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My Sexy Saturday ~ His Claimed Bride

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

As I explained in a prior post, once upon a time I wrote an entire flash-scene novel, or 200 hundred words each day, as an experimental free read. Sylva and Zeke's love story began on New Year's Eve 2008. Originally, this paranormal erotic romance was titled: Happy Courtship on Another Earth. 

I decided to compile my flash-scene novel, about 160,875 words – give it a read-through, then Indie publish it in flash-scene form. The title is now: His Claimed Bride, Happy New Year On Another Earth. 

As I mentioned before, the fabulous 'perfect for the story' cover art was designed by erotic romance author, Serena Shay, one of our SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS authors.

Well, good news. HIS CLAIMED BRIDE has been Indie published. Details below.


Here are SEVEN X-flash scenes, kissing included.


Sylva jerked her hand back as if she'd touched a hot stove. Only it was the scorch of their passion. Amazed, she watched him skillfully unstrap her high heels, his fingertips brushing a brand through her hose as he slipped them off each foot. "How hot are you, cowboy?" she crooned, utterly unlike herself. *Husband* – it rang through her mind until he looked up, his silvery eyes beaming intensely. "Zeke," he hoarsely prompted. "Hot enough to singe your eyebrows with one kiss." His small grin lit up his eyes, his hand slowly stroking up her leg. "Is that so, Zeke?"


Zeke circled caresses on her upper thigh, long and beautifully full beneath his palm. Her eyes glittered a dare. He also witnessed her filly-skittishness. Gradually leaning forward, he placed a kiss above her knee. One kiss at a time he moved upwards, fondling the generous curve of her thigh, then her luscious hip. Her soft yielding moan encouraged him, and he slid his palm up her other thigh, pressing kisses until he met the stiff fabric of her skirt. He embraced her haunches, stroked, then grazed his fingertips over the waistband of her strange hose. "Take them off," she murmured.


Sylva sparkled as if New Year's day fireworks soared inside her. Deciding she would live for today, she lifted her hips a bit as his work-rough hands smoothed down her pantyhose, gliding down her skin in a way that had her ready to swoon. "You didn't answer, Zeke," she provoked, astounded by how sultry her voice sounded. Deliberately he stroked down her shin, his pleasure obvious. "I don't want your eyebrows singed yet, darlin'. That's for later. I want you smoky and silky beneath me." With seductive care, he slipped her feet free of the pantyhose, his hands relishing her arches.


Zeke caressed her little soft toes, letting his fingertips linger before stroking them away. "Oooh, a man with answers," she crooned, her shoulder rolling forward, teasing his eye. Standing, he unbuckled his gun belt and hung it within easy reach. Not wanting to make her shy away from him, he unbuttoned and slid off his vest, then sat beside her on the lounge. His cock ached a protest, fighting against his pants. Gently capturing the side of her face, he brushed his thumb over her flushed cheek. "What an impudent nose you have, my beautiful Sylva. Should I kiss it?"


Sylva leaned forward, her breasts throbbing, desperate for his attention. "Please." Breathless and sizzly inside with anticipation, she waited. Bending down to her nose, he kissed the tip tenderly. In what seemed like slow motion, he angled his head, touching her lips with his persuasively. Hope flickered, teasing her. Would being with him cause her agony? Or, maybe ... maybe ... had good fortune finally found her in the romance department? In another world? Answering his kiss, she felt like a seductress as she played her lips over his, tasting the firm shape. God, she loved kissing, even if her nipples begged.


Zeke patiently devoured her lips with kisses he invented just for her. Her mouth inspired them, playing his like a risque tune on a saloon piano. Claiming the back of her sweet neck, he stroked his thumb over the silken flesh of her throat. Knowing their marriage began this night, and would always be influenced by their first time together, he kept his 'cocked' shotgun holstered, for now. Just for her. She was so beautiful, his Sylva, he wondered how he could ever say no to her. Zeke caressed along her shoulder, his thumb grazing the swell of her breast.


Sylva nipped his lower lip with her lips. Her breath a storm raging inside her, she whispered, "Zeke, please, handle my breasts." Immediately his rough, oh-so masculine hands caressed over her back. His kisses trailed along her jaw as he smoothly unzipped her bodice, freeing her. Daring herself, Sylva reached out sliding her hand along his thighs. She molded magnificent sinew and muscle. "Yes," she murmured. His wonderful kisses followed the length of her neck and he eased the bodice farther away from her swollen needy breasts. The chill of the air rushed over her nipples. "Oh, please," she pleaded.


Zeke lurched inside like a wild stallion, toward her. Mentally, he lassoed himself, tugging the rope taut. So far, she wanted him. Angels above stop him, he wasn't doing anything to change that. Dang, she tasted sweeter than roses and honey, with her own female spice that tempted him to launch himself on top of her – ravish her until she couldn't move. He already knew she'd be a perfect fit in his bed, beneath him – held in his arms as they slept and dreamed together. Her little hand on his thigh sent another bolt of need straight to his cock.


Sylva yearned as she never had. His kisses hungrily feasted on the upper curves of her breasts. Reluctant to let go of his thigh, still, she leaned back, arching her nipples toward his mouth. Masterfully shoving her party dress down to her hips, Zeke slid his hand beneath her breasts, their heaviness cradled in his palms. God, she loved the way her softness felt against his roughened hands. She loved the way he kissed her, wooing her body, just as he wooed her emotions, her desire for him. "Zeke, please kiss my nipples." Feeling naughty, Sylva thrust to his mouth.


Zeke lifted the creamy confection of her breasts beneath his lips. He pressed a full kiss to the tip of her strawberry nipple, lingering before he kissed her other blatant nipple, pleading and growing with ripeness beneath his lips. Already he missed her touch on his thigh, even though he held her passionate femininity in his hands. He'd bet his year's earnings, she was the type of woman who could be sweet, willing as pie – but, if handled with a wrong rein, she'd lash out at him, fierce and untamed. He surely liked that possibility. For now, he'd gentle her.


Sylva trembled uncontrollably as he strongly pulled her nipple inside the warmth of his mouth. Still fondling the underswell of her breasts, he suckled in a manner that had her sex dripping, and her belly warming, then simmering. "Harder," she encouraged, when he nuzzled her other nipple. Latching on, he tugged with more force while scraping this thumbnail back and forth over her huge wet nipple. Sylva moaned loudly, her loins flooding with molten desperate need. "Yes." Squeezing her shoulder blades together, and dropping her head back, she offered her breasts completely. She heard his primal groan. She felt it.


Zeke wallowed in the taste and rigid texture of her bud-plump teats. She was perfect for suckling, a pleasure he intended pursuing often in their privacy together. As he handled her, the pillow softness and shape of her breasts drove him crazy – like a bull in a field of loco weed. She was his bride. Even if she didn't have a damn sweet clue what that meant in his world. She'd learn. No matter how many times he had to rope her, or tan her voluptuous ass before he rode between her creamy thighs. Now, heaven was her thrust nipple.


Sylva was caught on the edge of ecstasy, her entire body ... not merely her sex bits – especially as he fondled her breasts more vigorously. His teeth gently captured her bliss-aching nipple, tugging and releasing, over and over. She moaned, clenched her eyelids tightly. And wanted more. The desire to feel her skin against his exploded inside her. Leaning forward, looping her arms around his neck, she flowed her hands into the springy thickness of his hair. Embracing the back of his head, she whispered, "Please, make me naked." Sylva kissed his forehead, inhaling his outdoors' scent, his raw male smell.


Zeke sucked her nipple taut into his mouth, caressing downward. Feeling her darling little waist beneath his hands, he paused, stroking. He eased her short sassy dress over her breeding hips, so lovely in the embrace of his hands. He reveled in the shape, then shoved the dress down her thighs. Keeping her teat deep in his mouth, he slid the bunched material down her calves. After molding the curve of her leg, he gripped the stiff skirt material, pulling it from her feet. "Time to mount up, cowboy," she murmured provocatively. Her lips brushed his earlobe several times. "Zeke."


Sylva let the weight of her hand languidly slide down his chest, over the slick texture of his shirt. Feeling like a bad girl, she brushed her palm over his large jutting cock's head. She cupped for a moment, sensually enjoying the warmth of his leather pants, caused by his arousal. For her. Intending to stroke down the length of his manhood, she slipped her hand downward. Instantly, his hand softly manacled her wrist, halting her. "Cocked to shoot," he rasped. He brought her hand up to his shoulder, placed his arm beneath her legs, lifting her into his arms.


Zeke could barely believe the dream of her in his arms. Carrying her to his bed, he laid her on the quilted satin spread. Straightening, he drank in her naked beauty with his gaze, a man dying of thirst. He shed his shirt in record time. Opening his pants, he groaned as his cock fell free, heavy, and aiming toward her. After shoving off his pants, he tossed them aside, then studied her face. Her eyes were sky-hazy with passion as she ran her gaze over him. With a stallion's pride, he noted her approval. He also noticed her hesitancy.


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HIS CLAIMED BRIDE, HAPPY NEW YEAR ON ANOTHER EARTH ~ A Flash Scene Novel ~ Out of work, Sylva decides to celebrate New Year's Eve in style. Destiny intervenes when an SUV speeds toward her. Splash she's in a mud puddle. Confused, Sylva sees a cowboy, his lasso swinging. ~ On the hunt for a bride, Zeke figures destiny is favoring him once he gets a good look at the woman. She's fallen right in his path. Given there's a shortage of marriageable women, Zeke throws his rope fast and true.
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