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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ April 13, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #345 

The Coming Age... Implosion-Explosion, the World on the Brink of Change... Here It Comes, the Catastrophic, the Supernatural Forces, and the Incredibly Splendid Rise of Humanity

Stay Awake. And, as always, stay tuned.

On the AWAKENING front, More of the People Stand and Band Together, Worldwide

For, at superspeed the people AWAKEN to self-governance, their ability to govern themselves and create local communities beneficial to ALL. More and more, the people know the spiritual tool needed for community, is simply learning how to LOVE one another -- and how to love yourself at an ever deeper level. For, the open heart is here.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' use their mighty whirling lightblades to cut the dark-side ties that bind humanity to its servile past. Thus, the blinders are lifted from many more, and they begin to  realize their true power potential.

On the magickal past revealing itself front, ARTICLE: "Hidden Marginalia Emerges on Ancient Pages ~ Tuesday, April 7, 2015
The Black Book of Carmarthen, the oldest surviving medieval manuscript written in Welsh, has proven to be even more interesting than anyone even knew. Two scholars from the University of Cambridge – doctoral student Myriah Williams and Paul Russell, a professor in the department of Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norse languages – examined its pages under UV light and found fascinating marginalia not visible to the naked eye. Coming into view for the first time are ghostly faces along with reflective text that were added during the 13-15th centuries...
...Among the poems are two attributed to the legendary Merlin. And the first poem is said to be a conversation between Merlin and Taliesin, the renowned 6th Century Welsh."

On the personal front, this week is likely to be fraught by mis-timing and some misdirection. Simply take a moment to think your way through, then backup and head toward your goals and/or your destinations.

Also, there could be some misdirection and/or mis-communication in matters of love and the heart. This is best resolved by true humility and a sincere apology, if warranted. However, if the fault is not on your end, an understanding of the other person and their motives, their fears, will help you both.

Further, travel of some type could be in the cards this week, and on into the summer months. While this is typical travel time, unique adventurous opportunities are likely to abound. This could involve prosperous opportunities, as well.

On the paranormal front, The High Strangeness Adventuring Goes Into Hyperdrive At This Spinpoint In Time

Online Radio: *The Experience with Jeremy Vaeni*
"Circus of Strangeness ~ Thursday, April 9, 2015
Visitors. Ghosts. Rainbow People. Dinosaurs. Just how strange can strange get? If this week's episode were a tabloid headline few would believe it. But it's not. It's life. These things are real. And this week's guest stepped forward because he heard host Jeremy Vaeni on another program talking about his first high strangeness experience at the age of three: watching a parade go by that did not exist. He, too, experienced this and thought he was alone. Now, he's sharing his highly unusual experiences so that those of us experiencing the same don't have to feel alone anymore."

On the UFO front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama's former pilot recalls UFO encounter ~ Saturday, April 11, 2015
Veteran pilot Andrew Danziger experienced something unexplained during a flight from Kansas City in 1989. Danziger and his captain Bruce had been on a flight to Waterloo, Iowa when they became aware of a partially obscured white disc-shaped object a short distance away from their plane.
The object seemed to stay with them for over 30 minutes and despite confirming with air traffic control that the sky was clear the disc continued to appear obscured as if hidden by fog.
Neither pilot was able to determine what it could be.
As they approached within 40 miles of their destination however the disc seemed to suddenly disappear and a red glowing ball-shaped object appeared in its place.
"It was big and bright and just sat there above the clouds," Danziger wrote. "It wasn’t intense enough to illuminate us with a red glow but it was still plenty bright. We sat there in stunned silence."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Mexico: Airliner on Final Approach Reports UFO
Monday, April 13, 2015
Scott Corrales shares news of a commercial airline pilot spotting a UFO prior to landing." — Inexplicata

On the High Strangeness Boom-Boom front, ARTICLE: "Booms Shake the US ~ Monday, April 6, 2015
Loud booming noises that do not spread like sonic booms were heard on both US coasts and in Arkansas last week, adding to the proliferation of these events nationwide and worldwide. Just last week, booms disturbed residents in Berkeley, California, Lawrence County, Arkansas and Bordentown City, New Jersey, Victoria, Texas, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and North Carolina, to name a few. Just since January, there have been hundreds of cases reported in the United States alone. In general, they do not roll like sonic booms, but are single, loud explosions or rumbles that are confined to a defined area."

On the *Planet X, arriving or not* front, BLURB: Wednesday - April 8, 2015 ~ ...Bob Fletcher a retired investigative researcher who conducted a probe into the CIA's involvement in US drug trade, spoke about the return of Planet X (Nibiru), how money has been secretly siphoned out of budgets to prepare for it, and the coming global cataclysm. According to his information, Planet X was first discovered in 1983 by infrared telescopes and appeared to be on an inbound trajectory. Since then, the United States has built numerous underground facilities (such as at Cheyenne Mountain), which will be offered as a survival option to only an elite few, he stated. China has reportedly also completed the construction of underground facilities.
Operation Jade Helm 15, a military-law enforcement exercise coming later this year, is a dry run for "martial law," and is being conducted as a test for how to deal with the public when they learn about Nibiru's impending arrival, Fletcher contended.
The rogue planet will first be visible as a new star-- it's been calculated to be five times the size of Earth, and has several attached moons-- and will arrive possibly in December 2015, with its closest approach during March-April of 2016, he suggested, adding that the timing could be one year later. Solar flares connected with Nibiru's passage could wipe out all electronic devices, and a multitude of large meteorites hitting the oceans will cause immeasurable tsunamis, he added.

On the land changes front, As the Sun Lashes Out During the Year, There Will *Likely* Be Major Communication Glitches

However, to repeat again: "Earth Change Events Escalate Across the Planet... Dare To Prepare For Superstorms of Every Imaginable and Unimaginable Type

Worldwide, the coastal areas are at risk as the year progresses. Even though, Benevolent Forces are mitigating the worst catastrophic changes, rough times are ahead for some major areas on Earth. This includes earthquakes, volcanic activity, droughts, flooding, off-the-charts weather, and temperature extremes."

On the sinkhole front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: PHOTOS: Sinkholes as Deep as Eight-Story Buildings Form Along Shoreline of the Disappearing Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is disappearing at an alarming rate, leaving behind thousands of sinkholes that are chipping away at the coastlines vibrant and touristy atmosphere.

On the *gateway to hell or spontaneous combustion of coal* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'Gateway To Hell' Found in China
Researchers are baffled by a fiery pit which recently appeared on the side of a Chinese mountain. The glowing orange hole has a recorded temperature of 792 Celsius (1458 Fahrenheit). According to geologist Hu Tan, the air pouring out of the hole is so intensely hot that it can cause a branch held near it to burst into flames. Experts believe it was caused by the spontaneous combustion of coal. "

On the geo-engineering front, HEADLINE: "Experts: Chemtrails 'Not Natural' And Causing 'DNA Damage,' Weather Manipulation Destroying Earth"

On the economic front, The Continuing Crash-Bash of the Dollar... and the Gradual Return of Small Town Life With Owner-run Small Businesses

As people realize and experience the true downturn in the economy here, and worldwide -- and now accelerating at warp speed -- many will migrate to small towns and rural properties. This, despite the diabolical push -- via what is called Agenda 21 -- to remove-drive people from the land, and herd them into sardine-cramped cities.

For, in the long Aquarian Age scheme of things, the human spirit will prove far greater than those who would capture humankind, and pen them in cubicles of concrete.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The new American retirement plan equates to working forever: Nonexistent nest eggs and most Americans are bad at planning as to how long they will live."

On the *One World Order Criminals* want your cash and your soul front, HEADLINE: "Citi Economist Says It Might Be Time to Abolish Cash to Save World Economy:"

On the cyber-attack financial front, HEADLINE: "82,000 PCs in Japan, worldwide infected with virus harvesting banking passwords"

On the truth front, The TRUTH About Marijuana... Are There Enough Words Left For This Level of Big-Brother Cruelty?

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Federal Govt Admits Marijuana Kills Brain Tumors, But You Still Can’t Have It
Anthony Gucciardi | Safer than big pharma drugs."

On *the state of the injustice state* front, QUOTE: "Once you walk into a courtroom, you've already lost. The best way to win is to avoid it at all costs, because the justice system is anything but" Sydney Carton, Attorney.

QUOTE: "There is no one in the criminal justice system who believes that system works well. Or if they are, they are for courts that are an embarrassment to the ideals of justice. The law of real people doesn't work" Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law Professor.

On the war front, Here It Comes... The Big-Push Media Campaign To *Make War, Not Love* ... and the Russian Bear Is the Likely Target ... Beware! The TV Head-Pundits Speak With Forked Tongues

Meanwhile, the double-cross, triple-cross, quadruple-cross continues in the Middle East war theater. And, as orchestrated by the dark-side Viper elite, the bloody-inhumane attacks explode to even larger, more horrific events.

However, there are WHITE HAT forces at work who are mitigating certain attack scenarios. Evidence of this 'could' be witnessed this week by a sudden change in war tactics.

Also, within a month's time, China is about to implode-explode into hardcore civil strife in some regions of the country. This will be kept hidden by the presstitute media to a large extent. Further, in a dangerous decision, China 'could likely' decide to openly attack Japan and/or Vietnam -- and covertly the U.S. If fulfilled, this will be a vain attempt to rally and keep segments of the population under ruthlessly strict tyranny.

However, this open-attack by China IS NOT written in stone. Prayer and good-vibe thoughts work to prevent a move toward greater warfare.

On the tyranny-at-work front, Across the Country, the Open Rebellion of the BRAVE ONES Ramps Up

One example ~ HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hundred of Thousands of New Yorkers Refuse To Register So-Called 'Assault Weapons' Ahead Of April 15 Deadline"

On the California secession *new state* front, BLURB: ~coasttocoastam~ "...former airline captain Mark Baird discussed his work trying to establish the state of Jefferson in Northern California, which could become the 51st state of the USA. Baird is following in the footsteps of Assemblyman Stan Statham, who in 1992, rallied 27 out of 31 counties to vote to leave the state of California, but the Senate didn't bring the bill out of committee at the time. "People are tired of being subjugated by a government from afar...What we need to do is to restore liberty and a constitutional republic to a small rural state," so citizens can have a say about how their lives are conducted, and their money is spent, he said. If the current counties that have shown interest in the idea were to form a separate state, they would have a population of around 1 million, and be economically viable, he argued. For more, check out this video report."

On the *you are nothing but a sheeple serf* front, HEADLINE: "Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Own Property ~ Collecting rainwater on your own property can now lead to jail time, as proven by a man from Oregon who was just sentenced to prison for doing just that.  Who owns the rain? The US government, apparently, now.  Not so long ago, it was common practice across much of the world to collect rainwater into man made wells on your property as a means of farming, irrigation, and having fresh clean water...
...However, over the past few years, laws making the collection of rainwater illegal have been causing an uproar across the US.
Now, a man from Grey Point, Oregon has been sentenced to thirty days in prison for storing collected rainwater on his very own property – and the public is outraged."

On the *SMART METER surveillance* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "DHS is behind 'Smart Meter' surveillance meters Need more proof 'Smart ...Meters'  are controlled and monitored by DHS? Look no further than DHS's 'Control Systems Security Program' Where they admit to working with "control systems owners, vendors and law enforcement"."

On the martial law front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "This Is Not A Drill: Documents reveal military training police officers across America for domestic martial law"

ARTICLE: "Take Your Money Out of the Bank Before Jade Helm Ushers in Martial Law
As Jade Helm forces are preparing to tighten the martial law noose around our collective necks, most Americans are on verge of losing everything.
I am continuing to receive dozens of emails, by the day, which detail the increased military presence and preparations for the Jade Helm forces all around the country.
Among the more disturbing images I was sent, was from talk show host and health expert, Ted Broer (see above), as he captured the image of an M1 Abrams tanks near his neighborhood on a nearby toll road.
With each passing day, as martial law draws near, your opportunity to get your money out of the bank is growing far less likely with each day you delay in taking your money out of the bank."

On the communication front, Social Media Rounds Up Its Sheeple Users With More Goodies... For, the Addiction Endgame Is On

Stealing, mesmerizing the soul of humanity with the gateway that is social media, is crucial to the dark-side cabal's dominion of the planet. Of course, using social media outlets to EXPOSE the truths 'they' don't want you to know, and to shine the info-spotlight on the dark-siders -- that is the other side, given this blade cuts both ways.

Also... HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Video Games Industry is Being Subverted
Paul Joseph Watson | DARPA-linked social engineers trying to re-educate youth."

This week, look for the New World Order Criminals to keep outing themselves and their 'one world order' plans.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Blair accused of bidding for global domination after vow to set up ‘leaders club’
UK Daily Mail | Is this the proof ‘megalomaniac’ Blair DOES want to rule the world?"

On the *all seeing eye of Facebook* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Facebook will now track users' finances in addition to social contacts, employment, health status, political affiliation;  In its bid to become the provider - and tracker - of all things to all humans, Facebook has announced that it is entering the peer-to-peer money transferal market.
The initiative is meant to rival PayPay, and it revolves around Facebook's Messenger app. According to the Financial Times, the Silcon Valley-based social media company is trying to compete with PayPal, Square and other payment providers and, eventually, even large banks, following an announcement that users will be able to upload a Visa or MasterCard debit card to the Messenger app and send payments to other Facebook users for free..."

On the home front, Several Dynamics Collide and Clash During the Next Three Weeks

There will be momentous shifts in people's perception as the Titanic that was the economy appears to crash into the glaciers of national debt. For, many now WAKE UP and see the looming icebergs. Because the sad, terrible reality is written on the icy wall for ALL to witness.

In the coming years, the TRUTH about the IRS and 'actual' taxpayer liability will be exposed to such a degree, another epic shift in perception will take place.

On the IRS Gestapo *you are the sucker* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "FMR Agent: IRS Now Monitoring Cash Transactions ~ April 10, 2015
Alex Jones talks with former IRS Agent Joe Bannister about what we can do to fight back against the IRS."

On the non-transparency front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "DHS: FOIA Requests Up 182 Percent Under Obama – 5.7 Percent Are Fully Granted
CNS News | The DHS says it received a record 291,242 FOIA requests in fiscal year 2014."

On the energy front, The Evolution-Revolution of Humankind Quantum Leaps In the Current Cosmic Climate

This week, quantum spins of crystalline energy wrap the Earth. Out of this, many will *see* the world, and their life, as never before. That is, psi-awareness increases overall, and there will be a new willingness to face unbearable but necessary truths -- if we are to progress as a race, and take our place among the stars.

On the food front, The Corp-Gov War On Good Food and Self-Sufficiency Hyper Jumps... This Is A Global War Against All of the People

If you watch the alternative news stories, this war on good food and self-sufficiency will become more than obvious. Also, as code enforcement goes ever more restrictive and become SWAT TEAM jack-booted, migration from these particular cities-towns will eventually become a tsunami.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Corporate agriculture is destroying national sovereignty and increasing risk of global starvation
(NaturalNews) According to The Guardian, the United Kingdom's growing population is bound to face food shortages within the next generation. As self-sufficiency is surrendered away to the demands of corporate monoculture, the people not only lose..."

On the *organic beats frankenfood* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Former active US Marine demands GMO ban after curing debilitating health problems by switching to organic
(NaturalNews) A recent letter sent by former active Marine Jon Abrahamson to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant tells the likely all-too-common story of disease progression without apparent cause. Abrahamson recalls how he suddenly began to develop nerve problems and numbness in his hands and legs, a degenerative process that left him almost completely incapacitated. At the time, Abrahamson wasn't aware of how his diet might be to blame for his poor health, including sudden weight gain despite no major changes in what he was eating and drinking. After investigating the situation further, Abrahamson came to the realization that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were a common thread in his disease progression."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto Profits Fall Another 15% In April
Anthony Gucciardi | Monsanto continues decline in GMO seeds."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Eating Pesticide-Laden Fruit Found To Cause Infertility
ANDRE EVANS | While eating clean fruit can actually boost fertility."

On the Orwellian *boot on your face, then throw you in the mental ward* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Officials Label ‘Healthy Eating’ As Newest ‘Eating Disorder’ Do you 'suffer' from it?"

On the nanny-state vaccine front, HEADLINE: "People shedding the flu, measles and polio after they get vaccinated - - that's whom to’ worry about'"

On the really bad news front, Get Ready For It... the Berserker Onslaught of Dark-side, Hitlarian Feminism... Now Diabolically Disguised As 'Let's All Live the Wonderful Dream'

In opposition to the Great Rise of the Goddess frequency, and to keep women enslaved while appearing to 'free' them, the dark-side globalists socially engineered and hijacked legitimate grassroots-feminist movements. This, since the time of Gloria Steinem, who by her own words, worked for the CIA.

***Gloria Steinem - How The CIA - 
Gloria Steinem - How The CIA Used Feminism To Destabilize Society By Henry Makow, Ph.D. 3-19-2***

Further, on the really bad news front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Government-run animal control now kidnapping and murdering family pets in America if owners don't pay ransom demands ~ The Health Ranger   
This story is real. Government-run animal control "officers" across America are now kidnapping family pets and holding them ransom.
When pet owners are unable to pay the extortion fees, their pets are killed.
Some pet owners are being threatened with jail time if they don't pay the "shakedown" fees.
Is this really happening in America? Yes, it is:"

On the good news front, Activism Against Nestlé, An Enemy of the People

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Activists shut down Nestlé plant in drought-stricken California
As California suffers a record drought, local residents and activists took a stand to implore the company Nestlé to stop its gluttonous guzzling of California’s water for profit
By Amanda Froelich | True Activist ~ April 9, 2015 6:08 pm EDT
In case you’re not aware, California is currently experiencing its most severe drought ever recorded, the impending implications still being tallied.
But profit-driven company Nestlé has yet to slow their bottling of plastic water bottles, guzzling 80 million gallons of water from Sacramento aquifers per year.
For this reason, environmental and human rights activists, holding plastic “torches” and “pitchforks”, formed human barricades at both entrances to the Nestlé Waters bottling plant in Sacramento at 5:00 a.m. On Friday, March 20th. Their protesting effectively shut down the company’s operations for the day...
...Others support Ellis’ stance, rallying out of disbelief that such corporate greed could be allowed to continue when residents of the state are expected to run out of water within the next 12 – 18 months if serious action isn’t taken.
The coalition rallied to protest what they call Nestlé’s “virtually unlimited use of water” while Sacramentans (like other Californians) who use a mere 7 – 10 percent of total water used in the State of California are advised to limit their use and have had severe restrictions enforced upon them. What they hope to achieve is for Nestlé to pay rates commensurate with its enormous profit, or voluntarily close down.
    “ Nestlé only pays 65 cents for each 470 gallons it pumps out of the ground – the same rate as an average residential water user. But the company can turn the area’s water around, and sell it back to Sacramento at mammoth profit,” according to a news release presented by the activists."

On the robo *AI* front, Death Programmed In, Atrocities Committed Out

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Will robots get away with war crimes? ~ Sunday, April 12, 2015
Human Rights Watch warns that no one will be accountable if AI commits atrocities. — Mail Online

On the *good brave robo* side front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Contained?” Robot Dies 3 Hours After Entering Fukushima Reactor
Zero Hedge | Japanese officials will re-iterate that everything is on track."

On the global mafia cabal front, The Pyramid of Parasites Say Democracy Is over and Technocrat Totalitarianism Is the Only Solution For Humanity

This message has been touted off and on, and is now being boldly touted again in Europe. With the EU economy about to implode-explode further, these cabal parasites are positioning themselves to be the saviors... as they have been doing for the last century.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Worst Case Scenario: Total Chaos… Followed By An International Intervention To “Save Us” From Ourselves
Brandon Smith | One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes."

On the heroine front, Educational researcher ANITA HOGE, an activist exposing the dumbing-down, hive-mind that is COMMON CORE. She was featured on radio show, and [discussed] "... Common Core in schools and the Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and all of the related bills and proposed legislation."
Anita was the main researcher for the book "Educating for the New World Order"
Archived articles:
Her Recent Articles:
  * Open Letter to Senator Bob Casey, Pennsylvania, 3-14-15
  * Sen. Alexander and Rep. Kline Selling Out Your Children, 3-7-15
  * Bill: HR-5 Denies Parents Their Rights Over Their Own Children, 2-21-15

On the hero front, the men who are continuing to prepare for the upcoming times.

On the freedom front, The Separation of Powers and Five Northeastern Indian Tribes

As the dark force of tyranny blankets the world, and sinks its leviathan-monstrous claws deeper into the America landscape and the American psyche, the bells of freedom ring incessantly, and ever more loudly, with WARNING...
As the true history of liberty is wiped from the face of the Earth with each successive generation by design of the dark-side controllers, who orchestrate and oversee educational systems...

As those who love and fight for freedom on all fronts are demonized, and are designated enemies of the state... REMEMBER THIS:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The REAL Inspiration for the American Constitution
Washington’s Blog | April 13, 2015 ~ The Forgotten Source for Separation of Powers.
For example, one of the core principles which the Founding Fathers built into the American system of government and our Constitutions is separation of powers.
This idea – also called “checks and balances” – ensures that no single person or group can seize all of the powers for themselves. Decisions are therefore more likely to benefit the nation as a whole … and not just those making decisions.
As Lord Acton noted:
    Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
By spreading power around, absolute corruption is less likely to occur.
But few people know where the Founding Fathers’ got their inspiration for the principle of separation of powers.
The New York Times noted in 1988:
    In the mid-16th century, five northeastern Indian tribes – Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida and Cayugaa – formed the Iroquois Confederacy, joined later by the Tuscarora tribe. They adopted a constitution, reflecting concepts of checks and balances and separation of powers that impressed such later Americans as Washington, Franklin and other Founding Fathers. Indeed, historians maintain that many principles of the Iroquois constitution were woven into the United States Constitution.
That same year, Congress passed a resolution stating:
    Whereas, the original framers of the constitution, including most notably, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, are known to have greatly admired the concepts, principles and government practices of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy; and:
    Whereas, the Confederation of the original thirteen colonies into one Republic was explicitly modeled upon the Iroquois Confederacy as were many of the democratic principles which were incorporated into the Constitution itself ….
    The Congress, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution, acknowledges the historical debt which this Republic of the United States of America owes to the Iroquois Confederacy and other Indian Nations for their demonstration of enlightened, democratic principles of government …
...Thomas Jefferson also had close dealings with the Iroquois:
    Prominent figures, such as Thomas Jefferson in colonial Virginia … were involved with leaders of the New York-based Iroquois Confederacy."

On the 3D Printer front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The 3D Printed Firearm Has Been Taken to the Next Level
Joshua Krause | Here’s to the greatest milestone in 3D printing that history will most likely forget."

Trendwise, The Mainstream Emergence of Martial Law... and the Praise Thereof By the Presstitute Media ... Look For It. Prepare For It.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Jade Helm’s Trojan Horse :Medical Martial Law FEMA Camps to Be Run By HHS In this series on the threats posed by the Jade Helm 15 drill and any subsequent implementation of martial, it has been established that the first two phases of martial are in play.
1) Phase One: Dissident Extractions
2) Phase Two: Gun confiscation under the auspices of this administration’s UN partners (e.g. Russians and Chinese).
The next phase in any martial law crackdown would consist of mass population relocation of undesirables. For Hitler, that meant the incarceration and extermination o-f Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and political undesirables. In modern America, concentration camp candidates would include the list of the “enemies of the state” listed in the MIAC Report (e.g. former Ron Paul supporters, -Constitutionalists, Second Amendment supporters, etc.). This article will expose the fact that the list have been expanded to anyone who has respiratory distress even of a minor nature (chest cold congestion).
This report establishes Phase Three of any martial law implementation, including Jade Helm 15, or its successor, will consist of the forced relocation of major populations to detainment facilities. This process has already been ushered in under stealth and is taking the form of America’s Trojan Horse...
...Obama has granted his administration the authority to detain, in any manner deemed necessary, any person who demonstrates any degree of respiratory distress. This means people with noninfectious asthma could be detained...
...Please note the term “medical needs associated with mental health”. We have seen this strategy with the Obama administration when they incarcerated veterans and forcibly medicated them as we saw in the case of Brandon Raub. It is apparent that the same strategy is about to applied to the American public as a whole. The Soviet Union used to call this practice “political schizophrenia).
ESF #8 established the national ambulance contract, which is designed to provide support for evacuating seriously ill, mentally ill or injured patients.
FEMA_trainHHS will enlist the VA and Department of Defense assets (e.g. the military) in support of providing “transportation assets, operating and staffing NDMS Federal Coordination Centers, and processing and tracking patient movements from collection points to their final destination reception facilities"

THIS WEEK, the power of Nature is on full display... take the time to feel it, to experience the tremendous power of Mother Nature with all of your senses. Then notice your own inner power. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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