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Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ October 6, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #318 

The Crossroads of Destiny... the next decision point for humanity now arrives. Do we descend into the chaos of conflict and more war? Or do we ascend on soul wings toward ever more freedom, ever more joy, and ever more strength and dignity?

On the AWAKENING front, On the night of October 7-8 the second total lunar eclipse of 2014 will take place. This is the second of four eclipses in the ongoing lunar tetrad. The meaning: this Blood Moon eclipse is partly about AWAKENING TO CHANGE.

At this time, full moon clarity belongs to humanity -- both for every individual and for the people as a wide world community. This means you have the opportunity to clearly SEE the path you are currently on and/or the path you want to be on. Ask yourself this question: Has the time come to alter course?

Meanwhile, on the world stage CHANGE will escalate and be explosive. Firestorms of change erupt from the smallest towns to the top political ranks of super-tech countries. Out of this, a new generation of heroines and heroes arises, leading the people out from under the crushing boot of total oppression, and toward Aquarian Age freedom. Get ready.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' get down and fierce, hacking their lightblades through the Viper magician's protective web. For, the cosmic time is here. These soulless ones are about to fall on the blades of their own evil deeds.

Over a long course of time, the Viper elite have been masterfully tricked into believing they will never karmically pay for their heinous atrocities. Further, they believe the whole of humankind is about to bow down to their superior rule. Thus, they have become vulnerable to final elimination.

Thus, as the gates of All Hallow's Eve open wide, a yawning chasm awaits these mass-murdering evildoers. Many will trip and fall in, consumed by the roaring, punishing volcano of flames.

On the personal front, this is truly a magickal week, meaning there are strong energies available which can give you and your plans a significant boost. Sit quietly and tune in as you are able, then attempt to feel the flow of power. Gently imagine what you would like to accomplish most, then simply let it go.

This is also a week to leap ahead in one of your projects, or to forge ahead toward one of your goals. For, all signs say GO.

The focus is also on relationships, and the heart. Once again, evaluations must be made if there is serious conflict. Is it wise to continue the relationship? Or should there be a parting of the ways?

Further, for some passions will flare deliciously, and romances will be kindled. This is an ideal time to fall in love with the right partner.

On the paranormal front, the ghosties are coming out in droves for the spooktacular season. Watch out for heightened supernatural activity this year, and don't let the cryptids bite.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Sasquatch Watching a Passing Train
Picture was taken on a cell phone from a moving train near Hayden Lake, Idaho. 8-19-2014. [The creature is enlarged in the square on the right] --Ricky B.

Also, there will be several major UFO events in the near future which 'could' gain national and worldwide attention. This is all by design of the 'Benevolents'.

Meanwhile, the evil side of the breakaway civilization is attempting to co-op the UFO phenomena. This will 'not' ultimately be successful.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "UFO Mother Ship Seen On Live TV In Erie Pennsylvania- 3rd One This Week (Video And Photos) ~ CONTRIBUTOR: N. Morgan. There's been another sighting in Erie PA of what appears to be a very sophisticated UFO. It floats casually behind a reporter in one frame and then lazily floats around buildings in another frame. When I first watched it, I had wondered if perhaps it was a..."

NEWS SNIPPET: "The BBC caught a brightly lit object in the sky above a protest in Hong Kong. In the footage, the UFO can be seen entering on the left side of the screen, hovering momentarily, then suddenly shooting straight up and out of sight."

On the land changes front, as stated before, winter and winter storms are likely to come early for some regions. Prepare for the harshest conditions...just in case.

This coming month, along with more major volcanic and earthquake activity, look for news about the spreading, worsening drought in California, and in the Western States. Meanwhile, the battle for water rights continues, and heats up to a rolling boil.

In truth, there are good workable technologies to generate the needed water. However, the dark-side controllers want this battle to keep viciously brewing. Thus, to divide and weaken the people of these areas, all while nefariously causing a food shortage for the people at large.

As well, super typhoons will continue to ravage the coastlines and cities as has happened recently in the Baja region, and is now occurring in Japan.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Deadly Typhoon Phanfone Lashes Japan ~ Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist ~ October 5, 2014; 10:14 PM ET
The southern coast of Honshu, from the prefectures of Wakayama to Chiba, will bear the brunt of Phanfone's fury. Destructive wind gusts of 160 to 195 kph (100 to 120 mph) threaten to cause widespread and significant damage to trees and structures. Residents should prepare for extensive and lengthy power outages."

On the truth front, TRUTH -- what has been denied to humanity for ages -- explodes like a white-light bomb over the entire world at this cosmic turnpoint.  However, this 'truth light' will affect people to varying degrees. Naturally, it will depend upon each individual's 'openness' and the 'willingness' to know every 'truth' no matter what.

For, this long and ongoing process requires absolute courage.

As well, the multi-front informational war that continues to expose the dark-side establishment now leaps to a whole new level. These Aquarian Age revelations about the dark-siders, and their cruel war against humankind, is beneath the Divine's blazing spotlight.

You need only look to see.

On the economic front, volatility in the markets, and in the worldwide economy, is likely to be insanely extreme during the next two weeks. China struggles to save its crashing economy by continuing to sever its connection to the petro dollar, and by offering an alternative to the IMF [International Monetary Fund]. That is, the global, gold-backed BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India, China] bank -- as has been mentioned before.

With the possible threat of an epidemic in the U.S., many will do their best to prepare, purchasing what they need. This will support the economy in crucial ways. However, it will also tumble the fragile economy in other key areas that will cause 'flatlines' in certain commercial sectors.

In the meantime, the administration throws cheap-money deals in the form of low-rate interest loans at the people. After all, elections are around the corner.
Also, look for some surprise economic moves from the Russian Bear.

On the war front, it only becomes more nightmarish... from a previous forecast: "in the Middle East war theater, double cross, triple cross, quadruple cross, it all collides and clashes into the unholy mess of messes. Meanwhile, the new world order criminals desperately continue their war-genocidal programs worldwide, and sadly the bodies pile up.

However, the WAR IN THE STREETS begins across the globe. Activism, rage riots, mind-controlled provocateurs...every dirty trick will be used by the Viper elite to stir up humanity, so they can martial-law crush us into mindless obedience."

Currently, there are behind-the-scenes moves in South Korea and North Korea, which could boil over. Also, the Russian Bear is gently seizing control of Ukraine and other surrounding countries.

On the tyranny-at-work front, the Medical Industrial Complex tyranny is here and octopus-reaching into everyone's medical data. Any promise of privacy is merely a bad joke on the American people.

Meanwhile, the Ebola scenario is being set up as a fail... thus, to orchestrate the 'acceptance' of hardcore martial law. However, this will not work overall. That is, as the future stands now.

On the communication front, the 'good' use of tech as created by the innovative among us.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Meet FireChat – How Hong Kong Protesters are Communicating Without the Internet ~ Michael Krieger | The advances happening in technology are simply incredible.

Also, AWARENESS of being able to communicate telepathically is growing exponentially at this time. Pay attention to your incoming thoughts/feelings about others.

On the home front, How to Create an Epidemic ... Defy all logic and 'law' by allowing flights from Ebola-stricken countries into America. Fail to properly quarantine patients diagnosed with Ebola, and 'all' those who have been exposed. Continue to bring more patients into the country with Ebola.

Also, don't seal the borders, and the coastlines, while offering no medical screening for Ebola and other deadly diseases to those who are legally and illegally crossing the borders, and entering the country.

Further: fail to properly disinfect the apartment, the vomit area around the apartment, the ambulance used to carry the patient -- truth: the lapses in protocol go on and on. As well, don't bother to disinfect the planes either. Just keep flying the disease-friendly skies.

On the food front, the bureaucrat-agency minions of the dark-side globalists are on a mission to bring about the 'artificial scarcity' of food. This, by continuing to harass and shut down smaller farms and ranches. It's all about CONTROL of the population, keeping you dependent on the nanny state.

However, the people are battling back bigtime. The more the efforts of these BRAVE ONES are supported locally, the more good food will be available to All.

As well, say goodbye to 'real' organic food.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "USDA continues secret process of appointing corporate factory farm executives to Organic Standards Board
(NaturalNews) Passed in 1990, the Farm Bill's intent was to set regulations for the agricultural sector, implementing provisions for food, nutrition, forestry, natural resource conservation, environmental protection and rural development, among other..."

On the energy front, The Epic Petroleum Scam is Being Revealed to the Public... undercurrents of rebellion are at work, exposing the 'truth' about the blackgold stranglehold on America. As well, simple machines that use water for energy are being built and re-invented daily by those who are wise enough NOT to let many know. For already, too many inventors have been assassinated during the last century.

Further, growing HEMP is one key to the future of energy. Anything petroleum can do, Hemp oil can do better. Spread the seeds anonymously.

On the really bad news front, loosing the Grim Reaper upon humanity. "Death" becomes the battle cry of the anti-human New World Order cabal. From this point forward, their propaganda minions will seriously ramp up their sinister game.

Death cults will be non-stop promoted through social media and the entertainment industry. This will be done in two 'opposite' ways -- under the guise of a campaign for death prevention -- and totally out in the open.

For, death will be glorified. Death will be celebrated. Death will be the rallying cry of the super trendy. And, mourning will become the common bond, the cult for those who have lost friends and loved ones.

Trust the on-the-dark-side system at your own peril.

On the good news front, LIFE ... the beauty, the art, the love of life rises on soaring strong wings, in counter-opposition to the death cults now springing up like poison mushrooms throughout the country, and in other parts of the world.

Now a reverence for ALL life -- for Mother Earth, the animals, the plants -- seizes hold of human soul. For, love and connection and ascension belongs to ALL of us. However, any attempt to give animals so-called 'rights' is merely a weapon to be used against the people by the dark-siders.

On the global mafia cabal front, the Viper elite have overplayed their hand, and are about to reap the extreme consequences. However, like rabid cornered predators, they will fight back with more thug-boot savagery and more Orwellian-justified martial law. Look for SWAT team raids to increase dramatically on one pretext or another.

In the meantime, their diabolical plan to consolidate the world economy is floundering on some fronts, yet speeding ahead on other fronts via Bitcoin-type digital currencies.

On the heroine front, the mothers all over the world who are struggling to care for their children, their families.

On the hero front, In memoriam: ... a giant of a man, who made the difference because of his Great Good Heart... Dr. Stanley Monteith, Host of Radio Liberty, Passes Away at 85 ~ Prison | Dr. Stan was one of the first, if not the first, to expose globalism.

On the freedom front, a complex set of dynamics is in play at this crucial turnpoint in history/herstory. The demand for REAL freedom continues to stampede like a mustang herd determined to remain un-roped by chasing cowboys.

On the other side is FEAR. Forced dependence on mommy-daddy state has degenerated the will of the people to remain free, to run free -- and fight for their Divine right to be free.

Within the next three weeks, a major event will occur that tests the mettle of freedom lovers, while revealing the cowards.

Trendwise, Want Your Own Personal Terminator? ... Coming soon! Yes, if law enforcement can militarize, then so can we the people. And if you can't afford one of these 'terminator beauties' get together with your community. Buy one, maybe two...maybe even three of these guardian robots -- especially with Ebola and economic collapse waiting on the doorstep.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "$200,000 robot scans terrain, locates humans and shoots them from up to 2 miles away with full automation
(NaturalNews) For less than the price of a home in many parts of the U.S., a South Korean company is developing a deadly robot that will come with an array of weapons and a two-mile range. A subsidiary of the Samsung Group is developing what is essentially..."

Also, on the trend map of the near future, get ready for drastic changes in lifestyle. This will particularly affect the urban centers.

THIS WEEK, enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Let Mother Nature speak to your soul, and embrace you with her beauty.

  Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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