On the poverty front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Short on Cash, “Poor Americans Ending Up in Modern-Day Debtors’ Prison” Over Traffic Fines
Mac Slavo | A harsh reality for thousands of struggling Americans."

On the *keeping the working sheeple blind in the empire of debt nation* front, Headline-Snippet: "ATTEMPTING TO SUSTAIN THE UNSUSTAINABLE :Virtually every municipality and State in this delusional empire of debt nation has promised their vast horde of government drones gold plated pensions."

On the *do you have a suspicious bank account* front, HEADLINE: "New Justice Dept. policy allows authorities to seize suspicious bank accounts"

Meanwhile... on the *Kapow! To the Big Central Banks* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Iceland Stuns Banks: Plans To Take Back The Power To Create Money ~ Zero Hedge - Who knew that the revolution would start with those radical Icelanders? It does, though. One Frosti Sigurjonsson, a lawmaker from the ruling Progress Party, issued a report today that suggests taking the power to create money away from commercial banks, and hand it to the central bank and, ultimately, Parliament. Can’t see commercial banks in the western world be too happy with this."

On the *lying works for the IRS* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The IRS and Congress Both Hold Our Liberty in Contempt
Ron Paul | This week the Justice Department announced it would not charge former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official Lois Lerner with contempt of Congress."

On the war front, Worldwide, Governments Prepare To Go To War With Their People ... All While the New World Order Criminals Foment 'A Nuclear War of the Worlds' Mentality

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "India to Use Weaponized Drones for Crowd Control
The Daily Sheeple - The evolution of “non-lethal” weapons has been disturbing enough (and actually lethal in many cases), but speculation that this developing arsenal would be attached to drones has generally been met with accusations of fear-mongering. However, the recent announcement that India (a constitutional republic) has now green-lighted drones for controlling “unruly crowds” in its northern capital Lucknow should get any skeptic’s attention… India already has embarked on a troubling range of oppressive measures throughout their society, including another “first” – a biometric national ID program for all of its 1.2 billion residents, of course in response to the standard concerns of fraud and cybercrime, but now covering nearly all human activity."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Are They Arming for Riots Across America? Homeland Stockpiling “Less Lethal Specialty Munitions”
Mac Slavo - Over the course of 9 pages (PDF), the technical requirements call for an arsenal of specialized weaponry for training and deployment against crowds. On top of a wide range of gas and chemical grenades, rubber bullets and other riot rounds, the purchase calls for “controlled noise and light distraction devices,” including flash bangs which set off a 175 dB sound with 6 – 8 million candelas light bursts in 10 milliseconds."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "WHOA! First They Bought 1.6 Billion rounds of Ammo, NOW Homeland Security is buying bulk RIOT CONTROL Gear! They know what’s coming!"

On the *breakdown of society* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Can Evil Be Defeated :We live in an electronic concentration camp. We are addicted to images on screens that disinform and propagandize us to accept and even welcome the police state activities that have destroyed our autonomy, privacy, and independence.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How Much Time Do Americans Spend Plugged Into The Matrix Every Day?
Michael Snyder | The average American spends more than 10 hours a day using an electronic device."

On the tyranny-at-work front, AGAIN: The Psy-Ops From Coast to Coast: Martial Law Disguised as Military Training Drills... How To Acclimate the Gun-toting American Public

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "CLEAR SIGNS THAT JADE HELM 15 IS GOING LIVE: When someone is caught massively and repeatedly lying about something, isn’t it usually done to conceal a dark truth? ...However, to hold to such a belief would have to ignore the following pieces of legislative action and executive orders that are endorsed by Obama.
Executive Order 13603 which, among other concerning things, endorses Obama’s unilateral ability to enact a civilian inmate slave labor program.
Army Resettlement/Internment document, FM3-39.4 which states Americans (Second Amendment supporters, former Ron Paul supporters, pro-life supporters, Constitutionalists, etc.), are some of the targets for forced incarceration into what is euphemistically called a FEMA camp.
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allows Obama to indefinitely detain Americans without due process of law."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Mock ‘Dirty Bomb’ Drill to Bring Hundreds of Soldiers, Police and Firemen to Richmond, California ~ Submitted by IWB, on April 5th, 2015 A “dirty bomb” will be located in Richmond on Saturday, April 11, and more than 200 soldiers, airmen, local law enforcement and firefighting personnel will descend upon the city in order to defuse the situation — as part of an emergency response exercise, thankfully.

On the *cops are out of control* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Man Pulled Over for Window Tint Dies After Police Refuse Him Access to His Inhaler
Free Thought Project - Internal affairs is investigating a death in police custody after 24-year-old Anthony Damone Clark Reed was left dead following a traffic stop. He was pulled over for the victimless “crime” of tinted windows during a personal medical emergency around 9 pm on Monday. The father of Reed, Pastor Kevin Clark, is speaking out and saying that his son’s death was caused by negligence on the part of the Detroit police. The pastor also says that the negligence continued after his death, when they failed to contact the family for over two hours."

HEADLINE: "Police in the US Kill Citizens at Over 70 Times the Rate of Other First-World Nations

On the communication front, CAUGHT: Electronic Books, Web Comments Being Re-Written By the Dark-side Powers That Be

This *Orwellian Big Brother* tactic obviously showcases the real value of PRINT books, the on-the-page written word -- and/or keeping some manner of record of what was originally written on the internet. Beware! the Orwellian tyranny of the cyber cloud.

On the *empire of evil, the executive emperor speaks* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Executive Order: Obama Takes Total Control of Internet: Declares ‘National Cyber Security Emergency’
Mac Slavo | It should be obvious given the recent hacks against essential infrastructure that America faces a major cyber security threat from foreign governments and rogue organizations.
...The new Executive Order will, among other things, give the government access to all infrastructure components that they deem critical to national security. That means everything from physical power grid components to virtual servers like your web hosting company.
As used in this order, the term critical infrastructure means systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, so vital to the United States that the incapacity or destruction of such systems and assets would have a debilitating impact on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination of those matters.
So, basically everything that is connected to a network now falls under the control of the U.S. government. And whatever policy the government says needs to be followed will be followed..."

On the *facebook is never your friend* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Facebook Biometric Snooping Called Illegal
Court House News | Facebook violated its users’ privacy to acquire the largest privately held stash of biometric face-recognition data in the world, a class action claims in Chancery Court."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Facebook accused of tracking all users even if they delete accounts, ask never to be followed
London Independent | Academic researchers said that the report showed that the company was breaking European law with its tracking policies."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Top Cop: Insulting Someone on Facebook Can Get You Arrested ~ Paul Joseph Watson | “No such thing as a petty crime”."

On the energy front, The Alternative Energy Source Being Denied To Humanity, the Usual Corrupt Policy Courtesy of the Dark-Side Controllers

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Alternative Energy Source Could Also 'Make Us Healthier'
Professor Searl makes no secret that he has ran his home for the last 31 years completely off the grid by harnessing ambient energy - check it out.
Professor Searl makes no secret that he has ran his home for the last 31 years completely off the grid by harnessing ambient energy and transforming it into electricity with his S.E.G.
It is a fact that there is energy all around us in forms that are only now beginning to be rediscovered. The S.E.G. attracts this energy, compresses it, and transforms it into a usable form. The unit is better described as a converter than a free energy device.
As if this wasn’t exciting enough, the home unit, measuring roughly 14 inches in diameter and four inches high, is portable and can be taken anywhere. In addition, while operational, the S.E.G. produces a negative charge within the vicinity. Studies have shown that negative charges kill viruses and bacteria; therefore the S.E.G. also has the potential to create a healthier environment than we currently live in now."

On the *dangers of smart meters* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Stockton Smart Meters Explode After Truck Causes Power Surge STOCKTON (CBS13) — A power surge left thousands without power in Stockton on Monday after smart meters on their homes exploded.
The explosions started at around 8:30 a.m. after a truck crashed into a utility pole, causing a surge.
When the customers in more than 5,000 homes get their power back on will depend on how badly damaged their meters are.
Neighbors in the South Stockton area described it as a large pop, a bomb going off, and strong enough to shake a house.
“The neighbor across the street, his meter doesn’t look as bad but his receptacles are all blackened.” said Brad Abernathy."

From a prior forecast: " activism against 'smart meters' ramps up. With more revelations about how these 'smart meters' really work, and the affects on health, many of us angrily rise, and say NO."

On the home front, The War Against Self-Sufficiency, Against the People's Right To Live Freely ... Now, the *Dark-side Powers That Be* Up Their Police-State Endgame

To stay in control, to rule the sheeple serfs, and rout out the renegade black-sheep rams, the establishment elite now play their 'war games'. This is a Machiavellian test to discover what works to enslave and terrorize humankind into unthinking compliance, into dog-like 'woof-woof' obedience.

From the January 25, 2015 ~ Angelic Forecast 2015 ~ #334 ~ "Trendwise, this week initiates a major shift in overall American culture. As the people wise up, and take action against their oppressors, the trend will gravitate to self-sufficiency, to living on the land, and within protected communities. Already, there is a mass movement  out of big cities and other areas of dense population. This will only accelerate and become a general migration across the country.

However, to counterattack this shift in culture and consciousness, the big bad establishment-bureaucracy will use more stormtrooper tactics to halt this flight, all while enforcing policies to corral and keep the people trapped inside cities. Also, the branding by chip seriously escalates via the so-called *affordable health care*. BEWARE!"

On the food front, The Rejection of Frankenfood Rises... and Monsanto's Demonization of Dissenting Scientists

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Policy or perception? Companies reject newly-approved GMO produce :Currently, there is no mandatory labeling of GMOfoods in Canada or most of the U.S. Yet, around 90 per cent of corn and soybeans produced in North America is genetically modified."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto Employee Admits an Entire Department Exists to “Discredit” Scientists
Christina Sarich | Dare to publish a scientific study against Big Biotech, and Monsanto will defame and discredit you.

On the *dark-side's diabolical plan to reduce the food supply* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Californians Point to Big-Ag, Unrestrained Development as Drought Culprits
Common Dreams - The Detroit Free Press editorial board on Sunday reminded readers that "those of us living in the other 49 states won't be exempt from the fallout. California farmers, who provide about half the country's fruits and vegetables, have already lost hundreds of thousands of acres of previously productive farmland. The impact on produce prices at your local grocery store will only intensify if the drought, already reckoned the worst in California's recorded history, persists."


On the *Mad Scientist's Wet Dream* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New DNA Tech Will Lead To The Creation Of Real Life Unicorns, Human Hybrids (Nephilim), And Maybe Even A Cure For Cancer
We have the earth-shattering technology in our hands—but even its inventors worry about its awesome power to alter our genetic future.
“We have within our grasp the technology to change evolution. This could change the course of biological life.”
— Paul Berg, Nobel Laureate and a pioneer of genetic engineering
In 2012, scientists in the U.S. and Sweden invented a technology as potentially life-altering as splitting the atom. One that you haven’t heard of—yet—called “CRISPR-Cas9”. This innovation with the cumbrous name allows biologists to edit DNA almost as easily as cutting and pasting words and letters on a laptop."

On the really bad news front, Theft By Law Enforcement Goes Hyper-viral

Through what is legally called 'asset forfeiture' -- first justified by the war on drugs -- the people, the innocent, are being plundered and pillaged en masse by the 'evilly corrupt' in our current society.

As well, ungodly bureaucratic scams and schemes abound in these times, especially against the elderly. Because, if you own anything of value that is free and clear -- as in a house, property, a business -- you are likely the lawless system's target. Or will be.

On the good news front, The Economies of Free Will, Transforming the World Toward the Aquarian Age Renaissance

Those of good heart and mind come together at a 'quickening' pace now, despite the 'crushing-of-humanity' Viper cabal. Out of this gathering into 'free commerce', into caring communities across the globe, we the people activate our true spiritual and genetic potential. For, our ability to be endlessly creative and innovative is our birthright in this wondrous universe.

On the global mafia cabal front, The Vampire Bankster Cartel Sinks Its Death-dealing Fangs Into the Sheeple

From this point forward, the economic slaughter of the middle class becomes hugely obvious to many more. Out of this growing AWARENESS rises the Robin Hood activism of humanity.

From nearly every sector of society, THE BRAVE ONES, the Robin Hoods take bold and daring action. Often the cyber rebels, the hacktivists, take the lead, coming out in 'righteous' force. This, for the sake of ALL humankind.

On the heroine and hero front, those who dare to give up being one of the sheeple, and those who dare to ram-charge toward the Aquarian-Age liberty that belongs to ALL of us.

On the legislative-secession front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Citizens, state governments fight back against overreaching federal government
(NaturalNews) Fed up with the far-reaching expansion of federal powers under the current administration, more states are fighting back with legislation designed to limit Washington's influence at the state level. According to, more... "

On the freedom front, The Right To Travel Freely, Watch the Feds Shut It Down With Ever More Checkpoints-Chokepoints

In the near future, the right to travel freely will be shutdown systematically, not only throughout the country, but traveling worldwide. This will likely be justified by terrible 'false flag' events.

If you are planning to leave the country, to repatriate, now is the time to take positive action toward that goal. And leave.

On the *future skills* front, Know How To Drive?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Autonomous Car Makes Historic Trip ~ April 03, 2015 ~ For the first time in history, an autonomous car has completed the cross country journey from San Francisco to New York City. The robotic driving system, designed by automotive parts supplier Delphi and installed in an Audi SQ5, features a front-mounted camera that can survey street signs and traffic lights as well as six radar systems installed throughout the perimeter of the vehicle. Despite encountering a variety of weather and traffic conditions, the remarkable robo-car required human intervention for only 1% of the landmark trip."

With the advent of 'autonomous cars' and the Goo-Borg's, aka Google's driverless cars, the nanny-state push will be on *eventually* to vilify car drivers as unsafe in the general population. Insurance rates will likely be determined on whether you operate your own car, truck, etc, -- OR NOT.

This, despite the fact that these driverless vehicles WILL NOT be proven as safe and/or safer than currently human-driven cars. The hack factor will always be a major danger, just as it is in today's cars -- and in banking, identity theft, and commercial businesses.

*Just One Example*: From the Health Quest Newsletter 3-6-15 ~ ARTICLE-SNIPPET: "The first week of March 2015 we hear the second largest health insurer (Anthem Inc.)  in the US had its security breached and sensitive information was exposed and stolen. This means anyone with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Amerigroup, Caremore, Unicare, Healthlink and DeCare should be concerned. The information they think was stolen was; names, birthdates, social security numbers, physical addresses, email addresses and employment information including income data. At this juncture they report the medical records area to be unaffected however medical ID numbers were stolen and they are still investigating. To give you an idea of the size of this security breach they report 80 million current and former customer records to have been accessed making it one of the largest hack jobs to date."

However, the 'trendy' convenience angle of being a passenger will be fifth-avenue advertized to the hilt. Even now, the psy-op propaganda is being rolled out against human-driven cars, trucks, etc. As well, the latest models are chock full of 'controlling' electronics', a sure way to acclimate the public.

The wildcard factor: If you're a good driver, never lose that skill. Because this ability will be ultra valuable in the future.

On the *AI* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "AI interns: Software already taking jobs from humans
New Scientist | People have talked about robots taking our jobs for ages. Problem is, they already have – we just didn’t notice."

Trendwise, The Holy Cause of Liberty Windstorms Across the World... and The Repetition of 1776 History Is On Our Very Doorstep

Patrick Henry's 1775 "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" speech exemplifies the Aquarian-Age movement toward personal and global freedom. Here's a portion of that speech:

"...If we wish to be free -- if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending -- if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained -- we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!

They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.

Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable--and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

THIS WEEK, feel the caress of the springtime breezes, the stroking of the winds. This is Mother Nature touching your very soul. Enjoy. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


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