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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ November 17, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #324 

Edge of the Fake Revolution, It's Here. Or, how to start a revolution by and for the dark-side, one-world elite.

Meanwhile, the real revolution will not be televised, but is brewing in the Western states. People are fighting back for their land, their livelihoods, and for all they're worth. Because the time is NOW. Or never.

On the AWAKENING front, the flashfire of AWAKENING now centers around human freedom, vital to the spiritual evolution of the species. Even with major disagreements and differences, the people who refuse to bow before the establishment beast, will now join hands and mind and hearts.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' drive their fearsome lightblades into the heart of the dark-side magicians. Out of this, swiftly rises the 'old magickal knowledge' in the hearts and minds of the people.

Also, it is wise during these times to watch for those 'magical' moments in your life, and to celebrate any manner of GOOD you experience. This is the currency for the new Aquarian Age.

On the personal front, likely a trippy, fast-forward week for many of us as the cosmic forces realign, upgrade our genetics, and accelerates our Divine-centered AWARENESS.

At this time, the dark undercurrents of society are likely to take center stage in some aspects of your life. Staying centered in your soul, your own goodness, will alleviate much of the stress and challenge. However, strength of character is your best ally.

As well, notice who is your true ally, and the friend who has your back. This is critical to future success. For, it's all about coming together to help each other, and separating yourself from those who are your enemy, whether it's apparent or not. For, this is the coming Great Divide.

Further, business opportunities will be strong this week, so take advantage.

On the paranormal front, a wacky-wonky-wonderful time ahead. For, the supernatural will be exploding out of the closet more and more.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Transylvania’s Haunted Forest, Known as Romania’s 'Bermuda Triangle'
The Hoia Baciu forest located outside the city of Cluj Napoca is in the historical region of Transylvania, Romania." — Epoch Times

On the ET/UFO front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Weekender: The Rosetta Mission - Historic Moment or Monumental Cover-Up?
Friday, November 14, 2014
Back on September 29, a UFO Sightings Daily post titled: “NASA Records Radio Signals Coming From Comet 67P For Over 20 Years!” suggested that information had been received from an anonymous ESA whistleblower who confirmed in an email that the mystery signal was detected twenty years ago by NASA and this was the true reason behind the Rosetta mission. The post, written by Scott Waring, was broadly criticized at the time and generally debunked, but the ESA have apparently confirmed that Waring was right.

On the human genome front, from giants to little people.

Blurb: "Giants & the Nephilim
Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed his latest adventures uncovering evidence for the existence of the race of giant humans called the Nephilim, as told in Chapter 6 of the book of Genesis. He shared details of his trip to Peru, complete with mummies, museums, caves, and gigantic skulls, as well as the story of excavations conducted by amateur archaeologist Ralph Glidden who unearthed massive skeletons on Catalina Island. Preliminary DNA testing released by Brien Foerster on the ancient Paracas elongated skulls suggest we may be dealing "with a new human-like creature very different from homo sapiens and Neanderthals that I'm not sure will fit into the known evolutionary tree," Marzulli said.
He described his recent trip to the UCLA Museum where he was shown remains of Native Americans, and a cache of private records from the Ralph Glidden expeditions on Catalina Island done back in the 1920s and 30s. In one photo of a six-figured skeleton, the person is estimated to be over 9-ft. tall, while analysis of a second skeleton photo indicates the subject was 8.5 to 9 ft. in height, he reported."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: World's tallest and shortest men meet on Records Day
Turkey's Sultan Kosen, who stands eight feet, nine inches tall, met with Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal, who measures just 21 and a half inches — AFP

On the land changes front, EARTHQUAKES HIT!  Already up 450%, this is only the beginning, and will only increase in the year, 2015. Also, Sol will continue acting out with snaking CMEs and behavior never before witnessed since the current age of technology.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "On Saturday The Big Wobble predicted large quakes (M6-+) in the coming days...We have had 3 in 3 days! ~ Monday, 17 November 2014
The latest is a magnitude 6.1 - 245km SW of Gizo, Solomon Islands, which occurred earlier this morning
Four magnitude 6.+ earthquakes since Thursday, all in the South Pacific along the The Australia-Pacific plate boundary have been monitored."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Frackquake: 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Felt Throughout Kansas
Zero Hedge - While it is unclear if moments ago the Mississippian Lime Play under south Kansas was the first major shale quake to hit Kansas, or this was simply the first yet to be named shale company going Chapter 11, but moments ago the USGS reported that a 4.8 quake located 30 miles SSW of Wichita as well as a various other smaller quakes in north Oklahoma, shook the two states."

On the truth front, Big Brother's prying eyes... this TRUTH now dawns on many of the American people as the new horror-reality of their lives.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Always watching: Undercover feds surge in numbers, infiltrate protests – report
RT | The federal government has been approving a high number of operations in which agents pose as activists and business people, a new report says."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Government agents ‘by the thousands’ infiltrate U.S. populace :Imagine a world in which businessmen, students, demonstrators, public accountants, doctors, lawyers, ministers, drug dealers, neighbors, your closest friends and even your spouse may be..."

On the economic front, Katy Bar the Door... the continued crash-bash-smash of the economy, here, and worldwide -- then the enraged rise of the people. 
HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "A Global House Of Cards
Paul Craig Roberts | As most Americans, if not the financial media, are aware, Quantitative Easing (a euphemism for printing money) has failed to bring back the US economy."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "WHAT THE FED [Federal Reserve] HAS WROUGHT: The American middle class has been murdered. Decades of declining real wages have left them virtually penniless, in debt up to their eyeballs, angry, frustrated, and unable to jump start our moribund economy by buying more..."

On the secret treaty front, Bringing America to Its Financial Knees

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Obama’s Secret Treaty Would Be The Most Important Step Toward A One World Economic System
Economic Collapse - Thanks to leaks, we have learned that so many of the things that Obama has deeply wanted for years are in this treaty. If adopted, this treaty will fundamentally change our laws regarding Internet freedom, healthcare, copyright and patent protection, food safety, environmental standards, civil liberties and so much more. This treaty includes many of the rules that alarmed Internet activists so much when SOPA was being debated, it would essentially ban all "Buy American" laws, it would give Wall Street banks much more freedom to trade risky derivatives and it would force even more domestic manufacturing offshore."

On the gold front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Putin "Prepares For Economic War", Buys Whopping 55 Tonnes Of Gold In Q3
Zero Hedge - Bottom line: Russia bought more gold in Q3 then all other countries combined."

On the war front, The Progenitor War ... that is, those who claim to have 'invented' humankind battle those who are ancestors of humanity. Some of this ages-old war has been, and will be, featured on the silver screen as movie plots.

In the year 2015, major truths about our real progenitors will become publicly known. However, plans are being triggered by the Viper elite to keep these ancient 'truths' hidden and/or discredited. For, they are the fake creators who want to be as gods.

On the tyranny-at-work front, How To Aerial-Scoop Up Info Despite Phone Encryption

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Feds gather phone data from the sky with aircraft-mimicking cell towers
Ars Technica - Sources tell WSJ that police are watching cell phones from the sky. On Thursday afternoon, the Wall Street Journal published a report saying that the US Marshals Service (USMS) was using small, fixed-wing Cessnas equipped with so-called “dirtboxes”—receivers that act like cellphone towers—to gather data from citizens' phones below. The purpose of such collection is to target and spy on criminal suspects, but the data from any citizen's phone is collected by such devices."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Police Departments Petition Feds for Advanced Cell Phone Interceptors
Mikael Thalen | Law enforcement groups throughout Bay Area seek “Hailstorm” device to intercept latest cell phones."

On the communication front, Far Beyond Big Brother 1984...

Blurb: "Technology & Privacy Update
First hour guest, online privacy advocate Mark Weinstein ~ offered commentary on technology and privacy issues. Is Google's Eric Schmidt Robin Hood or the Big Bad Wolf?, he pondered. "Look at what Google knows about us. They know what you're doing online, offline ... they know when you're in your home, when you're outside...they know what you're listening to...of course, they have Google Maps, they know where you're going...Google knows more about you than you know about yourself," he quipped..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Watch out: the US government wants to pass new spying laws behind your back
The Guardian - Now, as the post-election lame-duck session opens on Wednesday in Washington, the Senate might try to sneak through a “cybersecurity” bill that would, as the ACLU puts it, “create a massive loophole in our existing privacy laws”. The vague and ambiguous law would essentially allow companies like Google and Facebook to hand over even more of your personal information to the US government, all of which could ultimately end up in the hands of the NSA and the FBI."

On the home front, the Ferguson Flashpoint Fomented by the Establishment's Social Engineers... all while the presstitute media fans the fast and furious flames...

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ferguson protestors say it's 'inevitable' cop will NOT be charged with killing Michael Brown as they await grand jury decision- and Obama secretly meets with activists to tell them to 'stay on course'
Tensions rising ahead of anticipated grand jury decision in Missouri this week
Revealed that President Obama met with activists and encouraged them to continue their peaceful protests..."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "EXCLUSIVE: In Scathing Letter to Obama, Former FBI Assistant Director Slams Holder as 'Chief Among Antagonists' in Ferguson ~ Katie Pavlich | Nov 14, 2014
...former FBI Assistant Director and Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Ron Hosko has sent a scathing letter to President Obama detailing the damage done to the relationship between law enforcement and DOJ over the past six years.
"The hyper-politicization of justice issues has made it immeasurably more difficult for police officers to simply do their jobs. The growing divide between the police and the people – perhaps best characterized by protesters in Ferguson, Mo., who angrily chanted, “It’s not black or white. It’s blue!” – only benefits of members of a political class seeking to vilify law enforcement for other societal failures. This puts our communities at greater risk, especially the most vulnerable among us," Hosko wrote in the letter exclusively obtained by Townhall."

On the dumbing down of Americans front, one more example:

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Harvard students take the 1964 Louisiana Literacy Test and every single person FAILED
Daily Mail - Just 50 years ago, states in the South asked voters who couldn't provide proof of a fifth grade education to pass the test in order to be eligible to cast a ballot. The test was intended to disenfranchise African-Americans, who in order to pass had to correctly answer all 30 questions in 10 minutes. Despite their Ivy League pedigree, none of the students managed to pass the test and their reactions as they struggled to make sense of the obtuse questions was filmed."

On the food front, Say It Ain't So! The solution: buy organic chocolate as much as possible.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "We're running out of chocolate - and it's because we're eating more than is being produced, says world's biggest confectionary firm"

On the GM/GMO front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "California governor bans commercial GM salmon production
(NaturalNews) Under the new law, no cultivation or spawning of "transgenic salmonids" will be permitted in any of California's fresh or Pacific waters. Even research into GM salmonids is prohibited, if it is intended for commercial purposes.... But the CFS has warned that the law still allows non-commercial GM fish research to take place in California. This makes the ban easy to bypass, they warned."

On the good farming front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Amish farmers pioneer organic agriculture focusing on crop nutrition to boost plant immune systems naturally
(NaturalNews) The relationship between plants and man has grown distant in the modern era of chemical treatments. Instead of observing, listening and understanding the language of his crops, man has instead resorted to spraying them with pesticides, suppressing..."

On the energy front, with more public awareness of the ET presence on Earth, and the black-project, back-engineered craft seen in the skies, more and more of the people will realize advanced-tech energy is available to ALL. As this knowledge seeps into the overall consciousness, defiance and rage builds against the system. Out of this, several forms of activism take on the Military Industrial Complex. In the end, this will not be a pretty scene.

On the really bad news front, The Affordable Care Act Isn't Affordable ... and is being labeled, the death panel for the economy.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Melissa Francis: When I Worked At CNBC They Stopped Me From Telling The Truth About Obamacare
Jeff Dunetz ~ Truth Revolt ~ November 15, 2014
During her Friday program on the Fox Business Network, Melissa Francis made a truly scandalous revelation: “When I was at CNBC, I pointed out to my viewers that the math of Obamacare simply didn’t work. Not the politics by the way; just the basic math. And when I did that, I was silenced."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Your “Children Will Be Fined” If You Fail To Sign Up For Obamacare: People Are Going To Be In for A Shock
Mac Slavo | Free and affordable health care just gets better and better... Moreover, if you fail to sign up for Obamacare and subsequently refuse to pay your penalty your house will be raided by armed IRS agents, seized by the government, and you’ll be imprisoned for tax evasion.
Welcome to the new America, where the government now has the power to compel you to purchase products from private companies under the threat of imprisonment or death. Yes, death. Because if you run from those armed IRS agents they’re going to use their brand new militarized AR-15?s to ensure your compliance..."

On the good news front, the bright light of public AWARENESS is being focused on Big Pharma like a laser beam. Truths will be revealed nonstop about the hidden dangers, and the true nefarious intent of the Medical Industrial Complex.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big Pharma Plays Hide-the-Ball With Data
Strange side effects have been associated with the anti-influenza drug Tamiflu." — Newsweek

On the global mafia cabal front, a recent split in the Viper elite's top minions has put a giant CRACK in their ability to become recognized and revered as 'the gods of Earth'.

Thus, the plan is to facilitate more race wars, and to force the 'clash of civilizations' -- all while offering a one-world religion like a pedophile offers a candy to his victim.

On the Sky Net Terminator front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "'Killer robots' need to be strictly monitored, nations warn at UN meeting
A litany of countries at the United Nations express concern over the worrisome rise of autonomous weapons." — The Guardian

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Weapons that Choose Their Own Kill Targets are Wave of Future…and Already in Use
AllGov - At least three nations have deployed missiles that can destroy enemy positions without any guidance from human operators. “An autonomous weapons arms race is already taking place,”said physicist Steve Omohundro."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Another AI Nightmare? Robot Bombs That Choose Who To Kill ~ Thursday, November 13, 2014
Despite the disturbing warnings detailed in last week's Unknown Country Weekender, which warned of the potential dangers posed to mankind from Artificial Intelligence (AI), further news of our continued but highly questionable faith in this form of technology has emerged."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "DARPA wants to turn existing planes into drone motherships
Ars Technica - The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) kicked off a program seeking ways to convert existing large aircraft into drone carriers that could launch waves of unmanned aircraft a safe distance from a target to carry out a mission and then recover them—all while in flight. DARPA issued a request for information (RFI) kicking off the program November 7."

On the heroine and hero front, everyone who sees the TRUTH, knows the TRUTH, and acts to help humankind. You are real saviors.

On the freedom front, WE JUST WANT FREEDOM... the fierce and desperate cry of humanity at this turnpoint in history/herstory spears through every level of heaven, and into the vastness of the universe. And so it is heard.

Trendwise, front and center at this cosmic turnpoint, taking back the destiny of humankind on planet Earth. Now the leaders emerge among us.

Meanwhile... HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Scientists Ask If A New Race Of Super Earthlings Are Being Born :Scientists have made an unexpected and unsettling discovery – a large number of new and previously unseen mutations have been detected among humans."

On the *power of the mind* front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The Limitless Mind: Scientists Discover Mind Power Can Alter Genetic Structure
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
The gene-altering effects were achieved by changing the wearer's state of mind from concentration to relaxation or vice-versa, and with a little practice, the volunteers were able to turn the rodents' genes on and off at will. The physiological consequences of this meant that blood protein levels could be raised or lowered in the mice remotely via mind control."

On the genome front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Scientists Discover How To Mend a Broken Heart
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Within the genomes of every cell in our bodies, we have what information we need to generate an organ. Izpisua Belmonte’s group has for many years focused on elucidating the key molecules involved in embryonic development as well as those potentially underlying healing responses in regenerative organisms such as the zebrafish.

THIS WEEK, stargaze if you are able, and enjoy the grandeur of the night sky, the cosmos. Do small random acts of kindness like holding the door open for someone or giving them a smile and/or a sincere compliment. 

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Yay, Amish farmers! I live in the right part of the country.

If Wall Street collapses, is it even going to matter to the average American, who doesn't have enough spare money to invest in the stock market?

No chocolate????? Will Hershey become a ghost town? I'd better start weaning myself off the stuff now. It's nothing but straight sugar from here on out.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, you do!

Yeah, I could care less if Wall Street collapses. However, many people have their retirement IRAs, etc, and their pension funds, which are dependent on the stock market. This will further collapse their spending/living power, or what's left of their money to live on. Thus, the middle class baby boomers are screwed even more, along with everyone else ... other than the super rich. Which means the businesses where they/we spend money will likely collapse... it's all a domino affect.

A lot of cacao beans being grown in South American countries, a lot of it organic. Tastes much better imo. And the more of us who buy it, that could bring the price down... as long as enough is grown and processed. Much of this chocolate is what's called fair trade and grown by more family-type communities.