Monday, October 27, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 27, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #321 

Now it begins worldwide... the RESURRECTION OF POWER to the people. Amidst the global chaos, and the breakdown of society, HUMANKIND RISES to seize the reins once again.

On the AWAKENING front, now benign cosmic forces are RE-AWAKENING the true human soul, and with it, igniting the ability to be powerful, to express power in every area of your life.

For, there has been a ruthless, centuries-old campaign to keep the real power of humanity contained, and UNKNOWN to most of us. This diabolical veil is lifting at this time. That is the GIFT of this Samhain season.

On the magickal, mystical front, during this 'critical' supernatural week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swing their lightblades in a relentless attack on the black-hearted Viper elite.  For, these soulless ones are being exposed in their endtimes' acts of evil.

However, as this sinister underbelly is constantly revealed to the people, a madness will grip some. On the other side, many who own strong natures will bring forth their warrior natures. They will successfully battle those who would destroy humanity and Mother Earth.

On the personal front, a key week for many as nefarious forces gather to overwhelm all of us. Center your thoughts on home and family. Care for yourself and your loved ones as much as possible, including your animal loved ones. For, this will create an atmosphere of GOODNESS, absolutely essential for these difficult times.

On the good side, opportunities abound to move ahead in your life. As always, check out what comes your way before you leap. But once you do, and all 'feels' right, then take that crucial leap.

As well, likely, there will be a monstrous amount of greed and bad coming at us like super-speed bullets for the rest of the year, 2014. Beware and stay out of harm's way.

On the paranormal front, the time of Halloween/Samhain is upon us. This year will feature bigtime 'oddities'. Also, the 'supernaturals' surrounding us will emerge ever faster. For, the dimensional walls are thin with many portals and windows.

Also, the opportunity at this paranormal time is to meet your own eternal soul face-to-face. More than ever, we are all in need of our latent soul abilities. This is part of reclaiming our personal power.

On the land changes front, Here Comes the Sun ... From a November 2012 forecast: "earthquakes, volcanoes, superstorms, and the exploding sun, oh my!"

Also, from the September 28, 2014 forecast: "As the year 2014 ends, superstorm weather hits more frequently. Remember, dare to prepare. Further, CMEs from the sun lash the Earth's atmosphere, causing significant communication glitches."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Powerful X-Class solar flares hit Earth, cause radio blackouts – largest sunspot seen in 24 years"

Plus, as stated in previous forecasts, ocean-bottom volcanoes have now been proven by mapping the ocean floor: HEADLINE: "Thousands of undersea volcanoes revealed in new map of ocean floor"

And, on the volcano front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Kilauea Lava Flow May Force Evacuations in Hawaii
A searing lava flow may force evacuations in Pahoa, Hawaii, a small town on the eastern side of Hawaii’s Big Island, this week."

On the economic front, globally, the proverbial poop is hitting the wind turbine engines. Prepare for more areas of collapse, and continuing collapse. All while the obscenely 'criminal-thug' rich, just keep getting richer by going berserker -- or continuing their economic rape, pillage, and plunder of the people.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "13 EUROPEAN BANKS FLUNK TEST, MUST RAISE MONEY: must increase their capital buffers against losses by 10 billion euros ($12.5 billion)"

On the cyber war front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Officials warn 500 million financial records hacked ~ USA Today - Federal officials warned companies Monday that hackers have stolen more than 500 million financial records over the past 12 months, essentially breaking into banks without ever entering a building... About 35% of the thefts were from website breaches, 22% were from cyberespionage, 14% occurred at the point of sale when someone bought something at a retail store, and 9% came when someone swiped a credit or debit card, the FBI said."

Meanwhile, on the 'another one bites the dust' front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "More dead banksters illuminate taking care of business goodfellows style: Another Deutsche Banker And Former SEC Enforcement Attorney Commits Suicide"

On the truth front, this will be a MIXED BAG week of conflicting information and messages, as disseminated by the presstitute-bimbo media. This is all about establishing dominance through the tool of CONFUSION, or confusing the people nonstop. Thus, to make them emotionally vulnerable and compliant to authority.

Now it becomes ever more critical to hang onto your own COMMON SENSE, and to exercise your ability to discern the TRUTH. This 'discernment' or 'gut knowing' is part of your very being, and will become stronger with use.

On the war front, the invasion of Africa or Africom goes full speed ahead at this point in history. However, all will not go as smoothly as the Viper-elite cabal plan on. Not only will China and Russia 'back' their forces on the dark continent, but the peoples of Africa will battle back. Likely, this will become obvious by the middle of the year, 2015.

Meanwhile, the unholy war mess that is the Middle East goes doubly explosive on several fronts. While it will appear as though the bad-guy jihadis are winning, this is NOT TRUE. There are secret militias and armies being quickly built, and overall, the people in this region have had enough.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this week, watch the terrible rise of Medical Martial Law. While it is only common sense to isolate and treat victims of a contagious disease, this will eventually be used as a Machiavellian excuse to round up and corral the people.

In the near future, there *could be* virtual 'lockdowns' of major cities. Now, as never before, it is time to move into smaller towns, and out on the land. For, once a real contagion begins in a crowded city environment, there is no containment. Also, for those who survive the viral outbreak, you will be used like lab rats.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "2010 Rockefeller Foundation Document Envisions Pandemic Police State Scenario
Mikael Thalen | “Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified."

On the communication front, the BIG BROTHER NANNY STATE makes its 'twilight zone' move against the people... likely, within a month's time, the cyber airwaves will be completely commandeered by the dark-side establishment in the guise of providing a time-crucial warning.

While a *real* warning communication system is a good thing, in these times it's all about controlling the people for the benefit of the murderous, manipulative fed-state.

On the home front, The Gigundis Land Grab Accelerates ... at this time, the ubiquitous fed agencies and cartel-rich are using everything in their bag of evil tricks to LAND GRAB from the innocent and good among us. For, they believe their superior MIGHT MAKES THEM RIGHT in every heinous and criminal act they perpetrate.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Stunning federal corruption case moving forward with almost no media attention
So far, aside from the local paper, the Sacramento Bee, it is only Sidney Powell of the New York Observer, writing in the opinion pages of that publication that has paid attention to what should be a prominent national media scandal. In brief, the Sierra Pacific Industries, a lumber producer, was accused by the federal government of starting a large wildfire, and fined $55 million, and compelled to hand over title to 22,500 acres of land. The only problem is that the prosecution was allegedly corrupt, and knowingly submitted false evidence."

However, many are now battling back against land grabs. This activism will only grow exponentially in the coming year.

On the food front, during the times ahead, more of us will come to love the land and cherish its abundance. Homesteading at various levels is a trend that becomes ever more popular, and explodes once Spring 2015 arrives.

On the frankenfood front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "We’re Beating Monsanto! Yes to GMO Labeling Prop is Winning 49 to 44 in Oregon
Christina Sarich | The measure would ensure that the labeling of genetically modified foods was mandatory."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Los Angeles Will Not be Denied: City Council may Decide on GMO-Free
On October 21st, Los Angeles City Council will vote on a citizens’ request to go GMO-free."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Maui, Hawaii Tries to Oust Monsanto: Vote for GMO Initiative Due Nov. 4th
Maui residents have signed a petition to push Monsanto off of their land for good by prohibiting GMO cultivation & more."

On the energy front, as the health care system continues to degrade overall, and the hospitals breakdown due to 'superbug' infestation, there will be a revival of energy-frequency healing machines and methods. While 'energy medicine' already enjoys a certain level of popularity in the alternative fields, now this 'frequency healing' will go into hyperdrive, and there will be great advances made.

On the really bad news front, Own a small business? BEWARE! the IRS is looking to steal more of your hard-owned money. Never mind you've committed no crime whatsoever.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required
NY Times | “Who takes your money before they prove that you’ve done anything wrong with it?” The federal government does."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: “They Just Want The Money!” The IRS Can Now Seize Accounts On Suspicion Alone ~ Zero Hedge ~ October 27, 2014
“How can this happen?” Ms. Hinders said in a recent interview. “Who takes your money before they prove that you’ve done anything wrong with it?”
The federal government does.

On the good news front, as more of the people WAKE UP to the reality that is life on Earth, and WAKE UP to who has been secretly 'running the show', revolt ramps up fast across the globe, and many more take to the streets.

This will cause the domino effect. For, the freedom to run your own life, is 'breath' to many, and they will not consent to tyranny.

On the global mafia cabal front, this week the financial realm goes explosive internally. This is because the infighting becomes even more extreme. Look for more death/suicides and high-level resignations during the coming months.

This week or next, one or more of the *too big to fail banks* will likely shake, rattle, and almost roll over. However, their bacon will be saved at the last minute... all on the backs of the taxpaying public.

On the heroine and hero front, all those BRAVE ONES running and working for small businesses in these challenging, 'keep the people down' times. Keep the faith, and look for out-of-the-box, 'renegade' ways to continue.

On the freedom front, this month, the looming civil war will be highlighted by many 'obvious' events. For, there is a contingent in the dark-side establishment who are determined to foment divisiveness to the point that a war between the militarized police and freedom lovers breaks out.

However, many White Hats and Benevolents are working to stop this type of disastrous conflict. Simultaneously, they are assisting those in the liberty movement from behind the scenes.

On the internet front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hungarians revolt against Internet tax (PHOTOS, VIDEO) ~ RT - Furious with the government plan to impose tax on Internet data traffic, thousands of Hungarians rallied in front of the Economy Ministry in Budapest to protect the freedom of the internet from the “anti-democratic” measure."

Trendwise, hang on for the wild wacky weird ride that is Earth right now. And know, the ride will only get wilder, wackier, and weirder. This is a time to know your inner self as never before. Like the center of the cyclone, this will be your center of peace.

Also, by design of the dark-side controllers, the court system has become a corrupt and cruel fist ceaselessly beating humanity down.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Hollow Justice and Courts of Order in an Age of Government-Sanctioned Tyranny ~ John W. Whitehead | Justice in America makes less sense with each passing day."

THIS WEEK, bask in the golden sunshine of Autumn, and enjoy crunching the fallen leaves beneath your feet. Simply be with Nature. 

   Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 


Pat C. said...

Why would anybody want to invade Africa? It's riddled with disease and has no oil. What's the payoff? Farmland? Diamonds?

Yeah, I saw that story about the IRS. It's one of reasons most of my money is cash. I only keep the bare minimum in my account.

Savanna Kougar said...

Actually there is oil, and of course diamonds. And gold. And chocolate. However, there's a rare mineral there -- only in Africa, I believe -- that is used in all computers, iphones, ipads, etc.

Plus, China has been making friends by building roads, hospitals, etc... so this is also about a proxy war with China.

Also, if there's an Ice Age, there's long been a British-New World Order globalist plan to depopulate Africa, so it can be colonized.

As well, there are lost, tech-advanced cities in Africa. Some of that ancient tech has been exposed in South Africa by Michael Tellinger.

Not to mention, the possibilities of plants used for drugs -- like the Amazon jungle is currently.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, and the guise of helping out with Ebola, the troops that were sent over, had very limited medical training [4 hours], are 'not' about building hospitals... but are crack fighting units.