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My Sexy Saturday ~ RED LIONESS TAMED ~ Shapeshifter Sci Fi

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Red Lioness Tamed

Adventures of Sun Rocket, Book 1

A Shapeshifter Sci Fi Erotic Romance Novella 

 ~ Starring ~

Sun Rocket Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan


Captain Draxen Z of the Venture


Seven getting-to-know-you paragraphs from ~

Chapter One:
Sun Rocket and Draxen


She wanted to claw his eyes out. He witnessed it in the blazing depths of her eyes. Her hands clenched beneath his, strong for their smallish size.

"Leave me at the next port," she suggested evenly.

"At Uresch?" He raised his brows, waited.

Widening her eyes, she pumped several breaths in and out. "No, thank you." Draxen felt her pulse race with fear before she spoke again. "I have no desire to be enslaved to a male's ludicrous rutting whims."

"Virgin?" he inquired, knowing it was unlikely – yet she wasn't a female panting after any suitable male. That was star-point clear.

"Because I refuse sex enslavement," she glared furiously, "you consider me a possible virgin?"

"I consider you perfect for my rutting loins."


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~~~ Sun Rocket and Captain Draxen Z invite you to read their love story ~~~
RED LIONESS TAMED ~ Lioness shifter lost in space with a loner captain who will do anything to keep her, even seduction by leather ~ *5 Flowers* from Book Cravers

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