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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 13, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #319 

The Clash and Smash of Civilization is Heard Round the World

As the global technocrats attempt to seize the reins of societies worldwide, the energy-force of the Aquarian Age battles back in an epic struggle of 'let freedom reign' versus another dark age of tyranny.

On the AWAKENING front, this week the focus is on the return of true magick. For, many of us are gradually AWAKENING to the strength of our real 'powers'.

In opposition to this inner knowledge and 'knowing', the dark-side controllers will offer more outrageous, tabloid, bread-and-circus entertainments -- all while whipping up a black cauldron of endless fear.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' will slash and bash the false matrix of the Viper magicians. Thus, revealing a hidden TRUTH that will shake those in know to their very cores.

For, the deception of humanity has been so complete that what is often spiritually called the LIGHT SIDE is merely another layer of dogma and lies. Or, a false paradigm that has been staged by greater forces, and is meant to keep all of us trapped in third dimension materialism.

However, those Benevolents who operate in the LOVE vibe will be increasing their assistance to humankind, and showing the way.

On the personal front, lots of high-flying moments this week, and likely lots of low spots... this will be a slam-bash time for many. The way to navigate your way through is to listen to your gut while respecting your own inner wisdom.
Also, heartbreak and/or heart love could become central in your life. If there is heartbreak, this will pass and bring blessings. If this is a heart-loving time, treasure every moment, and nourish the relationship(s) -- pets included, of course. For, this is part of humanity's evolution-revolution renaissance.

On the paranormal front, a time of great weirding is upon us. This can be the good, the bad, the beautiful, or the ugly. Dimensional portals never opened before, and portals long closed, are now being triggered by both the dark-siders and the Benevolents. Out of this, as stated before, beast cryptids and strange beings will likely continue to be observed. And thus, reported to alternative paranormal sites. Stay alert.

On the Mars front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Humanoid statue discovered on Mars?
An incredible image of what looks like a giant humanoid statue bearing a remarkable likeness to ancient figures carved thousands of years ago on Earth, has been discovered on Mars."

On the UFO front, HEADLINES from ~

UFO over Florida hovers over Carnival Cruise ship, witnesses claim [Video]
UFO dives for cover in clouds over France (Video)
UFO news: UFO caught on camera complete with 'aliens'
UFO stalks passenger jet near Seattle (Video)
UFO chases chemtrail jet over Los Angeles (Video)
Black triangle UFO spooking townsfolk of Shropshire, England

On the truth front, TRUTH becomes a giant speeding spear at this point in cosmic history/herstory. This Divine Spear of Truth penetrates the heart of every living being. Thus, to encourage an *eyes open, ears open, senses open* attitude.

To free humankind, the past continues to reveal itself. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Latest News From The Excavations At Gunung Padang, The Mysterious Ancient Pyramid In Indonesia That Is Rewriting History

On the land changes front, the season of the superstorm... for the next three months storms with fierce winds are likely to relentlessly lash various land and coastlines areas across the planet. Large earthquakes continue shake, rattle, and roll Mother Earth. Look for more quake swarms.

Volcanic activity continues to increase worldwide, and there could be a major eruption on Hawaii in the near future.

HEADLINE: "Large pyroclastic flows from Mount Sinabung disrupt flights, Indonesia"

On the economic front, a wacky, 'not' wonderful week in the worldwide economic realm, especially in the high-finance arena. As some bankster gangster quake in their proverbial boots -- and look for criminal solutions to save their failing empires -- others of their nefarious ilk continue their greed-berserker attack, stealing everything in sight.

Meanwhile, China and Russia lead the way toward another global banking system that is backed by gold. Even with the falling exchange rate for gold, the rush is on to purchase as much as possible. For, this is just a gambit to help the super wealthy become richer, and stay in power.

As massive cyber hacking attacks continue on the 'too big to fail banks', these banks are in grave danger of failing. However, one of the dark-side schemes behind these cyber vulnerabilities is to bring in the One World Economy. Thus, to enslave humanity within this octopus-tentacles system -- where you cannot buy or sell with the mark.

As always keep an eagle's eye on your bank account.

On the war front, across the world the people are severely tired of war, more war, and rumors of war. Activism leaps off the proverbial charts worldwide, as ever more of us take to the streets in open revolt.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, there are key players who are making significant moves to counteract all-out global war. This could include the 'removal' of certain war-mongering leaders.

This week, as the unholy war mess that is the Middle East explodes into more of a bloodletting inferno, there rises an 'unknown' individual who will be a major figure in ousting 'those' dark-side globalists who now orchestrate and fund the jihadi radicals. Watch the undercurrents form.

On the tyranny-at-work front, this is likely a time that will go down in history/herstory as a red-letter turnpoint. The number of Americans saying NO to the Medical Industrial Complex will rise so significantly that any implementation of heavy-handed martial law risks complete failure.

Those who choose to believe in the medical system will be herded into willing compliance, and roll up their sleeves. Those who choose to 'not' believe will battle back tirelessly, and with unexpected savagery.

As well, if the so-called establishment pushes too hard in rounding up the people, there will be a 1776 revolution. Stay tuned.

On the communication front, lies, and more damn lies... the state of the union.
From former candidate for president, Ron Paul: "Lies, Lies and More (Government) Lies: In the empire of lies, says Ron Paul, 'truth is treason'."

On the home front, at this time, and in the near future, there is likely to be a massive resignation of health care workers, and those connected to the health care industry. Given the lack of training and necessary equipment to safely deal with Ebola and other outbreak diseases, many will realize their lives are in serious danger.

Depending on the rate of infection, all workers in affected businesses, could also choose to resign. Thus, this could shutdown the movement of food and goods across the country, or in sections of the country.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Texas health worker tests POSITIVE for Ebola: Outbreak of deadly virus on U.S. soil as hospital employee who treated Thomas Duncan is confirmed to have caught the fatal virus."

Reminder: if you live in high population areas where exposure to diseases is  a reality, the time to leave is now. If you cannot leave, make arrangements to stay in your home for several months. Wherever you are, you must have food, water, and other necessities stocked up, or face a bad situation.

On the food front, GM/GMO Frankenfood is changing your genetics ... your organic wheat... and farmers are saying NO.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Can GM food cause immunity to antibiotics?
Daily Mail - Eating GM food can change the genetic make-up of your digestive system and could put you at risk of infections that are resistant to antibiotics, experts said yesterday. A British study has revealed that volunteers who ate one meal containing genetically modified soya had traces of the modified DNA in bacteria in their small intestines. [...] experts claimed the possibility of eating GM crops containing antibiotic resistance genes raised 'serious concerns'."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Monsanto Scandal Causes Reopening of US Investigation of GMO Wheat ~ Christina Sarich | Threatening organic farmers’ fields and the right of the U.S. public to have GMO-free food."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big Win! Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4 as Farmers Abandon GM Crops ~ Christina Sarich | It’s a tough time for biotech, and thank goodness."

On the energy front, the success of cold fusion energy, what the oil cartel doesn't want you to know.

Blurb: "CEO of Pure Energy Systems Inc., Sterling D. Allan, talked about the latest developments in alternative energies and cold fusion technology... The clean and nearly free energy of cold fusion would spark a revolution bigger than the internet, he continued. Allan estimated the cost of such a system could be as low as $3000 and paid for in savings within three years. He imagined how the technology could be adapted to power cars and even jet packs. "I know people are working on that," he revealed, citing Raphial Morgado's jet pack prototype."

On the really bad news front, the Ferguson Flashpoint... and the looming possibility of civil war. Throw in years of police brutality and murder... throw in militarized law enforcement as opposed to community policing... throw in undercover riot agitators and looters, designed to force hardcore martial law... throw in the federal reserve's orchestrated economic depression... then light it all with the match of injustice.

'We ain't taking it no more': Thousands of Ferguson protesters gather nationwide for a second day of protest over police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown

On the good news front, as spoken about before, the innovation and inventiveness of the people skyrockets at this time, especially at the local level. Do all you can to innovate and invent while supporting other inventors and entrepreneurs in your community. That is, by buying their products, and/or spreading the word about what they have to offer.

For, this is crucial to stave off hard times, and to bring about prosperity for ALL.

On the global mafia cabal front, the cyber wars between various bankster minions of the Viper globalist elite hits hyperdrive as they battle each other to become criminal king of the money pile.

Simultaneously, the GOOD SIDE hackers thwart much of their internet empire-building. Near the end of 2014, watch out for a volatile cyber event.

On the heroine front, Kristin Meghan, former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer exposes what she discovered about Chemtrails while serving her Country. Kristen’s YouTube Channel:

On the hero front, Robert D. Morningstar, renaissance intel analyst, reveals the missing stills from the Zapruder film. What really happened to President John F. Kennedy?

YOUTUBE: "Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. JFK: Who Dunnit and How, - with Robert ...
Dec 17, 2013 ... Robert Morningstar is my very special honored guest. Listen, Watch, and weep at the horror of that orchestrated coup d'etat 50 years ago."

On the freedom front, a HUGE time ahead for freedom lovers, who buck and rear and kick against the Orwellian establishment. Significant strides will be made on the heels of ever more exposure. For, COSMIC TRUTH shines a hundred-sun's blasting, blistering light on the nefarious lies and the horrific deeds of the governing system.

As trust in government avalanches toward the lowest point ever, the false flag operations will come mad-dog fast and furious. This 'could' involve sports stadiums, shopping malls, air travel, highway travel, concert events, and schools.

However, INSIDERS are feverishly working behind the scenes to stop as many disaster-events as possible.

Trendwise, as many of the people gear up and prepare for a possible pandemic, major changes in social interaction will begin. Obviously, digital tech will grow as a means of interpersonal communication. As well, people will be preparing their households to hunker bunker down for a long period of time.

Further, there will be an enormous and fast-growing movement toward natural health care products. For, the people will quickly discover government agencies cannot and will not help/protect them in a time of epidemic crisis.

Nor will the people be told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the crisis situation.

Another unexpected trend on the near horizon will be what might be called 'breakaway' groups. These adventurous people will seek out deeply isolated areas, and set up tribal like communities.

THIS WEEK, keep your eye to the sky, and appreciate the magnificence of the heavens  above you. Listen to your heart, as well. There is a message you need to hear. 

  Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Pat C. said...

Once again, I'm happy I live in an area with a lot of farms and home-grown produce. And a convenience store up the block for milk. I should be okay.

Disease, though ... I go to the library daily, so anything a kid can carry, I'm vulnerable to. We had a big bronchitis outbreak here a couple years back, and I suspect I was exposed at the library. Either that, or while doing Census work.

The Amish will enter the space race just as soon as they can find a horse big enough to pull the ship.

Savanna Kougar said...

A chariot space ship like Apollo. ~grins~

Yeah, my problem would likely be if deliveries were curtailed.