Monday, August 18, 2014

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ August 18 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #311 

The Decision Point is Here... run free and proud, and control your own destiny... or be corralled by the dark-side controllers, who are determined to beat humankind into submission.

That is the fundamental choice we now face each and every day. As stated before, the time has come to REAR UP, AND SEIZE THE DAY.

On the magickal, mystical front, this ramps up significantly ~ from a previous forecast: "this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' fire blasts of powerful magick, blowing away the heavy curtains of deceit, as conjured by the Viper magicians. Now reality, as humanity has never known -- never experienced -- will be revealed one Divine step at a time.

As well, like Dorothy discovered in the Wizard of Oz, the true manipulators behind the scenes, will be relentlessly exposed on the big movie screen of Life for ALL to see, and know. For, their day to seize and rule the planet is over."
On the personal front, likely an emotional push-pull week as new cosmic energies pour down upon the planet, and worldwide chaos accelerates. Learning how to center yourself and ground your energies will help immensely in the upcoming times. As will time with your loved ones.

This is also a week where quick decisions could be needed. Go with your gut as much as possible. For example, if you need to move from your location, take immediate steps to vacate in a calm and efficient manner. Or, another example: when a good opportunity knocks, grab it with both hands.

Further, with the hyper-acceleration of time, life will seem impossibly fast at times. At other times, the opposite will occur, with life coming to a momentary standstill. This is where your inner guidance will assist in re-balancing you like a sailing ship in stormy waters -- or like a ship in the doldrums that needs the trade winds.

On the paranormal front, this week, THEY ANSWER on the 37th anniversary of the mysterious 'WOW' signal -- received by SETI on this day in 1977.

Blurb-snippet: "...paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren reported on his Arecibo Project, which sent a tandem with the 37th anniversary of the mysterious 'WOW' signal... Warren also brought in ham radio operators from around the planet to help broadcast the message, as well as called on internet forces to telepathically project thoughts and intentions during the experiment. "This message was really designed to try to create some kind of a friendly connection with these visitors from afar," he said.
...In one video an object with a classic saucer shape appears and disappears at light speed, and in another clip a strange high-pitched tone sounds before an object appears then disappears straight up into the sky, Warren revealed.
The object seems to have been generating an energy field that induced the tone, Warren explained. Fellow researcher Mobius phoned in to say he thought the high-pitched tone sounded strikingly similar to the 1977 'WOW' signal..."
On the AWAKENING front, this week's coming gargantuan events will serve to AWAKEN the public as never before. For many it will be like finally taking the blinders off, and realizing 'nothing' was as advertized by this *Military Industrial Complex* society we exist in -- as originally identified by President Eisenhower.

On the land changes front, the weather wars between various factions and nations become ruthless, and far more obvious this week. However, the Media Industrial Complex mouthpieces will keep assuring the public that they are the victims of climate change, but are also responsible for global warming.

And, by the way, sheeple, expect to be taxed up the proverbial wazoo for the fake carbon credits. After all, the politicos need more jets, drugs, booze, and hookers.

On the economic front, the ascendancy of cryptocurrencies begins. This is a HUGE move by 'some' to usurp the federal reserve's tyrannical power and the enslaving petrodollar.

Also, during the coming weeks, the worldwide economic system shakes, rattles, and rolls, but doesn't quite collapse. This will be due to behind-the-scenes manipulation by the GOOD, the BAD, and the GRAY forces.

Meanwhile, cyber attacks will intensify in the financial arena. This is basically a two-pronged attack by independent hackers -- renegades and the bad guys -- and by those who serve the dark-side's agenda to take over the world at large with their one-world currency. Watch for media announcements that tout the desperate need for a globally controlled economy, but spoken in cloaked terms.

On the truth front, from this point forward: The TRUTH, like the fiercest phoenix, rises from the ashes of deception and lies. One example: the media giants crash and burn.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Infowars reporters hit with chemical agent as media covers for police ~ Prison ~ August 17, 2014
CNN denied reports that tear gas was used in Ferguson, Mo. Sunday morning after protesters defied the state-imposed curfew.
Despite initially reporting on the use of tear gas, CNN quickly retracted their statements to instead give a police-friendly version of events, telling viewers that only smoke was used.
Those on scene took to social media to refute CNN’s claims with evidence of tear gas canisters. Even as other news outlets began to confirm the use of tear gas, CNN continued to blindly rely only on reports from police.
Infowars reporters were hit with tear gas shortly after leaving the designated press area to document the remaining protesters."

On the war front, this week, the usual bloodthirsty, dark-side orchestrated chaos ahead in the various theaters of war. However, the propaganda tactics are wearing thin. For, the inner light of humankind explodes into ever-new AWARENESS, and the fear porn is becoming less and less effective.

From the February 5, 2012 forecast: "To counter the shouts for war, more 'hidden truths' will rise like a horde of phoenixes. As well, miracles of every kind, from small to magnificent, will increase dramatically across our world. As these miracles are noticed, this will bring about more miracles. These glorious and shining events will benefit all of humanity, and help our beloved Mother Earth."

Also, because the Viper elite realize war is becoming a losing endgame at this point in history, they become more mad-dog maniacal. This results in reckless chessboard moves that boomerang bang-bang against them.

On the tyranny-at-work front, now this scenario is likely... with a monopoly of force, the stormtroopers are about to hit the streets of America, and hit hard. Beware, take care, and prepare.

At this point in history, many of the people realize lawlessness prevails, and their very lives are at stake. For, overall, law enforcement is no longer about 'protect and serve'. If your community has a good contingent or a constitutional sheriff, make every effort to support them.

As well, in the near future there could be a certain catastrophic event involving a sports stadium, which would be used to jackboot-stomp on the people. Divine intervention is needed.

On the communication front, in opposition to big-media reporting, Twitter users exposed much of the TRUTH during the Ferguson, Missouri protests. One example is 'tweeting' that the police stood down allowing looters to attack stores. It was the local people who stood, arm-in-arm, protecting many of the stores.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Police stand-down response during riots shows need for citizens to arm themselves ~ BizPacReview | Frustrated citizens and area shop owners have taken up arms to defend themselves and their businesses from looters."

On the home front, by diabolical design of the dark-side, civil war looms ever closer. Once again, "I'm only following orders" and "I'm only doing my job" will be the excuses used by law enforcement and the establishment's minions to brutalize and murder fellow Americans.

However, as more of us become AWAKE and AWARE, the tide turns and freedom for ALL tsunamis through the people as an idea whose time has come. Also, as many of us realize, we have the ability to protect and police our own communities. City, state, and federal law enforcement is no longer needed, required, or wanted.

This is why the 'social engineers' now desperately create situations that seem to necessitate the presence of law enforcement. This can be compared to the fireman who becomes an arsonist to say 'look, you need me'. For, there is no difference.

On the food front, The Food Revolution is here, as many more of us choose to grow our own food and buy locally. Meanwhile...

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Monsanto wants Americans to accept GMO food, ramps up propaganda efforts ~ (NaturalNews) In late July, biotech giant Monsanto, king of the GMOs, paid bloggers $150 each to attend what was billed as "an intimate and interactive panel" with "two female farmers and a team" from the company. It was a strict invitation-only affair...

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Nestle/Gerber Won’t Listen: Boycott the Company Who Puts GMO Bt Toxins in Baby Food ~ Christina Sarich | It looks like it’s time for another boycott."

On the energy front, in the crosshairs, humanity is caught between the higher vibes of the Aquarian Age, and the electronic mind-control warfare being waged by minions of the Viper elite.

Your best defense is to limit the time spent around wireless devices, and make certain your body is highly mineralized with the right nutrients. Since the soil has been depleted of minerals necessary for true health, good supplementation is necessary at this time. Research and find the mineral formulas best for you.

On the really bad news front, the bio warfare attack that is Ebola is spreading. However, at this time, there is an intentional release of many pathogens, a psy op by the dark-side meant to flood the hospitals, murder the weak, and control the people.

Thus, it is crucial to keep yourself healthy, and be prepared to either flee an evolving situation, or hunker bunker down. Any vaccine offered as a savior, is the exact opposite, and is merely another bio warfare attack on your body.

Further, there are GOOD FORCES battling to contain outbreaks. Prayer is needed.

On the good news front, the battle against Monsanto is gaining hyper-momentum.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: From "Mad Moms Take On Monsanto~Moms Across America co-founder Zen Honeycutt has three children who developed major health issues that changed only when she switched to an organic diet. Urine tests had turned up high levels of glyphosate. ~ Honeycutt and other moms in her organization believe Roundup is the cause of numerous ailments – allergies, autism disorders, gastrointestinal problems – and they say they can win."

On the global mafia cabal front, desperate times call for desperate measures. With their extinction on the Aquarian-Age horizon, the psychopathic globalists are striking mercilessly on every front to forge a system of serfdom.

There's one giant problem: their own infighting. This week, if you have the eyes to see, the battle in the upper echelons will be visible on the world stage of events. Likely, this will center around Russia. For, the bear has had enough of being baited.

On the heroine and hero front, all the good and innocent BRAVE ONES in Ferguson, Missouri who are standing tall in the face of overwhelming, police-state oppression. May the Divine embrace you.

On the freedom front, despite the crushing force of militarized law enforcement, and psy ops' destroyer agents... despite the endless lies and cowardly propaganda... freedom rises on tattered, scorched wings.

Freedom gallops wild and free across the vast plains. Freedom rears and tears the air with determined hooves.

For, we are humanity, and we are meant to be and live free.

Trendwise, race baiting, the ultimate gamesmanship of the wimp, dark-hearted servants of the global elite. This is the game plan currently be executed in Ferguson, Missouri.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ferguson Riots Being Exacerbated by Violent Provocateurs? ~ Paul Joseph Watson | Source: DHS agents posing as members of New Black Panthers."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Why Were The Police In Ferguson Told Not To Stop The Rampant Looting On Friday Night? ~ Michael Snyder | When the looting started, they did nothing about it."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Highway Patrol: Outsiders are destroying Ferguson ~ KMOV | Outsiders are to blame for the violent protests that have wrecked the community of Ferguson."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Busted! 'Ferguson Provocateur' Caught Throwing Smoke 'Bombs' Back At Police, They Ignored Him!;All Pointing to a Massive Staged Event!"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "DOJ, Communists, New Black Panthers Hijack Ferguson Protests ~ Paul Joseph Watson | Leader of militant group pictured coordinating with police."

Warning ~ adult language. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ferguson Cop Threatens to Shoot Journalist ~ Prison | Cops in Missouri town have repeatedly targeted journalists. ~ In the above video a cop threatens to shoot a journalist, Mustafa Hussein, who is a volunteer for a music station. Argus Radio is using video equipment purchased to live-stream music concerts to cover the protests.
“Get the fuck out of here! You get that light off or you’re getting shot with this!” a cop wielding a weapon told Mustafa."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "New Army Manual Calls for the Use of Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protesters ~ 18 Aug, 2014 by Dave Hodges  
The new Army manual, known as ATP 3-39.33, provides discussion and techniques about civil disturbances and crowd control operations that occur in the continental United States (CONUS) and outside the continental United States (OCONUS).
This document, just published this past Friday, August 15, 2014, promises to change the way the “authorities” deal with protesters, even peaceful ones. The consequences of ATP 39.33 could prove deadly for protesters. Further, the provisions of this Army manual could prove to be the end of the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble."

The nova-quickening of events is here... From last week's forecast: The Great Mass Movement Toward Worldwide Freedom ... now it begins in fits and spurts ... and giant leaps.

Amid the thunderous drumbeat of war, and more bloody war, the people rise, saying, WE WANT PEACE!!!

In opposition, Orwellian fear porn rules the media airwaves, as never before. For, the dark-side controllers write the worldwide script, authoring who the enemy is, and will be. Their goal: villainize and demonize 'any and every' person, group, and country as THE ENEMY.

THIS WEEK, during quiet moments reflect on how it feels to be free... those times in your life when suddenly burdens lifted and your were free to choose from life's possibilities. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Three cheers for Amish farmers, roadside stands, and Adams County, which has a lot of orchards. Homegrown fruits and veggies aren't a problem here. (Still wondering how the Amish grow bananas, though. :))

Just the same, I should cut back on the junk food. I'm pretty sure microwave popcorn doesn't have many nutrients.

Savanna Kougar said...

Organic popcorn, or a good quality popcorn is a good thing... I eat it regularly, and just pop it on the stove in olive oil and coconut oil.

The microwaves kills any nutritive value in food. I was in a situation for a time where I had to use a microwave, and my health certainly suffered for it.

Yeah, I sure wish I had some Amish farmers nearby! ~sigh~

Do they have greenhouses? Bananas can be grown. Although, I doubt that's the case. Probably just have them delivered by a food company.