Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ arousal blazed

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Note: This week Zance inspires Sherilyn's fiercest passions. 


The first seven X-paragraphs from ~

Chapter Thirty-five:
Arousal blazed through Sherilyn...

Arousal blazed through Sherilyn as Zance primitively tugged on her hair. The primal passion carving his features mesmerized her, and caused her pussy to throb with a new vengeance.

Zance seared his gaze over her face for several moments. When he focused on her breasts, Sherilyn felt deliciously exposed, as if she'd become his sex captive.

He continued to pull on her hair, forcing her back until her head touched the pillow. With her begging nipples thrust beneath his mouth, images of what Zance was about to do crowded Sherilyn's mind. She panted ridiculously fast.

"That's it," he hoarsely drawled. "Shiver those perfect breasts for me."

Sherilyn couldn't have stopped herself, even if she'd wanted to. How long had she wanted a man who made her feel this way, this out-of-control, burn-her-up passion?

Forever, her mind answered. Forever.

Excitement owned every cell of Sherilyn as she watched Zance slowly lower his mouth. His lips touched her peaked nipple. Languidly, he brushed back and forth, and waves of pleasure swamped her.


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